jussi01sigh... wth am I doing up...00:25
ubottuSeveas called the ops in #ubuntu (Granada spam)01:12
ubottuSeveas called the ops in #ubuntu (izmeh spam (was Granada))01:12
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Seveas said: !ops | tobmalf is a bot or just repeating things others said. Annoying anyway01:32
ubottuSeveas called the ops in #ubuntu (chi/gralco continued offtopic)01:46
* Pici takes the ops button away from seveas01:46
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, eboyjr said: !instantrimshot is <reply> Ba Dun Tssh! http://instantrimshot.com/01:48
smallfoot-Greetings, I would like to ask to get unbanned from the #ubuntu-offtopic channel02:26
bazhangJordan_U, this about amdpenguin?02:26
bazhang<AMDpenguin> none of the linux filesystems can even compete with NTFS02:29
Jordan_Ubazhang yes, that's why I joined but he seems like he might not be a  troll02:29
bazhangno time to 'mediate with amdpenguin02:29
smallfoot-well, i think hes stating something, maybe its true, i dont know02:29
bazhangJordan_U, yet to be seen02:29
smallfoot-well, he dont seem worse like me02:30
smallfoot-worse than02:30
bazhangsmallfoot-, you will have to talk with the operator who banned you ( Hobbsee in this case) and they are afk; please come back in a while or /query them yourself02:32
bazhangsmallfoot-, best to part now and contact at a later time as there is no idle rule in this channel.02:32
smallfoot-oh, okie02:34
bazhangat any rate, amdpenguin is now in 0t02:39
* nickrud wonders about an auto ban for #ubuntu for anyone who spends more than a half hour in -offtopic02:51
nickrudok, maybe not a half hour but some reasonable algorithm02:54
bazhangsorry to panic and run; have to work (sunday am here)02:58
elkbuntunickrud, only if you want -ot to become another support channel03:21
nickrudelkbuntu I can wish, can't I ;p03:21
elkbuntusure, and i can burst your bubble, cant i :Þ03:22
* nickrud thinks there is some relationship between annoying people and their activity on -offtopic, just putting an algorithm to it ....03:22
PiciI disagree03:22
PiciMost of the annoying people in #ubuntu have never set foot in -ot03:23
* nickrud is a most subtle troll03:23
elkbuntui agree with pici03:23
* Hobbsee sighs at limcore.03:29
Hobbseethe useless troll that he is.03:29
elkbuntuwhat did he do now?03:29
Hobbseehe was prattling in -bugs earlier03:29
Hobbseegotta love the way he comes across.03:30
* Pici sighs03:32
Hobbseehe is, of course, in the leagues with That Other Group.03:32
Hobbseeso it's not really surprising.  but still.03:33
elkbuntulaughing at him makes you feel better than sighing at him, btw03:33
Hobbseeoh, sure03:33
elkbuntuplus, he deserves no pitty ;)03:33
* elkbuntu hits the t k for doubling03:33
* elkbuntu gives up03:33
PiciHeres two separate occasions of limcore from my logs, I was only present for the second one.03:34
elkbuntuit's actually awkward typing between a normal laptop and an eeepc. the layouts change03:34
elkbuntui love how he obfuscates bitch but leaves the f word there in all its glory03:35
PiciI know ;)03:35
* Pici sighs @ bullgard403:42
elkbuntuaww man. awn requires a crapload of gnome stuff :(03:44
PiciWhat about cairo dock?03:45
elkbuntui dont think that's in debian repos :(03:47
* elkbuntu raises an eyebrow. even freaking compiz has freaking gnome deps03:51
elkbuntuah, only the compiz metapackage03:52
Picinhaines, Bodsda, how can we help you?04:11
Bodsdahi Pici, i suggested we come here because nhaines seems to have a problem with me, i didnt want to clog up the main channel with a dispute04:11
nhainesHello, Pici.04:12
Picinhaines: hello04:12
nhainesIn #ubuntu, I notice that Bodsda was giving curt and redundant replies to people who were asking questions and not having luck with the first suggestions they tried.04:12
nhainesIn the first instance when one visitor said he still had trouble, Bodsda's reply was to "please try some of the solutions you've already been given" and I suggested that we should give him the benefit of the doubt that he'd unsuccessfully tried them.04:13
nhainesLater, he seemed to be triggering Ubottu tips when people were still giving rather specific steps they'd taken to try and resolve an issue.04:14
Bodsdaall of the commands suggested to him were solutions to his problem, he didnt say if his problem had changed, we didnt even know if he executed the correct command04:14
nhainesI suggested this was less then helpful.  Bodsda's reply was04:14
nhaines20:01 < Bodsda> nhaines, i know it is helpful, whats your point?04:14
Bodsdanhaines, i fail to see how a factoid about compiling things is irrelevant to someone trying to compile something04:15
nhaines220:04 < Bodsda> nhaines, im being constructive, a little scrolling reveals im  being more constructive then yourself, so get off my case04:15
nhainesBodsda: that person had already give the specific steps she'd used to try and compile the source.04:15
Bodsdayes, the specific steps that person took were not the recommended ones, i (ubottu) gave the person the correct steps, and you hassled me again04:16
nhainesIn any event, Bodsda suggested we should meet here to discuss the event and here we are.04:16
PiciI'm looking at my logs, one moment04:16
nhainesI know that Bodsda is not necessarily bound by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct but I felt that a little more tact might be called for.04:17
BodsdaI have signed the CoC04:17
Bodsdaand i have respectfully obliged the rules of this channel for a long time. I was trying to help, and you were hassling me unfairly, as far as i am concerned04:18
nhainesI disagree that requests to soften one's tone is "hassling".04:18
Bodsdanhaines, hassling was the continuation of your posts04:19
nhainesI think Pici will be able to determine my tone from his logs.04:20
Bodsdahopefully he'll understand my frustration04:20
PiciI've misused the bot before, thinking that I'm answering someone's question, when really I might have missed some information that was already given. Bodsda, I think you should be more careful of doing this in the future.  nhaines, If you feel that someone else in the channel is not helping properly, it might be best to call an op's attention to it (not with the ! ops trigger, unless its an emergency) to prevent such things from getting out of hand in #04:25
nhainesPici: I didn't feel Bodsda's behavior was out-of-line in such a way to involve ops.  I just felt in two instances that his tone was not constructive.04:26
nhainesWhich is why I welcomed a jump to this channel.  But I will remember this channel in the future should I see unacceptable behavior from others.04:27
Bodsdai dont believe i misused the bot, but thats not the issue, my main problem was being intrrupted while i was trying to help someone04:28
nhainesThis is probably a good time to say that while it looked to me like Bodsda was dismissing krsnadasa's problem with ubottu, he did go on to try and assist her.04:29
naliothhelp comes in many forms, and all is welcome04:30
Picinalioth: very well put.04:30
naliothif you see something you don't agree with, approach an op via PM and discuss . . .04:30
Bodsdaif all help is welcome, why was i accused of misusing the bot?04:31
naliothBodsda: it happens04:31
nhainesThank you, nalioth.04:31
Bodsdanalioth, what does?04:31
naliothBodsda: false accusations04:32
Bodsdaoh, ok04:33
PiciBodsda, nhaines: are you two good now?04:34
Bodsdai have no problems ;~)04:34
nhainesPici: Yes.04:34
PiciGlad to hear it04:34
nhainesBodsda: I hope you understand that I wasn't trying to harass you and I'm really, really sorry if you felt like it.04:34
nhainesBodsda: #ubuntu certainly needs all the helpers we can get.  :)04:35
nhainesHow you felt is as important as what I meant, so I apologize.04:35
Bodsdanhaines, apologies for being a bit rash, quite tired here. Glad things are sorted. Thanks Pici and nalioth04:35
nhainesThanks for the friendly ears, Pici and nalioth.  I appreciate it.04:36
naliothy'all be good04:36
Bodsdacya guys ;~)04:37
nhainesTake care.  :)04:37
Madpilotsomeone is apparently onjoin PM spamming #ubuntu...06:06
Madpilotnickrud, should have thought of simply /part & rejoin myself... brain not up to speed...06:07
Hobbseehm, i didn't 'get it06:07
nickrudno spam. I think neo the user is just pming.06:08
Hobbseeah, there we are06:08
bazhanghe is well known06:08
Hobbsee[15:08] <Neo_The_User> WELCOME TO #UBUNTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!06:08
Hobbseeoh, so because he's nto a bot, he's allowed to do it?06:08
Hobbseethis sounds like another of the $she_who_cannot_be_named sagas coming06:09
MadpilotHobbsee, PM spam is still PM spam06:09
bazhangchronic ban-evader06:09
nickrudno, we needed evidence, which you gathered, thank you very much. Please act :)06:09
Hobbseeif bazhang's right, it wont' do much though06:09
* Hobbsee waits for the abuse06:09
MadpilotI PM'd Neo, he's claiming to have Tourette's... gah.06:10
bazhangone of his nicks (in ban evasion) was bazhang_sucks06:10
* nickrud flogs Hobbsee with a wet noodle06:10
HobbseeMadpilot: yeah, i just got that06:10
bazhanganother was dont_ban_me06:10
Hobbseeand he cant' help it06:10
bazhangthe debbil made me do it06:10
MadpilotHobbsee, yes, poor creature </sarcasm>06:10
nickrudinvoluntary vocalization and typing are not neurally tied I wouldn't think06:11
bazhangsuch clear typing at that06:11
nickrudthat noodle didn't seem to have much effect, I guess I'll up it to pm'ing a message from emma06:13
bazhangbut what will The Auditor think?06:14
* nickrud shakes in his boots. He likes emma and hobbsee, perfectly willing to tweak each06:15
* Hobbsee tweaks nickrud06:16
ubottuIn Ubottu, Pers3ux said: What is linux?07:17
SNuxollsomeone mind un-muting rodserling in -ot?08:12
* SNuxoll pokes the ops08:18
elkbuntuompaul, has wols been behaving?09:08
ompaulmy typo he was helping someone09:09
ompauland then there was a netsplit09:09
ompaulwanted to see if he was still there09:09
elkbuntuhis forced holiday must have done something good09:09
SNuxollerr, now that you guys are here I'll ask again, anyone mind unmuting rodserling in -ot ?09:18
* SNuxoll is suprised no one yelled at him for idling09:19
* TheSheep yells at SNuxoll for idling09:21
elkbuntuSNuxoll, what was he muted for?09:22
SNuxollelkbuntu: it was a joke09:23
SNuxollelkbuntu: however whoever muted him forgot to undo it09:23
elkbuntuSNuxoll, when was this? i've not been paying attention to -ot09:23
SNuxollelkbuntu: 2 days ago IIRC, lemme grep my logs09:23
elkbuntualso, is rodserling incapable of coming here to ask himself?09:24
SNuxollelkbuntu: rodserling's not that intelligent :P09:24
SNuxollompaul is the one who muted him09:24
elkbuntuprobably for the best. it's bad enough putting up with him in -ot, let alone letting him here09:25
SNuxollelkbuntu: yeah09:25
SNuxoll14:10 < ompaul> totally .....            /me looks on as rodserling disparages his fellow humans and considers things09:25
SNuxoll14:11 -!- mode/#ubuntu-offtopic [+b %*!*@unaffiliated/rodserling] by ompaul09:25
elkbuntuit doesnt look like a joke to me. it looks like ompaul getting sick of rodserling's disparaging behaviour towards others. i'll let ompaul decide when he returns09:29
SNuxollok then, I'll take my leave now09:29
=== Jucato_ is now known as Jucato
elkbuntui know, i also apparantly missed the memo outlining that when we get exasperated and mute people so they cant be painful, we're only joking.09:56
Myrttioh nvermind me09:56
elkbuntubut we like minding you. makes us feel important ;)09:57
Myrttithen mind that I'll never drink alcoholic beverages again?10:00
* elkbuntu huggles Myrtti10:05
Myrttinot so tight10:05
* Myrtti tries not to die today10:17
* Myrtti turns audible bell off from her irssi windows10:19
ubottuDistroJockey called the ops in #ubuntu (eXxXtreme)11:08
ubottuSeveas called the ops in #ubuntu (remove me from this list if you take away ops privileges kthxbye)11:08
Myrtti!ops ~= / Seveas/ /11:12
ubottuI'll remember that Myrtti11:12
* Myrtti shrugs11:13
Dave2how odd.11:13
Flannelit's perl11:15
ubottuikonia: The operation succeeded.11:16
* Mez hands Myrtti some painkillers11:36
* jussi01 smiles at Mez11:37
Myrttioh, I've got no headache11:37
MyrttiI'd jump off the balcony if I did have11:37
* Mez glares11:38
MyrttiI can barely live with the nausea11:38
Mez* Myrtti turns audible bell off from her irssi windows <-- that made me assume you had11:38
Tm_Tand you have nausea because...11:38
Myrttino, it just grinds my ears11:38
MyrttiTm_T: "papa don't preach"11:39
Dave2Flannel, Perl is =~11:39
ubottuops aliases: kops, op, calltheops, call the ops - added by Seveas on 2006-07-29 12:54:12 - last edited by Myrtti on 2008-07-13 13:12:4311:39
MyrttiTm_T: http://www.flickr.com/photos/myrtti/2661780706/11:39
* Mez has cold pizza - anyone want some11:40
Tm_TMyrtti: nah, just remind you who's to blame ;-P11:40
Tm_TMez: me!11:40
ikoniayes please11:40
Mezcome and get it before I leave for another city then :P11:40
Tm_TMyrtti: who's Jussi K? not me I'm sure :-P11:41
ikoniaMez: where are you ?11:42
MezReading, UK11:42
Myrttimy boss/superiour/senior project manager11:42
* Myrtti curls up in a corner of the bathroom floor and whimpers quietly12:00
jussi01Myrtti: this looks nom nom :D http://www.flickr.com/photos/myrtti/2646034465/in/photostream/12:01
Myrttiit does12:01
* jussi01 is hungry... someone come and cook for me?12:02
* Mez hands you his cold pizza12:29
* Myrtti looks at the pizza enviously and curls back up12:30
MyrttiI'll never drink again.12:32
Mezyou said that last ti,e12:34
Meztime *12:34
bazhangmake it real this time.12:34
Myrttithis time I'm serious12:34
* Mez shall not proffer you wine this time next week then ?12:35
MyrttiI hereby grant licence to people of this channel attending LRL to smack me on my fingers if I'm sighted drinking an alcoholic beverage at LRL12:35
MyrttiMez: yeah, I'll drink soda instead12:35
Mezs/wine/wine spritzer/12:35
MyrttiI know I'll prolly get smacked on my fingers a lot12:36
MezMyrtti, dont worry, I'll sneak a bottle of vodka into the hotel ;)12:36
ubottuthingy called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()12:36
Mezor get you drunk before we get to wolves12:36
Myrttibut atleast I'll remember to drink more water in the process of getting drunk12:36
ubottuSNuxoll called the ops in #ubuntu (AKIIIN-ist - onjoin/onpart spamming)12:37
jpdsOK, he is.12:37
Mezyep - /cycle always works12:38
* Mez thinks he might set up a bot to cycle every 20 mins and report onjoin spam12:38
MyrttiI think I could do that with an irssi :-P12:39
jpdsMez: PS: I thought staff said not to remove such bots :)12:39
Myrtti♥ irssi12:39
Garyakiiin-ist will not be a problem now folks12:41
jussi01Gary: :D12:41
Garyjpds: it's handy to be able to prove it, but the bot was in other channels too, so it is now dealt with12:42
jpdsGary: Yes.12:42
bazhangbet akiiinist is related to neo_the_user somehow12:44
Myrttihum, basically all I'd need to have to report onjoin spammers is an irssi with timer.pl and forward.pl12:45
Mezjpds, oh.. crap yeah12:47
* Myrtti hums12:55
Myrtti"where do we need bot software when irssi can do everything and the scripts are written in PERL."13:01
* Myrtti notes she now has four irssis running for different purposes13:03
MezNote to self - swallow water in mouth before sneezing13:09
* Mez gets a cloth13:11
ubot3In #ubuntu-bd, ashabadi said: ubot3:  who is who?/13:26
* Myrtti huggles her irssis13:36
Nafalloas in... multiple?13:36
Myrtti15:03  * Myrtti notes she now has four irssis running for different purposes13:36
Nafalloehrm. okay. your insanity :-P13:37
Myrttione to IRC, one to bitlbee, one to do auto-opping for few channels and keep the channels alive, one to do that /cycle thing13:37
Myrttiwell... I *am* an irssi fangirl13:39
Myrttiwhat can I say...13:39
* Dave2 pats his xchat, hides.13:40
MezDave2, XCHAT?13:41
Mezlast time I met you you bitched at me SOOOOOOOO much for using xchat13:41
Myrttiif only you'd understand Finnish13:41
Dave2no, no I didn't13:41
Myrttihttp://irssi.org/themefiles/roses.png is so funny :-D13:41
Mezor for not using irssi13:41
Mezone or the other13:42
Dave2I like it for its UI only. I find scripting it to be somewhat painful compared to irssi, and do send it through an irssi instance (irssi-proxy).13:42
Dave2(And when I'm not on a personal machine I'll ssh in and use irssi, but I just find it hard to use as my primary client - I compulsively hold alt+a to keep my activity indicators clean, and with >680 windows open, this is tough to do.)13:43
* Dave2 does a /win list13:45
Dave2I currently have 699 windows open13:45
MezDave2 has quite (Excess Flood)13:46
* Mez should get back to packing13:46
Dave2699 is nothing to return. I once accidentally did a /who that returned everyone on the network. All 45,000 of 'em.13:46
Ward1983x_hunter is spamming in #ubuntu by /msg13:47
jpdsWard1983: He has been removed.13:47
ompaul!staff ^^13:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about staff ^^13:47
* ompaul fowns13:47
ompaul!staff  ^^13:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about staff  ^^13:47
Ward1983jpds, ah ok hes still /msging though...13:47
Mez!staff | ^^13:47
Myrttiompaul:  multifail13:47
ubottu^^: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary or PriceChild, I could  use a bit of your time :)13:47
* ompaul is not awake13:47
Ward1983thanx for the fast response :)13:47
ompaulthanks mez13:47
PriceChildWard1983: messaging you?13:47
* Mez hands ompaul some proplus13:48
Dave2Not in any channels currently, so can't really verify13:48
ompaulPriceChild, see pm13:48
ompaulor pastebin13:48
ompaul<Ward1983> http://pastebin.ca/107083213:48
Ward1983PriceChild, not at the moment anymore since i just ignore him but i m pretty sure it was after the kick / ban13:48
PriceChildok thanks13:48
Ward1983thanx for your time, byebye13:48
PriceChilduu edge has the new icons14:19
PriceChildhttp://pricechild.co.uk/Screenshot-Firefox-Update.png erm....14:26
PriceChildthey're the language packs14:27
PriceChildBut I prefer to ignore that :)14:27
NafalloPriceChild: I had that as well.14:28
NafalloPriceChild: it does something funky right after, and then it just works again14:29
PriceChildNafallo: it reverts to standard english (the updates from proposed break localisations) if you check tools > addons > languages, you can see they are disabled14:29
* Nafallo wish the message could have stated that it was languages that was breaking, rather than the world14:31
* Myrtti snugs her epiphany14:32
jussi01sigh... may I have a non IRC based rant?14:46
Myrttiatleast in /query Myrtti if nowhere else14:47
jussi01#?#"&N %#####& Joost, why is it so #?"%#?"" hard to come out with a linux client?14:48
* Myrtti wanders to search good music videos in youtube, then remembers she doesn't have flash anymore14:50
MyrttiHO---- HUM!14:51
* Dave2 hands Myrtti a copy of swfdec.15:03
* Dave2 then hides in the corner.15:03
Myrttisorry, tried compiling it yesterday too many times15:03
Dave2compiling? packages!15:03
Myrttihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXi7bHnEWSE ♥ youtube-dl15:08
* Dave2 hands Myrtti a copy of clive15:08
Nafalloclive \o/15:09
MyrttiHOLY HELL15:16
* Myrtti squeals in excitement15:17
MyrttiIT WORKS15:21
Mez386 ?15:22
Myrttinow I'll just have to test if that crashes my x15:23
lazertek_hi is there an administrator around... need to get something done that only an admin can do15:27
PriceChildlazertek_: what's up?15:27
lazertek_PriceChild need to get my username changed15:28
lazertek_PriceChild: on the forum15:28
Myrttithis is hardly the forum for that15:29
PriceChildlazertek_: #ubuntuforums would be the place to ask this questino on irc in the future. Please post a request in http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=4815:29
PriceChildlazertek_: but... we don't usually do them and you should have a *very* good reason.15:29
lazertek_PriceChild: thanks15:29
lazertek_PriceChild: i do have a good enough reason15:29
PriceChildlazertek_: see the second half of http://ubuntuforums.org/announcement.php?f=4815:30
lazertek_PriceChild: if your username on the forum gives out your personal info and makes vulnerable is a valid reason for the username to be changed right?15:35
PriceChildIt would probably be considered.15:36
PriceChildI'm just a mod, I don't do those bits.15:36
* PriceChild fails to see how the registration form could be missinterpreted15:37
PriceChildI guess you could think you're meant to put your real name in the 'User Name' field.. but that's about it.15:38
PriceChildbut if you read the text above it asks you to enter your 'desired username'15:39
lazertek_i noticed that but I created this account a while ago and didn't realize people will be able to track me down using just that at that time... Some people I know noticed those posts were mine and were able to get to my personal info on the web... Lucily those were people I knew but this keeps me vulnerable to other people i dont know and those who i wouldnt want to know... and im sure this is a concern of forums too15:44
PriceChildlazertek_: mind PMing me about what personal info is on there? I believe I'm looking at the profile in question but fail to see anything you need an admin to remove..15:50
PriceChild(not the actual info, but what kind)15:51
Myrttilazertek_: anything else we can help you with?15:59
lazertek_Myrtti: thanks but thats all i needed for now16:01
ubottuPlease keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.16:03
Myrttilazertek_: please see the above16:07
Myrttiand yeah, I have to bring my Pasila DVD to LRL16:14
Myrtti!idle > lazertek_16:15
ubottulazertek_, please see my private message16:15
Myrttiyou definitely need to see the episode which explains Phil Collins hangover16:15
Myrttithat episode fortunately has english captions in it16:16
* Pici wonders what trouble Myrtti is causing with clones16:53
MyrttiPici: /lastlog marmelaati in #ubuntu18:12
ompaulMyrtti, perhaps don't have that quit message18:13
ompaulwe know who is it18:13
Myrttibut really, irssi is magnificent18:14
ompaulMyrtti, iyho18:14
* ompaul goes away for the evening most likely will not be back18:14
ompaulin your humble opinion ;-)18:14
* ompaul runs18:14
Myrttivery humble18:15
ompaulanyway cheers18:15
* jussi01 is making pancakes :D18:19
PiciMyrtti: Clever...18:25
PiciMyrtti: All the clones are you?18:26
Myrttiheck no?18:26
Myrttikapsi is the biggest non-profit shell provider in Finland18:26
PiciOh, the only reason I noticed was because of the clones message in -ops-monitor18:27
MyrttiI know18:28
Myrttimyrtti@xob:~$ uptime 20:30:37 up 51 days,  2:22, 414 users,  load average: 0.50, 0.29, 0.1918:30
Myrttithere *should* be a way to add domains to the bots to ignore18:56
MyrttiI find it hilarious that the bots warn about multiple connections from canonical, for instance.18:57
Myrtti"noooo, there are multiple connections from canonical, they must be taking the channel ovah!"18:58
PiciI always do a pretend /shakes fist at them when I see it18:58
Seeker`tsk tsk tsk, those canonical people, they must be up to no good19:40
nickrudI think this is the true story, and there are some 5th columnists among us: http://www.warbard.ca/temp/CthulhubuntuLogo.png19:48
Myrttijussi01: http://dy.fi/9k20:40
naliothMyrtti: your cavies seem to have a medical problem20:47
Myrttinalioth: oh?21:12
naliothMyrtti: did you just post pix of them?21:13
naliothsorry. humor depends on timing.21:16
naliothhedgies = cavies with medical problems21:16
naliothoh well21:16
Myrttiyou can't always win21:17
Myrttinot even every time21:17
ubottuIn ubottu, flowy said: gdm is installed21:17
naliothwhose hedgehogs are they, anyway?21:17
Myrtti"Tanja Köykkä21:20
PriceChildStarting new job tomorrow. Will only be on in evenings from now on for the forseeable future.21:27
PriceChildPlay nice Myrtti.21:27
* Myrtti whimpers21:27
Myrttican't tease at all?21:27
* Myrtti blinks innocently21:27
Seeker`PriceChild: Where are you working?22:03
PriceChildbirmingham, near the university22:04
TheSheepPriceChild: wow, you will have next EuroPython really close :)22:28
Pici. . .23:12
Myrttiwhat did I do now?23:12
PiciNot you, just general -offtopic stupidness23:13
Myrttiyeah, good thing I was busy watching youtube and not participating in the boobs discussion23:13
PiciSorry about that, I should have gotten them back on topic faster.23:14
Myrttiwell I didn't even notice it23:14
Picimaco did23:14
Myrttiand after noticing it decided not to read the backlog23:15

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