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* barry resets mootbot's clock15:00
barrywelcome to this week's ameu reviewer's meeting!  who's here today?15:00
flacostedo re me15:01
barrywow, it's sparse today :)15:02
flacostesalgado: ping15:02
flacosteEdwinGrubbs: ping15:02
barryBjornT, cprov ping15:02
barryEdwinGrubbs: ping15:02
barrydanilo_: ping15:02
flacostebigjools and cprov are sprinting15:02
intellectronicame (but also participating in an ubuntu meeting irl, so don't expect much from me)15:03
flacostecprov: will bigjools join?15:03
cprovI can attend this15:03
cprovflacoste: yes, he will be here in a minute15:04
barry[TOPIC] agenda15:04
MootBotNew Topic:  agenda15:04
barry== Agenda ==15:04
barry * Roll call15:04
barry * Next meeting15:04
barry * Action items15:04
barry * Queue status15:04
barry * Mentoring update15:04
barry * Review process15:04
barry[TOPIC] next meeting15:05
MootBotNew Topic:  next meeting15:05
barrynext week foundations & commercialization will be sprinting in montreal, but i suggest we still have this meeting15:05
barryso, week += 1?15:05
barryi will not be here the following week (july 30).  any volunteers to chair the meeting?15:06
flacostesalgado: is volunteering!15:06
flacostewell you said me!15:07
flacostethat's for being late ;-)15:07
salgadoheh. ok15:07
barrysalgado: excellent!15:07
barry[AGREED] salgado to chair 30-jul meeting15:08
MootBotAGREED received:  salgado to chair 30-jul meeting15:08
flacosteactually i think he'll be on vacation15:08
flacosteerr, leave15:08
salgadoI won't15:08
salgadoI get back on the 30th15:08
barrysalgado: seriously though, you don't mind chairing it?15:08
salgadobarry, no, it's okay15:08
barrysalgado: thanks!15:08
barry[TOPIC] action items15:08
MootBotNew Topic:  action items15:08
barry * flacoste to submit bug report on cachedproperty needing to `__storm_invalidate__` (and update checklist)15:09
barryflacoste: thanks!15:09
barry * intellectronica to write up guidelines on check_permission in the wiki and email the ml for additional input15:09
intellectronicahaven't done that yet, sorry15:09
barryintellectronica: we'll carry it forward15:09
barry * barry to ping jamesh and stub on the testsuite2 branch15:09
barrynot done15:09
barry * barry to update PreMergeReviews15:10
barrynot done15:10
barrythe rest are for asiapacsters15:10
barry[TOPIC] queue status15:10
MootBotNew Topic:  queue status15:10
barryfortunately, we only have 3 pink branches15:11
jtver... me?15:11
barrythe only one i don't know about is EdwinGrubbs's branch15:11
barrygmb: what's up with that?15:11
gmbbarry: Let me check...15:11
flacosteleonard's branch is done15:12
flacostei'm only lame in updating status15:12
barry7 branches in the GQ15:12
barryflacoste: cool, i thought that was the case15:12
gmbbarry: ISTR that I gave that merge-approved or merge-coditional. I obviously didn't update the branch status though.15:12
gmbbarry: I'll double check and update it shortly.15:12
barrygmb: cool, thanks15:13
intellectronicaoh, i reviewed once branch of mpt from the gq but forgot to move it. i'll do that now15:13
barryintellectronica: thanks.  btw, from what i understand, we may not be far from being able to dogfood all this crap in lp15:13
barrywe will have to hoist some v-champagne when that happens :)15:14
barryanything else on the queue from y'all?15:14
barry[TOPIC] mentoring status15:16
MootBotNew Topic:  mentoring status15:16
barryany feedback on mentoring?15:16
intellectronicacprov is starring15:16
intellectronicab.t.w cprov, i moved my shift to friday. we should think how to coordinate working together a bit15:16
cprovintellectronica: sure, I will probably do a double shift next week15:17
sinzuirock. I hope there is less to review on Fridays15:17
barrybigjools: hi!15:17
bigjoolssorry,  we had a late lunch15:17
barryi'm hoping to start getting abentley some branches15:18
barrybigjools: no worries15:18
barry[TOPIC] Review process15:19
MootBotNew Topic:  Review process15:19
barrythere's nothing on the agenda, but the ml has been pretty active :)15:20
barryany comments on the process from y'all?15:20
barrywell, that's it from me.  anybody have anything not on the agenda?  if not, we can end in record time15:21
intellectronicax-platform testing15:22
intellectronicai discussed this today with mpt, following our IE6 misery15:22
jtvsinzui: x-box is a bar here in Bangkok.15:22
jtvX-Box: Bangkok's Play Station.15:22
intellectronicawe'll have to make sure that we have VMs available with all the platforms we support, so that ppl working on UI development can use them15:22
sinzuiI fear we need more developers with vms for macos and windows15:23
flacostewhat about browsershots?15:23
intellectronicanothing more to say about that, other than that i intend to follow up on that15:23
flacosteisn't it what its for?15:23
intellectronicaflacoste: browserhosts is only for public stuff, not?15:23
flacostecan't remember15:23
intellectronicaflacoste: also, it doesn't help you test interactive stuff15:23
mptflacoste, intellectronica, this is bug 17442215:23
ubottumpt: Bug 174422 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/174422 is private15:23
flacostea right15:23
barrysinzui: i think osx is fairly well covered.  i know that the warsaw's are a windows-free zone though :)15:24
bigjoolsamen brother :)15:24
intellectronicabarry: windows is an easy problem to solve, since you can run it in a VM15:24
sinzuibarry: The same is true for the Lawerence-Hovey's15:24
barryintellectronica: true... if i even had a windows license!15:25
intellectronicait might be nice to maintain a list of platforms people have available15:25
allenapI have a Windows VM <shiver>15:25
allenapIt gets started twice a year for updates.15:25
flacostewindows 2000 in a vm (for doing myt axes)15:25
flacosteso boots up once a year15:25
barryintellectronica: good idea15:26
barrywe should also be testing multiple browsers on multiple platforms.  certainly safari on osx. but also ff2 and ff1.515:26
bigjoolsmaybe IS could provide some vnc desktops to test with15:26
barrybigjools: great idea15:26
intellectronicabigjools: even that isn't so simple, because sometimes you'll need to expose a running instance you're developing on15:27
bigjoolsintellectronica: true15:27
intellectronicai think it will be good to turn this into two actions:15:27
bigjoolsbut the Soyuz team has mawson, which is our own private staging :)15:27
intellectronica1. start a list on the wiki of devs/available platforms (i can do that)15:27
barry[ACTION] <intellectronica> to start a list on the wiki of devs/available platforms15:28
MootBotACTION received:  <intellectronica> to start a list on the wiki of devs/available platforms15:28
intellectronica2. start a discussion on how to provide testing platforms for developers (i expect it will take a lot of time and effort to arrive at a solution)15:28
intellectronicabut at least we can get the ball rolling15:28
barryintellectronica: can you send the initial email to the ml?15:28
barry[ACTION] intellectronica to start the ball rolling on an email to the ml re: multiple browsers/platforms15:29
MootBotACTION received:  intellectronica to start the ball rolling on an email to the ml re: multiple browsers/platforms15:29
barryintellectronica: thanks15:29
barryany other topics?15:29
barryokay, i think we're done15:30
MootBotMeeting finished at 09:32.15:30
jtvthanks barry!15:30
barrythanks everyone!15:30
intellectronicathanks barry15:30
bigjoolsMootBot: what timezone is that?15:30
bigjoolsEdwinGrubbs: Santone :)15:31
EdwinGrubbsyes, the mootbot must be visiting the Alamo15:31
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