wgrantBlargh. Why is kde-icons-oxygen (some 48MB) suffering from KDE-stick-everything-in-one-huge-sourcepackage-itis? It was bad enough as it was without the new stuff being thrown in too!01:41
RAOFI am the king of FTBFS!02:40
RAOFEverything I've recently touched has failed on at least one architecture.02:41
NCommanderHola all03:11
RAOFNCommander: Why hello there :)03:14
RAOFDid you know ngnix FTBFS on sparc now? :)03:14
* NCommander is stiff and sore, and still doing FTBFS03:14
NCommanderRAOF, Yup, I saw that -_-;03:14
NCommanderRAOF, its a different file then any of the ones I patched03:15
RAOFYeah, I know.03:15
NCommanderI'd debug it if I had access to a SPARCstation, but it looks like its a general toolchain error ...03:15
RAOFIt's dying in the assembler, it seems03:15
NCommanderRAOF, Got a sparc I can SSH into?03:15
RAOFNot personally.  Ubuntuwire might, though...03:16
NCommanderI don't have access to a sparc debian porting machine or I'd simply create a chroot jail03:16
ScottK-laptopNCommander: siretart or sistpoty do.03:16
ScottK-laptopREVU runs on a sparc.03:17
NCommanderRAOF, probably what happened is this package is was built for sparc ages ago, and now with intrepids toolchain FTFBS03:17
anteayaI don't know if this is the correct place to ask but I do believe that my computer has been spammed.  I have photographs of men with guns and various middle east images that are being found and displayed by a screensaver program.  This is very upsetting for me.03:20
anteayaHow do I find the location of the images and get rid of them?  And how do I find out you they got on my computer?03:20
NCommanderRAOF, BTW, a question, at what point should I apply for contributing developer? (I know I should apply for MOTU when people tell me to do but I'm not so clean on contrib-dev)03:22
RAOFNCommander: I don't really know.  I don't really know what the point of the contrib-dev team is; you don't (currently) get any extra priviledges or responsibilities from it.03:23
NCommanderThe week says you can do debian sync/merges ...03:24
ScottK-laptopRAOF: You get the privildges of being an Ubuntu member, slight as those are without having to wait in some other long line for it.03:24
RAOFScottK-laptop: True; you do get an @ubuntu.com address, I suppose.03:25
* NCommander looks at the DD process03:25
NCommanderRAOF, care to review YAFTBFS fix ;-)03:26
RAOFI'll just get some more coffee, then OK.03:26
anteayaand if I have posted to the incorrect channel, then i am open to suggestions about the best channel to address this03:27
NCommanderYou need a HTCTP-enabled coffee pot03:27
RAOFanteaya: #ubuntu is the right channel for support requests.03:28
RAOFNCommander: NTCTP?03:28
NCommanderRAOF, Hypyertext Transfer Coffee Protocol03:28
NCommanderHold on03:28
NCommanderHTCPCP (HyperText Coffe Pot Control Protocol)03:29
RAOFEh.  That protocol doesn't map cleanly to my plunger.03:30
RAOFWell, kettle/grinder/plunger combination.03:30
anteayaRAOF: thanks i haven't found anyone that seems to care that I have images of people with guns on my computer03:31
NCommanderI want a coffee maker that runs NetBSD and implemented HTCPCP :-)03:31
anteayathat appear to have come with the install03:31
anteayaor through an approved package03:31
anteayabut thanks03:31
ScottK-laptopanteaya: Why do you think they came through an approved package?03:32
ScottK-laptopanteaya: #ubuntu for support, btw.03:33
anteayaScottK-laptop: the install is about a week old03:33
anteayaclean drive03:33
anteayahardy only03:33
anteayai haven't had time to compile anything03:34
anteayapackages only03:34
ScottK-laptopNo third party repositories?03:34
anteayanow i did install cinelerra03:34
* NCommander checks the glibc version on intrepid03:34
anteayaand that may have been third party03:35
NCommanderRAOF, seems like a good number of FTBFS are caused by glibc 2.803:36
RAOFToolchain fun!03:36
anteayasorry and medibuntu03:36
ScottK-laptopanteaya: No cinelerra in the official repositories.03:36
anteayaand medibuntu?03:36
ScottK-laptopanteaya: Not official.03:36
anteayaokay thanks03:36
anteayai will look there03:36
anteayavery upsetting03:36
NCommanderRAOF, I isolated that it causes wide-dhcpv6 to obiterate itself03:36
ScottK-laptopanteaya: You need to be more careful about what you install and where you get it from.  That's my advice.03:37
NCommanderI don't need to monkey around with the toolchain tonight, I"m already too tired -_-;03:37
anteayaScottK-laptop: I appreciate that03:38
NCommanderwow, newlib is NOT happy on amd6403:38
NCommanderRAOF,  (<< 2.8~) - That means a version less than 2.8, right?03:42
NCommander*grumbles* THis package requires glibc greater then 2.7 but less then 2.803:48
RAOFPresumably >= 2.7, right?03:48
RAOFAnyway, FTBFS sponsoring?03:48
NCommanderah yes03:48
NCommanderRAOF, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/transproxy/+bug/24788603:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247886 in transproxy "FTBFS fix on AMD64/SPARC/IA-64" [Undecided,New]03:49
NCommanderJust one that I did this morning before starting my day03:49
RAOFNice work.  Lintian+copyright+FTBFS :)03:50
NCommanderNot completely sure I did the copyright right03:50
NCommanderFirst time I ever did it with a BSD three-clause package03:50
NCommanderI just cat LICENSE >> debian/copyright03:50
ScottK-laptopIIRC BSD is in /usr/share/common-licenses so you should refer to it and not repeat it.03:51
NCommanderScottK, I didn't see the three-clause one there03:51
NCommanderJust the old four clause03:51
* ScottK-laptop looks03:51
NCommanderThen again, I did this at 8 in the mroning03:52
NCommanderI may have missed it03:52
ScottK-laptopThe one on my Hardy system is 3 clause.03:52
RAOF /usr/share/common-licenses/BSD appears to be the 3 clause to me.03:52
* ScottK-laptop high fives RAOF.03:52
NCommanderScottK, In addition, he modified the BSD license to explicately list his companies name03:52
NCommander(in the endorse/promote product derived section)03:53
ScottK-laptopIn that case it's not BSD license anymore.03:53
ScottK-laptopWhich is why BSD license sucks.03:53
ScottK-laptopMIT works much better.03:53
NCommanderI haven't dealt with licenses since I was an Savannah FSF admin03:53
NCommanderANd I probably should have known better then to touch copyright at 8AM in the morning ;-)03:54
ScottK-laptopIn this day and age it's essential we get it right.03:54
ScottK-laptopEven though it's painful.03:54
NCommanderYeah, I realize, it looked like BSD three-clause and it met DFSG from my IANAL perspective03:54
NCommanderThe old copyright file said it used GPL, not hat it currently uses03:55
ScottK-laptopSlight difference there.03:55
NCommanderYeah, just a bit ;-)03:55
NCommanderWHoever packaged it was damn lazy03:56
NCommanderno compat file, warnings from debhelper tools, and lintian was angry03:56
NCommanderTwo errors and a ****load of warnings03:56
NCommanderit was nice to brush the rust off my packaging karma by fixing lintian warnings03:56
RAOFI think that your debdiff was created from an unclean source; it includes substvars and debhelper.log, etc.03:57
NCommanderdamn it03:57
NCommanderI'm still getting used to using debdiff03:58
RAOFThat's fine.03:58
NCommanderUgh, the apt-rpm documentation is bugged real nice03:58
NCommander<!doctype refentry PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V3.1//EN" [04:00
NCommanderI think I see the error with the doctype ;-)04:00
=== ScottK-laptop is now known as ScottK2
* ScottK2 declares his man page sufficient and moves on.04:03
NCommanderScottK2, are you a core developer?04:04
* ScottK2 cringes.04:05
NCommanderScottK2, would you like to review my patch for the libnet-ssleay-perl package?04:05
ScottK2Sure.  What bug?04:05
ScottK2I think it's even my fault that's in Main.04:05
NCommanderIt's a FTBFS04:06
ubottuNCommander: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/247698/+text)04:06
ScottK2It turns out I didn't get that one promoted, but I'll look at it.04:07
RAOFTo main, from Universe.04:07
NCommanderIts in main ...04:08
ScottK2Oh dear lord.  That's the first time I've used edge since the changed it.04:08
RAOFBut once, it was in universe.04:08
ScottK2Did I ever mention I think Launchpad U/I is getting worse?04:08
ScottK2It is.04:08
NCommanderI personally like the updated look04:08
RAOFI think I like the big tabs up the top.04:08
NCommanderIt just feels laggy04:09
NCommanderBut edge was always like that for me04:09
ScottK2Launchpad is always laggy.04:09
* NCommander just found the oTBFS04:09
RAOFYay for round-trips to .uk04:09
NCommanderSomeone forgot to add lzma to the build-deps04:09
NCommanderOr that's just the start ...04:12
ScottK2NCommander: Is this the one that builds in Debian because they don't run the test suite?04:12
cody-somervilleScottK2, I'm of a similar opinion04:12
ScottK2RAOF: You've got amd64, right?04:12
ScottK2RAOF: Would you be willing to do a test build on libnet-ssleay-perl?04:12
NCommanderScottK2, yeah04:12
RAOFScottK2: Certainly.04:12
NCommanderI'm currently playing email tag with four people on the Debian perl group04:13
RAOFScottK2: You have a trustworthy face; want ssh access instead?04:13
ScottK2NCommander: Did you report a bug?04:13
NCommanderWho are trying to reproduce, and can't04:13
ScottK2RAOF: No.04:13
NCommanderScottK2, Yeah. I'm going to see if I can reproduce on my debian sid box when I get home04:13
ScottK2RAOF: It's much more convenient for me to not have access to any 64bit boxen and just ask for help if I need it.04:14
NCommandernewlib's rules are weird04:14
RAOFHeh.  Lazy ScottK2 :)04:14
ScottK2To much to do.04:15
* ScottK2 is currently trying to arrange to resovle Bug #24733204:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247332 in postfix "Please add a script to allow filter services to be programatically added to master.cf" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24733204:16
ScottK2With that, I think I can get apt-get install some-meta-package and have spam and a/v filtering all integrated with Postfix.04:16
NCommanderWell, newlib is FTBFS because its unpack stamp isn't being called ...04:17
NCommanderand it appears it internally chooses not to build on anything but powerpc ...04:20
ScottK2NCommander: Am I reading your debdiff wrong or do you have both a patch and the same changes inline in the code?04:20
ScottK2NCommander: Personally, I prefer debian/changelog to be a little more verbose so that when the next person comes along to do a merge on the package they can understand both why and what was done.04:21
ScottK2It's one consequence of team maintaining.  We really need to document changes well.04:21
NCommanderScottK, Let me upload a fixed version04:21
ScottK2Thanks.  Ping me when it's uploaded.04:21
NCommanderOk, I fixed it, but I just want to check to make sure this works 100% proprely on i38604:23
NCommanderScottK2, +  * Fixed FTBFS on 64-bit architectures by changing printf %d to %ld04:28
NCommander+    so a long pointer can be printed out.04:28
NCommanderHow's that for an explained changelog?04:28
NCommanderThis was the first FTBFS I ever did for ubuntu04:28
NCommanderIt's nice to know I totally screwed it up ;-)04:28
ScottK2NCommander: No.  You figured out the problem and how to fix it.  That's not screwing up.04:28
NCommanderand yeah, I forgot to run debian/rules clean before running debdiff the first time around04:29
NCommanderScottK2, obviously debian and ubuntu use different source packages for screwup ;-)04:29
* NCommander runs from the bad pun04:29
NCommanderUploading now04:29
NCommanderer wait04:29
* ScottK2 borrows Hobbsee's LongPointyStick and attaches the pun to NCommander even at a great distance.04:30
* NCommander runs lintian04:30
NCommanderIf the fix is trival, I'll fix that too04:32
ScottK2More Debian bugs to file ...04:32
NCommanderI'll take care of that ;-)04:33
ScottK2I'm big on making sure relevant Ubuntu changes get pushed back to Debian.04:34
ScottK2If we don't work at it, entropy will turn Ubuntu into a fork in time and that would be bad for both distros.04:34
* cody-somerville has started to do the same.04:35
NCommanderyeah, I'm fixing lintian bugs as I find them with FTBFS :-)04:36
NCommanderweird error04:37
NCommanderI'll take one final stab fixing it ...04:37
NCommanderScottK2, it appears to be a bug in pod2man >.<;04:38
NCommanderI'm not willing to loose half of my life chasing down that evil bug (IANA perl hacker)04:39
ScottK2OK.  Let's get the FTBFS and move on, but please at least file the bug against pod2man.04:40
ScottK21189 open bugs against Launchapd, but they have time to redesign the bug page using a random number generator.04:40
NCommanderPatch filed04:41
NCommanderI'm rerunning the final debdiff against pbuilder (the old one built ok, but I'm just rechecking for $SANITY sake)04:41
* ScottK2 looks04:41
ScottK2But, of course, Launchpad is slow.04:42
NCommanderScottK2, I also checked it on i386, the change to printf doesn't effect it there at all04:42
ScottK2RAOF: Did you get a chance to build it?04:42
RAOFScottK2: Oh, I was waiting for someone to give me a url.  You want the archive version, or what?04:43
NCommanderRAOF, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libnet-ssleay-perl/+bug/24769804:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247698 in libnet-ssleay-perl "FTBFS on AMD64/IA-64 due to printf error" [Undecided,In progress]04:43
NCommanderIf you want, I'll upload the source package somewhere for you04:43
RAOFThat'd be nice.  Is it easy for you?04:44
ScottK2That or just use patch on the curren Intrepid package.04:44
NCommanderthe only machine I could upload and get something APT would understand isn't running, unless I post to REVU, but it isn't meant for this04:45
RAOFYeah, that'll be faster.04:45
RAOF(Me applying the debdiff)04:45
RAOFI was just being lazy.04:45
NCommanderMan, a non-lazy04:46
NCommanderBe careful what you type before you push enter ;-)04:46
* RAOF updates his intrepid sbuild first.04:47
NCommanderso while we wait04:47
NCommanderAny requests for me to look at FTBFS, or merges, etc?04:47
ScottK2Lovely.  Need to go into my Intrepid chroot just to make the source package thanks to debhelper 7.04:48
NCommandersorry to make you work04:48
ScottK2No problem.  I appreciate your contributing.04:51
NCommanderI'm working on the f-spot FTBFS04:52
ScottK2You didn't make it debhelper 7.04:52
NCommanderI didn't what?04:52
ScottK2You aren't the one that made it into a debhelper 7 package (that's the one that's giving me extra work right now).04:52
NCommanderI thought I forgot to add a build-dep04:53
* NCommander appears to have a fix for f-spot04:55
NCommanderJust needed to twiddle the build-deps04:55
ScottK2That's one I'm not going to feel comfortable with sponsoring.04:56
NCommanderI just had to add libjpeg62-dev04:57
RAOFNCommander: That doesn't segfault in mcs on AMD64, does it? :)04:58
NCommanderf-spot never segfautled on amd6404:58
NCommanderIt failed a configure test ...04:58
NCommanderer ... wait04:59
NCommanderDamn it04:59
NCommanderI built it with the patch that broke evolution-sharp removed04:59
ScottK2NCommander: You also neglected to put the bug closing magic in your debian/changelog (I added it).04:59
NCommanderScottK, I opened the bug after I made the debdiff ;-)04:59
ScottK2Just as Debian uses (Closes: #nnnnnn), Ubuntu uses (LP: #nnnnnn).04:59
ScottK2NCommander: Not after you made the last debdiff.05:00
NCommanderScottK2, no, I know that.05:00
NCommanderWhoops >.<;05:00
ScottK2OK.  Just making sure.05:00
ScottK2NCommander: When you did your i386 test build, how did you do it?05:01
NCommanderRAOF, Yeah, so, I built f-spot without it segfaulting on me; it did complain of missing modules though when it appeared to run its test suite05:01
ScottK2NCommander: It FTBFS in my Intrepid pbuilder.05:01
NCommanderScottK, i386 chroot jail05:01
NCommanderHold on05:01
NCommanderLet me install pbuilder in the i386 chroot and rerun05:02
RAOFHm.  How long should libnet-ssleay take to build?05:03
ScottK2Not very long.05:03
NCommanderRAOF, not long, but the test suite will fail if localhost isn't properly setup05:03
NCommanderScottK, ooh, thats pretty05:03
NCommanderHold on05:03
NCommanderI know the specific problem and how to fix (thanks for the good catch, and this teachs me to rerun pbuilder in both chroots)05:04
NCommanderScottK2, do you know the preprocessor macro for 64-bit archs?05:07
* ScottK2 looks over at RAOF since he knows a lot about 64bit stuff.05:08
RAOFYou mean something that's defined on all 64bit archs, but not on 32bit archs?05:09
NCommander#if (__SIZE_TYPE__ == unsigned long)05:09
NCommanderTHat should work, right?05:09
NCommanderRAOF, Yeah05:09
RAOFThat fails on win6405:09
RAOFAnd possibly other 64bit archs, I don't know.05:10
NCommander|| defined(__WIN64)05:10
RAOFIt's true for linux-ELF-x86-6405:10
NCommanderIt's also true for ia6405:10
NCommanderI'll check for __lp64__, or the size_type05:11
RAOFWhy do you need to, incidentally?05:11
NCommanderTHe test checks to see if a pointer can be cast to unsigned long and back05:12
RAOFBut why?05:12
NCommanderI dunno, I didn't check to see where the test is used in SSLeay05:13
RAOFScottK2: libnet-ssleay builds on AMD6405:13
ScottK2OK.  So now he needs to figure one that will build on both.05:13
NCommanderhttp://pastebin.ca/1070584 I think that will work05:13
NCommander(I need to change the comment to be more specific, but code-wise)05:14
* RAOF doesn't know why pastebin.ca hates him so much.05:15
* NCommander changes that to __lp64__05:16
RAOFNCommander: Isn't there a "print a pointer" printf specifier?05:17
RAOFWouldn't that fix this without #if's?05:17
* NCommander peeks in the manpage05:18
NCommanderI didn't see one, but I probably missed it05:18
NCommanderYeah, I don't see it05:19
RAOFIt isn't %p?05:19
NCommanderThe void * pointer argument is printed in hexadecimal05:20
NCommanderThe problem is its printing out the value of sizeof()05:20
NCommanderOn 32 bit archs, sizeof returns uint05:20
NCommanderon 64, its ulong05:20
RAOFI think it returns size_t, actually.05:20
NCommandersize_t is different on 32 archs, and 64 then unless I am mistaken05:21
RAOF%z appears to be the size_t specifier (http://www.gnu.org/software/libc/manual/html_node/Integer-Conversions.html)05:22
* NCommander tries it05:22
NCommanderRAOF, I love you long time if it works ;-)05:23
RAOFHey, all sorts of fun there: %t is the specifier for a ptrdiff_t :)05:23
NCommanderNo love05:23
* NCommander tries %t05:23
NCommanderRAOF, it seems GCC doesn't recongize %t05:26
RAOFMaybe you need to pass -c99?05:28
RAOF-std=c99, perhaps.05:29
RAOFC99: providing all sorts of shiny you can't acutally use.05:29
ion_You probably want -std=gnu99 instead of -std=c99, i think. (Didn’t read the discussion, though.)05:30
RAOFThe flags we're after are C99 standard; they shouldn't require the gnu extensions, right?05:31
anteayaScottK-laptop: thanks for the help earlier, the images were in the miro icon-cache05:33
* NCommander grumbles05:33
ScottK2And where did you get miro from?05:33
NCommanderI really don't want to mess with the make system05:33
RAOFNCommander: Then try passing CC="gcc -std=c99" in rules?05:34
anteayaScottK-laptop: checking repos i think05:36
NCommanderRAOF, it's ignoring CC="gcc -std=c99"05:37
RAOFDoes it ignore CFLAGS?05:37
anteayaScottK-laptop: i do believe it is in the offical repos05:37
NCommanderRAOF, it's using quilt to call make if it makes a difference05:38
NCommander(there is no call to $(MAKE)05:38
ScottK2I know miro is in the official repos.  The question is, is that where you got it?05:38
anteayaScottK2: yes05:38
RAOFAnd even if it is from the official repos, it will download things from the internet; that's it's whole purpose.05:39
anteayaScottK2: i can confirm with a dpkg command right?05:39
* NCommander hits his head on the desk05:39
ScottK2RAOF: Does it keep good logs?05:39
RAOFScottK2: Dunno, never really cared.05:39
RAOF~/.miro/miro-log shouldn't be too bad.05:40
ScottK2anteaya: ^^^05:41
ScottK2That's the entire log?05:43
anteayai don't use it much05:43
anteayai haven't ever used it for screencasts or anything05:43
RAOFWhat's likely happened is that miro has downloaded some channel icons/splash-screens to ~/.miro/icon-cache, and you have something trawling ~ for images.05:43
RAOFWhat was the actual problem you had, again?05:43
anteayajust to watch downloads when the other codecs don't work05:43
anteayaimages of people with guns playing on my slideshow screensaver05:44
anteayai don't know where the images had come from so i didn't know if i was being attacked or not05:44
NCommanderRAOF, some googling tells me I should check LP64 on all 64-bit compilers (and memory tells me I think thats defined on Win64 too)05:45
RAOFThat's probably OK, then.05:48
NCommanderPasses build on AMD6405:48
NCommanderRunning pbuilder on amd64, and then will run pbuilder on i386 and submit05:48
NCommanderScottK2, do you want anything else once I confirm it works on i386 and amd64 pbuilders?05:49
anteayathanks for the help05:49
ScottK2Add the LP foo if you're doing it over.05:49
* NCommander adds foo05:49
NCommanderThat's was a deceptively anonying package to fix, but learned much, I ahve05:53
ScottK2Is the new debdiff on the bug now?05:54
NCommanderI'm having some pbuilder issues ...05:54
NCommanderThe source package isn't being rebuilt with the updated patch ...05:55
NCommanderRAOF, thank you for your help :-)05:57
NCommanderI now owe you one, since this was more intense then the mono bug05:57
NCommanderok, passes pbuilder on amd64, still waiting for i386 to finish05:58
NCommanderif my internet connection wasn't as slow as ****06:00
RAOFsquid is love.06:00
NCommanderI don't have any of the i386 packages so its downloading06:00
RAOFAh, right.06:00
NCommanderThis was fun to fix ^_^06:01
* NCommander can hear ScottK groaning from here06:02
NCommanderRAOF, are you a core dev?06:03
NCommanderBuilds on i386 :-)06:03
NCommanderScottK2, patch is now on launchpad06:04
NCommanderAnd .... launchpad's skin just changed again o_o;06:04
ScottK2RAOF: Would you please build it again for me?06:04
RAOFYeah.  Strange LP.06:05
NCommanderScottK2, I apologize for having given you a nice headache so late at night06:05
* NCommander wishes launchpad was open06:05
NCommanderThe reason they give for not opening the code is weak at best06:05
* ScottK2 would settle for fast and had a good U/I.06:05
* NCommander is a former gforge maintainer06:05
* NCommander is was an FSF Savannah maintainer06:05
NCommanderThe former had features out the wazoo, but a pain to run06:06
NCommanderTHe later was a little feature light, but much easier to run; I even got it running acceptably on my NSLU2 (233Mhz ARM/32MB of RAM)06:06
ScottK2The bigger problem though is that even though most LP developers come from a FOSS heritige, the closed nature of the project makes them closed to community input.06:06
NCommanderI personally think Launchpad slaughters Sourceforge in terms of usability06:07
NCommanderand its on par with GForge06:07
RAOFI don't think I've really seen GForge.06:07
NCommanderUnless your building packages to work with debian/ubuntu06:07
NCommanderWell, Canonical has pledged to open launchpad06:08
NCommanderBut TBH, I can't understand how it could take "years"06:08
NCommanderUnless Canonical had another company write it, or they bought it06:08
RAOFScottK2: Builds fine on AMD64.06:09
ScottK2RAOF: Thanks.06:09
NCommanderScottK2, does that mean this patch will see the light of day?06:13
ScottK2NCommander: if it builds for me too on i386, yes.06:14
NCommanderThe Debian Perl guys could not reproduce, so I don't see the patch moving upstream unless the same issue bites Debian06:14
ScottK2NCommander: Uploaded.  Thank you for your contribution to Ubuntu.06:21
* NCommander strikes victory pose06:21
ScottK2Wait until it builds on the buildd's.06:22
NCommanderis there a page I can see that status (the qa page is only updated once daily)06:22
ScottK2Yes.  I'll give you the link in a moment.06:23
ScottK2One advantage of Main uploads is they go first on the buildd's so less waiting.06:23
NCommanderOn my buildds for m68k06:24
NCommanderI have a tweak that causes my debian packages to always take prefernce ^_^06:24
NCommanderSpeaking of contribing06:25
NCommanderI'm considering requesting Ubuntu Contributing Developer (I'd like an @ubuntu.com email so I can get my packages in Ubuntu to have bug reports go straight to me, and not through MOTU), but I think I'm too new to request it06:26
RAOFNCommander: Actually, bug reports don't generally go to the maintainer address _at all_.06:27
ScottK2NCommander: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/libnet-ssleay-perl/1.33.01-1ubuntu106:27
RAOFNCommander: If you want to maintain some packages, you subscribe to their bugmail in Launchpad (I've done so for a couple)06:27
ScottK2NCommander: On Launchpad you can subscribe to bugmail for specific packages.06:27
NCommanderYeah, I did that for cvsps06:27
NCommanderOooh, it built on i386 :-)06:27
NCommanderThat's a good sign, I haven't broken main!06:27
NCommanderIt built on amd6406:28
NCommanderTHe ia64 autobuilder must be taking a nap ;-)06:29
* NCommander would still like an @ubuntu.com email address, but if I won't get maintianer bug reports, then its not a priority06:29
ScottK2ia64 and hppa are a bit behind at the moment.06:29
NCommanderKnowing my luck06:30
NCommanderThe the HP-PA buildd will self-destruct06:30
* NCommander saw the Debian one do that06:30
ScottK2hppa is not a happy camper in general.  It's currently the weakest of the Ubuntu ports.06:30
NCommanderI've offered to help, but I own no hppa06:31
NCommander(it looks like its a little less needy, its down to 200 FBFTS)06:31
NCommanderBut some poor soul should sit down and bastardize d-i so it can at least install hppa ubuntu directly06:31
ScottK2Unfortunately there don't appear to be any community machines for HPPA either.06:31
* NCommander looks on ebay06:32
NCommanderhppa is one of two debian archs I haven't run06:32
lifelesswhere is lamont when you need him06:32
NCommanderEr, three, I haven't run ia6406:32
lifelesshave you run lpia?06:33
NCommanderI have it in a chroot if that counts06:33
lifelessI don't know if it counts06:34
NCommanderlifeless, you got a FTBFS failure for lpia you need looked at?06:34
ScottK2lifeless: He said Debian arch.  LPIA isn't a Debian arch.06:34
lifelesswoo, 1.8MB of parsing to go. _nearly_ there06:35
lifelessScottK2: fair enough :)06:35
lifelessNCommander: no, I was just speculating06:35
NCommanderI have some experience castrating d-i to bend to my will06:35
NCommanderif lpia needs an installer06:35
NCommanderI can hack one together in a few hours06:35
ScottK2Good night everyone.06:36
lifelessI have no idea; I would have thought it had an install mechaism already, the mobiel guys are testing it a lot :)06:36
NCommandermeh, pbuilder needs to fixed; either divided into a docs package and the main one, or kept together06:36
lifelessmoblin image creator or something06:36
NCommanderlifeless, you work on u-ports?06:37
lifelessjust keep my ear to the ground06:37
NCommanderwoo, libnet-ssleay-perl built on ia6406:37
NCommanderI properly cleared that FTFBS06:37
NCommanderlifeless, you a MOTU?06:39
lifelessyup, amongst other things06:39
NCommanderintersting in sponsoring an FTBFS fixing patch?06:40
lifelessnope, not core at this point06:42
lifelesshave to pack up and leave shortly; got a flight to catch06:42
lifelessif its a patch to something in main you'll need a core to look at it06:42
NCommandernope, not core06:43
NCommanderJust curious ;-)06:43
lifelesswhere is the debdiff?06:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247886 in transproxy "FTBFS fix on AMD64/SPARC/IA-64" [Undecided,New]06:43
NCommanderFTBFS+lintian+compat fixes ;-)06:44
lifelesslooks good to me06:47
NCommanderI still need a sponsor06:47
lifelessif its not sponsored in 30 hours nag me - I'll be in the office and able to do it06:48
* NCommander pokes RAOF 06:48
RAOFNCommander: Ow.  Whay?06:49
RAOFAh, that's in universe.06:49
NCommanderI need a sponsor06:49
RAOFThat still looks generated from an unclean source pacakage; it includes substvars, debhelper.log, etc.06:50
RAOFAlso, I'm going out for a Sunday strtol.06:51
NCommanderCya ;-)06:51
* NCommander fixses obexpushd06:52
lifelessyah, I was ignoring the obvsious stuff that the rebuildI'd do would clean :)06:52
NCommanderFixed that06:57
NCommanderand also fixed obexpushd06:57
NCommanderI'm having trouble with getting FTBFS patches going upstream; debian using glibc 2.8, which isn't causing their packages to break06:57
gaspais there someone with a clean hardy, that can confirm or invalid this: bug #79364 ?10:50
gaspathe test could be simply: "apt-build -v ; sudo apt-build source mysql-server "10:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 79364 in apt-build "apt-build has a critical failure before even managing to download source packages" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7936410:50
andrew_sayersgaspa: how clean is clean?10:52
gaspaandrew_sayers: without intrepid repository, i mean... or at least without a lot of packages from other repos...10:58
andrew_sayersThen yes, yes I can :)10:58
andrew_sayersAlthough I might need a bit of hand-holding.10:58
gaspaandrew_sayers: i really don't know, i'm tryinh to figure out why it could fail.10:58
gaspaandrew_sayers: do as you can, and thanks.10:59
andrew_sayersCan you use apt-build to tweak packages and rebuild them?10:59
andrew_sayersIf so, it might be what I need to pin down an unrelated bug.10:59
gaspaandrew_sayers: it depends. you could define cflags, or other environment variables, i think it's not (now) possible use patches or other code handling.11:01
andrew_sayers`apt-build -v` gives me 'apt-build version 0.12.31ubuntu1', running the second command now...11:02
andrew_sayersI've not run apt-build before, so I've just added the relevant hardy sources.  It's now downloading various mysql packages.11:05
andrew_sayersWhile we're waiting, I don't suppose you're on kubuntu and willing to do a simple test?11:06
gaspano, i've gnome. sorry.11:07
gaspabut i'm running kmail.... if helps. :p11:07
gaspa... uh.11:07
andrew_sayersToo late anyway - it's all downloaded :)11:07
andrew_sayersComplained about some GPG problem, but no errors.11:07
gaspaandrew_sayers: if it downloads it works!!11:07
gaspaok, fine. could you please wrote something on lp?11:08
andrew_sayersAnything in particular I should say?11:08
gaspaattach your log...11:08
gaspaandrew_sayers: thanks. :)11:09
rohanwhat's up with flashplugin-nonfree in ubuntu hardy? first it was updated to 10.xx in backports, now again the version number says it's 10.xx+really9.xx11:12
rohanwhat's going on? :o11:12
andrew_sayersgaspa: sure - let me know if you need anything else, and possibly thanks for pointing me in the direction of apt-build.11:14
gaspaandrew_sayers: ;)11:21
=== bastiao_ is now known as k0p
mouzrohan: 10.xx caused too much browser crashes11:54
mouzso it is really a downgrade11:54
AnAntHello, can someone review swt-gtk: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=swt-gtk12:01
=== Ekushey- is now known as Ekushey
nedkoshould i choose python-central or python-support? i'm not sure what i need12:11
RAOFnedko: Either works, really.  I've chosen python-central in the past, but that's just habit mainly.12:23
LucidFoxFrom linux.org.ru:12:27
LucidFox- I'm developing a file system...12:28
LucidFox- Don't get married. Just in case.12:28
nedkoRAOF: why you've chosen python-central?12:28
nedkoi need to choose habit too12:28
RAOFBasically, it doesn't much matter.12:28
nedkothis only makes choice harder12:29
RAOFI think at one point python-central handled extension modules (ie: bits with C code) better, but I don't know whether that's still the case.12:29
RAOFYeah.  It's basically a choice between equivalent alternatives.  Flip a coin.12:30
RAOFOr, if you like, I could tell you to use python-central, because all the python-versioning metadata is included in debian/rules rather than being spread across a couple of files.12:31
RAOFI'd be lying though; it's in debian/control :)12:32
nedkosetup steps at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianPython/NewPolicy look simplier for python-support :)12:33
RAOFWe have a winner, then.  Really?12:33
nedkorafl: 3 vs 5 steps, but i dont see why python versioning metadata is spread across several files.12:34
nedkoRAOF, sorry rafl12:34
raflno problem.12:36
nedkoand to make choice even harder, i'm going to use CDBS :]12:36
RAOFEh, that makes it easy.  Really, you don't have to think so much about it.12:37
udienz-AnAnt: you are Ahmed El-Mahmoudy12:39
=== LucidFox__ is now known as LucidFox
NCommanderGood morning world13:53
geserHi NCommander13:54
NCommanderhey geser13:55
emgenthi geser NCommander13:56
NCommanderhola emgent13:56
* NCommander throws his head into a barrel of cold water in an effort to wake up13:56
NCommanderanyone in the mood to sponsor YAFTBFS fix?13:58
emgentNCommander: bug url ?14:00
NCommanderTHis is becoming a morning tradition14:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248024 in obexpushd "Fix for FTBFS on AMD64 and other archs" [Undecided,New]14:00
emgentok nice14:00
emgenti will take a look14:01
NCommanderMy libnet-ssleay-perl fix went in last night ;-)14:01
* ScottK2 is still recovering from the experience.14:02
* NCommander gives ScottK2 super-coffee14:03
NCommanderIt wasn't that bad ...14:03
ScottK2No, not really.14:03
NCommanderI mean, its not like running pbuilder caused your system to panic, or space mutants to bust down the wall14:03
ScottK2I do suggest that you consider making some changes to your workflow for improved reliability.  You are doing very good work, but I've seen more than once where you've submitted debdiffs using packages that weren't entirely clean.14:05
NCommanderI noticed that too, I usually read the debdiff, but I miss the three line substvars14:06
NCommanderso any improvements will be recommended14:06
NCommanderSorry, I can't mount /dev/coffee due to lack of beans error14:06
ScottK2There are lots of ways to do it, so you need to find what works for you.14:06
NCommanderI usually run debian/rules clean before debdiff14:07
NCommanderBut that sometimes seems to leave around extras14:07
ScottK2Of course that'd be due to errors in clean that could be fixed.14:07
azeemNCommander: don't you run debdiff on the respective source packages?14:08
ScottK2I work in the source package, then always build in pbuilder so build stuff gets left behind every time.14:08
NCommanderSame here14:08
ScottK2OK.  I was under the impression you were building in a persistent chroot.14:09
NCommanderI have an interpid chroot - I run hardy on this machine14:10
ScottK2It may be to early for me to communicate well.14:10
NCommanderand too early for me to understand ;-)14:11
NCommanderI'm having a lot of trouble though getting fixes into debian14:11
NCommanderMaintainers are unwilling to apply the changes needed because of the ftbfs due to glibc2.814:11
MezNCommander, just send the fixes for the stuff that's relevant only to the debian version14:12
ScottK2NCommander: The other stuff can sit in BTS until Debian upgrades ...14:12
ScottK2NCommander: Then they'll be glad of it.14:13
* ScottK2 had similar problems with Python 2.5 transition stuff.14:13
geserNCommander: just file them and wonder when you get a close message from BTS in some months which bug it is again :)14:13
Mezyou shouldnt be sending stuff to debian really that doesnt fix the issue in debian - so before you send, try building the debian stuff... if you send a complete patch to a debian maintainer that fixes something - and they just need to apply the patch...14:13
Mezthen they'll accept it14:13
MezI would14:13
* NCommander looks for another package to fix14:13
ScottK2Mez: Some would, some wouldn't.  If Debian isn't using the infrastructure bit that exposes the problem, then a lot of maintainers don't worry.14:14
MezScottK2, of course, if the patch doesn't apply to debian - just let it show up in the PTS :)14:15
Mezuntil debian are ready14:15
* ScottK2 recalls on package with Python 2.5 problems that the solution was to upload changes I'd put into the dpmt svn almost a year before.14:16
Mezlmao - I love the fact that debians PTS tracks open bugs in ubuntu14:16
NCommanderI take it you've been here from the beginning I take it ScottK ?14:16
MezNCommander, "the beginning" is a relative term14:17
ScottK2NCommander: No.  About a year and a half.14:17
* ScottK2 started using Ubuntu with Dapper and developing during Feisty.14:17
* Mez started using with warty and developing during breezy14:17
* ScottK2 is really a newcomer.14:18
* ion_ started with the Jolly Jellyfish release.14:19
azeemNCommander: did you have trouble besides #490369 and #490389?  Cause those are the only two recent bugs I can find which are filed by you14:19
ion_Back in 2009.14:19
azeemion_: those were the days14:20
azeembefore the big glibc->eglibc change14:20
ion_And they were still using Linux instead of Hurd.14:21
azeemcrazy people14:21
* ion_ goes back to playing Duke Nukem Forever.14:21
* azeem goes back to his Hurd box14:22
DktrKranzScottK2, I'm working on bug 202974, is it ok for you to proceed with a SRU?14:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 202974 in haskell-hgl "libghc6-hgl-dev won't install on hardy" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20297414:25
* ScottK2 looks14:26
DktrKranzbasically, it just needs changes from -2 in intrepid14:26
ScottK2So this is fixed in Intrepid already?14:27
ScottK2OK.  Go for it.  I marked in the bug.14:29
* ScottK2 knocks a few off the sponsorship queue.14:54
ScottK2Hobbsee: I'm looking at Bug #238439 and think it ought to be uploaded, but note you assigned it to yourself a couple of weeks ago.  Mind if I go ahead?14:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238439 in taskjuggler "Needs khelpcenter to provide help, but does not depend on it." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23843914:58
HobbseeScottK2: i committed it to debian kde svn, asked for an upload a few times, and didn't get it.14:59
HobbseeScottK2: it would be good to actually get that revision uploaded, then sync.15:00
ScottK2You'd rather I leave it for you then?  No problem.15:01
HobbseeScottK2: actually, i'd rather you poke someone to upload it in debian kde, as i seem to have failed there :)15:01
ScottK2--> TODO15:02
Hobbsee:) thanks15:02
geserHobbsee: doesn't your LPS(tm) doesn't work in Debian?15:02
Hobbseegeser: not so far, and i haven't felt the desire to beg.15:03
geserperhaps your need a more pointy one as DDs seem to develop a thick skin :)15:03
* sebner thinks that Hobbsee should her magic stick to do some magic in debian :)15:03
sebner+ use xD15:05
ScottK2Hobbsee: I think if you solve the arm FTBFS your odds of getting sponsored go way up: http://buildd.debian.org/fetch.cgi?pkg=taskjuggler&arch=arm&ver=2.4.1-1&stamp=1215757932&file=log&as=raw15:10
HobbseeScottK2: sigh.  or i could be lazy, and ask you to do that too?  :)15:13
Hobbsee. o O { who really cares about arm anyway... }15:13
ScottK2Hobbsee: Debian, unfortunately.15:13
ScottK2Hobbsee: At a glance, I'm wondering if it needs a build-dep on kdepim-dev, but then I wonder how it built on the other archs.15:14
Hobbseewell, yeah, that's what i was wondering....15:15
Hobbseethat's the sort of error i would have expected to fail on all arches15:15
Hobbseeor, not arm.15:15
NCommanderI'm back15:18
ScottK2NCommander: You know about arm, right?15:19
NCommanderarm as in the limb, arm the platform, aka armel for new ABI, or armeb for big endian?"15:19
ScottK2arm the platform15:20
NCommanderYeah, I have an arm box running debian15:20
ScottK2As in why the heck did this FTBFS on arm and no where else: http://buildd.debian.org/fetch.cgi?pkg=taskjuggler&arch=arm&ver=2.4.1-1&stamp=1215757932&file=log&as=raw15:20
NCommandersounds like libtool isn't happy15:21
ScottK2We're trying to get Debian to upload a bug fix in that package, so if you could help us figure out the arm problem, it'd be greatly appreciated.  I suspect that'd help our chances of getting uploaded immensely.15:22
NCommanderMy arm box is down, so I can only give advice, and not actually build anything15:22
ScottK2I'll take that.15:22
NCommanderDid it FTBFS on armel?15:22
NCommanderlibkmime built on normal ARM15:24
ScottK2No. http://buildd.debian.org/pkg.cgi?pkg=taskjuggler15:24
NCommanderIt appears to be a problem with libkcal2-dev, and not kdepim-dev15:26
NCommanderIf you look closely, its uses libkcal2-dev to resolve the build-dep15:26
NCommanderRight, ok, hold on, its a build-deps problem15:27
NCommanderScottK2, have it explicately require kdepim4-dev vs. libkcal2-dev on arm and armel15:30
NCommanderIt appears the arm's libtool does so weird things on various library linker scripts, but with the packages its installing on arm, there is no libkmine.la15:30
ScottK2Hobbsee: ^^^ I think if you committ that, your odds of an upload go way up.15:30
NCommanderYeah, its not the first time I've seen whacky libtool behavior on arm15:31
NCommanderBut the arm architecture itself is just plan weirfd15:31
ScottK2I've heard that Ubuntu will soon have armel, but no official announcement yet.15:31
NCommanderI'd love to help wit that port15:32
NCommanderIt will replace Debian on the ARM fileserver15:32
ScottK2AFAIK, lool is the one you want to talk to about that.15:33
NCommanderHobbsee, if it still FTBFS, ping me, I'll fire up the arm box and investiage some more15:33
=== tuxbuntu- is now known as tuxbuntu
ScottK2Loic Minier15:33
NCommanderI get that weird feeling there is some Ubuntu-devel mailing list I should be subscribed to15:34
Nafallomailx -s subscribe ubuntu-devel-request@lists.ubuntu.com15:34
Nafalloalso: Hi! :-D15:35
NCommanderhola Nafallo15:35
NCommanderwow, Inkspace is *not* happy15:35
emgentheya Nafallo :)15:35
Nafallohi emgent :-)15:35
Nafallodooh. I've already said hi15:36
Nafallobad redundancy :-P15:36
* NCommander is right now emailing patches upstream to Debian15:38
ScottK2NCommander: That was mentioned on some IRC channel.  I don't recall which one.15:42
NCommanderwhich one what?15:43
ScottK2Anyone here like ocaml stuff?15:43
ScottK2That = "Ubuntu will have an armel port"15:43
ScottK2If there is (someone who likes ocaml, gtk, and lpia), please see Bug #24813215:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248132 in lablgtk2 "lpia package does not provide lablgtk.cmxa (and other .cmxa files)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24813215:44
NCommanderwhy can't debian have a web based interface for reporting bugs -_-;15:46
NCommanderTHat's an evil bug15:47
NCommandermain isn't happy with the new glibc15:48
NCommanderhttp://launchpadlibrarian.net/15966590/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-i386.mbr_1.1.10-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz - I'm debating the best way to possibly fix this15:49
ScottK2NCommander: Becuase reportbug works just fine.15:49
NCommanderScottK, not if you don't have an SMTP server Debian can accept, and I haven't found what magic is needed to get reportbug to work against gmail15:49
ScottK2NCommander: Install postfix locally and then smarthost to gmail.15:51
ScottK2IIRC there are plenty of HOW TOs on that.15:51
NCommanderI've never gotten it to work with postfix15:51
NCommanderI'll install exim4 which I have gotten to work like that15:51
* ScottK2 has postfix on his laptop smarthost to one of his own mail servers.15:51
ScottK2Whatever works.15:51
* ScottK2 has had a lot of good out of Postfix, but ymmv.15:52
NCommanderI love postfix15:52
NCommanderI use it when I have an actual net facing server15:52
NCommanderBut I've never gotten it to work with a smarthost without a whole heap of trouble15:52
NCommander^with Gmail15:52
NCommanderSince gmail's smtp's servers are weird15:52
ScottK2Hmmm.  I've never tried gmail, but getting postfix to login via sasl when relaying isn't generally to hard.15:53
NCommanderWith TLS, and on an non-standard port?15:53
ScottK2With TLS, but not on a non-standard port.15:54
ScottK2Is gmail using smtps?15:56
ScottK2If so, then Postfix doesn't support that as a client.15:57
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tuxbuntuGMail uses SMTP with TLS16:01
nedkois there a way i can sign launchpad PPA built binary packages?16:02
proppyHi, what can I do to help with bug #22658716:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 226587 in hardy-backports "Please backport xmonad and xmonad-contrib 0.7-1 from intrepid to hardy" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22658716:10
proppyregarding  xmonad-contrib backport16:10
Laneyproppy: It's in hardy16:11
NCommanderIf backports done similar to debian backports, I'd do it.16:11
proppybecause it is marked as 'Fix Released'16:11
proppybut it seems that the -contrib one is not backported16:12
proppyoups I'm wrong hardy-backports (libdevel): Extensions to xmonad [universe]16:12
proppy0.7-1~hardy1: amd64 i38616:12
proppysorry for the confusion16:12
proppynow I should find out, why packages.ubuntu.com is listing it and not apt-cache16:12
NCommanderI'll be back later16:13
NCommanderPeace universe!16:13
proppyhi warp1016:24
warp10heya proppy and all16:25
AnAntHello, can someone REVU this swt-gtk upload: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=swt-gtk  ?16:33
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=== ScottK-laptop is now known as ScottK2
ScottK2I'm wearing my UDS Prague t-shirt today and out running errands.17:43
ScottK2I walk into a store and a guy that works there says, "I love your shirt.  All my friends use Ubuntu."17:44
ScottK2I ask him why he doesn't and he says he's a Mac guy.17:44
ScottK2"Did you know you can dual boot on a Mac ...."17:44
ScottK2Another convert.17:44
ScottK2YokoZar: ^^^ - The thing that he really envied his Ubuntu using friends was the ability to run Windows games using Wine.17:50
aanjhanScottK, coolness!17:59
=== ScottK2 is now known as ScottK-laptop
emgentScottK-laptop: ping18:17
nxvlemgent: Congratulations! Did you read my e-mail?18:18
emgentnxvl: thanks :)18:18
emgentScottK-laptop: can you take a look for main in bug #24816718:18
ubottuemgent: Bug 248167 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/248167 is private18:18
* ScottK-laptop looks18:18
emgent(18:57) ( CIA-53) Thomas Waldmann <tw AT waldmann-edv DOT de> default * 3834:27ddf6dfa7bd 1.8/MoinMoin/macro/AdvancedSearch.py: XSS  security fix for advanced search form: added escaping (thanks to Emanuele Gentili from Ubuntu for discovering the  problem) (ported from 1.7)18:19
emgentif you can please upload it18:19
ScottK-laptopemgent: Yes.  I'll have a look at it.18:20
emgentnxvl: yeah i saw eheheh :)18:20
nxvlemgent: btw, did have time today or are you busy/about to leave?18:22
emgentI have to leave between 20 minutes18:24
nxvlemgent: can you guide me on how to use security-tracker in 20 minutes?18:24
emgentif you can this night, now I should go to make a shower18:26
emgentsorry :\18:26
ScottK-laptopemgent: I'm reverting the standards change part of your patch.18:26
nxvlemgent: ok, i will ping you later :D18:27
ScottK-laptopI think it's of little point and I wouldn't want us to maintain a diff over it if Debian takes your patch.18:27
emgentok ScottK-laptop np18:27
emgenti have to go now, see you later people18:28
balachmarHi, I am want to package something use the video tutorials, but the piece of software uses a software license they have invented themselves, can I still use that video as a guideline?18:30
nxvlwooohoo augeas has been accepted on debian too18:30
nxvlone more package for me18:31
ScottK-laptopemgent: Uploaded.  Thank you for your contribution to Ubuntu.18:35
emgentScottK-laptop: np :)18:36
emgentnow waiting help.ubuntu.com fix18:36
emgentoh it`s late. bye! :)18:36
geserbalachmar: is the license somewhere online?18:38
balachmargeser: I am looking for it, but there was no link in the copying file18:40
nxvlbalachmar: yes, you just need to change the way daniel dealed with the license18:41
geserif the software is redistributable18:42
nxvlScottK-laptop: there is no build-admin here, isn't it?18:42
nxvlScottK-laptop: pbuilder18:42
ScottK-laptopSomeone might be around in an emergency, but not normally.18:42
nxvlScottK-laptop: needs given-nack18:42
gesernxvl: texlive-xetex is installable again?18:43
nxvlgeser: on my local pbuilder it was18:43
ScottK-laptopnxvl: I think any core-dev can do that from the web U/I now.18:43
* ScottK-laptop looks.18:43
gesernxvl: have you universe enabled?18:43
ScottK-laptopI can retry it.18:44
nxvlScottK-laptop: please18:44
ScottK-laptopgeser: What do you think?  It's your upload.18:44
gesernxvl: texlive-xetex (main) depends on dvipdfx (universe)18:44
ScottK-laptopnxvl: Disable Universe in your pbuilder and try again.18:45
geserScottK-laptop: I need to figure out if dvipdfmx needs either to be promoted or dropped from the depends of texlive-xetex18:46
balachmarsorry dropped out... network-manager still drops my connection after a bit (even with 0.7)18:46
geserbalachmar: which software are you trying to package?18:47
ScottK-laptopgeser: I'll leave it then.18:47
nxvlScottK-laptop: my mistake, sorry18:47
ScottK-laptopNo problem.18:47
* nxvl start fixing18:48
ScottK-laptopIt's one we've all made.18:48
slytheringeser: Do you have time to review debdiff at 247946?18:48
geserbug 24794618:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247946 in imagej "Please add Sun JDK to build dependency, fixes FTBFS" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24794618:49
warp10Hi *18:49
nxvlwe'll need to focus a lot on FTBFS since the lastest Compiler Flags changes18:50
geserslytherin: s/hardy/intrepid/ in debian/changelog but otherwise ok18:51
slytheringeser: my mistake. I always take care to change it. :-(18:51
slytheringeser: I am upadting debdiff18:53
warp10albert23: FYI, enthought-traits-ui 2.0.5-1 has been uploaded in Debian. Please, file a sync request for it when you have time (I did it for the other packages of the suite already)18:56
slytheringeser: done19:00
geserslytherin: will upload when I'm home again (if nobody does it till then)19:01
slytheringeser: Sure, no problem19:02
slytheringeser: And let Debian guys know on my behalf that I hate arch:all packages in contrib section.19:02
nxvlgeser: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=43037319:21
ubottuDebian bug 430373 in texlive-xetex "texlive-xetex: no configuration file for xdvipdfmx (was: Accessing mathmatics symbols within XeTeX)" [Normal,Closed]19:21
nxvlgeser: i would drop dvipdfmx from depends to recommends19:21
gesernxvl: recommends should be main now too19:22
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nxvlgeser: i think no19:23
nxvlgeser: there was a discussion on this topic little ago19:23
nxvlgeser: and they said that it might be like it is now19:23
nxvlbut that if my memory is working good, which is isn't this last days19:24
gesernxvl: I plan to ask Norbert about the best solution, drop the dependency or MIR it19:24
nxvlgeser: but if a recommeds fails to install it won't break anything19:24
nxvlthat i'm really sure19:24
gesernxvl: moving it to recommends will make the package installable again, but I don't know if you will find a sponsor for the upload19:25
nxvlgeser: there you have the bug report19:25
nxvli will ask pitti19:25
nxvlgeser: let's move to -devel19:26
gesernxvl: reading the debian bug the dependency was added because of the bug, so dropping it again doesn't look like a good idea19:28
geserI guess it'a s MIR then19:28
nxvlgeser: well..19:29
nxvlyeah maybe19:29
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slytherinCan anyone please confirm if sample rules file at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete is correct? I am not getting any binary in resultant package19:57
albert23warp10: done :-)19:57
ScottK-laptopslytherin: At a glance it looks right.19:58
warp10albert23: ...and just ACKed. Thank you! :)20:01
albert23warp10: thanks20:01
slytherinScottK-laptop: is .install file necessary?20:01
ScottK-laptopslytherin: Depends on the package.20:02
ScottK-laptopNote that the sample rules are for an arch:any package.  If you are doing arch:all it won't work.20:03
balachmar_Hi, I am trying to build my first package, and I am getting an error when trying to use pbuilder on my dsc file. Aptitude couldn't satisfy the build dependencies E: pbuilder-satisfydepends failed20:03
slytherinScottK-laptop: it is hello program. I was trying to conduct intro session in our loco channel20:03
balachmar_I think it might be this one: Unpacking libx11-6 (from .../libx11-6_2%3a1.1.3-1ubuntu2_amd64.deb) ... FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/2.6.24-19-generic/modules.dep: No such file or directory20:03
balachmar_(sorry if you already answered, I dropped out...)20:04
nxvlwarp10: thank you for proftpd :D20:04
warp10nxvl: my pleasure :)20:04
balachmar_Do I need to do something special to have a chroot with x11 support?20:09
slytherinScottK-laptop: something is missing from that rules file. Not able to figure out what. Got to go now. Will try to debug tomorrow.20:10
geserafaik you need access to the X socket found in /tmp20:10
geserbalachmar_: ^^20:10
balachmar_but so I need to do something special with sudo pbuildercreate20:10
geseryou need X in your pbuilder?20:11
slytheringeser: free?20:11
gesersort of20:11
balachmar_geser: I don't know but I get this error: E: pbuilder-satisfydepends failed. and earlier: Setting up libx11-6 (2:1.1.3-1ubuntu2) ...20:12
balachmar_FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/2.6.24-19-generic/modules.dep: No such file or directory20:12
balachmar_geser: So I thought maybe x11 is not allowed in the pbuilder I have set up20:12
balachmar_But I am probably mistaken20:12
slytheringeser: Can you please take a look at sample rules file at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete and see if you can find any problem? I am trying to build hello package as per instructions there and resulting package does not include a binary20:12
ScottK-laptopFor building it shouldn't need anything special.20:13
slytheringeser: You know I am not very good at C. :-D20:13
slytheringeser: I have to leave now. It is midnight. I will catch up with you tomorrow.20:13
balachmar_ScottK-laptop: your last remark was for me?20:14
ScottK-laptopbalachmar_: Try pbuilder login and see if you can install the package from in the pbuilder.20:14
balachmar_ScottK-laptop: If I log into pbuilder and do: sudo apt-get install libx11-6; I get the same error20:16
ScottK-laptopOK.  I don't on mine.20:16
ScottK-laptopSo I think you have a pbuilder setup error20:16
ScottK-laptopWhat arch are you one?20:16
balachmar_(the normal 64bit)20:17
ScottK-laptopI'm on i386, so it may be a 64bit specific problem.20:18
ScottK-laptopAnyone have a 64bit hardy pbuilder handy?20:18
balachmar_I am running sudo pbuilder create again20:18
balachmar_because the failing internet connection may have messed something up20:19
balachmar_or doesn't it actually retrieve anything?20:19
balachmar_same error20:20
balachmar_mmm, I am going to sleep for now, will try some other time...20:21
balachmar_Will post something on the forums first20:22
crimsunbalachmar_: the modules.dep "error" is a red herring.20:23
balachmar_crimsum: which means it doesn't mean anything?20:24
crimsunbalachmar_: have you pastebinned the entire pbuilder output?20:24
balachmar_crimsun: nope but I have now: http://pastebin.com/m2ea5c5720:26
balachmar_Also created this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5378699#post537869920:28
balachmar_Since I am going off to sleep in a few minutes, but I will wait for you crimsun if you see anything special20:29
crimsunbalachmar_: what're Build-Depends?20:29
crimsunwhat're the Build-Depends, rather20:29
crimsunmy initial hunch is that you're missing a component (universe?)20:30
balachmar_there are quite a few, but maybe they should all be -dev instead of the normal libs...20:31
balachmar_I have added the deps, to my post on the forum20:32
crimsuncan you post the source package?20:32
crimsunand your diff.gz and dsc?20:33
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balachmar_crimsun: ooh not quickly I fear...20:34
balachmar_And now I really have to go, else my girlfriend will get mad at me...20:35
nhainesI have a vague and nebulous question.  :)20:39
crimsunwe may have vague and nebulous answers.20:39
nhainesI'm finally sitting down to look at my PyRoom package to get it into intrepid.  I'm wondering whether there's a very clear HOWTO on getting standalone Python applications packaged according to Debian NewPython policy.20:40
ScottK-laptopnhaines: I don't know about a how to, but there are some good examples you can use.20:40
nhainesIn particular, PyRoom 0.2 doesn't use disttools, and all development is now on 0.3, which will soon be restructured to use distutils.20:41
ScottK-laptopIf you're using distutils it's easy.20:41
nhainesWe're not, so that's the hard part.  :)20:41
ScottK-laptopMost of the work goes into getting setup.py correct.20:41
ScottK-laptopYes, but that's work you already plan on doing.20:41
ScottK-laptopI'd suggest do that first, release a 0.2.1 or something that uses disutils and then package that.20:42
ScottK-laptopThen your packaging will be easy to update for future releases.20:42
nhainesAssuming an application that is split into modules, where should the application install itself?20:43
ScottK-laptopThe application itself probably goes in /usr/bin20:43
* ScottK-laptop needs to run.20:44
nhainesRight now everything goes into /usr/share/pyroom, with a symlink in usr/bin to /usr/share/pyroom.py20:44
nhainesThanks, ScottK, for the suggestions.  :)20:44
ScottK-laptopthat works, IIRC.20:44
nhainesI'll have to see if I can sneak it past MOTU then until we get 0.3 ready.20:45
* cody-somerville just closed five bugs.21:12
nhainesCongrats!  :D21:12
lagabonus points for marking them "won't fix" with "RTFM" in the comment field ;)21:13
cody-somervilleI didn't do that! :P21:14
cody-somervilleI'm going to have to crackdown on aMSN here soon21:27
Adri2000cody-somerville: why?21:29
bdrungcan a main sponsor have a look at the trivial patch for bug #248211?21:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248211 in dhcdbd "Needs a final "." at end of package description." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24821121:29
cody-somervilleAdri2000, It needs some TLC21:29
bdrungshould i post this request in ubuntu-devel?21:30
cody-somervillebdrung, no21:30
cody-somervillebdrung, you should subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors21:30
bdrungcody-somerville: done21:31
Adri2000cody-somerville: are you going to do some upload of amsn?21:32
cody-somervilleAdri2000, Why do you ask?21:32
Adri2000because amsn upstream asked me a few days ago to update the package to their latest version, which fixes a pretty important bug it seems. I haven't yet found the time to work on it though21:34
cody-somervilleAdri2000, Okay. I just noticed there was a new upstream version after you asked. Did you want to handle it?21:34
ScottKbdrung: That's a pretty minor change to do an upload for.21:35
ScottKPersonally, I wouldn't bother, but you can subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors to the bug and maybe someone will.21:36
Adri2000cody-somerville: not particularly. if you want to do it, go ahead. they told me the bug fixed in this version prevents people from connecting, so if it's the case it may be worth considering SRU as well21:36
crimsunmm, there are some pretty bitesized main fixes for rsync, acpid, smartmontools, klogd, and sysklogd21:39
crimsun(at least those that I uncovered on a dist-upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10)21:40
crimsun(deprecated multiuser update-rc.d syntax)21:40
crimsunI fixed pulseaudio long ago, but it apparently hasn't been merged?21:40
Festorare you here?21:40
Festorember, see this21:41
Festorbecause you did this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/brasero/+bug/24760921:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247609 in brasero "Please sponsor brasero 0.7.91-0ubuntu2 (main) into Intrepid" [Undecided,New]21:42
SyntuxGood day21:55
cyberixI'm going to package a simple Python library. Please point me towards a good example.21:55
cyberixWhat is the common way to go with stuff like pyrex?21:59
cyberixthe source tarball contains a prepyrexed c code21:59
cyberixthe pyrex source is used for development22:00
cyberixdo I have to recreate the c code from pyrex source at package building time?22:00
cyberixor may/should I use the released one?22:00
cyberixUpstream told me to use released one, so that is what I'm going to do22:02
nhainesIf the source already includes the released one, you shouldn't modify the source tarball.22:02
cyberixIt includes both the generated c source and the pyrex source that is supposed to be used for further development22:03
cyberixDo you usually run autotools at packaging stage?22:03
cyberixor only while the original tar ball is released?22:04
cyberixThe developer told me that the pyrex source is cranky and might only work with some specific version of pyrex22:04
nhainesI'm not clear on those specifics, unfortuantely.22:07
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DktrKranzLutin, one of our users pointed me to bug 248117, do you plan to upload a new kdenlive revision soon?22:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248117 in kdenlive "[solved] Kdenlive crash on kubuntu 8.04" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24811722:43
LutinDktrKranz: I've not had any time for it in hardy unfortunately, and I doubt I will have during intrepid :/22:45
DktrKranzLutin, ah... it's a pity :/ If you want, I can have a look at this issue and eventually provide a fix (for Hardy too via SRU)22:46
LutinDktrKranz: even though I'll try to have a look, feel free to do so22:48
LutinDktrKranz: but at first sight, the issue is unlikely in kdenlive itself, or at least is not reproduceable eveywhere (works fine here without libxcb-composite0)22:48
DktrKranzI don't see a direct relationship too22:49
DktrKranzI'll do some debugging tests on a clean box and see what's the real issue22:50
LutinDktrKranz: started to do so, but I can't reproduce it at all ...22:51
DktrKranzmh... weird22:51
Lutinand it doesn't try to dlopen(), FWIW22:52
* DktrKranz needs to grab some kubuntu ISOs22:53
LutinDktrKranz: maybe next week I'll find some time to update mlt and mlt++22:55
DktrKranzdo you think it's because of them?22:55
Lutinno. but it's a first step before getting a newer kdenlive :)22:57

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