DedicatedShujah: only 1 program, nothing to ocnfigure00:00
ShujahDedicated, and the program is?00:00
sn9_Dre1: which driver are you using?00:00
DedicatedShujah: totem-xine00:00
troglobyteis there a way to blow out my entire sound config and reconfigure for new hardware?00:01
vaportrailnew123i still cant get my second moniter to work as a second moniter00:01
Dre1sn9_: I don't know... looking in the restricted drivers I'm not seeing the bcmxx-fwcutter package I normally see in laptops with Broadcom cards.  I think the device isn't reading.00:01
naelhiptobecubic, I have to edit the xorg.conf file to use gsynaptics. Where can I find this file?00:01
sn9_Dre1: is your card a broadcom?00:01
Dre1sn9_: Yes, I checked by opening the darn thing up.00:02
sn9_nael: /etc/X1100:02
hiptobecubicnael, gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:02
vaportrailnew123any suggestions as to how i can get my other screen to stop being a clone?00:02
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sn9_Dre1: connect with wires, and sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter00:02
Dre1sn9_: Will do.00:02
ShujahDedicated: sudo apt-get install totem-gstreamer < then config totem and change it to gstramer backend00:03
kiyikook, so i boot into ubuntu, and sometimes it will not load the gui, or anyhting. it loads into something called busybox,00:03
shamikewill i be able to install ubuntu on one computer then put the hard drive on another computer will it work?00:03
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trashguyvaportrailnew123, i suggested google: ubuntu dual head00:03
vaportrailnew123i tried that00:03
ShujahDedicated, gstreamer core package is not installed or there would have been two options in the config menu xine and gstreamer00:03
vaportrailnew123but that seems like it just makes it one big screen that spans two00:04
trashguyyou could even click im feeling lucky00:04
Dre1sn9_: It has installed, what should I do now?00:04
trashguyvaportrailnew123, what are u trying to do?00:04
vaportrailnew123i need ubuntu to recognize that i have 2 moniters so i can use a certain program00:04
sn9_Dre1: it asked to download firmware, right?00:04
Dre1sn9_: Yes, and it insalled.  I enable it, right?00:04
pan023432firefox32 glitchy?00:04
sn9_Dre1: try00:04
Dre1sn9_: Will do!00:05
pan023432Segmentation fault?00:05
vaportrailnew123i have a program called lyricue that displays song lyrics on one screen as you select them on the other screen.00:05
Nuke11Do I have to install my camera driver because I got my camera working on camorama, I'm assuming my camera driver is already supported by ubuntu?00:05
ShujahNuke11, webcam or digi cam?00:05
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trashguyvaportrailnew123, haveyou tried system > pref > screen res00:05
Dre1Nuke11: if it works in a program its driver is installed.  Pretty sure of that.00:05
vaportrailnew123it keeps going back to clone screen even after i uncheck the clone option00:06
vaportrailnew123i even tried resetting00:06
Nuke11my camera is logitech00:06
DedicatedShujah: i thought that it should run with gstreamer when using kaffein-gstreamer, but as i see it dont stop anymore, but playing since beginning with 1fps :>00:06
Nuke11If my logitech camera is worknig I'm assumnig it's installed00:07
DedicatedShujah: but thanks, i now have a better start point to solve it :)00:07
Shujahnp :)00:07
pan023432is there any way to see hidden files in konsole00:07
vaportrailnew123in the display manager, the other screen shows up as unkown.00:07
vaportrailnew123what/how do i get drivers so that ubuntu will recognize what kind of moniter it is00:08
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Dre1sn9_: Thank you very much.  I didn't know that it wouldn't show up on the menu... doesn't the live CD ship the package...?00:08
macrobadpan023432: ls -a00:08
sn9_vaportrailnew123: typically, that happens out-of-the-box, but some monitors don't say00:08
glitsj16vaportrailnew123: if you have an nvidia card you can adjust settings to your xorg.conf for dual monitors with the nvidia-settings package ..00:08
sn9_Dre1: nope00:09
pan023432k thx00:09
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ltcabralhow does xmms2 work? i run xmms2 with alt+f2 and nothing happens!!00:09
vaportrailnew123would i automaticly have nvidia drivers installed?00:09
Dre1sn9_: It used to on Gutsy!  I know that for a FACT.  But thanks anyways.  Have a nice day!00:09
trashguyvaportrailnew123, negative00:09
glitsj16vaportrailnews123: what card do you have ?00:09
Shujahvaportrailnew123, depends try looking at restricted drivers00:09
trashguyit hsoul dof prompted00:09
vaportrailnew123already looked at the restricted00:09
Voortmy 7.10 Ubuntu SERVER refuses to all me to upgrade it to 8.04, does someone have a minute to help me?00:09
vaportrailnew123im running on a laptop, and it has an onboard graphics card00:10
vaportrailnew123it is an intel-based chipset00:10
glitsj16vaportrailnew123: what does "lspci | grep VGA" show ?00:10
Shujahvaportrailnew123, terminal > glxinfo | grep direct00:11
untraceablei dont think my internal nic is recognized in ubuntu wat do i need to do00:11
Guiriglitsj16: that didn't quite work as planned. It tries to force the user to connect at https://domain.com:80/site/00:11
Guiriit's still through port 80 using those instructions, am I missing something?00:11
sn9_untraceable: ethernet, or wifi?00:11
kkathmanis there anything I need to do special to get my ipod to mount in ubuntu Hardy ??00:11
vaportrailnew123direct rendering=yes00:11
untraceableits a wireless card but i think its both00:12
kkathmanI plugged it into the USB and it seems "alive" but the system doesnt seem to know00:12
Dasuragais there a way to just reinstall all sound drivers?00:12
geniiVoort: Usually you would want to do: sudo apt-get install update-manager-core                      then issue: sudo do-release-upgrade -d00:12
billgoldbergyou'll need some special software00:12
billgoldbergin add/remove serach for ipdo00:12
kkathmanbillgoldberg,  ahh  ok00:12
vaportrailnew123where should i post my terminal info? i noticed people frown upon my copy-pasting it directly here00:12
sn9_kkathman: depends -- was it formatted for mac, or pc?00:12
Voortgenii: sounds like a plan, I will try that...00:13
kkathmansn9_,  hmm dunno ..I use it with my windows pc and itunes (used to)00:13
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras00:13
untraceablein backtrack its eth0 ath0 and wifi000:13
vaportrailnew123kenny@kenny-laptop:~$ lspci | grep VGA00:13
vaportrailnew12300:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller (rev 03)00:13
billgoldbergI might note, that the newest ipods might not have support00:13
glitsj16Guiri: can you paste your relevant apache configs please, hard to tell just off the bat00:13
billgoldbergblame apple for that00:13
Guiriglitsj16: sure.00:13
sn9_kkathman: then "mounting" it is as simple as putting it in storage mode, but for itunes-like song management, install gtkpod00:13
Synx_hm_Anyone know if there is a workaround to get the Canon LIDE 600 series and the like working under linux/ubuntu?00:14
vaportrailnew123glitsj16: any idea what i should do?00:14
Dasuraga"audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open audio device for playback."00:14
glitsj16vaportrailnew123: so you have an intel card, obviously what i refered to before using the nvidia-settings package isn't going to work in your situation sorry00:14
Dasuragaanybody know what that error means?00:14
kkathmansn9_,  ok, I'll try, but when I plug it into the USB nothing happens - seems like I remember in gutsy it just mounted automatically00:14
kkathmanbut I could be wrong00:14
khinwoooo i just updated dapper to hardy and now totem actually can play stuff00:14
nano__I was moving a partition via gparted and the system just shutdown..?00:15
glitsj16vaportrailnew123: don't know the first thing bout intel chipsets00:15
macrobadvaportrailnew123: I've always thought that calling machine "Kenny" is a bad sign... Perhaps, I'm superstitious! :)00:15
billgoldbergvapor, I have an intel chipset00:15
trashguyintel sux00:15
Voortgenii, it appears to be working.  I will let you know more soon.  Thanks!00:15
billgoldbergwhat do you need to know00:15
billgoldberg 00:15
trashguyfor graphics ;(00:15
sn9_untraceable: do you see eth0, ath0, and wifi0 in ubuntu, too?00:15
vaportrailnew123macro: its my first name00:15
trashguythey grief me so hard00:15
libwilliamcd irc.freenode.net00:15
nano__I have now rebooted, and everything seems normal, except the partition has not moved......does that mean everything is normal?00:15
untraceableno i see nothing00:15
CoolFoxi need some help running skype on the 64-bit version of Hardy.00:15
Guiriglitsj16: this is the main. essentially I want all 80 traffic rewritten to *.443, https. http://paste.ubuntu.com/26321/00:15
trashguyvaportrailnew123, i only have th ebuiltin onbopard or else id help00:15
Guirithis is default, but when I enabled my ssl (a copy of default but with *.443, nothing happens00:16
billgoldbergcoolfox, did you try the medibuntu repo?00:16
WalloOtrashguy, intel work well....00:16
glitsj16Guiri: ok, give me a few minutes to go over those, i'll report back00:16
CoolFoxthe... the wha?00:16
sn9_macrobad: i know a machine named kenny for exactly that reason00:16
vaportrailnew123anyone know how to help me get my onboard intel video card thingy working?00:16
Guiriglitsj16: np thanks00:16
mediclawrendoes ubuntu have a server edition?00:16
billgoldberggoogle for medibuntu00:16
WalloOtrashguy, haaa.. for graphics you are right... :)00:16
geniiVoort: Yu're welcome00:16
CoolFoxmediclawren, yeah, it does.00:16
billgoldberginstall it on your system, and reinstall skype00:16
macrobadsn9_: Windows server? ^^00:16
Gaming4JCtrashguy: I uninstalled everything in synaptic and am going to try running this script: http://oui.com.br/n/content.php?article.2300:16
trashguycouldnt convince my boss to let me put in an 880000:16
Gaming4JCLooks awesome.00:16
CoolFoxum... i don't really want to re-install.00:17
mediclawrenplease coolfox does it have any differences with the desktop ed?00:17
WalloOtrashguy, by the way, I'm interrested in knowing what their future video chip will be (multy x86 core)... that sound strange...00:17
sn9_macrobad: no, linux reinstallation testbed00:17
ltcabralcan someone help me with audacious? i open a music but it doesnt play00:17
nano__I was moving a partition via gparted, and all of a sudden my system just shutdown.  Now, I have restarted and it seems that everything is normal except that the partition has not moved.  Should I reinstall system?00:17
CoolFoxyeah, no graphics front end built in, and its a bit more robust mediclawren00:17
billgoldbergcoolfox, well, that's all I can suugest00:17
sttng359Hello, I am having problems with ldapsearch and SSL.00:17
sttng359It says can't contact LDAP server00:18
billgoldbergjust try it, it should only take 1 minutre00:18
sn9_macrobad: the system dies every time, because it gets wiped00:18
mediclawrenyeah man thanks a lot00:18
mediclawrenplease another question00:18
sttng359LDAP server is running on a Fedora Core computer and a seperate fedora core workstation can authenticate with and without SSL.00:18
billgoldbergI'm off00:18
sttng359ldapsearch on ubuntu can only authenticate without SSL and can't connect with SSL.00:18
mediclawreni installed ubuntu guess what made me uninst?00:19
kkathmansn9_,  yeah that doesnt seem to work :(00:19
Shujahltcabral, audacious does not support pulseaudio change the default sound server to alsa it'll work then00:19
kiyikowhen i try to boot ubuntu, it goes to busybox, and repeats something about how it cannot move cooling device. any ideas?00:19
vaportrailnew123should i be trying to modify the bios of my video card???00:19
macrobadsn9_: Yeah, it's all in the name! :)00:19
CoolFoxso, my problem is when i try to compile skype from source, it says i'm using the wrong version, but there isn't any other version to comple from!00:19
kiyikoi am unable to boot into the os00:19
kkathmansn9_,  when you said putting it in "storage" mode..what did you mean?00:19
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CoolFoxit says i need to use a 64 bit version, but there doesn't appear to be one.00:19
epitronis there a way that i can get apt-get's dependency system think that mplayer is installed, without installing its own mplayer package?00:19
sn9_kkathman: whatever you do to make it appear like an external drive00:20
mediclawrenyeah there is no 64 bit v 4 it00:20
ltcabralShujah, thanks00:20
epitron(i've got a nice mplayer SVN build that i prefer)00:20
JacoAlguien me ayuda00:20
sn9_!es | Jaco00:20
ubottuJaco: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:20
kkathmansn9_,  well currently all I've done is plug it into the USB - the Ipod lights up...but the system knows nothing about it that I can tell00:20
CoolFoxso, mediclawren, am i humped?00:20
JacoSoy jaco00:21
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CoolFoxsoy sauce?00:21
vaportrailnew123arg! me need intel chipset support! trying to get two screens to work independantly00:21
mediclawrenyeah man00:21
WalloOkkathman, your ipod is probably not in fat32.00:21
nano__Is it common for gparted live cd to just shutdown the system?00:21
Chaotic_DescentI'm a little rusty... why would my network settings need a DNS server for for my router? or is that like... everything goes through that address?00:21
mouseboyxHow do you mount a cardreader?00:21
CoolFoxg'damn this channel moves fast.00:21
mediclawrenbut presto ubuntu has a 64 bit ver00:21
Voortnah, CoolFox you just read slow ;-)00:22
kkathmanWalloO, wellm if that was the case I'd probably get a message that it cant be mounted00:22
CoolFoxare you calling wikipedians slow?00:22
Chaotic_Descentthere's no settings... it's just an IP address... is it going in, coming out? I can't figure this out.00:22
kkathmanbut Im not getting even that00:22
mediclawreni guess u cant change os because of just one app00:22
erUSULChaotic_Descent: maybe your router has a caching dns proxy00:22
sn9_CoolFox: soy == "i'm"00:22
untraceableanyone know why my atheros internal nic isnt recognized00:22
CoolFoxthats the channel that i'm comparing for basis.00:22
WalloOkkathman, you should format the main partition as fat32. Simplest way is to plug it on a PC with itune, it should ask you to convert it or something like that00:22
CoolFoxsn9_, thnks.00:22
ceeAnyone got kiba-dock to run smoothly yet?00:22
hiptobecubici have internet access just fine except for aol in pidgin. When i tell pidgin to use a proxy for the protocol, it works. when i tell it to use gnome settings (which are clearly working just fine) it says that it can't resolve the host name00:22
glitsj16Guiri: check if this works any better .. http://paste.ubuntu.com/26323/00:22
Chaotic_DescenterUSUL: no, it's an Ubuntu setting, not a router setting. I can't connect to my router.00:22
mouseboyxWhat is the dameon that automounts usb devices in gnome?00:23
WalloOkkathman, not really, since the partition format may be unknown. Try fdisk -l00:23
sttng359Anyone have an idea why ldapsearch and friends don't appear to be able to use SSL/TLS?00:23
CoolFoxhey, what's that other fdisk program, slackware has it too.00:23
ShujahChaotic_Descent, chnage the dns to (i,e, local host) put the router on roaming mode and check00:23
sn9_WalloO: he said he used it in windows, so it must be known00:23
Chaotic_Descentand I don't even know what a caching DNS proxy is...00:23
WalloOsn9_, you're right00:23
Simuloushey if i set up ubuntu server as a VM can i use something on it as a gateway to enable to me manage network traffic from certain hosts on my network. or any apps i could install on my ubuntu desktop machine to do the same thing? thanks00:23
WalloOkkathman, try sudo fdisk -l00:23
kkathmanWalloO,  nope its not listed00:24
kkathmanmy other drives are tho00:24
Chaotic_Descent127.0.0.1... I'll try that. I'll be back when I can break and fix my internet again...00:24
sn9_WalloO: by any chance, did you plug it into a usb hub?00:24
WalloOkkathman, ha... that'S sound very strange. I have a last generation nano and it works perfectely00:24
unopkkathman, does dmesg have anything to say about it?00:24
sn9_kkathman: by any chance, did you plug it into a usb hub?00:24
Simuloussorry to just dive in and ask00:24
kkathmansn9_,  no no its a usb on the back of my computer00:25
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kkathmansn9_,  the unit was getting REALLY hot thought - that seems a bit abnormal00:25
vaportrailnew123so, anyone know how to get an intel chipset laptop to be able to use two displays independantly?00:25
sn9_kkathman: does it show up in lsusb?00:25
Shujahvaportrailnew123, dude you got nvidia00:25
kkathmanlemme see00:25
nickr-i have a partition question00:26
Shujahvaportrailnew123, have you installed nvidia-setting manager?00:26
mediclawrenvaportrailnew123 wchich os r u running00:26
unopvaportrailnew123, have you seen the !dualhead wiki?00:26
vaportrailnew123tell me how shu00:26
nano__should the md5sum of an iso on dvd and an iso file on my /home be the same?00:26
vaportrailnew123dualhead wont work for what im doing00:26
unopnano_, yes00:26
nickr-i have a 500g HDD, how much should i put on my swap and boot partitions???00:26
kkathmansn9_,  nope the only thing thats showing on lssub is the trackball00:26
unopnano_, if they were meant to be the same file i.e.00:26
Shujahvaportrailnew123, via synaptic download nvidia setting manager00:26
mouseboyxwhat is the command to run the gnome automounter in gnome-volume manager?00:27
WalloOvaportrailnew123, you mean dual screen to have a large desktop? If yes, I can't help you since I never tested it... But it may be difficult.... With nvidia and ati, this functionnality is mostly provided by proprietary drivers00:27
vaportrailnew123k, thankies00:27
nickr-i have 60,000 cylinders00:27
sn9_kkathman: then you've got bigger problems00:27
unopkkathman,  dmesg | tail -n 30 # see if anything is said about your ipod or usb devices00:27
CoolFoxin a truck?00:27
nickr-no, lol00:27
Guiriglitsj16: thank you. it appears to be working if you browse to the domain that was int eh pastebine. However nothing shows up. I assume I need to copy the default and name it ssl, enable it, and change the port to 443?00:27
epimethanybody here frequent #kubuntu?00:27
kkathmanunop ok 1 sec00:27
sn9_kkathman: what unop said00:27
Guiriand also take out the rewrite rule glitsj16 ?00:27
nickr-can u help me fox00:27
nickr-i have 60k cylinders to put into 3 partitinos00:27
WalloOnickr-, put as much swap as your memory, or two times more. However, if you hae 4Gb of ram, swap is nearly useless... :)00:27
CoolFoxhang on, lemme read the thread00:27
unopkkathman, actually, unplug and plug it back in and run that command00:28
vaportrailnew123im trying to use a program that requires the system to be able to recognize a second display00:28
glitsj16Guiri: yes copy the default indeed and only use the new rewriterule00:28
macongaIs is possible to downgrade the Linux Kernal in Xubuntu 8.04.1 ?00:28
unop!dualhead | vaportrailnew12300:28
ubottuvaportrailnew123: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama00:28
CoolFoxfor swap, i'd reccomend 2 times the ammount of RAM you got.00:28
vaportrailnew123i know, dualhead WONT WORK!!!00:28
CoolFoxfor boot, everything else, unless you want your home folder separte too.00:28
nickr-i have 3gigs of ram00:28
nano__has anybody here ever had gparted just shutdown on them?00:28
Guiriglitsj16: let me make sure I understand, copy everything in the default and delete the section in it about the rewrite since the 80 already rewrites? I'm sorry for this but I'm new00:28
CoolFox3 gigs?00:28
vaportrailnew123it makes it think theres 1 big screen, where i need it to recognize that there are two00:28
CoolFoxfine, 6 GB partition.00:29
geniimaconga: Yes, just remove the one you don't want in the package manager and it will default back to the last one00:29
ShujahCoolFox, thats when ram is 1 gb or less, if one has 2 gb ram formula changes to ram = swap00:29
glitsj16maconga: it's possible;, but why not make a lower one default in GRUb ?00:29
unopCoolFox, that's for something under 512MB -- you rarely will use 2X RAM for swap if you have anything more than that00:29
epimethmore specifically, can anyone here unban me from #kubuntu and #kubuntu-offtopic?  I've been having connection issues so they are forwarding me to ##fix_your_connection00:29
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sn9_vaportrailnew123: you mean cloning?00:29
WalloOCoolFox, 2times is good, but for me, I never use more than 20% of my ram... Swap is useless in my case... :)00:29
glitsj16Guiri: hang on, i'll join you in pm to make sure there's no misunderstabndings about the paste ok00:29
nickrudepimeth, /j #ubuntu-ops00:29
nixnoobwhy cant i have more than 1 desktop workspace on compiz?00:30
unopWalloO, you don't hibernate? :)00:30
WalloOCoolFox, the more you have ram, the less you need swap00:30
vaportrailnew123i dont want cloning, and that dual program wont work for what im doing00:30
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:30
epimethnickrud: cheers00:30
macongaThe Kernal in 8.04 does not like my wifi card, but a kernal in 7.10 will use it.... I can't downgrade to 7.10 because I have to use Wubi00:30
Simulousanyone know off an app i can use with ubuntu to act as a gateway to enable me to manage traffic from certain hosts?00:30
Chaotic_DescentOk, DNS didn't do anything.00:30
CoolFoxwell, its not gonna kill to have a 6 gig swap, right?00:30
mediclawrenmy sound cant just work00:30
Shujahnixnoob, you must have configured compiz to use one00:30
kkathmansn9_,   see paste:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/26325/00:30
unopSimulous, manage traffic in what way exactly?00:30
WalloOunop, no. I never be able to hibernate with my system. But hibernating 4GB of ram may take to much time... :)00:30
nano__man gparted sucks00:31
Chaotic_Descentwhy does the pppoeconf put in two DNS servers? is one incoming and one outgoing or something? I still don't understand what a single IP address has to do with DNS servers.00:31
ShujahChaotic_Descent, restart networking and dont forget to put the connection on roaming mode00:31
sn9_maconga: which card?00:31
xTheGoat121xAfternoon everyone00:31
unopWalloO, it shouldn't if you set the swappiness of your kernel right :)00:31
xTheGoat121xIt seems like both my panels and my menus are larger than they were on Gutsy00:31
macongasn9_: Linksys Wrt54g Version 4.100:31
Simulousto share bandwith evenly :o) my router doesnt go as far as throttling bandwidth00:31
ShujahChaotic_Descent, you using dsl or dial up?00:31
HymnToLifeChaotic_Descent: you have two DNS servers so you can still browse the Web if one breaks00:31
trashguyWalloO, i hibernate 4gb ram, but i got a raid 0 setup00:31
Chaotic_DescentShujah: my network settings are set to roaming all the time to begin with. I can't change the router's settings since I can't connect to it. I've been resetting network settings with every damned Ubuntu command I know of.00:31
sn9_maconga: no, the wifi in your computer00:32
WalloOunop, ha... I'm not used to hibernating with linux00:32
Chaotic_DescentShujah: DSL00:32
Dewentehello every one00:32
Shujahyup one is primary dns and other is secondary if primary is unaccessible system will switch to secndary00:32
ShujahChaotic_Descent, wireless or wired?00:32
macongasn9_:that is the card in the computer00:32
nixnoobhow can I make an application always start on a particular workspace?00:32
Simulousits a shared connection on a GB switch, attached to that a router > cable modem. 3 ppl share the connection and one of those doesnt seem to be able to stop hammering my connection so i want to divide it evenly00:32
Chaotic_DescentShujah: wired.00:32
Dewentei have a question00:32
WalloOtrashguy, I can't hibernate.... Not enough swap... :(00:33
sn9_maconga: wrt54g is a router00:33
ShujahChaotic_Descent, can you see network config icon in ntification place?00:33
chriswrdoes anyone know any cool looking stuff for my desktop?00:33
trashguySimulous, what kind of router/00:33
Chaotic_DescentI'm so glad that lately I've been able to reconnect to the internet without having to reboot or spend an hour fiddling with settings..00:33
sn9_maconga: do you mean wpc54g?00:33
kkathmansn9_,  if you check that post - Im not sure I see anything odd - except that line 3700:33
WalloOmaconga, and a good router when loaded with ddwrt... :)00:33
Chaotic_DescentShujah: what is that?00:33
unopkkathman, does this give you anything?   sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdc100:33
Pici!ask | Dewente00:33
Dewentehow can i active root at ubuntu server ?00:34
Penopticonchriswr: Go to  Gnome-look.org.00:34
Shujahthats an icon with two small computers can you see one in panel notification area00:34
ubottuDewente: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:34
macongasn9_: let me check my...00:34
Simulouslinksys wrt54G i did change the OS on it but didnt have desired effects :( .00:34
skragso i have hardy and i love it accept i usualy wait till theres a bunch of updates before i download them and everytime i seem to update it, it adds 2 entrys to my grub menu.... it ads just a repeat of what it had before so i have like 3 entrys for ubuntu and 3 entrys for safe mode... anyone know why it might be adding itself to my grub over and over?00:34
sn9_!RootSudo | Dewente00:34
ubottuDewente: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)00:34
kkathmanunop no, nothing00:34
chriswrpenopticon: ok will do that  , thnx00:34
unopskrag, those are entries for different kernels -- it's normal00:34
Dewenterootsudo | dewente ?00:34
WalloOSimulous, I loaded mine with ddwrt and it works very well. I have v800:35
Simulous+ it would be easyer and better to set up a virtual machine on my server00:35
kkathmanunop heres the  pastebin on what you asked for  http://paste.ubuntu.com/26325/00:35
xTheGoat121xHas anyone noticed that Hardy's interface looks bigger than Gutsy's?00:35
=== hobbs_ is now known as timthelion
unopskrag, and they shouldn't be the same -- you'll notice that each kernel has a different version number00:35
unopit appears to me that your device is being detected but is disconnected after it settles down - it doesn;t say why -- this might suggest that the ipod has problems -- try rebooting your ipod with it plugged into the computer00:35
unopkkathman, ^^00:35
skragunop thanks, so i have to go into grub and delete the ones i dont want?00:35
=== hobbs_ is now known as timthelion
Chaotic_DescentShujah: right click or left click? left click I get only "manual configuration"00:35
jamusanybody knows  how i can modify this ariticle to work   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78982400:35
ShujahChaotic_Descent, right click and open00:35
Dewentesudoroot | dewente ?00:36
Simulousyeah mine too :) i think it didnt work because of the version :) it was a while ago, then all i wanted was a bigger port forwarding table cus the provided one is uselessly small!00:36
unopskrag, no, just remove the older kernels from synaptic -- but i suggest you keep atleast one working older kernel installed just incase you run into problems with the new current one00:36
Shujahsorry left click and open manual confguration00:36
Simulousversion of router i mean*00:36
kkathmanunop - lol reboot the ipod ??00:36
jamusi need Atheros AR5007 driver pls00:36
vaportrailnew123is there a task-manager-like program that i can use in linux? such as a gui ver of terminal specifically used to looking at/closing current tasks?00:36
sn9_kkathman: something is wrong with your ipod hardware00:36
Chaotic_DescentShujah: right click gives me "enable networking", a greyed out "connection information", "edit wireless networks", and "about".00:36
Dewentejamus i guees i can help you00:36
unopkkathman, press Menu and the center button, and hold down for about 4 seconds00:36
ShujahChaotic_Descent, left click open the manual setting menu and unlock it00:37
kkathmanahh ok00:37
skragunop is it really worth it to get the newest kernel what do you think? do you get every one?00:37
sn9_jamus: google it00:37
Dewentegive 1 minute for looking a web with that  jamus00:37
unopkkathman, that's how i reboot my ipod classic -- should work on the newer nanos and probably other ipods too00:37
jamusDewente:  i would rely lik that u do00:37
Chaotic_DescentShujah: oh yeah. where I change the DNS settings. ok.00:37
xtknightvaportrailnew123, gnome-system-monitor00:37
=== hobbs_ is now known as timthelion
Penopticonvaportrailnew123: Try pushing Crtl and Esc at the same time and wait for the window to come up.00:37
unopskrag, i don't usually upgrade kernels very often, unless i am forced too because of hardware issues or package dependencies00:37
jamusDewente:  im stuck on it for several days now00:38
ShujahChaotic_Descent, now you'll see a wired connection line click it and open its properties00:38
vaportrailnew123how do i start a program with a dif prog as root?00:38
Chaotic_DescentShujah: and then what?00:38
macongasn9_: This is my wifi card, WMP54G Version 4.100:38
unopskrag, but it shouldn't be a problem installing the newer kernels -- if you do install one, make sure you have an older one as failover00:38
pan023432how do u unzip a file in linux00:38
Chaotic_DescentShujah: because it's in roaming mode.00:38
unoppan023432, use unzip :)00:38
sn9_maconga: ok, checking...00:38
xTheGoat121xIs there a way to make panels smaller than 23 pixels?00:38
ShujahChaotic_Descent, now are the addresses filled, ip, gateway etc00:38
skragthanks for the facts unop you guys in here always know your shit00:38
kkathmanunop  well I keep getting that No battery power remains - please hook the ipod to power - maybe thats part of the problem00:39
unoppan023432, you might need to install unzip tho00:39
pan023432is there any way to tar a file to a certain directory00:39
PiciDewente: Floodbot1 is not a person00:39
pan023432if downloaded tar file to desktop?00:39
kkathmanahh its not saying that now00:39
vaportrailnew123how do i make a shortcut for an application so i can place it on the quickstart bar?00:39
pan023432but want to send it to /usr/share/fluxbox/styles00:39
Penopticonpan023432: you should be able to just double click in Ubuntu.00:39
unopkkathman, errm, that could very well be the problem -- charge it up for a bit, if you have an external power suplly00:39
Chaotic_DescentShujah: no. but right now I'm connected to the internet, not my router. (although you'd think I'd have an IP for the internet. I'm sure I do, but there's nothing in the greyed out areas)00:39
legend2440xTheGoat121x: yes.  right click panel>properties>size00:39
DewentePici ?00:39
pan023432click and d rag?00:39
MyrttiDewente: it's a bot00:40
jin_what is the app called to install a .emerald theme file?00:40
PiciDewente: Its a bot, a program that manages the channel.00:40
ShujahChaotic_Descent, how do you access your router > or
Dewenteexcuse toy day is my first00:40
xTheGoat121xlegend2440, yeah, but the system doesn't allow going smaller then 23 pxels00:40
untraceable-does ubuntu support atheros ar5006x00:40
unoppan023432, sudo tar xvf file.tar -C /usr/share/fluxbox/styles00:40
Chaotic_DescentShujah: .1.100:41
pan023432- c is for?00:41
sn9_maconga: install the pkgs linux-ubuntu-modules and linux-backports-modules-hardy00:41
LimCoreubuntu's network stoped working suddently. probably after upgrade. 8.04.  DHCP modem on eth0, now  dhclient doesnt see it.  How to fix/debug?00:41
legend2440xTheGoat121x: yea your right i never noticed that before00:41
unoppan023432, but i highly doubt it's an uncompressed tar file -- it probably is a .tar.gz or a .tar.bz2 compressed archive00:41
FloodBot2facade: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:41
Dewentejamus ?00:41
ShujahChaotic_Descent, untick roaming mode, change the tab to static ip00:41
unoppan023432, -C extracts the files to the specified folder00:41
pan023432oh i c00:41
sn9_untraceable-: 5006, yes, 5007, no, but some 5007's appear as 500600:41
pan023432that helps00:41
kkathmanunop , WallO  thanks - am charging it right now...will try again later... your help is much appreciated!00:41
pan023432a lot00:41
pan023432i've been taring to desktop00:41
pan023432then moving file00:41
FloodBot2pan023432: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:41
vaportrailnew123how do i start a program with a differnt program as a root00:42
jamusDewente:  ime her00:42
unopkkathman, yw, i hope you resolve your issue - fingers crossed00:42
unopvaportrailnew123, sudo command00:42
macongasn9_:would those be on the Xubuntu 8.04.1 install disk ?00:42
ShujahChaotic_Descent, give ip address as, subnet mask & gateway as
peridotHi, I'm trying to debug an X crash, but gdb seems to hang when I try to attach to the (hung) Xorg process; any suggestions?00:42
pan023432thx unop00:42
untraceable-Sn9_: im having troubles getting that card recognized00:42
Dewente i got the resource that can be helpful00:42
Chaotic_DescentShujah: alright. bbiab.00:42
pan023432learned something00:42
sn9_maconga: you will likely need to connect with wires for that00:42
smayHi, using apt-get won't download the wireless driver I need, here's the error... am I getting something wrong?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/26331/00:42
macongasn9_ alright. Thank You.00:43
unoppan023432, you will need to get used to the terminal if you are planning on moving to fluxbox (or already have)00:43
vaportrailnew123so, for instnace if i want to start nvidia-settings with nvidia-xconfig as root what would it look like in terminal00:43
chriswrcan anyone tell me what kind of desktop screenlet this guy has on the bottome right side of his desktop?   http://youtube.com/watch?v=JW2z7JkYPEk00:43
pan023432well i want to get used to the terminal00:43
sn9_untraceable-: then it is probably a 500700:43
Dewentepici ?00:43
untraceable-windows shows it as a 500600:43
xTheGoat121xlegend2440, I just read something online... if you change the application font, you can go smaller... but now, my icons up there don't resize far enough... or they resize too far.00:43
sn9_untraceable-: as i said, some 5007's appear as 500600:43
unoppan023432, as long as you have the patience, that comes automatically00:43
PiciDewente: Can I help you?00:44
epaepasmay, there is no package called like that in repositories00:44
legend2440xTheGoat121x: yes i was just reading the same thing00:44
CoolFoxhey, anybody know how to switch to KDE from GNOME?00:44
pan023432seems like the --help command helps a lot00:44
epaepasmay, try using synaptic00:44
CoolFoxi just installed the packages00:44
vaportrailnew123so, for instnace if i want to start nvidia-settings with nvidia-xconfig as root what would it look like in terminal00:44
unop!info b43-fwcutter | smay00:44
ubottusmay: b43-fwcutter (source: b43-fwcutter): Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware. In component main, is optional. Version 1:011-1 (hardy), package size 15 kB, installed size 100 kB00:44
Dewentehow can i send red message ?00:44
sn9_maconga: your wifi chipset is rt2500, btw00:44
chriswrcan anyone tell me what kind of desktop screenlet this guy has on the bottome right side of his desktop?   http://youtube.com/watch?v=JW2z7JkYPEk00:44
PenopticonCoolFox: Log out and choose session.00:44
epaepaCoolFox, logout and start new session with kde from GDM00:45
PiciDewente: You can't.  Thats just a feature of your irc client when someone uses your name.00:45
macongasn9_:alright Thank You00:45
smayepaepa: I just did that on another computer though, same package and everything.  unop: That doesn't help me...00:45
untraceable-Sn9_: so its a no go in ubuntu, nothing i can do?00:45
unoppan023432, also the man pages -- they are generally more helpful/informative than --help messages00:45
Chaotic_Descent_Shujah: thanks. that worked.00:45
DewentePIci: ok00:45
unopsmay, looks like you haven't enabled all the ubuntu repositories00:45
epaepasmay, check repositories setup in the other computer and copy them to the other one00:45
Shujahnp :)00:45
sn9_untraceable-: there is something you can do, but it's very involved, and nobody here is going to type that much. google it00:45
Chaotic_Descent_How come roaming didn't work with my router?00:45
smayunop: The third-party ones in the software sources aren't checked off, is that it?00:46
unopsmay, no, it's not the third party repos -- it's the ubuntu main one00:46
epaepasmay, u have some repositories problem, solve it00:46
Dewentegive an example buddy00:46
unopsmay, if you see all of them checked, use the pastebin and show us the contents of this file.   /etc/apt/sources.list00:46
DILi just had a jonny come lately episode as i am a relative newb - i could not connect to my windows share using samba - in trying to find a cure one of the steps i took was to add my network name to the domain box under System -Network then click the general tab - hpoe it helps00:47
ShujahChaotic_Descent, make sure you port forward (if you need to) on your static ip address and that the static ip address is beyond the DHCP allocation00:47
skragunop so im in synaptic and i cant seem to fund whate exactaly to delete to get run of the old kernels and/or grub entrys00:47
smayunop: Enabling the third-party repositories fixed the problem.  Thanks for making me check anyways!00:47
untraceable-thx sn9_00:47
Chaotic_Descent_port forward?00:47
PiciDewente: yes?00:48
unopsmay, eh? shouldn't be the right fix .. well  anyway :)00:48
smayunop: Life00:48
ShujahChaotic_Descent, and change the DNS to one provided by ISP.00:48
smayunop: Oops.. Meant to say Life00:48
smayunop: Please ignore me, life is silly00:48
unopsmay, i'm missing something :)00:48
Chaotic_Descent_Shujah: it keeps inserting the DNS it wants me to have. where do I set this port forwarding?00:48
Sergeant_Ponyis there any way to have my laptop hd not spin down due to idle time?00:48
reviverHi, I'm new to ubuntu/linux and had a pretty noob question.  I'm using 8.04 on a headless box and using rdesktop with autologin.  Since there's no monitor attached when the box powers up, X automatically puts the resolution to 640x480 on CRT-0.  Is there a way to make it always use 1280x1024?00:48
CoolFoxPenopticon, epaepa, how?00:48
offsetDoes anyone know how to blacklist a module when trying to boot from the livecd?  Ubuntu keep sstalling with "[ #####.##] ohci1394: fw-host0: physical posted write error".00:49
acid2_is there anyway I can install postgresql 8.2 through apt? apt-get install postgresql gives 8.3.300:49
ShujahChaotic_Descent, yes most p2p softwares *torrent and *wire need port forwarding to work properly00:49
epaepaCoolFox, how do u do what?00:49
sn9_reviver: yes, by editing xorg.conf00:49
unopacid2_, sudo aptitude install postgresql=8.200:49
CoolFoxget into kde from gnome00:49
epaepaCoolFox, go to system00:49
epaepaclose session00:49
unopacid2_, but postgresql 8.2 must be in the repos tho for this to work00:49
Shujahgo to the same config window select the dns tab delete the last one and manually add 2 dns addresses your isp has provided00:49
LimCorenetwork stoped working suddenly.  wtf?00:49
geometricalhmm whats a good tool to convert flac to mp3  ?00:50
nwci'm haveing nvidia problems with freespire00:50
acid2_unop: thanks, I'll try that - should I remove 8.3.3 first?00:50
sn9_geometrical: lame00:50
epaepaand in the gdm where u write ur user name and pass there is an opion called session, click there and select kde00:50
unopgeometrical, ffmpeg00:50
acid2_geometrical: flac and then lame00:50
PenopticonCoolFox:  Pushing Control and Escape at the same time should bring up the task manager.00:50
slavikhow do I get sound input to be echoed to the speakers? (there is no hardware mixing on my sound card which is a cmi8788)00:50
CoolFoxthere we go.00:50
unopacid2_, you shouldn't need to -- aptitude will do that for you anyway00:50
xTheGoat121xlegend2440, I figured it out00:50
acid2_unop: cool cool, I'll try it - thanks00:50
unopacid2_, err, aptitude _should_ do that ..00:50
LimCoredoes ubuntu support network?00:50
PiciLimCore: What kind of question is that?00:51
Chaotic_Descent_Shujah: there are only two listings, both created by connecting to my DSL modem, I think... they don't provide me with one in the documentation.00:51
acid2_unop: and is there anyway to get a version listing of what versions are in the repo?00:51
unopLimCore, yes -- as you can see, we are all on irc being on ubuntu :)00:51
galshawnaCan anyone help me with my Java plugin problem in FF3?00:51
sn9_LimCore: do bees buzz?00:51
xTheGoat121xlegend2440, there's a bug in gnome-panel that's not allowing the main menu icon to resize with everything else, thus locking the icon at a specific size.00:51
LimCorePici: more general then my precise support question00:51
Nubbiehi everybody, i'm having trouble getting my webcam to work. i have a creative live! cam notebook pro. I installed and loaded the kernel modules needed, yet it isn't working.00:51
CoolFoxlol @ unop00:51
PiciLimCore: You should know better.00:51
LimCoresn9_: they do00:51
LimCoreok then, so00:51
LimCorenetwork stoped working suddenly00:51
LimCorehow to fix it00:51
unopacid2_, sudo aptitude update && dpkg -l | grep postgresql00:51
macongagalshawna: what kind of problem?00:51
acid2_cheers mate00:51
LimCoreit seems like software problem ; also network manager something application crashes00:52
ShujahChaotic_Descent, DNS can be in thsi format 192.??.???.?? or if the DNS is different then these values then its ok00:52
Shujah*DNS cannot be00:52
LimCorearp -a  shows the router,  but dhclient doesnt obtain IP fromit00:52
LimCorePici: ^00:52
PiciLimCore: How are you connecting to the network?00:52
galshawnamaconga, ever since I upgraded to 8.04, and Firefox 3.0, certan java-run applications don't work, like pool at games.yahoo.com.00:52
LimCorePici:  pc -eth- modem00:52
PiciLimCore: wired?00:52
galshawnamaconga, a lot of games cannot work. And not just that but anything that uses java.00:52
LimCorePici: yes00:52
sn9_galshawna: that's because it now uses openjdk instead of ssun java00:52
galshawnamaconga, every time it says to install missing plugins, but it can never find suitable plugins.00:52
galshawnasn9_, openjdk?00:53
macongagalshawana: sudo apt-get install java-6-plugin     (I think that will work)00:53
galshawnamaconga, I think I've already done that.00:53
PenopticonFirefox 3.0 Try downloading FooBillard from the repository.00:53
Chaotic_Descent_Shujah: they are. they're like 207. addresses. also found port forwarding settings in my router setup. I guess I don't need that though, huh?00:53
KlrSpzhey guys, i have my HTPC hooked up to my receiver (AVR), but when i turn it on w/o my AVR being on, the video card doesn't enable... I've been able to kill X and it detects it as it reactivates nvidia's driver, but I have to then log in (I have auto-login enabled)... how would i possibly get it to do this without requiring a new login.. i don't mind killing GDM/X, but don't want to have to log in ever00:53
unopacid2_, err, actually --  apt-cache search postgresql   not  dpkg -l | grep postgresql00:53
PiciLimCore: Have you tried resetting your router yet?00:53
LimCorePici: yes00:53
unopacid2_, or better.   aptitude search postgresql00:53
jon_high9000hi there. is there a way to find the driver to the current hard drive that has ubuntu on it. the reason is i am trying to install debian 4.0 etch.00:53
sn9_galshawna: yes, but you can install sun-java6-plugin00:53
CoolFoxis there a way to switch from KDE4 to 3.5 and back again without purging any software00:53
galshawnamaconga, java-6-plugin isn't even a recognized package.00:54
unopCoolFox, i should think not00:54
galshawnasn9_, I have that installed already00:54
ShujahChaotic_Descent, then the DNS is alright, you only need port forwarding if you plan to use p2p softwares otherwise you dont need it00:54
* CoolFox cries00:54
macongagalshawana: I don't really know the java ones....00:54
sn9_galshawna: sudo update-java-alternatives java6sun00:54
galshawnasn9_, I'll try that.00:54
unopCoolFox, you probably should purge anyway .. otherwise you are bound to run into all sorts of problems00:54
Kelvin_0does anyone know if there is a way to use a cable modem as a ouput to watch movies on a TV?00:54
Tacotuesdayhello room00:54
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.00:54
CoolFoxbut i want both :(00:54
Chaotic_Descent_Shujah: I do plan to use P2P.00:54
jon_high9000btw, i am running a compaq system that has amd64 bit00:55
PiciLimCore: Have you made any changes to the system lately? Updated the kernel? etc? Did it stop all of a sudden or after a reboot?00:55
CoolFoxi don't really like KDE4, but its so fast on my system00:55
PiciKelvin_0: No, you can't do that00:55
unopCoolFox, well, i've never used KDE -- what happens when you try and install the KDE3 then?00:55
epaepaCoolFox, gnome is faster00:55
LimCorePici:  I think system upgrade00:55
CoolFoxkde3.5 is so nice and shiney.00:55
Kelvin_0why not?00:55
CoolFoxyes, it is.00:55
* LimCore slaps Pichu0102 and pickett_00:55
PiciLimCore: You think?00:55
CoolFoxgnome is faster.00:55
ShujahChaotic_Descent, Then in your browser window give the address enter the password of your router and go to NAT00:55
LimCorePici: not my box00:55
sn9_galshawna: i mean java-6-sun00:55
galshawnasn9_, do you mean sudo update-java-alternatives --java6sun ?00:55
CoolFoxbut, can't one tinker? :)00:55
Tacotuesdayhey anyone help with with my upgraded system i am a totalt newb to ubuntu and linux, when i load my comp the desktop rezolution is all mess up00:56
unopCoolFox, well, what happens if you try? have you tried already? :)00:56
LimCorePici: can some config messup,  or missing application  make it so that   dhclient fails to get IP from the modem (as it did previously) ?00:56
CoolFoxthats what. boom.00:56
galshawnasn9_, root@GalacAttack:~# update-java-alternatives java-6-sun00:56
galshawnausage: update-java-alternatives [--jre-headless] [--jre] [--plugin] [ -t|--test|-v|--verbose]00:56
galshawna           -l|--list [<jname>]00:56
galshawna           -s|--set <jname>00:56
galshawna           -a|--auto00:56
galshawna           -h|-?|--help00:56
FloodBot2galshawna: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:56
ShujahTacotuesday, go to menu > system > preferences > screen resolution and change it00:56
sn9_galshawna: -s java-6-sun00:56
Tacotuesdaycan't see my desktop at all00:56
PiciLimCore: let me think for a moment00:57
Tacotuesdayor my logon screen just wave and vauge shapes00:57
ShujahTacotuesday, :S thats troublesome don't you switch to terminal mode after a while00:57
unopLimCore, does a static setup work fine?00:57
galshawnasn9_, it did provide a lot of alternatives, but the first line read: No alternatives for firefox-3.0-javaplugin.so.00:57
LimCoreunop: I dont think this modem would allow it00:57
Piciunop: good thinking00:57
Tacotuesdayi have gone to terminal but that is where i get lost/ scared00:57
LimCoreunop: ISP's modem00:57
unopLimCore, errm, it ought to00:57
Kelvin_0There must be a way to use ethernet to output video to a TV if a video card is not available00:58
LimCoreso what, set by hand eth1 to  and.....?00:58
xTheGoat121xHoorah, I got it.00:58
epaepahey, how knows how to make chocolate cookies with ubuntu?00:58
unopLimCore, DHCP or not, what matters to the modem is that you have an IP address in the right network00:58
unopLimCore, yes00:58
Chaotic_Descent_Shujah: I can't find NAT. what else is it called?00:58
LimCorewhats the command?  ifconfig eth1 static ...... up  .... ?00:58
ShujahTacotuesday, go to terminal and type startx           > see if any error ,essages are given00:58
galshawnasn9_, earlier you mentioned openjdk. What is the exact package name for it?00:58
unopLimCore, i'm not sure at the top of my head -- i always use the manpage00:58
Tacotuesdayk hold00:58
Chaotic_Descent_Shujah: I had found a section called "Port Range Forward"00:59
ShujahChaotic_Descent, it should be in advance setting > nat00:59
sn9_galshawna: something. "dpkg -l '*openjdk*'" to find it00:59
ShujahChaotic_Descent, google your router name and model no a manual must be online somewhere these details will be given there00:59
ishmandooHey, I am having a little trouble with ubuntu. Can someone here help me? Am I in the right place00:59
Chaotic_Descent_Shujah: I have an advanced routing section.00:59
Ursinhaishmandoo, what's happening?00:59
sn9_galshawna: actually, "dpkg -l '*openjdk*'|cat"00:59
Tacotuesdayokay should i go into revoery mode, or how do i get to terminal?01:00
unopsn9_, redundant use of cat :)01:00
sn9_unop: no, it's necessary01:00
ShujahChaotic_Descent, Yup now make a new entry for port no 52100  (or any number thats just example)01:00
unopsn9_, for what reason?01:00
sn9_unop: because with a pipe, stdout is not a tty01:00
ishmandooI have two cd drives that dont seem to work. I see them in "computer" but when I try to look at the files on one it says that it cant mount the drive01:00
ShujahTacotuesday, like you went before though if GUI wont start you will automatically shift to terminal01:01
Nubbiehi everybody, i'm having trouble getting my webcam to work. i have a creative live! cam notebook pro. I installed and loaded the kernel modules needed, yet it isn't working.01:01
galshawnasn9_, it appears I already have openjdk installed.01:01
sn9_galshawna: that's what i said01:01
Tacotuesdayin teminal01:01
unopsn9_, errm,  and is he not on an interactive shell?01:01
sn9_galshawna: it's now using that instead of the sun java01:01
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reviversn9_, OK so this is my xorg.conf file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26333/ and according to http://www.x.org/archive/X11R6.8.0/doc/xorg.conf.5.html the resolution is handled in a display subsection which isn't already added in my xorg.conf... do I need to add that subsection, if so, in a certain place or am I missing something?01:01
sn9_unop: he is, so cat is needed to fake it out01:01
ShujahChaotic_Descent_, you'll see something like external port start, external port end, internal port start!01:02
Chaotic_Descent_Shujah: in which field? I have nothing that's only a port number. they're all fields. except for "route name" and "interface"01:02
ShujahTacotuesday, type startx01:02
KlrSpzhey guys, i have my HTPC hooked up to my receiver (AVR), but when i turn it on w/o my AVR being on, the video card doesn't enable... I've been able to kill X and it detects it as it reactivates nvidia's driver, but I have to then log in (I have auto-login enabled)... how would i possibly get it to do this without requiring a new login.. i don't mind killing GDM/X, but don't want to have to log in ever01:02
sn9_reviver: yes, you need to add it01:02
unopsn9_, that really is silly then -- but anyway, it does the same thing01:02
ishmandooanyone have any ideas about my cd problem?01:02
sn9_reviver: you also need to turn off edid, ddc, and randr01:02
Dewente3Can i use a server with wireless ?01:02
sn9_unop: no, it doesn't -- try it01:02
unopsn9_, i use that command all the time01:03
sn9_unop: try it both ways and see the diff01:03
reviversn9_, sorry, what are those and how do I turn them off?01:03
unopsn9_, and i don't usually need to put the globs in single-quotes either01:03
Tacotuesdayfatal servererror serv already cative for display 001:03
sn9_reviver: they are xorg.conf options01:03
ShujahChaotic_Descent_, dude NAT will be near Adavanced setting > WAN, LAN,01:03
sn9_unop: if you are in a dir where the globs match, you do01:04
Chaotic_Descent_Shujah: I think you're wanting me to go into the "Port Range Forward" section... that has things like application, start, end, protocol, IP address.01:04
scifiguy951what is a good program if i want to rename ALOT of files?01:04
Dewente3can i use wireless with my server ?01:04
galshawnasn9_, no, I meant that I already have it installed. I remember that you told me it is using it. But whatever it uses now isn't working because I can't use java-based applications online.01:04
ShujahChaotic_Descent_, yes01:04
Chaotic_Descent_that was the first one I told you about, but you told me to look for NAT instead.01:04
ShujahChaotic_Descent_, can you add a new rule in that01:04
rvtcadminHi, I'm a noob.  i am using a colleague's computer that is running xfce (xubuntu).  I want to switch back to gnome, however, when log out and try to change the session to gnome it says gnome is not installed.  how do i check for sure?  where would i look in the file system?01:04
unopsn9_, which is why i said -- i _usually_ don't .. and i see no difference when piping to cat01:04
chriswrcan anyone help me with installing a new cursor that i got from gnome-look.org?01:04
sn9_galshawna: of course it's installed; how could it be using it if it weren't installed?01:05
Nubbiervtcadmin: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop01:05
Wannabervtcadmin, do you got gnome installeD?01:05
unopscifiguy951, rename01:05
Wannabervtcadmin, do want nubbie said01:05
Shujahchriswr, drag the zip file to appearance window it'll will auto install01:05
fiXXXerMe1I want to format my drive and reinstall linux but I don't want to lose all of my data (like programs, settings, etc).  Should I just back up my /home/user folder?01:05
Dewente3can i use wireless with a server01:05
sn9_unop: shrink your terminal window to normal size and try again01:05
galshawnasn9_, okay. I thought what you meant was that I needed to install it. Sorry for my misinterpretation.01:05
chriswrshujah: ok , thnx again01:05
PenopticonCoolFox: Then log out and use the session manager to log into KDE 3.5.01:05
rvtcadminwannabe, i don't want to install it if it's already installed, though01:05
rvtcadminhow do i tell for sure it's not around somewhere?01:05
Shujahchriswr,  np01:05
unopsn9_, and what should i expect to see ? the same as before ?01:05
Dewente3thank for answered me ..01:06
sn9_unop: nope01:06
simNIXfiXXXerMe1: I would also do at least /etc and /usr/local/etc01:06
Wannabervtcadmin, it won't re-install it will only fix.01:06
unopsn9_, well, i do see the same thing01:06
fiXXXerMe1simNIX: Thanks01:06
sn9_unop: then you must have a very large screen and/or a very small font01:06
simNIXhandy to not have to find out agni how certain thing were configured01:06
rvtcadminwannabe and Nubbie, great!  thanks muchly, will try : )01:06
Dewente3Dewente3: ok01:06
Wannabervtcadmin, =]01:07
IdentifyTargethow do I change my grub wait time?01:07
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unopsn9_, not really -- 1024x1024, Kochi Gothic @ 9x1501:07
Dewente3how can i active root ?01:07
unop!root | Dewente3,01:07
ubottuDewente3,: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:07
tj83Identify edit /etc/boot/grub/menu.lst01:07
tj83IdentifyTarget,  edit /etc/boot/grub/menu.lst01:07
unopDewente3, use sudo instead01:07
ShujahIdentifyTarget, for simple gui install startup manager for a bit harder way gedit/nano grub file01:08
Dewente3yes.. to use sudo and which password ?01:08
DeadKennedy2880server restart?01:08
unopDewente3, your password01:08
IdentifyTargetchrist I'm IRC01:08
tj83wonder who the lucky ones are going down?01:08
IdentifyTargetI can use command line01:08
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:08
Dewente3mmmmmm is that secure form01:09
ubottuNOTICE - There is a lot of traffic in this channel at the moment. Please try to keep your sentences into a single message, avoid repeating the same question multiple times, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org for pasting, remember to mention the nickname of the person you're addressing, and join #ubuntu-offtopic for anything that is not Ubuntu support. Thank you for understanding!01:09
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unopDewente3, yes -- that is how sudo is setup on ubuntu01:09
Shujahwhat the heck happened !!!01:09
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:09
unopShujah, a netsplit01:09
KlrSpzhey guys, i have my HTPC hooked up to my receiver (AVR), but when i turn it on w/o my AVR being on, the video card doesn't enable... I've been able to kill X and it detects it as it reactivates nvidia's driver, but I have to then log in (I have auto-login enabled)... how would i possibly get it to do this without requiring a new login.. i don't mind killing GDM/X, but don't want to have to log in ever01:09
Chaotic_Descent_Shujah: so what do I do with this port forwarding stuff?01:09
Guest47766When I put a KFormula into KWord it shows up very small. When i try to resize the frame, The Frame size increases, but the Formula stays the same size. How do I resize this formula?01:09
DeadKennedy2880nice, ive never gotten a warning for a server restart before.01:09
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Dewente3only for that first user that i created when i installed the first time01:09
MrObviousWow that was fun.01:10
unopDewente3, no, it should work for any subsequent users you setup too in the same way - as long as they are in the admin group01:10
ShujahChaotic_Descent_, select on ip lets assume it is 51000 and add it into start external, end external, start internal, end internal and select server as your static ip01:10
Dewente3so u meant that the first user is in that group ?01:11
CoolFoxthat was INSANE01:11
unopDewente3, by default, and out of the box, yes01:11
tj83IdentifyTarget,  sudo gedit boot/grub/menu.lst  sorry and change " timeout10"01:11
Dewente3understood .. but what happen is I want to change that's first user password ?01:12
Chaotic_Descent_Shujah: I don't have internal and external. just start and end, protocol (TCP, UDP, or both) and IP address (192.168.1.*. can only change the last number)01:12
Frans-WillemFor some reason MythBuntu insists that the drive in SATA0 is sdb, SATA1 is sdc, and SATA2 is sda, even though grub does refer to them as hd0,hd1,hd2 :S01:12
theseusi just changed /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname but it doesn't reflect01:12
unoptj83, use gksudo instead of sudo with X applications01:12
Dewente3can i make a password change ?01:12
theseuswhen i type hostname, i still get 'none'01:12
unopDewente3, change your password?  sudo passwd01:12
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Dewente3normally... ok01:12
unop!hostname | theseus01:13
ubottutheseus: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at system>administration>networking on the "General" tab01:13
ShujahChaotic_Descent_, ok only change start and end put in an ip say 51000 in both start and end and select the ip address same as your static ip which I think was
Pici!noroot | ubottu Dewente301:13
rockyrockhi guys, i have question. Will the External USB Dialup modems work on Ubuntu???01:13
ubottuubottu Dewente3: We don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)01:13
s3aim running virtualbox-ose on a 64 bit system can i run 32 bit xp with it or do i need to be in 32 bit ubuntu to do that?01:13
Piciunop: that was to you actually.01:13
IdentifyTargetnasty split, I'm back01:13
Shujahtheseus, restart network for changes to take place01:13
IdentifyTargetwhat was the file I need to edit?01:13
unopPici, i never recommended unlocking or enabling root :)01:13
ftehwcan anyone throw me a pointer on how to add new keyboard shortcuts?01:13
tj83IdentifyTarget,  gksudo gedit boot/grub/menu.lst  sorry and change " timeout10"01:13
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Tacotuesdayokay so still lost here01:13
unopPici, you must have me confused for someone else01:13
s3aftehw: system-->preferences-->keyboard shortcuts01:14
Piciunop: You just suggested using sudo passwd01:14
rvtcadminnubbie, i'm afraid i thought i copied and pasted the command.. but, i didn't.  sudo apt -get ubuntu desktop?01:14
sn9_ftehw: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts01:14
theseusShujah: how do i do that? /etc/init.d/hostname.sh start01:14
unopPici, err, my bad ..  Dewente3 .. sudo passwd $USER01:14
raaviWhy the modules to load in xorg.conf are not written in ubuntu-8.04 xorg.conf01:14
galshawnaDoes anyone know about getting Java to work with Firefox 3.0 in Ubuntu 8.04?01:14
Shujahtheseus, sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart01:14
rockyrockWill the External USB Dialup modems work on Ubuntu???01:14
KlrSpzgalshawna: install ubufos01:14
Dewente3unop perfect01:14
KlrSpzgalshawna: install ubufox01:14
Dewente3is done...01:14
ftehws3a: sn9_ that provides a means to edit pre-defined actions.  what about making new actions?01:15
KlrSpzhey guys, i have my HTPC hooked up to my receiver (AVR), but when i turn it on w/o my AVR being on, the video card doesn't enable... I've been able to kill X and it detects it as it reactivates nvidia's driver, but I have to then log in (I have auto-login enabled)... how would i possibly get it to do this without requiring a new login.. i don't mind killing GDM/X, but don't want to have to log in ever01:15
galshawnaKlrSpz, alright. I'll give that a try.01:15
sn9_ftehw: like what?01:15
unopDewente3, i hope you didn't do sudo passwd   and did sudo passwd $USER instead01:15
Sergeant_Ponydang that was harsh01:15
galshawnaKlrSpz, I already have ubufox installed.01:15
theseusi am still root@none and hostname still returns 'none'01:15
Dewente3i did as01:15
s3arockyrock: if its a hard modem01:15
ftehwsn9_: ?  like an arbitrary action.  (alt-t -> `exec foo`)01:16
KlrSpzgalshawna: ok so then go to java.com and install, it should try to get it from aptitude01:16
s3aftehw: im not sure sry :(01:16
s3aftehw: ill google quickly for u01:16
Dewente3sudo passwd user01:16
rockyrocks3a, what do u mean by a hard modem??01:16
unopDewente3, cool01:16
galshawnaKlrSpz, alright. I'll be back if it fails to work.01:16
=== GPT7 is now known as GPT
Shujahrockyrock, hard modem = not a winmodem :D01:16
Cyndre__anyone know of a site you can upload xrays to so others can look and give you there opinion?01:16
rvtcadminugg, i feel silly.  i just asked this question but didn't copy the command properly.  friend's laptop is running xubuntu, can't log into gnome (says it01:16
theseusShujah: i think i need to reboot to have the hostname changed . . .01:16
rockyrockShujah, how can i know that it's not a winmodem??01:16
s3arockyrock: one that doesnt need drivers to work, im not exactly a pro on them but us robotics external modems should work and if its usb i think thats a bad sign but ur best best would be a program called ndiswrapper (which i havent used) but u should ask about that01:17
rvtcadmins not installed), need to get it?01:17
Dewente3hey many thank unop... i appreciated .. i recently installed ubuntu server01:17
rvtcadminbut how01:17
Shujahthesues: can't say for sure01:17
Dewente3one more question01:17
=== Cyndre__ is now known as Cyndre
ftehws3a: another exmaple is "move window to workspace 3".  'keyboard-shortcuts' only defines shortcuts for workspace 1 and 2.01:17
Dewente3how about wireless and ubuntu server ?01:17
unopDewente3, how about them?01:17
akuma55is there a way to down load to a location of chose on ubuntu server?01:17
Shujahrockyrock, google "your modem model no + linux" you'll get a fair idea01:17
bloodrockrvtcadmin, sudo apt-get ubuntu-desktop01:18
rockyrocks3a, my friend boguht us robotics USB modem and it costs him 70$ and it didn't work on ubuntu!01:18
Dewente3can i setup wireless01:18
LaroseWhere are lock files located ?01:18
Shujahrvtcadmin, you can't figure out if gnome is installed or you think you uninstalled it?01:18
bloodrockrvtcadmin, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop01:18
unopDewente3, sure -- but servers aren't really meant to be accessed wirelessly01:19
unopDewente3, tho, there is no stopping you from doing that01:19
s3arockyrock: lol i bought one too and it didn't work (back when i had dialup) but heres a good way to help u, if u get a hsf winmodem i can give u a driver which will make it work01:19
rockyrockShujah, i don't have one, that why i'm asking! I have a PCI modem that doesn't work on Ubuntu so i need such a modem that work on it but i didn't find anything in the internet. I have only Dialup internet available now!01:19
Dewente3unop great ..01:19
s3arockyrock: on 32 bit or 64 bit01:19
=== gardar`afk is now known as gardar
onthefence921what do i type to append a command to another command?01:20
rockyrocks3a, what do u mean by hsf?01:20
rvtcadminShujah and bloodrock, well, I can't figure out if it's installed.  but i was advised earlier to just use the command bloodrock suggested and told that would fix it01:20
rockyrocks3a, is it a brand\?01:20
galshawnaKlrSpz, I saved the .bin file to my /home folder. I forget how to install .bin files? Is there a way I'm supposed to do it using ubufox? Or are the two installations just supposed to work together when both installed?01:20
Shujahrockyrock, google for "wvdial + your pci modem" most pci modem work via wvdial though its a headache to properly configure it01:20
s3arockyrock: do u have a pci winmodem?01:20
plikonthefence921:  &&  will run the second command if the first exits successfully01:20
s3arockyrock: no its not a brand01:21
onthefence921i have "banshee --play-enqueued --enqueue %U" and i want to add a command to that line (to mount a partition)01:21
rockyrocks3a, yes i do01:21
s3arockyrock: ok do u have msn messenger?01:21
Dewente3can u recommend me a good book of administration ?01:21
rockyrocks3a, yes01:21
s3arockyrock: or do u want me to give u a link here?01:21
KlrSpzgalshawna: to install a bin file, just make it executable (chmod +x ./filename) then run it (sh filename.bin)01:21
Shujahrvtcadmin, open file manager go to userhome see if a directory named .gnome2 is present if its there gnome is installed/ or was installed01:21
Steven_HendryHey guys my cdrom displays audio cd's as blank cd's. Any ideas?01:21
Chaotic_Descent_Shujah: ok, I read up on P2P port forwarding. Thanks.01:21
rockyrocks3a, look i'll back after 5 mints, plzzzz wait me, oky?01:21
onthefence921plik: i have "banshee --play-enqueued --enqueue %U" and i want to add a command to that line (to mount a partition)01:22
s3arockyrock: ok but if i dont answer i might be in bathroom or something cuz i drank alot of orange juice01:22
s3arockyrock: lol01:22
rockyrocks3a, acutally i'm going to the bathroom!!!! lool01:22
ShujahChaotic_Descent_, np         from terminal >    sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces01:22
s3arockyrock: lol, k, i wont leave but i dont guarantee my idea will work for u either but we can try01:22
Dewente3upon: thank you01:23
KlrSpzhey guys, i have my HTPC hooked up to my receiver (AVR), but when i turn it on w/o my AVR being on, the video card doesn't enable... I've been able to kill X and it detects it as it reactivates nvidia's driver, but I have to then log in (I have auto-login enabled)... how would i possibly get it to do this without requiring a new login.. i don't mind killing GDM/X, but don't want to have to log in ever01:23
CodddErin scite how i can ALWAYS view the line numbers ?01:23
sn9_anybody know how i can find out the status of an SRU?01:23
plikonthefence921: id mount first, so mount /dev/lah /mnt &&  banshee --whatever01:23
KlrSpzi am trying to restart GDM, but it won't start it once it logs me out (aka, kills X)01:23
rvtcadminShujah, I don't see usr/home.  under my username's home directory there is no gnome2.  sorry i don't understand the gnome file system very well yet01:23
plikI think you can use  banshee --whatever :   (or psossibly ;) mount but you'd have to test to see01:24
Shujahrvtcadmin, you will have to enable hidden files it's ctrl+h in nautilus01:24
rvtcadminShujah, I already did sudo apt -get install ubuntu-desktop.  will this hurt anything if it was already installed?01:24
Shujahrvtcadmin, I don't think it'll hurt01:24
ftehws3a: i found it.  you can get a full interface to metacity's window management actions via gconf-editor (so that move 'window to workspace X' can be mapped)01:24
galshawnaKlrSpz, I executed the .bin file and installed. According to the terminal, after I typed yes to agree to the terms, everything was installed fine. However, when I opened firefox and attempted to open pool at games.yahoo.com, it still reported the missing java plugin.01:25
ftehws3a: thanks for ur help anyhoo.01:25
Sergeant_Ponyanyone know how I can stop my laptop's hd from spinning down when it's idle?01:25
rvtcadminShujah, ok, phew :)  they are enabled, but i see no usr/home01:25
spoontasticgalshawna, you downloaded the .bin version of FF?01:25
KlrSpzgalshawna: odd, i'm not sure... it all worked flawless for me?01:25
spoontasticwhy not just grab it from the repo?01:25
s3aftehw: sry lol and so i no sudo gedit gconf-editor?01:26
galshawnaspoontastic, I'm using the standard ubuntu 8.04 installation of FF3.01:26
KlrSpzgalshawna: you could always try wiping out your firefox config (~/.mozilla) and start over from scratch... backup your bookmarks if you do01:26
Shujahrvtcadmin, Then I don't think gnome was installed01:26
galshawnaspoontastic, I'm just trying to get it to work with java01:26
s3aftehw: o no, i dont no wat to do :(01:26
Shujahgalshawna, from terminal > sudo update-alternatives --config java             <select sun java.01:27
pliks3a: sudo only works on commandline, so it wont work with gedit01:27
bloodrockrvtcadmin, check at the login screen under options>sessions see if gnome is listed01:27
Shujahgalshawna, from terminal > sudo update-alternatives --config xulrunner-1.9-javaplugin.so  <<select sun java01:27
Shujahgalshawna, from terminal > provided you nstalled sun java01:27
EagleScreenyou can run sudo gedit01:27
gregbradyplik, why can't you sudo gedit file?01:27
galshawnaShujah, I think I've done that before, but I'll give it a second chance.01:27
spoontasticgalshawna, have you tried the JRE package?01:28
galshawnaspoontastic, yes.01:28
gregbradyplik, works fine here.01:28
bloodrockEagleScreen, correct command is gksudo gedit01:28
sn9_bloodrock: no, it's gksu gedit01:28
EagleScreenand what is the matter with sudo gedit?01:28
gregbradysudo gedit works fine01:29
plikoh, ok my mistake - gksudo is the proper command for sudoing gui appsgui a01:29
ShujahEagleScreen, nothing but for GUI mostly gksu is used. a Better habbit :P01:29
sn9_plik: no, gksu is01:29
plikthought you might have probs01:29
ftehws3a: do: gconf-editor then browse apps>>metacity>>[whatever you want]01:29
galshawnaIs this a common problem with people upgrading to Ubuntu 8.04 and FF3?01:29
plikok so my point remains, theres a difference command to sudo for you gui kids01:29
ftehwedit the command key (right click is easiest) and enter it in manually.01:29
rvtcadminbloodrock, it was listed, but when i tried to switch to it it said it was not installed01:29
rvtcadminbloodrock, is installing presently01:30
spoontasticgalshawna, usually flash is the problem with FF, not Java01:30
gregbradyplik, sudo command works just fine.01:30
=== sgallinger is now known as fukkass
rockyrocks3a, are u here?? I'm back :D01:30
EagleScreeni have bought a Dgital TV Tunner, in the bag says it is GNU/Linux compatible, with the Tux penguin01:30
plikgregbrady: I heard you the first time, thanks01:30
sn9_EagleScreen: is it from hauppauge?01:30
EagleScreeni cannot compile the provided driver01:30
Shujahgalshawna, I'm afraid so - check out this website > http://www.futuredesktop.com/set_default_java_vm.html01:30
galshawnaspoontastic, yes, and I've had enough experience getting around flash problems that I'm usually all set with that. Except I still can't get youtube to run smoothly in fullscreen (the refresh rate sucks.01:30
s3arockyrock: ya im here01:30
=== hoarycri3ple is now known as hoarycripple
s3arockyrock: ok so u have 32 bit?01:30
gregbradyplik, ok, np01:30
rockyrocks3a, can i pm you?01:31
galshawnaShujah, thank you.01:31
bloodrockrvtcadmin, k try sudo apt-get install gnome2.22.2 least i think thats correct01:31
s3arockyrock: in forums?01:31
sn9_EagleScreen: never use vendor-provided drivers; they are always crap01:31
Kcajcompiz fusion crapped out01:31
spoontasticgalshawna, have you tried the OpenJDK package, openjdk-6-jre?01:31
KcajI can't even barely use Ubuntu any more01:31
KcajIt keeps making me log back in if I try to change bindings01:31
rvtcadminbloodrock, for better or for worse i already tried sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop01:31
Kcajand wont rotate my screen or anything any more01:31
EagleScreensn9_ then what must I do?01:32
m1r!enter > kcaj01:32
ubottukcaj, please see my private message01:32
Shujahrvtcadmin, a better way would be to go to synaptic and unistall gnome if its there then reinstall it, but it will wipe out the diff configs01:32
sn9_EagleScreen: who is the mfr? hauppauge? or avermedia?01:32
galshawnaspoontastic, yes.01:32
slavikhow do I get sound input to be echoed to the speakers? (there is no hardware mixing on my sound card which is a cmi8788)01:32
GuiriIs the package maintainer for apache2 around? Essentially, for some reason the system is overriding the rewrite rules as described http://rewrite.drbacchus.com/rewritewiki/SSL and still allowing http: access to the site, although it is accessible via https:01:32
bloodrockrvtcadmin, was being used for desktop envi01:32
KcajWell anyway, I'm being serious here. I can't close or minimze windows or anything any more. All  ever did was install and start to use Compiz fusion and emerald from synaptic01:32
sn9_EagleScreen: and what is the name of their driver?01:32
galshawnaspoontastic, Shujah just gave me a website whose instructions I'm going to follow for now and see if it helps. If that website doesn't end up solving my problem, then I'll be back.01:32
rvtcadminShujah, thanks, i'll remember for next time.01:33
rvtcadminbloodrock, xfce/xubuntu was being used01:33
KcajIt worked fine for a while., but these days, I have to start in safe mode, then go to normal, and even tyrying to use compiz fusion requires me to keep loging back in (throws me out0 and then never even works right.01:33
gregbradyKcaj, do your windows have borders?01:33
bloodrockrvtcadmin,  oh01:33
KcajNo, I mean I can File, Edit, etc. but no close, minimize and maximize and such.01:33
bloodrockrvtcadmin,  was gnome ever on it01:33
gregbradyKcaj, do you see the X for close button?01:33
Cyndreanyone want to see my hand x-rays?01:33
sn9_EagleScreen: and what is the name of their driver?01:34
EagleScreenwww.t-visto.com, it uses driver dvb-af901x or dvb-usb-af901x, i mean kernel modules01:34
root0to whom i have to address about a strange update? there is libdns32 and now after update there is another package _identical_ but with name libdns35. after this update libdns32 apears like an orphaned package. what shal i do? remove the libdns32 package or not? is libdns35 the same package as libdns32, or not?01:34
rvtcadminbloodrock, apparently, i found gnome files under /share01:34
Kcajgregbrady: You seem to be on to something, I mean I already noticed I had no close option or anything, it s VERY annoying, I can';t even move my windows around./01:34
sn9_EagleScreen: you may want to use the pkgs prepared by martin pitt last month01:34
rvtcadminbloodrock, though maybe those could just be old preference files?01:34
gregbradyKcaj, I have the same problem on my pclos machine.01:34
KcajThis problem, has esentially almost completely disabled my OS and made it impossible to use... starting up is a major chore and requires I always go through safe mode first, and repair packages and x server, etc.01:35
bloodrockrvtcadmin, they do use some gnome stuff on xubuntu01:35
gregbradyKcaj, I have to start the Compiz button every time I boot01:35
sn9_EagleScreen: they will probably work for you01:35
EagleScreensn9_ where can i find them?01:35
rvtcadminbloodrock, ah, i see.01:35
Kcajgregbrady: Same her, but now, when I start it, I can't even use it, if I try to, it makes me log out, and back in and just completely screws me.01:35
sn9_EagleScreen: search01:35
spoontasticKcaj, have you tried...uninstalling compiz01:35
EagleScreenokay, i will search in the garden :D01:36
KcajAny ideas? I have an amazing video card, there is no reason this should be going on, seriously. Really kind of annoying. I want to use Ubuntu bad, but this, and no support for m ywireless card are going to make me forced to switch back to Windows :(01:36
KcajShould I really do that? Uninstall and reinstall>?01:36
bloodrockrv so right now it stil telling ya gnome not installed01:36
ozzloyhow do i set up my server to send email?  for instance with a bugzilla install?01:36
ShujahKcaj,  > your graphic card is not recognized or simply compiz is misbehaving?01:36
sn9_Kcaj: which wifi?01:36
KEALw00t free Hannah Montana 3-D glasses at WALMART!01:36
KcajCompiz is misbehaving bad.01:36
KcajSome Broadcom, Dell Dual Buand 1490 WLAN minicard01:37
KcajI read like 100 tutorials online to make it work, none worked, they all just screwed it up worse I think.01:37
ShujahKcaj, have you tweaked compiz-setting through advance desktop effects?01:37
KcajShujah: I think it is compiz, I had absolutely no problems before compz, and compiz worked great actually until I did a reboot.01:37
sn9_Kcaj: that is supported -- just install the b43-fwcutter pkg01:37
pradacan someone tell me if Ubuntu has a chat client the supports voip01:37
KcajOh, yes, yes, yes I have, but now, I cant even do that. Trying to use compiz, makes me log back in.01:37
KcajOkay, I might have to ask you about that again01:38
ticktickhow do I resolve package dependancies01:38
KcajBecause I have to close IRC to open anything else, due to my current problem01:38
KcajI'm going to close this nor, and remove compiz, and then reinstall, I'll let you guys know how it went.01:38
plikprada: ekiga01:38
rvtcadminbloodrock, i don't know, I can't use synaptic now because apt-get is installing ubuntu desktop01:38
ticktickhow do I resolve package dependancies with virtualbox??01:38
tj83Kcaj, i think re-installing and coming back here to resolve"out-of-box" issues is amongst the best ideas.01:38
ShujahKcaj: using emerald manager with compiz?01:39
sn9_ticktick: ose or from virtualbox.org?01:39
bloodrockrvtcadmin, oh ok then it prob installing gnome01:39
gis i lost my souces.list (a my mistake .. i deleted it )01:39
gis tring to find a solution, i tried to use a sorces.list from an other ubuntu ..01:39
rvtcadminbloodrock, yeah, i'll just wait and see what happens01:39
gis. but unluky maybe it is wrong for these machine01:40
Shujahrvtcadmin, :D worse case scenario in installs a newer version on top of an old one.01:40
gisthese the sources.list i'm using,   uname -r give me : 2.6.22-14-server  i don't .. but seems to be a 7.10 version01:40
Shujahjust kiddin :P01:40
ticktickSN9 dont understand01:40
sn9_ticktick: the virtualbox-ose pkg, or the one from the website?01:40
eekhey all silly question whats the latest distro for ubuntu?01:41
ticktick<sn9_> downloaded VB from the virtualbox website and when installing it says unresolved depenancies01:42
sn9_eek: latest release is hardy heron 8.04.1, and 8.10 intrepid ibex is in alpha now01:42
Shujaheek: ubuntu 8.04 stable, 8.10 unstable01:42
rvtcadminShujah, yeah. but, uh.. how do I figure out if it did that ;)  synaptic?01:42
eekok thanks01:42
ticktick<sn9_> libssl0.9.801:42
Shujahrvtcadmin, it wont :D it'll update the gnome if that was the case01:42
sn9_ticktick: installing from a download is a 3-step process:01:43
con-manstupid floodbot01:43
sn9_1) install linux-headers-generic01:43
sn9_2) install the downloaded pkg01:43
sn9_3) "sudo apt-get -f install" on a line by itself01:44
pradaplik will i be able to make free phone calls from my computer01:44
Shujah< listening to 'Its a wonderful life' by black on songbird01:44
galshawnaShujah, thank you so much for that website. It worked. I realize my problem wasn't lack of installation components, but I just didn't have the right configuration, given sun java was running one thing and another java program was running something else. Thanks a lot.01:44
eekany buddy got the quick link to the 8.04 distro download?01:44
Shujahgalshawna, I thought so :D glad you worked it out01:44
sn9_eek: it's easy to find on the ubuntu.com website01:44
rvtcadminShujah, hooray! linux is smart01:45
Shujahgalshawna, you werent configuring the xulrunner same happened to me01:45
ticktickok nothing installed, this install of hardy was completed 1 hour ago01:45
Shujahrvtcadmin, only as smart as the admin I,m afraid :P01:45
tickticksn9 install: missing destination file operand after `linux-headers-generic'01:46
sn9_ticktick: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic01:46
jinany one knows how to place the minimize,close, maximize buttons to the right in emerald?01:46
spoontasticeek: ubuntu.com01:46
sn9_ticktick: then, sudo dpkg -i somefile.deb01:47
eekthanks all got it already :D01:47
CirclesCenterIf anyone remotely knowledgable could help, I'm a bit of a nooblet having minor issues (that I can't figure out) Please PM me.01:47
CirclesCenterInstall stuff01:47
Shujahjin: they already are at right unless you are using a specific theme or changed it yourself.01:47
ticktick<sn9_>ok already newest version 0 done 0 etc01:47
simNIXwhy not ask your question here ?01:47
sn9_CirclesCenter: how minor?01:47
spoontastic!anyone | CirclesCenter01:47
ubottuCirclesCenter: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:47
gregbradyCirclesCenter, with what?01:47
con-manCirclesCenter: ask your question here so everyone can learn01:48
jinShujah, it is theme specific01:48
galshawnaShujah, just wondering if you also happen to know about problems getting Wine Gecko to install properly.01:48
Killer--Tuxwhat's u all01:48
CirclesCenterK didn't want to be a pain, but ubuntu does not see my HDD at all01:48
Shujahjin: edit the theme and change the location01:48
eekwhy do they still offer other downloads of old distros??01:48
CirclesCenterXP is living happily on it01:48
con-manCirclesCenter: raid drive?01:48
galshawnaInstalling gecko is my last real pain-in-the-*** problem.01:48
jinShujah, how do you edit an emerald theme?01:48
Shujahgalshawna, sorry don't know much about that01:48
CirclesCenterSingle drive, sata II wd 25001:48
sn9_spoontastic: can anybody tell me how i might find out the status of an SRU? ;)01:49
ticktickeek - why do they print old books?01:49
spoontasticnot sure what an SRU is, sorry01:49
fiyawerxhey guys, not sure how new this is, but "wtf" about best-buy SELLING ubuntu haha01:49
bloodrockCirclesCenter, what drive is ubuntu on01:49
spoontasticfiyawerx, pretty awesome, eh?01:49
CirclesCenterIt isn't on, I'm trying to shoehorn it in.01:49
Shujahjin: menu > system > preferences > emerald theme manager      <open the theme manager backup the theme and then manually configure the different aspects01:49
ticktick<sn9_>ok already newest version 0 done 0 etc01:49
CirclesCenterIt however does not want to go01:49
eekold books still have good ideas and linux isnt windows  I wont go back to feist from gibbon will I ticktick?01:49
sn9_spoontastic: Stable Release Update -- it's the question i came in here with several hours ago01:49
fiyawerxspoontastic: for 20$ when you can order it / dl it for free?01:49
galshawnaDoes anyone know how I can get Wine Gecko installed properly? While installing WoW every single time an installer, or even just the launcher, that uses HTML opened, a pop-up saying that Wine needs to install Gecko would come up where I could push install, but it wouldn't do anything.01:50
fiyawerxhope that was ssarcastic heh01:50
rvtcadminShujah, ... hmm, then i'm in trouble01:50
jinShujah, I am there but can't any way to put them to the right01:50
jm2ki have Hardy with kernel, would it be smart to update to new kernel or not?01:50
jinShujah, found it :-)01:51
spoontasticfiyawerx, how does a person know to download it for free if they don't know much about alternative operating systems? It's free advertising in one of the biggest chain retailers in the country, which is a triumph for open source01:51
sn9_jm2k: use 2.6.24-19-generic01:51
sn9_ticktick: you did all 3 steps?01:51
z662does anyone know how i can restrict a user from accessing the document root directory?01:51
jm2ksn9_: best way to upgrade to 2.6.24-19?01:52
galshawnaAnyone here know about Gecko, which allows launchers and other non-web browser applications to display HTML? And how to install it?01:52
ticktick<sn9_>ok already newest version 0 done 0 etc no changes made01:52
sn9_z662: by changing permissions01:52
bloodrockCirclesCenter, by shoehorn you mean automaticaly resize to add ubuntu?01:52
Shujahjin: in title bar layout change title to thsi > (2)C(3)N(2)X::T(2)S <<<but backup the theme before hand01:52
sn9_jm2k: should simply ask to do it for you01:52
z662sn9_, but then apache wont serve them....unless i did it wrong01:52
galshawnaIs there a wine channel?01:53
bob3213243what is a keyring01:53
sn9_z662: oh, you mean a web user...01:53
CirclesCenterOk maybe I'm explaining this wrong. When it asks where to install Ubuntu it gives me no options on where to put it.01:53
slavikgalshawna: #winehq01:53
Shujahgalshawna, try playonlinux <-- go to their sitew01:53
bloodrockCirclesCenter, you useing the livecd right now01:53
galshawnaShujah, I'll check that out.01:53
sn9_CirclesCenter: are you using the ubuntu windows installer, or did you boot the cd?01:54
z662sn9_, i have a user that i gave ssh perms to, but i have htaccess files in my document root i dont want the user to be able to access, however i would still like to be able to sign into apache via http to access them01:54
CirclesCenterNo I'm in XP, but I can be in a minute if need be.01:54
Shujahrvtcadmin, worry not dude you already know more about Ubuntu then most :D01:54
sn9_z662: sounds like your groups are screwed up01:54
CirclesCenterI was booting the Live Cd sorry for the bad answer01:54
slavikhow do I get sound input to be echoed to the speakers? (there is no hardware mixing on my sound card which is a cmi8788)01:54
=== gardar is now known as gardar`afk
sn9_CirclesCenter: the livecd does ask at some point01:55
z662sn9_, what group ownership should document root be then? i dont have an apache group according to 'groups'01:55
Shujahrvtcadmin, one thing you ought to be careful about is root01:55
sn9_z662: maybe you should make one01:55
sn9_z662: www-data01:55
CirclesCentersn_9, yeah when it asks where to put it the list is completely blank.01:55
rvtcadminShujah, yes?  you mean where you run the scary delete every thing command?01:56
sn9_CirclesCenter: oh. do you have an older sata controller?01:56
z662sn9_,  so make a group of www-data, then use chown www-data /var/www and everything should work fine with apache?01:56
ticktick<sn9_> thanks, problem not solved yet but i have to go to bed now - very tired. i'll try in the morning. thank you for having a go.01:56
galshawnaIf anyone here has used wine, cedega, and crossover, which do you think works best?01:56
sn9_z662: chgrp, but yes01:56
z662thanks sn9_01:56
=== gardar`afk is now known as gardar
sn9_galshawna: crossover, wine, cedega, in that order01:57
Shujahrvtcadmin, when ever your do any actions as a root it *might* change some settings such as ownership of files/directories/devices which then wont be accessible by non-root users and ofcourse wrong commands acn cripple the system,01:57
bloodrocksn9_, think he said his drive was a sata II01:57
galshawnasn9_, what advantages does crossover have to wine?01:57
sn9_bloodrock: i asked about the controller, not the drive01:57
Shujahrvtcadmin, so until and unless you do something wrong as a root, you are safe :d01:58
sn9_galshawna: more recent updates&fixes, priority support01:58
galshawnaDo programs run better under crossfire than in wine? Like would I be better off trying to get WoW to work in crossover than in wine?01:58
CirclesCentersn_9 I don't think it's too old. This is what it says about the deal: ATI SB600 South Bridge: 4x SATA II RAID01:59
sn9_galshawna: WoW works fine under wine01:59
dsmith_ubuntu on sale at bestbuy now01:59
Cyndregalshawna: have you added the wine repositorys?01:59
sn9_CirclesCenter: put it in AHCI mode01:59
galshawnasn9_, It actually is working alright for me. Only that when I close wine my resolution is all screwed up until I restart.01:59
rvtcadminShujah, every time I do something as sudo, i'm doing it as root?01:59
galshawnaCyndre, yes I have the wine repo.01:59
Shujahrvtcadmin,  yup01:59
CirclesCentersn9_, not to be a moron, but that's in the BIOS right?01:59
bob3213243what is a keyring02:00
sn9_CirclesCenter: yes, and make sure you're installing 8.04.1, not some earlier version02:00
galshawnasn9_, I meant WoW. when I close WoW after playing it my resolution is bad.02:00
Cyndregalshawna: Thought I would check - from what I have heard WoW works fine in wine, but I dont have any experience playing it02:00
Shujahbut using sudo for synaptic is ok - using root account e,g, sudo nautlilus is a bit risky unless you are sure what you are doing02:01
galshawnaCyndre, I haven't really had a hard time with wine. It works fine for me, I was just kind of curious what might be better than wine. The only thing I really don't like is how WoW messes up my screen resolution.02:01
CirclesCentersn9_, rodger that, thank you very much, this is my second go round with linux and before asking a question was like asking to be shot, now however it is much much nicer and you get answers instead of made fun of.02:01
notWebHello, I need some help setting up a palm pilot on Hardy Heron.02:02
sn9_notWeb: you need to unblacklist the visor module02:03
Drk_Guy!palm | notWeb02:03
ubottunotWeb: A good guide for setting up Palm devices is at http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-HOWTO/PalmOS-HOWTO.html#PC-CONNECT-USB02:03
notWebsn9, can we go off to a separate room to talk about this?   Too much traffic here.02:03
rockyrocks3a, are u here?02:03
pdg1what exactly does compiling do?02:03
s3arockyrock: ya02:03
sn9_notWeb: as it should be02:04
rockyrocks3a, the stup still waiting for an answer for this in the Terminal: Where is the linux source build directory that matches your running kernel?02:05
notWebubottu: I've started reading the guide in Evolution, but it asks me to go to GNOME System > Settings, and I can't find that.  :(02:05
ubottunotWeb: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:05
rockyrocks3a, i didn't know what should i do!02:05
sn9_notWeb: it's at the top of the screen02:05
s3arockyrock: how do u do the pm thing?02:05
notWebYeah, System at top of screen, but then where's Settings?02:06
sn9_notWeb: Preferences02:06
Drk_Guys3a, /query <someone>02:06
pdg1I'm trying to get gXiso...02:06
pdg1 I think i've got the source02:06
Drk_Guypdgl, is it on the repos?02:06
pdg1pretty sure it isn't02:06
notWebsn9: I'm trying to get to Pilot Link.  There's no Pilot Link under Preferences.02:06
Drk_Guyapt-cache search gXiso | pdgl02:06
Drk_GuyJust to make sure pdgl02:07
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
sn9_notWeb: PalmOS Devices02:07
Drk_GuyThat won't need sudo02:07
notWebsn9: Damn!  You're right.  How could I have missed that?02:07
s3avirtualbox-ose tells me sumtin bout kernel wat do i do (i added myself to vboxusers)02:07
Drk_GuyXD notWeb02:07
notWebPls don't leave.  I'm going to run that...02:07
Drk_Guy!virtualbox | s3a02:08
ubottus3a: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox02:08
sn9_s3a: yes, add yourself to that group02:08
bob3213243what is a keyring02:08
sn9_!repositories | bob321324302:08
ubottubob3213243: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories02:08
=== CFDPipeman is now known as pipeman
slavik!keyring | bob321324302:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about keyring02:08
s3asn9_: i alredy did that02:09
sn9_s3a: log out and back in02:09
slavikbob3213243: keyring is a single place to store your password to various resources02:09
=== mija is now known as mija_away
Drk_Guybob3213243, the keyring keeps keys on a safe02:09
notWebsn9: should I say I've used sync software with this PDA before, or not?  I have, but not on this computer...02:09
=== genii is now known as Despot
=== Despot is now known as genii
Dillizaraaaa how to install mozilla 302:10
sn9_notWeb: it's a bad idea to sync palm devices with more than one computer at a time02:10
Erick|LaptopWhen i try to start Compiz-Fusion by typing "compiz02:11
notWebsn9: agreed.  But I'm transferring this one from a Win98 system, to Ubuntu...  For my mother, FWIW.  :)02:11
SpudDoggDoes anyone know how to set Apache to only allow 1 connection per IP?02:11
Erick|LaptopWhen i try to start Compiz-Fusion by typing "compiz" in terminal, i get the error02:11
notWebsn9: actually, I'm past that dialog.02:11
notWebDecided it was a yes.  Otherwise it was h\going to initialize a new PDA ID...02:12
geniiErick|Laptop: ALT-F2  compiz --replace02:12
Erick|Laptopgenii, its telling me it cannot find Xgl and there is no whitelisted driver found02:13
nickr-how do i get out of fstab? :o02:13
Erick|Laptopand, i dont know how to use my keyboard ;)02:13
sn9_nickr-: depends on how you got in02:13
nickr-i got into it by console02:13
sn9_nickr-: ...02:13
nickr-now im done editing02:13
notWebsn9: ubottu was right: need to install visor module.   How do I do that?02:14
nickr-how do i get out now02:14
codyt07Hey, i am running ubuntu Hardy 64 bit, is their any tricks/tips to improve the sound quality. I have a on board video card but the sound seems rather thin. Or is linux sound still a beta thing?02:14
sn9_notWeb: i said that, not ubottu02:14
burner64-bit is a sketchy thing compared with 32-bit02:14
geniinickr-: So probably either :qw              or else ctrl-x02:14
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion02:14
notWebsn9: sorry: didn't mean to take anything away from you.  You're being really helpful, and I appreciate it a lot.02:14
Erick|Laptopwhen i try to start compiz-fusion by typing "compiz" in terminal i get the error "Checking for Xgl: not present" "No whitelisted driver found" "aborting and using fallback: /usr/bin/metacity"02:15
FAJALOUI have an LCD monitor that is showing up as a CRT in nvidia-settings.  Is this a problem for anything or not?02:15
sn9_notWeb: there is a file in /etc/modprobe.d called something like libpisock902:15
sn9_notWeb: get rid of the blacklisting line in it02:16
notWebYeah, found the file.  Just a sec.02:16
utarpradeshwhere can I download microphone DRivers?02:18
utarpradeshI can't get my mic to work02:19
utarpradeshin audacity02:19
KcajOkay d00dz02:19
FAJALOUhave you tried unmuting it utarpradesh02:19
KcajI got compiz working again02:19
KcajHow do I get compiz the sphere?02:19
utarpradeshwait, where is the mic mut button?02:19
KcajInstead of just the cube one. I mean, the cube is sweet and all, but I wants the sphere, yo.02:19
FAJALOUyes there is.02:19
s3acan sum1 help me with virtualbox-ose02:19
s3ai get VBox status code: -1908 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED). wen trying to load xp cd thu virtualbox-os02:20
sn9_s3a: sudo modprobe vboxdrv02:20
notWebsn9: OK, I'm back.  Commented out that line.02:21
s3asn9_: FATAL: Module vboxdrv not found.02:21
notWebwhat's next?02:21
KcajI mean, I don't see anything related to "sphere" or "round" when I synaptics for compiz, or those terms themselves, nothing related to compiz02:21
KcajAny help?02:21
pdg1okay... nothing in the repos02:21
sn9_notWeb: plug in the palm02:21
befr0dHi, I'm looking for a simple Video Editor that would allow me to narrate a video02:21
notWebsn9: plugged in and ready to rock.02:22
FAJALOUKcaj: #compiz-fusion might be able to help, and it's only available on the newer compiz versions.... ie not the ones in the repos02:22
notWebI'll try syncing again02:22
sn9_befr0d: what format?02:22
gam3r111can i help my friend through help and support in window sif im ub=sing ubuntu?02:22
KcajSo that essentially means I gotta be compiling it?02:22
befr0dsn9_,  its mpg, I've already tried diva but I cant import the video file02:22
FAJALOUKcaj:  i think that you can get the new one from the git repos, but they are not recommended.02:22
sn9_befr0d: you will probably need cinelerra, then02:23
gam3r111can i help my friend through help and support in windows if im using ubuntu?02:23
FAJALOUgam3r111: depends on what you are trying to do.02:24
sn9_gam3r111: if your friend turns on desktop sharing, you can connect02:24
jprattok, I need more help, Need help with samba and Desktop effects. Would be greatly appreciated.02:25
gam3r111sn9_: wat if they send u a file through im?02:25
FAJALOUjpratt:  what with desktop effects?02:25
sn9_gam3r111: that should work, barring any firewall issues02:25
gam3r111ok thx02:25
jprattFAJALOU: They refuse to Enable02:26
sn9_hi | conduit4sale02:26
sn9_!hi | conduit4sale02:26
ubottuconduit4sale: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:26
conduit4salei just installed ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron everything works okay except wireless02:26
FAJALOUjpratt: what is your videocard and monitor02:26
FAJALOUconduit4sale: did it used to work02:26
conduit4salei was on windows xp before02:26
FAJALOUahh , ok,02:26
jprattIts an ATI mobility radeon M6, And im on a laptop02:26
FAJALOUis it pci or usb?02:26
conduit4salei think its pci02:26
conduit4saleits a broadcom 431802:27
FAJALOUdo you have the cd for it?02:27
=== gardar is now known as gardar`afk
notWebsn9: I don't seem to have a /dev/pilot .02:27
FAJALOU!broadcom | conduit4sale02:27
ubottuconduit4sale: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx02:27
FAJALOUjpratt:  sorry is that relatively new?02:27
sn9_conduit4sale: connect with a wire temporarily, and install the b43-fwcutter pkg02:27
pdg1Drk_Guy: gXiso is not on the repos...02:27
sn9_ubottu: forget broadcom02:28
jprattFAJALOU: No, Not at all but i had them working once before When i had Ubuntu on here, But had to install Windows for a slew of reasons02:28
FAJALOUconduit4sale: or you could also take the packages from packages.ubuntu.com put them on a flash drive and then install them from there.02:28
Drk_Guypdg1, then compile it off, refer to the project's wiki for dependancies and -dev packages for compiling02:28
drashbefr0d: open movie editor has support for anything ffmpeg can read .. might be another one to check .. http://www.openmovieeditor.org/02:28
FAJALOUok jpratt is compiz installe?02:28
FAJALOUinstalled ?02:29
sn9_conduit4sale: don't do what FAJALOU said02:29
Drk_Guypdg1, If they do not metion -dev packages, only install dependancies with -dev endings ;O)02:29
jprattFAJALOU: Yep02:29
FAJALOUok, good good ;)02:29
FAJALOUhave you installed fusion-icon?02:29
pdg1okay... I'm going to assume that there's some super documenting in the Ubuntu wiki on compiling02:30
jprattConduit4Sale:sn9 helped me with my wireless troubles02:30
jprattFAJALOU: maybe02:30
pdg1because I really have no clue how to compile...02:30
FAJALOUok can you check that out?02:30
jprattWorking on it02:30
Drk_Guy!compiling | pdg102:30
ubottupdg1: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:30
conduit4salealright it said that all broadcom cards should be working with 8.04 but its not02:30
sn9_conduit4sale: the revision 2 4312's don't02:31
jprattConduit4Sale, Are you On the Ubuntu comp right now?02:31
conduit4salei have a 431802:31
sn9_conduit4sale: but 4318 works02:31
conduit4saleim connected with a lan02:31
conduit4saleit detects the wireless card02:31
pdg1oh cool beans...02:31
conduit4salebut no networks are shown02:32
ASULutzyIs there any sensible/semisafe way to get the xserver-xorg-video-intel driver that Intrepid uses onto my hardy install? This driver fixes my S-video problem, as well as enables a few compiz plugins that don't currently function 100% correctly. I tried just adding intrepid to my /etc/apt/sources.list and then doing sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel, but apt-get basically told me I was an idiot... Any id02:32
ASULutzy!enter | conduit4sale02:32
ubottuconduit4sale: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:32
pdg1thanks Dr_guy02:32
jprattsn9_ will what you told me to do for mine work for him?02:32
FAJALOU!ubuntu+1 | ASULutzy02:32
ubottuASULutzy: Hardy Heron is the codename for the current release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS) You can get it now from http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu but please use !torrents02:32
sn9_ASULutzy: enable updates and backports02:32
ASULutzyFAJALOU: That wasn't what I asked. I need Hardy support. Not intrepid support.02:32
AMLNXUSRanyone know how i can extract or mount bin files?02:32
FAJALOUsorry sorry sorry, my bad ASULutzy02:32
ASULutzysn9_: I tried that, 2:2.3.2-2 isn't in backports or updates as far as I can tell :-/02:33
sn9_jpratt: i don't remember what you had anymore :/02:33
notWebsn9: what to do about missing /dev/pilot?02:33
sn9_ASULutzy: then wait02:33
Drk_Guypdg1, don't worry, and try writing drk and pressing tab ;)02:33
jprattsn9_: WPC54GS ver. 202:33
NikyoHi I have Ubuntu 8.04, Two Hard Drives on a ATA controller card are showing in the menu. I can click on these drives and they mount and show on the desktop. What I need, is for both of them to mount each time I log into Ubuntu. Tried to enter two lines in FSTAB, does not work, suggestions, please.02:33
pdg1Drk_Guy: WHOA!02:33
sn9_notWeb: you plugged in after commenting, right?02:33
spoontasticASULutzy, why not just download the package, instead of adding repos? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/2:2.3.2-2ubuntu302:33
Drk_GuyXD pdg1 :)02:34
pdg1IRC is strange02:34
sn9_jpratt: then, yes02:34
notWebsn9: no was connected prior.02:34
travis_I still don't know why, but something has erased all my privileges so i can't even install anythung?02:34
ASULutzyspoontastic: heh, I tried that too, that's like dependency hell, and trying to resolve it manually is dang near impossible ;)02:34
travis_what to do next?02:34
theacolyteso I've got this problem, I'm installing 8.04.1 and for some reason the installer (live cd version) seems to have stopped accept input - I tried to cancel it, but the cancel button doesn't do anything02:34
sn9_notWeb: when i said "now plug it in" i meant it02:34
jprattConduit4Sale: Go to synaptic package manager02:34
theacolyteHow do I close the live cd installation wizard (what processes?)02:34
AMLNXUSRanyone know how i can extract or mount bin files?02:34
ASULutzyspoontastic: I guess I can just boot into Intrepid when I need S-video, still... It's so close! Maybe I can just QQ to package managers to hurry up and pipe intel 2: to the hardy repos02:34
Jordan_Utravis_:  What do you mean "has erased all my privileges" , do you get an error?02:35
conduit4salei have a broadcom bcm4318 wireless card.  im running ubuntu hardy heron 8.04 and it detects the wireless card but when it doesnt detect any networks even though its on roaming mode.  also any attempts to manually  connect wont work either02:35
spoontasticconduit4sale, did you look at that wiki page?02:35
sn9_conduit4sale: did you install b43-fwcutter like i said?02:35
conduit4salewhich one02:35
jetroidNikyo, I know it's not a solution, but as far as I know, fstab is just a "lookup" file for mounting...it doesn't *automatically* mount them at start-up (but that is obvious from what you said...)02:35
spoontastic!broadcom | conduit4sale02:35
conduit4saleim looking for it right now02:35
theacolytenm, I guess it was ubiquity02:35
travis_travis is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.02:36
Jordan_Utravis_: Can you post it ( if it is more than one line please use pastebin )02:36
ubottuconduit4sale: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx02:36
conduit4salethe b43 isnt listed02:36
sn9_conduit4sale: refresh package list02:36
jprattFAJALOU: It is Now (Fusion-icon installed)02:37
ASULutzyconduit4sale: I would use https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Feisty_No-Fluff for broadcom help. It's worked for me and for many many others. Ndiswrapper isn't ideal for all, but it works 100% stable and fine for me.02:37
travis_Jordan_u: travis is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.02:37
enderbeanHello, I'm trying to set up a seaside app on my computer. It works, unless I set it up on port 80, in which case the connection is refused. Any advice on resolving this would be appreciated.02:37
sn9_ASULutzy: that is for feisty, not hardy02:37
ASULutzysn9_: It works for Hardy just fine02:37
conduit4salesn9: refreshing right now02:37
sn9_ASULutzy: using that method on hardy is just silly02:37
Jordan_Utravis_: You will need to add yourself to the "admin" group, that requires root privileges of course so you will need to boot into recovery mode unless there is another user that can use sudo02:37
ASULutzysn9_: Several ops will suggest it as well, including Jack_Sparrow02:37
spoontasticconduit4sale, follow the links, man02:37
travis_ok so02:38
travis_reboot in recovery mode02:38
travis_ad travis to admin02:38
sn9_ASULutzy: no wonder ubottu is so confused about broadcom02:38
Nikyo<jetroid> Thanks for that info.. after I click on them.. I can access them ok.. but the thing is that I am running Samba Server on Ubuntu.. and I would like to be able to access the drives from another computer instead of logging in to the Ubuntu box.. then clicking on the drives first to mount them..02:38
ASULutzysn9_: That's not true, several people's broadcom cards still aren't recognized in Hardy, mine for example. I was unable to get any solution to work other than the ndiswrapper one (of course I did buy a cheap wireless USB adapter for when I need monitor mode ;))02:38
travis_i'll try02:38
NikyoI;ve looked around for a fix action before coming here..02:39
sn9_ASULutzy: do you have a 4312?02:39
jprattI still need helps with Desktop effects please02:39
=== kat is now known as Guest23387
ASULutzysn9_: That probably has more to do with my ineptitude, but still, the feisty solution works for lots of people including myself ;) No, I have a 4310 rev0102:39
spoontasticconduit4sale, nm, that link is for something else02:39
sn9_ASULutzy: because 4318 is well-supported02:39
gregbradyASULutzy, yep, mine too.  broadcom is no good and constant overheating.  I had to switch back to XP to make it all work.02:39
spoontasticjust get the cutter package, anyway02:39
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
untraceableSn9_: do you know if the Atheros 5008 is supported in Ubuntu02:40
Nikyo<jetroid>I know also that there is a "sessions" feature in Ubuntu that can save running applications and also you can aoutostart commands.. however.. that does not seem to work either.02:40
sn9_untraceable: 5008 will "just work" but 5007 will not02:40
akuma55if i want to download something from off the ether with wget can i tell it were i want to put it?02:40
sn9_akuma55: -P02:40
notWebsn9_: I unplugged it.  Ran the Initial Sync again, and got the same results.  What's my next move?02:40
conduit4salesn9: i just got the b43firewire cutter i also installed ndiswrapper common02:41
ASULutzyakuma55: it will download to your pwd by default, just cd to the directory you want to download it to02:41
sn9_notWeb: is the module loaded?02:41
Jordan_Uakuma55: wget URL -O filename02:41
untraceableSn9_: by "just work" wat do you mean?02:41
notWebsn9_: where should I look for that module?02:41
sn9_conduit4sale: it's firmware, not firewire02:41
sn9_notWeb: lsmod02:41
sn9_untraceable: i mean plug&go02:41
ASULutzyakuma55: Alternatively you can use -O02:41
joshualhey, anyone rember a gtk2 theme that uses a progress bar that looks exactly like the ubuntu boot splash progress bar? (trying to find theme that matches that boot splash, black, orange (white)...02:42
conduit4salesn9: wordo.  should the wireless networks be showing up now or should i try disconnecting from ethernet and restarting first?02:42
untraceableSn9_: so its good out of the box02:42
sn9_conduit4sale: restart if it's built-in02:42
conduit4saleokay brb02:42
notWebsn9_: yep, visor *is* loaded.02:42
sn9_untraceable: yes02:42
conduit4salethnx ahead of time02:42
ASULutzyYea, just got engaged last weekend :)02:42
ASULutzyWhoops, that was a mistelll... Now the world knows02:43
notWeb(man, this IRC is a contact sport...)02:43
sn9_notWeb: but no /dev/pilot?02:43
akuma55sn9_, like say a zip would it be like 'wget -p whatever.zip /my/location02:43
untraceableSn9_: alright looks like im buying an Atheros 5008, THX for the insight Sn9_ it was greatly appriciated02:44
koolranchHi everyone, I could use some help downloading files to Ubuntu02:44
koolranchwould anyone be willing to help me out?02:44
sn9_akuma55: wget -P /my/location whatever.zip OR wget whatever.zip -P /my/location02:44
cdm10koolranch: what sort of files?02:44
notWebsn9_: ls in /dev doesnt list a pilot.02:44
ASULutzyakuma55: you could either just cd to /my/location and do wget http://whatever.com/thezip, or do wget http://whatever.com/thezip -O /my/location/02:44
sn9_notWeb: odd02:44
koolranchany kind of file that's not in the synaptic, like the eMusic.com music player and mp3s02:44
koolranchand java02:44
ASULutzyakuma55: Oh, is it -P? I may be wrong there ;)02:44
sn9_ASULutzy: -O is for naming the downloaded file02:45
cdm10koolranch: to install Java, just run the command < sudo aptitude install sun-java6-plugin02:45
koolranchI've only had Ubuntu for a day02:45
ASULutzysn9_: Ah ok, I always just cd to the directory and run wget inside the directory :P02:45
akuma55what does the -p stand for02:45
ASULutzyakuma55: man wget02:45
koolranchhow did you know the name of the file "sun-java6-plugin?"02:46
notWebsn9_: what was supposed to happen?02:46
koolranchand do I need to download it to my desktop first?02:46
cdm10koolranch: I've just answered the question "how do I install java" quite a lot :)02:46
cdm10koolranch: no, the package manager will download the package and install it for you.02:46
ASULutzykoolranch: Experience, but also you can usually click System -> Administration -> Synaptic package manager, and search in there. Also if you sudo apt-get install bash-completion, it lets you use tab complete for lots of things, even package names02:46
sn9_never mind; my bad. just try to sync anyway02:46
cdm10koolranch: the command aptitude is just another way of accessing the package manager, just like Synaptic or Add/Remove02:46
sn9_nonever mind; my bad. just try to sync anyway02:46
sn9_notWeb: never mind; my bad. just try to sync anyway02:47
koolranchso I could just type in that command line right now, and Ubuntu would find java and install it?02:47
cdm10koolranch: Well, it might, and if not, we'll have to enable something, and it will. Just try it :)02:47
koolranchok, I'll try it02:47
cdm10koolranch: Do you know how to get to the Terminal to enter commands?02:47
notWebyeah, got that.  It actually says "Put PDA in Cradle (/dev/pilot) and press HotSync button."02:47
koolranchbut I only know the absolute baiscs02:47
jm2kbest tutorial to upgrade hardy kernel to newer stable version?02:48
sn9_jm2k: none is usually needed02:48
=== eumesmo is now known as trakinas
ASULutzyheh, I wonder how bad I would hose up my system trying to resolve all the dependencies for Intrepid's version of xserver-xorg-video-intel inside my Hardy install...02:48
dolphin_noelis there something bether then mp3info to check the bitrate from mp3?!02:48
ASULutzyjm2k: Usually you can just sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade02:48
dolphin_noelsometimes looks it dont give to me the right values02:49
sn9_ASULutzy: very badly02:49
trakinasdolphin_noel, on the therminal?02:49
koolranchok, it appears to be installing cdm1002:49
cdm10dolphin_noel: if you're in Gnome, you can look in the properties window... why do you think tehy're wrong?02:49
notWebsn9_: trying the sync.  Nothing happening on the PC.  Eventually gives up on PDA.02:49
koolranchthanks a ton02:49
cdm10koolranch: No problem.02:49
dolphin_noeltrakinas nathing to nautilus?!02:49
koolranchhow do I install other things, though, like the emusic music player and mp3s?02:49
drashASULutzy: it's not worth the effort if you want to keep some hair for that engagement party, congrats btw ;)02:49
dolphin_noeltrakinas ohh you tell to i see it in terminal right? :x inside watch the nautilus?!02:49
jm2ksn9_: might be me but ur replies are a bit cryptic.02:49
sn9_notWeb: oh, duh, i forgot that you need to edit the udev rules02:49
gluerhow do i configure my intel card to allow dual montior with extended desktop support in hardy? is there an app i can download?02:50
ASULutzysn9_: Yea, agree... I'm bummed, in Intrepid everything works perfectly for me except virtualbox crashes when I boot XP vdi's that work under Hardy, and in Hardy there are a few compiz plugins that don't work, but more importantly S-video doesn't work, so I have to do this constant reboot dance and it stinks :(02:50
jm2kASULutzy: tried apt-get but nothing.02:50
cdm10koolranch: As for the eMusic download manager, it looks like I have to sign up first in order to see the client to download, so I can't really help you with that... you might want to try googling for it.02:50
trakinasdolphin_noel, you see it on nautilus or terminal?02:50
ASULutzydrash: lol thanks ;) and good point02:50
dolphin_noelcdm10 because i have some mp3 that sometimes give to me some values and i click again and give it to me anothers ...02:50
cdm10dolphin_noel: well, that's really weird...02:50
koolranchwhat about mp3s?02:50
dolphin_noeltrakinas well ussually in the natilus :x02:50
notWebsn9_: uhhuh, \and taht would be what?02:50
ASULutzyjm2k: What kernel are you currently using?02:50
jm2kASULutzy: currently running but need to upgrade to
koolranchI download them and they just show up as an xml file on my desktop02:50
tech0007jm2k: what's 'uname -r'02:50
cdm10koolranch: if you want to download an mp3 from a website, just right-click it and click Save As, just like in Firefox on any other OS.02:50
cdm10koolranch: where are you downloading them from?02:50
hlfshellhowdy gang02:50
travisjordan_9: it worked02:51
sn9_notWeb: search the forums; the answer is there somewhere02:51
hlfshellif you're curious, i just lost respect for myself for saying howdy.02:51
dolphin_noelcdm10 yes that why i'm asking because i have sometimes like 96 kbps ... but the file size and everything is very good ...02:51
ASULutzyjm2k: Ah, that's not available in Hardy afaik, you'd have to compile that yourself I believe...02:51
trakinasdolphin_noel, no idea. i check bitrates when playing. lol02:51
ASULutzy!kernel | jm2k02:51
ubottujm2k: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages02:51
cdm10koolranch: it seems like you might need some sort of plugin in that case... I'm really not familiar with eMusic, though.02:51
koolranchI see02:51
koolranchdo you have any idea where I might find a plugin like that?02:51
travisJordan_U: now i have aniother question02:51
notWebsn9_: I'm searching for?  "udev rules pilot"?02:51
dolphin_noeland sometimes i put it once and then click again and dont give to me the same value :x it happens to 3 or 5 mp3 -+02:51
travisJordan_U: how can i load all my aliases on boot?02:51
sn9_notWeb: visor module permissions02:52
dolphin_noeltrakinas yes probably is bether ... :x02:52
koolranchand is that a plugin for firefox, or for ubuntu?02:52
Jordan_Utravis: Bash aliases?02:52
jm2kASULutzy: trying to get madwifi compiled but needs 2.6.23+02:52
travisJordan_U: yes02:52
=== hi is now known as Guest39129
amenadotravis  /etc/profile02:52
Jordan_Utravis: Put them in your ~/.bashrc02:52
dolphin_noeltrakinas could be some refresh problem ... in the nautilus :x ... or something i dont know :x02:52
herrkinhi everyone..02:53
jm2kASULutzy: since i dont want to mess with Ubuntu kernel i thought there would be an easy step to it.02:53
travisthanks dude i've just started and i love it!02:53
travislinux rules!02:53
=== hoarycri1ple is now known as hoarycripple
sn9_jm2k: it happens automagically for everybody else02:53
hlfshelljetroid, you therE?02:53
herrkinI need somebody to help me configure the ati driver in hardy02:53
herrkincan somebody help me?02:53
amenadojm2k-> i dont think you require that as minimum..2.6.23+ to compile a madwifi02:53
ASULutzyjm2k: you said you needed 2.6.25 before, which is it?02:54
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:54
ASULutzyjm2k: also what version of Ubuntu are you using?02:55
herrkinI have tried quite a bit but nothing seems to work02:55
jm2ksn9_: i did upgrade to stable hardy when it came out but a few weeks ago, downloaded updates and my Atheros AR5212 card stopped working.02:55
ASULutzyjm2k: Because in Hardy the newest stable kernel is I believe 2.6.24-19, which is above what you said you neeeded (2.6.23+)02:55
jm2kASULutzy: Hardy.02:55
ASULutzyjm2k: What's in your /etc/apt/sources.list? Because I use hardy and have
cpk1jm2k: if you are talking about madwifis requirement for the kernel its Linux Kernel 2.4.23+ and 2.6.x series02:56
jprattHey i did the sudo blah blah for java and now i need to hit ok But Its in the bloody terminal, Help02:56
cdm10jpratt: hit tab until it gets there02:56
herrkincan somebody help me?02:57
jm2kASULutzy: all sources are Hardy universe/multiverse.02:57
=== Algorithmist is now known as CaptainMorgan
trakinasdolphin_noel, no idea.02:57
theacolyteSo... NVIDIA drivers. Should I go with the official NVIDIA drivers, or the restricted ones?02:57
jprattHerrkin: Ask away im sure someone here can02:57
dolphin_noeltrakinas neither i lol :) that why i was asking :x :)02:58
sn9_jm2k: you need "main" and "restricted" too02:58
cdm10theacolyte: the restricted ones are the official ones from nVidia02:58
dolphin_noelno problem that ok02:58
ASULutzyjm2k: Do you want to paste it to a pastebin? My sources.list has everything except backports enabled02:58
cdm10theacolyte: and, I recommend them... without them, you can't get accelerated graphics.02:58
theacolytecdm10: They're also about 5 revisions older02:58
herrkinI am asking everyone if somebody can help me, the ati channel seems to be dead02:58
theacolyteI've gotten it to work on 7, but this time I'm wondering about it02:58
sn9_ASULutzy: you should enable backports and disable proposed02:58
jm2kyes that too: ubuntu hardy-security main restricted02:58
ASULutzysn9_: Er, sorry I don't have proposed enabled either02:59
snarksterati drivers are for only new hardware, they dont have an archive like nVidia does02:59
ASULutzy!anyone | herrkin02:59
ubottuherrkin: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:59
theacolytethe restricted drivers are 167 or something like that, the latest official drivers are 17302:59
theacolytethus my concern02:59
cdm10theacolyte: it's true that they're behind, but it's up to you whether you want to deal with the hassle of the nVidia driver packaging02:59
theacolytedo the ubuntu-restricted drivers come with the control panel?02:59
theacolytecdm10: now *that* I can understand :)02:59
danaman5Where in the file system are the default icons stored?02:59
sn9_theacolyte: some do02:59
cdm10danaman5: /usr/share/icons, i believe03:00
=== Overand_ is now known as Overand
herrkindoes anyone know how to configure ati x800 card drivers?03:00
theacolytesn9_: sorry, I was referring to the NVIDIA ones03:00
snarksterthe icons are usually stored in /usr/share/icons or /usr/share/pixmaps03:00
sn9_theacolyte: then, no03:00
ASULutzysn9_: But I guess I can enable backports for funsies. ;)03:00
herrkinI have made a lot of stuff but none worked..03:00
sn9_theacolyte: but it will install them03:00
ASULutzyherrkin: Have you tried using envyng? it pretty much does most of the work for you03:00
ASULutzy!envy | herrkin03:00
ubottuherrkin: envyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) and has community support. As an early version, its results may vary but this should be used over the unsupported envy package.03:00
theacolytesn9_: So I would need to install the "official" drivers for the control panel?03:00
herrkinI did03:00
herrkinI used envyng03:01
herrkinI installed the fglrx from the ati website03:01
theacolytesorry for the possible redundant question03:01
sn9_theacolyte: the control panel will download restricted drivers03:01
tpockethi guys I got a question about installing hadry heron on a new computer03:01
herrkinalso did some other stuff I cant remember..03:01
cdm10tpocket: ask away03:01
sn9_tpocket: yes, you should install it03:01
theacolytesn9_: Ah, that's not exactly what I mean. I mean, if I download the NVIDIA drivers using the Ubuntu Restricted application, will it install the *NVIDIA* control panel03:02
tpocketwell I have it on a bootable usb stick and a cd03:02
tpocketi couldn't figure out how to get it to install off the stick03:02
tech0007tpocket: use the CD then03:02
tpocketbut on the cd when I chose install it took me to this busybox thing03:02
sn9_herrkin: radeon x800 should "just work" out-of-the-box on hardy03:03
tech0007tpocket: did u try the liveCD?03:03
snarkstertpocket: unsupported video card.03:03
herrkinI install fglrx drivers and then the monitor blacks out03:03
sn9_herrkin: do NOT use fglrx03:03
snarksterherrkin unsupported resolution03:03
herrkinI have to enter recovery mode to configure vesa drivrs03:03
noobalertsay what was the name of that old xwindows program with the santa and the snow03:03
herrkinhow I configure max resolution?03:03
sn9_herrkin: just leave things as they are in a fresh install -- no fglrx and no vesa03:04
snarksternoobalert: snow i think.. or xsnow03:04
noobalerti answered my own question03:04
herrkinI did it03:04
tpocket... but on the usb stick it runs, the problem is that when I try to install it I only see the usb stick03:04
herrkinI installed ubuntu, then it asked me to install the driver, I acepted.. then it happens03:04
herrkinthe monitor blacks out at log in screen03:05
OzFalconAre there any flat file system solutions for linux?03:05
enderbeanIs there a firewall installed in Ubuntu(Gutsy 7.1) by default, and if so how do I configure it?03:05
noobalertok next question i am putting this putter in my room to run music, what is the best way to connect to it ssh? and what mp3 player works thru console03:05
sn9_herrkin: it wouldn't have asked out of the blue03:05
ASULutzyherrkin: I hope this doesn't have anything to do with it, but how much RAM do you have and are you using 64 bit?03:05
snarksternoobalert mp321 or mp123 works from console03:06
Starnestommyenderbean: iptables is installed by default.  firestarter is commonly used to control it03:06
sn9_herrkin: for the x800, you should leave the restricted driver DISabled03:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about run-level03:06
herrkin2gb, yes I have installed both version and its same in both cases03:06
hlfshell!run level03:06
snarksternoobalert I use ssh from my sidekick all the time to my laptop to start music03:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about run level03:06
noobalertsnark is that the best way to run a media server?03:06
ubottuGutsy - Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) was the seventh release of Ubuntu. Upgrading to Gutsy:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades - Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/7.10 - Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710tour03:06
ASULutzyherrkin, sn9_: Are the Radeon drivers best for x800?03:06
sn9_ASULutzy: yes03:06
snarksternoobalert not at all.. but you said console.03:06
jpratti need help setting up virtual box i installed the package and added myself to vbox users or what ever in groups now what do i do03:06
hi_I'm havin trouble upgrading to gutsy from feisty03:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about runlevel03:07
ASULutzyjpratt: What error do you get when you try and run it?03:07
IndyGunFreakhi_: yeah, you'll have a lot of trouble w/ that03:07
snarksternoobalert is you want media pc then install mythtv.03:07
herrkinI dont know, i use vesa drivers because it doesnt open if I install some ati drivers03:07
sn9_jpratt: log out and back in03:07
noobalertsnark whats the best way, this is a p2 300mhz so i am amazed it is working03:07
enderbeanStarnestommy: thanks.03:07
ASULutzyjpratt: You may still have to do sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-modules-`uname -r`03:07
jetroid!run-level | hlfshell03:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about run-level03:07
snarksternoobalert: pm me so we can talk about it03:07
hi_It gives different errors each time lol03:07
herrkinI have installed radeon, ati and fglrx, none worked03:08
thomas__the next ubuntu release will have ati drivers embedded in the kernel, yes?03:08
snarksterherrkin maybe you have intel03:08
herrkinI do03:08
v64I have the latest Ubuntu, Firefox, and Flash, and when I go to Yahoo Live (live.yahoo.com), which is basically a Flash webcam app, the video comes in fine, but the voices sound like they're 2 octaves too low, as if they're slowed down? I couldn't find anything on Google, has this happened to anyone?03:08
koolranchHey, cdm10? I've downloaded a bin file for the emusic player to my desktop and I tried running the same command you suggested for installing java, but it doesn't work03:08
IndyGunFreakthomas__: that would be nice03:08
sn9_thomas__: no03:08
herrkinI have a pentium d 3.2ghz03:08
koolranchdo you have any idea what I can do to make it install?03:08
v64it works fine for me on my Mac03:08
hi_MAybe a noob question, but who,what is ubottu?03:08
v64so I know it's not a problem with the feed03:08
ASULutzykoolranch: did you chmod +x it?03:09
cdm10koolranch: that command is only for installing packages from the Ubuntu software repositories. To install a file like a .bin file, run < sudo sh Desktop/whatever-it's-called.bin >03:09
ASULutzyhi_: He's the local bot :)03:09
sn9_v64: probably a soundcard issue03:09
snarksterhi_ ubottu is a robot to get answeres from03:09
v64I don't have any problems with the sound in my other flash apps, so I wasn't sure03:09
=== mario_ is now known as Evil_inside
koolranchwhat does chomod +x do, ASUlutzy?03:09
herrkinmy pc is pentiumd 3.2ghz, 2gb ram ati x800 video card03:09
hi_Oh, thanks... Any idea how i can build or generate bots like this? Is this possible?03:09
ASULutzykoolranch: you can either do chmod +x the file && /the/file/here, or you can just do sudo sh /the/path/to/thebin03:10
ASULutzychmod +x makes a file executable03:10
herrkineverything goes fine but ati drivers03:10
koolranchah, cool03:10
cthulinuxhey can someone help with a problem? i just patched up to 7.10 and now when my gui loads the images are all wavey, and if i can accually loging (can't see the prompts) the screen goes normal untill my gui fully loads then is all waves incluing the wallpaper, any clues as to the cause, fix?03:10
snarksterhi_ almost anyhting is possible but i have no clue about how to do it03:10
hi_Ok, i'm like really new to IRC, can i create my own channels on different servers?03:11
koolranchhey cdm10, I got a syntax error when I tried that command03:11
CaponettaThats nto very ubuntu related03:11
ASULutzyhi_: Just /join #randomChannelNameHere and if it's an empty server it will create it for you, but that's not ubuntu related so, here isn't really the spot for help on IRC related things03:12
ASULutzyhi_: Empty channel that is03:12
nickr--can someone help :[] i cant get out of VIM03:12
herrkindo you know any posible causes of this problem?03:12
Caponettaare you runnign ubuntu?03:12
monostonenickr-- : hit <ESC> then :q03:12
tpocketso is busy box what comes up when i basically crash my installation03:12
cthulinuxanyone ?!?  can someone help with a problem? i just patched up to 7.10 and now when my gui loads the images are all wavey, and if i can accually loging (can't see the prompts) the screen goes normal untill my gui fully loads then is all waves incluing the wallpaper, any clues as to the cause, fix?03:13
ASULutzynickr--: escape, then :q to quit, or :wq to write changes then quit03:13
nickr--didnt know i had to press ESC first03:13
hi_OK, cool! THanks..One last question: Which is the channel wer i can get help on IRC? Thanks03:13
amenadotpocket-> depends on what stage of the install process03:13
Painlesscthulinux: possibly a refresh rate problem with your monitor?03:13
wbmjchtulinux: It sounds like you need to lower your color depth03:13
sn9_hi_: try #freenode03:13
Caponettai think so03:13
cdm10koolranch: can you paste the error to http://pastebin.ubuntu-nl.org and send me the URL?03:13
tpocketit happens whenever I try to install off the cd of check the cd for errors03:13
LLMP_dies anyone know how i could set up senors for my laptop03:13
LLMP_to see if it is burning up03:14
cdm10koolranch: to copy text from the Terminal, use ctrl-shift-C03:14
hi_THanks sn9 and others. Bye03:14
koolranchyeah, I'll do that03:14
cthulinuxk i will try that03:14
Caponettallmp, your cpu shoudl have that built in. Look for programs like speedfan. (xif that works for linux)03:14
cdm10LLMP_: install the package lm_sensors, and run sensors-detect03:14
ASULutzyLLMP_: There are different things you can use, specifically for hard drives you can do sudo apt-get install smartmontools && sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda03:14
Caponettaty cdm :P03:14
snarksterthoiught xif was a viewer03:14
herrkincould anybody please help me solve my ati card problem?03:15
sn9_LLMP_: there is also sensors-applet03:15
Caponettai ment to type IF not xif lol03:15
KcajOH CRAP!03:15
LLMP_i want it on my panel03:15
KcajDudes help!! I got no top or bottom ;_; I can't starts or stops anything03:15
LLMP_top of my panel03:15
snarkstercrap i see no crap here03:15
wbmjherrkin: what's the problem?03:15
KcajI had to type in irc from the terminal03:15
sn9_LLMP_: then you want sensors-applet03:15
LLMP_how do u do that03:15
Caponettaright click on desktop03:15
LLMP_i already got it03:15
Caponettago to properties03:15
cdm10LLMP_: install sensors-applet, it'll let you view your sensors added through lm_sensors on your applet.03:15
koolranchwhere do you want me to paste it on that site, cdm10?03:15
herrkinI cant make the driver to work03:15
koolranchthe message board?03:15
KcajThere is no properties there. I think you are thinking of Windows03:16
cdm10koolranch: hmm, that pastebin is gone, hold on a sec03:16
LLMP_not working03:16
koolranchI could just paste it here03:16
sn9_LLMP_: right-click the panel, and add it, if it's installed03:16
cdm10!paste | koolranch03:16
ubottukoolranch: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:16
koolranchit's only a few words03:16
wbmjherrkin: Card model and driver please03:16
Caponettakcaj ---> right click on your desktop and try to access the visual propertied, make sure there both checked off03:16
cdm10koolranch: there, follow ubottu's link03:16
herrkinplease if anybody wanna help me tell me in private msg because I cant read everything its just so fast03:16
joshualanyone know of a gtk theme that has exact progress bars as the ubuntu boot splash? and colors?03:16
sn9_wbmj: herrkin has a radeon x80003:16
monostonei need someone with experience setting up and configuring mail servers. Any recommended channels?03:16
KcajThere is no such things03:17
Caponettayou dont have it enables03:17
herrkinthank you03:17
snarksterok im out for abit03:17
Caponettaif you reboot si ti therE?03:17
koolranchok, here's the link cdm10:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/26355/03:17
snarksterlater gators03:17
Caponettabye snark  take care03:17
thomas__Where in the xorg.conf file should the line "Driver "fglrx" " bet set to?03:17
monostonein the device section thomas03:18
vaportrailnew123whats the coolest thing u can get off synaptic?03:18
KcajI just rebooted and that is when I had no top or bottom03:18
Kcajvapor: compiz fusion03:18
Kcajand the plugins, and emerald03:18
herrkinI tried fglrx03:18
Caponettabut is it responsive?03:18
plikKcaj: monostone check the support pages of whatever MTA  or server component you're using eg postfix, sendmail courier, dovecot or whatever03:18
ralphnew to ubuntu where i can look for some good setup information03:18
thomas__just device right? not input or other03:18
herrkinonly works on vesa03:18
ASULutzy!enter | herrkin03:18
ubottuherrkin: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:18
cdm10koolranch: that's weird, it looks like there's a problem with the download... try this: sudo chmod +x Desktop/emusicdlm-linux-installer.bin && Desktop/emusicdlm-linux-installer.bin03:18
plikbah, not Kcaj  just monostone03:18
monostonethanks plik03:18
vaportrailnew123whats compiz fusion do03:18
KcajResponsive? Yeah I can get stuff and terminal obviously.... btw I'm not using any server component or anything, lol03:18
sn9_vaportrailnew123: think vista aero03:19
KcajCompiz Fusion is the tightest thing to ever happen to LInux, makes your desktop 3D03:19
noobalert mysql start03:19
noobalertERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) what the heck does this mean03:19
KcajA huge cube you can rotate and stuff, amazing effects, it is like the year 205003:19
vaportrailnew123sounds sexy... and high req...03:19
monostonecompiz is eye-candy basically03:19
plikKcaj: that wasn;t meant for you03:19
noobalertare my ports blocked03:19
KcajIt will make Windows users die in their pants.03:19
noobalertpipes clogged03:19
ralphi have the same problems  as askcaj03:19
xITzok quick question, /etc/passwd got deleted, only way to save the world is from a rescuecd right?03:19
vaportrailnew123lets see if i can get it without lagging to indo-china...03:19
LLMP_is there a way to put i ton my wallpaper03:19
LLMP_but senors and all that on my wallpaper03:19
KcajDude I tried to update using the new packages with synaptics, and it failed somewhere, complete system lockup.03:20
LLMP_becasue it wont fit on my panel03:20
KcajReboot = no top or bottom, can't start or stop anything, can't do ANYTHING at all, it seriously sucks.03:20
FlannelxITz: Recovery console/Single user mode03:20
pdg1Drk_Guy: it worked perfectly... turns out i didn't need to compile because gXiso is made with python03:20
thomas__command to Remove the package xserver-xgl. ??!?03:20
Jmanquick question03:20
Caponettapress power button shoudl bring up the power prompt window, press alt + s and reboot03:20
monostonesudo apt-get remove xserver-xgl03:20
Drk_Guypdg1, I'm happy to have helped you03:20
tpocketall right let me approach this in another way... When I load up ubuntu on a memory stick and try to install I only get the memory stick when it scans devices03:20
Kcajthere is no kind of ummm, like terminal command to type to make "explorer" of Lunix relaunch? Cuz it is just like Windows with Explorer stops running... no task bar, nothing03:20
tpocketdoes that mean my HDD isn't loading?03:20
KcajImpossible to uses the system03:20
Jordan_UxITz: Have you rebooted since deleting it ( if not DO NOT )03:20
monostoneto remove config files as well : sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xgl03:21
xITzlol no03:21
Jmanhow do i enable compiz on a fresh install of ubuntu when i see that compiz is already installed in sypat i want the cube03:21
xITzi know, it completely disabled all users03:21
vaportrailnew123how do i enable compiz fusion? it seems i already have it...03:21
KcajYo uget the compiz icon to manage from synaptics03:21
xITzroot is dead03:21
Jordan_UxITz: Do you still have a root shell open?03:21
KcajI have a shell open, I need my task bar back :(03:21
koolranchawesome, it's working cdm1003:21
Jmanwhats the download?03:21
KcajAnother user here has my same problem... any ideas?03:21
sn9_tpocket: do you have an older sata controller, perchance?03:22
xITzsomething really odd happened when i was installed plone03:22
monostonesystem->preferences->appearance->visual effects03:22
koolranchwhat is a typical place to save a file like this on Ubuntu?03:22
MariachiACHow to instaill .deb files, but from i386 arkitecture on x8664 systems?03:22
Jordan_UxITz: Do you get any output from "lsof | grep /etc/passwd" as root?03:22
pdg1Drk_Guy: but i'm wondering how I could get the .py file to be listed in the applications list... or something03:22
xITzit says no root user03:22
tpocketthis is a brand new computer... offa a newer Asus motherboard03:22
Jordan_UxITz: What do you mean, what is the exact error?03:22
Jmanwhats the installer for rpm?03:22
Drk_Guypdg1, Alt+F2, then alacarte, then, create a launcher where you would like it to be ;)03:22
sn9_tpocket: which motherboard chipset?03:22
Jmanwhats it called from sypnat03:22
Drk_Guy!alien | Jman03:23
vaportrailnew123after i turn on extra visual effects, do i restart?03:23
ubottuJman: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)03:23
Jordan_UxITz: I mean try running that command in the root shell you already have open03:23
sn9_tpocket: intel? nvidia?03:23
tpocketsn9_: the asus P5qe03:23
noobalertcan someone help, i was install mythtv, it asked for mysql install about half way installed it said failed, i try mysql start and i get ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)     what do i do03:23
xITzyeah, i tried, its all screwy03:23
xITzi have no access to anything03:23
sn9_tpocket: does that have nvidia?03:23
Jordan_UxITz: What error did you get if any from trying to run that command?03:23
KcajI can't do anything, seriously... like I have no kind of "task bar"03:23
vaportrailnew123so how do i turn on comppiz fusion?03:23
pdg1Drk_Guy: that's fantastic... but I feel guilty being spoon fed everything... I'll try looking on google a little harder next time03:24
Kcajvapor: I told you ,get the compiz icon from synaptics03:24
Jordan_UKcaj: You can start programs with alt + F203:24
Kcajtype in "compiz" and select all compiz packages you can besides the -dev ones03:24
xITzactually, its not work the trouble, im going to just backup the stuff i need with a live cd then wipe it out and clean install03:24
vaportrailnew123its called comiz icon?03:24
IndyGunFreakvaportrailnew123: system/admin/appearance/visual effects tab.. set it to extra03:24
Kcajalt+f2 does nothing for me03:24
Jordan_UxITz: If anything still has the file open recovering it is trivial03:24
sn9_tpocket: nvidia can be a bit flakey, but if it were any other chipset, i'd say go to the bios and switch to AHCI mode03:25
Drk_GuyDont worry pdg1, i'm looking forward to help the community03:25
xxploitvaportrailnew123, install package fusion-icon and compizconfig-settings-manager03:25
KcajDoes this mean I mean, like what the heck happened to my system? ;_; no alt+f2 and no taskbar.03:25
MariachiACI am not sure if someone answered my question. The think is I'm trying to install a synthesizer for speech since I'm blind.03:25
MariachiACIt woudl be better in private.03:25
plikKcaj: did you do something to make it disappear, or did it just boot and never show?03:25
IndyGunFreakwouldn't it be better to see if he can set his appearnce options to Extra first?.. because if he has ATI, and even some intel chipsets, he's not gonna get compiz to work, so no reason to install all that.03:26
ralphnever show03:26
LLMP_does anyone know how i could get senors and all thaton my wallpaper03:26
Jmankcal: download this compizconfig-settings-manager package03:26
drashLLMP_: look into conky03:26
djhashIndyGunFreak: I have ATI on all of my 3 ubuntu installations and I have compiz easily installed03:26
plikconky was an awesome episode of Trailer PArk Boys03:26
sn9_IndyGunFreak: you mean it won't work on nvidia03:27
Jmankcaj did you donwload that03:27
Jmani believe thats what your looking for03:27
tpocketsn9_: im in the bios how do i do this AHCI stuff?03:27
LLMP_ok thanx03:27
plikJman: he's long gone03:27
=== CaptainMorgan_ is now known as CaptainMorgan
IndyGunFreakdjhash: on some of them, there's a lot of problems w/ ATI and compiz however... white screen, etc.. it can be made to work, but i've saw many reports here w/ limited success.03:27
tpocketsn9_: nm foun d it03:27
kkathmansn9_,  to follow up with you - seems that there was something very severely wrong with my iPod - its now completely dead in fact03:27
IndyGunFreaksn9_: no, compiz typically works fine w/ nvidia..03:27
sn9_tpocket: it should be in one of the pages; just look around for "IDE Mode"03:27
vaportrailnew123anyone know how to configure an intel onboard videocard?03:27
Jmanquick question03:27
Jmanhow do i add windows to my cube?03:28
sn9_kkathman: toldya03:28
Jmani have windows as a second oS03:28
* IndyGunFreak ..cough cough.03:28
sn9_IndyGunFreak: not out-of-the-box03:28
kkathmansn9_,  yeah when I put the external power on it. the display died and hasnt come back03:28
djhashIndyGunFreak:  i'm aware of all the reports.. which confuses me since the only problem I am having or ever have is that the svideo out on my laptop is a little wacky..03:28
IndyGunFreaksn9_: i guess thats a matter of opinion then, i've got several boxes running nvidia devices, and they all run compiz "out of the box"03:29
LLMP_know how do i run it03:29
JmanWindows with ubuntu howto?03:29
hannibal80_руские есть ?03:29
wbmjJman: add desktops to your switch...this will add windows to your cube03:29
koolranchhi everyone, how to a change the permission settings for /usr/local/bin?03:29
xITzjman, partition03:29
Jmanthank you03:29
IndyGunFreak!ru | hannibal80_03:29
ubottuhannibal80_: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke03:29
Jmanit is partioned03:29
Jmani have 2 os03:29
vaportrailnew123ok, installed the icon, now what03:29
=== sean is now known as Guest6741
sn9_IndyGunFreak: not possible; nvidia-glx is not installed by default03:29
cthulinuxhey can someone help with a problem? i just patched up to 7.10 and now when my gui loads the images are all wavey, and if i can accually loging (can't see the prompts) the screen goes normal untill my gui fully loads then is all waves incluing the wallpaper, any clues as to the cause, fix? i am a newb with little skill03:29
plikkoolranch: same as for anything else :  chmod03:30
koolranchplik, so I just chmod /usr/local/bin?03:30
drashLLMP_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205865 for an overview and all kinds of usefull configuration tips for conky03:30
IndyGunFreaksn9_: all i can tell you, is i just enable the restricted driver, and they work just fine w/ compiz.03:30
djhashJman: what do you mean by windows in your cube?!03:30
plikkoolranch: you probably need to read the man page first and understand what you're doing03:30
GuiriHi. I have a package that never configures sun-java6-doc. But I can't seem to remove it so it doesn't do the dpkg config error whenever I install something03:30
Guirihow do I get rid of it?03:30
sn9_IndyGunFreak: ah, so you did have to manually add the restricted driver...03:30
Jmanwindows xp as a window in ubuntu03:30
IndyGunFreaksn9_: no.. its usually enalbed after the install03:31
koolranchwhat I'm trying to do is install a program in that directory03:31
koolranchbut I don't have write permission03:31
IndyGunFreakthats what i'ms aying, as long as the driver is enabled, it works fine, "out of the box".03:31
sn9_IndyGunFreak: not by default, it isn't03:31
djhashJman: you can try vmware03:31
plikkoolranch: sudo mv03:31
KcajI has corroupted packages03:31
ubottuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", only for Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers03:31
Kcajhw fix??03:31
IndyGunFreaksn9_: ok, whatever03:31
cthulinuxhey can someone help with a problem? i just patched up to 7.10 and now when my gui loads the images are all wavey, and if i can accually loging (can't see the prompts) the screen goes normal untill my gui fully loads then is all waves incluing the wallpaper, any clues as to the cause, fix? please?03:31
koolranchwhat does sudo mv do?03:31
=== e-jat_ is now known as e-jat
Kcaj was installing updated and system died, now I have no top or bottom bar in gnome, and can't get them back03:31
sn9_koolranch: move/rename03:31
plikgives you permission to move it there03:32
ubottudpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.03:32
Guirihmm that doesn't help03:32
Kcajsome guy told me to press alt+f2, lol took me out of the system entirely and couldn't get back to gnome03:32
IndyGunFreakkoolranch: doesn't really doa nything less you put some more stuff after it03:32
KcajI did dpkg but it said it couldn't keep running, was failed03:32
koolranchI haven't installed the file yet03:32
SeveredCrossKcaj: That's weird, Alt-F2 should've given you the "Run Application" prompt.03:32
koolranchso I don't have anything to put after the sudo mv command03:32
SeveredCrossCtrl-Alt-F2 should bring you to a VT (virtual terminal) which is probably where you got.03:32
djhashcthulinux: you need to fix your resolution.. it probably went on too high.. or you have improper refresh rate03:32
KcajI couldn't switch back after03:32
BillllFlash Media Encoder 2.5 <--- this supported by ubuntu? If not what type of flash encoders can I get for ubuntu?03:33
VersionZeroI just started using ubuntu a few days ago and I love it03:33
Kcajis there a keyboard shortcut to open a new terminal, without switching out of gnome?03:33
cthulinuxokay i can get to terminal, how to i do it from there?03:33
KcajI need further support for dpkg to fix brokenness03:33
KcajI tried to fix from recovery mode03:33
Kcajand it said errors instead of just fixing it03:33
sn9_Kcaj: just keep pressing alt-left arrow until you get back to gnome03:33
plikkoolranch: what are you trying to install, and more importantly HOW03:33
cintaqhi all03:33
Kcajsn9: it brought me back, instead to a command terminal03:33
Kcajwhen I alt+F103:33
cintaqi'm from indonesia03:33
KcajIt had a ton of text in it03:33
koolranchI'm trying to install the emusic player03:33
koolranchfor emusic.com03:33
koolranchand I've used chmod to open the installer03:33
cintaqanybody know about setting HSF Modem Connexant on Ubuntu?03:34
koolranchand it's asking for a file destination, and I heard that it was good to put files in /usr/local/bin03:34
ubottuUbuntu has awesome release codenames. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames for more03:34
KcajWhat is the command again to dpkg --fix some stuff?03:34
sn9_Kcaj: are you on a laptop or something?03:34
KcajYes, actually.03:34
sn9_cintaq: use dell's driver03:34
djhash!prefix | cthulinux03:35
ubottucthulinux: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:35
drashkoolranch: that's a good spot for anything 3d party yes03:35
L815anyone know why my front laptop fan seems to work during the live cd, but not when installed?03:35
koolranchUbuntu won't let me put a file there though03:35
sn9_Kcaj: some laptop keyboards are weird about use of the Fn key03:35
BillllFlash Media Encoder 2.5 <--- this supported by ubuntu? If not what type of flash encoders can I get for ubuntu?03:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about djhash03:35
plikkoolranch: sudo make install is probably what you want03:35
djhashcthulinux: <--- do this..03:35
cthulinuxlol how?03:35
plikbut you should follow any instructions that came with it...03:36
djhashcthulinux:  type dj{then tab}03:36
IndyGunFreak!tab | cthulinux03:36
ubottucthulinux: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:36
plikor learn about how to build and install software (google knows)03:36
koolranchplik, do I type the directory name after "sudo make install?"03:36
IndyGunFreakdjhash: if he tabs just dj, he gets someone else..lol03:36
cthulinuxi am on pegin\03:36
sn9_koolranch: no03:36
plikno, the make file will have everything in it03:36
drone_p2p cleint03:36
djhash!pm | cthulinux03:36
cthulinux!pm djhash03:37
Billllhey i need a flash encoder so I can broadcast my fishtank live on justin.tv03:37
ubottucthulinux: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.03:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pm djhash03:37
cintaqanybody using acer aspire 4920???03:37
cintaqplease  share with me03:37
sn9_Billll: openlaszlo03:37
djhashubottu needs a reboot!!!03:37
ubottudjhash: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:37
IndyGunFreakubottu:  is fine, its user malfunction03:37
ubottuIndyGunFreak: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:37
jm2klooking at Hardware Drivers, i notice Atheros driver is supported by "no in use", how do i go on to use the wireless?03:38
sn9_jm2k: is it built-in?03:38
jm2ksn9_: yes03:38
IndyGunFreakjm2k: dependson the wireless device, google your device and you'll probably find tons of info.03:38
Billllsn9_: thank you03:38
sn9_jm2k: there might be a switch or button for it03:39
koolranchthat's still not working for me, plik03:39
jm2kIndyGunFreak: been to the edge of the web and back and no solution yet. tried with madwifi to reconfigure but nothing either.03:39
IndyGunFreakjm2k: whats your wireless device03:39
drashkoolranch: are you actually compiling that emusic player ? or is it a script ?03:39
XiresXorg is constantly taking up over 90% CPU resources whenever a video is played using any video player..is this a known problem in Xorg??03:39
noobalertWHY CANT I RUN MYSQLD03:40
IndyGunFreaknoobalert: first thought is you're doing something wrong03:40
noobalerti have considered that03:40
koolranchI'm not sure03:40
koolranchhere's the error message the installer gives me:  The directory /usr/local/bin is not writable by the current use03:40
djhashcthulinux: i'll make it simple for you #1: Keep sentences to one line. dont keep using enter #2: Use "nickname: your message" when speaking to someone specifically. this is a large channel and things can get lost. #3: Do not private message people without asking for permission. #4: dont ask a question to ask a question like "can someone help me?".. just ask the question u want help in. #5: we can all read lower case too...03:40
noobalertbut its not working, thats the way you do it03:40
jm2kIndyGunFreak:  Atheros AR5212 802.11abg NIC03:40
noobalertmoney for nothing and my OS was free03:40
sn9_koolranch: sudo make install03:41
koolranchwhat do I type after that?03:41
koolranchjust that?03:41
Jmanhow do i install rpm files03:41
drashkoolranch: than you're not compiling, the command that was given about sudo make install won't do anything usefull for you03:41
Jmanwhat package is needed03:41
noobalert mysql start03:41
noobalertERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)03:41
noobalertis the error03:41
amenadonoobalert-> have you done a tutorial on mysql yet? if not, please do, many are available03:41
IndyGunFreakjm2k: what version of ubuntu are you using?03:41
koolranchhow do I make that directory writeable?03:41
djhashJman: rpms are RedHat Linux packages.. you need .deb for ubuntu.03:41
noobalertwell for me i dont even want a DB, i want mythtv and it wants to install mysql03:41
jm2kIndyGunFreak: 8.0403:41
Jman.deb package?03:42
IndyGunFreakjm2k: did you look at the madwifi homepage?03:42
jm2kIndyGunFreak: yes03:42
z662can someone tell me where to find a good tutorial on setting up an irc server on ubuntu server 8.04, or what documentation to read???03:42
djhashJman: .deb as is Debian.. which what ubuntu is based on.03:42
sn9_IndyGunFreak: jm2k has a very screwed up system where apt doesn't see the kernel03:42
amenadokoolranch-> try to understand file permisions which includes directories03:42
djhashcthulinux: sorry for the delay.. you said you are in terminal?03:42
koolranchI've tried to read up some on permissions, and I may just be misreading my information, but I've only found out how to change the permissions for files and not directories, amenado03:43
IndyGunFreakjm2k: wellt hen i woudl address that first.03:43
jm2ksn9_: i wouldnt call it too "screwed up" ;)03:43
Jmanhmm shouldnt it show up when i install to unpackage right away03:43
amenadonoobalert-> well try to understand why you think mythtv needs a database..(to store movie channels?)03:43
cthulinuxcannot seem to PM03:43
sn9_koolranch: it's the same03:43
IndyGunFreakcthulinux: becase you're not registered03:43
enderbeanI'm setting up a webapplication, how would you restrict its access to specific directories? Is there a way to set up permissions for a particular app/proccess?03:43
cthulinuxthat would do it03:43
drashkoolranch: it is writeable already, but not for the regular user, i wouldn't mess with those permissions just to install an mp3player that's closed source (just my opinion) .. can't you download those from emusic and play them in a regular ubuntu supported player ?03:43
Kcajdpkg: parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/updates/0115' near line 1:03:43
Kcaj newline in field name `#padding'03:43
KcajThat is my error, btw when running dpkg --configure -a03:43
amenadokoolranch-> then continue on with your tutorial reading, you'd soon discovery about the permissions on directories03:44
KcajI have a feeling dpkg is permanently broken. Any suggestions?03:44
KcajI tried google for a while now, no help, even some things that helped other users03:44
amenadoKcaj-> come again? dpkg is broken?03:44
djhashcthulinux: please scroll up.. i've sent you a paragraph of rules to go by in here.. please read it..03:44
jm2kIndyGunFreak: like i've addressed before, upgraded to Hardy while back, system+wireless okay, then 2 weeks ago it stopped working after doing a package update.03:44
koolranchwhy wouldn't you change the permission for that, drash?03:44
KcajYes, dpkg is broken.03:44
IndyGunFreakjm2k: really don't know to be truthful..03:45
amenadoKcaj-> on what grounds you make such claims?03:45
KcajI was updating and the machine completely died, now I am stuck with this... gnome has no kind of task bars, and synaptic wont start (obviously since dpkg is broken)03:45
cthulinuxwell thanks a bunch going back to windows kids03:45
KcajLook at what I just pasted, lol03:45
sn9_!hi | drone_03:45
ubottudrone_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:45
amenadoKcaj-> did you do a man dpkg to look at the correct options?03:45
ubunubiis there an easy way add custom locations to the "places"(the one that lists all your filesystems currently mounted) menu in gnome?03:45
jm2kIndyGunFreak: yea i know, its kool. i'll just keep asking.03:45
Jmanjust when i think i knew how to work ubuntu it hits me in the nuts again03:45
IndyGunFreakwell at least he's gone03:45
Kcajdpkg --configure -a   is what it tells me to run.03:45
djhashyou know i'm GLAD he's gone back to windows.. we don't like him using linux anyways.. can't even follow simple instructions.03:46
IndyGunFreakjm2k: asking the same thing over and over, you're likely gonna get the same answer, over and over...03:46
sn9_!anyone | drone_03:46
Jmanhow do i install flash plugin from website right off the bat03:46
ubottudrone_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:46
amenadoKcaj-> try the --reconfigure  instead of --configure03:46
drashkoolranch: the whole concept of secure file systems is based on certain restrictions on permissions, if you decide to change those to be world writeable you open up a whole can of worms03:46
IndyGunFreakdjhash: well, new users need to understand.. 1. use the package manager until you're comfortable w/ how things work, then move on to compiling, etc.03:46
koolranchdrash, is there no way for me to make the directory writeable for me and not the world?03:47
Kcaj--reconfigure -a? Or just --reconfigure?03:47
amenadoKcaj actually its dpkg-reconfigure03:47
theacolyteSo, if Emerald handles the titlebar theme, what handles the color for say, panels, menus, etc?03:47
KcajRegular gnome03:47
theacolyteso GDM?03:47
djhashIndyGunFreak: yeah i know.. but seriously.. i am impatient.. but their impatience superceeds mine... lol..03:47
Kcajlol dude03:47
Kcajdpkg-reconfigure takes a package as an arguement03:48
=== waditra is now known as gerrard
noobalertamenado, it says i need to run mysql as root03:48
KcajIt doesn't "reconfigure" dpkg.03:48
noobalertsudo isnt the same as root is it03:48
noobalerthow do u root in ubuntu03:48
Kcajnoobalert: sudo mysql03:48
noobalertoh sudo IS root? ok03:48
Kcajsudo = super user DO03:48
Kcajsudo is "you" with your password checked... lol03:48
noobalertgrr there is like 0 on google about this error03:48
gerrardyup, sudo === root03:48
KcajOnce done in a terminal though, shouldn't ask again03:49
drashkoolranch: sure, but i thought you needed to install a player, i'm just not comfortable with a service that wants you to install a player for something as common as mp3, there's loads of open source players for that with ubuntu support03:49
amenadoKcaj  per man dkpg-reconfigure   you can  sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a03:49
noobalerthas anyone googled ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)03:49
noobalertits forums full of 0 answers03:49
Jmanthis is the most un user friendly os ive ever jumped into lolz03:50
noobalerteven the mysql forum03:50
Painlessnoobalert: is mysqld started?  try: sudo /etc/init.d/mysqld start03:50
koolranchI see03:50
noobalertsame error by absolute path03:50
* plik passes Jman an OpenBSD iso03:50
amenadoJman you ought to try mainframes :P03:50
FuRomIs there any programs for ubuntu that allow me to access websites like a cell phone would? I'm a web designer, and I'm trying to make a mobile phone compatible website for people to use. I saw MidBrowser in the synaptic package manager, and it doesn't really seem like what you'd expect from a cell phone browser.03:50
Jmani jst want to install flash player03:51
noobalertPainless, sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start* Starting MySQL database server mysqld03:51
djhashJman: go to adobe's website.. click on get flash player.. then install it..03:51
Jmanbut i have to download 20 different programs and go into terminal and execute this and that im feeling pretty dumb03:51
Jmanyea i did that but it bring up default manager03:51
Painlessnoobalert: that was your problem... the daemon wasn't started03:51
amenadoFuRom-> have you tried to google for WAP webrowsers  yet?03:51
Jmanso therefore all its want me to do is extract it03:51
noobalertpainless that ends in [Fail]03:51
plikJman: go to youtube, click a video , click get plug-in, wait, restaer firefox03:51
Painlessnoobalert: error message?03:52
djhashJman: what browser are you using?03:52
noobalertno err by that path but only error when starting it by name ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)03:52
noobalertis it logging the error somewhere?03:52
amenadoplik-> thats assuming he's got the latest firefox..i dont think that process works for older ones03:52
IndyGunFreakJman: are you using 64bit?03:52
djhashJman: go here.. http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash&promoid=BUIGP03:52
Jmani just downloaded the flash plugin03:52
Jmani havent installed it03:52
FuRomamenado, umm, no I haven't. I'm a totally newbie with cell phone web browsing.03:52
Jmanthats the issue im sorta having here03:52
djhashJman: where did you download it from?03:53
Jmanthe website03:53
amenadoFuRom well you have plenty or reading to do, look around for WAP..or whatever the new name is for it03:53
FuRomamenado, in other words, I didn't even know what to google for except "cell phone web browser" which got me nothing03:53
djhashJman: you got the wrong one03:53
IndyGunFreakJman: why are you downloading rpms?03:53
Jmanim new as hell to ubuntu03:53
FuRomamenado, thanks, I'm already all over it03:53
IndyGunFreakJman: all the more reason you should be nstalling things the right way, as opposed to making it harder on yourself.03:53
amenadoFuRom being a web designer, you ought to know  the lingo...:P03:54
IndyGunFreakJman: are you using 32bit or 64bit ubuntu03:54
noobalertpainless no err by that path but only error when starting it by name ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) is it logging somewhere03:54
nikonadictkhey why can someone users not loginto my vsftpd server???03:54
PorkSodaOk, any reason not to upgrade to 8.04 at present? :)03:54
Jmani think 32 bit03:54
PorkSodaI was putting it off for a while03:54
Tourkneyyyi have trouble with fluxubuntu's screen resolution option03:54
IndyGunFreakJman: then it should install just like Windows... go to youtube, add missing plugins, install, then restart firefox.03:54
Jmanbut when i go to install its just giving me the archive manager03:55
Jmanand letting me extract03:55
djhashIndyGunFreak: thank you i completely forgot about that..03:55
Jmanno installation03:55
djhashJman: FORGET about what you downloaded.. DELETE IT03:55
drashPorkSoda: not really, unless you're running an exotic machine that needs bleeding edge packages03:55
greeghow do i move a picture in kolourpaint?03:55
djhashJman: go to youtube..03:55
IndyGunFreakJman: opena  terminal (Applications/Accessories/terminal) and type this w/o quotes.. "uname -a"   and paste the output here03:55
nikonadictkcan someone please help me figure out why certain users canot log into my vsfptd server?03:55
greegsimilar to the hand tool in mspaint.03:55
IndyGunFreakdjhash: i bet youa  buffalo nickel he's using 64bit03:55
Painlessnoobalert: when you originally installed the mysql deb package, did you get any errors?03:55
greegi want to shift the whole picture, some some of it falls off the stage.03:55
djhashIndyGunFreak: i'm with you03:56
PorkSodadrash, Cool, I'm going to go for it. :)03:56
greegnow if kolourpaint can't do this, than i must say this linux stuff is rather pathetic.03:56
rsysnoobalert: do yo already start mysql server ?03:56
Jmanyea it says select a version03:56
Tourkneyyywho wanna help me ?03:56
Jmanfor adobe flash03:56
Painlessrsys: from what he's saying, the server startup is failing03:56
noobalertpainless i was installing mythtv by aptget which started the mysql install03:56
drashPorkSoda: are you on gutsy right now or installing ubuntu the first time ?03:56
IndyGunFreakJman: select adobe flash player, don't choose gnash.03:56
Painlessnoobalert: ok, but did you see any errors?03:56
nikonadictkanyone wanna help me find out why some only SOME users can use vsftpd??? I think its a pretty straightforward questions? thnx in advance03:57
PorkSodaNo, not first time. I"m on gutsy.03:57
djhashIndyGunFreak: crossing fingers...03:57
noobalertwhat is it alone apt-get mysqld?03:57
MethodmanRDMis there anyway to get natilaus to have the "open terminal here" command, like in xubuntu?03:57
MethodmanRDM*like in thunar03:57
IndyGunFreakJman: stop linking us to that, i don't care.03:57
Painlessnoobalert: 'apg-get install mysql-server'03:57
Jmansorry just showing you03:57
Painlesswhoops... 'apt-get'03:57
PorkSodaI heard on 8.04 having certain networking problems etc03:57
IndyGunFreakJman: are you going to follow instructions or not?03:57
drashPorkSoda: in that case you shouldn't encounter any problems, quite the opposite, goodluck :)03:57
djhashJman: what's with the link?!03:58
rsysi got that kind of error when I try to connect to mysql server.03:58
IndyGunFreakJman: go to youtube.com and yous hould get a popup to install missing plug ins... click install.03:58
IndyGunFreakdjhash: when hes' clciking on a video, its telling him flash is not found, and it links to that site03:58
* PorkSoda holds his breath.03:58
* PorkSoda upgrades*03:58
KcajOH MAN!03:58
Jmanbut you dont understand i dont!03:58
KcajI found a fix!!! :D I deleted everything in updates for dpkg, and then I had a problem with dpkg available, so I did a dpkg --clear-avail03:59
noobalertmy boss paid nearly 14k for mssql entrp today, and i see why MYSQL is a pain03:59
Kcajand now it is sooo working I think03:59
amenado!who | Jman03:59
ubottuJman: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:59
dr_WillisI just install the 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' package to get flash going..03:59
KcajI've moved so many companies from MSSQL to MySQL ;) haha03:59
IndyGunFreakJman: then again, please listen... open a terminal.. (Applications/Accessories/Terminal), and type this w/o quotes. "uname -a" and paste the output here.. make sure there's a space before -03:59
djhashnoobalert: I paid $0 for mysql.. i know why I'm never getting mssql03:59
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:59
rsysjust open your teminal than type "/etc/init.d/mysqld status "03:59
nikonadictklease can someone help me figure out why some user can only use vsftpd and others canot login.... please04:00
amenadonoobalert-> no time to hit the books on mssql if you want to impress your boss04:00
Lunkshow's a quick way of seeing how much space is free on my partitions?04:00
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines04:00
IndyGunFreakLunks: fdisk -l   df maybe04:00
amenadonoobalert-> now* its time to hit the books on mssql if you want to impress your boss04:00
rsyslunks, open terminal type " df -h"04:00
JmanLinux jman-desktop 2.6.24-19-generic #1 SMP Wed Jun 18 14:43:41 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux04:00
drashLunks: df04:00
IndyGunFreakJman: ok, you're using 32bit.04:01
noobalertim not doing the sql04:01
noobalerthell no we hire people for that04:01
npopeYou guys see Best Buy is selling Ubuntu now04:01
Jmanim sorry i seem like a newb04:01
amenadonoobalert-> there you go,04:01
IndyGunFreakJman: so now the question is, why can't you install flash, like 99% of other Linux users?04:01
Jmanim tryin my ass off to work with this04:01
IndyGunFreakJman: you don't seem like one...04:01
IndyGunFreakyou are one04:01
amenado!who | Jman04:01
ubottuJman: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:01
fuln#topic today04:01
Jmanwhat is !tab04:02
fulnhai guys???04:02
noobalert mysql-server depends on mysql-server-5.0; however:04:02
noobalert  Package mysql-server-5.0 is not configured yet.04:02
noobalertdpkg: error processing mysql-server (--configure):04:02
noobalert sounds easy enough, fail pending04:02
Tourkneyyyi am using fluxubuntu distro . when i lower the resolution under 1280X1043 then i need to slide mouse to see icons - (it thinks i have a 19 inch monitor - though its 17 )  -- the desktop can be seen "fit" on screen in only 1280 x 1024 resolution,  however i want to use 800 x 600 !  how will i set this ?04:02
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots04:02
djhashJman: if you just listen to us.. and DONT make assumptions.. you'll be done in 1 minute04:02
sn9_!tab | Jman04:02
ubottuJman: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.04:02
ShoopufJman: I installed flash (in Gnome Ubuntu) by going to the "Add/Remove" option in the Applications menu, typing "flash" in the search, and installing the "Macromedia Flash plugin"04:02
IndyGunFreaklol, i'm sure that will work04:03
nikonadictkanyone wanna help me find out why some only SOME users can use vsftpd??? I think its a pretty straightforward questions? thnx in advance.. sorry to bother you guys agan04:03
Tourkneyyy1280x 1043= 1280 x 102404:03
djhashIndyGunFreak: i can't see how that could go wrong..04:03
IndyGunFreakdjhash: hmm, i have nothing nice to say... so..04:03
Tourkneyyyam using fluxubuntu distro . when i lower the resolution under 1280X1043 then i need to slide mouse to see icons - (it thinks i have a 19 inch monitor - though its 17 )  -- the desktop can be seen "fit" on screen in only 1280 x 1024 resolution,  however i want to use 800 x 600 !  how will i set this ?04:03
=== fukkass is now known as toiletwater
Painlessnoobalert: try a 'dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.0'04:04
amenadonoobalert-> i know you're having a hard time installing mythtv, have you tried any of the tutorials on how to install such on ubuntu?04:04
IndyGunFreakdjhash: like i said, i'mc urious why he can't install Flash like everyone else..04:04
ShoopufJman: Did you try installing Flash via the way I mentioned above?04:04
Jmanshootpuf: uea04:04
conduit4salehi i have a broadcom bcm4813 and i cant get the wireless working.  the wireless card is detected by no networks are showing up04:04
Jmanshoopuf: yea doing it now04:04
ShoopufJman: Also, have you installed all the latest updates from Update Manager?04:04
sn9_conduit4sale: i thought it was 431804:05
ShoopufJman: OK04:05
amenadonikonadictk-> look for a vsftp  config file, also look for tutorials on how to install vsftp04:05
Jmanshoopuf: um i only installed what came up when i first open up this os04:05
conduit4saleerr yeah 431804:05
noobalertdpkg messes up a lot i notice04:05
sn9_conduit4sale: you rebooted, right?04:05
Tourkneyyyam using fluxubuntu distro . when i lower the resolution under 1280X1024 then i need to slide mouse to see icons - (it thinks i have a 19 inch monitor - though its 17 )  -- the desktop can be seen "fit" on screen in only 1280 x 1024 resolution,  however i want to use 800 x 600 !  how will i set this ?04:05
conduit4salesn9: yeah04:05
noobalertbut it beats the bsd file system04:05
Rudyque onda04:05
sn9_conduit4sale: and the firmware was installed?04:05
Painlessnoobalert: did you try that command?04:05
conduit4salesn9: i installed the fwcutter but it didnt work do i need to find some windows driver too?04:05
=== Rudy is now known as Guest94675
nikonadictkamenado I have been doing that, and I set in the config file for vsftpd to allow local users to login, and 2 of  my local users can but the rest cannot... I need the others to wrk too.... thnx for noticing me bud!04:05
LeefmcQuestion: Is there a way to update a computer via terminal? I want to upgrade and patch my remote comp, without logging into x04:06
noobalertpainless, /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: mysql-server-5.0 is broken or not fully installed04:06
Guest94675who speak spanish?04:06
sn9_conduit4sale: when it asked to fetch, did you say yes, or no?04:06
Ahadiel!es | Guest9467504:06
ubottuGuest94675: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:06
conduit4salesn9: yes04:06
FlannelLeefmc: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:06
djhashLeefmc: yes... apt-get can do it all for you..04:06
Tourkneyyyi am using fluxubuntu distro . when i lower the resolution under 1280X1024 then i need to slide mouse to see icons - (it thinks i have a 19 inch monitor - though its 17 )  -- the desktop can be seen "fit" on screen in only 1280 x 1024 resolution,  however i want to use 800 x 600 !  how will i set this ?04:06
MiescoI put my SD card in my laptop, how do I access it?04:06
Guest94675como pueso abrirlo04:06
LeefmcFlannel: dist-upgrade is the actually installation of the patches?04:06
conduit4salesn9: i tried ndiswrapper afterwards but it didnt work either.  should i remove that?04:07
sn9_conduit4sale: and you were connected to the internet at the time?04:07
FlannelLeefmc: not patches, but new versions of packages, yes.04:07
Painlessnoobalert: ok, try 'aptitude reinstall mysql-server-5.0'04:07
Painlessnoobalert: with 'sudo' in front04:07
conduit4salesn9: i was connected to the internet through ethernet04:07
BeepIIOk, so I installed the wrong driver for my video card. now it's extremely unstable. . .04:07
noobalerti love some linux file names [=04:07
BeepIIhow do I get rid of it?04:07
rsysLeefmc, "sudo aptitude full-upgrade"04:07
amenadonikonadictk-> you meant anonymous users?04:07
sn9_conduit4sale: and the download failed?04:07
LeefmcFlannel: So if patches are released, how do you update them?04:07
Leefmcrsys: OO04:07
conduit4salesn9: download worked.  networks didnt show up04:07
FlannelLeefmc: You mean like upstream patches?04:07
plikLeefmc: sudo aptitude update   first04:07
noobalertwhat is aptitude in relation to apt04:07
Leefmcplik: Yea04:07
sn9_conduit4sale: oh, i thought you said the firmware download failed04:08
nikonadictkamenado what do you mean? I disabled anonymouse users becaue I want all my users to authenticate themselves iwth their local accounts on the machine04:08
=== Guest94675 is now known as Arnold27
Painlessnoobalert: its a prettier front end04:08
LeefmcFlannel: Not sure, but simply patches to the OS, etc. (Not like an update to rhythmbox, which i dont even care about)04:08
Flannelnoobalert: apt-get and aptitude are both frontends to apt, so is synaptic, adept, update-manager, etc04:08
Painlessnoobalert: like synaptic, but console based04:08
sn9_conduit4sale: are you sure the wifi isn't simply turned off?04:08
conduit4salesn9: nah the dl worked im pretty sure the package was installed smoothly04:08
Tourkneyyy: i am using fluxubuntu distro . when i lower the resolution under 1280X1024 then i need to slide mouse to see icons - (it thinks i have a 19 inch monitor - though its 17 )  -- the desktop can be seen "fit" on screen in only 1280 x 1024 resolution,  however i want to use 800 x 600 !  how will i set this ?04:08
amenadonikonadictk-> paste in pastebin your vsftp  config file..lets see what we can shed04:08
FlannelLeefmc: I'm not sure what you're asking (and I'm not sure you do either).  Like, a new kernel? or what?04:08
burnerspeaking of update to rhythmbox... does anyone have a ppa with rhythmbox 0.11.6 debs?04:09
Flannel!repeat | Tourkneyyy04:09
ubottuTourkneyyy: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:09
conduit4salesn9: i tried fn f204:09
=== rudy_ is now known as Guest4624
sn9_conduit4sale: does the light come on?04:09
=== mac-p200 is now known as macgyverdgi
ShinjinAkageCan someone help me install fable under wine. I followed directions in one of the posts on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=521185 and copied all the files from a windows instalation into my wine folder then exported the three registry files it said I needed. When I try to import them nothing happens and the program still wont run. Any suggestions?04:09
LeefmcFlannel: Basically any type of patch that is for ubuntu, not a specific program in ubuntu (rhythmbox for example)04:09
conduit4salesn9 no04:09
BeepIISomebody know how to uninstall the openchrome driver?04:09
LeefmcFlannel: And yes, i am obviously confused hehe04:09
FlannelLeefmc: Ubuntu doesn't use a patch system, the repositories get new versions of packages, which you download and install04:09
ShoopufShinjinAkage: #winehq might be more suitable for your question.04:10
LeefmcFlannel: Well i consider those patches heh, but anyway, year04:10
ShinjinAkageOkay, thanks04:10
sn9_conduit4sale: some laptops need special acpi drivers for wifi to work by any method04:10
FlannelLeefmc: and those commands will do it for all packages installed on your system.  Which is easier for you than picking and choosing packages.  If you really just want a subset, you could manually pick and choose packages, but its easier to just update everything04:10
trashguyanyone have a problem with flash and no sound?04:10
conduit4salesn9: what is that and where can i get it04:11
codyt07Hello, does anyone know how to improve sound quality on 64 bit ubuntu?04:11
conduit4salesn9: also the wireless worked on xp prior to switching to ubuntu04:11
BeepIIShould I just reformat or is there a better way?04:11
sn9_conduit4sale: different laptops need different ones04:11
chalcedonywhere are better chat clients than pidgin that will support yahoo?04:11
LeefmcFlannel: Oh i have no problem updating everything, i just didnt know if there was a difference between an update for "rhythmbox" and an update for .. ubuntu. Though i spose perhaps the confusion here is that there are no updates for "ubuntu" since ubuntu is just a collection of things?04:11
drashBeepII: sudo apt-get remove xserver-xorg-video-openchrome04:12
IndyGunFreakchalcedony: i think there's one called gyachi, but i don't know if its better than pidgin04:12
FlannelLeefmc: Nope, kernels and other things all get updated in the same manner.  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade will take care of it for you04:12
chalcedonyIndyGunFreak: they want me to compile my own pidgin upgrade. i think, given my abilites that would be a really bad idea.04:12
LeefmcFlannel: Gotcha, thanks. Sorry for the confusion04:12
BeepIIThanks Drash04:12
IndyGunFreakchalcedony: why do you need to compile pidgin?...04:13
noobalertpainless, Reloading AppArmor profiles : done.04:13
noobalert * Starting MySQL database server mysqld                                 [fail]04:13
noobalertinvoke-rc.d: initscript mysql, action "start" failed.04:13
noobalertdpkg: error processing mysql-server-5.0 (--configure):04:13
noobalert subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 104:13
noobalertdpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of mysql-server:04:13
FloodBot2noobalert: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:13
FlannelLeefmc: no problem.04:13
sn9_conduit4sale: well, which one is it?04:13
pist0l-fishhi there. I am using Bluetooth Manager on my machine and for some reason am unable to do anything with my phone. Is this because the phone could be riddled with proprietary protocols? I have a Samsung with Telus (and Telus sure loves money)04:13
rsysnoobalert, can you at the logfile what the cause of the error ?04:13
Painlessnoobalert: hmm04:13
noobalertpainless it has tried recoving04:13
noobalertfailed and now is doing something04:13
chalcedony: There are issues with ICQ - which are fixed in Pidgin 2.4.3 (If you compile from source, please uninstall your old version first.) || Use Pidgin 2.4.3 |04:14
spoon_man!cn | zengxin04:14
ubottuzengxin: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk04:14
noobalertlooks like starting over04:14
chalcedonyIndyGunFreak: mine isnt working .. guessing that's the upgrade04:14
IndyGunFreakchalcedony: compiling pidgin is really quite simple.04:14
LeefmcApparently a [y/n]? Box means "Yes, No, or Nothing==Yes".04:14
Painlessnoobalert: anything in /var/log/aptitude ?04:14
=== oh_so_ethical is now known as Carbon_life
noobalertit ended with done04:15
sn9_Leefmc: nothing == which ever one is capitalized04:15
Leefmcsn9_: Ah, thanks for the info04:15
chalcedonyIndyGunFreak: hmm?04:15
IndyGunFreakchalcedony: type this w/o quotes and i'll talk you through compiling pidgin.. "/join #indygunfreak"04:15
Leefmcsn9_: I didnt press the n key hard enough, and hit enter by accident, and just had apt-get tromp all over my custom compiles. Damnit heh04:15
FlannelLeefmc: you should put compiled software in /usr/local/04:16
Jmanwhy can i not use Extra high graphic settings04:16
Jmani have a 512 ati radeon04:16
LeefmcFlannel: Why? I put it into my /home/.somecustomdir04:16
Painlesschalcedony: not the chalcedony I knew from nixhelp, perchance?04:16
sn9_Jman: which one?04:16
FlannelLeefmc: Er... that'll work too.  But apt shouldn't touch that.04:16
LeefmcFlannel: Will that stop apt-get from ruining my work? heh, as it is it just deleted hours of my work heh04:16
FlannelLeefmc: What did it ruin?04:17
ShoopufJman: Did you already install your ATI drivers? I think it should prompt you to install it through "System Menu > Administration Menu > Hardware Drivers"04:17
LeefmcFlannel: ffmpeg04:17
=== spoon_man is now known as [Iggy]
Jmanshoop nope i sure didnt yet04:17
FlannelLeefmc: ffmpeg was in your homedir?04:17
LeefmcFlannel: Yes04:17
ShoopufJman: Also which "settings" are you talking about? Where do you find these settings you want to change?04:17
Jmanthank you shoop04:17
red22anyone know how to get firefox to play videos on tudou.com?04:17
LeefmcFlannel: I compiled it04:17
FlannelLeefmc: then apt-get shouldn't have touched it.04:17
Jmannever mind shoop: i found it04:17
Jmanthank you04:17
theacolytewhat's a good place to find color themes for panels/menu's etc?04:17
noobalertpainless, [REINSTALL] mysql-server-5.004:17
noobalert[UNCONFIGURED] mysql-server04:17
LeefmcFlannel: perhaps it was just references, not sure. Either way its broken now heh04:17
sn9_Shoopuf: Apperance -> Desktop Effects04:17
Painlessnoobalert: ok, this is a long shot, but try doing 'sudo aptitude reinstall mysql-server'04:18
LeefmcFlannel: And i dont have the time to deal with it. I was told that "aptitude hold" would protect it, but it didnt. Argh04:18
FlannelLeefmc: If you've changed symlinks, you may have to resymlink them, yes.04:18
Painlesschalcedony: :) ltns04:18
KcajI had a process that will not kill (synaptic). I can't see it.04:18
sn9_conduit4sale: well, which one is it?04:18
Jmanone more question and ill stop pestering you experts lolz, how to i bring windows xp with is on another side of my harddrive into ubuntu interface04:18
KcajHow to kill it? I have to reinstall ubuntu-desktop and need to kill synaptic, but it just will not die04:18
nikonanyone wanna help me find out why some only SOME users can use vsftpd??? I think its a pretty straightforward questions? thnx in advance04:18
coolasjonhow can I add higher/more screen resolutions in Hardy? Is 640x480 the best I can get?04:18
chalcedonyWONDERFUL to see you!!04:18
ShoopufWhat's the package called to manually adjust the graphical settings ("Advanced Desktop Effect Settings" but don't know the package name)04:18
mneptoknikon: sudo killall synaptic04:18
__yyKcaj: do sudo killall synaptic04:18
KcajIs there an easy way, actually, to umm just reset gnome to default settings?04:19
sn9_Shoopuf: simple-ccsm04:19
drashtheacolyte: www.gnome-look.org is one place for themes and wallpaers etc.04:19
SeveredCrossKcaj: rm -rf ~/.config/04:19
wuxiais there a program i can run to set the transparency level ofther windows?04:19
KcajTrue, then restart?04:19
Shoopufsn9_: thanks04:19
SeveredCrossAnd probably ~/.gnome/ and ~/.gnome2/04:19
nikonmneptok ??04:19
Painlesschalcedony: havent seen you on nixhelp for a long time04:19
Jmanwhere do i learn these terminal commands04:19
noobalertpainless, is it at all possible i am behind a firewall from hell, i cannot connect anything localhost04:19
SeveredCrossKcaj: Actually, probably don't need to remove all of ~/.config/04:19
coolasjonhow can I add higher/more screen resolutions in Hardy? Is 640x480 the best I can get? please help04:19
SeveredCrossKcaj: Start by removing ~/.gnome/ and ~/.gnome2/ ~/.gnome2-private/04:19
joshman_newbhelp i need help with ubuntu mbr04:19
Painlessnoobalert: I dont think thats the problem, something is going wrong in the package installation04:19
mneptoknikon: sorry, wrong nick04:19
wuxiai'm not running compiz -- is there somether program i can run to set how dimmed out windows appear? (i don'teed transparency; just for certain windows to be dimmed out)04:19
coolasjonhow can I add higher/more screen resolutions in Hardy? Is 640x480 the best I can get?04:20
chalcedonyPainless: i went there a fwe times but didn't see friends04:20
joshman_newbi made a mistake of installing windows04:20
chalcedonyi'll go back :)04:20
joshman_newbi think i corrupted the ubuntu mbr04:20
KcajI removed gnome, gnome 2 and config, now getting ridda gnome2-pricate04:20
LeefmcFlannel: Im still confused though, why didnt the hold work? Why did apt-get stomp all over my work?04:20
joshman_newbcan anybody help me to restore ubuntu mbr?04:20
sn9_coolasjon: should be autodetected04:20
mneptoknikon: in your case, firts question is "why an FTPd?"04:20
KcajNoNow what, ? :D04:20
Painlesschalcedony: it's been quiet lately, simon (morner) succombed to cancer which had a quietning effect :(04:20
osmosishow come there is no package available for Enemy Territory Quake Wars ?04:20
LeefmcFlannel: I understand it wanted to make my system match the repo, but i specifically told it not to heh.04:20
phenobitch<wuxia> i'm not running compiz < < 'compiz' LOL04:20
mneptoknikon: FTP doing something for you that SFTP can't?04:20
sn9_!grub | joshman_newb04:20
ubottujoshman_newb: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:20
KcajJust log back in, i assume and gnome should be a fixed er upper? :D04:21
chalcedonyPainless: ohhhhh i'm so sorry to hear that04:21
mneptokphenobitch: fancy a nick change?04:21
coolasjonsee I can't tell if it is my graphic card or my monitor04:21
LeefmcFlannel: Bah, yea it farked it all up. Sob.04:21
nikonmneptok I am having the same problem with SFTP.. I cannot login with the same users into SFTP... if you could help me figure this out that would be GREEEEEATTT because I'd rather run SFTP mneptok THATS WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT04:21
LeefmcFlannel: Damn i hate how you have to custom compile ffmpeg to get h264 use out of it.04:21
coolasjonI just installed Hardy today04:21
mneptoknikon: ssh -vvvvv user@host04:21
Painlesschalcedony: the real biter is that he actually beat the cancer... and pneumonia took him afterwards, too weak to fight it04:21
Shoopufsn9_: Strange, I don't have the simple-ccsm installed yet I still have the "Advanced Desktop Effects Settings" in the Preferences Menu04:21
mneptoknikon: pastebin the output04:22
NickGarveyosmosis: closed/and it's only a demo04:22
coolasjonand Its giving me trouble04:22
phenobitchmneptok not really, i dont see why this channel has a problem with my nick while #freenode and #defocus never mention my nick04:22
NickGarveyosmosis: (closed source that is)04:22
phenobitchis this channel more totalitarian than #freenode mneptok?04:22
dr_WillisLeefmc,  Hmm the medibuntu dont have that built in?04:22
KcajHAHA omg I deleted al the settings04:22
Kcajand still no task bar or bottom bar in gnome :( :(04:22
dr_WillisLeefmc,  err. i mean the one from medibuntu repositories..04:22
sn9_Shoopuf: yes, that's a dependency of simple-ccsm, not vice-versa04:22
drashLeefmc: use the ffmpeg version from medibuntu repo04:22
mneptokphenobitch: mostly because this channel has different rules. one of them is being as "family friendly" as possible04:22
amenadophenobitch-> this is a family friendly channel. please abide by the request of you04:22
mneptokphenobitch: feel free not to comply, as is your right. you may also be removed from the channel, as is our right.04:22
noobalertpainless, that command did nothing, i had to kill terminal now i cannot open a new terminal, fubar?04:23
Leefmcdrash: Not sure i want to, the custom compile one i did has a yasm, etc, and ended up with great speedy results.04:23
Shoopufsn9_: Thanks, I'll grab simple-ccsm04:23
sn9_Shoopuf: i thought you were trying to install it, and that would pull it in04:23
phenobitchi'd rather DIE than change my nick kthanx04:23
noobalerti should mention im on a pentium 2 almost 300mhz04:23
joshman_newbthanks ubottu for help!04:23
mneptokpure class.04:23
coolasjonhow can I add higher/more screen resolutions in Hardy? Is 640x480 the best I can get?04:23
spork969_i have a new program but it requires 16 bit color depth. How do i make it change?04:23
drashLeefmc: ok, no argument there in that case04:23
KcajI srsly am about to crys ;_;04:24
nikonhey mneptok I am trying to do it with cyberduck.. a GUI to the SFTP command, because I am eventually going to just login wtih the Dreamweaver SFTP tool... thnx again bud.. but wjat shold I try now04:24
KcajHow can restore mine top and bottom bars in gnome? google are of no help here, been trying forevers.04:24
mneptoknikon: ssh -vvvvv user@host04:24
mneptoknikon: pastebin the output04:24
Leefmcdrash:  I just gatta recompile and hopefully use a different name so apt-get wont whore me. Ugh. Being a linux moron, it took me forever to get that running, man heh04:24
nickrudspork969 you'd have to define a 16bit color mode in /etc/X11/xorg.conf , then restart X in that mode04:24
Leefmcdrash: Feel like apt-get just kicked me in the nuts.04:24
nikonon the client or the server mneptok04:24
Painlessnoobalert: was just looking back at your message pastes... check out /var/log/messages (near the end) and see if there is anymore detail concerning mysql not starting04:24
mneptoknikon: you can do that in an OSX terminal04:24
mneptoknikon: on the client04:24
nikonmneptok yessir!04:25
sn9_Kcaj: not easy to do04:25
drashLeefmc: strange it would do that actually04:25
FlannelLeefmc: Have you tried the medibuntu ones?04:25
spork969_nickrud, any way for me to have it change to 16 when i run that program, then have it switch back afterwards?04:25
Kcajdpkg and synaptic still don't work04:25
noobalertany clue how to open a new terminal? it starts and dies04:25
LeefmcFlannel: Im going to recompile because the compile i use has yasm in it, which is supposed to make it run much faster04:25
KcajIs there a way, with Ubuntu already installed to just start over?04:25
LeefmcFlannel: Never compared them though04:25
Kcajso dpkg and everything will work again?04:26
nickrudnoobalert also check /var/log/mysql.err and info04:26
KcajI'm just going about to reinstall Jewbuntu altogether04:26
noobalertmy terminal wont open ]=04:26
sn9_Kcaj: there is, but it involves a lot of frustration'04:26
KcajI'll consider this my test install that I horribly crippled04:26
noobalerti guess i will get on windows and ssh04:26
Painlessnoobalert: ! ... try killing X and restarting it04:26
mneptokKcaj: lhit!04:26
osmosisNickGarvey: shouldnt it be in the 'commercial' repository though even if its closed source?  Can the demo still do online play ?04:26
nikonmneptok http://paste.ubuntu.com/26364/04:26
LeefmcFlannel: Though perhaps i should just abandon a bit of speed for sanity. I'm not savvy enough to enjoy compiling my own04:26
NickGarveyosmosis: never played it04:26
mneptokKcaj: it's Hebrew :)04:27
penwhat document font do you guys use?04:27
krsnadasais there a way to make a xterm session all sudo so i don't have to type sudo this sudo that ?04:27
nickrudspork969 no, X doesn't support changing color depth on the fly as best I know04:27
NickGarveyosmosis: and.. if they included that demo then they'd need to include loads of others, too much to be maintained04:27
penrecommend me some good ones :)04:27
KcajOh you silly guys04:27
KcajI have to run gnome-panel, but then it errors out04:27
noobalerthow do i kill x? ctrl f1?04:27
Kcajand goes away again lol04:27
astro76krsnadasa: sudo -i04:27
nickrudkrsnadasa sudo -i04:27
NickGarveynoobalert: ctrl alt backspace04:27
Kcajif I fix these errors, all may be good04:27
Kcajbut dpkg is still broken04:27
noobalertbecause my shutdown menu doesnt work either04:27
sn9_noobalert: atrl-alt-bksp04:27
osmosisNickGarvey: one would think the game distributors would want to support the packages.04:27
krsnadasaastro76: thanks04:28
mneptoknikon: the problem is ssh configs on your OSX machine04:28
drashLeefmc: the ffmpeg version from medibuntu works just fine, but i'm not the speed demon i was 15 years ago :p04:28
krsnadasanickrud: thanks04:28
NickGarveyosmosis: I mean the game distributors could make a .deb04:28
mneptoknikon: in OSX, "rm -r ~/.ssh"04:28
nikonmneptok what do I do??04:28
NickGarveyosmosis: that'd be one thing04:28
mneptoknikon: run that command i gave you, then try again.04:28
Leefmcdrash: How do you download from medibuntu? I mean, if multiple repositories hold different versions of the same software, how do you download the one you want?04:28
* nickrud thinks astro76 should get some of those cookies too :)04:29
Leefmcdrash: I know i gatta add medibuntu repo04:29
osmosisNickGarvey: looks like there are some howto's in the forums out there.04:29
beautifulsnowhI..... why does my keyboard type in CAPS when the CAPS LOCK is on, but in lower case when the caps lock if off?04:29
NickGarveyosmosis: on how to package stuff?  I doubt it's particular complicated, in order to allow people to do so04:29
sn9_beautifulsnow: why not?04:29
nikonmneptok http://paste.ubuntu.com/26366/04:30
osmosisNickGarvey: yah...probably no one bothered because the install script they give works well enough04:30
drashLeefmc: in synaptic's prefs there's a setting you can toggle, it defaults to 'install the highest available version' i believe04:30
DeadKennedy2880beautifulsnow - sounds right to me04:30
Leefmcdrash: Also, does the medibuntu one have aac, etc? I've found a specific h264 render that works with QuickTime and i'll die if im off heh04:30
nickrudbeautifulsnow real question? If so, I doubt many people here could describe the hardware paths that do that04:30
MiescoHow do I find out what /dev/ my sd card is on?04:30
drashLeefmc: sure, aac is supported04:30
astro76nickrud: did I miss the cookies? :(04:30
Leefmcdrash: Well if two repos hold the same vers, how do you choose? (from terminal, since im using ssh)04:30
phpcurioushi, I have ubuntu gutsy gibbon on my laptop. I am just wondering if it is normal that my ubuntu is frequently losing wireless connection?04:31
astro76beautifulsnow: that is the intended function of the caps lock key as you've described it04:31
sn9_beautifulsnow: ask a silly question, get a silly answer04:31
ubuntyHi, I am new.04:31
sn9_!hi | ubunty04:31
ubottuubunty: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!04:31
drashLeefmc: don't know the answer to the terminal version, i suppose it had the same default since synaptic is only a graphical front04:31
nickrudubunty welcome to #ubuntu, if you have questions just ask04:31
beautifulsnowThe CAPS LOCK is supposed to make keys UPPER CASE, while if caps lock is supposed is OFF, the keys are supposed to be lower case... the current behavior is, OFF makes keys UPPER CASE. The Oposite.04:31
mneptoknikon: i see a "Password:" prompt at the end04:32
mneptoknikon: so type the password04:32
NickGarveybeautifulsnow: tap your shift keys a few times04:32
NickGarveybeautifulsnow: and make sure nothing is.. on them04:32
sn9_beautifulsnow: that's not what you said before04:32
nickrudbeautifulsnow that's the opposite of what you said above actually04:32
nikonI do mneptok like 3 times it prompts me and then it goes down furtehr and promtps me again and says password incorrect04:32
nikonmneptok I will send you the complete one hold on04:32
mneptoknikon: use the correct password for that acocunt04:32
nikonmneptok I am04:33
ubuntyNikon, what is wrong?04:33
sn9_beautifulsnow: you might have "sticky keys" turned on by mistake04:33
djhashsn9_: is there sticky keys in ubuntu?04:33
mneptoknikon: you *did* create a "billy" account on the Ubuntu machine, right?04:33
nikonubunty I cannot login to sftp from my mac to a few of my accounts n my ubuntu box04:33
nikonmneptok yes04:33
sn9_djhash: yes04:33
ubuntyoh :(04:33
djhashi just checked..04:33
LeefmcFlannel: Do you have any idea how i can download ffmpeg from medibuntu? I added the repo, and then downloaded ffmpeg and tried to use it. I got all sorts of errors, so i assume its not supporting x264.. which means its not from medibuntu.. thoughts?04:34
mneptoktrollboy: are like Digg, but four days late?04:34
=== spork969_ is now known as spork969
* trollboy takes his fail and leaves04:34
mneptokLeefmc: are you trying to transcode to H.264?04:35
astro76Leefmc: what does 'apt-cache policy ffmpeg' tell you? should have -medibuntu in the version if it's from medibuntu04:35
nickrudLeefmc  try   apt-cache policy ffmpeg , that will tell you what version you have04:35
DeadKennedy2880i didnt know reiser murdered your wife though04:35
nikonmneptok here is the same file but after I keep entering in the pasword and it keeps telling me false... I dont get it ... when I use cyberduck to log into my SFTP accounts two of them work ( one admin and one other) but none of the other accoutns work http://paste.ubuntu.com/26367/04:35
nikonI just cant login to ssh with any new accounts I make04:36
mneptoknikon: i suggest running "sudo passwd billy" on the Ubuntu machine, resetting the password that way, and trying again04:36
Leefmcnickrud: Hmm, seems it is from medibuntu, it just doesn't know x264.. or atleast how i was using x264 before.04:37
MiescoDoes ubuntu suppost to automatically read SD cards?04:37
djhashso.. I have a laptop with ATI Radeon Mobility 7500... and I want to use the svideo.. when I set the laptop to 800x600 i get squiggly screen.. and the same outputs to the svideo.. my xorg.conf can be found here.. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5334749#post533474904:37
nickrudMiesco in general, yes04:37
Leefmcdrash: What is the x264 version in medibuntu called? its not libx264, nor x26404:38
Miesconickrud: Its not :(, any suggestions?04:38
henuxgood morning04:38
Agent_bobi get this http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d9633ca204:38
mneptokLeefmc: the media codec is h.26404:38
Leefmcmneptok: Yes, and i had it all working great, until apt-get trashed my fun heh.04:38
nikonmneptok it gives me a weird terminal prompt when I log into bill y throgh SSH.. it dosent show the greek username bar or anything it just shows a $ sign.. and the SFTP login still dosent work... but atleast I can login through ssh with billy now04:38
Agent_bobthen dvdrip crashes04:38
nickrudMiesco I'd start with   tail -f /var/log/syslog    in a terminal, then plug in the sd card. You should get some messages, which should provide some clues04:38
mneptokLeefmc: transcode for viewing on ..... ?04:39
nikonI take that back mneptok the passwd command worked04:39
mneptoknikon: rawk04:39
Leefmcmneptok: Nope, "Unknown codec 'h.264'"04:39
Leefmcmneptok: QuickTime, the web, etc04:39
nikonmneptok rawk?04:39
mneptoknikon: "rock"04:39
Agent_bobanyone ?04:39
Miesconickrud: Nothing, just a bunch of cron stuff04:39
mneptokLeefmc: i use h.264 MPEG4 on my Playstation portable.04:39
Leefmcmneptok: Ok.. heh, not sure what your saying04:40
mneptokLeefmc: the app i use is PSPVC04:40
Leefmcmneptok: Ah04:40
Leefmcmneptok: Well anyway, i use ffmpeg heh04:40
anolish.264 is also used in alot of dvd players04:40
drashLeefmc: i use libx264-57 (from regular ubuntu repo)04:40
mneptokLeefmc: very, VERY easy transcoding04:40
Leefmcdrash: K04:40
nickrudMiesco you should get some lines as soon as you enter the command.  Then when you plug in the card, you should get some more. None at all when you inserted the card04:40
Gman99999hey what's the command to access the nvidia control panel?04:40
mneptokLeefmc: scream if drash's suggestion doesn;t work04:40
nickrudMiesco last sentence was a question04:40
mediapainless are you still here04:40
Miesconickrud: None04:41
mediaalt-ctrl-bksp really fucked my p2 up04:41
Leefmcdrash: Note that i did not install any x264 crap, but i assume thats not needed because the medibuntu is compiled with x264 right?04:41
rand0mcould someone tell me how I could set my xfce desktop environment to, just like when i log into gnome desktop environment, automount my partition volume named "S3A4004D003" in /media ?04:41
nickrudMiesco is this card plugged into an external reader?04:41
rand0mperhaps so i could access it quickly by going to "Places", but if that's a difficult task, i'd settle for simply automounting so i can access it through file manager04:41
MiescoNo internal in my laptop04:41
MiescoI restart hal04:41
Leefmcdrash: Heh, "Unknown codec 'libx264-57'"04:41
Agent_bobanyone know another app that might be able to copy .vob files from a dvd ?04:41
Xpistoscan anyone tell me why my samba shares show up today but not tomorrow if the host computer is always on?04:41
Leefmcdrash: Argh, i had it perfect too.04:42
drashLeefmc: don't know how the medibuntu ffmpeg is compiled, for me it works for my simple needs04:42
kosharirand0m fstab entry04:42
Leefmcdrash: Well you said it was compiled with x26404:42
rand0mkoshari, ???04:42
Miesconickrud: Nothing, its internal in my dell laptop04:42
Leefmcdrash: Or so i thought04:42
=== tritium_ is now known as tritium
mneptokGman99999: sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings04:42
Leefmcdrash: ffmpeg needs to be compiled with x264 to compile h264. Which is why i did heh04:42
Miesconickrud: Its the new DELL XPS M1530 or whatever04:42
MiescoLike $260004:43
kosharirand0m use an fstab entry, /dev/sd** /media/S3A4004D00304:43
nickrudMiesco are these secure digital?04:43
penwhat document font do you guys use?04:43
penrecommend me some good ones :)04:43
rand0mkoshari, i dont know what you mean by "fstab entry "04:43
nickrudMiesco doh, wrong question, a sec04:43
=== media is now known as noobalert
drashLeefmc: the medibuntu one is as far i know, never bothered to check if it worked04:43
Leefmcdrash: Argh :p04:43
Leefmcdrash: Oh well, thanks for trying04:44
noobalerti wondered why i kept highlighting my nick was media04:44
Miesconickrud: Maybe im putting the card upside down?04:44
Gman99999mneptok thanks man04:44
hyperhackerhi, kinda dumb question, how can I tell whether I'm running 32-bit or 64-bit Ubuntu? >_>04:44
nickrudMiesco possible :)04:44
shadow420how do I empty the /tmp folder during a X session04:44
Miesconickrud: I dont think so04:44
drashLeefmc: mneptok i think said to scream if my suggestion didn't work .. now is the time :p04:44
kosharirand0m in gnome you are clicking onto the drive in nautilaa and it is auto mounting the drive as S3A4004D003, xfce doesnt have nautilas so you would need to edt the fstab file to do it automagicly at logon,04:44
nickrudMiesco can't find my sd card, so I'm doing some googling. A sec04:45
krsnadasaok 2 things04:45
Miescofuck, I put it in upside down and its stuck04:45
Leefmcdrash: His involves a completely different path, i am going to compile ffmpeg again04:45
tritiumMiesco: watch the foul language04:45
mneptokMiesco: language, dude.04:45
Leefmcdrash: It was working perfectly heh04:45
rand0mkomputes, ahh okay, how do I edit the fstab file ?04:45
krsnadasa1. What is the best dock program for gnome ?04:45
Miescooh no04:45
MiescoThis is bad04:45
krsnadasayes your opinion04:45
* mneptok bastes tritium 04:45
kosharirand0m i take it the drive in quersion is perminately attached, rather than a removable drive?04:45
ShoopufMiesco: Oh man will it come out? :(04:45
MiescoShoopuf: NO04:45
krsnadasa2. were do i add commands to startup ?04:45
Leefmcdrash: I just need to rename it when i do it, so apt-get doesn't whore me.04:45
tritiummneptok: :)04:45
komputesrand0m: sudo gedit /etc/fstab04:45
shadow420how do I empty the /tmp folder during a X session???04:45
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions04:46
MiescoMy moms going to kill me04:46
rand0mkoshari, yeah im on a laptop.. the one i mentioned is just my ntfs harddrive with all my media04:46
arvind_khadri!enter krsnadasa04:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about enter krsnadasa04:46
sn9_shadow420: by rebooting04:46
drashLeefmc: i still don't get why your apt would do such a thing, goodluck with the compile04:46
komputesrand0m: what are you trying to do with it? what type of filesystem do you want to mount at startup04:46
Leefmcdrash: Thanks04:46
MiescoWhy did I try to force it in :(04:46
MiescoIt went in so smoothly the other way around04:46
krsnadasaarvind_khadri: he dosent know04:46
Leefmcdrash: Honestly, i think its just references, but i dont know anything about the references heh04:46
kosharirand0m ntfs drive or partition?04:46
arvind_khadrikomputes,  rand0m it is gksu gedit /etc/fstab04:46
rand0mkomputes, koshari : should i be editting this file while booted into xfce, ?? i suppose a dumb question, but i booted into gnome to find the partition name04:47
=== orphean_ is now known as orphean
arvind_khadri!enter | krsnadasa04:47
ubottukrsnadasa: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:47
MiescoK got it out with a toe nail cliper, just grabed it like tweasers and yanked it out04:47
kosharirand0m you only need to edit it once, otherwise another alternative would be to make a script to mount that particular drive at any time04:47
krsnadasaarvind_khadri: ;) thanks04:48
arvind_khadrikrsnadasa, welcome :)04:48
sn9_Miesco: i hope you didn't squeeze04:48
ShoopufWhat is wget?04:48
Miescosn9_: A bit04:48
sn9_Shoopuf: command-line downloader04:48
MiescoShould be good04:48
Erick|Laptophow do i set a static IP address? anyone know of a guide?04:48
MiescoUbuntu is still not recognizing card04:49
Shoopufsn9_: So you can download like from an HTTP link with wget? :O cool04:49
AllSaintsDayIf I put bad options into the "right-click->properties->mount options" for a removable disk (specifically a PSP) and now it won't automount, where do I go to remove those options? There's no line in /etc/fstab for it.04:49
sn9_Miesco: does it recognize other sd cards?04:49
Miescosn9_: I dont know04:49
arvind_khadriErick|Laptop, which version??04:49
astro76AllSaintsDay: run gconf-editor, it's somewhere in there04:49
krsnadasacan i get opinions on which dock program is best to use with gnome and also were to add commands to start up ?04:50
Erick|Laptop7.1 arvind_khadri04:50
koshariErick|Laptop  just maunally configere , available through network notifier04:50
rand0mhrmm.. how can i figure out with sd** my ntfs partition is ?04:50
arvind_khadriErick|Laptop, run gksu network-admin04:50
rand0msda rather04:50
=== wyggler2_ is now known as wyggler2
sn9_rand0m: sudo fdisk -l04:50
rsysrand0m, fdisk -l04:50
arvind_khadrirand0m, sudo fdisk -l04:50
krsnadasaarvind_khadri: that didn't get me any attention Lol04:51
arvind_khadrikrsnadasa, :) whats the question will see if i can be of any possible help04:52
krsnadasacan i get opinions on which dock program is best to use with gnome and also were to add commands to start up ?04:52
krsnadasaarvind_khadri: yay!04:52
IdleOnekrsnadasa, System>Prefferences>Sessions for the startup programs04:52
sn9_rand0m: sudo fdisk -l04:52
sn9_wtf is up with this freenode lag?04:52
kosharikrsnadasa personally i prefer to use a single panel but i thing avast is the best dock04:52
AllSaintsDayThanks, astro76. Back to where it was before at least. :-)04:52
koshariavant i should say04:53
krsnadasakoshari: single panel ?04:53
arvind_khadrikrsnadasa, i would directly edit the rc.local dunno about the GUI one...the best doc program as in a editor would be gedit04:53
Gman99999Hey Im hooking my tv up to my laptop I can't seem to get the picture centered on the full screen, I'm sure I could figure it out but if anyone has already had this experience I would love it if they could add their two cents04:53
kosharikrsnadasa yes just the one at the top rather than the default top and bottom04:53
krsnadasaarvind_khadri: dock like mac os style04:53
joshualhey folks how do I make GDM show user names in a list ?04:53
krsnadasakoshari: got you ;)04:53
arvind_khadrikrsnadasa, ohh i have no idea about it :)04:54
rand0mk so, editting /etc/fstab.. do i have to put anything after "/dev/sda1       /media/S3A4004D003"  ?? i notice the other things listed half some weird tags after it04:54
kosharikrsnadasa: avant is a copy of the mac dock04:54
AllSaintsDaySo, now that I can at least see my PSP again, anyone know how to mount a PSP (vfat) read-write?04:54
krsnadasaarvind_khadri: ok cool ;)04:54
sn9_Gman99999: make sure the video standard is set correctly04:54
krsnadasakoshari: yea i am using that now but buggy04:54
kosharirand0m: you will need to put ntfs3g as the filetype04:54
Gman99999sn9_ how would you go about finding that out?04:54
Gman99999sn9_ Ive got the nvidia control panel open04:55
arvind_khadrijoshual, that must be the GDM theme, the circles with user list stuff04:55
sn9_Gman99999: if you have nvidia, you may need to edit xorg.conf04:55
mcdoogalI'm looking for help on a wireless issues, (not being able to connect to wpa networks) but happy to connect to encryption-free networks.   Where would be the best place to go for assistance? (Besides google/forums/web) which didn't help me much.04:55
krsnadasakoshari: i wouldn't mind using the panel but... when i tell a program to flash it uses a very light hightlight color and also it does not match the theme what so ever04:55
kosharikrsnadasa: you could try kiba dock, however its not designed to copy the mac dock so is much different04:55
sn9_Gman99999: NTSC vs. PAL04:55
rand0mbasically i just want to know if this is all i put in fstab?: "/dev/sda1       /media/S3A4004D003     ntfs3g "  ?04:55
Gman99999sn9_ ok so i would need to change my settings to ntsc?04:55
sn9_mcdoogal: try fedora04:55
rsysmcdoogal, do you got a pop-up that ask the password to join that network ?04:56
alraunerand0m:  ...user rw  0 004:56
sn9_Gman99999: is your tv ntsc, or pal?04:56
rand0malraune, i put that after waht i put ?04:56
cycomHas anyone found a workaround for evdev spewing hundreds of ButtonPress events when you hold a mouse button down?04:56
ozzloyhow do i repeat a command until it succeeds?  some elementary bash?04:56
alraunerand0m: yep04:56
mcdoogalYeah and i have the right password, I'm using wpa-personal because leap didn't work right either .. it gets to a point where is says "waiting for the network key from wireless network coon-net"04:56
IdleOneozzloy, #bash perhaps04:56
kosharirand0m check this link04:57
Gman99999sn9_ its ntsc04:57
kosharirand0m sorry i meant this one http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78020204:57
sn9_Gman99999: then that's what it should be set to04:57
arvind_khadriPowitsjj, hii04:58
sn9_Gman99999: also, play with the overscan/underscan settings04:58
Chaotic_Descentwhy am I getting file:///tmp/purpleQ396DU when Pigin messenger tries to open my HotMail account?04:58
Xpistoshow do alias two commands into one04:58
sn9_Xpistos: example?04:59
koshariXpistos with a script04:59
rsysdid anyone have problem with latest wine version ?04:59
Gman99999sn9_ I found that if i move the little screen within the bigger screen which is my laptop display that it changes the position of the amount of screen that is viewable by the tv04:59
Xpistoscd and ls04:59
rsysit seems cause my ubuntu crash..04:59
Chaotic_DescentSorry. Pidgin. I get file:///tmp/purpleQ396DU as an address, which is a blank page.04:59
Gman99999sn9_ I just wish that I could make them of equal size04:59
rand0mk im gonna test this out. rebooting04:59
Miesconickrud: Its a xd card...04:59
Xpistoswould it be cd ... | ls04:59
kosharirand0m you dont need to reboot04:59
sn9_Gman99999: change your resolution04:59
alraunerand0m: mount -a04:59
koshari rand0m remeber this aint windows,05:00
bbyeverIm not being able to print with an epson CX830005:00
sn9_Xpistos: cd ; ls05:00
astro76Xpistos: command1; command2, or command1 && command2 so command2 will only run if command1 is successful05:00
Leefmcdrash: Bah. Somethin went wrong with all this crap, now the compiles not workin. oh well, time to see if the forums have any idea.05:01
dmAnyone know anything about btnx and mice05:01
Leefmcdrash: Do you know anything about the command "aptitude hold"?05:01
Leefmcdrash: Any idea what the heck it does? Because it did not protect ffmpeg by any means.05:01
krsnadasakoshari: i wouldn't mind using the panel but... when i tell a program to flash it uses a very light hightlight color and also it does not match the theme what so ever05:01
drashLeefmc: nope, never touched aptitude05:01
Powitsjjanyone know anything about hacking?05:01
krsnadasakoshari: sorry for double post just didn't get a responce05:01
kosharikrsnadasa what do you mean by "flash it"05:01
sn9_dm: get a cat ;P05:01
Powitsjjlike...getting into someones computer and seeing what their doing?05:02
dmsn9_ ?05:02
dmsn9_ oh..05:02
Leefmcdrash: K. I was told it would protect my ffmpeg build, but it didnt do crap.. argh. So frustrated, time to go hulk on something hah, anyway, thanks for your help :)05:02
astro76Powitsjj: that's cracking, and it's offtopic here for sure05:02
krsnadasakoshari: blink like when you receive a message alert in pidgin05:02
Powitsjjknow where i can find a chat for that?05:02
drashLeefmc: have you seen http://www.awry.ws/rebuilding_ubuntu_ffmpeg ?05:02
geniiPowitsjj: Nowhere on this server05:02
dmseriously, does anyone know anything about BTNX and a MOUSE (the kind you use on your computer, not in the mood for humor sorry)05:02
krsnadasaarvind_khadri: how do you check the kernel ver you are running?05:03
kosharikrsnadasa i dont know why that would be happining, my panel is fine while receiving messages?05:03
arvind_khadrikrsnadasa, uname -r or even -a05:03
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows05:03
Chaotic_DescentIs there a FireFox setting for redirecting local files? I'm wondering if that's why Pidgin can't load up Hotmail.05:03
Leefmcdrash: Nope05:03
Leefmcdrash: Im using the one off of the forums05:03
krsnadasakoshari: mine is too its just the light tan color isn't very noticeable05:03
Leefmcdrash: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78609505:03
krsnadasaarvind_khadri: thanks05:04
arvind_khadrikrsnadasa, :)05:04
drashLeefmc: ok, checking that one05:04
m-cHeya, what is the official line about the PPC (Mac) version of Ubuntu?  Somebody asked me about it tonight, and I was not totally sure of the answer.05:04
Leefmcdrash: K thanks05:04
Chaotic_DescentHrm... I think it was a damned Tor plugin setting. Tor was disabled, but the setting was still blocking me. -_-;05:05
kosharim-c community support05:05
Leefmcdrash: Man this is a huge pain. Pretty lame you need to compile this for such a popular choice05:05
arvind_khadriChaotic_Descent, there is nothing like that AFAIK , there had been some documentation for hotmail users..i havent gone through it...if there is #pidgin you can ask there05:05
sn9_m-c: it's officially unofficial05:05
XpistosThanks guys05:05
m-ckoshari: Is there a 8.04 release, for  example ?  sn9_05:05
Powitsjjshouldnt it work on any intel cpu?05:05
sn9_m-c: yes, and it works great05:05
krsnadasakoshari: how about the theme issue? my bar is white and all the windows are black with the glass engine ?05:05
Powitsjjthe intel version that is05:05
Leefmcdrash: Im confused as why its even needed anyway. Isn't x264 open source? Why can't they distribute x264 compiled in ffmpeg05:05
kosharim-c there is for the ps3 dunno about other ppc ports05:05
m-csn9_: Oh, I guess I misspoke.  Glad I came in here to check05:05
krsnadasakoshari: i have the bar set to use the theme but nothing special happens05:05
m-csn9_: Where do you "get" this PPC port?05:06
rand0mhad no luck mounting or automounting that drive05:06
drashLeefmc: i'm just a regular user myself, can't answer those :) legelistics i suppose05:06
arvind_khadrikrsnadasa, are you using emerald??05:06
rand0msudo mount won even work now05:06
kosharikrsnadasa i use clearlooks theme with gartoon icons and emerald windowmanager with a glass theme05:06
krsnadasaarvind_khadri: yes sir05:06
Leefmcdrash: Yea, i just dont get why one opensource cant use another, its just lame heh.05:06
rand0mI get mount point /media/windows does not exist05:06
sn9_m-c: in the ports directory of the cdimage download server05:06
arvind_khadrikrsnadasa, then after you change a theme then you should use emerald --replace05:06
m-cokay, thank you, sn9_05:07
=== toiletwater is now known as lorenisgay
kosharikrsnadasa and scale, cube and reflection plugins05:07
Miesco03:09.3 System peripheral: Ricoh Co Ltd xD-Picture Card Controller (rev 12)05:07
MiescoThats my card reader05:07
krsnadasaarvind_khadri: i did that but the menu/status bar (how ever you call it) remains the same just the windows change05:07
MiescoIt wont read my xd card..05:07
sn9_lorenisgay: where do you get all these nicks?05:07
krsnadasakoshari: and that changes the little bar thingy ?05:07
Chaotic_Descentarvind_khadri: it was the Tor plugin, Torbutton or something. :S I fixed it.05:08
arvind_khadrikrsnadasa, that doesnt change AFAIK :)05:08
Carb0nI have something05:08
kosharikrsnadasa it will emeald is just a window decoratior,05:08
krsnadasakoshari: i would like to see a screenshot of oyur desktop it sounds neat05:08
Carb0nFor the Card Reader..05:08
arvind_khadriChaotic_Descent, cool :)05:08
krsnadasaarvind_khadri: AFAIK ?05:08
DILi have a network set up - my home network X and i have two linux laptops network - i have most of my the computers on X but the laptops - 1 is on mshome and the other on workgroup how can i get the laptops to be on X05:08
Chaotic_Descentthe option is "block access to network from file:// urls"05:08
Carb0nWhere can I paste a bit of text?05:08
arvind_khadrikrsnadasa, as far as i know :)05:08
krsnadasakoshari: exactly so how do you change the bar thingy ?05:08
krsnadasaarvind_khadri: thanks once again05:08
powertool|lappyWhats a good size for a /boot partition?05:09
alraunerand0m: see dialog05:09
kosharikrsnadasa right click, then properties05:09
kosharion the panel05:09
sn9_DIL: i take it they're not all running ubuntu...05:09
krsnadasakoshari: yea and then ?05:09
Carb0nCard Reader Automount05:09
Carb0n    * Add the following shell script in /etc/init.d/ directory (for example, with name cardreader.sh):05:09
Carb0nmodprobe mmc_core05:09
Carb0nmodprobe mmc_block05:09
Carb0nmodprobe tifm_sd05:09
FloodBot2Carb0n: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:09
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DILxubuntu, ubuntu and doze05:09
Carb0n    * Setup the script for automatic execution at boot time in default runlevel:05:09
Carb0nWhere the hell is the paste bin?05:10
tritiumCarb0n: calm down05:10
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:10
DILsn9_: i see them but on different "workgroups"05:10
kosharikrsnadasa i will give you a look at a few themes i have05:10
krsnadasakoshari: coooool05:11
krsnadasakoshari: you sound like you have a nice setup05:11
sn9_DIL: you set which workgroup each is on05:11
kosharikrsnadasa: my old edgy http://www.in.com.au/~holty/edgy.jpg05:11
jm2kanyone have a source.list of all repositories?05:11
jm2kfor Hardy.05:11
powertool|lappyWhats a good size for a /boot partition?05:11
jm2kif yes, could you post on pastebin please.05:12
sn9_jm2k: i do hope you mean all _official_ repositories05:12
jm2ksn9_: yes05:12
DILsn9_: i thought they were set to "X" but had issues with samba domain name was not in network general tab05:12
Carb0nMy /boot was only about 100MB and the Updates filled it up.05:12
Carb0nThen Updates failed.05:12
sn9_!repositories | jm2k05:12
ubottujm2k: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories05:12
kosharikrsnadasa: my current hardy http://www.in.com.au/~holty/images/current.png05:12
Carb0nHad to delete crap to get updates again.05:12
krsnadasakoshari: nice thats how my desktop looks right now but can't get the panel to change its color to match the windows :(05:12
rsyspowertool|lappy, 100 MB is enough for your /boot partition05:12
jm2ksn9_: i'm looking for old headers which are not in the current repository : version 2.6.22-14-generic.05:13
ShoopufHow do I run a .DEB file from command line????05:13
kosharikrsnadasa: and my notebook http://www.in.com.au/~holty/images/beryl.jpg05:13
arvind_khadriShoopuf, you can only install a .deb05:13
sn9_jm2k: that's the kernel for gutsy 7.10 -- don't use it on hardy05:13
scorpianmy compiz stopped workin after the update that i did now damm05:13
jm2ksn9_: i'm current runnig that version.05:13
rsysShoopuf, dpkg -i packagename.deb05:13
powertool|lappyrsys: thanks05:14
kosharikrsnadasa: i took a screenshot of an open window then cropped the title bar and use that as a panel image05:14
arvind_khadriShoopuf, sudo dpkg  -i packagename.deb05:14
krsnadasakoshari: beautiful dog ;)05:14
krsnadasakoshari: smart05:14
nickrudMiesco you still about05:14
kosharikrsnadasa hes sitting in front of the heater right now :-) i guess he dont like the cold and rain outside today]05:15
DILsn9_: thanks for responding looks like googlefu time05:15
MiescoWait, I did modprobe ricoh-mmc05:15
Miesconickrud: Yea05:15
Miesconickrud: I have a ricoh card reader05:15
krsnadasakoshari: i envy you05:15
MiescoI think I need a driver05:15
mikesccan xchat connect to multiple servers in the same session?05:15
sn9_Miesco: try sdhci05:15
krsnadasakoshari: its 110 up here in northern cali05:15
nickrudhttp://mydebian.blogdns.org/?p=243 here's something for you to compare to your situation05:15
Miesco03:09.3 System peripheral: Ricoh Co Ltd xD-Picture Card Controller (rev 12)05:15
nickrudMiesco ^^05:15
krsnadasakoshari: were u at ?05:15
arvind_khadrimikesc, yeah but its OT05:15
Shoopufarvind_khadri, rsys: thanks05:15
Miesconickrud: I did, its a xd card05:16
krsnadasakoshari: what breed is your dog? hes hella cute05:16
sn9_mikesc: /newserver foo.bar05:16
tritiumkrsnadasa, koshari: please stay on topic05:16
nickrudMiesco ah, xd card. Now you tell me :)05:16
arvind_khadrikrsnadasa, koshari OT :) you dont want the ops coming at you05:16
Andrewh1112anyone know what do when the "user settings" app won't let me edit the users? (could not authenticate)05:16
Miesconickrud: I didn't knwo there was a difference, my mom told me05:16
Miesconickrud: 03:09.3 System peripheral: Ricoh Co Ltd xD-Picture Card Controller (rev 12)05:16
ShoopufCute dog, but please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, perhaps there will be people there to share it with too. :)05:16
krsnadasatritium: ;)05:16
krsnadasaarvind_khadri: thanks for heads up... again05:17
Miesco[493052.835303] ricoh-mmc: Ricoh MMC Controller disabling driver05:17
MiescoWhat does that mean?05:17
bbyeverepson CX8300 is not working with the gutenprint driver... can someone help?05:17
arvind_khadrikrsnadasa, :) hey please dont mention it so many times :)05:17
sn9_Miesco: means the driver is being unloaded05:17
krsnadasakoshari: i guess thats why they invented the personal message thingy05:17
kosharikrsnadasa anyway the screenshot/crop /use as banel background will get you a matching panel05:17
nickrudMiesco https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/20249005:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 202490 in ubuntu "Xd card reader not working" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:18
Miescofor the xd pci:  this device hasn't been claimed05:18
paul_5666hi, if someone can help me with the update manager please msg me.05:18
krsnadasakoshari: ok thanks for your help05:18
kariI am downloading ubuntu dvd using transmission.. but after 26% completion it started from begin ning..05:18
krsnadasaarvind_khadri: lol ok :) just like to be polite05:18
redctpa3dsc: what's the problem with the update05:18
arvind_khadrikrsnadasa, :)05:18
sn9_!anyone | paul_566605:18
redcter, paul_566605:18
ubottupaul_5666: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:18
arvind_khadri!ask | paul_566605:19
ubottupaul_5666: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:19
redctI think he's got the message :P05:19
jm2khow can i tell ubuntu to search all hardware devices and check drivers for it from repository?05:19
arvind_khadriredct :P05:19
powertool|lappyShould /boot be on the same disk as / or will a separate disk result in better performance?05:19
redctpowertool|lappy: the difference is negligible I think05:19
pabixHello, I have many files named ClusterInfo in many directories; I would like to extract the lines 8n+3 in each; I tried « find . -name ClusterInfo -execdir awk 'NR%8==3' {} > Means \; » but it writes to the file Means in the PWD05:19
sn9_jm2k: you don't -- they're all in the kernel pkgs05:19
pabixIs there a way with find?05:20
Miescohold on, install sdricoh-cs05:20
nickrudjm2k the hardware drivers are part of the kernel, you get them all at once05:20
astro76powertool|lappy: there's little reason for most people to have a separate /boot, and performance isn't one of them ;)05:20
bbyeverwhere can i get help with the gutenprint driver?05:20
rand0mis there a better bittorrent client i can use in xfce than transmission?05:20
sn9_Miesco: that's for a pc card adapter05:20
macopabix: um, what do you *expect* "> Means" to do?05:20
redctrand0m: transmission usually works quite well05:20
arvind_khadrirand0m, #xubuntu :D05:21
mikemorrHello all. I just booted from the 8.04.1 CD. I got past the language selection and to the menu. When I pick "Install Ubuntu" or "Check CD for defects" the logo appears and the progress bar goes back and forth and then freezes. Now it is frozen. Any ideas on what's wrong?05:21
nickrudpowertool|lappy separate boot is needed for lvm, and raid if you're lazy05:21
rand0mredct, i could just be retarded but it seems oddly slow05:21
karican any one help with transmission..05:21
pabixmaco, I would like it to write One file "Means" for each original file05:21
macomikemorr: possibly the CD has defects05:21
pabixin the same directory05:21
redctmikemorr: there's most likely defects on the CD05:21
rand0moh xubuntu just means ubuntu with xfce DE instead of Gnome ?05:21
sn9_mikemorr: is it a recent computer?05:21
redctmikemorr: burn a new one05:21
mikemorrmaco: thanks05:21
nickrudmikemorr I'd bet on bad disk/iso download05:21
redctrand0m: yup.05:21
jm2kso, where is the source located for my current kernel?05:21
arvind_khadrirand0m, yup!!05:21
Miescosn9_: Hmm?05:21
chalcedonymikemorr: i went through that 100 times and finally sent the mb back05:21
mikemorrredct: thanks05:21
tritiumjm2k: in a package you'd need to download05:22
macopabix: oh...probably have to send the list of files to a for loop then do the writing in the for loop05:22
paul_5666sorry (; basically ive installed vmware server using a rpm due to my inexperience with ubuntu. it was very large being nearly 500mb, and thus i was lazy and just tried to use alien to convert it to a deb file. the install broke halfway and now i can't install any packages as it seems the update manager has stuffed up. ive posted on the forum here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=85478205:22
pabixmaco, I did: find . -name ClusterInfo | while read i; do awk 'NR%8==3' "$i" > "$(dirname "$i")"/Means ; done05:22
redctjm2k: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile05:22
jm2ktritium: package name?05:22
mikemorrsn9_: refurb HP Intel 2 Quad 6600, 4GB RAM05:22
chalcedonymikearr: bad cd was what i kept being told .. i swapped the cd drive, the cds and even the hd05:22
nickrudjm2k if you want the source, install linux-source . If you want to see what modules you have, look in /lib/modules/$(uname -r)05:22
powertool|lappynickrud: whats lvm? encryption?05:22
pabixbut I would have liked a single command with find05:22
khinhey, i just upgraded from dapper to hardy and now when i try to load phpmyadmin on localhost, i get: phpMyAdmin - Error05:22
khinCannot load mysql extension. Please check your PHP configuration. - Documentation05:22
arvind_khadri!apt-fix | paul_566605:22
ubottupaul_5666: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »05:22
nickrudpowertool|lappy Logical Volume Management05:22
rareedcan anyone point me to a good guide for troubleshooting wireless networking?  My wireless ran fine on Ubuntu for nearly a year, but recently it has been performing extremely poorly05:22
Miesconickrud: So it doesn't work?05:22
sn9_mikemorr: try booting safe graphics mode05:22
macopabix: ah, sorry, dunno about that05:22
mikemorrnickrud: thanks. I'll try burning a new one maybe05:22
Jason2gsHi everyone :) Should I have to do anything special to have Ubuntu transfer sound to my monitor headphone jack?05:22
redctJason2gs: it should usually work automatically05:23
nickrud!md5 | mikemorr do this first, to check your download05:23
ubottumikemorr do this first, to check your download: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:23
macoJason2gs: have the monitor's sound plug connected to the tower05:23
mikemorrchalcedony: I hope it's not that bad :) It runs Vista fine.05:23
pabixmaco, do you think on #gnu they all have a beard and are rude, or could I ask them?05:23
Jason2gsSound plug?05:23
redctkhin: try installing the php5-mysql package.  use your favorite package manager05:23
nickrudMiesco sounds like it won't read xd from what I've read05:23
macopabix: never been in that channel, sorry05:23
Jason2gsAh, there it is :p05:23
chalcedonymikearr: i'm sure you will be ok , terrify it :)05:23
Jason2gsHaha ^_^05:23
jm2knickrud: where does the linux-source get installed? Dir ?05:23
pabixmaco, then I will try, thank you for your help05:23
macojm2k: /usr/src/ i believe05:23
nickrudjm2k in /usr/src , it will be a tarball05:23
tritiumjm2k: what are you trying to do?05:23
paul_5666unbottu: nope didnt work05:23
sn9_pabix: there is also #posix05:24
Xpistosfailed to mount windows share? I don't get it I can see it05:24
mikemorrnickrud: Thanks. I did md5 it and it matched the hash at one of the mirrors (8.04.1 hash wasn't up yet at ubuntu.com last I checked)05:24
khinredct, php5-mysql is installed05:24
pabixsn9_, for find related matters?05:24
redctkhin: hrm... :/05:24
nickrudmikemorr I read something about that on the lists, I guess you'd have to trust the mirror listing05:24
tritiumjm2k: linux-source-2.6.24 is in the repos, but why do you think you need it?05:24
jm2ktritium, i downloaded the tarball earlier and followed some site directions. wanted to make sure that if i manually delete the source from /usr/src/ that i can reinstall it there again.05:24
tritiumjm2k: for what purpose?05:25
sn9_jm2k: in the time you've spent here, you could have reinstalled from scratch and restored all your data05:25
jm2ktritium: having trouble installing madwifi (becuz wireless stopped working).05:25
arvind_khadripaul_5666, its jus a bot :)05:25
paul_5666o xD05:25
sn9_jm2k: madwifi is preinstalled by default05:26
tritiumjm2k: madwifi is provided for you in the restricted drivers05:26
jm2ksn9_: true but i also want to learn ;) i just havent followed directions appropriately earlier today.05:26
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tritiumNo need to install source, jm2k.05:26
arvind_khadripaul_5666, what happens when you run apt-get??05:27
Miesconickrud: Can I get a driver?  I got this sdricoh-cs module05:27
MiescoI loaded it05:27
paul_5666which command specifially?05:27
MiescoI had to compile it05:27
RequinB4I read somewhere that I could use a line in port as a headphone port -- how can I tell what is a line in port and how would I make this happen?05:27
rareedAfter over a year of excellent performance, my wireless has mostly stopped working with ubuntu.  Any suggestions on where to get started fixing it?05:27
arvind_khadripaul_5666, say apt-get install <packagename> ,while the vmare is off05:27
sn9_RequinB4: only on some motherboards05:27
bullgard4What is meant by 'su-to-root' in 'man keytouch(1)': "keytouch-keyboard is a wrapper that acquires root permission to run keytouch-keyboard-bin (with su-to-root) and optionally (if --restart-keytouch is given as argument) calls keytouch."?05:27
nickrudMiesco I'm not sure. I don't have a card to experiment with myself, so I don't have an opinion on the instructions05:28
arvind_khadri!tab | paul_566605:28
ubottupaul_5666: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.05:28
jm2ktritium: was trying the thinkwiki directions of reinstalling wireless drivers w/ madwifi but am suppose to compile madwifi.05:28
RequinB4sn9 -- ok, but how can I tell if I can do this?  My headphone port isn't liking me05:28
Shoopuf"bash: sudo: command not found" ???????05:28
Miesconickrud: Okay, thanks, i'll just do it on another computer05:28
sn9_jm2k: don't do that05:28
tritiumjm2k: don't follow those directions.  You already have madwifi05:28
redctbullgard4: it means run sudo, or to run the command as root05:28
redct!sudo | bullgard405:28
ubottubullgard4: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)05:28
arvind_khadribullgard4, the command must be used with sudo i guess05:28
jm2ktritium: when i did "make" on madwifi it kept saying kernelpath incorrect.05:28
nickrudbullgard4 it's a command, locate su-to-root05:28
arvind_khadriShoopuf, you must have missed something check again05:29
sn9_RequinB4: by reading your motherboard's manual05:29
paul_5666arvind_khadri: Reading package lists... Done05:29
paul_5666Building dependency tree05:29
paul_5666Reading state information... Done05:29
paul_5666E: The package vmware-server needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.05:29
khinHmmm... I have reinstalled php5-mysql to see what would happen. Now it says I do not have permission to access phpmyadmin on this server!05:29
tritiumjm2k: please inspect the output of "modprobe -l | grep madwifi" to see for yourself that you already have madwifi.05:29
paul_5666lol tab is awesome05:29
mikemorrsn9_: I hit F4 for Modes and picked "Safe graphics mode" and it stays on the main menu. Do I need to pick "Try Ubuntu" after that?05:29
tritiumpaul_5666: so is not pasting05:29
nickrudpaul_5666  sudo dpkg -i  <the vmware deb you downloaded>05:29
jm2ktritium: okay. however none of the ATH_ modules are installed.05:29
tritiumjm2k: sure they are05:30
sn9_mikemorr: try F6 and getting rid of the "quiet splash" part05:30
arvind_khadripaul_5666, sudo apt-get --purge vmware-server then install it05:30
jm2ktritium: u R right, they are there,05:30
tritiumjm2k: ls /lib/modules/2.6.24-16-generic/madwifi/ | grep ath05:30
sn9_mikemorr: replace it with "debug"05:30
jm2ktrtium: i'm assuming those drivers/modules are working correctly? how could i check?05:31
mikemorrsn9_: deleted "quiet splash" and hit enter (didn't see your second line in time)05:31
paul_5666arvind_khadri: E: Invalid operation vmware-server05:31
jm2ktrtium: output is: "ath_rate_minstrel.ko"05:31
vexati0nwhy does gparted keep trying to read a floppy drive that doesn't exist :/05:31
nickrudpaul_5666  sudo apt-get remove --purge vmware-server05:31
bullgard4nickrud, arvind_khadri: Thank you for your help.05:31
mikemorrsn9_: Now I've got one screen of text (configuring, detecting, etc.)05:32
tritiumjm2k: you should have others05:32
arvind_khadripaul_5666, nickrud is right05:32
arvind_khadribullgard4, welcome :)05:32
sn9_vexati0n: because you didn't turn it off in the bios05:32
* nickrud waited for arvind_khadri but couldn't forever ;)05:32
arvind_khadrinickrud, its so confusing to remember that syntax :)05:32
paul_5666nickrud and arvind_khadri: XXX@:~/Desktop$ sudo apt-get remove --purge vmware-server05:33
paul_5666Reading package lists... Done05:33
paul_5666Building dependency tree05:33
paul_5666Reading state information... Done05:33
paul_5666E: The package vmware-server needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.05:33
sn9_mikemorr: what's the last thing you see?05:33
FloodBot2paul_5666: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:33
mikemorrsn9_: It has stopped after "[ 243.839163] hub 1-0:1.0: 2 ports detected"05:33
tritiumpaul_5666: I told you not to paste already05:33
arvind_khadri!paste | paul_566605:33
ubottupaul_5666: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:33
bullgard4redct: After the nickrud and arvind_khadri helped me, I know now that your answer: " it means run sudo, or to run the command as root" is not the truth.05:33
sn9_mikemorr: do you have any usb devices?05:33
paul_5666o ok =\05:33
jm2ktritium: ah, the changed to my current kernel. yes, have more: ath, ath_hal, ath_rate, patches.05:33
mikemorrsn9_: yes05:33
sn9_mikemorr: unplug them05:33
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redctbullgard4: sorry if I messed you up then :)05:34
nickrudpaul_5666 now that you've learned about pasting, do    sudo dpkg -i  <vmware-server deb you downloaded>05:34
tritiumjm2k: which kernel are you running?05:34
Shak-I need a little help.. I just used kernelcheck to upgrade my kernel, but I'm confused as to how to get my nvidia drivers working.. do I have to use synaptic to get a new package?05:34
arvind_khadrinickrud, his vmware has been purged yet :)05:34
tritiumjm2k: you're not on hardy?05:34
mikemorrsn9_: ok. I'll unplug them and then reboot with "debug" in place of "quiet splash" (tell me if that's not the right thing to do)05:34
sn9_wtf is kernelcheck?05:35
bullgard4redct: Enjoy Ubuntu!05:35
nickrudarvind_khadri dpkg will install it directly, unlike apt skipping it if it's already installed05:35
_2          i get about 20 screen-fulls of and ending with this  http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d9633ca2  in the console and dvdrip app dies,  anyone know a cure/work_around/alternative ?05:35
paul_5666arvind_khadri: its doing something ^^05:35
tritiumsn9_: no need for foul acronyms, please05:35
Soulwarp!nvidia | Shak-05:35
ubottuShak-: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:35
jm2ktritium: yes, on Hardy. but when it upgraded dunno why it stuck with 2.6.22-14 kernel.05:35
redct_2: It looks like your drive is having some problems05:35
redct_2: My laptop started spitting out those errors right before the HD died05:35
arvind_khadrinickrud, oh i see...05:35
Shak-sn9_: it automates installing a kernel, check it o ut05:35
sn9_that's excessive05:35
sn9_tritium: that's excessive05:35
_2redct interesting.   did you read the post ^  ?05:36
tritiumsn9_: no, I'm serious.  Please keep this family friendly.05:36
_2redct or just look at the pastebin ?05:36
tritiumjm2k: is "linux-generic" not installed?  That should pull in the latest kernel.05:36
paul_5666ah, it died, i shall paste in pastebin for u the error05:37
nickrudpaul_5666 yes05:37
arvind_khadri!you | paul_566605:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about you05:37
jm2ktritium: yes, its installed.05:37
arvind_khadri!u | paul_566605:37
ubottupaul_5666: Unless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officier, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..05:37
sn9_tritium: still uncalled fo, IMO05:37
Shak-ubottu: I looked through that page but I already have nvidia-glx installing, but its for the old kernel and I dont see how I can get the new drivers05:37
ubottuShak-: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:37
nickrudsn9_ it's policy here, totally G rated.05:37
Shak-Soulwarp: I looked through that page but I already have nvidia-glx installing, but its for the old kernel and I dont see how I can get the new drivers05:38
paul_5666arvind_khadri: ahahs ok mate,05:38
paul_5666arvind_khadri: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26376/05:38
krsnadasa"cp ./iwlwifi-4965-ucode-  /lib/firmware/" does that make sence to anyone ? like do i have to do anything special to use that firmware ?05:38
_2anyone ??05:38
sn9_nickrud: i have conformed to a G rating05:38
mikemorrsn9_: it seems to be getting farther than before :)05:38
tritiumsn9_: drop it05:38
_2          i get about 20 screen-fulls of and ending with this  http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d9633ca2  in the console and dvdrip app dies,  anyone know a cure/work_around/alternative ?05:38
_2alraune   ^05:38
jm2knickrud: does the "appropriate language policy" apply only to english or all languages? ;)05:38
nickrudjm2k the ones I speak and and curse in, ymmv05:39
sn9_jm2k: don't test it05:39
LogicalDashjm2k: the different language rooms for Ubuntu each have policies in their own language, read them05:39
krsnadasaany one ?05:39
sn9_krsnadasa: just type that05:40
JaxHey who should i talk to for help installing ubuntu 8.04?05:40
LogicalDashJax, this seems like a good place, but you should ask specific questions05:40
sn9_!anyone | Jax05:40
ubottuJax: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:40
alraune_2:looks like a bad filesystem, when do you get these errors? bootup?05:40
arvind_khadripaul_5666, sudo dpkg --purge vmware-server && dpkg -i vmware-server05:40
krsnadasasn9_: yea i did but does it just automatically use that firmware ?05:41
_2alraune just before dvdrip crashes05:41
krsnadasasn9_: or is there some kind of command i have to use ?05:41
nickrudarvind_khadri dpkg -r05:41
sn9_krsnadasa: should05:41
SoulwarpShak-: you may want to read the guide a bit further for the trouble shooting05:41
krsnadasasn9_: automatically ?05:41
arvind_khadrinickrud, aah thats the way we purge using dpkg right??05:41
SoulwarpShak-: there is a file you must edit if you want to enable hardware acceleration05:41
mikemorrsn9_: woot! I unplugged my USB stuff and it booted this time!05:42
arvind_khadrinickrud, i had read somewhere that purge removes all the config files too...and that was the syntax05:42
JaxDoes anyone/anybody know how to fix a problem i'm having........I'm trying to install ubuntu in a 2nd partion on my pc (with Xp on the other) and when i try to install it using the GUI it loads up to were i see the background screen and the window for the install info, and some weird graphic corruption or something in it to the left side, what do i need to do?05:42
nickrudarvind_khadri heh. had to go back to the man page, you're right that dpkg --purge is correct syntax05:42
paul_5666arvind_khadri: it wont purge but its trying to install now05:43
sn9_Jax: laptop or desktop?05:43
solanyone familiar with lm-sensors?05:43
paul_5666arvind_khadri: and install just failed05:43
arvind_khadrinickrud :) thank god... planning to write LPI 101 :D05:43
* nickrud is leary of messing with dpkg database in vmware-server05:43
sn9_Jax: which video card?05:43
Jaxnvidia 7800 GT05:43
Shak-Soulwarp: I suppose you're referring to xorg.conf? I've edited to match the correct settings, but what I think i'm missing is nvidia-glx-new for my new kernel05:44
krsnadasasn9_: thanks05:44
arvind_khadripaul_5666, wtf ...05:44
sn9_tritium: ^^^05:44
LogicalDashJax: one solution would be to use the alternate install disc, which lets you do the whole install in text mode05:44
nickrudpaul_5666 put a copy of /var/lib/dpkg/archive/vmware.postrm  on the pastebin05:44
* arvind_khadri sorry for foul language05:44
krsnadasaany one have a idea why the burn effect is glitching with a geforce 9300 ?05:44
paul_5666nickrud: ok05:45
Jaxugh.... how do i use txt mode?...... i've never used linux at all before05:45
nickrudpaul_5666 sorry, the path was  /var/lib/dpkg/info/vmware.postrm05:45
tritiumarvind_khadri: thanks05:45
LogicalDashJax: Well, there are still menus and everything, you just have to use your arrow keys to navigate them05:45
sn9_Jax: have you tried "safe graphics mode" ?05:45
paul_5666nickrud: rgr05:45
khinoh hey. wtf is wrong with the time on my computer. i just upgraded to hardy and thought this problem would go away, but my time is perpetually 4 hours behind when it is supposed to be when i boot up. if i reset this and then reboot, it returns to being 4 hours behind. this is ever so vexatious!05:45
Jaxoh no i haven't........ would that fix it do you thinkk?05:45
arvind_khadrinickrud, you handle it ... me out for breakfast :D will be back soon.... need to see how it has to be debugged :D05:46
sn9_Jax: one way to find out ...05:46
LogicalDashkhin: is your time applet set to update from an internet time server?05:46
solds1621 temp sensor doesn't create sysfs dirs when used via radeonfb, anyone have a clue05:46
khinLogicalDash, no.05:46
nickrudarvind_khadri I'm gonna look at that script, but I'm not hopeful that I'll be useful05:46
Jaxok.... now i need to leave and restart my pc to try it..........05:46
Jaxif i'm not back it worked!05:46
SoulwarpShak-: which one are you using now?05:46
sn9_khin: change your timezone and/or UTC setting05:46
SoulwarpShak-: new?05:46
paul_5666thx for ur help arvind_khadri05:47
paul_5666nickrud: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26378/05:47
Shak-Soulwarp: kernel 2.6.2505:47
arvind_khadripaul_5666, welcome :)05:47
chalcedonyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/26377/ this is nuts!05:47
SoulwarpShak-: i mean the graphics driver05:47
khinWow this is bizarre, I just clicked on "Adjust date and time" and the time became correct, even though I did not unlock it using the admin pass05:47
Shak-Soulwarp: 169.1205:48
sn9_chalcedony: walnuts or cashews?05:48
solwalnuts and cashews05:48
nickrudpaul_5666 ah crap, you used alien on an rpm!05:48
datawarhi all. (sorry for long msg) i'm trying to figure out how to prevent rhythmbox from launching when I plug in an mp3 player. disabling it as the preferred multimedia app didn't work, and don't see anything relevant under "Removable Drives and Media" settings05:48
paul_5666yea i mentioned it at the beginning didnt i?05:48
chalcedonysn9_: i downloaded the pidgin files .. they are there.. but i'm still having problems that shouldnt happen05:48
SoulwarpShak-: did you download the binary driver nvidia-glx?05:48
arvind_khadrinickrud, he had mentioned :D05:48
nickrudarvind_khadri missed that05:49
khinsn9_, my timezone is set to what it is supposed to be and this happens nevertheless05:49
arvind_khadrinickrud, :) thats why purge didnt work ;)05:49
BertoHi - I just put a misspelled word into my firefox dictionary.  It's not in /firefox/g8u6rm76.default/persdict.dat  -- where might it have been entered?05:49
paul_5666nickrud: i relised i downlaoded a big RPM and was unfortunately too lazy to download the tar file as its so big05:49
nickrudpaul_5666 ok, it looks like that just removes some dirs, but let me read it over some05:49
sn9_chalcedony: well, you shoudn't need to install it that way, anyway05:49
chalcedonyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/26375/ first part of the problem05:49
Shak-Soulwarp: yes its there, remember this was all was working until I updated my kernel from 2.6.24 to 2.6.2505:49
SoulwarpShak-: i would reboot the computer then05:50
chalcedonysn9_: there is some bug in the pidgin in the repository they said to compile it05:50
SoulwarpShak-: to reload the system05:50
sn9_chalcedony: "they" ?05:50
* mikemorr is installing Ubuntu :)05:50
chalcedonysn9_: you're just jealous because you can't hear the voices05:51
Shak-Soulwarp: wouldn't restarting X be sufficient, but I still dont see how thats taking care of the problem because in synaptic my nvidia-glx-new is 169.12+, and 2.6.25 isn't listed there05:51
geogurDose any one have graphics bugs with ubuntu 8 ( I lost my 2head display option)05:51
LogicalDash !anyone | geogur05:51
ubottugeogur: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:51
nickrudpaul_5666 gksu gedit /var/lib/dpkg/info/vmware.postrm  , and on line 8 put   exit 0  . save and close, then   sudo dpkg -r vmware-server05:51
sn9_chalcedony: ask the voices to fix the problem for you ;)05:51
legend2440paul_5666: open  /var/lib/dpkg/status  and search for vmware-server and look at Status does it say partial install or failed?05:52
SoulwarpShak-: your system is still running on the old kernel it seems, rebooting the system will start your new one05:52
noneallHow to encrypt a folder in ubuntu? Wat is the software needed?05:52
paul_5666legend2440: ill do nick's advice first05:52
LogicalDashnoneall: TrueCrypt05:52
chalcedony* Topic for #pidgin is: There are issues with ICQ - which are fixed in Pidgin 2.4.3 (If you compile from source, please uninstall your old version first.) || Use Pidgin 2.4.3 ||05:52
owen1what do i need to use the gem command? (for ruby development)05:52
Shak-Soulwarp: even if uname -a says 2.6.25?05:52
LogicalDashowen1: there is actually a package called "rubygems"05:52
chalcedonysn9_: see topic i pasted05:53
geogurI do have a dbus bug on install and a can not locate ASDP on boot message05:53
noneall How to encrypt a folder in ubuntu? Wat is the software needed?05:53
sn9_chalcedony: that does not mention .deb pkgs05:53
LogicalDashnoneall: I already answered your question, scroll up05:53
owen1LogicalDash: thanks.05:54
paul_5666nickrud: u do mean vmware-server not vmware?05:54
SoulwarpShak-: i admit im no pro at tech support but if i have a problem with my kernel i reboot05:54
arvind_khadriLogicalDash, must be a troll :)05:54
geogurI think it`s time for a new vidio card05:54
chalcedonysn9_: if you follow the link .. you get to the 3 files that have to be downloaded etc05:54
SoulwarpShak-: if you wish you can restate your problem so someone else can help you05:54
sn9_chalcedony: what link?05:54
nickrudpaul_5666 yes, that's the name of the installed package, even though the deb is only 'vmware.deb' .05:54
noneall How to encrypt a folder in ubuntu? Wat is the software needed?05:54
Shak-Soulwarp: ok05:54
arvind_khadrinoneall, TrueCrypt05:55
paul_5666nickrud: so im changing vmware-server.postrm?05:55
sn9_noneall: you already asked that three times, and got answered each time05:55
arvind_khadrisn9_, forget it ...05:55
Shak-I just upgraded my kernel from 2.6.24 to 2.6.25, I think I need to install new nvidia drivers though, would a manual install (as shown here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaManual ) be what I need to do?05:55
nickrudpaul_5666 yes. That's where the error comes in, see line 11 in http://paste.ubuntu.com/26376/05:56
sn9_arvind_khadri: freenode == very laggy today05:56
paul_5666nickrud: ok, just that ur orginal command told me to edit vmware.postrm05:56
datawarany suggestions for how to disable rhythmbox from launching when I plug in an mp3 player?05:56
arvind_khadrisn9_, :) might be...have got the same lag as everyday...might be your net05:56
nickrudpaul_5666 ah, good catch. typo on my part05:57
noneallhow do i hide a folder in ubuntu?05:57
osmosisi have two screens, and whenever I launch quake in full screen mode...my games end up right in the middle of the two screens..half in one window, half in the other. How do I center it to just one screen for games?05:57
sn9_Shak-: why did you upgrade your kernel?05:57
osmosisnoneall: Just put it where no one would look for it.05:58
nickrudnoneall change the name from   folder to  .folder  (the period makes it a hidden file, except for when you say show hidden files05:58
arvind_khadrinoneall, if you place (.) before the name it becomes but then its hard to delete if you want to05:58
_2hard to delete ?05:59
_2rm .blah05:59
arvind_khadrinoneall, the best way is to make the folder usable only by you..remove all permissions for other... it should be dwrx------05:59
sn9_arvind_khadri: it becomes hard to delete if it starts with - not .06:00
paul_5666nickrud: ive added that line and tired the dpkg -r command but i got an error06:00
_2sn9_   rm '-blah'06:00
nickrudpaul_5666 ok, pastebin that one. I didn't think this would be easy06:00
sn9__2: won't work06:01
nickrudor rm -- -blah06:01
Shak-sn9_: added support for a wireless card06:01
arvind_khadrisn9_, sometimes it does... :)06:01
sn9_Shak-: which one?06:01
Shak-sn9_: centrino a/g/n06:02
xtknightosmosis, do you have an nvidia card?06:02
paul_5666nickrud: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26380/06:02
_2sn9   rm -- -blah06:02
sn9_Shak-: iwlwifi?06:02
_2sorry nickrud was on it and i didn't see.06:02
khini figured out what the problem was with phpmyadmin ... it was using the wrong directory to load the mysql.so file06:03
Shak-sn9_: yup06:03
khini just changed the directory in the php.ini file and it works fine06:03
nickrudpaul_5666 ah, progress.  Now,   sudo dpkg -r --force-reinstreq vmware-server06:03
sn9_Shak-: couldn't that be backported?06:03
freakabcdhi all06:03
freakabcdanyone here use octave?06:03
xtknightShak-, yes a manual nvidia install is needed.  latest nvidias have support for 2.6.2506:03
xtknightShak-, i am using 2.6.26-rc9 with nvidia now06:04
paul_5666nickrud: check the command. its saying -reinstreq is wrong06:04
DILsn9_: fyi on workgroup names -i had to get into samba and chnage the workgroup name06:04
paul_5666nickrud: is it two dashes?06:04
untraceablecan anyone tell me where kppp and kppplogview are located at in ubuntu06:04
nickrudpaul_5666   one dash, all one word, no space between force and - and reinstreq06:04
xtknightosmosis, well if so do   in the Device section of xorg.conf :   Option    "NoTwinViewXineramaInfo" "false"06:04
khinquestion: why does ubuntu seemingly never need drivers06:04
sn9_DIL: it's in the graphocal prefs06:04
noneallhow can i speed up internet in ubuntu?06:04
paul_5666nickrud: righto06:04
khinwhereas when doing an xp install on a vista machine, for instance, you inevitably need them06:04
Flannelkhin: #ubuntu-offtopic would be a better place for that06:05
paul_5666nickrud: dpkg -r --force-reinstreq vmware-server06:05
Shak-xtknight: are you using 173.14.09?06:05
nickrudpaul_5666 yes06:05
xtknightkhin, the kernel has drivers either embedded in something called "initrd" or as modules.  the kernel enumerates all devices in your computer using the PCI Configuration Space and loads appropriate drivers via a file called pcimap06:05
sn9_khin: is that a rhetorical question?06:05
freakabcdkhin, because open source drivers exist? and they can be included with the operating system?06:05
paul_5666nickrud: its saying its not a recognised force/refuse option06:05
xtknightShak-, i am06:05
LogicalDashnoneall, you can buy a better internet connection. Sorry.06:05
Shak-xtknight: alright cool, just gonna restart X now to install, brb06:06
xtknight!info kppp | untraceable06:06
ubottuuntraceable: kppp (source: kdenetwork): modem dialer and ppp frontend for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.9-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 673 kB, installed size 3696 kB06:06
DILcan a share be given to a drive rather that a folder06:06
nickrudpaul_5666 sorry, it's late and I'm not thinking.  sudo dpkg -r --force-remove-reinstreq vmware-server06:06
paul_5666nickrud: nps mate.06:06
sn9_noneall: you can deactivate ipv606:06
xtknightuntraceable, kppplogview is here too.  you can see that by typing kppplogview in the terminal, and it will tell you which package to install06:06
noneallhow to do it?06:06
FlannelDIL: partitions are mounted at folders, so if you mount one and share that folder, yes.06:07
paul_5666nickrud: it worked its saying its gone06:07
sn9_noneall: about:config in firefox06:07
DILFlannel: ty06:07
nickrudpaul_5666 ok, now we need to make sure we remove all traces.06:07
nickrudpaul_5666 http://paste.ubuntu.com/26378/ , lines 30 & 31. make sure all those directories get deleted06:08
Shoopufxtknight: Hi! I solved my "login screen" problem yesterday. I had to change my monitor model to "Generic LCD Panel 1280x1024" ... I guess it didnt like me setting my monitor to "Samsung 730b (analog)" !06:08
untraceablewell i used the add/remove option and searched it and tried to download it and it said does not support your computer so i was going to try to import from a flash drive06:08
xtknightShoopuf, very interesting and confusing!06:08
noneallabout:config lists a lot of things06:08
xtknightShoopuf, sounds like a bug to me...06:08
* mikemorr is now a proud new Ubuntu user! :) Thanks for your help everyone!!06:08
khinfreakabcd so... windows for instance doesn't include drivers because ms is too stupid to use open source?06:08
xtknightShoopuf, but changing to that may have changed something other than just the "Name" of the monitor... i dont know06:08
epamek_anybody in here running EVE with wine?06:09
LogicalDashnoneall: I recall there was a firefox extension called FasterFox that purported to speed up your internet access. I'm not sure if it actually worked.06:09
freakabcdkhin, #ubuntu-offtopic and we resume the discussion there06:09
nickrud!ot | khin freakabcd06:09
ubottukhin freakabcd: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:09
xtknightdoes anyone else experience a messy volume control implementation in ubuntu?  if i slide the volume control it will want to go down to 0 here and there.. same thing happens in gnome-volume-control and with my keyboard keys, it is even worse06:09
nickrudsorry freakabcd06:09
freakabcdno worries06:09
Shoopufxtknight: YES I get that too06:09
xtknightso what all happened to the volume control06:09
geogurmikemorr i know a mikemorr wher you @06:09
zcat[1]isn't fasterfox a fork of firefox?06:10
Shoopufxtknight: I am completely unable to change my volume at all. When I slide the vertical volume sliders they jump from max-position to min-position of the slider... Also the "stereo chain" breaks and it's sluggish.06:10
xtknightzcat[1], swiftfox is.  fasterfox is a plugin for firefox06:10
xtknightShoopuf, exactly06:10
xtknightShoopuf, i press vol down and my left channel is muted06:10
xtknightcrazy thing06:10
xtknightit used to work lo06:10
zcat[1]btw my daughter now games under the nick 'iceweasel' ;)06:10
nickrudzcat[1] you should suggest she be original (although the name sounds deadly :)06:11
xtknightShoopuf, what audio card do you have?  i have one w/ cmipci module06:11
Shoopufxtknight: I first encountered the problem a year ago when first trying Ubuntu. But the problem still persists until today. Maybe we can file a bug report or something?06:11
mikemorrgeogur: Michigan. I'm active on MusicBrainz also.06:11
zcat[1]hehe, it's a cool nick I think06:11
_2ok if i have  libdvdcss libdvdnav libdvdread  already install why am i not able to watch/copy some dvd's ?06:11
sn9_zcat[1]: icemink06:12
xtknightShoopuf, yea i am looking for a bug06:12
_2what am i missing guys ?06:12
Shoopufxtknight: Umm, it's audio built into my motherboard... CMEDIA or something06:12
xtknightShoopuf, ah i have cmedia too.  could be a cmedia tihng06:12
Shoopuf_2: Got the restricted DVD drivers?06:12
nickrud_2 some of the newer dvd's have an improved usage of the encryption06:12
LogicalDash_2: well, have you enabled the Medibuntu repositories?06:12
_2nickrud so only time will fix this ?06:12
Shoopufxtknight: If you do find a bug report or want to file one please let me know I'll back you up or whatever... We should really notify them or something. I've thought of buying a cheap $15 Sound Blaster.06:13
geogurcool i thought i might know you i am in kitchener ontario and know 3 mikemorr`s06:13
sn9__2: you're missing a compatible player, like vlc06:13
paul_5666nickrud: done mate06:13
Shak-xtknight: wonderful it worked, two questions though - can I reinstall nvidia-settings to get the x server settings gui program back, and would there be any problems using this driver on older kernels06:13
xtknightBug 126333, 15859006:13
_2Shoopuf and LogicalDash what part of my question did you miss06:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 126333 in gnome-applets "Regression - Volume Control using gnome panel applet and keyboard shortcut alternates mute / % volume during sliding" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12633306:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 158590 in gstreamer "[Gutsy] Erratic volume control behaviour" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15859006:13
_2sn9_ nope.  have vlc and mplayer as well as several others06:13
ResnickHello everyone. I have a bit of a strange problem. I am trying to play a movie on the DVD drive (/media/cdrom1) and I recieve an error from gxine "Error reading from DVD". I haven't touched a thing, and the icon even appears on the desktop as usual. (xine gives me "cannot be read" errors)06:13
nickrud_2 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=65252806:13
sn9__2: what happens when you use vlc?06:14
xtknightShak-, i guess we will reply to tohse bugs06:14
_2nickrud thanks  looking.06:14
xtknightthey are already confirmed, anyway06:14
nickrudpaul_5666 now,  ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/vmware* , see if there's anything there06:14
xtknightShak-, i am sorry, i meant Shoopuf06:14
Shak-its funny, you gave two bugs, and I had two questions :P06:14
zcat[1]Resnick: sounds like libdvdcss2 might be missing..06:14
xtknightShak-, this driver will work with other kernels, but you need to recompile it inside thoose other kernels06:15
_2sn9 http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d1bb5234d  <<<< same error output and dvdrip crashes.   vlc cant play it...06:15
xtknightShak-, nvidia-settings comes with the NVIDIA .sh package06:15
paul_5666nickrud: yea theres stuff in here06:15
zcat[1](wild stab in dark..)06:15
Resnickzcat[1]: It's strange as it was all up and running earlier. I will give it a shot.06:15
Shak-xtknight: so basically running the NVIDIA installer sh again?06:15
sn9__2: disc is scratched or dirty06:15
leo_so we are selling ubuntu at Best buy now huh could be a good way to get it to the masses06:15
xtknightShak-, again hmmm...well nvidia-settings does not already exist?06:15
Shoopufxtknight: Should I create an account and reply that I am having the same problem?06:16
Shak-xtknight: it does if I type it from a terminal, need to figure out how to get it back in the Administration menu06:16
xtknightShoopuf, if you want.  at this point, it's clear the bugs are confirmed and us replying wont really do much06:16
nickrudpaul_5666 I think I'll suggest leaving that in place, messing with it could be a problem. Since there are no vmware-server debs available they won't come into play, and should be replaced automatically by any vmware-server deb that does appear.06:16
alraune_2:looks like a new format or even a special hardware to play it...  dead medium06:16
Shak-xtknight: I think a restart might fix it but I'm not too worried about it06:16
_2sn9_ ok,  but it plays ok in the dvd player connected to the teli06:16
paul_5666nickrud: ok ill try and run apt-get update or something?06:17
xtknightShak-, oh i see.. huh, well ubuntu's nvidia settings shortcut does not work anyway because it is not run in root mode06:17
sn9__2: dirty lens?06:17
xtknightadd one your own to do "gksu nvidia-settings", right click on applications and do Edit Menu06:17
_2alraune yeah new encription im thinking06:17
nickrudpaul_5666 yes, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade06:17
zcat[1]nvidia-settings seems to be in it's own package, not part of nvidia-glx or whatever the nonfree fricers are called06:17
_2sn9_ no.06:17
xtknightzcat[1], that is true for the restricted drivers.  for the .sh off nvidia.com, nvidia-settings is installed06:17
sn9__2: try it in windows06:17
zcat[1]sxcuse my typing, cat bit my finger today.. hole right through the nail.. a bit sore still06:18
Shoopufxtknight: So what can we do to change our volume? :( Someone told me to download "aumix" but that doesn't work.06:18
alraune_2:what a kind of players could you watch it on ?06:18
phpcurioushi, need help here...06:18
_2sn9_ i don't do windows06:18
xtknightShoopuf, switch mixer to OSS06:18
zcat[1]didn't want his worm tablet..06:18
sn9_Shoopuf: alsamixer, not aumix06:18
Resnickzcat[1]: It did something :) It's pretty garbled, but it's a start.06:18
phpcurioushow do i upgrade ubuntu gutsy gibbon? update manager can't connect to download server.06:18
_2alraune i'd have to go down stairs to look at the brand name.06:18
geogurisn`t window`s a bad word here?06:18
zcat[1]or in lolcat "do not want!"06:18
xtknightShoopuf, at least it works with the volume applet but my keys are still messed up06:18
sn9__2: then, i guess we'll never know06:19
xtknighti dont even know if i could make something so malfunctioning if i tried06:19
_2sn9_ never know what ?06:19
nickrudzcat[1] thanks for the reminder, haven't been there in a few days ;)06:19
Shoopufhaha i just hit the volume up key on my keyboard and the little bar went up, then next press just down, then jumped up again (erratic)06:19
_2sn9_  if windows could have played it,  i have no doubt it could.06:19
sn9__2: why it doesn't work06:19
paul_5666nickrud: excellent work! its working superbly :D06:19
zcat[1]me neither.. afk06:19
alraune_2 :lol  so noboby can acces your tv station, hehehe06:20
_2sn9_ i think we know.   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=652528  <<<06:20
nickrudpaul_5666 great.06:20
amonkey_what kernel flavor should i use with a core 2 quad to enable pae (not all my ram is showing up under generic)06:20
* paul_5666 is happy06:20
Shak-xtknight: ok all good now, btw do you see any performance differences with this driver comapred to 169.12? and one more question, how often do you update your driver?06:20
* paul_5666 would also like to thank nickrud for a job well done06:20
sn9_amonkey_: just install the 64bit edition06:20
xtknighti think only the Xen kernel has PAE06:21
_2alraune did you look at    http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=652528  ?06:21
nickrudpaul_5666 alien is a monster that will rip up the guts of your machine ... oh, you're ripley, you now have experience :)06:21
Resnickzcat[1]: Alright. Thanks for that tip. I got the css2 package and it worked a treat.06:21
epamek_anybody her using eve?06:21
xtknightShak-, not sure.  i dont game.  i update often though for 2d/video06:21
alraune_2 :just on06:21
amonkey_sn9_, do you mean the amd64 version? can i use apt-get to upgrade to that or do i have to reinstall?06:21
sn9_amonkey_: reinstall06:21
paul_5666i shall never user alien again, but i blame the ISPs in australia or counting downloads.06:21
zcat[1]Resnick: yeah, unfortunately it doesn't give you a nice 'no dvdcss' error.. it just acts broken. not sure if this could be fixed in later ubuntu's but it would be nice to see a more specific error message06:22
vexati0ni thought the GNOME in 8.04 was supposed to include a "pause large file transfers" option :/06:22
_2nickrud thanks for the heads up  on the new encryption/copy_protection06:22
sn9_paul_5666: take a trip to portugal; i hear it's much worse there06:22
paul_5666sn9_: is it now? theres a monopoly here in australia06:23
xzedn2for some reason midi doesn't work06:23
xzedn2all other sound does, though06:23
Shadyhowdy folks06:23
JaxHey i got my Ubuntu working now i love it...... i'm looking for some good a place to find some good apps and themes where should i look?06:23
sn9_paul_5666: apparently they have laws mandating download limits06:23
xtknightJax, check out http://art.gnome.org/06:23
=== Shoopuf is now known as Shoopuf_brb_coff
xtknightfor themes/etc06:23
geogurthemes . org06:23
paul_5666sn9_: are u serious? wow thats terrible06:24
xzedn2what about my midi?06:24
xtknightJax,  or http://gnome-look.org06:24
ShadyI am wondering if anyone can help me out a problem installing Ubuntu as a dual boot on a RAID0?06:24
xzedn2i usually go on gnome look06:24
Jaxwhat about applications? i'm looking for very good Graphics/web design ones I know of gimp06:24
xtknightShady, yea i have done that06:24
Shoopuf_brb_coff!midi | xzedn206:24
ubottuxzedn2: Trouble playing MIDI files? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MidiSoftwareSynthesisHowTo06:24
xtknightJax, inkscape for a Vector/illustrator-like application.  it is great.06:25
xtknightJax, sudo apt-get install inkscape06:25
Jaxsudo apt?06:25
xtknightJax, that's a command you type in the Terminal, accessible via Applications->Accessories->Terminal06:25
xtknightsudo apt-get is a tool that allows you to manage applications installed or not installed on your computer06:25
xtknightyou can install software from an online database, or manage apps you have installed from that same database06:26
sn9_xzedn2: i wrote significant chunks of that wiki page at one point06:26
Shadycool xtknight my problem is that i tried installing ubuntu but when it gets to the part of partitioning the drive, it is seeing my separate 250gb drives instead of the RAID array06:26
Jaxoh..........noob question......what other programs can i get using that?06:26
xtknightShady, oh are you using a RAID chipset instead of Software raid?06:26
alraune_2 :(lol  so noboby can acces your tv station, hehehe)  seems like some artists don't wanna be heared until you buy a whole landscape,  for now ( will sleep soon), want some good tv-sites ??06:26
xtknightShady, ok i might suggest sticking with software raid.  it'll be a lot easier to manage06:27
Shoopuf_brb_coffJax: Tons of stuff... There's probably a better way to see the list, but I go to "System Menu > Administration Menu > Synaptic Package Manager" to view a lost of the available downloads.06:27
xtknightShady,  contrary to belief, the software raid will be as fast because most on-board RAID chipsets still use the CPU anyway.06:27
sn9_Shady: also, software raid is more efficient06:27
_2alraune ?06:27
_2must be something lost in the translation.06:28
alraune_2 :?!06:28
Shadyxtknight, ok i even tried to use Partition Manager to break it up but it never actually made the partition, it just did nothing06:28
xtknightShady, you will have to dissociate the drives from your RAID controller or install them as JBOD ("Just A Bunch Of Disks"(nonraid) to the controller)06:28
sn9__2: did you read the rest of that dvd thread?06:28
Shadysn9_, i have never used a software RAID, so not sure what to think about it lol06:29
_2sn9_ i didn't read every word,   but i read most of it.06:29
xtknightsoftware raid5 has successfully saved my data in a drive failure over the past week :)06:29
YuriQis there a way to index all the documentation installed under /usr/share/doc to be searchable?06:29
_2sn9_ says there is a patch out.06:29
sn9__2: yep06:29
_2sn9_  yeah i got that.06:30
xtknightYuriQ, try apropos or man -k06:30
Shadyxtknight, so basically if i want to use my RAID setup, I still have to lose everything and reinstall OS's?06:30
xtknightShady, you can not use windows on a linux software raid06:30
YuriQno, I mean things like the ruby and python documentation06:30
xtknightShady, it will have to be on a separate 'drive'06:30
xtknightYuriQ, these aren't in apropos?06:31
Shoopuf_brb_coffShady: I find that partitioning from the Partition Manager stinks... I usually use a System Restore CD and use the Partition Manager from there.... http://sourceforge.net/projects/systemrescuecd/06:31
sn9_Shady: you can also raid only part of the drive, if you want06:31
alraune_2 :thank you for pushing my education (no jerk, too) n806:31
YuriQwell, the source is in HTML06:31
xtknightShady, you need the Alternate CD to use Software raid06:31
FAJALOUshady:  gparted works wonders too.06:31
xtknightYuriQ, ohh i see06:31
YuriQI am not sure apropos indexes html06:31
xtknightno, it doesn't.  my mistake06:32
ifireballYuriQ: there are quite a few command line text search engines you can install, run a search for "search" in synaptic...06:32
xtknightYuriQ, i would assume though that python has an online, searchable Help06:32
_2alraune ;)06:32
chalcedonyYuriQ: i like lynx (you can tweak the colors) or try links too but i dont' like it as well06:32
YuriQyea, I am trying to set myself to work in disconnected mode06:32
Shoopuf_brb_coffHow do you search synaptic from the command line?06:32
=== eddie is now known as Guest83560
=== Shoopuf_brb_coff is now known as Shoopuf
xtknightShoopuf_brb_coff, apt-cache search pkgname06:33
YuriQso basically, looking for a desktop search engine, but something better than trackerd06:33
xtknightor apt-cache search regex_expression06:33
FAJALOUYuriQ: Beagle?06:33
YuriQseparate problem, but seems my trackerd is permanently busted06:33
ifireballYuriQ: you can also try indexing the files with Tracker06:33
FAJALOUifireball: i think it is broken for YuriQ06:33
FAJALOUYuriQ:  you could try removing the package and reinstalling it.06:34
Shadyxtknight (and others helping =), I am already using XP on a RAID0 setup, AM I correct in interpreting this all to mean that in order to achieve dual boot I will have to start over and reinstall the OS's?06:34
xtknightShady, that depends if your RAID0 has already spanned the entirety of any disk space you have left.06:34
ifireballFAJALOU: yeah, seen that only after posting06:34
sn9_forget the dual-boot, and put win and lin on separate computers06:35
FAJALOUifireball: all good ;)06:35
sn9_Shady: ^^^06:35
xtknightsn9_, oh why do you suggest this?  bad experience with dualboot?06:35
Shadyxtknight, I doubt that because i have 500GB and barley a quarter of it used06:35
sn9_xtknight: it's not practical in the given case06:36
FAJALOUshady;  not sure about RAID, but i am dualbooting fine.06:36
xtknightShady, with the alternate disc then you can choose to create two partitions on each disk, and flag these as RAID.  you then enter the RAID (mdadm) Configuration06:36
M_Cheevyxtknight: my current desktop installation has 4 boot options it's not a probem06:36
ifireballYuriQ: you can try this: http://searchmonkey.sourceforge.net/index.php/Main_Page packages seems to be in the repos06:36
Jaxhey what would you suggest for a person who wants to start programming/hacking (not cracking)06:36
M_Cheevyare you trying to set up a multi boot installation on a software RAID0 setup?06:36
ifireballJax: learn python.06:36
xtknightShady, you need to make sure your current raid0 partition is not allocated to the whole disk06:36
sn9_Jax: write a Hello World06:37
FAJALOUJax:  and C++ and java06:37
M_Cheevyxtknight: not 100% true06:37
Shadyxtknight, I did allocate the entire disk for the RAID06:37
M_CheevyShady: still not a problem.06:37
galshawnaI'm having a sound problem with WoW in wine. Everything else is working fine, but I'm not getting any sound at all. Please help.06:37
pist0l-fishwhere is the ubuntu device manager?06:37
JaxOk python and java......i know html already any good apps or sites for help with python and java? python first i'd think06:37
M_CheevyShady: there is a very good HOWTO on the ubuntu wiki on "FakeRaid" setup06:37
Shoopufgalshawna: #winehq can probably be more helpful06:37
xtknight!fakeraid  | Shady06:38
ubottuShady: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto06:38
geogurat work we have a few os`s but linux gets the tough jobs and windows is always being fixed? go figure so why would you want this os at home?06:38
galshawnaShoopuf, probably would if people actually talked on that channel.06:38
sn9_galshawna: change wine's sound output module06:38
galshawnasn9_, how to do that?06:38
pist0l-fishhi there, how can i access the ubuntu device manager06:38
M_CheevyShady: the FakeRaidHowTo is the kicker06:38
xtknightShady, basically, your RAID controller is called 'fakeraid'06:38
sn9_galshawna: wineconfig06:38
xtknightShady, so in a way if you can get ubuntu to recognize your raid, you can resize down your windows paritions and install linux on the same raid controller06:38
galshawnasn9_, I'll play around with it and try to change the sound settings to see what works.06:38
galshawnasn9_, I'll be back if nothing works.06:39
Shadyxtknight, and M_Cheevy; ty guys i will look into that for a while =)06:39
xtknightlooks a bit involved tho i have never done it06:39
M_CheevyShady: it's what I used for my install, it's not that tough06:39
xtknightstart into the linux world with a bang :)06:39
Jaxifireball: do you know a good site/book/app for learning python?06:40
_2oh crap.    would the fact that it's an i386 libdvdread package being used by an i686 kernel have any affect nickrud ?06:40
xtknight_2, i386 packages will work on i686 kernels06:40
M_CheevyShady: the kicker is, use the live cd, use synaptic to get 'dmraid', use the installer, just be VERY careful when you're setting up your partitions, read that part VERY carefully, then the only other issue is setting up Grub, and that's not that bad either06:40
nickrud_2 no i386 is a subset of i68606:40
xtknight i686 is i386 with some extensions but compatible all the way06:40
Shadyxtknight and M_Cheevy, would you suggest that I dissolve the RAID and just use the 2 disks seperately, partitioning one for both file systems and partitioning the other for their respectives storages?06:40
_2nickrud i'm on dapper.06:40
nolrozIm Drunk!06:41
sn9__2: in ubuntu, i386 just means 32bit -- it won't actually run on a 38606:41
nolrozand I still love root!06:41
nickrud_2 shouldn't make a diff06:41
M_CheevyShady: no need to get rid of the RAID, it's not that hard to get Hardy to install on a fakeraid setup06:41
ifireballJax: http://www.python.org/06:41
Shak-xtknight: ok just discovered a new problem on this new kernel, my sound devices are no longer detected, did you have this issue too?06:41
xtknightShak-, yeah sadly06:41
xtknightShak-, but i got around it06:41
_2nickrud ok.  just noticed that the arch type differed...   didn't want to cause a conflict there.06:41
Shak-ah, packages on synaptic?06:41
xtknightShak-, i had to compile ALSA support again.  so yup that means going 'make xconfig' and selecting all the alsa stuff, and then 'make' in the kernel tree and 'sudo make modules_install'06:42
nickrud_2 sn9_ actually had the truest answer, anyway :)06:42
xtknightShak-, i tried alsa off of alsaproject but it wouldnt even compile06:42
ShadyM_Cheevy: any idea why the commercial product Partition Manager had no effect on partitioning the setup?06:42
Jaxifireball: thanks does that site have a irc channel for help?06:43
xtknightubuntu's GUI installer has no support for raid of any kind06:43
Shak-xtknight: whoa do you mean I have to recompile the kernel?06:43
xtknightShak-, you have to recompile a portion of it.06:43
xtknightand you can rebuild the deb package06:43
xtknightyou're basically adding a little patch to it06:43
TetRaveXdoes any1 knows asterisk?06:43
xtknighti was able to do this successfully06:43
xtknight!info asterisk06:43
ubottuasterisk (source: asterisk): Open Source Private Branch Exchange (PBX). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.4.17~dfsg-2ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 2263 kB, installed size 5888 kB06:43
xtknightnot me hehe06:43
M_CheevyShady: yeah, fakeraid requires a driver for software to see the raid array as anything but separate disks.  Partition Manager, Acronis, Paragon, etc, all boot from CD or from temp partitions, and rarely include any special drivers06:44
M_Cheevyxtknight: yes, you're right, but if you install dmraid, and run that, you can use the installer as long as you manually setup Grub, and be VERY careful with the partition editor06:45
Shak-xtknight: hmm I'm gonna need step by steps for this :/ 'make xconfig' where do I do that?06:45
xtknightShak-, ok how did you recompile your kernel originally?06:45
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
xtknightShak-, or, why?06:45
xtknightno offense there may be an alternative06:45
sn9_xtknight: hardware driver06:46
Shak-xtknight: to get support for a wireless card, I used kernelcheck, but everything it did I could do manually06:46
bullgard4[GNOME] What is the name of the small window which appears in the middle of the screen if you press Alt+Tab and do not use Compiz?06:46
xtknightShak-, did you try compat-wireless-2.6?  this has support for many wireless devices without the need to recompile the kernel06:46
M_Cheevybullgard: task switcher?06:46
xtknightShak-, also what wireless card?06:46
sn9_xtknight: iwlwifi06:47
FAJALOUShak-: why not just use ndiswraper?06:47
xtknightcompat-wireless-2.6 is basically the new kernel's wireless support built for the old kernel, afaik06:47
Jaxifireball: noob question agian were do i start typing code for python at? is there a special app in ubuntu/06:47
ResnickI am having a bit of trouble with my logitech cam. It's to do with the instability timing bug in the uvcvideo module. There is a patch but "The patches are not officially maintained and therefore don't cleanly apply to the latest version of the UVC driver. They may therefore need some tweaking." Is there a place I can get help modifying the patch?06:47
Horky_Chenhow to open ports in Ubuntu06:47
xtknightHorky_Chen, ubuntu by default has all ports open06:47
sn9_xtknight: that's a mean thing to say06:48
Shak-xtknight: I tried compat-wireless-2.6, the thing is this needs alot of kernel-specific patches whch is why I compiled 2.6.25, but even if there is an alternative I might as well plough through here and learn something new06:48
Horky_Chenbut XChat says my 6666 port is closed06:48
[Iggy]that's because port 6666 is evil06:48
xtknighti should say, all ports unblocked06:48
Shak-xtknight: but basically I used this guide to compile the kernel: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=31115806:49
xtknightShak-, ah i see06:49
xtknightShak-, i used the same guide06:49
xtknightShak-, so you have a /usr/src/linux-2.6.25?06:49
FAJALOU!hi | theRealBall06:49
ubottutheRealBall: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:49
Horky_ChenIggy, so cannot use 6666 port? ^_^06:49
Shak-xtknight: yup06:49
xtknightShak-, alright.  go in there, and do "sudo -s"06:49
sn9_[Iggy]: that'd an extra 606:49
xtknightShak-, compat-wireless-2.6 worked right off for me with 2.6.24(however i wanted ath5k, maybe yours doesnt work)06:50
_2all ports open but nothing listening on any of them ?06:50
sn9_Horky_Chen: if you are running an irc SERVER, it will open the port for you06:51
esacfull screen flash videos are really really choppy on my system. any ideas?06:51
xtknightesac, they were on mine as well even with accelerated video drivers.  altho other videos played fine.06:51
sn9_esac: run fewer processes06:51
xtknighti think it's a Flash specific bug06:51
Horky_Chensn9_, but I just want to join one IRC roon in EFNet06:51
sn9_Horky_Chen: then try a different efnet server06:52
xtknightShak-, ok so in /usr/src/linux-2.6.25 in rootmode?06:52
FAJALOUHorky_Chen: I am on EFNet through efnet.demon.co.uk06:52
_2Horky_Chen you only join the channels you want on irc    any server.06:52
Horky_Chensn9_, I will try. But can I open the port direct?06:52
xtknightclient ports need not be opened06:52
Shak-xtknight: yup, I ran make xconfig, select ALSA stuff now?06:52
sn9_Horky_Chen: with efnet, you just have to keep trying until you find a server that works06:52
xtknighter, 'unblocked'06:52
esacsn9_: appreciate the advice, but fewer processes mean nothing. i could have 1000 processes sitting in a sleep loop, what matters is cpu utilization which is ~15%, and windows plays flash videos fine fullscreen at 50% cpu06:53
xtknightShak-, yea make sure you know which driver your device uses06:53
esacxtknight: same here, other videos are fine, just flash. i was thinking of checking out flash10 beta to see if it improves06:53
xtknightShak-, enable ADvanced Linux Sound Arch06:53
sn9_esac: you're lucky it's not gnash -- that would hog even more06:53
[Iggy]Shak-, that Kernel Check thing looks pretty cool, thanks for the link06:53
xtknight..if it even worked06:53
Shak-[Iggy]: yep it did it all start to finish with one click06:54
xzedn2mixing midi was very easy06:54
khindoes anyone know why the hwclock command would fail06:54
xtknightkhin, how does it fail?06:54
khini get ... select() to /dev/rtc to wait for clock tick timed out06:54
xzedn2thanks for the help06:54
Jaxhey quick questions how do you get to a spot to code python??.....06:54
xtknightkhin, not sure, try with sudo?06:54
sn9_khin: genrtc module not loaded?06:54
esacsn9_: i couldnt really care how much cpu it uses if it plays them fine. the scheduler should be decent enough to allow you to run at anything less than 100% cpu and not worry about system slowdowns06:54
xtknightJax, #pthon06:54
xtknight#python even ?06:54
esacsn9_: assuming a decent scheduler :)06:54
Shak-xtknight: k, just gimme a sec to find it06:55
xtknightShak-, ok also there is a searh function if you were unaware06:55
ferrichi.  i have an ubuntu box, that is most likely coming up fine but no display, is there any way I can connect my mac to this box and use it over ethernet without a display?06:56
sn9_esac: blame adobe's product strategy06:56
Flannelferric: of course.  install openssh-server06:56
sn9_ferric: absolutely06:56
ferricbut I can't even ssh into the box...06:56
ferric(no display, so i can't see what's going on)06:57
xtknighthow did you install it then06:57
Flannelferric: clrl-alt-f1, login, password, sudo apt-get install openssh-server, y06:57
Shak-xtknight: ok which mixers do I pick here?06:57
ferricah, i need a keyboard06:57
ferrici think i have that06:57
ferricxtknight: i used to have a display. :-)06:57
xtknightShak-, what sound card do you have?06:57
PorkSodaAny one have any idea why after upgrading to 8.04 my them will not "stick" when I set it?06:57
Jaxifireball: Is there an IRC for python? and another questions what app do i need open to code?06:57
xtknightferric, ahh i see hehe06:57
xtknighti am curious about these things that's alll06:58
PorkSodaAfter upgrading, it reset my old theme/icon settings etc06:58
ferricok, well i changed my network name to see if it will connect to the wireless, and it doesn't seem to.06:58
Shak-xtknight: sound card? hmm I suppose its builtin, Im using a laptop06:58
xtknightShak-, type lspci and pastebin06:58
PorkSodaAny one heard of theme and iconset problems after upgrading to heron?06:59
xtknightor if you can identify the sound paste the one line here06:59
mistformShak-, whats up? search for audio after typing lspci06:59
ferricperhaps its not botting up correctly...06:59
xtknightferric, i am not sure if it helps, but what wireless card does it have?06:59
ferricer, booting up06:59
Shak-00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)06:59
ferricxtknight: an atheros chipset, that works for sure. since it worked earlier.06:59
mistformShak-, or you could type "asoundconf list"06:59
ferricFlannel: btw, i've sshd' in before, which means openssh-server is installed, yes?07:00
xtknightferric, ok so ath0 or wlan0 or something.  well  essentially you can do "sudo iwconfig ath0 essid net_name" and then "sudo dhclient ath0" to get wireless network in the TTY consol.e07:00
mistformherro, dyf07:00
xtknightfirst sudo cmd, of course, will require a pw ;)07:00
Shak-how do you folks memorize the names of all these settings binaries :p07:00
xtknightShak-, constant frustration with them07:00
ferricxtknight: good idea, let me go find that keyboard07:00
mistformShak-, yes. I actually just barely learned this stuff yesterday :)07:00
xtknightShak-, ok maybe you use hd audio?  you might want to check the alsa project site's Sound Cards list07:01
xtknightfor the modulen ame07:01
mistformShak-, what came up when you typed "asoundconf list"07:01
xtknighti think he is in a kernel without alsa currently07:01
Shak-yeah, nothign came up07:01
mistformwhat did it say? it didn't list anything?07:02
tyler_i got banned07:02
tyler_[ was my ip07:02
ferricheh ok, i don't think i'm even getting a console, i just tried rebooting, and it didn't work07:02
mistformShak-, nothing like "Names of available sound cards:"07:02
ferricif i physically plug an ethernet cable in to the mac and the other end to the ubuntu box, is it going to autodetect dhcp?07:03
xtknightShak-, i think you use "snd-hda-intel".  find hda intel driver in the 'make xconfig' and enable it07:03
Shak-mistform: nothing, it just went to the next terminal line07:03
xtknightferric, you have to set static ips for crossover connections AFAIK07:03
xtknightmistform, he has no ALSA module07:03
[Iggy]you may also need a crossover cable07:03
xtknightthat is true07:03
mistformxtknight, get him to install it lol07:04
xtknightand if your driver can automatically remap pins, good luck07:04
xtknightmistform, yup trying he recompiled 2.6.2507:04
ferricxtknight: ah.  so it needs ifconfig on the linux box.07:04
ferricok, i guess i better get a display then.07:04
xtknightferric, "sudo ifconfig ifname ip 192.168.x.x"07:04
=== theRealBall is now known as theRealAway
xtknightferric, does your mac have an external display or is it builtin07:04
ferricxtknight: right, but i don't even know if i'm at the linux console or stuck in some fsck looop :)07:05
xtknightthat's true07:05
ferricxtknight: it's a laptop07:05
sn9_ferric: hahahaha07:05
ferricsn9_: indeed.07:05
mistformferret, User Error07:05
mistformferric, User Error07:05
xtknightferric, if the video card has a VIVO port, you can connect it up to the tv07:05
Shak-xtknight: ok, I enabled Intel HD Audio07:05
mistformyeah, i forgot how many nicks are in this chan07:05
ferricxtknight: oy vey.  that is a good idea.07:05
ferrici do have a mini-dvi cable07:05
Shak-xtknight: should I check aggresive power saving there too? :p07:05
ferriclemme check07:06
xtknightShak-, probably not07:06
mistformthere are 6 nicks that come up with "sha-Tab"07:06
xtknightwell you need a mini-DIN07:06
xtknightif it's out of the vivo video card07:06
xtknightTTYs will show on tvout, GNOME will not, by default, AFAIK07:06
xtknightbecause tty is framebuffer07:06
Shak-xtknight: alrighty, we all done in xconfig?07:07
xtknightShak-, save/exit it.  before you "make" let's check the kernel configuration.  type grep CONFIG_SND.*y .config07:07
owen1i installed git and git-core but I get this: "the filemanager with GNU Interactive Tools, is now called gitfm."07:08
xtknightShak-,  sorry i messed that up.  grep CONFIG_SND.* .config07:08
xtknightShak-, and see if what you need looks enabled.  you need HDA_INTEL and probably the HDA_CODEC things.  they should be =m(module) or =y(initrd).  and CONFIG_SND needs enabled07:09
mistformlol, what does that command do, xtknight ?07:09
xtknightmistform, we are searching the kernel configuration for certain properties he needs07:09
phreckanyone know anything about how emerald works with 8.0407:09
mistformxtknight, you mean like Park Place and Broadway?07:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ltrace07:09
xtknightmistform, perhaps in a next kernel, check kernelnewbies ;)07:09
xtknightmore like modules tho07:10
sn9_mistform: marvin gardens07:10
xtknightdo not pass and go, do not recompile07:10
xtknightowen1, install git-core07:10
xtknightthis allows you to use the "git" repository program07:10
Mr_EggHi all :) I'm experiencing a printing issue with Hardy. I suspect I have a missing library. How can I best use ltrace to identify the missing library? TIA.07:11
xtknighti meant only to instal git-core actually.  i think you need to uninstall git07:11
xtknightMr_Egg, run ldd on the application07:11
Shak-xtknight: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26393/ <- looks the ones you said are all modules07:11
xtknightldd /path/to/dynamically_linked_app  will tell you any libraries it uses, and if it can find them07:11
xtknightShak-, looks great to me07:11
xtknightShak-, one moment07:12
xtknightShak-, type    "nano debian/changelog"  in /usr/src/linux-2.6.2507:12
xtknightwe will have to change your kernel revision before we make a new package07:12
mistformxtknight, I'll trade your Ubuntu Hardy for my FC907:13
mistformwhat would the utilities be?07:13
xtknightmistform,  fc9 wont boot on my puter , nor will opensuse10 :-(07:13
mon^rchwhat's the next version going to be called?07:13
xtknight!intrepid | mon^rch07:13
ubottumon^rch: Alpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!07:13
Shak-xtknight: ok what should I change the revision to?07:13
xtknightShak-, add a number to it, imo.  anything really.  like shak107:13
ansichartHello, I am having a problem changing my MAC address on my Atheros wifi card.  When I change it with ifconfig, it shows that it has changed... however my card will ignore anything addressed to the spoofed MAC address.07:14
ansichartI think my chipset restricts me from doing it, but I am trying to find a work-around solution for this.07:14
Mr_Eggxtknight: thanks07:14
xtknight Shak-  following the save of debian/changelog,  do in root mode (replace 'shak1' with your revision in debian/changelog)        " make-kpkg --initrd --revision=shak1 kernel_image kernel_headers modules_image "07:14
sn9_ansichart: you need to use wlanconfig07:14
xtknightShak-, (DONT) do make-kpkg clean07:15
mistformis there a keyboard shortcut to open terminal?07:15
zcat[1]I was thinking iwconfig07:15
xtknightyoull have to recompile the whole thing07:15
xtknightmistform, set one in gnome-keybinding-properties07:15
sn9_zcat[1]: not for madwifi07:15
magnetronansichart, you are doing it wrong. don't use ifconfig, use the madwifi tool to create a new VAP with the desired MAC adress07:15
xtknightmistform, or you can install nautilus-open-terminal, which allows you to right click on the desktop or folders to open the terminal07:15
xtknightmistform, system->preferences->keyboard shortcuts07:15
Shak-xtknight: hang on, about the revison, you mean add whatever to the right?07:16
xtknightShak-, hmm07:16
xtknightShak-, see in the parentheses before 'unstable'?07:16
mistformhow do I add a new one?07:16
magnetron!enter | xtknight07:16
ubottuxtknight: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:16
Shak-xtknight: yup07:16
ansichartsn9_ Hmmm, I'll look into that.07:17
xtknightShak-, you need to change whatever is in the parentheses.  that will be your new "revision" which you will add to the line i posted above when you execute it07:17
ansichartmagnetron, I'll also look into that.07:17
sn9_ansichart: install the pkg madwifi-tools07:17
ansichartAlright, thank you.07:17
lazai closed the Network Administration Tool beside the clock, on the deck by accident, now i can't see the ssids07:17
lazai want it back somehow, please help07:18
xtknightShak-, when you set revision=, you will not include the parentheses () themselves07:18
Shak-xtknight: right, so basically the default revision is ?07:18
xtknightShak-, "generic" i think?07:18
mistformxtknight, how do I create a new keyboard shortcut for terminal?07:18
xtknightShak-, oh maybe it is.  can you pastebin the file?07:18
xtknightmistform, system->preferences->keyboard shortcuts, goto the "Run a terminal" entry07:19
sn9_laza: alt-f2, and type: nm-applet --sm-disable07:19
newbee617hi , when i tried to compile a software ,  after typed ./configure, an error appears: No GTKMM2.4 found . any ideas?07:19
Shak-xtknight: sure - http://paste.ubuntu.com/26394/07:19
lazasn9_: thank you!07:20
xtknightnewbee617, install libgtkmm-dev07:20
sn9_!cn | london07:20
ubottulondon: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可