technomenschI have been trying to find the standard for putting dates for "last updated"03:50
technomenschyyyy=mm-dd???  mm/dd/yyyy (standard for us)03:50
Flanneltechnomensch: in the wiki, right?03:50
Flanneltechnomensch: @DATE@ is an easy way03:56
technomenschnot what I meant04:06
technomenschI am reorganizing the wifi cards by type within manufacturer04:06
technomenschwithin each page, they have "last updated" and the date formatting is constantly different04:06
technomenschI am trying to standardize them to be consistent04:07
Flanneltechnomensch: @DATE@ or [[Date(timestamp)]] do it with how the wiki is configured, which is also how its displayed at the bottom of the page.  That's probably the best 'standard' you can have. (even if you just hard code the text instead of using the macro)04:09
technomenschyea, but then it changes the date04:25
technomenschif someone hasn't updated it since, oh, 2006, then I shouldn't auto set the date with the code04:25
technomenschthese are the dates I'm talking about: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported04:26
Flanneltechnomensch: You can either use the macro, or just hard code it.  Use the same format as the standard wiki one.  Which would be YYYY-MM-DD04:26
technomenschok.  that's what I needed.  thanks04:27
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hornyforholbachnice to meet you10:10
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