mathiazkirkland: yeah - I noticed the amount of LP bug mail related to that :)00:00
QuatrokingThe Live Cd doesn't work on it :(00:00
kirklandmathiaz: i have one physical machine running Intrepid i'm using for the init script testing and development00:00
kirklandmathiaz: i can repurpose it for iso testing thereafter00:00
mathiazkirkland: that would be great - as of the timeframe, alpha2 is due tomorrow00:01
mathiazkirkland: so having testing done by then would be helpfull :D00:01
kirklandmathiaz: :-/00:01
gbookshi all!00:12
gbookstrying to set up mod_rewrite... ran the ln -s... command and then wen to do: apache2 -k restart and got error:00:13
gbooksapache2: bad user name ${APACHE_RUN_USER}00:13
hads`sudo a2enmod rewrite` is what you should be running00:14
gbookshads, thanks!  that did it!00:17
zulkirkland: lemme know when its really done :)00:41
kirklandzul: okey doke00:41
kirklandit's all really done00:41
kirklandzul: i've subscribed you to the bugs I need sponsoring00:41
kirklandslangasek sponsored the lsb upload00:41
kirklandand slangasek sponsored the one for samba00:41
zulkirkland: cool00:41
kirklandzul: see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lsb/+bug/203169/comments/3300:42
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 203169 in sysklogd ""status" function for init scripts" [Wishlist,In progress]00:42
kirklandzul: that comment has links to each of the bugs00:42
kirklandzul: with patches that require uploads00:42
kirklandzul: take a look and see if they're okay00:43
zulkirkland: cool ill do it first thing tomorrow just trying to get liam to go to slee00:43
kirklandzul: if they are, I'm going to write a wiki page on how to create similar patches for any other generic server package00:43
kirklandzul: nxvl expressed an interest in helping00:43
zulkirkland: cool00:43
kirklandzul: there are dozens (hundreds? thousand+?) of other init scripts that could use this00:44
kirklandzul: should be done in Debian, obviously00:44
kirklandi'll push each of these patches to Debian00:44
zulkirkland: sounds good to me00:45
kirklandmathiaz: i'm downloading ISO's now00:47
mathiazkirkland: great ! thanks for help testing the new isos00:51
hessmldoes anyone here have an opinion about managed switches - brands that you like or dislike?01:19
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Jberg88hi, is anyone in here?02:23
ScottKlamont: Ping.02:29
ScottKlamont: I'm looking for a policy compliant way to add another service to master.cf to reinject mail from amavisd-new after scanning.02:30
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Jberg88oh ok I was wondering if i would loose my google apps if i were to use BIND9 for my home webserver02:31
ScottKHow is it you think those are related?02:31
Jberg88I don't know.02:33
ScottKThen it seems like an odd question to me.02:34
pschulz01Greetings.. what is the 'best way' to add new users to a ubuntu-server box?02:38
ScottKpschulz01: See man adduser02:39
pschulz01ScottK: Ta. Is there a command to list the deatils of a user? (regardless of if they are registered via LDAP or passwd)02:46
pschulz01(Different system)02:46
pschulz01I remember that 'ypcat' kind of worked for systems that used NIS.02:48
sommerpschulz01: try the id command: id username... gives you some information anyway02:48
pschulz01.. and 'id' shows me groups. I was after the rest of the password info.. particularly 'shell'02:49
* ScottK me slaps the entire Ubuntu Server team (except sommer) in the head via email.02:49
sommerScottK: Bug #24714402:52
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 247144 in libsocket6-perl "MIR for libsocket6-perl" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24714402:53
ScottKsommer: Thanks.  I really appreciate you working on it.02:53
sommernp, hopefully its complete :)02:54
ScottKsommer: You ready for me to review it?02:54
sommerScottK: yep, I think its complete02:55
ScottKIs it really dbs?02:55
sommerit says it in the control file... and there's an include in the rules file for dbs-build.mk02:56
sommerwasn't really sure what dbs was, but looked like a patch system02:56
sommeralso the debian policy on the package is rather dated :(02:57
ScottKIt's the predecessor to cbds.02:57
sommerah, I'm not sure that it's actually doing anything, but it's there02:57
ScottKWhat version do you have.  My says
ScottKAnd compat = 702:58
ScottKI think you reviewed an old version of the package.02:58
ScottKYou want 0.20-102:59
sommerah balls, I wasn't in my intrepid chroot... doh02:59
sommerI'll update the mir02:59
ScottKsommer: dbs is part of the packaging system, not a patch system.03:06
sommerah, gotcha03:07
sommerScottK: updated, the rest of the questions still pertain... at least I think so03:11
* ScottK looks again.03:11
ScottKsommer: 3.6/3.7 in standards version.  What work does it need?03:13
sommerHomepage field, is really the only one I can think of, so I figured there may be more03:14
sommerheh, just read your email... kind of spooky that I was working on another one when you were writing that03:14
* ScottK bets not.03:14
ScottKThanks again for your work on this.03:14
sommerfair enough, I'll soften the language on that question03:15
sommerwhat's the deadline for MIRs?03:15
ScottKApproval by feature freeze.03:16
sommerah, so we've got some time :)03:17
sommerlibsocket6-perl updated again03:21
ScottKYou need to mention dbs03:22
sommeras a patch system?03:22
ScottKAs part of the packaging system.03:23
sommerScottK: or as a dependcy?03:23
ScottKTarball in Tarball is worth a mention as a packaging oddity.03:23
ScottKIt makes patching MUCH harder and so it a supportability consideration.03:23
sommerya, I wondered about that, but I've seen another package like that03:24
ScottKIt's odd, but not impossible.03:24
ScottKAlso it does have a test suite.03:24
helfireacl's rock03:24
helfirejust thought i'd throw that out there03:24
sommerScottK: do you get that from the dh_testdir in debian/rules?03:25
sommeroooohhhh, the "t" directory03:26
sommerbut is it used in the package?03:26
ScottKNot sure.  Looking.03:27
helfirewould it be safe to give www-data an acl for r-x to /var/www so apache will default have access to all new users03:29
sommerhelfire: should be, as far as I know03:30
helfireif someone hacks the user www-data, i have bigger issues anyways i'd suppose03:30
sommerheh, your pretty much in a world of pain at that point... I'd also keep an eye on who's in the www-data group also03:31
helfireya, using acl's no one should really be in it03:32
ScottKsommer: It's listed in the MANIFEST, so I know it gets installed.  Not sure about running it.03:33
sommerScottK: if it were being run wouldn't that be in the debian/rules file?03:35
ScottKRun at install, not during build.03:35
ScottKThere's some Perl specific magic for that that I don't recall how works.03:35
sommerah gotcha, I can look into that03:35
ScottKOther than that, I think it's good.03:36
sommercool, thanks03:37
helfirewell /var/web/user/phptemp wont work unless i chown it back to www-data:www-data (even with proper acl's)03:47
helfirenevermind i did it recursive so all the sessions got changed as well :)03:49
helfiredoes anything report ACL violations?04:06
pschulz01ping.. anyonw have experience with ssmtp ? I just installed and does exactly what I want it to do..06:08
sommerpschulz01: I use it for simple mail testing with mutt06:09
pschulz01Is there anything tricky about it at all???06:10
pschulz01sommer: I have installed it on a gateway box that doesn't need to have a mailserver on it.06:10
pschulz01sommer: This is to get sysadmin emails off the system.06:11
sommerpschulz01: I've never noticed anything tricky... I think as long as you don't want it to do anything too complicated it'll work great for you06:11
sommerbasically as long as it has somewhere to relay mail off of ssmtp is great06:12
pschulz01sommer: :-) .. well it hasn't open any ports, which is an excellent start.06:12
sommeryep, I kind of think of it as just the sendmail binary and not the sendmail service06:13
sommerbut I'm also not sure how accurate that analogy is :)06:13
redguymy gutsy LTSP server stopped working after a minor update. .xsession-errors files in users' ~ complain about MAGIC-COOKIE . Anyone has an idea what might go wrong?08:42
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nanderssonWhat has OpenSUSEs Build Service that Launchpad doesn't? I'm asking as I write for Swedish tech-mag TechWorld Open Source and I'm curious09:58
nanderssonI.e could OpenSUSE Build Service be of any use for Ubuntu?09:59
blue-frogthe opposite you mean10:00
nanderssonblue-frog, Yes, could be - in what way do they complement eachother10:01
blue-frogno idea10:01
j0nranyone able to help me set up vnc?11:02
j0nrI need an understanding to the difference between whether you log into an existing sessions or start a new one11:03
ATA_Dark_Shadowgreetings, if you would need to choose a mailserver with very good connection to php, to send thousands of emails an hour, what would you choose? sendmail rather then qmail?11:14
hadsMost MTAs can send a large amount of emails without difficulty.11:15
xtATA_Dark_Shadow: postfix11:16
ATA_Dark_Shadowill try postfix then, as its already installed :)11:17
hadsI'd be more worried about PHP than the choice of mail server11:23
xttruth (:11:27
jdstrandsoren: can you accept my email to ubuntu-server ml. I think I got it all straightened out (finally)12:43
sorenjdstrand: will do12:43
jdstrandsoren: thanks12:43
* soren <3 listadmin12:44
sorenYes, I'm hooking up file descriptor three to read from listadmin.12:44
soren(It's actually meant to resemble a heart)12:44
jdstrandah-- sideways12:45
sorenIt's the way all the cool kids say that they like something.12:45
jdstrandwith my aliased font, it really doesn't look much like a heart12:45
sorenYeah. I think kids use their computers lying down more than they used to. :) <3 etc.12:45
ograsoren, see and i thought it was a damsel from the top (looking up)12:46
* jdstrand I was really interested in soren's use of file descriptor 3 for a moment12:46
jdstrand(darn third person references)12:47
sorenjdstrand: That's where love is. Apparantly.12:47
jdstrandhi zul!12:47
* soren finds it slightly confusing, too.12:47
zulhey jdstrand12:47
sorenzul: Hey, Chuck.12:47
zulsoren: Hey, Soren.12:48
jdstrandsoren: love is found in file descriptor 3!?! neat-- that is an answer to one of life's great questions12:48
sorenjdstrand: Yep. You heard it in #ubuntu-server first.12:48
* soren breaks for few minutes12:48
* jdstrand notes soren is useful for all sorts of things12:48
zuljdstrand: unless you are hans reiser12:48
jdstrandzul: dude, you're obsessed with that guy ;)12:49
zuljdstrand: i think the jokes are humorous12:49
jdstrandthough I admit, I did see that thing on him last night (20/20?)12:49
zulhe was on again last night/12:50
zuli think I was watching futurerama :)12:50
krautwhat's the difference between 8.04.1 and 8.04?13:01
Deepsin windows lingo, service pack 113:02
krautok, just another release13:02
krautand from the point of a server-os, are there relevant changes?13:02
Deepsrelease info + changelog should have that info13:03
krautthat info is missing on: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases?highlight=(releases)13:04
Deepskraut: release info as in the announcement: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2008-July/000112.html13:06
krautDeeps: thanks13:12
zulhi sommer13:33
lukehasnonamerightmost column13:50
dthackernot funny13:54
ScottKlamont: Would you have a moment to put your Postfix maintainer hat on for a discussion?14:03
lamontmeh.  just for you dear.14:04
ScottKI'm trying to come up with a policy compliant way to automagically integrate amavisd-new into Postfix.14:05
ScottKAll the main.cf stuff I can do through postconf.14:05
lamontmain.cf changes: postconf -e.  master.cf changes: erk14:05
lamontI'd welcome a patch to postconf (or new utility) to add/remove/edit bits in master.cf.....;14:06
ScottKWould you be willing to consider a helper script in the postfix package that would append the needed stuff on the end.14:06
ScottKAdd I can do.  Remove is fraught with peril.14:06
lamontI was hoping you'd give me edit to. :))14:07
ScottKI was thinking something like postfix-add-filter $FILTERNAME $PORT_TO_LISTEN_ON14:08
ScottKWith a man page to explain.14:08
lamontit'll take more args than that, I expect... like command args for example..14:09
lamontbut yeah14:09
ScottKStart simple and standard and then add complexity as we go.  The amavisd-new docs have a very nice sample.14:10
lamontheh. yeah14:10
lamontsounds like a plan14:10
ScottKDo you care if it's shell or python?14:10
ScottKlamont: ^^^14:11
lamontpython has less scary auto-expansion crap in it/14:12
zulkirkland: ping me when you are around?14:15
ScottKInstead of pinging you when he's not around?14:16
helfireIs there a way to make an image of a remote server then transfer it to my desktop and use it as a virtual server?14:19
helfirelike with dd or simialr14:19
helfireany guide or tips on how it's done :)14:20
sorenwith dd or simialr.14:20
sorenI think it's easier if you tell me that parts you're not sure about.14:21
helfirehaha, well i vaugly know how dd works. My server has only 1 partition so can i dd to the same partition i'm reading?14:22
helfiredidnt think so14:22
helfirei can dd to a stream though, but my home connection is only 7mbps14:23
helfireso 16 gigs would take a while, but probably doable14:23
sorenYou can't shut the server down while you do it?14:24
helfireno it's remote colocated in FL and i'm in MN :)14:24
sorenIs that Montana or Minnesota? I forget?14:24
sorenOk, not *that* bad, then :)14:24
ScottKIt's a long way either way.14:24
ScottKCompared to .dk, I guess not.14:25
helfirehaha only a 300$ plane ticket now adays14:25
sorenAt any rate, I don't see how it being far away relates to whether you can shut it down?14:25
helfireand i'm sure they wouldnt let me in the server room14:25
sorenWhat would you do if it crashed? Cry and buy a new one?14:25
helfirewell i can shut it down i suppose, but how would that help me?14:25
helfireyes :P14:25
sorenWell, most colo's that I know of offer some sort of recovery boot option. From there, I can access the hard drives and such without them being moutned.14:26
helfirehmm, i guess i havent looked into that14:27
sorenSo my question wasn't so much of a "can you reach the power button", but more of a "would a few hours of downtime be a huge problem"?14:27
sorenWhat would you do if it crashed? Cry and buy a new one?14:27
helfiredowntime at night wouldnt be a problem14:27
kirklandzul: hey, give me a half hour or so to get my day going ;-)14:27
zulkirkland: sure ill be here14:28
sorenSay you smashed your /etc/passwd and couldn't log in... What'd you do?14:28
helfirecall them and figure out their recovery options14:28
helfirebut i dont know them since i never have needed to use them14:28
sorenThe thing is... dd won't detect if stuff you've already read has changed and such, so if you dd a runnning system's drives off to somewhere else, the filesystem integrity is out the window.14:30
soren...but if this is just for fun and giggles, that's probably not a bit problem.14:30
sorenIf, however, you're doing it to set up a serious testing environment of some kind, then it's one heck of a problme.14:30
sorenproblem, even.14:30
helfirethis is just for fun14:31
sorenno giggles?14:31
sorenOh. then i'm not sure.14:31
sorenYou could try.14:31
sorenThere's nothing lost (apart from time and bandwidth) if it doesn't work.14:31
helfirei could just install 7.10 in vmware, copy the user space and file i know i've changed in /etc/, get a list of installed programs from apt and sync them, it would be a realitivly close copy14:32
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sorenOh, sure, if that's sufficient for you, just do that.14:35
helfireprobably :)14:35
sorendpkg --get-selections and dpkg --set-selections are going to be handy.14:35
soren"dpkg --get-selections > foo.lst" on the source, and then "dpkg --set-selections < foo.lst ; dselect install" on the destinatino.14:36
sorendestionation, even.14:36
* soren is having a bad typing day14:36
helfireyup, that should be good enough for me. Will give that a go this weekend14:37
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zulkirkland: ping so those patches have been blessed?15:08
cl0si'm having trouble with installing ebox..15:12
cl0sgetting this errror..15:12
cl0sdpkg: error processing ebox (--configure):15:12
cl0s subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 115:12
cl0sErrors were encountered while processing:15:12
cl0s ebox15:12
cl0sE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)15:12
cl0si tried to remove it, but i get the same error..15:13
dexemprobably it's showing more related errors15:14
cl0subuntu 8.04 server ... only things its running/ has installed is openssh-server, vsftpd & svn server..15:14
cl0sill paste bin the entire thing.. 1 sec.. by the way its the latest from launchpad that they recommend on the ubuntu wiki and ebox site..15:15
cl0sthe repo version was giving me the same results also though..15:15
cl0subuntu repo*15:16
kirklandzul: okey doke, what up15:20
kirklandzul: break out the vial of holy penguin pee15:20
zulkirkland: those status patches have the go ahead now?15:20
zuleww :)15:20
kirklandzul: for the blessing15:21
zulkirkland: ok Ill do that now then15:21
kirklandzul: let me check my mail and see if I got any show stopping responses15:21
zulgot the bug # handy as well?15:22
sorenIt's funny how "show stoppers" used to be a good thing.15:22
kirklandzul: start at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lsb/+bug/203169/comments/3315:22
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 203169 in sysklogd ""status" function for init scripts" [Wishlist,In progress]15:22
kirklandthat comment has links to all of the other bugs15:22
zulkirkland: merci buckets15:23
sorenu has a bukkit?15:23
zulI do, its full of monkeys15:24
kirklandzul: yep, no negative responses15:27
kirklandzul: those are ready then15:28
kirklandzul: once Debian accepts the latest lsb-base patch, I'll push all of these to Debian15:28
zulkirkland: yep yep15:29
kirklandzul: also, i might need some MIR help from you today15:29
kirklandzul: dendrobates said you're da man for MIR's15:30
zulkirkland: sure15:30
zulkirkland: samba has already been taken care of correct?15:34
zuland lamont is ok with the one for bind?15:34
kirklandzul: slangasek "approved" it in IRC, but it doesn't look look like he's applied it yet15:34
kirklandzul: you can leave that one, if you want, and I'll ping slangasek in IRC later today15:35
kirklandzul: or you can apply it15:35
kirklandzul: see #ubuntu-devel yesterday15:35
kirklandzul: grep for "B+"15:35
zulkirkland: k15:35
lamontzul: and uploaded.. well, modulo fixing it for yesterdays thing15:35
lamontwhich will land in -3 sometime soonish15:35
lamontkirkland: I assume the syntax in -2 will still _work_ with the new status_of_proc, yes?15:36
kirklandlamont: yes, if you don't pass it a -p $pid15:36
kirklandlamont: -3 is needed if you want -p $pid15:36
zulkirkland: cjwatson ok with ssh as well?15:36
kirklandzul: I have not spoken with cjwatson15:36
lamontkirkland: that's what I'll be adding. :-)15:37
kirklandi can ping him, if you like15:37
zulkirkland: please15:37
kirklandokay, i'll move that over to #ubuntu-devel15:37
cl0show would i search for and remove gconf modified keys set by ebox?15:58
sorenmathiaz: I'm curious about the timeline for your openldap cn=config work?16:02
mathiazsoren: I'm planning to get something done by the end of this week so that I can get a review from slangasek during next week sprint16:03
mathiazsoren: are you looking for something particular in the cn=config migration ?16:03
sorenmathiaz: Sounds great. I have a bit of a pet project that needs it :)16:03
mathiazsoren: a new feature ?16:03
mathiazsoren: what would you require ?16:04
sorenIf just cn=config would be enabled by default, that would should be more than enough.16:04
mathiazsoren: well - you can already setup cn=config - you just need to convert slapd.conf manually and modify /etc/default/slapd to point to your /etc/ldap/slapd.d/ directory16:05
sorenSure, I know.16:05
mathiazsoren: slapd already supports cn=config for quiet some time16:05
soren..but is this is going to be the default from now on, I'm not going to spend time automating that process for my little use case.16:06
sorenAnd I do believe this is going to be the default, right?16:07
mathiazsoren: yes - that's my plan16:07
sorenI might try to sell my little pet project to one of you guys next week :)16:08
kirklandmathiaz: zul: have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/InitScriptStatusActions when you get a chance16:23
kirklandI put step-by-step instructions in there for adding status actions to init scripts16:23
kirklandmathiaz: zul: as soon as Debian's lsb takes the patch, I'll merge lsb again for Intrepid, and then I'll send a note out to the ubuntu-server@ mailing list asking for some volunteers16:24
zulkirkland: sounds good to me16:25
kirklandzul: since you've looked at a bunch of these patches now, you might have additional advice to add to that page16:25
zulkirkland: sure I can think of openvpn at the top of my head16:26
kirklandzul: oh, well, i meant more the instructions for how to create/test/submit an appropriate patch for this16:26
kirklandzul: i link to owh's page where he has lists of packages that need this16:27
mathiazjdstrand: kees: what's the state of bug 227464 ?16:27
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 227464 in php5 "Please roll out security fixes from PHP 5.2.6" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22746416:27
kirklandmathiaz: jdstrand: kees: fwiw, I have a php5.2.6 for Hardy built in my PPA, if that helps your testing/review16:28
jdstrandmathiaz: kees is handling that one, but we'll talk about it16:29
jdstrandkirkland: that is most helpful16:29
uvirtbotNew bug: #247316 in samba (main) "winbindd segfaults regularly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24731617:16
lamontso after I create the file in /etc/event.d, how do I make whatever decide to notice that it's there?17:18
uvirtbotNew bug: #247332 in postfix (main) "Please add a script to allow filter services to be programatically added to master.cf" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24733217:48
bdmurraykirkland: doc search rules18:00
kirklandbdmurray: ;-)  i like your enthusiasm18:01
kirklandbdmurray: have you seen the manpage archive I created?18:01
kirklandbdmurray: http://ubuntu.dustinkirkland.com/manpages/18:01
bdmurraykirkland: no, not yet.  I like how doc search can help augment my memory18:01
kirklandbdmurray: the manpage repo is nice for reading manpages that you don't have installed on your system18:02
kirklandbdmurray: or perhaps from older/newer ubuntu versions that you have installed on your system18:02
kirklandbdmurray: if I could bribe kees into auditing the code, I could get it onto ubuntu.com :-P18:03
bdmurraykirkland: maybe you'll get that chance next week!18:04
kirklandbdmurray: true dat.  you're in London, I assume?18:04
bdmurraykirkland: Indeed, that made the most sense18:05
mm_202Hey guys, is there a way to get chown / chmod to affect hidden files / dirs as well?  I do a 'chmod -R a+r *', but it skips '.svn', etc..18:16
keesmm_202: I use "." instead of "*" for that.18:18
mm_202hmm.  Yep, that makes sense.18:19
mm_202Thank you, kees!18:19
keesmm_202: your shell expands the "*" to all non-hidden files before chmod goes recursive on your list.  using "." means chmod does the recursion from "."18:19
keesmm_202: np :)18:19
mm_202heh, yeah, forgot about the shell expandion...18:20
kirklandzul: can you review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportEcryptfsUtils19:18
zulkirkland: looks good to me19:20
kirklandzul: thanks.  now what?19:20
zulkirkland: file a bug in launchpad subscribe ubuntu-mir and wait19:21
kirklandzul: k19:22
kirklandzul: one bug per MIR, or per batch?19:22
kirklandzul: I have a total of 5 that go together19:22
zulone bug per MIR19:22
W8TAH hi folks -- im running samba on ubuntu hardy server -- working with my MS active directory -- user authentication works a treat -- but members of the group cannot access the folder even though the folder is 77019:29
W8TAHsmb.conf is at http://www.pastebin.ca/106835519:34
ScottKkirkland: When I have several that are related, I mention that in the bug.19:37
kirklandScottK: separate bugs?19:37
kirklandScottK: one per MIR?19:37
kirklandzul: can you add your name as a reviewer of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportEcryptfsUtils if you're happy with it?19:45
warchief_ryananyone know why my server box was unresponsive when I woke up? I guess mainly the interface as I was still able to reboot it once I got the keyboard out...19:45
zulkirkland: consider it dne19:46
kirklandzul: can you review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportPkcs11Helper next?19:46
sommerwarchief_ryan: did you have a balanced breakfast before checking it?19:47
warchief_ryannot really19:47
W8TAH hi folks -- im running samba on ubuntu hardy server -- working with my MS active directory -- user authentication works a treat -- but members of the group cannot access the folder even though the folder is 77019:47
W8TAHsmb.conf is at http://www.pastebin.ca/106835519:47
zulkirkland: I was doing that one as well this morning: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MIRpkcs1119:47
sommerwarchief_ryan: that explains it :-)19:47
kirklandzul: no way :-)19:48
kirklandzul: for what?19:48
zulthere was a request to add smartcard support for openvpn19:48
zuland I thought it was a good idea19:48
sommerW8TAH: is it a unix group or an AD group?19:48
W8TAHAD group19:49
* kirkland goes read zul's MIR for MIRpkcs1119:49
zulkirkland: lets merge them19:49
kirklandzul: k19:49
sommerW8TAH: does Samba know about the AD group?19:49
warchief_ryanW8TAH: check the shares owner/group19:49
W8TAHyes - it does --19:49
kirklandzul: Upstream is vigorous.  :-)19:49
W8TAHowner is set to my user19:49
kirklandzul: it hasn't been touched since 2007-1219:49
W8TAHgroup is set to the all faculty group19:49
kirklandzul: I called that "calm"19:49
W8TAHwhich my user is part of19:49
kirklandzul: how about I add your differences to my report, and you review mine?19:50
zulkirkland: sure update the bug number in your report and then delete mine19:53
kirklandzul: done, review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportPkcs11Helper and add your name to the bottom19:54
kirklandzul: still saving ....19:54
zulkirkland: done19:56
kirklandzul: deleted your page with a message pointing to the merged named19:57
warchief_ryanwas about to say why hes using 'inherit permissions = yes nt, acl support = yes'20:03
warchief_ryanwith the forces20:05
warchief_ryanand to check the permissions20:05
warchief_ryanim out20:05
zulkirkland: and update the bug as well20:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #247365 in samba (main) "Cannot copy complete files to NAS (samba server)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24736520:26
kirklandzul: next one for you.... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportTrousers20:39
ph8how do i see all bugs in ubuntu server? do you just grab general ubuntu bugs that could be server related?21:07
mathiazph8: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server/+packagebugs is a good place to start21:17
ph8thanks mathiaz, and how do i know which packages not to bother with (ones that will be dealt with by 'upstream' is the terminology?)21:20
mathiazph8: none - we're all looking after all the bugs in there21:21
mathiazph8: I'm not sure what you mean exactly21:21
mathiazph8: all the bugs listed there have been reported by Ubuntu users - so they need to be triagged correclty21:21
ph8well for example, a while back i put in a patch for a simple mysql bash script that had a bug against it, but my patch was overriden because the debian team fixed it21:22
ph8ah ok, i'll read the wiki about the procedure21:22
ph8what do you do when a bug is the responsibility of the php devs for example? Leave it open till they amend php and the MOTU have put it into a package?21:31
gegemaMy server time seems to always fall behind for some reason. At first install it was about 8 mins behind. I did an ntpdate (ntp.ubuntu.com) to sync it.... but it was still falling behind. I tried adding the ntpdate command asa CRON job but kep on getting errors from CRON.21:38
gegema1) Why does the server time keep on falling behind? ( I haven't noticed this on my Desktop)21:38
gegema2) how do I enter CRON jobs that need to run as root?21:38
gegemaPS. cron.daily was done per instructions on http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/NTP.html21:39
sommergegema: sudo crontab -e21:39
sommerfor number 221:39
sommerfor number 1... could be the battery on your mother board, or another hardware issue21:40
kirklandzul: hey, you still around?21:40
gegemasommer, yeah but if ntpdate needs to run as root and I just enter the ntpdate command in cron, will it run as root?21:40
sommergegema: if it's in root's crontab then yeppers21:40
gegemaCool deal... now I need a refresher on cron entries21:41
gegemasommer: Thanks!21:41
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quatrokingI was wondering, what packets do I need to run a LAMP?22:22
Brazen"sudo apt-get install php5-mysql mysql-server" should pull in everything you need.22:25
quatrokingthank you.22:25
Brazenphp5-mysql will automatically pull in Apache and the php module as dependencies.22:26
Nafallothere is some magic to install the task as well.22:26
quatrokingIt should all work in Xubuntu, right?22:26
NafalloI can never remember what the magic is though :-/22:26
quatrokingUbutnu Server Edition won't seem to install my network card.22:27
Nafalloquatroking: sudo apt-get install lamp-server^22:27
quatrokingsounds even easier.22:28
Brazendepending on the version of Ubuntu, there may not be a "lamp-server" metapackage.22:29
quatrokingIts kinda strange how the Server edition wont install my network cards, while Xubuntu does22:29
quatrokingBut at least I now directly have a handy GUI I like.22:30
Brazenthat IS strange22:30
NafalloBrazen: I'm pretty sure that existed in dapper already?22:30
BrazenNafallo: I double checked on a Dapper server and aptitude did not find it.22:33
NafalloBrazen: strange. I checked on LP and php5 seems to have some relation to that.22:34
Nafalloanyway. why would someone install the previous LTS now?22:34
quatrokingCouldn't find the lamp-server package in 8.0422:35
Nafalloquatroking: not a package. it's a task. hence the ^ behind22:35
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
quatrokingwell it couldn't find the task then.22:35
quatrokingits now downloading the php and mysql stuff22:35
Nafallothat sounds quite extremely odd.22:36
BrazenI still use Dapper, but that's because I know it inside out and haven't taken the time to QA Hardy yet.22:36
quatrokingoh, it was a22:36
quatrokingi've read *22:36
quatrokingwill try again after its done with the php and mysql22:36
quatrokingIs it hard to configure mysql by the way?22:37
quatrokingI'm used to configuring it on webhosts, not on an own server22:38
BrazenYou can put phpmyadmin on your lamp server22:38
quatrokingAwesome, i've worked with that before.22:38
BrazenThere is a package for it, but I prefer to download the sources.  It's all just regular php files.22:40
quatrokingthose can be used to configure the server from other pc's through the web, right?22:41
quatrokingjust like they do on webhosts22:41
Brazenyes, from any computer that can access the website being hosted on the server.22:41
quatrokingjust insert the login data and full access.22:41
quatrokingthats a lot easier than I tought22:42
Brazenyes, there is a little bit of setup, but it's been too long since I've done it to get to specific.  I think you just browse to a setup page, put in your database server information and then it creates a config file for you.22:42
BrazenThen you just login and go nuts.22:43
quatrokingJust like IPB andphpBB, just install it with a page and everything is configured already22:43
quatrokingAlright, the LAMP is installed.22:45
quatrokinginstall the phpmyadmin sources now?22:45
Brazenbrowse to http://localhost first to make sure Apache is workinng22:46
quatrokinglets see22:46
zulkirkland: im quasi around22:46
quatrokinghaha, Ït Works!22:47
kirklandzul: ogey doke...  just filed the mir bug for ecryptfs-utils https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecryptfs-utils/+bug/24740022:47
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 247400 in ecryptfs-utils "main inclusion request: ecryptfs-utils" [Undecided,New]22:47
zulkirkland: nifty22:47
kirklandzul: but also, i have a patch that significantly simplifies the MIR for ecryptfs-utils: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecryptfs-utils/+bug/24738922:47
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 247389 in ecryptfs-utils "ecryptfs-utils build should not depend on libltspi or libopencryptoki-dev " [Undecided,New]22:47
kirklandzul: there are a couple of not useful, not required build deps that should be removed22:48
quatrokingbrazen: install the myphpadmin sources now/22:48
Brazenquatroking: then yeah, you should just be able to extract the sources to the document root (I think it's like /var/www/html_docs) and then browse to the setup file22:48
kirklandzul: I've filed it with Debian upstream too: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=49023322:49
uvirtbotDebian bug 490233 in ecryptfs-utils "ecryptfs-utils build dependencies" [Normal,Open]22:49
Brazenquatroking: you'll probably have to read the phpmyadmin documentation to find out exactly what file you have to browse to.22:49
quatrokingHow can I obtain full rights to var/www/ again?22:49
zulkirkland: you want me to sponsor that upload tomorrow?22:49
kirklandzul: yes, if the Debian maintainer doesn't take it immediately22:49
kirklandzul: i suspect he will22:50
zulkirkland: nifty if he does we can merge it if he doesnt then we will upload it22:50
zuland im off to the park with liam22:50
Brazenquatroking: I would use sudo to copy the files in there, or else chown the directory to your username ( " sudo chown -R username /var/www" )22:51
kirklandzul: adios22:51
lamontso after I create something in /etc/event.d - how do I make the system notice?22:52
ScottKkees or jdstrand: I'm uncertain if Bug #247409 should remain private or not.  I'd appreciate it if you'd look and see.23:25
uvirtbotScottK: Bug 247409 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/247409 is private23:25

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