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snadgewhats this latest kernel update about?03:04
snadgetheres no USN for it03:04
snadgegod damn im sick of this changelog problem ;)03:05
snadgeand im sick of kernel updates03:05
snadgei have to rebuild some modules etc03:05
Hobbseesnadge: that's a different bug to the one you're usually complaining about03:24
* Hobbsee reported that one a while ago, but no one's felt so far inclined to fix it03:24
Hobbseefeel free to03:24
Hobbsee  * Fix broadcom Makefile to get correct objects from split-module.03:26
Hobbsee    LP: #24393003:26
Hobbseeis the change03:26
LimCorewhere one should report general epic failures of ubuntu, hard to pinpoint to exact package?  in example "when moving windows - my entire mplayer/totem/kaffeine skips/losses frame... on 2x2GHz box (wt..)"?  So bugs based on functionality, not given application (it also seems to not be unique to one X DE/manager"03:45
HobbseeLimCore: do you think you could drop the comments about hte failures of ubuntu?03:51
Hobbseeit gets really boring when you do it *every time*03:51
Hobbseeand will probably just get you completely ignored03:51
LimCorewell ok, this is just annoyance, not like i.e. totall lack of working desktop recording program we discussed previously03:51
LimCoreanyway, where to report such system-wide problems03:52
Hobbseedepends on what causes them.03:52
LimCoreX problem... drivers problem... wrong scheduling policy...03:52
Hobbseethat one, i'd guess, is compiz not redrawing properly or something.  could be something to do with X.  may well have something to do with the binary driver that you're running.03:52
LimCoreI dont think Im using compiz. how to check03:52
Hobbseedoes it happen on your intel card?03:53
* LimCore wonders why Hobbsee still thinks LimCore uses intel card O_o03:53
LimCoreintells have open driver btw dont they, i91503:53
LimCorebut  Im on nv03:53
Hobbseebecause you said you'd used both drivers yesterday, and the bug yesterday occurred with them.03:53
Hobbseeer, had both drivers.03:53
Hobbseeif you're with the binary driver, and it doesn't happen with non-binary drivers, tehn you'll have to contact nvidia.03:54
LimCoreI tihnk I said I use nvidia,  but that other person commenting my bug about recordmydesktop not working at all, confirmed it on his intell03:54
LimCorewell ok I will check... but Im 99% sure its not driver itself, since otheriwse and for harder tasks (i.e. 3d games) it works perfectly03:54
LimCorebug reporting tool schould be more user friendly and allow general systems, dont you think?03:55
LimCore"My screen blinks all the time. No I dont know what pacage.. what is03:55
Hobbseenot really03:55
LimCore"My screen blinks all the time. No I dont know what pacage.. what is 'package' anyway" <-- typical user03:55
Hobbseebecause most of the time, others have no idea either, and have no system to test on03:55
Hobbseeand you can report a bug with saying you don't know the package.03:56
Hobbseexine, stop misbehaving.03:56
LimCorewhat would create a /success/ for ubuntu, would be a QA teams oriented on given areas, from user perspective03:57
Hobbseei'd seriously suggest you'd try the forums.03:57
LimCoreor: Ubuntu needs a good way to flexibly allow mounting of pluggable storages. (kde's current version sucks, because 1) 2) 3)"03:57
* Hobbsee sighs03:57
Hobbseerants --> forums.03:57
LimCoreforums -> /dev/null03:58
LimCorehow this helps03:58
Hobbseeyour random rants about how ubuntu sucks, etc, don't help either.03:58
LimCoredid you triagged/whatever new version of recordmydesktop to have it in ubuntu repos?03:58
Hobbseeand in fact, are worse in places where people are attempting to do something productive.03:58
Hobbseei requested a backport in irc, but didn't file a bug.03:59
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging03:59
LimCoreseems like it worked03:59
LimCoredevels are rather here or in forums?03:59
Hobbseeyeah, mostly.03:59
Hobbseeit worked?  what'd you do?  use teh intrepid version?04:00
LimCorehm? Not sure.. but if it will be faster in rep, the better for all04:00
Hobbseewell, then, file a backport request for it04:00
Hobbseethe link gives you the required info.04:00
Hobbseeit can give you something productive to do, instead of ranting.04:01
LimCoreyou are talking to the gay thanks to whom ubuntu doesnt provide totally broken sshfs in 8.0404:01
LimCore...which I think is very usefull tool as ssh based "nfs"04:01
* Hobbsee raises an eyebrow04:02
LimCoredont look at the typo04:02
* LimCore ^H04:02
Hobbseeif you're thinking you deserve instant respect, and others to be your slave, for getting one bug fix in....04:02
LimCoreHobbsee: I refer to the totally ***** version of sshfs that segfaulted each few minutes, and thanks to my persistance was fixed 2 dayss before 8.04 was out04:02
Hobbseeyes, i saw you ranting about it repeatedly.04:03
Hobbseewell done, you fixed something.04:03
LimCoreif I would be quiet, all ubuntu users would use broken sshfs04:03
Hobbseedo you want a medal?04:03
LimCoreit is not as hilarious as ssh dsa bug, but still04:03
Hobbseetoo bad.  i don't have any spare ones.04:04
Hobbseeoh good, mesa got through on intrepid.04:04
Hobbseemaybe X will work now04:04
LimCorehow to check that version of recordmydesktop that yo uare refering to?04:04
Hobbseethe one in intrepid?  install it.04:05
Hobbseei'm sure you cna figure out how to04:05
LimCoreHobbsee: intrepid version works excelent for me04:26
LimCorethis warning seems to be harmless, X Error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) BadWindow on XGetWindowAttributes.04:27
LimCorewell, is there any need to actually do  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/recordmydesktop/+bug/244261/+nominate  ?04:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 244261 in recordmydesktop "Locking assertion failure libxcb-xlib.so.0 xcb_xlib_unlock" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:31
Hobbseeno, i already nominated the important ones.04:32
LimCorein best case, when regular ubuntu users will be able to use again recordmydesktop?04:33
Hobbseeafter it gets backported, like i told you earlier.04:33
Hobbseedid you file the backports request yet?04:33
LimCorewell you have the experience - how much time it is, days, months?04:34
Hobbseedepends how long it takes the fix to be found, and how soon people act on it04:34
LimCorewell, cool04:35
LimCorebut still, for enders - they simple could not record their desktop for months now... I wonder can this be avoided04:36
Hobbseeby people testing the prereleases of ubuntu, filing bugs, and getting them fixed, mainly.04:36
Hobbseeand actually doing productive stuff04:36
HobbseeRAOF: hm.  is it worht reporting a bug that the SHM stuff for touchpads doesn't get detected automatically?04:37
HobbseeRAOF: or has someone already reported it?04:37
GrantbowIs this the right channel for "ubuntu bug control" as described https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status under triaged05:02
LaserJockI believe so05:04
GrantbowI think bug #201388 is a medium - I confirmed it but I don't know the next step so I thought I would ask.05:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 201388 in gnome-system-tools "[users-admin] Group list is not complete" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20138805:04
hggdhGrantbow, can you reproduce the issue?05:23
hggdhGrantbow, if you could, I do not see any indication in the bug comments05:24
hggdhfor example, what did you try, how did you try, what did you find?05:25
Grantbowhggdh: did you look at the bug?  Yes, I confirmed the problem first reported by someone else and I wrote down the steps to reproduce it.05:25
Grantbowand the package name and version05:26
* hggdh is again hit by the irc name vs LP name thingie05:26
hggdhGrantbow, sorry05:26
hggdhwhat version?05:26
hggdh(although, in retrospect, grantbow sounds suspiciously like the name in the bug ;-)05:27
GrantbowI didn't report it at first.05:27
Grantbowgnome-system-tools 2.22.0-0ubuntu9 hardy heron 8.04.105:27
GrantbowIoannis Ramfos is the original reporter05:28
hggdhPlease add the version you tested as a comment, and please ask the reporter for their version05:28
hggdhbut I can confirm on Intrepid also, so... it is worthy of a Triaged status05:29
hggdh(but we still need to know the reporter's version_05:29
Grantbowhggdh: did you look at https://launchpad.net/bugs/201388?  it is in the comment already - I just added it.05:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 201388 in gnome-system-tools "[users-admin] Group list is not complete" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:29
Grantbowsince two of us can confirm it - how much value is there in waiting for Ioannis response?05:29
hggdhwe know it is valid at hardy and Intrepid, but we do not know if the reporter's version is still maintained05:32
hggdhwe do not wait for the reporter's answer, but if this will be fixed for him/her or not is still open05:32
Grantbowaha!  That makes sense, good point.05:33
hggdhGrantbow, anyway, good work, and thanks for helping05:33
GrantbowI am new to working with Ubuntu bugs but I've done QA professionally.  Do you want to ask the reporter or can you tell me know to do it?05:34
LimCoreit seems 8.04 didnt worked after installation (Gnome problems) for one of my users (no more details as for now) - anyone knows this one?05:34
hggdhGrantbow, either of us can do it -- all we need is to add a comment asking for it.05:35
hggdhbut, in order to prevent a race condition... do you want me to do it?05:35
GrantbowOk, yes please - I'll watch and do the next one myself.  Thanks.05:36
hggdhGrantbow, done, again thank you for your help05:38
* hggdh hits the pillow (too much work, too much pain, too much alcohol)05:39
Grantbowhggdh: great, thanks for your assistance.05:42
Somerandomnamehave an issue with the Wubi installer06:34
SomerandomnameApparently if you run a windows cleaning utility it clears the location of the wubi install06:34
Somerandomnamemeaning your left with a ubuntu boot option but no ubuntu to load.06:34
GrantbowSomerandomname: that sounds quite bad - which cleaning utility?06:55
SomerandomnameGrantbow Theres two that seem to affect the installer, Ccleaner and NCleaner (both by the same makers)07:31
Grantbowwho makes it?07:33
Somerandomnameill grab that info07:36
SomerandomnamePiriform Ltd.07:36
Somerandomnamethe reason i can verify this is from those programs is because i have installed the same method on 3 boxes07:37
Somerandomnameeach running diffirent versions of windows.07:37
SomerandomnameVista/MCE/XP all 3 develop the same issues after a system clean.07:38
Grantbowso ccleaner will wipe out a wubi install?  that's worth reporting :-)07:38
SomerandomnameIt technically doesnt wipe the install, it corrupts the install.07:38
Grantbowok, but I bet a report here and maybe to ccleaner.com would be appreciated.07:39
Somerandomnamebut once you then try to unistall, you can but with the remnant of the loading option for ubuntu (which never goes away)07:39
Grantbowaha, interesting07:39
SomerandomnameI am not sure how to go about this? directly to ubuntu bugs?07:39
GrantbowI'll try to find the right place, one sec07:40
Grantbowinclude as much info as possible07:41
greg-git isn't really a wubi bug though, you should report it to that software's developers07:41
greg-gwe can't fix07:41
Grantbowa warning might be useful in our documentation07:42
Grantbowor something07:42
greg-gor in theres! :)07:42
Grantbowespecially their's07:42
Grantbowbut when wubi fails who will get blamed?  :-(07:43
Grantbowusers may not make the association07:43
greg-gin that case, that software manufacturer07:43
Grantbowwubi failed so it's our fault - they were just doing "what they usually do" to take care of their system and never had any problems before, lol.07:44
greg-gSomerandomname: please report to those developers and put what you find out in the bug report you file for wubi07:44
greg-gGrantbow: yep07:44
Grantbowunfortunately.  There's a way to push a report here upstream - would that be appropriate in this situation?07:44
SomerandomnameIn the process of reporting this now.07:44
greg-gSomerandomname: paste the bug number here when you are done07:45
Grantbowat least the data about the problem needs to be collected in a public place07:45
greg-gGrantbow: upstream is ccleaner, no? And they don't appear to have a public bug tracker07:45
Grantbowit may go into a bit-bucket if you send it to the ccleaner.com reporting locations - I doubt they have a public bug system.07:45
Grantbowhaven't checked yet.07:46
greg-ghttp://www.ccleaner.com/help just a forum07:46
Grantbowmaybe Somerandomname would know if they do or not07:46
GrantbowI've never used it07:46
* greg-g nods07:47
Grantbowthat's the only publically available support option?  uh oh.07:47
greg-gjust a warning to everyone, the bug report will probably be closed as invalid due to it being caused by a 3rd party closed source application (ie: "we can't do anything about it, they are the ones that messed up, sorry")07:48
Grantbowa note should be placed in our docs to warn users this will happen07:48
greg-gits a wiki :) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide07:49
Grantbowhmm, http://www.piriform.com/ is the company that owns that product07:50
Grantbowgood idea greg-g07:50
Grantbowlol!  http://www.piriform.com/about  "The future of software is free software!"07:50
greg-glowercase free07:51
greg-gthey have lost my respect :)07:51
Grantbowafter the report is fleshed out they do have an email submission form.  http://www.piriform.com/contact07:51
Grantbowdepends on how they respond, they may not know of this bug yet.07:52
greg-gthey probably don't.07:52
GrantbowFrom a very high level I can see why a huge multi-gig file might be removed if you are trying to clean up a machine's hard disk.07:53
Grantbowbut without a warning?07:54
Grantbownot good07:54
greg-gor a reason?07:54
greg-ggood rule of thumb is "if you don't know what it is, don't touch it"07:54
Grantbowyeah, it should somehow be able to identify what it deletes before doing os07:55
* greg-g nods07:55
SomerandomnameSorry for the delay but heres the bug report #08:01
SomerandomnameBug 24891508:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248915 in wubi "Corrupt File System When CCLEANER/NCLEANER Are run" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24891508:01
SomerandomnameHope its helpful.08:02
greg-gI added paragraphs to make it readable08:04
SomerandomnameSorry about that im lingusitlicly challanged.08:05
greg-g:) no problem08:06
Somerandomnamelinguistically* ( i better look like a fool that can correct himself.)08:08
GrantbowSomerandomname: thanks for reporting this08:34
snadgeso let me get this straight.. ubuntu pushes out an "important security update" for the kernel09:56
snadgebecause:   * Fixed hppa FTBS by adding ABI files from -19.33.09:56
snadgeWOW! thats so worth millions of people downloading a new kernel09:56
snadgeall 5 hppa users will be extremely overjoyed09:56
pwnguinsnark levels approaching fatal10:05
* LimCore starts usng hppa to feel the joy too10:15
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HewHey guys, I'm reproducing a segmentation fault, but apport doesn't seem to be picking it up. I have set enabled=1 already. Any ideas?13:04
RAOFThere's alwoys GDB.13:05
RAOFBut I'm off, so I won't be able to hand-hold you through  it.13:05
Hewno worries, thanks anyway13:05
Hewjust wondering why apport isn't catching it since it's the easy option for reporting the bug. The crash report has been requested (bug #248868)13:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248868 in file-roller "File-Roller is unable to open gzip-compressed files like pci.ids if they are missing an .gz extension" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24886813:07
Hewfyi, just found that the .crash file was sitting in /var/crash but for some reason didn't pop up like it usually does. Problem solved.13:12
mouzHew there are reports of apport itself crashing.13:29
mouzFor example bug 24878813:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248788 in gnome-system-monitor "gnome-system-monitor crashes at startup" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24878813:29
Hewmouz: I figured something like that was happening, thanks for the bug #13:29
mouzThat person attaches his crash dumps directly. Can those be used at all?13:30
HewI believe so, yes. I don't really have much experience with dealing with apport data though.13:31
HewI haven't received any apport "crashes" though, just it wasn't doing what I expected it to.13:32
Hewah, actually it looks like they shouldn't be attached to the bug report itself13:33
Hewmouz: the user double clicking the .crash file should take care of things13:33
mouzHew: not if apport itself crashes :)13:37
Hewtrue, but the user in that bug seems to have posted a .crash for it somehow :P13:38
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geserthekorn: Hi, do you know when there will be a new python-lp-bugs in intrepid which works with current LP?15:34
Hobbseegeser: they're still messing with the ui for the next couple of days, apparently15:35
Hobbseeno point rewriting it yet :)15:35
geserso anything using python-lp-bugs is broken currently?15:36
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gesercrap :( so I need to file sync request through the ui15:38
* geser wishes they would finish the LP API before doing more UI changes15:38
Hobbseegeser: requestsync doesn't work?15:39
Hobbseegeser: or use mail.15:39
gesertrue, I usually use requestsync with --lp15:40
thekorngeser: sorry, as Hobbsee said, there are currently changes on lp every day, so it is a bit hard to release a working version for intrepid,15:53
thekornbut the bzr branch should be up-to-date15:53
thekornand working15:53
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runemaste644is there a place to report bugs besides launchpad?19:15
runemaste644I was just about to submit a bug report and launchpad stopped responding.19:16
Picirunemaste644: Nope, thats it.19:17
runemaste644somebody obviously does not want me to submit a bug report because im not even getting the slightest chance to submit a bug report.19:18
runemaste644First firefox wasnt working, now launchpad is down, whats next?19:18
greg-glaunchpad is working for me right now19:20
runemaste644oh, and before either of those, i found a bug in the bug report tool19:21
runemaste644Yes! Now's my chance!19:21
runemaste644turns out it was already submitted, i subscribed and commented on it19:26
greg-grunemaste644: good deal19:30
greg-gthanks for looking into the issue19:30
runemaste644oh, and how come a bug that i submitted about a half a year ago is still marked new?19:36
jjesserunemaste644: because it hasn't moved to any of the other bug statuses?19:37
runemaste644yes, but how come nobody has even looked at it19:37
runemaste644it is a bug that prevents th screen from automatically locking19:39
jjesserunemaste644: because we are busy?19:39
runemaste644fair enough19:40
runemaste644its just i thought it might be important for system admins to know19:43
charlie-tcaDoes someone need to triage Bug #186794 for me? I marked it as invalid since it is against the theme itself.19:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 186794 in gtk2-engines-murrine "Running VMware Server Console with Murrine as GTK engine doesn't look right" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18679419:44
charlie-tcaCan anyone let me know if an invalid bug needs to be triaged?20:22
mouzcharlie-tca: an invalid bug will probably not be triaged. Can you set it back to new?21:22
mouzcharlie-tca: maybe i do not completely understand your question...21:24
greg-gcharlie-tca: what is the bug number?21:27
mouzcharlie-tca: invalid bugs need not be triaged :)21:30
charlie-tcaThank you. It's bug #18679421:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 186794 in gtk2-engines-murrine "Running VMware Server Console with Murrine as GTK engine doesn't look right" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18679421:38
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hggdhcharlie-tca, invalid is a final state for bugs.22:20
hggdhcharlie-tca, the bug is invalid actually because the reporter is using a non-packaged-by-us vmware, so your response & status setting seem correct22:22
charlie-tcaThanks. I appreciate you taking the time.22:38
chrisccoulsonhi, would somebody mind setting this bug to 'wishlist' please? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-system-monitor/+bug/24923723:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 249237 in gnome-system-monitor "Process Properties dialog" [Undecided,New]23:59

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