ScottKk0p: I'm a Kubuntu user.  Your .desktop isn't going to work to well for me.00:00
ScottKNote: the answer involves su-to-rrot.00:00
k0pso if I use menu files is it works in Kubuntu?00:01
ScottKNot what I'm saying.00:02
ScottKsu-to-root will used gksudo or kdesudo depending on which DE is in use.00:02
ScottKYou need to add a call to either dh_pysupport or dh_pycentral.00:02
k0pbut I'm on ubuntu and I don't have su-to-root command00:03
k0pis it normal?00:03
ScottKIt's normal for people doing Ubuntu stuff to forget Kubuntu exists.00:04
ScottKI think it's in the menu package.00:04
k0pI can't forgot the Kubuntu exists..00:05
k0pBecause I have twice machines .. One of them have Kubuntu :p00:05
ScottKGood for you.00:05
ScottKYes, it's in menu00:05
stgraberScottK: su-to-root should be moved to another package and be installed by default ... (installing menu by default is IMHO not a good idea)00:06
ScottKstgraber: I just volunteer here.  Above my paygrade.00:06
ScottKGood point though.00:06
k0pScottK, I added dh_pycentral00:10
k0pbut I don't understand yet what its suppose it to do00:10
ScottKYou'll need XS-Python-Version and XB-Python-Version in debian/rules00:11
k0pScottK, or in debian/control?00:12
ScottKControl, yes.00:13
NCommanderScottK, should I put the manpages in for the library in the -dev, or put it in a seperate -doc00:15
NCommander(I've seen it all sorts of ways on Debian, so I'm curious if Ubuntu has a preference)00:15
ScottKYou only need a -doc package if the docs are big?00:16
NCommanderPretty small, manpages00:16
NCommanderIt goes in dev, right?00:16
ScottKman page should go in the same binary that supplies the file that the man page is for, IMO.00:17
* ScottK is no library expert.00:17
* NCommander is not either00:17
NCommanderIt makes sense for me to put it in -dev, since if you not going to be doing development work for a library, why clutter up the filesystem?00:17
ScottKIf I can type /usr/bin/foo, I ought to be able to type man foo and learn something with installing another package.00:17
NCommanderTHere are no executable binaries in this package00:18
NCommanderjust a single library00:18
ScottKThen -dev.00:18
NCommanderThat's what I thought :-)00:18
NCommanderI'm just clearing out the lintman warnings, and I'll upload to revu00:18
k0pScottK, what is XB-Python-Version?00:20
ScottKThat's for the binary package what python versions it supports.00:21
ScottKSince you are packaging an application, I recommend 'current'00:21
k0pit's little weird because in XS-Python-Version you put >= 2.300:22
ScottKI'd put current there too.00:23
ScottKNo need to have an application built for multiple versions.00:23
ScottKGrab the Intrepid source for pypolicyd-spf if you want an example.00:23
k0pScottK, when I can see the source files?00:26
jdongto whomever who approved bug 246834, the package in proposed uses wrong Closes format00:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246834 in xkeyboard-config "No support for for Mac-like keyboard layouts with extra characters" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24683400:27
ScottKk0p: dget -x https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/pypolicyd-spf/0.7-1/+files/pypolicyd-spf_0.7-1.dsc00:27
ScottKjdong: Heya.  You missed a 'fun' Flash backport over the weekend.00:28
jdongScottK: oh but I read the aftermath00:28
jdongScottK: FWIW it worked on my 64-bit system :-/00:28
jdongthough I paid no attention to CPU usage00:28
NCommanderTwo lintian warnings left. yay00:29
jdongoh what silliness, 2W less battery consumption with hacked kernel 2.6.2600:30
jdongnow how to properly switch this macbook mobo to AHCI...00:31
jdongshocking that simply talking to it as if it were an AHCI device actually worked00:31
k0pScottK, so with this my rules it's totally useless?00:31
NCommanderjdong, I got a pro with **** battery life, any chance your hacked kernel will work on mine?00:33
ScottKk0p: Your rules are debhelper based and mine (in that package) are cdbs.  They will look different and that's OK.00:34
k0pso twice it's fine?00:34
k0pboth are acceptable?00:34
stgrabercdbs actually generates debhelper rules but it's usually easier and you get a cleaner rules file00:35
stgraberfor standard "./configure && make && make install" packaging it should only be 2-3 lines with cdbs vs a lot more with debhelper00:36
NCommanderScottK, my package is architecture specific, should I list lpia as a seperate arch in the control file, or will i386 be enough00:37
Adri2000NCommander: any doesn't work?00:39
stgraberwhat do you mean by arch specific ? It can only build on a limited number of arch ?00:39
NCommanderstgraber, yeah00:39
NCommandersparc, i386, amd64, hppa00:39
NCommander(sorta on the last one, the full API isn't available on hppa)00:40
stgraberah, so then you'll need to specify lpia00:40
NCommanderUgh, that's going to make getting this package accepting into Debian "fun"00:40
stgraberhmm, indeed :)00:41
NCommanderThis probably is a new issue, since there are very few packages which aren't arch all00:41
NCommander(I need this package to resolve a FTBFS on amd64 for google-preftools)00:41
ScottKNCommander: List lpia00:44
NCommanderThat should be noted somewhere on the wiki00:44
k0pScottK, what do you suggest to fix sudo question? replace gksu by su-to-root00:58
* NCommander grumbles about the pain of splitting this package is01:26
CyberCodI've been trying to understand the whole packaging process...01:26
CyberCodI must admit, so far it is beyond me01:26
NCommanderCyberCod, ever compile software from source?01:27
CyberCodyes, once, but several times I've tried and had errors and didn't know how to correct the problems01:27
NCommanderKnowing a bit of C/C++ is a lot of help01:27
CyberCoddependencies I guess01:27
CyberCodyeah, thats where I fall down01:28
NCommanderCyberCod, http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ - this is how I learned how to package for Debian01:28
NCommanderPretty much01:28
CyberCodI did manage to make a local repo on my LAN01:28
CyberCodI'm still learning01:28
CyberCodits just sluggish01:28
CyberCodI am thinking of trying a tougher distro so that I have to get the hang of compiling01:29
CyberCodlike slackware or something01:29
CyberCodand then come back to ubuntu with that under my belt01:29
NCommanderGo use Arch if you want to compile01:30
NCommanderOr gentoo01:30
CyberCodI went through that guide before, still felt lost01:30
CyberCodI heard gentoo is tough01:30
CyberCodI've got an old box I could tinker with it on though01:31
NCommanderIt takes three lines to install gentoo01:31
NCommanderBut each one is a few thousand characters long ;-)01:31
CyberCodI'm relatively new to linux... started with dapper01:32
NCommanderIf you want ot see a *really* simple package, apt-get source hello ;-)01:32
CyberCodbut I've been banging away it it pretty heavily01:32
NCommanderI used to run BSDs before I got here01:32
CyberCodI think I understood the mechanics of packaging okay, I just don't know how to troubleshoot when things go awry01:33
NCommanderJust hang out around here, and your bound to pick up a few things01:33
CyberCodI hope to01:33
NCommanderI'd suggest trying to find a broken source package and then making it compile01:33
NCommanderBut I already fixed a lot of the easier FTBFS bugs >.<;01:33
CyberCoddo you add packages also?01:34
CyberCodor just bugfix?01:34
NCommanderNot as often01:34
NCommanderI'm currently working on packaging though01:34
NCommanderA rather anonying library which installs different files on different architectures ...01:35
CyberCodI found a really nice DVD authoring app, I was really surprised it wasn't already in the repos... heard of ManDVD?01:35
CyberCodthat does sound annoying01:35
NCommanderNot offhand01:36
CyberCodsimilar in use to Nerovision Express.... hang on I'll find it for you01:36
CyberCodit already has a Debian package.... it just downloads like 37 dependencies when you run it through Gdebi01:37
CyberCodmuch friendlier than Qdvdauthor though01:38
CyberCodmy wife can use it01:38
NCommanderCyberCod, a debian package thats on packages.debian.org?01:47
NCommanderok, I see01:48
NCommanderIt's only in debian-multimedia01:49
NCommanderBut we should be able to sync it right into Ubuntu01:49
* NCommander pokes ScottK 01:49
CyberCodits a good app.... others should be able to find it easily and enjoy it01:50
=== nxvl_ is now known as nxvl_work
NCommanderIf it can't be synced, it should be very straightforward to get it through revu01:51
CyberCodit installed easily, just downloaded a butt-load of dependencies01:51
NCommanderNot suprising01:51
CyberCodbe good for UbuntuStudio default DVD app01:52
NCommanderAdri2000, ping?01:52
CyberCodcan't really make a default DVD app for regular Ubuntu, due to format restrictions, though, right?01:52
=== nxvl_work is now known as nxvl
NCommanderyeah, that's why DVD playback (and MP3 too) is disabled out of the box on ubuntu01:52
NCommanderMost people who enable it don't really have a legal license ...01:53
CyberCodthis is true01:53
CyberCodmost people couldn't care less01:53
CyberCodbut if it keeps canonical out of court, then I think they made the right decision01:54
CyberCodits easy enough to add in after installation01:54
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NCommanderScottK, ping02:04
Adri2000NCommander: pong?02:08
CyberCodis DVD and MP3 disabled on UbuntuStudio also?02:08
NCommanderAdri2000, can we sync packages from debian-multimedia?02:09
cody-somervilleSo does anyone know why the CC meeting didn't occur?02:10
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=== RoAk is now known as RoAkSoAx
NCommanderAdri2000, where do I file a bug for a package to be synced?02:15
Adri2000launchpad :)02:15
CyberCodwould it really be considered a bug that a package isn't included?02:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sync02:16
CyberCodI'm not objecting, I'm curious02:16
Adri2000CyberCod: a wishlist bug yes02:17
NCommanderAdri2000, I meant more specifically, I forgot where I put the sync request02:17
Adri2000NCommander: if you want to sync from debian, you can use the requestsync script (ubuntu-dev-tools the package), otherwise the wikipage is wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess iirc02:18
NCommanderAdri2000, thanks02:18
* NCommander attempts to figure out lintian overrides02:18
NCommanderFirst time I ever got a package that needed one02:18
NCommanderAdri2000, I need to kill shlib-with-executable-stack in libunwind7, got any idea how to do that?02:19
Adri2000I've never dealt with lintian overrides, but what about echo shlib-with-executable-stack > debian/<binary>.overrides ?02:20
NCommanderTrying that02:21
NCommanderMeh, this is the one thing I've never done packaging or fixing a FTBFS02:21
Adri2000NCommander: it's actually .lintian-overrides02:21
Adri2000and you need to call dh_lintian in your rules02:22
NCommanderI don't have a dh_lintian O_o;02:22
NCommandernor can packages.d.o find one ...02:23
Adri2000it's in debhelper >= 6.0.702:24
NCommanderSo only on intrepid?02:25
Adri2000or you can just install them manually to /usr/share/lintian/overrides02:25
Adri2000hardy has dh 602:25
Adri2000but 6.0.4 indeed02:25
Adri2000try backports02:26
NCommanderOh pretty02:27
NCommanderIt FTBFS on intrepid right out of the box02:27
NCommanderI'll deal with this headache later, I'm going to the movies02:28
CyberCodwhatcha goin to see?02:28
CyberCodand thanks for listening02:30
* Adri2000 goes to sleep02:30
NCommanderI'll request the sync when I get back02:31
snadgewheres the changelog for the latest kernel update (hardy)03:10
Hobbseesnadge: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/l/linux-meta/linux-meta_2. will tell you03:24
kostmoanybody home?  looking for a couple reviewers to finalize my pyrocket package: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=285704:00
iloweHi guys, I have my own private apt repo. I have signed the Release file and added my key to the apt trusted keychain; but I still get an "untrusted" message when I try to install packages. Any ideas?04:19
nxvlemgent: did you solved your problem?04:30
ScottKAny REVU admins around?04:37
ScottKYou might consider updating the Lintian the REVU is using.  It's a bit dated.04:38
Hobbseei think i still am04:38
ScottKThe one that was just sync'ed from Debian today has a number of good improvements and works fine on Hardy.04:38
nxvlScottK: i think i have already asked this today, but sync are made by archive admins, isn't them?04:39
* nxvl needs to sleep04:39
ScottKSync's are done by archive-admins, but if you aren't a motu/core-dev you need to get one to ack the request.04:40
emgentnxvl: sure.04:41
nxvlScottK: yes, i was asking after the ack04:44
nxvlScottK: thank you!04:44
Gralcocan anyone help me be eligible to be in the MOTU team04:47
* Gralco corrects himself *become04:48
* NCommander grumbles05:37
NCommanderAnyone alive?05:51
NCommanderScottK, RAOF ping06:06
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
NCommanderFinally, finally got this done07:09
\shgood morning07:13
NCommandermorning \sh07:18
* NCommander finishes packaging libunwind, clearing its lintian warnings on source/binary, and adding the get-orig-source target07:18
NCommanderI think its finally ready for REVU ;-)07:18
NCommanderIs anyone here willing to look at my package in REVU?07:30
* NCommander looks into grumpy groundhog08:12
NCommandermorning Ekushey08:15
Ekusheythank you NCommander :)08:16
NCommanderI uploaded my first new package to REVU, took ages to work out all the lintian issues08:17
NCommander(damn thing needed a lintian override in the end -_-)08:17
azeemNCommander: why didn't you update libunwind-0.98.5 in intrepid rather?08:24
NCommanderazeem, http://packages.ubunut.com/search?suite=intrepid&searchon=names&keywords=libunwind - what libunwind?08:25
azeemhrm, weirs08:25
NCommanderI can't be blamed for not checking08:25
azeemwell, there seems to be some story behind it08:26
azeemif the source is there but no binary packages08:26
NCommanderIt's only for ia6408:27
NCommanderAt least the packaged version is08:27
NCommanderProbably because only the ia64 completely passes the test suite (its documented in the manual that its expected not to fully pass on other archs)08:27
azeemlooks like a shortcoming in packages.ubuntu.com then08:28
NCommanderthere goes five hours of my life I won't get back08:28
NCommanderALthough on the plus side, I did learn quite a bit about packaging libraries08:28
azeemnow you can compare to the existing package :)08:29
Rocket2DMnHi, I'm not sure if I went outside my jurisdiction confirming this bug, but a package maintainer needs to perform the sync, and thus be aware of it, see bug 24682308:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246823 in gwyddion "New upstream release of gwyddion (2.10) available" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24682308:29
* NCommander is not ina good mood08:29
NCommanderazeem, on the plus side, my DD application actually moved08:29
NCommanderProbably the first DD to ever get accepted as a "hurd porter"08:30
NCommander^through the FD08:30
NCommanderso now that I'm sorta ticked about this08:40
NCommanderI'm going to go lie down, and then work on merging this cluster**** tommorow08:41
Hobbseehey jono09:11
huatsmorning everyone09:14
Rocket2DMnis somebody interested in taking this request?  bug 24682209:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246822 in prism "Prism on Intrepid should be updated to new upstream version 0.9" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24682209:21
waistlessbeen told to ask here, how do I force sun-java6-plugin to use the regular xulrunner1.6 instead of the one in hardy-proposed?09:53
waistlessbecause it doesn't require it, sun-java6-plugin is only in the normal hardy repo09:53
FlannelWhy is there a hardy kernel in universe?10:00
wgrantFlannel: Because some kernel flavours are in universe.10:07
Flannelwgrant: -generic?10:07
wgrantFlannel: That is a bug.10:08
wgrantBut you shouldn't be using packages.ubuntu.com to work that out.10:08
Flannelwgrant: The rest of the world agrees.10:08
FlannelIts easier than showing you a line number on a Packages.gz file10:08
wgrantFlannel: Launchpad knows better.10:08
wgrantLaunchpad is the source of the information in the first place, and is more obvious, and isn't likely to be days out of date.10:09
Flannelwgrant: The repositories still reflect it in universe10:09
slytherinFlannel: what does rmadison command say?10:12
wgrantFlannel: It's in hardy-updates/main, so it should be OK.10:12
wgrantBut it's still broken.10:12
Flannelslytherin: I don't have hardy, but: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27681/10:16
slytherinFlannel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27687/10:18
huatsSyntux__: are you around ?10:24
=== Tonio__ is now known as Tonio_
Syntux__huats, I am now10:36
geserwgrant: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/i386/linux-image-2.6.24-19-generic/+index lists it for -updates in main and for -security in universe11:16
wgrantgeser: I thought I said that earlier.11:17
geserthen I should read the scroll-back more carefully :)11:18
slytheringeser: any luck with batik yesterday?11:23
geserslytherin: it FTBFS for me during applying the patches11:24
wgrantThat seems to be batik's favourite pasttime.11:25
slytheringeser: really? which patch?11:25
geserslytherin: one moment, checking again11:25
geserperhaps I did a mistake in building the .orig.tar.gz11:25
geserslytherin: Trying patch debian/patches/01_build_xml.patch at level 1 ... 0 ... 2 ... failure.11:27
slytheringeser: I will check again when I go home and see if the problem is really with the patch.11:28
=== Syntux__ is now known as Syntux
geserslytherin: I guess it's my .orig.tar.gz. For some reason it contains only pdf-transcoder11:28
slytherinhe he11:28
slytheringeser: still I will have to check. May be the orig-source target was not proper.11:29
geserslytherin: let me first rerun get-orig-source after I installed unzip. I hope that I've now all packages needed for get-orig-source.11:31
slytheringeser: Ok. Got to go. Have meeting. Will catch you later.11:31
=== emgent_ is now known as emgent
geserslytherin: after finally getting a correct .orig.tar.gz it builds without problems.11:49
siretartfinally working batik?11:50
gesersiretart: it builds at least11:50
siretartgeser: I'm very looking forward in finally having a working fop, actually11:52
siretartand that is build-depending on batik11:53
gesersiretart: I just give fop a test-build with batik 1.7 and it FTBFS :(12:13
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siretartgeser: :(12:43
huatsScottK: are you around ?12:54
huats(I know you remember I was looking for you yesterday)12:55
ScottK-palmjdong: I've been through all *-backports and for dapper/hardy everything that's tested is acked. feisty/gutsy have some you need to look at.13:29
* ScottK-palm will be off the grid most of the day.13:30
emgenthey hey13:48
slytheringeser: Great, you sponsor batik, I will take care of anything that depends on it. :-D14:13
geserslytherin: as the source package is repackaged, shouldn't it be visible in the version string?14:17
slytheringeser: It is not dfsg repackaged right? I don't know much about that aspect. 1.6 didn't have any special version even though it was repackaged. Also README.Debian-source specified that it was repackaged.14:18
geserbut it's not also just the upstream zip converted into a .orig.tar.gz14:20
persiaTypically doing java .jar or .zip to .tar.gz is considered similar to .tar.bz -> .tar.gz.14:20
slytherinpersia: here I am adding additional sources for pdf-transcoder which is available only as jar in original upstream zip archive.14:21
geserpersia: this also contains a additional svn export14:21
persiaThat doesn't belong in orig.tar.gz: it should either be a patch, or the version ought be something like +svn...14:22
balachmar_Hi, I am trying to create a deb using pbuilder but I am running into problems14:23
slytherinpersia: I just did what was done in previous version also except the svn tag is different. Can we discuss this with Debian guys?14:24
balachmar_I have started a forum thread here, in which I have posted a link to the output pbuilder gives: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5378699#post537869914:24
persiaThat probably makes the most sense.14:24
slytherinpersia: Also the svn export is done from fop and not batik. So +svn version is also not appropriate.14:24
persiaYeah: that belongs in debian/patches, not in orig.tar.gz.  It can be discussed with Debian, but stuffing it in orig.tar.gz just makes it hard to determine how we differ from upstream.14:25
slytherinpersia: Keeping it in patch is easy but it will increase of diff.gz very much. Do you want me to write mail to debian-java list or will you do that. I am not sure I will be able to explain properly.14:27
persiaslytherin: If you could send the email, that would be great.  I haven't looked at the specifics, but in general, the rule is that orig.tar.gz ought be identical to upstream.14:29
slytherinpersia: Fine. I will ask for your review before I send it.14:29
persiaslytherin: Sure.  I've spotty network under current circumstances: please feel free to get another's review if I'm unavailable.14:30
balachmar_Could someone help me find out what goes wrong with pbuilder, because this error: E: pbuilder-satisfydepends failed. Isn't very informative14:32
slytherinbalachmar_: scroll your build output above. There must be some package missing/uninstallable.14:34
balachmar_http://pastebin.com/m2074bae6 this is a new pastbin. It starts with some package that are not installed, then it seems to select those packages (which is normal I think). Then some packages have unmet dependencies. Then it tries to resolve those. Then it says Score is -9850??14:38
balachmar_then it removes the package: pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy, which is normal I guess.. and then later it says: Aptitude couldn't satisfy the build dependencies14:39
balachmar_E: pbuilder-satisfydepends failed.14:39
slytherinpersia: geser: Please review - http://paste.ubuntu.com/27735/14:42
slytherinbalachmar_: Check line 95 - 103 in your pastebin14:43
balachmar_slytherin: yeah, I have noticed them, but aren't they fixed in line 112 and 113? I will add those dependencies to the build deps14:45
slytherinbalachmar_: No. The build dependencies you have specified are not installable. See if you have specified correct versions.14:46
balachmar_slytherin: ok will fix that14:47
geserbalachmar_: use the correct package names: the dev package for pcre is called libpcre3-dev (not pcre-dev) and for dbus it's libdbus-1-dev (and not dbus-dev) (similar for the others)14:47
slytherinbalachmar_: looks like the names are wrong. There is no gtk-xdev in Ubuntu, it should be something like libgtk2.0-dev14:48
balachmar_geser: Thanks14:48
geserslytherin: looks good (small typo in line 7: teh -> the)14:49
geserslytherin: iirc there is no requirement that a repackaged package must be named .dsfg, it's just a common one14:50
slytheringeser: Sent to debian-java mailing list. Let's wait for their inouts.14:51
geserslytherin: re batik review: if you need to modify the package again could you please remove the -1 from the versioned (build-)dependencies as that would fix a lintian warning14:54
slytheringeser: sure14:54
slytheringeser: Can you tell me what error did you get while building fop? May be I can work on them tonight meanwhile.14:57
persiaslytherin: I can only echo geser.  Nice post.14:57
persiaSeparately, +dfsg is often used when something needed to  be removed for DFSG reasons.  Often +debian is used when there are other special arrangements for building the upstream source.14:58
geserslytherin: too many errors and warnings that would fit into a terminal but I've seen at the end a summary telling the were 23 errors and over 300 warnings14:58
slytheringeser: Oh, my kind of work. :-D14:59
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balachmar_ok, now it got to the compiling stage, but it raised an error there: /usr/bin/ld: /usr/lib/libgnome-2.a(gnome-config.o): relocation R_X86_64_32 against `a local symbol' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC15:00
balachmar_/usr/lib/libgnome-2.a: could not read symbols: Bad value15:00
balachmar_Might this error be because I am on a 64 bit system and I have not added i32 stuff to the build dep?15:01
slytherinbalachmar_: what package are you trying to build?15:03
=== metilfenidato is now known as leleobhz
geserbalachmar_: is the package using static linking? because of libgnome-2.a15:06
balachmar_geser: How would I find that out?15:08
geserbalachmar_: check the Makefile15:09
balachmar_what am I looking for, I haven't made makefiles myself15:10
gesergood question, I'm not sure myself15:11
balachmar_But what if it is using static linking?15:15
gesertry to change it to dynamic linking15:17
warp10Heya all15:19
balachmar_I have no idea where to say that it should link dynamically. Also I have found out that it has something to do with: -fPIC. The error states that I should recompile using -fPIC. (But is that about the library or the program?)15:35
=== james_w_ is now known as james_w
nixternalOK, I need some regex help here....how would you remove everything after the package name with the following example? ->  binutils- to binutils15:50
gesernixternal: echo "binutils- to binutils" | sed -re "s/([[:alpha:]]*).*/\1/"15:53
nixternalthank you sirs15:53
nixternalyou are my heros!!!!15:54
gesernice, I just did a rebuild of pyepl: the compilation fails and still the package build continues :(16:04
xerxashi all16:30
xerxasis there a reason for a package to disappear in a new release ?16:32
xerxasI see a package that is in dapper, edgy, feisty and gutsy but not in hardy16:32
geserxerxas: several, which package is it?16:33
StevenKxerxas: Yes, which package?16:33
xerxasgeser, source: bandersnatch, binary: bandersnatch and bandersnatch-frontend16:33
xerxasseems to build fine with gutsy's dsc on my hardy-amd64 pbuilder16:34
* StevenK is checking16:35
geserxerxas: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/removals.txt : open security holes, unmaintained, removed from Debian16:35
xerxasalso, how can I build the package for i386 on a amd64 machine ?16:37
StevenKxerxas: Build an i386 chroot16:37
xerxasI need to create a pbuilder for i386 , right ?16:37
StevenKSo, yes.16:37
* kees likes sbuild over pbuilder </advertisement>16:37
StevenKkees: Fix sbuild so that it doesn't need many many many many many chroots :-)16:37
xerxasnever heard about sbuild16:37
keesxerxas: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SbuildLVMHowto16:38
StevenKsteven@liquified:~% schroot -l | wc -l16:38
keeshehe, this is fun16:39
kees$ schroot -l | wc -l16:39
keesthough, I think the person closer to 0 is the winner.  :)16:39
xerxasgeser,  is there a way to know wich security issues are on that package16:40
lagai've got 0.16:40
StevenKxerxas: I daresay checking the Debian BTS might tell you16:40
keeslaga wins.  :)16:40
xerxasme too , I have 0 ;)16:41
lagakees: i was surprised not to have the "command not found" joker, though :)16:41
xerxasanyway, guys, thanks !16:41
keesxerxas: http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvekey.cgi?keyword=bandersnatch16:41
StevenKkees: Many? :-)16:42
keesonly 4.16:42
StevenKWhich cover some brutal issues16:42
StevenKMultiple XSS and SQL injection.16:42
StevenKxerxas: Don't use it.16:42
keesxerxas: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=44204616:42
ubottuDebian bug 442046 in wnpp "O: bandersnatch -- Log Jabber conversations to a peer-visible" [Normal,Closed]16:42
xerxasStevenK,  why so ?16:43
StevenKxerxas: Because it does not look safe16:43
xerxasStevenK,  I don't mind, I need it16:44
xerxasit will not be public16:44
lilgieshello, I have a problem with pbuilder. I have this error : checking whether QTDIR environment variable is set... no configure: error: QTDIR must be properly set.16:44
lilgiesand I don't knonw how to set the QTDIR environment variable16:45
xerxasStevenK,  my company is making a chat, we might have legal issues, so we need to log all traffic16:45
xerxasbandersnatch seems to do that pretty well16:45
StevenKxerxas: I'd suggest you don't use it.16:46
xerxasStevenK,  but you're maybe right , ejabberd have a module that logs all traffic and don't necessarly needs bandersnatch16:46
slytherinlilgies: You probably haven't added correct build dependencies in the package, due to which the header files are not found and hence it is looking for alternate paths.16:46
lilgiesI have install libqt3-mt-dev16:47
lilgiesand the build depend is in the /debian/control file16:47
lilgiesI need to configure the rules file16:48
lilgiesI have try :  LDFLAGS="-Wl,-z,-L/usr/share/qt3,defs" but no success16:49
slytherinlilgies: Are you sure it works with qt3? If yes, you can add QTDIR variable in rules file.16:49
lilgiesyes I'm sure16:49
lilgieshow to add QTDIR variable in rules file this depend of the version of the ./configure ?16:49
lilgieswhith the ./configure --help I have not the --qtdir option16:50
lilgiesI have post here : http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?id=236861 (in french)16:51
slytherinpersia: geser: Do we have a meeting tomorrow?16:52
persiaslytherin: Which meeting?  (I have many)16:54
slytherinpersia: sorry, ubuntu-java16:55
persiaOh, yes.  I believe it's 14:00 UTC.16:55
slytherinpersia: 14:00? I thought it was 16:00. ANyway, I will be in office anyway.16:56
NCommanderhey all16:57
lilgiesthe requirement is : qt toolkit >= 3.1.0 and i use libqt3-mt-dev16:59
persiaslytherin: Ask ubottu in #ubuntu-meeting to check for sure.17:03
NCommanderemgent, nice work on becoming an MOTU17:03
ubottuPici: Schedule for Etc/UTC: 16 Jul 17:00: QA Team | 16 Jul 22:00: Platform Team | 17 Jul 13:00: Desktop Team | 17 Jul 14:00: Java Team | 17 Jul 16:00: Ubuntu Mobile | 22 Jul 11:00: Asia and Oceania Ubuntu Membership Approval Board17:03
emgentNCommander: thanks :)17:04
slytherinpersia: I will be there hopefully.17:04
NCommanderemgent, so I did something rather stupid; I repackaged something already inn Debian/Ubuntu17:04
NCommanderJust because it didn't show up on packages.ubuntu.com17:05
NCommanderOn the plus side, I learned about the wonderful world of lintian overrides17:05
slytherinNCommander: it is not as wonderful as you think17:05
persiaNCommander: rmadison will become your friend17:06
NCommanderSarcasm doesn't translate well onto IRC17:06
NCommanderpersia, who's rmadison?17:07
StevenKNCommander: madison is a Debian Archive Kit command to see what packages are in what release and what versions.17:08
jpdsNCommander: whatis rmadision17:08
StevenKNCommander: rmadison is "Remote Madison", and queries a cgi to see the same information17:08
NCommanderI did check by seeing if it was available via apt-get install17:09
NCommanderBut it isn't17:09
jpdsNCommander: it's in devscripts17:09
NCommanderIt was still an interesting experience17:11
NCommanderand it did teach me a thing or two about resolving the latest rash of FTBFS17:11
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
NCommanderemgent, out of curosity, how long did it take for you to become a MOTU?17:24
* NCommander is feeling that unique urge to package something17:36
NCommanderemgent, ping17:40
jpdsAnyone know why pbuilder could fail so: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27775/ ?17:50
NCommanderare you running pbuilder as root?17:52
jpdsYes: sudo DIST=intrepid pbuilder create17:53
NCommanderanything unusual going on with your system (aka, is your regular /proc fine?)17:53
jpdsGuess so: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27776/17:54
lilgieshello how to set QTDIR environment in the /debian/rules file ?18:04
NCommanderlilgies, You can se it like QTDIR=*, but why do you need to set it?18:15
lilgieshello NCommander I have found the problem18:25
lilgiesthat is because QTDIR=* must be on the same line that ./configure in the /debian/rules file and not on top of the ./configure18:25
lilgieson up of the ./configure (sorry for my bad english)18:26
lilgiesI need to set it for create de debian package18:26
NCommanderlaunchpad really running poorly today -_-;18:42
NCommanderI'm thinking of taking a stab at packaging truecrypt18:48
lagathere is no truecrypt package?18:48
NCommanderIt's a rather painful package since its a kernel module, binaries, and a few other things18:49
NCommanderIt seems though they finally cleared up their licensing18:50
=== chuck_ is now known as zul
AnAntHello, how can I know that requestsync actually did mail by synch request ?19:24
* norsetto kicks ubottu in the private parts19:36
NCommandernorsetto, don't castrate ubottu19:40
* NCommander fixed inkscape ^_^19:40
norsettoNCommander: hmmm, upstream still hasn't done that, I wonder why ...19:41
NCommanderUpstream as in Debian, or inkscape authors?19:41
norsettoNCommander: inkscape themselves, they use LP as their bug tracker19:43
NCommanderI found the patch on their trac19:43
norsettoNCommander: you mean bug 238223?19:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238223 in inkscape "build failure with gtk+-2.13.x: /usr/include/gtk-2.0/gtk/gtkctree.h:110: error: ‘GtkCList’ does not name a type" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23822319:44
NCommanderNope, different one19:44
NCommanderThis one is related to a FTBFS due to libpoppler19:44
norsettoNCommander: ah ok19:45
NCommanderUbuntu got an updated version of poppler19:45
NCommanderWhich causes Inkscape to FTBFS19:45
grimkohi all19:45
grimkoI would like to package the soft Adeona, the open source tracking system19:46
NCommandernorsetto, you a core dev?19:46
grimkodo you know if someone is already planning to do this ?19:46
norsettoNCommander: nope19:46
NCommanderI need one to help me work out a bug in mono19:47
norsettogrimko: there is a package in getdeb19:47
NCommandernorsetto, what's getdeb?19:48
norsettoNCommander: ask joao pinto, he hangs around here regularly19:48
NCommanderIRC nick?19:48
norsettogrimko: no sorry, its just a packaging request19:49
NCommanderyeah, I saw this request19:50
norsettogrimko: we have bug 248782 but apparently nobody is working on it19:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248782 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] adeona" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24878219:50
* NCommander looks at what it would tkae to package19:50
grimkoOK I'll have a look19:50
NCommandernorsetto, I'll package it19:50
NCommanderBut I can't assign myself to the bug19:50
NCommanderIANA Contributing Developer|MOTU19:51
norsettoNCommander: of course you can assign it to yourself, everybody can (I think you just need to be an ubuntero)19:51
NCommandernorsetto, I am, but those options are greyed out when I try to edit the bug19:52
vorianNCommander: join the bugsquad19:52
NCommanderCool, its an automake package, easy fix19:52
NCommanderer, easy packaging ;-)19:52
NCommandervorian, BTW, can you relink me to that TODO list for KDE4, I forgot to bookmark it and I can't find it19:53
NCommanderIt says I'm already a member19:53
NCommanderIt might be an edge bug ...19:53
* NCommander gets to try packaging with cdbs; a personal first19:54
NCommandergrimko, I already have a building package19:57
grimkoNCommander, OK, what should be the next step then ? Submit it to getdeb ?19:59
grimkoNCommander, I was thinking about learning how to package by trying on this one19:59
grimkoand then how does it end up in Debian or Ubuntu ?19:59
NCommandergrimko, I'll submit it to REVU20:00
NCommanderTHis isn't a trival package, it needs patches unfortunately20:00
NCommanderThe make install target is interactive20:00
=== devfil_ is now known as devfil
taconesuppose I want to resolve https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vim/+bug/125247 . what shuold I download ? hardy package or intrepid's ?20:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 125247 in vim "Apache config files in /etc/apache2/sites-available and /etc/apache2/sites-enabled do not alwyas have proper syntax highlighting" [Undecided,In progress]20:33
Adri2000tacone: intrepid20:36
taconeAdri2000: there's a command to download from intrepid ?20:36
taconeusually I use apt-get source but seems to download hardy's20:37
Adri2000tacone: add intrepid's deb-src to your sources.list, and then use apt-get source20:44
taconeAdri2000: this won't mess up my system ?20:45
Adri2000if you only add deb-src, no20:46
amireldorquestion: how do i become a motu?20:46
LaneyKopfgeldjaeger: Do you plan on doing the merge of nepenthes?20:48
taconeamireldor: you dig the ubuntu wiki to grasp how to help resolving bugs and how to package, ask your questions about that here. after some practice you ask for a mentor in the ML. as you get better you continue helping here and there until you find people willing to sponsor your application to become a MOTU20:49
Adri2000amireldor: check out wiki pages such as https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted20:49
amireldorAdri2000, thx20:51
amireldortacone, thx, will you be my mentor? :)20:52
KopfgeldjaegerLaney: I would, if I knew the solution to the build problem20:52
LaneyKopfgeldjaeger: I've come across this one before a few times so can do the fix if you don't mind20:53
Kopfgeldjaegeryeah, sure. Would be nice.20:53
LaneyIt's pretty simple - just declare a variable "size_t result" and then do result = <line giving the error>20:53
Laneyof course, the proper fix is to actually check the return code20:54
taconeamireldor: I am less than a beginner right now, so I guess not :-)20:54
NCommandergrimko, well, now there is a package that installs adeone; I just need to create the init.d file, and configuration templates,. and its just about good to go ;-)20:55
norsettotacone: adri2000 is right, if you still do not want to add the deb-src to your sources.list you can use dget to fetch your intrepid source packages (or alternatively, you can still use dget to fetch your hardy source packages)20:59
taconenice hint norsetto20:59
* norsetto wasn't fast enough to point the new mentoring program to amireldor21:01
slytherintacone: and dget -x will download and extract source. :-)21:01
* tacone btw tacone is brand-newly mentored now21:01
Adri2000and if you have both hardy's and intrepid's deb-src, you can also use apt-get source package=version21:01
norsettoAdri2000: yes, good point21:02
norsettoAdri2000: but it slows down your updates :-)21:03
* tacone will just create an alias for dget21:04
slytherinDoesn't dput check for file names before accepting an uploading? Isn't this upload broken - http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gcstar21:04
* NCommander grumbles about the license violation in Adeone21:04
norsettoslytherin: dput uploads what you tell it to uploads21:06
slytherinnorsetto: Ok. So please tell me if I am correct in saying that uploader has messed up that upload (or perhaps he has no clue how debian packaging works)21:07
norsettoslytherin: I suspect your second choice might be correct21:08
NCommanderanyone know a good random number generator that is under a GPL-compatible license?21:23
lagai guess we can skip the debian jokes21:26
mario_limonciellor the xkcd random number generator joke?21:28
lagayes, please.21:28
mario_limonciellNCommander, no license on it anyhow :)21:28
NCommanderlaga rofl21:28
=== tbf1 is now known as tbf
NCommanderI actually need to see if I can rip out OpenSSL in adeone21:30
NCommanderIts the classic GPL-OpenSSL license pain21:30
NCommanderadeone only using it for HMAC and its PRNG, so it *should* be fairly straightforward to replace that code21:31
NCommanderBTW, mario_limonciell, you work on the ubuntu mono package, right?21:31
mario_limonciellNCommander, can't say i do21:31
NCommanderdamn it21:31
mario_limonciellNCommander, i may have uploaded a fix in the past possibly?21:31
NCommanderI keep forgetting who I was refered to21:31
NCommanderTHere is a broken patch in mono21:32
NCommanderIt has caused at least two FTBFS21:32
NCommander(it was a pain tracking it down)21:32
lagamaybe directhex?21:32
NCommanderANd probably responsible for quite a bit of mono instability21:32
laganot sure, but i think he used to work on it21:32
NCommanderI wanted to mark the bug important, and confirmed, but I can't.21:32
mario_limonciellyeah directhex would probably be a good person to blame21:32
mario_limonciellit's easy to do that way :)21:32
NCommanderWell, whoever wrote the package stubbed out an entire function21:32
NCommanderWhich causes mono to randomly crash21:32
* NCommander pokes directhex 21:33
mario_limonciellNCommander, well if it's causing FTBFS, the packagers responsible for mono will have that taken care of by the time intrepid is live21:33
mario_limonciellwhat's the bug number?21:33
NCommanderHold on21:33
directhexwhat've i done wrong today?21:33
NCommanderI go to launchpad's page and I get a directory tree listing21:34
NCommanderWait, there it goes21:34
StevenKWhich page?21:34
NCommanderI went to launchpad.com by accident21:34
* NCommander hides face in shame21:34
StevenKI'll stop preparing an "ARGH" phone call21:34
mario_limoncielldirecthex, you weren't around, so it seemed okay to blame mono problems on you21:35
NCommanderStevenK, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mono/+bug/24778221:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247782 in mono "Ubuntu mono patch dont_check_proc_self_exe causes FBFTS in evolution sharp" [Undecided,New]21:35
NCommanderthat was meant for directhex21:35
NCommanderStevenK, you work on launchpad?21:35
StevenKNCommander: No, I work for Canonical.21:35
* NCommander bows down at StevenK's feet21:36
NCommanderYou always have to respect your overlords ;-)21:36
NCommanderdirecthex, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mono/+bug/24778221:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247782 in mono "Ubuntu mono patch dont_check_proc_self_exe causes FBFTS in evolution sharp" [Undecided,New]21:36
directhexNCommander, hooray! meebey's gonna love you for that one21:36
NCommanderThat was an absolute nightmare to track down21:36
NCommanderIt also is part of why fspot is FTBFS21:37
NCommanderANd I found another package that was erroring out due to it21:37
NCommanderdirecthex, I was just lucky the Debian package worked right, then I just had to step through the Ubuntu changes and found it via process of elimation21:38
directhexNCommander, the debian packages should be 100% source compatible, the ubuntu changes are largely silly. but shhhhhhhhh, don't tell anybody21:39
NCommanderI've got a few ideas how to fix the patch so it won't break everyone and their mothers21:39
NCommanderBut I don't want to do anything without someone to sponsor any possible fix21:39
directhexNCommander, i need to speak with a livecd expert to better understand WHY the patch is there in the first place21:39
directhexor slomo, if he lives21:40
directhexor both!21:40
NCommanderdirecthex, Well, the quick (and VERY) dirty way would to be look for a livecd specific file, and switch based on that21:40
nhandlerWhen a package is included in the Ubuntu iso, are its recommended/suggested packages also included?21:41
NCommandernhandler, f-spot requires it21:41
directhexNCommander, i see the logic, but how much potential slowdown would it cause? how often is the function called?21:41
NCommanderI said quick and dirty21:41
NCommanderThere is no justification for why this patch exists21:42
=== ember_ is now known as ember
NCommanderand I haven't had time to run mono's test suite on a livecd to see where and why it blows itself up21:42
directhexif you could find time, that'd be wonderful. i'm away from the office this week, so i lack my office pc with its handy vmware21:42
NCommanderI can track it down21:42
NCommanderThat's easy21:43
NCommanderFinding a sponsor21:43
NCommanderTHat's hard21:43
NCommanderI also have no clue how to create an ubuntu livecd21:44
NCommanderAt best, I've created a d-i CD for Debian, but something tells me that won't fly21:44
directhexisn't it possible to just install the mono .deb files from debian whilst booted into a normal livecd? it's all ramfs isn't it?21:44
directhexi've also only tinkered with d-i, not the livecd gubbins21:45
NCommanderI never looked into how the Ubuntu liveCD's really work21:45
NCommanderI could look into figuring that out21:45
NCommanderBut I'm not going to do it unless someone there to critique my work, I'm too used to patches sitting on Debian BTS for years21:45
mario_limonciellyou should be able to just install the debs21:45
mario_limonciellremastering the cd is more work than you should need for solving this21:45
NCommanderI'm currently rereading the braindeadness of this patch21:45
directhexNCommander, 1) i'm seemingly the de-facto ubuntu mono maintainer, as the "real" guys are rather busy. i'm currently the correct person to moan at. 2) that one ain't my patch! pwomise! <3 3) it'd be nice to kill the patch if it's not needed, as it's an ubuntu difference, and i've been doing my best to work on packages at the debian level21:47
NCommanderAccording to the changelog21:47
NCommanderIt is your patch ;-)21:47
directhexi've just carried it forward once or twice21:48
NCommanderI'm trying to figure out why accessing /proc/self/exe on a liveCD would cause mono to self-destruct21:48
directhexslomo added that patch to 1.2.4-6ubuntu121:49
NCommanderWe could cheat and simply hardcode the correct return function in21:49
directhexhm, i wonder if the old bugs say anything useful21:49
NCommanderI'm working backwards to figure this out21:49
NCommanderMono uses readlink on /proc/self/exe to determine its currently execution path21:50
NCommanderI can't figure out why on Earth that would fail on a read only filesystem21:50
lagait's not a read-only file system21:50
lagathe live disk uses unionfs21:50
NCommanderSHouldn't make a different21:51
NCommanderproc isn't part of the main filesystem21:51
lagawell, unionfs has all kinds of interesting breakage21:51
* NCommander is trying to make his way through mono's bug reports21:51
directhexwell, it requires investigation, but i'm in no position to properly investigate myself until i come back from my vacation21:51
NCommanderI can do it21:51
lagaNCommander: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/22411021:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 224110 in openjdk-6 "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/bin/java: error while  loading shared libraries: libjli.so: cannot openshared object file:  No such file or directory - /proc/self/exe fullpath error on stackable filesystem" [Undecided,In progress]21:52
lagaread stevenk's part.21:52
NCommanderI just found that ;-)21:52
norsettodirecthex: the patch is not from slomo, is from scott21:53
lagaNCommander: if that's related to your problem, maybe switching the live CD to aufs instead of unionfs will help.. not sure if it's planned for intrepid, tho. easy to test..21:53
NCommanderIf we want to be quick and dirty21:54
NCommanderWe can hard code the proper /usr/bin response into mono21:54
NCommanderor check for /squashfs, and strip it out as needed21:54
NCommanderAdding /squashmnt -> / and /persistmnt -> / symlinks works around the issue.21:55
NCommanderThis typically affects UME and live CDs.21:55
NCommanderTHen again, I think that's the better solution21:55
directhex  * When trying to determine the executable name reading /proc/self/exe,21:55
directhex    discard known prefixes used for unionfs mounts. LP: #224110.21:55
directhexlaga, thanks for the link21:55
* laga doesn't like unionfs. :)21:56
NCommanderSo we have three choices21:56
NCommanderAdd the proper symlinks to the livecd21:56
directhexnorsetto, ah, right, thanks. still, it was a functional if evil patch whilst it lasted21:56
norsettodirecthex: yes, pretty oldish21:56
NCommanderHave mono strip out the persistmnt/squashmnt, or ignore the issue ;-)21:56
NCommanderdirecthex, which way do you think we should work on fixing this bug?21:57
directhexi say we take the openjdk solution. whilst the symlinks are the nicest hack, i think it'll be much easier to get a fixed mono package put out versus a ficked base file structure on all ubuntu livecds21:58
directhexplus, it's backportable21:58
NCommanderI'm reading what the openjdk "fix" was specifically21:58
NCommanderAt least I know how to fix the issue, I can probably kick a patch out in a few hours21:58
directhexnot that anyone would backport mono, since it breaks the rules on frameworks causing regressions. *cough*21:59
NCommanderSo it won't be SRUed for Hardy?21:59
NCommanderDespite the fact it probably is causing the SIGSERV in F-Spot?22:00
directhexehm... no idea. someone with some seniority might say yay for a single patch22:00
NCommanderOk, looking at openjdk, they took my second action22:00
NCommander(that is, detecting the prefix of the path, and then stripping it out)22:01
* NCommander cracks figures and works at updating this patch22:01
directhexthis will all be clearer after i play some guitar hero22:01
NCommanderTHrough the Fire and Flames on Expert!22:01
directhexi'm a sucker for knights of cydonia22:02
NCommanderat least mono uses dpatch22:03
NCommanderI'd been ticked if it used quilt22:03
directhexmeebey's a big dpatch fan, so that's what any package that goes near him tends to use22:03
directhexas a result, dpatch is the only patchsys i know22:04
NCommanderI love dpatch22:04
NCommanderI personally think quilt is a pain in the ass to use22:04
NCommanderwhen I took over maintainership of cvsps, I replaced quilt with dpatch22:04
NCommanderdirecthex, ok, I'm writing the new patch right now22:05
NCommanderBut I'm going to have to create a liveCD to properly test it so ...22:05
lagaprobably not22:05
NCommanderthat may take awhile to figure out22:05
lagayou can just install packages on the live disk22:05
NCommanderYou can?22:06
lagadpkg -i..22:06
NCommanderThat's news to me o_o;22:06
lagamight have to restart f-spot or whatever is triggering the problem..22:06
NCommanderEvery mono package probably should be given back though22:06
norsettoRAOF: re. bug 249100, does specto require python-gconf?22:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 249100 in specto "specto package doesn't install correctly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24910022:07
NCommanderdirecthex, I've marked that bug nominated for release22:08
* NCommander finishs writing the new patch22:16
taconeBug 125247 seems already fixed in Intrepid, but I can't test it because of missing build-dependancies when I run debuild. what shuold I do ?22:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 125247 in vim "Apache config files in /etc/apache2/sites-available and /etc/apache2/sites-enabled do not alwyas have proper syntax highlighting" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12524722:18
NCommanderdirecthex, ok, I'm building a new mono now, and I'll test it by building one of the packages that blew up due to the old patch, and then test it on a liveCD22:19
norsettotacone: install the missing build-depends?22:19
directhexNCommander, brilliant22:19
NCommanderdirecthex, I work fast; one of the perks of being a Debian GNU/Hurd porter ;-)22:20
taconenorsetto: I am trying with pbuilder. "Aptitude couldn't satisfy the build dependencies"22:23
norsettotacone: you mean you were building your binary package with debuild?22:23
taconenorsetto: sudo pbuilder build *.dsc22:24
* NCommander wishs his laptop was faster22:25
norsettotacone: ok, I think I understand what you are trying to do, if you are backporting the package, make sure that you use correct versions for the build-depends (and possibly depends)22:25
taconenorsetto: I am trying to fix a bug. since looking at source it seems to be already fixed in intrepid, I was just trying to make a deb to test it.22:26
taconeguess my pbuilder was set to hardy. trying to update it to intrepid.22:27
NCommanderdirecthex, any good ideas how to test this on the liveCD? (I'm going to make sure the patch works by building evolution-sharp, which FTBFS due to the old patch)22:27
norsettotacone: yes, but if are you trying to make an hardy deb from an intrepid package, you might have to check that b-d and d are available from hardy22:27
directhexNCommander, seems like the best way to do it22:27
directhexNCommander, you have your reproducible test case - build evo sharp22:28
NCommanderdirecthex, am I going to have to run down a sponsor for this, or are you willing to sponsor?22:28
norsettoNCommander: oh dear, are you going to run down a sponsor? Can I suggest a name :-)?22:29
NCommandernorsetto, funny, very funny22:29
NCommandernorsetto, I'd run down the person who thought it was a good idea to stub out a function in mono without checking to see if it does anything important!22:30
norsettoNCommander: wait until you hear the name22:30
* NCommander waits for the name22:30
directhexNCommander, i can't sponsor it AFAIK. i can cheerlead a little if that helps22:31
directhexfaster than a salamander, it's the mighty ncommander! goooo team!22:31
NCommanderdirecthex, Well, I'm not even a contributing developer, so its a pain to get anything in main22:31
norsettoNCommander: just subscribe u-m-s,and check with dholbach or sistpoty tomorrow, they are usually helpfull22:32
* NCommander expands the bug report to explain more of what's happening22:33
nealmcbIs there a convenient tool to do what apt-get source package=version does, but for a different release?  I see that "package/release" is documented in the apt-get man page, but it isn't finding what I'm looking for.  I'd prefer not to have to mess around with sources.list   I basically just want to diff two different ubuntu releases of a package (e.g. hardy vs gutsy).22:33
norsettonealmcb: use dget22:33
NCommanderBTW, directhex can you at least sponsor a FTBFS fix for a universe package, its been stuck on the tracker for awhile22:34
Laneynealmcb: I wrote a pull-lp-source script which might do what you want22:34
nealmcband apt-get source net-tools=1.60-17ubuntu1 says E: Unable to find a source package for net-tools   - odd22:34
nealmcb -22:34
Laneynealmcb: bzr branch lp:~laney/ubuntu-dev-tools/dev22:34
directhexNCommander, which package?22:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247886 in transproxy "FTBFS fix on AMD64/SPARC/IA-64" [Medium,In progress]22:35
nealmcbcool - thanks norsetto and Laney22:35
NCommanderJust call it the tax on me fixing mono ;-)22:35
LaneyIt just automates the doing to LP and doing dget -x.22:36
* NCommander downloads the hardy liveCD22:36
norsettoLaney: does it use apt-cache?22:38
Laneynorsetto: No, I took that bit of the code from prevu22:38
norsettoLaney: ah ok, no idea what prevu does, some pretty fancy thing knowing jdong22:39
LaneyIt screen scrapes LP at the minute - bit ugly, but at least it doesn't require sources.list modification22:39
ubottu<Hobbsee> jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!22:39
NCommanderdirecthex, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mono/+bug/247782 care to add any comments (I added an overview of the bug, and if you could, also please set the importance)22:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247782 in mono "Ubuntu mono patch dont_check_proc_self_exe causes FBFTS in evolution sharp" [Undecided,In progress]22:47
huatsnorsetto !!!22:48
norsettohuats !!!22:48
ScottKhuats: I'm here now for about 10 minutes.22:48
NCommanderhey ScottK22:49
ScottKHeya NCommander.22:49
huatshey ScottK22:49
NCommanderScottK, Been following the broken mono issue?22:49
wgrantLaney: Why do you need to screenscrape? The URL is predictable now.22:53
Laneywgrant: The URL to the dsc for a particular release?22:54
ScottKNCommander: No.  As a KDE person, I've no real interest in mono.22:54
Laney(also, again, I took that piece of code from prevu)22:54
* NCommander steals ScottK's KDE22:54
wgrantLaney: For a particularly sourcepackagerelease yes, but not the distrorelease.22:54
* ScottK fires up vim and keeps working.22:54
Laneywgrant: Right, the screenscraping is to get the version in a particular distrorelease.22:55
wgrantYou could probably use rmadison or something to get that, but there's no nice Python interface AFAIK :(22:56
ScottKStealing running code is easier though.22:56
* Laney nods22:56
LaneyIf I want to go that way then I'll reverse engineer rmadison (if someone hasn't done it already)22:57
norsettoLaney: wouldn't be easier to just look at its source code?22:58
ScottKLaney: requestsync is written in Python and needs to get the current version from LP.  You might look at that too.22:58
Laneynorsetto: That's what I meant ;) Maybe "port" would have been a better word22:59
LaneyScottK: That parses rmadison's output. Could be a workable interim approach too22:59
NCommanderok, mono *finally* finished building23:00
directhexNCommander, it's not a speedy one to build. generally, nothing MOAR MHZ can't fix23:00
NCommanderMOAR MHZ?23:00
ScottKNCommander: For me a broken mono is more of a feature than a bug.23:01
NCommanderI'm inclined to agree with ScottK  ;-)23:01
NCommanderHowever, its also the responsibility of the Ubuntu Developers to make sure that every package we ship is as bug free as possible23:01
norsettoscottk: since when is mono not broken!?23:01
* NCommander cues the cheesy music23:01
* NCommander has mixed feelings on C# in general23:03
ScottKNCommander: With mono it's more a question of what you think the biggest bug is.23:05
directhexhere we go...23:05
NCommanderWell, now that Java is free,its pretty hard to justify cross-platform development on Mono23:05
lagatook them (= sun) long enough23:05
NCommanderBut it did happen23:06
directhexheaven forbid open source have several similar yet different options with cultish followings23:06
NCommanderNow Mono has to play catchup with whatever version of C# is out from MS, and they seem to like to change the schematics of the language every point release23:06
directhexhard to justify gnome development now kde4 is out & amazing & new, hard to justify python development when perl is so much more mature, etc etc etc23:07
NCommanderI said cross-platform23:07
bahadunnin launchpad in the mentoring section any of these packages labeled [needs-packaging] are good to work on?23:07
NCommanderMono doesn't have a great track record of running .NET apps coded on VIsual Studio23:08
NCommanderand if its a mixed mode app, you have to install mono in WINE to make it run23:08
directhexNCommander, how much of that is bad code though? things like hard-coding \ instead of using path.combine()23:08
directhexor pointless p/invokes to windows dlls like system3223:09
NCommanderPretty much23:09
NCommanderI don't have a problem creating a FOSS C# language23:09
NCommanderBut it seems a little crazy trying to catch up with .NET when you need a full Win32 API if you do anything outside of pure mode apps23:09
NCommanderthen again23:09
NCommanderWINE is probably the definition of insanity23:09
directhexi write for linux, and then find myself pleasantly surprised by apps runnin on windows and mac just as well23:09
NCommanderdirecthex, That works fine23:10
NCommanderIts the other way that usually breaks straight to hell and back23:10
directhexMoMA is a useful tool, though23:10
directhexand for many corps using .net for their internal apps, the small level of work required to fix their biggest coding erros may be worth it23:10
taconenorsetto: ok, the bug is fixed on intrepid23:10
* NCommander shrugs23:10
taconewhat shall I do ? simply comment on launchpad ?23:10
NCommanderI still perfer Java for cross-platform compability23:11
NCommanderSimply because the offical implementation is now FOSS23:11
norsettotacone: its that an important bug? Fixes a crash or something?23:11
NCommanderand thus is write once, work everywhere23:11
directhexit's certainly true that most off-the-shelf .net apps don't work, but like i said, that's largely due to bad coding practice more than problems with mono itself23:11
taconenorsetto: syntax highliting in vim :-)23:11
NCommanderdirecthex, yeah, I gert that23:11
NCommanderdirecthex, I still find mono is write once, test everywhere ;-)23:11
directhexNCommander, that argument only gained weight a few months ago though, until then all we had was free "crash your apps every few minutes" java23:11
taconeirrilevant bug. bug 12524723:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 125247 in vim "Apache config files in /etc/apache2/sites-available and /etc/apache2/sites-enabled do not alwyas have proper syntax highlighting" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12524723:12
NCommanderAnyway, testing evo-sharp23:12
norsettotacone: ok, than its not sru material, just mark the bug report as fix released, you may want to paste the changelog of the fix-releasing version too23:12
directhexNCommander, almost as handy as "only works for banner ads" free flash23:12
NCommanderdirecthex, if I didn't think mono was worth it, I won't be here digging through its code fixing it ;-)23:12
NCommanderdirecthex, actually, my flash works for youtube and nothing else23:12
NCommanderI use swfdec vs. gnash though23:12
taconenorsetto: ok, if I find it.23:13
NCommanderOk, updated mono built evo-sharp no problem!23:13
NCommandernow if I get a working mono on the liveCD, I can submit this, and start the sponsor hunt23:13
directhexsubscribe u-m-s, then act loud & obnoxious in #ubuntu-*23:14
directhexworks for me!23:14
NCommanderPretty muich what I do23:14
NCommanderdirecthex, it sounds like this issue been floating around (the random segfaults)23:14
NCommanderHow far back does it go?23:14
directhexNCommander, it rings a few bells. let me check some irc logs23:15
directhexhm, nope, can't find it. most f-spot issues i see mentioned involve hanging on quit23:17
NCommanderIts probably a relief that its finally been nailed23:17
NCommanderdirecthex, this is probably related23:17
NCommanderif mono segfaults, that's pretty much what would happen to f-spot23:17
directhexwell, yes. i might even be able to convince meebey to include a theoretically non-evil patch in debian's mono packages, for future simplicity23:17
NCommanderFrealomg ;ove CD sp s;pw ///23:18
NCommander*Freaking live CD is so slow23:18
bahadunnif a bug is triaged what does that mean?23:20
norsettobahadunn: that somebody from the bug-squad went through it and believes it has all the necessary info to be able to fix it23:21
NCommanderdirecthex, well, this isn't the grand stupidity patch the last revision was23:21
bahadunnnorsetto: okay thanks23:21
NCommanderIt might even be possible to convience mono-upstream to take it23:21
norsettobahadunn: for your future reference: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status23:22
bahadunnnorsetto: thanks23:22
NCommanderTHe intrepid mono has dependencies that hardy doesn't23:23
StevenKNCommander: It probably has a version greater than hardy, too. :-)23:23
nealmcbLaney:  pull-lp-source is working like a charm...23:24
directhexhang on, i know the answer to this one23:24
* NCommander grumbles and creates an intrepid chroot23:24
NCommanderOh, awesome23:24
NCommanderI managed to crash the CD23:24
NCommanderIs there an intrepid liveCD?23:24
StevenKNCommander: Yes.23:25
StevenKNCommander: Would you like a link?23:25
StevenKHeh, sec23:25
directhexthe intrepid source package should build unmodified on hardy23:25
NCommanderYou want me to build on a LiveCD?23:26
NCommanderI like pain, farbut that's taking it a little23:26
StevenKNCommander: ^23:26
NCommanderTHat should help23:26
NCommanderThis has 17 minutes to download23:27
NCommandertime to run and get a quick dinner23:27
NCommanderback with dinner and a intrepid CD23:39
NCommanderIt figurs23:44
NCommanderThe intrepid liveCD doesn't properly start it23:44
directhexwhy doesn't your hardy cd work, precisely?23:45
directhexthere's always a plan b, which will annoy you intensely as it involves rebuilding mono again23:45
NCommanderWell, I already rm'd the hardy livecd23:46
NCommanderdirecthex, the dependency for mono aren't there23:46
huatsSyntux: hey23:46
huatsSorry I have to leave23:46
huatsI sent you an email :)23:47
Syntuxit's ok :-) hmm well I did not get any email from you23:47
directhexdeb-src http://directhex.mfgames.com/ hardy main23:47
directhexmay cause cancer, blah blah blah23:47
NCommanderwhat's in that repo?23:47
huatsSyntux: you will, I just sent it23:47
Syntuxhuats, okie, will work on it tomorrow :-) Thank you23:48
NCommanderOk, I got the livecd to boot to a command line23:50
NCommanderI'm in business :-)23:50
directhexNCommander, that's where i put my mono backports for hardy. since officially backports for frameworks aren't allowed23:52
NCommanderThere isn't enough room to install mono ont eh CD with its dependencies23:54
lagahow much RAM have you got?23:54
* NCommander ups the amount the VM can use23:54
lagaah. heh :)23:54
NCommanderand now I wait for the CD to boot. again.23:55
NCommanderOk, now the CD has 813 MB of ram23:58

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