crimsunasac: RE: 245122, both libnspr4 and libnss3 have epochs, so you'll need to adjust the versioned C+R00:00
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ScottKWe had discussed getting the patch in mozilla Bug 440840 in after mozilla had approved it.  They have now.02:00
ubottuMozilla bug 440840 in File Handling "mailcap handling may fail due to race conditions between thread waiting and system()" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=44084002:00
ScottKasac: ^^^02:01
* nxvl waves02:01
ograScottK, what did the libflashsupport package in backports contain ? it should have only been a transitional package (if flash 10 even has it as dependency which i dont think and which shouldnt be)02:07
ogra(it shouldnt be installed alongside flash10 )02:10
crimsunogra: it wasn't transitional; it contains a conflicts with hardy's flashplugin-nonfree to force being removed with Flash 10 betas02:29
asaccrimsun: indeed. how could i have missed that :(10:45
Bubullehello, is that a good place to discuss the proposed-updates branch of Ubuntu?10:48
BubulleA new firefox package was pushed to Hardy proposed-updates last night. Unfortunately, I discovered it removed french localized firefox3 without notice. Updates should not remove components unless it is replaced by very same fonctionnality.10:50
lagaBubulle: i suggest you look at the changelog of that firefox. there should be a bug report number in there for the last upload. go to that bug report and post a comment there10:51
asacBubulle: you shouldn thave run dist-upgrade10:51
asacerr, sorry. which version does your language-pack-XX have?10:52
Bubullejust regular update pulled it from proposed-updates. I now I did enable the proposed branch to test new versions without jumping to the ubuntu devel branch. I just like to make it know that, sometimes it can break things :)10:53
Bubullelanguage-pack-fr 1:8.04+2008052710:54
asactoo bad10:55
asacBubulle: i thought the language pack bump was done long time ago10:55
asacBubulle: get your lang pack from https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-langpack/+archive10:55
asacffox obviously will have to wait for that getting uploade10:56
BubulleThe firefox upgrade that pulled out french localization is 3.01+build1+nobinonly-Ubuntu0.8.04.110:56
asaci am aware of that10:56
asacthats all ok. its just that the langpacks were forgotten to be uploaded10:56
* wgrant would like to point out that -proposed is permitted to break things - that's the point.10:56
* Bubulle agree10:57
asacwell. at least temporarily ;)10:57
asacArneGoetje: can you please get the langpacks updates in as soon as possible?10:58
BubulleI know about the proposed-updates risks of breaking things. I know I may help with feedback on purose as well :)10:59
asacBubulle: thats fine. thanks for the update11:04
asacif you want to get lang packs now use the langpack PPA i posted above11:04
Bubulleasac, just did it. As it is installed outside of repos, will it update next time?11:06
asacBubulle: should work.11:08
Bubullegot version 20080708, and should I upgrade language-pack-xx-base to match?11:08
asacBubulle: shouldnt hurt11:09
BubulleGot back french locale on my Firefox. Many thanks for the tip.11:10
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Rocket2DMnquestion for you all, i'm triaging bug 248163 but before i go through and mark it as triaged/critical, i need to know that i'm not missing something very obvious18:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248163 in ubuntu "Network menu item missing in Intrepid Alpha 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24816318:40
Rocket2DMnhas this been intentionally removed?  if so, what is its replacement?18:40
* ScottK-laptop has a hard time imagining a missing menu item being critical regardless.18:41
Rocket2DMni understand, but it won't load from terminal either, running network-admin doesnt work18:41
ScottK-laptopThen at the very least the bug needs a better title.18:42
Rocket2DMnso there is only the applet for configuring the network18:42
Rocket2DMni agree, i didnt file the bug report though18:42
nxvlis there any build admin here?18:42
* ScottK-laptop is a Kubuntu user/dev so has no actual opinion on Gnome problems.18:42
Rocket2DMni guess i can mark it as High importance if you think Critical is too much.  Having network control seems critical to me though, but you're the devs in here18:45
Rocket2DMncan somebody please help me confirm that this is actually a bug and wasn't done on purpose?  it just seems a rather large problem to be an accident18:46
ScottK-laptopThere is still a way to do it, right (via the applet)?18:47
Rocket2DMnnm-applet is still there18:49
ScottK-laptopI'd say High at most since there's still A way to do it.18:50
Rocket2DMnalright, Triaged/High it is18:50
Rocket2DMnok thanks ScottK , it is done18:52
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hungerCould somebody please look into getting the fix from https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/cmake/+bug/239451 into intrepid?19:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 239451 in cmake "ccmake missing?" [Unknown,Fix committed]19:09
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nxvlpitti: around?19:25
nxvlpitti: we have a little doubt in pbuilder's FTBFS issue19:26
nxvlpitti: and you make help19:26
nxvlgeser and i have investigated on the source of the problem19:26
nxvland it's that texlive-xetex (main) depends on dvipdfmx (universe) which make it fail to build19:27
nxvlalso i have researched19:27
nxvland the why of this dependency is described here: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=43037319:27
ubottuDebian bug 430373 in texlive-xetex "texlive-xetex: no configuration file for xdvipdfmx (was: Accessing mathmatics symbols within XeTeX)" [Normal,Closed]19:27
nxvlso i think moving to recommends will be enought for fixing the issue, but also a MIR may be what it's needed19:28
nxvlpitti: what do you think?19:28
ScottK-laptopnxvl: If you move it to recommends, it still needs a MIR.19:29
nxvli hate the install-recommends-by-default change19:30
nxvlit such a PITA19:30
nxvlit will need a MIR for tetex-base too19:35
geserisn't tetex gone?19:35
gesernxvl: if I looked correctly all (build-)dependencies are already in main19:36
nxvlgeser: i'm talking about dvipdfmx dependencies19:37
gesernxvl: me too19:38
jcristaunxvl: texlive-base-bin is in main19:38
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* nxvl rechecks19:41
nxvlmm weird, now it says it is19:42
nxvlok, so we just need a MIR for dvipdfmx19:43
* nxvl starts writing19:43
nxvlScottK-laptop: where is the MIR writing doc?19:49
nxvlScottK-laptop: did you have it on hand?19:49
* nxvl HUGS ScottK-laptop 19:49
nxvlScottK-laptop: can you give me the link please :D19:50
ScottK-laptopYes.  Was getting.19:50
* ScottK-laptop hands nxvl https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionProcess19:50
nxvlgeser: thank you!19:51
nxvlScottK-laptop: you too!19:51
ScottK-laptopnxvl: After you get that one done, please do some on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClamavSpamassassinInMain19:52
nxvlScottK-laptop: yes, it's on my ToDo19:54
nxvlScottK-laptop: and about to reach the top19:55
pittinxvl: dvipdfmx appears in component-mismatches; right, it just needs an MIR20:17
* ScottK-laptop waves at pitti.20:19
nxvlpitti: :D20:19
nxvlpitti: thank you20:19
pittihey ScottK, greetings from London20:29
stgraberhey pitti, how's London ?20:31
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pittistgraber: sunny, surprisingly :)20:44
pittiit was raining heavily in Dresden when I left20:44
ScottK-laptopDoesn't it always rain in Dresden?20:44
pittinow I'm VOIPing a bit and catch up with some mail20:44
pittiScottK-laptop: no, that was London :)20:45
ScottK-laptopSee you later.20:45
stgraberpitti: also raining here so I wondered if London would then be in some kind of storm :) As they get worse weather most of the time.20:46
hungerpitti: Could you sync cmake from debian/unstable? The ubuntu deb is missing a rather important binary (ccmake) which is in the debian package.20:51
hungerpitti: See bug #23945120:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 239451 in cmake "ccmake missing?" [Unknown,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23945120:52
pittihunger: that cmake is in intrepid, so the bug should be fixed?21:07
* pitti checks21:07
pittiah, it's not, pending in Debian21:10
pittihunger: so we should sync when it's fixed in Debian21:10
* pitti -> off, cu tomorrow21:10
hungerpitti: Just got the debian sources from cmake 2.6.0-4 and build them: The generated deb does contain ccmake.21:16
hungerpitti: That is why I suggested syncing it.21:16
hungerpitti: It does not contain cmake-gui... but that is a different matter;-)21:18
ScottKhunger: The bug is still marked pending in Debian, not fixed.21:29
* hunger checks the bugtracker.21:30
hungerScottK: I do have the deb installed and I definitely have ccmake!21:31
hungerScottK: With "the deb" I am referring to the debian sources version 2.6.0-4.21:31
* ScottK just checked the bug tracker.21:31
hungerScottK: Well, the debian bugtracker says that the source builds do work fine... seems to be a problem with the buildsystem?21:33
ScottKNote that 2.6.0-4 was uploaded to Debian before that bug was filed.21:33
ScottKAnd debian/changelog in -4 has nothging to do with it.21:34
hungerScottK: Seems like the dependencies are broken... My ccmake is linked against libncurses while the build-dep is libncursesw...21:34
hungerI guess I just happen to have some working ncurses around when doing debuild:-)21:35
ScottKThis is mentioned in that bug too. http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=481392#1521:35
ubottuDebian bug 481392 in cmake "cmake: missing ccmake" [Normal,Open]21:35
* hunger grumbles that the debian maintainer is not moving... last entry in that bug is may 24th.21:36
hungercmake is essential for kde4 work:-(21:36
NafalloI read coke rather than cmake :-P21:48
* laga hands Nafallo some pepsi21:48
* Nafallo gives the pepsi backs to laga and asks for some coke instead21:48
cody-somervilleNafallo, a coke or some coke? : P21:50
lagasome coke, of course. 330ml is a common serving size here21:51
cody-somervillelaga, odd, they measure it in grams here :P lol21:53
Nafallocody-somerville: are there a difference? :-)21:54
* cody-somerville fails.21:54
Nafallocody-somerville: some cans of coke ;-)21:54
Nafallocody-somerville: http://www.kitti.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2007/04/failed-please-die.jpg ? ;-)21:54
NafalloI need to print that one in A4 or something and put up on some wall somewhere :-)21:55
cody-somervilleIn other news, I think you should see this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=EwL0G9wK8j421:55
johanbrReminds me of the time I was standing in the soft drink aisle at Safeway and my friend proudly proclaimed "I'm a coke addict." :)21:56
* Nafallo clives21:56
Nafallolol. funny add :-P22:02
Nafalload even22:02
cody-somervilleNafallo, This one impressed me: http://youtube.com/watch?v=PLHjT5-XM9o22:13
cody-somervilleNafallo, There seems to be a number of nice linux commercials/ads on youtube.22:13
NafalloI can imagine :-)22:14
Nafallowow. that one is awesome.22:17
NafalloI need to facebook that one.22:17
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__stress___I  accidentally deleted some of my /home/"user" config files and now when I type "sudo any_command" and "tab" the command so that it can be auto-completed it does not complete....otherwise when I just type the comand and tab it, it auto-copletes...what can I do?22:37

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