Jack_SparrowXavura No, as far as I know, you are only banned from ubuntu00:00
naliothif you ask an X11 question, why would you be directed to #ubuntu ?00:00
XavuraIsn't it specific to Ubuntu? What's X11?00:00
naliothX11 can be found on every operating system in teh world00:01
naliothit is what you are asking about00:01
XavuraAlright then.00:01
naliothplease read the /topic00:01
XavuraI did the first time I came but00:02
XavuraI wasn't aware it was specific to all OS', I thought it was different for each OS/Distro00:02
Jack_SparrowXavura Clearly, this is the wrong channel for your questions, please /part00:02
XavuraWhat else can I try other than debian and kubuntu?00:07
XavuraI don't even know any other distros00:07
naliothXavura: waht part of "every operating system in the world" is not clear?00:07
naliothyou might get help in <GASP> ##linux00:08
Jack_SparrowXavura Go to either of those and ask your question00:08
naliothor even <GASP> #help00:08
Xavuraor even <GASP> thanks for the sarcasm00:08
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ubottuIn ubottu, eramax said: my problem is :-(need help) i always install ubuntu and after adding alot of programes from internet or any where i get a problem that make me need to remove the dist any way to solve these problem ; i listen about backup and if so can i make a backup that can i restore my dist with its programes in any computer to work with other hardware environment;thanks01:59
Hobbseeikonia: that's not spam.  you should have that on highlight.02:29
Hobbseeikonia: visit it, if you want, but clear your cache, etc, afterwards.02:30
naliothwhat did i miss, Hobbsee ?02:37
Hobbseenalioth: nothing :)02:38
Hobbsee(you already commented on it)02:38
naliothHobbsee: ok02:38
* nalioth was just wondering why his highlights weren't highlighting . . . 02:38
Hobbseei've no idea - mine triggered02:39
SeaPhorI appologize for asking this here, but I didn't know of another place that would know, I have joined my channel with another's and know how to "un-join", and undo the redirect, if I wanted to, would it be easier to just start all over?03:30
SeaPhor*and want to know how,,, sorry03:31
naliothSeaPhor: /msg chanserv help invite03:33
naliothSeaPhor: invite yourself to the original channel03:33
SeaPhori can access the original, how do i undo the join?03:34
naliothFor tips and information on channel and user modes and management, see http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml SeaPhor03:34
Hobbseeyay, limcore.... ugh03:51
* mneptok cranks some Cocteau Twins04:09
nickrudalraune it's probably your real name, some words have a blanket ban05:20
alraunequest: is there a chat (channel)  for people though knowing little linux can chat about whatever ?05:21
nickrudalraune change your real name, then try joining #ubuntu-offtopic again05:21
alraunenickrud: err, nickrud is probably.... äh no, alraune is a nick05:22
Hobbseealraune: ##linux, probably05:22
nickrudalraune you have fag as your real name05:22
alrauneyou know dpkg (nick) ?05:23
alraunenickrud: you know dpkg (nick) ?05:24
nickrudalraune as a command, yes. This isn't a support channel though05:24
alraunenickrud: Äh, I know I don't know anything........ feels good !05:25
nickrudalraune I'm not sure why you can't get into #ubuntu-offtopic , try joining it again. If you still can't, someone who has ops there will deal with it05:26
alraunenickrud is no bot !05:26
alraunenickrud: thx, n success, will joy communication channel now, thx05:29
Flannel60 minutes, eh nickrud?05:38
nickrud:)  the 60minutes is wrong, its +life ;)05:39
nickrudhm, I wonder when someone on the council will actually add you to the list05:40
bazhangthe real question is when the webpage will be updated :)05:40
naliothwhat list?05:41
nickrudyeah, I noticed that today. not having access to the bantracker really makes things difficult05:41
nickrudlaunchpat irc team05:41
bazhangnickrud, @login and @btlogin dont work for you?05:42
nickrudbazhang ah, it does for me. It didn't, seveas mentioned he had to add me to the -irc team. I may have confused that with bt access05:42
naliothhmm, the browser just crashed ( wonder if it's a sign )05:44
nickrudof the apocalypse? No, probably a sign to give up ppc maybe05:46
* nickrud has stimulated his bank account, now wonders which store to stimulate05:47
Flannelnickrud: Dont!  Save it.05:47
bazhanggood advice05:47
naliothno, nickrud.  it's a sign that galeon cannot maintain uptime05:47
naliothevery 3 weeks, it crashes05:48
nickrudWhat?!!? We're supposed to shop!! Probably an iphone. maybe one of those openmoko phones, if I can just find out more about them05:48
* nickrud wanted to mock someone treelike, but had to hold his tongue05:49
FlannelNo, you're not.  Spending said stimulus check will only cause the economy to waver longer.  Saving them will cause the economy to get worse short term, but it'll hit bottom, and then we'll recover.05:50
bazhangwoot! approved 3 minutes ago :)05:51
* nickrud pokes nalioth with the 'good job' paddle05:51
nickrudFlannel can't fault your logic, but I deal with people daily that are being thrashed by the wavering economy; I'm hoping we go from the waver to a stagger to a walk, without the bust.05:53
Flannelnickrud: Unfortunately, that won't happen without Uncle Sam bailing everyone out (and even then, still might).  And that'll set dangerous precidents.05:54
nickrudYah. The concept of communal (note the root, not another derivation) aid.05:55
FlannelWell, theres nothing wrong with community helping people.  But the government shouldnt.05:56
* Flannel might've gotten the intended meaning mixed up with the not.05:56
nickrudFlannel no, you got the idea. The government, if properly used, is an extension of the community.05:57
nickrudthe organized manifestation of community05:57
Flannelnickrud: There's a large difference between community and government though.05:58
FlannelCommunity is neighbor helping neighbor (because they want to).  Government is neighbor's money (through taxes) helping neighbor (because theyre forced to).05:58
FlannelThe former is A-OK by anyones definition.  The latter deals with constitutionality/definition of government roles/etc.05:59
FlannelAnd the latter, especially in this case, if implemented will lead down a slippery slope.  "Waah, I bought too much and am now bankrupt.  The government should pay off my debt"06:00
FlannelBecause the populace right now *is* largely a nation of consumer-whiners.06:00
TheSheepFlannel: only in the countries where they were conditioned to be like that06:01
nickrudNah, too many believed the promises of cheap, deregulated money and the prophets that said 'you can have it all, go shop!!'06:01
bazhangno one wants to be called a whiner though. Not exactly a popular message these days.06:02
FlannelTheSheep: our topic is what to do with stimulus checks.  Location specifics are understood.06:02
nickrudsorta ##politics-polite ;)06:03
bazhangheh 'stimulus'06:03
nickrudFlannel anyway, I have a good savings plan, this is money I think was given away foolishly ($150B?!!) so I'll simply use it for fun.06:04
nickrudFlannel and on the subject of whiners, that is an excellent description of at least a quarter of the people I deal with06:06
bazhangtis all in your head! things are great :)06:06
nickrudnalioth or elkbuntu or pricechild, could someone add flannel to #ubuntu access list? I saw you all voted ;)06:18
bazhangchanserv gives voice to Flannel06:18
Flannel-offtopic too, I believe.06:18
* Flannel doesn't know.06:19
bazhangwish I had it in offtopic06:19
naliothFlannel: welcome to hell.06:22
Flannelnalioth: Its where I vacation in summer.06:22
bazhangtoo much of a risk I guess.06:22
naliothFlannel: if you have any questions whatsoever, please ask them of us06:23
naliothand remember we're a kinder gentler IRC community06:23
* nickrud snorts06:24
bazhangnalioth, lp page updated06:24
Flannelnalioth: someone mentioned irssi alias thing and asking you about them.06:24
Flannelalthough I imagine I can grep logs for them too, if they're not handy.06:25
naliothFlannel: "auto_bleh.pl"06:25
naliothFlannel: or join #autobleh for an updated version06:26
nickrudnext up, Jordan_U06:28
ubottuFlannel: Error: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.06:33
Myrtti♥ Flannel06:35
* Myrtti hugs Flannel06:35
Tm_Thug me?06:36
MyrttiFlannel: irssi aliases: http://nullcortex.com/06:36
FlannelMyrtti: thanks06:36
Flanneloh right.  I knew I read this recently.06:37
MyrttiFlannel: I've got my own set too :-P06:37
MyrttiFlannel: welcome to the crowd, your joining has been loooooong overdue06:37
* Myrtti hugs once more06:37
FlannelMyrtti: You (collectively) finally asked.06:37
MyrttiFlannel: again one of those "I thought he was, someone must've asked already, right?"06:38
* Myrtti hugs Tm_T 06:38
nickrudmadpilot swears he's asked flannel more than once.06:38
Myrttisee? ^06:39
Flannelnickrud: He's *talked* about it, and I've said the same thing each time.06:39
* Myrtti larts Flannel 06:39
Myrttihave a cookie?06:40
nickrudprobably the same thing you told me when I brought it up, 'hell no' :)06:40
Flannelnickrud: Looking through the channel logs, I see he's asked about it here a number of times.  Guess he finally asked when people were awake.06:40
Flannelnickrud: I never said that?06:40
Myrttiyou are a funny bunch06:41
FlannelMyrtti: we exist solely to entertain you.06:41
FlannelWell, plus all the other stuff.06:41
Myrtti♥ and I only to cheer you up06:41
nickrudFlannel may I post from a pm log? Just one line?06:42
Flannelnickrud: Sure.  When was it?  I'll check mine.06:42
nickrudJun 22 21:10:10 <Flannel>       Not me, no.06:42
Flannelsince, I'm sure you'll be quoting out of context ;)06:42
Flannelmm.  Darn.  Notices aren't logged.06:44
Flanneland I finally restarted, so its not even in my buffer.06:44
Flannelnickrud: You happen to remember what that was in response to?  Two things.06:44
nickrudFlannel for your own side, one more line: Jun 22 21:18:25 <Flannel>       I honestly don't see why anyone would decline when asked. I guess you never did get a definitive request ;)06:45
nickrudFlannel I do remember it as my saying why don't you become an op? But I don't have the exact wordage either06:45
Flannelnickrud: I think it was more along the lines of already an op.06:46
nickrudcould be.06:46
Flannelwhich makes sense with the next line: 21:10 <Flannel> Although... it seems now I've got ops even thinking I'm an op.06:47
Myrttisilly Flannel! tricks are for kids!06:47
Myrttiin ANY case06:48
Myrttihere you are now06:48
nickrudFlannel yeah, now you have the pain along with the pull :)06:48
nickrudjust watch out for the pointy things :)06:49
Flannelnickrud: and grues06:50
Myrttihey, I always hug and give cookies after poking with the Pink Fluffy Pen Of Poking™ :-)06:52
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* bazhang wonders what happened to Pelo06:59
* Flannel is going to have to get used to not using o-p-s trigger.07:11
MyrttiFlannel: *patpat* it will be alright :-P07:14
jussi01morning all07:16
jussi01congrats Flannel :)07:16
Flanneljussi01: Thankee07:18
jussi01jpds: you thunder stealer you :P07:23
ubottuAhadiel called the ops in #ubuntu (BRLB)07:52
Myrttiyay. I managed to do a bridge to my virtualbox.07:59
Myrttitoo bad I managed to make it permanent so I couldn't access net with the host machine.08:00
Myrttistill, as I am excellent and cool, I also fixed it. With reading only man pages of brctl, since VirtualBox and evince wouldn't start.08:00
Myrttihe ... now ... has ... a public autoaway.10:25
* Myrtti cries10:25
ikoniadifferent guy10:26
ikoniadmesg and dmseg10:26
Flanneldmesg vs dmseg10:26
MyrttiI believe that is the same guy folks....10:27
ikoniajust asked him to remove it in a PM, asked me if I'd taken my medican and told me he would ignore me10:29
ubottuBa Dun Tshh! http://instantrimshot.com/10:29
MyrttiI believe that fits the occasion10:30
ikoniahe's done the same in #fedora too, just seen them10:30
MyrttiI'll await the day someone tells me to bite them10:30
Myrtti"BITE MEH!"10:30
* dmesg is away: I'll be back!10:37
Tm_Tdmesg: erm10:37
* dmesg is back (gone 00:00:03)10:37
* dmesg is back (gone 00:00:04)10:37
Tm_Tdmesg: why all this public aways?10:38
* dmesg is back (gone 00:00:04)10:38
ikoniadmesg: you where removed from the ubuntu channel for this very reason10:38
* dmesg is back (gone 00:00:05)10:38
ikoniadmesg: you refused to discuss disabling this script. If you refuse to discuss this further you will also be removed from this channel10:38
* dmesg is away: I'll be back!10:38
* dmesg is away: I'll be back!10:38
elkbuntuikonia, he's only doing it for a reaction, kinda like how 10yrolds behave.10:39
* dmesg is away: I'll be back!10:39
elkbuntudont give him the reaction, he'll grow out of it10:39
* dmesg is away: I'll be back!10:39
* dmesg is away: I'll be back!10:39
* dmesg is away: I'll be back!10:39
* dmesg is back (gone 00:00:01)10:39
* dmesg is back (gone 00:00:02)10:40
* dmesg is back (gone 00:00:00)10:40
* dmesg is back (gone 00:00:01)10:40
* dmesg is away: I'll be back!10:40
dmesgikonia-> loser10:41
dmesgoh, no, not the ubuntu-ops channel10:41
dmesgwhatever will i do without it10:41
dmesgikonia has a problem with his sexuality.10:41
* Tm_T <3 dmesg10:41
ikoniafor some reason I can't op in here ?10:41
elkbuntuinsults are a different matter altogether10:41
Tm_Telkbuntu: true10:41
Tm_Tikonia: hmm, not many can10:42
ikoniaI'm in the access list10:42
ikoniait's just not working10:42
elkbuntuikonia, only long-term ops tend to be able to10:42
Flannelikonia: only as via10:42
elkbuntuyou're in the access list for voice10:42
ikoniadidn't look at the list10:42
elkbuntuyeah, as what in old language was lvl 510:42
FlannelOh yeah.. Levels are gone now aren't they10:42
ikoniathat makes sense10:43
elkbuntuFlannel, yes, but it allows for more owners, and different levels of ownership which is nice10:43
FlannelI'm still trying to figure out what the number in ALIS means10:43
elkbuntuask #freenode, they'll give you a link that only explains half of what you want to know, then ask for what you dont see on the page10:44
ikoniaI've got the page bookmarked somewhere10:45
FlannelI just love how the contextual help feature isn't really contextual10:45
elkbuntuhaha, dholbach has an admirer: * hornyforholbach (i=horny@gateway/tor/x-16762b566dfc9586) has left #ubuntu-proxy-users10:46
ikoniaI've got a feeling evil is dmesg in #ubuntu10:48
ikoniahe joined after dmesg was kicked, his channels lists are similar, and he's just refered to me as good like - which I did remove him from #ubuntu10:49
ikoniahis IP has changed though10:49
ikoniacould be wrong10:49
elkbuntuhe uses proxies10:52
* elkbuntu waits10:53
jussi01ikonia: i replied to your comment :D10:56
ikoniaha ha, good man10:57
ikoniaI've not opened up firefox yet10:57
gnomefreakgood like ?10:57
ikoniaI could be way off on that, it just seemed ver co-incidental10:58
gnomefreakmeglomainia ;)10:58
ikoniaelkbuntu: I think your onto him10:59
elkbuntuikonia, eh?10:59
ikoniaasking how to change channels - when he's already in 3 channels10:59
* Myrtti pokes jussi0111:00
elkbuntudude, he's claiming n00bness, but he knows about /proc/11:00
* jussi01 pokes Myrtti back :D thanks11:00
Flannelelkbuntu: No, he was told about /proc/ two seconds before pasting that11:00
MyrttiI've got adblock on so I can't see a thing11:00
Myrttiis it there :-D11:00
* gnomefreak thinks this dmesg kid is gonna make people angry/annoyed/ect...11:00
Myrttiit shows up in html11:00
elkbuntuFlannel, he quoted proc about 10 mins ago already11:00
elkbuntugnomefreak, ask ##linux about him11:01
Flannelelkbuntu: You're referring to the uptime, right?11:01
gnomefreakelkbuntu: i heard you talking about it yesterday11:01
Flannelelkbuntu: Look four lines before that, eboyjr11:02
ubottuIn ubottu, HomingHamster said: python is a popular, Object Oriented, easy to learn, scripting language included with Ubuntu. Currently at version 2.5.2 (16th july 08).11:02
elkbuntuah, misread. still, look a little down from that11:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about python11:04
gnomefreaki dont think that is best way of describing it11:04
ikoniaversion dropping in factoids is a pain too11:04
Flannelelkbuntu: If I were to pick a reincarnation, I'd pick iampaul personally.11:05
gnomefreakikonia: agreed11:05
ubottugnomefreak: I don't recognize you.11:05
ubottugnomefreak: The operation succeeded.11:05
Flannelspeaking of, who do I have to talk to for all that fancy mumbo jumbo?11:05
elkbuntudare someone to ask him if he has a website...11:06
MyrttiFlannel: whaddaya want to know?11:07
ubottuFlannel: Error: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.11:07
FlannelMyrtti: Who do I bug re: updating that11:07
Myrttipoke jussi01 :-P11:07
jpdsFlannel: /msg ubottu register <password>11:07
jussi01jpds: I am about to shoot you11:08
jpdsjussi01: I thought you always wanted to do that.11:09
gnomefreak!python is <reply> python is a popular Oject Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org11:09
ubottuI'll remember that, gnomefreak11:09
gnomefreakim having trouble with browser can someone confirmt hat is the link11:10
Flannelgnomefreak: looks like you broke the python website11:10
gnomefreaki couldnt connect to it11:11
MyrttiTis dead, Jim.11:11
Flannelgnomefreak: yeah, it works.  Also works sans www11:11
gnomefreakso i took a stab11:11
gnomefreakah ok11:11
ubottuIn ubottu, HomingHamster said: perl is a popular scripting language, often used for CGI scripting. It is included in Ubuntu. See http://www.perl.org/.11:20
Myrttioh fun11:21
Myrttielkbuntu: I feel your pain11:21
ubottuIn ubottu, HomingHamster said: cgi is Common Gateway Interface. A specification for communication between an HTTP server and gateway programs on the server. Such as C or Perl for active content11:21
elkbuntuignoring him. join in the 'earliest ubuntu cd' discussion, i want to wean him out of 'never used linux before'11:21
ubottuIn ubottu, HomingHamster said: apache is a very popular webserver. See apache.org11:23
jussi01yay, for spence|away ...11:24
ikoniawhat is Hominghamster playing at11:27
elkbuntuhe's lost his attention ;)11:27
* elkbuntu wins11:27
jpds!scope > HomingHamster11:28
ubottuHomingHamster, please see my private message11:28
gnomefreakwhos here that i can test an email on?11:41
gnomefreakikonia: can you pm me your email address11:42
bazhangdmesg is dmseg?11:42
ikoniaI don't think so11:43
gnomefreakthats odd. ikonia i sent it let me know if it has key signature inline11:44
ikoniano key line11:45
bazhanggpg sig?11:47
gnomefreakikonia: can i send one more i just tweaked something11:47
ikoniakeep 'em coming11:48
gnomefreakthat time i see it on the messages when sent11:48
gnomefreaklet me know if it changes when you get it11:48
ikoniagot you11:49
ikoniakey included this time11:50
bazhangdmesg = evil (nickname) ?11:52
gnomefreakikonia: thanks11:52
ikoniano problem11:52
Myrttibazhang: ... suspected, yes.11:52
gnomefreakbazhang: possibly11:52
ikoniabazhang: possibly, I mentioned that earlier11:53
bazhangthought so11:53
jussi01Myrtti: any response on that email??12:38
MyrttiI just witnessed a prompt usage of my /hellokitty in #ubuntu-women :-D12:52
gnomefreaki bought my sister those hellokity thinks years ago >10 years ago13:18
Piciwhich hellokitty things?13:20
gnomefreakPici: lunchbox stuffed one crap like that. its been well ove 10 years ago13:22
gnomefreaki cant remember if i ate breakfast this morning and its 8:22am now13:22
MyrttiI've got my velcro curlers in a blue HelloKitty metal lunchbox13:22
* gnomefreak personally liked those rainbow bears(name escape me atm) and my little pony and i dont mean for myself13:23
gnomefreaknot my little pony that would be rainbow bright i think13:23
* Hobbsee wonders if anyone's good with phones here13:26
gnomefreakah yes them13:29
gnomefreakHobbsee: i can make and recieve calls :)13:29
Hobbseethere's no way back from a bricked phone, is there?13:29
gnomefreakHobbsee: anything in particular?13:29
Hobbseeyeah.  ^13:30
Hobbseeas in, attempted to flash it, which failed.13:30
Hobbseei seriously doubt there is, but it's worth asking :)13:30
gnomefreakif a cell phoone your carrier should beable to help but you fixing it i highly doubt it13:30
* gnomefreak wonders if they are going to fix Lp for me13:31
Hobbseento if i've just flashed it, they won't.13:31
gnomefreakHobbsee: oh13:32
Hobbseethat's fairly high on the "we will not support you if you do this"13:32
gnomefreakgood point13:33
Myrttiwhich phone, btw?13:33
Hobbseesamsung z23013:33
Hobbseenice flip phone, on a samsung scale.13:33
Hobbseefunny thing was, dad managed to flash his SE fine.13:35
jussi01Hobbsee: if you take it back, they can flash it for you using some special interface IIRC13:38
Hobbseejussi01: oh, will they do that?13:39
jussi01Hobbsee: I had it done to my n800 - dunno if they will do it for your phone13:39
jussi01Hobbsee: you can ask though13:39
Hobbseejussi01: mmm.  i'll have to do that.13:42
* Hobbsee is unsure how long it has until it breaks - it's having trouble charging too13:43
flaccidif someone could update topic in #kubuntu-kde4 so it mentions the just built RC1 of kde4 instead of the beta 2, that would great13:52
jussi01flaccid: we will look at it13:56
jussi01flaccid: yes, look - if we think it needs changing, then we will fix it13:57
flaccidwhy wouldn't it need changing?13:57
flaccidmeh i'll stop being a pain...13:57
flaccidthanks mate13:58
Myrttitoday seems to be one of those days when I'm totally amazed by the ingeniousity of mankind. In contrast to two past days when the world was taken over by idiots.14:19
elkbuntuubuntu on my eee, wheeeeee!14:29
Hobbseehow well does it work?14:29
elkbuntusince the wifi patch didnt make it into hardy, awkwardly. driver is recompiled now, just waiting for the tweak script to finish. seems stalled on the eeexubuntu osd stuff14:30
elkbuntuwhee, wasnt stalled, just taking it's time14:34
Myrttielkbuntu: thanks14:34
* gnomefreak scared of Myrtti, she uses very big words 14:45
MyrttiPici: poit14:56
* Hobbsee uses very small words on gnomefreak14:56
gnomefreak;) thankful forr that, less i have to think14:57
Hobbseeyou don't know what they do, though14:57
MyrttiPici: unpoit14:58
Jucatobot lag?14:59
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore14:59
Jucatohm.. seems like I lagged :)14:59
PiciMyrtti: unpoited15:00
BugeyeDplease test me for the dcc-exploit; i wasn't sent to #ubuntu-read-topic but found the wiki page and wanted to be tested. here's what i get:15:39
BugeyeD10:37 <@FloodBot1> BugeyeD: Sorry, but I am unable to test you (are you using your usual nickname?). Please contact the operators (type << /topic >> to find out how).15:39
MyrttiBugeyeD: try now15:41
BugeyeDMyrtti: working now, thanks.15:42
Jack_SparrowMorning Myrti15:42
Myrttimoin Jack_Sparrow15:42
Myrttihere we go16:19
Myrtti18:18 <+FloodBot1> WARNING: akaluzhny, kyleN, bfiller, tonyespy are all connected from  bismuth.canonical.com16:19
bazhangthe long awaited audit has arrived16:19
Hobbseekline 'em!16:22
ikoniabazhang: where ?16:22
Hobbseethey're clearly up to no good!16:22
bazhangikonia, the floodbots have alerted us16:22
ikoniaaudit attracted my attention16:23
ikoniaunop has just changed his name to dmesg in ##linux16:26
ikoniaahhh it's not him16:26
ikoniasomeone uop - and it's dmseg16:27
Myrttiyou scared the bejebus outta me16:27
ikoniamyself too16:27
bazhangthought xavura was banned in #ubuntu17:12
Myrttiso did I17:12
bazhangjust checked ban tracker and nothing has been lifted17:13
bazhangban evading?17:13
bazhangkb to here?17:15
Myrttimight be unintentional, but doubt it17:15
bazhangno chance17:15
MyrttiI'd let him be at #ubuntu but ask him to join here17:15
Myrttibecause it needs to be talked17:15
jussi01see how he responds to being asked to join here17:15
Myrttifeeling better than yesterday?17:19
XavuraYeah, I'm calm and cool, yesterday was horrible in many regards17:20
MyrttiI was just wondering are you aware that technically you are still banned from #ubuntu?17:20
XavuraI am? I thought the ban had been lifted17:20
Myrttinope, your ip has changed17:21
XavuraBecause when joining it didn't say I was banned17:21
XavuraWell my IP is dynamic and I turn my router off each night17:21
XavuraI didn't purposely, try to evade the ban or anything17:21
XavuraEach time I turn off my router it totally changes17:21
XavuraAccording to my ISP17:21
Myrttiyou certainly seem to be calmer now, have you given any thought on what went wrong with among other things, your behaviour yesterday?17:22
XavuraWell, it was just "one of those days" if you know what I mean? I had a lot going on, family, personal (and other things obviously)17:23
Xavuraso I was really not in any mood to be talking to people to be honest17:23
XavuraI shouldn't have taken things out on strangers via IRC though, I know htis17:23
XavuraEspecially ones who are trying to help17:24
Myrttithat's good to hear17:24
MyrttiI'll now take that ban off and make a note about it to our bantracker17:24
XavuraShould I leave #ubuntu? I'm not sure17:25
XavuraOh, thank you17:25
Myrttibe aware though, that in the future, your name shall be in the records, and the next time might not be taken this lightly17:25
MyrttiI appreciate your apology, for that I believe it was and lift the ban now17:25
XavuraI can understand that17:26
Myrttihave a nice flight at #ubuntu17:27
Myrttiput notes on the tracker17:29
jussi01bazhang: why the suprise?17:36
bazhangjussi01, the ban in #ubuntu just now17:36
ikoniamine ?17:37
jussi01ikonia: what did you just do?17:37
ikoniaif so it's just been undone17:37
bazhanglooked serious :)17:37
ikoniaI hit the damn scroll whell on the mouse17:37
ikoniahalf way through banning nixnoob_17:37
bazhangugh nixnoob17:37
ikoniaI was trying to scroll up the channel to get his host mask as the channel was moving quick17:38
ikoniajust caching up17:38
jussi01ok, I didnt see the unban anywhere...17:38
ikoniajussi01: 2 seconds I'm just checking, irssi is giving me the channel not in sync error17:38
ikonialet me fix that and I'll remove the ban17:38
ikoniaI thought an option in my config had resolved that17:39
bazhangnot as bad as when I banned most of canada :)17:39
ikoniathere we go17:39
ikoniasorry about that17:39
ikonialaptop scrollwheel = no no from now on17:39
ikoniajussi01: can you verify that ?17:40
jussi01ikonia: what?17:40
ikoniajussi01: can you just veriy that ban was lifted correctly please.17:40
ikoniaor anyone17:40
jussi01looks fine here17:41
ikoniagood good17:41
ikoniajust checking17:41
ikoniaright, let me get nixnoob_17:41
ikoniajussi01: is there a way to use auto_bleh retrospectivly ?17:42
ikoniaout of interest17:42
jussi01ikonia: not that I know of17:42
ikoniadidn't think so17:42
ikoniawhat is the correct synatax to banforward someone is it $user@host#forward-channel17:45
gnomefreakikonia: not sure but if you add it to auto_bleh let me know17:45
jussi01gnomefreak: there is forward on autobleh17:46
* gnomefreak sucks at perl17:46
gnomefreakther eis?17:46
ikoniagnomefreak: can't see anything in the syntax for retro, but arf for ban forward17:46
gnomefreaknot on mine atleast i never saw it17:46
jussi01gnomefreak: grab the one in #dib5sn17:46
gnomefreakwhat is #dib5sn?17:46
gnomefreakother than a channel17:46
jussi01gnomefreak: never mind ;)17:47
jussi01gnomefreak: just go look at the topic there :)17:47
gnomefreakdescription => 'Provides /ak /aq /ab /abr /abrn /arn /amb /amr /at',17:48
jussi01gnomefreak: did you read the whole topic?17:49
jussi01Now provides: /ak /ab /aq /ar /arn /abr /abrn /abk /abkn /at /afr /afrn /amb /amr /ambr /ambrn /ambk /ambkn /amfr /amfrn /alog17:50
jussi01gnomefreak: /afrn is autobleh foward remove notice17:51
gnomefreaktrying to open link so i can read it first but it doesnt want to open so maybe wget andd than read17:51
jussi01yeah, just wget17:51
ikoniaMyrtti: thanks17:51
bazhangnixnoob is back17:52
gnomefreakjussi01: are you sure site is working17:52
gnomefreaknot getting anything from wget either17:52
jussi01gnomefreak: no, Im not - its not mine. ikonia has a current version though17:53
jussi01I do on my other server also17:53
gnomefreakikonia: can you pastebin yours17:53
ikoniagnomefreak: sure can17:53
ikoniapastebin or mail it you /17:53
gnomefreakikonia: thanks17:53
gnomefreakikonia: either17:53
gnomefreakemail would work17:54
gnomefreakpinging that link fails as well17:54
gnomefreakikonia: thanks i will look at it after lunhc17:55
gnomefreakHobbsee: looks like compiz fix has been pushed17:55
gnomefreakatleast some of the packages17:56
gnomefreakikonia: what address did you send it to?17:57
ikoniagnomefreak: replied to your earlier message17:57
gnomefreakikonia: i have 10 of them ;) ok i havent gotten it yet than17:58
gnomefreakill check after lunch than. once g/f is done, she has to work on this pc since i didnt fix the other 317:58
ikoniagnomefreak: the one you sent to me on, don't want to post it in the channel17:58
gnomefreakikonia: ubuntu.ase or gnomefreak?17:59
gnomefreakikonia: thats what i thought17:59
ikoniasorry had to check17:59
gnomefreakits ok17:59
ikonianixnoob_: hello18:00
gnomefreakthat file shouldnt be that big that it tkes this long18:00
ikoniagod no18:00
nixnoob_ikonia: what do you want. every time i talk to you you are extremely rude.18:00
gnomefreakok ill check later, maybe ill get it than oh hell lunch can wait this looks too good to leave18:01
ikonianixnoob_: asking someone to look up an option them selves because I'm not going to do it and it's an obcure option is not rude18:01
nixnoob_dude this is not the first time.18:01
ikonianixnoob_: you called me a "dick" and parted, waited on line for 5 minutes then returned to the channel18:01
nixnoob_i didnt mean to part18:01
nixnoob_im using ssh18:01
nixnoob_connection got mangled18:01
ikoniaok, thats understandable,18:01
ikonianixnoob_: what about calling someone a dick ?18:02
nixnoob_not nice but im all about treating as i was treated18:02
nixnoob_like i said that wasnt the first time18:02
bazhangnixnoob_, name calling is right out.18:03
ikonianixnoob_: you where asked to look up /proc/cpu options for yourself as they are pretty obscure18:03
nixnoob_you could just say you dont kno18:03
ikoniaI didn't know of the top of my head, hence why I said look them up - I'm not going to18:03
ikoniathey are quite obscure18:04
nixnoob_not to insinuate that you kno and you wnt tell me18:04
ikoniaI didn't18:04
nixnoob_i kno that and thats why i was asking.18:04
ikoniaI said look it up - I'm not going to18:04
ikonia"I'm not going to " implies I don't know either18:04
ikonianixnoob_: if you had hung around for a minute before calling me a dick I was getting you the doc url18:04
nixnoob_well i missed that part18:04
nixnoob_forget it.18:04
nixnoob_i figured it out anyway and im sorry we had this misunderstanding.18:04
ikoniaeven if you missed that part to call someone a dick is not acceptable18:05
nixnoob_you kno im here all the time helping people just like you the least i can get is a curtious response18:06
nixnoob_i missed or misunderstood your statement18:06
bazhangnixnoob_, calling names is never appropriate18:06
ikoniayou asked I said you'll have to look it up as I'm not going to18:06
ikoniathats not rude, you then responded with "your a dick" and your connection dropped rather quickly after that18:07
ikoniayet you where online still18:07
ikoniajust not in the channel18:07
ikoniaas I said if you had not called me a name and left I was getting you the URL18:07
nixnoob_i have two users running.18:07
nixnoob_there is no reason to discuss it anymore it was a misunderstanding18:08
ikoniacalling someone a dick is not a missunderstanding, you agree that that's not acceptable and not going to happen again ?18:08
nixnoob_yea if i had a problem i shouldve pmed u and not said it in the channel18:09
ikoniano - you shouldn't have called someone a name in public or in a channel18:09
nixnoob_not that calling u a dick in pm is any better18:09
ikoniathats fair enough18:09
ikoniaso a little more thought before so quick on the insults, in public/in private ?18:10
nixnoob_dont worry18:10
ikoniathank you, the bans removed in #ubuntu for you now18:10
ikoniawhy is that funny ?18:11
nixnoob_well you do understand that a ban would not be effective anyway but i dont want to offend18:11
ikonianixnoob_: it was effective, you where removed from the channel18:11
nixnoob_very very very temporarily18:11
nixnoob_im not going to go into this and piss you off18:12
nixnoob_its not necessary to circumvent the ban so there is no issue18:12
nixnoob_thank you18:12
nixnoob_good day18:12
bazhangnixnoob_, best to part now18:12
ikoniabazhang: is he normally an issue ?18:12
ikoniayou suggested you where aware of him ?18:13
bazhangikonia, just the comment he made to you; and some offtopic stuff earlier.18:13
ikoniaok, so not a regular18:13
ikoniagood good18:13
ikoniajust curious to if his banevading comments where based on "experience"18:14
gnomefreakikonia: can you please pastebin it gmails is fudged up something awful18:14
bazhanghe gave away the game on that one :)18:14
ikoniagnomefreak: no problem18:14
gnomefreakikonia: thanks18:15
PiciSome people seem to think that theres no problem with ban evasion, then again, the channels that they do that in probably don't have an experienced ops team like ours18:15
bazhangor as nal-ioth says: the k-line always gets them :)18:16
Myrtticatching the k-train18:17
Myrttiwould you be loverly people and see if tracepath myrtti.fi ends up to somewhere in the general direction of kirahvi.com?18:17
ikoniagnomefreak: http://pastebin.com/f27c4945018:17
* gnomefreak having really bad day18:18
jpdsMyrtti: 8:  vhost.kapsi.fi (
Picivhost.kapsi.fi (  too18:18
Myrttiof course, I get the nameserver update last18:18
Pici13 hops though :/18:18
Myrttias usual18:18
MyrttiI get only 9!18:18
Myrttito wrong address.18:18
PiciAlthough two of them from my router. /shrug18:19
Myrttithank you18:20
Myrtti"can't login to my virtual server with ssh, changed the domain to point to kapsi. The virtual not working MIGHT be a result of a SMS sent on Saturday about getting a written permission to shove someone to the sea."18:21
Myrttijust... /might/18:21
PriceChildI notice Flannel was added to ubuntu-irc on launchpad.18:37
PriceChildah he has been given access in places..18:38
PriceChildignore me :)18:38
jussi01@now london18:40
ubottujussi01: Current time in Europe/London: July 16 2008, 18:40:42 - Current meeting: QA Team18:40
jpdsThat meeting was cancelled18:41
LetsGo67Why am I banned from #xubuntu?18:50
Myrtti19 - #xubuntu: ban *!*@74.12.180.* [by reynolds.freenode.net, 10298753 secs  ago]18:51
LetsGo67Yeah but why?18:51
ompaullets find out18:51
* ompaul goes poking the interwebs18:51
ompaulMyrtti, not there18:51
ompaulwe got to poke real logs .org18:51
Myrttithat hostname is somewhat familiar though18:52
FlannelPriceChild: I aven't been given some places18:52
ompaulFlannel, we don't have em all18:53
ompaulk is not u etc18:53
bazhangme wants -ot18:53
ompaulLetsGo67, wait18:53
ompaulwe will find it18:53
Myrttibazhang: no you don't18:53
Myrttireally, you don't18:53
bazhangNo I dont :)18:53
Flannelompaul: I meant like @login and stuff18:53
ubottuFlannel: Error: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.18:53
ompauljussi01, ^^^^^^^ please fix18:54
bazhangLetsGo67, why are you asking about basicLinux in Ubuntu channels?18:54
jussi01Flannel: Ill get to it soon. bit busy just now18:54
ompaulbazhang, how long ago?18:55
bazhangjust now ompaul in kubuntu, ubuntu18:55
ompaulLetsGo67, well that seems like the kind of thing that does not go down too well18:55
Flanneljussi01: No worries, just want to make sure the right people know (and wasn't sure who that was)18:56
naliothFlannel: patience18:56
LetsGo67ompaul: but why was I banned?18:57
ompaulLetsGo67, I don't have logs I am trying to locate that18:57
ompaulbut it seems your subnet - ergo it would appear that someone on that network was behaving in a rather bad way18:57
ompaulyou don't get a subnet ban for being onetime bad18:58
ompaulso you can look to your network neighbours18:58
LetsGo67So someone else in Ottawa using Bell Internet was bad?18:58
naliothLetsGo67: it's not unusual for this to happen18:59
ompaulnow where are the xubuntu ops and what do they think - and can we find the particular reason19:00
Myrttialso, might've been that you had a flippityfloppity connections some day19:00
Myrttiand were banned because of that19:00
* ompaul can't get a grip on logs19:00
Myrttiompaul: toss me an url19:00
ompaulMyrtti, only the irclogs.ubuntu.com19:01
ompaulimpossible to search19:01
* ompaul wonders about asking elmo for a favour19:01
ompaulI might get denied or not19:01
Myrttiwell I took the ban off19:03
Myrttias I do have enough oppage at x19:03
ompaulLetsGo67, so it was not you persay or maybe it was but19:04
PriceChildI have xubuntu logs (missing a small amount yesterday morning though)19:05
ompaulPriceChild, search for *!*@74.12.180.*19:05
PriceChilddoes ubottu not track bans there?19:05
ompaulnot going back far enough19:05
PriceChildoh :/19:05
ompaulPriceChild, please allow us some credit, I don't have dementia yet ;-P19:06
* ompaul chuckles19:06
Myrttiompaul: I'll mail you the FLUG shirt home, but I've got a special treat for you19:07
ompaulPici, shhhhh19:07
ompaulMyrtti, ack19:08
PriceChildI guess I'm missing it in my logs.19:08
ompaulPriceChild, I guess it was a long time ago19:08
PriceChildMeh, move on I guess.19:08
ompaul<Myrtti> 19 - #xubuntu: ban *!*@74.12.180.* [by reynolds.freenode.net, 10298753 secs  ago]19:08
ompaulthats a lot of seconds19:08
Myrtti120 days19:09
MyrttiIf I calculated correctly19:10
ompaul120 days19:10
Myrtti((10 298 753 / 60) / 60) / 24 = 119.1985319:10
ompaulthat would be that time we don't want to remember19:10
ompaulyeap that works19:10
ompaulLetsGo67, is there something else we can do for you?19:10
* ompaul will wear a kaffka tee for Friday! 19:10
MyrttiI'll wear pink at the airport :-P19:11
* ompaul wonder where that extra f came from19:11
ompaulI was given a red hat tee by one of their senior consultants .....19:11
ompauland at that point he knew I had gnewsense19:11
Myrttitwas funny, first time we met with jussi01, he was wearing Ubuntu Studio shirt and I was of course in pink. Knew each other right away :-P19:11
ompaulwas he winding me19:12
ompaulLetsGo67, is there something else we can do for you? (please note the topic)19:12
* ompaul plays some Bedlam in Belgium19:13
* ompaul track skips19:13
ompaulsome aerosmith19:13
Myrttiompaul: have you seen the Radiohead - House of Cards video yet?19:13
ompaulthat would imply a few things :)19:13
Myrttiompaul: http://code.google.com/creative/radiohead/19:14
ompaulLetsGo67, ehh what else can we do for you?19:14
Myrttitotally AWESOME19:14
* Pici wants a realtime 3d scanner19:14
jussi01Flannel: please now try @login19:15
ubottuFlannel: The operation succeeded.19:15
* ompaul cheers jussi01 for excellent work19:15
jussi01Flannel: now try making a factoid - you know how to do that? (use !flannel or something)19:16
Flannel!cookies is Cookies are delicious delicacies.19:18
ubottuI'll remember that, Flannel19:18
ubottucookies is Cookies are delicious delicacies.19:18
PiciYou probably want a <reply> in there19:19
bazhangneed the <reply>19:19
jussi01Flannel: you need to add <reply>19:19
PriceChildFlannel: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots#head-939476c21aa571518530bf85c289d95cd7279ee619:19
Flannel!cookies is <reply> Cookies are delicious delicacies.19:19
ubottuBut cookies already means something else!19:19
Flannel!forget cookies19:19
ubottuI'll forget that, Flannel19:19
Flannel!cookies is <reply> Cookies are delicious delicacies.19:19
PriceChildFlannel: oddness arises when factoids are deleted19:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cookies19:19
jussi01!remember cookies19:19
ubottujussi01: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:19
PriceChildFlannel: you need to 'unforget', then prefix with 'no'19:19
jussi01!unforget cookies19:19
ubottuI suddenly remember cookies again, jussi0119:19
Flanneloh, right. no.19:19
ompaul!no cookies are <reply> full of stuff that you may be able to eat!19:20
ubottuompaul: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:20
ompaul!cookies are <reply> full of stuff that you may be able to eat!19:20
Flannelubottu: no, cookies is <reply> Cookies are delicious delicacies.19:20
ubottuompaul: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:20
ubottuI'll remember that Flannel19:20
ubottuCookies are delicious delicacies.19:20
ompaul!no cookies are <reply> full of stuff that you may be able to eat!19:20
ubottuompaul: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:20
ompaul!no cookies is <reply> full of stuff that you may be able to eat!19:20
ubottuI'll remember that ompaul19:20
PriceChildFlannel: also aliases cannot be made from scratch. you need to make a blank factoid then "no foo is <alias>"19:20
PriceChildFlannel: we have #ubuntu-bots for testing19:21
FlannelPriceChild: make foo, then alias it, right?19:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about test119:21
bazhangunforget :)19:21
jussi01!test1 is <alias>test19:21
ubottuI'll remember that, jussi0119:21
jussi01PriceChild: we fixed it19:22
ubottuIt is spelt !guTSy :)19:22
bazhangthat is so funny19:22
PriceChildjussi01: ah cool :)19:22
FlannelPriceChild: so, forget is a flag, not an actual removal of the factoid19:22
PriceChild!forget test119:22
ubottuI'll forget that, PriceChild19:22
PriceChild!search test19:23
ubottuFound: latestkde, latest kde, worksforme, firefox, popcon, laptop, upgradeproblem, test-jpds*, test again, repomirror19:23
PriceChild!search test119:23
jussi01LetsGo67: can we help you more?19:23
ubottuFound: test1*19:23
LetsGo67No, I will part.19:23
PriceChildFlannel: notice the * above, indicating deletion19:23
jussi01Flannel: anything you do can and will be recorded :P19:23
jussi01jpds: rofl - thats your own fault19:24
bazhangas well as audited19:24
ompaulbazhang, and altered for PR purposes19:25
ompaulwhich leads to fun while you silently repudiate in pm all the lacking context to what appears to be _bad_ stuff tm19:25
bazhangtalk about psyops19:26
MyrttiI'll get me coat19:27
Tm_Tdon't let go the goat19:27
Myrttinot you too19:27
MyrttiDave2: J'ACCUSE!19:28
jussi01lads and ladies, I need to restart the server after the kernel update. This means we will have no bot for a short period.19:30
* Myrtti logs into xob and crosses her fingers19:30
Picijussi01: OHNO19:30
jussi01Pici: is that a problem right now?19:31
Myrttijussi01: I'm ready19:32
Myrttijust wgetted the database19:32
jussi01great. someone go help incorrect in #k while I go restart19:32
MyrttiTm_T: ^19:32
Myrttijussi01: choo.19:33
Tm_Tsorry, cant19:33
jussio1Im still kinda here :D19:33
* nalioth sets a trap for Mr. Peer19:34
Myrttiwould someone tell me what's wrong with "wget -qr -P ~/bot/ http://jussi01.com/<file>" as a crontab job?19:37
Myrtti(timings omitted)19:37
ompauldoes the wget return an error?19:39
ompaulwelcome back bot19:39
ompauldoes it get the file?19:39
Myrttiaccording to my logs, no19:39
ompaulok - does it need a sheel19:39
Myrttialthough, now it says it does19:40
Myrttioh well19:40
ompaulsorry let me start again I got the wrong 2question19:40
ompauldoes the command line work19:40
Myrttijussi01: yes? :-P19:41
jussi01ahh, there she is19:41
ompaulwelcome back bot19:41
* ompaul does some mad stuff19:42
* ompaul regrets network cables left in work19:42
ompaulthey are his own19:42
* ompaul grumbles19:42
ompaulFK the original anti hero writer?19:44
ompaulor was there someone before him19:44
ubottuIn #ubuntu-uk, zbrahead91 said: !how regular is regular19:46
* ompaul visits19:46
PriceChild!botabuse | zbrahead9119:47
ubottuzbrahead91: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.19:47
* PriceChild wonders if he has admin access19:49
ompaul<ubottu> In #ubuntu-uk, zbrahead91 said: !how regular is regular19:49
ompaulzbrahead91, please don't do !foo is bar19:51
ompaulcos it echos in here19:51
ompauland then if we are not looking directly at this channel we tend to check incase of something we should be involved in19:51
ompaulit is only a computer and a database19:52
PriceChildzbrahead91: anything else we can help you with? I'm not sure why you joined in the first place :)19:54
zbrahead91Joined this?19:54
zbrahead91So I could see the ubottu :P19:54
ompaulcos I told him that his silly !foo is bar was echoed here19:55
PriceChildah ok19:57
MyrttiI was almost shaking my head and saying "kids who barely can read... pft." but then I realized I'm turning 28 >month away and 17 year olds do actually know how to read, it's just that I can't do arithmetic and count that they're not exactly five y o19:57
Myrtti<month, even.19:57
Myrttiho hum.19:58
PiciWhat date?19:58
Myrttia wednesday19:58
* PriceChild resists joking about Myrtti's age19:58
ompaulPici, you is answered in an encrypted format with several different outcomes20:04
ompauldon't stress the small stuff, its all small stuff20:07
* ompaul becomes wise old man in corner20:07
ompaulTm_T, go say it :)20:08
Myrttiompaul: I'll just limp with my walking stick beside you this weekend :-P20:08
ompauldrink lots of water feed muscles20:09
Myrttitaking a sip once in a while from my flask20:09
Myrtti"goddamn youth, when I was young..."20:09
ompaulcheeky whippersnappers, why in my day .....20:10
Tm_Tompaul: ghhhhh (too old to say it)20:15
ompaulTm_T, :)20:15
* ompaul buys Tm_T a cup of horlicks and has one hisself20:16
Tm_Tnice :)20:18
ompaulPici, ehh http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horlicks20:34
* ompaul raises an eyebrow and and glances at Pici 20:35
* ompaul rocks out to aslan a dublin band 20:35
MyrttiAleksi licks my arm :-P20:37
ompaulthe happy little guinea pig20:39
* ompaul goes to check out aslan web site20:40
Myrttihey don't eat my tux shirt20:40
jussi01tuhina is seeming more happy today, for which Im thankful - still a little fearful about the leg though20:52
Myrttithis one almost fell asleep on my arm20:52
Myrttiand now he peed on me20:55
PriceChildompaul: aslan website?20:56
ubottuStarnestommy called the ops in #ubuntu (Fuzzles)21:06
ubottujoomla_user called the ops in #ubuntu ()21:06
PriceChildlooking into it21:08
jussi01PriceChild: how is the new job going?21:09
PriceChildNo, I haven't been klined from new job, but fuzzles was.21:09
PriceChildjussi01: great thanks, been going through orientation, training etc.21:09
ikoniaPriceChild: what are you doing now ?21:10
jussi01cool - what is the job description? seems I missed that before?21:10
PriceChildIt seems to depend on where you read it, but Technical Support, Helpdesk thing.21:11
PriceChildBut its far from a call centre... and will be doing some travelling around clients and things.21:12
jussi01PriceChild: nice!21:12
PriceChildI'm very happy :)21:12
ikoniaPriceChild: where is base camp ?21:12
PriceChildikonia: Birmingham.21:12
ikoniathats a reasonable move for you ?21:12
PriceChildI just bus/train/walk in each day.21:13
ikoniaI meant I didn't think you where birmingham based before21:13
PriceChildI'm from the midlands, went up north for uni.21:13
ikoniaso a return to the mother ship21:13
PriceChildikonia: lrl at the weekend? :P21:14
PriceChilddidn't expect that21:14
PriceChildwas starting to type out a "well that's not good enough"21:14
ikoniaha ha21:14
ikonia%90 certain, I have a work commitment on Friday with a friend who I actually thought was doing a talk there, but it turns out he's not, but he's driving us straight from the commitment21:15
PriceChildSo that's 6 of us?21:15
ikoniaI know ompaul is going21:16
ompaulI is21:16
jussi01wow, you guys can have myrtti's -ops "pillow fight" then21:16
Myrttijussi01: I'll snuggle with ompaul aaaaaalll weekend21:17
ompaulI doubt it21:17
PriceChildjussi01: 'you'? and what pathetic excuse do you have?21:17
ompaulnews to me21:17
* ompaul looks on in humour21:17
jussi01PriceChild: Im broke?21:17
MyrttiI did threaten to kidnap him though21:17
Myrttibut it's a bit hard since he's so far away from me21:18
ompauljussi01, not broke enough sell your interwebs to a spammer for $1,000,000 dollars21:18
jussi01ompaul: ROFL21:18
ompaulclikz on dez linkz21:18
jussi01ompaul: I added google adds to my blog.. doubt thatll help much21:18
ompaulnot in time methinks21:19
ompaulwhich is why you needz spammerz21:19
ompauland for those who don't know, I have been quoted as saying bad things about spammers :)21:20
jussi01ompaul: you have been quoted sayng bad things about many people...21:20
Myrttijussi01: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTmXHvGZiSY21:20
ompaulmostly idiots :)21:20
ompauljussi01, at least I am not totally like linus "if you don't agree with me you are stupid and ugly"21:21
ikoniadid linus really say jussi01 was stupid AND ugly ?21:21
* ompaul rofl21:22
ompaulsomeone pick me up off the floor21:22
ompaulI can't get up for the laughing21:22
ikoniaget up21:23
Myrttihave I shown you this? http://tunkio.panettaa.org/src/1206647648872.png21:23
Myrttithat's my old colleague21:23
ompauljussi01, I read ikonia's statement without the jussi01 I saw the "AND" so I looked to the end of the line and typed yes and then as I hit enter I saw your name21:23
ompaulergo the hahahaha straight away21:24
jussi01PriceChild: you still dont beleive Im an aussie, do you?21:24
PriceChildnot at all21:24
Myrtticaption "sure you can wade forward in a puddle of shit", commented Manu Setälä of COSS on describing OOXML approval in Finland21:24
ikoniaha ha21:24
PriceChildisn't it handy you won't be at lrl to prove it21:24
Myrttiand that picture was in a high profile Finnish ICT newssite21:25
jussi01ok, dont everyone get this at once - or you will kill ubottu, but: http://jussi01.com/upload/uploads/20080716-231238-16072008024.mp421:25
ompaulPriceChild, hmm we have Myrtti claiming it was an auzzie accent - but .... what would a shelia know21:25
* ompaul runs and hides in the aforementioned puddle21:25
* ompaul picks jussi01 up21:25
ompaulstop laughing21:26
ompaulthis is just silly21:26
Myrttiaws ♥21:26
* ompaul listens to more aslan21:27
ompauland just lays back21:27
jussi01ompaul: Id forggoten how good aslan is :)21:29
ompauljussi01, heh21:31
ompaulyou can't forget21:31
ompaulit is not possible21:31
ubottuGnea called the ops in #ubuntu (Fuzzles)21:31
ompaulevery day you should wake up to Here comes lucy jones21:31
MyrttiI was going to /hellokitty him21:31
jussi01another kline mcoming PriceChild?21:32
Myrttiompaul: LOOOOOLLLL21:32
MyrttiTHE MOST EPIC BAN EVER: 23:32 @,- mode/#ubuntu [+d *?I'm?too?lame?to?read?BitchX.doc?*] by ompaul21:32
Myrttilet this day be remembered in the history of #ubuntu IRC21:32
ompaulwell if you can't read the docs you should not be using it :)21:32
jussi01ompaul: now Im going to have to go buy some music - damn you21:33
ompaulehh help I can't remove it21:33
ompaulit is default for bitchx21:33
Myrttiompaul: let it be there by all means21:33
jussi01ompaul: epic FAIL21:33
PriceChildjussi01: we'll see21:33
jussi01PriceChild: did you see the video?21:33
PriceChildnope, will do later21:33
ompaulPriceChild, help kill that +d please Im too lame to read script21:34
* ompaul goes back to try again 21:34
PriceChildjussi01: done21:34
jussi01PriceChild: :)21:34
naliothsome peoples kids  <sigh>21:34
ompaulPriceChild, I have no idea why my script failed - I have to look now21:35
ompaulI will leave the jason there for half an hour21:35
* jussi01 hugs nalioth21:35
jussi01ok, nini everyone21:41
ompauljussi01, sleep well- then tomorrow may the road rise to meet you21:42
Jack_Smirnoffwho removed the ban on xavura21:47
PriceChildJack_Smirnoff: Any reason why you are interested in this?21:48
PriceChild(Identify if you think we'd know you)21:48
Jack_SmirnoffI set the ban21:48
Jack_SmirnoffMy pc is busy, I am on alt laptop21:48
Jack_Smirnoffdarn little keyboards21:49
Myrttihold on, I'll look this one feller first21:49
ompaulJack_Smirnoff, ehh care to prove you are what you is - i.e. cloak up21:49
ompaulor in a pm something we both know - recently21:50
Jack_SmirnoffI cant get to my ub box until a drive is finished formatting under windows21:50
ompaulI can vouch for Jack_Smirnoff as being Mr sparrow ;-)21:50
Myrttiok, he said he has a habit of turning off his router for the night and getting a new ip that way so he entered the channel regardless the ban21:51
ompaulpm had  info that was unique to us21:51
PriceChildHas he been a pain since rejoining?21:51
Jack_SmirnoffJust someone to watch21:51
Myrttihe apologized (sorta, I think it was nice) so I removed the ban since I didn't see him acting badly at the time21:51
Myrttiand I did comment his bans on the bantracker21:52
Myrttiand kick too21:52
Jack_Smirnoffnp.. just keep an eye on him..21:52
Jack_SmirnoffI planned on removing the ban and to see him back with a new ip  set off red flags21:53
Myrtti19:25 -'@: be aware though, that in the future, your name shall be in the records, and  the next time might not be taken this lightly21:53
Myrtti19:25 -'@: I appreciate your apology, for that I believe it was and lift the ban now21:53
Myrtti19:26 < Xavura> I can understand that21:53
ompaulgame on21:53
ompaulthese are the hands of a tired man .....21:54
mneptokthe hand speaks! the hand of a government man.21:54
ompaulmneptok, no Aslan21:54
ompaulThis Is21:54
* ompaul groks some rockin21:54
MyrttiI should wipe the floors21:55
Jack_Smirnoff99% on my windows drive format  weeeeeee!21:56
* Myrtti plays Radiohead once again21:57
Jack_SparrowAh.. done22:04
Jack_SparrowI just remastered XP with nlite, then remastered my nlite with vistamizer for all of the cutezie parts.22:05
MyrttiAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH this is SO #ubuntu-ops22:29
Myrtti"Screams of help" "This means a task for THE SUPERDOG!"22:29
Myrttiwell, atleast that's how I sometimes feel.22:30
Myrttiand now for something completely different: http://www.hs.fi/fingerpori/113523631959922:33
ompaulthanks but no thanks22:33
PiciMyrtti: Is that what I think it is?22:37
Myrttiwhat, where?22:38
PiciMyrtti: the eunich cat cartoon?22:38
Myrttimmmm yes? what about it?22:38
PiciMyrtti: nevermind22:38
Picienglish vs. finnish cat onomatopoeia22:39
Myrttihttp://www.hs.fi/fingerpori/1135237601903 "come right now away from that man!"22:40
mneptok"watch out for Surtsey between the knees"22:42
Myrttihttp://www.hs.fi/fingerpori/1135237030850 "now I know why they call him Pooh"22:48
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)23:02
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)23:03
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)23:03
naliothsome peoples kids  <sigh>23:03
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)23:05
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)23:05
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)23:05
naliothit's gonne be a rough ride for a bit, it seems23:08
PiciIs that what your staffersense is telling you?23:09
PiciJack_Sparrow: exactly ;)23:10
ubottuDear $DEITY, Give me strength to understand and work with users who question my logic, the rules, netiquette and common sense. Give me resilience to teach them the basics of Linux, Ubuntu, Community Guidelines and IRC. Allow me not to stray to nitpicking, argument, foul language or leisure op abuse. Deliver me my daily xkcd, User Friendly, LWN, /. and Planet Ubuntu, and guard over my encrypted drives. Let it be so.23:29
PiciMyrtti: Have you changed your mind since your comment earlier today?23:32
Myrttino, this individual just is an exception23:32
PiciOkay ;)23:33
Myrtti"can I fit 64-bit peg thru a 32-bit hole? Sure, just cram it with enough force"23:36
MyrttiUSE THE FORCE!23:36
naliothPici: yahoo messenger/msn messenger/etc allow you to share your friends list23:38
naliothPici: the guy is from brazil and doens't speak english very well23:38
naliothnot very familiar with irc, either23:39
Picinalioth: I didnt even know IRC had friends lists23:39
naliothPici: it _doesnt_23:39
PiciExactly ;)23:39

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