hubuntuno sleep pep?00:53
pephubuntu: nah... too warm :) I decided to do something useful instead, I'll just get up later tomorrow ;)00:54
pepI created a branch in lp, I'm generating my ssh key now...00:54
pephubuntu: which time zone are you in?00:56
hubuntusame as you00:56
pepok, so it's late too :)00:56
hubuntuit's all good tough...00:57
hubuntugotta leave you now01:01
hubuntupeace out01:01
greg-gFYI: my feed has not updated on planet.ubuntu.com  I updated the config.ini and commited my changes last night.  The planet still references my old location.01:01
pephubuntu: see you01:01
greg-g(actually, I'm not even sure if this is the correct team to report my issue to, so let me know if you have a better idea)01:02
newz2000greg-g: you'll be best off sending an email to rt@ubuntu.com I think04:33
greg-gnewz2000: thanks, will do06:39
newz2000good morning14:46
VolansHi newz2000 :)14:48
newz2000Volans: I talked to mdke, he said to schedule the meeting and if he can make it he will14:48
newz2000so I think we should get it going... do you want to help plan it?14:49
Volansok, then who are the other guys that MUST Be there?14:49
Volansyou, obviously14:49
newz2000that was it14:49
Volansonly you?14:49
newz2000I'd like to establish the "drivers" for each project, and ensure they get the info they need14:49
newz2000and I think the meeting will help that14:50
Volanssure, hoping for a large participation14:50
newz2000so far there have been drivers for start page and feature tour project14:50
newz2000vbabiy is the one for the feature tour at the moment... I'll have to look up who's working on the start page.14:51
Volansnewz2000: for the start page I think there are many ideas but for me what is not so clear is what are the boudary for the changes we can do in that page14:52
vbabiyYeah I would really like to be there14:52
newz2000Lizzeh is the one taking initiative on the start page14:54
newz2000Volans: do you want to act as the first secretary for the web presence team and coordinate the meeting or would you rather have me do it?14:59
newz2000don't feel pressured if you don't want it, I'm happy to do it.14:59
Volansnewz2000: I think the most appropriate people for that will be you, but I'm happy to help you or do it if you have problems or other thing to do15:00
Volans(and thanks for the proposal ;) )15:00
newz2000no, I'm fine. My goal in asking you was to get more people involved in the team. Make it more "community"15:00
newz2000less like a dictatorship15:01
newz2000I've invited BinaryDigit since that's Lizzeh, the person who expressed interest in the start page15:02
Volansthis is not a dictatorship... and can't do a complete democracy, we can't decide every thing in 100 people...15:03
newz2000I agree15:04
newz2000let's see if Lizzeh joins here soon and we'll see if we can coordinate some tentative times before tossing it onto the list15:05
boredandbloggingwe just like "benevolent" dictators :-P15:06
Volansok, I have seen now the fridge calendar and there are many empty days, so I think no problem for that15:06
Volansnewz2000: in general you prefer a working day or saturday/sunday for the meeting?15:07
newz2000I'm flexible but I think I'd prefer a weekday15:07
newz2000and regarding schedule, I think we should do it right here to get people familiar with the channel and ensure they feel welcome to join any time15:07
newz2000is there a benefit to doing it in #ubuntu-meeting?15:08
boredandbloggingas long ubuntulog does its job, not really15:08
newz2000I checked the logs the other day and they were moving along nicely15:08
newz2000is there a way to create a flag in the log for when an event occurrs?15:09
boredandbloggingi believe thats what mootbot is for15:09
boredandbloggingnewz2000: maybe I misunderstood15:10
boredandbloggingthought you were talking about highlighting action and topics15:10
newz2000no, I just mean create an anchor in the html log so that we can link to it15:11
boredandbloggingnot that I know of15:11
Volansnewz2000: I can see an example log of this bot?15:11
newz2000I'll ask the irc team real quick, but even if this isn't supported I still think there's compelling benefits to having a meeting here15:12
Volanswe can put in the log a text like "MEETING START NOW"15:13
Volansand tell people to read after that15:13
Volansin the log of the day15:13
Volansof the meeting15:13
newz2000Excellent suggestion15:13
Volansand same at the end... ;)15:14
boredandbloggingor put a long "-----------------------------"15:15
Volansonly possible problem doing the meeting here... there ins't the bot that tell you that the time is finished... and there aren't other meetings after... so we can continue for many hours...15:15
newz2000Or maybe, <a id="meeting"></a>15:16
Volansif we don't manage the time15:16
newz2000I'm good at not letting meetings go long15:16
newz2000if we do have a problem though we can do the next one in #ubuntu-meeting15:17
newz2000someone recently commented on my blog about a js library called sproutcore that they think will be an up and commer in the future15:24
newz2000presumably http://www.sproutcore.com15:25
newz2000looks like a ui library15:25
boredandbloggingis that the apple thing?15:25
newz2000looks handsome, feels a little rough15:25
newz2000but they say the same thing about me...15:26
Volansthe photo demo have occupied all my RAM :)15:26
newz2000yeah, that's a heavy page15:27
Volansnewz2000: seems more appropiate for real JS application instead of graphical effects that we need15:28
newz2000I agree.15:28
newz2000I'm not sure I'm on board with the idea that a web app should look like a desktop app15:28
newz2000though it would be nice to have a few richer controls once in a while (like the slider control or a calendar picker)15:29
newz2000I'll be back in 15m, if we haven't heard from Lizzeh then I'll go ahead and send an email to the list15:30
Volansfor a single control we can have a smaller JS with only that control15:31
newz2000ok, I'll send the email and we'll get discussion started15:47
newz2000anyone have any suggestions for how we should best choose a time for the meeting?15:48
newz2000should I just toss out three options and let people vote?15:48
VolansI think the better is 2-3 date with 2 different time for each date15:48
Volansand vote15:48
Volansto maximize the time zones coverage15:48
newz2000ok, good point15:48
Volansthe better options probably will be15:49
Volansvery early in the morning in alaska15:49
Volans(like 6-7 o'click)15:49
newz2000ok, so it's 6:49am in Alaska now15:50
Volansbut 00:49 at brisbane15:50
Volansa part australia, now we cover all the other timezones of the team people that have declared it15:51
Volansso is a possibility15:51
Volansthe other possibility is the opposite... 6 o'clock in the morning in australia est, 21 at london 02:30 in India15:53
Volansnewz2000: Hi, have you spoken with Lizzeh for the meeting?23:27

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