ebilHi I'm having an issue with the dvd ripping function of mythDVD00:11
ebilbasically, if I start an ISO rip, it just flashes the status screen then about 2 seconds later says "No job"00:12
ebiland dies00:12
ebilnow, is there any way to tell it to rip to a specific directory? (I can set the temp folder, but not the dest folder, it defaults to my mythvideo folder, which is not what I want because I have a 1.2TB raid array on the network which is where I'd rather it dropped things00:40
squish102change your mythvideo dir to your raid array?00:42
ebilhere's the problem00:42
ebilthe mythvideo dir is /mnt/videos00:42
ebilthen I mount all the different video dirs on the raid array IN that dir00:42
ebilso, I have /mnt/videos/movies /mnt/videos/anime and would want to add /mnt/videos/dvdrips00:43
squish102i see your [problem00:44
squish102nothing a little 'mv' wouldnt fix.. poor workaround, i know00:45
tgm4883_laptop8.04.1 torrents are up00:47
squish102is there a way i can download required patches to go from 7.10 to 8.04 without applying them yet?00:55
squish102i'm still recording some stuff tonight00:56
squish102i mean the upgrade01:01
squish102all the required downloads to go from 7.10 to 8.04 and get ready to apply them01:01
darthanubisyou need to read up on how to upgrade the OS01:02
astro_is anyone here using a microsoft mce keyboard with the current mythbuntu?01:05
darthanubisbut Iam using a ms digi keyboard with ubuntu01:08
astro_did you use mod_mce ?01:08
darthanubisnot that I'm aware01:08
darthanubisI did not do anything differnt01:08
darthanubisjust configured it via the gui01:09
darthanubisthe "keyboard" menu01:09
astro_is it a wireless ir keyboard?01:09
darthanubismy wireless joint is Logitech01:12
darthanubisworks like a charm01:12
astro_in mythbuntu?01:13
astro_ir or bluetooth?01:13
darthanubiswell my ubuntu desktop that I use as a myth box01:15
darthanubisthe ir reciever is usb/serial01:15
darthanubismy remote is ir via the tv tuner01:15
astro_i guess my problem is mythbuntu is pretty stripped down01:15
darthanubisinstall the mythuntu command center01:16
astro_so i gotta get all the source and stuff to complie the module for this ms keyboard01:16
darthanubisI doubt that01:16
astro_whats command center01:16
ebilsquish102, yeah, I will probably just end up mv'ing them in the end. cron is a wonderful tool :)01:17
darthanubisastro_, search synaptic for apps I drop;)01:18
cr3olhello all01:23
cr3olI am a noob to mythtv but i am having a couple of problems01:24
cr3olfirst lirc is crashing. I have followed the instructions for my remote ATI usb Remote wonder01:24
squish102cr3ol i had that one working once, i think i selected X10 remote in user space or something01:26
cr3olSecond DVD Import is getting errors and won't copy DVDs for me. If this is due to an encrypted DVD, that is fine, I just wanted to make sure.01:26
cr3ol@squish102 Thanks I'll check that out01:27
cr3ol@squish102 Yep that is the one I am using too.01:27
squish102cr3ol although i didn't try too long with that remote, as it was intermittent and i went back to a remote keyboard until i found a better ir receiver/remote combination01:28
cr3ol@squish102 what did you find to be better?01:29
squish102cr3ol i am not a good source ;) i only tried a week ago to get it working better01:31
squish102and i eventually had a firefly mini reciever i got with "beyond tv" and then configured a logitech harmony 550 universal remote01:32
squish102but that is definatly not the way to go01:32
cr3ol@squish thanks anyway01:46
baalsgatedoes the sound upmix only work for tv as i dont seem to get 5.1 when playing mp3's08:39
Bob24my system is running in low graphics mode could someone please advise what i can do? I tryed EnvyNG and still no luck (unless i should use a manual driver) its on a nvidia card it was working before though.08:49
baalsgatechange your display settings ?08:50
baalsgateresolution ?08:50
Bob24same thing its flickering like crazy, i intalled the Nvidia EnvyNG driver08:53
Bob24when i look in the settings its showing vesa generic08:53
baalsgatesounds like your video setting are wrong08:53
baalsgateif your running the nvida drivers you will have a nvida control panel08:54
Bob24i do but it has an error when i enter it08:55
baalsgatebetter still edit the xorg.conf manualy08:55
Bob24what should i change in it?08:55
baalsgateand restart x08:55
baalsgatefix your monitor settings the  HorizSync  sounds like its wrong08:56
baalsgateare you running on a tv or LCD ? or both ?08:57
baalsgateyou need to know specs of your monitor08:57
baalsgateprobe does not always work08:57
Bob24on a tv08:57
Bob24ita a media centre i terminal into it to configur08:58
baalsgateok then NTSC , PAL PALB PALG etc there are a few differrnt things there too08:58
baalsgatethats fine08:58
Bob24in the xorg.conf file08:58
baalsgateso go to /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:59
baalsgatemake a backup xorg.conf.bak08:59
baalsgateedit the file08:59
Bob24yep doing it now08:59
Bob24it shows default monitor08:59
Bob24is the depth the refresh rate09:00
baalsgatewhat country are you in ?09:00
baalsgateok easy me too09:00
Bob24k cool09:00
baalsgateunder section monitor  horizSync 28.0 - 33.009:01
baalsgate VertRefresh     43.0 - 72.009:01
baalsgatewhat nvida card are you using ?09:01
Bob24Ge FX 5700 256 my vivo09:02
baalsgatehave you got a "Option         "DPMS" "09:02
Bob24is that under section extensions09:03
baalsgatebe under monitor09:03
baalsgateor monitor009:03
baalsgatei usualy comment that out09:03
Bob241 sec09:04
baalsgatehow are you connecting your tv ? svideo or composite ?09:04
baalsgateunder section screen09:07
baalsgateadd Option         "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO"09:07
baalsgateor Option         "TVOutFormat" "COMPOSITE"09:07
baalsgateand Option         "TVStandard" "PAL-B"09:08
baalsgatesave the file see how that goes.09:09
baalsgateshould be a snap to find a heap on google about xorg.conf09:09
baalsgateespecialy for nvidia09:09
Bob24http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/27668/ heres my config just so u can see what i have09:10
baalsgateim running dual screens on my mythbuntu09:10
Bob24thing is i can see the screen but its in low graphics mode, so u want me to add those line09:11
baalsgateyou want me to edit it for you ?09:12
Bob24its ok ill try first09:12
Bob24can i add all three09:12
baalsgatechange your metamodes line09:13
baalsgatethe res under screen is only 640x480  go higher !09:14
baalsgateor 1024x76809:15
Bob24what about the refresh rate09:15
Bob24ok i set it to 800x60009:16
Bob24do u keep the refresh rate at 6009:16
Bob24k do i change anything else09:18
Bob24ok done what about depth09:19
baalsgategive me a second there is so much to change here i may as well edit on pase bin09:19
Bob24ok thanks heaps09:19
Bob24thing is will it be using the nvidia driver, or a genric one then?09:21
Bob24sorry for the hassle09:28
baalsgatetry this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/27672/09:33
Bob24k thanks09:49
Bob24will try it now09:49
Bob24k its rebooting now just gonna see what happens 1 sec09:58
Bob24k still in low graphics mode in the same reso10:01
Bob24it went bak to the default xorg.conf config10:02
Bob24why is this?10:02
lagathat's bulletproof x10:03
lagaif your X server fails to come up, then it'll revert to the default config10:04
Bob24hm ok10:04
Bob24what should i do?10:04
baalsgateinstall the nvida package properly10:05
baalsgateread the manual10:05
Bob24properly i installed it through envyNG like every other time that worked10:06
baalsgatebob go into the mythbuntu control center10:08
baalsgatelaunch the restricted driver manager is the nvidia accelerated grapghics diriver installed ?10:09
Bob24its not10:10
baalsgatetheres ya  problem10:10
Bob24cos i was installing the nvidia drivers, do u still need it installed to run the nvidia driver?10:11
baalsgatewhat ?10:12
baalsgateit needs to be installed to run10:12
baalsgatethe nvidia xconfig is handy too for a quick gui setup10:13
baalsgatesorry  bob i have to take off but install the nvida-glx  and you should be right10:15
baalsgatebetter still try google mythbuntu nvida install10:17
lagai'd rather consult the envy-ng manual10:17
baalsgateyep what ever floats ya boat10:18
Bob24k thanks people will give it a go10:18
baalsgatei have to scoot10:18
sebrockI've got trouble changing my tuner with "Y", anyone else got this? I am however able to change the tuner using the menu...10:34
MigzuI'm having problems updating mythtv-database11:14
Migzui get this error: "syntax error at -e line 5, near "¤db = DBI->conenct('"11:14
MigzuI've tried to delete the package and redownload it11:15
MigzuDidn't help11:15
MigzuIt comes when apt-get tries to configure mythtv-database11:15
MigzuShould i ask this in #mythtv instead?11:16
lagamyttv-database usually doesn't do things on update.11:16
lagawhat version of ubuntu are you running?11:17
MigzuNewest packages11:17
lagawell, of course, the script is run, but it doesn't do anything11:17
lagabecause "¤db = DBI->conenct('" looks like you got a special character in there11:17
MigzuThis comes when i do apt-get upgrade11:17
Migzui mean $db11:17
Migzumiswrote it11:17
MigzuI can't update mythtv or mythtv-backend packages now11:18
MigzuCause they depend on mythtv-database11:18
lagawhat happens if you sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database?11:19
Migzu"/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: mythtv-database is broken or isn't installed completely"11:20
MigzuOr that in finnish11:20
MigzuIt gives me these errors every time when i use apt-get11:22
MigzuEven if i install something else11:23
lagayou probably get the error because you didn't set up all the details.. i'm not even sure if i have mythtv-database installed, you only need it once11:23
lagayou can disbale the postinst script for the time being11:23
MigzuBut how do i update mythtv and mythtv-backend then?11:23
MigzuThey depend on mythtv-database11:23
lagamythtv-backend does not depend on mythtv-database11:24
Migzumythtv then11:24
lagamythtv-backend-master does AFAIK11:24
lagaMigzu: mythtv is just a meta package ;)11:24
lagals /var/lib/dpkg/info/mythtv-database.* -11:24
lagathat will give you the scripts11:25
lagajust putting "exit 0" in the second line should be enough11:25
lagabut it might break again on the next update..11:25
Migzushould i reinstall mythbuntu completely?11:28
MigzuWould it fix this fully?11:29
MigzuDamn, my keyboard layout is messed up11:29
lagawhy would you want to reinstall mythbuntu? that shouldn't be necessary11:29
MigzuCan't find *-mark11:29
MigzuWell dunno really11:30
MigzuThis installation is pretty badly messed up anyways11:30
MigzuCan't even change terminal anymore11:30
Migzuctrl+alt+f2 gives just black screen11:31
MigzuOnly 7 works11:31
lagawell, if you think reinstalling will be easier than fixing it and if this is not a production system..11:31
lagawell, that might be a hardware/driver problem ;)11:31
lagais it hooked up to a tv?11:31
MigzuIt worked before11:31
MigzuWorked before last update11:31
lagaprobably a kernel problem then..11:32
lagais that an old CRT TV?11:32
Migzugpu is riva tnt 211:32
lagawell, it's often a bit tricky to restore the consoles properly on tv-out chipsets, so i'm surprised that it worked before ;)11:32
MigzuThis riva tnt 2 seems to force it trough11:33
MigzuI can even see the bios messages11:33
Migzumonochrome though11:33
lagayeah, that often works, but switching between X and the console can break things11:33
MigzuAnd it give me the tv-out without drivers11:33
Migzuand it seems that music thingy is broken too11:34
MigzuI got stuff in the database, but can't see them on the listening thing11:34
Migzui see my music in the search, but i can't select them11:35
MigzuI get funky disco-light when i do ctrl+alt+f111:36
Migzuit flashes beetween black and white :D11:37
laganice. :)11:37
lagamaybe your database got damated, you can repair it in the control centre11:37
lagaerr, damaged11:38
Migzuok, i'll try that11:39
MigzuWhoa, it worked11:42
MigzuI mean adding the exit 011:42
cmugOk, I am moving house. I am going from Terrestrial to Cable. Obviously I need new cards :-( What are the recommendations these days? I would like to buy it in Finland but ordering is an option too..11:59
sebrockI've got trouble changing my tuner with "Y", anyone else got this? I am however able to change the tuner using the menu...12:25
=== MythbuntuGuest12 is now known as craiga
craigahi, does anyone have a ASUS p5e-vm hdmi? I read the thread about it, and it seemed to have a few problems, are these resolved?13:22
Kohler|awayhello all ,firstly i would like to say, mythtv is great ..so far. I have set it up on a new box but i am haviing trouble with setting up lirc, i am following the guide http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu_lirc_install but i dont know what to put in for my hardware.conf LOAD_MODULES13:27
lagawhy don't you use the wizard in MCC or in sudo dpkg-reconfigure lirc?13:28
Kohler|awayi have a stir4210 module setup with the patches13:28
lagathat works for a lot of remotes13:28
lagaokay, "patches" sounds like it's not going to work for you13:28
Kohler|awaylol i bought a usb idra reciver13:28
Kohler|awayit gets connected and registered not sure what to do next .. i thought i would have to setup lirc to get it working with mythtv13:29
Kohler|awaywhen i do ifconfig comes up as irda013:29
Kohler|awayso does mythtv use lirc in the MCC?13:31
lagaare you sure your dongle will work with lirc?13:32
Kohler|awaythats a question im yet to fully understand ....... i have seen example where it has but im new to irda and lirc13:33
Kohler|awayis there a command in linux... or usting irda_utils that i can see if the reciver is receiveing inputs?(button presses) ?13:34
lagairda is normally for data transfer, not sure how lirc can use it13:36
lagagoogle might be your friend there ;)13:36
Kohler|awaysays also in my dmesg USB IrDA support registered ... if that helps13:43
sabhainanyone ever run into a huge echo on playback?  It almost seems like there's 2 copies of front end running, since when I exit, I have to do it twice.  Anyone see this?14:45
lagasabhain: analog TV card?14:45
Kohler|awaylaga: my device is supported by lirc since it is a irda compatiable .... is lirc only to make the ir siginals recieved turn into certain button presses ?14:51
lagakind of. it translates them into button presses and then other software can translate them into key presses or just act on the button presses directly14:53
Kohler|awayoh ok so if my irda device is working correctly then lirc will use it .... if i configure it properly....14:54
craigalaga, what chipset is your frontend? used a Intel X3500 ever?14:56
craigalike this: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=BG-320-AS&utm_source=froogle14:56
lagano, can't say i did14:56
craigaok thanks14:59
sabhainlaga .. seem to get it both on HDHR and a pvr-500 .. it's really random, and kicking the frontend (software) usually solves it.15:10
sabhainsometimes it happens halfway through a program if we fast forward a bunch, or do some jumping.  We get dual audio .. as much as 1 sec off.15:11
craigaCRXLPY, what motherboard are you using?15:53
CRXLPYgot the tuner card working (well one of them)15:53
craigawell done!15:53
CRXLPYabit nf7-s v215:53
craigakk, just having trouble with my 630i/GF7100...thinking of ditching it for a GX350015:54
CRXLPYwintv 44327 tuner card15:54
CRXLPYgpu here is ati rad700015:54
craigagood support?15:56
DarrenCThow do i connect my mythfrontend in desktop Ubuntu to my knoppmyth server?15:56
CRXLPYyeah I know..... ati gpu on a nvidia mb...and no evil genie is appearing....15:56
craigaive got evil genie with mine, damm slow ubuntu nvidia drivers!...at least intel is all open15:56
CRXLPYcraiga rad7000 is an 8yr old card , anything that old has good support15:57
lagaexcept for nvidia ;)15:57
CRXLPYI never buy anything younger than 2yrs old15:57
craigaexactly laga15:58
CRXLPYlaga really ??  I just bought a fx5600-256(the 1st nv card I have had since my tnt2) I hope I dont regret it15:58
CRXLPY1st agp nv card of any kind15:59
CRXLPYfor me15:59
lagaCRXLPY: yeah, that'll require their binary driver.15:59
lagai guess you won't be disappointed.15:59
craigamy 7100 hangs when i force the output...jumping the nvidia ship15:59
craigaand 7100 isnt new!16:00
CRXLPYforce the output? you mean fps, or changing the output port16:00
craiga"ConnectedMonitor" "DFP-0"16:00
craigawhole PC hangs, kernel panic i think based on my keyboard LEDS and no logs16:01
CRXLPYwell since I have a mytv box up now, I will be learning about the ati tv-out stuff for the 1st time16:01
craigahave a noose handy!16:03
CRXLPYthere is a current gpu that is oss friendly is there?16:04
lagadid you mean "booze"? ;)16:04
CRXLPYooops I meant isnt16:04
lagaCRXLPY: intel stuff usually16:04
lagaand ATI is getting more OSS friendly.16:05
CRXLPYI dont count intel as a gpu16:05
CRXLPYthey are merely graphics cards ....lol16:05
CRXLPYif intel made a mobo for my amd cpus then I would consider having Inthel Inthide16:07
craigaintel cpu's are great just now, and open source video is friendly too, given it is only for TV and video it should be good, just thinking about pressing the buy button now16:08
lagado you need the tv-out?16:08
craigaCRXLPY,  what do you guys think? http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?modelmenu=1&model=1912&l1=3&l2=11&l3=584&l4=016:08
craigaover HDMI16:08
lagamake sure HDMI is supported ;)16:09
CRXLPYcraiga do you mean intel's gpus?16:09
CRXLPYI am waiting for the thing that follows hdmi, I plan on skipping it.16:10
craigaskipping HDMI?  is the new thing far off16:10
craigaopen source videa = i mean drivers for gpu16:10
CRXLPYI have no idea what will follow it, I am very unimpressed with the hdmi proposal as it was defined16:11
CRXLPYI am an old school believer in fidelity16:12
craigalike most people were with VHS16:12
craigacan you give that mobo a quick squint over for me? wouldnt mind a second opinion16:12
CRXLPYinfinite bit rate at infinite sampling freq16:13
CRXLPYanalog ftw16:13
CRXLPYok looking now16:13
CRXLPYlooks neat16:16
CRXLPYI have no knowledge of the support for the sound chip and stuff16:17
craigathink it comes under intel_hd in the kernel16:17
craigaand the gpu is 'semi' supportred16:17
sabhainI have 7100 nv and it's smooth as silk16:17
craigaover hdmi?16:18
CRXLPYand the AI transfer stuff would only apply when you are connecting to another asus mb with ai xfer (imhho)16:18
craigayea, not using AI16:19
CRXLPYI always go with an "A" brand mb. so ASUS is a good choice16:20
CRXLPYmy boards have been ABIT for the past few years16:20
craigayep have a Inno3d nv7100/630i but it sucks HUGE, cant get BIOS update or anything...thinking of putting an EVGA BIOS on if i can16:21
CRXLPYABIT even had a mb with a vacuum tube amp on it (very sweet sound)16:21
craigaABIT are good, along with ASUS...love my DFI's for clocking though!16:22
CRXLPYwell I have an ASUS board with the same issue here16:22
craigawhat issue?16:23
craigano bios update?16:23
craigahow old is it?16:23
CRXLPYcant update16:23
CRXLPYit wont post16:23
CRXLPYdoesnt even power, all that happened was a bad flash by the friend that gave it to me16:24
CRXLPYI dont want to spend money on a new bios chip though16:25
craigalol...was just about to say that16:25
craigathis board was only £35 so if i break it no matter really..and ill just get that asus16:25
CRXLPYmy myth box board has been through 3-4 flash chips through all my "experiments"  ABIT charges much less for one than asus does16:26
CRXLPYI wish I had a burner, then I couls reflash the old chips with scrambled data16:27
CRXLPYnow I need to learn how to watch tv from windows16:28
craigadont do it! its not worth it16:29
sabhainI use HDMI out for video .. the audio pass through HDMI doesn't quite work yet.  I have an MSI intel board (P6NGM), but I understand from some other folks that the AMD boards from MSI may have the ability to do both audio and video through HDMI16:29
jphillipCRXLPY there is an installer for mythtv player on the cd, pop it into your windows box, install and run16:29
CRXLPYcraiga well when I am on the road visiting friends and dont have linux at my disposal, it is the only choice16:30
CRXLPYjphillip oh coool  thx16:30
craigasabhain, is that a 710/630i board? what nvidia dirver are you using?!16:33
craigaand any special bios settings?16:34
CRXLPYan interesting link about video standards:   http://forum.ecoustics.com/bbs/messages/34579/122868.html16:35
CRXLPYI personally cant agree with hdmi combining signal and control into the same cable. Kinda like using your plumbing to carry power and phone as well.16:37
CRXLPYI like my CRTs16:38
craigayou must have a big house!16:38
CRXLPYactually no, a small cave16:38
CRXLPYno joke16:38
CRXLPYa converted downstairs garage16:39
CRXLPYhouse is on a hill, so my apt is cement floor and half of it is recessed into the hill16:40
craigalike batman?16:40
jphillipthats failry normal16:40
CRXLPYless than 1000 sq ft16:40
jphillipgets you some insulation from the ground16:40
jphillipthats how my basement is16:40
CRXLPYyup jphillip16:40
CRXLPYplus the crts help me keep a nice tan throughout the year16:41
craigasabhain, do you use any specific nvidia version? or bios settings? my kernel panics when i set "ConnectedMonitor"16:43
sabhaincraiga, I think that your 630i question is right .. that's what I think it is.  You can look it up @ newegg.  I'm using the proprietary driver in 8.04 LTS16:43
sabhainto my knowledge, I've not done anything with the bios other than maximizing the shared video memory space.16:44
sabhainI have it hooked up to a 37" LCD, but installed with a 19" monitor .. and it "just worked" from the start.16:44
craigadamm, what make is your TV16:45
craigado you see it post?16:46
sabhainespecially with the release of 8.04 .. it's worked great.  7.10 it took a little kicking to get the driver to load, but after battling ATI to the death, I've been THRILLED with the performance of the nvidia stuff.  I have 2 frontends running HD (720P / 1080i) with these mb's .. and not too many problems.16:46
craigai dotn understand why mine locks now!  i have had it display 1080i, but after a reboot it wont! and i have to start fresh again16:47
sabhaincraiga, I have a toshiba 37" LCD .. the other FE is a DVI version of the same board powering a slightly older Zenith rearprojection unit, 42" I think.16:47
sabhainwhat do you mean by "set ConnectedMonitor" .. can you explain that to me?  Where are you setting that?16:48
CRXLPYon a completely different topic. does anyone know if the remote codes are hardwired on the wintv card (not a pvr-*50) .  or can I use a different remote?16:49
craigain xorg.conf...my panasonic tv doesnt show post16:50
craigaand xorg cant see it unless it is told to16:50
sabhaincraiga, I gotta be afk for an hour or so, but I'll check back and see if I can help.  Are you using "nvidia-settings" to control things, or the gnome-settings stuff?16:50
sabhainhmmm .. with the new driver, I didn't ever have to slug through any xorg.conf myself .. sudo'd the nvidia settings and it was pretty straightforward.16:51
CRXLPYcraiga afaik you will only see post on one display, if the tv is not the one the bios inits then it wont show post16:51
craigano "CRT" conneted no POST16:53
craigadoesnt seem to be able to read EDID either16:53
craigaim going to flash a new EVGA bios on my Inno3d board...should be ok they are both reference nvidia board16:54
CRXLPYI dont understand your statement16:54
CRXLPYI was not refering to crt's16:54
craigacrt = anything that is 15 pin D Type16:56
CRXLPYthat isnt true16:56
CRXLPYand you can see post from the dvi port16:56
craigathats how xorg.conf see's it16:56
CRXLPYwe are talking about post16:57
CRXLPYxorg has nothing to do with post16:57
craigayep, i know thats not xorg, just using its terminology16:57
CRXLPYthe OS has nothing to do with post16:57
craigai can only see post on a monitor16:57
craigaNOT on my plasma tv over hdmi16:58
craigaBUT I can see post on a samsung LCD over hdmi16:58
CRXLPYsounds like handshake issues with the tv, not settings in the computer then16:59
CRXLPYgotta love the wonderful world of in-band control signals16:59
craigayep driving me crazy...although i dont think my pana can display the low res signal...however it can display 480i, which i though the POST was17:00
craigadont even care about POST, just want XORG to see it, which it does..ONCE17:00
craigaanyway, i gotta run just now, back in an hour os so hoping that sabhain can help17:01
cmugShould I use a hardware decoding DVB-C card or software?17:57
CRXLPYis there a free listings service for US-cable that interfaces with myth?18:19
lagacmug: mythtv does not support the decoding features of full featured DVB card18:22
cmuglaga, ok no point in them then. How about HDTV cards?19:00
cmugI know I could find all this info on www too so if you guys don't want to answer simple questions thats alright19:00
lagawhat's a "HDTV card"?19:01
lagadvb-c hardware for "HDTV" usually just has different software. the card just spits out the data stream19:02
cmugHD DVB, such as http://www.dvbshop.net/product_info.php/info/p130_SATELCO-EasyWatch-HDTV-PCI--DVB-C-.html19:02
lagaof course, you probably need a CI and a CAM and so on19:02
cmugso a normal DVB-C card is also capable of receiving HDTV broadcasts?19:02
lagaAFAIK yes.19:03
cmughttp://www.dvbshop.net/product_info.php/info/p149_SATELCO-EasyWatch-PCI-DVB-C-HDTV--Basic-Edition-.html compared to http://www.dvbshop.net/product_info.php/info/p144_SATELCO-EasyWatch-PCI-DVB-C--Basic-Edition-.html ? why is the HDTV version more expensive?19:04
lagasoftware i suppose19:04
lagajust ask dvbshop ;)19:04
cmugok :)19:04
cmugthanks for the ideas, I always assumed its a hardware difference19:04
cmugI'll go afk now19:04

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