s3adoes ubuntu 8.04's free software only mode have any proprietary drivers such as drivers for wireless cards in the kernel that are not open source?00:51
pwnguinit sounds like it shouldn't00:53
pwnguini assume it works by not enabling -restricted or -multiverse00:54
pwnguinand "evil" drivers should be in restricted00:54
s3apwnguin: lol im asking cuz both of my wireless cards work01:09
s3apwnguin: i hadnt expected that01:09
s3aso wait the whole free software only mode is all about not enabling those 2 repositories??01:10
s3abut there is no proprietary content to begin with in either ubuntu, right?01:10
s3aby either ubuntu i mean the free and non free modes01:13
pwnguindefine proprietary01:23
pwnguinnvidia drivers are closed source01:23
pwnguinwith a small wedge layer so they work, technically, and sometimes legally01:23
pwnguins3a: the free software mode is about making sure those repos are accurate01:24
pwnguini would have loved to have seen it become something like a project to both identify non free software and promote free alternatives, but that appears to have not been a priority01:25
s3aok so the ubuntu without the free software only mode has no proprietary software installed but has the repositories for proprietary stuff enabled..thats the only difference?01:25
pwnguinwhat else is there?01:26
pwnguina different background?01:26
s3awell, wireless cards drivers and i no video card drivers are free so i guess it is fully free01:26
s3ai cant think of anything proprietary01:26
s3athan the01:26
s3aartwork for firefox which doesnt matter since it doesnt get in the way of the freedoms and helps firefox keep its identity01:27
pwnguinlogos and trademarks are tricky01:27
pwnguinbut this is starting to have less to do with the kernel01:27
s3apwnguin: o ya lol but so ya the kernel is 100% free then?01:27
pwnguini assume so -- I haven't tried it01:28
pwnguinwhat i do know is that gobuntu failed at its mission01:29
s3aand wat do kernel upgrades do rely? it allows to see more hardware?01:29
s3apwnguin: ya cuz of gnewsense01:29
s3ai tried to go there01:29
s3abut they didnt have a 64 bit01:29
pwnguinwell, gobuntu was also created because of gnewsense01:30
s3ai would use gnewsense if it had 64 bit01:30
s3aya but developpers dint want to develop it bcuz of repositories??! like wat kind of reason is that, u can have the proprietary stuff disabled by default01:31
pwnguini havent followed it closely, but i suspect gnewsense developers didn't want to rely on launchpad01:32
s3apwnguin: launchpad is proprietary?01:34
pwnguinlaunchpad is owned by canonical and not all the source code is available01:34
s3ao sh*t01:35
pwnguinof course, it's also nowhere near stable, and I suspect one of their goals requires a stable abi01:35
s3ay is canonical of all ppl being like that??01:35
pwnguinapi really01:35
s3await wats abi and api01:35
pwnguinin the context of web software, the meaning of urls in relationship to the data they access01:36
pwnguinI suspect the goal of launchpad is to create a distributed bug tracker in the same way we have a distributed code tracker01:37
pwnguinI believe ive read that once they're satisfied that launchpad is capable of tracking another instance of itself, they'll release the code01:38
pwnguini think they've released the code to rosetta or something as a goodwill gesture01:38
pwnguinand like i said, it's still moving. they just redid the UI last week01:40
pwnguinonce you release the code, you'll have people who won't upgrade despite the code being "alpha"/"beta"; like a filesystem, you're doomed to worrying about it until the last user dissapears01:41
s3apwnguin: u kinda lost me but i have to eat breakfast now anyway02:17
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soren20:59:09 < soren> amitk: Wow, that's convenient. make mrproper nukes the debian/ directory even if you've spent 3-4 hours tweaking it and haven't  committed any of it.14:20
alex_jonisoren: yeah, it's quite fun.. I've got bitten by it a couple times too14:20
amitksoren: that was always the case :)14:24
amitkit is a conflict between the in-kernel config system vs. debian14:25
sorenamitk: Ok. It doesn't help much that if there's cruft in the tree, make helpfully tells me that "hey, you should try running mrproper".14:28
soren...and so I did, and then the dear Mr. Proper ate 4 hours of my work.14:28
* soren is not a fan of Mr. Proper anymore.14:28
amitksoren: you probably ran a 'make menuconfig' in the directory :)14:31
alex_joniamitk: how do you generate the config file usually?14:36
amitkalex_joni: tied up in a meeting that requires my attention. Catch me tomorrow please....14:39
alex_joniamitk: sure, no hurry..14:39
sorenamitk: No, I think I acutally ran dpkg-buildpackage -b.14:51
sorenI never ran menuconfig14:51
gnomefreak2.6.16.4 broke uspash. 15:48
gnomefreakoops 15:48
maks_ther is no uspash16:14
gnomefreakthere was 16:21
gnomefreakprior to .4 update i had a uslash (are we dropping it? or is it just meant not to have one)?16:22
AlexCONRADhi, I just installed the 8.04.1 alternate xubuntu. It seems that I no longer seem to need to install an alternative driver from realtek to make my RTL8111C network card to work (r8168/r8169 modules)17:11
BenCalex_joni: excellent17:35
alex_joniBenC: meant AlexCONRAD?18:22
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BenCalex_joni: yeah, stupid nick completion :)19:23
stgraberBenC: if you happen to have a second, can you fix bug 246222 ? it shouldn't take more than a minute to fix it in git so I can use my custom dsdt with the next kernel :) (not that I don't like the sound of my lappy fan going full speed all the time ...)20:06
stgraberhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/246222 (as you don't have ubottu here)20:06
stgraberBenC: thanks20:33
solarionanyone around to help diagnose an eSATA problem?22:28
solarionI gots tasty error messages!22:28
solarionno takers?  It could be interesting22:36

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