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SmilderI've a problem here..03:02
Smildercan somewere help me?03:03
Smildercan someone help me?03:03
PiciSmilder: If you're looking for Ubuntu support, #ubuntu is the place to be.03:03
Smilderok.. thanks Pici.. I'll go here now.. ;)03:04
PiciSurely :)03:04
Smilder*there now..03:04
newz2000hi, is there a way to signal to ubuntulog bot that something of note has happened so that an anchor is placed in the irc log that we can link to?15:13
Picinewz2000: I don't believe that the bot supports something like that.15:21
Picinewz2000: I think the #ubuntu-meeting bot does something like that though.15:22
newz2000ah, another point to consider when deciding whither to have our meetings in our own channel or in #ubuntu-meeting15:22
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