epimethhello guys... who wants to unset my forwarding to ##fix_your_connection ?00:30
naliothwhre were you forwarded from, epimeth ?00:32
naliothand is your connection problem fixed?00:33
epimeth#kubuntu and #kubuntu-ot00:33
epimethit only happens when I'm not home, so I don't know!00:33
epimethwhen I'm active, I'm on00:33
epimeththen I get home and there are messages from people telling me I keep disconnected and reconnected00:33
naliothyou're good to go ( and maybe consider a remote host or a bnc for when you're not home )00:34
PiciPerhaps you should just part the channels you're in when you arent home, that way you can still get messages, just not disrupt channels00:34
epimethwhile that is true, I don't always remember to do so :-)00:35
epimethwhats a bnc?00:35
naliotha bouncer00:35
epimethmeh... I'll just try and remember to quit00:37
epimethI don't have a host I can install a bnc onto00:37
epimethI'll write a script that pings my gateway, dns, and freenode.  maybe I'll catch the problem and compain to time warner :-)00:40
epimethanyway, nalioth, cheers!00:40
naliothdon't waste your time complaining to TW/comcast00:44
naliothhave a nice day  :)00:44
Piciepimeth: Is there anything else we can help you with?01:04
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bazhangepimeth, how may we assist you01:14
* Pici clears out -unregged01:15
naliothepimeth: please see the /topic01:26
* Myrtti whistles01:32
bazhang sgallinger is now known as fukkass family-friendly?01:34
Picinot very01:34
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ubottuIn #ubuntu, sn9_ said: ubottu: forget broadcom02:28
* Hobbsee beats freenode around the head with a dead fish03:12
Hobbseeif you're going to disconnect great portions of the network, PLEASE actually add all usermodes back in that people had before.03:12
eboyjrIs there a bot for an "I'm feeling lucky" search?04:17
eboyjr-Thats google04:17
naliothdo you feel lucky?04:18
eboyjrI do. :D04:18
eboyjrSo, I guess no... :(04:21
eboyjrnalioth:: Thank you for your help.04:22
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jussi01right... [09:23:38] <flaccid> _2: i don't make the rules, i just enforce them. you act like many things, but i aint calling you by them because of the rules and CoC.07:25
jussi01Someone needs to remind flaccid he isnt an op.07:28
stdinwell, _2 can get a little, umm, stroppy when he thinks he's "in the right"07:28
jussi01yeah, but still.07:28
stdinI know, neither are exactly innocent in that07:29
jussi01stdin: exactly what I was getting at.07:30
* Hobbsee sighs at people.07:30
* jussi01 hugs Hobbsee07:31
* Myrtti yawns at people08:16
* Tm_T hugs Mez 08:36
* Tm_T hugs Myrtti too ;)08:36
Myrttiwhat did I do now? :-O08:37
Tm_Tjust being you08:37
* Myrtti wonders still08:40
* Myrtti noms grapes09:42
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Hobbseenekostar....why does that seem familiar10:04
Hobbseeman, i hate not having past history for the bantracker10:06
jpds-> someone_1 [n=chatzill@nat/ibm/x-614f68137cd29f42] has joined #ubuntu followed by massive paste.10:08
gnomefreakwhen the hell did we do support in #ubuntu-devel?10:14
jpdsWe don't10:15
gnomefreakHobbsee: i know the nick just cant remember if he was the exploiter10:15
gnomefreakjpds: have you looked in there?10:15
Hobbseewe don't.10:15
jpdsgnomefreak: Yes, I am watching.10:15
gnomefreakme too and it looks alot like hardy support10:15
gnomefreakhe cant get remote desktop to work10:16
ikoniagnomefreak: isn't that cloack an IBM as in "big blue" cloak ?10:24
gnomefreakhuh sorry still sleepy what do you mean IBM cloak?10:25
gnomefreaknot really sure, but x-..... reminds me of tor10:26
gnomefreakthey way freenode does tor now atleast10:26
ikoniaI wondered if nat@ibm was a known nat address from ibm's network10:26
gnomefreakthe ibm part not sure10:26
ikoniamaybe just a unfortuanate naming policy for a non ibm10:27
gnomefreakis nat nat or nathanel10:27
gnomefreaknat as in a set of connected pcs10:27
ikoniaahh I was thinking "net address trans, ibm network"10:27
* gnomefreak not really sure wher eis he?10:27
ikoniaas in companies have small ranges assigned for things like irc10:27
jpdsikonia: I think it's just the cloak that gets applied to people using the IBM gateway.10:29
ikoniajpds: as in IBM - big blue10:29
ikoniawhat is the requirments to use that gateway10:30
ikoniaeg: do they have to be on IBM's network ?10:30
jpdsConnect from behind it I guess.10:30
ikoniaso basiclly that guy who flooded was an IBM employee10:30
jpdsPossibly, that's why I pointed it out.10:31
ikoniaoh, he's still in there10:32
dmseg_Please inform me when pricechild is online (when is he online?)11:01
HobbseePriceChild: is online, he's just not at his keyboard.11:03
jpdsdmseg_: /whois will show if he's away or not.11:03
dmseg_well you have pinged him he will respond11:04
jussi01dmseg_: is there something that any of us could assist you with?or is it specifically PriceChild you need?11:06
dmseg_jussi01: i had sent a request to join the ops team he said we wnated to talk to me to just sort it out and get more familiar11:08
=== dmseg_ is now known as dmseg
dmsegMyrtti: why you keep doing that!11:15
jpdsdmseg: To access the ban tracker?11:16
dmsegjpds: whats wrong whith a normal ban list?11:17
jpdsdmseg: it's huge?11:17
Hobbseedmseg: it's the little black book11:17
Hobbseeand it shows context11:17
dmsegi see an alias for an list or a ban manager script works well11:17
dmseghobsee: why not use a ban manager11:22
* Myrtti rolls her eyes11:23
dmsegpricechild: i hav to go sorry will talk later thankx bye11:26
jussi01who was that? Ive never seen him before11:26
ikoniawas he the guy from the other network that ran a linux channel for years, now it's closed down11:30
ikoniaif it's him he's been in a few times11:30
ikoniathere was some catch like he said he'd been here for years but his nick was registered for like a month11:30
ikoniasomething like that11:30
ikoniais that him ?11:30
elkbuntuikonia, i think so11:34
elkbuntumy brain has filed him into the 'used ubuntu for 10 years' category for some reason, so it could have been the case11:34
jussi01yet he doesnt even use tab completion?11:35
ikoniathe guy who I am talking about wasn't very linux aware, there was a conversation in here about it, someone who was in a linux channel for $X years11:37
ikoniaif you remember we all started comparing how long our nicks had been registered11:37
Hobbseeimpressive split.  welcome back everyone!13:10
jussi01Hobbsee: meh, you were the one who left.... and it wasnt impressive here :P13:12
jussi01only 4 of you left :D13:12
Hobbseewe dropped to 98 users in #ubuntu13:12
Myrttiyou did13:13
PriceChildI declined a load of people last night who didn't have nicks listed on launchpad, or who weren't ops anywhere. My message to contact me on irc was to discuss it further if they wanted.13:19
bazhanghe was the I've been on irc two years guy?13:19
bazhangwhen he was only on two weeks :)13:20
bazhangLimCore> Im interested in starting on open source project for ubuntu - STFU, a suit of settings to quickly mute system messages (audio and others). Or is there another project like this already in ubuntu?15:04
PriceChildsystem > preferences > sound ?15:07
bazhanghis name for the project leaves something to be desired does it not?15:07
bazhangdm1 in #u15:08
PriceChildI've had ubuntu unable to use nics as windows didn't turn them off properly at shutdown, but not the other way around.15:12
Myrttihad that same too myself15:13
bazhanghe's blaming ubuntu.15:13
bazhanglikely something he did on windows15:13
PriceChildbazhang: dm1 is still here?15:40
bazhangPriceChild, he is wanting to remove wubi but worried about the after effects.15:41
Tm_Thi kids15:47
Hobbseeold man!15:47
Tm_Tworking man!15:47
* Tm_T hides15:47
Hobbseeold and decrepid man!15:48
Hobbseeget back to work!15:48
Tm_Tdanke sehr15:48
* mneptok yawns15:59
* mneptok grimaces with something that feels like happiness and burning16:13
bazhangthe bot cant take a pipe?16:20
mneptokdepends where you insert it.16:21
mneptokactually, i think that comment isn;t a pun, but qualifies as "innuendo."16:21
bazhangat the very least :)16:22
mneptokwhich is so gloriously apropos i must radiate a sense of self-satisfaction all over the neighborhood.16:22
ubottujoomla_user called the ops in #ubuntu-proxy-users ()16:59
ubottusoundray called the ops in #ubuntu (sparr abusive)17:17
* jpds on it17:18
ubottuASULutzy called the ops in #ubuntu (sparr trolling?)17:21
jpdsOr whatever.17:22
nixternalbut I don't see sparr doing anything "wrong"17:22
jpdsMe neither. But I'm giving him one more chance to listen.17:22
nixternaldamn grammar police17:24
Mezunless that was an instruction ?17:26
* Mez finally gets round to installing kde417:27
ubottuASULutzy called the ops in #ubuntu (sparr abusive, again.)17:33
jpdsOh good.17:33
Amaranthand now that guy complains to freenode17:34
Amaranthstupid colloquy17:35
Amaranthcouldn't see anything17:35
Amaranthanyway, i bet sparr complains to staff17:36
Amaranth"let me back in the channel or i'll never donate money again" etc17:36
ikoniaI'll pick up his tab17:39
ubottuIn ubottu, jpds said: !ops is <reply>Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang or jussi01!18:52
jpdsOH DAMN.18:52
MyrttiTHANKS jpds ♥ <318:52
ubottuStabbity stab18:53
jpdsubottu: I identify when I connect to Freenode.18:53
ubottujpds: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:53
ubottuAmaranth: I don't recognize you.18:53
ubottuIn ubottu, jpds said: !ops is <reply>Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang or jussi01!18:53
MyrttiI'd say, quoting my old banks New And Shiny Internet bank: "Multifail"18:53
* jpds stabs18:53
* Myrtti stabs jpds 18:53
ubottuAmaranth: I don't recognize you.18:53
PriceChildubottu: log in...18:53
ubottuPriceChild: Error: You don't have the owner capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.18:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about log in...18:53
ubottujpds: jpds18:53
PriceChildjpds: log in..18:53
ubottuMyrtti: The operation succeeded.18:53
jpdsI did!!18:54
Myrttiwhat gives?18:54
ubottuAmaranth: The operation succeeded.18:54
ubottuAmaranth: amaranth18:54
jpdsIn pm: 18:53:34 <ubottu> The operation succeeded.18:54
jpdsI'm logged in and she doesn't like me.18:55
* Myrtti huggles18:55
PriceChildjpds: you don't appear to be ont he editors list18:57
jpdsPriceChild: Hmm. I should be.18:57
PriceChildyou're on under a different nick18:57
PriceChildgimme amo18:58
PriceChildI guess its either because you're on wrong nick or because your cloak changed since.18:58
jpdsI thought Jussi added the new one.18:59
PriceChildI don't think I have access to mess with it..19:00
PriceChildMyrtti: 9 days19:24
Myrttiless than 819:24
jussi01Im here now19:24
Myrttiby this time next week I should have my backpack packed and be sipping Lingonberry Cider in Teerenpeli to keep my nerves at bay, waiting for the bus to take me to the airport19:25
Myrtti... I wish I had rhum now19:26
* PriceChild investigates kde4 again19:36
ikoniaPriceChild: didn't think you where a kde user19:42
Amaranth@now Sydney19:56
ubottuAmaranth: Current time in Australia/Sydney: July 11 2008, 04:56:14 - Current meeting: Bugs for Hugs Day19:56
* Amaranth misses global clock on panel19:56
jussi01o.O [22:03:22] <eloquence> i miss automatix :S20:08
Tm_The should20:33
* Tm_T hugs Myrtti 20:33
* Myrtti sighs20:33
PriceChildikonia: I'm not yet.20:48
PriceChildikonia: but kde4 just seems shiny and inviting.20:48
jussi01PriceChild: it goes oooh, shiny... crash...20:49
* jussi01 is on kde4 right now20:50
MyrttiI've got an issue with X20:50
Myrttiit sucks20:50
Myrttithough, atleast now with mesa, X actually restarts (oooooohhhh!)20:51
Myrttiwhen I used fglrx, I couldn't kick it to restart20:52
Myrttias I was saying before epiphany/facebook crashed my X again in the aforementioned way...20:55
* jussi01 just got his nvidia working again :D20:57
MyrttiOH CRA...hhhh20:58
MyrttiI had drawn the most adorable fairie picture20:58
Myrttiand there it went with that crash >____<20:58
jussi01yes, it was nice :)20:58
jussi01I have it still20:58
Myrttijussi01: this one was new20:58
Myrttiand it was 400% better20:58
jussi01oh... :/20:58
Myrttifull frontal nudity included.20:58
Myrttiand mushroom.20:59
PriceChildbadger badger badger20:59
MyrttiI haz fail.21:00
Myrttiof course gimp wouldn't have anything like - automatic saving?21:02
Dave2don't think so21:04
MyrttiI'm pissed off now.21:05
MyrttiIt was the most beautiful thing I've drawn in five years21:05
Myrtticould npviewer.bin doing a segfault crash the whole X with it?21:10
Myrttiplease say no, I can't live without youtube21:10
TheSheep_Myrtti: only if the video driver is buggy as well21:16
=== TheSheep_ is now known as TheSheep
Myrttiwell that sort of is out of the equasion since the same behaviour happens with two different video drivers21:17
Myrttifglrx and mesa... though mesa is that new brand new thingie that has composite enabling features21:17
TheSheepMyrtti: mesa is a library for emulating certain hardware acceleration features, afair21:20
TheSheepMyrtti: by video driver I meant things like i810, vesa, nv, etc.21:21
Myrttiand I know next to nothing about these things (hi all the Finnish overclockers reading this log, yes, your Myrtti MuroBBS moderator knows nothing about hardware and relating issues, innit saaadddd)21:21
* Myrtti sighs21:22
TheSheepdon't worry, each new attempt is better21:22
mneptokbut she's great with a pukka knife, birch twigs, and the ultra-rare artic snozzleberry, so at least we know she's Finnish.21:22
MyrttiI'll just get a finetuning sledgehammer and finetune my laptop to pieces21:23
TheSheeppatience, grasshoper :)21:23
Myrttibut it reall was pretty21:23
Myrttithe mushroom looked so nice ;___;21:23
Myrttiand the fairies boobs were perky.21:24
TheSheepunless it was just blind look, you can easily recreate it, only with more detail :)21:24
* Myrtti cries21:24
mneptoki saw Perky Fairy Boobs on their '97 tour.21:25
MyrttiI can haz a cunning PLLLAAAAN21:35
MyrttiI'll just bake extra amount of oatmeal cookies next Thursday21:35
Myrttiperhaps I can bribe some kyuuuuuut Linux geek to fix my X for me at LRL21:35
Myrtti1) oatmeal cookies 2) LRL 3) ???? 4) PROFIT!21:36
* PriceChild thinks he deserves cookies anyway21:36
PriceChild(but without the ginger and don't you dare!)21:36
Myrttiyes you do *cooocooocooochiecoochieguuuuuu*21:37
* Myrtti pinches Priceys cheek21:37
* Myrtti facepalms at #ubuntu-women21:39
PriceChildMyrtti: sounds like you've got a lot more time to enjoy.21:40
Dave2mmm, cookies21:42
ubottuIn #ubuntu-uk, webpigeon said: !Freedom is Great21:58
Myrttiis it just me, or has the looney bin been released big time on -ot?22:01
MyrttiPriceChild: thanks22:15
ubottuunop called the ops in #ubuntu (SEPTIMUS)23:08
ompaulmneptok, got a mo?23:22
mneptokompaul: about that.23:23
mneptokompaul: pretty buried this week and next. writing up a training curriculum.23:23
ompaulmneptok, I forsee a pm23:23
ompaulmneptok, I was right :)23:24
ompaulmneptok, how to deal with calls from the likes of ompaul :)23:24
* ompaul rofl23:24
ompaulput phone in bucket of water23:24
ompauldon't do that at home kids it will break the phone :)23:24
SirBob1701hey i'm on a different port now to get around DCCExploit23:51
Myrttidid you join #ubuntu-read-topic and read the topic?23:52
SirBob1701ya i'm on port 8001 now23:52
MezSirBob1701, you havent read the topic, or you'd have done the automated test23:53
SirBob1701 Topic for #ubuntu-read-topic:  Your router is buggy 1) Please follow these23:54
SirBob1701          instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixDCCExploit to FIX it (yes,23:54
SirBob1701          it can be fixed),  when you have carried out those instructions please « /join23:54
SirBob1701          #ubuntu-ops » and ask to be tested there by the operators23:54
MezSirBob1701, apologies23:54
Mezsomeones changed that23:54
MyrttiUpon fixing this issue you will NOT automatically be allowed to rejoin #ubuntu if you have been temporarily forwarded to #ubuntu-read-topic. You must type "test me" (without the quotes) in that channel. If you are no longer affected by the exploit then you will be allowed back into #ubuntu in a short time.23:55
MyrttiIf the automatic test fails, join #ubuntu-ops and, there, ask to be tested by operators.23:55
Mez<+FloodBot1> sirbob1701 has been removed from the exploit quarantine23:56
MyrttiSirBob1701: is there anything else we can do for you tonight?23:57
MezSorry about that SirBob1701 - someone had changed the topic for some reason23:57
Mezompaul, ping23:57
Myrttior changed the wikipage23:58
MyrttiFixDCCExploit (viimeksi muuttanut localhost, ajankohta 2008-06-27 10:14:41)23:58
Myrttihehe, Finnish23:58
MezMyrtti, fixing the wiki page ... well - doesnt do much without informing us first23:59
ompaulMez, ?23:59
Mezompaul, why'd you change the #ubuntu-read-topic topic to say to join here?23:59
ompaulMez, cos we had broken bots23:59
ompaulfor an age23:59
* Myrtti pokes SirBob1701 with The Pink Fluffy Pen of Poking™ 23:59
Mezah ;)23:59

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