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ScottK2Is the bug page layout on edge right now roughly one that's intended for production or is it just an experiment?05:22
Hobbseempt: ^05:23
Hobbseeinteresting.  unlike the bugs, the blueprints have no box to say how you want things sorted, but you have to click on the headings.05:25
Hobbseewhile it makes more sense that way, at least for some options...05:26
LaserJockScottK2: I would guess it's roughly what is intended for production if they put it on edge, with perhaps bug fixes, etc. 05:35
ScottK2I guess the kindest way I can put it is that my initial impression is that it continues the trend as I see it in Launchpad U/I.05:37
lifelessI don't know if its deliberate or not :P05:40
ScottK2Every time I complain, I'm promised I'll get used to it, but I never do.05:41
ScottK2The only thing I have going for me is that at my age eventually I forget what it used to look like.05:41
LaserJockheh, it's not just age ;-)05:42
LaserJockI have similar issues05:42
ScottK2Of course one way to not get so many "I can't find X" bugs is to stop moving stuff around.05:44
LaserJockwell, I don't particularly mind the changes so much05:44
LaserJockbut I'd much rather have existing bugs fixed05:44
LaserJockand yeah, a often-moving UI makes things difficult05:45
ScottK2My favorite LP view right now is on my phone with images, javascript, and CSS all turned off.  That's reasonable workable.05:45
ScottK2I need to figure out how to replicate it on the desktop.05:45
ScottK2I guess just switch to w3m.05:46
LaserJockwow, 3 levels of tabs, interesting :-)05:48
LaserJocksomebody must have been at GUADEC :-)05:49
Hobbseei almost want a simple, text only interface for LP05:49
Hobbseebut that would require subscribing to all ubuntu bugs, and searching that way.  don't think i want it that much05:49
ScottK2Hobbsee: w3m.05:50
HobbseeScottK2: that works?05:50
ScottK2Not yet.05:52
ScottK2It seems to think Launchpad is violating RFC 2109 4.3.2 rule 305:52
ScottK2I am about to look up what that is.05:52
LaserJockit works for me, though I saw a warning about that05:53
ScottK2The value for the request-host does not domain-match the Domain attribute.05:55
LaserJockoh, I see, it rejects the cookie05:56
ScottK2Already reported: Bug 5951005:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 59510 in launchpad "Can't log in with w3m due to bad cookies" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5951005:58
ScottK2The current state of play seems to be "Following the security guidelines in the RFC would be inconvenient."05:59
LaserJockwell, invonvenient for users it seems, if I read Stuart's comment right06:00
LaserJockalthough I don't really see an advantage to using CLI browsers for LP06:02
LaserJockit's harder to get around06:02
ScottK2Less clutter.06:02
ScottK2I didn't find the activity log in it's new location despite much looking until I looked at the page with no images and no CSS.06:03
ScottK2It's harder to get around, but easier to find stuff.06:03
LaserJockthe activity log was *easier* for  me to find in the new pages :/06:04
ScottK2I KNEW where it was before it was moved.06:04
LaserJocksure, but it seems like it's at a handier spot now06:06
LaserJocktook me a first look to find where everything has moved to though06:06
ScottK2Right, let's put activity log by the one piece of activity information you don't need it for.06:08
LaserJockI think I would've put it by the title perhaps06:09
LaserJockbut it's nice to have it near the top06:10
ScottK2I'm to the point that I care more about stuff not moving than I care about where any of it is (except the subscribe links being under the list where I always have to scroll down after it).06:11
LaserJockwell, I'm pretty much with you on that06:13
AvdhutHi Guyz07:34
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Laibschgood morning15:40
Laibschhow long does it usually take for somebody to review an import request for translations@LP?15:41
LaibschI am particularly interested in https://translations.launchpad.net/gnucash/+imports15:41
Ursinha-afkLaibsch, guess it depends of the project15:59
LaibschWhat project?15:59
LaibschI am the admin of gnucash15:59
Laibschon LP15:59
Ursinha-afkit was just a guess :)16:00
Laibschthanks anyway for guessing16:00
LaibschAny other takers?16:00
nedkoi've uploaded new version of source package to my PPA and it got "updated" somehow. It got auto-published, old version auto-deleted but repo is missing the binaries for the new version. what should i do?16:35
nedkostatus of old package is "superseeded", will publish of binaries happen automatically?16:37
pepI filed a question last week for the deletion of 2 projects and still got no response, must I do anything about this? https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/38202 (I know it's sunday :-) )16:37
Laibschnedko: URL to ppa?17:04
nedkoLaibsch: https://launchpad.net/~nedko/+archive17:05
nedkoLaibsch: it got updated though. Still "published" state was really misleading17:05
nedkoi checked the repo manually to find when it is really published17:05
nedkoLaibsch: it is ok atm17:06
Laibschnedko: looks fine to me17:06
nedkoLaibsch: yes, the problem was that new package was in published state but that didnt reflect reality17:07
johnnygI've read through the FAQs and taken the tour of Launchpad. It seems perfect for closed source business projects. Can my business pay for the Launchpad service? If not, is there any pay for hosting solution that is even close to Launchpad?17:18
johnnygah, here's my answer: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/3019117:21
mptGooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood evening Launchpadders!18:15
Ursinha-afkmpt, good evening :)18:16
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pepgood evening18:18
nedkois there a way i can sign launchpad PPA built binary packages?19:08
siretartnedko: this is bug #12510319:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 125103 in soyuz "ppa archives are not signed" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12510319:21
nedkosiretart: thanks!19:21
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koellyHow can i upload my packages to ppa fpr gutsy? The hardy packages are working fine, buthow to do for gutsy (or intrepid)??23:28
nedkokoelly: i'm newbie and i may be wrong, but AFAIK you set version in the changelog23:29
koellyah okay. i'll give it a try :)  Thx!23:30
nedkokoelly: also once uploaded there seems to be option for copying packages to other release (i havent used it yet)23:30
koellyhmmm sounds good!23:30
koellyYes! You were right! it's possible to copy allready built packages! Thank! saved lots of time!23:33
nedkokoelly: good to know i'm not the only newbie here :]23:38
koellyhehe you'r right. I think 6 day t launchpad don't me to a pro ;-)23:39
manoanyone know about rinetd23:58
manoa port redirector23:58

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