davmor2anyone else having issues with auto detection of resolution?08:44
davmor2join #ubuntu-quality08:45
persiadavmor2: Which video driver?08:59
persiaHmm.  That's the one driver I haven't seen complaints about.09:00
davmor2actually I think it might be the monitors fault it does announce it's resolution correctly but I normally get some sort of image that I can adjust latter09:01
persiaWhat are you running?  Might this be a symptom of the transition away from bullet-proof X?09:07
davmor2I'm running intrepid Alpha 2 test i386 and the monitor is a relisys at 1024x768 at 60hz any randr command I use says not screen or something similar so I'm stuffed at the moment09:14
davmor2persia: is there a way to select a resolution at install time?  You used to be able to select or is it all automatic now?09:16
persiadavmor2: It's automatic, but can be overridden.  As I understand it (I'm not an X expert), there is no xorg.conf by default, and the resolution is selected by analysis of the EDID provided by the monitor.09:24
persiaYou ought be able to adjust this with xrandr, where that is supported, although I don't know how to set the preference.09:25
davmor2yeah it the EDID that sucks on the monitor :(09:25
persiaYou could also force it by adding the right stanza to a custom xorg.conf, which is merged with the autodetected one when X starts.09:26
persiaI think there is also a way to specify a custom EDID, although I don't know how that works.09:26
davmor2persia: thanks I'll look it up09:33
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_MMA_Hi all. Just wanted to mention Studio has big kernel issues atm and all disks will fail.17:42
_MMA_We're waiting on upstream issue to be sorted.17:43
_MMA_I dont even think new disks should be mentioned on the tracker 'till we got it sorted.17:44
_MMA_Kinda crappy but I don't want people going through the trouble when I know they will fail 'till the kernels sorted.17:46
stgraberwhat do you prefer ? removing them from the tracker or marking them as broken ?17:47
_MMA_Well what? The current disks?17:48
stgraberI can mark them as broken but that means fixed images will soon be released17:48
_MMA_Either or really. Your discretion.17:48
_MMA_well remove then.17:49
stgraberif you don't plan to have fixed images soon (as in ready for Alpha-2) it's better to remove them from the tracker so people don't expect them to come17:49
_MMA_Yeah. Axe them.17:49
_MMA_I don't have a solid time-frame for the fix. Certainly not for Alpha2.17:49
stgraberok, removed17:50
stgrabersbeattie: ^17:50
_MMA_slangesek: Is there anything I need to handle with you? Should you just not mark disks for Alphas 'till I tell you to?17:51
sbeattiestgraber: cool, thanks for taking care of it.17:52
_MMA_´╗┐slangasek: ^^^17:52
* _MMA_ cant type today.17:53
stgraber_MMA_: no working -rt kernels ?17:54
_MMA_No sir. Alessio is waiting on something to happen upstream.17:54
_MMA_Some of it has to do with the scheduler I think.17:54
_MMA_Alessio is supposed to shoot off a email to the kernel list soon with the details.17:55
slangasek_MMA_: ah, sorry, I was aware UbuntuStudio wasn't a go for the alpha, but hadn't noticed that anything was posted17:55
_MMA_´╗┐slangasek: np. Do you want me to just let you know when the kernel issues are sorted so we can get the next alpha after?17:56
slangasek_MMA_: yes, please17:57
_MMA_Cool. Hopefully this is sorted for Alpha3.17:57
_MMA_Thanx guys.17:59
slangaseksbeattie: do you happen to know why iso.qa has a comment that "Desktop images are available on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com but are not yet usable"?  has someone confirmed them to be broken, or are they just oversized?18:48
sbeattieslangasek: I thought there was comments to that effect in yesterday's QA meeting18:49
sbeattieI haven't confirmed them to be broken, I can add them to the tracker and change the text.18:50
sbeattieslangasek: you wrote yesterday:18:51
sbeattie<slangasek> desktop images are still on the edge of being usable for alpha2; there's nothing there to be tested yet18:51
sbeattie<slangasek> cjwatson is actively working on the ubiquity problems, and we also have to cope with the fact that recommends-by-default has made the ubuntu desktop image 80MB oversized - and kubuntu 200MB oversized :)18:52
sbeattieHas that changed?18:52
slangasekok, so it was based on my own comments, right :)18:52
slangasekI believe cjwatson iterated through the liveCD images late yesterday to get them working; someone should test to confirm18:53
slangasek(i.e., we should post them and see if they work)18:53
cjwatsonthey should at least boot18:53
cjwatsonon the ubiquity problems, evand is working on that18:53
cjwatsonyesterday's didn't boot18:53
sbeattieOkay, I'll add them to the iso tracker, but note that it's expected there are ubiquity problems.18:55
sbeattie"Desktop images are available and should be bootable; however there are known issues with the ubuiquity installer." sound okay?18:59
sbeattieWell, besdies the obvious speeling erors19:00
slangasekhrm, who revved the ISOs listed on the tracker (discarding all the previous test results)?21:50
* slangasek blahs at the tracker, not letting him restore the previous entries21:51
slangasekstgraber: is there some way to bring the 20080709 alternate images back to the page, despite having been superseded (in error)?21:53
LaserJockslangasek: should we not be testing 20080710?22:01
slangasekLaserJock: no, there haven't been any relevant changes between 20080709 and 20080710 for the alternates, and 20080710 only exists because I neglected to disable the cron jobs in time22:01
slangasekand there are already test results for 20080709, there's no reason to discard those in favor of 2008071022:02
LaserJockI've just downloaded 10, will that work or should I sync to 09 ?22:03
slangasekof which image?22:03
LaserJockall the i386 ones22:03
slangasekalternates -> please use 09; desktop -> 1022:03
slangasekand please test desktop first, I'm currently collating the alternate test results for 09 by hand22:04
sbeattieslangasek: sorry, my bad.22:04
sbeattieI should've asked first.22:04
stgraberslangasek: I'm not sure, give me a second to check22:05
slangaseksbeattie: lesson for the future... :)22:05
LaserJockslangasek: what about Server, does that need much testing?22:05
slangasekLaserJock: server has a complete set of tests for the 09 images22:05
LaserJockah, ok22:05
slangasekwell, more or less complete22:05
LaserJockwell, I'll start with desktop in any case22:06
sbeattieLaserJock: The server team has some automation in place to do some basic installs and setup.22:06
stgrabersomeone remove them from the tracker so I can't put them back on it22:06
sbeattie(Or so I've been told, I need to query them about it)22:06
slangasekthey do, yes22:07
sbeattiestgraber: removed? No, I just added the 0710 builds, but it replaced the 0709 builds.22:07
slangasekI removed the 0710 builds22:07
* sbeattie falls on sword.22:07
slangasekbecause that seemed the right way to get rid of them :)22:08
slangasekbut it didn't bring 0709 back22:08
sbeattieYeah, I was actually going to suggest that it'd be nice to display both builds when updated ones get added.22:09
slangasek:notes the line at the bottom of http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/1747/19: "You can't post or edit your result on an archived build or a build being currently rebuilt."22:10
slangasekso it thinks the build is archived or being rebuilt22:10
stgraberwe used to have archive access and were able to revive builds from that but it's not possible with the current tracker22:14
stgraber(but it's one of the feature that'll be included in qatracker-ng)22:14
slangasekok, so I'll continue collating these tests by hand, thanks22:16
* slangasek notes that Kubuntu doesn't seem to be getting much testing so far22:16
slangasekin any of the image iterations22:16
sbeattieI thought bdmurray was poking at kubuntu yesterday, but may not wish to fess up to it.22:17
slangasekwell, the kubuntu alternates that still need testing are http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/test/1745 and http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/test/174422:18
* stgraber tried ubuntu alternate manual and LTSP, both failed :(22:19
stgraberbut that was yesterday, I'll try the new builds22:20
slangasekstgraber: failed how?22:20
slangasekthere haven't been any particular changes between yesterday and today on alternate, AFAIK...22:20
stgrabermanual failing when creating a custom encrypted LVM setup22:21
stgrabercjwatson is working on a fix for this one22:21
stgraberand LTSP is failing because ltsp-build-client can't access /cdrom22:22
stgraberI poked ogra about this one22:22
slangasekok; I haven't seen enough progress on either of those to think they'll be fixed for alpha222:22
slangasekfeel free to test the 20080710 alternate, but if cjwatson hasn't said the bug is fixed...22:22
LaserJockhmm, what is the CD check *supposed* to do when it's done?22:22
cjwatsonstgraber: I got it partially fixed this afternoon, but I think maybe not all the way there; the test cycle was fairly long in qemu and I didn't get a chance for a second run to track down the secondary bug I encountered and find out if it was transient or not22:25
cjwatsonLaserJock: prompt with status of check, then reboot22:26
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LaserJockcjwatson: interesting22:27
LaserJockI'm trying to Desktop CD tests right now in VMware Player22:27
LaserJockand both the CD Check and LiveCD part boot into a blank tan screen22:28
cjwatsondo you see usplash at any point?22:28
LaserJockit's after usplash22:29
cjwatsonthe cd check should never quit usplash22:29
LaserJockit was throbbing and then after a while it just went to that blank tan screen22:29
cjwatsonin the desktop CD, the CD check uses usplash as a frontend, and the last thing it does is reboot22:29
LaserJockCPU seems pegged22:29
cjwatsonmine (qemu) hasn't got past the throbber yet ... hmm22:29
cjwatsonoddly, casper-md5check seems to work fine when run from a shell in the initramfs22:30
cjwatsonI hate trying to debug usplash-level problems22:37
cjwatsonbecause of course none of your output goes anywhere useful22:38
LaserJockcjwatson: ok .... I tried again but in qemu and after a long time it reboots and after a long time with the blank tan screen it gets to the desktop23:02
slangasekstgraber: did the LVM issue have a bug number?23:12
sbeattieLaserJock: did you get any weird screen artifacts while usplash was on cylon mode/23:13
stgrabercjwatson: did you open one ?23:13
sbeatties/ on / in /23:13
slangasek"cylon mode" - heh23:13
stgraberpeople are watching too much BSG :)23:14
LaserJocksbeattie: not in qemu, did get some in VMware Player23:14
sbeattiestgraber: i haven't seen BSG in 20+ years, but cylons are burned into my brain.23:14
LaserJockI've never seen BGS or heard of cylons, I just guessed23:16
LaserJockit's scientifically proven that I'm 80% nerd but only 20% geek23:16
slangasekstgraber: and has it been tested that LVM+crypt works when using the stock whole-disk encryption option?23:16
stgraberslangasek: yep, I tried the standard erase disk + encrypted LVM and it worked correctly23:17
slangasekLaserJock: blink; never having seen it I can understand, but never having heard of cylons, wow23:17
slangasekstgraber: ok, great23:17
LaserJockhmmpf, my mouse doesn't work in qemu :/23:18
LaserJockI wondered why the Trash was being opened every time I clicked23:19
LaserJockit's just stuck in the lower right-hand corner of the desktop23:19
sbeattieLaserJock: I'm seeing the same blank tan screen behavior you are when booting the Desktop disk into CD Check mode.23:21
LaserJockin real life or a VM?23:22
sbeattieIn a VM.23:22
sbeattieI'll try in real life.23:22
LaserJocksbeattie: what kind of VM?23:22
sbeattievmware server23:22
sbeattieCrud, oversized disk is going to make that harder to do.23:24
stgraberuse DVD+RW, works fine and fast to burn23:24
stgrabermy Sony DVD+RW for ISO testing has been formated + burnt at least 50 times and still work fine :) (never had that kind of result with good old CD-RW)23:26
LaserJockhmm, you guys seen a complaint about not being able to find the initrd while booting?23:27
LaserJockright after networking it says it can't find it, that doesn't seem like a good thing23:27
stgraberI'm download desktop amd64 at the moment but that looks weird, how could it boot without the initrd ?23:28
* stgraber looks at Desktop test results ... I'm not sure we can consider what looks like a VB bug a fail for all those testcases ...23:33
sbeattieSigh, not only does my laptop not have a DVD burner, but my crash box is sufficiently elderly enough to not have a DVD drive.23:41
slangasekstgraber: so on the LVM bug, it looks like parted 1.8.8.git.2008.03.24-7ubuntu2 includes the partial fix cjwatson mentioned; should I roll a fresh alternate CD for you to test?23:43
stgraberwould be great yes23:43
slangasekok, building23:44
stgrabersbeattie: no screen artifacts in KVM (so far)23:44
slangasekstgraber: erm, yes, who is it that's been reporting all these failures?23:45
slangasekI'm doing an i386 alternate test now, because all the i386 reports were also marked as failures for the same reason23:46
slangasekso I want to see if the kernel is actually broken for me, or just in vb...23:46
stgraberhmm, after cylon-mode in Check CD I just get a black screen ... I guess at this point it was supposed to ask me to reboot ?23:47
slangasekstgraber: anyway, is there any way we could get this afflux person to test in an environment that's not known-broken?23:48
stgraberhe's a new tester ... he created his account 5 days ago23:49
stgraberI'll see if he's on IRC23:49
stgraberleft IRC 30 minutes ago :(23:50
slangasekwell, maybe that means he's done testing for the night ;)23:50
sbeattiestgraber: I got screen artifacts in cylon-mode right away on my real hardware; I'm now verifying my iso's md5sum23:51
stgrabersbeattie: ok, I seem to have some problems with testing in KVM here ...23:51
stgraberafter cylon-mode I just get a black screen even when trying a standard boot of the live environment ...23:51
LaserJockstgraber: that's what I'm getting with VMware Player23:52
LaserJockor wait23:52
LaserJockmine isn't black, it's tan23:52
stgraberwell, it doesn't get to the point where the X server starts and you get into gnome ... so not very useful for testing :(23:53
stgraberI'm trying without usplash now23:53
stgrabersame result, it actually gets black when starting X :(23:57

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