cp__I want to setup a diskless wireless system and it appears it is possible booting with a USB key or CD.  What I haven't figured out is can I get the wireless encryption to work without too much trouble.  I have a PCI device which uses ath_pci.  Does the Mythbuntu build client image include support for WPA and entering the encryption key?02:10
Frans-Willemcp_: From what I looked at, it's rather difficult getting a wireless diskless setup working, it's probably best to just boot it using the LiveC02:22
=== MythbuntuGuest29 is now known as red6
red6after the last round of updates my remote stopped working, any pointers?02:25
harmony3264hi, i have 3 machines:  all mythbuntu 8.0403:21
harmony32641) master backend / frontend with hvr950 tuner03:21
harmony32642) secondary backend / frontend with pchdtv5500 tuner03:21
harmony32643) a laptop that is just a frontend.03:21
harmony3264master works fine as standalone03:21
harmony3264the other backend's tuner seems to work during channel scan but not otherwise.03:21
harmony3264both remote frontends can browse the masters recorded shows,03:21
harmony3264even seeing the full-motion preview but when i try to watch anything,03:22
harmony3264or watch live tv, the frontend either crashes (laptop)03:22
harmony3264or just returns to the menu after a brief pause.03:22
harmony3264is this a common problem?03:22
harmony3264how can i force the use of the pchdtv5500?03:22
harmony3264some log excerpts at:03:22
obitercan somebody help a setup problem?03:45
obiterI have set up frontend and back end, and in the status menu I still get 'tuner1' unavailable, and 'tuner2 unavailable', and 'no guide data available'03:47
harmony3264obiter:  i'm here asking a similar question03:52
harmony3264so i'm not sure i can help but03:52
harmony3264did you set up a "source" for guide data in mythtv-setup?03:52
obiteryeah I think so03:53
harmony3264then you have to connect that "source" to a tuner.03:53
obiterits saying 'tuner unavailable' though03:54
obiterI don't know how to be sure the tuner is installed correctly03:55
harmony3264you can try a totally different app, like tvtime03:55
obiterI think the driver comes with ubuntu, it's a dvico fusion card03:55
harmony3264i have two other tuners and for each i had to build and/or install a kernel module.03:56
harmony3264but i don't ahve any experience with your tuner.03:57
obiterbut I can't find either how to check that basic fact, and if it is automatically installed, how to check that its detected properly03:57
obitertvtime doesn't appear to support dvico fusion cards03:59
harmony3264i think you need to search for what kernel module goes with your tuner.03:59
harmony3264then you can use lsmod to see if it's loaded,03:59
harmony3264or modprobe to load it.03:59
obiterI'm very inexperienced with all this03:59
obiterhow would I search for what kernal module goes with my card?03:59
harmony3264i'm about a month ahead of you:)04:00
harmony3264i'd search google for mythbuntu OR mythtv and whatever keywords you think would narrow in on your tuner.04:01
obiteryeah I've been at it over the last few days04:02
obiterits kind of hard to follow, and there's not much specific information04:02
obiterI thought dvico was pretty common04:02
harmony3264they may be common but i've no experience.04:04
harmony3264looks like they have a few models, which is your's?04:04
obiteractually I'm not sure ... its dual <something> though04:04
obiterif it autodetects, that's not an issue04:05
obiterisn't there some equivalent to the windows device manager dialog?04:06
harmony3264what os are you using, mythbuntu 8.04 (hardy)?04:06
obiterwell, the one from the 8.04 synaptic packet manager04:07
harmony3264so that's xfce or xubuntu if you want to search for stuff about it.04:08
harmony3264what, i lost you.04:08
harmony3264you installed ubuntu then added myth?04:08
obiterI just found it in the package manager that comes with ubuntu04:08
obiterso I guess 'yes' :-)04:09
obiterit seems like a lot of people are getting it installed without these issues04:09
harmony3264so i think you have gnome which does have something like windoze divice manager, i think, i'll go look if you want...04:09
obiteryeah gnome04:09
obiterits got something for third party drivers04:10
obiterproprietary ones04:10
obiterbut I can't find a way to see the ordinary ones04:10
harmony3264well, my advice is NOT to add myth as you have, but to start with mythbuntu instead of ubuntu, because it sets a lot up for you.04:10
harmony3264but you still have to work out the tuner, even then.04:10
hadsIt will work in installing from Ubuntu fine.04:11
obiterdoes mythbuntu have all the regular ubuntu stuff as well?04:11
obiterdo you know how to determine if the tvtuner card has installed hads?04:12
hadsIt's just a different installation, the same package repositories therefore the same software.04:12
harmony3264try system->preferences->hardwareInformation04:12
hadsWhat do you mean by "installed"?04:12
hadsYou could also try lspci or lshw04:13
harmony3264hi hads, thanks.04:13
obiterwell its physically there, but I don't know how to determine if the drivers are loaded for it04:14
obiterI think dvico fusion drivers come with ubuntu, but I can't find information about it except referenences in forums04:14
hadsIf you've got a video device (/dev/video0) then something is loaded.04:14
harmony3264obiter:  this looks relavent:04:15
obiterI don't have that menu option harmony, it probably is a package04:15
harmony3264yeah, i may have added it.04:16
harmony3264try lspci in the terminal as hads suggested, if it's a pci tuner.04:16
harmony3264or lsusb if it's usb.04:17
obiterno such file in dev hads04:17
obiterI guess that's bad04:17
Nostahlhey all what should the settings be for dvd player command04:18
Nostahlit dosnt work when i make it the same as the default player04:18
Nostahlso i changed the %s to %d and then i get what looks like scrambled tv but it dosnt have audio or movement04:18
Nostahlany idea's04:18
harmony3264obiter:  that package is hal-device-manager04:20
obiterok ... I've been searching the packagae manager :)04:22
obiterI'm installing various things04:23
obiterinstalled that .. now trying to find it04:27
Nostahlwhere are settings for internal player04:28
Nostahlit plays the movie but no audio04:28
Nostahlfor playing dvd's etc04:28
Nostahli get audio from playing movies that are on the hd already..04:29
obiteraaah ... I've got 'dvico corporation unknown device'04:34
obiterin 'pci devices'04:36
harmony3264obiter:  bingo!  is it one of their current tuners?:04:37
obiterits a year or so old04:38
Nostahlwhy do i get no audio with Internal player04:41
obiterits a dvb T dual express04:43
crxdvron a new install, I get "No UPnP Backends Found"  then it takes me to database config. I have not come up with the info to make it happy. when I get to the finish of db setup, I return to "No UPnP......   and it starts over again04:43
Nostahlanyone know why internal player has sound issues?04:44
crxdvrfirst time using mythbuntu btw04:44
harmony3264obiter:  good, now see if mythtv.org has a page about getting its driver installed.04:44
harmony3264it's somewhere under this area:04:46
obiteryeah I'm there04:46
obiterhmm ... my dvico fusion is not shown04:57
obiterthey have hdtv504:57
harmony3264yeah, i don't see your exact card there either.  this seems to be the closest:05:01
harmony3264but search the net for "dvico fusion dual express mythtv"05:01
harmony3264the 3rd post there looks like it might help.05:01
obiterit looks like it05:05
obiterit seems pretty intimidating though05:05
crxdvrI am really lost here, I have been reading forums, and googling. all I can figure is to wipe and reinstall. I hate thinking this. I have use linux too many years to apply the microsoft fix and re-install. I want to know what is broken whether I broke it or not05:07
obiterI sympathise crxdvr, but I'm pretty much out of my depth05:08
harmony3264obiter:  i don't know about those steps,05:09
harmony3264but i had to clone a source tree to build the kernel module for my usb tuner,05:09
harmony3264and it was no big deal, i just followed the steps exactly.05:09
harmony3264but beware if ubuntu wants to upgrade your kernel05:09
harmony3264becuase you may have to re-make your tuner module.05:09
hadscrxdvr: Just disable UPnP that should work.05:10
harmony3264crxdvr:  me three!  there are often more experts here, might check back later.05:10
obiterthat kind of thing terrifies me :-)05:11
crxdvrhow do i disable upnp05:12
hadsmythfrontend -d05:13
hadsmythfrontend --help will tell you that.05:13
harmony3264obiter:  yes, well you have to understand what you're doing,05:15
harmony3264eg:  http://ubuntuforums.org/announcement.php?f=17505:15
crxdvrmythfrontend -d  does the same thing trying to start a backend does.05:15
crxdvrhmmm some progress05:17
obiterheh ... I read that05:19
obiterits a bit scary05:19
harmony3264obiter:  i've never seen a intentionally malicious how-to05:22
harmony3264but, yeah, you've got to look up each command so you know...05:22
obiterall I really need is to receive broadcast05:24
obiterI don't care about all the extra features of mythtv05:24
crxdvrchanged server entry to LOCALHOST, this changed the error to "cannot log into database" so I changed the user from mythtv to root  and got through the setup05:26
crxdvrbut when I select watch tv I get nothing, it stays at the same menu05:26
obiteryeah that's what I get05:27
obiterits because it can't find my tv tuner card, I think05:27
obiterwhich I found out by looking in info on that same screen05:28
crxdvrit finds my card just fine05:28
crxdvrI can even scan the channels05:28
crxdvrin the setup05:29
obiterstop gloating :-)05:29
crxdvrby "scan the channels" I do not mean I ever get a picture05:29
crxdvrI refer to the populate channels, portion of setup.05:30
crxdvrI only have a hauppauge tuner card (it has a wintv sticker but is not detected as a pvr-*50, just as a V4L Analog capture card)05:31
harmony3264crxdvr:  i got a pvr250 working for a friend, it was pretty straightforward if i remember right.05:34
harmony3264her machine's still here if you want me to check anything on it for you.05:35
crxdvryes but mine is apparently not a pvr-*50  as I stated above05:35
harmony3264sorry, i thought you said it wasn't detected as such.05:35
crxdvrI am looking through the frontendlog now05:35
harmony3264i think the backend manages the tuner so you might want to look at the backend log.05:36
crxdvrwell that is what I said, I dont know what it is, i am not the orig owner. I got it w/o a box and no info05:36
harmony3264so it might be a pvr250?05:37
crxdvror a 15005:38
crxdvrlspci does show it as a bt878 capture card05:39
crxdvrnow the mythbackend log does state that perm is denied on a *.nuv file when watch TV is started05:40
harmony3264yeah, it seems like perm probs are very common during setup.05:41
crxdvrI am gonna do something very silly, I am going to make the dir in question a+rw  since it is only ~/.mythtv it wont eat the whole system if it is a bad bad idea, but I can try to see a different error at least05:46
harmony3264hads:  are you still around?05:50
obiterI wonder what the most trouble free hdtv card for mythbuntu is?05:50
harmony3264obiter:  i read it was the pchdtv5500 so i bought one,05:51
harmony3264and can't get it to do anything other than detect some channels during setup scan.05:51
harmony3264it has official open source linux drivers (but no windows support).05:52
obiterI'd be happy to get one that was officially recommended for ubuntu05:52
obiterlike I said before, I only to simple tv watching ... no streaming required, no recording, don't care about the remote control even05:53
harmony3264ubuntu doesn't really do much i think,05:53
harmony3264it's really myth support, or v4l, that's needed.05:53
harmony3264i think xine can do that.05:54
harmony3264or something like xinehd, or maybe mplayer?05:54
harmony3264or xawTv05:55
hadsharmony3264: Yes?05:56
hadsBTW permissions problems on mythbuntu seem to be commonly caused by putting the recordings directory inside your home directory.05:57
harmony3264hads:  yeah, that's exactly how i shot myself in the foot, my first time out.05:59
harmony3264hads:  could you glance at my logs?:06:00
crxdvrwell it's different06:01
crxdvrharmony3264: it seemsthat it does allow me to choose a pvr-*50 card06:01
harmony3264i think the 150 and 250 use the same driver.06:02
crxdvrand now it spends some time in the blank screen b4 returning to the menu06:02
hadsharmony3264: Looks like your slave BE doesn't have the /var/lib/mythtv/recordings/ directory06:03
hadsAnd yes the PVR150/250/350/500 all use the ivtv driver06:04
crxdvrI get alot of "invalid arguments" in mythbackend.log06:04
harmony3264hads:  thanks, but it is already there owner/group both mythtv.06:05
crxdvrI see "Not IVTV Driver?" in the log just after HW Tuner 1->106:06
crxdvrso mythbuntu did not install an ivtv driver for my wintv card?06:07
harmony3264hads: it's empty, i want the recordings to go in ~/Data/mythtv/recordings,06:08
harmony3264which is also there, also owner/group mythtv, also empty.06:08
hadsThen it looks like you're slave isn't setup properly as it's trying to use /var/lib/mythtv/recordings/06:09
harmony3264hads:  yeah, if you mean that frontend log line that starts with RingBuf,06:11
harmony3264is it trying to open the master recordings locally?06:11
harmony3264where is that in the setup?06:11
hadsNot sure, I don't use slave backends here, in mythtv-setup somewhere.06:13
crxdvrI see the ivtv driver loaded, all looks good in dmesg06:13
harmony3264hads:  ok, thanks.06:14
crxdvrinstalling xawtv now06:18
crxdvrI wish xdtv was in buntu, it looked promising06:19
crxdvrkdetv is scanning channels and getting the vbi info too06:21
crxdvrdont know if it will give me a picture yet though06:21
crxdvrWOW a picture06:22
crxdvrno sound yet06:22
harmony3264but you're half way there!06:22
crxdvrat least I know know the mythtv issue is fixable06:22
crxdvrxawtx has a pic too06:32
crxdvrno sound still06:32
crxdvrwell, I set arts to use alsa and restarted(grr I hate arts) I now have sound in kdetv, not in xawtv yet06:36
crxdvrok now mythtv gives me sound06:51
crxdvrbut no pic06:52
crxdvrI drop back to desktop06:52
harmony3264hah.  still, you're on the verge i think...06:52
crxdvrI cant get it to stop playing tv either06:55
crxdvrwell tv-sound06:55
harmony3264what if you restart alsa?06:55
crxdvrI changed my card to v4l analog instead of pvr-*5006:56
crxdvrI will now change it back06:56
crxdvrnope, still returns to menu06:58
crxdvrI opened one of the apps that can use the card, then closed it, that killed the audio track06:58
crxdvrwell I have an ati aiw in the box too. I will try pulling it tomorrow, it isnt supported in myth anyway06:59
crxdvrI bet it is confusing myth06:59
crxdvrthough the other apps can see it07:00
crxdvrif not use it07:00
aclosei'm new to using Ubuntu (MythBuntu) with MythTv.14:00
aclosewhere are the myth directories?14:00
aclosetv, video, etc?14:00
aclosei'm used to them being under /myth14:00
aclosei'm guessing they're just located elsewhere in this distro..?14:00
aclose72_good morning14:24
aclose72_anybody home?14:24
aclose72_are recordings and videos typically stored in /var/lib/mythtv ?14:54
aclose72_thx darthanubis :)15:06
aclose72_i'm seting up storage groups on a separate disk15:06
darthanubisI have too15:07
aclose72_should i mount that disk under /var/lib/mythtv as well?15:07
darthanubisfirst thing I do15:07
darthanubisI would not15:07
darthanubisI have my myth partition mounted to my /home/me/ partititon15:07
aclose72_there isn't much detail on the wiki regarding setting up storage groups15:07
darthanubisits easy15:07
aclose72_you wouldn't happen to have a pointer to some docs, would you? :)15:08
darthanubisI give myth its own partiton so I don't have to work about the / being full ever15:08
darthanubisonly the original mythtv wiki15:08
aclose72_ok, that's what i was afraid of :}15:09
aclose72_no worries15:09
darthanubiswhat do you need help with?15:09
aclose72_new machine, new distro, fresh install15:09
darthanubisJust follow the storage directions and your all set15:09
aclose72_i'll give it a shot15:09
darthanubisyour adventurous15:09
aclose72_or stupid ;)15:10
darthanubisI'm woke and here. I'll help you the best I can15:10
aclose72_great, much appreciated15:10
darthanubisBut the original Mythtv docs are best.15:10
aclose72_that's mainly where i've been looking15:10
darthanubisI just built a new box15:10
darthanubisand so this is a clean install I'm working on15:11
aclose72_yeah, i currently have a myth setup running KnoppMyth15:11
aclose72_have been pretty happy with it15:11
aclose72_but am moving to digital and HD15:11
aclose72_more RAM, lot's more processor15:11
aclose72_hopefully HDMI out15:11
aclose72_darthanubis, any particular reason you chose /home/me as your mount point for your storage?15:16
aclose72_would something like /media/storage1 be ok?15:16
darthanubisits all up to you15:16
darthanubisI just found it easier to keep it close to me15:16
aclose72_i wasn't sure if there was a performance issue or something to do with mismounting...15:17
darthanubisthe mount point matters not15:17
aclose72_my system disk ( / ) is a 320GB drive and storage will be soley on a 500GB drive15:17
aclose72_so space shouldnt be an issue (immediately)15:18
aclose72_but just wasn't sure what would happen if the stroage disk didn't mount correctly15:18
darthanubisyour fine15:20
darthanubis500gb is plenty15:20
aclose72_yeah, my current setup has one disk at 300GB15:31
aclose72_but it's SD only15:31
aclose72_darthanubis, you wouldn't happen to have an HDHR, would you? :)15:48
aclose72_following the instructions on the Ubuntu wiki gets me several channels after scanning.15:49
aclose72_but they don't allow me to actually record or watch tv15:49
aclose72_oh well.  i'll muddle through that one :)15:49
darthanubisdon't use the "scan for channels"15:50
darthanubisuse the "fetch channel lineup"15:50
aclose72_yeah, i'm using the scan built in to the HDHR15:50
darthanubiswhere you put in your schedules direct account info15:50
darthanubisuse fetch instead15:50
darthanubisremove all channels you added15:51
aclose72_k, i'll give that a try15:51
darthanubisand fetch them instead15:51
aclose72_fetch doesn't seem to do anything16:00
tafkaz_73hi everyone. i get a "cannot mount volume" popup window everytime i insert a dvd16:10
tafkaz_73using latest mythtv in ubuntu-hardy (gnome)16:10
tafkaz_73i can klick ok on the message and the watch my dvd16:10
aclose72_have you used your dvd player before?16:10
tafkaz_73so the message is basically just unnecessary16:10
tafkaz_73sorry ?16:11
aclose72_just wondering whether or not you had configured your dvd player before or if this was the first time you were attempting to use it16:11
tafkaz_73but its odd because i have to get my keyboard to get rid of the mesasge16:11
tafkaz_73no i used it before16:12
tafkaz_73i have this problem just after i installed a fresh hardy16:12
tafkaz_73before i had hardy updated from gutsy without this prob16:12
tafkaz_73i just would like to know if i can get gnome not to give me this message anymore16:13
aclose72_i would assume so, but don't have an answer for you :)16:13
tafkaz_73too bad16:14
aclose72_any reason you're running gnome instead of something a little lighter weight?16:15
aclose72_just curious16:15
tafkaz_73dunno.....i guess its just cause i am used to it16:16
tafkaz_73starts pretty fast here16:17
aclose72_were you running gnome under gutsy?16:17
tafkaz_73i am not too much into xfce16:17
aclose72_just wondering whether gnome is doing .. ok :)16:17
tafkaz_73i have installed mythbuntu on another machine (for a friend) and it worx ok16:18
tafkaz_73but i didnt find it that much faster16:18
aclose72_:) frustrating16:18
aclose72_i'm in the middle of a reinstall right now16:18
aclose72_first time didn't quite work out16:18
aclose72_not sure what i did wrong16:19
tafkaz_73first time mythtv install ?16:19
aclose72_not exactly :)16:19
aclose72_i've been running KnoppMyth on another box16:19
aclose72_decided to give MythBuntu a go since Ubuntu seems to be a great distro16:20
aclose72_my issues are more 'user error' than distro related i'm sure :)16:20
tafkaz_73i dont know....i think the 8.04 is a bit buggy16:20
aclose72_i'm not much of a linux guru ;)16:20
aclose72_i've heard a bit of that :)16:20
tafkaz_73i liked the combination of gutsy and myth much betrter16:20
tafkaz_73i switched to hardy to be able to install the weekly builds again...:-)16:21
aclose72_are you running Ubuntu with Myth installed?  or the MythBuntu distro?16:22
aclose72_which i guess is basically the same...16:22
tafkaz_73kind of16:22
aclose72_i haven't tried that route yet16:22
tafkaz_73i installed mythbuntu on that other machine....16:22
aclose72_still working through the preconfigured distros16:22
tafkaz_73didnt think it was much easier16:22
aclose72_not quite brave enough to get linux tweaked and then attempt Myth16:23
aclose72_someday :)16:23
tafkaz_73there's still lots of steps to take after an installation of mythbuntu to get everything working16:23
tafkaz_73dont think its much different16:23
darthanubisHardy is no more "buggy" for me than anything else.16:23
darthanubisaclose72_, use the mythbuntu command center to setup things16:24
tafkaz_73darthanubis, are you saying everything can be setup from there ?16:25
aclose72_yeah, have been16:25
aclose72_it's pretty nice16:25
tafkaz_73i dont think exactly everything can be done16:25
aclose72_no, but it's a pretty good start16:26
darthanubisit allows the backend to be setup16:26
tafkaz_73you are right there16:26
darthanubisanything not there is in the frontend obviuosly16:26
darthanubisI have to actually mention this?16:26
aclose72_darthanubis, i'm walking through the mythtv-setup right now16:27
tafkaz_73but when you try to get your imon running for example...16:27
tafkaz_73the lcd remote combination i had on my silverstone case16:27
tafkaz_73ron frazier helped me there16:28
aclose72_looking at the storage groups tab, is that where i'd list the mount points i set during the disk partitioning?16:28
darthanubismcc took care of my remote effortlessly16:28
tafkaz_73never got that working from there...16:28
tafkaz_73but maybe my hardware was to exotic16:28
darthanubisaclose72_, yes16:29
aclose72_thx :)16:29
aclose72_well, here goes16:35
aclose72_rebooting :)16:35
tafkaz_73seems like i resolved the "cannot mount volume" issue by changing the appropriate fstab line17:24
tafkaz_73i now have /dev/scd0       /media/cdrom   auto user,noauto          0       017:24
tafkaz_73no not really....as soon as i change the way mythfrontend should handle dvds the gnome message is there again17:29
tafkaz_73i can live with this now...but mybe its some mythtv bug17:29
jimboprobsHi. I'm trying to get Mythbuntu running on a PAL TV. Myth GUI works fine but when I go to "watch TV" the screen rolls as if the freq or res is wrong. I have to restart X to get it back. It's reporting 60Hz in the configuration screens, which I thought should maybe be 50Hz, but there's no way of changing it at 60Hz is the only option in the drop downs.18:22
aclose72_i'm actually able to tune channels this time around :)18:57
aclose72_but there are a bunch of garbage music only channels that the HDHR picked up that crash the frontend18:58
aclose72_i'll see if i can get rid of them through mythweb18:58
MythbuntuGuest98any one else who have problems with lirc with it87 on the latest mythbuntu 8.04?18:59
MythbuntuGuest98i have a asus digimatrix the lirc modules loads and I can see raw code when testing the remote with irrecord19:01
MythbuntuGuest98sorry I mean mode219:02
MythbuntuGuest98with irw I see nothing at all...  and I'm using the provided lirc digimatrix conf file19:04
aclose72_hmm, i apparently don't have access to mysql through mythweb19:10
aclose72_i don't see anything in mythtv-setup that deals with mythweb19:10
aclose72_any idea where those settings would be?19:10
aclose72_when going through my initial install i set my mythweb user to mythweb19:37
aclose72_would that mean i need a mythweb user added to my db to actually use mythweb? :)19:38
aclose72_my mysql.txt file only shows the user mythtv19:38
Trimble_EpicI want to use VLC with my myth... for mythvideo.  I have some video files that won't play right, but vlc plays them fine on my windows box19:40
MKhey i think i have everything setup but when i click on "watch tv" nothing happens, screen flashes very quickly and resumes normal menu operation. are there any common problems like this i can check for?19:40
Trimble_Epicmake sure your tv card is configured right19:41
Trimble_Epici think it pops back that fast when i can't find the tv card19:41
aclose72_Trimble, i'm pretty sure you can configure VLC to be your player of choice for video19:42
aclose72_look under settings on the frontend19:42
Trimble_Epici think so too, aclose72_ ...19:42
aclose72_MK, have you already set up your video sources and inputs?19:42
Trimble_EpicSo, i'm reading the mythtv.org wiki, and it says vlc has a config file at #~/.vlc/vlcrc19:42
aclose72_and run mythfilldatabase19:42
Trimble_Epicbut I can't find it19:42
aclose72_it's probably not there cause you haven't used/created it :)19:43
Trimble_Epicdo i need to create it from scratch?  or should vlc create it?19:43
aclose72_if you try invoking VLS from the cli as mythtv it will probably add the .vlc file19:43
aclose72_i think vlc will create it the first time you use it19:43
MKaclose72_, I have gone through the video sources and inputs, not 100% sure they are correct but i believe so. i have run mythfilldatabase (asks after save) if that is correct19:44
Trimble_Epichmm.. i'm using putty to log into my myth as my own user.. could the config file be created under the mythtv user?19:44
Trimble_Epicor does mythbuntu make a mythtv user?19:44
Trimble_Epicidont rmemeber19:44
MKaclose72_, I have video source using EIT19:45
aclose72_mythbuntu does make a mythtv user19:45
Trimble_Epici can't speel either :P19:45
aclose72_MK, i know absolutely nothing about EIT, sorry19:45
Trimble_Epicso, could the vlcrc file be in the mythtv user's home dir?19:45
Trimble_Epici need to figure out how to find the mythtv user's home idr19:45
aclose72_but i'm guessing not until you actually use VLC19:45
MKaclose72_, I think it's just to use the real time channel listings instead of pulling them down from a website?19:45
Trimble_Epici think i've run vlc on this box before19:45
aclose72_MK, XML data i believe19:46
aclose72_not quite sure where it comes from :)19:46
MKaclose72_, is there a way to manually run mythfilldatabase?19:46
aclose72_it's magic ;)19:46
aclose72_yeh > mythfilldatabase19:46
aclose72_if you're logged in as mythtv from the console you can just run 'mythfilledatabase'19:46
MKaclose72_, One more question, is there a place to setup where you watch tv? I have a wintv card input and want to watch tv on the lcd monitor attached to my ATI card. Is this default or is it trying to send output somewhere else?19:47
aclose72_what do you have connected to your mythbox now in terms of monitors/screens?19:48
aclose72_just he lcd?19:48
MKjust lcd19:48
aclose72_everything should go there by default19:48
aclose72_do you have mythfrontend up and running?19:49
aclose72_if you see a terminal or desktop, i'm guessing not :)19:49
MKi go in and out of the frontend, it is running atm19:49
aclose72_if you're in terminal right now you can type 'mythfrontend &'19:49
aclose72_i guess i'm not following you then19:50
aclose72_you have mythfrontend running, what's the prob? :)19:50
MKwell when i select "Watch tv" nothing happens19:51
aclose72_did you already go through mythtv-setup?19:51
aclose72_you've added your capture cards19:51
aclose72_created video sources19:51
aclose72_added those video sources to your capture cards?19:52
MKi believe so, i have a captured card entry and setup a video source19:52
aclose72_did you assign the video source to the capture card you set up?19:53
MKdefault input for capture card is Television (shouldbe i believe), its got the bt878 driver...19:53
MKi created a video source called "cable"19:53
MKnot much in that one19:53
MKhmm i didnt set an input i dont think19:53
MKfor input "Television" there was no entry just selected video source to "cable" that souund right?19:54
aclose72_in the mythtv-setup screen there are five main sections that you'll see19:54
MKi think i found it, its scanning channels now19:54
MKadding channels19:54
aclose72_ok :)19:54
aclose72_sorry i'm not very clear19:54
MKsignal strength 0% atm though19:54
MKi'll see what it does before spamming the channel get back to you :)19:55
MKaclose72_, Thanks for your help! I needed to scan channels :)19:58
aclose72_good, glad you're working :)19:58
MKaclose72_, quick question, how do i find the default keys to change channels with keyboard? Home shopping network is quite boring..20:00
aclose72_that's all you get ;)20:00
aclose72_you should be able to use your up/down arrow keys to scroll through the channels20:00
aclose72_hit enter when you find a channel you want to actually switch to20:00
MKok that worked, but i must have other issues it keeps locking up20:01
aclose72_it may be trying to tune a channel you don't really get20:01
aclose72_or that's encrypted, or just weak signal...20:01
aclose72_when you try going up or down do you see other chanel options?20:02
darthanubisaclose72_, how'd it go?20:02
MKaclose72_, I'm using a very very old wintv card, maybe it is to weak? I only get about 3 seconds before it locks up. I can change channels but then it locks up20:03
MKthey are basic channels20:04
aclose72_sorry MK, connection issues20:05
aclose72_did you get my last statement20:06
MKaclose72_, np, no i did not20:06
aclose72_are you able to scroll through channels in the OSD before actually seleting one?20:06
aclose72_or does it immediately go to the next channel when you hit the up/down arrow?20:07
aclose72_somewhere in setup there is a way to view channels in the OSD instead of going directly to them20:07
MKok let me look for that i think it goes on its own20:08
aclose72_if you're set up that way, you can look through the channels before actually jumping to one20:08
MKyea goes right away20:08
aclose72_i have a bunch of music channels tht show up but don't tune20:08
aclose72_they give me the same prob you're hving20:08
aclose72_once you've figured out what you can tune, you can clean up your list of channels through mythweb20:09
aclose72_which is what 'm attempting to do right now :)20:09
MKhmm looks like i had that on before, it is now changing when i up arrow20:11
aclose72_you may be able to get to those settings through the front end...20:12
aclose72_let me see if i can find it20:12
MKi found it, but it locks up both ways =/ hmmm20:12
aclose72_if you jump back into mythtv-setup there is a channel editor20:13
aclose72_you can look through that and see what channels you scanned20:13
aclose72_and how many there are20:13
aclose72_this might be more help than i've been:  http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/EIT20:14
MKooo lemme look20:14
aclose72_ok, i know mythweb is installed because i selected it as an option20:26
aclose72_and i can 'kinda' get to the mythweb page from a browser20:27
aclose72_but i'm not seeing an httpd.conf file in /etc/apache220:27
aclose72_looking at the ubuntu help wiki, that's where it's supposed to be, isn't it? :)20:28
aclose72_find shows that i don't have an httpd.conf file on the filesystem20:39
aclose72_is that possible and i'm still able to have apache running?20:39
tgm4883_laptopaclose72_, thomas@ovit:~$ locate httpd.conf20:45
aclose72_i haven't had any luck with locate20:46
aclose72_locate: can not open `/var/lib/mlocate/mlocate.db': No such file or directory20:46
aclose72_i'm guessing the db hasn't been populated since this is a new install20:47
tgm4883_laptophmm, maybe you should restate the original problem so I know what i'm dealing with20:50
aclose72_in attempting to run mythweb i get a database access denied error message20:51
aclose72_looking at the mythtv wiki for setting up mythweb, i dn't see some of the files referenced20:51
aclose72_but it is installed and running, hence the msg20:51
tgm4883_laptopsec, I'm pretty sure I know the issue, just checking with someone who helped me fix it20:52
aclose72_You are most likely receiving this message because you20:52
aclose72_have failed to configure mythweb's database login info.20:52
aclose72_Please see INSTALL for instructions.20:52
Trimble_Epici really s hould get around to fixing my myth's TV stuff.. right now i've been usingit ONLY for mythtvideo :(20:54
aclose72_i'm about 50/5020:55
aclose72_i do have a working mythbox that records some tv :)20:55
aclose72_mostly for my son20:55
aclose72_i get to watch a lot more Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder than i normally would ;)20:56
Trimble_Epicim no longer thrilled with mythvideo's brower system.. i have far too many videos online20:57
tgm4883_laptopaclose72_, ok, this is what you need to do20:57
tgm4883_laptopfirst, get your db passwork from mysql.txt20:57
tgm4883_laptopshould be in ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt20:58
tgm4883_laptopthen do 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common'20:58
aclose72_looks like it was encrypted, but i know what i thought i set it to :)20:58
tgm4883_laptopand stick that password in there20:58
tgm4883_laptopit's not encrypted20:59
tgm4883_laptopafaik it's not, it's just random20:59
tgm4883_laptopand the user should be mythtv20:59
tgm4883_laptopafter than then sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythweb20:59
aclose72_cool, i'll give that a try21:00
aclose72_thanks tgm :)21:00
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aclose72tgm, it's working now21:11
aclose72i installed updates and it must've reset whatever i screwed up :)21:11
aclose72thanks for your help21:11
aclose72anybody know where i go to find out what the xmltvid's are for my area?21:14
tgm4883_laptopschedules direct21:17
aclose72thx again tgm :)21:22
aclose72i guess it's a good thing i only get 10 channels :)21:27
aclose72sweet, i've actually got data now21:35
aclose72i'll have to save this config off somewhere for next time :)21:35
acc-_this is pretty much off-topic21:51
acc-_but when i get kicked off or dropped, how do i get back in with the same nick?21:51
acc-_for some reason the nick i registered with is still 'in use' on other servers21:52
acc-_and when i try to identify with NickServ i doesn't seem to matter21:52
tgm4883_laptopacc-_, I believe it is21:59
tgm4883_laptop /nickserv ghost nick21:59
Cr3olhello noob here... anyone point me in the right direction? new install and I want to be able to access my existing video files from myth. I already mounted the drive onto the backend/frontend server. Now what?22:23
rhpot1991Cr3ol: tell mythvideo to look at them22:25
rhpot1991setup>media settins>video settins>general22:26
Cr3olsweet! that is what I was looking for. Thanks rhpot199122:31
rhpot1991you have to go into the video manager under setup and let it scan that directory before you can watch them too22:31
Cr3oli was able to browse right into them and play but i'll have it scan anyway to see the difference thks again22:33
Cr3olis there anything special that needs to be done to watch dvds? Mine have very poor quality23:17
tgm4883_laptopCr3ol, unfortunatly Mythbuntu (nor MythTV) can increase the quality of your DVD's.  In order to get better quality DVD's I suggest you peruse websites such as rottentomatoes.com in order to find a better quality DVD.  You may also find better quality DVD's look for DVD's that have won some sort of award.  Lastly if you are truely unhappy with the quality of DVD's you may find yourself writing letters to movie studios d23:34
tgm4883_laptopemanding that they don't waste money on DVD's such as Gigli and The Hottie and the nottie23:34
teprrrtgm4883_laptop, erm, can't you set some filters for mplayer/xine to use?23:37
tgm4883_laptopteprrr, there is no filter than I know of that will correct bad plots and poor acting23:38
teprrrtgm4883_laptop, I think I've seen even some article about that23:38
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