iilhhi all00:18
iilhi can't see my xfce panels anymore... anyone can help me?00:18
iilhi already tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure xfce4-panel && sudo dpkg-reconfigure xfce4-session but nothing...00:19
lecheiilh, is it running?00:20
iilhwhat, leche?00:20
lecheiilh, is the process running?00:21
iilhi see, wait00:21
iilhthe only xfce-related running is xfce-mcs-manage00:22
lecheiilh, so just run xfce4-panel and see what happens00:23
iilhok i try00:23
iilhok worked! :)00:24
lecheiilh, hehe00:25
iilhthanks :)00:25
iilhehm, now is disappeared00:25
iilhwhen i've closed the terminal00:25
lecherun it with alt + f200:26
iilhah lol, true00:26
lechei think it should autostart then00:26
lechebut not sure00:27
lecheok, i go sleep00:27
iilhi didn't remembered that closing a terminal after having called a program, would close the program too00:27
iilhok leche, thank you again00:27
iilhleche, only a second...00:27
iilhtoo late LOL..00:28
iilhi go now, goodbye all00:41
rvtcadminhello, i'm a bit of a newbie.  I'm using a laptop my colleague gave me that's xfce.  i want to switch back to the gnome desktop.01:01
rvtcadminI tried loggin out and selecting gnome, but it said it was not installed.01:01
rvtcadminhowever, when i look in the usrs/share directory, it appears to be there.  how can i know for sure if it is already installed or not01:02
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z662does anyone know where i can find a good tutorial on setting up an irc server on ubuntu server?03:39
z662or what documentation to read03:40
rambu1Hello, I would like to request help changing my screen resolution beyond the max available in the GUI.  Can someone help me force the screen resolution to 120 Hz?04:21
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TeslaTonyAre there any known issues running xubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop (or any other remixes) together?05:58
lc2there shouldn't be06:01
TeslaTonyI like to install Xubuntu alongside other DEs, any a problem of some sort usually crops up immediately afterwards06:04
ocs__ hi. how can i force an x window app (my_app) to be displayed at position x,y on the screen ?09:40
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rockyrockhi guys, i bought a USB Dialup modem and i plugged it in, but i can't know if ubuntu installed it correctly or even if it recognizes it. Can anybody help me with this  plzzz12:04
rockyrocki have only dialup available12:04
caspixhow r u doin guys?13:47
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deejHello, wonder if anyone can help - I'm trying to install xubuntu with the alternate CD on an old celeron laptop and it just white-screens after starting syslogd?14:24
deejcomputer's not dead (alt-ctrl-del still works) but cd-rom stops and it just does nothing14:24
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Cheesasaurus_RexHey, I'm having a problem with font thumbnails14:59
Cheesasaurus_RexThey're not showing up14:59
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MrGreencastleIs there anyway to completely get rid of the background fade/colour in the quit dialog? It really looks ugly with compiz enabled...16:48
vinnlj #xubuntu-devel18:53
zoredachevinnl: hi19:05
vinnlHey zoredache19:05
josh[]is there any way to get my removable media to show up in gtk bookmarks?19:30
josh[]right now they are just in xfce's places and thunar19:30
josh[](im on 8.04.1)19:30
vinnljosh[], where would you like them to appear?19:31
josh[]everywhere gtk bookmarks show up. eg, file open dialog19:31
vinnlWell, you could bookmark them like every other bookmark, but that'll only work when the media is mounted and uses the same mountpoint19:31
josh[]well i know in gnome removeable media shows up in gtk bookmarks19:32
josh[]and it shows nicely in places....19:32
vinnlYeah I know, not sure what does that19:32
josh[]i thought maybe itd be some hal daemon but thats over my head... i wouldnt know where to look19:33
vinnlPerhaps you could file a bug at bugs.ubuntu.com, would be a nice feature to have for Xubuntu too :)19:33
josh[]yeah i might have to, i havent seen anything related to this after a couple minutes of googling19:33
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viddis there a way to auto-arrange icons on the desktop?22:32
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