WelshDragonunop, the 2nd line of output has gone from the pastebin, but the third was is still there. And it still fails to kill fuser.00:00
unopWelshDragon, damn.    try this.   for i in 15 2 1 3 9; do kill -$i $(pidof fuser); done00:00
Guest49700help me plz00:00
Guest49700help me plz00:00
andresjGuest49700: i should wait a bit at least to say that :)   what do u mean wine doors?00:00
WelshDragonStill not killed it unop00:00
unopWelshDragon, the third one is just the grep line you just used -- that's not a problem00:00
unopWelshDragon,  what does this return?  jobs -l00:01
andresjoh i didnt know about wine doors how exciting :P00:01
foughello, are the pulse audio features enabled by default in 8.04?00:01
unopWelshDragon, not sure what to do then.  why do you need this process killing?00:01
p00zerDo you guys think reading Rute is a good starting point for learning ubuntu?00:02
WelshDragonunop, my load averages are 8. And it's the only possible thing i could think that's causing them to be so high.00:02
MikeHGood evening all00:02
unopWelshDragon, it's probably not likely - you could ask about this in , #debian  #linux and #bash perhaps00:03
HappyHaterp00zer, what do you want to learn?00:03
pYrO1v1aniacDoes anybody know of a recovery program to take files from a broken windows installation? At the moment, my copy of ubuntu can't mount my windows partition because windows can't start up properly.00:03
WelshDragonkk, will try unop, Thanks for your help :)00:03
MikeHis there any way to stop linux caching to ram? I'm running Ubuntu in vmware, and have assigned it a healthy 1.5GB, but with the caching, it's stealing the ram away from the host os.00:04
p00zereverything :)00:04
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:04
HappyHaterI'd say just use the OS for a while and get confortable with it00:05
unopWelshDragon, just a though, since kill defaults to bash's builtin -- you could try the kill at /bin/kill00:05
acecaseWhat is a good web-based remote apache administration package?00:05
p00zerwriting / executing scripts00:05
meoblast001>=( mysql angers me00:05
ubottuA desktop course manual for Ubuntu 7.10 can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training00:05
debCarlostroythetechguy: A small explain about... see, / is where the system and all software is installed, they don't take toooo much space, sooo / have should be smaller than /home because in /home you store all your data. Swap is just an helper ( ) that system uses for memory related operations like transfering, etc. it is recommended that you give to it  RAM X 2 of disk space...00:05
unopWelshDragon, damn.    try this.   for i in 15 2 1 3 9; do $(which kill) -$i $(pidof fuser); done00:05
runemaste644I think i've found a bug report tool bug. Whenever I try to open it, it displays an error saying it requires that i supply an --appname or --package argument00:05
WelshDragonStill not luck unop :( heh, i'll try #linux :)00:05
HappyHateryeah, then get a book/tutorial for whatever language you decide on learning00:05
Jack_Sparrowp00zer Try /join #bash00:06
p00zeris rute pretty much just learning how to use the terminal?00:06
foughello, are the pulse audio features enabled by default in 8.04 and how do i access them?00:06
troythetechguydebCarlos: Thanks for the explanation, that helps.00:06
khsuratican someone help me with this (06:58:03 PM) khsurati: Hey, guys I am new to linux and and need help with something.  Ubuntu's site led me to this. When I try playing dvd in VCL i get a "parental setting" message that wont let me continue.  VCL has no options for parental setting. So i am assuming now that it has something to do with ubuntu. has anyone encountered this?00:06
con-mandoes anyone know how to make my porn download faster in linux?00:06
Jack_Sparrow!ot > con-man00:06
unopp00zer, http://wooledge.org:8000/BashGuide00:06
ubottucon-man, please see my private message00:06
andresjwhy i cant beleive how that guest couldn't install wine doors its so simple00:06
acecaseI need to find a good web-based apache administration package. Any suggestions?00:07
debCarlostroythetechguy: yep, it's good to know some basics about the OS you're running00:07
Lunar_Lampacecase: webmin is a commonly used one, that does much more than just apache.00:07
WalloOandresj: depending on your system languages or other variable, it can be impossible to install it correctely.00:07
Soul_Sampletwin view question - in windows i was able to have my whole screen on tv although i had a much higher resolution set on my monitor. windows "shrunk" the display to fit on the tv. but linux doesn't do it... can it do that?00:08
andresjWalloO: oh really? I just installed the package and it worked straight away :)00:08
Jack_SparrowLunar_Lamp webmin is a bad idea00:08
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.00:09
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions00:09
fougi thought pulse audio came with 8.04 by default00:09
WalloOSoul_Sample: you can display 1024*768 screens on your TV and computer screen at the same time. I have a nvidia xorg.conf set to do that00:09
Soul_SampleWalloO: but i have an lcd monitor and everything below 1280 1024 doesn't look sharp00:09
WalloOandresj: it never worked perfectely out of the box for me. So I avoid using it now00:10
andresjWalloO: oh what problem did it say? just curious00:10
acecaseLunar_Lamp: thank you00:10
WalloOSoul_Sample: do you hacve nvidia or ati card?00:10
foughow do i access pulse audio features/config?00:10
Soul_SampleWalloO: nvidia00:10
WalloOandresj: problem with the automatic install system, path, etc...00:10
Lunar_Lampacecase: check out Jack_Sparrow's comment earlier - I wasn't aware of it.00:10
andresjoh ic ic00:11
ubottuFirefox 3 Final is currently in the Hardy package repositories.  For best results, do not install via archives downloaded from mozilla.com.00:11
meoblast001does anyone know if icebb has an offiial channel?00:11
WalloOSoul_Sample: have you tried to use nvidia proprietary drivers and nvidia-settings software (use sudo nvidia-settings)00:11
meoblast001mysql is being a b!tch00:11
Gneabut i want to install firefox 3 final for 7.1000:11
Gnea!language | meoblast00100:11
ubottumeoblast001: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:11
fougsweet, do i have to type in caps to get help in this channel these days?00:11
meoblast001Gnea: sorry my head hurts00:11
Soul_SampleWalloO: i set up the whole thing this way, except for the PAL settings which i had to do by hand, but there is no stretch or any such option in nvidia-settings00:12
Gneameoblast001: it'll hurt more..00:12
meoblast001Gnea: ive been banned from here for panicing and going insane00:12
Gneameoblast001: so show some respect.00:12
meoblast001"IceBB encountered an error that prevents it from being able to continue. This error has been logged. Please contact an administrator at  if the problem persists. " how do i fix this.... i am the administrator00:13
WalloOSoul_Sample: ha... In fact, I use it on my 1024x768 projector and standard old TV, and it worked without an issue, so I don't really know how to solve your systeM. I'm sorry00:13
foughow do i access pulse audio features/config?00:13
con-man!ot < con-man00:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ot < con-man00:13
Satsukisalut all00:13
con-man!ot | con-man00:13
ubottucon-man, please see my private message00:13
WalloOSatsuki: salut. Tu aimes les mangas?00:14
Satsukilol oui00:14
fougubottu: where else can i help besides this channel00:14
ubottufoug: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:14
meoblast001i think im gonna have to contact myself cuz im the administrator00:14
* meoblast001 contacts himself00:14
WalloOSatsuki: Satsuki c'est dans.... akira? je ne me rappelle plus en fait....00:14
Gneameoblast001: i don't see icebb in apt-cache search00:14
Satsukiheu c'est dans plusieurs anime lol00:15
meoblast001Gnea: exactly.... is this mysql messing up, or is there some IceBB channel i can go to?00:15
meoblast001im getting PHP warnings00:15
Satsukiperso j'ai retenu x de clamp et ichigo 100%00:15
meoblast001"PHP Warning [2]: mysql_errno(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /var/www/icebb/includes/database/mysql.db.php on line 429"00:15
meoblast001whats the apt command to install dependancies only?00:16
Gneameoblast001: i would take a look at the logs in /var/log/ first, and maybe see what the icebb site has to say about it00:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about chanlist00:16
meoblast001Gnea: what log... PHP, Mysql?00:16
ks3meoblast001: Maybe you're MySQL connection info is wrong?00:16
afallenhopeI was wondering if anyone knows of any irish/gaelic "how to's". was looking to learn how to speak it. could find some software for Windows but not linux00:16
nickrudmeoblast001, dependencies only? when you install a package, it's dependencies are automatically installed ....00:16
fougubottu: how do i use pulse audio00:16
WalloOSatsuki: X? X de X? X de Psychedelic Violence Crime of Visual Chock? What a name.... :)00:16
ubottufoug: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:16
Gneameoblast001: are you familiar with the 'grep' command?00:16
meoblast001Gnea: hardly00:16
_Hot-logic_вставил новую сетевую карту. как её найти?00:17
Gneameoblast001: i'm not surprised.  try this: grep -ir icebb /var/log/*00:17
meoblast001nickrud: i want to install the dependancies of PHPBB without installing PHPBB00:17
Satsukinon pas le groupe de visual kei xD00:17
afallenhope_Hot-logic_, englisg only please00:17
nickrudfoug, padevchooser , paman, paprefs pavucontrol are the pulseaudio packages00:17
Satsukile manga "X" de CLAMP00:17
meoblast001Gnea: no need to basically call me a retard00:17
nickrudmeoblast001, if phpbb is in the repos,  sudo apt-get build-dep phpbb00:17
fougnickrud: right but it's listed as a feature of 8.04 and said it's enabled by default. Where do i customize it? My volume doesn't seem as loud after instaling 8.0400:17
Gneameoblast001: get over it and try the command.00:17
afallenhopemeoblast001, welcome to the channel that's pretty much what they do here00:17
friezethis may be more of a networking question, but here goes: I have an ubuntu box that I'm using as a router (among other things). The ubuntu box, called jake, is running a local network on On that network I attached a linksys wrt600n. The linksys router/wireless server is serving up the  on its "LAN" side and getting a reserved address  on its "WAN" side from jake. I added a route to the 100:18
afallenhopeGnea, try to be nicer00:18
Satsukim'enfin je crois que le groupe a fait une musique pour l'ost00:18
WalloOSatsuki: ben c'est X c'est le groupe qui a fait la chassons de la serie X.00:18
afallenhopeSatsuki, english only please.00:18
afallenhopeWalloO, please speak english this isn't internation support00:18
Satsuki(yes! lol)00:18
friezeto clarify, I can't reach the 192.168.4.x network from the 192.168.2.x network00:18
afallenhopealthough I do understand french.. raised in Quebec... lol00:18
Gnea!ru | _Hot-logic_00:18
ubottu_Hot-logic_: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke00:18
meoblast001Gnea: too much output and its all unorgainzed00:18
Gneameoblast001: can you pastebin?00:19
meoblast001Gnea: yeah i guess.... you'll have to give me a second i'm VNCing my server00:19
WalloOSatsuki: anyway... A good thing for manga fan is to go to Japan... They are too crazy... But it's quite fun to go theire. Tokyo is a funny city. But it's hard since people speak mainly Japanese and not so much english... and you can't read enything, even restaurent menus... :)00:20
Gneameoblast001: no problem.00:20
nickrudfoug, install those packages, and  dpkg -L <pkgname> will tell you the executables. Most should show up in the menus00:20
m-cQ: what is the most basic configuration I need to stream a Ogg audio file over the network?00:20
meoblast001dang i accidently clicked the evolution thingy on my "quick select" or whatever the GNOME equivalent is00:20
meoblast001Gnea: as much as i hate fedora, this was one thing that was easier00:21
fougnickrud: so, basically i have to install extra packages to customize pulse audio which is enabled by default in 8.04?00:22
meoblast001Gnea: http://pastebin.com/d2712717800:23
nickrudfoug, yes. Some said it was that the tools were too rough, that they had poor interfaces. Others said there was no reason to customize it.00:23
nickrudfoug, all third hand opinion on my part00:24
oshuhi all. My USB mouse freezes at random intervals once I'm at the desktop. I've tried booting with no apic, no acpi, etc. with the same result. Any ideas?00:24
fougnickrud: where do i go to increase my volume? it';s not under "sound"00:24
HailandKillWhere do I tell samba what network interface to use.. I seem to remember it not being in smb.conf?00:25
WalloOoshu: try disabling desktop effects just to see00:25
stopherI'm having an issue with a computer not showing the screen properly on a 19" widescreen.  1280x768 stretched to fit teh monitor right now, but would like it to be 1440x900.  ATI drivers were installed but the GUI dooens't show an option for setting 1440x900.  The machine is at a friends but i have full SSH access at the moment.  Anyone have any ideas?00:25
Gneameoblast001: hrm, looks like you've been able to hit it with a web browser just fine. have you tried plugging the error message into google?00:25
oiaohmAnyone know when Ubuntu is going to fix the supidity of telling users to restart computer just because X11 has updated.00:25
meoblast001Gnea: yes..... i tried what it said00:25
SebNaitsabesthat's not stupidiity00:25
meoblast001Gnea: last time i got an error like this.. it was because i didnt have php5-mysql00:26
SebNaitsabesX11 is something major it's only the major stuff that needs a re boot unlike Windows00:26
meoblast001i checked00:26
meoblast001i have it00:26
unopfrieze, so, is ubuntu the router in question now, sounds to me like the linksys thing is the router as it connects those two subnets up ?00:26
CaleSebNaitsabes: Why not just restart X?00:26
SebNaitsabesCale:  good point00:26
oshuWalloO: is that a common problem with it? I am not at that computer right now00:26
nickrudfoug, I'm no expert. Mine works well, so I've had no reason to mess with it much. I would try running pavucontrol , and paman , and paprefs. apt-cache show <each of those> tells you what they are00:26
Gneameoblast001: hrm, it could've been asking for a certain version (the package manager can be picky like that at times)00:26
meoblast001Gnea: time to open synaptic =(00:27
CostaRicanQuakerwhat is the command for the codecs for the browsers to run youtube and such?00:27
meoblast001Gnea: dang it... now weather00:27
friezeunop: sorta...the ubuntu box has and runs that network. the linksys has 19200:27
fougnickrud: AHHHH YES! pavucontrol is what i was looking for. Now my music is back to being loud, thank you very much man00:27
frieze.168.4.1 and runs that one. its the internetworking that's vexing me00:27
WalloOoshu: with desktop effects, when your CPU is overloaded, it may slow down mouse reactivity. I got it with my Athlon 2500+. Thios problem disapeared with my quad core Q6600.00:27
unopfrieze, so what connects the ubuntu machine to the linksys router?00:28
wuxianvidia 3d acceleration used to work fo rme; now, i am using xinerama, and i get crap for glxgears (200fps, instead of 2k fps) ... does xinerama kill nvidia 3d accelera5tion?00:28
unopfrieze, and what network is that connection on? ?00:28
BlueLagunaHmm, is there a way to "refresh" the dns configuration so it'd recognize changes in /etc/resolv.conf?00:28
WalloOwuxia: with nvidia card use twinview and not xinerama00:29
WalloO!twinview | wuxia00:29
ubottuwuxia: xinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead00:29
friezethe ubuntu router is plugged into a switch that is plugged into the "WAN" port on the linksys router. that side of the linksys router is getting the address
oshuWalloO: would that cause the mouse to completely stop working at that point? The effets seemed smooth to me, but I hadn't considered that.00:29
Beererdehi. how do i set the resolution higher than 800x600?00:30
SebNaitsabesfrieze: an Ubuntu router hummmmmmmmmmm  there are better OS's you can use as a router :)  I mean OS's that are more specific for routers and firewalls00:30
nickrudfoug, thanks for the feedback, I'll know which to recommend now ;)00:30
meoblast001Gnea: should i just install every PHP and MySQL plugin known to man?00:30
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto00:30
WalloOoshu: for me during CPU high load the mouse blocks for a few seconds or fraction of seconds then continue working00:30
unopfrieze, so, can the linksys router ping jake and vice-versa?00:31
unopfrieze, and can hosts on ping the linksys router?00:31
Gneameoblast001: not sure that'll work, but i suppose it couldn't hurt00:31
friezeand jake can ping the linksys router00:31
unopfrieze, sounds to me like NAT is not enabled or not working on the linksys router00:31
friezeon its address00:31
unopfrieze, have you verified that NAT is in operation?00:32
oshuWalloO: ah okay.. Mine actually turns off completely from that point on. I'll try turning off effects though, thanks.00:32
meoblast001Gnea: im installing GUI mysql tools, they usually confront you with the problem immediately when opened00:32
WalloOoshu: maybe it'S your X11 which freeze, not just the mouse00:32
meoblast001forkbomb? O_o00:33
unopfrieze, some SOHO routers can do without NAT -- if your linksys router can do without it, try that too - make it operate as a simple router00:33
=== RaceCondition is now known as RaceCondition|aw
Soul_Sampleis there a way to "scale" my image on tv to see the whole screen, although my tv displays 1024x768 and my monitor 1280x1024?00:33
oshuWalloO: nope, that's what is so strange; my USB keyboard keeps working, and my desktop isn't affected at all - just no mouse..00:34
brygeewould anyone want to guide a semi newbie through installing twonky media?00:34
brygeetwonky vision*00:34
* vanityvertigo is away: I'm busy00:35
meoblast001Gnea: http://pastebin.com/dec89b1d00:35
* vanityvertigo is back (gone 00:00:06)00:35
* WalloO test00:35
friezeunop: yeah, btu I need to keep the two subnets segregated. The reason I'm plugging another router into my ubuntu router is so I can give it a different address pool and filter its traffic00:36
Build-A-Bearhow do i delete these old ip/hostname matchups in samba?00:36
* vanityvertigo is away: I'm busy00:36
Build-A-Beareverytime i try to connect by name with samba, is got a wrong ip associated with the hostmask00:36
nickrud!away > vanityvertigo00:36
ubottuvanityvertigo, please see my private message00:36
Gneameoblast001: and this occurs from what application?00:36
Build-A-Bearmust be a db in /var or something00:36
meoblast001Gnea: MySQL Administrator00:37
unopfrieze, you can do all those without the need for NAT -- a router keeps subnets segregated, that's its job (or rather, it connects segregated subnets up)00:37
oiaohmIt is stupidty X11 can be restarted while linux is running.   Its stupid that Ubuntu makes users wait threw a full reboot when drop to console type a few commands can fix it.  No reboot required.   Ie they need to provide a better way.00:37
meoblast001now that i think about it, i think that version of IceBB might have an error00:37
dante123hey what is the best screen recorder app for ubuntu?00:37
RussianPhysicsGuHi, I'm having trouble getting Ubuntu (hardy) to recognize my MTP mp3 player - lsusb says it's there, and mtp-detect sees it, but I can't get it to mount.00:37
unopfrieze, so NAT is in operation?00:37
meoblast001dante123: none... the best one i can find crashes upon stopping00:37
nickrudoiaohm, very true. You can do that anytime you're aware of the console way00:37
friezeunop: yes, but I'd need to add another interface to my router to have it keep the traffic from two subnets apart then right?00:38
fantomasHave problem with compiz. Cube doesn't work. Neverball works smooth, effects are ok, but Cube doesn't. Where could be the problem?00:38
Gneameoblast001: it's better to connect via the socket, if it's on the same system00:38
dante123meoblast001 i just tried recordmydesktop and it works okay....but I hate command line00:38
friezeunop: that is kinda my question. Traffic can go form the 4.x network to the 2.x network and beyond okay, the other way, not so much00:38
meoblast001dante123: if it wasnt for the bugs... istanbul would be great... try it out.. maybe the bugs wont effect your system00:38
nickrudfantomas, you enabled both cube and rotate cube in Advanced Desktop Settings?00:38
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>did you try to use adept gui, search for usb, install ?00:39
dante123just tried it out on laptop...and it flashes and takes lousy video.  Will try on another pc00:39
unopfrieze,  this sounds like a NAT issue - are you saying a host on the 2.x network can browse shares and whatnot on a 4.x network, pings included?00:39
oiaohmnickrud still normal users should not be forced threw the reboot.   Its a design flaw.00:39
dante123meoblast001 just tried it out on laptop...and it flashes and takes lousy video.  Will try on another pc00:39
nickrudoiaohm, what are you speaking of, accelerated video drivers? Or what?00:39
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>( Adept manager)00:39
meoblast001Gnea: dante123: i have to leave... ill be back on later00:39
unopfrieze, if linksys's WAN side is on the 2.x network and the LAN side on the 4.x network -- i don't see the need to add another interface00:40
RussianPhysicsGualraune: no, I'll go install Adept manager and get back to you, thanks00:40
fantomasnickrud: haha... +1 THANK YOU00:40
unopfrieze, if you want the 2.x network to access the 4.x network freely, NAT needs to be disabled on the linksys router00:40
stopherHow do I halt/stop X11 all together?00:40
glitsj16dante123: recordmydesktop is in the repo's, also gtk-recordmydesktop (GTK frontend) or krecordmydesktop (KDE frontend)00:40
SebNaitsabesstopher:  to run Gnome or KDE you need X running00:40
unopstopher, sudo /etc/init.d/?dm stop00:40
SebNaitsabesstopher:  but when logged out you can re start X00:41
nickrudstopher, ctl-atl-f2, login, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop. do your nvidia thing. sudo /etc/init.d/gdm to restart X00:41
stopheri'm in terinal seb, so i don't need it :)00:41
SebNaitsabesstopher:  you can re start or stop X and log back in again00:41
Gneastopher: ctrl-alt-backspace (it will restart on its own if the ?dm is still running tho)00:41
stopherthanks :)00:41
oiaohm /etc/init.d/?dm restart00:41
Soul_Sampleis there a way to "scale" my image on tv to see the whole screen, although my tv displays 1024x768 and my monitor 1280x1024?00:41
Gneastopher: which is nice, because it will re-read the xorg.conf :)00:41
oiaohmOnly reason to reboot Linux nickrud is a kernel replacement.  Catch is ubuntu is rebooting a lot more often than that.00:42
oiaohmOr a major lockup.00:42
SebNaitsabesor an update to HAL00:42
oiaohmNo HAL can be done without a reboot.00:42
unopfrieze, can i ask why you are using the linksys router anyway? can't you just use a switch and have your ubuntu box route between the 2.x and 4.x networks? that'd be much simpler, actually00:42
=== gawry__ is now known as gawry
Gneaoiaohm: it seems that people, transitioning from a wintendo environment, find the reboots comfortable and refreshing, for the time being00:42
oiaohmThis is the complete issue SebNaitsabes lot more reboots than there should be.00:43
nickrudoiaohm, and libc6. hal yes, with some tweaking. I'm sure the motu's would appreciate help with the necessary infrastructure.00:43
oiaohmThere is only 2 resons for a complete reboot.00:43
SebNaitsabesoiahm; Windows users are used to re booting for nearlly everything though oh  I put on program name goes here,  oh now I need to re boot00:43
oiaohmThere is a reason why Linux has run levels.00:43
Gneai say there's 3 reasons.00:43
=== RaceCondition|aw is now known as RaceCondition
oiaohmIn theory you can swap to a run level with nothing.00:43
nickrud!ot | nickrud SebNaitsabes oiaohm Gnea (see you there)00:43
ubottunickrud SebNaitsabes oiaohm Gnea (see you there): #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:43
unopoiaohm, a libc change might require a reboot - or close enough, restarting all services00:44
oiaohmThen swap back to your correct run level restarting everything back up no reboot.00:44
Gneaoiaohm: kernels, new hardware... and you forgot power outages :)00:44
oiaohmlibc no reboot00:44
Blaqlightdump RUNLEVEL > /dev/null00:44
s3acan i use virtualbox-ose to emulate a 64 bit operating system inside 64 bit ubuntu?00:44
oiaohmAt most restarting all services.00:44
SebNaitsabesI think virutalbox has limted or no 64bit support at the moment00:44
nickruds3a, yes, or 64bit os inside 32bit ubuntu on a 64bit chip00:44
Gneanickrud: we are discussing how ubuntu operates, it's hardly off-topic.00:44
nickrudGnea, it's offtopic regarding support. I'm looking for you all in there ;)00:45
oiaohmThat can be upto 40 secounds extra unop00:45
s3aactually i had problems in 32 bit wqith 64 cpu00:45
oiaohmDoing a reboot.00:45
Gneanickrud: educating users to these facts is, in fact, supportive. ;)00:45
RussianPhysicsGualraune: what should I be looking for in the package list?00:45
s3anickrud: well i have the intel pentium 4 630 and i have 64 bit ubuntu and virtualbox-ose gives me a problem wen trying to boot alpha2 intrepid amd6400:45
nickrudGnea, it'll turn into a debate soon, that's why I'm trying to head it off00:45
nickruds3a, ask about intrepid on #ubuntu+100:46
nickruds3a, no telling what's wrong with that image00:46
Gneanickrud: i just want to make sure that we're in agreement here. the only debate will be what sort of PSU we all use, which, yes, I agree, that should be taken to the other channel.00:46
s3anickrud: "This Kernel requires an x86-64 CPU but only detected an i1586 CPU. Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU."00:46
friezeunop: sorry, bathroom break00:46
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>usb >search00:47
Ed54hey guys. need help setting up a dial up connection00:47
unopoiaohm, i know of another one, you inadvertently disable sudo - which a lot of people seem to do in here :)00:47
ubottuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up00:47
fantomasWhat is the name of the compiz effect when you move mouse to upper right corner and all windows are shown? :)00:47
ASULutzyfantomas: scale00:47
fantomasASULutzy: ty00:47
ASULutzyfantomas: I believe00:47
friezeunop: the devices on the 4.x network are part of my home automation system need to do wifi using only wep. which kinda blows. want to keep them nice and separated even if the host is compromised.00:48
RussianPhysicsGualraune: I did that, and there's a list of packages that contain the term "usb" in their description - is there a specific one you recommend, or should I just get one that looks relevant? (usbmount looks like it might be it)00:48
nickruds3a, truly, intrepid questions belong on #ubuntu-1.00:48
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:48
Soul_Sampleis there a way to "scale" my image on tv to see the whole screen, although my tv displays 1024x768 and my monitor 1280x1024?00:48
fantomasASULutzy: looks like it has another name. All 'scale' effects are turned on00:48
ASULutzyfantomas: No, it's scale, you need to set the edge trigger00:49
ubottuhttp://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out00:49
unopfrieze, well, in either case, if you want free access across those two subnets, you'll have to do away with NAT on the linksys box00:49
ASULutzyfantomas: Go to bindings inside the scale plugin, and then change initiate window picker to topLeft, etc00:49
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>I can mount various mp3 players an  have installed :00:49
fantomasASULutzy: sorry, you are right. Bindings are not set00:49
ASULutzyfantomas: no problem ;)00:50
stopherNext is, is there an apt command i can use that will flush X11 and reinstall it, getting rid of the changes i made? I'm getting "Out of Freq" on my monitor.  That' worse than what it was befoer! gah00:50
Ed54if anyone can help me with dial-up setup, start a private chat00:50
joshualhey folks, trying to delete a user completely when I try to delete the users home dir (/home/user/) I am unable to remove the subdirectory: .gvfs00:50
SebNaitsabes!dialup |  Ed5400:50
ubottuEd54: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up00:50
unopfrieze, my belkin router can operate as an access point only -- my debian box does the routing - which was what i was getting at, using your ubuntu box as the sole router00:50
Flanneljoshual: Are you using sudo?00:50
nickrudstopher, sudo dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical xserver-xorg will return you to a default config00:50
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>libusb++01-4c2  (or so ) and..00:50
kdavidhello is there a problem with sdhc cards and ubuntu?00:50
fantomasASULutzy: have you fixed the problen with iptables? :)00:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sdhc00:50
wuxia@src sequence_00:51
nickrudjoshual, mount | grep gvfs , see if it's still mounted00:51
wiijiievening all00:51
ASULutzyfantomas: Yea, it was something dumb ;) I flushed them and the default rule was to block all, but then when I restarted firestarter restored the old rules... Basically I forgot that I had installed firestarter a long time ago; that's where all those rules came from00:51
stopherthanks nick00:51
joshualnickrud: ok thx00:51
wiijiiI have a very strange problem with my logins, don't know if anyone can help00:51
SebNaitsabeswhat's the problem?00:52
wiijiiBasically every time I su or login, I get an error saying 'Failed to add entry for user <username>'00:52
fantomasASULutzy: okay. Actually the most clear way to handle firewall rules which I found is using iptables-restore/save00:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about logon00:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about login00:52
wiijiigoogle gives me very little, apart from samba errors. I've just been playing around with samba, which does not work at all with 8.0400:52
ASULutzywiijii: su? You're trying to login as root?00:52
Ed54ubottu:  i did alll of the steps here  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/setting-up-dial-up-connection-in-ubuntu.html.  i'm having trouble with the commands for installing gnome-ppp00:52
ubottuEd54: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:52
Jordan_U!botabuse > SebNaitsabes00:53
ubottuSebNaitsabes, please see my private message00:53
wiijiiwell, I'm logged in as user, but trying to su to root00:53
wiijiiI can su and login. but I get that error00:53
wiijiiwell, warning00:53
Jack_Sparrowwiijii dont su to get root00:53
ASULutzywiijii: Well, by default there is no root password, and Ubuntu is all about using sudo, not su00:53
* vjoe bye00:53
kdavidLet me rephrase the question Ubuntu has no problem reading a CF card but when it come to a sd high capacity card it does not read it does anyone know how to handle this?00:53
oc80z!how do i get ubuntu to hibernate and recover on notebook00:53
ubottuoc80z: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:53
ASULutzywiijii: Hence by default in /etc/shadow the root password hash doesn't exist00:53
MatBoymhh, this is not cool, when I close my lid, my screen always locks on black00:54
wiijiiYeah, I've set a root password though00:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hibernate00:54
Jack_SparrowMatBoy Research your video card and hibernation00:54
GL-sanok, question, if i can't open any windows to like /home/ or /media/, what's wrong here?00:54
Ed54i followed all the steps here, but i can't install gnome-ppp00:54
wiijiiIt's as if when I login as any user, or su to root, samba is trying to set the password for that user, and hence giving the 'failed to add entry' message00:54
MatBoyJack_Sparrow: did that already, can't find it, gutsy didn't had the problem before00:54
joshualmount | grep gvfs00:54
joshualgvfs-fuse-daemon on /home/joshual/.gvfs type fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon (rw,nosuid,nodev,user=joshual)00:54
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>fxload and usbutils(!)00:55
Jack_SparrowMatBoy What video card00:55
MikeHDoes anyone know of a solution to double download speeds by means of two connections, without using adsl bonding? I understand it'd be two IP's, but isn't it possible that each connection sould download alternately, effectively providing double the speed?00:55
MatBoyJack_Sparrow: 855GM00:55
RussianPhysicsGualraune: alright, I'll get those three and get back to you, thanks so much!00:55
Jack_SparrowMatBoy intel00:55
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>if this doesn't work, I would try usbmount afterwards, too00:55
GL-sanok, question, if i can't open any windows to like /home/ or /media/, what's wrong here? also, most applications fail to start00:55
bob3213243jack_sparrow okay I added the repo's with "sudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/hardy.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list" and I then tried to find it in a package man but to no success so I did in term "sudo apt-get install skype" and still no success. do you know where I am going wrong?00:56
unopMikeH, this should be asked about in #networking -- the implementation of any suggestions then asked in here00:56
Beererdehi. i have a matrox mga card, the driver was installed automatically, but the xorg.conf was not altered. is tehre an option to do it automatically?00:56
evil_techi have a software raid question? if i reinstall ubuntu will it see my raid?00:56
MatBoyJack_Sparrow: yes00:56
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto00:56
wiijiiuh oh00:56
wiijiiReinstalled samba, which now fails to start00:56
wiijiiOh dear00:56
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:56
joshualnickrud: does that mean anything to you?00:56
wiijiiNothing has changed since I last installed it... wth00:56
s3aEd54: do u have a pci hsf modem?00:57
maadcan someone help me with grub?00:57
Palace_Chani just used ms-sys to write to my master boot record from an ubuntu livecd, should i just shut down and the changes wont revert ?00:57
Ed54s3a, no, pctel00:57
Palace_Chanmaad im having HARDCORE grub trouble00:57
_jdd_maad: what's the problem?00:57
Jordan_Umaad, Ask your question and if anyone can help they will00:57
SebNaitsabeswhat's ms-sys?00:57
SimotemplerDownload speed   2621 Kbps (socket test)00:57
SimotemplerUpload speed  331 Kbps (socket test)00:57
SimotemplerQuality of service  99 %00:57
SimotemplerMaximum delay  8 ms00:57
SimotemplerRound trip time  19 ms00:57
FloodBot1Simotempler: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:57
SimotemplerUpstream jitter  0.9 ms00:57
nickrudjoshual, what, if you posted something I didn't see it00:57
unopMikeH, you can use iptables in a round-robin fashion -- but any tcp connections between end-points will only use one line until the session terminates00:57
joshualnickrud: I'll post again:00:57
nickrudjoshual, ah, I found it00:58
Jordan_USebNaitsabes, It's a tool for installing a windows bootloader00:58
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes its a program to write to the MBR since im fighting off grub error 17 during boot00:58
joshualoh ok00:58
SebNaitsabesah yes Grub issues00:58
SebNaitsabescommon that00:58
SebNaitsabes,but fixable00:58
Drk_GuyI've read something about installing a custom architecture kernel, is that still functional?00:58
nickrudjoshual,   sudo umount /home/joshual/.gvfs , then you can remove the user00:58
BlaqlightSimotempler, what did you use to get that information?00:58
ubottugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:58
maadI have 2 HD's (SATA), first one is for XP (4 partitions) and has GRUB installed, second is for vista and linux, I just installed 8.04 from livecd but I get error 17 after reboot00:58
lolo5756join /#ubuntu-fr00:58
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes i deleted my linux partition and grub wont let me boot at all..so i was hoping through a livecd to use ms-sys to get windows to boot again00:58
MikeHunop: I understand this, but things that use multiple connections, such as p2p stuff, would effectively be doubled?00:58
_jdd_Palace_Chan: asus p4s333?00:59
Simotempleran irish ISP tester which lists my ISP00:59
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan: ah yes00:59
Palace_Chani ran ms-sys -m dev/sda...wonder if i can just shut down now though and the changes i made wont revert00:59
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan:  you just have Windows on there?  and since Grub has been deleted except for the bit in the MBR you cannot boot00:59
lolo5756join/ #ubuntu-fr00:59
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes exactly00:59
nighthellos all00:59
joshualnickrud: awesome worked, but why was it mounting? it's not in fstab? I thought I removed gmailfs ... if not is there anything I need to do so I have removed it all?00:59
nightim back00:59
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan: that's pretty easy to sort out so you can boot Windows again, however before I tell you how :)  why did you get rid of Linux?00:59
SimotemplerBlaqlight is that good enough for a 3Mb internet connection01:00
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes i just wrote to the master boot record from a livecd, i hope all i have to do now is shut down01:00
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes because im changing laptops and im giving that one to my mom01:00
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes she is not a linux user01:00
MasterShrekk so im running ubuntu server (8.04.1) and i have a 6tb raid tower attached to the server, i cannot format the entire drive since its too big, but apparently i can use it using parted, the problem is that parted crashes with every command i give it, here is a sample output which should have just printed the partition table: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27604/01:00
BlaqlightSimotempler, seems like it01:00
=== klingon_ is now known as klingon
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan: well depending on what she uses her computer for,  it could be a good idea to have Ubuntu.  anyway what has happended is since you have deleted the Linxu parittoin01:00
nickrudjoshual, that's part of the gnome virtual file system, I haven't actually learned much more about it than it's name, it mounts there, and is supposed to clear up some race conditions and allow for more elegant usage of the file manager.01:00
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes the one im on right now has hardy, but i have to return my old laptop to "as new"01:00
MasterShrekanyone have any leads? :)01:00
unopMikeH, bandwidth is doubled yes, speed depends on the line used per connection -- but, yes, things that use multiple connections will be allocated either of the lines to use and that's almost random01:01
Simotempler2621 should it not be about 300001:01
Simotempleror have i calculated wrong01:01
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan:  since you deleted Linux  bye bye went the /boot/media/grub folder stuff01:01
RussianPhysicsGualraune: I'm still not entirely sure what I'm doing, I don't see any change in how it's behaving01:01
SimotemplerBits bytes01:01
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan:  also Grub for Windows I expect has a partition number that well does not exist anymore hence why that won't boot01:01
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes so during grub loading i just get grub error 17 and stuck01:01
unopPalace_Chan, do you have a windows disk?01:02
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan:  you deleted part of Grub01:02
evil_techif i reinstall my ubuntu is there a way to make it see my software raid and use it again?01:02
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan:  however it will still leave what's on the MBR.01:02
suselinmaster_of_master, smaller partitions01:02
MikeHunop: Is there no way of setting priority? Such as to use one connection, until saturated, then start using the secondary connection? The reason being, I'm moving, pretty much opposite to my office, It'd be nice to take advantage of two available connections.01:02
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan: if you have a Windows CD.  you can  let Windows fix it's bootloader like that01:02
SebNaitsabesPlace_Chan:  yes the Windows CD can go over what's left of Grub on the MBR.  and then it will only boot Windows01:03
MikeHunop: However, I'd like to use my fixed connection primarily, for various reasons of reliability, and speed.01:03
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes right but i didnt (only a system cd with two recovery cd's that wont prompt me for anythng, just reformat partition 1 and reinstall xp)01:03
kdavidIs there a solution for remedying ubuntu from not recognizing a sd high capacity card?01:03
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>try sudo apt-get install usbmount01:03
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan: you can re install XP.  or just let it fix the bootloade from the CD01:03
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan: but yes re installing XP will make Grub go completly bye bye01:04
RussianPhysicsGualraune: already done01:04
suselinsafe mode f801:04
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>what manufacturer is the mp3 from ?01:04
unopMikeH, not with iptables and round-robin no .. you might like to ask about this in #networking and ##linux01:04
Jordan_Ukdavid, Is it a built in reader or external USB reader?01:04
RussianPhysicsGuit's a Creative Zen Nomad, I can give you the lsusb info if you want01:04
MikeHunop: Ok, thanks01:04
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes though i did that with system cd and two recov cd's and while it reformatted away partition 1 and set up xp there..no prompts for fixmrb or anything, no fix01:04
RussianPhysicsGualraune: ^^^01:04
Shaba1Hey anyone have any idea on how to get a web cam connected to a java video chat site.01:04
suselinPalace_Chan,  safe mode f801:04
dlihow do I enable compiz in hardy01:04
Shaba1I have downloaded camorama so I can use the webcam in MY computer01:05
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>lsusb ...01:05
Shaba1it shows up on my screen01:05
kdavidJordan it is a built in read and I have a external one too01:05
Blaqlightlolo5756, type /join #ubuntu-fr01:05
maadanyone can msg me about that error 17?01:05
RussianPhysicsGualraune: Bus 005 Device 014: ID 041e:4128 Creative Technology, Ltd NOMAD Jukebox Zen Xtra (mtp)01:05
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes i used an ubuntu livecd though and ran "ms-sys -m /dev/sda" which said "windows 2000/xp/2003 master boot record written successfully to dev/sda" whatever that means01:05
Shaba1but when I go to a java cam site I can view others cams but not my own01:05
Jordan_Ukdavid, Does the external one work?01:05
=== blaze is now known as Guest81484
kdavidyes it accepts CF cards fine01:05
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan:   Do you have an XP CD?01:05
sylvisjHello all, looking for help with a GeForce 9500M GS. I'm only getting around 5k FPS In GLXGEARS, which is way under what I should be getting afaik. The version string in glxinfo sas 169.12, so I'm guessing my card shouldn't really even be supported. Someone mind pointing me either to a good howto for the correct drivers or correcting me if I'm wrong?01:05
Jordan_Ukdavid, With Ubuntu I mean01:06
jlivnii am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but i am wondering a good tool to copy over many (hundreds of thousands) of small files from one machine to another01:06
jlivniwhere machine B already has a good subset of the files - I just want to copy over the missing ones01:06
kdavidYes it accepts the cf in ubuntu fine01:06
jlivniit seems like rsync will take a bit too long to create the initial filelist01:06
RussianPhysicsGualraune: lsusb is just the command that lists all usb devices attached. That's the issue: it sees that it's there, but I can't get it to mount01:06
jlivniscp has no option to not copy over existing files ... (which would be ok, but seems like waste of bandwidth) .... any ideas?01:06
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes does that mean my MBR is ok now ?01:06
maaddamn it, help me :)01:06
kdavidbut not the sdhc card01:06
Jordan_Usylvisj, What is the output of "glxinfo | grep direct" ?01:07
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan:  it means it has tryed to do smoethign, but if you still got Grub when you turn the computer or re boot, well then that didn't work01:07
kdavid4gig card01:07
bastid_raZorsylvisj; with a nVidia 7600GT i'm getting 6500FPS average01:07
Flanneljlivni: use sftp instead?01:07
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes ugh i HOPE it works because the livecd is SLOW and i have to donwload, make, and install ms-sys and for that i need to install build-essential and gettext packages01:07
jlivniFlannel: hmm ... not a bad idea.  i assume i can do a nice recursive mput with that01:07
Palace_Chanso its a big hassle01:07
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan:  Have you got an XP CD?01:08
Jordan_UPalace_Chan, You don't need to compile ms-sys, it's available in the repos01:08
sylvisjJordan_U: yes on direct rendering01:08
evil_techRecovery Console, fixmbr, fixboot01:08
sylvisjbastid_raZor: I know. My 8800GTS gets well over 14k fps.01:08
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes no, only a "system cd" with two recovery cd's that prompt me for nothing and just reformat my first partition and reinstall xp there01:08
maadhelp with error 17 from grub, anyone?01:09
Palace_ChanJordan_U i tried it in synaptic and sudo apt-get under ms-sys and found nothing01:09
bastid_raZorsylvisj; ahh, kinda makes me sad now. i thought i was doing well  :}01:09
Palace_Chanmaad im working with error 17 now, how;d you get it ?01:09
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>sudo apt-get install gnomad201:09
=== Guest81484 is now known as BlazeCamilo
SebNaitsabesPalce_Chan: do what these guys are saying then01:09
sylvisjbastid_raZor: :P mobile cards tend to be pretty slow, but there's no reason a geforce 9 series mobile would be slower than a 7 series mobile01:09
maadPalace_Chan: can i msg you?01:09
sylvisjI suppose I'll be either waiting for Jordan_U to return, or osmeone else who knows their drivers to help me.01:10
kdavidjordan did you leave?01:10
Palace_Chanevil_tech how do i get to the recovery console ?01:10
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>then sudo vi /etc/hotplug/usb/nomadjukebox.usermap.01:10
RussianPhysicsGualraune: OH, there's a package for nomads! awesome!01:10
SebNaitsabesmaad: he can't help you01:10
evil_techPalace_Chan: you need an XP install disc01:10
sylvisjkdavid, if jordan left, how is he supposed to answer?01:10
Palace_Chanevil_tech with my recovery cd's i am never prompted01:10
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan: have you got a i386 folder in the XP partition?01:10
Palace_Chanmaad i have not fixed this problem myself01:10
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes i do01:10
maadSebNaitsabes: how do you know?01:10
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>add : # nomad01:10
kdavidgood point01:10
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes what abou tthat i386 folder ?01:11
kdavidhe was helping me but split01:11
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan: well you should be able to make an XP install disc  out of that folder, but  if the slightest thing goes wrong it wont work.  also it's a bit compacted, but there is that tutorail uhmmmm I could find link, but01:11
pokemon1571Hello everyone, I am having issue with my wireless card on my laptop while running Ubuntu, there is no linux  driver I found the windows driver and installed it using that program that lets you use Windows drivers.  It says that the wireless card is there, but I can't edit my wireless settings.  I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 and my wireless card is a Realtek RTL8187B.  Please help me!01:11
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes tell you what, ill try rebooting to see if my ms-sys thing worked01:11
dlihow do I enable compiz in xubuntu-desktop?01:12
neal_i just installed xbuntu 8.04 and have some issues with evolution and the gnome-keyring...gnome-keyring keeps running away with the cpu until i exit evolution01:12
neal_anyone having this problem01:12
Ed54hey, i need help with installing gnome-ppp01:15
suselinPalace_Chan,  system cd has xp on or it would not try to install xp at boot hit f8 to get safe mode the fixmbr or fixboot01:15
geniiEd54: Getting winmodems to work under linux is usually a pain in the arse. The problem is not gnome-ppp but the model of your modem (PCTel)01:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about winmodems01:15
evil_techPalace_Chan: if you have another computer you can make a XP disc using Nlite with the I386 folder01:16
evil_techprobably better off finding someone with a real xp install disc though01:16
glitsj16dli: do you have all compiz related packages installed ? if so, run "compiz --replace &" from terminal to see if it works, after that you can add that command to the autostarted apps section ..01:16
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>hard to figure out next line in vi , example is :# Creative Zen Stone01:16
alraunenomadjukebox 0x0003 0x041e 0x4154 0x0000 0x0000 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x0000000001:16
RussianPhysicsGualraune: that sudo vi /etc/hotplug/usb/nomadjukebox.usermap command just gives me a blank terminal screen with a bunch of tildes (~)01:16
Ed54i type sudo apt-get install gnome-ppp and i get an error doulcn't find package gnome-ppp01:17
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>at the end of it we have to put the correct identifier for your device...01:17
Ed54wvdial doesn't work either01:17
SebNaitsabes!info gnome-ppp01:17
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>hard to figure out next line in vi , example is :# Creative Zen Stone01:17
ubottugnome-ppp (source: gnome-ppp): modem internet connection tool for the GNOME Desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.23-1 (hardy), package size 82 kB, installed size 600 kB01:17
dliglitsj16, thanks:( I thought it would be auto, after I enabled composite and aiglx in xorg.conf01:18
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>nomadjukebox 0x0003 0x041e 0x4154 0x0000 0x0000 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x0000000001:18
RaceConditionI used dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config to enable antialiased rendering on fonts on my Ubuntu Server 8.04 machine.. is this supposed to take effect any time fonts are rendered using freetype?01:18
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>last line is an example, yours is different, lsusb doesnt give full information01:19
glitsj16dli: not that i know off in xubuntu no, easily fixed though, adding the command takes 2 seconds :)01:19
glitsj16dli: does it work ?01:19
RussianPhysicsGualraune: alright, it's just a matter of figuring out how to configure gnomad2, I think i can figure it out from here01:19
RussianPhysicsGualraune: thanks so much for your help!01:20
pokemon1571 Hello everyone, I am having issue with my wireless card on my laptop while running Ubuntu, there is no linux  driver I found the windows driver and installed it using that program that lets you use Windows drivers.  It says that the wireless card is there, but I can't edit my wireless settings.  I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 and my wireless card is a Realtek RTL8187B.  Please help me!01:20
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes it worked !01:20
dliglitsj16, gnome-2.22 auto-detects aiglx/composite, could be a trouble though, if you don't want compiz01:20
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>you can try with the example, save n close vi, replug mp3...humm01:20
SebNaitsabesPalce_Chan: so you got the Windows boot loader back?01:20
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes i hope its permanent because i spent ALL DAY on this01:20
Palace_ChanSebNaitsabes apparently, i just rebooted and it booted xp just fine01:21
noloHi, all.  I need your help regarding my beloved ubuntu installation.  It doesn't boot anymore. When I enter in grub, it just goes to an never ending splash screen loop. I know I can just reintsall Ubuntu, but I also want to know how to troubleshoot it! Thank you01:21
SebNaitsabesPalce_Chan: well yes how it works is some of Grub will be left in the MBR.  and then you need another bootloader to go over the MBR one that also will boot Windows01:21
geniiEd54: Enable universe repository and do sudo apt-get update to be able for it to then find gnome-ppp. But you might want to look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto/PcTel as to why this could be an exercise in futility with the PCTel modems01:21
dliglitsj16, I'm trying compiz on EEE-PC, quite fun01:21
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>another possibility:http://perbu.livejournal.com/2012.html01:21
djhashhow can I pipe ascii to serial port in terminal. eg. "cat text.txt|<serialport0>01:22
RussianPhysicsGualraune: awesome. I think I actually just got it working with gnomad01:23
glitsj16dli: don't go overboard with the settings though, compiz can hog you down, but it sure is great indeed ;)01:23
SebNaitsabesPalace_Chan: should be pernament yes01:23
_jdd_djhash: cat text > /dev/serialdevice i think01:23
noloAnyone please? How can I troubleshoot my ubuntu.  Where do I start?01:23
alraune<RussianPhysicsGu>does it mount now ?01:24
djhash_jdd_: thanx.. i think it worked.. gotta try it later..01:24
geniinolo: First thing to decide is what is the problem which needs troubleshooting :)01:24
noloOw, I'm sorry.  My message might have been truncated. This is what I asked earlier:01:25
noloHi, all.  I need your help regarding my beloved ubuntu installation.  It doesn't boot anymore. When I enter in grub, it just goes to an never ending splash screen loop. I know I can just reintsall Ubuntu, but I also want to know how to troubleshoot it! Thank you01:25
RussianPhysicsGualraune: well, gnomad recognizes its presence, and now it's just a matter of fiddling with that til it works01:25
sparrhow can i tell i my computer recognizes that there is a CD/DVD in the drive?01:25
RussianPhysicsGualraune: I should be fine from here, thanks again.01:26
kosmohttp://pl.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ4MauvhRxM&NR=1 hahaha01:26
Palace_Chanmaad i can TRY to help if u want, IM me if u wish01:26
cdehaanHello all! how can I install a local .deb but use repositories to match dependencies?01:26
SebNaitsabesmaad: what's your problem?01:26
mbrigdanwhat command would I use to create an ssh tunnel to the gmail pop server (pop.gmail.com) ?01:27
Blaqlightdoes anyone actually use LaTeX?01:27
BlazeCamilobem vindo ao mundo UBUNTU01:27
mbrigdannvm, just realized that I can't do that01:27
wolsBlazeCamilo: english OBLY01:27
BlazeCamiloputa nacionalismo01:28
maadgrub spits out error 17 and nothing more at boot01:28
BlazeCamilofala em portugues01:28
=== befr0d_ is now known as bef0rd
penanyone here know anything about awesome wm?01:28
maadjust after fresh install01:28
SebNaitsabesmaad: can you boot into anything?01:28
SebNaitsabesmaad: so your on another computer now?01:28
maadLoading grub...... \n error 1701:28
maadand hangs01:28
Blaqlightawesome wm = gnome01:28
Palace_Chanmaybe he'll have to use a livecd01:28
maadi've booted livecd01:28
glitsj16cdehaan: try dropping your .deb in /var/cache/apt/archives ..01:29
SebNaitsabesmaad: I guess Grub is detecting the partitions wrong01:29
sparrWhen I insert a blank DVD+R i get the KDE "what do you want to do" dialog.  When I insert a movie DVD, nothing happens, i cannot see any way to tell that the computer even recognizes that there is a disc inserted.  help?01:29
ubottuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs01:29
Palace_Chanmaad if it was during an install (different from my problem) i might have a link that helps (it was given to me earlier)01:29
sparrSebNaitsabes: gee, thanks01:30
sparrlooks like im going to get banned for berating someone over misuing !keywords again01:30
maadSebNaitsabes: yes, probably it is, but menu.lst looks good01:30
Palace_Chanmaad maybe this (which messes with grub config) can be of help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows01:30
angahhi..still have problem with my wireless..already install madwifi but dunno how to run madwifi01:30
nolohi, I found something.  When I boot to my ubuntu removing "quiet". I stops on waiting for "Waiting for root device"01:31
SebNaitsabessparr: well I had something else to say regarding your issue, but if your going to be like that01:31
sparrSebNaitsabes: in what way was information on decoding DVD video supposed to be helpful when I cannot access the disc?01:31
maadPalace_Chan: thanks, but I already know how to edit and install grub using livecd01:31
Palace_Chanmaad ok01:31
glitsj16sparr: do you have cd/dvd entrees in your /etc/fstab ?01:31
Jack_Sparrow!pt > BlazeCamilo01:31
ubottuBlazeCamilo, please see my private message01:31
Gothfunc-hi.  when installing an ldap client, is installing ldap-auth-client all i need to do? i fill in the details, reboot and get "failed to bind to ldap server" "can't contact ldap server" on boot.  i put the uri in as ldap://<ip>:<port>/ and i can telnet to the ldap server fine01:32
sparrevery time i ask a question here someone spouts a !blah and then gets mad when i tell them the factoid was notably unhelpful01:32
sparrglitsj16: yes, one, /dev/hdb as /media/cdrom001:32
cuberight now i have 2 monitors hooked up but how do i switch from cloned to extended desktop?01:32
SebNaitsabessparr: well at least someone was trying to help, and you should be thankful even if there help was useless01:32
Jack_Sparrow!attitude > sparr01:32
ubottusparr, please see my private message01:32
ASULutzysparr: that !dvd trigger actually is useful for playing an encrypted DVD iirc. It links to how to add medibuntu to your sources to get libcssdvd201:32
noloI'm sorry, it doesnt say Waiting for root device. Its saying "waiting for root file system".  How can I fix this problem? anyone please?  Is there a channel that I can go to for someone to help me?  If yes, please say what channel it is.  Thank you so much01:33
vicesI just installed a windows driver for my ethernet card using ndiswrapper, how do I tell if it was successful?01:33
alraunenolo: what your prob ?01:33
Jack_Sparrownolo Did you add or change any drives around01:33
ASULutzysparr: Those triggers are there for a reason; the people that hang out in here all day week after week get tired of typing the same answer to a common question. It's rare to find a very unique issue ;)01:33
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:33
glitsj16sparr: okay, so that's covered .. does the "eject" command work ?01:33
nownotim trying to setup iptables for openvpn but its not working and driving me nuts, any help?01:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about openvpn01:34
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).01:34
vicesSebNaitsabes: that isn't helpful01:35
nownotSebNaitsabes: im well aware of iptables, but cant get them to work01:35
sparrASULutzy: yes, but people use them or non-common questions just because they recognize one word.  he saw "dvd" and jumped on it.  if i needed help that inappropriate i would have just asked google (and i did)01:35
maadis it possible that /dev/sda isn't hd0 and/or /dev/sdb isn't hd1 at boot time?01:35
cdehaanglitsj16: drop it there, then apt-get install packagenmae?01:35
Jack_Sparrownownot man iptables01:35
nownotJack_Sparrow: why would i man it?01:36
wolsmaad: yes01:36
maadwols: how can i check/fix it?01:36
Jack_Sparrowmaad are you mixing sata and ide drives01:36
ASULutzysparr: Well, considering the trigger actually provided information pertinent to your problem, I'm going to have to say that he used the factoid trigger correctly and that you shouldn't have gotten snappy about it :)01:36
wolsmaad: device.map01:36
SebNaitsabessparr: ah the beautey of the internets people like you01:36
wolsif that actually is the problem01:36
Jack_Sparrownownot you would man it to figure out what you are doing wrong in steeing up your ports01:36
sparrASULutzy: i disagree01:36
glitsj16cdehaan: question first, the .deb you want to drop there is in the ubuntu reposotories correct >?01:36
SebNaitsabessparr:  funny when they are Windows users since just say something bad about their OS and :d01:36
nownotit worked flawlessly in fedora01:36
maadJack_Sparrow: nope, two sata drives (and 2 IDE dvd-rw drives, but dosen't count as far as I know)01:36
cdehaanglitsj16: nope.01:37
eramax(need help) i always install ubuntu and after adding alot of programes from internet or any where i get a problem that make me need to remove the dist any way to solve these problem ; i listen about backup and if so can i make a backup that can i restore my dist with its programes in any computer to work with other hardware environment;thanks01:37
cdehaanglitsj16: I'm more of an RPM user, so I'm used to being able to do "yum localinstall package.rpm"01:37
sparrJack_Sparrow: if i had a dollar for every time ive had !attitude > sparr ...01:37
ASULutzysparr: Have you tried adding medibuntu to your sources list and getting libdvdcss2?01:37
Jack_Sparrowsparr Please take the discussion and opinions to #ubuntu-offtopic01:37
maadwols: device.map says hd0 -> sda, hd1 -> sdb, but maybe it's wrong?01:37
ASULutzysparr: then take a hint before you get banned ;)01:37
Flannelcdehaan: that's dpkg -i package.deb or gdebi01:37
glitsj16cdehaan: in that case apt isn't going to check for dependencies, try gdebi01:37
cdehaanglitsj16: Aah, gdebi, great.01:38
alraunemaad: output fdisk -l ?01:38
cdehaanglitsj16: Thank you!01:38
glitsj16cdehaan: you're welcome01:38
Jack_Sparroweramax you can use dd to make full backup01:38
alraunemaad: output fdisk -l ? (pastebin)01:38
nolo@jack & allure:  The only thing that I did is install a different Ubuntu setup in a separate hard drive.  However, when I did this, the hard drive where my original ubuntu was installed was removed.  I think the grub messed up01:39
eramaxfdisk -l no output01:39
angahanyone knows how to enable wireless in acer aspire? I already ndiswrapper and madwifi. But still not working.01:39
Jack_Sparrownolo Yep installing another os will change grub01:39
viceshow do I know if I already have the wireless-2.6 branch installed?01:39
CarlFKother than ctrl-alt-BS (which logs me out, not what I want)  what hot keys will do video things?  (card flipped into some unusable mode_01:41
Jack_Sparrownolo sudo apt-get install pastebinit  && cp /etc/fstab ~/Desktop/Partition_Layout.txt && sudo fdisk -l >> ~/Desktop/Partition_Layout.txt && lsb_release -a >> ~/Desktop/Partition_Layout.txt && cat /home/$USER/Desktop/Partition_Layout.txt | pastebinit  (Provide Pastebin link in channel)01:41
DroP-PsyChoSiShi all, if i update my ubuntu, my NVIDIA drivers stop working and i have to reinstall them - how can i stop this from happening?01:41
nolo@jack.  However, when I restore my menu.lst (my working backup), it still has the same problem01:41
ASULutzyJack_Sparrow: That's quite the command ;)01:42
crashanddiehow would I go about and change my default language in Ubuntu ? It's set to en_US, and I'd like to have en_GB01:42
Jack_SparrowASULutzy I thought so01:42
alraunemaad: content of fstab (pastebin) ?01:42
SebNaitsabescrashanddie: easy01:42
crashanddieis there another way that just LC_ALL=en_GB ?01:42
noloThank you Jack.  I'll go ahead and do that01:42
alraunemaad: output blkid (pastebin) ?01:42
Jack_Sparrownolo that is because the mbr is still pointing to your new install.01:42
maadalraune: what fstab has to do with it?01:42
SebNaitsabescrashanddie:  on the panel the bottom or top.  right click and add to panel.  find the languge one and then with that add en GB01:42
ASULutzyJack_Sparrow: Though that's a good idea, beats explaining that the l in sudo fdisk -l is an "L" and explaining pastebins, and yadda yadda... I think I'll steal that from you :)01:42
wols!tell crashanddie about locales01:43
ubottucrashanddie, please see my private message01:43
Jack_Sparrownolo you can add to your menu in the new install the info to boot your other ubuntu01:43
FlynsarmyHi. when i try to copy a folder from desktop to /media/F (NTFS drive) it tells me i dont have permission to create it. i tried sudo chmod 777 /media/F but it didn't help01:43
alraunemaad: your prob was delay in booting or changed disks at boot up, nor ?01:43
Jack_SparrowASULutzy np, I have a ton in my cheat sheet01:43
DroP-PsyChoSiShi all, if i update my ubuntu using automatic updates, my NVIDIA drivers stop working and i have to reinstall them - how can i stop this from happening?01:43
nolooh yeah.  THanks for that tip Jack .. I havent thought of that .. I'll do that now. thanks01:43
Jack_SparrowASULutzy sudo apt-get install pastebinit  && cp /etc/fstab ~/Desktop/Partition_Layout.txt && sudo fdisk -l >> ~/Desktop/Partition_Layout.txt && cat /boot/grub/menu.lst >> ~/Desktop/Partition_Layout.txt && lsb_release -a >> ~/Desktop/Partition_Layout.txt && cat /home/$USER/Desktop/Partition_Layout.txt | pastebinit  (Provide Pastebin link in channel)        added in grub01:43
maadalraune: nope, my problem is error 17 when grub loads after POST01:43
stonneedwow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1piuJzS7H-401:43
Bleu`useless interesting info......I just joined into the #linux channel and there are more users in Ubuntu, than the linux channel.  I also joined every linux distro channel i could think of, and Ubuntu blows the competition away.01:43
alraunemaad: checking 17...01:44
ASULutzyJack_Sparrow: danke :)01:44
dan__G'day anyone read me?01:44
CarlFKwhat is the name of the command that adjusts video settings? (what gets run when I do system, screens/resolution, or whatever that menu option is)01:45
ximdoes anyone know if there is any web software that will read your tomboy files and serve them through a webserver like a wiki01:45
glitsj16maad: do you know how to chroot from live cd ? that way you could reinstall GRUB01:45
dan__I need some help!!!01:45
jamuscrashanddie:  system/admin/language support---(get lang) /default01:45
maadglitsj16: yeah, I did it already01:45
Flannel!ask | dan__01:45
ubottudan__: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:45
dan__anyone there?01:45
Jack_Sparrowdan__ Yes, but please just ask your question01:45
maadglitsj16: but it seems that configurations is wrong, so reinstalling grub does nothing01:46
glitsj16maad: okay, strange that even that didn't work though ..01:46
Tadwill this work on ubuntu :)01:46
dan__I'm having unbelieveable trobule mounting a drive in ubuntu01:46
ubottuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter01:46
crashanddiejamus, that's for new users and logins creen01:46
crashanddiethanks wols01:46
glitsj16maad: you mounted your proc, dev and / before chroot ?01:46
Jack_Sparrowstonneed Please dont do that in here01:47
maadglitsj16: yes01:47
DroP-PsyChoSiSIf i update my ubuntu using automatic updates, my NVIDIA drivers stop working and i have to reinstall them - how can i stop this from happening?01:47
eramaxthe command made a file01:47
dan__Ive read about fstab and all that but i just dont get it, is there an easy command i can just enter in???01:47
eramaxthe data in :-01:47
glitsj16maad: well i'm out of ideas if yoy did all that sorry .. and goodluck01:47
eramax   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System01:47
eramax/dev/sda1   *           1         608     4883728+   b  W95 FAT3201:47
eramax/dev/sda2             609        1673     8554612+  83  Linux01:47
eramax/dev/sda3            1674        1827     1237005   82  Linux swap / Solaris01:47
eramax/dev/sda4            1828        9729    63472815    f  W95 Ext'd (LBA)01:47
FloodBot1eramax: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:47
maadglitsj16: thanks01:47
Tadcan someone pm me about wireless cards on ubuntu :)01:47
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:48
alekawhat is the best app to rip dvds? best tutorial link?01:48
Tadthank you :)01:48
dan__can some one pm me in this01:48
FlynsarmyHi. when i try to copy a folder from desktop to /media/F (NTFS drive) it tells me i dont have permission to create it. i tried sudo chmod 777 /media/F but it didn't help01:48
DroP-PsyChoSiSIf i update my ubuntu using automatic updates, my NVIDIA drivers stop working and i have to reinstall them - how can i stop this from happening?01:48
DroP-PsyChoSiScan anyone answer my question?!? :(01:49
dan__or mine01:49
SebNaitsabesyou got to re install01:49
SebNaitsabesor you don't re install them01:49
alraunemaad: back01:49
Jack_SparrowDroP-PsyChoSiS You cant stop that if you are using drivers you installed01:49
unopFlynsarmy, are you using ntfs or ntfs-3g to mount the drive?01:49
mikebotCan someone help me install a game from a .tar.gz?01:49
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:49
gaelfxhas anyone installed this latest kernel update?01:49
Taddoes this work on ubuntu http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683316402001:49
unopmikebot, extract the contents of the file and read the README or INSTALL file01:49
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression01:49
Jack_SparrowFlynsarmy Your ntfs may have been locked down by windows and set to read only by ubuntu01:50
Flynsarmyunop, I'm not sure actually. i used to use ntfs-3g but then one time i booted ubuntu none of the drives where there so i sudo mounted them. dont remember waht command i used anymore01:50
alekaFlynsarmy: are you trying to copy your folder as root? (sudo cp or Alt+F2 > sudo nautulis)?01:50
Bleu`flynsarmy: are you listed as the owner of the direcotry?01:50
FlynsarmyJack_Sparrow, They weren't locked by windows01:50
FlannelDroP-PsyChoSiS: Use drivers from the repository, or the alternative is disable the kernel updates.  Which means you'll have to keep up on them yourself (installing the newer kernels from the repos)01:50
CarlFKcan I connect a VNC session to my current desktop? (like so a 2nd box can see all my open apps)01:50
unopFlynsarmy, use the mount command to find out what you are using01:50
Jack_Sparrowmikebot How to install anything in Ubuntu: http://monkeyblog.org/ubuntu/installing/01:50
Flynsarmyaleka, No i'm not. i want to be able to read/write as a general user. Bleu` how do i find that out?01:50
Tadwill this work on ubuntu http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683316402001:50
dan__how do i mount an ntfs hdd in ubuntu01:50
Jack_Sparrowmikebot If you are trying to install a windows game..  see #winehq or the appdb01:51
maadalraune: any ideas?01:51
ubottuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter01:51
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For NTFS write access, see /msg ubottu NTFS-3g or /msg ubottu FUSE01:51
harpreetktorrent is not opening files, anyother method?01:51
mikebotunop: unop README doesn't have install instructions, there is no INSTALL file.01:51
mikebotJack_Sparrow: It's teewars01:51
alraunemaad: content of fstab (pastebin) ?01:51
Tadthis work on ubuntu? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683316402001:51
mikebotJack_Sparrow: Thanks for the site.01:51
Flynsarmyunop: /dev/sdc1 on /media/F type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,noatime,allow_other,default_permissions,blksize=4096)01:51
alraunemaad: output blkid (pastebin) ?01:51
unopSebNaitsabes, sorry to say this but you're spamming  the room :)01:51
Bleu`flynsarmy: do a ls -la <directory name>01:51
gaelfxhas anyone installed this latest kernel update?01:52
alraunemaad: content of menu.lst (pastebin)01:52
Jack_SparrowSebNaitsabes Until you know the bot commands better, please /msg ubottu and verify the command/trigger exists01:52
Tadcan some one direct me to were they list usb wifi dongles compatibility with ubuntu01:52
FlynsarmyBleu`, dr-xr-xr-x  1 root root 4096 2008-07-16 09:27 F01:52
alraunemaad: than gimme few minutes...01:52
Jack_Sparrow!hardware > tad01:52
ubottutad, please see my private message01:52
Bleu`flynsarmy: are you signed in as root when you are trying to copy?01:52
unopFlynsarmy, root seems to still own that directory.. how about contents within it?01:53
fictionIs there a way that I don't have to disable compiz fusion when I'm running 3d games (mainly WoW) under wine?01:53
Jack_Sparrowfiction no01:53
alraunemaad:(fdisk -l,k; fstab,blkid,menu.lst)  than gimme few minutes...01:53
Amunhey guys, need your advice. what would sell faster on craigslist (and for more $$$)01:53
Flynsarmyunop:  also root. is there a way i can own them as a regular user?01:53
Amuna) a regular 1ghz tower with 200-some ram, a 10gb hard drive with ubuntu installed.01:53
Amunb) a freeNAS server, 1ghz, 200-some ram, 10gb OS hard drive + 10gb storage drive.01:53
mikebotJack_Sparrow: Argh--I need to install 'build-essential' apparently, and for that I need the hardy disc... is there any other way?01:53
Jack_Sparrow!ot > Amun01:53
ubottuAmun, please see my private message01:53
unopFlynsarmy, sudo chown -Rv /media/F01:53
Jack_Sparrowmikebot you can get it from the repo01:54
unopmikebot, is that box connected to the net?01:54
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)01:54
AmunJack_Sparrow: sorry.01:54
Flynsarmyunop: chown: missing operand after '/media/F'.01:54
mikebotunop: Yes.01:54
mikebotJack_Sparrow: The package manager?01:54
unopFlynsarmy, sorry   sudo chown -Rv $USER /media/F01:54
mikebotJack_Sparrow: What's the repo?01:54
glitsj16maad: a final long-shot question .. could it be the UUID for your root partition changed and that your GRUB menu.lst still refers to a stale one ? just guessing though, you might have already answered this01:54
stopherBack again! :) How do I install a .sh file?01:55
FloodBot1Tad: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:55
alraunemaad: ??01:55
maadjust a second01:55
unop!repositories | mikebot01:55
ubottumikebot: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories01:55
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
Jack_Sparrow!info build-essential01:55
ubottubuild-essential (source: build-essential): informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 11.3ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 6 kB, installed size 48 kB01:55
mikebotunop: Thanks.01:55
Jack_Sparrowmikebot sudo apt-get install build-essential01:56
gaelfxhas anyone installed this latest kernel update?01:56
DroP-PsyChoSiSFlannel, how do u disable only the kernel updats while keeping all the others ?01:56
FlannelDroP-PsyChoSiS: You have linux-generic installed? or something else?01:56
mikebotJack_Sparrow:  'Ubuntu 8.04 _Hardy Heron_ - Release i386 (20080422.2)'01:56
mikebotin the drive '/cdrom/' and press enter01:56
DroP-PsyChoSiSye generic Flannel01:56
Jack_Sparrowmikebot dont you have internet access on your ubuntu box01:57
FlynsarmyIs there a site where i can find information on recent ubuntu updates? the linux generic kernle update this morning had no info on it in the update manager01:57
mikebotJack_Sparrow: Yes, I do. (I'm on it now.)01:57
Jack_Sparrowmikebot system, admin, software sources...  uncheck cdrom01:57
Jack_Sparrowmikebot open a terminal and type              sudo apt-get install build-essential01:57
Flynsarmyunop: I did that but ls -l is still telling me its root root01:58
FlannelDroP-PsyChoSiS: remove linux-image-generic and linux-restricted-modules-generic.  Just remember, you'll need to install new kernels manually to keep yourself up to date (linux-image-[version]-generic, linux-ubuntu-modules-[version]-generic, and linux-restricted-modules-[version]-generic).  You'01:58
maadglitsj16: UUID for linux partition is correct01:58
stopherHow do I install a .sh file?01:58
maadalraune: http://rafb.net/p/dOtAkH79.html01:58
mikebotJack_Sparrow: Ah, working now, thanks.01:58
Lumpkinshi, I have a wg111t and I installed the drivers via ndiswrapper, but it won't connect to my network!01:58
Lumpkinsplease help01:58
ASULutzystopher: chmod +x ./theFile && sudo ./theFile01:58
stopherthanks ASU01:58
ASULutzystopher: or sudo sh ./theFile that should work too01:59
glitsj16maad: okay, hopefully alraune can get a fresh view on your issue01:59
sparky01my trash bin will not show as empty again.  Looks like a permissions issue01:59
Bleu`flynsarmy: are you logged in as root?01:59
alraunemaad:(fdisk -l,ok;  fstab, blkid, menu.lst)  than gimme few minutes...01:59
FlannelDroP-PsyChoSiS: You'll also need to reinstall linux-generic before upgrading to Intrepid (although update-manager should do it automatically, its a good idea to do it anyway).  You can get away from having to manually install all that stffu by simply installing linux-generic, and then after thats installed, remove those two packages again.  That will bring you up to date for that time.01:59
sparky01it should be a bug01:59
DroP-PsyChoSiSFlannel, kk thank you01:59
FlynsarmyBleu`, When i type echo $USER it says my user name (not root)01:59
unopASULutzy, you should be careful with sudo and shell scripts :) do you know what is in the shell script?01:59
Jack_Sparrowmikebot I can make this simpler for you ..   http://www.getdeb.net/app/TeeWars01:59
alrauneunop :lol...01:59
Jordan_UASULutzy, That is not preferred as it will run the script in dash even if the script specifies bash ( or perl, python... )02:00
unopFlynsarmy, did you get any errors?02:00
Gothfunc-when installing an ldap client, is installing ldap-auth-client all i need to do? i fill in the details, reboot and get "failed to bind to ldap server" "can't contact ldap server" on boot.  i put the uri in as ldap://<ip>:<port>/ and i can telnet to the ldap server fine02:00
FlynsarmyBleu`, But i did a sudo chown $USER would that have made $USER root?02:00
unopFlynsarmy, no02:00
ASULutzyunop: Well yea, that's true. He said how do I install a .sh, I just assumed it was something trust worthy like from Java or something... and yea, sh is a poor choice too ;)02:00
alraunemaad: output blkid (pastebin) ?02:00
mikebotJack_Sparrow: Oh, what do I do from here?02:00
alraunemaad: content of menu.lst (pastebin)02:00
Flynsarmyunop, It said it was changing all the permissions. was spamming wildly so i turned verbose off. no errors mentioned with a regular chown -R02:00
Bleu`flynsarmy: no02:00
maadalraune: ???02:00
alraunemaad: content of fstab (pastebin) ?02:00
unopASULutzy, he could have downloaded it from slashdot demonstrating the power of rm :)02:00
ASULutzyunop: From now on I'll suggest chmod +x ./theFile && ./theFile and if that doesn't work tell them to sudo it if it's from something they trust02:00
Jack_Sparrowmikebot http://www.getdeb.net/app/TeeWars              double click the deb of teewars02:00
Bleu`do a sudo chown -R /directory02:01
ASULutzyunop: You're right, my mistake02:01
Lumpkinsanyone? netgear wg111t usb dongle not working even with ndiswrapper02:01
unopFlynsarmy, ok let's try mounting the device again .. ca02:02
Picieramax: Floodbot1 is not a human, it is a bot.02:02
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unopFlynsarmy, sudo umount /dev/sdc1; sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdc1 /media/F02:02
Jack_Sparrowjbchenhuang English please02:03
unop!cn | jbchenhuang , redcat02:03
ubottujbchenhuang , redcat: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk02:03
Jack_Sparrowredcat Please stop02:03
unopredcat, what language is that?02:03
Flynsarmyunop: I have to make the directory first. if i do sudo mkdir F in /media folder its created as root permission02:03
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tj83hello room... Perhaps I keep overlooking it, but where can I adjust the shadow of desktop and windows from cube backside view in DesktopCube?02:04
unopFlynsarmy, that's ok02:04
Piciunop: you were right02:04
=== _jdd_[afk] is now known as _jdd_
eramaxanother time :my problem is :-(need help) i always install ubuntu and after adding alot of programes from internet or any where i get a problem that make me need to remove the dist any way to solve these problem ; i listen about backup and if so can i make a backup that can i restore my dist with its programes in any computer to work with other hardware environment;thanks02:04
Piciredcat: /j #ubuntu-cn02:04
jbchenhuangcan't install02:04
mikebotJack_Sparrow: Ah, wonderful, thanks!02:04
Pici!en | redcat02:04
ubotturedcat: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat02:04
Jack_Sparrowmikebot Glad it worked02:04
Flynsarmyunop: OK! i can write to it now, thanks!02:04
unopFlynsarmy, cool02:05
sparky01Anyone know the path to the trash bin (gnome trash bin)  some things in there will not delete and it shows as full - permission issue it seems02:05
SebNaitsabessparky01: maybe you got hidden files in there that are not being deleted02:05
unopsparky01, ~/.local/share/Trash02:05
sparky01unop, Tx02:06
sparky01I will try02:06
ThecoolzeroIs Mako hill here ??02:06
djhasheramax: you can make your own iso pre built with packages you want...02:06
Bleu`flynsarmy: i thought you wanted to write to it as your normal user account, not root?02:06
FlynsarmyBleu`, I do, and now i can02:06
eramaxyes sure02:07
Bleu`oh ok, i thought you were doing a sudo cp02:07
djhash!remaster | eramax02:07
ubottueramax: Interested in remastering the !Ubuntu !LiveCD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use Tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility02:07
sparky01unop,  Do you know if that is a know bug?02:08
EmikosGreetings all, I'm having issues connecting to the internet after a fresh install of Ubuntu. Is there anyone that can offer some aid?02:08
Bleu`flynsarmy: oh ok, i thought you were doing a sudo cp02:08
Muslianyone in here that use cedega?02:08
RomanaMentaliscan someone please direct me to a good article on setting up Ubuntu server on a hardware RAID?  I am having much trouble getting my server to boot to Ubuntu02:08
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto02:08
unopsparky01, do i know if what is a known bug? sorry, i'm not following02:08
jbchenhuangjbchenhuang@jbchenhuang-desktop:~/桌面/eva$ mv eva-20070403.tar.bz2 eva-20070403.tar02:08
djhash!remaster | eramax02:08
jbchenhuangmv: 无法对 “eva-20070403.tar.bz2” 执行 stat 调用: 没有该文件或目录02:08
ubottueramax: Interested in remastering the !Ubuntu !LiveCD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use Tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility02:09
sparky01unop, it looks to be a bug.  That trash cannot be deleted  in gnome02:09
djhash!pm | eramax02:09
jbchenhuangwhat's about that?02:09
ubottueramax: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.02:09
Jordan_Usparky01, Is there something in the trash that you do not have permissions to delete?02:10
unopsparky01, can you paste to a pastebin the contents of this command?   cd ~/.local/share/Trash;  ls -ld *02:10
sparky01Jordan_U, yes but I deleted it now after 777ing it02:10
Jordan_Usparky01, I wouldn't consider that a bug then02:10
EmikosGreetings all, I'm having issues connecting to the internet after a fresh install of Ubuntu. Is there anyone that can offer some aid?02:10
unopsparky01, you probably deleted something using sudo or using nautilus under sudo02:10
kcmanis there a download that come with codec's for playing movies02:11
histogod wth firefox crashing a lot for me with flash videos youtube, porn etc...02:11
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:11
RomanaMentalisJack_Sparrow - those raid links are broken02:11
lii34when i do dhclient i get : "SIOCSIFADDR: Permission denied" and some other permission denied errors... any idea how to fix it?02:11
unoplii34, are you using sudo?02:11
Jack_SparrowRomanaMentalis I will check into them later02:11
lii34unop: yes02:11
FlynsarmyNext question: Is there a way to get nautilus to send keepalives for SFTP?02:12
Jordan_Ulii34, What is the output of "sudo whoami" ?02:12
Guest57744somebody help me02:12
Guest57744i am using ubuntu 8.0402:12
Jack_Sparrow!ask > Guest5774402:12
ubottuGuest57744, please see my private message02:12
instabinHow do I set emerald as my window decorator02:12
lii34Jordan_U: root02:12
Guest57744and i am cant install LIRc02:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about emerald02:13
Guest57744some body can help me?02:13
Guest57744how install LIRC02:13
sparky01unop, I actually restored some content from a DVD and it had the wrong permissions and got "stuck" in the trash bin.  Shouldn't the normal behavior be that it is deletable. =)02:13
Jordan_Ulii34, Can you pastebin the exact errors ?02:13
instabin<Guest57744> look for it in synaptic02:13
Jack_SparrowGuest57744 Please stop spamming...  be patient02:13
lii34Jordan_U: i'll try. give me a sec.02:13
Flynsarmysparkleytone, You need to go to your trash directory as root to remove it02:13
kcmani am trying to watch movies on my laptop and nothing will play, it is saying that i dont have any codec's, is there an up for codec's or a program that comes with all the needed codec's?02:13
glitsj16instabin: try running "emerald --replace &" from terminal02:13
eramaxwhat is good program to backup/restore my hole ubuntu system ;i used Partimage but after restoring the system i had a so bad performance ; it amy be becouse i resize the linux partition to be bigger02:13
jbchenhuangredhat,do you have it?02:13
unopsparky01, well, you shouldn't be able to delete files in directories that you don't own02:13
Jordan_Usparky01, It would be a huge security vulnerability if you could delete files that you did not have permissions to delete02:14
Guest57744what i have to do to install the LIRC on ubuntu 8????? please02:14
Flannel!backup | eramax02:14
unopsparky01, this is not a bug -- it's just how unix/linux is02:14
ubottueramax: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning02:14
SebNaitsabeskcman:  no I don't think so it's not Windows.  and you can install codecs for movies and that pretty easilley02:14
Jack_SparrowGuest57744 STOP02:14
Jordan_Usparky01, What do you propose should be done?02:14
instabinthanks <glitsj16>02:14
sparky01unop, Its files I restored from backup DVD!02:14
kcmanSebNaitsabes thanks02:14
instabin<Guest57744> Use synaptic02:14
Flynsarmyunop, Shouldn't there be a button or something in the trash bin to use elevated privileges? or ask for them if you're trying to delete a file and get permission denied?02:14
instabin<Guest57744> Use synaptic to install lirc02:14
kcmanflannel thanks for your help last night did s3a tell you what we came too02:15
Jordan_Ukcman, Try ubuntu-restricted-extras02:15
sparky01or atleast some kind of message!?02:15
Jack_Sparrow!info lirc02:15
ubottulirc (source: lirc): Linux Infra-red Remote Control support. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8.3~pre1-0ubuntu7.1 (hardy), package size 378 kB, installed size 1848 kB02:15
unopFlynsarmy, i don't think so -- under normal circumstances, you cannot move files you don't own into trash02:15
Jack_Sparrowinstabin he will need to enable universe repo to install that02:15
bobertdos!medibuntu | kcman02:15
ubottukcman: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org02:15
histounop: sure you can02:15
histounop: you just can't delete them and they don't actually get moved02:16
kcmanjordan_U is there something about doing that like why they are called restricted?02:16
instabinJack_Sparrow Mine was enabled on install02:16
sparky01unop, It would be great if it wared you or told you what one might do to solve the problem. =)02:16
unopsparky01, the files probably had permissions set on them -- i dunno, anyway, you got your thing resolved02:16
anteayajbchenhuang, redhat was escorted from the channel in the hopes that he found the proper channel that uses the language he was using02:16
Jordan_Ukcman, They are called restricted because in certain countries they are not allowed to be distributed unless you pay royalties02:16
unopsparky01, perhaps -- but then it is obvious if you get a permissions denied message :)02:16
sparky01unop, yes, I did... Thanks!02:16
anteayajbchenhuang, you are welcome to state your question in english and if someone can help you they will02:16
instabin<Guest57744> did that work02:17
unophisto, err, yea they do get moved02:17
bobertdoskcman: All it really means is that Ubuntu cannot officially offer or support them within their own repositories.02:17
jbchenhuangwhat's mean?02:17
sparky01unop, it actually gave NO message02:17
lii34Jordan_U: http://pastebin.ca/107292402:17
kcmanbobertdos what is that i see what ubottu says but is that something that i should do?02:17
chriswranyone know why when i open firefox , it takes up my whole screen and wont even show my desktop bars (the task bar and the applications/places/system bars)????????02:17
instabin <glitsj16> as soon as i closed the terminal my window boarders disappeared02:17
anteayajbchenhuang, that means that he was asked to speak english in this channel, and his continued use of whatever language that was ensured his removal02:17
sparky01unop, I figured it out because this is the second time I see the issue02:17
dan__can i pm it to you02:18
sparky01no biggie though02:18
FlynsarmyIs it possible to get archive manager to support drag-drop extracting files to folders in list view? atm you can only do it in icon view02:18
Guest57744someone use LIRC here????02:18
anteayajbchenhuang, so if you would like help from this channel please state your question in english02:18
gronneSomeone said the 8.10 beta is already out.. Are there any improvements worth mentioning?02:18
jbchenhuanghe has leaved?02:18
anteayajbchenhuang, yes02:18
Jack_SparrowGuest57744 You have been given the answer..  you just need to do it02:18
jbchenhuangoh ,thank you.02:18
anteayajbchenhuang, with the help of the channel operator02:18
bobertdoskcman: You're needing to watch movies, yes?02:18
anteayajbchenhuang, you are welcome to stay and ask your question in english02:19
sneakersotooleIm not taking sneakers off i am sneakers o toole02:19
glitsj16instabin: run the command from a shell script, or better yet, add it to your session if you want emerald to start on login02:19
anteayajbchenhuang, or if you are not comfortable in english there are other ubuntu channels that may suit your needs better02:19
chriswranyone know why when i open firefox , it takes up my whole screen and wont even show my desktop bars (the task bar and the applications/places/system bar)?      it wont even let see the minimize or close button on the top..........02:20
sparky01thanks Jordan_U and unop.  ahave a good night!02:20
anteayachriswr: press F1102:20
Jordan_Usparky01, np02:20
unopsparky01, you top02:20
Musliis it possible to get u torrent to work in linux?02:20
=== Starnestommy is now known as sheep
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rtorrent02:20
Jordan_UMusli, Yes, have you tried the native clients?02:20
alraunemaad ?02:21
Bleu`Musli: deluge is way better02:21
Jack_Sparrow!info rtorrent02:21
sneakersotooleI didnt take my sneakers off i am still sneakers o toole02:21
dliMusli, rtorrent rocks02:21
ubotturtorrent (source: rtorrent): ncurses BitTorrent client based on LibTorrent. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8.0-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 346 kB, installed size 968 kB02:21
unopMusli, under wine maybe02:21
Jack_Sparrowabcde__ english please02:21
Lunar_LampMusli: many prefer Transmission, or if you don't need/want a GUI rtorrent is awesome!02:21
instabin <glitsj16> thanks i added it to the session start up... to get it working with out logging back in i hit alt-f2 and typed the command in there02:21
lii34Jordan_U: did you take a look? any idea? http://pastebin.ca/107292402:21
anteayasneakersotoole, that behaviour is considered spam and if you persist you will be escorted from the channel02:21
=== Guest57744 is now known as tit1
mnzt42ydneed advice (newbie to linux) for root user i need to mod firmware best way command to get root access from live cd ?for external storage box02:21
=== tit1 is now known as mauwitz1
jbchenhuanghow can i jion in the chinese channers?02:22
glitsj16instabin: yes that does it as well :)02:22
chriswranteaya: that works but is there a way to lock that setting , cause whenever i close it and open it back up it goes back the way it was02:22
showfireany know how to fix a portion of my desktop not showing up02:22
avatarof4screen + rtorrent FTW02:22
instabinglitsj16 just installed a new theme that used it02:22
Jordan_Ulii34, I am looking now02:22
lii34Joran_U: ok- thanks02:22
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk02:22
RomanaMentalisis Ubuntu server compatible with the Dell SAS5 host bus adapter BIOS & a hardware RAID created outside of linux?02:22
FloodBot1mauwitz1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:23
anteayajbchenhuang, type /join #ubuntu-cn02:23
anteayachriswr: not that I am aware, sorry02:23
chriswranteaya: ok , you have any idea why it would just switch like that ?02:24
anteayachriswr: many reasons, sometimes either i hit it by mistake or someone else on the computer may have set it to fullscreen02:24
kcmanbobertdos how do i tell if i am in one of the countries that has to pay for the stuff?02:24
alraunemaad ?02:24
bobertdosmnzt42yd: If you're running a live session, you already have root access.02:24
rafalk42alraune: rafalk42 == maad :)02:25
mnzt42ydany advice for ?02:25
glitsj16instabin: nice, been a while since i changed emerald themes, i guess if there's a competiton for the most boring, plain-looking emerald themes mine would have a fair chance :p02:25
bobertdoskcman: Pay?? What do you mean pay??02:25
Flannelkcman: No problem.  Glad you got it figured out.02:26
chriswranteaya: yeah , but is there a reason for it to stay like that , all that i see on my screen when i open it up is the bar that has all the tabs on it such as file , the load bar at the bottom and the webpage in the middle02:26
showfiretoday a "tech" from a local isp came out to "set-up" my computer to work with their internet, thinking my computer was running winxp he hit the windows key and something else and it zoomed in to the screen on zooming out a portion of my desktop no longer shows up.  I am running 8.04 does anyone have any idea what to do?02:27
kcmanbobertdos well when they mention words like "legal" and royalities i get worried that i am doing something wrong that is all02:27
guyonubuntuneed help cleaning the open with app list. I have put in 3 versions onf the same app and need to get rid of the other two and only have the one listed. So any help cleaning this list would rock.02:27
anteayachriswr: try opening the firefox preferences, is there a setting about opening in fullscreen?02:27
Jack_Sparrowmnzt42yd you were told the answer02:27
kcmanflannel it was not fixed my laptop is to old to render graphics is what i was basicly told02:27
cygokuWhat is this Compiz plugin name that allows me to see all windows at once and show from one of them  ??02:27
eramaxis there are a way to backup my installed packages and restore it again02:27
lii34showfire: the windows key shouldn't do anything at all with 8.0402:28
bobertdoskcman: End-users don't have to worry about that. The repo managers do.02:28
showfirefor some reason it did02:28
Jack_Sparrow!clone > eramax02:28
ubottueramax, please see my private message02:28
showfirei have no idea what he hit and he said it was the windows key02:28
Jack_Sparrowshowfire turn off effects and see if you r screen works right02:29
lii34showfire: he probably did something else. what shows up on the screen now?02:29
mnzt42ydok if its been posted iv missed it ....02:29
chriswranteaya: nope , is there a reinstall command for terminal? i could try reinstalling firefox02:29
kcmanbobertdos so they are saying all that crap to ward off people who are trying to sell ubuntu not the end user guy like me, so i can just click right through it? wow that is crazy02:29
glitsj16cygoku: there are several ... scale, ring switcher, shift switcher ..02:29
Jordan_Ushowfire, Try "compiz --replace" and if that does not work temporarily disable compiz ( desktop effects ) with "metacity --replace" ( or turn it off in System ->prefs -> appearance )02:29
showfirethat did it02:29
tj83does anyone know how to adjust the shadow of windows from rear view of desktop cube? http://imagebin.ca/view/RcGduGT.html will explain better.02:29
Jack_Sparrowmnzt42yd live = root, just use sudo or gksudo02:30
mnzt42ydchecked but dont see reference to ...02:30
crazzyt9i'm having some trouble identifying my IDE 100zip drive from Iomega in the device manager and it ubuntu isn't auto finding it can anyone help me get it to work :)02:30
dlichriswr, sudo apt-get --reinstall install firefox mozilla-firefox02:30
Jack_Sparrowtj83 /join #compiz02:30
chriswrthnx dli02:30
mnzt42ydcool thanks ...02:30
showfirelii34 thanks02:30
anteayachriswr: what happens if you reboot before reinstalling firefox?02:30
cygokuglits16 : It's one where I can put my mouse pointer top right corner and see windows and choose with the pointer.02:30
bobertdoskcman: Well, it's not to ward off sellers. It's to ward off the companies who own the software and their patents, so that they don't rant and try to start suing people.02:31
glitsj16cygoku: usually scale is set to trigger on top right corner, but you can assign any other screen edge so i can't be sure02:31
showfirelii34 how do i fix the effect so that that portion of the screen shows up if i want to use them?02:32
MaplerAny recommended easy to use IRC clients that can save states? I'm tired of Xchat and having to manually join channels all of the time02:32
pvalleyis there a way to find out if your web cam is V4?02:32
chriswrsry anteaya , allreaddy reinstalled , and now it works just fine , thnx for the command dli02:32
dliMapler, xchat can auto-join02:32
FlannelMapler: irssi can too02:32
Jordan_Uchriswr, I am not sure what your problem with firefox is but instead of re-installing you can get a new default configuration by running "mv .mozilla .mozilla-bak"02:32
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras02:32
anteayachriswr: np, glad you have what you need02:32
cygokuglits16 : Scale it was, thank you !02:33
MaplerI'll look into it02:33
Jack_Sparrowchriswr backup your bookmarks first02:33
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chriswrjordan_u allreaddy reinstalled and fixed the problem02:33
glitsj16cygoku: you're welcome02:33
chriswrjack_sparrow too late now02:33
pvalleyMapler with any irc progrma you have to join chanels02:33
cygokuIs it normal that the Medibuntu repo are down for the past 2 days ?02:33
henriDoes anyone know how to open an exe-file in an uif-file? I used Wine for MagicIso but I do not know how to run an exe-file in the uif-file. Plz, help.02:33
chriswrdont think i had any anyway , just a few newegg pages for new graphics card02:33
Jack_Sparrowhenri /join #winehq02:34
anteayaMapler: Xchat > Network List... > Edit > Join Channels02:34
DeFirencehi all: is it possible to open an application on a logged in x session from a remote ssh terminal?02:34
lii34showfire: i'm not sure. sorry.02:34
dlidefDfloyd, yes, just set DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY02:35
crazzyt9can anyone help me in setting up my IDE Iomega zip100 drive please02:35
showfirelii34 thanks anyways02:36
DeFirenceanyone? :/02:36
kcmanbobertdos hey thanks for your help i had some trouble geting the keyring to install but i will have to mess with that later thanks for your help02:36
dliDeFirence, , yes, just set DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY02:36
rkagererNewbie here.. can I ask a dumb question?02:37
DeFirencedli, how would i go about doing that?02:37
bobertdoscygoku: not exactly...........I don't think anyone really knows exactly why it's been having so many problems lately.02:37
DeFirencerkagerer, rather ask the question than asking to ask02:37
bobertdos!ask | rkagerer02:37
ubotturkagerer: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:37
cygokuOk thank you all !02:37
GMFlashwhen i run "apache2ctl status" it tells me "124: www-browser: not found" even though i installed the package it asked for. does anyone know what's wrong? http://pastie.org/23441002:37
dliDeFirence, you can type "who" to get idea about DISPLAY, :0.0 most likely02:38
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FlannelGMFlash: try sudo update-alternatives --config www-browser02:38
bobertdosrkagerer: That being said, welcome, newbie! What can I do for you?02:38
alraunemaad is now known as rafalk4202:38
dliDeFirence, and XAUTHORITY is most likely to be ~/.XAuthority, but you'd better check your Xorg server command line02:38
rkagererSorry.  Trying to list installed packages on Ubuntu server.  Did "dpkg -l | more" but the piping screws up the formatting of the output.  How can I page the output?02:39
GMFlashFlannel: says "no alternative for www-browser"02:39
guyonubuntuneed help cleaning the open with app list. I have put in 3 versions onf the same app and need to get rid of the other two and only have the one listed. So any help cleaning this list would rock.02:39
dliDeFirence, export the proper ENVs, then just issue the command02:39
Flannelrkagerer: try less instead of more.  Or put it into a file.02:39
theeyealteringrkagerer: use '>> packages.txt' instead of '| more' it will save it to a file02:39
rkagererSame effect with less.  What's a good text editor that I should use to view the output file?  (trying to cat it has same problem)02:40
DeFirencedli, meh, i dont have a clue how to do that so i suppose ill forget it :P02:40
theeyealteringrkagerer: 'view file.txt'02:40
jasonagohey why does nautilus cannot edit ftp files? It always says read only in gedit... In konqueror, when you edit ftp files on a text editor, you can save it directly to ftp...02:40
theeyealteringto get out of view you need to know the vim command which is :q!02:41
unoprkagerer, i don't think the formatting is changed -- it's just that your terminal is not big and long lines are wrapped around to fit02:41
dliDeFirence, try: " DISPLAY=:0.0 XAUTHORITY=~/.Xauthority glxgears "02:41
rkagererhmm. same thing.  Everything seems to be outputting more than 80 characters per line resulting in unwanted wrapping.  Any text editor that will NOT wrap the lines?02:41
RazorBeamzUbuntu 8.04 sucks because I can't get my microphone sounding good and not static filled.02:41
DeFirencedli: Error: couldn't open display :0.002:42
rkagerersorry I know this is a dumb question.  It seems like there's something obvious I must be missing :)02:42
dliDeFirence, that means your XAUTHORITY is not correct02:42
jasonagohey why does nautilus cannot edit ftp files? It always says read only in gedit... In konqueror, when you edit ftp files on a text editor, you can save it directly to ftp...02:42
unoprkagerer,  dpkg -l | vim -  # in vim type ESC :nowrap02:42
foughow do i remove applications like PalmOS and evolution mail? I'm trying to remove then add/remove programs but it says other applications depend on them.02:42
anteayaRazorBeamz, is that a question that you wish assistance on, or just a random flame?02:42
dnile/msg ubottu etiquette02:43
dmanfoug: i don't think you can, as they say, because of dependencies. I do wish I could remove evolution though02:43
fougdman: haha, seriously man. And the dictionary, the calculator...02:43
unopjasonago, nautilus can mount ftp locations locally -- all you have to do then is use gedit on those files02:44
jasonagounop: I tried but the gedit cannot edit the files....02:44
meoblast001is it possible to restart PHP O_o?02:44
meoblast001dont think so02:44
DeFirencedli, where about should i start to give the correct XAUTHORITY02:44
unopmeoblast001, restart apache02:44
meoblast001unop: ok already did that02:45
jak0lyteneed help with wine02:45
unopjasonago, no idea then02:45
jak0lytecan some one pm me02:45
meoblast001unop: if im having PHP errors, should i just purge php and reinstall?02:45
jak0lyteneed help with wine02:45
unopmeoblast001, that's unlikely to solve the real problem02:45
meoblast001unop: im getting PHP Warning [2]: mysql_errno(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /var/www/icebb/includes/database/mysql.db.php on line 42902:45
dliDeFirence, depends how you start X server02:45
jak0lytecan anyone help me02:45
debCarlosjak0lyte: ?02:45
anteayajak0lyte, ask your question that you need help with, and if someone can help you, they will02:45
DeFirencedli,  gdm02:45
jak0lytegot problem with wine02:46
rkagererunop.. Vim tells me "Not an editor command: nowrap"02:46
anteayajak0lyte, what is the problem?02:46
jak0lytejak0lyte@Gior-EL:~/Desktop$ wine setup.exe02:46
jak0lyteerr:module:import_dll Library MFC42.DLL (which is needed by L"Z:\\home\\jak0lyte\\Desktop\\setup.exe") not found02:46
jak0lyteerr:module:import_dll Library MSVCP60.dll (which is needed by L"Z:\\home\\jak0lyte\\Desktop\\setup.exe") not found02:46
jak0lyteerr:module:LdrInitializeThunk Main exe initialization for L"Z:\\home\\jak0lyte\\Desktop\\setup.exe" failed, status c000013502:46
FloodBot1jak0lyte: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:46
unopmeoblast001, that means that php script isn't reading the right arguments -- ask about this in #php02:46
meoblast001unop: any idea.... im getting it from IceBB...... wait.... maybe i need to O_o im an idiot02:46
unopjak0lyte, do not paste in here02:46
anteayajak0lyte, use pastebin02:46
meoblast001unop: i was going into icebb/ when i needed to go into icebb/install02:46
unoprkagerer, sorry.   :set nowrap02:46
jak0lyteim new here02:46
meoblast001unop: im stupid O_o02:47
anteayajak0lyte, http://pastebin.com/02:47
rkagererBINGO! Much thanks unop!!02:47
Chrysalishow do i change ownership of a directory?  chown user dir? or something else too because i dont think that changes the group02:47
anteayajak0lyte, use that to paste and bring the url back to the channel02:47
glitsj16jasonago: look here for ftp/ssh 'live' edit support in gedit --> http://www.micahcarrick.com/09-29-2007/gedit-html-editor.html02:47
unopChrysalis, chgrp02:47
jak0lyteok w802:47
Chrysalisunop, isnt there one command to do it all with?02:47
meoblast001was i talking to Gnea earlier.... i think so.... well anyways... Gnea... if i was talking to you about PHP errors earlier.. it was because i was looking into the wrong directory of IceBB... i needed icebb/install/ not icebb/02:48
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danbhfiveChrysalis: chown owner:group target02:48
unopChrysalis, or use the full form of chown.   chown $USER:$GROUP /path/to/resource02:48
l3dneed help cleaning the open with app list. I have put in 3 versions onf the same app and need to get rid of the other two and only have the one listed. So any help cleaning this list would rock.02:48
jak0lytehere it is02:48
dli_DeFirence, read a little about xauthority: http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/help/X_Windows_Env_HTML/security.html02:48
anteayajak0lyte, much better02:48
Chrysalisdanbhfive, yea thats it, would owner:group be both the same?02:48
BARBEESHANEED URGENT HELP!, how do i close windows that I CAN"t SEE but there is another process of that program running?02:49
TWood_hey anyone available to help me, i'm having problems with the 8.04 live cd02:49
unopChrysalis, not necessarily -- but mostly always02:49
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jak0lyteanteaya can you tell me whats the problem02:49
danbhfiveChrysalis: I dont know what you are doing, sorry, cant answer that02:49
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anteayajak0lyte, i don't know wine, but your channel ettitque has improved02:49
s_spiffBARBEESHA: go to System > ADmin > System Monitor02:50
jak0lytethank you02:50
jak0lytebut i need to get that wine running02:50
jak0lyteis there anyone knows wine02:50
EnMasse187thank you s spiff :)02:50
glitsj16l3d: there's probably an easier way of achieving that, but there's a package called "assogiate" that let's you change your file associations .. might do the trick02:50
Chrysalisunop, danbhfive i got it thanks, basically just trying to figure out if i should change the group from root when changing ownership. . . i guess chown blah:blah shuld do it02:50
s_spiffTWood_: you need to state your problem for someone to help you out.02:50
debCarlosBARBEESHA: $ ps aux y buscas el pid del proceso que quieres quitar, despues haces un $ kill -9 pid . Tambien puedes tratar con # killall proceso02:50
unop!es | debCarlos02:50
ubottudebCarlos: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:50
anteayajak0lyte, wait a few minutes and then reask your question and paste the url again, but give it a minute or so02:50
debCarlos unop: Ups, sorry02:51
jak0lytethank you for that02:51
debCarlosunop: I forgot it02:51
anteayajak0lyte, someone may have read your question and become free in a moment or two02:51
enryeh wtf, ubuntu doesnt have drivers for an old nforce2 onboard nic?02:51
s_spiffjak0lyte: whats the issue with wine?02:51
unopdebCarlos, no problem02:51
TWood_well, all that i get after the ubuntu load screen is a black screen with a mouse pointer.  No amount of clicking or hitting esc will remedy it02:51
jak0lytes_spiff can find it to work02:51
jak0lytegot this errors02:51
alrauneTWood_:checked cd for defects ?02:51
xocitedebCarlos: You made perfect sense anyway; I understood you :).02:51
TWood_alraune:  yes.  none found02:52
jak0lytes_spiff do you know wine02:52
alrauneTWood_:boot option acpi=off ?02:52
s_spiffjak0lyte: not really, but if its a simple issue, may be able to help.02:52
debCarlos BARBEESHA: do a $ ps aux and look for the process pid, then do $ kill -9 process_pid . Or, you can do # killall process_name02:52
WalloOenry, I have a nf2 boaqrd and the network card works out of the bocx02:53
Sorlagjak0lyte i know wine.. but its kinda buggy. better get a virtual box windows02:53
TWood_alraune:  haven't tried that, let me reboot and see if that works02:53
Sorlagor dualboot02:53
alrauneTWood_:hardware : cpu, ram, gracard02:53
jak0lytes_spiff: thanks, im w8ing02:53
debCarlosjak0lyte: What program are you triying to run?02:53
theeyealteringcan anyone tell me how to bring up a list of channels in irssi? I know I should ask in #irssi but nobody is biting.02:53
jak0lytepc share application02:53
s_spiffjak0lyte: the issue here isn't with wine.. its with the application you're trying to install. what is it?02:53
jak0lytedebCarlos: im running pcshare application02:54
TWood_alraune:  intel 4 2.4 ghz, integrated graphics, 512 MB ddr102:54
DeFirencedli_, heh, i read some of that but i dont see how it helps :/02:54
unoptheeyealtering, /list perhaps02:54
alraune<theeyealtering>in #irssi : /list02:54
debCarlosjak0lyte: mmm, never heard of it, i'll give a look in google...02:54
s_spiffjak0lyte: it needs certain dll's.. which you can google and download.. will work.02:54
alrauneTWood_:laptop ?02:54
jasonagoglitsj16: hey thanks thanks that's a great help...I just added ftp on the gconf-editor gedit preferences...it works now...02:54
jak0lytes_spiff: ok, then where should i put those dll?02:55
debCarlosjak0lyte: Wait a moment... That's application name the name?02:55
TWood_alraune: hp pavilion a610y desktop02:55
debCarlos*That's the application name?02:55
{buster}I like milk :)02:55
glitsj16jasonago: gedit is realy nice with some of those additional plugins indeed, glad it worked02:55
s_spiffjak0lyte: C Drive : Windows> System32 is where I think all the dll's are stored.02:55
dli_DeFirence, how do you start your X?02:55
alrauneTWood_:try acpi, come back...02:55
s_spiffjak0lyte: http://www.google.co.in/search?q=MFC42.DLL&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:unofficial&client=firefox-a02:56
SorlagIve a problem too: i cant empty my trash bin completely. there's always a Folder left which stays02:56
TWood_alraune:  how do i set boot options?02:56
DeFirencedli_, it starts with ubuntu? or /etc/init.d/gdm start ?02:56
jak0lytedebCarlos: it is NetComputer pcshare, some sort of thin client02:56
jak0lytes_spiff: thank you, ill try it02:56
s_spiffjak0lyte: np.02:56
debCarlosjak0lyte: ok, i'll search a while in google...02:56
jasonagoglitsj16: uhm another one, do you have any idea how can I make my current playing song in amarok as my pidgin status? I almost tried all the plugins on the net but it doesn't work...02:57
jak0lyteSorlag: thanks for the virtual box, ill try it02:57
arvind_kjasonago, no such plugin as of now :)02:57
glitsj16jasonago: no idea02:57
arvind_kjasonago, and #pidgin would know better02:57
s_spiffjasonago: well, i've tried it for other players ( mainly audacious) but never worked for me either :D .. iguess there's nothing out there which functions out of the box yet.02:58
theeyealteringok /list is what I'm looking for but is it possible to limit the output to channels with say 20 users or more? I tried /help list but it didn't help much02:58
alrauneTWood_:in the screen install,check media, memtest youll find something like prees Fx for boot options>ACPI=off02:58
bobertdosSorlag: You may want to try emptying your trash from the terminal. You might even want to try emptying the trash as root, by cd'ing into your user's home directory instead of root's.02:58
arvind_k!ot | theeyealtering02:58
ubottutheeyealtering: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:58
Sorlagdid try that.02:59
TWood_alraune:  thanks, trying it now02:59
jasonagohow sad...Kopete has an out of the box support for that...BUT when I tried kopete here on ubuntu, still it doesn't work...02:59
Picitheeyealtering: Try #freenode02:59
theeyealteringok thanks02:59
arvind_kjasonago, it has ... which plugin??02:59
bobertdosSorlag: as root?02:59
jasonagoarvind_k: kopete has...now playing plugin...03:00
jak0lytedebCarlos: just here w8ing hope you can help me, thanks03:00
Sorlagbobertdos root in nautilus03:00
arvind_kjasonago, does it work in GNOME i mean the plugin?03:00
jasonagopidgin has many "now playing" plugins that none work...03:00
bobertdosSorlag: Okay, hmm, I think this happened to me once, can't remember what I did about it. Sorry, man :/03:01
jasonagoarvind_k: No it doesn't work on gnome...that's why i'm suspecting that something is wrong with gnome (or ubuntu) itself...kubuntu is enjoying those exchange of statuses for quite sometime now...03:01
nownoti have ssh open but i have to start firestarter before i can login. i dont really understand why, anyone have any ideas?03:01
TWood_alraune:  that worked, ubuntu has loaded... what exactly does that mean tho03:01
arvind_kjasonago, report a bug against both :)03:01
Sorlagbobertdos well thanks anyways03:02
alrauneTWood_:has something to do with hardware-detection<>bios03:02
alrauneTWood_:the installer checks that, mostly (hhehe)03:02
dli_DeFirence, find the X command line03:03
arvind_kjasonago, and put it as a wishlist03:03
alrauneTWood_:youre on live desktop now ?03:03
jasonagoarvind_k: ok ok...i'll do that...OR add some details to existing bugs....03:03
nownoti have ssh open but i have to start firestarter before i can login. i dont really understand why, anyone have any ideas?03:03
TWood_alraune:  ok, thanks!  I'll make sure if I install it that i'll check that03:03
bobertdosHow may we help you, lampe?03:03
DeFirencedli_, the X command line/>03:03
lampewhen i close my notebook it dont go to sleep mode it freezes only can some one help me ?03:03
arvind_kjasonago, fine03:03
TWood_alraune:  yes, i'm on the desktop, working perfectly03:03
alrauneTWood_:the installer checks that, you shouldn't care about acpi , mostly (hhehe)03:04
glitsj16jasonago: this might do what you want --> http://code.google.com/p/musictracker/03:05
SmilderI've a problem here03:05
bobertdoslampe: I haven't had very good luck with that either, I'd just put it to sleep before closing it, personally.03:05
jasonagoI hope the features we like on kubuntu and ubuntu will be fused together...Previously when I'm still on kubuntu I was looking for ubuntu features...Now that I'm on ubuntu, I'm looking for some great-old-features that is very kubuntu..03:05
SmilderCan someone help me?03:05
Koolaid6hey can someone help me with a LAMP server?03:05
jasonagoglitsj16: I already tried that but it didn't work...03:05
jasonagoKoolaid: what's the prob of your lamp?03:05
bobertdosSmilder: You don't need to ask permission, go right ahead.03:06
lampebobertdos: i okay i will try it ;)03:06
pudgiehey can someone help me get moving wallpaper?03:06
Koolaid6trying to get dns to work properly03:06
TWood_alraune:  thanks so much for your help!!03:06
alrauneTWood_:have fun with ubuntu !03:06
Smilderok bobertdos! I've a problem with my card song03:06
Koolaid6i dont know if i set it ip right03:06
debCarlosjak0lyte: I think you should try VirtualBox or QEMU. An alternative, is to find those DLL and copy them in windows/system32/ , (that's the place where all DLL are), then try to install the app :).03:06
nownoti have ssh open but i have to start firestarter before i can login. i dont really understand why, anyone have any ideas?03:06
lampewhats the name of the panel for gnome to look like osx ???03:06
SmilderUbuntu don't recognize then03:07
snadgewhere do i get the changelog for this latest kernel update?03:07
bobertdosSmilder: your sound card?03:07
snadgetheres no USN for it, but its listed as an "important security update"03:07
Mongoosecan someone help me get a usb audio device to work, please?03:07
SmilderYeah.. I've no sound here.03:07
jasonagoKoolaid: how did you set up your lamp?03:07
glitsj16jasonago: ah well, if you know python you could use the pidgin dbus plugin to glue something together i suppose, a nice exercise hehe03:07
Dusti[n]nownot: doesnt sound right03:07
alraune<rafalk42>?? ??03:07
snadgeand of course, ubuntu typically says "The list of changes is not available yet." .. which i might add is REALLY starting to upset me03:07
Koolaid6straight out of the box, lamp ssh and dns03:07
snadgeand of course nobody will answer my question why did i even join this channel ;)03:07
jak0lytes_spiff: http://pastebin.com/m152c8b12 dl the files, got this error03:08
bobertdosSmilder: What's the brand and model?03:08
arvind_ksnadge, calm down...03:08
jasonagoglitsj16: i really wish i could...coz if i can, i'll create many plugins...hahaha...I'm a php programmer...03:08
Koolaid6registerd a domain and pointed ns1 to my static IP and NS2 to other IP, wont show page03:08
jak0lytes_spiff: http://pastebin.com/m152c8b12 dl the files, got this error03:08
cdehaanHello! I did "apt-get install lamp-server^" but when I try to open a .php page it just tries to download.03:08
eramaxcan i run video in terminal (konsole)03:08
danbhfivesnadge: have you tried #ubuntu-motu?03:08
arvind_ksnadge, to find a changelog i think you should ask #ubuntu-motu03:08
nownoti have ssh open but i have to start firestarter before i can login. i dont really understand why, anyone have any ideas?03:09
Mongoosecan someone help me get a usb audio device to work, please?03:09
s_spiffjak0lyte: will check it out03:09
Koolaid6PM Me, i'll give you the login so u can have a look03:09
snadgegot it thanks guys :)03:09
arvind_ksnadge, welcome :)03:09
alrauneMongoose: what a device particular ?03:09
LogicalDashI changed to a fresh account recently. I've got my old .evolution folder. How can I get Evolution to use the settings and data and so forth in that folder?03:09
Eno_my router has died, and now im trying to set up my linux box so it shares internet with other two boxes. this linux box also has 3 NICs. what is the simplest way to do this?03:09
Mongoosealraune: it's a turtle beach usb sound card03:10
Mongoosealraune: more info here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5393899#post539389903:10
Koolaid6In need of a LAMP guru with a little patience for noobness lol03:10
jak0lyteEno_: your PC with 2 lan card and a switch03:10
Dusti[n]nownot: what are you trying to do?03:10
nownotDusti[n]: trying to make my ports accessible on boot03:11
rippsI'm trying to run a command as another user, but "sudo -i -u username" keeps giving me "sudo: no passwd entry for username!". I have admin privledges and sudo works for me.03:11
l3dneed help cleaning the open with app list. I have put in 3 versions onf the same app and need to get rid of the other two and only have the one listed. So any help cleaning this list would rock.03:11
jasonagowhat's the other ubuntu channel? I want to talk something about faqs for ubuntu...Information from bugs are coming all over places...there should be a one stop place for all our questions...03:11
Eno_jak0lyte: do i need to buy a switch? can't i do it with the 3 cards?03:11
Eno_i don't want to buy anything03:11
arvind_kripps, that is sudo -i or sudo -s03:11
alrauneMongoose: have no specific experience with that, if nobody else answers, I'll dialogue you03:11
PanzerMKZEno_ it is alot easier for you to have a switch03:12
Mongoosealraune: thanks03:12
danbhfiveKoolaid Koolaid6: have you tried rebooting?03:12
Koolaid6ripps: you still need to administer a root password :: ----> sudo passwd03:12
Mongoosecan someone help me get a usb audio device to work, please?03:12
s_spiffjak0lyte: i googled, and I got this .. check it out : http://www.anerty.net/news/03:12
jak0lyteEno_: if you want to save money thats the only way, 3 LAN cards03:12
PanzerMKZas you are going to burn one nic for the internet connection and then another for the network03:12
Eno_what should i look for on how to do this?03:12
Eno_on google03:12
jak0lytes_spiff: thanks, ill try it03:12
hatterhow do exit full screen mode when using rdp client ?03:12
Dusti[n]nownot: so you have the ssh terminal open03:13
rippsKoolaid6: It won't even prompt for a password03:13
nownotDusti[n]: no im at the server now trying ti fihure this out03:13
=== arvind_k is now known as arvind_khadri
rippsKoolaid6: yeah?03:13
Eno_how can i do it . .?03:13
Koolaid6does it give u an error?03:13
Mongoosecan someone help me get a usb audio device to work, please?03:14
rippsI told you what it told me: "sudo: no passwd entry for username!". I have admin privledges and sudo works for me."03:14
arvind_khadriripps, how can you make that person root till you aint in his account03:14
Koolaid6yeah but u still need to give "root" a password, typing sudo just tells it to "run as administrator"03:15
alrauneEno_: you can do with three cards, but a switch is about 10 EUR max ,much more comfortable, I'm too lazy for today...03:15
Mongoosealraune: no one seems to be up to the challenge03:15
Koolaid6if you type sudo passwd it should give you a prompt for a new password, if it doesnt then theres one already set for root03:15
Silveira_NetoSorry if this is a newbie question but, for some weeks I'm having trouble to connect in the MSN network. Gtalk (XMMP) is ok, but I can't connect in MSN. I checked my login and password because I can login normaly at meebo.com.03:15
rippsarvind_khadri, Koolaid6: "sudo -u" is suppose to let you run a command as another user.03:16
Eno_alraune: can you give me some pointers?03:16
Eno_on where to look?03:16
arvind_khadriKoolaid, that command you said will let you change the password for root03:16
Koolaid6yes and no03:16
Eno_for doing it with three cards03:16
nownoti have ssh open but i have to start firestarter before i can login. i dont really understand why, anyone have any ideas?03:16
jak0lytes_spiff: still the same error03:16
Koolaid6its just easier to give root a password and hit "su" instead of sudo all the time03:16
debCarlosjak0lyte: You can still go to the Wine homepage and try to search in the docs or in the FAQS03:16
alrauneMongoose: see dialog03:17
jasonagoKoolaid: this might help on some point...https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP03:17
jasonagoKoolaid: this might help on some point...https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP03:17
jak0lytedebCarlos: thanks, i think ill w8 for a deb03:17
arvind_khadriripps,  -u  The -u (user) option causes sudo to run the specified command as a03:17
arvind_khadri           user other than root.03:17
danbhfiveKoolaid6: you arent supposed to advise people to have root passwords in here...03:17
rkagererIs there any easy way to change the text-mode console resolution to another font and >80 chars per line?  e.g. console-setup or something?03:17
Koolaid6Been there jasonago03:17
s_spiffjak0lyte: well then ... you'll have to try on the forums or something..03:17
alrauneEno_: I'm lazy AND busy, network applet....03:17
=== braden_ is now known as zod21
Koolaid6really why?03:17
jasonagoKoolaid: ok...03:18
s_spiffjak0lyte: cuz i've got very limited knowledge about wine :|03:18
dli_rkagerer, you need frame-buffer03:18
jak0lytes_spiff: thanks, ill try the product support page03:18
arvind_khadriripps, you need to understand that line clearly03:18
jak0lytethank you all03:18
danbhfiveKoolaid6: well, there is a factoid, but forgive the rudeness of it, let me see if I can find it03:18
debCarlosjak0lyte: :)03:18
rippsI'm not trying to run a command as root! I'm trying to run a command as another user. How do I do this!03:18
Koolaid6su---->(switch user)03:19
avishow do i refresh my /usr/share/fonts cache ?03:19
Gothfunc-when installing an ldap client, is installing ldap-auth-client all i need to do? i fill in the details, reboot and get "failed to bind to ldap server" "can't contact ldap server" on boot.  i put the uri in as ldap://<ip>:<port>/ and i can telnet to the ldap server fine03:19
debCarlosripps: $ su another_user  , then you enter the password and you cand do it03:19
debCarloshi :)03:19
Koolaid6there has to be another user on the machine ripps, then you put that users password in after u hit su03:19
nownotwht the f*** cant i ssh in my box until i start firestarter?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?03:20
arvind_khadri!language | nownot03:20
ubottunownot: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:20
danbhfiveKoolaid6: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:20
jscinozIs there any way to get a java plugin with signed applet support on 64bit without using a chroot or a 32bit firefox? I've tried compiling the latest icedtea which apparently has signed applet support, but it didnt work. Is there a way to use 32bit sun-java6-plugin through nspluginwrapper?03:20
nownotfor the love go god can someone help me with iptables booting and firestarter???????????03:21
arvind_khadrinownot, calm down if someone knows here they will surely assist03:22
arvind_khadri!iptables | nownot03:22
ubottunownot: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).03:22
nownotarvind_khadri: thats the thing this should be a easy fix but no one is willing to help????03:22
tdelaHey, how can i fix this issue? i can't seem to get ath0 up it seems wifi0 is the problem... error here: [   30.781943] wifi%d: unable to attach hardware: 'Hardware revision not supported' (HAL status 13)03:22
tdelais it a driver issue?03:22
arvind_khadrinownot, i can try but i aint sure....03:22
nownotarvind_khadri: i have my iptables setup, but the only way they go into affect is if i login my machine and start firestarter03:23
nownotarvind_khadri: so i cant ssh into my box unless im setting at it and login in and start firestarter03:23
nownotarvind_khadri: which obviously  defeats the purpose03:24
arvind_khadrinownot, thats it ?? just place a command in the session startup so that as soon as you login iptables boot up :P03:24
EnMasse187how can i convert a mds/mdf data cd and an nrg data cd to iso?03:24
nownotarvind_khadri: but i need it before i login, ssh, reboot, i have to be able to get back in03:24
spork969why do icons for the taskbar have to be svg?03:24
arvind_khadrinownot, ya no probs...open System->preferences->session03:25
debCarlosnownot: I think you could do some work with /etc/initd.r/, maybe adding a startup script that starts it when you boot.03:25
EnMasse187how can i convert a mds/mdf data cd and an nrg data cd to iso?03:25
EnMasse187how can i convert a mds/mdf data cd and an nrg data cd to iso?03:26
debCarlosnownot: For it, simply make a bash script and add it in that folder03:26
EnMasse187sorry for double paste...03:26
nownotarvind_khadri: ok there03:26
arvind_khadridebCarlos, why not add it as a session thing03:26
* Rezimaru slaps Rezimaru and starts getting carried away03:26
arvind_khadrinownot, there click add and enter description in the bottom you will find enter command... enter the command you use to start iptables03:27
wbmjarvind_khadri: because you have to be logged in for session to start03:27
jscinozIs there any way to get a java plugin with signed applet support on 64bit without using a chroot or a 32bit firefox? I've tried compiling the latest icedtea which apparently has signed applet support, but it didnt work. Is there a way to use 32bit sun-java6-plugin through nspluginwrapper?03:27
arvind_khadriwbmj, i guess he wants that...03:27
nownotarvind_khadri: i dont enter a command i start firestarter03:27
arvind_khadrinownot, you want this iptables thing after you login to the machine right03:27
nownotarvind_khadri: no, i want to be able to ssh in. therefor i need it on boot03:28
stievCould someone with LVM experience assist me?03:28
wbmjnownot: if I understand you .... you need firestarter running prior to logging03:28
scripteaseHey, I'm having a weird problem. I have two video cards, both nvidia 6600+ GT, with two monitors plugged into the first one, they are working perfectly, set on twinview, I plugged a third monitor into the second card and set it to be a second X window, but when I turn it on or change a setting, it shows the screen for a second (literally), then goes REALLY really dark.03:28
FloodBot1EnMasse187: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:28
nownotwbmj: well i need my iptables prior to logging03:28
=== __yy_ is now known as sunc
arvind_khadrinownot, oh ok... i think wbmj has a idea03:29
EnMasse187AND LOGO ON IT!03:29
debCarlosarvind_khadri: Umm, sorry if it sounds bit crazy but i think that adding it like "session" will start it only if user log in....03:29
nathan___EnMasse187: Easy with the all-caps, it's considered rude.03:29
nownotwbmj: u got something that might help me?03:29
=== braden_ is now known as zod21
arvind_khadriEnMasse187, calm down sudo apt-get install gnome-panel03:29
EnMasse187sorry :(03:29
arvind_khadri!caps | EnMasse18703:29
ubottuEnMasse187: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.03:29
EnMasse187i didnt uninstall it, i deleted it03:29
nownotdebCarlos: you help me out right quick03:29
=== guyonubuntu is now known as l3d
EnMasse187what do i do?03:30
arvind_khadriEnMasse187, sudo apt-get install gnome-panel03:30
EnMasse187reinstall or what?03:30
Gothfunc-when installing an ldap client, is installing ldap-auth-client all i need to do? i fill in the details, reboot and get "failed to bind to ldap server" "can't contact ldap server" on boot.  i put the uri in as ldap://<ip>:<port>/ and i can telnet to the ldap server fine03:30
zod21how the hell did you delete the panel haha03:30
arvind_khadriEnMasse187, you removed it i guess  thats it03:30
zod21im not making fun thats kinda incredible03:30
wbmjnownot: you will need to add firestarter to /etc/init.d/ like debCarlos recommended......that will start firestarter at boot prior to a session login03:30
nathan___zod21: I've done it, lol03:30
{buster}my wifi adapter won't work in ubuntu03:30
zod21what did you do03:30
tdelaHey, how can i fix this issue? i can't seem to get ath0 up it seems wifi0 is the problem... error here: [   30.781943] wifi%d: unable to attach hardware: 'Hardware revision not supported' (HAL status 13)03:30
nownotwbmj: can i start firestarter w/out a gui being present?03:31
nathan___{buster}: Have you searched Google for "<adapter name> Ubuntu"03:31
arvind_khadridebCarlos, yeah... i misunderstood him03:31
zod21and im asking like this cause im assuming you did it ob accident, if you didnt this is much less funny03:31
wbmjnownot : yes03:31
EnMasse187yeah i STILL CANT see it...03:31
EnMasse187guys i cant see my panel!! omg03:31
EnMasse187please help03:31
EnMasse187did i break ubuntu!03:31
nathan___{buster}: There's a good chance that someone already posted a how-to03:31
zod21emnasse do sudo apt-get install kicker03:31
stievLVM trouble! I had an LVM with five drives. One of the drives died, and I may have accidentally removed another drive in trying to recover the data using knoppix. Is there any way to recover the metadata either by extraction or by straight recovery?03:31
lampesome one know a good mp3 tagging tool for linux?03:31
arvind_khadriEnMasse187, calm down...03:31
wbmjEnMasse: Gnome or KDE03:31
debCarlosarvind_khadri: it's  ok, i had my doubts about it too...03:32
arvind_khadridebCarlos, :)03:32
zod21kicker is kde03:32
zod21kicker will need some apps so dont do sudo apt-get install kicker03:32
FloodBot1EnMasse187: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:32
zod21do sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop03:33
wbmjEnMasse: both panels missing?03:33
David-Anownot: when you have configured the firewall as you want it you dont need to run firestarter, firestarter need not run all the time, it is for config03:33
EnMasse187omg i just did sudo apt get install kicker03:33
zod21its ok03:33
EnMasse187no only the top one with the time, and the logo03:33
nownotDavid-A: my iptables arent starting on boot03:33
EnMasse187and the log off button03:33
zod21just do sudo apt-get autoremove kicker03:33
nownotDavid-A: thats the problem03:33
wbmjEnMasse: Left click on bottom panel and hit new panel03:33
EnMasse187so how do i get me panel back?03:33
zod21wait i thought you deleted the panel application03:34
nownotDavid-A: i used firestarter to get it the way i wan but my i can ssh in till i start firestarter. i dont know how to start my iptables / firewall any other way03:34
zod21haha sorry03:34
zod21yes just add new panel03:34
nathan___EnMasse187: There's no undo, unfortunately, but you can put everything back up there.03:34
zod21and customize it03:34
zod21like nathan said03:34
zod21it doesnt take that long03:34
David-AEnMasse187: strange, that is not how i understod how firestarter worked03:34
nathan___Yeah, gnome-panel really needs an undo feature…03:35
EnMasse187yay omg wbmj i love you no homo thought :D03:35
wbmjEnMasse: no prob03:35
stewart_hello i just got the emerald theme manager but i dont have any themes. I remember someone telling me i can get all the popular ones from a svn somewhere but i cant seem to find anything about it after  doing a google seach. Does anyone know what hes talking about?03:35
zod21the only thing you need to know is if you want to see network connections you will need to create a new launcher and add nm-applet to the command03:35
David-A(i mean) nownot: strange, that is not how i understod how firestarter worked03:35
zod21and run the new launcher03:35
zod21it will work03:35
wbmjstewart: the should be a theme option in the Emerald Manager03:36
redwyrmhow do I find out why Firefox crashed?03:36
redwyrmit does this every time I suspend/resume?03:36
arvind_khadriredbox, dmesg | tail03:36
stewart_wbmj: do you mean one of the tabs?03:36
arvind_khadriredwyrm, , dmesg | tail03:36
redwyrmarvind_khadri, I thought that was only for kernel issues03:37
David-Anownot: i think if iptables does not apply after boot, there must be a better way to fix it than starting firestarter, but i dont know how03:37
arvind_khadriredwyrm, yeah it is... you can see the system log too03:37
wbmjstewart: yes03:37
arvind_khadriredwyrm, thats in system->administration->system log03:37
wbmjstewart there is an option to download themes03:38
redwyrmarvind_khadri, I don't understand why that would say anything about what went wrong with a web browser... which has little to do with the system as a whole...03:38
stewart_i have a themes tab but all it seems to do is manage themes i have downloaded03:38
arvind_khadriredwyrm,  system->administration->system log has got all you system logs ....03:38
redwyrmarvind_khadri, okay, thanks03:38
geek I've got a massive bunch of videos encoded in some kinda xvid/avi format which i need to convert to something ipod compatable. I've tried floola (which uses ffnmpeg) and mencoder (both on windows) and both choke on it. I'd like something with a GUI (or be given the arguements for a command line tool). I'm not concerned with time since i got a spare laptop that can handle it. any ideas for what i can use?03:38
arvind_khadriredwyrm, welcome03:38
rippsOkay, I got sudo working. But now I want to know how to use notify-send to a remote computer. I know that the user is logged into a gnome-session, but I keep gettting "libnotify-Message: Unable to get session bus: dbus-launch failed to autolaunch D-Bus session: Autolaunch error: X11 initialization failed."03:38
wbmjstewart: I haven't use emerald in a while but I think it is under updates03:39
stewart_wbmj: all i can see is clear refresh import and delete... what version are you using? I am using 0.7.203:39
sun01techhow can i change the label for my partitions that appear in mycomputer ...do i use fstab?03:39
stievLVM trouble! I had an LVM with five drives. One of the drives died, and I may have accidentally removed another drive in trying to recover the data using knoppix. Is there any way to recover the metadata either by extraction or by straight recovery?03:39
arvind_khadrisun01tech, its pretty messy ... 8.04??03:39
stewart_wbmj: i cant see anything saying updates03:39
glitsj16stewart: there's http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/universe/e/emerald-themes/emerald-themes_0.2.1-0ubuntu1_all.deb with extra themes you can download ..03:40
sun01techarvind_khadri: yes 8.0403:40
ShinjinAkageWhen I install wine programs I get .lnk files on my desktop. Are they important or can I delete them?03:40
arvind_khadrisun01tech, you need to make symbolic links... its better if  you leave as it is...03:40
geniisun01tech: It depends on the filesystem of the partitions. Windows fat/vfat/ntfs have their own lables. For ext filesystems use (sudo) tune2fs -L nameyouwanthere03:41
SebNaitsabesShinjinAkage:  I assume like in Windows you would get desktop icons03:41
David-Ageek: command line "ffmpeg -i INFILE.XXX  OUTFILE.YYY" to convert from XXX to YYY, but...03:41
sun01techgenii: yeah its ext3 thanks03:41
geekDavid-A: i'd need to know the settings for resolution and stuff yes?03:41
stewart_glitsj16: thanks thats what i was after03:41
ShinjinAkageSebNaitsobes In windows I only get one. I get the shortcut and a .lnk file.03:41
glitsj16stewart: you're welcome03:42
David-Ageek: ... yes, you should add options to set bitrates.03:42
SebNaitsabesShinjinAkage: what does the .link file do?03:42
geniisun01tech: You're welcome. You won't se the change incidentally until after next reboot03:42
rippswhat is "gnome-session" called in ubuntu? I can't find in my proc list03:42
ShinjinAkageSebNaitsabes: "Couldn't display "/home/shinjin/Desktop/DogProxy II.lnk"." No application to handle.03:42
sun01techgenii: ok thanks03:43
David-Ageek: e.g. with "-sameq" it tries to use the same bitrate (or quality) in output as in input03:43
LimCorewhere one should report general epic failures of ubuntu, hard to pinpoint to exact package?03:43
=== Aku is now known as dani
KenHi anyone can help me finish my ubuntu server installation?03:43
David-Ageek: but it doesnt always get it right03:43
LimCorein example "when moving windows - my entire mplayer/totem/kaffeine skips/losses frame... on 2x2GHz box (wt..)"?03:43
=== dani is now known as Guest80409
SebNaitsabesShinjinAkage: yes you can delete whatever goes on the desktop. and do you know where  Wine programs actsauly are stored?03:44
=== Guest80409 is now known as mug
Keninstallation freezed at "io scheduler cfq registered (default)03:44
geekDavid-A: well, i don't mind a lower bitrate, it *is* from TV quality or DVD quality, to something meant for a PMP. i prefer a GUI tho03:44
ShinjinAkageSebNaitsabes: Yeah, in the .wine portion of my home folder.03:44
KenI tried check "noapic" "acpi=off" , but still freeze always03:45
David-Ageek: you can try "ffmpeg -i INFILE.XXX -sameq OUTFILE.YYY" and come back if it isnt good enuf.03:45
=== Aku is now known as mug
stievAre there any LVM experts in here?03:46
overlordpuppyHow do you get apt to build a package from source, including the dependencies?03:47
dobblegowhere did /etc/iftab go with the latest ubuntu release?03:48
geekoverlordpuppy: you can't03:48
glitsj16geek: there's winFF (http://www.winff.org/) and thin liquid film (http://thinliquidfilm.org/) .. both are ffmpeg GUI's03:48
overlordpuppygeek: That's terrible.03:48
David-Ageek: vlc has a gui, but i think it is harder to use, for converting media03:48
debCarlosoverlordpuppy: Yes... think about it, apt would have to look for packages dependencies and then download em and build em.03:49
David-Ageek: vlc can also convert from the command line, still harder to use than ffmpeg in my opinion03:49
geekoverlordpuppy: i'd use configure, make and checkinstall (its another package) get the necessary libs as make bitches about them, then use checkinstall to make a deb03:49
overlordpuppygeek: The problem is the particular program I'm trying to compile won't compile on my machine. Even when I change the prefix to /usr it complains it can't find the deps that I built03:50
geekoverlordpuppy: what program?03:51
rippsnotify-send on remote computer. How do I do it?03:51
stievAre there any LVM experts in here? Help!03:51
geekoverlordpuppy: there seems to be a package.. why not use that?03:52
overlordpuppyI haven't even got to build synfigstudio yet. . . And my system kind of got screwed up from me building the dependencies.03:52
KenAnyone can help me finish ubuntu installation?03:52
cygokuHow can I have a terminal that shows everything of whats happening in my computer (in the wallpaper?).03:52
t35t0ryes lvm here03:52
t35t0r!google gentoo lvm ..read ..learn03:52
ubottut35t0r: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:52
stievt35t0r... ready for the story?03:52
overlordpuppygeek: I did, originally. But I couldn't wait for Intrepid to get the new version, so I got SVN.03:52
int64_tmacd> around?03:52
overlordpuppyBut then everything got screwed up03:52
jasonagocan someone suggest a better pdf viewer aside from kpdf and evince? they are preety slow...a wine emulation of foxitreader is faster than kpdf or evince...03:53
stievI had a 5-drive LVM setup, and a drive diied. I want to take it out of the LVM, but I'm afraid I may have hosed the LV03:53
debCarlosjasonago: there is xpdf03:53
Level15hi. I have sound issues with Unreal Tournament (original version, 1999). Sound is choppy and video is slow, makes the whole thing unplayable. Have googled and found some suggestions, none of which worked. Has anyone got it working?03:54
t35t0rstiev, yes you did unless you did LVM+RAID03:54
t35t0rstiev, sorry...03:54
rippsHow do I work with the dbus on remote computer?03:55
jasonagokpdf is based on xpdf...03:55
stievI was hoping that wasn't so. I read somewhere that if you re-create the original LV, since it's meta-data at the beginning of the drive, the data is still there03:56
debCarlosjasonago: "based", exactly, you could give it a try ;)03:56
crdlbripps: you cannot, by design, send a message on the session bus of another session03:56
jasonagodebCarlos: ok ok...i believe in you...i'll try it...03:57
=== sheep is now known as Starnestommy
geekwinff seems to workm thanks03:58
rippscrdlb: I'm trying to come up with a messaging system that I can use to send alert messages to other computers on my LAN. How can I go about doing this?03:58
overlordpuppygeek: Problem is now, some of my libs were updated and I don't know which ones. And now when synfig runs, I can't see anything I'm working on.03:58
geekoverlordpuppy: ... ouch03:58
glitsj16geek: k, one less thing ;)03:58
geekglitsj16: well it converts. i'm hoping the output is acceptable ;p03:59
* geek will need to reboot this box to windows to know :( damn itunes03:59
debCarlosjasonago: :) And if you don't like, it's not the big thing to uninstall it and look for something more "light"03:59
glitsj16geek: true, get nice results using it .. should be fine if the source vid isn't too exotic04:00
geekglitsj16: seems to be xvid/avi... i was suprised i had so much trouble with it to start04:00
debCarlosHey, how and where can i register my username for use it here?04:00
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.04:00
overlordpuppyI think gtkmm might be causing this.04:00
rippsCome on! How can I send alert messages to remote computers. This seems like an insanely simple thing to do. Why can't I do it?04:02
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=== psmith is now known as sps
=== sps is now known as sps`
overlordpuppyIs there a way I can install completely fresh, even dependencies to a package. I have a feeling there is some leftovers somewhere.04:04
=== sunc is now known as __yy
wbmjoverlordpuppy: did you already remove the original deb04:05
David-Aripps: talk and talkd in the repos? i havent used them, and maybe they are too commandlineish04:05
overlordpuppyI removed the install, then autoremoved the uneeded deps, then reinstalled04:06
rippsDavid-A: I'll check'em out04:06
wbmjoverlordpuppy: that should do it04:06
sps`My ubuntu box is having problems printing with a hp DeskJet 812C04:06
wbmjsps:what sort of problem04:07
debCarlosAhora mi nombre esta registrado!! Muchas gracias :)04:07
debCarlosOh, i forgot it04:07
debCarlosIt always happen to me....04:08
sps`the only driver that's on the box is for an 810, and it prints out gobbledegook04:08
debCarlosNow my username is registered!! Thanks a lot :)04:08
meoblast001do you have to restart Apache after making PHP-GD?04:08
xipietotechow do I stop my startup scripts for gnome from affecting kde4?04:09
AMDpenguinwhens FF4 coming out?04:09
pie[laptop]server irc.mibbit.com04:09
Peebodo we have a sysreset clone for X-chat yet ?04:09
Peebofull fserv script04:10
Peebonot DCC fserv04:11
Peeboit's like an ftp server that runs inside IRC04:11
geniiAMDpenguin: No time soon04:11
PeeboThis is why I still have a bloody windoze box04:12
Peebono sysrest like fserver for linux04:13
yangeri backed up a jfs drive /dev/sda1 with dd and gzipped it, is there a way to mount it without gunzipping it?04:13
ubuntucool555help please04:13
Jack_Sparrowyanger no04:14
Jack_SparrowAMDpenguin Please watch the language and keep it family friendly04:14
AMDpenguindammit is a swear?04:15
PeeboNo it's not04:15
hwildeneed tcl library for Image Magick04:15
cygokuHow can I have a terminal that shows everything of whats happening in my computer (in the wallpaper?).04:15
Jack_Sparrowlinuxbiaw English please04:16
linuxbiawwhat is $su04:16
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:16
PeeboU mean like bginfo for windoze04:16
alraune<rafalk42>?? ??04:16
ubuntucool555I have a 500 GB Western Digital External Hard Drive connected to a VMware Server Virtual Machine (I have checked in vmware removable devices and it says its mounted) On a Ubuntu host. When i do sudo fdisk -l on the Server Virtual Machine it doesn't show up. Help anyone?04:17
Peeboubuntucool555: Ur as clear as mud, is it the Vmachine or the real machine that can't see the drive04:18
overlordpuppygeek: I hate to look like a real idiot, but the reason stuff wasn't showing up was cause the synfigstudio remembered my previous settings and the alpha channel was set to 0% opacity.04:18
ubuntucool555Peebo: The Virtual Machine04:18
LukipelaSo.. now that i have ubuntu installed my laptop will not give me a prompt for bios.04:18
LukipelaAnyone got any ideas?04:18
Jack_SparrowLukipela Ubuntu should have no effect on your bios.04:18
Peeboyou have to configure it in the vmware console before the vmachine will see it04:18
LukipelaYah well, magically it seems to have had an effect.04:19
coz_guys I had the fix for this but lost it during a change over.. right now the terminal has a password prompt of "[sudo] password for "username"   I want to change that to just "password"  anyone remember how?04:19
glitsj16cykogu: everything might be a bit much, but "conky" can be configured to come close i guess .. google around for possible configurations04:19
LukipelaBecause it was workign fine an hour ago when i set it to boot from CD so it would read the ubuntu disc, now it doesnt give the option, sits at a blank screen and then loads ubuntu.04:19
ubuntucool555Peebo: I already have. The Virtual Machine sees USB printers connected to it but not the external hard drive04:19
LimCoreif I install appl from intrepid, that polls in some libs, can I then downgrade04:19
David-Acygoku: do you mean like conky ?04:20
chriswr_can anyone help me , i have my dragging cube effect with mouse button 2 , but i can only drag it if i am at my desktop , im wondering if there is a way to set it up were i can drag it no matter what i have open04:20
LimCore(I know its best idea, but will it work or no chance.. 1 lib lib32asound2)04:20
SeveredCrossLimCore: Nope, you'll break whatever you installed from intreipd that requires those libs.04:20
Jack_SparrowLukipela Try escape, F2 all of the usual ways to get into bios setup04:20
LukipelaI have been.  was hoping someone else had same issue04:20
raminI am on ubuntu but can anyone help me install a theme?04:20
LimCoreSeveredCross: but other (hardy) programs will work as shoold (using downgraded back to hardy libs)?04:21
Peeboubuntucool555: I'll just check my wmware stuff now04:21
raminI meant, im on xubuntu04:21
SeveredCrossLimCore: yes.04:21
Jack_Sparrowramin drag and drop the tar onto the open theme manager04:21
SeveredCrossAssuming you're even able to properly downgrade.04:21
ramini meant xubuntu, I have to install a theme engine04:21
geniiAMDpenguin: If you take a look at the timeline of development on FF3 from Alpha 1 in December 2006 til RC3 in June 2008 you may get a better idea04:21
ubuntucool555Peebo: When the VM starts up i get these errors: usb 1-1: device descriptor read/64, error -8404:21
chriswr_can anyone help me , i have my dragging cube effect with mouse button 2 , but i can only drag it if i am at my desktop , im wondering if there is a way to set it up were i can drag it no matter what i have open04:21
LukipelaSo, whats awesome is that its set correctly, but still does not attempt to load it, nice.04:22
AMDpenguinalready did04:22
raminthat is the theme04:22
AMDpenguinso id sat around 2011 then or so04:22
Jack_Sparrowchriswr_ ctrl+alt + left mouse and move mouse04:22
coz_chriswr_, no I dont think that is possible right now04:22
coz_chriswr_, are you also using the viewport switcher?04:22
raminwhen I type make install, I get make: *** no targets. Stop04:22
LukipelaSo, another question, why would the laptop completely ignore my boot device and go to harddisk instead?  even though hdd is set as last?04:22
geniiAMDpenguin: 2010 earliest, yeah04:22
bazhangEnMasse187, caps and offtopic04:23
Jack_SparrowLukipela bad cd rom, bad cd, bad burn, bad iso, burned as a file and not as image toname a few04:23
FlannelEnMasse187: Please take non-support related chatter to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks.04:23
chriswr_coz_ , jack_sparrow , ok , the ctrl + alt + left works great , thnx04:23
oc80z!how do i get ubuntu to hibernate and recover on notebook04:23
ubottuoc80z: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:23
bazhangoc80z, dont use ! at beginning of questions04:24
Jack_Sparrowoc80z lose the leading !04:24
sliverchairany recommended html editor with ftp?04:24
AMDpenguindoes ubuntu run in kernel mode?04:24
oc80z?hi what answer04:24
oc80zAMDpenguin BSD04:24
AMDpenguinoh yeah04:24
oc80zi think thats a solid server.04:25
nickrudsliverchair bluefish and gedit (some trick it out) use the gnome vfs network access, works really well04:25
coz_ramin,  did you extract that package?04:25
coz_ramin,  ok hold I just downloaded that04:25
raminit is all the source codes04:26
ramink, thanks for helping04:26
David-AAMDpenguin: linux *IS* a kernel; ubuntu is linux plus alot of other programs04:26
ramincan we talk privately, it would be easier04:26
sliverchairnickrud, thanx04:26
AMDpenguinI know04:26
sliverchairnickrud, how bout KomPozer?04:26
coz_ramin, after extracting that did you open system/preference/appearance and hit the install button and direct it to the pacakges inside that extracted folder?04:26
AMDpenguinI thought Ubuntu ran in the kernel like how windoze does04:26
PauloRicardoPeople, if I create a file in /etc/cron.d and sets your perms to 0644 with chmod cron does not execute. If I use install -m 644 path_of_my_file /etc/cron.d it works. Why?04:26
alrauneMongoose ?04:26
David-AAMDpenguin: sorry, didnt unedrstand your question then04:26
sps`Is there anyone in here good with printer issues?04:27
AMDpenguinnever mind04:27
raminit doesn't have that option, im on xubuntu04:27
nickrudsliverchair I've only toyed with kompozer, never cared for it's html/css04:27
coz_ramin,  oh!04:27
Peeboubuntucool555: Ok I just added a USB controller to my Ubuntu Vmachine04:27
raminyeah coz_04:27
nickrudsliverchair so the answer, is I don't know ;)04:27
coz_ramin,  mm I know nothing of installing themes on xubuntu hold on04:27
sps`ramin: go to #xbuntu04:27
PeeboBooting it now04:27
glitsj16ramin: did you install the libgtk2.0-dev package ? it looks like it will need that04:27
raminok, i'll go find that library first04:27
coz_ramin,  go to #xfce  channel I bet they can help there :)04:27
raminim already in xubuntu04:28
raminbut k04:28
raminthanks, i found some one04:28
coz_ramin, cool04:28
wbmjramin: on xubuntu I believe it is user interface04:28
c0mp13371331337I've got about 300 .7z zipped files in a given directory and would not like to type out 300 different commands.  Any quick and easy way to get them all unzipped?04:28
raminyes, it is04:28
chriswr_can anyone take a look at this pic http://www.gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=1&id=85037&file1=85037-1.jpg&file2=&file3=&name=MyThemes1 and identify the screenlet they are using , ive been looking for one like that for a while04:28
PeeboAMD Quadcore 9750 with 4 gig RAM on Ubuntu 8.04 64bit : VMware running OX-Xchange; Windoze XP pro and Ubuntu 8.04 32 bit desktop04:28
p00zerhas anyone read the book "Hacking: The Art of Exploitation"?04:28
AMDpenguinyeah AMD ALL way04:29
geekoverlordpuppy: to er is human, to moo bovine :). mistraks happen ;p04:29
PeeboOpen Xchange groupware server04:29
SeveredCrossc0mp13371331337: for i in *.7z; do whatever-command-unzips-it ${i}; done04:29
chriswr_p00zer: no , is it good?04:29
Peeboruns on to of Ubuntu 704:29
* LimCore wonders why noScript guys fell the need to weekly change version number and push update04:29
Peebo\on top04:29
SeveredCrossc0mp13371331337: Assuming that none of your files have spaces in the name.04:29
p00zernot sure i ordered it and was wondering if anyone had read it04:29
SeveredCrossc0mp13371331337: If they do, different story.04:29
wbmjchriswr: looks like conky04:29
Jack_Sparrowp00zer Offtopic04:30
noob-africagood morning everyone04:30
bazhangp00zer, please take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic04:30
alrauneMongoose ?04:30
chriswr_wbmj: ok ,thats one of the downloads for it so thats probably it , thnx04:30
wbmjchriswr: no prob04:30
chriswr_p00zer: they might have it on amazon.com , if so you can reed the reveiws04:31
c0mp13371331337SeveredCross: They do, but I can probably do a mass-rename.04:31
SeveredCrossc0mp13371331337: Well, there's another way.04:31
alrauneMongoose : t: asoundconf set-default-card default    ,and uuh, reboot ; if this doesn't work I'm up then and you gotta ask again or play around with prefeerences, (gnome)-alsamixer and-so-on alsa04:31
chriswr_p00zer: hacking for dummies and o'reilly's pc hacks is pretty cool if your into ethnical hacking04:31
redwyrmc0mp13371331337, find -print0 dirname | xargs -0 unzipcommand04:31
SeveredCrossYeah, that works too, assuming the unzip command can take all those parameters at once.04:32
alrauneMongoose : one  general sound link : http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/problem-with-82801g-intel-ch7-audio-alsa-619261/04:32
noob-africaquestion: can an idea be patented? (maybe this is offtopic) and if it CAN, what is the procedure for an international or US-only patent?04:32
bazhangchriswr_, there is a chat channel for that04:32
Jack_Sparrowchriswr_ We asked him to take it to another room, why are YOU continuing to discuss it in here04:32
Jack_Sparrow!ot > noob-africa04:32
ubottunoob-africa, please see my private message04:32
noob-africaJack_Sparrow: thanks... lol04:33
chriswr_jack_sparrow , bazhang , oh im sry i didnt know , lol04:33
Peeboubuntucool555: U there ?04:34
ubuntucool555Peebo: Yes04:34
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:34
david123I downloaded just xfce for use with ubuntu but now can't get the xfce system monitor anyone know how I can get it?04:34
PeeboOk start your vmachine then in the VM menu on your vmware console choose removeable devices then USB devices then your usb drive04:35
wbmjdavid123: are you looking for the applet?04:35
david123wbmj: yes for the panel so i can monitor my system resources04:36
wbmjdavid123: did you left click on a panel04:36
chriswr_trying to install a screenlet but gives me a message "Error: incalid archive.  Archive must contain a directory with the screenlet's name."  any ideas on what to do?04:37
JohnC--hello room, soory i've got disconnected. i'm currently using ubuntu 6.06 and i wanted to upgrade to 8.04, how will i do it?04:37
david123wbmj: yes do note i don't have xubuntu desktop just xfce04:37
ubuntucool555Peebo: Just installing VMware tools to see if that fixed the problem -- i have already selected the drive in the vmware menu04:37
asdfasdhow can i determine which server a package is being grabbed from?04:37
bazhang!upgrade | JohnC--04:37
ubottuJohnC--: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:37
JohnC--ok bazhang, ty04:37
noob-africaJack_Sparrow: apparently i am the only person on the ubuntu-offtopic channel at the moment...04:37
c0mp13371331337redwyrm: Nope, not working.  They're really odd-ball names, too, so that's probably not helping.  Very un-command-line friendly, with parens, spaces, hyphens, etc.04:38
wbmjdavid123 : www.xfce-goodies.org04:38
bazhangasdfasd, you mean server or repo04:38
Peeboubuntucool555:  For some reason my USB drive does not show up in the vmware removable devices menu hmmm04:38
noob-africabazhang: hey bro, long time... how u been?04:38
Peeboubuntucool555:  Even tho the actual Ubuntu box finds it04:38
Jack_Sparrownoob-africa THere are lots of channels.  Your question is not ubuntu or even linux specific04:38
david123wbmj: yeah but how do i get a download from there i went there already couldn't find how to get stuff off there?04:38
david123wbmj: thanks btw04:38
AMDpenguinwhen is gusty no longer supported?04:38
ubottuIt is spelt !guTSy :)04:39
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases04:39
bazhang!eol | AMDpenguin04:39
ubottuAMDpenguin: please see above04:39
ximdoes ubuntu not have file searching as integrated into the file manager as windows?04:39
chriswr_trying to install a screenlet but gives me a message "Error: incalid archive.  Archive must contain a directory with the screenlet's name."  any ideas on what to do?04:39
AMDpenguinyeah tracker04:39
AMDpenguinif you are using gusty and up IRC04:39
asdfasdbazhang: correct.  so i'm trying to figure out which repo a package will be grabbed fun when it is installed04:40
ximAMDpenguin: was that to me?04:40
JohnC--bazhang, how will i know that i'm using 6.06 "Dapper Drake"04:40
PeeboI'm an Ubuntu fan except for the STUPID names so I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 not HH04:40
Jack_Sparrowasdfasd Which package?04:40
JohnC--i knew that its 6.06 only04:40
wbmjdavid123 : http:wiki.xfce.org04:40
chriswr_nvm i found a better one thats nearly just like it04:40
ximAMDpenguin: you cant just right click in nautilus and find, how do you use it?04:40
FlannelJohnC--: It'll know.  Follow the instructions on that page for dapper upgrades.04:41
asdfasdJack_Sparrow....this is a generic question.  i have a number of custom repos in my sources.list and i want to know where it will install from04:41
bazhangJohnC--, lsb_release -a in the terminal04:41
JohnC--ok Flannel and bazhang, ty04:41
Flannelasdfasd: apt-cache policy [package]04:41
AMDpenguinxim: i dont think its in nautilus04:41
asdfasdFlannel: thanks04:41
AMDpenguini have never used it all i know is that tracker is included in ubuntu04:41
bazhangasdfasd, pastebin sources.list04:41
Jack_Sparrowasdfasd That would depend on what you are tryhing to download and what your custom repos are.. sounds more like you are heading for trouble04:41
AMDpenguinI g2g though Good luck04:42
ximAMDpenguin: but nautilus is the defualt file manager, thats what i mean its not integrated as well as in windows04:42
asdfasdhmm....if i say, apt-get install somepackage04:42
david123wbmj thanks that helped04:42
bazhangasdfasd, to paste.ubuntu.com (not here)04:42
asdfasdit seems like the method i used to determine which repos it will be installed from04:42
david123asdfasd: aptitude is better04:42
wbmjdavid123: no prob04:42
bullgard4Update Manager asks me: "Debconf on MD97600. Configure linux-image-2.6.24-19-generic. What would you like to do about menu.lst? Keep the installed version or install the version of the package maintainer?" How can I decide what is best for me? I looked at "Show differences between the two versions. But this output does not enlighten me.04:42
asdfasdshould not at all depend on the particular servers in my sources.list04:42
Jack_Sparrowasdfasd certainly will04:42
jasonagoOh, awhle ago I was talking about pidgin and kopete and the "now playing" features...I discovered that the kopete i have is kopete-kde4...the now playing plugin is not working with pidgin on ubuntu...BUT the kopete-kde3 is working fine...pidgin, has so many "now playing" plugins available on the net but none of them worked...04:43
bazhangbullgard4, you want to update grub or not; that is the context04:43
asdfasdok...i'll paste, but can you explain04:43
bazhangasdfasd, best to do some reading on such a generic question (from the wiki or elsewhere)04:43
jasonagoOh, awhle ago I was talking about pidgin and kopete and the "now playing" features...I discovered that the kopete i have is kopete-kde4...the now playing plugin is not working with kopete-kde4 on ubuntu...BUT the kopete-kde3 is working fine...pidgin, has so many "now playing" plugins available on the net but none of them worked...04:43
bullgard4bazhang: And what is best for me: To update Grub or not?04:43
bazhangbullgard4, update in my opinion04:44
asdfasdand i am trying to install some libaqbanking packages04:44
jasonagoand kopete seems slow inside ubuntu...so still I'm here at pidgin...04:44
asdfasdbasically i am trying to verify that they are being grabbed from my custom server....04:44
bazhangjasonago, you may wish to ask in #kubuntu-kde4 about that first one04:44
asdfasdagain, i don't quite understand why the procedure for determining this should depend on what package i am installing04:44
bullgard4bazhang: Why cannot Update Manger decide that for himself and execute?04:45
bazhangbullgard4, it offers the choice04:45
asdfasdit seems that aptitude or apt-get or somehting should be able to tell me WHERE is it going to download from04:45
Flannelasdfasd: `apt-cache policy package` will tell you everything you need to know04:45
bullgard4bazhang: And what is the advantage to keep the old versin of Grub?04:45
bazhangasdfasd, you have to set that in software sources for default ones, third party ones who knows04:45
asdfasdFlannel: Flannel is correct04:46
Peeboubuntucool555: Sorry can't help you more until I get VMWare recognising my USB drive. L8R04:46
bazhangbullgard4, if wireless works less well in new kernel you may wish to revert back; ie no advantage in my view04:46
chriswr_i got a new screenlet and it says cpu load 6% , does that mean im only using 6% of my cpu?04:46
LimCorechriswr_: probably04:47
glitsj16bullgard4: you might have exotic configurations in your present menu.lst, in any case, making a backup of your present /boot/grub/menu.lst before committing is never a bad thing, justtakes 2 seconds ..04:47
wbmjchriswr: yes04:47
chriswr_ok , thnx04:47
creativexhi all04:47
nownotwhat is ubuntus default file system install?04:47
bullgard4bazhang: Ok. Thank you for your explanations.04:47
jasonagonownot: ext304:47
LimCoremost cpu meters do not consider dynamic freq so it can be even lower04:47
olskolircanyone know anything about xten-lite on ubuntu?  I have an ac97 sound card and I can't seem to get it to pick up my /dev/dsp04:47
bullgard4glitsj16: A valid point. I will backup Grub before I allow Update Manager to take the maintainers's version.  --  Thank you for your comment.04:48
glitsj16bullgard4: you're welcome04:49
bob3213243Okay there has to be a way to video conference with another ubuntu computer without all the tearing my hair and weeping over 5 apps that all have their own little bugs that render them useless.04:50
HorizonXPhey, is there a way to mask my IP in Ubuntu, so I can access sites like Hulu, or Comedy Central from Canada?04:50
HorizonXPgoogle points me to HotspotShield, which is Mac/Win only. Something tells me i can do this on Linux04:51
bob3213243horizonxp you can't access them? that's gay.04:51
LSD|Ninjabob3213243: Is skype one of those 5 apps?04:51
bob3213243LSD|ninja yes. I've spent hours with skype. everything works except the video.04:51
HorizonXPbob3213243: yeah, it does bite. Supposedly, Comedy Network here in Canada streams the same shows, but it's not working in Firefox04:52
kerinHow can I increase the brightness/gamma of just a single window instead of the entire desktop?04:52
bob3213243Horizonxp what's FF doing?04:52
bob3213243kerin it's under compiz manager.04:52
jasonagokubuntu people seems not responding...ubuntu channel is still more lively than the rest...04:52
bob3213243costaricanquaker what?04:53
CostaRicanQuakerI need to install gnu icecat or swiftweasel but they're not in the repositories04:53
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/04:53
=== walden is now known as adungu
FlannelCostaRicanQuaker: Why do you need to do that?04:53
shahhi guys how to mount windows partitions04:53
CostaRicanQuakerFlannel: to replace firefox, how can i do it?04:54
=== AaronHall is now known as AaronH
kerinbob3213243:  There's a Brightness plugin, yeah.  But it can only decrease brightness, not increase it past its original level.04:54
HorizonXPbob3213243: When I try to select a clip, it doesn't show anything04:54
FlannelCostaRicanQuaker: You know iceweasel and firefox are the same?04:54
PeeboWhy in the Wide Wide Wide World of Sports would anyone want to replace Firefox !04:54
bob3213243LSD|ninja yes. any ideas? I just need to get video from a webcam without all of the painful workarounds.04:54
HorizonXPlike this one: http://watch.thecomedynetwork.ca/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart/full-episodes/july-14-2008/#clip6669604:54
CostaRicanQuakericeweasel is gpl04:55
LSD|Ninjabob3213243: the webcam otherwise works, right?04:55
bullgard4Peebo: stop it.04:55
bob3213243Horizonxp have you tried another browser or is this something that the isp is blocking?04:55
rippsI can't figure out how to send messages to someone on a remote computer.04:55
shahfdisk -l is not giving any output, its blank04:55
St-Lemurhi. I just rebooted for the first time in about 6 months. Ubuntu started up in low graphics mode and I don't know why.04:55
noob-africai have a question04:55
bob3213243LSD|ninja oh yeah. I can get video here np the issue is sending and receiving.04:55
HorizonXPbob3213243: Haven't tried another browser, and sites like Hulu are blocked from their servers04:56
debCarlosstripp: try $ man chat   , i think chat does that...04:56
noob-africain my trash folder there is a folder which i cant delete, i keep getting an error, something to do with user rights04:56
PeeboGee is not Firefox GLP also ?04:56
bob3213243horizonxp are torrents a road you could take? or are those also blocked by your isp?04:56
noob-africathe message is error removing file, permission denied04:56
noob-africawhat could be wrong?04:56
HorizonXPbob3213243: Torrents can be done, but they're throttled by the ISP04:57
LSD|NinjaPeebo: something about the logos, it's just typical open source political BS04:57
LiraNunaanyone knows where trash:// is physically located?04:57
FlannelCostaRicanQuaker: Iceweasel and Firefox have (except for the branding issue) the same license04:57
St-LemurI'm still a release behind, should I run dist-upgrade first?04:57
LSD|NinjaLiraNuna: ~/,Trash iirc04:57
HorizonXPbob3213243: i was really just looking to watch one clip, not the whole episode04:57
bob3213243Horizonxp why is hulu blocked?04:57
bazhang!trash | LiraNuna04:57
ubottuLiraNuna: The location of Trash has changed in 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash04:57
PeeboTaught so..04:57
HorizonXPbob3213243: Hulu is apparently limited to US viewers only04:57
LiraNunathank you bazhang04:57
HorizonXPbob3213243: and the Canadian sites I'm "supposed" to use, don't work04:58
Peebosudo bash     find garbage bin delete file04:58
* LSD|Ninja hasn't bothered looking for it since 7.1004:58
jak0lytehelp trying to run program in wine, got this error04:58
jak0lyteneed help04:58
LSD|NinjaAlso, why aren't BitchX users bant six ways from Sunday here?04:58
LiraNunajak0lyte, WINE doesn't run everything04:58
LiraNunathis is wine crashing04:59
pyrourkbuenas a todos...04:59
bazhangjak0lyte, have you checked appdb04:59
jak0lyteso it means i cant run this program?04:59
shahnoob-africa: try rightclicking on that folder and change permissions, or else try deleting as a root user04:59
LiraNunajak0lyte, what is it04:59
LiraNunaand what wine version do you use04:59
bob3213243LSD|ninja what are BitchX users?04:59
jak0lytegot problem with wine04:59
* Peebo places jak0lyte square in the sights of his bazooka............ wine is........ wine is ....... arrrrggggggg . 04:59
* Peebo takes some DEEP breaths04:59
bazhangPeebo, please take chit chat elsewhere04:59
jak0lytehere it is04:59
noob-africashah: can u give me the terminal command? how do i navigate to the trash folder using the terminal?05:00
LiraNunanoob-africa, ~/.local/share/Trash/files05:00
LiraNunacd to change dir05:00
LSD|Ninjabob3213243: it's an IRC client whose name and default quit messages fall well outside the overly strict langauge rules here05:00
jak0lyteanother tthing is a message comes out05:00
LiraNunajak0lyte, you are not helping me helping you05:00
jak0lytedont have sufficient privilage to05:00
Ahadieljak0lyte, You may want to try #winehq05:01
bazhang!appdb | jak0lyte check here05:01
ubottujak0lyte check here: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org05:01
FlannelLSD|Ninja: the name of bitchX isn't a violation.  User's quit messages are dealt with as they happen on an individual basis.  But this is getting offtopic.05:01
jak0lyteLiraNuna: what info do you need?05:01
noob-africaLiraNuna: ok, what is the sudo command?05:01
debCarlosjak0lyte: good to see you again :)05:01
LiraNunanoob-africa, you don't need to be root to locate the trash05:01
LiraNunajak0lyte, I already asked fro it05:01
noob-africaLiraNuna: i have root privileges05:01
jak0lytedebCarlos: me too, got update here05:01
bob3213243LSD|ninja so no simple way to stream webcam to another ubuntu box?05:02
LiraNunanoob-africa, you don't need root to browse the trash05:02
Jay2_how do you change video resolution, can't get better than 800x600]05:02
coz_Jay2_, which video card?05:02
LSD|NinjaJay2_: try Alt+F2 -> gksudo displayconfig-gtk05:02
debCarlosja0lyte: Now your error is getting worse ^^05:02
jak0lytedebCarlos: i think something i wrong05:02
noob-africaLiraNuna: well, i am browsing it... there is that folder that just wont go... how do i sudo remove it?05:02
debCarlosjak0lyte: ?05:02
Jay2_ati 920005:03
jak0lytedebCarlos: yes05:03
LSD|NinjaFlannel: I don't find the word bitch terribly offensive, but I've seen people hit with the language thing for less here.05:03
=== tommy is now known as Lockawam
debCarlosjak0lyte: I agree, something is wrong...05:03
creativexalguien habla espanol05:03
jak0lytedebCarlos: what seems to be wrong05:03
bazhang!es | creativex05:03
ubottucreativex: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:03
alraunequest: why can't I post in #offtopic05:03
bazhangalraune, /j #ubuntu-offtopic05:04
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:04
Jay2_thanks, LSD|Ninja05:04
alraunebazhang: j= join ??05:04
creativexalgun salon de chat que ayuden en espanol05:04
bazhangcreativex, /join #ubuntu-es05:04
St-LemurHow do I find out why Ubuntu started in low graphics mode?05:04
bazhangalraune, yes05:04
jak0lytedebCarlos: is there any other program to use where i can run/install win application?05:04
selocolHello, how do I ssh with user@hostname instead of user@ip? Is there a place where I can store a hostname alias for the IP I type each time I connect?05:05
noob-africaLiraNuna or bazhang : how do i sudo remove a folder?05:05
LSD|NinjaJay2_: so it worked?05:05
LiraNunanoob-africa, sudo rm -rf FOLDER05:05
Peeboselocol: edit /etc/hosts05:05
alraunebazhang: join works, can't poste, j does nothing ..05:05
nickrudselocol you can set them in ~/.ssh/config05:05
debCarlosjak0lyte: Don't think so, the only other way is installing QEMU or VirtualBox and then installing Windows in a virtual machine, it's pretty easy :)05:05
selocol/etc/hosts or /.ssh/config?05:05
Peebowhat I said :)05:06
selocolPeebo: thanks05:06
noob-africaLiraNuna: thanks, it is gone... whew!05:06
nickrudconfig !! :)05:06
LiraNunanoob-africa, next time, google is your friend05:06
LiraNunanoob-africa, you can search for "delete folder root linux"05:06
jak0lytedebCarlos: no virtual box for edubuntu 7.0405:06
Peeboselocol: format is ipaddress space name space FQDN05:07
debCarlosjak0lyte: and qemu?05:07
noob-africaLiraNuna: asante (that's thank you, in Kiswahili)05:07
jak0lyteill try that05:07
jak0lytedebCarlos: ill try it05:07
selocolPeebo: ok05:07
forge_Dose anyone know what package contains fdisk.ntfs ?05:07
nickrud!find fdisk.ntfs05:07
Peeboselocol: eg   computername computername.my.domain.name05:07
ubottuPackage/file fdisk.ntfs does not exist in hardy05:07
Peeboforge have you tried apt-cache search fdisk05:08
selocolPeebo: What does FQDN mean?05:08
sliverchaircan I make my windows transparent using compiz? I have gutsy05:08
Peeboselocol: eg   computername computername.my.domain.name05:09
LSD|Ninjaully quALIFIED domain name05:09
TheoAroundwoops, I guess I offended a flood monitor?05:09
PeeboFully Qualified Domain Name05:09
FlannelTheoAround: No, you timed out05:09
noob-africabye all05:09
noob-africahave a great day05:09
TheoAroundgah, did my question come through?05:09
javhi, the ubuntu installer identifies my ide drive as /dev/sda1, and I think this causes me grub error 15 (as I think it is identified as /dev/hda after bootup, it was like that when I installed from the heron 32bit disk) (now I'm installing from a 7.10 64-bit disk) any onge got any suggestions?05:09
forge_opps .. I ment "fsck.ntfs"05:09
FlannelTheoAround: No05:09
noob-africaor, in kiswahili: kwaherini05:09
nickrud!find fsck.ntfs | forge_05:09
selocolPeebo: And this is on the local machine, right?05:09
ubottuforge_: '|' is not a valid distribution05:09
nickrud!find fsck.ntfs hardy | forge_05:10
ubottuforge_: Package/file fsck.ntfs does not exist in hardy05:10
jak0lytedebCarlos: do i need to install windows in QEMU?05:10
alecwh_dHello, I've really messed up Firefox somehow, and I think I need to reinstall the package. How do I uninstall/reinstall firefox on Hardy?05:10
rippsDoes anybody know of any LAN based IM apps.05:10
Peebontfs now comes under a new name let find it.05:10
=== creativex is now known as CreativeX
debCarlosjak0lyte: Yes, it's a virtualization tool too...05:10
javalecwh_d: apt-get install --reinstall <packetname>05:10
afallenhoperipps, use write or talk05:10
TheoArounddoh!  Ok, again:  I installed Ubuntu on an old laptop I had lying around.  LOVED it, so much in fact that I decided I would dual boot my laptop to continue to play with it.  I'm noticing that my desktops video card is not listed here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsAti.  Does this mean it won't work, or simply that it hasn't been tested?05:10
nickrudalecwh_d try mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla-bak , and try running it again05:10
IamMEHey guys, odd request... Anyone know a channel where I can hire some type of 'hacker' to help us with tracking down the sender of some coportate emails?05:10
TheoArounddual boot my DESKTOP rather05:10
javalecwh_d: however, I do reccomend you try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure <packetname>05:10
rippsafallenhope: I tried, wouldn't work05:11
jak0lytedebCarlos: is there a way i can run/install exe w/o windows installed?05:11
Vedestinin synaptic, how do i install packages offline, i need to put xlc on a machine so that it can access the repositories05:11
nickrudTheoAround what card is it, that may be out of date05:11
Vedestinwhich means i can't get it from the repositories on that machine, has to be from another machine already on the net05:11
debCarlosjak0lyte: what?05:11
TheoAroundATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro05:11
jak0lytes_spiff: wb05:11
TheoAroundthe card is out of date. hehe05:11
alecwh_dnickrud: now firefox won't even launch...05:11
debCarlosjak0lyte: Sorry, what does w/o means?...05:11
Peebosearch for info on gvfs ntfs now comes under that05:11
jak0lytedebCarlos: can i instal exe without windows05:11
alecwh_dwould the packagename be firefox?05:12
nickrudalecwh_d what? with that dir out of the way, it should recreate a new, default one05:12
nickrudalecwh_d firefox-3.005:12
alecwh_dnickrud: it's... not.05:12
debCarlosjak0lyte: If Wine fails, no...05:12
alecwh_dnickrud: okay05:12
nickrudTheoAround that should be supported05:12
jak0lytedebCarlos: ouch! i want to completely elimate windows in my machine05:12
Ahadieljak0lyte, Well what was that .exe you were trying to install?05:13
unavailableso is there a voice solution for yahoo im yet?05:13
rand0mcan someone tell me how to add a konqueror launcher icon to the panel in xfce ?05:13
rand0merr sorry.. better question for #xubuntu ?05:13
jeeves__can I make groups for users that copy the "registered" user's group?05:13
debCarlosjak0lyte: Yep, i understand, but qemu only creates a disk image (Like an ISO cd image), it doesn't mess with the real hard disk05:13
jak0lyteAhadiel: it is a setup file from a thin client in using05:13
jeeves__and if so, how do I do it?05:13
TheoAroundOk, reason I ask is I tried booting my desktop from the same iso I burned for the laptop.  Worked beautifuly on the lappy, but my desktop just stutters on it for about 2 minutes, then spits me back to my windows startup.05:13
alecwh_dnickrud: I just did that, and firefox was reinstalled, but it won't launch.05:13
PeeboL8R all05:13
Ahadieljak0lyte, What's the actual application name....05:13
nickrudalecwh_d try    firefox   in a terminal05:13
alecwh_dhow do I just... redo firefox? Get rid of everything?05:13
ncki cannot browse other windows pc in my network place, what wrong?05:13
jak0lyteAhadiel: net computer L11005:14
forge_ubottu : Every permutation of that command fails to find anything :(05:14
ubottuforge_: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:14
alecwh_d(firefox:17118): GnomeUI-WARNING **: While connecting to session manager: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed.05:14
alecwh_dnickrud: ^05:14
jak0lyteAhadiel: have you hear about it?05:14
nickrudalecwh_d are you running it in a root terminal?05:14
alecwh_dnickrud: no, but I used sudo for all those commands with reinstalling.05:14
glitsj16rand0m: right-click your panel, add launcher and feed it the command to launch konqueror05:14
debCarlosjak0lyte: What's the size of that application?05:15
Ahadieljak0lyte, nope05:15
nickrudalecwh_d try restarting your desktop05:15
debCarlosjak0lyte: i mean, in MB05:15
rand0mglitsj16, i figured that much out but whatś the command? where i do find the icon ? etc ?05:15
alecwh_dnickrud: will do, brb.05:15
nickrudalecwh_d not rebooting, just logging out and in05:15
jak0lytedebCarlos: 9.2 mb05:15
alraune((stupid)) quest : is there a ubuntu channel where RTFM-bored people can chat less ubuntu related topics ?05:16
glitsj16rand0m: look at the .desktop file for konqueror in /usr/share/applications for those i guess ..05:16
nickrudalraune #ubuntu-offtopic05:16
jak0lytedebCarlos: it is 9.2mb05:16
nckhow to browse other win pc in my network. network in my hardy show  only icon windows network but not the win pc05:16
alraunenickrud: ty, but can't post there...05:16
debCarlosjak0lyte: Ok, i'll try to install it with some obscure arts, i'll be back soon05:16
nickrudalraune go to #ubuntu-ops05:18
alecwh_dI forgot who I was talking to earlier... I don't have a log... but Firefox is still not functioning.05:18
alecwh_dnickrud: It isn't working, still.05:18
nickrudalecwh_d that was me. Not sure what the issue is off top of my head ...05:18
alraunenickrud: ty, will try05:18
ralphzIs there a command line tool to add / manipulate Applications menu?05:19
alecwh_dnickrud: okay, maybe just... swiping firefox, and reinstalling will fix it?05:19
=== braden_ is now known as zod21
nickrudalecwh_d it could. Is anything else having problems?     sudo apt-get install --reinstall firefox-3.005:19
zod21whats up fellas05:19
CostaRicanQuakeris there a way to add debian repos to ubuntu?05:20
debCarlosjack0lyte: What's the homepage of the application?05:20
CostaRicanQuakerto be able to get other downloads05:20
zod21you add the url to the package manager05:20
zod21i think05:20
nabsi want to desable the visual efect (use none ) in ubuntu 8.04 using a bash script. can any one help me05:20
bazhangCostaRicanQuaker, you dont want to do that05:21
alecwh_dnickrud: Firefox was really messed up for me; history wasn't being recorded, and whenever I looked at my "add-ons" it crashed. I also renamed my .mozilla directory to a backup, but it should recreate it, right?05:21
nickrudalecwh_d yes05:21
fwaokdaanyone know how to boot back into the ps3 os through ubuntu on ps3?05:21
zod21right click the desktop and disable the visual effects in the last tab05:22
zod21its pretty simple05:22
CostaRicanQuakerbazhang: why?05:22
zod21costaricanquaker cause it wont work05:22
bazhangCostaRicanQuaker, not supported here and will almost certainly break things unless you really really know what you are doing05:22
alecwh_dnickrud: Okay, now, "firefox" doesn't give any errors, and doesn't launch (crashes).05:23
coz_CosMiC_Touch, what there something in particular you wanted to install?05:23
CostaRicanQuakerbazhang: how do i get programs that aren't in hte repos then?05:23
CostaRicanQuakerwith adept05:23
CostaRicanQuakeror synaptic05:23
coz_CosMiC_Touch, sorry05:23
bazhangCostaRicanQuaker, which ones05:23
coz_CostaRicanQuaker, you can compile them05:23
sdakakCostaRicanQuaker: add the repo, search.05:23
nickrudalecwh_d I'm not sure why it would do that. everything else seems to be working properly05:24
debCarlosjak0lyte: What's the homepage of the application you're triying to run?05:24
CostaRicanQuakerbazhang: gnuzilla icecat05:24
nabsyes i know to do that but i am installing ubuntu in a school lab and i want to run a sript that will validate with ldap and map drives but i still cant figure to desable the visual effect using a bash scrip or atleast changing it to NONE. there are about 150 computers05:24
andresjhey how can I make the change from compiz to metacity not send all windows to desktop 1?05:24
JohnC_bazhang, after following the upgrade links you gave me, it says "Cannot install all available updates". The following updates will be skipped: libatm1 patch, after that only a close button appears and when i click the close button, the update manager is closed05:24
bazhangCostaRicanQuaker, why do you need that it was explained to you in #kubuntu why that was not necessary05:24
debCarlosandresj: Maybe with $ metacity --replace05:25
bazhangJohnC_, you have dapper updates repo enabled?05:25
andresjdebCarlos: I'm using fusion-icon right now but ill try that :)05:25
crdlbandresj: unfortunately, you can't. There was a patch to handle the desktop <-> viewport transition, but it was never completed and didn't get accepted into compiz05:25
andresjdebCarlos: no it still changes it.05:25
CostaRicanQuakerbazhang: try it out?05:25
JohnC_bazhang, i'm not sure, sorry, i've just migrate from windows05:26
debCarlosandresj: ohh... :(05:26
andresjcrdlb: oh wow that sucks...05:26
crdlbandresj: in the distant future, you won't need to disable compiz to switch off compositing, so it won't be an issue05:26
andresjcrdlb: but now...05:26
halpmeHello, i am trying to vnc, all locally, i have attempted to run x11vnc, tightvnc so on,   i cannot log in on any puter, what is the server format is it just ip05:26
halpmewhy cant i connect, i even tried remote desktop05:26
halpmeim using tightvnc client on the windows05:26
andresjcrdlb: btw do you know why compiz sometimes changes fullscreen games to windows if I move the mouse within the first few seconds of it being open?05:27
halpmeim googling left and right if someone could help, i need this running tonight05:27
debCarlosjak0lyte: There's a thing i have just thinked... if you're using 7.04, then you should try to upgrade wine, you can download de .deb from their homepage at http://www.winehq.com05:27
crdlbandresj: are they games running in wine?05:28
halpmecome on its vnc people, it should not be so hard05:28
halpmebut it is beyond me05:28
CaptainMorganthis is only a minor gripe, but why doesn't Ubuntu have the bash alias ll set to ls -l by default? I find this default on other flavors of linux, specifically fedora and suse.... once again, it's minor, but I'm curious nonetheless as ll for this alias is cost-effective05:28
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX05:28
andresjcrdlb: no. theyre native games like sauerbraten, or tremulous, or even 2000 years into the future05:28
nickrudCaptainMorgan they're in your .bashrc , but commented out. Easy fix05:28
CaptainMorgannickrud, true, and I'm very familiar bash, but why are they commented by default, then?05:29
unavailableso does anyone know of any program that runs native to ubuntu/linux that supports yahoo voice?05:29
nickrudCaptainMorgan not sure. I have a .bash_aliases file, so I don't uncomment them. You could file a wish list bug I guess05:29
CaptainMorgannickrud, someone not really familiar with the aliasing system might not be aware of this...05:29
crdlbandresj: I haven't heard of anything like that then05:29
andresjcrdlb: it also keeps changing back and forth sometimes, staying less than a second on the fullscreen position05:30
andresjcrdlb: oh... if its on wine what can be done? maybe some of it applies here05:30
CaptainMorgannickrud, I'm not sure it's so important that I do so, pure curiosity is all... I wasn't sure if the developers had chosen it to be commented for some other reason that the other flavors of linux didn't(or did) account for05:30
crdlbandresj: wine just implements "fullscreen" by setting the size of the window to the size of the screen, forcing the window manager to convert that into the fullscreen state05:30
crdlbwhich is really buggy05:31
unavailableso does anyone know of any program that runs native to ubuntu/linux that supports yahoo voice?05:31
p00zergoodnight everyone05:31
nickrudcrdlb is turning of compiz still recommended for running opengl apps? (don't use much 3d stuff myself, so only intellectually curious ;)05:31
CaptainMorganthanks nickrud  ;)05:31
andresjcrdlb: oh i see i see05:31
ProfessorFeh.. I think so, nickrud05:31
crdlbnickrud: until DRI2 and such, probably so05:32
nickruddri2. more reading that's sliding off my desk ;(05:32
nabsi want to desable the visual efect (use none ) in ubuntu 8.04 using a bash script. can any one help me needed to configure a school lab here in belize05:32
debCarlosnabs: You want to disable compiz then?05:33
sdakak I want to get a wiki running for managing a periodical. Where people can come and submit articles. Anyone can edit them. And there would be a section that would list the currently accepted articles and so on. Doku, mediawiki or moinmoin?05:33
sdakakTop requirements are: Ability to theme the wiki to make it less of a wiki and more of web 2.0 easy interface. Good revision control05:33
nabsthe thing is that when i installed the computers the installation comes with normal and i want to run a scrip that will change that to none05:34
nickrudsdakak you probably want to ask on #ubuntu-offtopic, that channel spends time rating apps, not so much here05:34
* sdakak is headed to offtopic05:34
robsonnão tem brasileiras naum e05:35
* andresj too.05:35
nickrud!br | robson05:35
ubotturobson: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.05:35
andresjofftopic: lol spanish and portugese are sooo similar :P05:36
debCarlosnabs: i think you can do a script that disables compiz replacing it with metacity, but if you want to run compiz and get no effects, you can always check $ man compiz. For make a bash script that disables compiz replacing it with metacity, the command is $ metacity --replace05:36
robsonos cara e foda fala ate de compiz aki05:36
bazhangrobson, english here05:36
andresjoh btw crdlb, do u know where is the code for that patch you were telling me about?05:36
robsonno so portugues05:37
nabsthanks men i will try that cause its for a school and they are old machines thanks alot i will work one it05:37
Flannel!pt | robson05:37
ubotturobson: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.05:37
* nickrud has another flash of deja vu05:37
sliverchairis it possible to make windows translucent like the one with terminal? I'm using Ubuntu 7.1005:38
robsonqem disse qe eu qqero ajuda05:38
halpmeok i got vnc server running but why cant i connect locally05:38
robsontem mulher aki :P05:38
robsonnesse serve05:38
nickrudsliverchair with compiz, you can control the transparency of the windows, look into opacity05:38
Flannelrobson: /join #ubuntu-pt05:38
debCarlossilverchair: Yeah, install compiz and the manager or compiz, then launch it and edit the windows configuration05:38
halpmethe log shows nothing good05:38
halpmethe servers running05:39
halpmewhy can i not connect local host05:39
halpmeis there some special server format like desktop:ip05:39
halpmewhats the deal guys i got 5 mins to have this up ]=05:39
bazhang!enter | halpme05:40
ubottuhalpme: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:40
abhi_how to install a job in crontab. i have tried a lot without any result.help05:41
halpmebazhang inplace of that you could of have 1 line of answer05:41
m3gach33zycan aniyone help me with an audio problem05:41
debCarlosm3gach33zy: what kind of problem?05:41
m3gach33zySound has quit working05:41
halpmetimes out thanks for nothing ]=05:41
glitsj16abhi_: edit /etc/crontab .. what are you wanting to do exactly ?05:41
gunsquardhey just woundering does anyone know this font -> http://lassauge.free.fr/xlock/xglock-about.jpg05:42
m3gach33zydamit gtg05:42
tyler_drecommended vmware client with gui please?05:42
abhi_glitsj16, : i just want to add a job . i gave crontab -u abhi -e. then add the job in nano editor. but nothing happen05:42
jak0lytedebCarlos: have you found a way?05:43
debCarlosm3gach33zy: Maybe it's just your sound configuration, do a $ alsamixer in a terminal an adjust "master" to the top. If it doesn't work, try adjusting the others to the top :).05:43
nickrudabhi_ crontab -e will open an editor on your user's crontab05:43
sliverchairnickrud, I've googled it and, simple holding alt and mouse scroll will do :D05:43
jak0lytedebCarlos: ?05:43
debCarlosjak0lyte: Can you tell me the homepage of the software? I have been looking for it and don't find any download page...05:44
Tellah_RageIs there some program/launcher I can use to automatically restart the computer and boot into Windows XP through GRUB? I always end up missing the GRUB screen and booting back into Ubuntu. :/05:44
abhi_nickrud, : i have tried that. since this does't work i go for that one.05:44
Ranbeeabhi_: here's a short podcast about crons if you want it?? http://www.twatech.org/show.php?ep=77  there's a gui frontend for crontabs too, maybe gcrontab05:44
debCarlosjak0lyte: Also, i said that you should try to update wine05:44
nickrudsliverchair in 8.04 that's set to zoom05:45
abhi_Ranbee, :ok reading05:45
jak0lytedebCarlos: i upgrade it already05:45
debCarlosjak0lyte: :(, and the homepage?05:45
jak0lytedebCarlos: w805:46
=== _max is now known as max
jak0lytedebCarlos: here it is, http://www.alibaba.com/product-free/101368025/_usd20_Net_Computer_Ncomputing_usd20.html05:46
Ranbeeabhi_: one more thing, you can list your crontabs with the l option to see if it's there. crontab -l05:46
=== max is now known as Guest62091
=== Guest62091 is now known as max
debCarlosjak0lyte: ok, but be pacient, i'm compiling wine. I use Gentoo :)05:47
jak0lytedebCarlos: ill w805:47
debCarlos*i kinda use Gentoo :)05:47
abhi_Ranbee, : yes the job is there. but that job never run05:47
debCarlosI compile nearly all my packages-...05:47
robsontem algum brasileiro nesse troço kk05:48
bazhangrobson, /j #ubuntu-br05:48
bazhangrobson english only here.05:48
Ranbeeabhi_: oh! what i always do is write my cron, then post it in the ubuntuforums to see if i've done it right, someone always replys.05:49
jbroomeRanbee: wouldn't it be easier to learn how to do it?05:50
abhi_can u solve right now. i will paste in paste.ubuntu.com05:50
chriswr_if i have a msn and a myspace profile managed on pidgin instant messanger , will it automatically show both my buddy list on just that one?05:50
binarymutantcan someone help me write a regex to find something enclosed in brackets, like [something]05:51
Flannelbinarymutant: \[.*?\]05:52
glitsj16Tellah_Rage: not sure if http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=394967 is what you want ..05:52
binarymutantthanks Flannel, i'll try it05:52
chriswr_ummm , how do i search all the channels i can go to on this thing?05:52
debCarlosjak0lyte: The link you give me is the link of a page about some hardware device... ?05:52
Starnestommychriswr_: /list or /msg alis list *pattern*05:52
bazhang!irc | chriswr_ check the last link05:53
ubottuchriswr_ check the last link: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines05:53
abhi_can anyone check my crontab -l output at: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27638/   for any error.05:53
Ranbeejbroome: i'm not sure what you're talking about? where did i say not to learn it??? i said double check it, rather then accepting you've done it correctly!05:54
LadyLyricHello all!05:54
chriswr_ok thnx05:54
debCarlosjak0lyte: I need the homepage of the software you're triying to run for download it and try it...05:54
chriswr_ummmm this chat messenger just went black grey and white....... how do i change it to color?05:55
amenadoabhi_-> try to use the full path to the command05:55
bazhangchriswr_, which one05:55
glitsj16abhi_: so every day at 10:09 am you want to start a file manager ? :)05:56
chriswrsooo , basicly this messenger that im typing in now is irc?05:56
redwyrmhow do I find out why Firefox crashes?05:56
redwyrmit crashes when I resume after suspending to memory05:57
abhi_amenado, : ok05:57
abhi_glitsj16, : just testing whether it works or not05:57
debCarlosredwyrm: Try tu run it from a terminal, you can try to see if it have a debug option with $ man firefox05:57
chriswrsooo , basicly this messenger that im typing in now is irc????/05:57
redwyrmdebCarlos, ok05:57
glitsj16abhi_: good move, the every day at 10:09 am part is what you want ?05:57
glitsj16abhi_: if so that looks ok05:58
nyaaI was wondering if there's an easy command to tell what kernel you're running from the terminal05:58
abhi_glitsj16, : i can't get u05:58
debCarloschriswr: Yeah, basically...05:58
ljvhi everyone05:59
legend2440nyaa: uname -a05:59
nyaathanks =)05:59
ljvi have a question, and for fear of embarrasing myself..please understand i'm a total noob when it comes to web technologies..please bear with me06:00
abhi_amenado, : still no success. i have given the full path06:00
glitsj16abhi_: as your cron entree is right now that's the effect, it will run the command (pcmanfm) every day at exactly 10:09 am .. that's the cron syntax, is that what you want ?06:00
debCarloschriswr: But, if you want to know it exactly, you can search for "IRC" on Wikipedia.06:00
abhi_glitsj16, : yes06:01
ljvi know that through lamp one can make their own website..or host it..or similar..but does one still need to buy a domain name?  or is lamp all you need for a website..can make up a domain name and simply use it with lamp?06:01
chriswrdebcarlos: ok , i dont know if this is allowed to ask in this channel but are there any hacking channels?06:01
Flannelljv: You can set up your own website, and access it via IP.  There are free subdomains (dyndns, for instance), which you can get a free "whatever".something.com06:02
dbboltonif you install two video cards but are only using one monitor, will it improve your video quality in any way?06:02
dr_Willisdbbolton,  most likely no. unless you are using 'sli'  enabled video cards.06:02
debCarloschriswr:i suppose there are but i never entered on any of them.06:02
chriswrdebcarlos: ok , thnx06:03
bob3213243_is there a way to view my brother's webcam output over the WAN in ubuntu?06:03
jkoltnerHi guys... where do I adjust how much scrolling the mouse wheel performs?  It only scrolls about three lines at a time, and I'd like it to be at least twice that.  (This is Hardy Heron.)06:03
glitsj16abhi_: in that case you need to make sure like amenado suggested that your last part points to a valid path as amenado suggested .. did you test the command in a terminal before adding it to crontab ?06:03
ljvFlannel: cool. but say i wanted to make art.com and it wasn't taken..is that allowed with lamp?06:03
debCarloschriswr: I have just went to #hack , i don't know if it is what you're looking for..06:04
Flannelljv: It is.  But you will have to buy the domain.  (And you may have issues with your ISP and having a server)06:04
dbboltondr_Willis, how would it help sli cards?06:04
ljvah...so there is red tape06:04
abhi_glitsj16, : yes. /usr/bin/pcmanfm . works quite well06:04
jak0lytedebCarlos: any news?06:04
ljvmind if i pm you Flannel?06:04
dr_Willisdbbolton,  the point of 'sli' is  to allow multi video cards to share the rendering load. thus having sli video cards working together will double your rendering  power. (not quite, but it does give it a boost)06:05
Flannelljv: #ubuntu-offtopic might be a better place06:05
debCarlosjak0lyte: yep, i compiled Wine, now i need the homepage of the software you're traying to run, or, the download page of it ^^06:05
amenadoabhi_-> what time is it in your locale? perhaps if you can adjust it to the next 5 minute?06:05
ljvFlannel: great thanks. on my way there now :)06:05
glitsj16abhi_: so it'll work, try setting it to something like 2 minutes from your present time to test it, 10:09 am might be a long wait :)06:05
abhi_amenado, : so give it 5 min ahead06:05
=== Scrappy_coco_ is now known as Scrappy_coco
abhi_glitsj16, : ok , till now i am testing it 1 min ahead.06:06
glitsj16abhi_: that should work as well, strange ..06:06
amenadoabhi_-> try this entry   */10 * * * * xxx       thats every 10 minutes06:07
abhi_amenado, : what is */1006:07
amenadoabhi_-> try this entry   */10 * * * * xxx       thats every 10 minutes <----06:08
abhi_amenado, : ok06:08
abhi_glitsj16, : it does't work for 2min. so i am going for 5 min as per amenado.06:09
jkoltnerWhere do I adjust how much scrolling the mouse wheel performs?  It only scrolls about three lines at a time, and I'd like it to be at least twice that.  (This is Hardy Heron.)06:09
debCarlosDoes Wine takes too much time to compile?06:10
glitsj16abhi_: i can't get why that would make any difference .. if you're going to test it with pcmanfm as command, just make sure that is not already running or you might never see it's effect06:10
AmaranthdebCarlos: is an hour too long?06:10
abhi_glitsj16, : OK.06:10
debCarlosAmaranth: Kind of... does it take so long? :(06:10
bob3213243Is it possible to use a webcam to stream video in real time over the WAN?06:11
AmaranthdebCarlos: depends on the system, I guess06:11
chriswrwhats a good screen capturer?06:11
debCarlosAmaranth: Right now i'm compiling it on a Guest debian os, under VirtualBox, with 512 mb of RAM:...06:12
chriswrdebcarlos: lol , yes that was an actual hacking channel06:12
AmaranthdebCarlos: oh jeez06:12
jc_hi how to install yahoo messenger06:12
ZoiXjc_: join to windows and install06:13
chriswrjc_: probably wine06:13
debCarloschriswr: xD, did they answer you? They didn't answer to me for ten minutes!!!06:13
chriswrdebcarlos: nope no one is saying a thing06:13
dr_WillisThey are talking i leet-haxor-speak :)06:13
LadyLyricCan anyone recomend a good Multiplayer RPG for Ubuntu?06:14
olskolircnet split?06:14
chriswrladylyric: i would like to know that too06:14
debCarloschriswr: xD06:14
DragonSpiritHow would I go about making it so a printer using cups shared with my network would only be able to be shared on one network interface? In this instance I have a eth0 and a wlan0, I don't want my printer shared over the wireless interface. I tried googling up an answer but I don't really know were to even start so I came up with nothing.06:14
glitsj16chriswr: for video and audio capture recordmydesktop is nice (has gtk and kde frontends in synaptic) .. screenshots only i simply use gimp .. is that what you meant by screen capture ?06:14
debCarlosdr_Willis: xD06:15
legend2440jkoltner: read post #5    http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62872506:15
unavailableso does anyone know of any program that runs native to ubuntu/linux that supports yahoo voice?06:15
jkoltnerThanks Legend06:15
LadyLyricEternal Lands is supposed to work, But I can't get it to install.06:15
Frogzoo!wine | LadyLyric06:16
abhi_glitsj16, : it does't work even at 5min. i have checked that cron is running in background.06:16
ubottuLadyLyric: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.06:16
chriswrglitsj16: might be ill check once it gets done installing06:16
unavailableso does anyone know of any program that runs native to ubuntu/linux that supports yahoo voice?06:16
Amaranthunavailable: doesn't exist06:17
olskolircsomeone type my name please. I want to check my highlighter06:17
LadyLyricThere is a unix linux version06:17
unavailablefrogzoo eternal lands is linux man   not all games work in wine06:17
Amarantholskolirc: test06:17
olskolircthanks Amaranth it works06:18
unavailableamaranth any word on pidgin's google soc progress?06:18
chriswrcan anyone help me with getting games on kamefu?06:18
LadyLyricCould anyone else get EL to work?06:18
bazhanghttp://ubuntusite.com/gyachie-yahoo-messenger-for-linux/ unavailable06:18
glitsj16abhi_: hang on, be right back .. can i pm you in a minute or two ?06:18
Amaranthunavailable: iirc the main focus there is gtalk and msn06:18
Amaranthunavailable: probably because no one users yahoo :P06:18
abhi_glitsj16, : ok06:18
unavailableno one uses yahoo?06:19
olskolircheck no06:19
l815pidgin ftw06:19
unavailableResults 1 - 10 of about 2,880 for "yahoo voice" ubuntu06:19
jkoltnerI'm amazed that much of that thread is about how 'option "VertScrollDelta" 6' crashes!!! X -- 6 has to be "6".  Scary stuff!06:19
bazhangunavailable, see the link above06:19
unavailableapparently 2880 people use yahoo06:19
chriswrcan anyone help me with getting games on kamefu?06:19
olskolircthere is a yahoo program out there that is advanced but you need to install with wine or crossover office06:20
l815how do you get windows to remember the last position when using compiz?06:20
olskolircI don't remember what it is called06:20
bazhanggyachie unavailable06:20
unavailablebazhang and that works in hardy?06:20
bazhangunavailable, read the link06:20
JohnC_bazhang, i read this 'Upgrading using the alternate CD/DVD' from the link and when i type gksu "sh /cdrom/cdromupgrade" nothing is done or appear06:21
bazhangJohnC_, you are trying to go from lts to lts?06:22
Jordan_UJohnC_, No error or output at all?06:22
JohnC_bazhang, from 6.06 LTS to 8.04 LTS06:22
bazhangJohnC_, you installed update-manager-core?06:23
JohnC_no that i know of06:23
chriswrhas anybody installed kamefu before????????06:23
JohnC_its a fresh 6.06 install06:23
bazhangJohnC_, then do so06:23
bazhangJohnC_, also make sure it is fully uptodate06:23
AmaranthJohnC_: If it's a fresh install just wipe it and install 8.0406:23
Amaranthit'll go faster and be more likely to work06:24
bazhangJohnC_, amaranth makes a good point06:24
DragonSpiritdoes anyone know how I can get cups using ipp to announce itself only on eth0 and not wlan0 and eth0?06:24
bazhangJohnC_, need a link to the torrents?06:24
JohnC_the main point is, the shipping company send me the 8.04 LTS DVD, and when trying to install it cannot read some files, so i used my old version 6 LTS Cd and trying to upgrade to 8.04 from the DVD06:25
bazhang!torrents | JohnC_06:25
ubottuJohnC_: Hardy can be torrented from http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04/ubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04/ubuntu-8.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).06:25
bazhangJohnC_, the cd is enough unless your connection is really slow06:26
unavailablebazhang so apparently it doesnt work06:26
Jordan_UJohnC_, Or you can always install with the alternate CD if you don't mind no GUI for the install :)06:27
bazhangunavailable, sure it does. just need the hardy deb is all.06:27
stgxI've got a strange problem I can't seem to find an answer to.. when I boot the live cd (8.04) and hit start or install Ubuntu, I'm prompted for a username/password, and I have no idea what to enter06:27
stgxI'm trying to install it06:27
JohnC_Ok ty all for the infos06:27
unavailablebazhang and that is found where?06:27
pyrourkquien sabe como actualizar el vim??06:27
Jordan_UJohnC_, And even then, it really is a GUI ( menu driven ) it's just ugly as sin :)06:27
bazhangunavailable, not sure.06:27
jbroome!es > pyrourk06:28
ubottupyrourk, please see my private message06:28
abhi_stgx: do u have previously install ubuntu in hd06:28
LimCorestgx: did you set in bios to boot from cd06:28
unavailablebazhang darrrr then why give me that link with a gutsy deb and say "read the link"06:28
stgxyes sir06:28
unavailableinstead of saying "you need a hardy deb but that page says blah blah blah"06:28
glacierhi all.Does anybody know how to open everything in new tab in firefox3?06:28
stgxit's definitely running from the cd. and I just booted from it06:28
LimCoreglacier: everything?06:29
bazhangunavailable, did not see hardy in your question; it does work under hardy as well though06:29
LimCorestroyan: tried just pressing enter or something?06:29
unavailablesee ive already been down the gyache/gyachi road and it didnt work06:29
abhi_stgx. this is strange problem. have u downloaded the cd from ubuntu.com.06:29
unavailablebazhang and that works in hardy?06:29
stgxthat's what I thought to =\06:29
bazhangit does work under hardy as well though unavailable06:29
unavailablebazhang>gyachie unavailable06:29
unavailable<unavailable>bazhang and that works in hardy?06:29
unavailable<bazhang>unavailable, read the link06:29
glacieryes. url, search, bookmarks06:29
abhi_stgx: have u tried root:root06:30
nivokI need a hint ;)06:30
stgxI'll give it a shot06:30
bazhangstgx, how about ubuntu then nothing06:30
unavailablebazhang then why cant i select a device to capture from?  why cant i hear anyone?  why cant i talk ?06:30
stgxtried that06:30
bazhangunavailable, you installed it?06:30
abhi_stgx: if does't work. just burn the disk again with check error option.06:30
stgxif that doesn't work I'll reboot or make sure the CD burned correctly06:30
stgxjust wanted to make sure there wasn't something dumb I was overlooking06:31
bazhangunavailable, from the hardy deb? or compiled yourself06:31
unavailableand am removing it now06:31
abhi_stgx; good luck06:31
nivokI'm currently on 7.10 where I had to compile some parts myself (support for G15 keyboard, HP CLJ 1500 printer, VMWare, ...) Now I'm proposed to upgrade to 8.04, but I wanted to know whether I would have to redo everything I did for special stuff ?06:31
abhi_stgx: also check ur iso image with md5sum06:32
debCarlosCan you believe it? I tried to compile wine with $ ./configure && make && make install. It failed of course. But taked like 30 minutes, i'm so stupid, instead of reading the README i tried to do it like any other package...06:32
glitsj16l815: try experimenting with the 'window rules' or 'place windows' plugin in compiz to achieve that .. although i don't think that is technically a true 'remember previous state' setting, rather a fixed one06:32
LimCoreglacier: best write here not in chat ;  Try pressing ctrl-click in bookmarks tab.06:33
glacierHow to open everything (url, search, bookmarks) in a new tab with Firefox 3?06:33
bullgard4lspci outputs a "location" or "configuration space point" at the beginning of each line in square brackets in the format [00:05:0]. What PCI categories desinate these 2 numbers?06:34
unavailableglacier middle click06:34
unavailableglacier for url and search use alt enter06:34
glacieryeah.I know the alt and ctrl click thing but i just don't like it.06:35
ChrysalisIs Athlon 64 3500+ k7 or k8?06:35
levanderWhat's the package name for the kernel sources?06:35
unavailableglacier  alt enter06:35
unavailableglacier and middle click06:35
glitsj16glacier: you could install 'tab mix plus' (might be overkill for what you want though)06:36
amirmanwhats the difference between tty1 2 3 4 5 6 and 7 ?06:36
glacierthe "tab mix plus" can't install in ff3.0106:36
Chrysalisamirman, how many consoles you have open06:36
DragonSpiritDoes anyone happen to know how to make cups not broadcast my printer with ipp over my wireless interface on wlan0 yet still do it over my wired one on eth0?06:37
amirmanChrysalis: if i ctrl alt f(n) to them they're their, so i guess they're all open.... ?06:37
glitsj16glacier: use nightly tester tool to make it compatible06:37
unavailableglacier  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2906:37
glacierunavailable:Thanks. I will try it.06:38
chriswrcan anyone help install kxmame???????06:39
speedbaronhi... does anyone know where i can find the source for pixman.0.10?06:39
speedbaroni need to do compile it06:40
_jdd_speedbaron: http://www.cairographics.org/releases/ looks like it's there06:40
ubuntu__hola :P06:41
chriswrcan anyone help install kxmame??????? im having real troubles , its in a tar.bz2 file06:41
ubuntu__idk dude srry v.v06:41
thinhis there a channel for xorg conf help?06:41
_jdd_chriswr: are you having trouble extracting it?06:41
neggechriswr: you unpack the file and usually there a file called README or INSTALL inside it06:41
chriswrnope i can extract it fine _jdd_06:42
_jdd_chriswr: tar xjf file.bz206:42
speedbaronchriswr: what's the problem?06:42
chriswrit says i need to do a ./configure , make , then make install06:43
chriswrand i have no idea how to do it06:43
speedbaronso u got the source06:43
_jdd_chriswr: yes, after it's extracted. you enter the commands from the command line06:43
chriswri guess06:43
speedbaronrun ./configure06:43
=== POCAN_SBY is now known as sby_s
chriswrdo i need to cd into that folder that got extracted06:43
_jdd_chriswr: yes06:43
speedbaronthat should check to see if u have all the dependecies06:44
olskolirccan someone help me fix my kdmtheme manager?  I can't load login themes its just stays blank.06:44
chriswrwhen i type in ./configure it says no such directory06:44
m3gach33zycan anyone tell me what's up with my boot up?  When I start up ubuntu it'll start up and give me a short list of errors... they mostly say something like PCI cannot allocate mem resource with a bunch of numbers after it.... it scrolls too fast for me to write it all down06:45
_jdd_chriswr: are you in the directory with the extracted files?06:45
thinhi got dual monitor to work with laptop dock but when undock it still display dual settings but i only have the internal monitors and i cant do anything with it. i need help with xorg06:45
jasonagowhich desktop widget do you recomend, gdesklet, screenlets or else?06:45
abhi_glitsj16, : r  u there.06:45
=== olskolirc is now known as purdylilgirl
Circus-Killerjasonago, personally i use screenlets, but its really your choice06:45
chriswrok let me make this easyer to explain , i extracted a file called kxmame-2.0-svn-sdlmame-20070603.1.tar.bz2 and got a folder named kxmame06:46
glitsj16abhi_: yes, just in the middle of a kernel update, give me a minute ok ?06:46
speedbaronchriswr: cd into the directory as the extracted files06:46
chriswrnow im lost at that point06:46
abhi_glitsj16, : ok06:46
chriswrjust type cd ~/Desktop/kxmame  ?06:46
speedbaroncd into kxmane06:46
jasonagoi want a widget manager that really makes the widgets stay on the desktop...i tried super karamba on kubuntu but it just dont work...06:46
speedbaronchriswr: yes06:47
abhi_FloodBot1, : why d't u redirect the joining and leaving messages to some where alse so that lot of spaces will be saved.06:47
chriswrok now what06:47
speedbaronchriswr: then type ./configure06:47
Circus-Killerjasonago, well as said, ive had no problem with screenlets, but then again this is in gnome06:47
chriswrthen i get this message bash: ./configure: No such file or directory06:47
ubuntu__my ubuntu its a prototipe, i got a lot of problems.06:48
jasonagoCircus-killer: okthanks...i'm downloading now...06:48
_jdd_chriswr: could you pastebin the output of "ls" in that directory?06:48
ubuntu__dont detect my hard disc :S06:48
speedbaronls -al configure... do u see the file06:48
rimmer333Hi there. Got a problem with HAL in Kubuntu 8.04. Can anyone help me?06:48
chriswr_jdd_ : you just lost me when you said that , lol06:48
_jdd_listen to speedbaron06:48
ubuntu__powta nadie habla español?06:48
glacierI solved the problem by install "mix tab lite CE"06:49
speedbaronchriswr: ls -al configure   do u see the file?06:49
chriswrspeedbaron: typed ls -al configure , and it says     ls: cannot access configure: No such file or directory06:49
speedbaronchriswr: what do u see when u do an ls?06:50
chriswrdo i need to go farther into that folder?06:50
JbCrashhow to install cystal eye webcam in ubuntu06:50
speedbaronit sounds like it06:50
kapacecan i renice metacity so that its not so slow when i got another program running?06:50
chriswrbranches tags and trunk pops up in blue06:50
speedbaronany files?  blue mean directories06:51
_jdd_chriswr: cd trunk06:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about crytaleye06:51
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras06:51
chriswrno files06:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about luvcview06:51
ubuntu__erl interface loaded06:51
ubuntu__ Python interface loaded06:51
ubuntu__ Tcl plugin for XChat - Version 1.0.5106:51
ubuntu__ Copyright 2002-2003 Daniel P. Stasinski06:51
ubuntu__ http://www.scriptkitties.com/tclplugin/06:51
FloodBot1ubuntu__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:51
speedbarondo what _jdd asked06:51
glitsj16abhi_: still looking into the cron issue ?06:51
chriswrnow if i go to trunk theres a lot of files , and theres a folder called src and some others06:51
speedbaroncd into src06:52
abhi_glitsj16, : yes man06:52
chriswrinto src folder?06:52
abhi_glitsj16, : right now i have spent a lot of time with out any result.06:52
chriswrnow ./configure?06:52
speedbarondo ls -al configure06:52
speedbaronis the file there?06:53
glitsj16abhi_: i suggest editing /etc/crontab manually, are you up for that ?06:53
chriswrthis was in the src folder            ls: cannot access configure: No such file or directory06:53
abhi_glitsj16, : ok06:53
speedbaronwhat do u see in the 'ls' output?06:54
jigphello :)06:54
neggejigp: did you get your wireless to work?06:54
glitsj16abhi_: ok, "sudo gedit /etc/crontab" or replace gedit with nano or your favorite editor, boils down to the same thing06:54
chriswrBUNCH of white files and 3 pinkish red ones06:54
speedbaronchriswr: where did u download the bz2 file?06:54
jigpafter installing madwifi i can connect to my wireless.but when i restart again, the wireless access point in the clock above was gone...06:55
chriswrummm let me look it up real quick06:55
abhi_glitsj16, : just added using it . let's what happen06:55
speedbaroni can download it and see what is in there06:55
neggejigp: sounds like you haven't told the kernel to load the madwifi module every bootup06:55
Evanway :)06:55
glitsj16abhi_: okay, you will need to add an additional field with /etc/crontab, the <user> field, right before the command06:55
chriswrspeedbaron: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/kxmame?content=2827006:56
neggeinstructions for that should have been in the guide you used (usually it is)06:56
EvanwayHi..every body..06:56
jigpnegge i can connect last night..but when i restart, the wireless menu in the icon monitor was gone..06:56
jigpnegge - how to load it permanently?06:56
neggejigp: I don't remember right now06:56
neggegonna see if I can find out06:56
abhi_glitsj16, : added that field. but when i gave crontab -l  in terminal it does't list any job for the user.06:56
jigpnegge :) ok06:57
chriswrhow do i do a go back cd or whatever you call it?06:57
glitsj16abhi_: you saved the file before running crontab -l ?06:57
neggechriswr: cd ..06:57
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
abhi_glitsj16, : yes. time has passed  but without any output.06:57
chriswrnegge nvm i got it , thnx anyway06:58
wuxiais it possible on linux to create a user that can not make network conntions?e i need to test some random software on the web, but i don't trust it06:58
borahi everyone06:58
abhi_glitsj16, : u r cron works?06:58
glitsj16abhi_: puzzling, i'm beginning to wonder if your cron is actually working ...06:58
boragood morning06:58
neggewuxia: you can create a new user with different firewall rules and set the rules to block all connections06:58
glitsj16abhi_: sure, use it a lot actually, never any trouble06:58
bora I have some question about vmware06:59
boraIf ıts possible06:59
neggebora: ask on06:59
SomerandomnameHello everyone, have a question/issue with Wubi installer06:59
glitsj16abhi_: can you paste the line you added to that file please ?06:59
chriswrspeedbaron: you downloading it or something?06:59
boraI downloaded vmware server for linux06:59
abhi_glitsj16, :27 11* * *abhi/usr/bin/pcmanfm07:00
jigpnegge : i will install it again?like svn co the files?07:00
bora but I can t  installed it07:00
speedbaronhave downloaded07:00
SomerandomnameApparently you cannot run certian cleaners while in your window system if you have wubi installed, it creates errors and leaves the ubuntu on your boot menu with no actual option to load ubuntu.07:00
speedbaronand extracted07:00
jigpnegge and thats what i will do every time i use wireless?07:00
boracan you help me about that07:00
speedbaronthere is a configure.in.in07:00
speedbaronin the directory trunk07:00
abhi_glitsj16, : i have checked it using ps -e . it shows cron is 5502 process.07:01
neggejigp: no you don't have to do that07:01
speedbaronhang on i am reading the README07:01
nickubora: why can´t you install it07:01
jigpnegge : ah ok.07:01
_jdd_speedbaron: configure.in is used by autoconf to generate configure07:01
glitsj16abhi_: is that a ":" at the start ? try removing that and setting it again to run in a few minutes please, ok, that's covered07:01
chriswrspeedbaron: i dont see configure.in07:01
neggebora: what version did you get?07:01
speedbaronunder trunk07:01
chriswrspeedbaron: nvm found it07:02
obsoleteI keep forgetting the name of the program.  How do I change what ubuntu thinks my monitor is?  Other than xorg.conf.07:02
boracan  you wait I look version07:02
abhi_glitsj16, this ":" symbol is given by me here , it is not there in crontab07:02
chriswrspeedbaron: theres allreddy a install file.......07:02
glitsj16abhi_: okay :), looks fine in that case07:02
speedbaronthe README says07:02
boraAlso I am a new user07:03
speedbaronthat u run make -f Makefile.cvs07:03
neggejigp: if you run this, does the wireless turn on? sudo modprobe ath_pci07:03
speedbaronthen ./configure07:03
chiphello every one07:03
SomerandomnameAnyone here used Wubi Ubuntu installer for windows?07:03
kapaceyes once07:04
legend2440obsolete: i think its     sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg07:04
speedbaronchriswr: run make -f Makefile.cvs07:04
chriswrwhile cd'ed into trunk folder?07:04
watSomerandomname, yes07:04
SomerandomnameI need to resintall it on my machine, but the origional file is corrupted and im not able to pull the boot option out?07:04
chriswrbash: -f: command not found07:05
speedbaronfor make07:05
glitsj16abhi_: sorry to leave you like this but i got to go .. could anyone help out abhi_ getting a crontab entree added please ? TIA07:05
Polygon89how do i install packages from the hardy live cd? i need to install something thats on that but i cant figure out how to do it,it keeps trying to install from the internet (and i have no internet)07:05
jigpnegge fatal error07:05
speedbaronrun which make07:05
abhi_glitsj16,: ok07:05
FlannelPolygon89: What are you trying to install?07:05
chriswrspeedbaron: just type -f Makefile.cvs?07:05
Polygon89Flannel, network-manager network-manager-gnome libnm07:06
speedbaronthere is a Makefile.cvs file in trunk07:06
obsoletelegend2440, it's a program that's already installed, like xrandr, but it has a gui.07:06
neggejigp: what exactly do you get?07:06
speedbaronmake -f Makefile.cvs07:06
Somerandomnameobsolete: try xconfig07:06
chriswrspeedbaron: ok , i see it in the directory07:06
Polygon89Flannel, it is on the hardy live cd but i cant get synaptic to INSTALL it from the live cd, it keeps warning me about version number isnt there etc07:06
FlannelPolygon89: those aren't on the CD.  Those are included *in* the CD image07:06
speedbarontype make -f Makefile.cvs07:07
speedbaronthen ./configure07:07
Polygon89Flannel, huh? that what am i looking at when i mount the cd in nautilus?07:07
chriswrbunch of stuff poped up07:07
FlannelPolygon89: Are you sure you don't have the alternate CD?07:07
SomerandomnamePolygon89: you can get the files from the repository directly.07:07
watshouldn't Xubuntu be much more responsive than WinXP ?07:07
speedbaronthen it is doing something07:08
speedbaronthat is good07:08
Polygon89Flannel, nope live cd07:08
Flannelabhi_: What are you having a problem with?07:08
legend2440obsolete: grandr is a gui for xrandr07:08
chriswr./admin/cvs.sh: 653: --version: not found07:08
FlannelPolygon89: Hardy?07:08
speedbaronwhen it is done07:08
Polygon89Somerandomname, it would save me time if i can get it from the live cd as i dont know the dependencies it wants07:08
chriswr*** AUTOCONF NOT FOUND!.07:08
speedbarontype ./configure07:08
FlannelPolygon89: Hardy Ubuntu, at that.  Yes?07:08
Polygon89Flannel, yep.07:08
ronin12345Copying to my raid 5 array only goes at 2.4MB/sec... is it just me or is that really slow?07:08
chriswrbunch of errors07:08
Polygon89Somerandomname, and it would help if i can learn how to do this incase i have the live cd but no internet at all07:09
FlannelPolygon89: That file should not be on the CD.  These (scroll down to the bottom) are the only packages on the CD: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04.1/ubuntu-8.04.1-desktop-i386.list07:09
chriswrcan i just copy and past them?07:09
abhi_Flannel, : i just want to schedule a command with crontab. i have tried all the tricks but without any result.07:09
SomerandomnamePolygon89 let me see if i can get the link your wanting. I dont know if you can pull files from the iso.07:09
jigpnegge :# modprobe ath_pci07:09
jigpFATAL: Error inserting ath_pci (/lib/modules/2.6.24-19-generic/net/ath_pci.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)07:09
speedbaronprobably in a private chat07:09
chriswrspeedbaron: ok07:09
Polygon89Flannel, so how does the live cd install it then if the items are not on the cd? is there a iso WITHIN the cd?07:09
SomerandomnamePolygon89 you could try doing a frugal type install (which will put an image of the disk on your drive) then moving them from there?07:09
watwhere do i find my soundcard listed among other hardware ?07:09
FlannelPolygon89: The image (casper image) that the liveCD boots gets copied to the harddrive.07:10
neggejigp: hmm07:10
neggeI really don't know what that means07:10
legend2440wat: in terminal lspci07:10
neggejigp: which guide did you follow?07:10
Flannelabhi_: There shouldn't be any tricks.  What command are you trying to run? when? and whats the entry in your crontab currently?07:10
chriswrspeedbaron: any idea what that means?07:10
Rat409wat: gnome-terminal try lspci | grep Audio07:10
myke_someone please i need help with my sound card. volume very low07:10
Chris|what command can launch the run applet?07:10
jigpnegge : modprobe ath_pci07:10
abhi_Flannel,  4510***/usr/bin/pcmanfm. just testing07:11
neggejigp: yeah but when you installed it which guide did you follow?07:11
Polygon89Flannel, in previous versions of ubuntu if i put the live cd in it tells me that its a repo and if i want to add it, is it the same for hardy?07:11
jigpnegge im using root07:11
Rat409Chris|: alt+F207:11
jigpnegge madwifi?07:11
FlannelPolygon89: There is a small repo on the CD, yes. It consists of the packages listed there.  All 20 of them or whatnot07:11
jigpnegge the HAL i guess07:11
Chris|Rat409, thats not a command, thats a keybind07:11
ronin12345Copying to my raid 5 array only goes at 2.4MB/sec... is it just me or is that really slow?07:11
Flannelabhi_: pastebin the output of `crontab -l` please07:12
Polygon89Flannel, so what your saying is that its very hard to get all of the packages on a default ubuntu install from the live cd?07:12
FlannelPolygon89: The packages themselves that are installed? yes.  They are not on the liveCD at all.07:12
Chris|Rat409, thanks though, i found what i needed07:12
FlannelPolygon89: you want the alternate CD07:12
Polygon89Flannel, ah.07:12
Polygon89Flannel, okey ill just dl them from the repo07:13
sexcopterhi, is there a way to suppress brasero from doing the integrity check when copying a disc? or do i just have to abort it when it starts? (I'm copying disks and short of time)07:13
rand0mfor some reason, my kensington optical mouse just randomly stops working.. even when i change ports it doesn´t work.. when i reboot, it works for a bit but shortly thereafter, stops again07:13
SomerandomnameAfter you download those files package them and burn them07:13
Somerandomnameto solve your future issue.07:13
Polygon89Somerandomname, well hopefully this wont happen again, a network manager upgrade borked my internet (and a lot of other peoples...)07:14
Somerandomnamethen its going to happen again lol :P07:14
Somerandomnamegood luck :)07:14
FlannelPolygon89: With the internet, you can always sneakernet07:14
sgallingertryin to get java to work is hard07:14
Polygon89Flannel, true, which is how im talking to you now ;)07:14
abhi_Flannel, http://paste.ubuntu.com/27651/07:14
Jehosaphathello everyone07:15
myles7897can someone help me with a read/write problem?07:15
Flannelabhi_: And what times/whatever are you under the impression this should run at?07:15
JehosaphatI am having trouble installing Ubuntu on my PC, would anyone mind lending me a hand07:16
myke_ne desi's willing to help me with my sound card07:16
abhi_Flannel, every day at 10.4507:16
bullgard4lspci outputs a "location" or "configuration space point" at the beginning of each line in square brackets in the format [00:05:0]. What PCI categories designate these 3 numbers?07:17
jigpnegge : modprobe ath_pci07:17
wati can't seem to change my sound volume07:17
Flannelabhi_: Is there a line under that entry?07:18
abhi_wat. right click the icon in top panel and select preference and select correct device07:18
Flannelabhi_: (as in, you have a newline at the end of that line)07:18
abhi_Flannel, : yes07:18
LSD|NinjaJehosaphat: just throw your issue into the channel and if someone sees it and knows the answer they'll pipe up. If you don't get anything right away, wait a reasonable amount of time and then ask again, people are in and out of this channel all the time07:18
bullgard4"Lindent – calls indent with kernel specific parameters." ":~$ man indent; No manual entry for indent." What does 'indent' mean?07:18
KalumbaI have a question regarding Wine: With the latest Wine, 1.1.1, the menus of my programs are all opened behind the main window. This is very annoying. Does anyone have the same problem, or better yet, a solution to this?07:18
abhi_Flannel, : this is bug not to have a newline at the end. i know that.07:19
Flannelabhi_: Cron uses system time, doesn't it?  that'd be UTC?07:20
JehosaphatLSD|Ninja: thanks, if nobody can help atm i will ask again in a few minutes07:21
AboSamoorI have ubuntu as a guest os on my XP using VirtualBox. I want to make shared folde, how can I do that ?07:21
LSD|NinjaAboSamoor: is networking set up properly in vbox?07:21
abhi_Flannel, : i d't think so...07:21
rand0mfor some reason, my kensington optical mouse just randomly stops working.. even when i change ports it doesn´t work.. when i reboot, it works for a bit but shortly thereafter, stops again07:21
AboSamoorLSD|Ninja, yes, i can browse internet without problems :)07:22
Flannelabhi_: Its not 1045 UTC, is it?  (or was it when we tried?)  Try doing something every 10 minutes or something, see if that works (since that's independant of the timezone question)07:22
myles7897I transferred files from a CD and they are read only. I was wondering how I could take permission of them and change them so I can write them.07:22
LSD|NinjaAboSamoor: then you should just be able to right click and share a folder in the normal fashion07:22
ronin12345What does this mean on a SATA drive and how do i fix it? HDIO_GET_UNMASKINTR failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device07:22
LSD|NinjaAboSamoor: Assuming vBox is set up to act as just another machine on the LAN. I forget what that is called, bridged?07:23
abhi_Flannel, : so i will add this:     */10 * * * * cmd07:23
watabhi_, it seems i can change the volume, just not with the Fn keys of my laptop07:23
Flannelabhi_: yes07:23
watany ideas for getting Wifi to work? (I have a laptop from the Asus A6000 series)07:24
KalumbaHeh, I found it. In Compiz Config Settings Manager ---> Focus & Raise Behaviour and set the Focus Prevention Level to Very High fixed my problem. Sorry to trouble you guys.07:25
microwaverHello is there a GUI ubuntu alternative to the proces explorer in windows?07:25
abhi_wat: this is also a problem in my key board. just try  this. system-preferences-key board shortcuts07:25
AboSamoorLSD|Ninja, I tried "sudo mount -t vboxsf share /media/vbox" , but i got the following error , "/sbin/mount.vbosf: mounting failed with the error: Protocol error"07:26
Kalumbamicrowaver, what is your current process viewer?07:26
microwaverKalumba, I don't have any, I use the terminal / text based TOP.07:26
abhi_wat: then select the volume and press the key u want to work.. test it whether it work07:26
Kalumbamicrowaver, I use qps myself07:26
microwaverkalumba is it xubuntu compatible?07:26
abhi_wat : this work for many. but does't work for me.07:27
Kalumbamicrowaver, I do not know07:27
Jehosaphatanyone, I am trying to install ubuntu on a new PC, but the installer is ejecting the CD before it begins installing07:27
microwaverKalumba, just 'sudo apt-get' it?07:27
Kalumbamicrowaver, or synaptic if you like :)07:27
AcBushHey guys...Installed KMediaFactory because I am trying to find a program to burn avi to dvd so they play in a dvd player....Where can I get started with KMediaFactory, can't find it anywhere, but it is def installed...07:27
=== spork969 is now known as CheesyWeasel
microwaverKalumba, let's see, after updates are installed07:28
myke_someone i need help with my sound control07:28
Kalumbaread about it here: http://www.student.nada.kth.se/~f91-men/qps/07:28
Jehosaphatnevermind, i don't need help i just realized i am using the wrong installer.07:30
lord-pyro\j ubuntubrasil-orkut07:30
AboSamoorI have ubuntu as guest using virtualBox on XP, i followed the instructions in Ubuntu community tutorial; I tried "sudo mount -t vboxsf share /media/vbox" , but i got the following error , "/sbin/mount.vbosf: mounting failed with the error: Protocol error"07:30
AcBushHey guys...Installed KMediaFactory because I am trying to find a program to burn avi to dvd so they play in a dvd player....Where can I get started with KMediaFactory, can't find it anywhere, but it is def installed...07:32
watwhen i try to set a shortkey key for "aumix -v0" it says the application doesn't exist07:32
arooniis there a program i can install on ubuntu hardy to watch .swf video files?07:33
neggeif I install the ubuntu_desktop metapackage will I get all the OpenOffice programs and all other extra stuff or just GNOME?07:34
reportingsjris there a different way to change the resolution of my screens than system>preferences>screen resolution? I can't use that due to Xwindows07:34
Flannelnegge: You'll get a fresh Ubuntu install (including open office and stuff)07:34
xocitereportingsjr: try xrandr07:34
reportingsjrI get "The X Server does not support the XRandR extension.  Runtime resolution changes to the display size are not available."07:34
fwaokdawhere can i go to download more things to add to my panel in ubuntu?07:35
xocitereportingsjr: perhaps your video card driver comes with a app to configure the res?07:35
reportingsjrxocite, where would that be?07:36
abhi_Flannel, : it does't work even for every 10 min.07:36
xocitereportingsjr: depends on your video card07:36
dunasShould I allow the Update Manager to install this kernel image update thing?07:36
reportingsjrgeforce 7300 gs07:36
xocitereportingsjr: should be some sort of nvidia program then, try nvidia<TAB> in the terminal to find the appropriate app, then run "man <program>" to find the resolution options07:37
JR_MoneybagsI have a clean install of Hardy, run the updates today - Audio problems: No system sounds (beeps, logins etc), no mixer control, pulse picks up no devices - But Rhythmbox plays perfectly. How to get system sounds working?07:37
KDB9000does anyone know how to see if a button will been sent though acpi? I know there is a way, can't remember how though.07:37
reportingsjrxocite, I get nvidia- then I try to run that and it just says command not foun07:38
xociteKDB9000: acpi_listen07:38
=== vdsy is now known as piethong
KDB9000xocite: thx07:39
reportingsjrxocite, I do remember doing something like this07:39
xocitereportingsjr: try pressing tab again once you get nvidia-07:39
reportingsjrquite a while back though07:39
reportingsjrI tried that before, but I'll try it again07:40
KDB9000xocite: is there more to it? I am not getting anything.07:40
xociteKDB9000: after reading the manpage, you probably determined that you need to start the acpi daemon (acpid)07:41
=== gramm is now known as rustychicken
dunasShould I allow the Update Manager to install this kernel image update thing?07:42
KDB9000xocite: acpid is running. checked using ps - A | grep acpi07:43
rustychickenis there a calibration tool for wacom tablets?07:43
reportingsjrxocite, would virtual width and height be what I'm looking for?07:43
huangjsHi, I met a strange problem. I have machine which is behind a router with port 22 forwarded to it. I frequently(not every time, that's why it's strange) get halt at SYN_RECV state when I want to connect it through ssh.  No iptables are set. Does anyone know how to solve the problem?07:43
xocitereportingsjr: i'm not sure; not using a nvidia graphics card07:45
tyler_i cant get my external hard drives to mount help07:45
reportingsjrxocite, ok, well thanks for the help :)07:45
xociteKDB9000: then the button is not being sent through acpi, try using "xev" and checking the output07:45
xocitereportingsjr: no problem07:46
ubuntunoobhey u guys, i just installed windows xp on a dual boot configuration and it took the liberty of messing up my ubuntu's MBR. i'm using xchat off the ubuntu live cd. how do i fix my ubuntu's MBR?07:47
KDB9000xocite: checked xev and got nothing.07:47
KDB9000xocite: i know xev is working because i can pick up some of the other buttons07:47
tyler_i cant get my external hard drives to mount help07:48
Ahadiel!mbr | ubuntunoob07:48
ubottuubuntunoob: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:48
Ahadieltyler, What filesystem are they?07:48
ubuntunoobAhadiel, thank you so much! have a nice day07:48
tyler_wat do u mean07:48
Ahadieltyler_, NTFS?07:49
starndoes anybody know how to fix echo issues in Teamspeak 2 linux client? i have ubuntu 8.04 ALSA and PulseAudio the echo are only me. people hear me echo when i talk07:49
Ahadieltyler_, What error do you get when trying to mount them?07:49
FloodBot1BritneyBitch: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:50
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_jdd_!spam | BritneyBitch07:50
ubottuBritneyBitch: Unsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubottu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !NickSpam, !PM, !English - And most importantly, use common sense...07:50
tyler_unable to mount07:51
Ahadieltyler_, Not being very specific...07:51
KDB9000xocite: in case you are wondering, or might have the answer, i am trying to get the button output form my DV5000 laptop. it has the quickplay buttons and i want to set them so they open music and DVD software, but i need the key code from them07:51
BRLB<Needtoknow@ef> OK were in07:51
tyler_unclean shutdown07:51
udericowath program can i use to download music on my ps3 ubuntu version07:51
xociteKDB9000: what type of computer/laptop do you have?07:51
BRLB<Needtoknow@ef> Hi guys this is Vikings on Slashnet07:51
xociteKDB9000: ah, I should scrolled up07:51
BRLB<Needtoknow@ef> Hey07:51
BRLB<Needtoknow@ef> stop that07:52
BRLB<Nixon@ef> not gonna work out07:52
FloodBot1BRLB: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:52
BRLB<Needtoknow@ef> don't07:52
starn_jdd_: does the bot have a help database? also07:52
Ahadiel!ops | BRLB07:52
ubottuBRLB: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, , CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang or jussi01!07:52
reportingsjrstupid spammers07:52
KDB9000xocite: it is ok, i sent it not too long ago.07:52
_jdd_starn i think it's files are public07:52
udericowho here has ps3 ubuntu version07:52
AhadielKDB9000, So I take it you tried setting them already?07:52
tyler_it says unclean shutdown07:53
Ahadieltyler_, Boot back into WIndows, and safely remove them. (With that wizard thing)07:53
afallenhopehow do you flushdns? I know on windows it's "ipconfig /flushdns"07:53
tyler_i dont have windows07:53
starn_jdd_: oh ok.07:53
xociteKDB9000: unfortunately https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hotkey-setup/+bug/6408607:53
KDB9000Ahadiel: yes, i tried in the shortcuts but it doesn't pick anything up so it won't set them. i have read methods to set them but i haven't been able to get the key codes07:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 64086 in hotkey-setup "DVD/wifi buttons on HP DV5000 doesn't work" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:53
afallenhopeAnyone know how to flush the DNS for Ubuntu?07:54
AhadielKDB9000, Hrm, I have a DV6000 and everything is fine.07:54
JERONYMOi try to install netbeans IDE to ubuntu from terminal window but i can't07:54
Ahadielafallenhope, You could've just googled. -_- http://www.tech-faq.com/flush-dns.shtml07:54
JERONYMOi have placed the netbeans-6.1-ml-linux.sh on the desktop07:55
KDB9000Ahadiel: there seems to be a big difference from the 5000 and the 6000. i have found info about the key codes for 6000 but none for the 500007:55
tyler_can i boot the wizard in wine or something07:55
afallenhopeAhadiel, I did.. says command not found..07:55
JERONYMOand with ./netbeans-6.1-ml-linux.sh this command i try to install it07:55
Ahadielafallenhope, "Linux does not cache DNS by default. You have to manually install nscd or a dns server to cache DNS. Your DNS server IS your cache. If you have a router, restart that router. It will clear the cache."07:56
afallenhopeAhadiel, instead of telling people to google things.. how about you try the solution to make sure it works.07:56
tyler_can i boot the wizard in wine or something07:57
KDB9000xocite: Patrick is partly right, yes the dvd button is used to boot the system into an embed windows to play DVD's, but that is when the system is off. when it is on it would start the windows only quick play software. since i can't install quick play on linux, it should still be possible to use the buttons to run linux based systems07:57
DistroJockeyKDB9000, have you tried the  xev  program to get the keycodes?07:57
KDB9000DistroJockey: please scroll up. I have tried acpi and xev, nothing in both of them07:58
Ahadielafallenhope, How about you just figure this out by yourself?07:58
DistroJockeyKDB9000, k, sorry, joined not long ago07:58
KDB9000DistroJockey: that is alright07:58
KeatonAlright, I have a whopper of a question here. My buddy runs 8.04, and he wants a very custom setup. Essentially, he wants to strip off as much GUI as he possibly can, and instead of having panels and a wallpaper when he logs in, he wants to have a fullscreen gnome terminal which X windows can appear over top of. Is this realisticly possible, or should I look at one of other desktop environments?07:58
Ahadieltyler_, You can force mount the NTFS driver, I'll try and find you a link.07:58
tyler_it wont let me force mount07:59
KDB9000xocite: Ahadiel has mentioned that is DV6000 laptop (next model up) works fine with all the buttons and I have found key codes for the 6000 to set the DVD button.07:59
RajecHey people sorry for little OT but do you know some online free storage serverice with ftp access? I want to backup some data through ftp07:59
=== _max is now known as max`
xociteKDB9000: let me know if it works07:59
FlannelRajec: Ask in #ubuntu-offtopic, not here, thanks.07:59
KDB9000xocite: so far i have nothing. was hoping someone in here with a dv5000 might have the answer08:00
zedsterboth opera and firefox keep crashing on me in certain sites, firefox gives this error Error: Permission denied to get property Location.toString08:01
zedsterheres a site that does it http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3568851,00.html08:01
fwaokdaI have a dual boot of ubuntu and windows vista.  I can see my partition for vista but it wont let me mount it.  How can I mount it? (if its too risky as far as losing the information on it I'll pass)08:01
zedsterfwaokda: you have all the files need to read ntfs installed?08:02
fwaokdazedster, idk08:02
tyler_it tells me only root can do that08:02
Ahadiel!ntfs | fwaokda08:02
ubottufwaokda: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For NTFS write access, see /msg ubottu NTFS-3g or /msg ubottu FUSE08:02
moo_cowfwaokda-> ntfsfix command08:02
Ahadieltyler_, then use sudo08:02
moo_cowfwaokda-> and then try to mount it again08:02
zedsterany able to open that site I posted with out firefox going nutz?08:02
fwaokdamoo_cow, i type that cmd in shell?08:02
moo_cowfwaokda-> yes08:03
nano_From where do usb kernel modules get loaded from? i can't seem to find any references in /etc/modprobe.d08:03
moo_cowfwaokda-> sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda1 if thats your vista partition08:03
tyler_when i sudo it it gives me useage for sudo mount08:04
fwaokdamoo_cow, ok i'll do the command after my update manager finishes.  This isn't any type of beta stuff that might lose my information on that partition huh?08:04
moo_cowfwaokda-> its always worked for me. what causes ntfs partitions not to mount is if you didnt do a proper shutdown in windoze.08:05
DistroJockeyzedster, that site works for me (very slow to load though). Using 8.04.1 here08:05
fwaokdamoo_cow, oh well that makes since. it didn't properly shut down last time :)  Should I log in and do that or just do the cmd you told me?08:05
moo_cowthat site doesnt crash my firefox either. im using adblock.08:05
zedsterhmm... it cause firefox to resize and the top bar to disappear for me, also it stop showing up in the bottom bar, DistroJockey what gui are you using?08:06
moo_cowfwaokda-> login to what?08:06
fwaokdamoo_cow, vista08:06
moo_cowfwaokda-> thats a command for linux08:06
DistroJockeyzedster, gnome with compiz (default) running on ATI xorg drivers08:07
fwaokdamoo_cow, i know im asking if I just login to vista and shutdown correctly to fix my problem or if i dont need to worry about that and just use the cmd you recommended.08:07
zedsterhmm...still Its not a firefox issue since it crashes opera as well, I must have a bad plug in or something08:07
tyler_when i sudo it it gives me useage for sudo mount08:07
moo_cowfwaokda-> easier to do the command08:08
VanessaEcan someone help me with xvideo not working right?08:08
xociteVanessaE: explain08:08
fwaokdamoo_cow, ok thanks08:08
VanessaExocite, I'll try to -  I'm not exactly sure how to put it..08:08
Flanneltyler_: What command are you using?08:09
tyler_sudo mount-t ntfs-3g/dev/sec1/media/master drive -oforce08:09
VanessaEmy system is behaving as though the Xvideo extension does not exist, when I play a video with e.g. mplayer, or try to use mythtv.  xvinfo seems to suggest it exists, but my CPU usage and just plain bad video playback on anything remotely large (e.g. HD MPEG2 video) say otherwise08:09
VanessaEthis is on hardy.08:09
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
Flanneltyler_: Exactly like that?08:09
afallenhopeAhadiel, you're the worst help ever.. why you even in this chan08:10
tyler_it wont let me sudo it now08:10
DistroJockeyzedster, Which FF are you running?08:10
afallenhopeAhadiel, you're candian? heh..08:10
Flanneltyler_: Its because your command is wrong.08:10
xociteVanessaE: I'm experiencing a similar problem myself.08:10
Flanneltyler_: you're trying to mount sdc1 at /media/master\ drive, right?08:10
DistroJockeyzedster, *nods*08:10
tyler_no sudo mount-t ntfs-3g/dev/sec1/media/master drive -oforce08:11
zedsterstill if its both firefox and opera its a different issue08:11
afallenhopeAhadiel, Vancouver treating you nicely?08:11
VanessaEso you know what I'm talking about then - choppy, horrible video despite having plenty of CPU left over08:11
Flanneltyler_: No.  Are you trying to mount sdc1 at a mount point of "/media/master drive"?08:11
tyler_its want the error told me08:11
xociteVanessaE: What video card do you have?08:11
VanessaEnV GF6800.08:11
DistroJockeyzedster, which Java RE?08:12
Flanneltyler_: You're missing a few spaces, and have some other errors. use "sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o force /dev/sdc1 /media/master\ drive"08:12
zedster1.06.0_10b I think08:12
Ahadielafallenhope, Oh man, you're so pro.08:12
VanessaEusing their driver package (not ubuntu's)08:12
SomerandomnameZedster are you refering to your java version?08:12
VanessaEthis is on an AMD 64x2 3800+ based box with a gig of ram, so plenty of horsepower for the task.08:12
xociteVanessaE: how did you configure your Xorg.conf?08:12
zedsterI lied that what I have at work, my pc is 1.6.008:13
DistroJockeyzedster, k, not that then08:13
tyler_WARNING: Forced mount, reset $LogFile.08:13
=== narg_ is now known as narg
tyler_fuse: failed to access mountpoint /media/master drive: No such file or directory08:13
VanessaEBefore I switched distros, I backed up my known-working xorg.conf, and then put it into service under ubuntu.08:13
Lusulehi all, where are programs usually installed?  /usr/bin?08:14
Flanneltyler_: You're trying to mount it somewhere that doesn't exist.  Fix that.08:14
zedster"java version "1.6.0_06"08:14
zedsterJava(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_06-b02)08:14
zedsterJava HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 10.0-b22, mixed mode)"08:14
PingFloydLusule: yeah, the executables for them08:14
SomerandomnameVanessaE what distro did you come from?08:14
Lusulepingfloyd - where are those kept?08:14
FlannelLusule: If you're adding stuff, /usr/local/bin/08:14
PingFloydLusule: programs are distributed between various dirs dependent upon the type of files08:14
tyler_my external is on pluged in showing on "places"08:14
VanessaEironically, ubuntu is faster in every respect, except for wine and this video issue.08:14
PingFloydLusule: libraries in /usr/lib for instance08:15
PingFloydLusule: executables in /usr/bin08:15
PingFloydLusule: and there is some variation upon that08:15
Somerandomnamewere you using propriatary drivers in the gentoo install?08:15
Lusulepingfloyd - i'm trying to find the cedega executable08:15
VanessaESomerandomname, yep.08:15
FlannelLusule: you can check for a particular program wit which.  "which [program]"08:15
SomerandomnameThats why.08:15
VanessaEsame version on the same kernel I think.08:15
xociteVanessaE: back up your current implementation of Xorg.conf and create a new one with the appropriate nvidia command08:15
=== macsim`work is now known as macsim
Somerandomnamexocite is right.08:16
VanessaE(I use a custom kernel because I have to manually build v4l-dvb)08:16
VanessaEer..  ok, I can try that08:16
tyler_i got it to work08:16
VanessaEpurpose of same?08:16
PingFloydLusule: how did you install it?08:16
tyler_i do the same for my other ehd08:16
Lusulepingfloyd - which cedega worked, thanks :)08:16
PingFloydLusule: if it was a .deb package, do dpkg -L pkg08:16
Somerandomnameto allow your settings to be used globally08:17
afallenhopeAhadiel, you need to learn something about webdesign08:17
VanessaEok, backed up xorg.conf and ran nvidia-xconfig08:17
Ahadielafallenhope, How about you go get a life.08:17
afallenhopeAhadiel, I have one :) you're just a dick08:18
afallenhopetrue canadian asshole :)08:18
onthefence929what's the best program for me to convert any video to a video format readable by xbox 360?08:18
Flannelafallenhope, Ahadiel: cool it08:18
afallenhopetisk tisk08:18
Somerandomnamewont find that answer here08:18
VanessaEok, restarted X with the new config.08:18
Somerandomnamehows it look?08:18
VanessaE...and it didn't help.08:19
VanessaEsame as before.08:19
zedsterSo firefox resizes to just the top menu bar of ff, then if I open a new tab it put the blue bar back on top and I can maximize it, if I click back on the tab of the site that caused it to go on the fritz it does it again08:19
=== Kenshin_ is now known as bin4y
glitsj16onthefence929: don't know about "any" video, but ffmpeg (winFF as frontend) sure can handle a lot08:19
VanessaEwait a sec./08:19
VanessaEsomething didn't work right.08:19
bin4yhi guys, i can't get sound to work on my ubuntu heron instal08:19
putonbuenos dias  desde sevilla08:20
puton capital del amor08:20
Somerandomnamezedster what is your actual montiors size?08:20
putony el sexo08:20
putonkien anda por hay08:20
Somerandomnameare you having this issue with any other explore options?08:20
Flannel!es | puton08:20
ubottuputon: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.08:20
Somerandomnameie open windows and such08:20
VanessaEthere.  forgot to delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf before running nvidia-xconfig08:20
SomerandomnameAh :)08:20
VanessaE....and it didn't help.08:21
kaushalhi all08:21
Somerandomnameyour destroying my ego here VenessaE08:21
Somerandomnameyour supposed to say "Yep that did the trick"08:21
zedsterodd, got it to open in safemode08:21
VanessaElet me see how mythtv behaves now.08:21
PingFloyddid your wiener just shrink?08:22
SomerandomnameZedster, its likely a setting is expanding the window to fit your screen but producing size errors becuase of the size of your monitor.08:22
zedsterbut why would gnome drop it?08:22
SomerandomnameThat i dont know :(08:22
Somerandomnameno conflicts on your video card?08:22
VanessaEok, definitely not good.08:23
DistroJockeyVanessaE, Do you have Visual Effects enabled? If so turn them off in  System - Preferences - Appearance  and see how it goes.08:23
VanessaEer, that sounds like a gnome option...I use kde.08:23
SomerandomnameVanessaE what is "Deffinalty not good"08:24
onthefence929glitsj16: i can't find winFF08:24
DistroJockeyVanessaE, ahh, well, this is Ubuntu support not Kubuntu support ;)08:24
bin4ywhat's a good download manager?08:24
VanessaESomerandomname, mythtv's behavior.  wanted to lock the system.08:24
rustychickenis there a calibration tool for wacom tablets?08:24
glitsj16onthefence929: you'll have to google for the frontend, it's not in any repo i know off, google.code i believe, not sure08:24
VanessaEDistroJockey, I am running 'real' ubuntu, I just added kde to it after the primary install.08:25
zedsterDistroJockey: found it! ASF plug-in08:25
SomerandomnameOh its a layered install?08:25
=== allen is now known as Bob_Sagot
DistroJockeyzedster, ahh cool. Did sound like a plugin issue. Good one.08:25
Somerandomnameare you sure you have all the dependiancies for the kde?08:25
zedsternow to find it in opera :-(08:25
glitsj16onthefence929: http://www.winff.org/08:25
VanessaEquite sure, Somerandomname.08:26
FlannelVanessaE: That's the same as installing Kubuntu and adding Ubuntu.  If you have a KDE specific thing, you might be better off asking in #kubuntu (because we're less knowledgable with KDE stuffs, not because its offtopic)08:26
Somerandomnameim sorry thats the extent of what i would have done :(08:26
VanessaEthough here is something that bothers me:  KDE shows hat translucency/shadows are available (but turned off)...that sounds like a Composite-related feature.08:26
tyler_i cant get my laptop external drive to show up on "PLACES"08:27
Johnnyis there a dictionary / thesaurus package?08:27
Johnnytwo in one08:27
VanessaE(Kcontrol: Desktop->Window Behavior->Translucency)08:27
DistroJockeyJohnny, the one that is in Applications - Accessories does that08:28
Johnnydoes it DistroJockey ?08:28
Johnnyi have it open it just gives me dictionary08:28
DistroJockeyJohnny, yep, press ctrl+t08:29
VanessaEthere, back to my usual config...  I feel trapped on only one monitor.08:29
zedsterok so out of left field anyone know how to make a custom bios flash for dells that dell charges the directimage site for?08:29
fwaokdamy font color is black on my toolbar how do i change it?08:29
Johnnynothing happend DistroJockey08:29
DistroJockeyJohnny, it's called Similar Words and can be found in the View menu08:29
Flannelzedster: #ubuntu-offtopic, not here.  thanks08:29
Johnnysimilar words just gives words that are spelled similarly08:29
Johnnynot  a thesaurus08:29
binarymutantdoes anyone know if there is a limit to pipe menu items in Openbox?08:30
DistroJockeyJohnny, ohh, very true. Sorry :(08:30
Extreminadorhi ppl08:30
Extreminadorcan someone help me on a desktop problem08:30
Extreminadorthe gnome menus don´t appear when i start the ubuntu08:30
Somerandomnamebinarymutant i believe its 100 lines08:31
fwaokdaI'm doing some updates and a window labeled "Debconf" has appeared and asks me what I want to do about my menu.lst  what should i choose???08:31
Extreminadori have already start the gnome-panel08:31
Flannelfwaokda: What changes have you made to your menu.lst?08:31
binarymutantSomerandomname: thanks for the help08:31
Extreminadorbut still noly appears a very small barr with out any menu on it on the top off the screeen08:31
DistroJockeyfwaokda, have you customised menu.lst by hand in anyway?08:31
fwaokdaFlannel, i don't know exactly... i believe some boot options because ubuntu wouldn't boot otherwise. its been awhile.08:32
DistroJockeyBeat me to it Flannel  :)08:32
Flannelfwaokda: Alright.  As far as that's concerned, Keep the one you have for now.  We can go back and fix it later.08:32
fwaokdaFlannel, ok thanks08:32
Flannelfwaokda: Did you add your options to the #kopt line?08:33
fwaokdaFlannel, I don't exactly remember since its been so long, how can i check?08:33
Flannelfwaokda: If you haven't told debconf what to do yet, go ahead and copy your menu.lst (/boot/grub/menu.lst) to your desktop, and we can merge it by hand right now.08:34
=== drago is now known as Drago84
=== fernando is now known as Guest3245
digitaltaohey guys, where is a good place to find ubuntu themes?08:35
fwaokdaFlannel, whats the command to copy it in shell?08:35
Flannel!themes | digitaltao08:35
ubottudigitaltao: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy08:35
Flannelfwaokda: cp /boot/grub/menu.lst ~/08:36
Guest3245Hola gente soy un nuevo integrante mas que se agrego hoy al mundo linux ubuntu 8.04 ni tube que usar la consola se hizo todo solillo con el gestos de paquetes inclusive sonido flah amsn  y compiz solo me falta poder instalar mis jueguillos y ya estoy feliz por fin large moco$oft despues de 12 años08:36
fwaokdaFlannel, ty08:36
Flannel!es | Guest324508:37
ubottuGuest3245: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.08:37
fwaokdaFlannel, ok it's copied to my home folder now what do i need to do?08:38
Flannelfwaokda: go ahead and let debconf replace it08:38
=== fernando is now known as Guest45263
fwaokdaoh ok, well i already told it to keep the one i had :(  i thought thats what you wanted me to do.08:39
Flannelfwaokda: that's fine too. Its no big deal.  Go ahead and pastebin that file.08:40
Extreminadorcan someone help me please to figured out why this is apped me to the desktop08:40
fwaokdawell my firefox isn't working :O maybe its because of the updates that just finished. It says it needs to restart can i go ahead and do that?08:40
Extreminadorif it says that yes you can08:41
Bob24hello all08:41
fwaokdaumm ok brb08:41
digitaltaoanyone know how to set up ubuntu so you can utilize your monitor if it can tilt?08:41
m3gach33zycan anyone tell me if there is a thing thats like limewire for ubuntu?08:43
DistroJockeydigitaltao, this thread is probably worth a look:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30138008:43
=== master_o1_master is now known as master_of_master
Bob24my system is running in low graphics mode could someone please advise what i can do? I tryed EnvyNG and still no luck (unless i should use a manual driver) its on a nvidia card it was working before though.08:43
glitsj16m3gach33zy: gtk-gnutella is another alternative08:44
m3gach33zyglitsj16: thanks08:44
jordanmtm3gach33zy:  also, limewire itself is also available for linux08:44
m3gach33zyglitsj16: is it safe unlike limewire?08:45
onthefence921glitsj16: where do i find the codecs for winFF?08:45
m3gach33zyjordanmt: is it safe to use limewire or gnutella?08:46
bazhangonthefence921, what is winff08:46
jordanmtm3gach33zy:  what do you mean by safe?08:46
Bob24hello, could someone please help me, my systems seems to be running in low graphics mode.08:46
glitsj16onthefence921: use the ffmpeg version from medibuntu, the one in hardy is a rather crippled one08:46
m3gach33zyjordanmt: i hear that you can get tracked and stuff like that08:47
fwaokdaFlannel, back :O08:47
nano_is usb really just a sub-component of the pci bus?08:47
onthefence921bazhang: a GUI front-end for FFmpeg (a video converter)08:47
jordanmtm3gach33zy:  They all connect to the same network, so they are all as dangerous / safe as one another.08:47
jordanmtm3gach33zy:  If you use them to pirate, you're at risk08:47
bazhangonthefence921, that is a windows gui?08:48
m3gach33zyjordanmt: ic08:48
=== Kwokfu1 is now known as Kwokfu_
glitsj16bazhang: the name might suggest that but no08:48
bazhang!info winff08:48
ubottuPackage winff does not exist in hardy08:48
onthefence921bazhang: linux, but yes it's available for windows as well08:48
onthefence921glitsj16: cool i'll look it up now08:49
bazhangonthefence921, not in hardy ubuntu apparently08:49
glitsj16bazhang: it's not in any repo's, http://www.winff.org/ offers a deb though, works great08:49
bazhangglitsj16, thanks for the info08:49
digitaltaoallright I added "RandRRotation" "On" to my xorg.conf and I can still not rotate under the screen resolution window.08:49
digitaltaoany ideas?08:49
glitsj16bazhang: you're welcome08:49
nano_Does /etc/modprobe.d contain information about how by usb controller drivers (ehci_hcd, ohci_hcd) are being loaded during boot?  If so, where?08:50
digitaltaooh i guess i have to reboot for xorg.conf changes to occur.... is there a way to make that happen without completely rebooting?08:52
DistroJockeydigitaltao, ctrl+alt+backspace  should do it (will close apps)08:52
sway_ m08:52
PeaDotdoes anyone have a hint on which laser printer to take for ubuntu 7.10?08:53
PeaDotit's gotta be a network printer08:54
DistroJockeyPeaDot, just about any HP probably. But you could look through the list of drivers that CUPS provides08:55
icewatermanPeaDot: though i do not like HP, those usually work best08:55
PeaDotok... i thought of epson as it seemed to work in that environmet08:55
Johnnyhow do i change my username so it doesnt mess groups and everything up?08:55
PeaDotbrother didn't work at all :)08:55
digitaltaodistrojockey: thanks for all the help08:55
DistroJockeyPeaDot, they sould be pretty well supported also08:55
digitaltaoits working perfectly now :D08:55
DistroJockeydigitaltao, excellent. You're welcome08:56
icewatermanJohnny: create a new user assign em to the same groups08:56
PeaDotthanks a lot mateys08:56
Johnnycant i just rename my user08:56
icewatermanthen its just 1 find command to change the permissions.08:56
DistroJockeyPeaDot, you're welcome08:56
=== U09526 is now known as DBLobster
Johnnyi dont want to have to create a new user and move all my files to that home and delete this user08:56
icewatermanJohnny: not recommended08:56
Johnnythats a pain in the ass08:56
icewatermanJohnny: though you can08:56
=== DBLobster is now known as U09526
icewatermanJohnny: /etc/group* /etc/passwd* /etc/shadow* <-- change the users name in all those files08:57
icewatermanhowever dont mess with the files (which is why it is not recommended). if you screw one of the files, your system might not be able to boot08:57
Johnnyyea but then i'll have to through and still change the group and file owner permissions08:58
soreauWhat is with this Low Graphics Mode? Does this have something to do with bullet proof X?08:58
Johnnyisnt the an app for this08:58
icewatermanJohnny: no08:58
andydenHello. I have ubuntu 8.04 running on a hp pavilion ze5600 and i want to access the internet through my d-link bluetooth dbt-122 to my 24 inch Intel Core 2 Duo imac that is connected to the net.08:58
icewatermanyou do not need to change permissions if you change the files i pointed out08:58
andydencan any one help?08:58
Johnnyid have to change the owners08:58
icewatermanJohnny: no08:58
Johnnyof files in my home directory?08:59
icewatermanJohnny: you do not because the owner of a file/directory is a uid08:59
icewatermana uid you will not change08:59
icewatermantherefore you do not need to change any permissions08:59
=== andyden is now known as E-Nuff_Wope
icewatermanJohnny: why would you want to rename the user anyway?08:59
Johnnyim selling the computer09:00
bluefoxxwould anyone happen to know if there is a port of Gedit for windows? i happen to be stuck on windows ATM[actually i will be for a while :(] and wish for somehting similar to gedit in size[gedit loads considerably faster than otehr text editing apps ive used], and would also like something with syntax highlighting and a simple interface09:00
Johnnyand he wants linux09:00
soreauE-Nuff_Wope: Have you checked Network and Bluetooth configs?09:00
FlannelJohnny: Why do you need to change the user then?09:00
soreaubluefoxx: google it.09:00
icewatermanok, then make sure you have a backup of the files i pointed out and change them. should work instantly09:00
filip_1salut !09:00
icewatermanafter you logged out of course :)09:00
bluefoxxsoreau, i did09:01
Johnnyso he'll have access to the files in my home directory Flannel and i wont have to mess with settings or permissions09:01
FlannelJohnny: Check out the OEM installation option on the alternate CD.  It'll provide youa way to give him the computer, and on first boot, he can set up his user/pass/etc.09:01
ughthisisannoyinhey could i get some help?09:01
bluefoxxsoreau, as ai general rule ive learned to google such things first. i had no luck so i came here for suggestions on programs09:01
Circus-Killerbluefoxx, try use scite for windows (and linux) ;)09:01
Flannel!ask | ughthisisannoyin09:01
ubottuughthisisannoyin: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)09:01
icewatermanJohnny: you wouldnt but remember, keep a backup and only edit the users name.09:01
bluefoxxCircus-Killer, thanks, i will look that one up09:02
ughthisisannoyinHow do i get a 3d Banshee 16mb vid card to work in ubuntu?09:02
ughthisisannoyinim stuck at 800.60009:02
icewatermanughthisisannoyin: an ancient video card. are you sure your monitor can handle higher resolutions?09:03
ughthisisannoyinyes. i was running XP on it at 1024x768 like 10 hours ago09:03
DistroJockeyughthisisannoyin, that is the cards maximum resolution09:03
ughthisisannoyinno its not09:04
wols_ughthisisannoyin: ther is a tdfx and a voodoo driver as part of Xorg09:04
chriswrcan somone use a keylogger on me if im using linux?09:04
icewatermanchriswr: of course09:04
shashahow to install crystal eye in ubuntu ,,,, ?09:04
wols_tdfx should be the one for you I think09:04
ughthisisannoyinim new to this. idk what part of Xorg means09:04
bullgard4[Hardy] /var/cache/apt/apt-file/ includes the file de.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu-dists_gutsy_Contents-i386.gz and a similar one with 'hardy'. Why did my gutsy2hardy distUpgrade not automatically erase this file?09:04
shashahow to install crystal eye webcam  in ubuntu ,,,, ?09:04
wols_chriswr: yes, but getting the keylogger installed will be hard, very hard09:05
icewatermanwols_: not necessarily09:05
glitsj16bluefoxx: did you see http://live.gnome.org/Gedit/Windows ? takes some steps, but it is possible to take your gedit to windows ;)09:05
soreauE-Nuff_Wope: Have you configured them though? Can you communicate with the device? Is it recognized in network settings? Have you googled with the model number and ubuntu?09:05
icewatermanwols_: most keyloggers for both windows and linux get installed by user interaction09:05
ughthisisannoyincan someone message me privately? i have no idea whats going on09:05
wols_icewaterman: linux users don't run IE as root09:05
icewatermanwols_: if he will click all mail and enter password when asked it will be no difference09:05
=== ramdas is now known as ramdas___
chriswrhttp://thepiratebay.org/tor/4291814/Hackers_Black_Book_%5Braider%5D    i was gona download this ebook , and one of the ppl say that nod 32 says it has a keylogger in it , chances it will hurt me in any way?09:06
DistroJockeyughthisisannoyin, I stand corrected09:06
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras09:06
onthefence921glitsj16: ok i got medibuntu installed, what do i do to get it's version of FFmpeg?09:06
icewatermanchriswr: unlikely but if it says so, it probably is no ebook at all so why bother?09:06
ughthisisannoyincan anyone message me privatly?09:06
wols_!warez | chriswr09:06
chriswricewaterman , true , thnx09:06
ubottuchriswr: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o09:06
helpymy computer is in the best shape ever. its pretty much ideal shape of ubuntu with all softwares and important stuff installed. i seriously need to get it backed up. any help ?09:07
wols_chriswr: so please stop asking in the future about these things09:07
bluefoxxglitsj16, i foudn that, but it looked a little too messy to play with in one night...09:07
wols_!backup | helpy09:07
helpyi can't get to back up my ubuntu. i have used all softwares around09:07
ubottuhelpy: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning09:07
ikoniaughthisisannoyin: dont use caps09:07
icewatermanughthisisannoyin: nope09:07
gordonjcp!caps | ughthisisannoyin09:07
ubottuughthisisannoyin: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.09:07
helpywols_ that doesnt help me09:07
ikoniaughthisisannoyin: ask your question in the channel09:07
helpyi pretty much need step by step stuff09:07
glitsj16onthefence921: now medibuntu is in your sources.list, sudo apt-get install ffmpeg will do it (as a side note, i find the gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg plugin very usefull, comes with 90+ decoding formats)09:07
fwaokdawhats the terminal command to search the repos?09:07
bullgard4Update Manager asks me: "Debconf on MD97600. Configure linux-image-2.6.24-19-generic. What would you like to do about menu.lst? Keep the installed version or install the version of the package maintainer?" How can I decide what is best for me? I looked at "Show differences between the two versions. But this output does not enlighten me.09:07
wols_ughthisisannoyin: you just made me ignore and not help you anymore. congrats09:07
ughthisisannoyini did and it got disgarded09:07
icewatermanikonia: i believe he did, he is just way to impatient09:08
ikoniaicewaterman: I've not seen it09:08
wols_bullgard4: what did you change to your menu.lst?09:08
wols_fwaokda: apt-cache search09:08
fwaokdawols_, thanks ;)09:08
icewatermanikonia: doesnt matter as i said, he seems to be impatient and angry. neither of that properties will get him far09:08
ethana2who's up for a challenge?09:08
ikoniaethana2: just ask the question09:08
ethana2i just got my new ubuntu inspiron 1420n from dell09:09
ughthisisannoyinHow do i get a 3d banshee card to work on ubuntu? it stays at 800x600. i was just running it at 1024x768 earlier today.09:09
ughthisisannoyinon XP09:09
ethana2i've already screwed it over09:09
helpyi got inspiron too.09:09
bullgard4wols_: I removed splashscreen and quiet.09:09
ethana2i'm on the hardy alpha 5 livecd now09:09
ethana2with a borked 8.04.x on the hard drive09:09
helpyand you can't screw up ubuntu ethana2 its pretty much safe until you removed everything09:09
ikoniaughthisisannoyin: banshee, was that the old S3 card ?09:09
icewaterman!xorg | ughthisisannoyin09:09
ubottuughthisisannoyin: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto09:09
helpyalpha ? i thought hardy was out finally without alphas09:09
ikoniaethana2: why dont you tell us the isue09:09
ikoniahelpy: it is09:09
ethana2helpy: i uh...09:09
ethana27.10 was old09:09
ethana2i got 8.04, verified the md509:09
ethana2and installed09:09
ethana2....the burner messed it up09:10
glitsj16bluefoxx: granted, it's some work .. been a while since i coded on win32, but editplus was very responsive .. i guess you're overloaded with choices09:10
helpyethana2 are you new to linux ?09:10
ethana2i should have checked that too09:10
Flannel!enter | ethana209:10
ubottuethana2: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:10
ikoniaethana2: tell us the problem09:10
ughthisisannoyinagain disgaurded09:10
ikoniaethana2: your talking and not saying anything09:10
ikoniaughthisisannoyin: who makes the banshee card ?09:10
wols_bullgard4: where did you remove that? if it's from the kernel lines, that was bad. remove it from the # kopt lines instead and run update-grub. yes you can use the maintainer's version09:10
icewatermanughthisisannoyin: you should learn to read09:10
ethana2i need to chroot into a borked 8.04 install, update it and get x and gnome to load09:10
helpyikonia is right. in linux community only tell the problem. don't tell there IS a problem09:10
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:10
ikoniaughthisisannoyin: ahhh the sound card09:10
helpyethana2 apt-get install dist-upgrade should do it09:10
ughthisisannoyinits a video card09:10
icewatermanughthisisannoyin: last time i am gonna say this09:11
icewaterman!xorg | ughthisisannoyin09:11
ubottuughthisisannoyin: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto09:11
ikoniaethana2: no you don't09:11
ethana2ikonia: i don't what?09:11
ikoniaethana2: you need to boot from the "safe" or fall back mode09:11
ikoniaethana2: you don't need to chroot anything09:11
kane77how are two GPU supposed to work together? will it just work?09:11
ughthisisannoyinwhat is X?09:11
ethana2recovery boot doesn't see my ethernet09:11
icewatermanughthisisannoyin: go read09:11
ikoniakane77: sli has support in the nvidia binary drivers09:11
ikoniaethana2: so ?09:11
ikoniaethana2: you wanted xorg fixe09:11
icewatermanughthisisannoyin: or pay me 30 bucks an hour to explain it to you...09:11
ethana2ikonia: so i can't get online09:11
ughthisisannoyinthis is stupid09:12
ikoniaethana2: so ?09:12
helpychroot is something different ethana209:12
ethana2'x' works, but gnome crashes09:12
helpyyour problem seems to be different09:12
kane77ikonia, no.. I mean dual display kind of "two cards"09:12
bernardwhile trying to build a package I get a "dpkg-gencontrol: warning: unknown substitution variable ${misc:Depends}" error. How do I fix it?09:12
ikoniaethana2: you wanted to fix you09:12
ethana2helpy: i survived libc609:12
j800ryo, can someone help me? i'm looking to set up a dual boot with vista (to play wow) but I don't know how to repartition09:12
helpydid you update your system ethana2 ?09:12
ikoniaethana2: what are you talking about survived libc6 ?09:12
helpyyou seemed to be missing gnome updates afaik09:12
ethana2helpy: can't get online to canonical servers09:12
ikoniakane77: ahhh dual head works well, either through the xinerama system, or through binary driver compatability09:12
Flannelj800r: WoW runs fine in wine09:12
ikoniaethana2: what are you talking about libc6 for ?09:12
j800rflannel: not for me it don't09:12
ethana2ikonia: libc6 on hardy alpha 309:12
helpythen its your network issue09:12
helpyare you windows atm ?09:12
ethana2chroot allowed me to fix that with you guys' help09:12
ikoniaethana2: what has that got to do with anything on your current problem ?09:13
ethana2i wanted to tackle this with a gui.09:13
ethana2chroot in, do whatever09:13
kane77ikonia, I am going to try it now..09:13
helpyethana2 you aren't helping us to understand your problem. tell us our core problem and what do you want09:13
ikoniaethana2: stop for a minute09:13
ikoniaethana2: 1.) has gnome always crashed 2.) how/when does it crash 3.) what changed to make it start crashing09:13
ethana2ok, let me try to describe this succinctly.....09:13
ethana2every panel applet dies one after the other, throwing an error09:13
ethana2then the panels go away09:14
ikoniaethana2: just answer my questions, thats all we want09:14
ethana2that's immediately after startx09:14
helpyits yoru X configuration i guess09:14
ikoniaethana2: why are you doing startx ?09:14
ikoniaethana2: gnome should launch by default09:14
ethana2it doesn't here09:14
ikoniaethana2: has it ever ?09:14
helpyif you have cd you can probably repair it ?09:14
ethana2before i ran updates09:14
ikoniaethana2: so what did you change09:14
ethana2my machine restarted in the middle of application09:14
ethana2and i have no clue why09:15
ikoniaethana2: it just reset ?09:15
ethana2and then reset, yes09:15
ikoniaethana2: shut down properly, as in normally - or did it just flick off09:15
helpyok i think she has launched some program that conflicted with something else or she might have tampered with x configs09:15
ethana2normally, except with no reason09:15
j800rso can anyone help me with dualbooting with vista? i can do it all except the repartitioning09:15
ethana2and at a horrible time09:15
vlodiHi Lads, does anyone know how to get BisonCam NB Pro webcam to work under Hardy? Cheers09:15
onthefence921glitsj16: ok well i reinstalled FFmpeg and WinFF (i'm not sure if it's teh medibuntu version or not of either) and i have the gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg but i still can't convert to a Xbox 360 playable format, any advice09:15
ikoniaethana2: that doesnt happen - machines don't do a tidy shutdown for no reason09:15
ethana2ikonia: then i'm going insane09:16
ikoniaethana2: I don't think your being %100 honest09:16
helpy!wubi | j800r09:16
ubottuj800r: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.09:16
ethana2i am being completely honest09:16
ethana2what i'm left with is some packages updated properly, and some not09:16
ethana2with some broken in between09:16
j800rhelpy: no good for me. i'm already using ubuntu as my primary operating system09:16
ikoniaethana2: I can see that09:16
helpywell then install windows simply in a clean partition, but you have to reinstall grub09:16
ikoniaethana2: tell me a little more about what really happened ? did you click shutdown ? did you type reboot ?09:16
helpybecause windows remove your grub boot loader09:17
ethana2ikonia: i was watching it apply updates09:17
ethana2ikonia: then the screen goes black and i see text09:17
ethana2to the effect of it shutting down, and it did just that09:17
j800rif wow ran fine in wine for me i'd have no problem :|09:17
gooodyhow can i automatically launch awn during login?09:17
ikoniaethana2: thats not possible. X to crash and you see text - sure, but a machine doesn't do a controlled shutdown without user interaction09:17
glitsj16onthefence921: what output settings did you choose in winFF ? you can check synaptic to see if ffmpeg is coming from medibuntu by the way, highlight ffmpeg and check the tab labeled 'versions'09:17
helpywhole windows don't work in wine afaik09:18
helpydid you try virtual box ?09:18
ethana2ikonia: i know it's not possible, which is part of why i'm not liking this--  the universe is out to frigging get me09:18
helpyare there any specific programs you want to run in linux j800r ?09:18
ethana2if it randomly shut itself down /any other time/, i'd be fine09:18
Flannelj800r: Have you followed all of this guide? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WorldofWarcraft09:18
ikoniaethana2: no it woulnd't09:18
j800rhelpy: world of warcraft09:18
ikoniaethana2: machines can't do controlled shutdown on their own09:18
ethana2i know it wouldn't, i'm completely flumoxxed09:18
ikoniaethana2: they crash - or stay up09:18
ethana2yes i know09:18
j800rand flannel: no, i shall deffinately take a look09:18
Baby_Shambl3sgooody: get the hang of session that where most apps can be loaded at startup automatically09:19
E-Nuff_Wopei will resarch with google, thank you for the info09:19
ethana2so somewhere it got the shutdown signal09:19
vlodiHi Lads, does anyone know how to get BisonCam NB Pro webcam to work under Hardy? Cheers09:19
ikoniaethana2: well, first thing to do is check the hardware09:19
ethana2ikonia:  ...okay09:19
ethana2ikonia: you want a pastebin of my lshw ?09:19
gooody Baby_Shambl3s: how can i do that. sorry i'm new to linux09:19
sakoHey guys, I am trying to burn an audio cd with K3B and it fails and says: k3b cdrecord has no permission to open the device.09:19
ikoniaethana2: check the cpu fan, run memtest for say 4 -5 hours let it run through at least 3 complete passes09:19
DistroJockeygooody, Add  avant-window-navigator  (as the command)  to  System - Preferences - Sessions  in  Startup Programs09:19
sakoanyone have any luck with k3b?"09:19
ikoniaethana2: no thanks, don't need to see your hardware, you need to run a few basic checks on it09:20
ethana2memtest for 4-5 hours..09:20
ikoniaethana2: or however long it take for 3 - 4 complete passes09:20
Baby_Shambl3sgooody: System>Pref>Sessions, add new fill the details09:20
ethana2this is a 2.2 GHz C2D with 4MiB L209:20
ikoniaethana2: on most machines thats 4 -5 hours09:20
ikoniaethana2: so about 4 - 5 hours then09:20
shashaanyone here pls help me..how to install crystal eye webcam in acer aspire 4715z09:21
Baby_Shambl3sDistroJockey: awww better than my explanation :'(09:21
DistroJockeyBaby_Shambl3s, happens :)09:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about acer09:21
nano_Can somebody tell me what is responsible for loading usb drivers ....is it udev?09:21
onthefence921glitsj16: i think it's the original ubuntu version, and the "force version" option is grayed out09:21
ikoniaethana2: have you ever run memcheck before ?09:21
shasha!aspire 4715z09:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about aspire 4715z09:21
ethana2ikonia: i got myself into this mess right before time to go to bed..  i don't suppose i can pass memtest the 'three complete passes' parameter?09:21
ethana2ikonia: once, to see what it did09:21
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras09:21
ikoniaethana2: just let it run over night09:22
ikoniaethana2: more than 3 passes is fine09:22
Harde_How can I install older version of Gambas2?09:22
ikoniaethana2: let it run and go to sleep09:22
ethana2ikonia: alright09:22
ikoniaethana2: come back in the morning with the results09:22
ethana2got it09:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gambas09:22
ikoniaethana2: with a little luck it will be 0 errors09:22
ethana2thanks, ikonia09:22
ethana2it would actually make sense if that was the problem09:22
ethana2otherwise impossible behavior09:22
ethana2i'll be back tomorrow09:22
nano_Harde_: go into Synaptic and find "Gambas2" then select it and go into tool (or options) and select "Force Version"09:22
ethana2goodnight, all09:22
Harde_nano_: Ok, I'll try it09:23
vlodiHi Lads, does anyone know how to get BisonCam NB Pro(ALi Chipset) webcam to work under Hardy? Cheers09:23
Baby_Shambl3s!webcam | vlodi09:23
ubottuvlodi: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras09:23
glitsj16onthefence921: never transcoded for xbox 360 myself, but i found this http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r19076412-How-to-transcode-video-with-ffmpeg-for-the-Xbox-360 .. on the version issue, to make sure, look at synaptic from the 'origin' option bottom left to double-check09:24
vlodithanks, but there is no suitable driver for that webcam09:24
Baby_Shambl3sis there a way to play gunzonline in ubuntu?09:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bison09:24
vlodithx ubottu, ill just have to keep looking09:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about easycam09:26
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)09:26
Baby_Shambl3svlodi: obottu is a bot09:26
vlodisorry, i'm new to this :)))09:26
APO01Can anyone help with a wubi installation? I'm stcuk in a initramfs prompt after the first reboot.09:28
tarelerulzI am want to learn about virtual machine so I can try running windows inside linux so I can run yahoo messenger .  How much space does xp really need ?09:28
AlgyzHi, every time I'm starting my printer, hp psc 1315, it is printing test page, but don't want to print anything else :)09:28
error404notfoundhow to set/request mtu in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf?09:29
Oli``tarelerulz: no offence but running XP in a VM just for yim seems a little overkill. is pidgin really that bad for you?09:29
Algyztarelerulz:  use pidgin, it can reaplace yahoo msg09:29
ikoniaerror404notfound: I'm not sure if dhcp can push out mtu09:29
shashaanyone here pls help me..how to install crystal eye webcam in acer aspire 4715z09:29
HomingHamsterhey does anyone know of an msn client for the whole *nix lot that will do the same yahoo vodoo as live does..09:30
ikoniashasha: when you plug it in, is it not detected09:30
ikoniaHomingHamster: pidgin is the standard09:30
j800rflannel: thanks for the help man. i found a config option that should most likely remove the problem i was having09:30
nano_what are the columns in /var/log/message file???09:30
ikoniaHomingHamster: but there is "amsn" specificlly for msn09:30
=== MingK is now known as WasabiWare
ikonianjpatel: time stamps and data09:30
ikonianano_: time stamps and data09:30
HomingHamsterikonia, i mean a msn client that does yahoo with your msn account like live messenger09:31
tarelerulzCan pidgin do voice or cam or any of the other features.   gyachi don't do it , pidgin don't kopete don't do voice and I can get yahoo running with wine nor could I get any other windows client running with wine.  SO that is my last hope09:31
ikoniaHomingHamster: pidgin09:31
nano_ikex:  so what does something like "[   11.593042]" mean?09:31
=== Jurkki_ is now known as Jurkki
HomingHamsterikonia, oh does it?? cool thanks09:31
ikonianano_: where are you seeing that ?09:31
nano_in /var/messages.009:32
ikonianano_: can you paste a few lines of /var/log/messages.0 into a pastebin please09:32
nano_ikonia: i just want to know what that means opposed to something like [0.00000]09:32
nano_ikonia: okay09:32
tarelerulzNone of those work like yahoo messenger for windows so running a virtual machine is all I can think of to do . I am tired of just text on yahoo.09:32
wols_ikonia: isn't that uptime basically?09:32
ikoniawols_: I'm hoping it's ntp drift09:33
DistroJockeywols_, ikonia : I also belive it is uptime09:33
ikoniaDistroJockey: I don't think it's uptime09:34
nano_ikonia:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/27673/09:34
ikoniaDistroJockey: I think it's the log of ntp drift09:34
wols_nano_: they always increase. always. look in your own logs09:34
ikonianano_: it would be helpful if the lines you pasted contained the text your questioning09:34
ikonianano_: or do you mean the 16.009:34
nano_wols_: so they are time stamps?09:35
nano_ikonia: yes09:35
nano_ikonia: then 16.* what does that refer to/09:35
vlodibuilt in webcam BisonCam (ALi 5602) - does anyone have it?09:35
wols_nano_: yes09:36
DistroJockeynano_, 16 seconds after boot started, that thing happened (is my understanding)09:36
tarelerulzWhat is good virtual machine software ? Want to try running xp ?09:36
nano_DistroJockey: wow, thats amazing09:36
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications09:36
ikoniawols_: thats seems to look right,09:36
DistroJockeynano_, what is amazing?09:37
gooodyhow can i know the commands of each installed applications?09:37
wols_gooody: by reading the docs for each09:37
nano_DistroJockey: the fact that syslogd also tracks seconds after boot09:37
ubottuqemu is an emulator you can use to run another operating system - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo09:37
nano_DistroJockey: so does that mean that 16 seconds after boot ehci_hcd is being loaded?09:37
DistroJockeynano_, well, it's nice info to have if you need it :)09:37
DistroJockeynano_, yep, looks that way to me09:38
gooodywols_: i'm creating launchers for awn but don't know the commands of the applications09:38
nano_DistroJockey: if im not mistaken udev is responsible for loading up ehci_hcd...but i can't find any config file to affirm this..or maybe even disable it?09:38
wols_gooody: look in your applications menu then09:38
glitsj16gooody: check the *.desktop files in /usr/share/applications for the Exec line(s)09:38
wols_!blacklist | nano_09:39
ubottunano_: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »09:39
AlgyzHi, every time I'm starting my printer, hp psc 1315, it is printing test page, but don't want to print anything else :)09:39
visec'è un programma per la gestione di due monitor sula stessa scheda video?09:40
AlgyzI cannot print simple .pdf document :/09:40
bazhang!it | vise09:40
ubottuvise: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!09:40
DistroJockeyAlgyz, sounds like one of the buttons on the printer is stuck down (or in the pressed position)09:40
nano_wols_, ubottu i understand blacklisting modules but i just want to know in what file is udev configured to load ehci_hcd upon detecting my usb ports.09:41
wols_none afaik09:41
wols_kernel loads the module automatically. it was able to do that since 2.2 or so09:41
DistroJockeynano_, no idea here09:41
AlgyzDistroJockey:  it isn't09:41
nano_DistroJockey: thnx09:42
DistroJockeynano_, no problem09:42
kelvin911how to unrar rar files?09:42
AlgyzOne more test page :D09:42
abchirkkelvin911 with unrar09:42
DistroJockeyAlgyz, does it print a test page when it is not connected to the computer also?09:42
AlgyzHow to print pdf file from terminal?09:43
fwaokdaI'm trying out these screenlets, but how do I get them to only come up when I hit a certain combo of keys?09:43
abchirkkelvin911 use unrar-free or unrar the nonfreeversion09:43
AlgyzDistroJockey:  yes, this is how it is working :D09:43
kidbuntuanyone can help09:43
fwaokdaor is that against what their use is for?09:43
kidbuntujust install mysql and i cant create a database..09:43
DistroJockeyAlgyz, working when "not connected"?09:43
abchirkkidbuntu what is the error?09:44
kidbuntuusing this command won't work mysql -u root -p09:44
kelvin911i think i have unrar but it keeps asking for password but i know there is no passowrd09:44
wols_!doesn't work | kidbuntu09:44
ubottukidbuntu: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.09:44
waistlessI've got some strange dependency problem: firefox requires xulrunner => 1,9 , but it refuses
kidbuntuabchirk    ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES09:44
_NiCI'm looking at the rsyslog-package in intrepid, and it seems to lack the RELP-module, would anyone happen to know anything about that?09:44
abchirkkidbuntu did you set up password?09:44
kelvin911i wonder how to unrar using terminal09:44
waistlessi've forced it down to 1.9, but doing that java refuses to install, help?09:44
AlgyzDistroJockey:  "not connected" printing the same test page with great success :D09:44
kidbuntuabchirk: havent yet.09:44
wols_!ot | _NiC09:45
ubottu_NiC: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!09:45
nano_ubottu: i thought initramfs is what is temporarily required by grub (or other bootloader) to be able to load the kernel...and initramfs doesn't really do much with hardware once the kernel has taken over...so how can initramfs be responsible for loading (and maintaining?) usb drivers?09:45
ubottunano_: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:45
abchirkkelvin911 if its from a special site pw is normally the site name ;)09:45
Flannelwaistless: Do you have hardy-proposed enabled?09:45
kelvin911there is no password09:45
* Algyz sitting with mountain of test pages :/09:45
* nano_ is embarresed09:45
abchirkkidbuntu mysqladmin -u root password agoodpassword09:45
kelvin911some guys said they fix the rar file with winrar09:45
_NiCwols, thanks. :)09:45
kelvin911but i dont have winrar in ubuntu09:45
wols_kelvin911: you've been told what to use09:46
kidbuntuabchirk: i'll try that09:46
DistroJockeyAlgyz, then it's a hardware fault09:46
kelvin911is there winrar in ubuntu?09:46
wols_kelvin911: no!09:46
waistlessyes, but the java plugin package doesn't use hardy-proposed09:46
Algyzkelvin911:  rar and unrar09:46
kidbuntuabchirk: i got this error error: 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)09:46
abchirkWINrar :P09:46
waistlessand it requires the latest xulrunner no matter what09:46
abchirkkidbuntu but did you set up the password?09:46
gaelfxkelvin911: no, but you can install rar from Synaptic so that File Archiver can use rar files09:46
Flannelwaistless: hardy-proposed is unstable, and generally breaks often.  You've found one such breakage09:46
MatBoyhow is the ATI driver in Ubuntu ? I always used Intel and Nvidia, but I might consider a laptop with ATI... which I doubt I will buy09:46
kelvin911i am able to unrar files09:47
kelvin911but just not some09:47
kidbuntuabchirk: like replacing the "agoodpassword" with "mypassword"?09:47
waistlessFlannel: so can I force sun-java6-plugin to use the regular xulrunner?09:47
glitsj16fwaokda: screenlets itself doesn't any key support i think, but if you run compiz, putting them on the 'widget layer' and activating a toggle key for that in compiz config settings manager might work ..09:47
abchirkhm strange09:47
wols_kidbuntu: when you installed mysql there was a debconf asking you about a password09:47
abchirkkidbuntu right ;)09:47
DistroJockeyAlgyz, If the printer isn't connected and you press nothing when you turn it on, then it is a stuck button or a hardware fault09:47
waistlessbecause sun-java6-plugin is only one version: from regular hardy09:47
gaelfxanyone go the skinny on the latest patch? is it good, or problematic?09:47
vlodibuilt in webcam BisonCam (ALi 5602) - does anyone have it?09:47
kidbuntuwols_: not that i'm aware of09:48
fwaokdaglitsj16, ok i'll try that thanks09:48
abchirkkidbuntu but you needn't but its recommend to connect withour password use mysql -u root09:48
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)09:48
AlgyzDistroJockey:  I mean, I restarted printer without connection to computer, and it printed this page. Printer is bad?09:48
DistroJockeyAlgyz, very much sounds like it09:48
kidbuntuabchirk: trying that results to an access denied09:48
AlgyzDistroJockey:  how to check?09:48
kidbuntuabchirk: the mysql -u root09:48
glitsj16fwaokda: just tried it, works (with the ringsensors anyway) .. goodluck09:49
abchirkhm than you set up a password use the command mysqladmin -u root yourpassword09:49
DistroJockeyAlgyz, when it is turned off. Press all buttons repeatedly fairly firmly about 5-10 times. Then try again09:49
fwaokdaglitsj16, i think i might have compiz install from awhile ago how can i check?09:49
Cobra112Jó reggelt testvérek09:49
waistlessFlannel: I do know hardy-proposed is unstable and I force versions when neccesary, but sun-java6-plugin shouldn't require the latest spick and span xulrunner when it's only from normal hardy09:49
Weisswhy does it appear that linux-image-2.6.24-19-generic has moved from 'main' to 'universe' during a very recent apt-get update? http://paste.ubuntu.com/27585/09:50
phimichi someone here who uses xen with ubuntu09:51
Flannelwaistless: I'm not familiar with the details of how that works. You'd have to ask the packagers, you could try #ubuntu-motu09:51
pvh_sa|wrkheya... does anyone know if i can send text messages on my bluetooth enabled phone from somewhere within ubuntu?09:51
glitsj16fwaokda: i guess running "pidof compiz" from terminal would indicate that compiz is running if it returns a number .. but you should know if you were running compiz, the cube etc. is very recognizable :)09:52
kelvin9114th season links are not down but apparently i needed to repair it, double click on the winrar file that is corrupted, go to tools and Repair Archive. Once it's repaired a new rar file will appear ie fixed.Friends_S04_E03.part209:52
kelvin911And the uploader just mentioned that we would have to do this for season 4-7 =(09:52
kelvin911can someone tell me how to fix rar files??09:52
FlannelWeiss: paste `apt-cache policy linux-image-2.6.24-19-generic linux-image-generic` please09:52
phimicsomeone in here uses xen with ubuntu09:52
fwaokdaglitsj16, dont think its installed. it just went to the next line when i ran that09:53
wols_!anyone | phimic09:53
ubottuphimic: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:53
gaelfxkelvin911: have you considered using Wine so you can run Winrar?09:53
fantasticmrfoxHow do I make a bootable DOS USB key (to update my BIOS) from inside Ubuntu?09:53
kelvin911does winrar works in wine?09:53
WeissFlannel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/27681/09:54
glitsj16fwaokda: that command only checks whether compiz is running, it might be installed, check synaptic for compiz to make sure09:54
DistroJockeyfwaokda, glitsj16 : best way to check it compiz is enabled is to  hold alt and scroll the mouse wheel (that's assuming you have a wheel :) )09:54
gordonjcpkelvin911: there's unrar and unrar-nonfree09:54
wols_kelvin911: don't talk about warez here09:54
kelvin911gordonjcp: then how to fix rar file?09:54
gaelfxkelvin911: check www.winehq.com , they have an app database that will tell you09:54
phimici installed the latest xen-kernel and reboot, but my system is not coming up anymore, i use linux software raid09:54
kelvin911gordonjcp: apparently files are corrupted09:54
DistroJockeyfwaokda, glitsj16 : while over a windows that is09:54
fwaokdaDistroJockey, that did nothing so i guess it isn't installed09:54
gordonjcpkelvin911: hm, don't know, I don't use rar files09:54
kelvin911gordonjcp: someone claims that they fix the rar file with winrar09:55
DistroJockeyfwaokda, not enabled09:55
glitsj16DistroJockey: true, although he might not have the cube activated (or an other key for it, like i have as well) ... that's why i looked for something more genreic to check09:55
DistroJockeyglitsj16, aye, that's why I mentioned the alt+scroll as that's very generic09:55
phimicthe last messages are: md0 stopped09:55
phimicand md1 stopped09:55
FlannelWeiss: Well, there's no universe there.  It could be a bug.09:55
wols_phimic: there are messages before09:55
wols_Flannel: no bug. see poc09:56
fwaokdaDistroJockey, ok i think its installed its in my synaptic package manager... how do i enable it?09:56
phimicthen ALERT!! /dev/md1 does not exist. Dropping to a shell09:56
glitsj16DistroJockey: thanks for helping out :) .. fwaokda, it might be overkill to install/enable compiz just for the screenlets toggle .. up to you to decide that :)09:56
WeissFlannel: you mean security.ubuntu.com shouldn't contain universe stuff?09:56
phimicwith the ubuntu default kernel it works pretty well09:56
DistroJockeyfwaokda,  in System - Preferences - Appearance  under  Visual Effects09:56
wols_fantasticmrfox: by dd-ing FreeDOS to it09:56
fantasticmrfoxwols_: do you have instructions anywhere?09:57
DistroJockeyglitsj16, no problem. Sorry for butting in09:57
wols_fantasticmrfox: only in my brain09:57
fwaokdawell i gotta restart it says bbiab09:57
Flannelwols_: Looks like a bug to me09:57
fantasticmrfoxwols_, walk me through it?09:57
glitsj16Distrojockey: i don't mind people butting in, no problem at all ;)09:57
wols_fantasticmrfox: no09:57
DistroJockeyglitsj16, :)09:58
FlannelWeiss: There are some universe things in security, I believe.  But you'll notice there is no mention of universe in apt-cache policy09:58
wols_Flannel: dunno but kernels are rarely outside main09:58
fantasticmrfoxwols_, you've been so much help09:58
gaelfxman, getting some strong Grandma's Boy vibes comin from the somewhere09:58
wols_fantasticmrfox: if you don't want to google and actually try to help yourself, I was right not doing it. have a nice day09:58
Flannelwols_: It shouldn't be.  Because its a depends of something in main.  But apt-cache policy doesn't show it, so it... is probably a clerical error.  Since it doesn't exist in /universe/ pool anyway09:58
WeissFlannel: hmm? there is in the top half (for linux-image-2.6.24-19-generic)09:59
fantasticmrfoxI already have been googlgin09:59
Georgeis there a way to be able to watch youtube vids with sound on fi