edistar_hi.. I have some share folders I need to have the users mount everytime they log on.. how can I achieve that?14:46
stgraberyou can have a look at pam_mount or if you don't need them to be mounted but just present in gtk's file chooser dialog you can add them to .gtk-bookmarks14:49
edistar_ah, thanks14:50
edistar_just present, they are on the same machine14:50
stgraberso just google those two, there ought to be tons of examples as it's something extremely common as soon as you are setting up a Linux network :)14:51
edistar_stgraber: the .gtk-bookmarks are in their home folder?14:51
edistar_ok, thanks14:51
edistar_there isn't a global .gtk-bookmarks?14:52
stgraber.gtk-bookmarks is basically what then appears in the Places menu, in the left side of nautilus and in the file chooser dialog14:52
stgraberI don't know of a global gtk-bookmarks but that'd be handy for sure :)14:52
edistar_stgraber: so I have to update every .gtk-bookmarks by hand?14:55
stgraberyou can put a script in /etc/xdg/autostart/ generating it14:56
stgrabereverything in that directory gets execute everytime a user opens a gnome (or kde) session, so you can place a script in it to generate ~/.gtk-bookmarks14:57
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edistar_stgraber: cool, thanks14:59
edistar_stgraber: the scripts don't get run as the user, do they?15:48
stgraberedistar_: they do15:48
edistar_stgraber: doesn't work here15:48
edistar_stgraber: I wrote a python script that works perfectly if run manually15:49
edistar_but not automatically15:49
stgraberhmm, look at the other files, they have to be .desktop files IIRC15:50
edistar_but .desktop files can't do any python magic, can they?15:51
edistar_what are .desktop files anyway?15:52
stgraber.desktop define a title, description and the path to an executable15:57
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