Jordan_ULSD|Ninja, In case you care while trying to solve my problem I found how to enable 11M rate rather than 1M00:25
Jordan_U( with ath5k )00:25
tanathi have a problem with 8.1001:17
tanathafter grub, my monitor appears to get no video output until the X server comes up01:17
s3adoes reporting bugs for 32 bit also help 64 bit intrepid?01:21
s3apheeror: cuz virtual machines can only run 32 bit01:25
pheerorif a solution for that particular bug solved it for x86 but not for x86-64 that in my humble opinion it doesn't help for x86-6401:26
pheerorsecond that=then01:27
pheerorbut it can't be bug in a virtual machine01:27
tanathwhat should i do about my video issue?01:27
pheerori'd just ignore it01:28
tanathi'm used to checking for error messages during boot... now i can't see anything01:29
tanathand this isn't exactly normal / expected behaviour01:30
pheerordelete 'splash' from boot options could be the workaround01:30
pheerorEXT4: are you supported in intrepid? ;-)01:31
tanathi notice there's a 'boot-up manager' and a 'startup-manager'. that could be confusing01:32
tanathok, i turned off 'show boot splash'. will see if that helps on next boot01:34
tanaththough i have a suspicion it won't01:35
pheerorto test it you could change at boottime and it wouldn't be persistent change01:36
pheerorscrew my english :-(01:36
tanathhow do you do that?01:37
tanathkeep in mind, after grub, i see nothing01:37
pheerorpres ESC when grub timeout is counting down01:38
pheerorthen press e to edit01:38
tanathah, kernel option01:38
pheeroractually you couldn't to this with lilo or could you?01:38
tanathi think so... but i am using grub01:39
tanathso what is the option?01:40
pheeroryou can also erase all those vga=XXX and other suspicious ones to fallback to old good reliable text mode till X starts01:41
tanathwell, i never had this prob before, until i upgraded to 8.1001:42
tanathi did increase resolution to 1024*768, but it worked on hardy01:42
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coz_welll i finally booted into intrepid... :)02:28
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Hobbseehm.  intrepid almost works now04:20
coz_guys  I lost the fix for this during changeover   I want to change the password prompt in the terminal from "[sudo] password "username" to just password  anyone remember the fix?04:21
bazhang!info linux-image04:24
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (intrepid), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB04:24
bazhangkhaije1, ^^04:24
HobbseeRAOF: any idea how i get scrolling back?04:31
Hobbsee(i have X now, though!)04:31
khaije1lol thx bazhang, is that the release target or is it subject to change?04:32
bazhangkhaije1, not sure; likely better to find out when freeze occurs (cant remember atm)04:33
khaije1hah oh ya, forgot about that04:33
khaije1wow octoer 16th, only 14 days before release04:35
khaije1from linux weather report--04:38
khaije1Short-term forecast: The 2.6.27 kernel will most likely come out in the first half of October. As of this writing, the merge window is open, so we do not know what all of the features in that kernel will be.04:38
khaije1so it may be 2.6.26 or 2.6.27 depending on progress04:39
bazhang26 is very nice04:40
coz_I havent read any of the bug reports yet and was wondering when nvidia driver can be installed?04:40
coz_so far i cannot get it going either nvidia-glx-new or the nvidia installer04:40
LSD|Ninjawhat card?04:42
coz_nvidia fx570004:42
coz_let me get the problem right hold on04:43
LSD|Ninjawhat driver are you using? 96 doesn't yet work with xorg 1.504:43
coz_LSD|Ninja,  I tried the nvidia-glx-new and then I tried 169.1204:43
coz_LSD|Ninja, the error is   Depends: xserver-xorg-core but it is not going to be installed04:44
LSD|Ninjanvidia-glx-new is an older one, you'll ewmove most of X installing that one iirc04:44
coz_LSD|Ninja, on this card the drivers ofter 169.12 dont work well enough04:44
LSD|Ninjacoz_: what about the 173 ones?04:47
coz_LSD|Ninja, no the newer drivers on this card for some reason and onlty 169.12 works fairly flawlessly04:48
coz_LSD|Ninja, I wish they worked better with this card but ...04:48
LSD|Ninjaheh, I'm waiting on an update on the 96.43 drivers (GF2MX400) myself04:49
pheerorit's still supported?04:50
coz_oo I know that even in hardy I couldnt install the 9755 driver because it was not supported04:51
LSD|NinjaMy GF2 works in Hardy, it's the xorg 1.5 in Intrepid that's screwing things up04:51
coz_LSD|Ninja, interesting I know that the 9755 would not install at all on hardy  no matter what I did04:52
pheeroryeah, but the thing is whether nvidia is going to support the new versions of xserver even for the legacy drivers (as new versions of nvidia drivers don't support gf2)04:53
crdlbnvidia still provides the occasional update for their "legacy" and "ancient" lines04:53
crdlbbut usually only to add support for new versions of X and the kernel04:53
LSD|Ninjayeah, words is they'll provide an update but I'm not expecting it any time soon.04:53
LSD|NinjaIs xorg 1.5 going to provide anything that makes this inconvenience worth it?04:54
khaije1anyone on chan know what kvm feature set we might see in Intrepid?04:54
pheerorguess so, because xorg is quite ancient04:55
LSD|NinjaThe whole thing needed throwing out and replacing 5 years ago04:56
pheerorbut correct autodetection of second monitor still doesn't work correctly even in intrepid (with ati)04:57
coz_well one thing nice about intrepid is the default theme..I was pleased to see an change from light to dark as default  I may not keep it that way but it is a nice change :)04:58
pheeroranyway keeping api or even abi compatibility just to satisfy one (or two) closed-source drivers wouldn't be that clever04:58
coz_a not an04:58
pheerorthe dark theme won't be default in intrepid04:59
LSD|Ninjapheeror: only if it's providing something that's really, truly worth the break in the first place. Most of the time these things happen because the OSS guys want to screw with the proprietary drivers04:59
coz_pheeror, oh??  mm is there a reason for that?05:00
crdlbLSD|Ninja: or perhaps they want to refactor to improve maintainability ...05:01
s3aim using 64 bit ubuntu and trying to load 32 bit intrepid alpha2 and on install or checking cd for errors it says "[      3.924031]" then it says "<1>BUG: unable to handle kernel" like a million times05:04
s3ausing virtualbox-ose05:04
Hobbseei don't suppose anyone here knows how to make my touchpad support vertical scrolling again?05:06
khaije1where may i find a image to test?05:07
LSD|NinjaHobbsee: if touchpad scrolling on a PC notebook stopped working for me I'd consider it a blessing :P05:08
pheerorLSD|Ninja: you think guys like keith packard are such a bollocks?05:10
pheerors/a\ //05:10
pheerorcoz_: i've just read it in interview with mark shuttleworh05:10
coz_pheeror, oh!  mm  well it doesnt surprise me  though it is a little dissapointing  ..i thought it was a nice change :005:10
coz_I keep forgetting to press shift when typing the darn smiley face :)05:11
LSD|Ninjapheeror: hmm?05:11
coz_well i have been playing around with this theme and it is kind of relaxing  nothing is glaring  nothing too bright  a touch of color every now and then to break the grayed down browns05:12
coz_I like it :)05:12
pheerorLSD|Ninja: i really doubt that anybody change api/abi just to break compatibility (except ms and oo zealots and *forums.com :-DD )05:12
pheerorLSD|Ninja: but really, in oss environment api/abi isn't that mythically important05:14
pheerorapi/abi compatibility05:14
pheerorHobbsee: system->preferences->mouse, touchapad tab05:15
Hobbseepheeror: i don't have such a tab.05:17
HobbseeLSD|Ninja: heh.  i've leraned to scroll like that05:18
pheerorso i guess that the touchpad wasn't autodetect thus the special driver for touchpad wasn't load05:19
pheerorcheck the section with driver synaptics (the file is /etc/X11/xorg.conf )05:21
Hobbseepheeror: it must have been detected, as it does work - all parts except the scrolling05:21
pheerorlime 3905:21
Hobbseeyeah, i added that section05:22
Hobbseeah ha.05:31
Hobbseefound the solution05:31
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_NiCI'm looking at the rsyslog-package in intrepid, and it seems to lack the RELP-module, would anyone happen to know anything about that?09:45
LSD|NinjaOK, so we now have a linux-restricted-modules in Intrepid. But what's the point if the video and madwifi drivers are no longer part of it? O_o11:00
gnomefreakLSD|Ninja: there are other things int hat package other than nvidia madwifi (i think ati is still in there) and others but dont remember off hand11:02
gnomefreakDescription: Generic Linux restricted modules. This package will always depend on the latest generic Linux restricted modules available.11:03
LSD|NinjaOK, so what's the point of splitting out ja handful of the modules in there then?11:05
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DistroJockeyJust thought of this while supporting xorg.conf issues: how about having xorg.conf set out similar to menu.lst where options and such are commented out but easily visible and easy to turn on and off?12:12
gnomefreakDistroJockey: because there is talk about dropping xorg.conf12:13
gnomefreakha sbeen since start of intrepid devel cycle12:13
gnomefreakhas been12:13
DistroJockeygnomefreak, hmm, well, that would be really bad from what I have seen due to the minimal xorg.conf12:13
Light-<gnomefreak> DistroJockey: because there is talk about dropping xorg.conf  <-- so how will X be configured if theres no xorg.conf?12:14
gnomefreakDistroJockey: there is something else i know a full GUI way to config your X but they can leave it there or they will use xfree* to config12:14
DistroJockeyLight-, exactly!12:15
gnomefreakLight-: another file and full GUI12:15
Light-another file seems a little silly, why not same file (and perhaps different layout) and full GUI?12:15
gnomefreakthey wantto get rid of xorg.conf because once GUI config in set you wont need it but the settings will be held somewhere12:15
DistroJockeygnomefreak, well, that's good as long as a CLI is available, as a GUI tool is no good if X doesn't work12:16
gnomefreakDistroJockey: it will be jsut not sure the name of file at this time12:16
DistroJockeygnomefreak, cool.12:16
gnomefreakright now we are using xorg.config sort of but once newX is stable they say we wont need it. they IIRC is upstream12:16
Light-if someone could make a tool like Windows's screen resolution/configure dual screens/etc tool then that would be awesome12:16
Light-because that thing actually works12:17
* gnomefreak thought we had that12:17
* gnomefreak could swear that the gui config tool give syou those options12:17
Light-well, it seems to have a rather small list of resolutions, and doesnt work too well12:17
DistroJockeygnomefreak, maybe, but not usable in Hardy by default12:18
Light-for example, I could not manage to configure dual screens with it, I had to resort using TwinView + nvidia driver12:18
gnomefreaknot in Hardy right now intrepid is same as HArdy just with alot of breakage12:18
gnomefreakLight-: nvidia-settings12:19
DistroJockeygnomefreak, might be possible if you really know how12:19
gnomefreakthat should help you with that12:19
* DistroJockey doesn't use nvidia12:19
gnomefreakDistroJockey: like i said its talk that has been going around. How timo and others decide what to do is still not conffirmed12:19
DistroJockeygnomefreak, yep, fair enough. Was a suggestion based on the issues I have seen12:20
Light-<gnomefreak> Light-: nvidia-settings <-- yah thats what I had to use in the end12:20
gnomefreakDistroJockey: but Light- does ;) im sure intel and ati(flrgx) or whatever its called have something like that12:20
ccookegnomefreak: fglrx12:20
gnomefreakLight-: intrepid as well a tthis time. there is the ubuntu GUI config in system>admin but i dont like it so far12:21
gnomefreakccooke: thanks12:21
ccookegnomefreak: NP12:21
DistroJockeyI get 2800fps with glxgears running ati xorg drivers on a R300 Radeon 9600 pro12:21
gnomefreaki think i have that card laying around somewhere but i like my nvidia12:22
gnomefreaki have a stock of all different cards motherboards sound cards ethernet card ect... just nee cases and some fans and i can build ~7 pcs but low on scale of speed ect..12:23
DistroJockeygnomefreak, I usually liked the nvidia better, but lately it has alot of issues with Ubuntu.12:23
gnomefreakDistroJockey: no it doesnt12:23
gnomefreak8xxx problems have been fixed and nvidia-glx-177 or 173 or a few others is what you get instead of nvidia-glx-new12:24
gnomefreakor nvidia-glx12:24
DistroJockeygnomefreak, I've seen more nvidia users having issues than ati users12:24
gnomefreakDistroJockey: its just the config of the drivers people have issues with but 1-2 commands and you are up and running12:25
gnomefreakDistroJockey: biggest problem was nvidia drivers we had didnt support the 8xxx and up but now that has beenf ixed12:25
ccookeI have to say, I'm impressed with how quickly AMD have made a difference to the ATI drivers12:25
gnomefreakccooke: agreed12:25
DistroJockeygnomefreak, fair enough. As long as the users don't need to "configure" stuff in the next Ubuntu :)12:26
DistroJockeyccooke, also agree :)12:26
DistroJockeybut still, I stick with the xorg drivers, they work fine12:27
DistroJockeyfor me12:27
gnomefreakDistroJockey: shouldnt since nvidia-settings comes with nvidia drivers now but as of this minute they have to run nvidia-config(IIRC) and it will rebuild your xorg.conf restart and that should do it. im surte not everyone will be this easy but that is the plan and for me it worked . but a month ago i had to rebuild xorg.conf by hand12:27
gnomefreakill be back i really have to find out what is up with LP12:28
DistroJockeygnomefreak, k, later12:28
DistroJockeyI'll keep playing12:28
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Hobbseeis there any way to make compiz work on intrepid yet?14:52
Syntuxdo we have an rsync server for the intrepid ?15:01
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gnomefreakHobbsee: it was working 2 days ago15:08
gnomefreaki set it by mistake since i normally dont use it since packaging and other things i do will freeze me with compiz enabled15:09
Hobbseei seem to get:15:13
Hobbsee/usr/bin/compiz.real (core) - Error: Could not acquire compositing manager selection on screen 0 display ":0.0"15:13
Hobbsee/usr/bin/compiz.real (core) - Fatal: No manageable screens found on display :0.015:13
gnomefreakthe problem i have with that output is it was same as in hardy devel and iirc it lasted when devel was dne.. i dont remember what caused it than but im putting my money on mesa15:20
gnomefreaknaw it cant be15:20
gnomefreakHobbsee: do you use kmail?15:20
Hobbseegnomefreak: no15:21
Hobbseei've never liked kmai15:23
gnomefreakHobbsee: do you reply to bugs using email?15:24
gnomefreakmine isnt working i need to find out if it is enigmail or my key15:24
Hobbseesometimes, yes15:24
gnomefreakalthough it says signature is good15:24
Hobbseei've not had a problem with it15:24
gnomefreaki was afraid of that15:25
gnomefreakHobbsee: thanks15:25
geserdoes the logout dialog in gnome still offer the option for shutdown, etc. for others? I see there currently only "log out" and "switch user" (and "Cancel")15:44
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gnomefreakclick log out than shutdown15:48
Hobbseeah yes, i'm so not a fan of that.15:49
gesergnomefreak: that's what I'm doing now, but I prefered to have the option directly in the dialog15:50
gnomefreakgeser: i agree15:51
geserI could just instead open a terminal and type "sudo poweroff"15:51
gnomefreakbut they changed it15:51
gnomefreakoh and usplash is broken with .4 kernel15:51
gnomefreakok bug set up now link them together and test,15:53
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gnomefreakdoes anyones cp work?17:23
gnomefreakexample cp ~/.gnupg ~/.gnupg.backup17:23
gnomefreakim assuming it has to be hidden file17:23
gnomefreaknope it fails on any dir17:24
Picignomefreak: cp -r17:25
gnomefreakused to work without -r :(17:29
gnomefreakPici: thanks17:29
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frompieis this the right channel to ask something about virt-manager/virt-install on intrepid ?17:56
LSD|Ninjais "Restart" from teh shut down menu actually logging off a known bug?18:45
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linux1i have a really odd probem that has been started since kernel 2.6.26-3 at boot the system beep on and off until boot the only way around it disable splash and quiet at boot .has anyone hear of this bug before19:39
LSD|Ninjalinux1: Intrepid seems to have all kinds of wierd splash bugs at the moment19:44
linux1yeah ive noticed scared the hell out of me at first19:45
LSD|NinjaI've got one at the moment that makes it look like its sending data to one of those old data link watches19:48
linux1oh i thought mine was odd19:53
markithi,  after upgrade, X does not start anymore, complains about missing dri221:17
markitor "error setting MTRR"21:18
markitany clue?21:18
daekdroommarkit, missing DRI2 shouldn't be big deal. I mean, DRI2 can't even be used right now.21:20
markitdaekdroom: but there is a "(EE) failed to load dri2" and a complain about MTRR, and I've no X running anymore :(21:21
markitif I force the driver to vesa, the dri2 error disappears, but the latter remains21:22
daekdroommarkit, Ignore the DRI2 thing, focus on the MTRR error21:22
markitok, but I've no clue about it... google tells something about auto-ram discovery process21:23
markitdid not happend to you also once upgraded?21:23
daekdroomI'm not running it on my desktop. I'm using a virtual machine.21:23
markitdaekdroom: with kvm?21:24
daekdroomThere was a xorg update today but I haven't booted it since21:24
Unksiany intel wireless users here?21:57
michaelfaviahrm trying to get nvidia + new xorg up and running via albertomilones new pkgs but im getting an error about missing dri2 module.. am i missing a package or is it actually not avail yet?22:03
penhow's flash 10? is it better than 9?22:19
penlike it?22:19
pheerorpen: no, it's still the same cra23:21
penpheeror, I se23:24

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