Verterokg'morning igc00:05
thumpercan I branch into the current directory?00:07
thumperfor example:00:07
thumperon a server I have a directory which I have rights to00:07
thumperbut the directory above is root only00:07
thumperin that directory I want to get the contents of a bzr branch00:07
thumperwhich was created elsewhere00:07
mwhudsonbzr init, bzr pull00:07
mwhudsonwill probably work00:07
thumpermwhudson: ok, will try00:08
mwhudson(means you have to get the format right though)00:08
mwhudsonwhich, given sikrit insider infomation, probably means bzr init --rich-root-pack00:08
thumperit isn't00:08
mwhudsonok :)00:08
thumperbut thanks anyway00:08
igcmorning Verterok, how are you?00:27
beunothumper, hi!   kick-ass blog post, btw  :)00:27
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VerterokI'm fine, thank you. although a bit busy (hoping to have some free time)00:32
igcbusy is better than bored I always say :-)00:32
Verterokigc: good point :)00:33
beunoigc, and how are you?00:33
Verterokbeuno: hi00:34
igcbeuno: hi. Quite sleepy these days. The pain killers I'm on have that effect.00:34
igcotherwise, just taking each day at a time right now00:35
beunoigc, you don't seem that sleepy if I look at your work   ;)00:37
igcbeuno: it's nice to hear you say that. Quantity is certainly down at the moment.00:39
igcI'm in week 2 of a 6 week treatment so ...00:39
igchopefully I'll feel better when it's over00:39
beunoigc, I'm sure you will00:41
thumperbeuno: thanks, but to be honest, abentley wrote most of it00:45
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mwhudsonis there some way i can create a branch with a ghost on mainline?01:03
mwhudson(programming is ok)01:03
igcjam: did you see my partial review? I was wondering about that change to Merge3Merger._entries3()01:28
bob2lifeless: should that be 'http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jameinel/%2Bjunk/pybloom/' (i.e. no bzr-)?01:50
pooliemwhudson: um, it is possible but probably complicated02:05
pooliei would start by looking for an api that will copy just one revision and not its parents02:05
mwhudsonpoolie: ok02:05
mwhudsondon't push one of these branches to launchpad :)02:05
bob2hm, my upgrade to --gc-plain seems to not be progressing03:00
bob2hm, I lie, it is churning through it03:53
jammwhudson: I believe there is a 'allow_lefthand_ghost=True' member that you can look for03:57
jamI think it is on set_parent_ids/trees03:58
jamigc: I did see it, I haven't fully digested it.03:58
jamI believe that True => False is *correct* though it doesn't really apply for the weave code03:58
jamjust something I was trying to get around to, not quite sure how it ended up here03:58
igcjam: ok. IIUIC, the rest of the patch is benign, i.e. it doesn't seem to impact anything outside (re)merge --weave?04:02
igcthat's while I highlighted that change - it has a broader impact potentially?04:03
* igc lunch04:49
thumperis there an ETA for bzr-svn in the bzr ppa?05:05
bob285664   backup.bzr05:33
bob240232   .bzr/05:33
bob2that is quite awesome05:33
jamigc: well, when you get back from lunch, the next layer up does a "if changed" check, and filters them all out again, but I'm fine skipping it for now.05:34
thumperbob2: from what to what did you upgrade?06:06
bob2pack-0.92 -> bt+gc06:07
* mwhudson stabs non-canonical histories06:07
thumperbob2: bt+gc??? I'm lost06:12
mwhudsonthumper: btree indexes and lifeless's groupcompression thingy06:13
mwhudson(i assume)06:13
bob2the pair of new formats lifeless posted to the list this morning06:14
lifelessbob2: :)07:19
lifelessbob2: it will be better when the fetcher knows to do inverse-topological-order07:19
awmcclainOh no. Is there any way to undo a bzr revert?07:59
matkorawmcclain: bzr revert of uncommited changes ?  I think they are lost ...08:04
awmcclainBoo. for that.08:04
awmcclainall for doing bzr revert instead of bzr revert .08:04
awmcclainnot pleased with bzr right now.08:05
bob2doesn't help now, but maybe aliasing 'revert' to 'shelve --all' might save you in the future?08:06
awmcclainyeah... i just wanted to revert one file.08:08
awmcclainso i cd'ed into the child directory08:08
awmcclainbut bzr revert crawled out and did the entire tree08:08
awmcclainbad bzr! naughty!08:08
asabilawmcclain: there are backup files08:10
asabilawmcclain: just check for hidden files in your folder08:11
awmcclainokee doke08:11
asabil(ones ending with ~)08:11
asabilI think there is maybe a way to ask bzr to revert the revert :p08:11
asabilbut I don't know08:11
awmcclainWell, I got it for the one file that really mattered... thank you!08:13
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MvGHi! I'm trying to move repository data from a shared repository to a dedicated repository of a single branch. I had assumed that "reconfigure --standalone" would work for this, being the opposite of "--use-shared". However I got a IncompatibleRepositories error from current bzr.dev. Trying again informs me that the tree is already standalone. How can I tell whether the conversion worked? What is the reason for this error message?09:13
MvGSteps to reproduce: bzr init-repo --rich-root-pack repo; cd repo; bzr init branch; cd branch; bzr reconfigure --standalone09:16
Odd_Blokelifeless: I'm aiming to get to Canonical's offices sometime between 1 and 2 this afternoon.  Is that OK?09:16
igclifeless: fyi, I'm benchmarking the group-compress stuff tonight on some repos to see how well it compresses them09:24
* igc dinner09:24
bob2MvG: "bzr info" should tell you if it worked09:27
Stavrosthis is a bit offtopic, but i'd like to ask how you guys wrote your distutils script09:27
MvGbob2: bzr info tells me it did. But I worry it might have been migrated only partially. Otherwise why the error message?09:28
lifelessogthats cool09:30
lifelessigc: thanks09:30
lifelessigc: it really needs a custom InterRepository to compress well09:30
lifelessigc: it will get about 50% I expect from an existing repo with the current inter object09:31
lifelessOdd_Bloke: thats cool09:31
lifelessMvG: sounds like you've found a bug; could you please file it in launchpad ?09:31
MvGlifeless: Sure.09:33
Odd_Blokelifeless: Excellent. :)  Has jelmer mentioned what time he's going to be arriving?  (SUBTLE PING :D)09:43
MvGlifeless: Submitted https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/24893209:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248932 in bzr "reconfigure --standalone raises IncompatibleRepositories" [Undecided,New]09:44
lifelessOdd_Bloke: no :)09:45
jaronow trying migration from svn to bzr10:55
jarowhat tools better to use?10:55
jarobzr fast-import?10:55
jaroanyone is here?10:59
Jc2khi jaro11:00
Jc2kthere is normally someone round who can help11:00
Jc2ki only have experience with bzr-svn, which isn't really aimed at doing migration11:00
lukswell, bzr-svn works fine for migration11:01
jaroluks: can i with bzr-svn migrate my subversion repository to bzr and i will see all changes?11:02
luksjaro: yes11:03
jaroMay by some how to?11:03
luksinstall bzr-svn, run `bzr svn-import <SVN_URL>`11:04
luksor just `bzr branch <SVN_URL_OF_TRUNK>` if you want to migrate only trunk11:04
luksthen you can uninstall bzr-svn and just use plain bzr11:05
ignaswhat is the mystical "front-end" tool that is being mentioned in http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrFastImport ?11:05
luksignas: http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrFastImport/FrontEnds11:06
ignasluks: thanks11:07
jaroluks: i try bzr svn-import <URL>11:09
jarothen cd <project>11:10
jaroand there are no files11:10
lukstry `bzr info`11:10
jaroRepository branch (format: rich-root-pack)11:11
jaro  shared repository: .11:11
jaro  repository branch: .11:11
jaroRelated branches:11:11
luksor are there no files or directories at all?11:11
jaro  parent branch: <url>11:12
luksif not, what URL did you use?11:12
luksjaro: does the project have only a single branch? no trunk/branches/tags structure?11:14
lukswell, then all you need is in the directory11:14
lifelessjaro: do 'bzr checkout .' and you'll get your files11:14
luksyou can use `bzr checkout .` to recreate the working tree if you want11:14
jarobut bzr checkout only get files11:15
jaroBut i need history11:15
luksbzr log11:15
luksin that directory11:15
ignasor bzr vis for a nice visual history if you have gtk plugin installed11:15
jarobzr log show my history11:18
LarstiQhey ignas11:18
jaroSo can I delete /patch/to/svn/project ?11:18
ignasLarstiQ: hi11:18
jaroAnd how can I see my files in /patch/to/bzr/project ?11:18
jaroTo change them ?11:18
luksjaro: it's always nice to keep backups, just in case, but yes you can11:19
luksjam: bzr checkout .11:19
luksevil tab completion11:19
lifelesspoolie: around?11:20
jaroluks: big thanx11:21
matkorwhat is proper way of resolivng binary file confilct ? I end up with foo and foo.moved, how to choose that foo/foo.moved is correct conflcit colvation ?11:23
lifelessmatkor: that generally means foo and foo.moved were added independently; you should take the one that is in the branch closer to trunk11:28
poolielifeless: hi, a bit11:29
lifelesspoolie: can we chat about get_record_stream a bit? perhaps a quick call ?11:29
igclilfeless: so my first group-compress test is still running after 2h30minutes11:32
igcI'm wondering if I'm doing the right thing?11:33
igcI'm doing this ...11:33
igcbzr init --gc-plain .11:33
LarstiQigc: is there a windows vm running the testsuite yet?11:33
igcbzr pull ../normal-repo11:33
matkorlifeless: yah, but how to say to bzr: use foo/foo.moved and forget about second one ? Deleting foo.moved and bzr resolve deos not make confilct resolved ...11:33
igclifeless: the normal repo I'm trying first is python11:34
igchi LarstiQ11:34
lifelessmatkor: does bzr st list foo.moved as unknown? if so, you probably just had foo.moved on local disk before the merge11:34
LarstiQigc: heya :)11:34
igcLarstiQ: not to my knowledge11:34
LarstiQigc: hmmm11:34
lifelessigc: yes, the fetch logic is O(n^2) at the moment11:34
igcI'm pretty sure jam is running on Windows these days11:34
lifelessigc: the raw compressor is better, but *shrug*11:35
igclifeless: when n = # of revisions?11:35
igcLarstiQ: and vila was for a while as well IIRC11:36
LarstiQigc: ok. I watched a run on markh's laptop, and it didn't look too good.11:36
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lifelessigc: yeah; it caps at 20MB of raw output and resets, but it will be doing 1000's of extractions11:37
lifelessigc: I should have a better InterObject done today11:37
igcLarstiQ: as in the test suite didn't look good? or some particular bzr operations?11:38
igclifeless: ok. VM memory use for the pull is up to 780MB fwiw11:39
matkorlifeless: Is hard to say what happend becouse other person asks me to help with that ...11:39
lifelessigc: mysql? ooo?11:40
LarstiQigc: test failures, including not entirely deterministic ones related to test cleanup11:40
igclilfeless: I'm planning to do those tonight but I was waiting for the python one to finish first11:40
lifelessmatkor: ok. well, if bzr st shows one as unknown, just use regular 'mv' etc11:40
lifelessigc: it may well be faster to do a upgrade to --btree-plain first (or btree-rich-root etc911:41
igclilfeless: interesting. I did try the same thing with --btree-plain. That took 195 secs11:43
igcwhich is slowly than a branch (170s) but not by a lot11:43
lifelessigc: so the btree index layer won't bloat anywhere near as much as teh graphindex one11:43
lifelessigc: 'bzr upgrade --btree-plain' will be _much_ faster than a pull :)11:43
lifelessigc: (upgrade --btree-plain will rewrite just the indices)11:55
ignashow do I cancel a merge?12:45
awilkinsignas: Revert12:45
ignasbzr revert seems to only revert the changes12:45
ignasi still can see the merged revisions in the pending merges list12:45
lifelessignas: are y ou running 'bzr revert'12:45
lifelessignas: or something more complex ?12:45
ignas"bzr revert ." ;)12:45
ignasgot the hint12:46
lifelessignas: the . tells revert not to touch pending merges :)12:46
menesisignas: bzr revert --forget-merges12:47
ignasmenesis: thanks, just plain "revert" worked too though12:47
ignasby the way - what is the correct way to resolve a tricky situation:12:48
ignasi have a release branch 2008.0412:48
ignasand trunk12:48
ignasI had a bugfix branch for small bugfixes12:48
ignasit worked fine12:48
ignasbut I have managed to do bzr pull from trunk to it12:48
ignasand now if I want to merge a couple more of the bugfixes to 2008.0412:48
ignasi am getting all the new stuff from trunk that got pulled ...12:49
ignasi could -r rev1..rev2 the merge to my release branch12:49
ignasbut then I will lose the history for separate commits (I think)12:49
ignasany ideas? except for picking all the separate commits from the bugfix branch (that is based on trunk now) and moving them to some other branch12:50
ignasthat is based on some common ancestor of trunk and release12:50
ignasand a related question - where should I be branching my "feature that will probably go into the release and trunk" from to have nice merges later?12:57
ignasI am adding python2.5 support at the moment, and if i am branching from 2008.04 directly - I am getting release specific changes in the merge from 2.5 branch to trunk...12:58
ignasmust I always branch specifically from the "branching" point of the release and trunk branches?12:58
lifelessignas: I generally branch features from trunk, and do a cherrypick merge if needed13:02
lifelessignas: but if you know a-priori that it will go into a release branch as well as trunk I would tend to start with the release branch13:02
ignaswell - release branch has at least some release specific changes (like setting of the version for a 2008.04.02 release for example)13:04
ignasso as menesis just explained to me - bugfix branch should be branched out as early as feasible (like when the bug was first encountered/appeared in the code)13:05
ignasand features should not be merged into release branches that have been in use in general13:05
lifelesswell, different folk find different things work13:06
lifelessI generally ignore history and just code to head; backporting is usually dead easy bzr-wise13:06
ignasand how do you do backporting?13:07
ignascherry picking?13:07
ignasoh, apparently I can bzr revert some changes that were release specific, and it seems that it is "legal" to do so, so I can just skip the changes made to version.txt and to setup.py when merging from "a branch that was branched from release" to "trunk"13:13
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lifelessignas: yes, I cherry pick when needed13:57
uwsSo, when is a new .pack file created?14:28
uwsthe sizes are really different in my repository14:29
uwsI'm using a --rich-root-pack repos (that's best, right?)14:29
jelmeruws, hi14:29
uwshey jelmer14:29
jelmeruws, rich-root-pack would probably be the best choice if you don't have to worry about pre-1.0 clients14:30
uwsi'm hip and up-to-date, so no worries there :)14:30
uwsjelmer: also, i'm cloning a svn repos using svn+http://  and it seems to open a new connection for each revision14:31
uwsis that right?14:31
* jelmer catches up on three days of bzr-svn highlights14:31
jelmeruws: No, that'd be a bug14:31
uwssvn+http://  is ok right?14:32
jelmerthough a known one if you're using particular older versions of bzr-svn14:32
jelmeryeah, svn+http:// and http:// should both work14:32
uwsii  bzr-svn                  0.4.10-2                 Bazaar plugin providing Subversion integration14:32
spivjelmer: I'd love a fix for the find_tags stage being very slow.14:32
* spiv is about to sleep14:32
uwsjelmer: If i pull from the http:// one later after branching from svn+http://, will that download all revisions again?14:32
jelmeruws: No, the identity of the repository does not depend on the location14:33
uwsso what does it depend on?14:33
jelmerspiv: I may have a look at that in the next two days14:33
jelmeruws: the subversion repository uuid14:33
spivjelmer: wonderful!14:33
* spiv -> sleep14:33
jelmeruws, and the path in the repository14:33
uwsah ok14:33
jelmerspiv: goodnight14:34
uwsI'm cloning webkit svn ;)14:34
uwstakes a LONG time14:34
jelmerah, ok14:34
jelmerI need to do more memory use profiling14:34
uwsjelmer: yeah, it leaks so I pull like 1000 revs at once14:34
jelmersiretart: do you happen to be in .uk as well?14:35
uwsjelmer: it seems bzr-svn 0.4.10-2 (debian package) calls connect() to the http server quite often\14:36
uwsmy guess is each revision14:36
jelmeruws: That should not be the case with the 0.4 branch of bzr-svn14:37
lamalex_2Is there a howto for setting up an external branch? I'm starting a new project for work, want to use bzr, but don't want to use launchpad.14:38
uwsbzr-svn is also quite cpu bound it seems14:38
uwslamalex_2: just type "bzr init" and you're done14:38
jelmeruws, some of that has changed as well14:38
uwsconnect(5, {sa_family=AF_INET, sin_port=htons(80), sin_addr=inet_addr("")}, 16) = -1 EINPROGRESS (Operation now in progress)14:38
uwsconnect(11, {sa_family=AF_INET, sin_port=htons(80), sin_addr=inet_addr("")}, 16) = -1 EINPROGRESS (Operation now in progress)14:38
lamalex_2uws: ... that's too easy14:38
uwsjelmer: ^^ i see that every few seconds14:38
lamalex_2how do I control write access?14:39
uwslamalex_2: to a shared repository? just file system access rights, or share a shell accoutn14:39
lamalex_2ah ok14:39
jelmeruws: Yeah, so that's a known issue which is fixed in the 0.4 branch14:39
lamalex_2great thanks14:39
uwsjelmer: does it affect speed seriously?14:40
jelmeruws: The reconnects probably don't matter much14:40
uwsjelmer: so I shouldn't have to upgrade manually (and remove the debian package)14:41
jelmeruws: I can run a webkit import here as well with the 0.4 branch and see how fast that is14:41
uwsjelmer: it's really slow :)14:41
jelmeruws, what's the URL?14:41
uwsjelmer: svn+http://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk14:41
pickscrapeI can't for the life of me get authentication.conf to work :(14:41
pickscrapeI want it to change the username I connect to a server using, but it always ends up connecting as me.14:41
siretartjelmer: sorry, no14:41
uwsdoes running "bzr pack" once in a while help for speed?14:41
siretartjelmer: I'm .de14:42
pickscrapeAnyone have any experience on this happening and knows what I'm doing wrong?14:42
uwspickscrape: you can use  sftp://username@host instead14:42
pickscrapeuws: thanks, but I don't want to have to tell my colleagues that they have to specify the username every time they want to access the server :)14:42
uwspickscrape: is it ssh?14:42
uwspickscrape: if so, you can also force it in ~/.ssh/config for that particular host14:43
lamalex_2uws: why would I use init vs init-repository?14:43
uwsfurthermore, urls for push/pull are remembered so it's really a one time thing14:43
pickscrapeuws: Oh, thanks for that I'll look into it.14:43
uwslamalex_2: depends on whether you will have multiple branches, which will share the same "backing storage"14:43
lamalex_2what do you mean by backing storage, and is this wiki'd somewhere? I hate to waste your time if there's already an article on this14:44
uwslamalex_2: "bzr help init-repository" versus "bzr help init"14:45
lamalex_2that doesn't give me why I should use one or the other, advantages,  disadvantages, etc14:46
uwslamalex_2: branches created with "init" contain ALL history in .bzr14:46
uwsso if you have two branches for the same project, most history will be there twice, resulting in unnecessary disk usage14:46
uwsa repository holds all the revision data, and your branches (doesn't matter how many) just point to a specific revision,14:47
uwsthis results in the repository .bzr dir to be large, and the branch .bzr dirs to be really smalls (a few KB)14:47
lamalex_2so it sounds like repository is the safer choice, are there any large disadvantages?14:47
uwslamalex_2: you can't copy the branch directory using conventional means (cp, drag/drop in file browser) to other media14:48
uwslamalex_2: but you can of course still create branches outside the repo as well14:48
pygigreetings asabil14:49
jamOdd_Bloke: want some help with bug 160530?14:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 160530 in bzr-pqm "pqm-submit is sending messages pqm doesn't understand" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16053014:49
asabilhello pygi :)14:49
Odd_Blokejam: Yeah, I haven't really looked into it a great deal, but copy-pasting the strings in the bug into PQM's queue didn't cause a problem.  So I don't know if this has been magically fixed, or...? :)14:53
jamOdd_Bloke: I couldn't tell you for sure, are you seeing stuff that uses the email library to parse the requests, rather than reading the raw string?14:55
colbracjelmer: Working on bzr-gtk?15:07
Odd_Blokejam: I haven't really looked into it enough, I'll look into it further later.15:11
jamOdd_Bloke: np15:11
jamSomeone certainly could have cleaned up PQM's message parsing and not mentioned it15:11
uwsjelmer: is it right that bzr-svn looks like it's cpu-bound?15:12
uws 7210 uws       20   0  469m 442m 6700 R 43.7 44.1   7:44.93 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/bzr pull -v -r 1850015:13
uwslike that, all the time15:13
uws(also 100% btw)15:13
jelmeruws: Yeah, some bits may be CPU bound, especially in < 0.4.1115:14
jelmercolbrac: somewhat15:14
colbracjelmer: Is that account coming through?15:15
jelmercolbrac, yep, just give me a few minutes15:23
jelmeruws, it's pretty slow here as well, but not using a lot of cpu15:24
jelmer 2497 jelmer    20   0  209m 178m 7992 S   14 11.8   8:11.88 python15:24
uwsjelmer: Hmm, your 0.4 branch installs ra.so and client.so (and some other files) directly into site-packages/15:25
uwsis that right?15:25
uwsjelmer: Unable to load bzr-svn extensions - did you build it?15:27
uwsstrange, I did15:27
lifelessjelmer: http://news.launchpad.net/ppa/introducing-autoppa15:29
jelmerlifeless, blegh, ubuntu only :-( Hopefully it works on Sid :-)15:29
=== james_w_ is now known as james_w
james_wrockstar: hi, are you still looking for me?15:37
rockstarjames_w, kinda.  I've got some questions about using bzr-builddeb15:38
james_wrockstar: ah, sure, ask away15:38
lifelessjam: hi15:40
rockstarWell, I'm having an awkward time trying to find a good workflow.  I just wondered, since you probably use it on a normal basis, I wonder if you could recommend a workflow15:41
rockstarjames_w, ^^15:41
james_wI don't use it that much :-)15:41
james_wwhat are you struggling with?15:41
lamalex_2uws: is there any apache setup or anything I need to do to make this repo accessible?15:42
lamalex_2wow no! this rules. bzr+ssh://host/path15:44
jamlifeless: hi, probably afk for a bit, my son is waking up from the morning nap, and I'll be taking him to day care in a bit15:44
jamLarstiQ: I *do* use win32 probably 75% of the time, but I *don't* run the full test suite (on either platform). I know that BzrDir.clone() is broken (BzrDir.sprout() works, which is a bit weird), but that is something that probably makes a lot of tests fail15:44
jelmeruws, hmm, it is slow15:45
jelmeruws, I'm at 800 revisions now15:45
jelmer28k to go :-)15:45
uwsjelmer: yeah, just stop it. you can branch from me later if you wish15:45
uwsI'm at ~18000 already15:46
jelmerah, ok - over how much time?15:46
jamlifeless: I would be curious to know how you did remote testing of your btree code15:46
uws~1.5 days15:46
jelmerwow, ok15:46
jamAs I'd like to put the new bloom stuff through its paces over a remote connection15:46
jelmeruws: I guess the 0.4 branch is a bit faster then15:46
uwsjelmer: I couldn't get it to work15:46
jamSo far, I've just finally managed to do better than no blooms on a local filesystem15:46
uwsjelmer: complained about needing bzr 1.6, and it doesn't work with the 1.6b215:46
uwscomplaining about make_knit_factory or something15:47
jamNot a *lot* better yet, but *better* which means they are viable :)15:47
jelmeruws: yeah, it needs bzr.dev15:47
uwsjelmer: will the speed improvements be an order of magnitude?15:48
jamlifeless: oh, and until I get the 'paged bloom' code written, they won't scale to 1M+ pack files, because they will always read the full array15:49
jelmeruws, it's doing about one revision per three seconds here15:49
jelmerwhat sort of speed are you seeing?15:49
jamThough we could still *create* them, even if we didn't always use them yet.15:49
uwsjelmer: roughly that yes15:49
uwsjelmer: however I don't see that anywhere15:49
uwsjelmer: only from the "strace -econnect)15:49
uwsIt just says "Pull phase 0/2" for a VERY long time15:50
rockstarjames_w, for instance, I'm trying to package a tarball from upstream to put in my PPA.  It doesn't make sense for me to version the contents of the tarball, so I figure I version debian/15:50
LarstiQrockstar: why, that almost sounds like a larstiq workflow ;)15:50
uwsjelmer: will speed be constant when the revision number gets higher for my bzr-svn branching?15:51
rockstarAt this point, what does bzr-builddeb provide over the standard debian tools?15:51
jelmeruws, yeah, that's the idea15:51
uwsjelmer: Ok, I'll just let it run for the next few days then :S15:51
uwslaunchpad doesn't have a mirror either15:52
uwswould they be interested in mine?15:52
james_wrockstar: if you only want to version debian/ then bzr-builddeb will construct the source package for you by assembling the bits in the right way. You can do this yourself, but you may find it more convenient.15:52
rockstarWhere is the convenience?  That's really what I'm looking for.15:53
jelmeruws, installation of the 0.4 branch should be fixed now15:53
* jelmer wonders who he has to bribe to get his gssapi patch reviewed15:53
james_wrockstar: to build the source package you need the upstream tarball unpacked, with debian/ in place. You can obviously do this by hand, but I found doing that tedious.15:54
* LarstiQ takes euros and litas.15:54
jelmerLarstiQ: I can give you 200 litas I think15:55
jelmerI still have some from last year, not likely to need them in the near future15:55
LarstiQjelmer: you sir, have a deal!15:56
LarstiQbut first I'm going to bbq in the park.15:56
rockstarjames_w, Ah, so you can say "download the tarball from here, build everything" ?15:56
james_wrockstar: yeah, one thing it can do is to try and get a tarball for you if you don't have one already (using apt or uscan).15:58
rockstarjames_w, Ah, that's what I was looking for.15:59
jelmerLarstiQ: heh, bon appetit15:59
lamalex_2This transport does not update the working tree of: bzr+ssh://combatshadow/var/www/acetechgroup.com/systems/htdocs/systems/. See 'bzr help working-trees' for more information. -- What does that mean? Why can't I push to my repo?16:13
radixyou can, it just doesn't update the working tree16:14
lamalex_2what does that mean?16:14
james_wlamalex_2: did you have a look at "bzr help working-trees"?16:16
lamalex_2so I have to run bzr update in my repo whenever I push16:17
lamalex_2that's annoying16:17
james_wlamalex_2: there are two plugins that might interest you, the first is "push-and-update", which automates "ssh wherever 'bzr update'" when you push16:18
james_wthen second is "bzr-upload" that allows you to upload the working tree to a remote location, this is what web developers usually want.16:18
lamalex_2that's what I want too16:19
lamalex_2where can I get the push-and-update plugin?16:21
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Odd_Blokelifeless: So I've looked at your cleanup of thumper's queue-abstraction branch and it _mostly_ looks OK.  There are a couple of things that I think could be better, but it's hard to know whether it makes sense in this branch...18:14
bud3030Hi bzr  I have changed email address should i change it in bzr.conf, auth,conf, location,conf18:29
Odd_Blokebud3030: Use 'bzr whoami <new string>' and 'bzr whoami' again to check it's correct.18:30
bud3030Odd_bloke thanks Ill give a try18:30
pickscrapeWould the correct way to reverse a changeset on a branch be: bzr merge -r 8..7 . (where the revision to reverse if r8)?18:52
pickscrapeActually... yes, that works. I'd accidentally done the merge the other way round, and the result makes bzr stat crash18:53
pickscrapebzr diff --stat18:53
* thumper wonders what bzr diff --stat does19:02
pickscrapeNothing unless you install the diffstat plugin :)19:03
rockstarDangit, someone took my bzr-stats idea...19:03
* rockstar snoozed and lost19:03
pickscraperockstar: It's been around for ages19:04
asabilpickscrape: you can also simply uncommit19:04
pickscrapeI recently picked it up and got it working with 1.5.19:04
asabilif you didn't publish the branch yet19:04
pickscrapeasabil: no, this is a changs from a couple of revs back from HEAD that has been published. I figure it out though.19:05
rockstarpickscrape, that doesn't make me any less of a sad panda  :)19:05
pickscraperockstar: :( One of the reasons why I've not started any projects of my own too19:05
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bud3030jam how can one correct the error 13 : hook route to ubuntu machine19:51
bud3030am i log in to go privite19:52
newz2000hi, maybe this is esoteric, but it never hurts to ask...20:06
newz2000is there a plugin that will export a project as a zip file?20:07
newz2000(or some other archive)20:07
beunonewz2000, bzr export20:07
beunoit's not a plugin, it's a default command20:07
newz2000that explains why it wasn't on the plugins page20:08
newz2000so I guess I'm not the only one who's wanted this feature then20:08
beunoprobably not  :)20:08
newz2000ok, one more thing then...20:09
newz2000I have a workflow for some projects that includes a few steps. Is there a way to bundle these steps into one process? I like the plugin that does ssh -c bzr co .20:10
newz2000I can script it of course, just wondering if there was a hook for bzr push that would do it automatically20:10
beunoyou can hook to post-tip-change, and make that run a script20:11
newz2000ok, I see this in the docs... out of curiosity, is it possible to define different actions on a per project basis?20:14
beunohm, that's a good question20:16
beunoI don't think there's a straight forward way of doing that from bzr20:16
beunoyou can probably do that on your script20:16
beunopass on the branch nick or path20:16
newz2000At a diff job we did this with ant, so maybe I'm crossing the point of what my vcs should be doing for me20:17
newz2000beuno: thanks for the export tip... that's a big help.20:19
beunonewz2000, welcome'20:19
uwsSo, my bzr-svn for webkit will take a few days methinks20:23
uwsthere's no launchpad mirror. would they me interested in mine?20:23
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bkorjelmer: could you please advise on https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/248119 ?22:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248119 in bzr-svn "SubversionException: Delta does not fill the target window" [Undecided,New]22:00
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chadmillerHi all.  One of my cow-orkers is using bzr.dev of an hour ago, and gets a AttributeError exception. ...22:54
Pengchadmiller: Pastebin the traceback?22:55
Pengchadmiller: Does he have any plugins installed?22:55
Pengchadmiller: FWIW, it works for me, but I haven't tried to commit or anything.22:56
chadmillerFive lines pasted here:22:56
chadmiller  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/bzrdir.py", line 1092, in sprout22:57
chadmiller    hardlink=hardlink)22:57
chadmiller  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/bzrdir.py", line 1386, in create_workingtree22:57
chadmiller    return self._format.workingtree_format.initialize(22:57
chadmillerAttributeError: 'property' object has no attribute 'initialize'22:57
chadmillerThat's from "bzr branch".22:57
chadmillerI have him checking that ssh is working correctly.  I've seen some weird problems caused by transport failure.22:57
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chadmillerIdeas anyone?  It wasn't ssh.23:35
bob2anything in lp with that error?23:36
mwhudsonchadmiller: is your co-worker proficient in python?23:36
mwhudsonif you run the command with "BZR_PDB=1" you'll get a pdb at the point of the exception23:37
mwhudsonand then poke around23:37
chadmillermwhudson: I don't suppose so, no.  He knows gdb, though, and Python ain't hard.23:37
mwhudsonwhat exactly command is he running?23:38
* mwhudson finds that his irc grammar is getting worse and worse23:38
chadmillermwhudson: "bzr branch bzr+ssh://ourserver/branchname bn"23:39
mwhudsonchadmiller: ok, can you get him to run it again with BZR_PDB=123:39
mwhudsonand then type23:39
mwhudsonp self23:39
mwhudsonp self._format23:39
mwhudsonp self._format.workingtree_format23:39
chadmillerI'll do so.  he's offline now, for sleep or something.23:40
chadmiller(Lazy Swedes!)23:40
* mwhudson looks to see if the problem can be seen in the code23:40
mwhudsonchadmiller: oh, one more, what format is the branch hes getting in?23:40
chadmillermwhudson: "Repository branch (format: pack-0.92)"23:41
mwhudsonchadmiller: ok, ta23:41
mwhudsonhm hm23:45
mwhudsoni wonder if _format is the class object, when it should be an instance23:46
mwhudsonhey wee, i can reproduce23:46
mwhudsonwhich means... a rather bad miss in bzr's tests23:47
thumpermwhudson: file a critical bug23:50
thumpermwhudson: to make sure it is fixed for 1.6 release23:50
mwhudsonit only happened once :(23:50
mwhudsonchadmiller: fwiw, my experience suggests that if your work mate simply tries again, it will work for him :/23:57
chadmillermwhudson: Consider this a counterexample, then.23:57
mwhudsonoh good23:58
mwhudsonah hurrah, i hit it in pdb23:58
PengLazy import issue?23:58

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