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DeranderDoes anyone here understand postfix?03:51
Derandererp, sorry - missed your response until now04:08
Derander I figured it out, hopefully :_)04:08
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ScottK2lamont: Are you around and at least slightly available to talk about Bug #247332?04:33
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 247332 in postfix "Please add a script to allow filter services to be programatically added to master.cf" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24733204:33
schonehey all05:04
schonei was wanting to build a file server for my home network and was wondering is there much difference between using ubuntu server or desktop client?05:04
ScottK2Ubuntu Server is only command line.05:04
ScottK2It has a kernel optimized for server use.  For a home file server, that's unlikely to matter much.05:05
schoneso desktop is pretty much server with a gui05:05
ScottK2The core of the each is common.05:05
schoneah ok , I also wanted to setup a mysql/php , ror envioroment for testing and development05:06
ScottK2You can do that on your desktop no problem.05:06
schonesweet probably stick with the desktop05:06
ScottK2For learning how to manage servers though, you'll want to learn the command line stuff though.05:06
ScottK2It really helps you understand your system better.05:06
schoneah ok05:06
schoneis there any prepackaged home server software (alternatives to windows home server?)05:07
ScottK2You can do that on your desktop, just use the CLI stuff too.05:07
* ScottK2 has never seen Windows Home Server, so has no idea what would be alternative to it.05:08
schoneah ok cool05:08
ScottK2For server GUI like things, the recommended approach if you want one is ebox.05:09
ScottK2!ebox | schone05:09
ubottuschone: ebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox05:09
DeranderDoes anyone have any experience setting up postfix? I'm trying to get postfix, courier and sasl working, but I keep getting 'SASL LOGIN authentication failure: password verification failed" when I attempt to send a message.05:11
schonenice! thanks scottk205:11
ScottK2Derander: Do you have Postfix working without SASL?05:12
DeranderI think so05:12
ScottK2i.e. if you put an IP address in mynetworks, can you send mail out?05:12
Deranderif I telnet to port 25 then I can send messages out05:12
ScottK2Are you trying to set up cyrus-sasl or dovecot?05:13
Derandererm, I'll figure that out.  one moment please05:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about server-guide05:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about serverguide05:14
hadsIt's in the topic05:14
ScottK2Sure enough05:14
Deranderlibsasl2-2 libsasl2-modules libsasl2-modules-sql sasl2-bin << the packages that I installed dealing with sasl05:14
ScottK2That's cyrus.05:14
DeranderI thought so05:14
Derander(I'm following http://www.howtoforge.org/virtual-users-domains-postfix-courier-mysql-squirrelmail-ubuntu8.04)05:14
ScottK2Are you open to another approach?05:15
Derandersure, why not?05:15
DeranderI just want a mail server ;-)05:15
ScottK2Use Postfix and Dovecot and follow https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/email-services.html05:16
DeranderWill do05:16
hadsDovecot SASL is fairly straight forward. I haven't played with cyrus for ages.05:16
ScottK2Those are the ones that are the most supported here.05:16
ScottK2Yes.  Dovecot is supposed to be dead easy.05:16
* ScottK2 still uses cyrus, but has a working configuration to copy from ...05:16
Deranderjust dovecot and postfix, or the other things there too?05:16
ScottK2You need at least 3 bits: Postfix, sasl (Dovecot), and a mail delivery agent (Dovecot instead of courier).05:18
ScottK2Do you really need squirrelmail nand mysql?05:18
ScottK2You'll want some spam filtering too.05:18
ScottK2Look at amavisd-new with spamasssassin and clamav.05:18
DeranderI don't want squirrelmail, mysql doesn't hurt.05:19
DeranderYeah, somehow I was getting spamassassin/clamav/amavisd-new in there too05:19
ScottK2https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/mail-filtering.html covers that.05:19
hadsI'd start with greylisting (postgrey) and spamhaus lookups, you'd be suprised how much that stops and it's dead easy.05:19
ScottK2For a small domain mysql is way overkill05:19
DeranderYeah, there will only be 3 users on this domain ;-)05:20
hadsAgree, you then have to factor in mysql being up to receive mail.05:20
hadsI'd just use a passwd-like file for dovecot.05:20
hadsYou could use system users although I prefer virtual myself.05:21
DeranderI would like to use virtual.05:21
hadsWell I just setup a new hardy VM with postfix/dovecot yesterday to replace my current home server so if you get stuck I should be able to help.05:22
DeranderOkay, I'm stuck!05:22
DeranderWhat should I put in mynetworks?05:22
ScottK2Leave it be unless you want to allow people to send mail based on IP address alone.05:23
hadsIt should by default have something like etc.05:23
hadsWhich is fine.05:23
ScottK2The other stuff is for IPv6 and is harmless.05:23
DeranderOkay :-)05:23
DeranderOh lord05:24
DeranderAll of the configuration files from my previous three attempts are still around05:24
DeranderI attempted deleting them once and borked aptitude05:24
DeranderAh, figured it out.05:25
DeranderMan, setting up a mail server has been a massive undertaking - I set up apache/ruby/php/mysql/rails in 10 minutes..05:26
Deranderthis has bee 12 hours05:26
ScottK2The first one is really hard.05:28
DeranderI've noticed :-(05:28
ScottK2I can go from parts in boxes to a running server in 3 or 4 hours including testing.05:28
DeranderYeah, I'm only a hobbyist sys-admin05:29
* ScottK2 actually had to do that once when a box died during a maintenance outage.05:29
Deranderso this is my first shot doing it myself05:29
DeranderHah :-)05:29
* ScottK2 is primarliy a consultant, but runs some small services.05:29
DeranderI work as a programmer :-)05:29
* hads is a jack of all05:30
Deranderon to SASL05:31
ScottK2For future reference, don't manually remove config files.05:32
ScottK2Use the purge option when you remove the package and they'll go away.05:33
ScottK2Manual removal confuses the packaging system.05:33
DeranderI figured that out ;-)05:33
hadsThis may help as a sample dovecot.conf; http://paste.pocoo.org/show/79291/05:34
DeranderWill I need that, or is the one that the guide sets me up alright?05:34
hadsYou don't need that at all, though it may be useful as a sample to refer to.05:34
hadsI haven't actually read the guide05:35
ScottK2sommer: You may want to pay attention to this to see how the mail setup stuff in the server guide is working.05:35
DeranderAh :-)05:35
* hads goes to read the guide05:35
ScottK2sommer wrote or assembled most of the guide, but is probably sleeping now.05:36
DeranderWhen configuring postfix, I created two certs05:38
Derandertwo ssl keys05:38
Deranderer, no I didn't05:38
DeranderIt appears to be working05:46
DeranderOr almost, I can't receive messages.05:48
DeranderWhat format is used for the password file?05:52
Derander(referencing your paste hads)05:53
hadsDerander: http://wiki.dovecot.org/AuthDatabase/PasswdFile05:58
DeranderIf I'm using virtual users, with mail_location = Maildir:/home/vmail/%n/mail, do I need to specify anything other  than user:pass in the passwd file?06:00
DeranderI don't.06:01
DeranderOkay, I'm failing.06:14
DeranderI'm trying to use virtual users06:15
Deranderhttp://paste.pocoo.org/show/79292/ -- dovecot.conf06:16
hadsYou've got pam auth enabled for userdb and passdb06:22
hadsMight want to disable that.06:22
DeranderYeah, I noticed that and got rid of it a little while ago - I think I might have it now06:23
Derandermy users file was formatted as a password file, I'm making it into a user file06:23
DeranderBah, dovecot still won't accept messages.06:25
Deranderhads: this is the deal, I'm completely able to send messages, and view my 'sent' folder.06:44
Deranderwhat I'm NOT able to do is receive messages06:45
Deranderhttp://paste.pocoo.org/show/79293/ contains all of the information I could think of06:45
DeranderI'm trying to use virtual users.06:46
ScottK2What do your logs say when a message delivery is attempted?06:47
ScottK2Derander: ^^^06:48
Deranderone moment06:48
ScottK2First rule of mail server troubleshooting is always look in the logs.06:49
ScottK2Derander: You want andymo.org mail delivered to this box, right?06:50
ScottK2Then that domain needs to be in mydestination in /etc/postfix/main.cf.06:51
ScottK2Otherwise postfix doesn't know it's to be delivered locally and thinks it's a relay attempt.06:51
Deranderwell, this time it didn't reject it.06:52
DeranderIt does keep redirecting ot to andrew@mail.andymo.org06:52
Deranderwhen I send to andy06:52
Deranderbut I think I know why06:52
Deranderyes, now it is going through06:53
Deranderbut I get <andy@andymo.org>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table; from=<derander1324@gmail.com> to=<andy@andymo.org> proto=ESMTP helo=<wf-out-1314.google.com>06:54
ScottK2Is the domain set up as a virtual domain?06:54
DeranderNothing is setup beyond what is in the big paste.06:55
DeranderI'm sorry I'm such a bother06:55
* ScottK2 suggests some reading from http://www.google.com/search?q=virtual&sitesearch=www.postfix.org06:56
* ScottK2 needs to get to bed.06:56
DeranderHave a nice sleep :-)06:56
DeranderLooks useful06:57
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ctx144k_hello all, anyone have experiences with kolab2.1/2.2, ldap and ubuntu8.0410:00
kgoetzhi all. if i want software raid (mirroring) do i use the lvm option in the installer?10:40
kgoetzthe 'net doesnt seem to be helping me muh yet10:41
_rubenkgoetz: lvm doesnt give you raid, you need the raid option for that, sw raid often is combined with lvm though (lvm on top of raid)10:46
kgoetzhm. found a guide on help.ubuntu.com. i'll ry that out10:47
kgoetz_ruben: i didnt think lvm was used for raid, but i dont see a 'raid' option in the installer10:47
_rubenkgoetz: it'll show up when you mark a partition as "use for raid"10:47
kgoetz_ruben: aah. thanks.10:48
erichammondDepends what kind of RAID you want.  You can use LVM to stripe across two physical disks which is similar to RAID 0.11:08
erichammondTo be clear, that's not mirroring.11:09
hadsmirroring is what kgoetz was after11:09
erichammondhads: Yes, just being pedantic.11:09
* kgoetz waits for raid to format (i'm expecting the build+format will take some time)11:11
kgoetzhm. it hasnt taken long11:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #248067 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "mysql server can't be started: mysql.host doesn't exist" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24806711:21
_rubenkgoetz: building of the raid happens in the background .. you can use it as soon as its recreated, even though it could take hours and hours for it to finish building :)12:25
_rubenkgoetz: check /proc/mdstat for its status12:25
_rubenor mdstats12:25
kgoetz_ruben: looks like it'll take a whil to build - i might sleep on it ;)12:26
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WassasinCan anyone help me with the configuration of my pure-ftp server daemon? I can't force it to accept more then 3 connections as the same user16:00
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mrmondayI've just compiled mysql 5.1.26 from source, to replace my 5.1.25 install, and I can't get mysql to start again - I get "Manager of pid-file quit without updating file." when I try to, any ideas?16:25
ScottKmrmonday: My idea would be don't compile from source on a Debian/Ubuntu system.  Use the package management system.16:28
mrmondaywhy does everyone say this instead of helping me with the problem :S16:28
mrmondayit worked before when it was compiled form source about a week ago, it's only a new version16:29
ScottKWhy do you think that's not help.  It's  a serious suggestion.16:30
mrmondaythanks for your suggestion, but I'd rather fix my problem16:31
ScottKEven when I want to update a package, I update the debian package and build that.  I never install direct from source.16:31
mrmondayyou aren't me though :S16:31
ScottKYes, good luck.16:31
ScottKI will note that I'm not here asking for help getting something to work.  All my stuff is working.  That may or may not be a relevant fact to you.16:32
mrmondayit isn't, I just want to get my server back online16:32
ScottKDebian does have an experimental 5.1.25 package.16:37
ScottKSince building from source isn't working for you, you might try building .debs from that and using them.16:38
mrmondayI had 5.1.25 runing before (compiled from source), which I had no problems with16:38
ScottKThen you'll probably have more luck on a mysql oriented forum than a Debian/Ubuntu one.16:39
mrmondayI've just compiled 5.1.26 using the same method, and it doesn't seem to work now16:39
mrmondayScottK: they just bash me for using ubuntu when I ask in #mysql16:39
ScottKYou're using Ubuntu, but you don't want to manage packages the Ubuntu way, so I don't know how to help you.16:40
ScottKGood luck.16:44
* ScottK heads out.16:44
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dthackerI'd like to make my ubuntu squid server do transparent proxy.  I currently have cable modem--->router/fw--->switch----->PC's and servers.   Do I need to move the squid server between the cable modem and the router/fw to force all the traffic through it?19:20
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ScottK-laptoplamont: Ping.19:34
lamontI glanced at the script, will look at it more later today, btw19:35
ScottK-laptoplamont: Great.19:35
ScottK-laptopIf that's generally suitable, it's be easy to replicate into one to do the same for policy servers.19:35
ScottK-laptoplamont: After the last big round of "Debian/Ubuntu are insane to chroot by default", it was suggested that providing a 'unchroot' script would be a useful compromise.  Thoughts on that?19:36
lamontthat'd let me close my outstanding debian serious-bug19:37
ScottK-laptopOK.  If you like the add-filter script, that's about half the work towards chroot/unchroot scripts.19:38
osmosishow difficult is it to setup a SMTP server ?20:25
ScottK-laptopDepends on how much you know about SMTP, your exact requirements, and if you're willing to spend money on a book.20:27
ScottK-laptoposmosis: ^^20:27
osmosisScottK-laptop: sounds like you are saying it is a lot of work.20:38
osmosisScottK-laptop: i can't just apt-get install postfix and be done.20:39
ScottK-laptopNo, I'm saying it depends.20:39
ScottK-laptopThe postfix I run on my laptop was installed that way.20:39
ScottK-laptopThe postfix I run on my prodcution mail servers needes some significant configuration and other bits added in.20:39
* ScottK-laptop back later.20:44
osmosisAre you talking about just the basic postfix configuration, or is there more...like dns settings that need to be done, reverse dns.20:47
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* delcoyote hi21:23
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nealmcb osmosis: your requirements are the main issue, I'd say.  If you want good anti-spam defenses, in my experience it is a pretty significant ongoing hassle, but recently things have gotten better.  If you just want to be able to send occasional emails from a personal domain, and really use another address and server for most mail, it can be pretty easy21:47
osmosisnealmcb: i just want to be able to send some mail from a php script, and have full control over the headers...which requires using a local server and not a remote smtp server.21:49
jpdsErikWestrup: Please fix your connection.21:53
ErikWestrupjpds: Everything is fixed now.21:53
jpdsErikWestrup: Cheers! :)21:53
* Derander crosses his fingers, c'mon.. work mailserver, work!21:54
ErikWestrupjpds: I was configuring the proxy in irssi, i'm sorry for the disturbing *quit-messages*21:54
DeranderOMG IT WORKS!21:55
DeranderOh wait..21:55
__stress___I  accidentally deleted some of my /home/"user" config files and now when I type "sudo any_command" and "tab" the command so that it can be auto-completed it does not complete....otherwise when I just type the comand and tab it, it auto-copletes...what can I do?22:35
DeranderMine has never done that, so I have no idea :-)22:38
mralphabet__stress___: sounds like you lost your .bashrc file22:43
mralphabetcreate another user, copy theirs22:43
__stress___I copied .bashrc and .profile from the root changed the permissions and the like...and it's the same way :D22:44
DeranderOMG! I've done it!22:45
DeranderMAIL WORKS!22:45
* Derander dances22:45
DeranderScottK: If you're still around, thanks for all of your help! Got it working!22:45
DeranderHads: Thank you too!22:46
hadsDerander: Well done. I just got up :)22:47
DeranderNow to turn on spamassassin and all that jazz :_)22:47
Deranderback shortly, putting users online22:48
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