hornyforholbachi'm horny for holbach10:11
hornyforholbachnice to meet you10:11
pepFlannel: ping13:36
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Flannelpep: pong18:03
pepFlannel: hey :)18:32
pepdo you receive the e-mails from SpreadUbuntu mailing list?18:32
pepwe are trying to find a date/time to set up a meeting18:36
Flannelpep: I saw them, have been busy the first half of this week.  But, any time should be feasible, given enough notice.18:53
pepso saturday 21UTC should be ok?18:53
* cody-somerville notes that he can help with PHP if need be. :)18:55
Flannelpep: Yeah, it should be.18:56
pepcody-somerville: that's great! We will meet saturday probably, it'll proably take place here so you'll be able to follow the meeting18:57
boredandbloggingpep: where is the spreadubuntu conversation happening?20:10
pepboredandblogging: dev discussion?20:10
boredandbloggingpep: yeah20:11
pepboredandblogging: on the mailing list of the workgroup check out the archives here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/SpreadUbuntu/diy and join the team on launchpad to subscribe 20:11
boredandbloggingpep: thanks20:14
pepI will mail the list20:15
hubunt1Pep have we set the meeting for saturday?21:06
hubunt1Pep alive?21:35
pepyes hubunt121:35
pepinstalling my eeePC21:36
hubunt1Nice... It comes with xandross right?21:36
pepnah, this one came with XP, someone I made a website for gave it to me21:36
hubunt1Nice change21:37
hubunt1So you like it?21:37
pepgot to get the grips with the  tiny keyboard21:37
hubunt1I'm oon the n810 right now. I like MIDs21:37
pepbut yeah I like it21:37
hubunt1Is it heavy?21:39
pepthat's really tiny :D21:39
pep(just checked on the web what it was)21:39
pephubunt1: no it's not too heavy, a bit more than a good book...21:40
hubunt1Like under a kilo?21:40
peparound there yeah21:43
hubunt1I'm considering one... How much storage does it have?21:45
pepthe new ones have 8GB21:45
pepwith a decent usb stick it's ok21:45
hubunt1Running hardy now or what?21:46
pephubunt1: yeah, I'm running eeeXubuntu21:46
pepit works fine21:47
pepah my connection has problems21:47
hubunt1Is it fast? What are the processor and ram specs? BT, Wlan?21:48
pephang on21:49
hubunt1Sorry if i'm asking too much21:51
pepactually, the new ones seem to be much more performant21:51
pepat the bottom of the page you've got the details21:51
pepmine is one of the first21:51
pepI've got the 70121:52
pepthe 4GB21:52
hubunt1Is the meeting scheduled for saturday?21:52
pepyes, probably21:52
pepah got to mail the list tomorrow.... I'll write it down21:53

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