apacheloggerJontheEchidna: using intrepid as the distro series for an hardy backport is not the most efficient thing to do ;-)00:07
* JontheEchidna must have been on crack or half asleep00:07
apacheloggerI know that feeling :P00:08
JontheEchidnaI'll resend the diff.gz and dsc in just a second00:08
apacheloggerI think00:09
apacheloggeractually kdeplasma-addons' binary names00:09
apacheloggershould be changed back to kdeplasmoids00:10
apacheloggeror we need transitional packages00:10
apacheloggerthat conflicts/replaces is only going to work if the packages get pulled in by something00:10
apacheloggerbut since they currently aren't the conflicts/replaces doesn't have any effect unless someone installs the packages actually00:10
JontheEchidnaa transitional package is a binary package entry in debian/control that just depends on the new package, ya?00:10
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: that sounds reasonable as well00:11
apacheloggeractually better00:11
apacheloggerless work at backporting00:11
vorianJontheEchidna: why, where did you see that?00:11
JontheEchidnain skanlite00:11
JontheEchidnaI think00:11
apacheloggerI forced xand3r to make a transitional package ^_^00:12
* apachelogger loves transitional packages00:12
JontheEchidnahe did a nice job00:12
apacheloggermuch more reliable than repalces/conflicts00:12
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: everyone here does00:12
apacheloggerthat's the reason I prefer this channel over opensuse-kde ;-)00:12
apacheloggeractually, the only reason :P00:12
JontheEchidnaOh hey, the kate icon changed for rc100:13
apacheloggerIMO it looks tangoish00:14
apacheloggerbut I am only an oxygen member by love ... so my opinion doesn't care00:14
apacheloggerlive ain't fair, I tell you00:14
apacheloggeror life00:14
apacheloggersomething like that at least00:15
apacheloggertransitional package for the libs!00:16
apacheloggerthe dev depends the libs, the dbg depends the libs, the mainpackage depends the libs and the mainpage depends the data00:17
apacheloggerthat is one nice transitional package00:17
JontheEchidnawait, wut?00:18
JontheEchidnajust make a transitional package for the libs and everything else will get pulled in?00:19
apacheloggernow I confused you00:19
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: aye00:19
apacheloggerI do it00:19
* apachelogger is a kick ass sorcerer00:19
apacheloggerthat dput didn't work too well00:20
apacheloggerUploading to notspecified (via ftp to SPECIFY.THE.STUPID.ARCHIVE):00:20
JontheEchidnaOk, so transitional package for the libs4 and change dist to hardy00:22
* JontheEchidna makes dsc and diff.gz00:22
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: [01:19:32] <apachelogger> I do it00:23
apacheloggeryou should listen more carefully00:23
JontheEchidnaOh, I thought you said "do it"00:23
apacheloggerCMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-2.6/Modules/FindKDE4.cmake:35 (MESSAGE):00:23
apachelogger  ERROR: Could not find KDE4 kde4-config00:23
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: you exchanged the cdbs dir, right?00:24
apacheloggerbad karma00:24
apacheloggerreally bad karma00:24
apacheloggerI must have had00:24
* JontheEchidna hits self with FTBFS stick00:25
* vorian hands a bigger stick to JontheEchidna 00:25
apacheloggervorian: too big apparently00:27
apacheloggerthough, size doesn't matter that much anyway :P00:27
* apachelogger uploaded ppa300:28
vorianthat's what I hear00:28
apacheloggerhow cute00:28
apacheloggerit's kde-nightly night again00:28
JontheEchidnaswitch users logged me out :/00:29
JontheEchidnahow cool is that?00:29
JontheEchidnaoh well, the new kdm theme is pretty cool00:30
apacheloggerkde is blocking all the build servers iia iia oo00:30
apacheloggerkde is blocking all the build servers iia iia oo aa eyyy00:31
apacheloggeror was it eeeeey00:31
JontheEchidnaKDE is taking over the world!!!00:31
apacheloggersomething like that00:31
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: I luv it00:31
apacheloggeris pretty00:31
apacheloggerfor the first time in it's whole life00:31
JontheEchidnaoh hey, that reminds me of a br at LP00:31
apacheloggerbr at lp00:32
JontheEchidnabug report at launchpad00:32
apacheloggerway to many words with only 2 chars00:32
apacheloggerme of a br at lp00:32
apacheloggerppa3 is building00:33
apacheloggervery nice00:33
JontheEchidnappa3 of what?00:33
apacheloggerhold on00:33
apacheloggerI should know that, right?00:33
apacheloggerthese kernels!!!00:34
apacheloggersomeone please upload something lpia mercury server is idle00:34
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: do you have kdeplasma-addons installed yet?00:35
JontheEchidnaDo you think that the new kdm theme satisfies 63287?00:35
apacheloggerare you running hardy at all?00:35
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I don't have it installed, but I do run hardy00:35
apacheloggerbug 6328700:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 63287 in kdebase "Login screen menu button doesn't look like a menu button" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6328700:35
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: well, perfect00:36
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: https://edge.launchpad.net/~apachelogger/+archive00:36
apacheloggeradd my repo00:36
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: once the package is build, try upgrading00:36
* apachelogger just lost the topic right there00:36
ScottKKonqueror kde4 doesn't happen to have the ability to not use CSS on a per domain basis does it?00:36
apacheloggerScottK: I have no idea what you mean00:37
* JontheEchidna has to tastes his own packaging00:38
* JontheEchidna sweats00:38
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: actually your packaging pushed to perfection :P00:38
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: what typo did you fix?00:38
JontheEchidnaconflcits or something00:39
JontheEchidnainstead of conflicts00:39
apacheloggersounds cool00:39
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: FTBFS on amd6400:39
apacheloggeroh well00:40
apacheloggernow did the same fault00:40
JontheEchidnathough looking at the logs it gets pretty far...00:40
apacheloggernew upload00:42
ScottKapachelogger: Launchpad's U/I is actually reasonably usable if you set your browser to not use it's CSS.00:42
ScottKSo I'd like to be able to select a local CSS (empty one in this case) just for Launchpad.00:42
ScottKIn KDE3 I can select my own CSS, but only globally, not per domain.00:42
apacheloggeronly works on global scale00:42
apacheloggernot per domain00:42
apacheloggerScottK: well, for kde3 there is a plugin at kde-apps00:43
apacheloggerpretty much like that greasmonkey thingy for firefox IIRC00:43
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: building now00:45
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: do I have to wait until the plasmoid-* packages to get uploaded to universe before backporting them to the ppa?00:51
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: FTBFS again D:00:52
apacheloggercp: cannot stat `debian/tmp//usr/lib/kde4/libplasmaappletdialog.so': No such file or directory00:53
apacheloggernow it's getting weird00:54
JontheEchidnahmm, shouldn't that be /usr/lib/kde4/lib/libplasmaappletblahblabh?00:54
vorianbug 24739300:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247393 in kdebase-workspace "[Intrepid KDE4] regression -- systray is incorrectly painted" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24739300:54
apacheloggerhow did that work on intrepid?!00:55
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: Did it work at all with the messed up debian/*.installs?00:55
* apachelogger plames the installgen files00:55
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: sorrry, but I have to blame you01:00
JontheEchidnawhat'd I do?01:00
apacheloggeryour install:01:00
apacheloggerold install:01:00
JontheEchidna[19:54:20] <JontheEchidna> hmm, shouldn't that be /usr/lib/kde4/lib/libplasmaappletblahblabh?01:00
JontheEchidnaI guess I was right...01:00
JontheEchidnatoo overzealous with kate's replace feature I guess01:01
apacheloggeryou just didn't use it properly :P01:01
apacheloggerusr in intrepid == usr/lib/kde4 in hardy01:01
apacheloggerintrepid install:01:01
JontheEchidnaI told it to replace usr/ with usr/lib/kde4/01:01
JontheEchidnain all the install files01:02
JontheEchidnaI did the installgen files by hand tho01:02
apacheloggerwell, they don't matter as far as I can tell01:02
harolddongare the latest packages in the process of being built?  my update is stopping with errors with the oxygen icons package and kdebase-runtime01:03
apacheloggeryes they are built at Arby's machine ;-)01:04
harolddongI'm mean - Are the latest packages *STILL* in the process of being built?01:04
apacheloggerand Arby is sleeping01:04
apacheloggerso no01:04
apacheloggerand yes01:04
apacheloggerthey are not in the process of being built for the ppa01:05
apacheloggerbut they are in another way in the process of being built ;-)01:05
* apachelogger should really start with yoga soonish01:05
apacheloggeralready 2am01:05
harolddongk just wondering what was going on thx01:05
apacheloggerharolddong: might take at least another 12 hours before someone gets to upload kdepim01:06
apacheloggermaybe 801:06
apacheloggeranother case of ppa loop of death01:08
* apachelogger was already wondering why everyone is building googlegadets ;-)01:09
apacheloggerand another one01:10
voriango go googlegadget01:11
JontheEchidnagogo googlegadget plasma compat!01:11
* apachelogger is getting depressed watching the build queue01:11
vorianplasma segfault01:11
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: what did you do to vorian's plasma01:11
apacheloggerfinally we are building01:12
vorianJontheEchidna: you broke plasma?01:12
JontheEchidnanot afaik >.>01:12
apachelogger[02:11:17] <JontheEchidna> gogo googlegadget plasma compat!01:12
apacheloggerplasma apparently didn't like that01:12
vorianthat's a fun read01:12
apacheloggerbut ... all this leads me to my complaint about plasma being crashable by plasmoids again01:13
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: if people wrote the plasmoids in a scripting language this'd all be not a problem01:13
JontheEchidnasince the scripting api is sandboxed01:14
JontheEchidnavorian: is it segfaulting on startup?01:14
apacheloggerI have been running Debian since 4.1 beta1 , and I can say it's more stable though it's experimental than Kubuntu. I see every time there is an update they show up in drips in Kubuntu, and most of the time it looks like no prior testing has been done before it's being pushed into the repos. I could be wrong but it looks to me Kubuntu is really just sucking it out of Debian as they get out.01:14
JontheEchidnavorian: did you have kdeplasmoids plasmoids on the desktop?01:14
apacheloggerlike we wouldn't be working our arses of01:15
vorianapachelogger: just wait til' the last comment01:15
apacheloggeryah, but still01:15
apacheloggerpeople having that feeling01:15
apacheloggermakes me even more depressed than watching the soyuz build queue01:15
* apachelogger hands vorian a cookie for the last comment01:16
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: it builds01:16
* JontheEchidna updates01:16
apacheloggernot just yet01:16
apacheloggerlpia finished01:16
apacheloggernext is i36801:16
* apachelogger never gets these digits right01:16
JontheEchidnalpia always finishes first because lpia always fails on stuff01:16
apacheloggergood way to keep the queue short, right? ;-)01:17
JontheEchidnaand it doesn't have the build-dep loops since it just fails anyway!01:17
JontheEchidnamost of the time01:17
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: go go kdeplasma-addons update01:20
apacheloggerthat actually is kdeplasmoids-libs4 update01:21
apacheloggerah screw it01:21
* apachelogger should go to bed earlier01:21
JontheEchidnaThe following packages will be upgraded:01:21
JontheEchidna  kde-nightly-kdelibs01:21
JontheEchidna1 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.01:21
JontheEchidnamirror lag ftl01:21
JontheEchidnaooh, there it is01:24
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I'm not getting kdeplasma-addons-dev01:24
apacheloggerI really don't think people doplying a product should do tests on the competitors01:24
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: are you getting kdeplasma-addons?01:24
JontheEchidnajust the libs01:25
* apachelogger scrolls up and reads his concept01:25
JontheEchidnaand whoa, looks like overwrite errors ahoy01:25
JontheEchidnadpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/kdeplasma-addons-libs4_4%3a4.0.98-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa4_i386.deb (--unpack):01:25
JontheEchidna trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/kde4/lib/libplasmaappletdialog.so.4.1.0', which is also in package kdeplasmoids-libs401:25
apachelogger[01:17:35] <apachelogger> the dev depends the libs, the dbg depends the libs, the mainpackage depends the libs and the mainpage depends the data01:26
apacheloggerdo you see the problem?01:26
* apachelogger uberheaddesks01:26
* apachelogger rethinks that properly01:27
apacheloggerthe dev has a binary:Version dep on the libs01:28
apacheloggerwhich means if it pulls in the dev package the lib has to be upgraded01:28
* JontheEchidna is just about as confused as when you first proposed it01:28
apacheloggerthe dbg also binary:Version deps on the libs01:29
apacheloggerso if the lib gets updated01:29
apacheloggerteh dbg has to be updated as well01:29
apacheloggernow comes the tricky part01:29
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: apt-cache show kdeplasmoids please01:29
JontheEchidnawtf is up with scrolling in konsole01:30
JontheEchidnaWARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!01:31
JontheEchidna  kdeplasma-addons-libs4 kdeplasmoids-libs401:31
JontheEchidnaInstall these packages without verification [y/N]? y01:31
JontheEchidnaGet:1 http://ppa.launchpad.net hardy/main kdeplasma-addons-libs4 4:4.0.98-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa4 [12.3kB]01:31
JontheEchidnaGet:2 http://ppa.launchpad.net hardy/main kdeplasmoids-libs4 4:4.0.98-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa4 [4128B]01:31
apacheloggeroh boy01:31
vorian!paste | JontheEchidna01:31
ubottuJontheEchidna: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:31
JontheEchidnawhy did it paste in konversation?01:32
JontheEchidnait was supposed to paste in kate!01:32
vorianJontheEchidna: you should adjust your throttle01:32
vorianor use irssi01:32
vorian(the latter being superb)01:32
apacheloggerno version01:33
apacheloggerthat is funny :S01:33
apacheloggerwhich means we need 2 transition packages01:33
JontheEchidnaIt seems konsole has been struck by the same bug01:33
JontheEchidnajonathan@jonathan-desktop:~$ apt-cache policy kdeplasmoids-libs401:33
JontheEchidna  Installed: 4:4.0.98-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa401:33
apachelogger-dev causes an upgrade of libs01:33
apacheloggerlibs causes an upgrade of dbg01:33
apacheloggerkdeplasma-addons itself causes an upgrade of data01:34
JontheEchidnahuh, where'd by klipper go?01:34
apacheloggerfor some reason it doesn't autostart01:34
apacheloggersince beta201:34
apacheloggerno idea why01:34
apacheloggermight be a packaging issue01:34
vorianoh, you +1'd my plasmoid01:36
apacheloggerof course01:36
apacheloggerI have to share this with you :D01:37
apacheloggerthat is too insane to work01:37
vorianwhich one?01:37
apacheloggerkdeplasmoids-dev transits to kdeplasma-addons-dev which conflicts/replaces kdeplasmoids-dev (<< 4:4.0.98) thus preventing file collisions01:37
apachelogger-libs4 has a binary:version dep on -dev thus gets updated, which causes -dbg to update because this got a binary:version dep on -libs401:38
* JontheEchidna 's brain asplodes01:38
apacheloggerkdeplasmoids transits to kdeplasma-addons which conflicts/replaces kdeplasmoids  (<< 4:4.0.98) thus preventing file collisions01:39
apacheloggerkdeplasma-addons has source:version dep on -data thus causing data to update01:39
apacheloggersince -libs4 -dbg and -data have a replaces/conflicts on the kdeplasmoids version of these packages they are supposed to get removed in the process of udate01:39
apacheloggerthis is going to be the strangest package transition ever01:40
* JontheEchidna wonders if we'll regret this in the future01:41
JontheEchidnathey'll go "wtf is this crap these deranged circus chimps on crack packaged?"01:41
apacheloggervery likely01:42
JontheEchidnathen onward!01:42
vorianyes, in intrepid+101:42
apacheloggervorian: honestly, we don't really need to provide a transition in intrepid01:42
JontheEchidnaI'd do it just to see the above quoted in a changelog01:42
apacheloggeras it is an in-development renaming01:43
jjessethe "wtf is this crap"01:43
jjessein the change log?01:43
apacheloggerbad changelog language!01:43
vorianapachelogger: agreed01:43
apacheloggerGood signature on ../kdeplasma-addons_4.0.98-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa5.dsc.01:44
apacheloggerUploading to ppa (via ftp to ppa.launchpad.net):01:44
apacheloggerthere we go again01:44
vorianso, again, what do we do about kopete-crypto?01:45
JontheEchidnatell everybody to encode their text messages in hex!01:46
apacheloggerthat doesn't make too much sense to me01:47
vorianI think we should just update the package stdin did in revu01:49
apacheloggerthat's why stdin is going to get it fixed upstream (hopefully)01:50
apacheloggeranother 50 minutes pasted without yoga01:50
vorianapachelogger: what was the issue?01:50
apacheloggerpasted is a nice word01:51
apacheloggerespecially in that context01:51
apacheloggervorian: I described it sometime earlier today :P01:51
vorianbleh, i was at work01:51
apacheloggerthat's the problem with work, you usually mis the stuff that matters ;-)01:52
apacheloggerah well01:52
apacheloggerthe cmake module01:52
apacheloggeris having some kind of typo01:52
apacheloggerthe one responsible for finding kdepim that is01:52
vorianthe 4.0.98 version?01:52
apacheloggerwhich makes cmake not find kdepim01:52
apacheloggerthus crypto is not going to compile01:52
apacheloggerthat cmake module is part of kdelibs01:52
apacheloggerand Riddell didn't wanted to have it patched in kubuntu01:53
apacheloggerbut fixed upstream01:53
apacheloggerto ensure we don't break something01:53
vorianthanks for bringing me up-to-date01:53
apacheloggerpas de problem01:54
* apachelogger is wondering wheather one can actually say that in french01:54
apacheloggerwhere are the french guys when you need one :S01:54
vorianne problem pas01:54
* apachelogger prefers slang01:55
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: get ready01:56
jjessethere is nothing better in the world then your 3 week son falling asleep on your shoulder as he curls up and snuggles next to your head01:56
apacheloggerjjesse: I think falling asleep next to a beer barrel is better ;-)01:58
apacheloggerit's 2:5901:59
jjesseapachelogger: i would disagrre but thats ok w/ me01:59
* apachelogger isn't exactly sure going to bed makes much sense anymore01:59
jjessejust sleep on a table, i hear they are comfortable01:59
JontheEchidna8:59 here01:59
jjesseJontheEchidna: where is here?  i take it you are in Eastern time?02:00
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: can you update already?02:00
JontheEchidnaNew Hampshire, USA02:00
* jjesse is in michigan usa02:00
* JontheEchidna is apt-get updating02:00
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: kdeplasmoids-libs4 updated and kdeplasma-addons-libs4 got installed02:01
JontheEchidnaoh, here comes the rest02:02
JontheEchidnahad to update again02:02
JontheEchidnaoh wait? addons-libs4 just got updated again?02:02
apacheloggerthe first update didn't use the lastest packages02:02
JontheEchidnaah, ok02:02
apacheloggerthat's why only libs got updated02:03
JontheEchidnawell it removed kdeplasmoids and kdeplasmoids-libs402:03
apacheloggerthe question is - did it add the replacemens as necessary?02:03
* apachelogger can't type anymore02:03
* apachelogger is uploading a save bet solution02:06
apacheloggeryoga time02:07
apacheloggersee you laters02:07
=== jtechidna is now known as JontheEchidna
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: ppa6 didn't pull them in either02:44
JontheEchidnait's not marking kdeplasmoids-data for removal either02:44
* JontheEchidna has to go for the night02:59
nixternalvorian: there, finally completed the call for papers for OLF03:34
voriannixternal: the OLF folks had their first meeting tonight03:35
vorianor, first of the final meetings03:35
nixternalI left options open for talks on KDE, Kubuntu, Ubuntu/Debian Development, and Community03:35
vorianhaha, That's great!03:36
vorianyou are awesome nixternal03:37
nixternalprobably will get denied unless Greg remembers me03:37
nixternalGreg is the big guy right?03:37
vorianyeah :)03:38
nixternalahh, I got drunk in his bathtub :P03:38
vorianI've been volunteered to be on the speaker/presentaion committee03:38
vorianso I _know_ you'll get at least one slot03:38
vorianand jcastro03:39
vorian(who was also volunteered i think)03:39
nixternalI think 2 would be great though :P03:40
vorianfor real?03:40
nixternalcuz if I do 1, then either Kubuntu or KDE gets left out, and I can't have that03:40
nixternaland then there is the possibility of 3...I mean how many Core Developers or MOTUs are gonna be there to give a dev talk? :P03:40
nixternaldamn, what an ego!03:41
nixternaldamn, I have to give a talk this weekend and next weekend03:41
nixternalthis weekend, I dunno what to talk about yet03:41
nixternalnext weekend is "DocBook the right way"03:42
nixternalor Proper XML, I can't remember now03:42
vorianwhat's that for?03:42
nixternalone of the LUGs03:43
nixternaland then in August is BarCamp Chicago03:43
nixternaland one of the talks there is "Your fridge sucks as an appliance"03:43
vorianI wish colug did stuff like that03:44
nixternalmake um do stuff like that03:44
nixternalwww.syswear.com has some great t-shirts03:44
nixternalI have a few favorites on there03:44
vorian"Overworked Employee"03:45
ScottKWhat is OLF?03:58
vorianOhio Linux Fest03:59
vorianyou should come!03:59
ScottKWrong side of the mountains for me.04:00
ScottKFor me Ohio is "The place we stop on the way home from my Dad's house after Christmas if there's a big snowstorm in the mountains."04:01
ScottKAlthough the Air Force museum in Dayton is pretty cool.04:01
* daskreech considers asploding04:08
ScottKdaskreech: If that's about my Ohio comment, I'm kidding.  I'm from Kansas.  I definitely know about living a place people never stop.04:09
vorianRock Chalk04:10
vorianno KU fans04:11
vorianI lived in Lawrence for a while, lovely place04:12
nixternalin prison there?04:15
vorianNot Leavenworth04:16
nixternalI know Leavenworth04:17
nixternalI thought there was a state prison in lawrence04:17
nixternalseems I am wrong though...stupid Lockup on MSNBC04:17
nixternalalways confusing me04:17
vorianlawrence is a really cool town though04:18
ScottKBoth my parents went to KU.04:19
ScottKnixternal: All the prisons are in Leavonworth.  Military, Federal, and State.04:20
voriancool :)04:20
vorianmy Dad and brothers went to KU04:20
vorianI'm the black sheep04:20
* daskreech shears vorian 04:27
daskreechI've always wanted a nice dark sweater04:27
daskreechha ha04:28
ScottKIn my Mom's family EVERYONE else went to K-State, so she was the black sheep.04:30
vorianThat's one of the best rivalries in college sports04:34
ScottKSo you understand.04:35
vorianoh yes04:35
vorianI got my brother a K-State chair as a gag-gift, i've never seen him so mad04:36
vorianI thought he was kidding at first, but he was really t-d off04:36
vorianWe at Southwest Missouri State had no rivals04:37
vorianbecause nobody knows who the heck SMSU is :)04:38
voriannow known as MSU (Identity Crisis)04:38
* ScottK know what that is.04:39
Arbymorning all06:20
Arbyanybody awake06:44
ArbyI'm trying to backport kdepim 4.0.98 and failing with this error06:44
Arbythe path seems to be wrong in kdepim-dev.install but I can't work out what the right path is06:45
_StefanS_Arby: I got the same error here06:45
_StefanS_Arby: i just asked in #kubuntu-kde406:45
Arbyany luck?06:46
Arbythe file it's looking for is present at kdepim-4.0.98/kleopatra/libkleopatraclient/core/command.h06:46
Arbybut I can't figure where it's supposed go to06:47
ArbyI think the problem is the change in where we install kde4 in hardy vs intrepid06:47
* Arby looks hopefully in the direction of ScottK or vorian06:48
ArbyI hoped to get this finished before I leave for work06:48
Arby(about 10 min)06:48
Hobbseewhat's the06:49
HobbseeETA on the rest of the packages for06:49
HobbseeKDE 4.1 RC1?06:49
* Arby admits defeat and goes to get ready for work07:02
Arbyapachelogger: sorry I haven't managed to finish kdepim07:03
Arbyapachelogger: the error stopping me is http://paste.ubuntu.com/27646/07:03
Arbyapachelogger: see scrollback just above for synopisis of the problem07:03
Arbyapachelogger: if we need kdepim before tonight someone else will have to do it07:04
Arbyapachelogger: otherwise I'll try to sort it out after work07:04
Arbyright now I'm out of time07:04
=== akonadi is now known as nihui
bdgrauehello, i have a problem in the kde4.1rc1 with kmail. if i start konctact i get this error: http://pastebin.ca/107311408:36
bdgraueis it a problem inkubuntu or in kde in general?08:37
Riddellhmm, this channel is highlighted but I don't know how to get konversation to tell me why09:01
Tonio_hi there09:07
Tonio_Riddell: hey, I just managed to finish the konq-plugins package for kde409:07
Tonio_Riddell: although I'll submit it to debian first since I splitted the package a lot, in order to provide the plugins we want only09:08
Tonio_Riddell: most people want the search bar plugin but not the dom tree viewer one for example09:08
RiddellTonio_: where does that live currently?09:08
Riddell(in svn)09:08
Tonio_Riddell: extras/base09:09
RiddellTonio_: groovy, get it uploaded09:09
RiddellTonio_: are you on a contribute day today?09:10
Tonio_Riddell: nope, but will by the end of the week09:10
Tonio_Riddell: btw, this time I'm back so don't worry, you can give me a few things to add to the todo :)09:10
Tonio_Riddell: I feel better, will have a new appartment soon, so let's go work on intrepid :)09:10
Tonio_Riddell: will you be at oscon ? I do09:11
Riddellno I won't09:11
Riddellkubuntu-default-settings could do with a clean out, most of the KDE 3 stuff can go09:11
Tonio_Riddell: yep I can handle that one09:12
Tonio_Riddell: http://toniox.org/temp/konq-plugins09:13
Tonio_Riddell: ig you want to review it09:13
Tonio_Riddell: I'll try to get the changes in debian since I don't want to maintain that separate09:13
Tonio_Riddell: I still have to write the long descriptions for all the packages, I'll do that at 1209:13
Tonio_Riddell: along with kds btw09:13
Tonio_Riddell: I'm also considering packaging kdebluetooth for kde409:15
Riddellthat would be good09:16
Tonio_Riddell: well it doesn't have an obex ioslave atm, bi problematic09:16
Tonio_Riddell: also konq-plugins is a new package, so it needs reviewing first, and also a MIR to get in main09:16
Tonio_Riddell: there is no more kdeaddons source package09:16
Riddelldoesn't need a MIR, it came from kdeaddons so the code has already been in main09:17
Riddell403 - Forbidden on that URL of yours09:17
Tonio_Riddell: you can refresh, should be okay this time09:31
RiddellTonio_: still 403 - Forbidden09:32
Tonio_Riddell: this time it is ;)09:33
Tonio_Riddell: stupid scp, sorry....09:33
Tonio_Riddell: I've also changed the packaging name from konq-plugins to konqueror-plugins, with a transitional package09:34
Tonio_brb, restarting kde for rc109:35
Riddellhmm, no l10n09:35
Riddellcdbs/kde.mk is old, we no longer use  -DKDE_DEFAULT_HOME=.kde409:36
Riddellnot sure about one package per plugin09:38
Riddellthe descriptions are lacking09:38
RiddellI wouldn't use an epoch incase upstream decides on some random other numbering scheme09:40
Tonio_Riddell: I also noticed that klipper doesn't restore with kde session, probably cause there is no desktop file for it....10:10
Tonio_Riddell: looking if that's packaging issue10:10
Tonio_hum, nope there is one.....10:11
Tonio_Riddell: I'd suggest adding an autostart desktop file for klipper, although I'm not sure the lack of restoration is a local issue or if that's confirmed....10:13
Tonio_Riddell: klipper should always be started imho, btw10:13
Riddellhi Tonio_, yes that should be fixed10:18
Riddell[09:35] <Riddell> hmm, no l10n10:18
Riddell[09:36] <Riddell> cdbs/kde.mk is old, we no longer use  -DKDE_DEFAULT_HOME=.kde410:18
Riddell[09:38] <Riddell> not sure about one package per plugin10:18
Riddell[09:38] <Riddell> the descriptions are lacking10:18
Riddell[09:40] <Riddell> I wouldn't use an epoch incase upstream decides on some random other numbering scheme10:18
Tonio_Riddell: right about the kde.mk and default10:22
Tonio_Riddell: concerning the plugins..... well it makes sense for me to eparate them.... firefox extensions are packaged that way, also do most plugin based apps....10:22
Tonio_Riddell: I know about descriptions :) I'll write them today10:23
Tonio_Riddell: what do you mean by epoch incase upstream ?10:23
Tonio_Riddell: I simply don't understand what are you talking about on that point10:24
Tonio_Riddell: also the kde.mk in use is from debian (they already packaged it)10:24
Riddellwell use the kde.mk from Kubuntu10:25
Tonio_Riddell: done...10:26
Riddellignore the epoch point10:26
Tonio_Riddell: oki ;)10:26
Tonio_what does epoch mean ?10:26
Tonio_don't know the word in fact10:26
Riddellin the version number10:31
Riddellthe 4: is the epoch10:31
=== Tonio__ is now known as Tonio_
Tonio_Riddell: we also have to fix the konqueror package to remove all the useless profiles, just to keep the standard file and web ones10:48
Tonio_Riddell: I'll do that today10:48
Tonio_Riddell: kdebase uploaded10:57
Tonio_Riddell: currently building polished konq-plugins for review10:57
Tonio_and then kdebluetooth410:58
Riddellwhat can kdebluetooth4 do without its ioslave?10:59
Tonio_Riddell: also about konq-plugins we'll have to be very carefull if debian refuses our changes to the packaging.... cause their package may overwrite our one...10:59
Tonio_Riddell: also I really think installing all the plugins is an issue, dom tree viewer or user agent switcher is making it a mess for most people11:00
Riddellwell, however you wish, I would do it as a konqeror-plugins for the stuff we want on the CD and a konqueror-plugins-extra for the stuff we don't11:01
Tonio_Riddell: you have the obex push client available for file transfert, also you have the kbluelock service, the kbluemon one etc...11:01
Tonio_Riddell: the ioslave is just another way to use obex, easier, but not necessary11:01
Tonio_Riddell: yep, we discussed that with apachelogger....11:02
Tonio_Riddell:  the problem in doing that is that those changes are not debian compatible :)11:02
Riddellright enough11:02
Tonio_Riddell: splitting all the plugins as fairly more chances to be accepted :)11:02
Tonio_allee: are you working on digikam-kde4 packaging ?11:04
Tonio_allee: I can help on that point too :)11:04
RiddellI think Xan3er was11:05
Riddellor whatever his nick is11:05
Tonio_Riddell: oki11:06
Tonio_Riddell: we have to package this too : http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/gtk-kde4?content=7468911:06
Tonio_Riddell: replacement for gtk-qt-engines11:06
Riddellwe have gtk-qt-engine-kde411:06
Tonio_Riddell: already ?11:07
Tonio_Riddell: shouldn't we change the name to replace gtk-qt-engine ?11:07
Tonio_hum no, we still have kde3 apps....11:07
Tonio_hum, no we should in fact ;)11:08
Tonio_Riddell: any reason we still have both packages in the archives ?11:08
alleeTonio_: no, unfortunately much too busy.  Feel free to help.  Paul worked on it last sunday: alioth svn: kde-extras/digikam/branches/kde4/debian11:08
Tonio_allee: great, I'll have a look11:08
Riddellfor kde 3 apps11:08
Tonio_allee: also as I said I did a lot of changes to the konq-plugins package11:08
Tonio_allee: will you help to have them accepted in debian eventually ?11:09
Tonio_Riddell: well it is not for kde3 apps :)11:09
Tonio_Riddell: it is for gtk apps11:09
Tonio_Riddell: do we want gtk apps to look like kde3 ones or not ?11:09
Tonio_Riddell: btw, gtk-qt-engine will not work with kde4, as the .kde/Autostart script isn't ran11:09
Tonio_Riddell: we probably just want gtk apps to look like kde4 ones and that's it no ?11:10
alleeTonio_: when I've some time again, off course I'll try to get them synced back11:10
RiddellTonio_: mm, right enough11:10
Tonio_allee: super11:10
Tonio_Riddell: okay I'll do the packaging transition then11:10
Tonio_Riddell: also I wonder what is the difference between gtk-qt-engine and gtk-kde4, ans which one works better...11:11
Riddelloh gtk-kde4 is just a KDE tool to edit the gtk settings11:12
Riddellnot especially useful11:12
Tonio_Riddell: nope, it also allows to sync the theme with kde4 one11:13
Tonio_Riddell: and also deals with the icons, the way gtk-qt-engine does11:13
Tonio_Riddell: gtk-qt-engine-kde4 doesn't deal with icons11:14
Tonio_Riddell: the question is, will it break the settings for people also using gnome ? I'll have a look11:14
Tonio_and compare the 2 tools11:14
Tonio_Riddell: hum gtk-qt-engine-kde4 package seems to be broken.... I can't see anything in systemsettings11:17
Tonio_someone to review this please ? http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=konq-plugins12:07
vorianTonio_: sure thing12:09
Tonio_vorian: thanks12:10
=== ScottK is now known as ScottK2
=== ScottK2 is now known as ScottK
nixternalhahaha, gettin' a good chuckle from the planet this morning12:26
nixternalget a virus on microsoft, or a ton of them, and you have been attacked12:26
nixternalno, you went somewhere you shouldn't have and not you got a ton of viruses12:26
* apachelogger is wondering why Arby didn't upload kdepim somewhere -.-12:28
apacheloggerNightrose: pling12:29
* apachelogger is pretty tired12:29
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: pling12:29
vorianTonio_: all i see, need to change original-maintainer12:29
vorianhowdy apachelogger12:30
apacheloggerahoy vorian12:30
Tonio_vorian: hum true that12:30
Tonio_anyone here knows a bit about cmake ?12:30
apachelogger<-- cmake god :P12:30
Tonio_gtk-qt-engine-kde4 ftbfs, can't understand why12:30
* vorian bows and worships12:31
apacheloggerTonio_: you can't do an out-of-source-build12:31
Tonio_apachelogger: I know, but whatever I try, it fails....12:31
apacheloggerword war vi12:31
Tonio_even in a chroot12:31
apacheloggerthat game looks dark12:31
Tonio_pbuilder or so12:31
apacheloggerTonio_: the package?12:32
Tonio_apachelogger: yep12:32
apacheloggerTonio_: did you exchange the debian/cdbs directory?12:32
apacheloggerTonio_: what's the error then12:32
Tonio_apachelogger: even a local compilation fails12:32
nixternalwhat is the error Tonio_ ?12:32
Tonio_lemme show you the issue12:33
* apachelogger is wondering why it breaks at all12:33
Tonio_apachelogger: it is a moc related problem12:33
Tonio_exactly the kind of things I HATE !12:33
nixternalTonio_: you need to build-dep on automoc12:33
Arbyapachelogger: read the scrollback, I was wrestling with it this morning12:34
Arbyabout 6-7am UK time12:34
nixternalautomoc was separated from kde packages into its own package12:34
Tonio_nixternal: hum lemme look at that12:34
Tonio_nixternal: I already build-dep on it ;)12:34
Tonio_nixternal: btw even a local cmake . && make fails12:35
apacheloggerArby: yah, but I can't finish the package ;-)12:35
Nightroseapachelogger: plong (short)12:35
Arbyapachelogger: briefly, debuild fell over because some of the paths in kdepim-dev.install12:35
apacheloggerNightrose: can you please check for updates of kdeplasmoids12:35
nixternalTonio_: ahh, good then it isn't a packaging problem, but a gtk-qt problem :)12:35
Nightroseapachelogger: i had an update this morning12:35
Nightroseright now i am not at home12:35
Arbyand I couldn't work out the correct path12:35
apacheloggerNightrose: did it work?12:35
Tonio_nixternal: I suspect the code is not compatible with kde4.1 for some reason12:35
Nightroseapachelogger: yes seems to work12:35
Tonio_not the code especially, but the cmake structure12:36
nixternalTonio_: is this a new svn checkout of it?12:36
ArbyI can fix it tonight but there's nothing I can do until then12:36
apacheloggernixternal: there aren't any changes in svn12:36
Tonio_nixternal: nope, rebuild from the old package12:36
Arbyif someone can help me work out the paths12:36
nixternalahh, fun12:36
apacheloggerwell, at least not very big changes12:36
Tonio_automoc4: process for /tmp/buildd/gtk-qt-engine-kde4-1.1/obj-i486-linux-gnu/kcm_gtk/moc_searchpaths.cpp failed: Unknown error12:36
Tonio_supercool issue no ? ;)12:36
apacheloggerthat is related to the out-of-source build12:36
apacheloggerArby: can you paste the .install?12:37
Arbynot from here12:38
Arbyit's on my laptop which is at home12:38
apacheloggerthat doesn't make anysense :P12:38
Arbythere's _literally_ nothing I can do until I get home12:38
ArbyI'm at work, it's not a work laptop12:38
voriandidn't you memorize it!12:38
Arbyerm no :P12:39
Tonio_Generating moc_searchpaths.cpp12:39
Tonio_moc: Too many input files specified12:39
Arbyit's the path to libkleopatraclient/core/command.h that causes the problem12:39
apacheloggereither kate replace also messed with you :P12:40
apacheloggeror the path is just wrong12:40
apacheloggeror the file doesn't get installed for some reason12:40
apacheloggerwho is around with a hardy + ppa4?12:41
\shapachelogger: aehm...12:41
* \sh runs12:41
* \sh already updated ;)12:41
apachelogger\sh: install kdeplasmoids :P12:41
apachelogger\sh: then add my repo12:42
\shit's my production computer12:42
apacheloggerin case you already have my repo, remove it before installing kdeplasmoids12:42
apachelogger\sh: well, without new plasmoids plasma crashes12:42
\shGet:1 http://ppa.launchpad.net hardy/main kdeplasmoids-data 4:4.0.83-0ubuntu1~hardy2 [3870kB]12:42
\shGet:2 http://ppa.launchpad.net hardy/main kdeplasmoids-libs4 4:4.0.83-0ubuntu1~hardy2 [12.6kB]12:42
\shGet:3 http://ppa.launchpad.net hardy/main kdeplasmoids 4:4.0.83-0ubuntu1~hardy212:42
Tonio_nixternal: I can't even build from svn in fact.... I'd like to fix that one, but I'm affraid that's too complicated for me12:42
apacheloggermaking it less productive ;-)12:42
apachelogger\sh: once you add my repo try upgrading12:43
\shapachelogger: url?12:43
apacheloggerif kdeplasmoids properly transists to kdeplasma-addons I can move the package to the kde4 ppa12:43
\shapachelogger: http://ppa.launchpad.net/apachelogger ?12:43
Nightroseapachelogger: i needed to tell it to install the package manually12:44
apachelogger 12:44
apacheloggerdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/apachelogger/ubuntu hardy main12:44
Nightrosei think12:44
Nightrosewith your ppa enabled12:44
apacheloggerNightrose: that ain't good12:44
* apachelogger is wondering why12:44
Nightrose(using adept updater)12:44
\shapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27713/12:44
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: pong12:45
\shis it the result what you wanted?12:45
Nightroseapachelogger: well it showed up in the updates but didn't mark it for updating automatically (just to make that clear)12:46
apacheloggerwhy is it kept back?12:46
\shnot builded?12:46
apacheloggerfrontpage says it is12:47
apacheloggermaybe it's because kdeplasmoids-data doesn't have a transitional package12:48
apacheloggerthat would be kinda strange though12:48
* gnomefreak no longer has broken or held back packages but i havent tried installing plasma stuff 12:50
apacheloggergnomefreak: delete googlegadgets from your ppa12:51
apacheloggerit's contriubting to the ppa build loop of death12:51
gnomefreakapachelogger: i dont have it on mine12:51
apacheloggermaybe that was someone else then12:51
* apachelogger is too lazy to scroll up :P12:51
* gnomefreak doesnt build google crap12:51
gnomefreakapachelogger: https://edge.launchpad.net/~gnomefreak/+archive12:52
gnomefreakthats mine12:52
gnomefreakmight have to remove edge12:52
apacheloggerindeed, doesn't look like the one I stumbled upon12:53
apachelogger\sh, JontheEchidna: does it upgrade kdeplasmoids now?13:06
JontheEchidnaIt wasn't marked as an upgrade for me when I ponged you...13:07
JontheEchidnadid you move to a different ppa?13:07
JontheEchidna(It's still marking ppa6 at you ppa as the latest version)13:08
apacheloggerlp is so slow sometimes13:08
apacheloggerwell, when ppa7 is available please try upgrading13:08
JontheEchidnaok here's a lol13:10
JontheEchidnaI uninstalled everything kdeplasma-addons13:10
JontheEchidnaand I'm reinstalling kdeplasmoids so I can test13:10
JontheEchidnanow when I install kdeplasmoids13:10
JontheEchidnaone of the deps it pulls in is kdeplasma-addons-data13:10
JontheEchidnaoh, and the rest of kdeplasma-addons13:10
JontheEchidnaheh, looks like it worked then13:11
* JontheEchidna is still half asleep13:12
\shThe following packages have been kept back:13:12
\sh  kdeplasmoids13:12
\sh0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.13:12
\shapachelogger: ^^13:12
apacheloggerok, this is bloody ridiculous13:13
JontheEchidnatry dist-upgrade?13:13
* apachelogger gets himself a coffee13:13
\shapt-get update ; apt-get dist-upgrade13:13
\shas always13:13
JontheEchidnalolwut? then why is it held back?13:14
apacheloggerthere is a transitional packages for every package13:22
JontheEchidnaHum, uh-oh guys. bug 24889113:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248891 in kdebase-workspace "broken init script" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24889113:22
JontheEchidnaThis guy has latest ppa kdebase-workspace and is having kdm not start on him13:22
* JontheEchidna wonders how his kdm is starting13:23
apacheloggerkdm: /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc13:24
apacheloggervery strange indeed13:24
\shapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27720/13:24
apachelogger\sh: that looks good, right?13:25
Hobbseetoday just isn't my day :(13:25
\shapachelogger: yes...13:25
\shapachelogger: should it crash now?13:25
apachelogger\sh: nope13:26
* JontheEchidna gives apachelogger a cookie13:26
JontheEchidnaP.S. did you ever get to bed last night?13:27
\shapachelogger: btw...what should I do with a dashboard?13:27
* Hobbsee wanna cookie!13:27
apachelogger\sh: access your plasmoids13:28
* apachelogger copies the addons over to the kde4 ppa13:29
apacheloggerone issue less13:29
apachelogger\sh: please run dpkg -S kdmrc13:29
* apachelogger needs a hardy vm13:30
\shshermann@wz-pc-010:~/workspace/leonov-kde/leonov-kde$ dpkg -S kdmrc13:31
\shkdm-kde4: /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc13:31
\shkdm-kde4: /usr/lib/kde4/share/doc/kde4/HTML/en/kdm/kdmrc-ref.docbook13:31
\shfcking hell....desktop effects are working on two screens without crashing on an ati card13:31
apacheloggerthat was a bad merge I guess13:31
apachelogger\sh: oh, and do you know a good guide for setting up/maintaining a repository?13:32
vorianapachelogger: falcon?13:32
\shapachelogger: depends .. apt-ftparchive (pool structure) or simple and easy13:32
* vorian steps back into the abyss13:32
apacheloggerpoolish I guess ... I think about setting up a top secret repo for pre-release testing of KDE packges13:32
vorianfalcon would be a good tool for that13:33
gnomefreakapachelogger: we have htem in Intrepid now :)13:33
apacheloggergnomefreak: them is...?13:35
=== toma is now known as toma_
gnomefreakapachelogger: the pre 4.1 packages13:43
gnomefreakpre as is beta or rc13:44
gnomefreakim assuming that is what you meant by pre-release testing packages13:45
apacheloggergnomefreak: pre-pre-release13:47
apacheloggervorian: I find the name rather stupid13:49
apacheloggerfalcon is also an entertainment company of that special kind ;-)13:50
vorianapachelogger: oh really?13:52
apacheloggervorian: ask the allknowing wikipedia13:53
vorianno, but thanks!13:53
voriani'll take your word for it13:53
JontheEchidnafalcon entertainment?13:54
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: aye13:54
* JontheEchidna is sorry he asked the allknowing wikipedia13:54
* JontheEchidna tries to think up of a good sekret codename13:56
voriani don't see a plasma segfault bug in -workspace14:00
apacheloggeran own server for the repo would be cool14:01
vorianwhat will you call it?14:04
apacheloggervorian: the repo?14:08
vorianyes, it has to have a shiny name14:08
apacheloggerinstalling that on a gentoo box is going to be fun14:10
vorianis bug 249034 a dupe?14:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 249034 in kdebase-workspace "(4.0.98) Plasma Workspace (plasma), signal SIGSEGV (Intrepid)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24903414:10
quassel251hmm, quassel is quite scary14:11
=== quassel251 is now known as Riddell
apacheloggerhey Riddell14:11
apacheloggervorian: fixed with latest kdeplasma-addons14:11
JontheEchidnabtw, how is this plasma-appletsrc? http://paste.ubuntu.com/27731/14:15
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: did you say something yesterday about not liking the device notifier on the left?14:15
RiddellTonio_: poke, kdesudo-kde4 is reported to not work14:15
apacheloggerRiddell: already told him14:16
Tonio_Riddell: known issue ;)14:16
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: aye, awful it is14:16
Tonio_Riddell: I'll probably commit the new version toonight14:16
Tonio_Riddell: along with the kdesudo-kde4 kdesudo packaging transition14:16
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: you think it should stay at the right of the launcher?14:16
Riddellok, thanks14:16
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: and the appletsrc is defining geometry values which is giong to cause problems I guess14:16
Tonio_Riddell: konqueror-plugins is in NEW14:16
\shapachelogger: already made a backport to hardy for new quassel ?14:16
Tonio_Riddell: I got it reviewed and uploaded14:16
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: launcher - quickacces - media14:16
apachelogger\sh: nope14:17
apacheloggerI actually told jussi0114:17
apacheloggerpoke him :P14:17
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I was going to wait until quickaccess was actually a package to put that in there14:17
Tonio_Riddell: also gtk-qt-engines needs rebuild for /usr and ftbfs, I haven't been able to understand the issue (unknown moc error)14:17
Tonio_Riddell: same problem with local compilation within svn btw...14:17
apacheloggerI actually fixed the out-of-source building14:22
* apachelogger didn't even remember ;-)14:22
RiddellTonio_: apparantly there's a problem with kdesudo-kde4 currently where it doesn't connect to the X server, this is an X problem that's being fixed14:23
Tonio_Riddell: XAUTHORITY issue14:24
Riddellbryce is looking at it14:25
JontheEchidnadid my quit message say why I quit?14:25
JontheEchidnaMy session was killed when I started a new one14:25
apacheloggerread errr 10414:25
apacheloggerconnection reset by peer14:26
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: maybe the network connection got dropped?14:26
apacheloggerby knetworkmanager14:26
vorian[n=jonathan@unaffiliated/jontheechidna] has quit [K-Lined]14:26
JontheEchidnayeah, because it logged me out when I started a new session as a different user14:26
JontheEchidnaoh hey that reminds me, new knetworkmanager to test14:27
JontheEchidnawithout geometry the applets don't get ordered right in the panel. :(14:30
JontheEchidnaugh, this is a pain14:32
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: these were the problems I was talking about14:32
JontheEchidnaso then what determines the order...?14:32
* JontheEchidna ponders14:33
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I've done some tests14:37
JontheEchidnaI saved a plasma-appletsrc file with geometry14:37
JontheEchidnaquit plasma14:37
JontheEchidnalowered screen res14:37
JontheEchidnaand then started plasma14:37
JontheEchidnano problems, I think plasma auto-adjusts14:37
JontheEchidnaoh, but if you set the resolution higer again...14:38
JontheEchidnayou get a non-full width panel :/14:38
JontheEchidnasolution: set the panel width insanely high14:39
apacheloggercan never be high enough14:39
JontheEchidnanot even if it's... over 9000?14:39
JontheEchidnathey should just have a fullwidth option14:40
JontheEchidnawould make life much easier14:40
* JontheEchidna tests14:42
* apachelogger compiles a python stack for falcon14:43
Tonio_Riddell: /usr/bin/xauth -q -f /tmp/kdesudo-TT4636-xauth generate :0 trusted14:43
Tonio_Riddell: this is the command used by kdesudo to generate the xauthority file14:43
Tonio_Riddell: for some reason it seems to fail on intrepid14:44
Tonio_this was working before14:44
Tonio_Riddell: here is the error I'm getting14:44
Tonio_ /usr/bin/xauth: (argv):1:  couldn't query Security extension on display ":0"14:44
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: it works with 9000 ^_^14:44
apacheloggerpatch work all around the place14:44
RiddellTonio_: "Dunno"  talk to bryce14:44
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: once you have that stuff finished, please report a bug requesting improvements to plasma14:45
* apachelogger hates workarounds14:45
* JontheEchidna does too14:45
JontheEchidnaWe should be fine until computers start offering resolutions that horizontally offer 900014:46
JontheEchidnaMaybe I should file a wishlist bug @ plasma for a fullwidth option for the rc...14:47
JontheEchidnaso that come 4.2 we won't have to work around it14:48
Tonio_Riddell: xorg problem with security extension, should be fixed soon14:49
Tonio_Riddell: kees looking at that14:49
Tonio_Riddell: I'll probably have to wait for this to release the package since I can't really test atm what's going on...14:51
=== mbiebl_ is now known as mbiebl
Riddellhttp://www.kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/kpackagekit.png   kpackagekit working surprisingly well14:55
=== bddebian2 is now known as bddebian
JontheEchidnaThis is currently what I have: http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c355/Woremar/defaultIntrepid2.jpg15:04
Tonio_Riddell: the kdesudo problem will be fixed once xorg is build.... we just tested the fix and it works15:07
gnomefreakJontheEchidna: yeah i hate that upper left square but you can close it15:10
gnomefreakcant remember if it was right click or there was a x to close it15:11
JontheEchidnaThat applet is for people with junk in their ~/Desktop folders15:11
nixternalhola compadres15:11
* JontheEchidna justs removes it too15:11
gnomefreakJontheEchidna: ah15:11
gnomefreakmorning nixternal15:11
nixternalit is super hawt in the chi today15:12
gnomefreaknixternal: ill look into flash 10b2 once i figure out my key/LP/email issue15:13
gnomefreakit was supposed to happen today bt not likely15:13
nixternalflash sucks! free software ftw! :PO15:13
gnomefreakoh yeah forgot to tell you i found the problem last week just not sure if it is yours as well. i emailed upstream and they said that they were working on the issue and not sure when patch will be pushed into it but im guessing b3 will have it15:18
gnomefreakwmode is the problem for most of the flash 10 bugs15:18
jjessenixternal: supposed to be 90 degrees in GR w/ 90% hummidy15:21
nixternaljjesse: yup, I feel your pain :)15:25
Hobbseeright, who should i hand over the kde4 ppa team to?15:30
jjessehello Hobbsee15:30
RiddellHobbsee: me?15:30
nixternalyo yo15:31
nixternalof course it should go to Riddell, he needs more work to do :P15:31
HobbseeRiddell: ah, you want it?  OK15:31
Hobbseeheya jjesse15:35
* Hobbsee curses launchpad15:35
jjesseHobbsee: haven't heard/seen from you in a long time hope things are going well15:35
Hobbseejjesse: not so great today, but otherwise, yes :)15:36
jjessesorry to hear you aren't doing well today, but glad otherwise15:36
Hobbseejjesse: i bricked my phone today, and the doctor messed up the needle she was giving me :(15:37
jjessethat sucks15:37
jjessehate it when doctors screw things up15:37
Hobbseeyes, so i'm now back to a very old phone15:37
Hobbseedidn't hurt for that long, nor bleed, which was nice.15:37
* jjesse doesn't like blood or needles15:40
jjessewhich means i was mostly useless when my wife gave birth... had to make sure i was looking the opposite way15:40
Hobbseeyeah, that probably wouldn't be helpful15:41
nixternaljjesse: you wimp :P15:42
nixternalthe needle didn't bother me, it was the extreme squeezing from my wife at the time that was worse :)15:43
jjessedude its nasty down there :)15:43
JontheEchidnawhat made xarchiver suck so bad?15:57
Riddellapachelogger: upgraded to a version of KDE 4 which uses .kde today.  kwin used the plastique border, we should maybe think about how to tell it not to16:16
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: bug 24908116:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 249081 in kubuntu-default-settings "Default plasma-appletsrc could stand some improvements/polish" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24908116:21
RiddellI wonder if I set it to plastique myself at some point16:21
Riddellin which case, fair enough to keep it at that16:21
Tonio_Riddell: currently building kdesudo fancy testing once done ?16:23
RiddellTonio_: sure16:23
Riddelltesters wanted for kpackagekit   deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/jr/ubuntu intrepid main16:23
Riddellglatzor: would be intresting if you have comments on that ^^16:23
Tonio_Riddell: ah ! I wanted to package that one :)16:23
Tonio_Riddell: what's the status of adept3 ?16:23
Riddelldunno, not heard from petr for a while16:24
jjessethere was a blog post the other day on kde planet the otehr day about it16:24
jjessei think not much work was done on it if i remember correctly16:24
jjesseother day was sometime this week16:25
Riddelljjesse: about adept?16:25
jjesseyes about adept 316:26
Tonio_Riddell: http://toniox.org/temp/kdesudo/16:27
jjesselooking right now for post16:27
Tonio_Riddell: also you have to install : http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Testing/xserver/16:27
Tonio_Riddell: otherwise, no access to xserver...16:27
Tonio_kdesudo uploaded....waiting for xserver now :)16:29
Tonio_Riddell: in case you missed it, konq-plugin should be stuck in NEW, can you let it in ?16:29
RiddellTonio_: I can't install those xserver packages, I'm on amd64, bryce says he's uploading now so I can test when it compiles in the archive16:30
Tonio_hum klipper.desktop should be broken somehow.... even alt+f2 canot find it.... weird16:30
Tonio_Riddell: ok, same for kdesudo then :)16:30
jjessehttp://web.mornfall.net/blog/fast_forward.html very brief mention of adept 316:30
Tonio_Riddell: that klipper not restoring looks like the desktop file is broken.... I don't understand why16:31
RiddellTonio_: NoDisplay=true  ?16:31
Riddellmm, and the same file is used for autostart16:31
Tonio_yeah, I just saw that..... why ?16:31
Tonio_doesn't make sense hiding that one...16:31
Riddellwell klipper shouldn't be in the menu, it's clutter when it's autostarted anyway16:32
Tonio_Riddell: well it depends if you want it autostarted or restored with ksmserver...16:32
Tonio_Riddell: we can simply patch to copy in /Etc/xdg/autostart.... that would be fine for me.... do I do that way ?16:32
Tonio_hum, no it is already autostarted.... weird...16:33
RiddellTonio_: remove the NoDisplay patch and patch CMakeLists.txt to not install it into applications16:35
Tonio_Riddell: I'll first test if that helps the autostart, and then will do16:38
Riddellyes, removing NoDisplay will help autostart16:39
LaserJockRiddell: openbabel has made a final release (2.2.0)16:49
LaserJockRiddell: are you going to have time to look at getting that?16:50
RiddellLaserJock: is it just a sync from debian?16:52
LaserJockRiddell: should be yeah16:52
Riddellspose I could check that out16:52
LaserJockRiddell: I asked cryos about Kalzium and he said he checked that it does work with OB 2.2.016:53
LaserJockRiddell: I can do it you don't have time, I just thought I'd check with you first as it affects you (or Kalzium) most directly16:53
RiddellI need a shoulder massage today16:54
LaserJockheh, well I can't do a lot about that16:54
LaserJockit would be a long flight to for a massage16:54
Tonio_Riddell: hum works...16:56
Tonio_Riddell: then we have a couple of other autostart files to patch :)16:56
Tonio_ /usr/share/autostart/kab2kabc.desktop:NoDisplay=true16:56
Tonio_Riddell: also that patch should go in kde svn I suspect...16:57
Tonio_I'll let you do that.... currently writing the patch16:57
Tonio_hum that's a kubuntu patc we added in fact, hehe :)17:00
mluser-workWill it be possible to install kde 3.5.x alongside kde4 in intrepid?17:05
JontheEchidnamluser-work: Nope17:06
mluser-workJontheEchidna: Ok.. thanks17:06
JontheEchidnaThe only KDE3 stuff is going to be where there isn't a KDE4 version for that software17:06
JontheEchidnaoops, wrong channel17:07
=== _Artemis_Fowl_ is now known as Artemis_Fowl
Tonio_Riddell: fyi, I'm just dropping the patch and changing klipper.install not to install the file (needs changing anyway, so no need to patch17:26
=== toma_ is now known as toma
=== jtechidna is now known as JontheEchidna
Tonio_apachelogger, nixternal: any idea of the status of the kde4 frontend for network-manager/solid ?17:56
=== _Artemis_Fowl_ is now known as Artemis_Fowl
* jtechidna has backported plasmoid-weather and plasmoid-wifi for the ppa19:16
=== jtechidna is now known as JontheEchidna
Arbyapachelogger: you around19:19
Arbyapachelogger: I'm to trying to defeat kdepim19:19
Arbycurrently stuck with http://paste.ubuntu.com/27797/19:19
* JontheEchidna though kdepim was already built19:20
Arbycould be, maybe apachelogger did it himself19:20
ArbyI ran out of time this morning19:21
JontheEchidnaYeah, it's been built for the kde4 ppa19:22
Arbyit has, oh dammit failed again :(19:28
ArbyJontheEchidna: I don't see it, do you have a link/19:31
JontheEchidnakmail-kde4 is at version 4.0.9819:32
JontheEchidnajonathan@jonathan-desktop:~/Documents/sauce/plasmoid-quickaccess$ apt-cache policy kmail-kde419:32
JontheEchidna  Installed: 4:4.0.98-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa119:32
JontheEchidnahmm, maybe I got that off apachelogger's ppa...19:33
* JontheEchidna shrugs19:33
Arbystill, it's done somewhere19:33
Arbymight as well go do something else then19:34
vorianNCommander: see /topic19:53
* yuriy points at bug 19037120:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 190371 in kdelibs "KDE3 libthai dynamic loading unneccessarily requires libtool archive file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19037120:11
Xand3rintrepid builder has problem with dbus20:19
Xand3rNot creating home directory `/var/run/dbus'20:19
Xand3rcomplete log http://paste.ubuntu.com/27809/20:20
Xand3rplease help me20:20
Xand3rapachelogger: hi20:21
Xand3rapachelogger: maybe you know something?20:22
Xand3rvorian: hi, you reported the ftbfs the first time, aybe you know why.20:23
vorianlet me look at it again20:26
Xand3rvorian: thx20:42
JontheEchidnavorian: Could you review/upload kubuntu-kde4-members ppa backports for the plasmoid-weather and plasmoid-wifi packages?20:50
* JontheEchidna really needs to work on becoming an motu20:51
JontheEchidnaI've uploaded both to my ppa20:59
vorianJontheEchidna: sure21:08
voriani need to get Xand3r first though21:08
JontheEchidnakk, no hurry21:08
Xand3rvorian: thx21:08
Xand3rbut vorian dont hurry, take the time you need21:10
vorianthanks Xand3r :)21:12
Xand3rvorian: thank you for the help21:17
JontheEchidnavorian: currently correcting a few kinks with my packaging21:32
JontheEchidna..and ppa21:32
* JontheEchidna accidentally uploaded 0ubuntu1 to the ppa instead of 0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa121:33
JontheEchidnaooh, I know why it's always failing21:39
JontheEchidnaforgot to change over to libplasma2 as a build-dep21:39
JontheEchidnaoh, wait, that shouldn't matter since it's libplasma-dev21:39
* JontheEchidna realizes he'd have to upload all the build-deps to his ppa21:40
* vorian looks at digicam21:40
JontheEchidnavorian: Can I just throw these up on revu?21:40
NightroseTm_T: http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-devel&m=121624041402575&w=221:41
Xand3rvorian: thx21:47
vorianJontheEchidna: what package?21:49
JontheEchidnavorian: plasmoid-weather and plasmoid-wifi21:49
JontheEchidnabackported for kde4 ppa21:49
vorianwhat's your lp id?21:50
voriani'll check them there21:50
Xand3rNightrose: nice idea!21:50
NightroseXand3r: not mine ;-)21:50
Xand3rNightrose: no, but nice21:50
JontheEchidnavorian: ~echidnaman21:51
Nightrosehmm jep21:51
JontheEchidnaBut I deleted the packages since they didn't build and were causing headaches21:51
Xand3rNightrose: but i think there will be a problem21:51
JontheEchidnaoh well, at least it help me catch some errors21:51
Xand3rthe programms have changedm i dont think that they use the old configfile sheme21:52
JontheEchidnaoh hey, the source is still there21:52
vorianXand3r: the problem is with libpng-dev21:53
Xand3rvorian: ok21:53
Xand3rvorian: you have top tell me were you saw that21:54
vorianXand3r: also, try to keep lines at 80 characters long if possible.21:54
vorianXand3r: build-deps21:54
voriannot longer than 80,21:54
Xand3rthats the howl problem21:54
vorianXand3r: for now, yes21:55
Xand3rvorian: thx21:55
vorianXand3r: also libkipi-dev, not libkipi21:58
Xand3rvorian: i have here the line, wich markes 80 charachters, i have no longer line21:58
Xand3rvorian: whats exactly the problem with the libpng-dev21:59
* JontheEchidna goes off to east22:02
vorianXand3r: there is no libpng-dev22:02
Xand3rvorian: ah ok :)22:04
Xand3rvorian: thx22:05
vorianno problem22:07
Xand3rtrying testbuild22:07
Xand3rupdate -.-22:10
vorianXand3r: this package will need to be fixed upstream I'm afraid22:16
vorianhold on22:16
Xand3rvorian: my pbuilder needs updatem what did you talke about upstream?22:19
vorianI'm checking something first22:19
david_edmundsonhey, are there any plans to package python-kde4 for KDE4.1 RC?22:19
vorianXand3r: where does digitaglinktree.1 originate from?22:23
apacheloggerXand3r: what was your question?22:23
Xand3rvorian: dont know what you mean22:23
Xand3rapachelogger: i had a question?22:23
apacheloggeryou certainly highlighted22:25
vorianXand3r: the manpage your digicam-kde4.manpages refers to22:25
Xand3rvorian: i tooked it from the old digikam22:29
vorianwhere is it?22:29
Xand3rvorian: good question22:30
voriani don't think it exists, nor do I think it's needed22:31
vorianlet's see22:31
Xand3rvorian: so i remove it22:31
vorianlet's make sure first, kk?22:32
Xand3rhow i can search easy throo the dirs? grep digitaglinktree.122:34
vorianthat would be a place to start22:34
vorianif it's in that format22:34
voriandigitaglinktree.* might be a good one to grep22:35
Xand3rvorian: kk thx22:35
vorianno problemo22:38
Xand3rvorian: grep semms to do nothing22:39
vorianXand3r: did this package build for you in either your pbuilder or ppa?22:45
voriandoes it build now?22:45
Xand3rnot finished yet22:46
vorianJontheEchidna: package links?22:56
vorianare they uploaded?22:56
JontheEchidnaI think plasmoid-wifi got removed22:56
JontheEchidnawhen I deleted it22:56
vorianthese are for hardy?22:57
* JontheEchidna hops that isn't the one he accidentally uploaded for intrepid22:57
JontheEchidnayeah, it should be22:57
JontheEchidnalet me check quick22:57
vorianfound them22:58
JontheEchidnaok, the one I just linked too should be ok22:58
JontheEchidnathat plasma-wifi package you see there is an old one22:59
JontheEchidnapre- 4.1, even22:59
vorianut oh22:59
vorianI have to run22:59
voriani'll be back in a couple of hours22:59
JontheEchidnaIt's ok. :) you gotta do what you gotta do23:00
vorianJontheEchidna: are there some you have preped for the ppa?23:01
JontheEchidnaThe plasmoid-weather one here should be good to go as far as I can see: http://ppa.launchpad.net/echidnaman/ubuntu/pool/main/p/plasmoid-weather/23:02
JontheEchidnaI changed out the cdbs with the hardy one and changed the distro in changelog to hardy23:02
JontheEchidnaand set section to kde in control23:03
voriangotta run23:04
vorianI'll see about fixing wifi on the road23:04
voriansee ya23:04
* JontheEchidna tries out desktop cylinder in kde-neon23:05
Xand3rJontheEchidna: wich build deps has plasmoid-weathwe?23:06
JontheEchidnaXand3r: debhelper (>= 5.0.0), cdbs, cmake, quilt, libplasma-dev23:07
JontheEchidnaXand3r: are you packaging a plasmoid too?23:07
Xand3rJontheEchidna: but i wanted to compile it with neon23:08
JontheEchidnaOh, and some plasmoids have a build-dep on phonon too23:08
Xand3rand it didnt work23:08
Xand3rdbehelper(>=5 ) is enough i think23:09
Xand3rdigikam is stil compiling23:16
Xand3rJontheEchidna: are you liing in the US?23:20
JontheEchidnaYeah, I live in the US23:20
Xand3rok, for you is it not a problem, how can i get with the weather plasmoid information about places in Germany?23:22
Xand3rJontheEchidna: ^23:23
JontheEchidnaGo to weather.yahoo.com23:24
JontheEchidnaand then you have to do something23:24
JontheEchidna(just a second)23:24
JontheEchidna1. Go to http://weather.yahoo.com/23:24
JontheEchidna2. Type in your city, country and click Go23:24
JontheEchidna3. Copy the 8 character location ID from the URL on the next page (ie for Hong Kong, China it is CHXX0049)23:24
JontheEchidna4. Paste the location ID into the widgets zip code field23:24
Xand3roh ok thx23:25
JontheEchidnayou're welcome23:25
JontheEchidnaooh, new upstream release of plasmoid-quickaccess23:26
* JontheEchidna forgot to let them know about the licensing stuff. :(23:26
apacheloggerXand3r: skype?23:33
Xand3rapachelogger: hmm ok23:33
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: Hey, quickaccess guy isn't using the lgpl files anymore :D23:38
JontheEchidna(In 0.6)23:38
JontheEchidnaThe only other copyright holder I see is Peter Penz too23:39
apacheloggerNightrose: dpkg -S kdmrc23:46
Xand3rapachelogger: mein skype kackt ab, -.- immer diese downloads, und uploads, sorry meine inetverbindung macht da net mehr mit23:47
apacheloggerXand3r: too bad23:48
Xand3rapachelogger: oh yea u have a 51 s lag in konversation23:49
Xand3rapachelogger: thats not the solution, please say me how i can only upload the changes i mad in debian23:50
apacheloggerXand3r: are you downloading these certain videos again? ;-)23:50
apacheloggerXand3r: which changes?23:51
* apachelogger is clueless what Xand3r is talking about23:51
Xand3rapachelogger:  emm23:51
Xand3rdont upload the source23:51
apacheloggerXand3r: debuild -S23:51
Xand3rapachelogger: hmm, why i dont find that via google23:52
kerncoIs anyone else just getting a black screen when they log out?23:52
jtechidnakernco: nvidia?23:52
* jtechidna has to crtl + alt +backspace to log out23:53
kerncoYeah, I can't even switch to a tty after I log out23:53
Xand3rapachelogger: thats was not the solution, it want still upload the origtar23:53
apacheloggerXand3r: then you are uploading the wrong changes file23:54
Xand3rapachelogger: culd not be i deletet it23:55
apacheloggerwell, dunno then23:56
jtechidnaapachelogger: when you get a moment, could you re-revu quickaccess?23:57
jtechidnabtw, the other 2 plasmoids got published ^_^23:57
* jtechidna reads up on contributing to debian23:57
apacheloggerNightrose: broken23:57
Xand3rapachelogger: kann es probleme machen wenn ich ein upload abgebrochen habe? denn jetzt will er nichts mehr hoch laden selbst mit -f23:58
apacheloggerXand3r: unwahrscheinlich23:58
Xand3rapachelogger: dput gives that back http://paste.ubuntu.com/27865/23:59

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