MTecknologyLynet, WARNING - at least SuSE, Mandriva, and Ubuntu use a version of SYSLINUX modified with a patch called "gfxboot". This is a highly invasive and unsupported modification of SYSLINUX. Please avoid these versions if possible.00:12
MTecknologythere's dvd's of 32bit ubuntu {desktop,server} - I know what we're trying to do HAS to be possible00:13
cjwatsonyou can't usefully install from an .iso on the hard drive, so I wouldn't recommend wasting your time trying. When you have an .iso loop-mounted from the hard drive, that has the effect of locking the partition table so that you can't perform much in the way of partitioning changes.00:15
cjwatsonah, but are you nesting ISO images on the CD itself? Urgh, seems rather overcomplicated00:15
Lynetcjwatson: No repartitioning expected on a dvd. ;-p00:16
cjwatsonwe just merge everything into the CD root and configure the installer to grab only what it needs00:16
cjwatsonmuch easier and actually works00:16
LynetWould merging 32 and 64bit be possible?00:17
cjwatsonwould take a little bit of fiddling to boot the right kernels, but ought to be00:17
cjwatsonmost of the relevant path names are architecture-specific00:17
MTecknologycjwatson, what I want to do is make a dvd of ubuntu {32,64}bit {desktop,server}, dsl, and systemrescuecd00:18
cjwatsonI have no experience with or information on DSL nor systemrescuecd, so cannot comment on how feasible it is to merge an Ubuntu CD root with those00:19
cjwatsonI can say that right now you'd have to mess about with /var/lib/dpkg/info/cdrom-detect.postinst in the Ubuntu CD initrd to get it to loop-mount an .iso image from the CD00:20
MTecknologycjwatson, I've been trying to figure this out for about 20ht... i'm very close to scrapping it00:20
cjwatsonat minimum; there might be other problems as a result00:20
MTecknologycjwatson, you should just do it for me :)00:22
MTecknologyi'm too noob to figure this out00:23
cjwatsonerm, sorry, no :-)00:23
cjwatsonlots of other things to do ...00:23
MTecknologyi officially give up00:23
MTecknologythere's not enough documentation about anything like that online either00:24
LynetMTecknology: I'll keep on it a bit, will msg you if I get any further.00:25
MTecknologyLynet, sounds good. I think I'm going to go home - i won't be here tomorrow- i think probably about 2 more times this summer00:25
Adri2000is it intended that the kernel binaries (hardy, -security/-updates) are in universe? :)00:53
cjwatsonAdri2000: known, being worked on (Launchpad went a bit weird on us)00:59
cjwatsonwe can't seem to move it because it thinks it's already in main01:03
cjwatsonat least at some level01:03
cjwatsonbtw, it's only -security that's affected, not -updates01:05
cjwatsonI think what's happened is that somehow (not considered in this memo) it ended up in universe when copying into -security, but the change-override implementation doesn't consider pockets when looking for packages - it just takes the newest in the distroarchseries01:07
nxvlRiddell: around?01:07
Adri2000cjwatson: hmmm, -updates is affected as well on the fr.archive mirror01:10
Adri2000linux-image-2.6.24-19-generic | 2.6.24-19.36 | http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com hardy-updates/universe Packages01:10
Nafallolinux-image-2.6.24-19-generic | 2.6.24-19.36 | http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy-updates/main Packages01:10
Adri2000maybe it was affected and it has then been fixed? and fr.archive is not up-to-date?01:11
cjwatsonmay just be confusion arising from -security and -updates being at the same version with different overrides01:11
cjwatsonI'm looking at the master, so I'm not too worried about what mirrors have01:11
Nafallolinux-image-2.6.24-19-generic | 2.6.24-19.36 | http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com hardy-updates/main Packages01:13
NafalloI'd say it's fine :-)01:13
Nafalloand fr.a.u.c's headache.01:13
nxvldoes anyone know a good regular expresion manual (a better one than the manpage)?01:18
nxvlcjwatson: maybe you?01:18
nenolodwho do i speak to regarding mysqld in ubuntu?01:32
nenolodit has a bug which is ddosing my machines.01:32
LaserJocknenolod: has a bug been filed?01:36
nenolodLaserJock, yes. it has Priority: low, and has been mostly ignored.01:39
nenolodLaserJock, i run a cluster where a lot of people have instances of ubuntu, and since hardy, these instances have caused serious performance degradation01:39
nenolodit is a problem that warrants something higher than such a low priority01:40
LaserJockperhaps giving us the bug number would help :-)01:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 105457 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "mysqd_safe high cpu usage" [Low,Triaged]01:41
nenolodnote that Debian does not have this bug, so it's something introduced to ubuntu01:41
nenolodi will bisect in a few minutes01:41
nenolodhmm. wtf01:46
nenolodthis is weird. i don't see anything in the interdiff that changes mysqld_safe01:48
johanbrnenolod: have you tried rebuilding the debian source package on ubuntu?01:49
nenolodjohanbr, yeah. going to do that now01:50
nenolodjohanbr, i don't have any ubuntu instances running in production though, so i don't know if i can reproduce the bug.01:50
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nenolodjohanbr, let me fire up a ubuntu instance on my local server. (i run Debian proper on my servers, personally)01:54
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nenolodjohanbr, building it now. i'll let you know how it comes out.01:59
nenolodmy test server is a via c7-m 1.5ghz though, so it'll take a while02:00
jdongnenolod: you poor thing.02:15
nenolodjdong, for what?02:16
nenolodjdong, i can run it without a fan02:16
jdongnenolod: I can run my potato without a fan either.02:20
jdong*ducks* ;-)02:20
ScottKjdong: You still here?03:59
pwnguindoes the tech board really meet every two weeks?04:10
LaserJockI think so04:11
pwnguinlast time i went digging i found two irc logs in the past six months04:11
pwnguinmaybe i just need to look harder04:11
LaserJockwell, there aren't always agenda items04:11
LaserJockwhich leads to a quite short meeting :-)04:12
Hobbseetjaalton: ping?  :)04:45
LaserJockdid we not release a Desktop CD for alpha 2?04:59
HobbseeLaserJock: correct05:06
LaserJockodd, I didn't see that mentioned in the release announcement05:07
LaserJockperhaps I missed it05:08
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tjaaltonHobbsee: pong07:26
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Hobbseetjaalton: is it worth filing a bug to get the vertical scrolling for synaptics touchpads detected by default?08:38
pittiGood morning08:53
* Hobbsee hugs mvo08:54
mvohey Hobbsee08:54
Hobbseemvo: it works!08:55
mvoHobbsee: excellent!08:55
Hobbseecompiz seems to fall over and die, but the rest of it works!08:55
Hobbseeit's more stable than hardy, now (which strangly went unstable after installing intrepid)08:55
Hobbseethat, and how firefox spontaneously dies sometimes08:59
Rocket2DMnHi, I confirmed bug 246823 but a package maintainer/contributor needs to handle it08:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246823 in gwyddion "New upstream release of gwyddion (2.10) available" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24682308:59
* Hobbsee looks at it09:03
Rocket2DMni think we may have discussed that one last night Hobbsee09:03
Hobbsee4 mins.  wow, you're patient :)09:03
HobbseeRocket2DMn: i doubt it - that one actually is in debian09:03
* Hobbsee scratches head09:05
Hobbseewhy does this hate me today?09:05
Rocket2DMndoesnt "Ubuntu Sponsors for universe" need to be subscribed to those bugs?09:06
Rocket2DMnaka ubuntu-universe-sponsors09:06
HobbseeRocket2DMn: yeah, but i was going to do the sync request and get it out of the way.09:06
Rocket2DMni have a few such bugs09:06
Hobbseesarah@saturn:~/Desktop% sync-package.sh http://ftp.au.debian.org/debian/pool/main/g/gwyddion/gwyddion_2.10-1.dsc intrepid09:06
HobbseeException: apt-cache madison does not contain gwyddion/intrepid09:06
Rocket2DMni need to know if it is outside my jurisdiction to confirm/wishlist them when they appear09:06
Hobbseepitti: any idea why ^ ?09:06
HobbseeRocket2DMn: yes, a MOTU will need to confirm that they're right.09:07
HobbseeRocket2DMn: you can set to wishlist if you like, but it really doesn't matter either way09:07
Hobbseeand just causes more mail09:07
Rocket2DMnive checked that the packages do exist in debian09:07
Rocket2DMnHobbsee, another example is a merge request, like bug 24875009:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248750 in git-core "Please merge git-core 1: from Debian" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24875009:08
Hobbseethat you will need to subscribe u-u-s for, if it's not already done09:09
Rocket2DMnso after confirming/wishlisting i just need to subscribe them and thats it?09:09
Hobbseeah, now the syncer is working.09:09
HobbseeRocket2DMn: no, don't confirm it.09:11
HobbseeRocket2DMn: it's the job of the MOTU to confirm it if it's right.09:11
HobbseeRocket2DMn: otherwise, correct.09:11
Rocket2DMnok, that specific one is for Main, not Universe09:11
HobbseeRocket2DMn: you might find https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing helpful09:11
Hobbseethere's a u-m-s group too09:11
Rocket2DMnyeah i saw09:12
Rocket2DMnok, so in the future if i see a new one, just subscribe the correct one of them and thats it?09:12
HobbseeRocket2DMn: wait, no, that bug is crap.09:13
HobbseeRocket2DMn: it doesn't contain a patch, it doesn't contain any of the work done.09:13
Hobbseeit just says "someone needs to do this"09:13
Hobbseeand while there's nothing actually done there, it's pretty pointless, and there's nothing to sponsor09:13
HobbseeRocket2DMn: added to that bug.09:14
Rocket2DMnok Hobbsee , so the bug we had last night: bug 246822 (not in debian)09:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246822 in prism "Prism on Intrepid should be updated to new upstream version 0.9" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24682209:17
Rocket2DMnwhat do we want to do with that one?09:18
HobbseeRocket2DMn: probably ask in #ubuntu-motu if there would be any contributors who would like to do it.09:19
Hobbseei've no idea how difficult it is09:19
Rocket2DMnyeah i was just there asking about the first one, didnt get much love09:19
Hobbseefirst one, debian had already done the work09:19
Hobbseebut you were probably doing it while they were all asleep.  and there are lots of packages in universe, and people just may not be interested.09:20
pittiHobbsee: maybe you don't have a deb-src for intrepid universe?09:24
Rocket2DMnok im just going through the list of the few bugs like this i have09:25
Hobbseepitti: i thought i had - at least, i had a mirror version of it, which doesn't include the phrase 'archive.ubuntu.com', which may well be it.09:25
Hobbseepitti: it seems to work with uncommenting the rest09:25
Rocket2DMnseems bug 242162 has already been subscribed to u-u-s09:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 242162 in devede "Please sponsor devede_3.9 into Intrepid" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24216209:25
Rocket2DMnnobody has complained yet that i confirmed it09:25
Rocket2DMnwe'll wait on that prism bug, ill see if i can get a MOTU to handle it09:26
Hobbseea sync request is not the same as a merge request, or a new version.  in the latter two cases, a MOTU actually uploads it.  whereas in the first case, a MOTU confirms it, then passes it to the next team.09:26
Hobbseeeither wya, though, you are creating fairly needless bug spam, which doesn't make people generally happy :)09:27
Rocket2DMnyeah, i have a friend on the uf beginners team who does some merges and syncs09:27
Rocket2DMnbasically it seems like i dont want to touch merges09:28
Hobbseeyeah, you can usually leave the workflow bugs completley alone.09:28
Hobbseewhich is all of the categories above09:28
Rocket2DMnas for packages from upstream sources, like bug 248575 which im now looking at, i think i can confirm those and ask a MOTU to take care of it09:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248575 in lame "Please Upgrade Lame" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24857509:28
Hobbseeoh yeah, tag them with 'upgrade' too09:29
Rocket2DMnotherwise i can leave all these things alone09:29
Hobbseeyeah, pretty much09:30
Hobbseetag those ones with 'upgrade', and otherwise leave them.09:30
Rocket2DMnso like bug 242162  needs the upgrade tag09:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 242162 in devede "Please sponsor devede_3.9 into Intrepid" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24216209:30
HobbseeRocket2DMn: it could.  however, there's probably not a lot of point in it, as the upgrade work's already done.09:31
Hobbseethe upgrade tag usually gets used for "this software is old, and needs an upgrade"09:31
Rocket2DMni feel like im running in circles09:32
Hobbseehehe :)09:32
Rocket2DMngetting an education didnt teach me squat about handling bug reports!09:32
HobbseeRocket2DMn: technically, yes it should.  what you then run into is the concept of "what is correct, vs what is useful"09:33
Rocket2DMnok well u-u-s already has that bug subscribed, ill let them deal with it09:33
HobbseeRocket2DMn: once anything is subscribed to u-u-s, anything else you do to it is effectively useless.09:33
HobbseeRocket2DMn: and just generates mail.09:33
Rocket2DMnyeah i know all about mail09:33
Hobbseehowever, for those packages that *don't* have u-u-s subscribed, the usual rules apply.  afaik, anyway.09:34
Hobbseefeel free to continue in -bugs, btw09:34
Hobbseepeople might want to get development stuff done in here09:34
Rocket2DMnyeah i hang out there, too09:34
Hobbseealthough i suspect they're mostly at their sprint09:35
Rocket2DMnim in 7 ubuntu related channels right now09:35
Rocket2DMni make my home with the ubuntu forums beginners team and branch from there to do bug triage and wiki documentation alongside UF support09:35
Rocket2DMnonce i finish moving back east and settle in, i want to start some programming with some projects as well09:36
Hobbseenice work :)09:37
Rocket2DMnthanks, being from the forums has given me some background that other documentors and triagers dont have09:38
Rocket2DMnok thanks again for the help Hobbsee , im gonna go to bed now, im exhausted.  i'll be back here often09:41
Hobbseenight :)09:41
mdzhmm, I updated to current intrepid (including 2.6.24-4) and ended up with metacity running instead of compiz09:58
mdztoggling it back with the appearance capplet got compiz back, but my keyboard shortcuts were gone09:58
mdzcompiz itself doesn't seem to have changed in a couple of weeks09:59
pittimdz: xorg and mesa did, though10:06
pittimdz: current mesa should unbreak compiz, but gnome-session currently doesn't start compiz; so I wonder how compiz started automatically for you in the first place? Or did you use compiz --replace manually?10:06
seb128pitti: he wrote that he used the appareance capplet10:07
slangasekpitti: so what starts compiz by default on the liveCD?10:07
pittiah, right10:07
seb128mdz: the new gnome-session is not able to do the fallback magic we had, we need to fix compiz10:07
pittislangasek: nothing ATM, I think (with gnome-session from yesterday)10:08
seb128mdz: the keybinding breakage is a compiz bug, I spoke to mvo about it yesterday10:08
slangasekso this was added as a workaround for the compiz problem?10:08
seb128slangasek: no, mesa fixed compiz, the new gnome-session is orthogonal change10:08
slangasekoh. why the behavior change?10:09
pittislangasek: it now decided to not actually do any session startup any more except calling xdg autostart .desktop files :(10:12
pittiseb128: please confirm ^10:12
slangasekdoes that mean the facility for starting arbitrary programs at startup has disappeared?10:12
pitti.gnome2/session is ignored now, and saving session doesn't work either10:13
slangasekwell, saving session didn't work before either :-P10:13
seb128- old session should still be used, they are not that's a bug10:13
pittislangasek: well, at least it restored the applications10:13
slangasekpitti: not especially10:14
seb128- session saving should be there for intrepid10:14
slangasekpitti: it consistently fails to remember how many gnome-terminal windows I had open, resetting it to some state that it got from somewhere other than my session10:14
seb128slangasek: now gnome-session has stages and use autostart desktop files to start things10:14
seb128compiz has to ship a such .desktop and register correctly to the session10:15
seb128they will add compatibility code for wm which don't do that but that's not done yet10:15
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mdzpitti,seb128: thanks10:41
mdzmy fonts in Firefox seem to have changed as well10:41
pittimdz: I saw it in moin, too, but not on other pages10:42
mdzfc-match serif says DejaVuSerif.ttf: "DejaVu Serif" "Book"10:42
mdzbut I think that was the same before10:42
mdzpitti: probably the moin CSS specifies some other font which changed10:43
mvomdz: I'm working on the session registering stuff now10:59
DktrKranzRiddell (or any archive-admin around): could you please explain me what this comment is? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/drpython/+bug/247665/comments/211:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247665 in drpython "Please sync drpython 1:3.11.0-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Fix released]11:27
pittiDktrKranz: sorry, I reopened the bug; Riddell: you have to specify -f for syncbugbot11:28
DktrKranzpitti: ah... I've seen some of them, if you want, I can reopen them as well11:29
pittiDktrKranz: that would be nice, thanks11:29
DktrKranznp, thanks11:30
calchttp://www.microsoft.com/opensource/heroes/default.mspx <- Become an Open Source Hero (?!) lol11:37
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calcemgent: hello11:38
seb128bzr add *11:38
seb128"ignored 2 file(s).11:38
seb128If you wish to add some of these files, please add them by name.11:38
seb128thanks bzr for not being helpful and not saying which ones and why11:38
jpds"bzr ignored"?11:38
seb128jpds: thanks11:39
elmoseb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/76616, FWIW11:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 76616 in bzr "confusing message about ignored files on add" [Low,Confirmed]11:39
jr_pitti: got time to look at policykit-kde sometime today?11:41
seb128elmo: thanks11:41
pittijr_: oh, yeah, let's; still working on something, maybe in 30 mins or so?11:41
jr_pitti: ok11:42
tjaaltonHobbsee: not sure, maybe there already is a bug against xorg11:42
lifelessseb128: so you don't need the * :)11:57
lifelessseb128: and we found that showing all the files was confusing11:57
lifelessseb128: and many files get ignored repeatedly (e.g. \.o)11:57
lifelessseb128: so the current output is a compromise :)11:58
seb128lifeless: that's fair enough but telling the user to use bzr ignored to get this list would be good11:58
seb128that would still fit on one line11:58
seb128and would be an useful hint for users11:58
lifelessseb128: ack; filing11:58
seb128lifeless: bug #76616 as pointed by elmo11:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 76616 in bzr "confusing message about ignored files on add" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7661611:59
pittijr_: can you please come to Danakil for the release team meeting?12:04
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mnabilhello, how can i lock the network card (lan) with certain interface , i need it to have only stick with eth0 for example12:36
ion_/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and now please read the topic.12:37
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mnabilion_, okay , and thanks12:38
asacsiretart: there?12:57
asacsiretart: somehow on boot and resume something is starting wpasupplicant for me (independent from the dbus activation)12:58
asacsiretart: where would that  be?12:58
siretartasac: interesting. do you have a funny /etc/network/interfaces?12:59
asacsiretart: yeah. sorry for the noise. i added wpa- entries to test my eni backend ;)13:00
siretartasac: well, that would be it then :)13:00
asacinteresting how many packages depend on ifupdown :/13:00
asacwonder if those should be recommends instead13:00
siretartPackage: ifupdown13:01
siretartPriority: important13:01
siretartthat could be the reason :)13:01
siretartcdbs depends on ifupdown? - intersting :)13:02
asacppp as well13:02
asacstrange ...why would NM go away :/13:02
siretartwell, that is not too surprising, since it is related to networking. cdbs however...13:02
asacbut its not required to have ifupdown in order to use ppp as well ;)13:03
siretartnor telnet13:03
asacintltool causes cdbs to be removed13:04
siretartasac: I'm about to upload a new git snapshot to unstable right now, do we want that in intrepid as well?13:04
asacok thats libnxml-parser-perl ;)13:04
siretartasac: will we go with wpa_supplicant 0.5 or 0.6?13:04
asacsiretart: do you have it in  a ppa so i can test with latest NM?13:04
asacsiretart: 0.6.x13:04
asaci am about to upload NM 0.713:05
siretartasac: no, but that can be arranged13:05
siretartif you want to13:05
asacsiretart: i can add you to ~network-manager team13:05
asacso you can push to PPA there13:05
asacwe alrady have a bunch of testers on that PPA13:05
siretartokay, please do and I'll upload directly there13:05
asaclet me do that13:05
asacsiretart: can you also upload hardy there? ... which probably has more testers13:06
seb128asac: wpasupplicant still didn't build in intrepid btw13:06
seb128asac: you should fix this before uploading nm0.713:06
asacseb128: ouch13:07
seb128asac: depwait on libpcsclite13:07
seb128or libpcsclite-dev rather13:07
siretartseb128: asac: I'm still waiting for feedback on my latest post to ubuntu-devel on that issue...13:07
asacseb128: oh, right. MIR?13:09
seb128asac: dunno, siretart seems to be waiting on a reply13:10
asacsiretart: ok, then just upload to hardy for now :/13:10
siretartTBH, I don't think we want pcscd in main. the libraries however are very useful to have13:10
asacsiretart: let me know if there is anything I can do to speed things up13:10
siretartI'm not sure if we require a full report for this partial MIR13:10
siretartasac: convince seb128 to promote the libs without a full MIR13:11
asacsiretart: why do we need that at all in intrepid?13:11
siretartbecause we get smartcard support for wpasupplicant this way13:11
siretartasac: I'll upload to both intrepid and hardy13:11
siretartasac: another option would be to say publicy on the mailing list that we don't want smartcard support and why. I'll point users that need that feature to you then ;)13:14
asacsiretart: cant we dlopen it?13:15
asacor does it require too much api symbols to make that feasible?13:15
siretartwe would still need the headers at build time AFAIUI13:15
siretartwhich is why I propose to do a partial MIR13:15
asacok at least it just depends on libc13:17
siretartasac: atm. the new package will additionally depend on libpcsclite113:19
asacsiretart: yes i referred to that when saying that it just depends on libc ;)13:21
lukehasnonameWhat is the difference between nvidia-glx-177 and nvidia-glx-173? They look to support a large overlap of video cards, is that just how nvidia made it? Also, will these drivers make it into hardy? It supports some newer cards that Hardy doesn't.13:21
pittilukehasnoname: tseliot would have details, but I think that -177 is still a beta release and will eventually replace -17313:22
pitti-173 is by and large the old nvidia-glx-new13:22
mdzpitti:  the old new driver ;-)13:23
siretartasac: yes. it used to recommend pcscd, but that was for heaven's sake already demoted to suggests13:24
pitti. o O { which is why we dropped this silly naming schema altogether :) }13:24
asacsiretart: good. currently looking at code. seems like the lib doesnt do much if the server is not running13:25
lukehasnonamepitti: Makes sense. Will one of those two replace ore stand by the hardy glx-new driver, for my above reason? If you don't know, who would I mention this to, or would I file a bug or needs-packaging?13:25
siretartasac: wpasupplicant accepted. please ping me if you have tested it :)13:25
Hobbseetjaalton: i looked earlier, but didn't see one - not sure if i looked in the wrong place13:25
pittilukehasnoname: yes, tseliot is currently developing scripts for auto-migration13:25
siretartasac: right. I do use pcscd on my laptop, but not for wpa13:25
siretartasac: I use pcscd for my gpg card. for gnupg and libpam-poldi13:26
asacsiretart: question is how well wpasupplicant deals when SHMClientSetupSession fails13:26
siretartwhat is SHMClientSetupSession?13:26
asacsiretart: if i understand its the function in the lib used to establish the socket to pscd (take this with a grain of salt)13:27
tseliotlukehasnoname: have a look at my blog post on the nvidia drivers: http://albertomilone.com/wordpress/?p=21213:31
asacsiretart: wpasupplicant already uses dlopen? ... i see that it LOADSYM the SCard symbols13:32
lukehasnonametseliot: k13:32
asacsiretart: maybe just shipping winscard.h in wpasupplicant is enough then?13:33
siretartasac: possibly that would be enough. but I don't have the impression that libpcsclite is already dlopened. this would probably need some more additional development13:36
lukehasnonametseliot: So you're saying the envy drivers WILL support new video cards, but official hardy drivers won't?13:36
siretartasac: to be more concrete: I have the impression from reading pcsc_funcs.c that dlopen is only used on windows to load some functions from winscard.dll because of mingw limitations13:37
siretartwhich doesn't help us here13:38
* Hobbsee notes that nm has spontaneiously fixed itself.13:38
tseliotlukehasnoname: yes, it's too risky to update the official lrm13:38
rick_h_asac: thanks for the update, has me back on track with the wireless working13:46
Vladthis is the development chat for ubuntu correct13:55
VladI was hoping that someone could tell me of an easy to use IDE13:55
Vladi do code some in c++ but new to linux13:56
wgrant'Development of Ubuntu (not support, not application development on Ubuntu)'13:56
VladI apologize I am a noob13:56
Hobbseetry in ##c++ or something13:57
lukehasnonamewgrant: Admittedly, there is not Ubuntu-app-devel group. Maybe there should be one... I wonder what sort of popularity that would have? Anyway, Vlad, check out ubuntuforums.org. Lots of help there.13:57
pwnguinlukehasnoname: there's a ml post about creating a virtual package13:58
Hobbseelukehasnoname: probably because there really is a heck of a lot of apps, and relatively few similarities between them13:58
VladThank you13:58
wgrantAnd there's nothing Ubuntu-specific about application development on Ubuntu.13:58
pwnguinwgrant: well aside from knowing which packages to install, and so on13:59
pwnguinwhich we share with debian13:59
wgrantpwnguin: Is one going to get far with coding if one cannot work out which packages one needs?14:00
Hobbseepwnguin: isn't that a) what apt's for, and b) what upstream developers should already know?14:00
pwnguinand this is what happens every time i bring it up14:00
lukehasnonamewhoa, I walked away and came back to a bombardment of h8. Good points guys, calm down, I'm convinced.14:01
Hobbseetry bringing up a better idea, then?  :)14:01
pwnguinHobbsee: would you then provide that comment to mdz?14:02
pwnguinas the virtual package was his idea14:02
Pelomorning folks, is there an exhaustive list of the hardware supported throught the restricted driver manager ?14:02
Hobbseepwnguin: i wasn't commenting on the metapackage idea.  as far as i knew, he was referring to an irc channel and corresponding group for people who were interested in application development on ubuntu to concentrate.14:03
Hobbseeer, congregate14:03
Hobbseepwnguin: as far as i read it, no one actually replied to your statement about the metapackages.14:03
lukehasnonameHobbsee: right.14:04
lukehasnonameThat was what I was getting at, but as I said, there are enough resources for that already14:04
pwnguinwell, someone would have to actually populate the virt package ;)14:04
Hobbseepwnguin: ubuntu-restricted-extras already does that, for a section.14:04
pwnguinanyways, no point going on with this if theres no support14:04
Hobbseepwnguin: it's rather troublesome, though, as many people have many different ideas about what they all want.14:04
siretartasac: wpasupplicant package in place. please give me feedback if it works for you14:04
siretartasac: I'd like to upload it to unstable then14:05
Hobbseepwnguin: the metapackages idea may well be a good one - i've not expressed an opinion on it at all :)14:05
pwnguinwell every time i mention the need for better dev tools, out of the woodwork come these people with a common theme: new developers should just be smarter14:06
lukehasnonameman, I just read a ML post about how GNU needs a rebuild and how distros like Debian have de facto stolen user's rights to free software14:08
Hobbseepwnguin: i doubt that anyone thinks that better dev tools aren't a good idea.  however, some ideas of dev tools are good, and some are not.  from how i see it, some people jumped on a particular idea, saying it wouldn't help.  i don't see how that then leads to your sweeping generality.14:09
Hobbseelukehasnoname: veracity verified?14:09
lukehasnoname"Instead, we neglected all that grunt work and thus gave rise to Debian and all of the commercial vendors and all of the problems those "mid-stream" players create as they dominate the entire economics of our efforts to create software freedom."14:09
pwnguinHobbsee: its a pattern, not derived from a single event. but at any rate, last time I said i'd come up with a convincing argument before going at length on it again14:10
pwnguinas i havent done that yet, i think it's time to start thinking14:10
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bryce_cjwatson: http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Testing/xserver/14:13
bryce_cjwatson: I'll have debs up in half an hour or so once they've built14:13
bryce_cjwatson: let me know if that solves the issue and I'll push it to intrepid14:17
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Tonio_bryce: I'm having a little issue with xauth, that causes kdesudo not to work as expected...14:45
Tonio_bryce: hi, btw :)14:45
Tonio_bryce: this is how we generate the xauthority file (tmp file) :14:45
Tonio_bryce: /usr/bin/xauth -q -f /tmp/kdesudo-TT4636-xauth generate :0 trusted14:46
Tonio_bryce: here is the xauth output : couldn't query Security extension on display ":0"14:46
Tonio_bryce: any idea what's going on ?14:48
tseliotTonio_: maybe you should ping bryce_14:49
keesTonio_: there were changes in the upstream xorg that disabled the Security extension.  it's getting attention already and should be fixed soon.14:49
Tonio_tseliot: ah ;)14:49
Tonio_kees: okay, super :)14:49
Tonio_kees: is there another workarround ?14:50
bryce_Tonio_: yep, was working on that just a bit ago14:51
=== mbiebl_ is now known as mbiebl
Tonio_bryce_: very nice to ear ;)14:51
bryce_Tonio_: can you please test something14:52
Tonio_bryce_: sure...14:53
bryce_Tonio_: here's an xserver with a proposed fix for this issue:  http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Testing/xserver/14:53
bryce_please test that and verify for me that it makes the problem go away14:54
Tonio_bryce_: I'll do that in a few minutes and will let you know14:55
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Tonio_bryce_: SecurityBadAuthorizationProtocol  (invalid authorization name or data)15:00
Tonio_bryce_: the issue changed btw ;)15:00
Tonio_bryce_: maybe I miss something, I don't know15:00
bryce_cjwatson is also investigating this issue from the ubiquity side, although he's in a meeting at present15:00
Tonio_bryce_: /usr/bin/xauth -q -f /tmp/kdesudo-TT4636-xauth generate :0 trusted15:01
Tonio_bryce_: here is the exact command I used15:01
Tonio_I think that's okay15:01
kirklanddoko: hiya, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lsb/+bug/24905915:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 249059 in lsb "please merge lsb_3.2-14" [Low,In progress]15:01
kirklanddoko: Debian lsb took the status_of_proc() patches, so we can drop our diff15:01
kirklanddoko: i did a new merge15:01
kirklanddoko: the goods are http://people.ubuntu.com/~kirkland/lsb/15:02
bryce_Tonio_: hmm, cjwatson was using a different command15:02
bryce_xauth -q -f t.xauth generate $DISPLAY . trusted timeout 6015:03
bryce_Tonio_: ^ try that15:03
Tonio_bryce_: yeah I forgot the . :)15:04
Tonio_bryce_: seems to work here15:04
bryce_ok, I'll upload this fix15:05
jcristaubryce_: just --enable-xcsecurity?15:06
Tonio_bryce_: yep I can confirm it works as expected.... the generated file is working, super :)15:06
bryce_jcristau: not sure; the patch disabled both that and app-group15:07
bryce_jcristau: do you know of a reason why app-group should be disabled?15:07
bryce_er, appgroup15:07
Riddellpitti: do you know where till is?  and if he's still doing printing meetings?15:08
jcristaubryce_: no idea what the appgroup extension is :)15:08
bryce_from its .c file it has to do with the security module15:09
skymusswhere are you from ??15:35
skymussI'm from15:36
ion_I have a15:37
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slangasekDoes that ordering imply that Germany is a subset of Oktoberfest?15:59
liwslangasek, oktoberfest is bigger than germany, so the answer is probably Bananenkartoffeln16:19
bryce_mvo: apt-get source xscreensaver.  configure and make, and run the ./braid command16:27
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bryce_Tonio_: I've uploaded the fix.16:33
Tonio_bryce_: super ;) I've uploaded the fixed kdesudo btw, so it should work toonight.... thanks :)16:33
mvobryce_: thanks, I can not test right now, but I will check it out16:36
bryce_mvo, okay thanks.  I can't think of anything else to experiment with so I'm going to file it upstream with -intel for now.  I think I've reasonably decided it's not just bad screensaver coding or something ;-)16:43
mvobryce_: http://bugs.opencompositing.org/show_bug.cgi?id=961 (for the reference)16:48
ubottubugs.opencompositing.org bug 961 in Core "system loses keyboard input after running xscreensaver in kde" [Major,New]16:48
calcslangasek: did intrepid a2 not release a desktop cd?16:48
Riddellcalc: no16:49
tseliotmvo: let me know when you're available to work together to make sure that dist-ugrades go smoothly with the new NVIDIA drivers16:49
mvotseliot: yeah, sorry for not coming back to you about this earlier. I'm traveling right now so my reponse time is a bit worse16:50
bryce_mvo, ah, same bug?16:50
mvobryce_: it seems to be, no sure. I added some releavant information and hope one of the compiz upstreams have a idea (if not, I will debug it when I come back home)16:50
tseliotmvo: no problem16:50
bryce_ok, I'll add that to this bug.  I'm forwarding it upstream too16:51
TheMusoogra: is there an MIR for aubio? If so, do you have a bug number handy? Secondly, if we pull aubio into main, we will have to disable jack support at a minimum..16:52
bryce_mvo also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/xorg-server/+bug/101943/comments/7416:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 101943 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "braid and other screensavers lock up system when compiz activated [-intel, -nvidia]" [High,Confirmed]16:52
ograTheMuso, whats aubio ?16:53
* ogra never heard of it16:53
TheMusoogra: According to your latest changelog entry for denemo, which was a merge, libaubio-dev is needed as a build-depend for denemo, and you clearly state here that it needs an MIR.16:53
TheMusoogra: So aubio is the source package for libaubio-dev.16:54
ograooh, right16:54
ograTheMuso, no, there isnt a MIR yet16:55
TheMusoogra: Right. My attention was brought to it due to looking at the component mismatches list.16:55
TheMusoogra: So, do you want to MIR it, or should be drop building against aubio for now?16:56
ograi'm currently a bit hogged by cmpc building stuff, i'll try to get a MIR prepared the next days16:56
TheMusoogra: No hurry, I was just wondering whether you were aware of it and whether it was on your radar.16:56
ograTheMuso, no, it totally wasnt, i owe you a beer :)16:57
ograthanks a lot16:57
TheMusoogra: np.17:00
kirklanddoko: regarding https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/opencryptoki/+bug/247593, could you give a high-level look at the patch I attached?  I'm working with upstream to get this applied to their CVS, but I'd like to know from you if this will take care of most of your inclusion concerns about the library17:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247593 in opencryptoki "main inclusion request: opencryptoki" [Undecided,Incomplete]17:04
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cody-somervillecjwatson, what did you say needed to be done to fix the daily PPC builds for Xubuntu?17:24
mdzpwnguin: I'm not invested in a particular solution, so much as making it simpler for developers to get up and running on Ubuntu17:27
mdzHobbsee: ^^17:27
cjwatsoncody-somerville: "ignore for now"17:38
cjwatsoncody-somerville: otherwise, messy fiddling with the mirror layout on antimony17:38
cjwatsonit's nothing that anyone without shell access to antimony can do, I'm afraid17:38
pittiRiddell: yes, he and I were in the hotel for a printing mini-conf; just back now17:41
siretart_asac: did you have a chance to test my wpasupplicant package?18:14
asacsiretart_: nope ... maybe in the hotel. but there are lots of testers on it already. i will look athte forum thread and my blog later to see if someone complained18:16
asacand test on my own tomorrow18:16
asacwill bail out of office now ;)18:16
siretart_which forum?18:16
asacsiretart_: one of the threads that test NM18:16
asacsiretart_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=797059&page=1218:17
siretart_ok. thnx18:18
asacsiretart_: ok i told them that there are also new wpasupplicant packages to test18:18
asaclets look tomorrow what came out of it18:18
siretart_ok. thanks18:18
slangasekjelmer: where do I get the orig.tar.gz for your openchange package? :-)18:20
jelmerslangasek: Hmm, I seem to've pulled it down at some point18:25
* jelmer searches18:25
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kirklandpitti: ping19:48
mario_limonciellkees, ping20:08
norsettonorsetto, ping20:09
keesmario_limonciell: pong20:10
keesnorsetto: you pinged yourself?20:10
mario_limonciellhey kees, i was gonna ask you if you had tried to use mk-sbuild-lv at all on lpia?20:10
mario_limonciellor at least lately20:10
norsettokees: yeah, felt alone with all you guys pinging around20:11
keesmario_limonciell: not under intrepid, but I've used it on hardy.  You do need to specific the ports mirror20:11
keesnorsetto: heheh okay20:11
keesnorsetto: but you didn't reply!  ;)20:11
mario_limonciellkees, ah so that might have been where things failed20:11
norsettokees: I never replay to contentless pings!20:11
mario_limonciellmaybe worthwhile to include that as a default mirror when choosing lpia?20:11
keesnorsetto: hahah20:12
keesmario_limonciell: I thought someone might have added that in intrepid, but let me check...20:12
keesmario_limonciell: yeah, totally.  patches welcome.  :)  in the meantime   --debootstrap-mirror http://ports.ubuntu.com/   should work20:13
mario_limonciellkees, okay i'm just rebuilding my VG and accidentally nuked all my LV's, so i'll give that a go20:13
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kantorhi, how is made Ubuntu to recognize ATAPI cd devices and ATA hard drivers like SCSI devices ?20:27
nxvlpitti: around?21:11
norsettonxvl: pitti is rather slim21:15
* norsetto hides in a corner for macking such feeble attempts at humour21:20
nxvlnorsetto: indeed21:24
norsettonxvl: can't answer you, I'm hidden in a corner21:25
gesernxvl: how is the MIR for dvipdfmx going?21:27
nxvlgeser: Bug #24860521:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248605 in dvipdfmx "Main Inclusion Report for dvipdfmx" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24860521:28
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asaccr3_: ping22:03
cr3_asac: pong22:07
pedroevery time i try to ssh to some machine, a window pop-ups asking-me to unlock the private key22:53
pedroi've search a lot on the web but havent found any solutions22:54
pedroanybody already had the same problem?22:54
lagawell. what _is_ the problem?22:56
pedrowel, i'm trying to access my server, that only allows key authentication..22:58
pedrothen i'm create the key, and stores it in server's authorized_keys22:58
pedrobut for some reason, every time i tried to connect, a window pops-up asking me to unlock that key..22:59
pedroit freezes my machine twice...22:59
pedrolaga: sorry for my english... =]22:59
lagait freezes your computer? does it lock up? eg your mouse cursor doesn't move anymore?23:00
pedrodont, but i cant kill the proccess, and my terminal does not read the keyboard..23:01
pedromy its a focus mystake..23:02
pedroonly solution i found is ctrl+alt+bkspc23:02
lagayes. well, it is supposed to do that. you need to enter your pass phrase for your key. or just click "abort" or whatever button there is23:02
pedroyes, but if i click in abort it aborts my ssh..23:04
pedrothere is a way to disable this?23:04
pedrolet the default way, asking by the terminal?23:05
lagapedro: the windows captures all input to make sure you don't enter your passphrase in the wrong window23:05
lagaoh yeah, you can do that. but i don't know how :)23:05
pedroi search on the web and many people have this doubt..23:05
pedroand no aswners!23:05
pedrothat problem happens if this window pops-up when you are on a full screen terminal23:06
mario_limonciellkees, okay i've  got an lpia patch together on ubuntu-dev-tools.  mind if i just push it out, or would you prefer to look at it first?23:14
mario_limonciellkees, er well i'ts in rev 108 on the branch.  if it looks good to you, i'll push it out to intrepid23:19

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