lksanyone how to configure the microphone to work02:06
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sunaboz1 is curl faster than wget for http and ftp downloads? or just the same03:03
hadsThe variable is your connection, so, the same.03:04
sunaboz1thanks, I'll just get the frontend for wget then03:05
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xinooowhy only one cpu is shown in system monitor, while it's actually a AMD 64 dual core ?03:35
Genelykwhy installed xubuntu in  64 x204:04
TheSheepGenelyk: why not?04:05
coldhakthere used to be a utility that would diagram graphically how disk space was used, but i don't have it since i reinstalled. anybody know of anything like that?04:10
TheSheepcoldhak: baobab04:11
TheSheepcoldhak: it's juts not displayed in the menu, should be there04:11
TheSheepjust run it from terminal04:11
coldhaknot there, but i'm installing it04:12
coldhakah, that's exactly what i wanted. thanks04:13
anushahow to create shortcuts of pidgin on desktop04:24
zoredacheanusha: right click on the desktop choose create launcher..  In the run field enter 'pidgin'04:29
anushazoredache: no it is not coming.i want to create the shortcuts on my desktop.i tried it by using right click but i wasnt working.so what should i now04:34
zoredachedoes anything show up when you right click on the desktop?04:37
zoredacheis there anything on the desktop right now?04:37
anushaon right click na it is just opening the file04:41
zoredacheanusha: when you right click.  Make sure your pointer isn't over any existing icons04:42
anushazoredache: it is not displaying anything .it opens as if u r left clicking on it04:43
magic_ninjaany security gurus in here04:53
magic_ninjafor some reason i have two users logged in, but it does'nt show who the other user is, like they are hiding from the "who" command04:54
zoredachewhy do you think you have two users logged in?04:59
magic_ninjazoredache, because i do, its not that i have another tty logged in or a pts, its a user that the 'who' command does not show, this is what is worrying me05:03
zoredachewhat tool is showing the other user?05:03
cody-somervilleAnother command to look at logged in users is the users command05:05
zoredachehave you tried at looking at the output of 'lsof'?05:05
magic_ninjazoredache, anything in particular to grep it for05:06
magic_ninjadhclient3 8666        dhcp  cwd   unknown                                /proc/8666/cwd (readlink: Permission denied)05:07
magic_ninjathat looks suspicous05:07
zoredacheuse a 'grep -v' and exclude things that you know you started05:08
magic_ninjazoredache, can you explain a little more please?05:09
zoredachewell lets say you where running apache.   grep -v 'www-data' would filter out everything running under the www-data account05:11
magic_ninjai see, so i pinpoint things running to see what might be strange05:14
magic_ninjathere is no way to show a hidden user?05:14
zoredacheIf your system hasn't be hacked there shouldn't be hidden users05:15
zoredacheI am still curious what you are looking at or doing that makes you think ther e is a hidden user05:16
magic_ninjawhen i rebooted, i noticed that i had two users going and the other user is hidden, i ran rkhunter and got some output about root account being enabled from sshd, and i shouldn't be running an sshd in the first place05:16
magic_ninjaso i'm trying to track down what the hell is going on with this mystery user05:17
magic_ninjasorry about the language05:17
zoredacheyou noticed how?05:17
magic_ninjai had this problem on my old box,  i got a new computer a month or so ago and had no problems, then today i noticed this was happening again05:20
magic_ninjaat times my internet will run slow, really slow, i'll reset the connection and it works fine for a while05:21
magic_ninjamabye i should try a reboot with no network and see what happens with the mystery user05:21
zoredacheI guess05:21
magic_ninjamy cpu usage randomly goes through the roof for a while, mabye i'm just being paranoid but i find it all put together quite suspicous05:22
zoredachewhen you said you shouldn't be running sshd.  Do you mean that you hever installed openssh-server?05:22
zoredacheif sshd is running and you didn't install openssh-server then I would start there05:22
magic_ninjai already removed the ssh server and shutoff the sshd05:24
zoredacheand you are certain you aren't just seeing a bug in gkrellm?05:25
magic_ninjais there another program type of system monitor that will show that05:25
magic_ninjai'll be right back05:27
magic_ninjazoredache, it restarted with one user05:30
magic_ninjaand i have firestarter monitoring network connections05:32
magic_ninjagot an interesting tidbit05:33
magic_ninjai found an ipp address, and a whois returned some interesting info on a computer in china05:35
magic_ninjasorry about that05:39
magic_ninjawell from what i'm gathering, its showing a portscan/intrusion attempt from china, but i'm no security expert, but a linux box is a sweet target05:42
magic_ninjazoredache, they are coming from china and africa, i found some alot of sites that showed them as intrusion attempts06:02
magic_ninjavarious ports, both tcp and udp06:02
zoredacheis your computer directly connected to the internet?06:09
zoredacheif you are on the internet you are going to get scanned a lot....06:09
coldhakshell is complaning about ^M on the bang line, is that the \r or the \n?06:17
zoredacheI would guess the \r06:18
coldhakthanks :)06:20
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theeyealteringDoes anyone know the command to bring up the Places menu, I want to bind a keyboard shortcut to it?08:03
sunabozuany recommended best LAN filesharing tool for Ubuntu and Windows?08:56
theeyealteringSamba is the standard tool I think. Look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20260509:00
TheSheepssh with avahi maybe...09:03
TheSheepor sftp with avahi09:03
sunabozucan't make it work, samba is just overwhelming09:51
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.09:53
sunabozuTheSheep: I found p300 and it's really good, wooho java!10:07
sunabozuany guide on making bittorrent work?11:19
sunabozuI've tried lots of clients for ubuntu, I'm still having < 2KB/s, I've just installed 7.1011:20
arf`sunabozu: 2kB/s is a sort of working :)11:24
CarouselbeastHello there! Can anyone tell me how to change my keyboard layout in xubuntu?11:29
CarouselbeastAnd why should I not install flashplugin-nonfree ?11:30
jokoonbecause its not open source11:40
CarouselbeastAnd how do I change my keyboard layout?11:41
D--Carouselbeast: Application>Settings>Settings Manager>Keyboard>Layouts11:55
D--Uncheck the "X" option and pick something else.11:55
D--As for flashplugin-nonfree, you should not install it because if you do that, all your flash content will display correctly. Ideology is more important than compatibility.11:56
CarouselbeastThank you12:00
magic_ninjathis isn't normal16:00
magic_ninjai've been getting portscans on my comp all night16:00
Myrttihate to burst the bubble, but that's what Internet is nowadays16:03
magic_ninjathats weak16:03
cody-somervillemagic_ninja, are you the same guy that was worried about someone being logged into your computer last night?16:16
magic_ninjacody-somerville, yea, i got it figured out16:17
magic_ninjacody-somerville, never realized how bad it is nowadays16:17
magic_ninjacody-somerville, found a bug in gkrellm though :-)16:17
cody-somervillemagic_ninja, whats the bug number?16:18
magic_ninjanot sure16:18
magic_ninjawhen you log into another tty, then log back out gkrellm shows 2 users still16:18
cody-somervillemagic_ninja, and I assumed you reported that?16:18
magic_ninjacody-somerville, na i need too though16:18
morslokI have a problem with my font size in xubuntu 8.04, all the letters are too big and as a result I can't see everything on the screen.18:58
morsloki just installed today on an old desktop system with onboard video, it's an hp18:59
Guest98084Anybody using an EEE?21:37
cody-somervillenot I21:39
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TruefireI'm using an Asus EEE...21:47
Truefireand I got it small enough with Xubuntu to have everything I need, with 630mb to spare.21:47
TruefireI obviously added programs, such as Warzoine 2100, OpenOffice, VLC, Audatious, Skype, Netbeans, Geany...21:49
Truefire...and wine.21:49
Truefirebut it is the 4g..21:49
TruefireI doubt the 2g eee is useful21:50
Truefireunless you use puppy, :p21:50
TruefireI'll be writing about the EEE on my site, 'http://www.easygeek.org'21:51
TheSheepTruefire: you can fit a usable linux distro in 256MB21:52
TheSheepTruefire: of course it involves soem heavy hacking21:52
TheSheepI guess (x)ubuntu is not the best starting point for that21:53
xaer0cody-somerville: you around?22:52
xaer0or anyone of the marketing team?22:52
cody-somervilleI'm here22:52
xaer0i have a thought that maybe useful22:53
xaer0i just posted it in the xubuntu-users email group22:54
xaer0under xaer0knight@gmail.com22:55
xaer0something like that for Xubuntu.. mostly those who love Xubuntu that are willing to ship CDs out for free22:59
xaer0so any comments?23:08
xaer0ya i thought it might be good for a distro like Xubuntu... because most of the light weight distros you have to pay for or download (some people dont have access to faster internet)23:10
xaer0that and the fact Ubuntu is so popular now, also you can get it at Circity City with 60days of live telephone tech support for 19 bucks23:11
xaer0or was it best buy23:12
xaer0i thought it maybe fun or a good project to Alpha or Beta awhile.. a Free Xubuntu CD Program.23:14
* cody-somerville nods.23:14
xaer0well keep it in mind i guess.. :-D23:15
xaer0every idea is a good idea to someone :L)23:15
xaer0well i go to go.. wanted to get that off my chest :-D23:15
* xaer0 = dinner time23:15
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