mptDnaX, either danilos or jtv will be able to tell you what happened. I think neither of them are around at the moment, but they should be in less than 12 hours.00:12
mptemgent, it's never final. :-) Why do you ask?00:13
DnaXthanks for now00:14
mwhudsonDnaX: perhaps asking a question at answers.launchpad.net/rosetta would be a good idea00:15
emgentmpt: i dont like it :)00:18
emgentmpt: I also removed from Launchpad beta testers (for now), I cant see it :)00:19
ScottKemgent: So far you aren't the only one to come here and say that.00:20
ScottKIt doesn't appear to have mattered much.00:20
emgentargh 00:23
mptScottK, it's been just over 26 hours. Please excuse us if some of the fixes take a couple of days.00:23
* emgent confident in the next updates graphs00:24
ScottKmpt: I haven't gotten the feeling that there will be fixes.00:24
ScottKmpt: The response seemed to me to be "We did a usability study and we know this is better. You'll get used to it."00:24
ScottKmpt: But I'm loving no CSS on my phone.  I need to figure out how to do that in Konqueror.00:25
mptScottK, I'm sorry that the user testing was cited a bit misleadingly there. To have used user testing for the new designs, we would need to test much more often than we have budget for at the moment.00:28
ScottKWell you know I think LP U/I is headed in the wrong direction and has been for some time.  So far I'm not suprised.00:29
* ScottK will get by.00:29
mptSo to some extent we expect people complaining about changes just because they're changes, but some of the points are certainly valid, e.g. the maintained packages list being too hard to get to, so we're fixing that.00:29
ScottKmpt: I fundamentally dislike the concept of scattering links all over the page so it's hard to figure out where to go to do any particular thing until you've done it enough times to know.00:30
ScottKSo I think this latest design is a fundamental and significant step in the wrong direction.00:30
ScottKPicking at it won't change that.00:30
rockstarScottK, what parts of Launchpad do you use the most?00:31
ScottKI'm an Ubuntu developer.  So I use package and bug stuff.00:32
ScottKI don't use code at all.00:32
ScottKI use blueprints a little.00:32
=== barry is now known as barry-away
LaserJockScottK: the scattering bit is indeed something that makes it more difficult to use00:35
ScottKLaserJock: They did a usability study.  You'll get used to it. ;-)00:35
LaserJockuntil the next time it's changed maybe00:36
LaserJockit'd be one thing if it stayed put00:36
LaserJockthough I don't doubt for some people the new design is more usable00:36
LaserJockbut my guess is that hardcore users find it more troublesome00:37
mptIt has nothing to do with the usability study00:37
mptBut it at least gives us the *possibility* of fixing the problems where people just assumed Launchpad didn't have a feature, because it was hiding in the Actions menu.00:38
LaserJockwell, I'm very much less concerned about UI than I am about "real" bugs and missing bits00:39
beunoScottK, I think the process of finding a good middle-ground for in interface is taking a bit longer then expected00:39
LaserJockmpt: I like the main tabs00:40
LaserJockI just have problem with multiple rows of tabs00:40
pygi3D tabs!00:40
mptLaserJock, yeah, we're working on reducing those00:40
pygihere's one usability issue00:40
pygiif I'm at https://code.edge.launchpad.net/cheezburger, and I click the launchpad button00:41
pygiI'd expect to go back to https://edge.launchpad.net00:41
pygiand not https://code.edge.launchpad.net00:41
* ScottK agrees with LaserJock. I think it'd be much better to fix infrastructure then flop the U/I around on a quarterly basis.00:41
mptpygi, I was hoping to fix that yesterday, but spent all my time on IE7 instead. I'll have a go today.00:41
pygimpt, :)00:42
LaserJockmpt: is there any thought on moving the tags display to higher in the bug report00:42
LaserJockmpt: I'd love to have it near the title00:42
mptScottK, agreed. The last major change was nearly two years ago. I hope from now on we can concentrate more on the small problems.00:43
mptLaserJock, hmm, that would move the description further down. Are tags really more useful than the description?00:44
LaserJockif a description is that long I'm gonna be scrolling anyway00:44
LaserJockif I need to see the tags I want to see it on the first screen00:44
marsmpt, I'll take pygi's issue.  Do you have a bug for it?00:44
ScottKmpt: Maybe just because major stuff gets done to stuff I use a lot (like the package history page) it feels more often to me.00:45
ScottKmpt: I'd rather you went back to pre-beta and started from there00:45
ScottKBut I need to go eat dinner.00:45
LaserJockmpt: most of the bugs I've been reading lately have had the tags below the first page00:45
LaserJockI think if you were to move the "Update description/tags" butten along with the tags up to the top of the description it'd be good00:46
pygimars, if that question was for me, no, I haven't filled a bug00:46
mptmars, bug 24742300:46
ubottumpt: Bug 247423 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/247423 is private00:46
mptah, doesn't need to be private any more00:46
pygiah, private bugs :p00:46
beunoew, Not allowed pages look ugly00:47
mptbug 24742300:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247423 in launchpad "Difficult to get to Launchpad front page from app front pages" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24742300:47
mptI'm queasy about making the "Launchpad" link change the tab you're on, though00:48
mptThat's breaking the pattern of how the hierarchy works00:49
LaserJockI think I remember fighting over a similar bug a couple years ago00:49
mptah yes00:49
beunompt, I think I'd expect to go to the homepage too instead of the app when clicking on LP logo00:49
mptLaserJock, we've had a problem with commit messages, but if we hadn't, I would have marked that bug fixed a few days ago :-)00:50
mptone moment00:50
LaserJockI just find that a lot of the time I click on things in Launchpad and it takes me unexpected places00:50
mptbug 22483300:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 224833 in launchpad "Navigating from a project bug list back to all bugs is difficult." [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22483300:50
mptsoren, that bug's fixed now00:51
mpter, *so* that bug's fixed now00:51
mptMaking "Launchpad" go back to the Launchpad front page would unfix it.00:51
pygibeuno, ++00:51
LaserJockI'd really love to see a "this is how we designed Launchpad to work" doc00:52
LaserJockif I could figure how the thinking/philosophy behind it I think I'd make better clicking choices :-)00:52
pygithen we could argue, and tell you what you did wrong :p00:52
thumpermpt: where are the drop down menus?00:52
thumpermpt: are they gone for good?00:53
thumpermpt: because it isn't obvious from the front page where to create a team00:53
mptthumper, that's fixed in mainline00:53
thumpermpt: which is in the "registry" but that page goes to /projects00:53
beunompt, well, you can click on the "bugs" tab, and that would take you back to all bugs.  Navigation does need some deep discussion though...00:53
mptbeuno, click on the "bugs" tab from where?00:54
mptRemember that the Launchpad front page is (at least currently) one of the least useful pages on the site.00:54
beunompt, right. Just read it through, ignore me  :)00:54
mptIt seems much more likely that someone is going to want to go back to https://code.launchpad.net/ or https://bugs.launchpad.net/ than to https://launchpad.net/00:55
beunobugs.lp.net is pretty useless too00:55
mptTrue, but at least it has a workable search00:55
LaserJockI want it to go to launchpad.net00:55
LaserJockif I click on Ubuntu I expect to go to launchpad.net/ubuntu00:55
beunoyes, and let's not even get into search now  :)00:55
LaserJocknot *.launchpad.net/ubuntu00:55
mptLaserJock, agreed on that00:56
mptmars, now *that* you could fix00:56
LaserJockthough it would be nice to have an easy way to get to bugs.lp.net/ubuntu from a bug page00:57
mptAh, I have a cunning plan to fix that00:57
LaserJockit's just that when I click on "Ubuntu" I expect the main ubuntu page00:57
LaserJockbut I *also* want *.lp.net/ubuntu available00:57
LaserJockbasically I want my cake and eat it too :p00:58
LaserJockI know a lot of people like navigate-via-URL but I really do prefer clicking00:58
LaserJockmpt: is there a reason why I can't search for source packages from bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu like I can from launchpad.net/ubuntu ?01:00
LaserJockany why in heaven's name is Release Critical bugs below the gigantic Tags list on bugs.lp.net/ubuntu ?01:01
LaserJockI'd never find it there01:01
mptLaserJock, no, it's just that those pages haven't been designed yet01:02
mpt(by "those pages" I mean the main Bugs page for a project)01:02
LaserJockI see01:03
LaserJock"Key Contacts" is also a bit weird in Ubuntu's case at least01:03
LaserJockonly 1 out of 3 are really contactable entities01:04
LaserJockwow, so PPAs have now reached the size of Main :-)01:06
LaserJockmpt: do you happen to know if there's anything in the work on Mentoring? is it going to go the way of the calendar? :-)01:07
mptLaserJock, no idea01:08
emgentmpt: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/3851701:14
emgentplease take a look01:14
pepIs it normal that the new, horizontal browse-tabs, dissappear on the https://edge.launchpad.net/~user/+activate-ppa page? Because it stays for Profile / Related Software / Karma...01:15
emgentmpt: only sabdfl (registry team admin) and launchpad-admin can remove my team. Can you remove it?01:15
mptemgent, no, sorry, I'm not a Launchpad admin01:17
mptpep, it's "normal" as in it always happens, but it's not "normal" as in desired. It's bug 246728.01:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246728 in launchpad "The Personal Package Archive actions menu should be removed" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24672801:19
pepmpt: ok, I should have looked for a bug.01:19
emgentRinchen: can you take a look ?01:20
emgentmpt: ok np thanks :)01:20
mptRinchen's off for the evening01:20
emgentargh ok.01:20
emgenti will wait.01:20
vadi2How can I make a new poll in a team? I only see a "Show polls" link, and no "Add polls" one. help didn't give any results either01:58
=== salgado is now known as salgado-afk
mptvadi2, you need to be a team admin to create a poll02:23
vadi2oh, ok02:32
SomerandomnameHello is this the place to report a bug?07:44
spivA bug about Launchpad?07:45
SomerandomnameI believe so? or is launchpad the reporting method for wubi?07:45
Somerandomnameim a tad confused on the feedback portion of this find.07:45
spivIf you have a bug in wubi, then you probably want to report it at https://bugs.launchpad.net/wubi07:46
SomerandomnameThanks sorry.07:47
spivNot a problem.07:47
=== elmo_ is now known as elmo
* Hobbsee sighs09:12
Hobbseempt: isn't the latest release of a package supposed to be the latest release, in the latest ubuntu version?09:12
Hobbseeie, not a backport?09:12
* Hobbsee wonders who introduced that regression.09:12
Hobbseeand why does the subscriber list also show people who no longer use launchpad?09:15
Hobbseesurely if their accoutns are disabled, they are no longer subscribed to the bug, which is misleading.09:15
geserHobbsee: bug #24822309:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248223 in malone "People with deactivated accounts still shown in bug subscriber list (dup-of: 238493)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24822309:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238493 in launchpad "Deactivated account still appear in 'subscribers'-portlet" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23849309:56
gnomefreakok really guys wth is wrong with me sending emails to bug reports. they work as long as i dont change status or importance11:12
gnomefreaki didnt get a failure so far but my comment isnt on the bug report11:14
wgrantgnomefreak: Did you sign the emails?11:14
gnomefreakwgrant: always11:15
wgrantIs the signature valid?11:15
wgrantNot broken by wrapping?11:15
gnomefreakwgrant: yes i assume its good. and i turned off wrrapper to fix the quote issue11:15
gnomefreakmy key works for packaging and email without status changes11:16
wgrantBut it's not known to be good for signing emails.11:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248797 in firefox-3.0 "google search disappears in firefox" [Undecided,Incomplete] 11:16
gnomefreakwgrant: it should be good it has worked prior to new UI in LP11:17
wgrantgnomefreak: I doubt the UI could have anything to do with it.11:17
gnomefreakwgrant: im not saying it is but thats when it started failing11:17
wgrantCan you verify the signature on the email?11:17
gnomefreakhow do i tell if key is valid11:18
wgrantI never mentioned the key.11:18
gnomefreakyou mentioned signiture i assumed you meant my key11:18
wgrantI meant the signature.11:18
gnomefreakit didnt sign it11:19
gnomefreakyes it did11:19
gnomefreakUNTRUSTED Good signature from John Vivirito <ubuntu.ase@gmail.com> 11:19
wgrantYou cannot change anything in a bug without a valid signature...11:19
wgrantIs that the email as it was transmitted?11:19
gnomefreakwait a minute i have to readd my key i had removed that email address11:20
gnomefreaki was told i didnt have to reload my key to tbird or LP11:20
gnomefreakno thats not right either that address was removed from key and i had to redo tbird so used updated key11:21
wgrantDid you upload the key to keyserver.ubuntu.com or another keyserver in that network/11:21
gnomefreaki dont remember what one i think ubuntu.com but let me check11:22
gnomefreakthat would be the one11:23
wgrantYou probably need to poke some LP person to check logs.11:23
wgrantBut I've known Thunderbird to do stupid wrapping things before.11:23
gnomefreakthats fixable in the preferneces11:24
wgrantMaybe not entirely. TB does strange, strange things.11:24
gnomefreakim assuming i would get a failure email and i hadnt gotten that either11:25
gnomefreakmaybe during n-m update11:25
wgrantMaybe not if the signature was bad.11:25
gnomefreaki was offline for a minute11:25
gnomefreakok resent im thinking n-m kicked me during update and it was around same time i think11:27
gnomefreakok brb need to reboot11:27
gnomefreakthis is just flat out pissing me off everyday i tweak something to fix it and still doesnt work.11:28
gnomefreakbe back in a few11:28
gnomefreakim checking another bug i replied to without changing the status11:36
gnomefreakto see if it signed it11:36
gnomefreakok wth11:36
=== emgent_ is now known as emgent
gnomefreaknone of them went through at all11:37
gnomefreakwgrant: using PGP/MIME should work right?11:39
gnomefreakthat setting shouldnt affect the signing for LP email11:39
gesergnomefreak: have you tried sending a signed message to an other address of yours and checking the signature?11:43
wgrantgnomefreak: PGP/MIME is a very different type of signature... why wouldn't it affect it?11:44
gnomefreakgeser: i just did waiting for reply11:44
gnomefreakwgrant: it shouldnt affect it for LP should it?11:45
gnomefreaki dont see any rason it would11:45
wgrantgnomefreak: Maybe LP doesn't support it, or Enigmail does it badly!?11:45
gnomefreakasac: dont you use PGP/MIME to sign your email?11:45
gnomefreakit didnt sign the email to a friend11:46
gnomefreakfor some reason using PGP/MIME doesnt sign messages at all it asks for password for the key but never uses it11:49
wgrantThat there could be your problem.11:49
gnomefreakim sending one now without PGP/MIME11:50
gnomefreakjust resent with status new11:52
gnomefreakif works i change it back11:52
gnomefreakgive me a few minutes and ill let you know if it helped11:54
gnomefreakok still no comment on bug report from mee and still no failure email from LP12:03
* gnomefreak should get failure email if email doesnt go through12:04
gesergnomefreak: and you get a good signature when you send yourself a signed message?12:06
gnomefreakany LP admins here yet. i would like someone to check logs for me since i cant get an email to go through and not getting failure notis12:06
gnomefreakgeser: i did when i sent to a friend 12:06
gnomefreak06:48 <      gnomefreak+> let me know if it changes when you get it12:07
gnomefreak06:49 <          ikonia+> got you12:07
gnomefreak06:50 <          ikonia+> key included this time12:07
gnomefreakhe meant inline since that is what i asked him to look for12:07
gnomefreakthis has been going on for week or 2 and its kind of making my work a bit time costly at this time sinc ei have so many bugs to deal with (1000+ bugs)12:09
=== ScottK is now known as ScottK2
=== ScottK2 is now known as ScottK
ignasschooltool is using PPA for releases, is there a way to link PPA packages to the relevant series using add ubuntu package or as plain releases?12:15
beunompt, mornin'12:20
beunovery nice job on the UI marathon, it looks great  :)12:20
* ignas likes the new design too12:21
beunompt, there is one problem though, on the home page, the "new look" news links to a 40412:21
gnomefreakwgrant: i have no choice at this time to think my issue is anything but LP12:21
wgrantignas: No. You'd think one could link to it inside a release, but apparently no LP dev has thought to do that yet.12:23
ignasI see12:23
wgrantWhat was wrong with using the usual logo for the favicon?12:25
gnomefreakcan someone ping me when Lpo admins wake up/get to work/feels like helping?12:29
gnomefreakthis is messed up i can send to person but not LP12:29
wgrantgnomefreak: Perhaps ask a question at the URL in the topic.12:32
gnomefreakwgrant: ok thanks12:35
gnomefreakanyswers or help?12:35
wgrantgnomefreak: answers.12:36
gnomefreaki just opened help and its just a help page12:37
wgrantAs would seem to make sense.12:37
intellectronicagnomefreak: can you please send an email to help@bugs.launchpad.net and tell me if you're getting a response?12:40
intellectronicagnomefreak: we've had a few similar problems. i still don't know what's the cause, but i hope to have an answer soon12:41
gnomefreakintellectronica: yep right now ill write one up real fast12:41
intellectronicagnomefreak: you can just send an empty email. should be real fast :)12:42
gnomefreakwell i wrote in it fo i can keep it as reference12:43
gnomefreaki got email of question i added to answers12:44
intellectronicagnomefreak: if you don't get a reply in the next 10 minutes, then it's bad, but at least you're in good company :-/12:44
gnomefreakbad for who? LP or me?12:45
asacgnomefreak: i use mutt ... which uses pgp/mime iirc12:45
gnomefreakasac: mutt is too much trouble to set up :(12:45
intellectronicagnomefreak: bad for you, because you can't use the email interface, and for us, because we have to fix it12:45
asacgnomefreak: sure. pgp/mime should i hope12:45
asac(in enigmail)12:45
gnomefreakpgp/mime fails in LP and people emails12:46
gnomefreakit was failing to sign any message12:46
gnomefreakso i changed option to not use it and it signs messages12:46
asacgnomefreak: how does it fail?12:47
gnomefreakasac: it doesnt sign them at all inline nor attachment12:47
gnomefreakwe need to update enigmail as well since we are 6 point releases behind12:48
gnomefreakits not 0.95.6 and we have 0.95.012:48
asacgnomefreak: yea i know ... but that shouldnt break pgp/mime12:50
gnomefreakasac: agreed12:50
gnomefreakasac: this has been like this for a week or 212:50
gnomefreakcloser to 212:51
asacgnomefreak: i just tested. works fine here 12:53
asacboth: inline + pgp/mime12:53
gnomefreakfor some reason it doesnt here in tbird with enigmail12:53
gnomefreakintellectronica: i got a reply12:54
intellectronicagnomefreak: good news, so you don't have a problem using the email interface, but something more specific (to do with the emails you're sending, i guess)12:55
gnomefreakintellectronica: its works for proplr i dont see why it wont work for LP12:55
gnomefreakpeople even12:55
intellectronicagnomefreak: can i maybe have a look at one of these emails?12:56
gnomefreakintellectronica: sure, one i sent to LP or you want a personal one?12:56
intellectronicagnomefreak: one you sent to LP12:57
intellectronicagnomefreak: you can just paste the raw message at http://paste.ubuntu.com/12:58
gnomefreaki am12:58
gnomefreakthat is the one without pgp/mime13:00
gnomefreaksame with pgp/mime  but when i sent pgp/mime the person did not get my key once i disabled pgp/mime he got the sig13:01
gnomefreakmatter of fact i think i sent email to asac this morning or yesterday using pgp/mime13:03
gnomefreakso he shouldnt see the sig.13:03
intellectronicagnomefreak: can you please paste the complete raw message (with headers and everything)?13:04
gnomefreakno i cant :( it wont allow me to copy the header13:06
wgrantgnomefreak: Ctrl+U.13:06
intellectronicareally? what mail program are you using?13:06
gnomefreakthanks :)13:06
gnomefreakintellectronica: tbird13:06
asacgnomefreak: ctrl+u should work like wgrant said13:07
intellectronicawhat they said13:07
gnomefreakit did13:07
gnomefreakwaiting for pastebin to load13:07
gnomefreakthis is one without pgp/mime13:07
gnomefreakwith pgp/mime looks same http://gnomefreak.pastebin.ca/107327913:08
intellectronicagnomefreak: thanks13:10
gnomefreakintellectronica: thank you for helping13:11
gnomefreakheaders didnt tell me too much if there was an issue or not13:12
pepHi, we created our team mailing list after the teams was created and I'm wondering if everyone has subscribed... is there a way to see who has subscibed to a launchpad mailing list?13:39
intellectronicabarry: do you know the answer?13:39
barrypep: no, but there's an open bug on this and i'm hoping we'll address this soon13:41
pepAh very well :)13:41
pepthank you13:41
mptGooooooooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!14:00
Hobbseehey mpt!14:00
gnomefreakintellectronica: did you need any more info from me while im here?14:44
intellectronicagnomefreak: nothing, thanks. no clue what the problem is yet, though14:45
gnomefreakintellectronica: ok thanks i wish i knew14:46
gnomefreakintellectronica: im trying one without status changes14:52
gnomefreakintellectronica: oh well i tried but same thing, sorry thought i would try to see if it gave me a failure email15:01
intellectronicagnomefreak: i doubt that this is the problem. i can submit the identical mail successfully to staging, so i guess it's to do with the signature or something15:02
gnomefreakintellectronica: as far as i know its good, if you can think of things i can do to find out for sure please let me know15:03
gnomefreakeven the header says its good15:03
intellectronicagnomefreak: oh, it definitely does verify. don't know, it's a mystery. i'll continue trying and let you know15:04
intellectronicagnomefreak: if you feel like starting a question so that i can track this it would be awesome15:04
gnomefreakintellectronica: thanks if you need anything from me please let me know if im not here you can email me at the address on those headers/emails i gave you15:05
gnomefreakintellectronica: already did15:05
gnomefreaklet me find it15:05
intellectronicagnomefreak: oh cool. url?15:05
gnomefreakfiled ~2hours ago15:05
gnomefreakim thinking its enigmail the more i think abou tit15:21
gnomefreakabout it15:21
gesergnomefreak: have you an other mail client you could test?15:22
gnomefreakgeser: not yet right now im looking for someone with tbird+enigmail to see if thiers works15:23
gnomefreaki need to find out if claws uses enigmail or a plugin15:23
gnomefreakwell damn Hobbsee doesnt have  a problem with same set up15:25
gnomefreakthat leaves me thinking that its my key but it says my signature is good15:26
gnomefreakill see if claws works15:26
intellectronicagnomefreak: i don't have a problem with that setup and that message, and i could verify your signature without a problem15:31
gnomefreakclaws seems to be a bit messed up atm.15:31
gnomefreakintellectronica: Hobbsee are you on intrepid or hardy?15:31
gnomefreakif she is on hardy ill reboot to hardy partition and try ;)15:32
Hobbseegnomefreak: intrepid, but i usualy use hardy15:32
Hobbseei don't think i've ever had a problem15:33
gnomefreaki was hoping gpg was messd up in hardy15:33
* Hobbsee smashes launchpad witha brick15:33
Hobbseewhat do you mean i don't have access?15:34
Hobbseehttps://edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members-kde4/+reassign comes up that i'm forbidden15:34
gnomefreakHobbsee: dont feel bad i dont have access to anythig including email to lp15:34
Hobbseeso i'm forbidden from changing the owner of the team, from me to someone else.15:34
gnomefreakill try on my hardy partition maybe it works there15:34
* Hobbsee can pick the person, hit change, tehn gets that screen15:34
* Hobbsee is sure that used to work, too15:35
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-lunch
gnomefreakintellectronica: ok now im really confused16:22
intellectronicagnomefreak: ?16:22
gnomefreakintellectronica: it works fine in Hardy see bug 24908216:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 249082 in ubuntu "This is a test bug please dont close it or change anything" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24908216:23
gnomefreaki set up bug to track and test16:23
gnomefreakmaybe gnupg is messed up in Intrepid16:23
intellectronicagnomefreak: please please please use staging.launchpad.net for testing if at all possible16:24
gnomefreaknever heard of it16:24
intellectronicagnomefreak: staging has the latest code, and a daily copy of the data, but it's only used for testing (the data you change goes away after the daily copy)16:25
intellectronicaso you can test the latest code without polluting the db16:25
intellectronicagnomefreak: so, the problems goes away on a certain client setup (tb + enigmail on hardy) and only manifests itself on intrepid?16:26
gnomefreakremoving the info from this bug isnt best idea since it may be needed for further info16:26
gnomefreakintellectronica: yes16:26
intellectronicagnomefreak: well, looks like you've discovered an ubutnu/thunderbird/enigmail bug16:26
gnomefreakmaybe ill move ~/.gnupg over to intrepid from hardy16:27
intellectronicamaybe asac will have an idea?16:27
intellectronicaanyway, it would be a good idea to report it16:27
gnomefreakintellectronica: agreed16:27
intellectronicagnomefreak: however, i must say that from looking at the message you pasted earlier, i can't see what the problem is. it looks fine to me, and i can submit it without a problem16:27
gnomefreakbut since i am on mozilla team ill know its there ;)16:28
intellectronicahuh :)16:28
=== LaserJoc1 is now known as LaserJock
gnomefreakmaybe removing ubuntu.ase@gmailDOTcom16:28
gnomefreakintellectronica: the bug would be against a mozilla app and im sure i wont forget the bug and i will end up looking into it but i might report it incase i dont get to it this week16:29
geserdoes LP also check the email address and not just the signature?16:29
gnomefreakgeser: good question.16:30
intellectronicageser: yes, it checks the From too16:30
=== ursula_ is now known as Ursinha
gnomefreakdo the from and address on key have to be same?16:31
* gnomefreak thinking removing that above address from gpg key might have spawned this16:31
gesergnomefreak: that wouldn't explain why on hardy it works and not on intrepid as LP uses in both cases the same key16:32
geserunless you have your TB configured differently between hardy and intrepid16:33
gnomefreakit has differnt ~/.gnupg but since i updated servers i guess it wouldnt matter16:33
intellectronicagnomefreak: yes, you have to have a public key coresponding to the From uploaded to LP16:34
intellectronicagnomefreak: anyway, as i said, i could verify your message based on one of the keys you have, so that's not the problem16:35
gnomefreakintellectronica: so i have to add all my emails that i would reply on LP from?16:35
intellectronicagnomefreak: and anyway you said yourself that it works for you on hardy16:35
gnomefreakyes about to compare gpg.conf16:35
intellectronicagnomefreak: no, you just have to upload the key you're using to your launchpad account16:36
gnomefreakit already is and i was told after changing it last week i didnt need to re upload to LP16:37
gnomefreakjust to key servers16:37
geserintellectronica: doesn't it contradict what you said about the From checking?16:39
intellectronicageser: no. we check the from to determine who you are, then check that the signature is with a key that you've uploaded to your lp account, but that signature doesn't have to have the address in the From16:40
mrevellgmb, ping16:40
gmbmrevell: Koennen Ich Ihren hilfe?16:41
mrevellgmb, Hello Graham. I don't speak German, I'm afraid.16:42
intellectronicamrevell: that wasn't german. it's swahili16:44
geserintellectronica: ah, I understood it that the From is checked against the UID on the key. What you said makes more sense.16:49
Odd_BlokeSo I'm trying to resubmit a merge proposal on Edge (https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~daniel-thewatkins/pqm/rename-test-strings/+merge/457) and I get told that I don't have permissions to do so.  It's my branch, presumably it's wrong?16:50
parumihi, my project subversion can not be imported.  see the logs: https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/clam/trunk  many GB downloaded but gets restarted every 26-28 hours.16:50
paruminow the sysadmin of our subversion urges me to stop the imports (is taking too much bandwidth too much time)16:51
parumiso my question is, could we try a different approach to import our repo? maybe if I put a tarball available?16:52
pepMhh.. a user can't determine one of his preffered languages as his primary or main language can he?16:52
parumiI hope I'm asking at the right place. Are launchpad admins in this channel?16:53
pepparumi: yes, just wait :)16:53
Odd_BlokeThere's a bug somewhere, because production will allow me to do it. :)16:57
intellectronicaparumi: you could upload it yourself. use the bzr-svn plugin to get the code and turn it into a bzr repo, then push it to launchpad yourself16:59
intellectronicaparumi: but it sounds like you've got huge branches. how come?16:59
pepintellectronica: any idea on my preffered language question? i'm wondering if you can set one of them as the main one... if not I'll file a question...17:01
intellectronicapep: i think i missed your question about language. can you please remind me?17:02
intellectronicapep: ah got it, nm17:03
pepwell a user can determine a short list of preffered languages... I personally have english, english UK, french and german.... but is it possible to set one of them as the main one?17:03
intellectronicapep: no, i don't think so. that might make sense, though, so feel free to file a bug17:04
pepok, I was going to make it but wanted to double-check first17:05
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
parumiany admin around to take a look at my question above? thanks!17:16
=== salgado is now known as salgado-lunch
andrea-bsparumi: please, use https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad for administration questions17:17
=== matsubara-lunch is now known as matsubara
cyberixaeI think I'm lacking a bug status type17:23
cyberixaeThe problem is that the bug is in an upstream library17:24
cyberixaeso it is not a bug in the piece of software it was originally reported to17:24
cyberixaeso the status has been set to "invalide" for that piece of software17:24
cyberixaebut then the users of the software can not find the reason for their problem because the bug report is not displayed for them17:25
andrea-bscyberixae: so you want to switch back the status to Confirmed/New for the upstream bug?17:26
cyberixaeThis is the case17:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 237300 in wine "main window disappears from the Window list" [Undecided,New] 17:30
cyberixaeThe issue was first reported for pq Ubuntu package because this was used when the problem first appeared.17:31
cyberixaeThe problem also appeared in a part of gnome-panel so the bug was reported for gnome-panel17:31
cyberixaeThen it turned out that the bug was in wine17:31
cyberixaeA remote bug watch was added for wine Bugzilla17:32
cyberixaebut the bug ofcourse existed also in Wine Ubuntu package17:32
cyberixaeNow the bug has been fixed at Wine upstream17:32
cyberixaebut for some unknown reason the bug watch doesn't notice this17:33
cyberixaealso the bug exists in the Ubuntu package because it hasn't been updated17:33
cyberixaeand the bug bothers pq users and some might think it is a gnome-panel bug17:33
cyberixaeso it might be usefull for the bug report to be visible at the bug trackers for pq and gnome-panel too even, if it is not a bug in those projects17:34
andrea-bscyberixae: when you report a bug, Invalid ones are listed anyhow: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pq/+filebug17:36
andrea-bscyberixae: try to insert "main window disappears from the Window list" as summary and click on "continue"17:36
gnomefreakintellectronica: using a different key seems to work now, i just wish i didnt have to and i wish i new what was issue with it17:44
gnomefreakintellectronica: thanks for helping look into it17:45
gnomefreak /win 1017:45
intellectronicagnomefreak: no worries. let me know if/when you find out what the problem was17:46
gnomefreakintellectronica: i will thanks17:47
cyberixaeI know the users will be informed at the point when they try to refile the bug, but some users might just browse the list of open bugs.17:51
mrevellleonardr, Hey, do you have five mins to talk to me?18:06
leonardrmrevell: sure18:13
=== salgado-lunch is now known as salgado
Stavroshow can i upload some files to my project/18:41
ToyKeeperStavros: Register a release (or go to an existing release), then "Add download file".18:42
StavrosToyKeeper: where do i register a release? :/18:43
Stavrosoh got it, thanks18:44
ToyKeeperOh, sweet.  My suggestion got implemented and I didn't even notice.  ;P18:48
Stavroswhat was it?18:49
ToyKeeperThere is also a link to add files for each release on the +download page.18:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 161187 in launchpad "not obvious how to add a download file for a new release" [Medium,Confirmed] 18:53
ToyKeeperOh, nevermind.  I guess it's still the same as it was.  It still has no links to register a new release.18:54
mtayloroh launchpad gods... the branch activity/push emails are great, but is there any way to get the push email to show the rolled up diff rather than email-per-commit? 20:09
fawekhello :)20:34
fawekcan anybody tell me, why SVN imports on Launchpad last so long?20:35
faweki started an import about uhm.. 3 weeks ago20:35
fawekand since then, the import is still in progress20:35
Rinchenmwhudson_, ^^20:54
mwhudson_fawek: which import?21:01
fawekphpbb SVN21:02
fawekso, any idea?21:06
mwhudson_fawek: sorry, only just got up, so was fetching breakfast :)21:08
* mwhudson_ looks21:08
faweksure, np :)21:08
=== mwhudson_ is now known as mwhudson
mwhudsonfawek: so you mean https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/phpbb/2.0 https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/phpbb/3.0 ?21:11
mwhudsonfawek: so we usually only import the trunk branch21:14
mwhudsonfawek: because the import tool we use doesn't preserve branching information21:15
fawekokay, understand21:15
mwhudsonso if you import a trunk and a branch separately the will have, from bzr's point of view, entirely unrelated histories21:16
fawekthanks anyway for information21:17
LEW21mwhudson, so what about this: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/38712 ?21:19
=== EdwinGrub is now known as EdwinGrubbs
mwhudsonfawek: we don't seem to have a phpbb trunk import currently...21:20
mwhudsonLEW21: ah hah21:20
mwhudsoni should also point out that SF are blocking our import machines at the moment :/21:21
mwhudsonso nothing is actually going to happen with these imports until that gets cleared up21:21
LEW21phpBB's SVN is not on SF21:22
mwhudsonoh good21:24
mwhudsonLEW21: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/phpbb/trunk21:26
mwhudsonyou many want to subsribe21:26
* mwhudson afk briefly21:26
LEW21Thanks :D21:26
* mwhudson fiddles about with the answer tracker21:28
mwhudsonwe've got to get better and dealing with our backlog of import requests21:30
wgrantDid somebody forget to put an announcement about the downtime before the downtime, or did they give an incorrect announcement with 2 hours notice?22:39
Rinchenwgrant, we forgot.  The person who normally does it is not here.22:52
wgrantRinchen: So is it happening in an hour, which is late 16th, not early 16th?22:54
Rinchenwgrant, yes. It's my fault. Tom had issues with WP so I wrote the announcement. I'll fix that.22:55
wgrantRinchen: Great, it got me rather confused.22:55
Rinchenwgrant, thanks for the catch.  I've updated it22:56
Rinchennormally we put out those items at least a week in advance22:56
Rinchenthese last few weeks have been a moving target though22:56
wgrantIIRC 1.2.6 was just a few hours.22:56
wgrantThat's much more clear - thanks.22:56
wgrantSo there's going to be no escaping the new UI?22:56
Rinchenwgrant, you are correct. 22:57
wgrantThe UI is being rolled out two weeks after it first appears, whereas the 1.0 UI took months?22:57
Rinchenon the short notice22:57
RinchenI just checked the timestamps22:57
wgrantIf you do want to be the centre of the software world, you should be giving more notice, really...22:57
RinchenYes, we should.22:58
wgrantRather than telling everybody that you're going to shut down open source development for some hours an hour before you do it.22:58
RinchenYou also know we're moving towards not bringing down LP at all during upgrades22:59
RinchenAnd also implementing site-wide notifications22:59
Rinchenso, there is work going on there22:59
wgrantAnd has been for a couple of years now.22:59
wgrantIt's been coming RSN for a real long time.22:59
RinchenI've also requested that the next round of UI updates this fall are sent out for community comment earlier22:59
Rinchenthere have been scheduling and technical issues 23:00
wgrantSending select community members a mockup of a page that isn't even in 1.99 doesn't really count, right.23:00
wgrantAre you planning to have every page comply with the new 2.0 UI stuff for 2.0?"23:02
Rinchenthat's the plan.  We missed some items that won't be ready until next week23:03
Rinchenand we're still finding some issues with pages that don't get much traffic23:03
Rinchenproduct pages are the biggest23:03
wgrantI haven't seen many new-look pages.23:03
ScottKSo far I've only noticed one user mention that they liked the new pages better than the old.23:06
LaserJockI've seen 2 I think23:06
wgrantA lot of the resistance will just be against change in general, but there are many legitimate issues...23:06
ScottKI'd like change for the better.  I just don't see a lot of it.23:07
wgrant(why do the branches say they are public when nobody seems to be meant to know about private branches?)23:07
ScottKThe way the site runs without CSS or images is definitely better than it used to be.23:08
RinchenI would recommend raising MOTU concerns through your Ubuntu contact as another means of resolution.23:08
ScottKRinchen: I think the entire direction is bad.  It's not going to change.23:08
beunowgrant, that's so you know that you're viewing a private branch23:08
RinchenIn our next round of updates we're going to be focusing on distro related activities more (at least that is the intent) and not focus as much on project changes.23:09
ScottKRinchen: I've already been told that my opinions are by definition not credible because I don't think it's getting better.23:09
ScottKWhen the development community nullifies bad news as inherently invalid, the odds of improvement aren't good.23:10
* wgrant disappears to work, where we still use SourceForge. At least LP is still better than SF.23:11
ScottKI'm a particular fan of the practice of editing bugs users file into something other than what the user filed and then marking them invalid because the bug is wrong.23:11
ScottKAt least on SF I can find stuff because it doesn't move.23:12
ScottKAlthough I agree the LP is much better in most respects.23:12
wgrantScottK: Right. The UI is awful, but it doesn't mutate into something completely different every few months.23:12
LaserJockI wonder what SF looked like the first couple years23:13
ScottKDunno, but LP is 4 years old now.23:13
LaserJockI haven't been around FLOSS long enough to remember I don't think23:13
=== mwhudson_ is now known as mwhudson
beunosourceforge seems to have changed quite a lot23:14
mwhudsontheir iptables have certainly changed :/23:14
=== barry is now known as barry-away
LaserJockRinchen: some distro-focused releases would probably help a lot23:26
LaserJockRinchen: for instance only 18 motu-tagged bugs have been fixed23:26
RinchenLaserJock, indeed.  kiko and I would like to bring focus back to the distro23:27
=== salgado is now known as salgado-afk
LaserJockI think much of the present angst is because we see a lot of effort going into things that don't help us (or at least we don't see any benefit)23:28
LaserJockso changing the UI around with no or very little benefit makes developers an unhappy lot23:28
LaserJockI'd hate to get to the point where somebody decides to launch bugzilla.ubuntu.com23:32
Rinchenyou mean relaunch :-D23:33
LaserJockwell, yeah23:33
mwhudsonwell, one pipe dream hope is that the apis will mean that people who really heavily use launchpad (like ~ubuntu-qa) can invent their own interfaces as they need it23:34
RinchenThere's a strategy to how we decide what get's developer time and what doesn't.   For MOTU, the best thing is to contact your Ubuntu rep (Daniel is it?) and ensure they know what your priorities are, and why.23:34
elmoLaserJock: err, except seriously, who thinks bugzilla is in any way shape or form better?23:34
LaserJockmwhudson: which sort of makes sense, except we should *have* to make our own interface, we have better things to do23:35
RinchenLaserJock, of course, telling us doesn't hurt either 23:35
mwhudsonoutside the constraints of a browser, and outside of the fact that newbies and advanced people have to use the same page23:35
ScottKRinchen: It's siretart_ now.23:35
mwhudsonbut yeah, more love for the distro coming23:35
LaserJockRinchen: I was the MOTU rep for over a year and I talked a fair amount about this stuff23:35
LaserJockRinchen: and I got 18 bugs fixed in that amount of time23:36
Rinchensorry ScottK, I mean to say your canonical Ubuntu rep23:36
ScottKRinchen: MOTU doesn't have such a thing.23:36
Rinchenthat is shocking23:36
ScottKCanonical may have such a thing, but MOTU doesn't.23:36
LaserJockelmo: "better" wasn't neccesarily the argument for a bugzilla, control was23:37
ScottKLaserJock: With bugzilla at least you can have bugs block other bugs and help with work sequencing.23:37
LaserJockRinchen: Daniel is something like "Development Community Manager" or some such, no formal relationship with MOTU really23:37
Rincheninteresting. I would have thought that with MOTUs contributions there would be a stronger connection there.  23:38
ScottKHe is a member of the MOTU Council, but he's one of 5.23:38
ScottKMOTU is a community lead effort.  We appreciate the resources that Canonical provides, but Canonical doesn't run it.23:39
* ScottK wonders off to find his children....23:39
elmoScottK: I'm pretty sure no one said that23:39
LaserJockelmo: has said what?23:39
ScottKelmo: Said my opinion wasn't credible because I like the old interface better?23:39
RinchenI was going for the whole "how can we help the community so they can help us even more" route23:39
elmoLaserJock: claimed that Canonical run the MOTU23:40
elmo23:39 < ScottK> MOTU is a community lead effort.  We appreciate the resources that Canonical provides, but  Canonical doesn't run it.23:40
LaserJockelmo: oh, right, yes. that is certainly true23:40
elmospecifically ^-- in relation to that23:40
LaserJockRinchen: well, honestly, do what we ask and do it faster :-)23:40
elmoI mean, I know straw men are fun, but really...23:40
RinchenLaserJock, well ... yeah but I was referencing it from the Ubuntu angle, in which I too am simply a community member23:41
Rinchentoo many hats 23:41
LaserJockRinchen:  we've got a Liasion, we tag bugs, we file bugs, we do Launchpad support ...23:42
LaserJockI'm not sure what exactly what more we can do on this end23:42
Rincheneffectiveness is what I was really going for23:43
LaserJockwhile I was Liaison, I was not allowed to see specs23:43
Rinchenhow to be more effective with less blockages23:43
LaserJockI was never really informed about upcoming needs23:43
RinchenI get the feeling I'm prying into places I shouldn't be.23:43
elmoLaserJock: JOOI, do you guys maintain a wiki (or whatever) page with a prioritized list of your bugs/wishlists?23:44
LaserJockelmo: we file them23:44
LaserJockelmo: they are tagged "motu"23:44
Rinchenthey use the MOTU bug tag elmo23:44
LaserJockwhich was supposed to give them a higher priority23:44
Rinchenit gives them visibility23:44
LaserJockwhich I really never saw beyond the first couple23:44
LaserJockthe bigger problem though23:44
LaserJockis the specs23:45
elmoerr, is that really it, or am I missing something?23:45
LaserJockI've been blindsided before (the status changes), even when I was in a BOF about it23:45
LaserJockelmo: no,  you need launchpad-project23:45
elmoah, right23:46
LaserJockand I only tag them as they get fixed23:46
LaserJockor rather23:46
LaserJockI tag new bugs as others get fixed23:46
LaserJockso that there's roughly the same number of open bugs at any given time23:47
LaserJockanother example was that I was never told about the Community Admin specs until I saw them on the milestone page23:48
LaserJockI'm not sure how you go about writing a spec called "Community Admin" without talking to the community ...23:48
LaserJockwell, actually I do, that's what happened, but it would have been nice to talk with the community23:49
LaserJockunfortunately right now my impression from many other community developers is that Launchpad pad development is too little, too late23:51
elmoyou mean soyuz community admin?23:51
elmowhat makes you think they didn't talk to people in the community about it?23:51
LaserJockthey didn't talk to me or any motus I talked to23:52
LaserJockwhich are generally the people it's targetted for as I understand it23:52
elmodude, it's a big community23:52
LaserJockdude, I was the Liaison23:52
LaserJockthere was no mailing list discussion23:52
elmoand AFAIK, it's being driven in no small part by experience hobbsee has had trying to do release team stuff23:52
elmo(as a memeber of the community)23:52
LaserJockso from what I gather, Hobbsee == the community23:53
elmoLaserJock: dude, you're not being terribly reasonable about this23:53
elmothat was one example I happen to know about23:53
LaserJockI see23:53
elmoand look at it another way - you claim there's no community involvement AT ALL simply because you and no one you asked was involved?23:53
LaserJockI think that's a very reasonable thing23:53
LaserJockthe very people who, as I understand it, are the people the spec is for were not talked to23:54
elmothe spec is 'soyuz is driven by running command line tools on drescher.  this sucks and doesn't scale, it needs a web ui, kthx'23:54
LaserJockI as told it was for MOTU to do archive admining23:55
elmodoes it actually matter, _how_ they achieve that in the first instance, as long as they get it off of command line and onto the web?23:55
elmoI can't understand why you're complaining about a script that is nothing but a positive step for you guys23:55
LaserJockwell, if I'm supposed to be getting teams together, etc. it's nice to know23:55
ScottKelmo: Lots of bugs on Launchpad aren't even filed because it's pointless.23:55
elmoScottK: ...23:55
elmoScottK: because, you know, not filing them is so pointful?23:55
LaserJockelmo: I'm certainly not complaining about it being done23:55
elmo(err, s/script/spec/)23:56
ScottKBecause it's a waste of time I have better things to do with.23:56
elmoScottK: like complain about how it's a waste of your time?23:56
ScottKelmo: That's explaining.23:56
ScottKI've recently started filing LP bugs again after taking a several month break.23:57
elmoseriously dudes, I'm not Launchpad's #1 fan a lot of the time either, but this is monumentally unconvincing23:57
ScottKWe'll see if it's any better this time.23:57
* ScottK isn't entirely certain a random number generator wasn't involved in the latest U/I redesign.23:58
LaserJockelmo: my point is that the things that have been done so far to make things better for the developers has been rather ineffective23:58
* ScottK needs to run.23:59
LaserJockLaunchpad is becoming increasingly more of a problem for developers23:59
elmoLaserJock: I don't disagree.   I just also don't think you guys are being at all productive in changing this, and I honestly think that's a shame because I'd like to see it change too23:59
LaserJockelmo: what am I supposed to do then?23:59

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