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xanax`Is there a way to "test" the upcoming Intrepid Ibex dark theme on my ubuntu 8.04 system ?20:18
xanax`Hmm. I found the way to do it.20:32
Viper550I've noticed the new dark theme Intrepid has22:09
zerwasViper550, nice.22:47
zerwasViper550, or do you mean a change to the dark theme?22:47
Viper550its pretty cool22:47
xanax`is it normal that the orange horizontal line at the top of windows isn't centered ? (in the dark theme)23:04
_MMA_xanax`: Yes. That's normal. Reason being centering moves the stripe *behind* the buttons and obscuring them.23:10
_MMA_Im sure a better solution will be found.23:10
Viper550oh yeah, they ported the crystal kwin theme to KDE23:41
cody-somervilleHey art people.23:47
cody-somervilleOpinions? http://cody.zapto.org/xubuntu-new-website-mock3.1.png23:47
Viper550cool, but wrong colors boy23:47
pwnguinwell, the seperator below ubuntu needs a better render23:49
pwnguinare those .jpg?23:50
pwnguincody-somerville: also, depending on the html and your audience, that content font might be too small23:51
pwnguinand im not sure that lorem ipsum is representative of what will be there in the final23:52
pwnguincody-somerville: overall, im afraid to say it, it kinda looks like Vista23:54
cody-somervilleLike the Vista website?23:55
pwnguinlike the OS23:55
pwnguinthe background23:55
pwnguinthe glass effects23:55

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