Tonio_apachelogger: they do but most debian people prefer not to install sudo in the first place00:02
Tonio_they are used to su00:02
Tonio_apachelogger: they have a kdesudo package, but not that well maintained00:02
Tonio_apachelogger: other distros are sing it (gentoo, archlinux...)00:03
Tonio_but not really debian00:03
Tonio_apachelogger: although that's really stupid, sysadmins don't really use sudo in fact...00:03
Tonio_I hate to write packages descriptions....00:05
Tonio_especially when there is none written00:05
* apachelogger is pretty freaked because he almost had a car accident due to a deer Oo00:15
papabeanDoes anyone have an example of a Python KCM?00:18
papabeanAnd if not, is there some other way I could be lending a helping hand to Kubuntu?00:19
tomapapabean: checkout the guidance kcms00:20
JontheEchidnaHave the guidance kcms been ported to KDE4 yet?00:20
tomano idea00:20
JontheEchidnabecause that's about where I am with jockey00:21
JontheEchidnaotherwise kde4 integration is pretty tight00:21
tomayou lost me00:21
papabeanLanguage Selector seems ready to go...someone else should check that.00:22
papabeanexcept for turning it into a kcm.00:22
JontheEchidnaThe KDE4 spec said that jockey-kde needed porting to pykde4, and also systemsettings integration if possible00:22
JontheEchidnaJockey pretty much just needs review at this point + a kcm module00:23
papabeanJontheEchidna: Just read the spec.  Looks like there needs to be a wrapper to load python kcontrol modules.00:28
nixternaloi oi who pingy pingy00:45
* apachelogger pokes nixternal with the broken kdepim00:45
* nixternal steps on kdepim00:46
nixternalevolution ftw!00:46
* nixternal pukes then dies00:46
nixternalapachelogger: what's wrong with kdepim?00:47
apacheloggernixternal: everything possible is wrong00:47
* apachelogger finally managed to get it build in proper shape after 6 hours of work00:48
apacheloggernixternal: aye00:48
apacheloggerI am actually wondering if kdebindings can actually still be worse than that00:48
claydohwill there be kde3 packages in intrepid, for 'compatibility'?03:11
claydohor for those still wanting that version?03:12
ScottK-laptopclaydoh: No.03:13
ScottK-laptopThose wanting KDE3 should stick with Hardy.03:14
ScottK-laptopThere will be KDE3 bits where needed, but no more than needed for stuff that hasn't been ported yet.03:14
ScottK-laptopNo KDE3 desktop.03:14
claydohcool, answers a forum question thanks03:15
ScottK-laptopclaydoh: My Kubuntu Intrepid slogan is, "The Intrepid Ibex, adventuring through the jungles of KDE4.  In the jungle, some days you eat the tiger and some days the tiger eats you.  Which will it be?  Upgrade and find out."03:16
JontheEchidnaIt should be pretty exciting either way.03:16
ScottK-laptopHeya crimsun.03:17
crimsun'lo ScottK-03:17
ScottK-laptopSo, we had some fun this weekend with our Flash 10 backport attempt.03:18
ScottK-laptopShould be all back like it was now though.03:18
claydohI just rebuilt my dead system and installed 8.04.1 and just got bit by that03:18
claydoha week with a 233 mmx thinpad is no fun for some things :(03:19
claydohbut puppy linux is now my 2nd fave OS  now :)03:19
ScottK-laptopOne is about all I can handle.03:20
claydohI only have 2 now03:20
ScottK-laptopIt's getting so I have trouble helping people with Windows now because it's been so long since I've used it.03:21
crimsunScottK-laptop: eh?  what broke?03:21
ScottK-laptopcrimsun: For 64 bit, non-PA systems, very bad.03:22
ScottK-laptopNot sure which of those factors was more important.03:22
claydohI stopped helping w/windows problems for the same reason03:22
crimsunScottK-laptop: huh.  I just walked someone through it yesterday.03:23
ScottK-laptopcrimsun: As much as I know about it is in Bug 235125 - It was enough trouble I reverted it.03:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 235125 in perlpanel "Please merge perlpanel 1:0.9.1+cvs20051225-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23512503:23
ScottK-laptopNot that one03:23
ScottK-laptopBug 23513503:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 235135 in flashplugin-nonfree "[MASTER] Please backport flashplugin-nonfree version 10 beta and asound-plugins from Intrepid so we can drop libflashsupport and the crashes it causes" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23513503:24
ScottK-laptopThat one.03:24
ScottK-laptopnixternal probably has some choice words on the subject too.03:25
crimsunwhat does libflashsupport have to do with 525 (intrepid's latest flashplugin-nonfree)?03:28
crimsunit's not even a recommends anymore03:28
crimsunpeople don't get libflashsupport installed unless they explicitly did so by hand03:28
crimsunpart of the problem here is that different reporters experience conflicting symptoms03:29
crimsunsome people don't get sigsegvs with libflashsupport installed on 32-bit or 64-bit, some do03:30
ScottK-laptopYes.  I decided it'd be better to troubleshoot without breaking some fraction of the installed base.03:30
crimsunthey shouldn't even have that lib installed, so we could forcibly Conflicts with that in flashplugin-nonfree03:30
ScottK-laptopI don't pretend to understand at this point what went wrong, just that it wasn't good.03:31
mitshi... was there some change that had something to do with font sizes in intrepid?03:31
ScottK-laptopI couldn't make it sigsev on my Kubuntu i386.03:31
crimsunFlash requires a crapload to be backported.  I tried to make that clear.  You'd have to backport alsa-lib and alsa-plugins, too03:31
* ScottK-laptop should have waited and asked you.03:32
* ScottK-laptop should have seen that gnomefreak didn't have a solid handle on the requirements.03:32
crimsunwell, to be fair, it's also because no one else seems to have a solid grasp of how deep the issue is03:33
crimsunI'm trying to bring a couple other people up to speed so that stuff doesn't fall apart03:34
ScottK-laptopYes, please do.03:34
ScottK-laptopPlease let me NOT be one of the ones you bring up to speed.03:35
crimsunnixternal: aw come on, it's an Adobe beta.  I know the known issues portion of the release notes is lacking (http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/releasenotes.html#known), but still - it's beta.  It's going to blow more than usual.03:44
crimsunnow the interesting bit is figuring out how these folks got libflashsupport installed...03:44
ScottK-laptopAlthough removing that didn't help nixternal any.03:45
ScottK-laptopIt was my impression that those of us on Kubuntu and not using PA by default still wanted it?03:45
ScottK-laptopAlthough the impression was very vague.  My laptop was Flash free until I had to test upgrading out of the problematic packages today.03:46
crimsunit'd be more worthwhile to backport swfdec0.6.03:47
crimsunno, definitely don't want libflashsupport03:48
ScottK-laptopI don't think anyone has asked for that.03:50
=== ScottK-laptop is now known as ScottK2
yuriymugginz__: did you get it figured out?05:46
mugginz__yuriy: Yep05:46
mugginz__I've uploaded the debdiff05:47
vorianwhat bug?05:47
* vorian is awake atm05:47
=== mugginz__ is now known as mugginz
* yuriy isn't, is exhausted05:49
mugginzso many bugs, so little time05:49
yuriymugginz: thanks for working on this05:50
mugginzno wories, now I'm onto a kmix/kmilo bug05:50
yuriyvorian: bug 24191605:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 241916 in kdebase "Kde help index creation fails due to dash incompatability" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24191605:51
mugginzkmilo only works with Mixer0, so if ya have multiple sound cards it only will control the first one.05:51
yuriyvorian: I'm also still looking for someone to test the patch in bug 24368305:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 243683 in kdelibs "paste function inserts double text" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24368305:52
* yuriy passes out05:52
vorianoh no!05:52
mugginzIt doesn't seem to double paste for me05:54
yuriyhmm not doing it right now either o_O. but just to make sure, KDE 4.0.5, and only in ktextedits (such as when editing the wiki)05:56
yuriyoh woops that was firefox. umm yeah I should be sleeping05:56
mugginzwhat time is it ova your neck of the woods?05:57
yuriy1am, but I was hiking today and have been up since 4:30am05:58
mugginzMy god.  Your keen!05:59
flaccidin the KubuntuIntrepidDefaults it has "In System Settings, move the Advanced items to the bottom of the main page, and remove the tabs. Use smaller text and enable word wrap. " <-- what is the benefit/point of this?06:47
=== mzungu_ is now known as mzungu
=== Jucato_ is now known as Jucato
andrew_sayersCould someone try disabling the "allow uninvited connections to control the desktop" setting in krfb, and see whether it actually does anything?  It doesn't work for me, but I'm running it from a script rather than kinetd.10:51
|gunni|Does somebody know howto enable the filter box in konqueror KDE4? I miss this feature a lot.14:35
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: halp! http://paste.ubuntu.com/27078/ can't build it in pbuilder :(15:18
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: remove the configure from config.status15:19
JontheEchidnathankfully I don't have to download 50 MB of oxygen icons again >.>15:20
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27079/15:25
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: your tree isn't clean15:25
apacheloggerthere is cmakecache present from the non-pbuild environment15:26
JontheEchidnaoh hey, there is...15:26
JontheEchidnaThat appears to be the only non-cleanness15:27
nixternalScottK2: the new updated flash in backports fixes every issue that I saw...thanks!15:27
ScottK2nixternal: Great.  That just gets us back to square one, but progress.15:27
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: CMake Error: The source directory "/tmp/buildd" does not appear to contain CMakeLists.txt.15:36
JontheEchidnaWhy is it looking for CMakeLists.txt there?15:37
apacheloggerprobably some fallback feature15:38
apacheloggerlike from cmake's pov you are currentl in a subdirectory of the build directory15:38
apacheloggeras the direcory above contains the cache15:38
apacheloggerassuming the build directory is a sub directory of the source directory that would be another level above15:39
apacheloggerthat's just a guess though ;-)15:39
* apachelogger writes a script to update the l10n packages15:39
JontheEchidnaMaybe I should just use cbds...15:40
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: won't help since your source tree still is poluted with cmakecache files :P15:41
JontheEchidnano it isn't15:41
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: check the tarball15:47
apacheloggerCMake Error: The current CMakeCache.txt directory /tmp/buildd/plasmoid-am4rok-0.5/CMakeCache.txt is different than the directory /home/jonathan/Documents/sauce/plasma-am4rok/plasmoid-am4rok-0.5 where CMackeCache.txt was created. This may result in binaries being created in the wrong place. If you are not sure, reedit the CMakeCache.txt15:47
apacheloggercmake usually ain't lying ;-)15:47
JontheEchidnamaybe I forgot to rebuild the source package...15:48
=== Czessi_ is now known as Czessi
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27084/16:00
apacheloggersome debhelper is missing16:11
apacheloggeror maybe the semicolon at the line ends scrus something up16:12
* apachelogger doesn't see anything else that could cause these troubles16:13
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: remove 'em and try again16:13
JontheEchidnabuilding now16:14
JontheEchidnaer, well, pbuilder is doing it's stuff16:15
JontheEchidnadon't know if it'll actually build now16:15
apachelogger./testimonial.rb:75:in `exe': undefined method `origFile' for #<Object:0xb7c29950 @upDir="/home/me/src/deb/l10nuploads"> (NoMethodError)16:15
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: lack of semicolons doesn't help :(16:18
apacheloggerI can't say why16:19
* JontheEchidna tries cbds16:20
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: merge the cd and the cmake lines16:20
apacheloggerI think the path restored for every line16:20
JontheEchidnaah, right16:21
* JontheEchidna pbuilds again16:21
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: We got farther! http://paste.ubuntu.com/27087/16:26
JontheEchidnaoops, forgot to merge the cd and make on the build target16:27
ryanakcaHmmm... Riddell on holidays?16:29
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: The binary builds now, but it does some funky crap afterwards: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27089/16:37
JontheEchidnais build.stamp supposed to try to build it again?16:37
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: adding touch config.status to the end of the config.status target should prevent this16:40
apacheloggerthen again16:40
apacheloggerI forgot all of that magic from all the cdbs stuff :P16:40
apacheloggercdbs is evil16:40
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: that fixes that problem16:47
JontheEchidnaforgot to merge the cd and make install lines though16:48
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: It builds!16:52
JontheEchidnauploading to revu16:53
JontheEchidnaI'll make the same changes to plasmoid-wifi and re-up it too.16:54
JontheEchidnaOh, but since the package name changed I guess they'll both show up as different packages16:55
JontheEchidnaGuess the old ones should be archived?16:55
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: archived17:05
JontheEchidnaI'll run plasmoid-wifi through pbuilder and then upload it17:12
=== hunger_t is now known as hunger
hungerAnything I need to watch out for when upgrading to intrepid at this time? Besides the normal "may break your system" stuff that is...17:13
JontheEchidnayou may have problems getting a usable X environment with proprietary nvidia drivers17:14
hungerJontheEchidna: Thanks. I am using free ati drivers, so I should be save there.17:17
hungerGreat. Aptitude wants to deinstall kubuntu-desktop:-(17:18
hungerHmmm... looks like a upgrade from hardy to intrepid is not really straight forward at this time:-|17:19
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: uploaded plasmoid-wifi, please archive plasma-wifi17:20
JontheEchidnaI think the lack of tabs in nautilus has fried the gnomies' brains.17:31
JontheEchidnaNow they're adding tabs everywhere17:31
* JontheEchidna will be afk for 15 mins17:34
* hunger grumbles that updating anything x-related with aptitude will result in kubuntu-desktop getting deinstalled:-(17:37
jpdsafternoond vorian17:38
vorianafternoond to you too jpds :)17:40
voriani think ktorrent-kde4 needs an sru17:41
ScottK-laptopTorrent stuff always seems to need an SRU.17:41
=== ScottK-laptop is now known as ScottK2
ScottK2Good afternoon.17:47
ScottK2Isn't it afternoon for you too yuriy?17:48
ScottK2yuriy: Did you like my mail on Guidance triage?17:49
yuriyScottK2: it is afternoon, but I had a long day yesterday17:52
ScottK2Fair enough.17:52
yuriyScottK2: yeah, that sounds good17:52
ScottK2Anyone here have a moment to help with with a simple (for someone who knows kde/qt) patch?17:54
ScottK2mhb did it for me a Prague, but then didn't send me the patch and I've given up.17:54
yuriyI could give it a try17:55
ScottK2The package is klamav.17:55
ScottK2If you install it/run it, I'll show you what needs changed.17:55
yuriyok running it, there's a wizard17:59
ScottK2Just take the defaults on that.17:59
ScottK2On the right, near the top, you'll see a box for 'options'.17:59
ScottK2Click on that.17:59
ScottK2There is a section called auto scan.18:00
ScottK2It needs to go away as upstream removed the auto scan functionality without removing the U/I for it.18:00
yuriyah, OK18:00
ScottK2It doesn't hurt if it's still there invisible, just needs to not appear in that list to click on.18:00
ScottK2I managed to get rid of the rest of the auto scan u/i, but got stuck on that.18:01
yuriyScottK2: I think you just need to comment out the addPage line18:11
yuriyline 64 in configdialog.cpp18:12
ScottK2yuriy: Thanks.  I'll have a look.18:13
=== ScottK2 is now known as ScottK-laptop
ScottK-laptopyuriy: Building now.  If it works, how do you want to be credited in debian/changelog?18:18
yuriydon't terribly care, it's one '#' :P18:34
yuriyerr '//'18:34
yuriytoo much python18:34
* JontheEchidna packages more plasmoids18:34
JontheEchidna3rd party plasmoids are getting more common now18:35
ScottK-laptopyuriy: Looks like that did it.  Thanks.18:41
ScottK-laptopDunno why I didn't find that before.18:41
ScottK-laptopnixternal: What do you think about Bug #239451?19:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 239451 in cmake "ccmake missing?" [Unknown,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23945119:11
JontheEchidnaIf anyone's available, revus please: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=plasmoid-previewer19:14
JontheEchidna http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=plasmoid-weather19:14
ScottK-laptopyuriy: Uploaded to Debian.  Thanks again.19:15
* vorian takes a peek at plasmoid-previewer19:26
JontheEchidnaThey're both nice plasmoids19:31
vorianJontheEchidna: in copyright19:31
JontheEchidnarather than /usr/share/common-lecenses/GPL ?19:32
vorianit's gpl 2, and it's missing the full text of the copyright :(19:33
vorian(in the source package)19:33
JontheEchidnaAh, right.19:33
JontheEchidnaOh, I forgot the author email, didn't I?19:34
vorianI don't know :P19:34
ScottK-laptopYou must have a full copy of $LICENSE in the source package or you'll get rejected by the archive admins.19:34
vorianyes, please email upstream19:34
JontheEchidnaOh, it needs a copy of GPL itself.19:34
vorianI usually attatch the correct COPYING file19:34
voriancopy of GPL-2, actually19:35
ScottK-laptopIs KDE4 GPL v3 or GPL V2 and later?19:37
apacheloggerScottK: KDE 4 is going to evolve to 'GPL 2 + 3 or any later approved by the e.V.'19:45
ScottK-laptopOK.  As long as it's 2+, then it's OK, but if it goes to just 3, then I expect GPK v2 plasmoids will be problematic19:46
apacheloggerScottK: well, it really depends on parts anyway19:46
apacheloggerlike all of kdelibs is LGPL IIRC19:46
ScottK-laptopyuriy: I gave you credit anyway: http://incoming.debian.org/klamav_0.44-1_i386.changes19:46
ScottK-laptopIf it's LGPL, then it should be fine.19:47
ScottK-laptopIt's just a young project trying to play version number catch up.19:47
JontheEchidna[12:31:28] <JontheEchidna> I think the lack of tabs in nautilus has fried the gnomies' brains.19:48
JontheEchidna[12:31:37] <JontheEchidna> Now they're adding tabs everywhere19:48
* vorian tabs JontheEchidna 19:48
* apachelogger doesn't like tabs for most usecases19:48
JontheEchidnaWell that's what Gnome3 is19:48
JontheEchidnaaccording to planet.gnome.org19:48
yuriyI think it's mostly a joke19:48
apacheloggerNightrose: btw, if you push out super annoying promotion for amarok 2.0.0 and deliver windows and mac binaries you can take down the internet19:48
voriani want composite back please19:49
yuriy"KDE has clocks, Gnome 3 has tabs"19:49
* apachelogger just made himself some new composite19:49
Nightroseapachelogger: ;-)19:49
vorianwhich card?19:49
apacheloggeryuriy: at least clocks are useful :P19:49
Nightroseapachelogger: btw are you going to blog about kubuntu packages for amarok?19:49
apacheloggervorian: none at all, that is the point of intel ;-)19:49
apachelogger965 or something19:49
vorianthat's mine too19:50
* apachelogger starts dancing to his vis in amarok19:50
apacheloggerthere is no :P19:50
* apachelogger pokes NickNak19:50
JontheEchidnaBy the way, has any considering been done for default plasmoids in Intrepid?19:50
* apachelogger pokes Nightrose and well and goes over to kill some quassel devs19:50
apacheloggerthat autocompletion is ripping my mind out19:50
* JontheEchidna cowers behind Konversation/KDE319:51
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: I honestly don't want to touch plasma-appletsrc anymore19:51
apacheloggerthe kioskibility of plasma19:51
apacheloggernot existing19:51
NightroseJontheEchidna: why not set it on the agenda for the next meeting?19:51
apacheloggeractually kiosk + plasma is worse then kdepim packaging19:51
JontheEchidnaNightrose: Where do I do that?19:52
apacheloggerin the wiki19:52
apacheloggerthat said19:52
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: are you kubuntu member yet?19:52
NightroseJontheEchidna: sec19:52
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: Nope19:52
apacheloggerapply for that as well then19:52
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: and get vorian to review the plasmoids19:52
NightroseJontheEchidna: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Meetings19:53
JontheEchidnaNightrose: thx19:53
JontheEchidnaHmm, doesn't seem updated since the last meeting, \o/19:54
apacheloggergo ahead then19:54
apacheloggerI wanted to request a meeting for something anyway19:55
apacheloggerbut since I forgot about it...19:55
apacheloggercheckout my latest invention: http://aplg.kollide.net/kubuntu/testimonial.rb19:55
JontheEchidnaooh, what's it do?19:56
apacheloggerupdating l10n packages19:56
vorianJontheEchidna: plasmoid-weather is GPL v319:58
apacheloggerNightrose: amarok is b0rked19:58
apacheloggerdoesn't start19:58
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: When's the next meeting going to be?19:58
apacheloggernow it does19:59
apacheloggerNightrose: apparently my sycoca was just too old19:59
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: whenever the Riddell comes back ... usually they happen on wed or sat19:59
apacheloggerNightrose: nice current track thingy20:00
apacheloggerreminds me on something20:00
apacheloggerlooks like my taskbar20:00
Nightrosedone by a friend of Liw20:00
apacheloggeramarok stole my taskbar :P20:00
apacheloggerNightrose: that thingy should adapt to the color scheme really20:00
Nightrosejep jep - nhn has got it on his todo according to his last blog entry20:01
Nightrosesebr also did another applet20:01
JontheEchidnavorian: reuploading20:01
Nightroseshowing albums by the current artist20:01
apacheloggerdoes not20:01
JontheEchidnaman, that svg is huge20:01
apacheloggerNightrose: and they don't scale enough20:02
Nightrosewhen you make the cv bigger?20:02
Nightrosethat is on purpose20:02
NightroseLiw is working on colums20:03
apacheloggerNightrose: http://aplg.kollide.net/images/snapshot048.png20:03
apacheloggerNightrose: yes, but not at this size20:03
apacheloggerthat is almost 1:1:120:04
vorianJontheEchidna: these plasmoids are not werking :/20:04
JontheEchidnavorian: did you run kbuildsycoca4 after install?20:04
JontheEchidnaCurrently you have to do that or log out/back in20:04
* JontheEchidna is assuming that the plasmoids aren't showing up in the add widgets thingy20:07
JontheEchidnaor did it switch back to kbuildsycoca in Intrepid?20:11
vorianJontheEchidna: nada20:12
JontheEchidnaWonder what's wrong...20:12
voriancmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`20:13
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: kde renamed it to kdebuildsycoca, so there ain't any switching back20:14
JontheEchidnaOh. I had it set to /usr20:16
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: it is /usr in intrepid?!20:16
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I guess?20:16
apacheloggerso what is the "Oh" about? :P20:17
JontheEchidnavorain said it was cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`20:17
apacheloggerwell that is going to end up in /usr as well20:18
JontheEchidnaThen I wonder what's wrong...20:19
* apachelogger hates bash quite the much20:19
* JontheEchidna reuploaded with the kde4-config bit20:19
apacheloggerNightrose: did markey already suggest to exchange bash with irb? ... if not you might suggest him to suggest it to someone20:19
JontheEchidnashould be available in a bit I guess20:19
apacheloggerI have an awesome idea20:20
apacheloggerI guess20:20
Nightrosedon't you always ;-)20:20
* apachelogger hands Nightrose a cookie20:21
* Nightrose munches the cookie20:21
JontheEchidnavorian: Ok, latest try should be available now20:28
vorianoi oi oi20:39
JontheEchidnaIs oi oi oi good or bad? :P20:41
vorianjust trying a few things here20:41
papabeanIs there no #kubuntu+1?20:49
JontheEchidnavorian: Could you check to see if plasma_applet_weather.so is in /usr/lib/kde4/?20:52
vorianit's not20:53
vorianthe .desktop is not in usr/share/kde4/services/ either20:54
JontheEchidnaThe package built ok in pbuilder, so I don't know what's wrong20:55
voriandid it install fine?20:55
JontheEchidnalemme paste the pbuilder build log in pastebin quickly20:58
voriani got it to build fine as well20:59
voriansometimes those blasted packages dont' .install like you want them to21:00
JontheEchidnaI know this did work in Hardy with a slightly different rules file21:00
JontheEchidnahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/27122/ <- old one21:01
JontheEchidnaI forgot to change the DESTDIR to the new package name...21:29
* JontheEchidna facepalms21:29
JontheEchidnavorian: ^21:29
voriani was going to wait another few minutes to show you http://paste.ubuntu.com/27126/21:30
vorianJontheEchidna: let me know when it's on revu21:30
JontheEchidnavorian: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=283021:41
JontheEchidnahuh, the debdiff is blank21:41
JontheEchidnaoops, was in the wrong directory when I built the package21:42
JontheEchidnaplasmoid-wifi and plasmoid-weather look the same :(21:43
vorianif you fix one, you fix them all21:43
JontheEchidnawtf: http://revu.tauware.de/diff.py?upid1=2833&upid2=283021:58
JontheEchidnaI deliberately did the oposite of what this debdiff says21:58
vorianit's still not shipping with /usr/lib/kde421:59
JontheEchidnadoes the latest upload have plasmoid-weather as the destdir?22:01
JontheEchidnawhy isn't it...22:02
vorianplasmoid-weather /usr/lib/kde422:03
JontheEchidnaLine 30 of rules should read cd $(BUILDDIR) $(MAKE) install DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/plasmoid-weather22:04
JontheEchidnabut according to the debdiff it isn't22:04
JontheEchidnaok, so it's still not installing?22:05
* JontheEchidna is confusing self22:06
JontheEchidnaOk, so with the latest upload it's not installing correctly?22:07
vorianlemme see22:12
JontheEchidnaso that wasn't the problem then...22:13
JontheEchidnaWould everything work if I used cbds?22:14
ScottKWith CDBS it'll either just work or you end up reading the CDBS source to understand why.  No telling which in advance.22:17
JontheEchidnaAny magic encantations I need to utter?22:19
JontheEchidnaDo I have to have a certain version of cbds as a build-dep?22:23
jussi01ScottK: cdbs is black magic... if it doesnt work, leave it alone!22:23
vorianwoo hoo22:29
vorianman that was a bee-otch22:29
JontheEchidnayou fixed it?22:30
JontheEchidnaWhat was wrong?22:31
vorianhold on a min22:33
voriani'm playig with the widget22:34
JontheEchidnanifty isn't it?22:34
vorianyeah :)22:34
JontheEchidnaPartly cloudy here22:34
vorianthey really are changing things up on lp22:37
voriansomething is changing every time i look there22:38
JontheEchidnayeah, they did change some stuff around recently22:39
=== quassel251 is now known as seezer
vorianJontheEchidna: ping me when you've updated the plasmoids22:58
* JontheEchidna is back for a bit23:15

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