azexia1dr_Willis: my first post had the dmesg output, there is no device made00:00
gnuB_Chriswhat is command line for rebooting hardy?00:00
Seveasazexia1, wouuld you mind giving a link to that post?00:00
dr_Willisazexia1,  from what i recall researching  'sd' cards normally work. - but it depends on the interface the laptop has to the reader.. my last laptop actually used the 'usb' interface for the reader.  My other laptop used some TexasInstruments interface. (from what i learned from lspci)00:00
azexia1Seveas: i mean do they normally work? it's a new device so two unknowns i'm afraid, 1) card 2) card reader then it could be software00:00
SeveasgnuB_Chris, sudo reboot00:00
Seveasazexia1, and pastebin the output of lspci00:01
Seveasdr_Willis, yeah the t-i ones suck00:01
gnuB_ChrisI tried that...it returns input/output error.  system booted in RO mode00:01
SeveasgnuB_Chris, sudo mount -o remount,rw /00:01
gnuB_Chrisi can su to root and try with the sam results00:01
Seveasthen reboot00:01
ShujahI thought ? can't be unmounted?00:02
maxen_what is the different between ubuntu and kubuntu? >>>> I am new in linux thanks00:02
SeveasShujah, / can't be unmounted, but -o remount,rw will only make it read-write00:02
jbroomemaxen_: gnome vs kde00:02
Seveasmaxen_, different desktop environment00:03
IndyGunFreakmaxen_: gnome and kde00:03
IndyGunFreakdifferent gui00:03
Buckland7777when i try to install java, it gives me an error: there's no space left. I'm running from a live cd, so is there any way i can install java to a flash card?00:03
Buckland7777if anyone respondd00:03
gnuB_Chris..sda1 is write-protected, mounting read-only00:03
IndyGunFreakmaxen_: google for screenshots of both, and pertty much what you see, is the difference00:03
Buckland7777i didn't scroll down00:03
SeveasgnuB_Chris, is this a usbdisk install?00:03
maxen_thanks guys ^_^00:03
yojesusShujah: ty00:03
Shujahyojesus, sounds working?00:04
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yojesusyeah thx00:04
azexia1dr_Willis: Seveas others.. http://pastebin.com/d1c9445e100:04
Buckland7777anyone know how to install java to a custom location?00:04
casey_I'm having a problem during boot and shutdown. After it shows the GRUB is starting message, it doesn't show the Ubuntu bootscreen and when I'm shutting down it doesn't shutdown. It just goes black and I have to turn the power off. Any ideas?00:05
IndyGunFreak!register > IndyGunFreak00:05
ubottuIndyGunFreak, please see my private message00:05
grobda24Buckland7777, ... can you use symlinks in that location ?00:05
Seveasazexia1, hmm... that looks like the driver is working00:05
kiff^hi to all!00:05
Buckland7777you're speakin a foreign language there, i'm fairly new to ubuntu, so you'll have to explain things to me00:06
azexia1Seveas: yeah, driver looks fine00:06
gnuB_Chris2sorry, gnuB_Chris failed to load the CGI.  I didn't get any new advice.00:06
SeveasgnuB_Chris2, ?00:06
gnuB_Chris2 mount -o remount returned sda1 write-protected, mounting read-only00:06
SeveasgnuB_Chris, is this a usbdisk install?00:07
Baby_Shambl3sompaul: huh?00:07
Buckland7777grobda, how would i find out?00:07
grobda24Buckland7777,  ... search for help on "symbolic links" in the forums. They're a bit like shortcuts in windows (I say a bit).00:07
gnuB_Chris2no.  full install was working fine when I left work yesterday.  I can ssh to the box, but everything is RO now00:07
kapacehello, i can't seem to access the preferences on my panel, i made the icons too big and now i can't click on the panel00:07
Buckland7777ok, now that makes a little more sense00:07
afallenhopehey I was wondering if there's a way of disabling the startup sounds.. I went to the "System->Preferences->Sound" and it doesn't show any in use... but everytime I reboot I relogin00:07
afallenhopesorry I mean I hear the sounds00:08
OhzieHow do I use chmod to make a certain user unable to mount certain devices?00:08
ubottuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview00:08
IndyGunFreakafallenhope: are you saving your changes?.. cuz i'ev turned off hte sounds no prob.;00:08
grobda24Buckland7777, it means that you can make it look like Java is on one place when it's really in another.00:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about panel00:08
Buckland7777i'm almost positive that i can then00:09
Seveasafallenhope, system -> admin -> loginscreen -> (tab) accesibility00:09
azexia1Seveas: so what would you suggest i do?00:09
gnuB_Chris2looks like FSTAB has a failsafe to remount in RO, but I can't seem to restart the system to clear that00:09
IndyGunFreakhmm, i thought he was referring to the login tone.. the africans humming00:09
ompaulOhzie, that is now how you do that, you use the groups to do that: system -> admin -> users and groups00:09
Seveasazexia1, wait for the other cardreader to arrive before you draw conclusion00:09
Seveasor find a known-working cf card to test00:09
Shujahkapace, you cant right click panels00:09
afallenhopeSeveas, thanks! that did it00:09
ircleuserhi, i'm new to this. I've got a question about how the ubuntu server edition will work on an older computer00:09
KageeIs there any way i can make X (org) use every other " as « and » ? So if i type """"", any GUI gets «»«»« ?00:09
Ohzieompaul: What's the program for users and groups? Right now I have no panel. :P00:09
azexia1Seveas: sounds wise, thanks for the help =)00:10
kapaceShujah: it works for the other one00:10
SeveasgnuB_Chris2, could be that your disk went bad. Look in /var/log/kern.log00:10
ompaulOhzie, log out and back in - should restore it00:10
Buckland7777grobda, i think i can, how would i go about doing so?00:10
Ohzieompaul: Specifically, I'm trying to build a kiosk, so I don't want it to have a panel00:10
Shujahkapace, so in one panel top/bottom you cant right click it?00:10
Ohziebut some certain places can still be accessed and I need to make them inaccessible. :[00:10
ircleuserwould the server thing work on an an a compaq presario?00:10
dr_Willis!find kiosk00:11
ubottuFound: kiosktool, datakiosk00:11
OhzieGoodness gracious me!00:11
ompaulOhzie, that is a single user the admin sorts out permissions for the future00:11
OhzieThank you dr_Willis00:11
ircleuserwindows me?00:11
dr_WillisOhzie,  i know that kde has some kiosk features.. not sure about gnome00:11
SeveasOhzie, look at sabayon as well00:11
ompaul!windows | Ohzie00:11
ubottuOhzie: For discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents00:11
crashanddieHi everyone, I'm still trying to troubleshoot why my bluetooth mouse can't connect to my laptop... Anyone up for some troubleshooting ?00:11
dr_WillisOhzie,  then there are some browser-kiosk live cd's ive seen.. and kiosk extensions for firefox.00:11
Ohzieompaul: I don't do the windows thing. :[00:11
ompaulwoops wrong tab there00:12
casey_I'm having a problem during boot and shutdown. After it shows the GRUB is starting message, it doesn't show the Ubuntu bootscreen and when I'm shutting down it doesn't shutdown. It just goes black and I have to turn the power off. Any ideas?00:12
kapaceShujah: thats right00:12
Shujahkapace, > Terminal> gconf-editor> apps> panels> toplevels> top & bottom panels <-change the size of panel00:12
kapacecause all the icons took space00:12
Baby_Shambl3swhat is a kiosk?00:12
ompaul!windows > ircleuser00:12
ubottuircleuser, please see my private message00:12
SeveasBaby_Shambl3s, pc with limited functionality. Usually reduced to having only  a webbrowser. Used often in "internet kiosks"00:12
ompaulBaby_Shambl3s, a computer with limited functionality, in a public place00:12
kapaceShujah: ok00:13
leeping2008Hi there, I've set a disk space quota for myself and now I'm over the quota, my grace period has run out but the quota software is doing nothing to notify me! (It's a soft limit.)  What kind of notifications are there?00:13
gnuB_Chris2isn't there a way to force a restart remotely?00:13
orangeyhey all!00:13
anticreepsHey i got a question i was told i can ask here, i did pppoeconf and all ect but when i try to connect to internet it says pap authenticate fail... anyone know why?00:13
ompaulgnuB_Chris2, not without physical access guess you got to visit machine00:13
orangeyI was wondering how to copy ubuntu from one harddrive to another.00:13
Shujahanticreeps, dsl or dialup00:14
gnuB_Chris2my buffer stopped again.  I don't see any responses00:14
ompaulgnuB_Chris2, not without physical access guess you got to visit machine00:14
Shujahanticreeps, pap authetication failure means your login/password doesnt match to what was allocated to you by isp00:14
uatecHello there00:14
nietoyfacebuenas tardes!!!00:15
uateci'm trying to doesome commands that require me to use sudo00:15
Ohzieorangey: wouldn't it be something like sudo cp / /media/name_for_your_other_hard_drive00:15
crashanddieWhen I try to pair my mouse by going into the bluetooth preferences > services > input services > add, it "sees" my mouse (only the mac address, no name), when I try to connect to it, it just sits there for a while, and then all the bluetooth windows disappear00:15
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uatecbut whenever i do i get: sudo: timestamp too far in the future: Jul 13 01:00:40 200800:15
uatecwhat'sup with that?00:15
uateci've tried to do sudo -k and sudo -K to clear the timestamp but it just gives me the same messagewhen i try to do that00:16
uatechow can i fix sudo?00:16
Ohzieorangey: but after you do that you'd have to install grub to the drive and delete the /boot folder and remount the new boot partition as /boot.00:16
anticreepsi see, maybe thats it but im sure i put right password ect, i will retry00:16
crashanddieAlso, when I try to use hcitool scan, it sees my mouse (BT mac address), but no name, just "n/a". When I try to --connect to it, it times out, with the message "Can't get device information: Function not implemented"00:16
Ohzieorangey: that would make a bootable copy of your current system, if I'm not an idiot.00:16
Shujahanticreeps, you ought to be connecting via network00:16
Ohzieorangey: But beware, I'm kind of new to this, so I might be an idiot00:16
anticreepslike thru my hub?00:16
LordFlashythe sun java update broke my adept00:16
IndyGunFreakOhzie: don't worry, if you're an idiot in here, people love jumping on you and telling you.. :)00:17
OhzieIndyGunFreak: Then I'll assume I'm right, because nobody has told me I'm an idiot.00:17
Ohzieorangey: IndyGunFreak says I'm right, so go with what I said. Apparently I am awesome.00:17
Shujahanticreeps, once you started ubuntu your router should have auto-configured on zero config or roaming mode00:17
IndyGunFreakOhzie: lol, i iddn't say that.. i don't know the answer, just saying if you were giving bad advice, you'd have gotten about 12 PMs..lol00:18
SeveasOhzie, you're an idiot00:18
uniXrexHey, do the Hibernate and Standby options not work in Ubuntu 8.04? (I have installed the server edition, and then the GNOME GUI)00:18
Shujahanticreeps, see the network sign on you notification area?00:18
OhzieSeveas: :(00:18
SeveasOhzie, sorry, couldn't resist :)00:19
uatecbetter question, how can i make apt-get use the internet instead of just the CDs?00:19
richiefrichok why is there no icon to install this OS? i booted into the special graphics (is it kubuntu) i need it for linuxmce00:19
OhzieSeveas: I assumed as much. =) Your lack of actually correcting the advice I gave orangey leads me to believe I am still awesome. So an awesome idiot, I shall be.00:19
richiefrichand i asked in #kubuntu00:19
anticreepsand it says connected 100mbps ect00:19
Seveasuatec, fix your sources.list (system -> admin -> software sources)00:19
richiefrichno one talks00:19
anticreepsid have to reboot my comp and retry00:19
Shujahuatec, open synaptic go to setting > repos and untick cd00:20
SeveasOhzie, that would be a cool nickname, "Awesome Idiot"00:20
richiefrichi have a VIA chipset so i needed the special graphics00:20
ephraimHey everyone00:20
uatecoh cool00:20
richiefrichand now i am booted to kde and i see no installer icon00:20
ompaulSeveas, you could register it if you wanted to ;-)00:20
* ompaul runs00:20
uatecthans Seveas , Shujah00:20
Shujahanticreeps, dont reboot open it > manual config00:20
Ohzierichiefrich: Does the normal vga driver in xorg work? :(00:20
SeveasOhzie, btw, using cp for that is wrong. You need rsync with the proper flags to copy a system and keep it usable. So idiot it is :)00:20
anticreeps<--- not pro at this, kinda noobish ;*>00:21
OhzieSeveas: Damnit.00:21
richiefrichOhzie: yeah i am in kkde00:21
Buckland7777what size disk does ubuntu need to install to?00:21
richiefrichOhzie: i see no installer00:21
richiefrichOhzie: whats the svript called00:21
Ohzierichiefrich: That's rather unfortunate, and I wish I could help. :[00:21
Shujahanticreeps, most of us here are noobs :P noobs helping noobs00:21
richiefrichSO no one knows what the installer sscript is called>00:22
ompaulOhzie, or you could use dd for a bitwise copy down to partition size best done with a disk the same size or larger00:22
Seveasompaul, you reading planet gnome?00:22
ompaulSeveas, no I guess I should00:22
Ohzieompaul: That sounds sexy. I should write down 'dd' and look it up later.00:22
ompaulpm url00:22
Ohziebecause that would be a useful tool00:22
Seveasompaul, neh, just had a joke in mind that I won't tell now :)00:22
Ohzieorangey: I hope you're paying attention, because they're talking about how to do what you want to do00:22
SeveasOhzie, dd is nice. I install windows with it00:22
Shujahdd can be mean :P00:23
DemisMdd was my ex00:23
SeveasShujah, dd needs to be handled with care. It can make or break you.00:23
SeveasDemisM, locky you my ex was only AA00:23
uatecright, i'm trying to activate the driver for my graphics card, but i get the error message "the software source for the package xorg-driver-fglrx is not enabled"00:24
uatecwhat am i supposed to do about that?00:24
orangeyohzie: I'm listening : )00:24
Shujahuatec, go to menu > system > hardware drivers & tick your driver00:24
theRealBallhow do we start icewm?00:24
SeveastheRealBall, log out, select icewm in the options in the login screen, log in?00:25
uatecrestricted drivers?00:25
uatecthat's what i was trying to do00:25
uatecwhen the error came up00:25
Seveasuatec, system -> admin -> software sources. Enable it :)00:25
uateci had to enable the restricted source... :P00:25
gman_can anyone help me fix my sound pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee00:25
uatecdammit, i've been a .net programmer waaaay too long00:26
Shujahuatec, ok go to menu > system > preferences > appearence > visual effects and select the highest one - see what happens00:26
gnuB_Chris_ok.  the web IRC clients SUCK.  sorry for the disconnects00:26
maxen_I have problem ..... I have ubuntu and nvidia 6600 and on my winxp I did watch movie on tv out from computer and and browsing the net on my computer in sperate screen ......how can I do that in ubuntu?00:26
SeveasgnuB_Chris_, mibbit is good00:26
cirkitgman_: Please be more specific on the sound issue and someone in here may know a solution.00:26
Shujahgman_, whats wrong with sound?00:26
richiefrichno one has a clue what the installer script is called?00:27
richiefrichthere has to be a dev in here00:27
gman_well installed ubuntu again and my speakers work they are new andi put n a cd and the sound dosent work still00:27
crimsunrichiefrich: which installer?00:27
richiefrichcrimsun: to install the os00:28
crimsungman_: what type of speakers?  usb?00:28
Seveasrichiefrich, ubiquity00:28
gnuB_Chris_so to sum up my problem again, I *think* my server failed and remounted the filesystem RO. according to fstab, this is possible.  now I want to restart the server remotely.  I can't seem to force it down00:28
crimsunrichiefrich: I meant desktop or alternate/server.00:28
gman_no the kind with the green jak00:28
KageegnuB_Chris: sudo reboot?00:28
sakohey guys whats the best solution for alt+f2 if you get rid of gnome panels? I am using gmrun and  binded it to alt+f2 in compiz00:28
Shujahgman_ go to menu > system > preferences > sounds -- and test the diff alternatives00:29
crimsungman_: on the wiki/DebuggingSoundProblems, there's an alsa-info.sh script.  Please download (save) it and run it using bash.00:29
gnuB_Chris_Kagee..tried sudo and su.  both return input/output error00:29
richiefrichSeveas: ok so thats the installer script00:29
richiefrichcrimsun: ooh desktop00:29
cirkitgnuB_Chris_: is this a web server?00:29
richiefrichcrimsun: i am installing kubuntu for linuxmce on my damn slow00:30
sakowhats the best media player for ubuntu? Amarok?00:30
crimsunrichiefrich: right, as Seveas mentioned, for desktop images, ubiquity is responsible.00:30
gnuB_Chris_tried mount -o remount; returns sda1 is write protected.  remounting RO.  yes.  it is a webserver00:30
pierorgqualcuno parla italiano?00:30
Seveas!it | pierorg00:30
ubottupierorg: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!00:30
chisako, which is best is an opinion.00:30
edgegnuB_chris_ > sudo halt00:30
pierorgok thanx00:30
gman_shujah i tried that dosent work00:30
DeranderHey, I'm trying to uninstall Courier (IMAP), but accidentally deleted /etc/courier.  Now whenever I run apt-get remove courier-imap, I get errors from dpkg about a missing config file.  Is there a way I can let aptitude know that the package is gone?00:31
gnuB_Chris_will halt restart the server?00:31
=== misnix2 is now known as misnix
dr_Willishalt = power off.00:31
cirkitgnuB_Chris_: try sudo shutdown -h now00:31
dr_Willisat least it what happends on my machines. :)00:31
cirkitgnuB_Chris_: I mean ... sudo shutdown -r now00:31
Shujahgman_, crimsun suggested a n alsa script dl/run it00:31
KageegnuB_Chris: Locate the server IRL and press the reset button?00:32
SeveasDerander, please pastebin the complete output00:32
gnuB_Chris_shutdown returns IO error00:32
gman_what site would i go to??00:32
KageegnuB_Chris: It's probably sudo that returns the io/error00:32
gnuB_Chris_server is 300 miles from me right now.  not possible.  This is the whole reason I set up on linux...I didn't have to be there!00:32
pierorgOk. I'll try to explain in english. I had a problem with the last update. After all, I saw a mistake in the flash-pligin. Do you have some news about this?00:32
DeranderSeveas: http://pastie.org/23280400:32
Light-Hello, how can I make ls list only directories?00:32
gnuB_Chris_no.  I tried su and that still returned IO00:33
SeveasLight-, ls -d */00:33
Light-thanks Seveas00:33
cirkitgnuB_Chris_: what kind of file system is the web server on?00:33
crimsungman_: wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems -> alsa-info.sh00:33
gman_ok ill try it00:33
SeveasDerander, edit /etc/init.d/courier-imap. Make the second line read: exit 000:34
gnuB_Chris_file system is ext300:34
SeveasDerander, then after removing, install it and remove it again00:34
edgesudo halt doesn't restart00:34
Deranderseveas: thanks, it worked :-)00:34
dr_Willissudo halt, would power off i belive.00:34
cirkitgnuB_Chris_: if you just type 'mount' does that also return I/O error?00:35
edgeyes halt allow to shut down00:35
gnuB_Chris_mount returns options00:35
cirkitYeah but he is getting I/O error when trying to just 'shutdown' ...that shouldn't be happening00:35
r3mixhey, im trying to fix adesklets for python 2.5, and i found the file i have to replace. the problem is, the bugged file is posix_signal.so and the fix is posix_signal.c, how to i convert it?00:35
r3mixor compile it as .so or whatever00:36
Kageecirkit: I/O might be sudo00:36
* chi kicks cirkit 00:36
gnuB_Chris_Kagee.  don't think so.  I can su without any problems.00:36
KageegnuB_Chris: sudo mount = I/o error?00:36
hatterwhere do i change the color of the 'inside' of the window when a pgm opens00:36
richiefrichcirkit: you dont use ubuntu00:36
AstralSinanyone had a problem with firefox suddenly segfaulting?00:36
richiefrichcirkit: stop troling00:36
RadarG1hello everyone00:37
cirkitgnuB_Chris_: can you su to become root and then try to shutdown -h now ?00:37
KageegnuB_Chris: But then you can "su reboot"00:37
cirkitrichiefrich: excuse me?00:37
X3is there a way to force evolution to segregrate emails to separate inboxes if they belong to different emails?00:37
gnuB_Chris_actually I exited su and then sudo mount and get the IO error00:37
richiefrichcirkit: you are trolling get out00:37
blue112Hello everyone, I have few problems with my ubuntu, can I get some help ?00:37
cirkitI am trolling?00:37
RadarG1I'm having an issue installing a program it it is saying something about dependacy libnet1 does that ring a bell with anyone00:37
Seveasrichiefrich, could you please stop. cirkit isn't trolling00:37
cirkitrichiefrich: If you have nothing beneficial to include in this channel please stay out of it when people are trying to help others.00:38
blue112Hello everyone, I have few problems with my ubuntu, can I get some help ?00:38
richiefrichSeveas: ok we will see00:38
hod139AstralSin: yes I have,00:38
Seveas!anyone | blue11200:38
ubottublue112: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:38
cirkitSounds like richiefrich is the troll.00:38
chihi, how to fix my ubuntu?00:38
hod139AstralSin: it started with the backported version of the flashplugin00:38
Seveascirkit, please let it go as well.00:38
Deranderseveas: d'oh, when I attempt to install postfix again, I'm getting errors.  Want me to pastie the output?00:38
td123chi, we need more info...00:38
AstralSinhod139: got a fix?00:38
Seveaschi, a hammer might help00:38
SeveasDerander, yeah00:39
martyn_Hi - could anyone recommend an web-based program similar to Referencer, for managing a searchable database of scientific papers.  Thanks in advance.  Should be in the Ubuntu repos too.00:39
hod139AstralSin: I downgraded back to flash 900:39
edge@ chi just try with a hammer ^^00:39
aquiles_se habla español aqui?00:39
AstralSinhod139: k00:39
chiSeveas, edge i think you may be right =D00:39
chuckfDell 1420's, are they good for daily use?00:39
richiefrichedge: that wont help00:39
Seveaschi, or be slightly more specific about what needs fixing :)00:39
AstralSinactually, im not sure i've upgraded flash lately00:39
Seveas!es | aquiles_00:39
ubottuaquiles_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:39
Shujah<- just realized needs a whooping 85.1 mb update brb00:39
BARBEESHAguys is there any tool i can use to scan proxies?00:39
BARBEESHAwindows has something called charon, is there anything like it for ubuntu?00:40
Deranderseveas: http://pastie.org/23280900:40
=== BARBEESHA is now known as EnMasse187
sakoI <3 UBUNTU00:40
SeveasBARBEESHA, nmap00:40
andresjhey there is a new openarena package for 0.7.7, but the -data package is not available yet. I have to get it from getdeb.net, but I think it should be put into the official repositories.00:40
gnuB_Chris_i think the problem is that the root fs loads in fstab as relatime,errors=remount-ro00:40
td123chi, so please explain your problem or don't ask at all00:40
r3mixcan someone tell me how to compile a c file into a shared object00:40
cirkitgnuB_Chris_: do you have pmount installed?00:41
corkyok.. may i ask why the hell you guys removed the original TTY's from ubuntu since 7.10?!00:41
corkythis is so annoying!00:41
Derandercorky: ?00:41
corkyespecially when X fails00:41
Derandercorky: like alt+f100:41
Derandercorky: ?00:41
gnuB_Chris_cirkit: no00:41
SeveasDerander, looks like you deleted lots of configfiles manually. remove all packages related to dovecot, mysql and courier and try again00:41
blue112Sometimes (often), Ubuntu crashes. Just before crashing, it says "Erreur de segmentation" (core dumped in english I guess) and close every program (nautilus, metacity, eclipse). Not all at the time, but with about 3/4 minutes between each. When I try to reboot X (ctrl + alt + backspace), I fall back in console mode, where I have a lot of errors. There I do the sysreq keys, but after few (S, R) it really crashes, and doesn't answer to00:41
blue112any key.00:41
Deranderseveas: mmkay.00:41
corkyLike alt+f1 Derander00:41
andresjto be clear, the openarena_0.7.7 is in the official repositories but openarena-data_0.7.7 is not there, only in getdeb.net :)00:41
X3is there a way to force evolution to segregrate emails to separate inboxes if they belong to different emails?00:41
Derandercorky: they're not gone, you're experiencing a bug that I had once00:41
Seveasblue112, looks like bad memory or a corrupt harddisk00:41
EnMasse187thanks seveas00:42
td123corky: what do you mean remove corky, it is ctrl + alt + f (1-7)00:42
Derandercorky: I don't remembers exactly how I fixed it, but it is fixable00:42
Light-whats a command I can use to return "2245" from "aegisub-2.1-dev-r2245/"00:42
blue112Seveas: I check my memory and my HQ twice.00:42
corkytd123, i only get X00:42
vvdhey, is it possible to disable auth for nm-applet?00:42
cirkitgnuB_Chris_: You may want to make sure your fstab has this entry for that ext 3 file system of yours: rw,user,noauto,uid=500,gid=500 0  000:42
Derandercorky: Oh, that I didn't have - I just had a black screen - nevermind :x00:42
cirkitgnuB_Chris_: that way we know its not mounting as ro only00:42
corkyDerander, me to00:42
EnMasse187Seveas: what IS nmap?00:42
gman_Shujah: i got to this site so far https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems do i follow the troubleshoot or will there be a link to download the driver ?00:42
corkylisten.. on f7 is X, F1-F6 = nothing just like F8-F1200:43
atari2600ain synaptic, is there  a way to find a packages update history?00:43
richiefrichEnMasse187: nmap scans for open ports00:43
EnMasse187Seveas: i heard its a network mapper? i need something that scans proxies to tell me their uptime/speed see if they are working00:43
corkyand jezus christ what is this channel buisy!00:43
Derandercorky: ah, yeah, you're having the same problem I had00:43
EnMasse187i dont need open ports just need to check if proxies are dead or not00:43
atari2600a= I wants to find a way to see all changes that have happened to a package00:43
corkyDerander, and.. what solution worked for you? and what type of vid card do you have?00:43
X3@corky at this rate Ill be dead when someone has the time to reply00:43
Derandercorky: I've got an 8800gtx in this box.  It was back with gutsy that I had the problem, so I don't remember the solution - but it involved tweaking framebuffers00:43
Derandercorky: Specific, aren't I?00:43
X3Im off to enjoy life b4 that00:43
chimy ubuntu is broke how to fix mouse?00:44
SeveasEnMasse187, looks like you're trying to do illegal things. We don't support that00:44
Derandercorky: once I found the solution it was fairly easy00:44
td123corky: welcome to ubuntu, the beginner friendly distro :)00:44
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AstralSinhod139: how did you roll back your flash version?00:44
EnMasse187Seveas: im not00:44
atari2600aEnMasse187: ...'ping' ?00:44
corkytd123, 1) i ain't an beginner, 2) i ain't welcome anymore cuz i am getting debian...00:44
EnMasse187Seveas: i just want my anonymity on the internet00:44
AstralSinhod139: how did you roll back your flash version?00:44
=== leob is now known as leobru
crashanddieEnMasse187, could you please explain your problem precisely ?00:44
richiefrichAstralSin: copy an older version00:44
hod139AstralSin: using synaptic00:44
EnMasse187ping would take forever especially when you are using a list of 100+ proxies00:44
blue112Can you help me ? Do I have to explain again my problem ?00:45
chimy ubuntu mouse is moving funny00:45
richiefrichAstralSin: it is one file00:45
hod139find the package00:45
edge@chi broken mouse ???? look strange for me... must be hardware...00:45
EnMasse187i want something that can scan a LIST of proxies to see if tehy are working or not00:45
atari2600aEnMasse187: create a sh to do it for you?00:45
AstralSinrichiefrich: im too drunk and lazy to do it manually00:45
hod139AstralSin: find the package, and then using the Package menu, you can force version00:45
richiefrichAstralSin: lol drunk hacking thats nice00:45
EnMasse187whats an sh?00:45
chiit works on laptop fine but not ubuntu desktop00:45
richiefrichEnMasse187: a bash script00:45
gman_shujah: i got this far https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems but i dont see a driver download00:45
EnMasse187i just got ubnutu 2 days ago00:45
AstralSinhod139: how the hell do you do it from synaptic?00:46
EnMasse187and this is my first distro...00:46
EnMasse187so i dont think i know wtf bash is00:46
crashanddieEnMasse187, check out yaph00:46
gnuB_Chris_cir:  no, the root  only has relatime, errors=remount-ro and I can't edit.  because everything is RO now.00:46
atari2600aEnMasse187: you don't possess the intelligence to have a need for a proxy00:46
atari2600aleaving now00:46
Seveasatari2600a, cut that out00:46
EnMasse187actually well i can use one on linux00:46
richiefrichAstralSin: type in a command you can do it with apt-get00:46
EnMasse187and am using one right now00:46
blue112Sometimes (often), Ubuntu crashes. Just before crashing, it says "Erreur de segmentation" (core dumped in english I guess) and close every program (nautilus, metacity, eclipse). Not all at the time, but with about 3/4 minutes between each. When I try to reboot X (ctrl + alt + backspace), I fall back in console mode, where I have a lot of errors. There I do the sysreq keys, but after few (S, R) it really crashes, and doesn't answer to00:46
blue112any key. I've checked my memory and my hard drive twice : No error found.00:46
edge@chi wireless mouse?00:46
gnuB_Chris_isn't there a run level I can escape to reboot?00:46
SeveasgnuB_Chris_, 600:47
hod139AstralSin: start synaptic, search for flashplugin-nonfree, then use the Package menu and choose Force Version00:47
chii think it uses wifi00:47
cirkitgnuB_Chris_: try runlevel 300:47
Shujahgman_, copy this link http://git.alsa-project.org/?p=alsa-driver.git;a=blob_plain;f=utils/alsa-info.sh  <M-its a script00:47
crashanddieblue112, sounds like a memory/cpu problem00:47
Seveascirkit, 2-3-4-5 are the same in ubuntu00:47
cirkitgnuB_Chris_: Seveas ah ok, very well then.00:47
blue112crashanddie: I've check my memory. How can I know if this is my CPU ?00:47
edge@chi not wi-fi maybe bluetooth...00:47
crashanddieblue112, also, you may want to use #ubuntu-fr00:47
chihai2u cirkit00:47
chiedge, oh ok00:48
gnuB_Chris_so my only option is to wait until somebody goes in on Monday?00:48
cirkitchi: hi00:48
blue112crashanddie: I know this channel, but at this hour... it's 01:48....00:48
=== K_Holtz is now known as K^Holtz
Seveasblue112, this channel also has people from other timezones than CEST :)00:48
K^Holtza while ago, i was directed to a link that helped me set a bunch of different FF settings. anyone have a link to this? it was on some type of 'getting started with ubuntu' site00:48
gman_Shujah: im at the link00:49
edge@chi it was that?00:49
krsnadasaError inserting iwl4965 (/lib/modules/2.6.26-3-generic/updates/drivers/net/wireless/iwlwifi/iwl4965.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg) any help/ideas/suggestions ?00:49
Shujahgman_, download the .sh file to some place then you have to run it00:49
cirkitgnuB_Chris_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9972100:49
chiedge, how to tell?00:49
krsnadasaShujah: greetings00:50
Seveaskrsnadasa, run this: sudo depmod -a00:50
chimouse moves funny00:50
Seveaskrsnadasa, then try again. If it still fails it's a bug.00:50
Seveaskrsnadasa, also, intrepid help in #ubuntu+100:50
edgeok you've got a signal even wireless00:51
krsnadasaSeveas: no luck :( i just compiled newest compat-wireless driver00:51
Shujahhowdy krsnadasa00:51
shady6507hey guys is ikonia here tonight?00:51
Seveaskrsnadasa, well that's your problem :) don't do that then00:51
magic_ninjai just set up this new printer, but for some reason whenever I print something, it says processing, then disappears off the list, however it doesn't print anything00:51
Seveasshady6507, I haven't seen him yet00:52
krsnadasaSeveas: lol yea but isn't there a way to fix this rather then turning the other cheek ?00:52
* richiefrich waits on the SLOW kubuntu00:52
Shujahgman_, realtek?00:52
cirkitmagic_ninja: how did you setup this new printer?00:52
Seveaskrsnadasa, just use ubuntu-provided drivers if you don't know how to fix driver issues00:52
Seveasrichiefrich, cupcakes!00:52
chii think wifi on my ubuntu00:52
richiefrichSeveas: ahh no00:53
cirkitof course cups, but what steps did he take?00:53
cirkitit might not be using the correct drivers for all we know00:53
krsnadasaSeveas: i believe it is a module problem not a driver issue and whats the use of this channel if we don't learn ?00:53
edge@chi don't how to tell it in english but for optical mouses it sometimes depend of the "floor" where you use the mouse00:53
gnuB_Chris_shutdown returns IO error.  init 6 as sudo says must be root.  su and init 6 returns not being executed as init00:53
richiefrichthen why did you ask the dumb question00:53
Seveasrichiefrich, stop.00:53
gman_ok i cant find it do i use the teminal to download im new to linux??00:53
krsnadasaShujah: i private messaged you..?00:53
Seveasyou're the troll now. Stop that00:53
ZikeyHi, What is the apt command (for a server install) to check for all packages updates available ?00:53
cirkitgnuB_Chris_: can you try su instead and then try init again00:54
magic_ninjaadded the x7000 driver for the printer00:54
richiefrichoh i am , i am waiting on the installer script to load00:54
SeveasZikey, apt-get -s dist-upgrade00:54
Zikeythx seveas :)00:54
Seveas(-s means simulate, won't actually update)00:54
Shujahkrsnadasa, I got your pm00:54
gnuB_Chris_apt-get update will upadte your list.  then upgrade to get them all00:54
magic_ninjacirkit, what is the reccomended way to setup the printer?00:54
shady6507ok im stuck in a bad spot and dont know how to remedy, after installing ubuntu as a dual boot on a totally seperate drive than my XP, it somehow kills XP from being able to boot up. Grub gives the option for XP but when you try it it says that the file windows\system32\ntoskrnl is missing or corrupt, this has happened twice after reinstalling xp and then ubuntu again00:54
krsnadasaZikey: apt-get update then apt-get upgrade00:54
gnuB_Chris_cirk:  I did that as su.00:54
chiedge i should put mouse on floor ?00:54
Administratorhi there can anyone tell me how to fix my grub after installing xp after ubuntu been tryin for ages here00:55
cirkitmagic_ninja: what manufacturer printer is this?00:55
Shujahshady6507, use this command sudo fdisk -l on terminal < note the address of your windows partition and add it in /boot/grub/menu.lst00:55
magic_ninjalexmark x127000:55
Seveas!grub | Administrator00:55
ubottuAdministrator: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:55
edge@chi lol non i'm french sorry try on a basic shit of paper... rofl...00:55
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:56
DeranderSeveas: despite the fact that "The End of All Hope" was playing in the background, things are working now.  Thanks for your help00:56
Seveasedge, 'sheet', not 'shit' :)00:56
SeveasDerander, :)00:56
chihia2u Administrator can you help my ubutnu mouse for please00:56
edgeyes ><00:56
shady6507shujah:about to try that00:56
krsnadasaSeveas: so you don't know bout modules or have any idea ?00:56
richiefrichmagic_ninja: i would say follow this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=183111900:57
Seveaskrsnadasa, my best guess is that the module you compile is incompatible with the running kernel. I'd find out which symbol is missing and search lkml for references to that symbol being added/removed/changed00:57
krsnadasaSeveas: lkml = what ?00:57
chiedge please no curs me00:57
Shujahkrsnadasa, ibex is in alpha these things are to be expected :P00:58
Seveaskrsnadasa, see, if you don't know what lkml is (yes, I was testing you with that), you're too inexperienced to try your hand at manually compiling kernel modules which may or may not work00:58
chihi bob00:58
Seveaskrsnadasa, and also, google is your friend00:58
cirkitmagic_ninja: Click on System -> Administration -> Printing .... Click 'New Printer'00:59
gnuB_Chris_any other ideas on how to reboot?00:59
cirkitmagic_ninja: Select 'Lexmark Printer' from the list, which should have something like 'z600:/dev/usb/lp0' for Device URI. Click Forward00:59
edge@chi i've got that problem with my "chinese" optical mouse i've got to use it on a sheet of paper00:59
chicirkit can yu for plese help my ubuntu mouse?00:59
DeranderNothing like attempting to get a mail box running in production during the middle of the day! Whoo! more coffee!00:59
* krsnadasa wonders Seveas age ?00:59
Seveaskrsnadasa, that is also almost trivial to find with google :)00:59
cirkitgnuB_Chris_: im checking00:59
Motironhello, I want to install this linux but I would like to know if it runs on vista?01:00
ZikeyAnother newbie question, how do you switch the console fonts ? (25 lines to 4x lines)01:00
Baby_Shambl3show can i shutdown/reboot from cli which is quite useful to me?01:00
ShujahSeveas is a dangerous man :P he used to date dd01:00
MotironBaby_Shambl3s: sudo reboot / shutdown -h now01:00
SeveasBaby_Shambl3s, shutdown -h now / reboot01:00
gman_Shujah wher is the .sh file on the site??01:00
SeveasShujah, I date shred now, even more dangerous01:00
krsnadasaShujah: true i guess but if i run hardy then the drivers don't work because they require a higher kernel 2.6.25=+01:00
Baby_Shambl3sMotiron, Seveas thanx01:00
Derandershujah: I read that as ".. used to date delete line" o.001:01
Sa[i]nTAnyone know about hooking blackberry to linux?01:01
SeveasDerander, rofl01:01
cirkitgnuB_Chris_: what you might want to do first is sudo -i so you are root and then 'apachectl stop' to stop the web server01:01
SeveasDerander, :q! and get some sleep01:01
Deranderseveas: can't mail is still undelivered!01:01
Shujahgman_ http://git.alsa-project.org/?p=alsa-driver.git;a=blob_plain;f=utils/alsa-info.sh <-this is the .sh file you have to download01:02
SeveasDerander, biff will handle that for you01:02
Deranderseveas: what/who is biff?01:02
SeveasDerander, new-mail-notification from the stone age01:02
edge@motiron just boot on the live CD or on vista (live cd is better)01:02
=== Joe_CoT` is now known as Joe_CoT
DeranderSeveas: *whoooosh*01:02
SeveasDerander, latest version in the ubuntu archives seems to be from 200001:03
richiefrichgnuB_Chris_: you can do it with  -> su -c "apachectl stop"01:03
DeranderSeveas: Hey! I played my first online game in 2000!01:03
DoggI'm trying to use pygtk from python code, but having problems getting the install complete. What all do I need to install to get it working?01:03
gman_Shujah how do i download it????????01:03
SeveasDerander, first vs last. You just started, biff died01:03
DeranderSeveas: yep :-)01:03
Shujahgman_, open it in browser the .sh file will open - now save it as .sh on dektop01:04
tarelerulzwhen I plug my ipod in it is not auto mounted .  So how would I mount it manually ?01:04
AcBushHey Guys...I'm trying to install an RPM and it says  The program 'rpm' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing sudo apt-get install rpm. Well, I do that and I get this: Package rpm is not available, but is referred to by another package.    -- Any suggestions?01:04
eftexi have two sata hard-drives and installed osx on the first one... now my ubuntu-linux does not start anymore but i can see the partitions if i boot with a ubuntu live-cd... is the ubuntu-bootmanager or mbr installed on the first disk despite the ubuntu itself is installed on the 2nd disk?01:04
Seveaseftex, yup01:05
shady6507Shujah: what exactly m i looking for? I see dev/sda for the disk and sda1 for the device, but in grub i see it on dev/sda1 and it looks like this...title:XP, rootnoverify (hd0,0), makeactive, chainloader +101:05
eftexSeveas:  oh... :( can i install a mbr or bootmangaer on the 2nd disk to repair the boot for my ubuntu?01:05
nickrudAcBush you do not want to install via an rpm, you want a deb. What are you installing?01:05
eftexSeveas i would prefer not to touch the first hd01:05
Seveaseftex, dunno about macs01:05
eftexSeveas its a pc01:06
eftexSeveas the osx i installed is a "hacked" version01:06
Seveaseftex, ah, the osx threw me off01:06
FezzlerAny musicians here?  What Ubuntu-compatible software is there for recording my guitar?  Like Cakewalk, etc.?01:06
AcBushnickrud: I am trying to install VMWare Tools..01:06
Seveas!grub > eftex01:06
ubottueftex, please see my private message01:06
nickrudAcBush get the tar.gz version01:06
AcBushnickrud: Have it, but can't understand for the life of me how to install it...01:06
dunasHelp. My display is normally 1440x900, and I managed to configure my xorg.conf to support that. I changed from KDE to GNOME, and uninstalled several KDE packages, and then restarted my X server. Suddenly, it wants to force 800x600 mode, and when I try to change it, it only changes the desktop's size- the room that's displayed remains the same.01:06
eftexokay thanks Seveas i knew its about grub but i was not sure if that is possible because i dont want to destroy the osx01:07
nickrudAcBush heh. you unpack it, and run the installer in it. tar.gz is a compressed archive01:07
eftexi want it to be seperated on each disk01:07
Derandereftex: Oo, I'm running a hackintosh too.01:07
eftexso there can be a mbr on the 2nd disk too or?01:07
eftexDerander:  :)01:07
=== Steve` is now known as Stephen
Shujahshady6507, in the table you see any partition which looks like the xp - like it has the ntfs partition and the size matches?01:07
nickrudAcBush tar xf <file> to unpack it, or sudo tar xf if you're outside your home dir01:07
gman_Shujah:ok I saved it on my destop01:07
shady6507Shujah: yes thats what i saw01:08
Derandereftex: The way I have things set up it just boots off hd#1, GRUB there takes care of everything.  I don't know if you can put an MBR on disk #2 also01:08
shady6507Shujah: on the fdisk -l command01:08
gnuB_Chris_cir: apacheclt doesn't exist.  I did apache2 as part of the lamp install.  I think I use apache2 -k stop, but I don't have it in su path, so I am trying to locate it01:08
Derandereftex: Oh, read the question.  I'm not an expert - but if you install an MBR on the second one and then use your bios to read that first, you should be in business01:08
Shujahshady6507, now change the xp address in grub/menu.lst by sudo gedit01:08
Shujahgman_, go to terminal > cd ~/desktop and run ./alsa-info.sh --no-upload01:09
dunasCan someone please help? This is really worrying me.01:09
nickrudgnuB_Chris apache2ctl01:09
FezzlerNo musicians?01:09
=== pyrourk_ is now known as pyrourk
shady6507im not sure what to change, you see what my grub file says for th address of XP, its (hd0,0), is that what I am supposed to change?01:10
eftexDerander: thats what i am now trying... but i want to "repair" my ubuntu its not a new install01:10
eftex (hd1,0) <-- thats the 2nd harddisk first partition right?01:10
Derandereftex: yes01:10
eftexk that should be fine since sdb is the harddisk on which linux runs and sda the one with osx01:10
dunasOk, a little something else. Apparently it's convinced the monitor to run in 800x600, while it itself still responds to my commands. What do I do?01:11
gnuB_Chris_ah...bingo, thanks.  apache down01:11
Derandereftex: I don't think you'll have to repair anything, grub is installed by default - just switch the boot order in BIOS01:11
AcBushnickrud: Hey...There is vmware-install.pl and FILES, and INSTALL and some folders...what do I run? and how?01:11
gnuB_Chris_now try sudo restart?01:11
eftexgrub> setup (hd1) leads to --> Error 12: Invalid device requested01:11
Shujahshady6507, in menu.lst windows xp would be like (hd1,0) < change this to telly with what you saw on table e.g. maybe its (hd0, 0)01:11
pteeboh god, theres the error again01:11
Seveas!ops | Granada spam01:12
ubottuGranada spam: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang or jussi01!01:12
=== Granada is now known as izmeh
Seveas!ops | izmeh spam (was Granada)01:12
shady6507Shujah: on grub it is already (hd0,0)01:12
ubottuizmeh spam (was Granada): Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang or jussi01!01:12
eftexDerander: thats what i did... for osx i had to enable ahci in the sata controller i switched that back and chose the right harddisk via F8 (theres no biossetting needed with an asus mobo you can do that on the fly)01:12
dunasCan someone please help? This is really worrying me.01:12
eftexbut it shows just a black screen01:12
eftexso i asume it cant find the boot-entry01:12
Derandereftex: ah01:12
Shujahshady6507, and in fdisk ?01:12
gman_Shujah: im in the terminal so what exactly do i type??01:13
Derandereftext: yeah, I have an asus mobo also.  this is getting in a bit over my head.  there are various grub utilities you can find01:13
nickrudAcBush back to you ;)01:13
shady6507Shujah:but the fdisk it doesnt have anything near that format for anything as an identifier01:13
nickrudAcBush sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r) , then cd into the directory with vmware-install.pl and  sudo ./vmware-install.pl01:13
araizenhow can i install greasemonkey for firefox 2 (using kubuntu 8.04)01:14
AcBushnickrud: After running sudo apt, I got: E: Couldn't find package build-essential01:14
dunasWhat does Ubuntu use to tell the monitor what resolution to be running in? Because right now it wants to be 800x600 while it's supposed to be 1440x90001:14
araizenor alternatively, how can i get firefox 3 to work (the address bar doesn't change when i go to a different page)?01:14
DeranderOh, question.  How does one know if they are running 64 bit?  This is a 64 bit intel processor01:14
nickrud!hardysources | AcBush01:14
ubottuAcBush: In System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (hardy-security) and (hardy-updates).01:14
Derander64bit ubuntu*01:14
eftexDerander: is there a way (without a hexeditor) to find out where grub is installed on the 2nd harddisk?01:14
Seveasaraizen, http://addons.mozilla.org?01:15
Derandereftex: I have no idea01:15
nickrudAcBush then try again01:15
eftexand if its is correct and the mbr uses it?01:15
eftexhmm k01:15
SeveasDerander, uname -a01:15
araizenSeveas, oh yeah, that gives me an error when i try to install from the web site01:15
Shujahwhats fdisk showeing for xp?01:15
araizenso i tried with apt-get, but it installs it for firefox 301:15
shady6507shuj: on fdisk i see...01:15
pteeb glxinfo | grep direct -- direct rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)01:15
dunasWhat does Ubuntu use to tell the monitor what resolution to be running in? Because right now it wants to be 800x600 while it's supposed to be 1440x90001:15
pteebwhats make it say No?01:15
SeveasDerander, uname -m for abbreviated info :)01:16
Bahaaexcuse me, how would I make ubuntu write arabic ?01:16
Deranderseveas: ah, forgot to thank you and yes - worked :-)01:16
moibuntuhi !01:16
shady6507shuja: disk /dev/sda for the disk and then...01:16
bobrockwhat is the best cli browser01:17
gman_shujah : im in the terminal what next??????01:17
moibuntuhave a laptop with Turion x2 64 bit and would know what version will be better to install - 32 ol 64 bit?01:17
eftexSeveas: grub> setup (hd1,0) leads to Error 12: Invalid device requested01:17
Seveasbobrock, elinks01:17
shady6507shuja: device:/dev/sda1....boot:*....start:1....end:30400....blocks:244187968+.....id:7......system HPFS/NTFS01:17
eftexallready googled that without any useful hint that helps me01:17
Seveaseftex, then use a valid device :)01:17
shady6507shuja: sorry slow typer01:17
moibuntuis there a real diference in the performance?01:17
eftexSeveas but sdb1 is the linux-partition? that should be okay or not?01:18
nickrudmoibuntu no diff that I saw01:18
eftexand its also what i get when doing grub> find /boot/grub/stage101:18
Shujahgman_, go to terminal > cd ~/desktop and run ./alsa-info.sh --no-upload01:18
shady6507shuja: nothing in fdisk output resembling that (hd0,0) format01:18
Idirehello, would anyone here be able to help me with a soundcard issue?01:18
gnuB_Chris_cir: where is the boot log?  maybe that will give me a clue what happened.01:19
Shujahshady6507, change (hd0,0) to (hd1,0) save and boot01:19
moibuntuthanks, nickrud01:19
shady6507ok will try that01:19
dunasCan someone please help me? I'm having an issue where my monitor believes it should be displaying 1440x900, despite Ubuntu displaying a 1440x900 desktop.01:20
araizengreasemonkey works when i run firefox 2 as root, but not when i run it as my regular user01:20
dunasCan someone please help me? I'm having an issue where my monitor believes it should be displaying 800x600, despite Ubuntu displaying a 1440x900 desktop.01:20
yowshiwhats up with evolution? i havent been able to send or recieve mail with it01:20
Shujahdunas, nvidia?01:20
dunasShujah: Yes, but this was working fine in KDE, before I swapped over.01:21
Seveasaraizen, that means that you screwed it up when you ran it as root for the first time. sudo chown -R yourlogin:yourlogin /home/yourlogin/.mozilla01:21
Shujahdunas, you go tnvidia-setting-manager?01:21
araizeni don't think i did that, but i'll try01:21
Idirecan anyone help me with this?01:22
shady6507Shujah:looks like that changed it to my Ubu drive, when selecting XP for boot this time i got the message "Error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format"01:22
dunasShujah: No, where can I get that? apt-get install didn't work, couldn't find it.01:22
gman_Shujah then what??01:22
Shujahdunas, open synaptic search for nvidia setting manager you'll get it01:22
Shujahgman_, nautilus > read this file > /tmp/alsa-info.txt01:23
mickydoes a domain name ex ( test.com ) that has nameservers ns1.test.org / ns2.test.org need it`s own nameservers ex ( ns1.test.com / ns2.test.com ) defined in order to be ok ?01:23
IndyGunFreakIdire: state your prob, if we can help, we will01:23
Idireits a creative xtremegamer sound card01:23
Seveas"please state the nature of the medical emergency"01:23
Seveasmicky, no01:24
Shujahshady6507, this link has many solutions to your problem > http://tinyempire.com/notes/ntldrismissing.htm   <-though I believe you have mentioned the wrong partition01:24
araizenSeveas, well, that killed firefox's memory of my open tabs, but it didn't change anything with greasemonkey01:24
Idireattempting to install it on ubuntu, but not understanding why it didnt work01:24
tobmalfI've heard many good things about smarty, but I've so much I need to learn now that I'll rather write php-native templates than learn another psuedo-language01:24
Administratorhi guys followed the grub fixing page for ubuntu after installing xp but when i open my gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst i get a blank document????01:24
dunasShujah: I love you and wish to honor you with a statue or something.01:24
araizengreasemonkey appears in the addons list, but the little monkey face doesn't appear01:24
FezzlerEver since I upgraded to Hardy, whenever I enable Desktop Cube, it turns off Visual Effects Extra.  It all worked in Fiesty and Gusty.  Bug?01:25
Idirei explain it on the ubuntu forums, in desktop environments, same username as here01:25
tobmalfthat will do.. sudo apt-get running shoes ;-).. right I have gone too far off topic - better do something else01:25
mickySeveas i've ran a dns report and it seems to report that my nameservers are nonexistent..  :)01:25
Seveasmicky, what's your domain?01:25
mickySeveas danielursu.ro01:25
FezzlerMy video card is nvidia GeoForce FX 5500 AGP01:25
eftexSeveas: Shujah thx for your help grub reinstalled now rebooting to see if it works :)01:25
gman_Shuljah: command not found01:25
eftexbrb *hopefully*01:26
BahaaHurry Back eftex01:26
tobmalfGood luck :P01:26
eftexthx :)01:26
bobrockcan;t get my raden x1300 working01:26
bobrockdrivers don;t load01:26
gman_shuljah: neva mind i made a mistake01:26
Seveasmicky, dns is fine for that domain ns1.nowlive.ro and ns2.nowlive.ro resolve01:26
mickySeveas argh i think i found the issue there.. seems i forgot i've set the domain up as having ns1 based on itself ( ns1.domain )01:26
saint_configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables <-- what's that mean?01:27
bobrockanybody got radeon x1300 working with acceratlion01:27
tobmalfwithout a brain, guest1234..01:27
Seveasmicky, you don't need ns1.danielursu.ro :)01:27
Starnestommysaint_: it means that you need to install build-essential01:27
tobmalfplay around with an MGO beta code :(..01:27
Jordan_Usaint_: What are you trying to compile?01:27
tobmalfGlassSlipper who taught u to hop??????:P01:27
mickySeveas i know but i'll need to change that to match ns1 / ns2 .nowlive.ro to be ok01:27
saint_I'm trying to get my blackberry to work.01:27
Seveasmicky, neh, that's not needed at all01:28
Seveasmicky, nowhere in the registries does it say that ns1.danielursu.ro is the nameserver for danielursu.ro01:28
mickySeveas ( Name Server: ns1.danielursu.ro )01:28
mickySeveas at least that`s what i get by issuing a whois danielursu.ro01:29
* Derander is starting to regret deciding to roll his own mailserver01:29
shady6507shujah: i will look into this page you gave, but not sure how i could be giving you the wrong info, as i am typing it directly fom the outputs01:29
Seveasdennis@mirage:~$ dig +short -t NS danielursu.ro01:29
Seveasmicky, the whois records don't matter when it comes to dns01:29
pteebdirect rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose) -- anyone know what could be causing this?01:30
SeveasDerander, well, that would happen sooner or later if you go with postfix+courier :)01:30
chicirkit, how to fix ubuntu mouse?01:30
DeranderSeveas:  the regret? :-)01:30
SeveasDerander, yes :)01:30
Jordan_Upteeb: Have you installed the drivers for your GFX card?01:30
mickySeveas yep that`s true.. that`s the way i've configured them... but if whois records dont matter how come the domain knows that ns1/ns2.nowlive.ro are authoritive.. even thou they are not specified anywhere :)01:30
Seveasmine only went away when I switched to exim+dovecot01:30
DeranderSeveas: Oh? easier?01:31
pteebJordan_U, yes, i used envyNG to install NVidia drivers for GeFORCE 795001:31
Idirecan anyone help me with my soundcard install? explain why drivers wont work?01:31
Seveasmicky, the .ro authoritative nameserver knows that.01:31
voienvyng works like a charm01:31
yowshianyone know how to get mozzile to import mail setting and address book from evolution>?01:31
Seveasand the rootnameservers know where the .ro nameservers live01:31
yowshierr thunderbird01:31
tobmalfhey does anyone know what the new taskbar icon effects are listed under in compiz? (icon fly out, upon clicking)01:31
mickySeveas probaby i've entered the ip of ( ns1.nowlive.ro ) when i registered the domain.. hmm cant really remember thou :) anyway, thanks for the help01:31
tobmalf well, that would happen sooner or later if you go with postfix+courier :)01:32
Seveasmicky, your registrar registers the domain with the .ro nameservers for you01:32
Zamadatxhey i need help with my swap file01:32
Zamadatxi created it but dont know how to save it01:32
Seveas!ops | tobmalf is a bot or just repeating things others said. Annoying anyway01:32
dr_Willissave?  - how did you create it Zamadatx ?01:32
tobmalfthink, to me, the holy spirit is just across the planet..01:32
Zamadatxi follwed the ubuntu wiki01:33
Zamadatxi set up the swapfile at 784 mb ram which is twice the recognized rma01:33
gman_Shujah: its says that it couldnt find hom/gman/file and home/ gman / this01:33
boselectai would like to set up amarok to automatically talk to my iPod nano (old version, long and skinny, not squarish) whenever i plug it in to the USB port. is this going to be a big chore? are there instructions for this?01:33
Zamadatxbut when i try to have it load on boot step it says access denied and im the admin01:33
dr_WillisZamadatx,  are you meaning a swap partition? or are you really talking about making a swap file after install?01:33
Zamadatxdrwillis:after install01:34
Zamadatxi was to stupid to makea swap partition lol01:34
PiciSeveas: thanks01:34
cirkitchi: "how to fix ubuntu mouse" doesn't tell anybody here anything on your issue. Elaborate.01:34
dr_WillisZamadatx,   Hmm.. You  just make the swap file, and use mkswap on the file, and then put the proper entry in the fstab file - is all I thought one had to do.01:34
Zamadatxya it loads for that session01:34
Jordan_Uboselecta: AFIK it's supported by default in Amarok, look for an option to "Add Device"01:35
Zamadatxbut it wont laod after boot unless oyu type that last part in again01:35
SeveasZamadatx, add it to /etc/fstab :)01:35
dr_WillisZamadatx,  what last part. :) the basics of it i see are at   http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-add-a-swap-file-howto/01:35
pteebanyone successfully get WC3 to run with WINE? mine is refusing01:35
ZamadatxSeveas: i tried but it keaps saying access denied01:35
Zamadatxand i typed the sud pass01:35
Shujahgman_, open terminal cd /home/desktop01:36
Josdellzamadatx: do you use sudo01:36
boselectaJordan_U: thanks will take a look01:36
Soul_Samplepteeb: have you tried running it from the terminal? that way you can see where the error is01:36
pteebyeah, the problem is direct rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)01:36
pteebso the openGL wont run01:36
ZamadatxSeveas: any ideas why its saying denied?01:37
pteebpete@pteeb:~/WAR3/warplay/Warcraft III$ wine "Frozen Throne.exe" -opengl -window01:37
pteeberr:ole:CoCreateInstance apartment not initialised01:37
pteebfixme:advapi:SetSecurityInfo stub01:37
pteeberr:wgl:get_render_type_from_fbconfig Unknown render_type: 001:37
pteeberr:wgl:get_render_type_from_fbconfig Unknown render_type: 001:37
pteeberr:d3d:WineD3D_CreateFakeGLContext Can't find a suitable iPixelFormat01:37
FloodBot2pteeb: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:37
Soul_Samplepteeb: i had that problem because i installed xgl . when i removed it all worked well... do you have xgl installed?01:37
pteeberr:d3d:InitAdapters Failed to get a gl context for default adapter01:37
Deranderpteeb: ow01:37
pteebsorry about that01:37
pteebmeant to paste http://paste.ubuntu.com/26972/01:37
SeveasZamadatx, I don't even know what is saying access denied :)01:37
pteeband instead did what i pasted in there :(01:38
chicirkit please help!01:38
ZamadatxSeveas: when i type the path to save the swapfile it says access denied.01:38
dr_WillisZamadatx,  you need to be a bit more verbose  and perhaps tell us the url of the guide you followed.. and what command...01:38
pteebSoul_Sample, i don't have XGL installed though :(01:38
gman_shujah: it says its a directory01:38
pteebhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/26972/ is what its complaining about01:38
Zamadatxdrwillis: ok01:38
dr_WillisZamadatx,  the term 'save the swap file' is whats confusing us.. You mean the Editing the fstab,  to automount the swap file?01:38
cirkitSeveas: I honestly don't believe chi is in need of real help here.01:38
cirkitchi: You need to stop that now.01:39
Zamadatxseveas: ye, ubuntu wiki calls it saving but i think thats mroe exact01:39
dr_WillisZamadatx,  what wiki. :) we dont have the whole wiki memorized...01:39
* dr_Willis gets ready to edit a wiki.01:39
pteebSoul_Sample, have you gotten WC3 working with WINE?01:39
Soul_Samplepteeb: yes, it's working better than in windows01:40
pteebmind if I asked you a few questions in pvt? real quick01:40
Soul_Samplepteeb: sure01:40
Zamadatxi dont have the link to the ubuntu wiki page for this i savedthe file and it was given to me in forums01:40
eftexhell yeah i am back alive01:40
* Seveas shoots eftex 01:40
eftexvery strange... i had to manually edit the entry in the grub01:40
chiYou're no fun anymore cirkit,  What happend to you? :(01:41
Seveaschi, this channel is not for fun.01:41
eftexso it does boot from hd(0.0) despite its the 2nd harddisk and fixing the mbr also worked with grub on hd(1.0)01:41
eftex*thats really weird stuff*01:41
dr_WillisZamadatx,  the guide at http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-add-a-swap-file-howto/  - is about all there is to making a swap file. If you are having problems editing the fstab file to make the thing automount  you need to edit it as root 'sudo nano /etc/fstab' and add a proper entry for the swapfile01:41
Gralcowhy does opera refuse to go open source01:41
Zamadatx sudo gedit /etc/fstab is where im stuck01:41
SeveasGralco, ask opera.01:41
chiGralco, Money.01:41
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)01:41
eftexcan only be explainid that the linux-system does not recognize the hfs correctly or as first device at all after getting into the boot-process01:41
gman_Shujah: it says it a directory now what???01:42
eftexwhatever... now its time to fix that wlan-driver-shit for my osx :)01:42
Gralcochi where do they get their prophets, i know i opera is on the wii01:42
eftexthx for ya help :)01:42
* chi shrugs01:42
Seveaseftex, grub (and grub-install) don't give a shit about what linux recognizes :)01:42
ZamadatxO nvm i had the line above it that was giving me errors that i already did01:42
Gralcochi but i don't know where they get currency01:42
SeveasGralco, this is an ubuntu support channel. Other talk elsewhere please01:42
dr_WillisZamadatx,  normally one would use    gksu gedit /etc/fstab   for using the gedit. since gedit is an X app. :) nano being a console editor.. can use sudo.01:43
dr_WillisZamadatx,  heh heh..01:43
eftexSeveas: yeah, but the fix of the mbr was targeted on hd(0.1) and now during boot i had to edit the entries so they point to hd(0.0)01:43
ZamadatxSeveaus; im new to linux and i dont know what to change in fstab01:43
richiefrichGralco: all advertizments01:43
eftexisnt that a bit weird?01:43
chiGralco, http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=71154901:43
nickrudSeveas, Seveas, Seveas, language ;)01:43
Zamadatxu should edit ubuntus wiki lol01:43
boselectaJordan_U: for amarok, it wants a pre-connect and post-disconnect command. surely it shouldn't be this hard...01:43
richiefrichGralco: i dont see what this has to do with ubuntu01:43
Zamadatxso im in fstab how do i add my swap file to boot?01:43
yowshii found it. there is such a option. but i wouldnt have ever chosen it *shrugs* wierd01:44
Gralcorichiefrich this channel is used for informational purposes anyone can ask what they feel01:44
Jordan_Uboselecta: I don't actually use Amarok or an iPod myself, try asking in #amarok01:44
SeveasGralco, that's not true at all. This is an ubuntu support channel.01:44
dr_WillisZamadatx,  from the guide i posted  a line similer to --->  /swapfile1 swap swap defaults 0 001:44
richiefrichGralco: i thought this was for ubuntu helo01:44
dr_WillisZamadatx,  where /swapfile1 is the proper path to the swapfile you made.01:44
yowshiooops wrong window01:45
boselectaJordan_U, will do. thanks for the channel pointer.01:45
Jordan_Uboselecta: np01:45
Zamadatxwhere do i add this?01:45
kcajHow do I find out what wireless card I got?01:45
kannecan someone tell me how i unset the manually installed flag which apt-get tells me about after installing an already by a dependency installed packeg?01:45
Zamadatxbecause its just a bunch of lines to me... at the bottom?01:45
Seveaskcaj, lspci01:45
kcajMy wifi light does not come on01:45
kcajOr seem to work01:45
Gralcorichiefrich: Yes but we are a community, we speak of many subjects.01:45
Seveaskcaj, or lsusb if it's a usb one01:45
chiwhy is ubuntu brown?01:45
tarelerulzI mounted my ipod ,but not gtkpod can't write to it.  How would I make it so  gtkipod which has normal use access I think to use the ipod ?01:46
dr_Willischi,  because Pink clashed with the beige01:46
kcajcuz is it the ISH!01:46
Seveas!ops | chi/gralco continued offtopic01:46
ubottuchi/gralco continued offtopic: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang or jussi01!01:46
Jordan_Uchi: Because of it's South African roots and "Human" theme01:46
eftexchi because it should ... damn Jordan_U was fater01:46
richiefrichGralco: so i can ask debian help in here there01:46
eftex+s :D01:46
richiefrichGralco: ?01:46
Zamadatxis there a significant delay in chat?01:46
nickrudchi give it a break and Gralco the same01:46
kcajNope, all these guys are wrong. Ubuntu is brown cuz it is the shhhh :)01:46
yowshianyone know how to get mozzile to import mail setting and address book from evolution>?01:46
Gralcorichiefrich maybe not this channel01:46
Zamadatxcan compiz do anything besides squash windows?01:46
richiefrichGralco: i thought you said anything, like your opera question01:46
SeveasZamadatx, it can burn them01:46
Gralcorichiefrich just dont take things far please01:47
kcaj0c:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11a/b/g (rev 01)01:47
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:47
Zamadatxhow do i do that01:47
kcajI need a driver for that01:47
Seveasand put them on a cube01:47
kcajWhat do I do? :(01:47
eftexZamadatx: or explode or beam em or whatever01:47
kcajIt isn't auto-detect, obviously the wired connect works01:47
kcajbut my wifi seems totally goned01:47
gman_Shujah: what now it says it a Directory01:47
saint_Anyone in here used barry for blackberry phones?01:47
richiefrichGralco: i am not i said ubuntu only, as it is an #ubuntu channel :\01:47
eftexZamadatx: best way is to install the simple compiz manager01:47
eftexand the advanced compiz manager01:47
piju_is it normal hardy temp 49 degrees ?01:47
eftexi dont know the packet-names for it01:47
eftexbut they are in the synaptic-manager01:48
SeveasZamadatx, search youtube for compiz to get inspiration. Install compizconfig-settings-manager to get all the buttons to tweak it01:48
Zamadatxi thought compiz was already in ubuntu01:48
Zamadatxgues not01:48
dr_WillisZamadatx,  compiz is.01:48
Jordan_UZamadatx: It is01:48
eftexZamadatx: yes it is... but if you want to set it more easisly use that tools01:48
dr_WillisZamadatx,  the advanced settings tools are not01:48
Gralcorichiefrich ubuntu's irc community channel where all the nice folks of ubuntu come to speak and help each other out =)01:48
SeveasZamadatx, compiz is, the tweaking tool isn't installed by default01:48
wmcgree@Zamadatx It is, but not all the customisation options are there01:48
richiefrichGralco: i see01:48
eftexSeveas: (that should be changed in the future)01:48
Seveaseftex, neh01:49
eftexfor a beginner its quite confusing not to have the compiz-settings-tools01:49
Zamadatxgetiting off track when im in fstab where do i add my swap file info?01:49
SeveasZamadatx, add it at the bottok01:49
piju_is it normal hardy temp 49 degrees ?01:49
edgepiju? celsius or kelvin?01:50
Zamadatx/swapfile1 swap swap defaults 0 0 which part of this is the directory /swapfile1?01:50
=== jay2 is now known as miss
dr_Willis49 Kelvin would be... cold. :)01:50
Zamadatxheck i would overclock 200%01:51
wmcgreeYeah, like superchilled01:51
* nickrud whaps dr_Willis with a frozen fish01:51
dr_WillisZamadatx,  you replace /swapfile1 with the path to whever you made your swapfile and the name of it.01:51
Seveas49F would be cold for a cpu as well01:51
piju_edge, celcius01:51
krsnadasa[ 5414.631490] iwl4965: Unknown symbol iwl_rxon_add_station.. anyone know what i to do ?01:51
piju_now im running firefox, pidgin, xchat. my temp now is 5001:51
zelrikriandomy cpu is at 0K01:51
piju_is it normal ?01:51
=== miss is now known as jay2
dr_Williszelrikriando,  mine is at -19K01:51
Zamadatxcan i have more than 2 desktops at one time?01:51
edgeit was a joke and that's normal my Vaio work at 52°C01:52
tarelerulzI am lost I can run nautilus  via sudo so I can see who own what ,but I can't change group  to my normal user.  I really am lost01:52
zelrikriandodr_Willis, it means you go backwards in time01:52
zelrikriandopiju, celcius?01:52
antonio`hi how are yous jus01:52
piju_ya zelrikriando01:52
Gralcodoes anyone know how I can make the icons on Awn magnify where I place my pointer over them?01:52
dr_WillisZamadatx,  yes. :)  if using compiz use the compiz settings manger to set the # of desktops. NOT the desktop panel/pager thing.01:52
zelrikriandopiju_, mine is at 5501:52
krsnadasaany one know why i can;t modprobe my iwl4965?01:52
zelrikriandopiju_, so you re ok01:52
piju_when im running many apps, it can up to 61C01:52
Zamadatxtecompiz is nice... lol01:52
N1N31NCHN41L5dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.  how do i fix this problem01:53
Seveaskrsnadasa, because you manually compiled an incompatible driver without any knowledge on how to debug such a problem01:53
Zamadatxis compiz a cube desktop?01:53
zelrikriandopiju_, mine went up to 100°C one day...so you are safe still01:53
gman_Shujah: it says its a directory what now??????????01:53
edge@piju laptop or desktop?01:53
SeveasZamadatx, it can be. It can also be a wall01:53
piju_edge, laptop01:53
N1N31NCHN41L5Zamadatx:  yes it is01:53
Zamadatxor a bumptop or realdesktop desktop?01:53
N1N31NCHN41L5if u want it to be01:53
zelrikriandopiju_, so your cpu is cooler than mine..01:53
Shujahgman_, do you have realtek?01:54
dr_WillisZamadatx,  i think you are tossing way too many buzzwords around. :)01:54
Zamadatxahh i wish it were a bumptop or real desktop tose are awesome01:54
N1N31NCHN41L5can aNYONE HELP ME01:54
Zamadatxwhats a buzzword?01:54
krsnadasaSeveas: well thats why i come here if i knew everything i wouldn't be asking for help..huh.. huh.. and if you can't help the best is to keep quiet ;)01:54
Shujahtarelerulz, sudo chgrp user file_name01:54
dr_WillisZamadatx,  a 'cool sounding word' that might mean somthing.. but hardly anyone knows what it really means.01:54
Seveaskrsnadasa, I gave you some pointers. Not gonna solve everything for you01:54
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion01:55
Zamadatxbuzzword should be one01:55
Seveaskrsnadasa, besides we don't support intrepid in here01:55
eftexkk now i'll be away fixxing the osx01:55
eftexcya soon :)01:55
dr_WillisZamadatx,   as opposed to 'real desktop' or 'bumptop' :)01:55
chiN1N31NCHN41L5, I'm guessing no?01:55
Zamadatxwell those are program names01:55
dr_WillisZamadatx,  never heard of any of them.01:55
Zamadatxthere like a cardboard box where you have icons move and fall with real physics01:56
N1N31NCHN41L5Chi - so far no01:56
N1N31NCHN41L5its a dpkg problem01:56
Zamadatxanyays thanks for the help with the swap file i have it saved01:56
SamSamSamHow do I connect to another IRC server that isnt part of the XChat list?01:56
dr_WillisZamadatx,  sounds like more useless eyecandy. :)  compiz has a few (very few) usefull features. that i like. But most of it is just to show off to windows peoples.01:56
gman_Shujah: are u talkn bout my souncard??01:56
Zamadatxya basically01:56
Shujahgman_, yes do you have realtek?01:56
dr_WillisSamSamSam,  - /server newservername01:56
SeveasSamSamSam, /newserver name.of.server01:56
leehow do I get the cube to work to switch desktops?01:57
zelrikriandodr_Willis, I enabled everything on Compiz :D01:57
Infinito-SamSamSam, but wai01:57
Zamadatxim using pidgin is there any suggested irc clients for ubuntu?01:57
Tim-Sis it normal for a clean install of ubuntu not to have a /booot/grub/grub.conf file?01:57
SamSamSamthatnk you Dr_Willis and Seveas01:57
xxploitZamadatx, xchat01:57
gman_Shujah no01:57
dr_Williszelrikriando,  you probrly cant even type without activating a dozen features then. :)01:57
JuozapasZamadatx: irssi01:57
zelrikriandodr_Willis, :D01:57
Zamadatxthey all say that but i cant open the rpm...01:57
SamSamSamInfinito-  because nobody here wants to listen to what i want to talk about :OD01:57
Seveasdr_Willis, better use /newserver, that won't disconnect the current connection ;)01:57
N1N31NCHN41L5sup dr_Willis01:58
Zamadatxis the trash in ubuntu compressed?01:58
dr_WillisSeveas,  bah! :)01:58
zelrikriandolee, in advanced desktop effects setting01:58
SeveasZamadatx, no01:58
Infinito-SamSamSam, I mistyped, I meant nothing sorry... hehe01:58
dr_WillisZamadatx,  nope. no trash compresser here.01:58
Shujahgman_, once in terminal go to /home/Desktop < once there use this command ./alsa-info.sh --no-upload01:58
Zamadatxcan i make it compressed?01:58
taxidude221hi people i need some help01:58
dr_WillisZamadatx,  youve seen an OS that has compressed trash?01:58
Zamadatxwell there was a thing for windows that did it on its way to the trash01:58
Seveasdr_Willis, the trashcan in windows can be hooked to do all kinds of weird stuff. symantec crapware also hooks it01:59
szhil1232Can any1 help me out with a gfx question on 8.04?  My display sucks compared to windows boot and Im using ATI's driver and direct rendering is working (i have a x1400) Is something wrong or is the gfx just not that good with the linux drivers?01:59
dr_Willisif you got so much trash that it needs to be compressed.. well... :)  its time to take out the trash.01:59
theRealBallanyone here use solaris?01:59
Zamadatxwell i delete things to make them small as i can with most the features01:59
Zamadatxand they often fail and i need the trash02:00
SeveastheRealBall, only if I have to02:00
dr_WillisI am reminded of years ago of the 'disk compression' disasters.. so common. :)02:00
Zamadatxhow do i open an pm file?02:00
SeveastheRealBall, but this is ab ubuntu support channel, not a solaris one02:00
leezelrikriando, I can not find that. do I have to run it from the cli?02:00
Zamadatxwhat disaster?02:00
SeveasZamadatx, with a text editor. It's a perl module02:00
zelrikriandolee, hold on02:00
theRealBallhow else would one ask if we use any other os02:00
Zamadatxdoes it run them?02:00
dr_WillisZamadatx,  you could proberly make a compressed trashcan with the FUSE tools. but it sounds liek a waste of time/cpu.02:00
Zamadatxya im not doing that if i had a hard time with a swap file02:01
dr_WillisZamadatx,  back in the 80's the disk compression was a feature of dos. and resulted in a lot of lost data from hard drives :)02:01
Zamadatxis there any way t hide people signing out?02:01
Seveasdr_Willis, woah flashback :)02:01
Tim-Sis it normal for a clean install of ubuntu not to have a /booot/grub/grub.conf file?02:01
SeveasZamadatx, not with pidgin afaik02:01
dr_WillisZamadatx,  check the docs/guides for your irc client. :) xchat has a 'show join/part'  option02:01
Zamadatxo whats the best compressor percentage ratio02:01
whileimhereHi there. I was given a link to a site with the Ubuntu version of LIVES the other day. Does anyone know it offhand?>02:01
zelrikriandolee, make sure you have compizconfig-settings-manager installed02:02
Soul_Sampleanybody knows how could I install finch if i have a newer pidgin (and thus the libpurple) files, and finch insists on the older ones?02:02
SeveasZamadatx, depends on the content you feed it.02:02
Zamadatxhow do i install xchat i have the rpm02:02
dr_WillisZamadatx,  depends on the data you are compressing and how critical cpu ussage is for you. vs time to decompress and other things.02:02
Zamadatxwell i man all around compressor02:02
szhil1232can any1 point me in the right direction?  my notebook's gfx suck and i cant find anything on the net that would suggest something is wrong02:02
SeveasZamadatx, you toss out the rpm and search for xchat in applications -> add/remove02:02
Zamadatxi use 7 zip on ultra02:02
dr_WillisZamadatx,  rpm?  ubuntus do NOT use rpms.02:02
Seveas7zip is good02:02
dr_Willis7zip is handy.02:02
zelrikriandoZamadatx, why using a rpm ?02:02
Zamadatxi have had linux for one day02:03
Seveasszhil1232, strange. Lots of things are wrong on the net02:03
Zamadatxwhat does ubuntu use?02:03
dr_Willis!apt-get | Zamadatx02:03
ubottuZamadatx: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)02:03
SeveasZamadatx, deb packages. And you don't need to download them manually02:03
Billllxubuntu supprot come froim here as well?02:03
gman_Shujah : permission denied02:03
szhil1232i mean specific to my case02:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lives02:03
Zamadatxwhat is that seach for a progrm thing02:03
SeveasBillll, #xubuntu might be of more help but xubuntu questions are welcome here as well02:03
Shujahgman_,sudo ./alsa-info.sh --no-upload02:03
zelrikriandoZamadatx, use Synaptic Package Manager or apt-get...or a .deb but here a simple Add/Remove in your Application menu would do it02:04
Billllthank you :D02:04
SeveasZamadatx, that has a list of all applications ubuntu has, several thousand.02:04
taxidude221when trying to boot ubuntu from a live cd i choose "Boot ubuntu without making changes to your computer" or something like that then i get all these lines of i/o errors and other errors, what is the problem?02:04
leezelrikriando, Thanks I did not have that installed and now it is working.  Thanks a lot...02:04
Zamadatxok whats the structure of using that02:04
Zamadatxwhat do i type for what i want02:04
Seveastaxidude221, bad cd or bad cd drive02:04
szhil1232i seem to have the right driver and 3D accel but it blows, theres this line that appears and splits the screen and DVDs cant even play, it looks like scrambled video02:04
SeveasZamadatx, xchat02:04
Zamadatxjust the name?02:04
SeveasZamadatx, make sure you select "show all available programs"02:04
taxidude221oh darn well thanks seveas02:04
zelrikriandolee, if you want more info let me know...I know how to make nice looking desktops :p02:04
SeveasZamadatx, yes. Why should it be more difficult? =)02:04
taxidude221ill try it on my other comp where i burned it02:05
hotkinghow to upgrade to ubuntu8.04.1 from 8.04?02:05
Zamadatxidk windwos swap fille was easy02:05
gman_Shujah it asks for password i put the password i set or another one??02:05
Seveashotking, just install the updates ubuntu tells you about, then you're at 8.04.1 now02:05
suselinhotking, should be done auto02:05
whileimhereIs there a uploader for google photos like there is for flicker?02:05
Shujahgman_, the password you set as first user is the password for root02:05
leezelrikriando, thanks a lot.02:05
Zamadatxcan you upgrade every 6 month version of ubuntu without uninstalling02:05
zelrikriandohotking, if you keep your stuff updated...you are on 8.04.102:05
SeveasZamadatx, yes02:05
Tim-Sis it normal for a clean install of ubuntu not to have a /booot/grub/grub.conf file?02:06
SeveasTim-S, yes02:06
Seveasgrub.conf is a redhat-ism. The proper name of that file is menu.lst02:06
Infinito-you've typed three ooo's there Tim-S02:06
Zamadatxcan i disable this admin password thing?02:06
taxidude221where can i find out which cd-rom drive i have?02:06
Seveashello capt'n obvious :)02:06
SeveasZamadatx, yes02:06
Zamadatxits getn annoying as windows02:06
Tim-SInfinito: ?02:06
Zamadatxwhere do i go?02:07
Infinito-Tim-S, "booot"02:07
zelrikriandoZamadatx, what is annoying?02:07
Tim-Soh haha02:07
Seveastaxidude221, hal-device-manager02:07
Zamadatxthe admin password02:07
Tim-Sso if I'm adding a password to grub I should do it in menu.lst?02:07
Zamadatxi didnt realized it would be used after login02:07
zelrikriandoZamadatx, how?02:07
lksanyone know how to configure the microphone to work on skype?..thx02:07
Zamadatxwhenever i do system stuff it ask02:07
jm2ksometimes my system runs slow -- whats the best way or tool to debug problems such as "too many resources" or memory usage?02:07
zelrikriandoZamadatx, like when you install/update stuff?02:07
jm2kstrace? or something like that?02:07
zelrikriandoZamadatx, that is safer that way though02:07
Seveasjm2k, top -b -n102:07
dr_WillisZamadatx,  proper system security is a 'process' learn how to use 'sudo' and use it properly. :) is the key to long life of the os.02:08
Zamadatxare there virouses for ubuntu?02:08
SeveasZamadatx, not in the wild02:08
taxidude221wait seveas is hal-device-manager for windows.....?02:08
zelrikriandoZamadatx, very few called 'rootkits'02:08
Seveastaxidude221, this is an ubuntu channel. what do you think?02:08
taxidude221lol ok02:08
jm2kSeveas: same as looking at the System Monitor too !? !?02:08
ElPandowhere should the swap be, at the beginning or end of the disk?02:08
szhil1232a rootkit isnt a virus02:08
zelrikriandoZamadatx, they are not a problem if you have a good security behaviour02:09
Zamadatxare they as annoying as windows virouses?02:09
zelrikriandoszhil1232, well....ok02:09
dr_WillisZamadatx,  nothing is as annoying as anything in windows. :)02:09
dr_Willis!virus | Zamadatx02:09
Zamadatxwell that darn swap file is02:09
ubottuZamadatx: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2102:09
Seveasdr_Willis, untrue. pulseaudio is more annoying than sound in windows02:09
SeveasFAR more annoying02:09
gman_Shujah it says sudo: ./alsa-info.sh: command not found02:09
szhil1232its a malicious software that runs below the OS essentially becoming the OS and virtualizing the users OS or simply changing the OS itself02:09
Zamadatxwell im sure its because it uses ext3 and no exe files and a diff structure02:09
xxschwartzxxWhat other OS's are there besides Linux Mac and Windows?02:09
dr_WillisZamadatx,  that was rather trivial.  you couldent figure out how to edit 1 file... you have now hopefully learned how to edit a system file with a text editor.02:09
Zamadatxit is easier02:10
Zamadatxi like it alot02:10
dr_WillisZamadatx,  ext3. and no .exe, has nothing to do witht he lack of viruses. :)02:10
smallfoot-xxor27h, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, Plan 9 from Bell Labs, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, OpenSolaris, etc02:10
xxschwartzxxAny good?02:10
ElPando... where should i put the swap partition? beginning or end?02:10
smallfoot-xxor27h, FreeDOS, Amiga OS 4, etc lots others02:10
Zamadatxwhat exactly is the difference between ext3 and everything else?02:10
dr_WillisZamadatx,  in theory a 'user' can only trash/alter their own files. thus a user cant trash the whole system. no matter what they do. :) (in theory)02:10
ruMeLi want to sleep !02:10
xxschwartzxxCan any compete with Ubuntu?02:10
smallfoot-xxschwartzxx, some of them have some good features. Some of them are good for some stuff, but Linux, Mac, Windows are best for most desktop users02:11
dr_WillisZamadatx,  thats part of the reason for sudo. keep the root/system admin stuff as seperate from the users as you can.02:11
xxschwartzxxI see,02:11
smallfoot-xxschwartzxx, Plan 9 from Bell labs got some great network features and cool technology02:11
xxschwartzxxOh? By technology you mean...?02:11
Zamadatxwhat re the advantages of ext3?02:11
ElPandoimust say i'd rather have an admin account and a user one02:11
szhil1232can any1 at least point me to where i may find my answer?  Does my video card suck in ubuntu because im doing something wrong or would an ATI x1400 be expected to suck in ubuntu?02:11
smallfoot-xxschwartzxx, Solaris got some cool technology such as ZFS and DTrace. It is good on Servers.02:11
xxschwartzxxi see...02:11
zelrikriandosmall fragmentation ?02:12
smallfoot-xxschwartzxx, *BSD is great for servers too. OpenBSD got really great security.02:12
dr_WillisZamadatx,  its the 'standard' :)  other filesystems may be better at some tasks.. but ext3 is good for most people.02:12
tarelerulzI made mount for the ipod using sudo and ipod says it is owned my root .  So I did sudo root:normaluser /media/ ipod  and it says it cant charge permision . To the subdircet .  What do I do02:12
ZachPruckowskiI just downloaded Ubuntu Server 8.04.1 and I'm trying to install it in Parallels, but I need to figure out how to disable PAE02:12
mylogicI can't wait for zfs to become the standard02:12
ZachPruckowskican anyone help me?02:12
Zamadatxdoes ubuntu defragment fast?02:12
szhil1232lol @ tarelerulz02:12
xxschwartzxxI'm working on installing ubuntu to my external HD tomorrow :D02:12
suselinwhat is pae02:12
N1N31NCHN41L5Zamadatx:  u dont defrag ubuntu02:12
zelrikriandoZamadatx, it does not fragment02:12
dr_WillisZamadatx,  filesystems can fragment.. and ext3 has very little if any problems with fragmentation02:12
Zamadatxi was hopeing that02:12
Zamadatxi hate defragging02:12
lazertekszhil1232: just download envyng and it will do it automatically02:13
bobrock_what are some good cli apps02:13
macosuselin: physical address extensions02:13
Zamadatxxchat gnome?02:13
Mecha25not true, it fragments, you just doesn't notice because of advanced elevator algorithms and such02:13
zelrikriandoActually it does fragment but at very slow rate02:13
dr_Willisbobrock_,  thats a little vague. :)   try 'fortune | cowsay' its my fave.02:13
szhil1232k ill give it a shot02:13
moppen_good morning everyone!02:13
lazertekszhil1232: you'll be surprised how well it works02:13
suselinmaco ty guess i need to read to find out what it is02:13
ruMeLoh dude, it's 3am, how can you say Good morning ?02:14
Mecha25he's not on your coast02:14
ruMeLok, maybe you're right.02:14
moppen_iam from from germany and on our irc nobody can help me02:14
Mecha25or continent for that matter I think02:14
Zamadatxwhen i check a program to be installed o i click apply changes and it starts?02:14
lazertekZamadatx: what about xchat gnome02:14
moppen_so i try it here02:14
macosuselin: the reason on 32bit you often only see 3.2gb of memory is that the pci devices are often memory mapped in the upper 3gb range02:14
zelrikriandoruMeL, it's 8pm here02:14
dr_WillisZamadatx,  it 'installs' the program.02:14
lazertekyes Zamadatx02:14
macosuselin: PAE lets those be remapped above 4gb so that you can use all 4gb of memory on a 32bit os02:14
smallfoot-heeeeeeeeelp brainstorm is broken02:14
macosuselin: if you have less than 4gb, you don't care02:14
perlsyntax_i got my gps connect to my pc with linux how do i update the maps?02:14
Zamadatxyay this is better than googleing for software02:14
suselinmaco ok02:15
dr_WillisZamadatx,  the joys of the package manager. :)02:15
Zamadatxi updated 22 thigns today after installing on 90 mb free ram02:15
bobrock_ubuntu linux is one powerful os02:15
lazertekZamadatx: seems like you just got into linux systems... you're gonna love it02:15
Zamadatxit took 1hour 30 minutes02:15
tarelerulzI have try use nautilus via sudo and change ipod dircotory to nomaluser did not work.  I have been trying commmand line chown nothing.  Maybe if someone shows me the right command  > I want the ipod and all its dictorys writeble to my normal use so I can put music on it02:15
leezelrikriando, no i can only have 1 desktop? do you know why?02:15
Zamadatxi used dsl and puppy on my ub 4 school02:15
moppen_is here someone who is using a bcm4311 chip on a broadcom wireless lan card?02:15
ElPandoguys, do i want my swap at the beginning, or at the end of the disk??02:15
zelrikriandoZamadatx, you can still google for ubuntu software ...but a lot of it is right there02:15
Zamadatxi have reactos which is awindwos clone but free and opensource02:15
lazertekmoppen_: is you wireless not working?02:15
jasedudeSalutations folks02:15
Zamadatxbut ubunu is a frst time for a real common linus os02:15
zelrikriandolee, did you configure the general options of Compiz?02:16
macoZamadatx: yes, one of the nicest things about making my brother and sister use linux is that they can install software without asking me "do i hit next now? next or back? what about this one? do i hit next, back, or cancel this time?  how about now?"02:16
dr_WillisElPando,  ive heard some speed is to be gained at the start.. but i doubt if you will notice any differance. I always put mine at the end.02:16
zelrikriandolee, in that setting manager I told you about02:16
bobrock_what's up with ati 1300 i can;t get the drivers02:16
dr_WillisElPando,  for the fastest - you could have several swap partitions across several disks. but thats extreme02:16
moppen_my wireless is working with ndiswrapper...but ndiswrapper doesnt support monitoring02:16
bobrock_they down;t load02:16
Zamadatxcan i expand my partition without damaging ubuntu?02:16
lazertekZamadatx: check out on google images how some customized ubuntu look... cuz i bet your first install looks ins't mindblowing02:16
moppen_sorry for my broken english ;-)02:16
smallfoot-maco, one of the nicest things is that you dont have to run antispyware and antivirus and clean their computer all the time. my dumbass brother had a worm on his computer that spammed so much that our ISP shut our internet down and we were without internet connection02:17
Zamadatxi made the bottom bar 100% transparent and added an auto hide sidebar02:17
gman_Shujah: it says sudo: ./alsa-info.sh: command not found02:17
zelrikriandoZamadatx, that s not much02:17
lazertekZamadatx: once you customize it you can make it look better than vista and mac... like mine ... lol ;)02:17
leezelrikriando, yes. I went to the Desktop size tab and tried to change the number of desktops to 2 and it will not let me02:17
moppen_so i want to use the nativ driver for the bcm4311 chip02:17
szhil1232lazertek envyNG isnt in package manager and googling it brings up a page that says that it has conflicts with some ubuntu utility, you use it on ubuntu without issues?02:17
Zamadatxi dont know if i want to change from human theme02:17
ruMeLI should go sleeping, I think.02:17
suselintry enablin 3d and compiz02:17
macotarelerulz: is it mounting automatically when you plug it in, or did you manually do it on the command line?02:17
ruMeL"sorry for my broken english" too02:17
Zamadatxi dont like the desktop pic but dont know of antything that matches02:17
lazertekszhil1232: go to www.getdeb.net and download it there02:17
jasedudeHey, is any one here a WINE expert? I work for the IT department at my school and my boss is considering a switch to Ubuntu instead of vista, But I need to get one program we use working before we could switch.02:18
szhil1232suselin: was that at me?02:18
Zamadatxis it just me or do the ones that say i have broken english speak it the best?02:18
macosmallfoot-: i have done no such thing, yet i still havent had internet for 2 months now02:18
zelrikriandoZamadatx, and lee too , check those videos http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=jmA0VMd0w1E02:18
Zamadatxi dont have flash yet ill get it02:18
tarelerulzmaco , it would not auto mout so I manually mounted the ipod .02:18
mofuxhi, i have hardy running with a radeon 9600 + fglrx driver + xserver-xgl and video / scrolling of internetpages is kinda slow, when i try to remove xserver-xgl all i get is a white screen when i log back in to gnome... i couldn't find anything usefull on the net yet, could you guys maybe point me?02:18
zelrikriandolee, that is hmm...hold on02:18
suselintry the ubuntu indiana jones wallpaper02:18
lazertekszhil1232: isn't it great ubuntu does the dependecies so great!... One of the main reasons ubuntu ranked 1str02:18
=== mIgggUeL_ is now known as miggguel
smallfoot-suselin, where can i find that?02:18
moppen_lazertek, you have an idea?02:18
moppen_for my wireless driver problem02:19
zelrikriandolee, the virtual horizontal size is what you want to increase02:19
macotarelerulz: when you manually mount it, if you want your user to have read/write access, you have to use -o (for options) uid=tarelerulz,rw (replace tarelerulz with your username on the computer)02:19
Zamadatxis java faster in ubuntu with the same resources as windows ?02:19
vvdhey, is it possible to disable auth for nm-applet (using nm-applet without authenticating)?02:19
suselingnome look site02:19
macotarelerulz: the uid= make you the owner02:19
lazertekmoppen_: if you're wifi isnt out of the box compatible there are workarounds like ndiswrapper and madwifi... what card do you have?02:19
macovvd: why would it need authentication?02:19
Zamadatxand wwho came up with calling it gnome?02:19
macoZamadatx: its an acronym, so it's actually GNOME02:20
suselinZamadatx, a troll did02:20
moppen_it works with ndiswrapper02:20
vvdmaco: when i wanna use it (change stuff like IP) it asks for a passwd02:20
Zamadatxwhats it stand for?02:20
szhil1232theres no results under envy (hardy heron) for getdeb.net02:20
moppen_but ndiswrapper doesnt support monitoring02:20
lazertekmoppen_: that what is the problem?02:20
Zamadatxif my drivers all work perfect should i even getwine?02:20
leezelrikriando, that is it. Thanks for the video too.02:20
moppen_so i will try the nativ driver02:20
szhil1232err no results from search02:20
lazertekmoppen_: i'm sure you can monitor02:20
moppen_with ndiswrapper???02:21
Zamadatxis compiz in the ubuntu app list?02:21
macovvd: network manager does?  it shouldn't.  are you sure you don't mean network-admin (which i think comes if you switch to manual mode instead of network manager's automatic roaming mode)?02:21
zelrikriandoZamadatx, yeah02:21
taxidude221bye guys ima go  test if ubuntu works on my other pc with the live cd i got02:21
macoZamadatx: its preinstalled02:21
smallfoot-is there any website where people can go whine about everything that sucks in ubuntu?02:21
Zamadatxdo i have to restart for it?02:21
macoZamadatx: wine has nothing to do with drivers02:21
zelrikriandoZamadatx, you should look at the vid I linked02:21
zelrikriandoZamadatx, usually not :)02:21
lazertekmoppen_: let me make sure02:21
Zamadatxi have seen compiz02:21
bliZZardzi have feisty running and want to upgrade to hardy - i have the cd for the latter. Do i need to upgrade to gusty and then to Hardy? which is the quickest and the safest way?02:21
Zamadatxi wanted it on windows02:21
AMDpenguinhow can i use Fat32 as /02:21
vvdmaco: dunno exactly, but i have enabled manual config (not roaming)02:21
Zamadatxthe desktop is why i first decided i wanted ubuntu02:22
Jordan_UAMDpenguin: Why do you want to?02:22
lazertekmoppen_: download ndismonitor and you'll be able to monitor02:22
zelrikriandoZamadatx, my video is a tutorial not a show off thing02:22
macovvd: then that's network-admin (system -> administration -> networking)02:22
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Zamadatxi ont need tutorials i need time to guess whow to do stuff02:22
moppen_if i type iwpriv wlan0 on my terminal there doesnt stand monitoring02:22
macovvd: um, maybe system -> admin -> authorization will let you set it so that network-admin doesn't question you02:22
macovvd: i havent played around with PolicyKit enough to tell you how exactly02:22
zelrikriandoZamadatx, You should watch it anyway :)02:22
AMDpenguinfat32 is way better than ext302:22
moppen_ndismonitor? i will search it on google02:22
macoAMDpenguin: ehh??02:22
Zamadatxisthere 5 star popularity or only 4 star in add remove programs?02:22
macoAMDpenguin: how so? it's not even journalled02:23
vvdmaco: i have looked there too, but had no luck yet. ty02:23
lazertekmoppen_: let me know if you get that to work... it should02:23
smallfoot-AMDpenguin, what the fuck are you smoking?02:23
* Jordan_U smells a troll02:23
moppen_ok wait! i try it now02:23
Picismallfoot-: Watch the language02:23
AMDpenguinumm i would use JFS but JFS isnt supported by ubuntu02:23
khajavirymastersys dosnt work for m. it doesnt create an ISO of my Ubuntu? any alternative software to create a remaster of my ubuntu?02:23
smallfoot-Pici, sorry02:23
ruMeLgood night folks02:24
AMDpenguinreiser and xfs both suck02:24
Zamadatxin wich submenu is compiz located in the application menu?02:24
bazhangsmallfoot-, no cursing02:24
* zelrikriando is using a gutsy repository on hardy heron and is proud of it02:24
gway9000there is only one complaint i have against ubuntu - my ATI card did not work after an upgrade and my new Nvidia card will not enable 3d so i had to dual boot to "enjoy" the 3d stuff" no worries though i will see what october brings02:24
AMDpenguinoh well02:24
AMDpenguinI will use JFS02:24
Zamadatxmy ati card worked but ti was restricted at first02:25
AMDpenguinToo bad Microsoft have to be bitches about NTFS02:25
zelrikriandoZamadatx, it's more like in the administration menu....and you want to install compizconfig-settings-manager too02:25
lazertekzelrikriando: why?02:25
bazhangAMDpenguin, take chat elsewhere please.02:25
Zamadatxisnt there a program to read ntfs from ubuntu?02:25
AMDpenguinyeah there is02:25
smallfoot-bazhang, sorry, it wont happen again...02:25
Zamadatxwhats it calle dmy whole comp is ntfs02:25
lazertekZamadatx: ntfs-3g02:25
smallfoot-bazhang, can you make me unbanned from #ubuntu-offtopic?02:25
N1N31NCHN41L5Zamadatx:  look in ubuntu forums for easy full install of compiz-fusion02:25
khajavihow can I create iso of my ubuntu?02:25
Zamadatxbesides this second hd02:25
Jordan_UZamadatx: Yes, it should mount by defualt02:25
khajavicreate live cd?02:25
zelrikriandolazertek, because I have no choice...oh yes...I can compile from source...but have no time to fix it02:25
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AMDpenguinYeah but if you suffer a crash on ubuntu with TNFS mounted you cant remount it02:26
smallfoot-AMDpenguin, yeah, NTFS seems reasonably good... its a shame its closed :(02:26
Zamadatxso its not that reliable?02:26
smallfoot-bazhang, thanks02:26
AMDpenguinat least APPLe gives detailed Info on HFS+02:26
smallfoot-oh, didnt know that02:26
lazertekkhajavi: u mean of the ubuntu installation or the programs02:26
bobrockhow can I make an image of my ubuntu partition02:27
tatoI have a partition, in that partition I've copied the windows xp cd-rom, how can I make GRUB boot it as if it were the cd-rom?02:27
Zamadatxi just got compiz off he add remove programs thing but whered the files go to open it02:27
kindofabuzzbobrock, partimage02:27
bliZZardzguys..[reporting Q] i have feisty running and want to upgrade to hardy - i have the cd for the latter. Do i need to upgrade to gusty and then to Hardy? which is the quickest and the safest way?02:27
Jordan_UZamadatx: The only problem with it is that it cannot *fix* problems with NTFS, so if you pull the plug without unmounting properly you need to run chkdisk from windows02:27
gway9000bobrock: partimage02:27
moppen_lazertek, i dont find a download for ndismonitor02:27
AMDpenguinnone of the linux filesystems can even compete with NTFS02:27
Zamadatxis there anything that makes it better/02:27
bliZZardzrunning [gksu "sh /cdrom/cdromupgrade"] doesnt throw any promps02:27
khajavilazertek: I want to create a Live iso of my curent ubuntu02:27
zelrikriandolazertek, I really should fix that though :)02:27
lazertekJordan_U: you need to use ntfsfix yo fix ntfs partitions02:28
bazhangAMDpenguin, please stop with the chat.02:28
evilbugdoes anyone know how i can make it so that my macbook pro (2nd gen) doesn't heat up like crazy with no extra bg processes (fresh install) and just xchat and pidgin running?02:28
AMDpenguinbazhang: what chat?02:28
kindofabuzz!ot | kindofabuzz02:28
ubottukindofabuzz, please see my private message02:28
lazertekkhajavi: just make and iso of your file system then02:28
Zamadatxif i just downlaoded compiz where do i open it from?02:28
smallfoot-AMDpenguin, ext4 is on its way...02:28
lazertekkhajavi: but that wont let you install it02:28
Zamadatxwhats gonna be in ext4?02:28
lazertekzelrikriando: probably02:29
zelrikriandoZamadatx, from where did you download it and which package?02:29
AMDpenguinJust Extents thats it02:29
smallfoot-Zamadatx, i dont know02:29
Zamadatxadd removeprograms thing02:29
smallfoot-AMDpenguin, whats so good about NTFS compared to ext3?02:29
lazertekmoppen_: let me check02:29
zelrikriandolazertek, I have libraries issues :D02:29
naruttebayoDoes anyone know of a good Desktop Recorder for ubuntu?02:29
lazertekwhat libraries...02:29
amatson97hello hello any one who has got desmume for HH ubuntu 8.04 could they PM me i really need help02:29
khajavinaruttebayo: gtk-recorder is very nice02:29
Zamadatxwhere is link for compiz if i downloaded from add remove programs thing02:30
AMDpenguinsmallfoot: lets see                     B+ trees no limit of subfolders extents and File in MFT record02:30
zelrikriandoZamadatx, which packages ?02:30
naruttebayokhajavi: Thanks very much :D02:30
amatson97naruttebayo, audacity is a good one02:30
smallfoot-AMDpenguin, oh02:30
Zamadatxdesktop effects02:30
lazertekZamadatx: go to system --=> Preferemces02:30
Zamadatxits al that came up for compiz02:30
zelrikriandoZamadatx, compiz can be configured through Preferences02:30
landslideis it possible to upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10?02:31
zelrikriandoZamadatx, assuming you got the right packages :)02:31
Zamadatxsomeone edit that article so it says ext3 is better lol02:31
amatson97hello hello any one who has got desmume for HH ubuntu 8.04 could they PM me i really need help02:31
td123Zamadatx: what article?.02:31
tarelerulzI did this to the dirotory I mount my ipod in sudo chown -hR tarelerulz /media/ipod and I get this chown: changing ownership of `/media/ipod/Recordings': Operation not permitted.  What is wrong02:31
Zamadatxthe wikipedia article sent by amdpenguin02:31
zelrikriandolazertek, it's a library that is obsolete in hardy :)02:31
bobrockpartimage does not work unless i umnount drive02:31
Zamadatxin apperance/02:31
zelrikriandolazertek, that's why I should reinstall from source :)02:31
td123Zamadatx: can you resend it again, I just joined02:31
bobrockhow do I do that02:31
Zamadatxi didnt send02:32
lazertekzelrikriando: isn't there a source repository?02:32
pteebi need MSVBVM60.DLL, able to be installed on ubuntu?02:32
amatson97has any one got desmume ??02:32
zelrikriandolazertek, for gutsy...hence the problem :)02:32
Zamadatxis there a registry in ubuntu?02:32
Zamadatxand who comes up with the releae names?02:32
lazertekzelrikriando: i c02:33
AMDpenguineverything in linux is a text file02:33
gway9000bobrock: there is a cd that incorporates partimage it is called PING02:33
Zamadatxteh names are all so random02:33
lazertekZamadatx: the ubuntu developers02:33
Jordan_UZamadatx: The release names are the year and month of release, ie: 8.1002:33
zelrikriandolazertek, http://mirror.phy.bnl.gov/debian-root/ubuntu/02:33
AMDpenguini mean the config files are in text files. Its not bloated crap like microsoft02:33
Zamadatxya but the utsy somehting names after that02:33
zelrikriandolazertek, if you find an easy way around...I am opened to suggestions02:33
Zamadatxgutsy something*02:33
Jordan_UZamadatx: Those are development code names, like longhorn02:34
moppen_lazertek, you had check it?02:34
Zamadatxwell longhorn doesnt sound to odd02:34
jm2ki'd like to remove all startup scripts and apps and only leave the essentials. How to?02:34
Zamadatxwhats the control alt delete in ubuntu?02:34
lazertekmoppen_: still looking02:34
moppen_thank you very much :-)02:35
lazertekzelrikriando: let me look... whats the name of the package you want02:35
jm2kwhere can i find a list of essential startups for Ubuntu Hardy ?02:35
smallfoot-is there any place you can whine about ubuntu?02:35
moppen_i dont find it02:35
Zamadatxwhy would u whine about it02:35
gnuB_Chris_ok.  still working on this RO fs issue.  Is it possible to umount everything and then mount -a?02:35
zelrikriandolazertek, several packages...it's quite a big thing02:35
Zamadatxwhats the control alt delete keys in ubuntu02:35
bazhangsmallfoot-, not here; perhaps #defuse02:35
gway9000Zamadatx: you will notice that a lot of the linux symbols are animals - that is because that when all the geeks were programming in smoked filled rooms that was all they saw from inhaling all the smoke02:35
zelrikriandolazertek, let me check which library I need02:35
jm2ksmallfoot-: this channel is for fun, whining wont get u far.02:35
smallfoot-Zamadatx, there many stuff i dont like, i cant find any good CAD software, paint software dont have 16 bit color channel, etc02:35
AMDpenguinan ro FIlesystem means the FIlesystem is mest up02:36
lucas_hey people whats goin on with ubuntu updates... it uninstall firefox and now i cant install it again02:36
Zamadatxget wine and cad02:36
lazertekmoppen_: here you go02:36
smallfoot-bazhang, nobody there :(02:36
SodaKillerchoose a different mrror02:36
jm2ksmallfoot-: meant *help02:36
mftomjust wondering...anyone ever have pidgin close randomly on them?02:36
lazertekmoppen_: http://ndismonitor.sourceforge.net/02:36
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Zamadatxno unless im out of ram02:36
AMDpenguinI laugh when windows xp runs better in virtualbox than a physical install02:36
jm2ksmallfoot-: tell us ur problem, maybe we provide solution.02:36
moppen_lazertek, thank you very much!02:37
amatson97dudes need help i have looked at the #desmume no one is home is any one here familiar with the software02:37
lazertekmoppen_: no prob02:37
mftomnot only does pidgin close randomly...my ubuntu freezes up from time to time and the only way to restart is hold down the power button02:37
bazhangAMDpenguin, take the chatter to #ubuntu-offtopic02:37
Jordan_Ulucas_: What happens when you try to install firefox?02:37
zelrikriandolazertek, libkernlib1  and libpacklib1 are the lib's that arent available on hardy02:37
jm2khow do i remove startup scripts?02:37
Zamadatxwhen i use virtaulbox it always stays at 100% cpu even with a puppy linux runing a text based os02:37
smallfoot-jm2k, well GTK applications look like shit on other distros, which gives Linux a bad reputation, many sites you can see applications and they look like 199002:37
zelrikriandolazertek, I need those to install something :)02:37
FezzlerTried to fix Compiz issue now monitor will not set to correct resolution.  Computer keeps asking to restart.  Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 AGP02:37
ronin12345What is a good peice of software for running a proxy on a webserver?02:37
zelrikriandolazertek, but I think the best way is to find stuff from the right repository :)02:38
bazhangno cursing smallfoot-02:38
Simotemplerif /boot/grub/menu.lst is blank and i want to fix my grub after installing xp after ubuntu am i in trouble here?02:38
smallfoot-bazhang, sorry02:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about soap02:38
Zamadatxcan i intall other os's without worrying about the grub?02:38
Jordan_Uronin12345: squid is one I hear used a lot02:38
lucas_Jordan_U, its in spanish something like I should check if repositories are completed, but they are and all i did was an update, it uninstall some packages and firefox it was something about a partial update or something like that02:38
smallfoot-jm2k, linux doesnt support ACPI 302:38
lazertekzelrikriando: or get the source and compile it on hardy... that's the same thing as getting it from there repository02:38
SodaKillerI have installed ubuntu on a tablet pc (viewsonic) all is working fine execpt the pen stylus. it did have "wacom" drivers already installed.  is it safe to assume that the wacom drivers would only install if ubuntu detected somekind of pen device during installation?02:38
smallfoot-jm2k, no gui to mount ISO images02:38
td123smallfoot-: if the program does the job then there shouldn't be a need to change it. eyecandy is not first priority on GNU/Linux02:39
Jordan_Ulucas_: Did you recently upgrade from another release?02:39
Zamadatxand can ubuntu boot from wan like open solaris?02:39
smallfoot-jm2k, no gui to rename labels on partitions02:39
tarelerulzIt seem some problem can be solved reboot or pluging something in again02:39
smallfoot-jm2k, cant change disk quota for users02:39
lucas_Jordan_U, nope... I just did a sudo apt-get upgrade02:39
FezzlerHow can a fix a low monitor resolution issue?02:39
smallfoot-jm2k, no bluetooth 2.1 support02:39
zelrikriandolazertek, actually it's a plugin I want to install...the software is installed...so I dont want to touch it too much :) (I am scared)02:39
jm2ksmalfoot-: unfortunately, there aren't many graphic/GUI designers interested in Linux... when it becomes more popular, we'll see them flock to us and abandon Windows.02:39
gway9000whatever happen to google to find what you need02:39
Zamadatixell this is differrent02:39
Jordan_Ulucas_: apt-get upgrade can't remove packages02:39
smallfoot-jm2k, no LAB color support in GIMP02:39
tarelerulzI would love to know how the permissioni works when something is auto load like an ipod . Do it youself seem not to work at all02:39
lucas_Jordan_U, it did man02:40
smallfoot-jm2k, no support for EFS on NTFS02:40
smallfoot-jm2k, no RGBA channel in GTK02:40
bazhangsmallfoot-, please open a PM with jm2k or go to #defuse for serial complaining, thanks.02:40
jm2ksmallfoot-: use GParted for disk quota or something.02:40
Zamadatixwhere do i chnge the font color in schat?02:40
smallfoot-bazhang, nobody is in #defuse02:40
bazhangsmallfoot-, not here.02:40
lucas_ Depende: firefox-3.0 pero no va a ser instalad02:40
smallfoot-jm2k, thats just tedious, it would be an ugly hack02:41
jm2kbazhang: thx ;)02:41
lenswipei has a problem with hardy, anyone interested?02:41
lazertekzelrikriando: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/i386/libkernlib1-dev/download02:41
lucas_and when i try to install firefox-3 it says it needs to uninstall other applications like epiphany and then i cant do much more02:41
zelrikriandolazertek, I have the -dev installed :)02:41
Jordan_Ulucas_: Can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list ?02:41
lenswipeHardy Wont play some DVDs, anyone interested???02:41
amatson97dudes need help i have looked at the #desmume no one is home is any one here familiar with the software02:41
lenswipeHardy Wont play some DVDs, anyone interested???02:41
lenswipeHardy Wont play some DVDs, anyone interested???02:42
td123smallfoot-: please stop complaining, if you don't like linux, get used to it or go to windows.02:42
moppen_lazertek, i dont can compile it02:42
Zamadatxwhats the control alt delete in ubuntu?02:42
lazertekzelrikriando: don't you find the install version in those repositories02:42
crashanddieLet's try this once more. I have a Bluetooth Logitech Mouse, the mouse refuses to pair with the computer. It does work on a macbook, nokia n810, and PS3. Ubuntu sees it but the connection/name request times out.02:42
lenswipeHardy Wont play some DVDs, anyone interested???02:42
lucas_Jordan_U, where...02:42
Blaqlightlenswipe, im sorry I didn't get that the first three times you said it02:42
SodaKillerstop spamming lenswipe02:42
bazhang!dvd | lenswipe02:42
ubottulenswipe: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs02:42
td123Zamadatx: it's system->administration->system monitor02:42
smallfoot-td123, but i do like linux, because it is free software, but at the same time there are many shortcomings which i dont like02:42
lazerteklenswipe: download libcssdvd and libcssdvd202:42
moppen_lazertek, my terminal shows me error messages02:42
Zamadatxany shortcut keys?02:42
lenswipeI can play DVDs i just cany play SOME dvds02:42
zelrikriandolazertek, what do you mean?02:42
jm2ksmallfoot-: unfortunately, i'm not a linux guru myself only web developer, but u'll find help in this channel, just ask ur question on how to fix something and wait in line for an answer or lookup on the web for the solution.02:43
lazertekmoppen_: what error02:43
Jordan_Ulucas_: Where to get the file or where to paste it?02:43
lenswipelazertek: Its the interactual ones02:43
lucas_Jordan_U, where to paste is02:43
lucas_Jordan_U, where to paste it02:43
Jordan_U!paste | lucas_02:43
ubottulucas_: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:43
lazertekzelrikriando: i mean you don't find a version that downloads and installs... usually is right above the dev in synaptic02:43
moppen_main.c: In Funktion »read_config_from_file_desc«:02:43
moppen_main.c:825: Warnung: Unverträgliche implizite Deklaration der eingebauten Funktion »strchr«02:43
td123smallfoot-: you have to learn. gnu/linux is not windows. it won't act the same as windows. one of the most powerful things about it is the use of the terminal as unfriendly as that may sound02:43
amatson97is any one here into DS emulators02:43
the_darkside_986Is it normal to have multiple gvfsd and gvfsd-burn,-trashd processes running? I have a lot of them according to System Monitor.02:43
Zamadatxi am02:43
moppen_my german ubuntu^^ ;-)02:43
lazerteklenswipe: u mean like hd dvd or blu ray02:44
landslidei've installed kde after installing 8.04... but my start-up screen now shows KBUNTU.. how do I get it back to UBUNTU?02:44
smallfoot-jm2k, i dont need help, i want what is missing02:44
zelrikriandolazertek, like a non-dev version ? no they removed it02:44
SodaKillerhas anybody configured a the stylus on a tablet pc?02:44
lenswipelazertek: No its the ones that come with a player bundled with them, interactual player, thats the ones VLC cant play02:44
lazerteklandslide: kubuntu just means ubuntu but kde desktop02:44
td123smallfoot-: if you want to, ask me a question describing you're situation02:44
lazertekzelrikriando: ah02:44
smallfoot-td123, i know... and i really do appreciete the terminal, its great for shell scripts, but at the same time, i want to be able todo many of the things from a GUI too02:44
lenswipelazertek: There are others and what happens is when i press play VLC just closes... :'(02:44
lucas_Jordan_U, http://paste.ubuntu.com/26981/02:44
lazerteklenswipe: i c02:45
landslidelazertek: yeah i get that... i just want to change it back to ubuntu02:45
zelrikriandolazertek, that's the whole point actually, they removed stuff in hardy (or renamed or other..)02:45
Zamadatxis it faster to have my swap file on a different hdd?02:45
lazerteklenswipe: let me check02:45
lenswipelazertek: TYVM :)02:45
td123smallfoot-: what kind of things would you like to do on a gui02:45
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piju_zelrikriando, my temp now is 58 degres, is it normal ?02:45
jm2kHave certain apps running but remain idle'd/sleeping always. Are these apps necessary?02:45
zelrikriandopiju_, YES02:46
smallfoot-td123, change disk partition label name02:46
lazerteklandslide: there is command you can type in terminal and it will ask you which do you want to set default.. check forums02:46
k350Vad heter pptp klienten i ubuntu? Vet inte riktigt vad jag ska ladda hem här...02:46
boselectais pbcopy aliased to something in Ubuntu?02:46
lenswipepiju: No your temperature is NOT normal, you should see a doctor and or a hospital!!02:46
td123smallfoot-: try gparted02:46
smallfoot-k350, #ubuntu-se02:46
landslidelazertek: k02:46
boselectadoes it work the way i want it to?02:46
piju_zelrikriando, what is ur temp now ?02:46
the_darkside_986Is it normal to have multiple gvfsd and gvfsd-burn,-trashd processes running? I have a lot of them according to System Monitor.02:46
Zamadatxwhats the average computer teemperature?02:46
zelrikriandopiju_, as long as you dont have kernel panic or your laptop gets too hot under your hands you are safe02:46
k350smallfoot-: oups..thoug tI where there:-)02:46
Jordan_Ulucas_: Why don't you have universe enabled?02:46
zelrikriandopiju_, 55° but I can make it increase02:47
lucas_Jordan_U, ok check that02:47
piju_zelrikriando, how ?02:47
Zamadatxbesides commpiz what should i get?02:47
gnuB_Chris_hey cirkit:  any other ideas for me on the read only fs?02:47
zelrikriandopiju_, by making my laptop busier (watch video and stuff...)02:47
td123smallfoot-: wait, would do you mean label? there can only be mount points, there are no labels.. and also the /dev/ representations02:48
Zamadatxis the gnome partition editor good?02:48
bobrockI have problem with my maudio pci sound card it works but have problems with only left channel working but when I move the volume level it work on both channels02:48
td123smallfoot-: you don't give drives labels, you give them mount points...02:48
Starkidhello everyone, i have been trying to make partitions for ubuntu manually, i already have 2fat32 partitions on my 80gb sata, i tried to make but it says , cant exceed 4 primary partitions, can u guy help me with it? when i make / and boot partitions i cant make swap :S02:48
ahorriblemesshi everyone, I'm using pidgin right now, and when I block someone, I still get IMs from them. Does anyone know how to fix this?02:48
smallfoot-td123, well, C: System, D: Music, E: Media, i have like that... and when I mount them, they have those names on the Ubuntu desktop02:48
td123Zamadatx: gparted is good02:48
Zamadatxis that installed on ubuntu or kept on the cd?02:49
td123smallfoot-: oh, you still have ntfs partitions then?02:49
piju_zelrikriando, what the max value u could have ?02:49
smallfoot-td123, yeah, i have two disks, 1 with ext3 partitions, other disk with NTFS partitions02:49
lazerteklenswipe: use xine in totem or download ogle... check this out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=6725302:49
smallfoot-td123, i dual-boot, ubuntu & xp02:49
zelrikriandopiju_, the last kernel panic I had was at more than 100°C02:49
td123smallfoot-: oh, you're trying to change the disk label through ubuntu?02:49
smallfoot-td123, yeah02:49
zelrikriandopiju_, and you are far from that02:50
the_darkside_986Zamadatx: there has been only 1 time in my whole life I have managed to resize an NTFS partition w/o ruining it. DEFRAG it, preferably about 12 times. Belive me :/02:50
piju_zelrikriando, are u using hardy ? on laptop or desktop ?02:50
Zamadatxcan i change filesystem to something else?02:50
td123smallfoot-: uhhh why not through windows then?02:50
Taylordoes audacity have change pitch effect in Linux?02:50
zelrikriandopiju_, laptop hardy02:50
bmunati've downloaded 8.04.1 from a couple different sources and I can't get the iso to successfully burn... and the md5 comes out different from what is listed on the ubuntu md5 hashes page.... anyone else having this problem? and any suggestions?02:50
piju_ur cpu ? brand ?02:50
smallfoot-td123, sure, i can reboot... its just that there really ought to be a GUI todo it from ubuntu02:50
zelrikriandopiju_, duo centrino02:50
lazertekZamadatx: what do u mean02:50
lucas_Jordan_U, it keeps saying something i think its some kind of bug in ubuntu02:50
amatson97is any one here into DS emulators02:50
Zamadatxdid you burtn at a slwo speed?02:50
piju_zelrikriando, 32 or 64 ?02:50
zelrikriandopiju_, my laptop is an ASUS02:50
Zamadatxi burned at 1x speed02:50
zelrikriandopiju_, 32 as far as I know :)02:51
Jordan_Ulucas_: What keeps saying what?02:51
Zamadatxthe drive in ubuntu is called filesystem can i change the name?02:51
moppen_yeahh it runs02:51
td123smallfoot-: I found out how to do it :P02:51
zelrikriandopiju_, why are you concerned?02:51
Starkidi have been trying to make partitions for ubuntu manually, i already have 2fat32 partitions on my 80gb sata, i tried to make but it says , cant exceed 4 primary partitions, can u guy help me with it? when i make / and boot partitions i cant make swap :S, can someone help me with it?02:51
lazertekamatson97: there are some for ubuntu if you looking02:51
lucas_Jordan_U, it says it has broken packages02:51
zelrikriandopiju_, if it heats too much....you will notice (kernel panic and stuff)02:51
piju_zelrikriando, before this, im using debian, its temp only around 36-4502:52
smallfoot-td123, how?02:52
the_darkside_986Starkid: you must use another tool such as GParted and make one extended partition. The Ubuntu partitioner isn't advanced enough for making fancy partitions like that.02:52
Zamadatxwhats with all the programs that arer Kblah02:52
td123smallfoot-: first install ntfsprogs "sudo aptitude install ntfsprogs"02:52
piju_zelrikriando, when im using hardy, my laptop temps went to 60++ when i load lots of apps02:52
piju_zelrikriando, but not on debian02:52
zelrikriandopiju_, the laptop do heat more with time...try cleaning the fan and stuff02:52
the_darkside_986With GParted, you can make one extended partitions, and put multiple partitions within it.02:52
bobrockI guess I will live with this glitch02:52
lazertekZamadatx: they are kde integrated programs02:52
Starkidthe_darkside_986: if i put swap as extended, it will still work?02:52
Jordan_Ulucas_: can you pastebin the output ( if any ) of "sudo dpkg --configure -a" ( even if it's spanish )02:52
Zamadatxwhats kde?02:52
smallfoot-td123, i always do 'sudo apt-get install ...'02:52
Starkidthe_darkside_986:  i m already using gparted,02:53
td123smallfoot-: ok, do apt-get then02:53
the_darkside_986It should. I believe that's what I do all the time.02:53
lazertekZamadatx: a desktop enviornment like gnome.. you should really read up some stuff02:53
bobrocklinux is cool02:53
lucas_Jordan_U, wait i got another sources.list checking that02:53
lazertekbobrock: oh yea!02:53
smallfoot-bobrock, yeah it got some cool stuff, like compiz02:53
Zamadatxwelll i just got ungrounded from comp after 2 years02:53
the_darkside_986I have extended partitions: /, /home, and "linux swap"02:53
amatson97is any one here into DS emulators02:53
Starkidok, the_darkside_986: "/" and "/boot", primary and swap= extended?02:53
Zamadatxi agve link a while ago02:54
the_darkside_986I don't have /boot separate, actually.02:54
td123amatson97: you're lucky somebody responded ya :P02:54
smallfoot-amatson97, are you a girl?02:54
the_darkside_986I have first, an NTFS partition, and then an Extended Partition which I setup as /, /home, and "swap"02:54
Starkidoh right, thats wat the prob,02:54
td123smallfoot-: did you install ntfsprogs?02:54
the_darkside_986You can rename extended partitions' mount point from Ubuntu install though.02:54
amatson97no i aint a girl02:55
Starkid m trying backtrack :s not ubuntu thanx anyways02:55
bobrockwhats a good rss news reader02:55
amatson97i have the software i have problems with it02:55
smallfoot-td123, i just think it should be possible from GUI, many people have requested this02:55
Zamadatxamatson dsmume02:55
lucas_Jordan_U, thanks man i think it was my sources.list... now im installing firefox02:55
bobrockwhats a good rss news reader02:55
amatson97i am in there channel but no one is talking it is rather dead there lol02:55
lazertekbobrock: evolution or firefox02:55
zelrikriandopiju_, I ll tell you something....last month my laptop started to break...kernel panic and stuff...I looked at the temperature...90°C + when busy..I tried several things (putting books under the laptop...) ...but what fixed it is : take it appart , clean the fan AND the grid, changing the themal coupling paste02:55
smallfoot-amatson97, are you born 1997?02:55
td123smallfoot-: ... so your basically saying no to something because it doesn't have a gui?02:55
Zamadatxthis channle should be split...02:56
amatson97no 199002:56
lazertekZamadatx: why too many posts02:56
smallfoot-td123, well, i think it should have a gui, so its easy to use, and anyone can use it, but if i want use cli, i can do that02:56
Zamadatxim used to slower chats02:56
lazertekZamadatx: you'll get used to it02:56
Zamadatxi hope so02:56
bobrockevolution is mail client02:56
lazertekZamadatx: in a way its good... lot more people to help too02:57
Zamadatxanone have dolphin file manager?02:57
bliZZardzis dist-upgrade still supported for upgrading?02:57
bobrockcli is the best02:57
bobrockminimul gui02:57
td123smallfoot-: show me whats so hard about using the terminal, here's how to do it. "sudo apt-get install ntfsprogs" then "sudo ntfslabel /dev/ntfspartition newlabel" that's it!!! how ez. you should try things before judging them..02:57
amatson97well if any one is willing to help PM me please cause i am trying to fix it i would be very greatful02:57
nickrudbliZZardz not preferred, do-release-upgrade is02:58
lazertekim out... later02:58
smallfoot-td123, with terminal, you have to remember stuff, its especially hard for users who dont know what to type02:58
Jordan_Ulucas_: np02:58
Zamadatxhae to ask but can u make ubuntu faster?02:58
bliZZardznickrud : i am running feisty and want to start using hardy. I have the cd for the latter.02:58
smallfoot-td123, personally, i often use terminal02:58
nickrudbliZZardz you'd have to go thru gutsy to get to hardy02:58
td123smallfoot-: ... what do you use the terminal for then..02:59
bliZZardznickrud: or can i remove feisty and install hardy ?02:59
nickrudbliZZardz yes.02:59
zelrikriandoI would suggest a fresh install02:59
Zamadatxis there a better thing than blender?02:59
td123smallfoot-: I don't believe you if you're complaining about such a thing as ntfslabel02:59
bliZZardznickrud : am trying this out for the first time - how do i save /home and then do the install?02:59
smallfoot-td123, apt-get, ls, uname, etc02:59
Zamadatxwhere can i see my system information and harware ram etc02:59
cybertaur1Hello everyone, I have a question about amarok: is there an easy way to remove (or quarantine at least) duplicates in your library based on artist / title information?02:59
cybertaur1Or should I write my own python script02:59
zelrikriandoZamadatx, blender is actually good02:59
bliZZardznickrud : is dist-upgrade supported? (i guess not)03:00
Zamadatxi used it on windows03:00
nickrudbliZZardz best way is to backup to an external medium, and when you install the new version, make /home a separate partition , then return03:00
td123smallfoot-: all of those things are harder to use then ntfslabel. Just want to point that out03:00
nickrudbliZZardz dist-upgrade isn't supported for skipping releases, never has been03:00
zelrikriandoZamadatx, unfortunalty other options can not be installed natively...maybe with Wine though03:00
Zamadatxwine is slow03:00
bliZZardznickrud : can i just copy the files or do i need to take care of MBR etc??03:00
smallfoot-td123, yeah, but you have to use ntfslabel for ntfs, ext3label for ext3, etc fatlabel for fat32, i think, etc i think there should just be a 'label' command03:01
zelrikriandoZamadatx, what makes you think that?03:01
Zamadatxive used it03:01
sunaboz1is curl faster than wget for http and ftp downloads? or just the same?03:01
nickrudbliZZardz all you really need to backup is everything in your $HOME, that will retain all your personal configs. The factoid clone, which I'll give, helps you retain your package list easily03:01
nickrud!clone | bliZZardz03:01
zelrikriandoZamadatx, for what software?03:01
Zamadatxanything better than ktorrent bcause i might get that03:01
ubottubliZZardz: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate03:01
Zamadatxcan i make my ubuntu partition larger ithout damaging it?03:02
anteayai am browsing the screensavers, and the Pictures Folder screensaver is displaying some unusual pictures.  How do I find out where these pictures are located?03:02
Zamadatxbecaus ei only made it 20 gb03:02
Zamadatxi want it 3003:02
cybertaur1Zamadatx: I'm using utorrent on wine, and it works really well03:02
Zamadatxwell thats not bery hevy03:02
smallfoot-Zamadatx, mine is 20 gb too, its enough for me... i think you can enlarge it with GParted03:02
Alfiehi everyone03:02
smallfoot-hi alfie! :)03:02
Zamadatxand nothing happens to ubuntu?03:02
supertardFailed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/p/php5/php5-mysql_5.2.4-2ubuntu5.1_i386.deb  404 Not Found [IP: 80]03:02
sunaboz1 is curl faster than wget for http and ftp downloads? or just the same?03:03
zelrikriandoI remember how I got my partition larger03:03
AlfieI need help...03:03
bliZZardznickrud : ok ..am going ahead with the remove+install - hope all goes well and i am able to connect back within few hrs :)03:03
Zamadatxis there any speech t text software?03:03
zelrikriando...I wiped my whole system :D03:03
nickrudbliZZardz just be sure to back up your $HOME to external media03:03
AlfieI'm new03:03
Zamadatxnot text to speech speech to text03:03
anteayaAlfie: state the question, if someone can help you they will03:03
Zamadatxwhy would you do that?03:03
bliZZardznickrud : what is the best way to backup?03:03
cybertaur1sunaboz1: I'd imagine (though I'm no expert) that the limiting factor on both is your internet connection, not the specific tools, so I'd guess them to be the same. but like I said, I don't know.03:03
Zamadatxi like this irc thing03:04
AlfieI'm new in ubuntu, is my first day, so i'm learning03:04
nickrudbliZZardz me, I just plugged in my external and drag & dropped everything. I was lazy.03:04
bliZZardznickrud : and remove feisty?03:04
anteayaAlfie: good, welcome03:04
Zamadatxwhere can i see information like ram and hardrive size etc?03:04
zelrikriandoZamadatx, I got rid of 3 messy partition + I took the opportunity to get a clean fresh install of hardy :)03:04
nickrudbliZZardz just do the install, it will reformat the partition so your install will be from scratch03:04
td123smallfoot-: because if you combined all those tools together, you would be dealing with an overly complex application. It'll be a lot harder to keep it up. smaller apps tend to be faster/easier to maintain03:04
AlfieHow can I install half life03:05
bliZZardznickrud : cool .thanks03:05
quaterniohi guys, i have a question about upgrading my system03:05
AlfieI'm using wine03:05
* bliZZardz prays to holy god for this transition :)03:05
lucas_Jordan_U, now i cant get firefox in spanish...03:05
cybertaur1sunaboz1: http://episteme.arstechnica.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/96509133/m/1340947045 - "they both use the same protocol", also maybe http://daniel.haxx.se/docs/curl-vs-wget.html helps03:05
supertardFailed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/p/php5/php5-mysql_5.2.4-2ubuntu5.1_i386.deb  404 Not Found [IP: 80]03:05
smallfoot-td123, yeah, but would be easier for end-users who dont know so much about their computer and what file system it is03:05
zelrikriandoI do not recommend the 'upgrade' feature of ubuntu03:05
nickrudbliZZardz seriously, think about giving 10-15gb to / , the right amount of swap, and all the rest to /home . Makes backups and re-installs (for whatever reason) much simpler03:05
AlfieI receive this error.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,err:dosmem:load_winedos Could not load winedos.dll, DOS subsystem unavailable03:06
Alfiewinevdm: unable to exec '--app-name': 16-bit support missing03:06
anteayaAlfie: I don't know what half life is, is it a windows program?03:06
quaterniothe online instructions say to make sure your system is up to date using the update manager. and then if you click on 'check...' again, it will tell you that there s an update available.03:06
quaterniohowever, mine doesnt say that.03:06
AlfieYes, is  game03:06
td123smallfoot-: ok, fine, you win. make a front-end for all those apps and call it glabel, otherwise stop complaining03:06
Alfiean old game03:06
quaternioi am currently using fiesty.03:06
zelrikriandoquaternio, what does it say?03:06
quaterniozelrikriando: it just says the system is up to date03:06
Zamadatxwhat month oes the next ubuntu version come out?03:06
AlfieAnteaya, I'm trying to install Counter Strike, using wine03:06
bliZZardznickrud : am a relative n00b on partitions - hence do not understand what you just said.03:07
zelrikriandoZamadatx, october I think03:07
quaterniozelrikriando: i've even checked that the proper repos are being checked.03:07
cybertaur1alfie: http://ubuntudaily.com/2007/02/22/play-half-life-and-other-steam-games-with-wine/03:07
nickrudbliZZardz a sec, I'll see if I can find a short, good explanation03:07
piju_zelrikriando, my cpu is intel core 2 duo, i see 2 temp value now, why cpu1 is hotter than cpu0 ?03:07
LordFlashyAnother process is using the packaging system database (probably some other Adept application or apt-get or aptitude).03:07
anteayaAlfie: i don't know wine, i don't use it, but from what i understand you can't install windows programs on linux, you can just use them with wine03:07
LordFlashyhow can I fix this?03:07
zelrikriandoquaternio, I recommend a fresh install of the system if possible...but that is just my opinion03:07
bliZZardznickrud : any good links will be good/03:07
supertardhow do i install mysql php extension, the repository is saying 404 when i try to install with sudo synaptic03:07
LordFlashyit's occuring after rebooting03:07
anteayaAlfie: have you gone to this page yet? http://www.winehq.org/03:07
AlfieI can install for example Winamp03:08
Jordan_ULordFlashy: Is another application using the package management system ( synaptic, apt, dpkg ) ?03:08
Alfieor Winrar03:08
quaterniozelrikriando: i was afraid that might be the advice :(03:08
zelrikriandopiju_, I am not sure why...mine are at about the same temp03:08
LynetAlfie: Checked the appdb at winehq?03:08
cybertaur1alfie: or better yet, http://blog.linuxoss.com/2007/02/wine-gaming-steam-half-life-half-life-2-counter-strike-source-and-16/ seems to have step-by-step instructions03:08
td123piju_: 1 cpu tends to be hotter then the other because one is used more since a lot of apps are still programed for 1 processor. this is normal03:08
Zamadatxis qcad any good/03:08
smallfoot-Alfie, you can install Winamp, WinRAR etc with Wine....03:08
quaterniozelrikriando: is there no way to, er, update the update manager or something?03:08
Alfiebut with the setup file from Hal life i receive a message saying 16 not suppported03:08
LordFlashyit's been happening since adept stalled the other night installing sun java03:08
zelrikriandoquaternio, upgrade is not so bad....but doesnt match a real fresh install :)03:09
piju_td123, how to make load balance between 2 cpu ?03:09
Alfie16buts sorrry03:09
smallfoot-Alfie, though why not use Linux software instead? there are good music player for Linux such as XMMS, Audocious, Rhymebox, etc03:09
Bridger**A simple question for anyone that can help:  The title bars (of applications) on my screen just randomly seemed to disappear.  How can I fix this?03:09
Alfieyea, but I did that cause I was trying to install something03:09
LordFlashyhow can I pull up a list of processes to kill?03:09
zelrikriandoquaternio, I cannot help you on this, but there exist some 'manual' ways to do it I think03:09
supertardthe ubuntu repo is broken03:09
AlfieNow i know i can03:09
BridgerDoes anyone know how to bring back title bars?03:10
Alfiebut i have problems witth that game03:10
cortefdoes anyone speak russian ?03:10
quaterniozelrikriando: ok, thanks anyway for chiming in.03:10
td123piju_: you can't, the applications have to be written to use threads otherwise they are executed on 1 processor. this is also true on all other oses (win, mac...)03:10
Alfietell me a game that can be played as counter strike but linux based so i'll use03:10
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories03:10
Alfiesorry, my english is very poor03:10
piju_td123, thanks for explanation03:11
smallfoot-Alfie, you can play Counter Strike in Linux using Wine03:11
nhainesI'm currently having a problem with flashplugin-nonfree on my desktop computer where if I go to Flickr, for example, I don't see a lot of Flash overlays such as the little arrows next to the navigation menu options.  Using the same version of flashplayer-nonfree on my laptop computer yields normal operation.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?  removing the package from my desktop computer and reinstalling hasn't hel03:11
zelrikriandoquaternio, I did a reinstall 3 weeks ago...I made some backups first on some DVD's...it wasnt as bad03:11
Jordan_ULordFlashy: Do you get any output from "sudo lsof | grep /var/lib/dpkg/lock" ?03:11
AlfieSmallfoot, I know but i have problems installing it03:11
Bridger**A simple question for anyone that can help:  The title bars (of applications) on my screen just randomly seemed to disappear.  How can I fix this?03:12
td123piju_: np, we're just in a state of slowly transitioning into multiple cpus on desktops so more apps should start showing up to utilize multiple processors, just really slowly03:12
anteayai am browsing the screensavers, and the Pictures Folder screensaver is displaying some unusual pictures.  How do I find out where these pictures are located?03:12
LordFlashylsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/phil/.gvfs03:12
LordFlashy      Output information may be incomplete.03:12
AlfieSmallfoot, I can't install half life, i receive an error from wine03:12
nhainesBridger: if you have Desktop Effects enabled, then turn it off and see if that helps.  System > Preferences > Appearance03:12
nickrudbliZZardz http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=282018 is decent.03:12
Jordan_ULordFlashy: Ok, but nothing other than that?03:12
ffmHey, any idea why flash is so slow when fullscreen in ubuntu?03:13
piju_td123, im using 32bit on 64bit capable cpu now03:13
Jordan_Uffm: Adobe hates Linux03:13
ffm(example: http://www.hulu.com/watch/26116/the-fifth-element )03:13
ffmJordan_U: I've noticed.03:13
bliZZardznickrud : thanks03:13
ffmJordan_U: any way I can fix that?03:13
ShoopufBridger: I found that my title bars disappeared entirely yesterday. Compiz-Fusions "Window Decorations" seemed to be the culprit.03:13
piju_td123, is it diffrent when im using 64bit ? i mean the using of cpu03:13
quaterniozelrikriando: yeah... i'm just complaining :p03:13
piju_*the use of cpu03:13
anteayai am browsing the screensavers, and the Pictures Folder screensaver is displaying some unusual pictures.  How do I find out where these pictures are located?  There are images of people with guns on my computer, and this goes against my personal philosophy.  How do I find them to remove them?03:14
AlfieIs there anyone who can help me but in private03:14
LordFlashyit's ok I think I'll reinstall03:14
LordFlashythanks :D03:14
Bridgernhaines and Shoopuf:  Thanks, I was able to bring back at least the basic Ubuntu/Human title bars, so I should be able to at least function.  I'll play around and see if I can't get my nice Compiz themes back as well.03:14
ubunubiis there a good place to go to look for *.deb files of 3rd party apps that are newer versions than what's in the repo -- but aren't availa directly from the software developer's website ?  ..maybe someone who tends to compile newer stuff and post it on their own PPA or something?03:14
nickrudJordan_U I was told last night that adobe released a new version of flash that didn't quite jibe with ubuntu's sound setup, about a week after hardy release03:14
nickrudJordan_U so adobe doesn't hate linux, it just likes to screw around with us03:15
nhainesBridger: congrats!  :D  Get "Advanced Desktop Effects" from Add/Remove and you can play around with it.  It'll show up in System > Preferences as well.03:15
Shoopufanteaya: Only place I know that holds pictures is /home/your_name/Pictures ..but there might be a few others, try there first03:15
td123piju_: yes, the 64bit version utilizes all the 64bit capabilities (mainly just more/larger registers) which might have a performance increase but that's only noticeable if you're using it for intensive apps.  but the 32bit version has more support for different things like flash without having to install additional stuff03:15
nhainesubunubi: there is hardy-proposed as well as hardy-backports repositories from Ubuntu.03:15
bliZZardznickrud : i have taken the backup of /home - last Q : will the cd install ask me for the settings? if yes, how can i just format the present  disk and start from scratch?03:15
Bridgernhaines:  I've already got that on my menu and ready to go... but how would I go about getting Compiz/Emerald set as the default window manager?03:15
CandolI have the compizconfig installed how do I set different backgrouds for each desktop?03:16
anteayaShoopuf, that directory has been deleted since i never use it, thanks though03:16
ubunubinhaines:: something more recent than that. i looked in proposed...i guess i should check backports03:16
nickrudbliZZardz the whole disk, you're not running any other os on the machine?03:16
nhainesBridger: Compiz is already set by default.03:16
erUSUL!ccsm | Candol03:16
ubottuCandol: ccsm is To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion03:16
perlsyntax_Does anyone have a gps??03:16
piju_td123, how about differences of temperature ?03:16
AlfieI need help in private plz03:16
perlsyntax_i need help03:16
bliZZardznickrud : have a dual boot(win xp)03:16
BridgerAck!  Now I'm having another problem... every time I click inside of Firefox, it goes full screen.  Not the default full-screen either... I'm not sure what's happening.03:16
ubunubinhaines:: naw it's not in backports either :(( it's too niche to wind up there (those take attention from higher ups to get in those repos)03:16
nhainesubunubi: that is true.03:17
nickrudbliZZardz use manual partitioning, and set it to use the same partitions you already have for ubuntu.03:17
ubunubinhaines: i checked getdeb. com ..but it only has newer version of major software packages like Gimp and Blender03:17
td123piju_: temps will be the same. 64bit apps are usually not multithreaded if the app for 32bit isn't03:17
bliZZardznickrud : ok03:17
bliZZardznickrud : anything else that i need t keep in mind? can i startoff/03:17
Shaba1hey nickrud03:18
AlfieI need help in private plz03:18
nickrudbliZZardz nope, that's about it. Use the same partitions, and when you're done copy back the stuff into your $HOME03:18
nhainesAlfie: what kind of help?03:18
nickrudShaba1 hi there03:18
BridgerI'll try a restart...03:18
Alfieinstalling a windows program with wine03:18
Shaba1Hey anyone ever use and applet called Ksayit?03:18
perlsyntax_does anyone know how i can download maps for my gps for 2009?03:19
bliZZardz/me...off he goes03:19
GrimRewhich gps is it?03:19
perlsyntax_garmin 200w03:19
perlsyntax_i new with gps03:20
GrimRewhich country?03:20
perlsyntax_GrimRe, i not sure how i can update my map on garmin web site.03:21
perlsyntax_any ideas03:21
obf213i can't take this firefox crashing everytime flash comes on03:21
obf213its getting quite annoying03:21
GrimRecheck your serial if its the latest maps03:21
perlsyntax_i try that03:22
perlsyntax_that why i am here03:22
GrimReI did it a few days ago and worked fine03:22
Gralcois there a way i can add trash to the Awn03:22
td123perlsyntax_: welll what was the problem?03:22
perlsyntax_GrimRe,how you do it?03:22
td123obf213: what ff version do you have?03:22
Shoopufanteaya: Sorry, the only solution I can find is run gnome-search-tool from terminal then doing a search for *.jpg :P03:23
GrimReenter you garmin device's serial number03:23
obf213td123, ff303:23
AlfieI need help installing a windows program with wine..........private plz03:23
perlsyntax_td123, i not sure how it will work with ubuntu03:23
td123perlsyntax_: there should be instructions on the website, I don't have a serial number so I can't go along and help you :P03:23
ShoopufAlfie: Try #winehq, that's the channel for Wine stuff. :)03:23
td123perlsyntax_: well what does it say you should do?03:23
anteayaShoopuf, i don't know the gnome-search-tool thank you i will look for that03:23
td123obf213: did you do a full update of the system?03:24
perlsyntax_you have to buy it03:24
td123obf213: what I mean is do you have ff3rc2 or ff303:24
perlsyntax_td123, i put my ss number in03:24
td123perlsyntax_: well if you have to buy the update then I can't do anything to help you03:25
obf213emm, it just says version 3.003:25
obf213td123, i think its just ff3.03:25
=== Double_D is now known as SergeantPony2
td123obf213: type into the terminal "firefox --version" and paste what you get back03:26
GrimReyes map updates are not free03:26
un_davecould someone explain a regex expression to match any string that *doesnt* match "google.com" ?03:26
Drk_GuyIs it safe to enable backports?03:26
nhainestd123: Firefox 3.0rc2 *is* Firefox 3.003:26
obf213td123, Mozilla Firefox 3.0, Copyright (c) 1998 - 2008 mozilla.org03:26
td123nhaines: ?03:26
obf213it also doesn't ask me whether or not i want to save tabs, which is suspiscious.03:27
td123nhaines: oh, they never released a rc2 didn't they :)03:27
=== [[aingg is now known as [cE_Fs_Ymm]
td123obf213: what flash player did you install?03:27
nhainestd123: They did, but when no showstopper bugs were found, they renamed it to 3.0 final.  That's the way release candidates are supposed to work anyhow.  ;)03:27
obf213td123, i don't know , regular flash?03:28
td123nhaines: didn't know that :)03:28
nhainestd123: so Firefox 3.0 RC1 and RC2 (and RC3 on the Mac) don't give rc version numbers.03:28
Jordan_Utd123: They released an rc3 but it only contained changes on macs03:28
Drk_GuyIs it safe to enable backports?03:29
joshman09i have quick question03:29
joshman09i tried to install itunes via wine03:29
joshman09but it's stuck and cant close the window03:29
Drk_Guy!wine | joshman0903:29
ubottujoshman09: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.03:29
Drk_Guyjoshman09, You can use wineserver -k to kill all wine appz03:30
td123obf213: type "aptitude show flashplugin-nonfree" and does it say yes, next to installed?03:30
Shoopufjoshman09: Try #winehq, that's where the Wine experts hang out, maybe they can help. :)03:30
GrimRedoes anyone know much about mdadm and how to install ubuntu server on an existing md device?03:30
joshman09any way to close like in windows?03:30
joshman09force close the windows?03:30
Bodsdajoshman09, in a terminal type    man killall03:30
obf213State: installed03:31
obf213Automatically installed: yes03:31
Bodsdajoshman09, or look for the  'force kill'  panel applet03:31
nhainesjoshman09: For a program running through Wine, you want to open up a Terminal window and type "wineserver -k" to restart WINE.03:31
Drk_Guyjoshman09, You can use wineserver -k to kill all wine appz03:31
Drk_GuyIs it safe to enable backports?03:31
Bodsda!backports | Drk_Guy -- yes:03:31
ubottuDrk_Guy -- yes:: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging03:31
odinrikoIs there a way in gnome to make the panels not show on a specific workspace?03:32
Drk_GuyThanks Bodsda03:32
BodsdaDrk_Guy, no probs ;~)03:32
td123obf213: hmm... dunno, that plugin seems to be really stable along with ff3 (I haven't heard if it crashing once) try googleing it and include the website that is crashing it03:32
obf213any flash crashes the first time its open03:32
Bodsdaodinriko, i dont think so, try asking in #gnome03:32
odinrikobodsda: thank you, will do03:33
td123obf213: you could try reinstalling ff3 and flash freshly and see if you're configuration is screwed up but other then that, dunno03:33
td123obf213: you could also just remove flash all together to stop making it crash03:34
obf213td123, quick question does your firefox ask you to save tabs.03:34
obf213you cant use internetz w/o flash03:34
Bodsdaobf213, you can change settings in ff's preferences03:34
td123obf213: yes, I leave that since I sometimes say yes :)03:34
Bodsdaobf213, yes you can, you just cant view things that use flash03:34
Curtisanyone have the rtl8187b?03:35
bastid_raZorthe topbar of the gnome desktop.. how might i change the color of the font where it says applications places system?03:35
obf213Bodsda, yes which in todays day and age is internetz03:35
rand0mhow do I get more options in my "add to panel" in gnome?  I want to have a tasklist with icons instead of tiles like in xfce03:35
starndoes anyone know how to get sound to work in FireFox 3 [Ubuntu 8.04] in any formate.. Flash or others... i have the plugins and still does not work.03:35
Curtisstarn: do you get sound when the computer turns on?03:36
Bodsdaobf213, i assume internetz = The Internet   in which case, no, the internet is not run with flash.03:36
obf213hmm i am skeptical that i have ff3, it has never once given me the option to save tabs and its not in mu preferences03:36
starnCurtis: yes all my other programs have sound currently i got teamspeak runing with sound03:36
obf213Bodsda, im not saying the internet is run with flash. im saying there is so much flash content out there it would suck tonot have it03:36
nhainesBodsda: he probably meant "internetz" = the World Wide Web.03:36
wolsstarn: start ff3 from a xterm then try again and check xterm output03:37
Bodsdaobf213, many people disagree, there are CLI web browsers which definately dont rely on flash03:37
joshman09still unable to close the wine program that seems to be stuck03:37
=== fernando is now known as Guest61799
Bodsdanhaines, yeah03:37
joshman09how can i force close it03:37
td123obf213, you can run update manager and press check to see if there are any updates for you but ff3 w/ adobe flash should be as stable as they get03:37
tech0007joshman09: killall wine03:37
starnCurtis: i dont even know what xterm is. i started useing linux [ubuntu] to learn to use it.03:37
Bodsdajoshman09, you have been given many solutions, please try one or two of them03:38
Curtishave you tried to restart the computer?03:38
starnCurtis: me? i've done every thing i know of.03:38
nhainesBodsda: That's not very helpful.  He said he was still unable to close it.  Presumably after trying wineserver -k03:38
bullgard4What is an 'about channel' as in ChanServ: "http://www.kernelnewbies.org/ is not on this network, which is why you're on an "about"  channel."03:38
tech0007joshman09: or ask #winehq03:39
Bodsdanhaines, like i said, he has been given many solutions, i can almost guarantee one of them works, if it doesnt he only has to restart x03:39
Curtismake sure that firefox does not have any updates03:39
afallenhopehey I get the followign error: Error connecting to ftp: Access denied: 53003:39
joshman09thanks guys03:40
Bodsdabullgard4, #freenode please, its not an ubuntu related issue03:40
afallenhopeI'm using curlftps.. I tried it as a normal user as well as root03:40
bullgard4Bodsda: He Mr. policeman, I will not obey your order because your reasoning is wrong.03:40
banisterfiendhey guys, how do i get my printer working? it's a usb printer03:41
wols!printing | banisterfiend03:41
ubottubanisterfiend: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows03:41
nhainesbullgard4: The reasoning is correct.  Freenode members will be able to give a better answer than Ubuntu members.03:41
afallenhopeSorry guys I looked up the error code.. innvalid password.03:41
xantresHello, is this a place where an Ubuntu noob can seek help?03:42
wolsxantres: yes03:42
Bodsdabullgard4, it was not an order, merely a suggestion to where you would find an answer to your problem. But it is not an Ubuntu issue, which is why i pointed you elsewhere for your answer03:42
tech0007!welcome | xantres03:42
ubottuxantres: Welcome to #ubuntu - the Ubuntu support channel.03:42
Phobosanyone know how to get /etc/motd to show in a customized livecd?03:42
krsnadasais there a way to see what hardware you have installed on your system so when you recompile your kernel you can select only those drivers?03:42
wolsBodsda: he has a history of asking OT questions03:42
wolskrsnadasa: you can but why do you want to remove drivers from the kernel?03:42
Bodsdawols, cheers dude, il bear that in mind03:42
krsnadasawols: no need if i am running it on a laptop so how do you check ?03:43
starnCurtis: i might of found my prob but i have all updates.03:43
xantresI am trying to get my dual monitors working, can anyone assist?03:43
wolskrsnadasa: not true.03:43
krsnadasawols: how so ?03:43
wolskrsnadasa: lshw for example. you are also STRONGLY discouraged to compile your own kernel03:43
smallfoot-2.6.26 will have support for UDF 2.50, please add support for 2.6003:43
Curtisstran: what is it?03:43
starnCurtis: ok i did all i knew to do.. i even ran firefox useing padsp.03:44
krsnadasawols: i am not going to need b43 dirvers or realtek etc03:44
wolskrsnadasa: it takes a few MB for modules and that all but you become a lot more flexible and your question shows you don't know much about kernels or compiling or such either which means there is a high failure of borking it03:44
wolserm, a high chance of borking it03:44
cirkitkrsnadasa: You could always blacklist / unload modules from your kernel.03:44
wolskrsnadasa: just don't ask here when your kernel breaks please03:44
td123xantres: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DisplayConfigGTK03:44
krsnadasawols: fine enough03:45
cirkitkrsnadasa: Unless you have experience with kernel compiling and more than a basic understanding on how the Linux kernel works, do not compile your own it is very likely something will certainly go wrong.03:45
td123xantres: what I mean is install DisplayConfigGTK03:45
nhaineskrsnadasa: Most drivers are compiled as kernel modules and are therefore not actually loaded unless you actually have the hardware.03:45
krsnadasawols: the thing is i tried installing the newest compat drivers becuase the ubuntu ones are a lil falty for my iwl4956 and i get a module error thats why i want to compile a new kernel03:45
cirkitkrsnadasa: As I said, for the modules you don't need, you can statically remove them from the kernel.03:46
alraunecirkit: what do you think of kernelcheck03:46
wols!tell krsnadasa about errors03:46
ubottukrsnadasa, please see my private message03:46
krsnadasacirkit: ^^^03:46
Bodsdakrsnadasa, you dont need to compile a kernel because a driver doesnt wor03:46
krsnadasanhaines: ^^^03:46
nhaineskrsnadasa: You should only need to compile the iwl4956 drivers as a module.  It should not require recompiling the kernel.03:46
LanUserHello - Hello - I enabled udev to keep my TV card IDs from changing and now X won't start properly, I goes full resolution temporarily but then goes black and ends in a low resolution mode03:46
starnCurtis: with xterm i get "** Message: GetValue variable 1 (1) and says same thing but with 2 (2)03:47
xantrestd123: it states: "displayconfig-gtk will be accessed from the existing System > Preferences > Screen Resolution dialog, via an "Advanced..." button on that dialog." I do not have an advanced button on that dialog screen03:47
wolsLanUser: udev is always enabled by default03:47
cirkitalraune: I've not used it.03:47
wolsLanUser: you never enable it03:47
krsnadasanhaines, Bodsda: i know but when i try to modprobe the driver i get a error: not right symbols or something and someone told me i don't have the right libs or kernel03:47
krsnadasacirkit: ^^^03:47
LanUserwols: not on my recently installed 8.04 system it wasn't, at lest in rc203:47
wolskrsnadasa: where did you get that 4965 module exactly?03:48
Bodsdakrsnadasa, fix the dependency errors then03:48
nhaineskrsnadasa: you will have to compile the module specifically for your kernel, but you shouldn't need to do more than that.03:48
krsnadasacombat wireless03:48
krsnadasaBodsda: how ?03:48
wolskrsnadasa: and that is what?03:48
cirkitkrsnadasa: By default, that module is included with the default Ubuntu kernel.03:48
krsnadasawols: google03:48
nhainesBodsda: It isn't a dependency error.  The binary modules are not compatible with her kernel.03:48
td123xantres: restart x  then? dunno03:48
nhainescirkit: she said she needs a newer version.03:48
Bodsdakrsnadasa, it said you dont have the right libs or kernel, -- go get them03:48
unlinkIf i click "Set..." in the dropdown from the clock applet, my entire session locks up, except for the authentication dialog that pops up. Which is a problem if it pops up behind another window.03:48
wolskrsnadasa: exact error please03:48
cirkitnhaines: Interesting.03:48
krsnadasacirkit: i told you its acting funky and other posts say to use compat wireless03:48
unlinkWhich application should i file this as a bug under?03:49
krsnadasaBodsda: it dosent say that thats what some one told me03:49
xantrestd123: I have restarted my pc several times while troubleshooting this issue, is there anything else you recommend, this is a new install03:49
Bodsdakrsnadasa, we need error messages as wols said03:49
speckalI just installed 8.04 and restarted to boot for the first time.  Where the boot menu should be, there is a flashing cursor.  How can I fix?03:49
unlinkgnome-panel? metacity? policykit-gnome?03:49
krsnadasawols, Bodsda, cirkit: hold on a sec let me recompile that driver brb03:49
pvl1unlink, do u have compiz running?03:50
Bodsda!paste > krsnadasa03:50
ubottukrsnadasa, please see my private message03:50
td123xantres: hmmm, seems odd. are you sure you're looking in the right place03:50
alraunecirkit: I tried once and found it easy to use, but on the testmachine (PIII, 600MHZ, 256RAM)  it took hours, so I broke up then ; ?? is it right to think you get a kernel specialized for the machine you compile on ?03:50
s3awould ubuntu brainstorm be the right place to suggest a new feature for firefox?03:51
xantrestd123: As far I am aware, there is only 1 System>preferences>Screen Resolution03:51
cirkitalraune: I can imagine it take a while on a P3. I've got Ubuntu on my laptop with a core2duo and 4GB RAM so I wouldn't suspect it take very long.03:51
Bodsdas3a, no03:51
s3aBodsda: were would i suggest my idea then?03:51
Bodsdas3a, the firefox website probably03:51
alraunecirkit: is it right to think you get a kernel specialized for the machine you compile on ?03:51
Bodsdaalraune, when you compile something, it is compiled for the kernel your machine is using03:52
s3aBodsda: o lol that was kind of a ridiculous question i asked then03:52
* Derander hates Postfix.03:52
Bodsdas3a, yeah ;~)03:52
s3aBodsda: thx03:52
cirkitalraune: What Bodsda said.03:52
Bodsdas3a, your welcome ;~)03:52
speckalI just installed ubuntu 8.04 and restarted to boot for the first time.  Where the grub boot menu should be, there is a flashing cursor.  How can I fix?03:53
krsnadasaWARNING: "rfkill_force_state" [/usr/src/compat-wireless-2008-07-12/drivers/net/wireless/iwlwifi/iwlcore.ko] undefined!03:53
pvl1speckal, did u try to open anything else?03:53
alrauneBodsda,cirkit: but kernelcheck installs a whole new kernel03:53
pvl1speckal, also can u reboot from the terminal03:53
speckalpvl1:  open?  machine will not boot03:54
Bodsdaalraune, sorry, i dont know what your question is, i just answered the compiling question03:54
pvl1speckal, oh. idk then, did u check the forums?03:54
cirkitalraune: I'll check it out as I have not used kernelcheck before. Maybe I'm too old school.03:54
speckalyes. been googling for an hour now03:54
xantrestd123: Those screenshots near the bottom of the document mentioned do not look familiar03:55
xantrestd123: is there a package I need to install for this to work?03:55
td123xantres: those could be how they might look like (i think those were developement docs)03:55
Bodsdaspeckal, have you tried reinstalling grub?03:55
jacheesay I've got a list of about 5000 files that are spread out through a whole lot of directories throughout a hard disk (the list is brought to me by locate and pipes and sort) now I want to move those files to another place and have the directory structure replicated.  mv doesn't seem to be the tool for this, anyone have any insight?03:55
td123xantres... didn't you install displayconfiggtk?03:56
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.03:56
pvl1speckal, do u have initscripts installed?03:56
xantrestd123: where can I find that in the add/remove menu, or shall I use the synaptic package manager?03:56
krsnadasawols, Bodsda, cirkit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26991/ is the error03:57
Shujahxantres, menu>add remove03:57
pvl1speckal, in synaptic03:57
td123xantres: ahhh nvm, type "sudo displayconfig-gtk"03:57
alrauneBodsda: I asked if -when you compile a kernel on a machine instead of using an ready "all fitting" one, won't you then get a taller and kernel supporting the Hardware better ?03:57
Bodsdakrsnadasa, have you tried doing what it says?03:57
krsnadasawols, Bodsda, cirkit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26992/ is the dmsg03:57
speckalpvl1:  I cannot get there.  My machine will not boot03:57
krsnadasaBodsda: what press dmsg ?03:58
pvl1speckal, does it get past grub?03:58
td123xantres: did that help?03:58
ShoopufI've seen a Gnome Panel 'widget' before that contains system monitoring information... How do I get that?03:58
Bodsdaalraune, only if you somehow manage to work out what all the drivers are for and somehow select the correct ones then maybe, in general its just way WAY to much hassle03:58
bastid_raZorthe topbar of the gnome desktop.. how might i change the color of the font where it says applications places system?03:58
Bodsdakrsnadasa, look at dmesg03:58
speckalpvl1:  no. that's where the flashing cursor appears... where grub should be03:58
jacheeShoopuf: right-click your panel, click Add to Panel, it's on the list03:58
krsnadasaBodsda: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26992/ is the output03:58
tech0007Shoopuf: rightclick on panel then add to panel03:58
pvl1speckal, ah then its a grub problem. do u have the live cd?03:58
Shoopufjachee, tech0007: Is there one for temperature?03:59
Kefga_X_My gateway laptop is working great on Ubuntu, except for one thing.  I have no control over brightness...  I've been googling for about 3 days, but still can't solve it, please help!03:59
speckalpvl1:  yes03:59
Shoopufmotherboard/vidia card03:59
ShujahShoopuf, would be show computer frequency03:59
tech0007Shoopuf: just check the list03:59
pvl1speckal, so just use it to reinstall grub03:59
Bodsdakrsnadasa, yeah, that just says your driver isnt compiled correctly ,.,. lol03:59
krsnadasawols, cirkit: does that mean i have to recompile kernel ?03:59
speckalpvl1:  didn't work03:59
krsnadasaBodsda: well how else do i compile it ?03:59
pvl1how did u reinstall it03:59
offlinehi, on synaptic, there are packages with ubuntu icon on their side. what does it mean?03:59
obf213removing ubufox i think was the problem03:59
speckalpvl1:  same behavior with opensuse 11.0, ubuntu 8.04 and ubuntu 7.1003:59
obf213it was messing up stuff03:59
Bodsdakrsnadasa, what process did u use to compile it?04:00
starndoes anyone know why even with me runing firefox 3 under padsp and have my flash plugin and still does not have sound?i got the video just no sound all other programs have sound hope some one can help me.04:00
krsnadasaBodsda: i did a make clean, make, make install, modprobe iwl496504:00
speckalpvl1:  I have grub installed both in the boot partition header and in the drive's mbr04:00
Shujahstarn, download libflashsupport from synaptic04:00
Bodsda!compile | krsnadasa04:00
ubottukrsnadasa: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:00
matelotHi is "devilspie" still required - if I want to set a default workspace for an app ?04:00
pvl1speckal, did u edit the menu.lst?04:00
matelotin 8.0.404:00
pvl1matelot, if u have compiz, no04:00
speckalpvl1:  no. it looked fine to me04:00
matelotno not enabled04:00
starnShujah: ok.. sec downloadings now.. i'll report back when done04:01
nhainesBodsda: It doesnt really do much good to throw Ubottu tips at people randomly unless you know it will solve their problem.04:01
pvl1matelot, then use devilspie04:01
krsnadasaBodsda: i read the readme and i followed all the directions so what else to do ?04:01
nhainesspeckal: Current version of Ubuntu is 8.04.104:01
Bodsdaspeckal, can u pastebin menu.lst and device.map please04:01
Bodsdanhaines, i know it is helpful, whats your point?04:01
matelotpvl1 Hardy/Gnome doesn't give that optioneh ?04:01
Bodsdakrsnadasa, ./compile      make        sudo make install        is the correct compiling procedure i believe04:02
pvl1matelot, in synaptic04:02
matelotpvl1 I know04:02
krsnadasaBodsda: which i did follow04:02
nhainesBodsda: It's not helpful.  She just told you how she compiled it.  If you can't help her, please don't give her useless information.04:02
matelotJust want to make sure devilspie is still required to do that04:02
pvl1matelot, u cant find devilspie in there?04:02
Bodsdanhaines, if you cant be helpfull, stop talking04:02
nhaineskrsnadasa: It sounds like you followed the correct steps (generically).  Have you installed the kernel headers.04:02
speckalBodsda:  I don't know how if the machine isn't booting.  I can tell you that menu.lst is whatever ubuntu set it up for (2 HDs, raid-1 on a '/' part and on a swap part) completely unedited by me, and device.map is   (hd0) /dev/sda2  (hd1) /dev/sdb204:02
matelotyes in synaptic04:02
matelotpvl1 yes in synap04:02
nhainesBodsda: please try to be a little more constructive in channel.04:02
starnShujah: wow sound.. and loud.. anyways um this well this help with any other sound issues i had? or is it every thing i tried useing has flashed?04:02
* Derander hates stupid postfix04:03
Bodsdakrsnadasa, you just said you did          make clean, make, make install, modprobe iwl496504:03
krsnadasanhaines: yes and yes i read the README in the driver sorce04:03
krsnadasaBodsda: yea why ?04:03
fentis there a way to set up remote desktop to start as a service?04:03
Bodsdakrsnadasa, can you pastebin the README please04:03
pvl1matelot, i think ur problem iare the repos04:04
krsnadasaBodsda: sure one sec04:04
alraunefent: put in rc.local04:04
Fezzlercan some help me fix my resolution?  it is too low 800x600?  Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 w/ 256m04:04
Bodsdanhaines, im being constructive, a little scrolling reveals im being more constructive then yourself, so get off my case04:04
matelotpvl1 I have no problem man04:04
banisterfiendhow do i open up another desktop in gnome?04:04
speckalBodsda, pvl1:  would the flashing cursor behavior be caused by no partition being marked active?04:04
Kefga_X_Does anyone know how to fix brightness control issues?04:04
speckalmaybe I should check that04:04
Shujahstarn, there is a bug where two apps can't use sound at the same time, it wont help there, though most problems are with pulseaudio you can always switch to alsa and check04:04
matelotpvl1 - devilspie IS in synaptic04:04
tech0007Fezzler: did u check the logs if ur using restricted driver?04:04
pvl1speckal, is there a partition flagged as boot04:04
krsnadasaBodsda: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26994/04:04
pvl1matelot, ooo so whats wrong?04:04
nhainesFlannel: Bodsda: ignoring the steps that people have taken to resolve an issue on their own and giving them pointers to instructions that no longer apply is not helpful.04:04
speckalpvl1:  that's what I mean.  let me check that04:05
nhaines Bodsda: ignoring the steps that people have taken to resolve an issue on their own and giving them pointers to instructions that no longer apply is not helpful.04:05
krsnadasanhaines: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26994/ is the readme04:05
nhaineskrsnadasa: Thank you.  I'll take a look at it now.04:05
Fezzlertech0007: How do I do that?  I'm a newbie.04:05
Fezzlertech0007: Is that a Terminal commands?04:05
matelotkrsnadasa, my question is : is devilspie STILL required in Hardy to set def. workspace04:05
Bodsdanhaines, nice try, we can take this to #ubuntu-ops if you wont?04:05
tech0007Fezzler: system->administration->systemlogs...Xorg.0.log04:05
matelotkrsnadasa:...the most current gnome....04:06
starnShujah: well um currently i am runing programs all with sound.. but i had to use pulseaduio.. and use command padsp but anyways thank you for the help this place is nothing like tech support for windows.. never get the info i need.04:06
nephlimdoes anyone know of an app i can use to boot and check the drive for errors and fix them?04:06
nhainesBodsda: If you think it is necessary, then I am happy to discuss it there.04:06
krsnadasamatelot: come again ?04:06
pvl1matelot, yes most likely04:06
fenti'm not sure what to paste into rc.local04:06
Bodsdakrsnadasa, can you remove any of the bad files so we can try again from scratch04:06
fenti was using the remote desktop setup off of the system menu04:06
Bodsdanhaines, im not the one with the problem04:06
pteebXGL and Compiz are two different packages with two different sets of desktop effects right?04:07
alraunenephlim : e2fsck04:07
matelotkrsnadasa - My question is: Is devilspie STILL NEEDED  in the latest Hardy/Gnome to set default workspace04:07
Fezzlertech0007: I don't think so.04:07
matelotpvl1 - thanks04:07
Shujahstarn, volunteers VS paid techs dude :P what are the other sound problems anyway?04:07
krsnadasaBodsda: i did a make uninstall too but no good04:07
pvl1pteeb, nope compiz depends on xgl04:07
nephlimthanks alraune04:07
pteeband beryl is now included in compiz right?04:07
nhainesBodsda: I will meet you in that channel.04:07
Bodsdakrsnadasa, ok, just make sure theres no left over files floating about, also, if its only a small driver, try redownloading it, then let me know when your ready04:08
tech0007Fezzler: open terminal then run this 'cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep nvidia'04:08
Fezzlertech0007: System>Admin>Hardware Drivers shows Nvidia not enabled.  Enable it?04:08
Bodsdanhaines, ok04:08
alraunefent: in rc.local you can put programms to be started automatically at bootup04:08
tech0007Fezzler: yes04:08
nephlimalraune, would that be on a standard resuce/boot cd?04:08
pvl1pteeb, compiz, is now compiz fusion which is beryl and compiz04:08
krsnadasamatelot: i don't use that tool but according to google and pkge info, yes04:08
fentyeah i'm not sure what the program is since it was a gui setup04:08
matelotkrsnadasa - thanks04:08
superlinuxHI ALL04:08
krsnadasaBodsda: i have the tgz with me and tried that ;)04:09
krsnadasamatelot: no problem04:09
Bodsdakrsnadasa, what kernel are you using?04:09
ganymedehello, on ubuntu, mplayer changes resolution when i fullscreen and i can cycle screen resolutions, but on other distros, fullscreening mplayer just fullscreens at whatever the current resolution is. how do i ask mplayer to not change the resolution on fullscreen?04:09
pvl1hello superlinux04:09
s3aim trying to learn python and this pdf book tells me to put the source of the app in the PATH environment, were is that?04:09
alraunenephlim : you can use the live cd, but also can boot to console and run then, see man e2fsck04:09
Fezzlertech0007: BRB - need to restart system.  okay?04:09
Deranderecho ${PATH}04:09
tech0007Fezzler: yes04:09
superlinuxTO ALL ARABS WHO WANT TO LEARN DEBIAN FROM AN ARAB VOICE: SERACH FOR " superlinux " in videos.google.com04:10
Bodsdas3a, in a terminal type       echo $PATH04:10
superlinuxpvl1: hi04:10
Deranderexport PATH=new/stuff:${PATH}04:10
fentalraune: is there a way to find out what program the remote desktop setup from the system menu runs?04:10
Bodsdakrsnadasa, thats what it says if you type     uname -a     into a terminal?04:10
krsnadasanhaines: any ideas ?04:10
krsnadasaBodsda: yes04:11
alraunefent: how do you start manually ?04:11
xociteDerander: normally you want the $PATH first and the new path last04:11
=== ^ADIT^ is now known as indra_faresia
Deranderxocite: That works too.04:11
fentalraune: It starts when i login04:11
nhaineskrsnadasa: as long as you have the right headers, it should proceed normally.04:12
s3aBodsda: do i have to replace PATH with an actual path or i just type that?04:12
alraunefent: ?? diddnt you say that is what you wanted ?04:12
Bodsdakrsnadasa, the only thing i can think of is trying with the *.*.22 kernel04:12
krsnadasanhaines: yea i don't know what the problem is :(04:12
Bodsdas3a, just type that04:12
krsnadasaBodsda: even though i am on a higher kernel ?04:12
=== nt is now known as NT
fentalraune: no i want it to start when the pc starts so i can remote in without having to physically be at the box after a reboot04:13
Bodsdakrsnadasa, yes, im not really certain, but if it works with an older kernel then you have isolated the problem04:13
s3aBodsda: the book tells me that and it works but it's the commands after that that dont work for me04:13
krsnadasaBodsda: how do i make it compile for the older headers?04:13
s3aBodsda: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=857047&page=204:13
Bodsdakrsnadasa, you need to install an older kernel and then boot from that kernel at the grub loader04:13
alraunefent: can u find it under programms ?04:14
krsnadasaBodsda: *shiver* i should just try to upgrade kernel and if that don't work then i will try an older kernel ;)04:14
pvl1speckal, is it flagged?04:14
krsnadasaBodsda: thanks for you help anyway04:14
Bodsdakrsnadasa, your welcome04:15
fentalraune: no its not listed in the applications menu.  It is built into the the system menu under preferences.04:15
alraunewhat happens if u type remotedesk in terminal ?04:16
darthanubishow do I kill an "uninterruptable" process without rebooting or killing the desktop?04:17
darthanubistotem is locked, and eating resource04:17
pvl1darthanubis, sudo killall <process>04:17
darthanubisis totem good for anything?04:17
alraunedarthanubis: killall  i.e. firefox04:17
darthanubispv1 I tried the obvious04:18
pvl1darthanubis, playing videos and songs i guess04:18
darthanubisthe normal methods have not worked04:18
Pithecanthropushello all04:18
darthanubishence my asking04:18
darthanubisI'm not a noob04:18
pvl1darthanubis, sorry idk, look into htop is all i can recommened, its like a task manager04:19
darthanubisdone that04:19
ubunub1what can I do to change the load order of the services under the splash screen on bootup?04:19
alraunefent: what happens if u type remotedesk in terminal ?04:19
pvl1darthanubis, o well then idk04:19
PithecanthropusI was wondering if any of you guys could help me out with something04:19
darthanubisthx for your honesty04:19
tech0007!ask | Pithecanthropus04:19
ubottuPithecanthropus: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:19
fentok one sec04:19
pvl1ubunub1, system-pref- sessions04:20
fentalraune: command not found04:20
simtowerhi, i have a machine here which has obviously not crashed, but will not respond to most keyboard/mouse input including control-alt-backspace or control-alt-f1 f2 etc. anything else I can try?04:20
ubunub1pvl1: that only changes stuff launched in gnome. i need to change the services order during boot04:20
=== pteague_work is now known as pteague_laptop
pvl1ubunub1, then in the current session tab change the numbers04:20
pvl1ubunub1, oh, no idea04:21
tech0007simtower: alt-sysrq RESIUB04:21
Fezzlertech0007: Nvidia enabled.  Still res. 800x600. Ubuntu keeps asking for restart04:21
pteebi want more fancy effects, i have compiz-fusion 0.7.4 installed. any other packages?04:21
tech0007Fezzler: try system->preferences->screen resolution04:21
PithecanthropusI'm about to install Ubuntu (Ubuntu Studio, actually) on an AMD Athlon 64 4000+ Socket 949 pc, with 1gb ddr 400 (2.5 cas latency), 160gb sata2 drive, on a chaintech vnf4 ultra mobo and a gigabyte geforce 6600GT 128mb ddr3 video board: what should I install, i386 or amd64?04:21
pvl1pteeb, get the compiz settings manager, there are a lot more effects in compiz then u think04:22
nhainespteeb: compiz-fusion-manager04:22
Pithecanthropus(i have both versions copied to cd/dvd, for both ubuntu and ubustu)04:22
Fezzlertech0007: 800x600 or 600x480 only choices04:22
simtowertech0007:i pushed alt and the PrtSc/SysRq button but nothing happened, is that what you meant? (fwiw its worth i can get it to go to sleep with Fn+F4)04:22
pvl1Pithecanthropus, amd6404:22
ShujahFezzler, first restart04:22
nhainesPithecanthropus: I always reccomend 32-bit unless there's some good reason to use 64-bit.04:22
pvl1nhaines, a athalon 64 processor should be a reason04:23
nhainesPithecanthropus: good reasons include: scientific software, intense mathematical processing, more than 4GB RAM on the system, like to play with 64bit stuff...04:23
Pithecanthropuspvl1 - really? just flat out like that, amd64? no incompatibility problems or anything with website viewing (flash video playback, for example)?04:23
alraunefent: I have no experience with remote_desk applet; I would install VNC on both machines, which can be staretd via command line or rc.local04:23
tech0007simtower: you press alt-sysrq + letter (R E S I U B) in that sequence w/ brief pause in between...the last (B) will reboot ur machine04:24
PithecanthropusI currently have 1gb on it, probably max it out at 2 or 4 tops in the future. It currently runs winXP.04:24
Fezzlertech0007: okay, restarted complete04:24
simtowertech0007: is that a safe reboot or just a reset?04:24
smallfoot-R E S I U B = Raising Elephants ???? Is Utterly Boring04:24
pvl1Pithecanthropus, amd 64 is a 64 bit architecture hence the name04:24
ShujahPithecanthropus, make swap of 2 gb when you do install ubunstu04:24
Fezzlertech0007: Nope. asking for restart again04:24
tech0007simtower: safe reboot04:24
Pithecanthropusdo I set the swap from the installer itself, or after installation, á la windows?04:25
tech0007Fezzler: better follow this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia04:25
Fezzlertech0007: the two rounded blue arrows at upper right04:25
simtowerthanks tech0007, although something weird happened after the first R04:25
naduhi guys i just installed 8.04 and i need to install java...which pakcage to i select04:25
Animemachine13I'm looking to format one of my NTFS drives to a EXT3 format, can anyone help?04:25
pvl1Pithecanthropus, unless im totally wrong. do some research to be sure04:25
Pithecanthropuswill amd64 version be faster or any better than i386?04:25
pvl1Pithecanthropus, how much ram u got?04:25
naduthere are so many...java1,java2,java 5,604:25
ShujahFezzler, when you go to menu > system > admin > hardware drivers is the nvidia card selected?04:25
alrauneAnimemachine13 : yes04:26
tech0007Pithecanthropus: i'd go for x86 if i were you04:26
naduwhich java package do i install for ubuntu if i just want to view java on the web and such04:26
Pithecanthropusmy only experiences with 64bit OS's are vista 64 on an 8gb ram system and mac os x... on whatever.04:26
Shujahnadu, jdk is reinstalled, and it works most of the time - for bank transactions its better to get sun java04:26
pvl1tech0007, theyre synonymous04:26
simtowerthanks again tech0007, i didn't know about this alt+sysrq trick04:27
tech0007pvl1: what?04:27
Shujah*preinstalled *04:27
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows04:27
naduShujah: do i get sunjava-j2sdk1.5?04:27
nhainesPithecanthropus: 64bit can be slightly slower in some cases, but most people don't really see much of a difference.04:27
tech0007simtower: np04:27
VvWolverinevVhi, can anyone tell me why there are three commas next to my name every time ubuntu asks for an admin password?04:27
Shujahnadu, from terminal > sudo apt-get install --reinstall -y sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin04:28
Pithecanthropusok.. so with 1 or 2gb ram, the amd64 version isn't really going to aid in getting the "most" out of my system then, right?04:28
pvl1tech0007, o nvm now im confused04:28
tech0007Pithecanthropus: yup04:29
naduShujah: if you dont mind me asking...what does the '-y' option do and what does jre stand for04:29
bliZZardzgot Hardy installed - and it simply rocks :)04:29
pvl1tech0007, although i do agree with u04:29
nadubliZZardz: is hardy 8.04?04:29
bliZZardznadu L yea04:30
bliZZardzNadu : yes04:30
Shaba1I think so nadu04:30
nadubliZZardz: ya thats what i just installed04:30
Pithecanthropusis amd64 more secure or stable? or are x86 an x64 the same?04:30
pvl1Pithecanthropus, take that back go with what tech0007 said, but if u have a lot of ram, more than a gig u should really need a lot of swap at all04:30
Shaba1Either that or "Hoary"04:30
nadubliZZardz: its way b etter than 7.04 was04:30
bliZZardznadu : i had to upgrade from feisty and tonnes of probs.04:30
bliZZardznadu : didnt go via gutsy - just removed feisty04:30
Shujahjre - java runtime environment I guess04:30
nadubliZZardz: nice...ya i just put in my hard drive and it said the last time i logged into 7.04 was 270 days ago04:30
bliZZardznahu : how did you do it?? update via the net?04:30
nhainesPithecanthropus: Probably not.  :)  x64 can do larger math at once, but of course it means that programs use more memory and can sometimes take longer.04:30
nadubliZZardz: ya i did the same i formatted and got a new cd04:31
bliZZardznadu: cool04:31
tech0007Pithecanthropus: security doesnt depend on arch x86 or 64bit,,,its more than that04:31
nadubliZZardz: i am loving it...what irc client are you using?04:31
pteebxchat fo lyfe04:31
bliZZardznadu: pidgin04:31
nhaineshaha, irssi here!04:31
nadubliZZardz: oh i didnt know pidgin can do irc04:31
nadukonversation here04:31
nadui like the mirc feel04:31
Pithecanthropuspvl1 and tech0007: swap file and ram - how and when do I set that up? Is this swap file a similar asset as it is in Windows?04:31
bliZZardznadu : create an account and thats it04:31
nhainesnadu: pidgin makes me dizzy in this channel but it can be nice for quieter channels.  :)04:31
xantrestd123: uhh, I think I messed up, is there a way to reset the displayconfig-gtk?04:32
tech0007Pithecanthropus: set swap to 1.5X of ram or max of 2Gb04:32
Commie_Jebuskonversation is ok I just wish there was gonversation ;)04:32
bliZZardznhaines : wats the prob with pidgin?04:32
naduah ic04:32
naduCommie_Jebus: lol ya04:32
tech0007Pithecanthropus: its page file in windows (i think)04:32
pvl1Pithecanthropus, swap is usefull if u have low ram, its like the pagefile in XP. if i were you id just do it all at once, the installed has its own partitioner, but if ur dualbooting u might need to do it by hand04:32
bliZZardzhow do i increase the screen brightness?04:33
nhainesbliZZardz: nothing at all!  I just prefer more conventional interfaces for IRC, especially for busy channels.  But I don't mind it a bit for quieter ones.04:33
naudizubuntu sucks slackware, FreeBSD and NetBSD are the anti-buntu -- ubuntu is an ancient African phrase meaning "I can't configure slackware"04:33
xantresis td123 here?04:33
Commie_Jebushow do I use a movie as my wallpaper04:33
Pithecanthropustech0007: and if I were to up my ram in the future to 2gb or 4gb, should I increase it as well? is 1gb of ram low for ubuntu? - I thought it would be allright.04:33
pvl1tech0007, quote from wikipedia: Despite being natively 64-bit, the AMD64 architecture is backward-compatible with 32-bit x86 instructions. -- does that mean it can do both?04:33
naduhey guys how come i cant get unipeak.com to work in 8.0404:34
nhainesI remember trying to install Slackware from a boot floppy and a root floppy back in 1995.  Good times.  :)04:34
Commie_JebusX64 isnt worth it...04:34
xantresDoes anyone know how to reset the displayconfig-gtk?04:34
Pithecanthropuspvl1: for the moment I am dualbooting this box... but as soon as I fall in love with linux and not my expectations of it (which I know I will), I'm killing windows in this pc.04:34
tech0007Pithecanthropus: u jst waste your harddisk space if u've got more than 2GB of swap04:34
Shujahxantres, whats the problem?04:34
Commie_Jebustech0007: I like 3g\04:35
Pithecanthropuspvl1: amd64 can run 32bit apps. For example, winxp is 32bit, and that's currently the OS I'm using.04:35
tech0007pvl1: not really sure04:35
pvl1Pithecanthropus, well dont jump to conclusions, there may be a need, just shorten the partition04:35
trakinashas anyone here used jabbin? i get handshake error04:35
tech0007Pithecanthropus: right04:35
Pithecanthropuspvl1: by amd64 I mean my processor, not the ubuntu versions.04:35
pvl1Pithecanthropus, figured look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=85648504:36
Commie_JebusPithecanthropus: why are you on windows?04:36
pvl1Pithecanthropus, i know04:36
rand0manyone know how to get google earth working ? (plz dont just google my question and copy paste the answer because i followed instructions in the first five links and failed )04:36
bliZZardzi had compiz on feisty which had some good effects - like cube etc while shuffling across workspaces - how do i enable it in Hardy?04:36
pvl1bliZZardz, it should be the same way04:36
xantresShujah: well I was trying to configure my 2 Samsung 2253bw widescreen monitors to join together, but I it kept messing up, now it won't do anything now.04:36
bliZZardzpvl1 : but it aint - am getting the effects only for dragging windows04:37
s3apvl1: if ur talking about processor, ya the amds can run 32 bit perfectly04:37
krsnadasaBodsda: guess what... i found another error but this time half way through compiling the kernel so i think i might just be missing a library...04:37
Shujahxantres, so you are in terminal at the moment?04:37
PithecanthropusCommie_Jebus: because this is going to be my first succesful (or so I hope) linux install ever... I've always used windows, and vista64 on another pc I use as a workstation04:37
xantresShujah: I am stuck with only 1 monitor working at 800x60004:37
pvl1bliZZardz, getting the compiz settings manager (it might be named differently)04:37
xantresShujah: I have it open now, ys04:37
Bodsdakrsnadasa, does it give you a single dependency?04:37
PithecanthropusCommie_Jebus: This is going to be my personal learning/hobbie pc.04:37
tech0007!dualboot > Pithecanthropus04:37
ubottuPithecanthropus, please see my private message04:37
Commie_JebusPithecanthropus: just use a live cd :)04:37
krsnadasaBodsda: no04:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jabbin04:38
Shujahxantres you have nvidia?04:38
ubottugtalk is an instant messaging program from Google. Currently, Google does not have an official standalone gtalk client for Linux (though you can chat via your browser in gmail) but supports connections from third party clients such as Pidgin. See: http://www.google.com/talk/otherclients.html04:38
pvl1s3a, yea i got that but then are 64bit processors supposed to use the 64 bit arch?04:38
PithecanthropusCommie_Jebus: Ubuntu Studio only comes in alternate installs.04:38
Bodsdakrsnadasa, pastebin the error, lets see if its helpfull04:38
xantresShujah: I have ATI04:38
s3apvl1: no performance is lost using 32 bit but when using amd, alot is gained with 64 bit (i think 30% processing speed increase)04:38
bliZZardzhow do i increase screen brightness?04:38
nhainesPithecanthropus: you know, you can always use the Desktop CD to install Ubuntu without partitioning.  It's not exactly as fast but maybe you could try 32-bit and 64-bit Ubuntu that way before you go and repartition.04:38
krsnadasaBodsda: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26998/04:39
s3apvl1: my statistics are not exact04:39
Shujahxantres, so have you checked if in hardware drivers ati is selected?04:39
krsnadasaBodsda: don't u love errors that don't help LOL04:39
evilkrypossible to ssh from osx terminal into ubuntu and run X?04:39
pvl1s3a, well i understandthat apps that take advantage of the arch are supposed to like run much better, specially for like movie/image editing and such04:39
s3apvl1: so wats ur problem/question exactly?04:40
bliZZardzPithecanthropus: just installed hardy from the cd - removed all partitions and installed it - it is a charm04:40
Bodsdakrsnadasa, actually the error is quite helpfull, it tells us that its not your fault, the programmers have made a mistake, im not a c programmer and dont know how to fix files like that im afraid, id suggest trying to get the driver from somewhere else04:40
rand0mhow do I install google earth in ubuntu ?04:40
xantresShujah: well when I go into ATI drivers, I choose radeon, but there are 4 selections, fgdev, fglrx, vesa, and plain radeon04:40
Pithecanthropustech0007: I can only dual-boot if both ubuntu and winxp are on drive C?04:40
pvl1s3a, not a problem, im just trying to understand which like verusion of ubuntu should be installed on an amd 64, my computer is fine04:40
krsnadasaBodsda: that was the kernel error ( i was compiling the kernel) ;)04:40
Pithecanthropustech0007: thanks for the link. I was planning on installing ubuntu on another drive, drive D:04:41
s3apvl1: how much ram do u have?04:41
Bodsdakrsnadasa, hhmm, not sure then, theres definately errors04:41
xantresShujah: sorry, fbdev, not fgdev04:41
Shujahxantres, try fglrx04:41
pvl1s3a,  well its not meits about Pithecanthropus. i think he or she has 1 gig04:41
Pithecanthropustech0007: drive d: is a 100gb partition of full free space I had set out for ubuntu. Drive C only contains my xp system.04:41
pvl1*its about04:41
xantresshujah: okay, open source or proprietary?04:41
nhainesPithecanthropus: you can install Ubuntu on different physical drives and still dual-boot.04:42
krsnadasaBodsda: i am sure i am  missing some kind of package for building source.. but what ?04:42
pvl1Pithecanthropus, if u already partition then just leave it.  and install ubuntu on that partition, it should do the swap for u but u can later change it as u wish04:42
Bodsdakrsnadasa, youve installed build-essential and gcc+?04:42
s3apvl1: with min 1 gb, u should go for 64 bit with a 1.5 gb swap but emulating 32 bit xp or vista will be kinda slow04:42
pvl1Pithecanthropus, hence linux is awesome, u can change everything04:42
krsnadasaBodsda: yea04:42
rand0mplz to install google earth ?04:42
joshman09anybody know the channel for vmware?04:43
nhainesPithecanthropus: my advice is to delete your D: partition and just leave it blank.  Ubuntu will configure and partition the blank space for you.04:43
Pici!googleearth | rand0m04:43
ubotturand0m: Google Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository04:43
tungrand0m: http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html04:43
nckmy wifi led blinking after installing the lastest ndiswrapper , is that normal sign?04:43
s3apvl1: i use 64 bit and i love seeing things pop faster than 32 bit and im using intel! amd has greater 64 benefits04:43
Bodsdakrsnadasa, not sure im afraid, sorry04:43
rand0mPici, tung.. thanks, i found that.. what do I do with the .bin though ?04:43
Shujahxantres, proprietary04:43
krsnadasaBodsda: no problem and thanks04:43
Pithecanthropuss3a: how much ram do you have?04:43
Bodsdakrsnadasa, your welcome04:44
Shujahxantres, did you update from 7.10?04:44
CandolI need help with the advanced Desktop manager can someone help me?04:44
s3aPithecanthropus: exactly 1 gb04:44
pvl1s3a, now im confused. ok i have a intel duo quad, my ubuntu was set up using the x86 architecture. Pithecanthropus has an amd 64, should he install the 64 bit?04:44
pvl1Candol, whats up?04:44
nhainespvl1: it is completely a matter of choice, and either will work well.04:45
Pithecanthropuss3a and all: I run vista64 on an Intel c2q processor and, although I know it is leaps ahead of this athlon, I cant help but feel the x64 system so much faster, more stable, and more capable than any other 32bit experience I've had.04:45
tungrand0m: hope this help04:45
pvl1nhaines, for a 64 bit, right? but what about for a intel quad, which is more effecient or better?04:45
Pithecanthropuss3a and all: that was why I was doubting the x64 or x86 install on this pc.. but this pc is very much slower than my vista64 bit pc.. so...04:45
CandolI can not see my desktop icons after enabling the multiple backgrounds.04:46
s3aPithecanthropus: wait i dont get how its slower? ubuntu should be faster than vista04:46
Pithecanthropuspvl1: intel c2q is a 64bit processor as well.04:46
s3apvl1: a 64 bit cpu with min 1 gb should use 64 bit in my opinion04:46
nhainespvl1: It was my understanding that Intel's 64-bit processors were not as efficient but as I stick with AMD processors lately I couldn't really say.04:46
pvl1Pithecanthropus, c2q?04:46
Commie_JebusPithecanthropus: what the hell is c2q?04:46
PiciCommie_Jebus: Core 2 quad04:47
pvl1s3a, well is an amd64 a 64 bit arch?04:47
Pithecanthropuss3a: other box is a vista64 install on 1tb hdd, c2q and 8gb ram04:47
rand0mtung, thank you04:47
s3anhaines: they are not as efficient however, in the end intel wins barely bcuz of its actual faster speed04:47
bliZZardzthe windows are getting greyed out after having installed Hardy(esp firefox) -- bug with firefox3 - beta?04:47
nhainess3a: that may be.  :)04:47
Pithecanthropuss3a: this box is single core athlon 64 4000+ 1gb ram04:47
s3aPithecanthropus: i have a 3 ghz intel single core pentium 4 with 1 gb ram which is weaker than ur comp and it flies04:47
Pithecanthropuspvl1: c2q = core 2 quad04:48
tech0007Pithecanthropus: u can do either i386 or amd6404:48
nhainesbliZZardz: make sure you upgrade your kernel and Firefox!  But the kernel should be the most help.  Download the Ubuntu 8.04.1 ISOs for future installs, which will solve this problem as well.04:48
pvl1Pithecanthropus, yea i read that. thanks tho04:48
s3aPithecanthropus: do 64 bit04:48
s3aPithecanthropus: u can also use live cd to test if u dont believe me04:48
pvl1s3a, so i have a c2q, do u recommend i change?04:48
Candolpvl1, I can not view my desktop icons after enabling the cube and multiple desktop icons04:48
=== tim is now known as PiercedDad
Commie_JebusI have a 64 but i use 32...04:49
pvl1Candol, multiple desktop icons?04:49
Pithecanthropuspvl1: If I were to install ubuntu studio on my c2q with 8gb ram, I would go 64 bit, as I did with the vista install.04:49
s3apvl1: ofcourse, i have a weak ass comp compared to u ppl and like i said 64 bit makes my comp even faster however note that it uses more ram therefore prepare to have some swap04:49
xantresshujah: okay, now I have the two displays working, but my main(left) when I move my mouse around the screen has to scroll vertically and horizontally04:50
Pithecanthropuss3a: so I should get more ram for a faster 64 bit ubuntu on this pc then.04:50
s3apvl1: with 1 gb there shouldnt be much access on swap, so u should usually have a faster system04:50
pvl1s3a, Pithecanthropus i have 3 gigs ram, that enof?04:50
bliZZardz230 updates!! how much time would it take approx?04:50
s3apvl1: defenitely04:50
xantresShujah: to view the whole screen04:50
nhainesbliZZardz: you can upgrade just the kernel for a big boost.04:50
pvl1s3a, so u think i should switch to the 64 bit?04:50
magic_ninjahow do i show the active users on my box04:50
s3aPithecanthropus: nono, i just mean if u happen to reach ur limit, ull be on swap but 1 gb is enuf to not be super swap dependent, in the end ur comp is faster04:50
bliZZardznhaines: as in?how do i do it?04:50
Candolpvl1,  I started using the cube.  I went into gconf-editor and unchecked the "show desktop" to enable multiple background images for each desktop. Now I do not have any of my shortcuts on the desktop.04:51
Pithecanthropusall: lol, I feel I've touched an undecided topic with my doubts.04:51
nhainesbliZZardz: If you already have Ubuntu installed, simply use the Update Manager to download and install the updates.04:51
krsnadasaany one know what this error means ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/26998/04:51
Candolpvl1, and I can not add any shortcuts.04:51
tech0007Pithecanthropus: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=616&num=104:51
bliZZardznhaines : update manager shows 230 updates - hence am asking04:51
tech0007Pithecanthropus: its old but it still applies04:52
nhainesbliZZardz: I don't understand your question.  You should install all those updates.  Especially the security updates.04:52
nhainesbliZZardz: Do you mean you want to just install certain updates?04:52
xantresDoes anyone know where I can get more monitor drivers, specifically for Samsung 2253bw?04:52
trakinaskrsnadasa: compiling kernel in ubuntu is a pain in the *04:52
pvl1Candol, do "sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager"04:52
Pithecanthropustech0007: AAAAAH. THANKS. I'll read up, be back in a bit.04:52
Pithecanthropuspvl1: depends. Do you do video editing or heavy computing stuff on your box?04:52
tech0007Pithecanthropus: np04:52
krsnadasatrakinas: i can tell lol, i wonder if i should just jump onto debian ?04:52
Pithecanthropuspvl1: because if you don't, and you only use 32bit apps, then I wouldn't know if it was worth it.04:53
pvl1Pithecanthropus, well i have edited movies on my xp boot (dont yell at me) and i do program a bit04:53
bliZZardznhaines: there are 230 updates listed - which amounts to 200+MB - am sure this would take a minimum of 1 hour.Can i just install the security updates as of now? and install the the "recommended updates" later?04:53
trakinaskrsnadasa: if you want to compile kernel and stuffs, yes. maybe even into gentoo.04:53
Pithecanthropuspvl1: on my behald I want to use ubuntu studio to help me coax the most out of an old system, intended for media creation and general computer learning04:53
magic_ninjai have a real problem04:53
Candolpvl1, I have that04:53
krsnadasatrakinas: *shiver* gentoo *shiver*04:53
Candolpvl1, that is what i used to set up the cube04:54
magic_ninjafor some reason it shows two users logged in, but i only have one04:54
Pithecanthropuspvl1: I already dished out a lot of cash on my workstation (with vista64), so I'm not going to invest much more on this athlon...04:54
magic_ninjaand it doesn't show who the other user logged in is04:54
Candolpvl1, I think I know what I did04:54
trakinaskrsnadasa: shiver?04:54
s3aPithecanthropus: pvl1: cinelerra (linux video editor) is ideal for 64 bit04:54
pvl1Candol, ok so use that for settings, but what setting did u set up when this changed and y04:54
Pithecanthropuspvl1: BUT, on the workstation (with a core 2 quad), I did go for 64 bit.04:54
nhainesbliZZardz: yes, you could.04:54
tech0007magic_ninja: 'who' on terminal04:54
nhainesbliZZardz: Right-click on the updates list and say "uncheck all"04:54
krsnadasatrakinas: i remember when it first came out i just never like it04:54
bliZZardznhaines : yo. am doing it04:54
pvl1Pithecanthropus, y? will it run better?04:54
dallasanyone know how to get java runing right on ubuntu?04:55
nhainesbliZZardz: then just check the security updates.  :)  But it's the kernel that'll improve performance.04:55
trakinaskrsnadasa: gentoo is really different from when it started. much more easier.04:55
pvl1dallas, y isnt it runnign right currently?04:55
Pithecanthropuspvl1: I won't yell at you. People will yell at me for saying I love vista64 ultimate... because I do, frankly.04:55
magic_ninjatech0007, for some reason the 2nd user hides from "who"04:55
tech0007!java | dallas:04:55
ubottudallas:: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository04:55
bliZZardznahines : am not sure what do you mean by 'kernel'  here!! how do i choose just the ketnel updates alone?04:55
trakinasthere are 2 distros i love the most: debian and gentoo (they are on alphabetical order)04:55
Candolpvl1, I was going by this http://tutorialninjas.net/2008/05/09/multiple-desktop-backgrounds/04:55
dallasthink thats what i need04:56
tech0007magic_ninja: not showing the userid of the 2nd user?04:56
IceDingoyou can go to java.com and it has a linux version04:56
FlynsarmyGah, flash player got even LESS stable with that last update. it not only still occasionally crashes firefox, it now has thousands of tiny white boxes everywhere and makes xorg use up 100% cpu on some swf's04:56
magic_ninjatech0007, yes04:56
krsnadasatrakinas: i am a debian guy, but because of the fuss and me coming back to linux after 6 yrs i figured why not try ubuntu its based on debian04:56
Pithecanthropuspvl1: well, I went for 64 bit to be able to do more stuff at a time and to allow the quad core processor to do it's work, without an os bottleneck, using all 8gb's of ram, for video and graphic rendering04:56
pvl1Pithecanthropus, eh i wont judge u, it looks nice. but im now very confused as to the difference. i thought i386 and 64bit were completly different processosr04:56
nhainesbliZZardz: Go down in the recommended updates list and find the 'linux-image' updates04:56
dallastired that icedingo04:56
dallasbut thanks anyway04:56
pvl1Pithecanthropus, well my point in programming is to learn 3d programming04:56
IceDingohow big is the update from 7.10 to 8.04?04:56
nhaineskrsnadasa: it's really good to have you, and I'm sorry to say that compiling kernel modules is the one thing that hasn't improved.  ;)04:57
Pithecanthropuspvl1: what are you using? python and blender?04:57
bliZZardznahines : nothing like that . I can see 'distribution updates'04:57
nhainesIceDingo: about 800MB, usually.04:57
s3ais the ubuntu kernel 100% free when u choose free software only mode on boot of live cd?04:57
tech0007magic_ninja: on which pts? and display?04:57
nhainess3a: yes.04:57
trakinaskrsnadasa: oh yes! my first distro was debian. i was going to use kurumin (based on debian) but a friend told me to use debian.04:57
pvl1Pithecanthropus, learning c++ and i still havent chosen if ima go straight into opengl or use an engine and which engine (more likely) but id wanna implement python or ruby for the game logic04:57
krsnadasanhaines: lol thanks04:57
s3anhaines: and wen u dont choose that mode, ur kernel is not 100% free?04:57
trakinass3a: linux kernel are always free.04:57
magic_ninjatech0007, shows the pts and the x serve display on tty7 but not the other "mystery user"04:58
bliZZardznhaines: let me go ahead and install the 67+mb and then see. hope the restricted modules doesnt break the X - it has done this to me umpteen number of times.04:58
s3anhaines: not as in price04:58
s3anhaines: i meant like no proprietary wireless card drivers in my kernel, right? (i chose free software only option)04:58
nhainess3a: I understand.  :)  If you don't choose that mode, there are one of a couple of non-free hardware drivers that might be installed, only if you have them.04:58
bliZZardzpresently Hardy looks really neat - praying to god that X doesnt break!04:58
nhainess3a: But yes, if you chose free-software only, it should be "pure".04:58
Pithecanthropuspvl1: well, I don't know much about c++ or python, but that's what I want to get into as well in the future. I wouldn't know about the requirements or processor usage of both for learning purposes yet04:59
trakinasShujah: /exit04:59
s3anhaines: :D, i asked bcuz i dint feel an impact or anything in the actual install, developpers should make it so that the install says free software only mode during the installation setup04:59
bliZZardzPithecanthropus: pvl1: what is the conversation abt? (i see c++ and python :D )04:59
s3anhaines: just an idea04:59
pvl1Pithecanthropus, hm. for now ill stick with this and research.04:59
Pithecanthropuspvl1: but I do know about editing video and working with After Effects, Fusion, Combustion, 3dStudio Max, Cinema 4d04:59
pvl1bliZZardz, uhm uses for 64bit04:59
trakinaskrsnadasa: hehe04:59
pvl1Pithecanthropus, thats all video card04:59
Pithecanthropuspvl1: Cakewalk Sonar, Reason, ProTools and all Adobe and Macromedia05:00
nhainess3a: The non-free stuff is extremely minimal.  But if you need it, you need it.  :)05:00
pvl1Pithecanthropus, no idea what that is05:00
Pithecanthropuspvl1: and for them... the 64bit OS is amazing.05:00
trakinasPithecanthropus: so you should have a dual boot. :]05:00
trakinasPithecanthropus: and give a try to CInelerra for video editing05:00
=== ballzee is now known as Sinister
pvl1Pithecanthropus, oh. hm. ima see if i can change my current ubuntu into 64 bit. i installed as i38605:01
=== victor__ is now known as vh
s3anhaines: wait r u sayin i have proprietary stuff in my system? or did u just mean that the normal installation that is not the free software only mode has a minimal amount of proprietary software?05:01
mouser-bliZZardz: Aside from marking them manually, I don't think it differentiates between security update and regular update.  Perhaps it should, like Windows and many other update managers do.05:01
Pithecanthropustrakinas: I will, but to keep certain stuff I use under xp. This pc has xp. Not vista 64. Is Cinelerra strong?05:01
nhainess3a: I'm saying that the normal mode only has a minimal amount of proprietary software, restricted to certain drivers.05:01
trakinass3a: there is a 100% free software, but i forgot its name.05:02
Pithecanthropuspvl1: I just cited a lot of media production software I use. I work in communications and advertising, hence the need for 64bit os's.05:02
Pithecanthropuspvl1: hence, also, my interest in the Ubuntu Studio flavour.05:02
s3atrakinas: if ur talkin bout gnewsense, i dont want to leave ubuntu, i just want free software only05:02
trakinasPithecanthropus: vista s0x. hehe! yes. cinelerra is strong05:02
pvl1Pithecanthropus, yea gotcha. eh studio is like ubuntu with just a buncha apps already isntalled. u can get the same apps, just have to synaptic them05:03
trakinass3a: ok05:03
=== kalpik_ is now known as kalpik
trakinasPithecanthropus: i cannot say how strong cause i only do vidoe editting for fun, but it is powerful.05:04
krsnadasatrakinas: ummm the newest kernel seems to be compiling just the newest prepatch has some problems05:04
Pithecanthropuspvl1: I was under the impression the Ubuntu Studio kernel was real-time?05:04
Dex-Freudiii've just upgraded hardy, and it uninstalled firefox!!!05:04
trakinaskrsnadasa: i see... no need for me to compile kernels right now05:04
pvl1Pithecanthropus, what du mean?05:04
EnMasse187guys ubuntu had been ticking me off so i just switched back to windows xp  :)05:04
krsnadasaDex-Freudii: don't panic just goto the add/remove and add it again05:05
nhainespvl1, Pithecanthropu: actually, I think Ubuntu Studio uses the realtime kernel.05:05
=== pvl1 is now known as pavel989
trakinaspvl1: real time proccessing05:05
nhainesPithecanthropus: yes, you're right.05:05
Pithecanthropuspvl1: Ubuntu Studio is RTOS05:05
EnMasse187guys did you hear what i just said05:05
Pithecanthropuspvl1: Regular Ubuntu isn't.05:05
Dex-Freudiikrsnadasa: i tried apt-get install firefox and won't work05:05
EnMasse187i JUST went back to windows xp05:05
krsnadasatrakinas: i wish i could say same thing but thanks to good old iwl4965 the infamous intel i do :)05:05
krsnadasaDex-Freudii: error please05:05
pavel989Pithecanthropus, renamed from pvl1. idk what that is. i remember i had ubuntu isntalled and from synaptic i installed ubuntus tudio05:05
Pithecanthropuspvl1: or so I thought.05:05
EnMasse187trakinas whats so funny?05:05
Dex-Freudiifirefox: Depende: firefox-3.0 pero no va a instalarse05:06
xantresShujah: I got both screens working now, but on my left screen, I can't see the whole screen at once, it has me scroll around to view it05:06
Dex-FreudiiE: Paquetes rotos05:06
pavel989nhaines, whats a realtime kernel? (i was pvl1)05:06
krsnadasaDex-Freudii: english ?05:06
mouser-EnMasse187: What "ticked you off"?05:06
tech0007Dex-Freudii: english pls05:06
trakinasEnMasse187: his good ol' chipset05:06
EnMasse187how could you guys believe that05:06
nhainespavel989: It means the kernel can guarantee certain programs that it will give them a certain amount of time slices.05:06
Dex-Freudiifirefox: Depends : firefox-3.0 but won't install05:06
FloodBot2EnMasse187: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:06
Dex-FreudiiE: broken packages05:06
alrauneDex-Freuddii : sudo apt-get install firefox (Terminal)05:06
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins05:06
pavel989nhaines, oh i never knew that05:07
nhainespavel989: very good for sound processing.  :)05:07
Dex-Freudiialraune: that's what i did05:07
EnMasse187i'd have to be CRAZY to go back to windows :D05:07
mouser-EnMasse187: That's probably true. :)05:07
EnMasse187mouser-: what is?05:07
krsnadasaDex-Freudii: try a dpkg -i -f firefox05:07
Pithecanthropuspavel: it's an operating system with a ... well, they explained.05:07
pavel989Pithecanthropus, well then i guess u should go with ubunut studio05:07
nhainespavel989: It's not common in desktop OSes and so Ubuntu isn't set up that way by default.  But if you need it, there's a specially compiled kernel for you waiting in the repositories!  :D05:07
=== Bush is now known as Ubuntu
pavel989nhaines, named...05:07
mouser-EnMasse187: Yes, you'd probably have to be crazy to go back to windows :)05:08
dallasok i'm still lost i know i need to uncomment some lines in my repository list but not sure witch05:08
krsnadasaDex-Freudii: or a apt-get remove firefox and then a apt-get install firefox05:08
* Ubuntu is kid tested, mother approved.05:08
krsnadasaDex-Freudii: also try apt-get update && apt-get upgrade before05:08
dallastrying to get java to work on ubuntu05:08
Pithecanthropuspavel1989: now all I have to learn how to do is write code and identify resources to compile a driver for my prodikeys ps2 midi controller keyboard and I'll be set05:08
Dex-Freudiifirefox is not installed05:08
tech0007dallas: do it the easy way ...system->adminsitration->software sources05:08
Pithecanthropuspavel1989: otherwise, I'd have to dish out cash on a USB or regular midi interface controller.05:09
nhainespavel989: linux-image-rt05:09
pavel989Pithecanthropus, well depending on which language, coding isnt too dificult05:09
trakinasdallas: pastebin your sources.05:09
dallasDUH lol tks05:09
pavel989nhaines, ill check it out05:09
tech0007!paste | Dex-Freudii:05:09
ubottuDex-Freudii:: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:09
Pithecanthropusallright guys05:09
pavel989Pithecanthropus, isnt it possible thats done for the keyboard thing?05:09
Pithecanthropusit's not, pavel.05:09
Pithecanthropuswhich sucks.05:09
pavel989oh im sory05:10
pavel989well good luck!05:10
=== Ubuntu is now known as Edubuntu
EnMasse187well im out bye :D05:10
nhainesLater, EnMasse187.  :)05:10
trakinasPithecanthropus: in which language these controllers are coded?05:10
Pithecanthropusbut if it isn't, and this is open source, and I'm getting into this whole deal, then the proper thing to do for me would be to find out how to make it work and distribute it :)05:10
PithecanthropusI have no idea, trakinas. It's creative, and they only work with winXP05:10
xantresWith Dual monitors setup, my left monitor won't show the whole desktop, it has me scrolling, does anyone know what is causing that?05:10
Dex-Freudiiinstalling firefox-3.0 requieres uninstalling ubuntu-desktop among others05:11
trakinaswhich is it name, ahain?05:11
nhainesPithecanthropus: that's very generous of you.  :)05:11
Pithecanthropustrakinas: God I've come to hate creative labs. I used to love them.05:11
trakinasPithecanthropus: hehe05:11
=== Double_D is now known as SergeantPony2
Pithecanthropusnhaines: well, that's what it's all about, isn't it?05:11
tech0007Dex-Freudii: post your /etc/apt/sources.list to paste.ubuntu.com05:11
nhainesPithecanthropus: indeed.  :)05:11
trakinasDex-Freudii: i downloaded its binary from mozilla.05:11
Commie_JebusDex-Freudii: I didnt need to uninstall gnome...05:11
alrauneDex-Freuddii : sudo apt-get update, dependencys unsolverd ?05:12
trakinasworks like a charm, execpt for some bugs with images05:12
pavel989Pithecanthropus, well c++ is wild wild language and should be considered devil worship, but it is strong. python is much more productive05:12
Pithecanthropusnhaines: that's why I want to get into this. I'm actually quite psyched.05:12
nhainespavel989: yes, but you can't program a device driver in Python!05:12
Dex-Freudiii was running firefox fine untill i just upgraded :(05:12
Dex-Freudiithat's a bug05:12
pavel989nhaines, im sure out there, there is  a way05:12
Pithecanthropusnhaines: ofcourse, the only thing I can program is math games in basic.05:12
krsnadasaDex-Freudii: remember its never the computers fault its the users fault05:12
trakinasDex-Freudii: no, it is not05:12
Pithecanthropusnhaines: or play with the logo turtle.05:12
nhainespavel989: I doubt there is.  It's not why Python is "for".  I love Python.  :)05:12
Pithecanthropusnhaines: BUT, i can learn.05:13
krsnadasaDex-Freudii: did you try the dpkg -i -f firefox ?05:13
=== Edubuntu is now known as yurimxpxman
Dex-Freudiikrsnadasa: that won't work05:13
nhainesPithecanthropus: you can!  :D  Python's good for learning--very easy like BASIC but much more powerful.  Can't do drivers in it, though.05:13
krsnadasaDex-Freudii: why not ?05:13
Dex-Freudii-i and -f are incompatible options05:13
Pithecanthropusok guys, I'm gonna venture out into installing this thing05:13
Pithecanthropusand hopefully05:13
alrauneDex-Freuddii : whats does dpkg say ?05:13
Pithecanthropusif you guys stick around05:13
PithecanthropusI'll be back05:13
Pithecanthropusfrom a wholly different desktop05:13
nhainesPithecanthropus: best of luck!  We look forward to seeing you back in a half hour!  :)05:13
Pithecanthropussometime soon tonight05:14
Dex-Freudiii changes sources servers05:14
Pithecanthropusthen I'll tell you wether I went 64 or 32bit05:14
trakinasPithecanthropus: you can acess irc through livecd05:14
Dex-Freudiialraune: that they are incompatible options05:14
pavel989nhaines, very glad i learned it05:14
Dex-Freudiibut in spanish it says it05:14
Pithecanthropustrakinas: ubuntu studio doesn't come in live cd flavours.05:14
Pithecanthropustrakinas: just alternate installs.05:14
pavel989Pithecanthropus, yea good luck05:14
nhainespavel989: Python was like a life-changing experience for me. :)05:14
Dex-Freudii.ca server was the problem05:14
krsnadasaDex-Freudii: in the spanish version theres many differnt bugs...... lol joking05:15
Pithecanthropusand thanks for the help05:15
Dex-Freudiithank you all guys!!!05:15
tech0007Dex-Freudii: its not a bug after all05:15
krsnadasaDex-Freudii: no problem were here to attempt to help not help ;)05:15
Dex-Freudiitech0007: it is a .ca server's05:15
tech0007Dex-Freudii: yup05:15
krsnadasaok i am out i am going to go install windows!!05:16
pavel989nhaines, it started with ruby for me, but ive switched to ptyhon. although i do like ruby's really easy english style syntax05:16
pavel989nhaines, just kinda read through05:16
alrauneDex-Freuddii : http://tools.google.com/firefox/toolbar/bundle/intl/de/install.html?hl=de&ai=BZILacIF5SP7COYru6gWC8cjJB9Ge8hfdqPb-AcWNtwEAEAEYASDY1o8KOABQwJi3xQJglQKgAbWVyP0DsgEjd3d3LmZpcmVmb3gtYnJvd3Nlci1kb3dubG9hZC4yMDEuY2i6AQhyZWZfdGV4dMgBAdoBTGh0dHA6Ly93d3cuZmlyZWZveC1icm93c2VyLWRvd25sb2FkLjIwMS5jaC8_Z2NsaWQ9Q0ttWmk3cUF2SlFDRlNiVlhnb2RFUTRTVUGAAgHAAgOoAwPoA7AC6AO7AugDuQI&gclid=CKLhlsKAvJQCFQwHuwodRmdkJA05:16
tech0007krsnadasa: good luck05:16
SONGhow to switch to "root"?05:16
nhainespavel989: I haven't played with Ruby but I understand that it's very nice as well.  :)05:17
alraunesong: sudo -s05:17
trakinasSONG: youd have not to unless you really need05:17
Dex-Freudiialraune: ??? german??05:17
krsnadasatech0007: lol why do you need luck its windows "you have moved you mouse cursor, please restart"05:17
trakinasalraune: sup!05:17
trakinasDex-Freudii: yes, he is05:17
=== zak__ is now known as zakm
tech0007krsnadasa: what?05:18
alrauneDex-Freuddii : you can change language richt top05:18
alrauneDex-Freuddii : you can change language right top05:18
David___Hello everyone... I just installed Ubuntu on my computer with the 8.04 alternate cd. I get to the screen where you put your username and password put both in and when i press enter to log in or whatever it just freezes at a orange screen.05:18
kristerpavel what made you switch to python05:18
Dex-Freudiiok... but that's the google toolbar right?05:18
krsnadasatech0007: its a joke.. we have those here in cali how about over there?05:18
Dex-Freudiiwhy the link?05:18
David___anybody know what the problem could be.05:18
tech0007krsnadasa: ryt05:18
trakinaskrsnadasa: or: "we had installed an update without you noticing, while your screen was locked and you out for lunch. then, after installing it, we'd restarted your pc and all your sql migration proccessing was lost"05:19
alrauneDex-Freuddii : äh google download firefox ??05:19
Dex-FreudiiDavid___: which computer do you have?05:19
krsnadasatech0007: ryt?05:19
David___hp pavilion05:19
nhainestrakinas: you get that one too, eh?  ;)05:19
tech0007krsnadasa: nvm05:19
Dex-Freudiialraune: ah ok... thank you but I solved the problem changing repositories server05:19
darthanubisisn't there an easier way to add app lauchers to awn?05:20
trakinasDavid___: your could take a little to log in and load your desktop05:20
darthanubisused to be able to drag n drop?05:20
alrauneDex-Freuddii : ok, running now ?05:20
trakinasnhaines: yes. unfortunetely. =(05:20
David___i left it on for like 30 min05:20
krsnadasatrakinas: i don't use sql so i guess i am in the green05:20
Dex-Freudiialraune: yup05:20
trakinaskrsnadasa: hehe05:20
David___i was playing call of duty on xboxc05:20
David___then i just restarted05:20
nhainestrakinas: one of the things that infuriates me about Windows.  The other one I think is no middle-click to pates.  :)05:20
Dex-FreudiiDavid___: ctrl+alt+F1 switch to terminal05:20
Dex-Freudiilog in05:20
Dex-Freudiiand run05:20
SONGthe thing is i can not type chinese, when i google it, someone says in etc/environment add something. but i found that this file is not writeable. so i'm thinking should i switch to root or something. i just start using XUBUNTU and doesn;t know everything....i need help05:20
trakinasnhaines: oh! hack yes!!05:20
Dex-Freudiirm -rf .gno*05:20
David___after i sign in using that05:21
David___what do i do05:21
trakinasnhaines: i always middle click on other pc05:21
David___just type run05:21
David___this is my first time ever using ubuntu05:21
Dex-FreudiiDavid___: rm -rf .gno*05:21
krsnadasanhaines: we use ctrl+v to paste in windows ;)05:21
trakinasone day my friend asked: whay you always middle click and never do control+c?05:21
ShoopufSONG: try editting it with "sudo gedit file_name"05:21
Dex-FreudiiDavid___: i think it may be a problem with gnome configuration05:21
sxjastSorry to bother, where do I ask help about ubuntu here?05:21
EnMasse187need some help installing enemy territory, i have ET 2.55 installed and now NEED to UPDATE to 2.6 how do i do that, i have the patch05:21
alraunesong:u can type sudo gedit<Filename>05:21
David___just type this then "rm -rf .gno*"05:21
David___without parenthesis05:21
nhaineskrsnadasa: it's not the same as selecting some text and the middle-clicking.  ;)05:21
trakinassxjast: just ask05:21
Dex-Freudiisxjast: just write your question05:21
Dex-FreudiiDavid___: yep05:22
SONGhold on, not too fast. what's sudo gedit file_name?05:22
David___ill brb hopefully when i treturn ill be on ubuntu05:22
nhainessxjast: don't worry, we don't bite.  :)05:22
David___does ubuntu come with pidgin like fedora05:22
trakinasEnMasse187: my computer can barelly play n64 emu.... cannot help you. =-(05:22
nhainesDavid___: yes, it does.05:22
Dex-FreudiiDavid___: 8.04 does05:22
trakinasbut i think google can05:22
EnMasse187lol trakinas05:22
ShoopufDavid___: yes it does come with Pidgin05:22
EnMasse187trakinas: where can i get some roms :D05:22
alraunesong:sudo =do as root gedit=texteditor(Notepad)05:22
David___ok thank you all hopefully when i return i will be on ubuntu05:22
David___thanks you05:22
sxjastthanks trakinas. Flash player is not working in my firefox..I'm using Gutsy05:23
Dex-Freudiigood luck David___05:23
krsnadasanhaines: i find that confusing.. i still use ctrl+cmds in linux just to get my operation f'ed up by the copy command05:23
nhainesSONG: press Alt+F2, then in that windows type "gksu gedit filename'05:23
trakinasEnMasse187: google.  ^^05:23
nhainesDavid___: good luck!05:23
trakinassxjast: does it not load any swf at all? or in a speciffic pafe?05:23
nhaineskrsnadasa: selecting and middle-clicking is a different clipboard than Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V (I use both back and forth).05:23
SONG"gksu gedit filename failed05:23
alraunesong:u can type sudo gedit<Filename>05:24
xantreshow do you install a .run I double click on it and choose the terminal, but it requires super user, how can I fix that?05:24
codyzappmay be a stupid question but, is there any possible way to mount xp through linux? i have a live cd for windblows xp lolol05:24
krsnadasanhaines: try using ctrl-c and ctrl-v in terminal ;)05:24
SONGi got it, then?05:24
alraunexantres chown <username> filename05:24
sxjasttrakinas: If I open youtube, it says plugin is missing. If I click on install missing plugins, it shows me a list 3 plugins. When I tried to install flashplugin nonfree plugin, it said I already have it05:24
EnMasse187trakinas: lol i know :D05:24
trakinassxjast: about:plugins05:24
nhaineskrsnadasa: If try Ctrl-Shift-C and Ctrl-Shift-V if you want to copy and paste into GnomeTerminal.  ;)05:25
trakinason your url bar05:25
alraunesong:now u can modify and save the file05:25
nhaineskrsnadasa: but in fact, terminal is usually where I select/middle-click the most.05:25
trakinasnhaines: same.05:25
trakinasbut i have to learn how to do that on tty's.05:25
trakinasi mean, copy+paste05:25
djs26Well, I just booted the livecd for 8.04 on my lappy, and livecd mode is giving me 1000s of lines that say SQUASHFS error...05:25
nhainescodyzapp: yes, you can access your files from your Windows partion under Ubuntu.05:25
nhainestrakinas: there's some command that offers it, but I haven't used it since 1996, so I forget it.  :)05:26
krsnadasanhaines, trakinas: i some 31337 i don't copy and paste i write down what i need on a paper and then type it back in :P05:26
nhaineskrsnadasa: lol05:26
trakinaskrsnadasa: better then using vi05:26
codyzappnono.. i want to be able to mount a "iso" file of xp.. wine isnt running the app i need to run. so i was thinking id mount a xp iso and see if i can install it05:26
alraunetrakinas: nice chat, wondered how to copy from i.e. this board, aahh, middlemouse05:26
nhainescodyzapp: in that case, install VirtualBox and you can run Windows XP through emulation.  :)05:27
krsnadasatrakinas: for tty you just install gbm? (damn mouse server i forgot the name)05:27
nckhow to make /tmp executable?05:27
codyzappok great. thankyou. i was lookin for vmware :x05:27
trakinaskrsnadasa: nah! mouse is for n00bs05:27
nhainesnck: /tmp is a directory and cannot be executed.05:27
krsnadasatrakinas: i don't think you as 31337 as me05:27
trakinaskrsnadasa: =~(05:28
alraunenck:  chmod 755 your-script-name05:28
krsnadasanck: unless you got hacked and some hacker make tmp into a system killing script ;)05:28
ncknhaines:  ic, but i fail to install f-secure, reason is the /tmp is noexec05:28
Cynical_does anyone know how to export themes out of beryl?05:28
krsnadasanck: sudo mkdir /tmp05:28
Neo_The_UserHello everybody!05:29
trakinaskrsnadasa: i remember a bofh script that would delete your /home/ on everty login05:29
trakinasforgot it.05:29
krsnadasaNeo_The_User: NO hello05:29
Neo_The_Userlol huh?05:29
trakinaslets call this day "day of no lol"!05:29
krsnadasatrakinas: vi /etc/rc.local add "rm -rf /home" to end of line ;)05:30
xantresalruane: still no luck05:30
Neo_The_Userhello dstan and magic_ninja!05:30
trakinaskrsnadasa: it would only delete your files, not the home.05:30
krsnadasaNeo_The_User: we are very uptight people here we don't like joking or hellos!!!05:30
trakinaslike, rm -rf /home/$USER/*.*05:30
mwhit74what would one recommend as a photo viewer in ubuntu05:30
trakinasmwhit74: gqview05:31
LordAntiAppleCan someone help me?05:31
krsnadasatrakinas: if you want to delete home you just call up bin ladin05:31
magic_ninjahell Neo_The_User05:31
LordAntiApplei have problems with ubuntu installer on my laptop05:31
nhainesmwhit74: honestly?  I really like Picasa.05:31
tritiumkrsnadasa: stay on topic, please05:31
krsnadasaLordAntiApple: it helps is you state the problem rather then I NEED HELP ;)05:31
mwhit74trakinas, nhaines; do either one of you run windows or have you?05:31
Neo_The_Userlol krsnadasa so you get to make jokes?05:31
trakinaskrsnadasa: that was awful05:31
djs26LordAntiApple: I hear ya.  I can't even boot the livecd on my lappy...05:31
LordAntiAppleany idea on why?05:32
krsnadasatrakinas: what ?05:32
nhainesmwhit74: Of course I have.  I rarely use Windows anymore but I do have it around for the occasional need.05:32
tritiumkrsnadasa: your inappropriate comment05:32
nckmy wifi led is blinking using ndiswrapper, is that normal. but the led is on when using iwl394505:32
trakinasmwhit74: at my job. 3 years without booting windows at home05:32
krsnadasaNeo_The_User: i was'nt joking i am serious!05:32
LordAntiAppleI have a dell D63005:32
mwhit74trakinas, nhaines: just wondering what each of those are comparable in windon't05:32
LordAntiAppleand it locks up during install05:32
djs26LordAntiApple: 1000's of errors that say SQUASHFS error...05:32
trakinaskrsnadasa: awful jk. about bin05:32
nhainesmwhit74: Picasa is the same on Windows or in Linux.05:32
Neo_The_Useri'll never stop laughing05:32
krsnadasatrakinas: i am sorry i love the guy ???? is that what you want me to say ?05:32
mwhit74nhaines; ok thanks05:33
nhainesmwhit74: if you want any specific recommendations, just let me know that too.  :)05:33
LordAntiAppleComputer Processor..::2-Intel::.. Clock..::2192MHz::.. Cache..::0KB::.. Memory..::0/2048MB (0.00%)::.. .UPP.05:33
tritiumkrsnadasa: drop it, and stay on topic05:33
trakinaskrsnadasa: no. nm.05:33
krsnadasaLordAntiApple: please don't use the return key as punctuational05:33
mwhit74LordAntiApple: what locks up during install05:33
LordAntiApplethe install05:33
LordAntiApplethe complete install05:33
LordAntiAppleit freezes05:33
mwhit74nhaines: what kind of recommendations?05:34
LordAntiApplei have changes the SATA settings to AHCI from ATA05:34
mwhit74LordAntiApple: what program?05:34
nhainesmwhit74: for applications in Ubuntu that provide similar functionality as what you're used to in Windows.05:34
LordAntiApplethe latest release05:34
mwhit74LordAntiApple: i have been having the same problem on an older dell machine05:35
LordAntiApplei wonder if it has something to do with the DVD rom05:35
David___i tryed to boot into ubuntu and i would put my pass and un and it would just freeze. it was frozen for about 30 min. I restarted back into windows and got some advice and now ubuntu wont even reach the login screen05:35
krsnadasatritium: how do you tell LordAntiApple about the whole "i" return "have" return "a" ... etc05:35
Shoopufmwhit74: I've always been partial to Google Picasa.... It's pretty godly with organizing photos (if that's what you meant by 'photo viewer')05:35
morningwalkeranyone using virtualbox here??05:35
tritiumkrsnadasa: !enter05:35
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:35
David___it just freezes after the spash loading screen at a black screen05:35
krsnadasatritium: thanks05:36
mwhit74LordAntiApple: i tell it to install and it will bring up the back ground and eventually it will just stop even trying to run it live it wont work05:36
tritiummwhit74: try f-spot, which is installed by default05:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tell05:36
LordAntiApplei can get live to work sometimes05:36
mwhit74tritum; yea it didn't work, aka i dont like it05:36
LordAntiApplei have even tried installing ubuntu from a second HD and it still will lock up during the installation05:36
=== Rudy is now known as Guest30296
DarkAuditOpen the pod bay doors please, ubottu05:36
=== Guest30296 is now known as W86_86
tritiummwhit74: didn't work in what way?05:36
W86_86what is LSTP?05:37
DarkAudithmph :)05:37
mwhit74nhaines: ok i got another one for you how about a C++ complier like Visual C++ in windows05:37
krsnadasaDarkAudit: are you THE DarkAudit the one from aircrack ?05:37
nhainesmwhit74: for that you'll use gcc++, isn't it?  But Visual Studio is an IDE, not a compiler.05:37
mwhit74tritum: ok nevermind i just realized i am a dumbass and tried to open a photoshop doc with it05:37
David___anybody know what the problem could be.05:38
clu-hm, was wondering if anyone can help me with this install thing. everytime i go to do something off the install/livecd, it wont load and gives me busybox every time05:38
Neo_The_User<Jaseem> Hi, i have installed ubuntu inside windows, I have installed some softwares in it. If i uninstall it, will i be able to recover the softwares from the backup?05:38
Neo_The_User<Neo_The_User> back up all data first to flash drive05:38
Neo_The_User<Jaseem> when I unistall ubuntu, there is an option for backup. Is that enough?05:38
Neo_The_User<Neo_The_User> i don't understand what u r talkig about u have windows and ubuntu installed?05:38
Neo_The_User<Jaseem> I installed ubuntu inside windows partition. help Jaseem out05:38
FloodBot2Neo_The_User: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:38
sjwu823why does joining this channel require registration with mirc/windows and not xchat/ubuntu?05:38
nhainesmwhit74: And since everyone likes different IDEs, I can't reccomend one.  Try a few and see what works best for you!05:38
clu-hm, was wondering if anyone can help me with this install thing. everytime i go to do something off the install/livecd, it wont load and gives me busybox every time05:38
=== admin1 is now known as linuxguy
DarkAuditkrsnadasa: don't know anything about aircrack, but 9 times out of 10 there's only one Darkaudit05:38
pavel989nhaines, is there a good c++ ide not surrounded around .net?05:38
dallasi want windows back *crys*05:38
mwhit74nhaines: i just heard that term, IDE, last night what is that again05:39
krsnadasaDarkAudit: psssh lol05:39
nhainespavel989: I donno, I'm a Python coder.  :)05:39
pavel989dallas what wrong?05:39
sjwu823dallas: bitch to the webmaster05:39
tritiumdallas is gone, folks05:39
orkidanyone ever say to you, that google is your friend ?05:39
LordAntiApplethere is ways against being banned05:39
nhainesmwhit74: It's an Integrated Development Environment.  It does your code, manages your project files... usually can compile your program for ou...05:40
thebitguruhi, what do you use to keep home directories in sync over multiple computers?  I am trying to figure out if I should go with unison or just plain svn.05:40
mwhit74to all: how many of you are straight ubuntu users05:40
pavel989mwhit74, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integrated_development_environment05:40
LordAntiApplei wish i could be one05:40
Neo_The_Userhow do i erase my home directory?05:40
LordAntiApplebut i cant use it on my laptop05:40
Dex-Freudiiwhy do I have two xorg processes consuming each 132 MB?05:40
tritiumLordAntiApple: not for discussion05:40
sjwu823i can't believe that i think ms windows is actually HARD now that i haven't used it for 7 years.. hehe05:40
mwhit74pavel989: thanks05:40
pavel989orkid, yes05:40
pavel989mwhit74, np05:40
trakinasnhaines: python pwns!05:41
LordAntiAppleyeah i know tritium ^_-05:41
krsnadasaNeo_The_User: lmfao05:41
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic05:41
pavel989trakinas, yes but C++ is def more powerful, not moreproductive but definetly more wicked05:41
trakinassjwu823: haha! sometimes i get myself pressing alt+f2...05:41
trakinaspavel989: depending on what you are doing, of course! :]05:41
LordAntiAppleanyways thanks for the insight05:41
DarkAuditkrsnadasa: are you thinking darkaudax?05:42
sjwu823trakina: yea: i couldn't figure out how to use mirc to join #ubuntu .... i would have thought i'd do the same thing as with xchat.05:42
pavel989trakinas, sjwu823 i sometiems start doing compiz tricks on xp and wonder y they dont work05:42
mwhit74nhaines: have you ever used/ heard of WinAMP its a audio/video/device manager in windows and possibly linux i haven't done any looking but do you know anything about it because i am kinda impartial to it05:42
pavel989trakinas, oh ofcourse05:42
krsnadasaDarkAudit: maybe ?05:42
DarkAuditkrsnadasa: I'm not him :)05:42
trakinasi sware one day i typed: apt-get install on a dos terminal.05:42
krsnadasaDarkAudit: i think we have established that :)05:42
David___can someone give me some tips on uninstalling ubuntu05:42
mwhit74anyone know what to do if a ubunut liveCD wont install on an older dell05:43
un_daveI know this isnt really a ubuntu issue, but does anyone know how to correct the time in azureus speed scheduler? an faq told me to add this:  export tz='GMT+10' to my .bash_profile, but i cant find that file, and adding it to /etc/profile doesnt seem to help.05:43
David___without making my system unbootable to get back into windows05:43
Mohammad[B]hi all05:43
pavel989trakinas, ahah thats awesome05:43
krsnadasaDavid___: what are you using for a bootloader?05:43
sjwu823pavel989: i got one for you. I repair xp machines (ok- i really just do os reinstall mostly) and the other day i couldn't figure out how much memory was in use.... i figured out how much memory it had easily. then i asked somebody who had no idea about tech (as the tech i looked really silly)05:43
Shoopufmwhit74: What kind of error [if any] are you getting? Does it say why it won't install?05:43
wbmjmwhit74 : how old is the Deel05:43
Mohammad[B]now shit it send to me ubuntu 8.04.1  ?!?!?05:43
pavel989David___, mbr should be resset first, infact jsut reget mbr and use windows partition maanger05:43
nhainesmwhit74: I know winamp.  You might try xmms, but I'm not sure if it's actively maintained these days.05:43
tritium!language | Mohammad[B]05:43
ubottuMohammad[B]: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:43
mwhit74trakinas: i lol'd at you typing commands in the windont's05:44
snarksterany suggestions on what TTS software to use. the repos dont seem to have gnopernicus05:44
trakinaspavel989: and i always press tab to auto-completation...05:44
JaseemHi, i have isntalled ubuntu inside windows. I want to uninstall it. But I want to backup the installation so that next time i install it, it will be easy05:44
Mohammad[B]now shiPIt send to me ubuntu 8.04.1  ?!?!?05:44
David___can i reset mbr with vista boot pro05:44
nickrudnhaines they're recommending audacious for xmms users now05:44
nickrudMohammad[B] ah, you got the latest then05:44
Neo_The_Useri do i make ubuntu not start up on reboot?05:44
Neo_The_User*how do i05:44
sjwu823mwhit74: you might want to try an older version of ubuntu or a newer version. i've had the issue before and found that it sometimes works... then maybe upgrade it to the latest version05:45
nickrudthat was weird05:45
PmDematagodaNeo_The_User: could you please elaborate on that?05:45
trakinasNeo_The_User: what you mean?05:45
macoNeo_The_User: if you dont want the comp to start back up, shut down instead of rebooting05:45
mwhit74Shoopuf, wbmj: i am getting no error, i usually makes it as far as bringing up the 'Hardy Heron' background and then it just "idols" there but does nothing. i am going to guess 2 or 3 years but not real sure05:45
krsnadasaNeo_The_User: edit your grub/lilo file05:45
pavel989sjwu823, xp installs should come with a free ctrl+alt+del button on the side05:45
mwhit74sjwu823:  i considered this option05:45
Neo_The_Usergrub lilo file got it05:45
pavel989Neo_The_User, edit ur menu.lst05:45
sjwu823does anybody know how to give netapplet the permission as an ordinary user to change network configuration?05:46
Neo_The_Useroh ok! great thanks!05:46
nickrudJaseem could you elaborate?05:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gnopernicus05:46
trakinassunru: hi there05:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tts05:46
krsnadasasunru: hola05:46
wbmjmwhit: If thats the case it is probably the sound driver.....Dell's are notorious for that05:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mondo05:46
PmDematagodaNeo_The_User: in the case of Ubuntu, its GRUB05:46
ubottuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.05:46
DarkAuditubottu: open the pod bay doors05:46
ubottuDarkAudit: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:46
pavel989sjwu823, are u rinning it from a terminal?05:46
sjwu823pavel989: i figured it out eventually- it took a few min. though. i think i just looked it up in the end.05:46
sunruis their a i686 version of ubuntu?05:46
mwhit74wbmj: really the sound driver would cause it to not install?05:47
krsnadasasunru: yes05:47
pavel989sjwu823, ok good job then!05:47
sunrui don't see it on my mirror05:47
krsnadasahello ?05:47
sunrujust amd64 and i38605:47
JaseemI have installed ubuntu inside windows. I have installed some softwares and have done configurations inside ubuntu. Now, I am going to unistall ubuntu. This will give an option to backup my installation. Can I use this bakup to install ubuntu without losing those configuration and softwares05:47
snarksteranybody ever used gnopernicus05:47
Ranirahn2hi....some one know why resuming from suspend still makes loud continuesly beep?????05:47
nhainesnickrud: aha, is it audacious?  I knew it was something.  Thanks.  :)05:47
nickrudsunru there's not a -i686 iso, and the i386 version won't run on a 386 anyway05:48
krsnadasaJaseem: yes05:48
sunrunickrud: ahh05:48
snarksterits a generic version05:48
sjwu823pavel989: (great job... hehe ohh you should see me... i never touch ms windows in repairing machines.. mainly cause i'm clueless these days.)  regarding netapplet i'm running it from alt-f2 (run command)05:48
Neo_The_Userso if i erase the menu.list file will that break my system?05:48
EnMasse187guys need help05:48
wbmjwhit74 : yes...i can't remember the exact driver...05:48
sunrubusy channel05:48
EnMasse187updating enemy territory 2.55 to 2.6005:48
PmDematagodaNeo_The_User: if you keep using GRUB, most definitely yes05:48
krsnadasaNeo_The_User: yes if grub is your bootloader05:48
JaseemKrsnadasa, please tell me how? The backup is an ISO file05:48
pavel989sjwu823, oh then u just do gksudo netapplet05:48
krsnadasaJaseem: burn a cd with the iso ;) and then insert05:49
PmDematagodaNeo_The_User: you want to break your PC?05:49
Neo_The_Useryes permanetly05:49
mwhit74wbmj: ok well do you know how to fix it?05:49
Neo_The_Userperferabbly erase the flash memory05:49
krsnadasaNeo_The_User: you scare me05:49
mwhit74wbmj: or a way around it?05:49
sjwu823sjwu823: aww what would be the correct way to get netapplet to load automatically then?05:49
Neo_The_Userif i smash my flash device that will do it to right?05:49
Jaseemso, I have to burn it.05:49
PmDematagodaNeo_The_User: you do realise that you are going to end up with a broken PC?05:49
Jaseemcan i do that without burning?05:50
Neo_The_Useroh yes of coarse!05:50
orkidso many choices for window manager. hmmmmm05:50
wbmjwhit74 : Are you trying to install Hardy05:50
krsnadasaJaseem: do you know what a iso is ?05:50
PmDematagodaNeo_The_User: well, your choice05:50
Jaseemsome sort of compression, am I right?05:50
krsnadasaNeo_The_User: smashing the flash dosent help05:50
Ranirahn2some one uses susbend?05:50
krsnadasaJaseem: do a google search for iso and ubuntu backup ;)05:50
Neo_The_Userif i erase the menu.lst file i can reinstall ubuntu and re-install ubuntu, will my system be fine?05:51
crimsunRanirahn2: suspend-to-{ram,disk}?05:51
krsnadasaRanirahn2: suspend don't work so well05:51
krsnadasaNeo_The_User: it depends on which ubuntu version05:51
wbmjmy mistake you already said so05:51
Ranirahn2so still dont work....05:51
krsnadasaNeo_The_User: and then reinstall with what version ?05:51
PmDematagodaRanirahn2: I think 2.6.24 doesnt work well in suspend, but 2.6.25 seems to have this fixed05:52
Neo_The_Uservia live c05:52
krsnadasaNeo_The_User: and the final reinstall with what version ?05:52
PmDematagodaRanirahn2: but in order to have the best suspension and hibernation, your hardware and drivers also have to be compliant05:52
mwhit74wbmj: ok well do you know how to fix it? or a way around it?05:52
krsnadasaNeo_The_User: well then if you don't mind losing your data no problem ;) your system will be all good05:52
sjwu823pavel989: ohh so maybe my question is wrong. my point in asking is this: i need netapplet to load on boot for a miniature ubuntu (ubuntu core /w x) livecd tool for pc repair.05:52
PmDematagodaRanirahn2: what's the VGA you have?05:53
Ranirahn2ou.....then I just dont use that05:53
krsnadasaRanirahn2: ;)05:53
Ranirahn2VGA is?05:53
trakinasi have to go folks05:53
PmDematagodaRanirahn2: uhm, Nvidia, ATi, Intel?05:53
trakinasbye all!05:53
sjwu823pavel989: automatically might mean update-rc.d .... but i imagine not in this case the right way to have it load automatically.05:53
wbmjwhit74: try booting the liveCD in safe mode05:53
PmDematagodaRanirahn2: ah, that could be a problem05:54
Ranirahn2i have laptop lenovo 3000 n10005:54
PmDematagodaRanirahn2: The Nvidia drivers are not the best in suspend and hibernation05:54
krsnadasaRanirahn2: i have a asus f9sg05:54
Neo_The_Userdoes ubuntu support coreboot?05:54
krsnadasaNeo_The_User: coreboot ?05:54
Neo_The_Useri have nvidia with ubuntu05:54
Neo_The_Usernow have ati05:54
Neo_The_Useryes coreboot05:54
krsnadasaNeo_The_User: i have nvidia :) with ubuntu05:55
Neo_The_Userits terrible05:55
Neo_The_Usercrashs 1 / 3 boots05:55
krsnadasaNeo_The_User: i don't get what coreboot means?05:55
sjwu823pavel989: never mind. i just thought of what to do. i'll add it sudoers as a passwordless app that can be run by the default live user.05:55
krsnadasaNeo_The_User: no problems for me05:55
Ranirahn2when I move alot then susbend is nice do have but if not then I need every time shotdown05:55
tritiumnvidia is well-supported05:55
PmDematagodatritium: with suspend and hibernation?05:56
nhainescoreboot is a Linux-based BIOS firmware.05:56
tritiumPmDematagoda: yes05:56
krsnadasatritium: i can't hibernate with my nvidia ;(05:56
PmDematagodatritium: but it seems that quite a lot of suspend and hibernation problems are due to the Nvidia driver not being able to handle it05:56
metalpresNeo_The_User: how can you hate nvidia with ubuntu?  i had nothing but problems with ati, once i switched to nvidia everything just worked05:57
Ranirahn2is there any change that there will be fix for susbend/hibernate system?05:57
Neo_The_Useri booted up in low graphics mode almolst everyday05:57
Neo_The_Userinfinite loops05:58
Ranirahn2some nice day maybe:P05:58
metalpresthe ati drivers were such a pain in the balls to get working right, nvidia drivers just click and go, works perfect05:58
PmDematagodaRanirahn2: you could try TuxOnIce05:58
Neo_The_Useragain and again low graphics mode05:58
Neo_The_Useri have dual monitors05:58
PmDematagodametalpres: and how long ago was that?05:58
Neo_The_Userdual monitors + envy + ubuntu = trouble05:58
EnMasse187can someone help me update enemy territory?05:58
metalpreslast time i used ati was like 6 months ago, i have no idea if ati has made progress with their drivers since then05:58
Ranirahn2what is tuxonice?05:59
metalpresjust upgraded to an 8600 gtx05:59
PmDematagodametalpres: I believe ATi drivers have progressed quite a lot during those 6 months05:59
tritiumPmDematagoda: that is true05:59
PmDematagodaRanirahn2: http://www.tuxonice.net/06:00
Neo_The_Useri use the drivers from the ati webiste ad it works fine06:00
Neo_The_Useri almost always have to use envy06:00
tritium!enter | Neo_The_User06:00
ubottuNeo_The_User: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:00
metalpreswell thats good then,  i always liked ati, but i just couldnt deal with the driver issues anymore so i had to switch06:00
Neo_The_Userubottu sorry06:00
ubottuIt's ok, I can't stay mad at you.06:00
metalpresmaybe my next upgrade will go back to ati06:00
krsnadasa!topic | Neo_The_User06:00
ubottuNeo_The_User: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic06:00
Neo_The_Usersorry ubottu06:00
Ranirahn2LOL @ TuxOnIce:D06:00
PmDematagodametalpres: there are now open-source ATi drivers, the major ones being ati and radeonhd06:00
metalpresim really interested in the new ati 4850, that card is crazy fast and cheap06:01
FlaimHi folks.  I need some help w/ a logitech quickcam for notebooks working on my laptop..06:01
PmDematagodaRanirahn2: TuxOnIce may help, but even that has the Nvidia driver black-listed last I looked06:02
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:02
Neo_The_Userubottu kerel06:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kerel06:02
Neo_The_Userubottu kernel06:02
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages06:02
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Guest50078need help changing the lcd screen brightiness06:03
linuxguyNeo_The_User, quit spamming06:03
Neo_The_Userim not06:03
linuxguy!ops Neo_The_User join spam06:03
ubottulinuxguy: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:03
linuxguy!op Neo_The_User join spam06:03
ubottulinuxguy: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:03
Neo_The_User!ops linuxguy join spam06:03
ubottuNeo_The_User: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:04
Guest50078need help changing the lcd screen brightiness06:04
Madpilotlinuxguy, are you being PM'd on join?06:04
sassasucan anyone tell me how to  find if a file is in /home partition or / partition???06:04
linuxguyMadpilot, yeah06:04
EnMasse187guys can someone please help me06:04
EnMasse187update enemy territory?06:04
Guest50078need help changing the lcd screen brightiness06:04
PithecanthropusI think neither pavel, tech, or s3l are here.06:04
MadpilotNeo_The_User, are you doing something not very bright?06:04
PithecanthropusI installed ubuntu studio06:05
Pithecanthropusyet, I'm still in windows. Why?06:05
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: you mean patch it?06:05
ShoopufMadpilot: I got PMd on join as well by Neo_The_User06:05
sassasucan anyone tell me how to  find if a file is in /home partition or / partition???06:05
EnMasse187please help dematagoda06:05
Flaimsassasu: df . will tell you waht partition your cwd is in06:05
Flaim'df .'06:05
=== Cynical_ is now known as Blaqlight
PithecanthropusGrub was installed at the end of the installation process, the partition destined to be the ubuntu partition has been created (although I can't see it in windows, but I can see the re-sizing). Why can't I boot into Ubuntu?06:06
Flaimor just read up on df, it's quite handy06:06
mwhit74is Neo_The_User talking to everyone in here?06:06
mwhit74in a private chat06:06
Guest50078need help changing the LCD screen brightness on a hp pavilion dv200006:06
Shoopufmwhit74: Yes06:06
* Pithecanthropus is confused06:07
AhadielGuest50078, Fn + Brightness up/down06:07
mwhit74Shoopuf: why? do you know?06:07
EnMasse187so guys how do i go about patching enemy territory?06:07
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: so can you help me?06:07
Hobbseehey there06:07
Guest50078i cant get that to work06:07
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: do you have the patch?06:07
Pithecanthropuscan anyone help me?06:07
sassasuFlaim: thanks. i am trying to figure out why my /home partition is 90% used... /home is 40GB. I have files for only 15GB. But it shows i have used 35.7GB. Why this happens?06:08
AhadielGuest50078, Try setting your keyboard layout.06:08
AhadielGuest50078, System => Pref => Keyboard I believwe06:08
Pithecanthropuseh... hello?06:08
Ahadiel!patience | Pithecanthropus06:09
ubottuPithecanthropus: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines06:09
Pithecanthropusthanks, Ahadiel.06:09
PithecanthropusI'm just really confused about where my Ubuntu install went.06:09
Flaimaww poo, it won't let me assign the blue Access IBM character to anything.. heh06:09
ShoopufPithecanthropus: Don't you get the GRUB showing up on startup?06:09
Flaimkey, not character..06:09
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: yes06:10
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: 2.6b06:10
luftetarii have error06:10
sassasuFlaim: thanks. i am trying to figure out why my /home partition is 90% used... /home is 40GB. I have files for only 15GB. But it shows i have used 35.7GB. Why this happens?06:10
Guest50078still not working06:10
luftetarimy hd extern06:10
pteebanyone help me compile a gtk theme?06:10
PithecanthropusShoopuf: no.06:10
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: do ./name-of-patch06:10
Ahadielluftetari, What's the error, and is it NTFS?06:10
PithecanthropusShoopuf: And GRUB WAS installed.06:10
Flaimsassasu: that you'll have to figure out, read up on the command 'du' and it will help you out.06:10
octalPithecanthropus: what do you get?06:10
Pithecanthropusoctal: Windows.06:11
Pithecanthropusoctal: :)06:11
Flaimsassasu: but for now, try this: du -sh .|less06:11
sassasuFlaim: thanks very much flaim.. I will try that.06:11
octalPithecanthropus: why not trying to install it again?06:11
PithecanthropusOctal: it just boots into windows as usual.06:11
Flaimthat will tell you what dirs have the most crap in em06:11
octalPithecanthropus: if you just installed it, it won't hurt trying again.06:11
Flaimanyone had luck getting a Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks working?06:11
luftetariAhadiel extern hard disk with USB06:12
Ahadiel!pm | luftetari06:12
ubottuluftetari: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.06:12
PithecanthropusOctal: because it IS installed, it created a new partition, which I can't even see on windows, resizing one of my disks from 120gb to 42gb06:12
Ahadielluftetari, That's also not very much info, and how do you know it has an error?06:12
PithecanthropusOctal: also, there's no refference to GRUB on my boot.ini file.06:12
luftetarii cant see my extern HD USB06:13
Guest50078the only thang that happens whin i push the fn key and up or down i selict difrent icons06:13
octalPithecanthropus: did you already have some personal data in your installation?06:13
Ahadielluftetari, pastebin the output of dmesg06:14
bazhangGuest50078, you have it mapped to fn plus f1-f12?06:14
Ahadiel!paste | luftetari06:14
ubottuluftetari: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:14
PithecanthropusOctal: what do you mean?06:14
Guest50078how do i do that06:14
PithecanthropusOctal: also, I can't see any files that say grub on them on my C: drive.06:14
PithecanthropusOctal: everything just looks like plain windows to me.06:14
octalPithecanthropus: Am I right if I assume that you NEVER got to actually use it since you installed it, and therefore, you don't have done anything in that installation?06:14
PithecanthropusOctal: I just finished installing it 3 minutes ago.06:15
bazhangGuest50078, just pushing fn will likely have little effect06:15
PithecanthropusOctal: this is my first ever Linux install.06:15
octalPithecanthropus: Ok. I don't know *for sure* what happened. When I did, it worked. You might have --though-- installed it on the partition instead of the MBR.06:15
mwhit74nhaines: what did you say to try for visual C++ on here06:15
octalPithecanthropus: Ubuntu doesn't actually load from boot.ini. That's Windows specific (since it lives INSIDE a proprietary NTFS partition).06:16
octalPithecanthropus: If you install GRUB on your MBR, your MBR code will get modified and you will be given the option to boot from the Linux partition or the Windows partition.06:16
PithecanthropusOctall: when I was done installing it, the computer rebooted, booted into windows, windows did a checkdisk for drive integrity (probably due to the resize), then got into the system, told me the system had changed and needed to restart. I restarted it, and here I am, in XP.06:16
octalPithecanthropus: Try it again, but install GRUB on the MBR.06:17
pteebi have a gtk theme folder, with the images and gtkrc file, how do i load it?06:17
Guest50078all i know is i pushed alot of random keys and looked up and the screen was dark i thank thats when it happend so i reset and its still dark06:17
PithecanthropusOctal: GRUP was installed on my MBR on the C: drive. Ubuntu Studio was installed on a new partition made from my D: drive, which was in itself a partition of the same physical HDD my C: drive is in.06:17
PithecanthropusOctal: I DID install GRUB to the MBR.06:18
octalPithecanthropus: I don't know what happened, then. :-(06:18
octalPithecanthropus: I would try again, though.06:19
PithecanthropusOctal: The partition and hdd resize was obviously done as D: has gone from 120gb to 42gb.06:19
PithecanthropusAlright, second time around, let's see what happens.06:19
PithecanthropusLet's hope this does the trick and doesn't mess up my C: drive instead. When murphy's law hits, it hits.06:19
Pithecanthropusbe back in a bit, hopefully.06:19
krsnadasawere do i get the kernel(generic) source from ?06:19
octalPithecanthropus: probably your partitions are already made. You won't have to modify your Windows partitions again.06:20
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: hey ?06:20
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: so can you help?06:20
octalPithecanthropus: good luck.06:20
PithecanthropusOctal: I just hope you're right.06:20
pteebi have a gtk theme folder, with the images and gtkrc file, how do i load it?06:20
bazhangGuest51151, what notebook is this06:20
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: http://rafb.net/p/tFK1l317.html06:21
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: thats what im getting06:21
bazhangerr sorry Guest51151 that was for Guest5007806:21
EnMasse187could someone help me im getting a minor error while trying to patch enemy territory http://rafb.net/p/tFK1l317.html06:21
EnMasse187ive been trying now for the last 6 hours...06:21
macopteeb: is it a tarball?06:22
macopteeb: if so, you can just drag n drop it into the system -> preferences -> appearance thing06:22
rrajbeCould any one help here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5375164#post537516406:22
kcmanbazhang or ere4si are you guys here??06:22
rrajbeits regarding wget download failure06:22
bazhangkcman, yeah :)06:23
pteebmaco, it isnt a tarball :( thats the problem06:23
Flaimhm, no takers for my webcam issue?06:23
bazhangFlaim, which webcam; did you see the wiki06:23
pteebmaco, i have a folder with images, gtkrc and .rc files, how do i compile?06:23
macopteeb: then drop the whole directory into ~/.themes, i think06:24
kcmanbazhang good last night i opted to download the alternate cd install of 6.04 and install and that met with nothing more than an inablility to install06:24
macopteeb: no compiling involved06:24
pteeb:o !06:24
pteebwhere is that dir found?06:24
kcmanbazhang so i just finished reinstalling were i was last night when you first started helping me06:24
macopteeb: they're just config files.  they're read plaintext, like any other config file06:24
rrajbeThis is my problem06:24
rrajbeneed some help please....06:24
rrajbei tried to download arch linux iso06:24
macopteeb: ~ means your home drive06:24
rrajbei used wget06:24
rrajbei got 534 MIB downloaded06:24
rrajbebut at last 1.5 MiB its saying that file not available06:24
FloodBot2rrajbe: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:24
maco!enter | rrajbe06:24
ubotturrajbe: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:24
bazhangkcman, you mean 6.06 right?06:24
pteebmaco, i dont have that folder  think06:24
kcmanbazhang yes06:25
macorrajbe: i believe your issue is that arch uses some sort of rotation thing for the files and changed what it was sending or the location because wget cannot resume properly if the file changes06:25
bazhangkcman, and you want hardy heron 8.04.1?06:25
pteebah its hidden06:25
kcmanbazhang yues06:25
rrajbeany solution please06:25
kcmanone that will work please06:25
macopteeb: anything starting with a dot is hidden06:25
rrajbei spent 3 days for this download06:25
rrajbeand all gone wast06:25
macorrajbe: solution to arch's server being "special"?06:26
bazhangkcman, the alternate cd fresh install or 6.06lts to lts upgrade path?06:26
macorrajbe: if you want to know if we can wave a magic wand and bring it back: no06:26
Flaimbazhang: no, I missed it, sorry06:26
Flaimlots of scroll goes by, sometimes.06:26
rrajbe:) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5375164#post5375164 here is the post regarding that06:26
kcmanbazhang personally i dont care i just want something to work really06:26
Flaimthe camera is a logitech quickcam for notebooks06:26
pteebmaco, i put it in there but its not getting recognized by the Appearence dialog06:26
bazhangFlaim, let me get you a bot link to read06:27
macopteeb: how did you put it in?06:27
bazhang!webcam | Flaim see this06:27
ubottuFlaim see this: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras06:27
macopteeb: mine has directories with the names of the themes06:27
pteebyeah its06:27
Flaimahh, thanks06:27
rrajbe i will try something06:27
macopteeb:  and inside each of those directories is the index.theme and a directory06:28
pteebah crap06:28
EnMasse187anyone wanna help, i can offer a reward06:28
bazhangkcman, you got the 8.04.1 installer disk? the livecd and the alternate both fail? what errors did you get (if you could clarify would be much easier to troubleshoot)06:28
macopteeb: pteeb ok thats in the right place06:28
EnMasse187hey pteeb06:28
EnMasse187i installed a game enemy territory native linux06:29
macopteeb: ah the index.theme is just a thing telling it what to show in the appearance dialog, i think06:29
EnMasse187how do i uninstall it?06:29
pteebit still doesnt recognize it :( and yeah EnMasse187 ?06:29
EnMasse187how do i uninstall06:29
EnMasse187a game06:29
pteebdidnt even know it had a native version06:29
macoEnMasse187: depends how it was installed06:29
kcmanbazhang you gonna be here i a while i have to go eat with the family or i will be deleted by the misses06:29
EnMasse187i did06:29
psycheHI guys06:29
bazhangkcman, sure :)06:29
EnMasse187and then ./06:29
bazhangEnMasse187, what game06:29
EnMasse187enemy territory06:30
pteebmaco, still its not there :(06:30
bazhangEnMasse187, native linux or wine06:30
macoEnMasse187: so it had a setup script06:30
macoEnMasse187: does it have an uninstall script?06:30
phobos_anomalywhats a good method for completely stripping down a buntu release?06:30
macoEnMasse187: if so, chmod +x the uninstall script and run that06:30
EnMasse187i just got linux 2 days ago06:30
EnMasse187where would the uninstall be located?06:30
macophobos_anomaly: uninstall what you dont want06:30
bazhangphobos_anomaly, the minimal installer (9mb iso)06:30
macoEnMasse187: with the installer06:30
bazhangphobos_anomaly, or the ubuntu customization kit06:31
EnMasse187maco: one more thing, i installed the game and tried playing it but as soon as i started it got sent back to desktop...06:31
phobos_anomalybazhang: thanks for the tip06:32
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: what went?06:32
bazhangphobos_anomaly, need a link?06:32
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: i could not update the game06:32
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: why?06:32
phobos_anomalybazhang: nah, I just found it. couldn't think of the right words to enter in to google06:32
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: http://rafb.net/p/tFK1l317.html06:32
Ashfire908I repartitioned my drive (only resizing, everything worked, the partitions are fine.) and when i go to boot up grub gives me "Error 15" with nothign after it.06:32
phobos_anomalybazhang: thanks anyway06:32
bazhangnp :)06:33
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: and when i try to play 2.55 i start the game, black screen, back at desktop06:33
pteebmaco, the index.theme is in the folder, but its still not getting recognized by the dialog06:33
bazhangpteeb, got a link to that theme?06:33
macopteeb: .themes/ThemeName/index.theme ?06:33
pvl1<Ashfire908> hows ur menu.lst?06:33
pteebyep maco06:33
=== eyeslocal is now known as Eyes`Only
pteebtheres the file06:34
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: whoa, whoa, didnt you replace the old files?06:34
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: sorry, you have to replace the files, I forgot06:34
Ashfire908pvl1: it looks fine. If i knew it was the issue and what it was, i wouln't be here.06:34
alrauneashfire908: reinstall grub06:34
=== ghost is now known as Guest20879
Ashfire908alraune: is there any other solution?06:35
Flaimbazhang: all those sites say it'll work out of the box, yet it's not.  Ideas?06:35
pteebbazhang, you get the link?06:36
pvl1<Ashfire908> try sudo grub-update otherwise u might as well reinstall grub06:36
bazhangpteeb, trying it now06:36
bazhangFlaim, with what app are you trying06:36
pteebthank you bazhang06:36
shamusdoes anyone know any good native applications for linux that'll convert xvid/divx to mpeg4/h.264?06:36
alrauneashfire908: you could google for grub errors..06:36
pvl1<shamus> vlc06:36
=== jeela is now known as jamil
=== Guest20879 is now known as ghost_dog
SONGhaha, thanks for the nice people helped me just now06:37
shamuspvl1, that only goes in realtime, unfortunately thats a bit slow for me, unless something there's something I'm missing...06:37
gaelfxcan anyone tell me where to look to find out why my computer keeps locking up?06:37
alrauneashfire908: 15 : "Error while parsing number"06:37
alrauneThis error is returned if GRUB was expecting to read a numbur and encountered bad data.06:37
Flaimbazhang: i just installed camorama, and it's very very dark.06:37
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: ughh06:37
Flaimbut it works.  i can see movement.06:37
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: what old files?06:38
Flaimbut even with everything jacked up to 255 it's hard to see06:38
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: where did you install ET to?06:38
EnMasse187in home/ali/enemy-territory06:38
pvl1<shamus> there should be a package to give u better realtime support, other than that idk what can do it06:38
bazhangpteeb, no go here; didnt see any instructions on the site either06:39
pteebyea :(06:39
pteebmaco, mind tryin it out? heh06:39
shamuspvl1, thanks anyway06:39
PmDematagodaok, so /home/ali/enemy-territory/etmain is what you want06:39
alraunesong is luckeeeh06:39
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: sooo now what?06:39
pvl1<shamus> np06:39
macopteeb: er, i kinda got usurped by a friend whose windows ate her ubuntu partition06:39
pteebgo ahead06:39
bazhangpteeb, I've had much better success with gnome-look.org themes06:39
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: ok, so /home/ali/enemy-territory/etmain is what you want06:39
pteebyea but i like this one lol06:39
SONGye,ye man, i can type chinese now06:39
gaelfxif my computer keeps locking up, where do I look to find out why?06:39
EnMasse187i think06:39
pteebrecommend any nice ones on there bazhang ?06:39
msshamshow can i extract all lines in a file that contains a phrase like "test"?06:40
bazhangpteeb, the imetal one is nice06:40
jamilWhen I try run compiz using command "compiz --replace" I get an error:   jamil@jamil-desktop:~$ compiz --replace06:40
jamilA handler is already registered for the path starting with path[0] = "org"06:40
jamilA handler is already registered for the path starting with path[0] = "org"06:40
jamilA handler is already registered for the path starting with path[0] = "org"06:40
jamilA handler is already registered for the path starting with path[0] = "org"06:40
jamilA handler is already registered for the path starting with path[0] = "org"06:40
FloodBot2jamil: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:40
node357msshams, grep -i test filename06:40
pvl1<gaelfx> ur logs06:40
node357-i means ignore case06:41
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: whoops, wrong again, its' /home/ali/enemy-territory06:41
bazhanghttp://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=63734&forumpage=1&PHPSESSID=6 pteeb06:41
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: sorry about that06:41
puweieveryone  my scim don't work ,06:41
bazhangjamil where are you running that command06:41
pvl1<gaelfx> should be in system-advanced- system logs or something of sort06:41
gaelfxpvl1: which log?06:41
powertool08Is there a way to copy a file from ssh back to my remote laptop I connected with?06:41
puweihow can typein chinese06:41
gaelfxpvl1: I know where the logs are, but which one do I look in?06:42
bazhangpuwei, install scim06:42
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: so what do i do?06:42
gaelfxthere are so many of them06:42
pvl1<gaelfx> id tell u if i knew what caused it06:42
Flaimpowertool08: look into scp06:42
puweialready install ,but scim don't work for me,06:42
gaelfxpvl1: ok, is there a particular phrase I should look for?06:42
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: you copy the files in the patch to the install directory and replace the old ones with the pathces06:42
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: just drag the files from the patch folder over to et folder?06:42
bazhangpuwei, typing in firefox or where06:42
pvl1<gaelfx> guess u gotta check em all. xcept u dont need auth or the network one06:42
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: yes06:42
powertool08Flaim: isn't that only one way tho? file is on ssh server, need to copy to client06:42
pvl1<gaelfx> what do u mean btw. it locks up? what happens?06:43
puweiok i'll try06:43
pvl1and wen06:43
Flaimnope, you can use it either way06:43
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: okay new problem, start et, black screen, back to desktop06:43
powertool08Flaim: ok, thanks06:43
bazhangpuwei, for firefox get quick locale switcher addon06:43
gaelfxpvl1: mouse and keyboard don't respond, audio gets stuck in the last couple seconds it was playing06:43
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: i have ati 9600xt 128 mb, i know this card can run the game i have before on windows06:43
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: how do i get drivers for it? on ubuntu?06:43
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: did you use ET before on Ubuntu?06:43
bazhangpuwei, it works together with scim06:43
jeelawhen I try to run compiz I get an error: A handler is already registered for the path starting with path[0] = "org"06:43
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: you mean you didnt install the drivers?06:44
pvl1<gaelfx> randomly? can u like remake the freezing?06:44
bazhangjeela, where did you type that command06:44
jeelain terminal06:44
AverrosI need help : I am installing a program and I am getting "Error: Wrong Architecture I386" Error... why am I getting that and how can I fix it?06:44
gaelfxpvl1: not on purpose06:44
puweiquick local switcher  mean ?06:44
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: no i have not used et before on ubuntu, and i dont know if i have the drivers, im just guessing i dont because the games not running...06:44
bazhangjeela, try alt-f206:44
gaelfxpvl1: usually when watching video, hence the audio freeze symptom06:44
bazhangpuwei, it is a firefox addon, let me get you a link06:44
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: go to Hardware Drivers in System>Administration and see if you can install the driver from there06:44
gaelfxpvl1: but occasionally it freezes with nothing open06:44
puweioh i'll try google that , thanks06:45
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: kk06:45
pvl1<gaelfx> ah then its a rendering problem maybe. oh hm. u got compiz running?06:45
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: brb gotta restart comp06:45
bazhanghttps://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1333 puwei06:45
BladesmanWhat's the currently supported kernel for Hardy?06:45
gaelfxpvl1: it's not listed as a process that's running, no06:45
pvl1y do ppl compile kernels?06:46
bazhangpuwei, you need to restart firefox after choosing the correct language and setting scim to correct keyboard input06:46
BladesmanAnd is SpeakUP supported?06:46
jeelabazhang: it is of no use06:46
pvl1<gaelfx> ok so no effecrs. what video card u got?06:46
PmDematagodapvl1: for specific uses and purposes06:46
bazhangjeela, do you have 3d drivers for your card installed06:46
jeelabazhang: how can I kow this ?06:46
MadpilotBladesman, 2.6.24-19-generic on hardy. no idea about speakup - never heard of it.06:46
pvl1<PmDematagoda> what can it do?06:46
BladesmanThank you...06:47
gaelfxpvl1: NVidia GeForce 615006:47
pvl1<gaelfx> howd u set up the driver?06:47
bazhangjeela, go to system preferences appearance tab (visual effects) and set there-->it will let you know if you can06:47
PmDematagodapvl1: it can increase the performance at times, you can tweak security options and features, make the kernel image smaller, add new features/drivers, and quite a lot more perhaps06:47
BladesmanMadpilot: SpeakUP is a screen reader module for the blind.06:47
gaelfxpvl1: not using the restricted driver, just running the out of the box version06:48
puweiok, i have a slowly net speed :)06:48
bazhangback in a minute06:48
macogaelfx: no restricted driver on nvidia = no 3d06:48
pvl1<gaelfx> i strongly urge u get envy and use that. that might fix it06:48
gaelfxmaco: That's not what I'm concerned about here, thanks06:49
pvl1<maco> compiz isnt the problem06:49
* Bladesman jamz...06:49
MadpilotBladesman, hardware module or software? If Windows software - Linux isn't Windows...06:49
pvl1<gaelfx> can u pastebin ur xorg?06:49
gaelfxpvl1: do I need to register to use pastebin?06:50
krsnadasahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/27007/ any ideas?06:50
Nostahlheyey all06:50
gaelfxsorry, I've ever used it before06:50
pvl1<gaelfx> nope. pastebins are free06:50
Nostahlhow do i check if everythings goin right with my firewire06:50
pvl1!pastbin : gaelfx06:50
ubottupvl1: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:50
matelotnoob question: running Hardu=y - where are the ~/.xinitrc  and/or .Xsession files06:50
gaelfxpvl1: sweet, have the URL handy?06:50
AverrosI need help : I am installing a program and I am getting "Error: Wrong Architecture I386" Error... why am I getting that and how can I fix it?06:50
macoNostahl: try using it. if it works, yay! if not, boo!06:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pastbin06:50
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:51
jeelabazhang: I cant find it06:51
Nostahlmaco heh it dosnt seem to be working06:51
gaelfxthat's ok, give me a minute06:51
jeelabazhang:  I m in KDE06:51
gaelfxpvl1: you want XOrg.log?06:51
macoNostahl: then everything's not going right06:51
pvl1<gaelfx> well sure ima check that now. i was reffering to something else, well get to it ltr if we need06:52
* lil_slugger wonders how to use /me06:52
gaelfxpvl1: ok, then I'm sorry, but what exactly do you want?06:53
gaelfxI'm a little new at this06:53
pvl1<gaelfx> i understand. post the log for now06:53
matelothi running Hardy - where are the ~/.xinitrc  and/or .Xsession files ?06:53
gaelfxok, hold on06:53
jeelaI can't run compiz and get an error:  A handler is already registered for the path starting with path[0] = "org"06:53
macomatelot: what?06:53
alraunematelot : locate xinitrc06:54
matelotmaco : the xsession files06:54
macomatelot: if they exist, they're in your home dir, where they belong06:54
matelotare they not supposed to be in my ~06:54
Mr_Bad_Newscan someone help me with my wireless card06:54
Mr_Bad_Newsit keeps dying suddenly on me06:54
Mr_Bad_Newsfor no apparent reason06:54
macomatelot: are you making sure hidden files are shown?06:54
macomatelot: then they don't exist06:55
matelotmaco I do ls -aFl06:55
matelotmaco can I create them ?06:55
macomatelot: --color > -F06:55
gaelfxpvl1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27008/ there you go06:55
macomatelot: if you need them...06:55
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: did you install the driver?06:55
macomatelot: i dont have those files either06:55
macomatelot: they're not necessary06:55
jeelaHere is the exact error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27009/06:55
alraunedoes anyone now a simple program for learning vocabularys ?06:55
krsnadasahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/27007/ any ideas? anyone ?06:55
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: i did what you said06:56
matelotmaco , you know about "devilspie" ?06:56
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: and now compiz is running MUCH better06:56
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: but ubuntu says06:56
macomatelot: never did get that thing to work...06:56
macomatelot: but yes, i know of it06:56
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: the driver is restricted...06:56
=== kompi01 is now known as AKU
matelotmaco: oh06:56
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: yeah, thats the fglrx, its proprietary06:56
macomatelot: if you need them for something, go ahead and make them, but overall those files aren't a necessity06:56
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: but people need it sometimes06:56
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: try running ET now06:56
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: kk06:56
Kefga_XCan anyone help with laptop LCD brightness problems?06:59
krsnadasahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/27007/ any ideas? anyone ? compile error06:59
pvl1 <gaelfx> hm nothing out of the ordinary. open a terminal and do 'gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf' and paste that into a pastebin06:59
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: working :D06:59
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: thank you sooo much dude :D06:59
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: had been trying to fix this for like 6 hours06:59
gaelfxpvl1: kk, just a second06:59
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: no problem :)06:59
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: happy ETing :)06:59
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: yeah lol06:59
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: one more thing06:59
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: ?06:59
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: now can you tell me how to run hacks ?06:59
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: see my name ingame is06:59
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: you mean cheats?07:00
EnMasse187PmDematagoda: teh pwnerer so i kinda have to pwn all the n00bs, and yes cheats07:00
jeelawill any body hep me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27009/07:00
=== kompi01 is now known as Aku
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: I cant do that dude, I have principles of not using cheats, especially online, so I cant help you there, I havent even used cheats for that matter07:00
EnMasse187jeela: hey compiz trouble07:00
EnMasse187its cool pmdema07:00
gaelfxpvl1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27010/07:01
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: just play without cheats, it makes ET more interesting07:01
EnMasse187yeah lol07:01
EnMasse187i just like to pwn the people07:01
kcmanbazhang i am back now07:01
EnMasse187very badly sometimes07:01
PmDematagodaEnMasse187: well, whatever makes you happy..07:01
peepshow can i mount an iso file?07:02
gaelfxoh, how I wish I had gotten a lappy with an ATI card... :S07:02
peepsis it possible to use mount?07:02
napsy_Hello. Is there a tool to synchronize my removable drive with my home folder?07:02
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.07:02
kcmanbazhang you still here bro07:03
pvl1<gaelfx> run 'sudo apt-get install envy' and use it to install a driver. that should give a lot of kewl stuff and fix ur freezing (get compiz working too)07:03
gaelfxpvl1: ok, I'll try07:04
gaelfxpvl1: the last time I did that though, it couldn't give me my screens native res07:04
krsnadasahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/27007/ any ideas? anyone ? compile error07:04
gaelfxdo you know what to do if that happens?07:04
Kefga_Xcan anyone help with laptop LCD screen brightness problems?07:05
pvl1<gaelfx> do u mean u couldnt change the resolution or what?07:05
kcmancan someone help me get from version 6.06 up todate the quickest07:05
gaelfxpvl1: I could lower the resolution, but the screen wasn't large enough to show me a whole window of anything07:06
gaelfxpvl1: a la safe graphics mode07:06
Rat409!dapper | kcman07:06
ubottukcman: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) was the fourth release of Ubuntu. See !lts for more details.07:06
alraunekcman:save your files, make new install..07:06
=== fishcat is now known as marie
marieI quite need some help07:07
kcmanyeah i downloaded the install cd last night and ran it but it would not partition my hdd kept giving me an error and loading nothing after hours of messing with it..07:07
=== PmDematagoda is now known as PmDmarieematagod
=== PmDmarieematagod is now known as PmDematagod
rockenrola1marie: ask away07:08
marieI'm trying to install Bluez07:08
PmDematagodstupid konversation07:08
=== PmDematagod is now known as PmDematagoda
pvl1<gaelfx> thats very weird. so uve used envy before, set it to the nvidia and it forced u into safe graphics?07:08
alraunekcman:which cd did you dld?07:08
jeelawill any body help me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27009/07:08
marielibs & utils- I have the .tar.gz files, but I'm not sure what to do with them07:08
kcmani d/loaded alternate cd for 8.0407:09
PmDematagodamarie, isnt bluez in the repositories?07:09
gaelfxpvl1: it might have been that I disabled the restricted NVidia driver first and that messed up my resolution in the first place07:09
kcmanalraune i d/loaded alternate cd for 8.0407:09
marieI think it's packaged with the kernel or such, but I need the latest version07:09
alraunekcman:checked the cd ?07:09
pvl1<gaelfx> after using envy u shouldnt touch that at all07:09
gaelfxpvl1: that was on a previous install, after Envy didn't fix it, I reinstalled07:09
* marie is new to Linux, eep07:10
gaelfxpvl1: yeah, I won't07:10
kcmanalraune to be honest with you i am not really sure what i would be looking for in terms of errors07:10
PmDematagodamarie: why do you want the latest version of bluez?07:10
gaelfxpvl1: ok, I'll just try Envy now07:10
alraunekcman:can boot to live system, then use gparted ?07:10
pvl1try it. if that doesnt work, come back here, some1 ought to help u07:10
gaelfxpvl1: thanks for all the help07:10
mariewell, I don't think the utils were in the repositories07:10
gaelfxthanks much, will do07:11
marieI'm trying to setup a sniffer07:11
pvl1<gaelfx> np. hope it works!07:11
alraunekcman:checked the cd ?  media for defects ?07:11
PmDematagodamarie: Package bluez-utils07:11
PmDematagodamarie: thats in the repos07:11
marieWhat are the repos?07:11
icewolfI have a simple question, which ATi driver is best for Ubuntu? I just installed the ati offical one and with compiz enabled it goes all white, I am in failsafe right now07:12
marie(I need the libs as well)07:12
PmDematagodamarie: uhm, servers where you can download application packages from and install them(in a nutshell)07:12
theRealBallchalkmarie: are u a statistical female using linux?07:12
marieAh, yea07:12
alraunemarie:repositories are adresses where software is stored07:12
theRealBallchalkcheck out opensolaris it's prettier07:12
michelleHi, I'm a newbie of ubuntu. I need your help.07:12
PmDematagodamarie: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=bluez&searchon=names&suite=hardy&section=all07:12
kcmanalraune can you tell me if the iso version of 7.10 after install is still in life cycle for updates that is the only issue that i am having right now is that i am not going to get any updates witht he current version that i am using so all i really want to do is install something that will get updates07:12
theRealBallchalkmarie: why linux?07:13
marieSimply for this project07:13
marieI use Mac OS X :/07:13
theRealBallchalkohhh stick and stay with it07:13
icewolfhelp folks :)07:13
alraunemarie: see also sources.list07:13
PmDematagodaicewolf: ask away07:13
icewolfI have a simple question, which ATi driver is best for Ubuntu? I just installed the ati offical one and with compiz enabled it goes all white, I am in failsafe right now07:14
marieI'm trying to setup a bluetooth sniffer to record wiimote signals and send packages to the wii07:14
michelleMy wireless work does not work.07:14
alraunekcman:so lets check 8.04 long term support..07:14
PmDematagodaicewolf: did you try radeonhd or ati?07:14
theRealBallchalkunless u got time to tinker around then *nix nux07:14
alraunekcman:checked the cd ?  media for defects ?07:14
PmDematagodaicewolf: also, did you try reinstalling the driver?07:14
roxygirlHi.  I'm starting a new business and looking for some sort of database/accounting program to keep track of customers, registrations, contact info, invoicing, etc.  I would really appreciate it having a good GUI, to keep the learning curve to a minimum.  any ideas?07:14
gaelfxpvl1: hey, did you mean 'sudo apt-get install envy-core'?07:14
icewolfPmDematagoda: radeonHD?07:14
PmDematagodaicewolf: yes07:15
mariePmDematagoda: there isn't a package for the libs?07:15
rockenrola1michelle: is your wireless card reconized by the system?07:15
icewolfPmDematagoda: I've tried FLGRX and the ENVY ones, envy did not work correctly.07:15
theRealBallchalkmarie: what exactly do you have in mind with this project if you don't mind me asking?07:15
icewolfPmDematagoda: radeonHD meaning? who makes that driver?07:15
PmDematagodamarie: I think the libs are included, else bluez wont work :)07:15
alrauneroxygirl: open office has a lot of that stuff07:15
marietheRealBallchalk, cheating07:15
PmDematagodaicewolf: ati = Red Hat and some others, radeonHD=Novell and AMD(and maybe others)07:15
PmDematagodaicewolf: but both drivers are pretty similar07:16
theRealBallchalki honestly dont see what osx can't do linux can do07:16
icewolfPmDematagoda: I am not seeing the difference, I am confused, I tried the offical ATI driver, which does not like compiz fusion. but this RadeonHD driver, is it made by ati?07:16
roxygirlalraune: i've found open office to be buggy, and crash alot.  i'm trying for other alternatives...07:16
chriswranyone know if world of warcraft works well with ubuntu?07:16
VamkiirAhhrg.... someone just spilled a sugary alcoholic drink on my laptop keyboard ^_^07:17
PmDematagodaicewolf: pretty much, but ati isnt bad as well07:17
bazhangtheRealBallchalk, you have a support question or just wish to chat07:17
jeelahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/27009/  ---------help07:17
Shujah_no i havent :|07:17
icewolfPmDematagoda: where can I find the radeonHD driver?07:17
theRealBallchalkbazhang: a little bit of both why?07:17
icewolfPmDematagoda: is the performance of all the ati drivers fairly similar?07:17
chriswranyone know if world of warcraft works well with ubuntu?07:17
macotheRealBallchalk: have a good window manager07:17
PorkSodaHave to ask a general question, but to weed out "if" I should ask the question.. Any one have experience using x11vnc through ssl?07:17
bazhangtheRealBallchalk, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic; support here07:17
theRealBallchalkbazhang: ohh thanks07:18
Vamkiirchriswr depends - you can use wine for emulation of win32, I heard it works ok with that.07:18
macotheRealBallchalk: i really quite hate that OSX/Finder lack the ability to have focus follow mouse, to keep an unfocused window on top, to shade windows...07:18
PmDematagodaicewolf: ati and radeonHD are pretty similar from what ive heard, except that they used to deviate in the way they communicated with the card(emphasis on USED to)07:18
Shujah_chriswr, yes WoW is stable via wine/ubuntu07:18
* theRealBallchalk coming from #solaris i'm a bit naive of ubuntu chans07:18
chriswrvamkiir: yeah thats what i was wondering , thnx07:18
macotheRealBallchalk: it just makes it unusable for me.  i want proper window management features, and only Linux or BSD will satisfy me07:18
PmDematagodaicewolf: radeonHD is in the repos, apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd07:18
Vamkiiroh btw07:18
jeelabazhang: I am still having problem with compiz. Complete error is  http://paste.ubuntu.com/27009/07:18
chriswrshujah_: thnx07:18
Vamkiirif you are a serious gamer though, I heard Cedega is better.07:19
icewolfPmDematagoda:  bonus thank you :)07:19
theRealBallchalkthanks i can you helping out here bazhang good luck07:19
Vamkiirit has better emulation of Direct X07:19
bazhangjeela, you went to hardware drivers and saw if they were in use? what about appearances (visual effects tab)07:19
PmDematagodaVamkiir: not any more though, Ive heard that Cedega is going down these days07:19
Shujah_chriswr, you might try googling for playonlinux it'll help too07:19
macoVamkiir: Wine has been catching up to Cedega and Crossover07:19
PmDematagodaicewolf: np :)07:19
jeelaI can't find it07:19
=== pavel989 is now known as pvl1
Vamkiirwell that's good.07:19
VamkiirSince cedega charges...07:20
alraunekcman:given up ?07:20
PmDematagodaVamkiir: :)07:20
jeelacan't understand u --noob07:20
bazhangjeela, could you open a terminal and type lspci and paste that to paste.ubuntu.com07:20
pvl1<gaelfx> sorry internet gave in07:20
VamkiirI hardly ever game though :P Just program ~_~07:20
bazhangjeela, alt-f2 gnome-terminal type lspci07:20
Shujah_anyone got a working ps2 emu on ubuntu ?07:20
bazhangShujah_, there currently is not one.07:21
matuxhi, i have an issue installing sun-j2sdk1.4 , I downloaded the j2sdk-1_4_2_18-linux-1586.bin from the Sun web site but when i tried ton install it i got this error message:07:21
matuxFailed to install package sun-j2sdk1.4_1.4.2+17_i586.deb07:21
matuxxul runner-1.9 conflicts with j2re1.407:21
matuxsun-j2sdk1.4 requires j2re and is to be installed07:21
Vamkiiranyone have a good solution for getting sugary alcoholic drinks from beneath the keyboard? :X07:21
icewolfPmDematagoda: another question, I have a capture card Wintv-HVR 1600, there is a driver, but which gui is bes for watching tv?07:21
bazhangmatux not here paste.ubuntu.com07:21
jeelahere it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/27013/07:21
icewolfMythtv has all this crap for the backend etc07:21
pvl1<Vamkiir> isopropyl07:21
VamkiirI am gonna cry when I get sticky keys :(07:21
bazhangVamkiir, please take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic07:21
PmDematagodaicewolf: um, I dont have much of an idea on that unfortunately, sorry07:21
matuxhow can i install sun-j2sdk1.4 in ubuntu07:21
octalVamkiir: a vacuum cleaner07:21
reverxHey, I'm going to buy this laptop tomorrow and I want someone to double-check what the wireless card on it is http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8846378&productCategoryId=abcat0502001&type=product&tab=7&id=1208562431197#productdetail07:21
bazhangmatux, you check in synaptic?07:22
icewolftvtime :) thank you alraune07:22
bazhangreverx, what do the specs say07:22
matuxyes, no j2sdk there only jsdk07:22
Shujah_matux, sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin07:22
Shujah_matux, enable multiverse in ubuntu repos07:23
reverxbazhang: Integrated 10/100 Ethernet LAN07:23
reverxbazhang: but i can't find whether it is a broadcom or a realtek07:23
bazhangreverx, that is the wired not the wifi07:23
reverxbazhang: 802.11b/g WLAN07:24
reverxbazhang: sorry07:24
matuxtake a look at this http://paste.ubuntu.com/2701407:24
bazhangreverx, what is the exact make and model name07:24
rockenrola1reverx: that's not the model07:24
reverxI can't find it on the hp site or the best buy site07:24
matuxthe thing is , i am trying to run open laszlo but it requieres j2sdk07:24
reverxthe laptop model is dv2807nr07:24
jeelabazhang: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27013/07:25
gaelfxpvl1: that's ok, did you mean 'sudo apt-get install envyng-core'?07:25
Kefga_Xcan anyone help with laptop LCD brightness problems?07:25
pvl1<gaelfx> well no. do u know how to use synaptic?07:26
bazhangjeela, have you asked in compiz channel about that card? the onboard intel? not sure if it is blacklisted or not07:26
gaelfxyeah, I do07:26
PmDematagodabazhang: isnt Intel usually white-listed?07:26
pvl1<gaelfx> use that to get envy. it should do it for u07:26
bazhangPmDematagoda, mostly, though some of the very early ones may not like compiz too much07:27
PmDematagodabazhang: that's true07:27
gaelfxpvl1: well, it only comes up with envyng -core, -qt and -gtk07:27
bazhangreverx, this is hp compaq dell or what07:27
icewolfPmDematagoda: crap I want to uninstall the ati offical drivers, but they don't use a .DEB package, how can I remove them?07:28
reverxbazhang: hp07:28
icewolfPmDematagoda: I looked on google etc, can not find anywhere07:28
reverxbazhang: model number dv2807nr07:28
gaelfx(and all the other Envy things that Envy usually downloads itself07:29
PmDematagodaicewolf: apt-get remove --purge Package xorg-driver-fglrx07:29
PmDematagodaicewolf: Package isnt there07:29
PmDematagodaicewolf: apt-get remove --purge xorg-driver-fglrx07:29
pvl1<gaelfx> sec...07:29
Tux2K8hello, I have this listed in hosts.deny : sshd:          what is that mean?07:30
bazhangreverx, seems to be broadcom from what I can tell; though they sometimes switch things out so hard to know for sure07:30
orkidhow can i install 'awesome' (a window manager) version 2.3 in hardy ? the version in the repos is 2.0final, intrepid has 2.3, backports doesn't seem to have it ?07:30
gaelfxpvl1: I installed the core and the gtk, gtk made it show up in the app menu07:30
alrauneTux2k8: that means that this host blocked there07:30
Tux2K8alraune : so it blocked from connecting via ssh?07:31
Tux2K8alraune : 10x for the answer07:31
bazhangorkid, why you need the very latest?07:31
orkidthe configs have changed a lot07:31
icewolfPmDematagoda: hah package not found07:31
orkidi'm guessing most docs are available for 2.3 now bazhang07:31
bazhangorkid, what does that mean07:31
PmDematagodaicewolf: how did you install it in the first place?07:31
orkidit means a lot of bug fixed and features have been added since 2.007:32
Tux2K8any idea how to configure denyhosts to block after 2 failed passwords (ssh) ??07:32
reverxbazhang: alright - many thanks.07:32
pvl1<gaelfx> envy ng comes up?07:32
bazhangorkid, you will have to either find a deb or compile it yourself07:32
bazhangorkid, unless they have a repo07:32
icewolfPmDematagoda: the ati offical install utility07:32
PmDematagodaicewolf: so that wasnt from the repos?07:33
Rat409orkid: fwiw http://awesome.naquadah.org/07:33
orkidi have a deb, but it requires a newer version of pango. :S i thought backports would have all this . :S07:33
orkidtx Rat409 i know :)07:33
gaelfxpvl1:envyng-core -qt -gtk all come up07:33
icewolfPmDematagoda: correct, and now I do not know how to remove it07:33
gaelfxpvl1: but nothing that is only envyng07:33
bazhangorkid, newest is not always better; other things may error out as a result07:33