TheSheephi foug00:17
foughi, i'm wondering about pulse audio00:18
fougi use ubuntu not xubuntu, but the #ubuntu channel is pretty worthless00:18
TheSheepxubuntu doesn't use pulseaudio by default00:19
fougahh, so you don't know anything about it then? ;\00:19
TheSheepa little00:19
TheSheepwhat are you wondering about?00:19
fougjust, where i can access the settings for it00:19
TheSheepthare is a number of gui tools00:20
fougso, i'd have to download a gui tool first? there isn't one with ubuntu by default00:20
TheSheepthey are all called pa-something, I think00:20
TheSheeptry tab-completion in a terminal00:21
TheSheeppaman, pavucontrol, pavumeter00:22
TheSheepand pulseaudio-utils00:22
fougallright, thank you00:29
ramincan someone help me install a theme/04:15
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ramincan anyone help?04:16
alyawnhi all... I just installed xubuntu (from kubuntu kde4) and I love it.04:21
evilbugwhat's really the difference as far as aspect is concerned between gnome and xfce? they look VERY similar.04:22
alyawnone question: does it come with a default terminal app? I don't see one in my menus.04:23
alyawnnvm.... found it04:24
sliverchairany recommended html editor with ftp?04:24
ramincan anyone help me with installing a theme?04:25
j1mcevilbug: xfce is largely coded in C, so it is fast.  the codebase is cleaner in xfce, too.04:27
j1mcramin: i can help w/ installing a theme.04:27
raminhey there04:28
j1mchi ramin04:28
raminhi, thanks for coming to the help04:28
j1mcso you want to install a theme.  have you downloaded the theme file?04:28
raminindeed, it is http://xfce-look.org/content/show.php?content=56438&forumpage=2104:28
raminit needs to install a theme engine first04:29
j1mcok.  where did you download the file to?04:29
raminand well, i downloaded it04:29
ramini extracted to 2 tarballs04:29
j1mcok.  where did you extract them to?04:29
raminextracted aurora file04:29
j1mcdo you want the themes to be available for all users or just you?04:30
raminjust me04:30
raminonly one user anyway04:30
raminas the instructions say04:30
ramini have to do this04:30
raminmake install04:30
raminbut when I do that04:30
raminit tells me I have no make target 'install'04:31
j1mcwhen you type, sudo apt-get install build-essential   what happens?04:31
raminuh, wait04:32
j1mcyou need some software to help you build software04:32
raminI have to install build-essential04:33
raminshould I?04:33
j1mcthe build-essential package will give you that software, so yes.04:33
j1mcotherwise 'make' won't make anything04:33
raminah, now that makes sense04:33
ramink, it's done installing04:34
raminnow let me try04:34
raminmake: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.04:36
raminI never understand that04:36
j1mcdid you try, 'sudo make install'04:37
j1mcw/o the ' marks?04:37
ramini just did, doesn't work, gives me the same error04:38
j1mcdid you google that error?04:38
raminthat was dumb of me, no, let me do it now04:38
j1mcdid you run ./configure04:39
j1mcand then make04:39
j1mcok.  :]04:40
j1mci will try installing it myself, and see what i get.04:43
raminI'll be back in like 10-15 minutes, but if Im not here,04:44
raminjust write it out in irc, and i'll read04:44
shahhi guys, how to mount windows partitions on my xubuntu04:51
raminwere you able to do anything?05:08
j1mci'm trying05:09
j1mcwhen i configured the aurora engine, i got  GTK+-2.10 is required to compile aurora05:10
j1mcso i need to do that first.05:10
ramini see05:10
rand0mcan someone tell me how to add a konqueror launcher icon to the panel in xfce ?05:14
raminsudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev05:14
j1mcramin: yes  :)05:18
raminso, how did you configure the rest? what did you do for make install05:18
j1mci'm running make now05:19
j1mcramin: it worked for me.05:20
raminwhat did you do?05:20
j1mcdid you use ./configure --prefix=/usr  ?05:20
j1mcrand0m: i can help you05:21
j1mcrand0m: have you installed konqueror?05:21
raminI did that,05:22
raminwhat did you do next?05:22
j1mcjust right click on the panel, and select add new item05:22
j1mcthen select 'launcher'05:22
j1mcyou can type 'konqueror' in the command line05:23
ramindid you just run make?05:23
rand0mjlmc: where do I find the icon tho ?05:23
raminalright jlmc, something is happening05:24
j1mcrand0m: try /usr/share/icons  ... is there a konqueror icon in there?05:25
evilbugi just installed xubuntu on a macbook pro and i'm following the ubuntu instructions to set it up. i'm having a little trouble with this command "gksu gedit /etc/default/linux-restricted-modules-common" how would i run it in xfce?05:26
j1mcrand0m: what about /usr/share/applications05:27
rand0mwtf.. my mouse just randomly stopped working05:29
raminthank you so much jlmc05:30
rand0mthe touchpad on my laptop still works05:30
rand0mbuuut mouse is f05:30
raminI got it to work05:30
ramina lot easier than I thought it was05:30
rand0mbrb i need to reboot.. an update completed05:31
j1mcrand0m: sorry i can't find the icon.05:31
j1mci should know where it is, but i can't find it.05:31
j1mcramin: glad i was able to help.05:31
j1mcenjoy the theme!05:31
evilbugand where can i find the power options in xfce?05:31
rand0mjlmc, itś all good.. itś probably supposed to be where you said, so the problem is likely that itś not where itś supopsed to be05:31
rand0mok how about this one ?05:31
rand0mhow come when i just type as usual, with apostropheś, it shows up like that?05:32
rand0maccenting letters instead of apostrophizing05:32
j1mcevilbug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/24384805:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 243848 in gnome-power-manager "[Xubuntu Hardy] the launcher icon of gnome-power-preferences is not shown in the menu" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:33
j1mccheck out that bug05:33
j1mcrand0m: when you type 'locale'  what is the result?05:33
quixot1I'm trying to install xubuntu 7.10 on a Dell Latitude LS.  (8.04 CD didn't write properly, and I had a 7.10 lying around.)  It needs an 800x600 resolution, but it the LiveCD installs "Default" 1024x768.  Close buttons, menu items all sorts of stuff is off the screen.  Aargh.  I've been searching the web for days.  Anyone know how to deal with this?  I've tried editing xorg.conf, but can't find the magic combination.06:19
jimmy_the_saintI am have noticed a couple issues that I, and others, have had that haven't been solved on the forums.  First, upon returning from suspend, there is no password prompt.  Does anyone know a solution for this?06:31
ramincan anyone help me install this,http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/panel-plugins/xfce4-places-plugin06:33
jimmy_the_saintwhat distro?06:34
ramini need help building the tarball, basically06:34
raminversion 1.106:35
ramini extract it,06:35
raminand go to the directory06:35
raminI then type ./configure06:35
jimmy_the_saintthey are in the repos06:35
raminit goes06:36
raminand then I type make06:36
raminbut it says no target file06:36
ramini'll check06:36
jimmy_the_saintyou can install it via synaptic.  Just search for goodies and look for xfce-goodies06:37
ramink, thank you06:37
jimmy_the_saintno problem06:37
jimmy_the_saintAnyone know how to enable a password prompt upon returning from suspend?06:38
raminI don't see the one I need though, it is for Places06:39
jimmy_the_sainti think that smartbookmark tool is the one you are looking for06:40
jimmy_the_saintthat is the version on the site06:40
raminI see, well, I just want my harddrives to be listed in Places06:40
jimmy_the_saintwell try it out, and if it doesn't work, come back!!06:42
ramini just tried xfce4-goodies06:42
ramindon't see anything that could help me exactly06:46
jimmy_the_saintwhen you open thunar, you should have a side panel that shows the items on your places menu and your mounted drives06:46
raminthat's the problem06:47
raminmy harddrives had to be manually mounted06:48
raminthey were mounted into a directory though06:48
jimmy_the_saintwhy did they have to be manually mounted?06:48
raminIm not sure, xubuntu would just not see my NTFS drives, but if I did, fdisk -l, it would find them06:49
jimmy_the_saintthats above my head06:49
raminyeah, so I just wanted to install that thing, so it would have folder shortcuts leading to the mounted hard drives06:50
raminright now, it's like /media/hde06:50
jimmy_the_saintyou could add a bookmark in that panel to /media.  that would at least eliminate a lot of mouseclicks06:50
raminhow would i do that06:51
raminThat's actually what I was meaning to do06:51
raminon xfce, you can't really add things to the places06:51
jimmy_the_saintclick on the file system bookmark06:52
jimmy_the_saintright click on the media icon and select "send to sidebar" (create bookmark)06:53
raminYour my hero06:53
raminthat is exactly what I wanted06:53
raminthank you06:53
jimmy_the_saintright on06:54
raminhave you ever had the problem where if you right click on something, the menu goes away all of a sudden, and then you have to keep right clicking?06:55
jimmy_the_saintcould be your mouse too06:56
raminespecially since im so ghetto06:56
rand0mfor some reason, my kensington optical mouse just randomly stops working.. even when i change ports it doesn´t work.. when i reboot, it works for a bit but shortly thereafter, stops again07:13
rand0mfor some reason, my kensington optical mouse just randomly stops working.. even when i change ports it doesn´t work.. when i reboot, it works for a bit but shortly thereafter, stops again07:21
rand0merr sorry07:21
Cobra112Hozsanna testverek09:49
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AlexCONRADhi, are there any respins for xubuntu that has the latest packages?13:34
AlexCONRADthat's for CD custmomization13:34
TheSheepyou mean Intrepid?13:35
AlexCONRADhello TheSheep, I don't know, what's intrepid ?13:35
* AlexCONRAD 's googling for it13:35
ubottuAlpha Software: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 2008 - #ubuntu+1 for discussion | Warning lots of breaking software between now and October!13:35
AlexCONRADah, no alpha13:36
AlexCONRADsome CD respin with the latest current updates13:36
TheSheepthe last stable is Hardy13:36
AlexCONRADI just saw there's Xubuntu 8.04.1 Released13:36
MyrttiI believe the cd's now downloadable are that13:36
TheSheepah, I'm not up to date13:37
TheSheepyay, new kernel13:37
AlexCONRADwhere are the release notes ?13:40
jokoonI have a VERY annoying bug or material problem with my apple ibook G4. When I'm typing the touchpad randomly clicks and I almost don't touch it, How can I deactivate touchpad click ?13:47
jokoonbecause it was possible with gnome13:47
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thinkmassivedid anyone else's panels disappear with the 8.04.1 update?16:22
vinnlthinkmassive, try pressing Alt+F2 and running "xfce4-panel" :)16:22
thinkmassivethat gets them back but I don't want to do that everytime16:23
vinnlthinkmassive, you shouldn't have to do that every time16:23
thinkmassiveoh ok, thank you16:23
vinnlOnce ought to be enough :)16:23
thinkmassivemy nm-applet has stopped responding too16:25
vinnlHmm... What do you mean by "the 8.04.1 update" by the way? Did you do a fresh install?16:25
thinkmassiveno, I installed the update that became available this morning16:26
thinkmassivethe Update Manager told me there were updates available and I actually didn't read through all of them like I usually do, I just remember seeing some kernel updates and a bunch of other stuff16:27
vinnlBut that's not "the 8.04.1 update", those are just regular update. 8.04.1 is just an updated ISO including all updates up til then16:28
vinnlOh wait...16:28
vinnlI get it - it must be because the release announcement only appeared on the website yesterday. My bad :(16:28
thinkmassiveit doesn't make a difference if I get there using a fresh install from a cd or by downloading and installing updates, I'm still at version 8.04.116:29
AlexCONRADwhat's the release rate of new ISO updates? like 8.04.1 ?16:39
cody-somervilleAlexCONRAD, .2 isn't scheduled yet16:39
vinnlcody-somerville, I believe it was something like every three months?16:39
AlexCONRADthat would be neat16:40
cody-somervillevinnl, I strongly doubt it.16:40
cody-somervillevinnl, it takes a lot of effort to do a release, even a point release16:40
vinnlcody-somerville, AlexCONRAD: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/14616:41
vinnl"We also committed, for the first time, to a regular set of point releases for 8.04 LTS. These will start three months after the LTS, and be repeated every six months until the next LTS is out."16:41
cody-somervilleokay, so every six months16:41
cody-somervillethat makes more sense16:41
AlexCONRADwhere can I see releases-notes of the xubuntu kernel?16:58
AlexCONRADis there a README or something ?16:58
AlexCONRADI had problems with my network card (realtek RTL8111C) and I used to patch my kernel. I just upgraded and it seems that my network card now works16:59
AlexCONRADwithout the patch16:59
zoredache_most of the time notes and change logs go into /usr/share/doc/{packagename}16:59
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AlexCONRADis that related to kernel.org, or could it be a *buntu fix ?16:59
AlexCONRADzoredache: ok, I'll look here17:00
zoredacheif something was fixed upstream in the kernel though you might have to look at the upstream change logs which are kernel.org17:01
zoredachethey may also be included in the kernel docs if if you install the docs package17:01
AlexCONRADthere's a commit regarding the driver's module on the kernel's changelog: Sun Apr 27 17:59:52 2008 +020017:05
AlexCONRADnot sure if that's a fix to my problem though17:07
cody-somervilleAlexCONRAD, You might ask in #ubuntu-kernel17:10
AlexCONRADcody-somerville: thanks, didn't know about that17:10
cody-somervillenp :)17:10
cody-somervilleAlexCONRAD, You seem pretty knowledgeable. Would you be interested in helping contribute to Xubuntu?17:11
AlexCONRADcody-somerville: im honored. Although I'm not sure I have the skills for that (nor the time, but little contributions are always nice)17:15
AlexCONRADcody-somerville: what does it consiste in really ?17:15
cody-somervilleAlexCONRAD, Everyone can contribute as little or as much as they like. Xubuntu is a community project and is held up and supported via "many hands make light work".17:16
vinnlAlexCONRAD, you might want to join #xubuntu-devel if you're interested :)17:16
* cody-somerville nods. :)17:16
AlexCONRADwhat do I get if I sign?17:17
zoredachea warm fuzzy feeling for having contributed17:18
AlexCONRADlike, be able to commit or so ? have an email @xubuntu ?17:18
vinnlIt's a great feeling :)17:18
AlexCONRADgirls tatooed xubuntu all over the place ?17:18
cody-somervilleAlexCONRAD, I'm working on getting @xubuntu e-mail addresses for contributors17:19
cody-somervilleAlexCONRAD, But you'll get nice launchpad badges and if you do well you'll get commit access of course :)17:19
AlexCONRADcody-somerville: dont worry, I'm fine with my email. I just wanted to know if I get any more privilege17:20
AlexCONRADcody-somerville: ok, so it's about contributing on the mailing list and so, right?17:20
zoredacheit can be said that you get the potential for more privilege17:20
cody-somervilleAlexCONRAD, hehe. Well, contributing on the mailing list is part of it but there is a lot of other stuff like bug triage, bug fixing, packaging, writing documentation, helping others, and much more.17:21
AlexCONRADwell, I'll subscribe xubuntu-devel if it's all the implication it needs17:21
vinnlAlexCONRAD, you might also want to see xubuntu.org/devel17:21
AlexCONRADI'm scared about commit, i'd rather have the approval befor e:)17:21
AlexCONRADi only like to commit my own projects17:22
cody-somervilleAlexCONRAD, Don't worry. We won't let you break anything :)17:23
AlexCONRADis https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/xubuntu-devel it ?17:23
cody-somervilleAlexCONRAD, and if you do, no biggie. We'll help you fix it :)17:23
cody-somervilleAlexCONRAD, Yup.17:23
AlexCONRADi was following (from very far) the XFCE list already17:24
AlexCONRADalthough, I'm not desktop user really (yet)17:24
* cody-somerville nods.17:24
AlexCONRADi'm setting up some kind of setopbox17:24
AlexCONRADautomation install (preseed and such)17:25
AlexCONRADanyway, I'll be glad to help if I have any chance17:25
* cody-somerville nods.17:25
cody-somervilleAlexCONRAD, #xubuntu-devel is a great place to hang out to spot such chances :)17:25
Snoopoticis there a tool to disable the automatic start on boot of some services like lighttpd & else? or do I have to rmeove them automatically in init.d / rc.d18:10
vinnlSnoopotic, there's Applications->System->Services if I'm right18:10
vinnlSnoopotic, if not everything is listed there you could install Boot-Up Manager18:11
vinnlAnyway, I'm off, good luck18:12
Arth-Vaderin regular Ubuntu, you could browse and connect to computers on a local network. how do i do that in Xubuntu?18:19
cody-somervilleArth-Vader, download pyNeighborhood18:20
cody-somervilleArth-Vader, or use fusesmb18:20
BubalooshiCan anybody help me with a problem I've encountered with Ubuntu?18:23
Myrttilet me get my crystal ball first18:24
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)18:24
BubalooshiI installed Ubuntu for the first time. I logged in, and everything was fine and dandy. Then I installed 41 updates, restart my computer, and I get a command shell and I do not know how to log in.18:26
charlie-tcaWhat is the prompt you get?18:26
charlie-tcatry typing  "exit" without the quotes18:27
charlie-tcathen hit the enter key18:27
Arth-Vadercody-somerville - i think in Ubuntu it was a local FTP connection18:28
Arth-Vadermy other computer is a Mac18:28
BubalooshiI've tried that, it just clears the screen and makes a new prompt.18:28
cody-somervilleArth-Vader, Unfortunately there isn't really anything in Xubuntu currently that can do that.18:28
BubalooshiAs in it asks for (initramfs)_ again18:28
cody-somervilleArth-Vader, I use curlftps though to mount remote ftp servers though.18:29
charlie-tcaGive me a minute to look this up18:29
BubalooshiOk thank you18:29
Arth-Vadercody-somerville - is that command line?18:30
cody-somervilleArth-Vader, yup18:30
charlie-tcaBubalooshi: what is the version of ubuntu18:35
Bubalooshi8.04, downloaded it a couple hours ago18:35
BubalooshiIf you want the specific file name, it was ubuntu-8.04.1-desktop-i38618:39
charlie-tcaOkay, thanks18:39
charlie-tcaDid you get any errors during the installation?18:40
BubalooshiDo you mean it completely stopped installing?18:40
BubalooshiI didn't have to do anything, it installed.18:41
charlie-tcaNo, while you were putting Xubuntu on the drive18:41
BubalooshiI'm still confused-- I installed it through Windows.18:42
charlie-tcaYou mean you put the cd in the drive and ran it18:42
BubalooshiYes, that's what I did. I chose the install through Windows option and configured it.18:42
charlie-tcaIs there a cd still in the drive?18:42
BubalooshiNo, I took it out after I logged in and installed the updates.18:43
BubalooshiTold me I had to restart, so I did, and I get this message.18:43
charlie-tcaCan you try Ctrl-D then. It will either exit this prompt and continuue or it will restart.18:46
BubalooshiI will try that.18:46
BubalooshiIt is on this computer and I am on Windows now, so I will be back.18:46
charlie-tcaLet me know what happens, I'll be here for a couple of hours18:47
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dromerhmmm, having trouble getting mpd to see my mp3 collection19:42
dromerI installed the w32codecs19:42
dromerbut it still can't see anything19:42
ablomendromer, mp3 isnt covered by w32codecs19:42
ablomenyou need lame for that :)19:43
dromerhmm, thought it was .. well totem can play mp3 anyway (from ffmpeg right?)19:43
ablomenwhat mpd deamon are you using btw?19:43
dromerso mpd still can't see my collection ..19:44
dromermpd == daemon19:44
dromeror what version you mean?19:44
ablomenheh right, srry bout that :P19:44
dromerhmm, not sure what version19:44
dromerwhere can I check? :P19:44
ablomenoh yeah not the version, i was just being stupid ;)19:45
dromerthen what do you want!!19:45
ablomenanyway try just installing lame19:45
vinnlDo you mean client? :)19:45
dromerncmpc ofcourse ;)19:45
* vinnl uses three different clients :P19:46
dromerwhich ones? :)19:46
vinnlmpc for keyboard shortcuts, the Xfce panel plugin for clicking and (atm) gmpc for when I want more :)19:46
vinnlGotta love mpd :)19:46
dromerok, lol19:47
dromerI only use ncmpc and sometimes one of those firefox plugins19:47
dromerI found one recently that was pretty cool, can't recall the name though ..19:47
dromerok, lame is installed .. do I restart mpd first or just try to update the db?19:48
dromerI made a symlink in /var/lib/mpd/music to the dir containing the files btw19:48
dromerok, didn't work :/19:49
zoredachedoes the mpd users have access to the files?19:50
BubalooshiI am back after I was given help tips, and I have another question.19:50
cody-somervillewelcome back19:50
BubalooshiThanks, I have a quick question.19:51
vinnlBring it on :)19:51
BubalooshiI am stuck with my resolution at 800x60019:51
dromerzoredache: afaik it does ..19:51
dromerhmmm, maybe I need to chown the symlink to mpd19:51
BubalooshiI cannot change it to what I normally use it at, 1280x102419:51
zoredachechowning the link won't do anything19:51
vinnlBubalooshi, which version of Xubunt uare you using?19:52
BubalooshiThe newest one, 8.04.1 desktop19:52
zoredachedromer:  you might want to try doing something like 'sudo -i -u mpd' or whatever the name of the account is that mpd uses19:52
* cody-somerville recommends sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh19:52
* cody-somerville and then suggests restarting X.19:52
dromerzoredache: doesn't even work .. what do I do then? the symlink is owned by root, could that be it?19:52
dromerzoredache: what does that do?19:52
vinnlBubalooshi, have you already tried running displayconfig-gtk?19:53
zoredachedromer: it makes you become the mpd user... once you are the mpd user try and cd into /var/lib/mpd/music/whatever19:54
BubalooshiNo, I haven't. It is on this same computer, so what should I do after I run that?19:54
vinnlBubalooshi, you can choose your monitor from there (you need to run it as root by the way)19:54
vinnlAnd then you should be able to pick the correct resolution (hopefully :)19:54
BubalooshiOk, thanks. I'll try that right now.19:55
dromerzoredache: can just fine19:55
dromerzoredache: cd to that dit that is19:55
zoredacheas the mpd account?19:55
dromerzoredache: yes19:55
zoredachewell then it probably isn't a permissions issue...19:56
zoredacheI don't know anything about mpd though.  Maybe it doesn't like the symlinks?19:56
dromerit should19:56
dromerthat's what /var/lib/mpd/music/ is for19:56
zoredacheis it?  Or are you supposed to put the music in /var/lib/mpd/music19:57
zoredachenever mind... accourding to the wiki it does support symlinks19:58
dromeryou are supposed to put symlinks in there19:58
dromeryeah i really don't get it, on any system I've worked woth it always worked19:58
zoredachedromer: did you see this page 'http://mpd.wikia.com/wiki/Using_Multiple_Directories_Under_Parent'. It has an interesting comment at the bottem.... For Ubuntu users, if your directories and files are on other devices, like /dev/hda1, you must add mpd user to "plugdev" group.19:59
zoredacheFor more information see: Symbolic_link19:59
dromerlemme try and change the dir in mpd.conf to the file-dir directly .. if it can't see the files then ...19:59
dromerok, add mpd to plugdev I gues ?19:59
zoredacheI would be tempted to try that anyway...  Of course make sure you restart after you make the change20:00
zoredache'restart mpd'20:00
dromer-duh- ;)20:00
BubalooshiI have yet another problem :(20:01
zoredachewe have a buy two get the next free deal today.  Ask away20:02
BubalooshiI can't log into Ubuntu, I get a command shell (initramfs)20:02
BubalooshiOn Ubuntu 8.04.1 Desktop, I tried typing exit and Ctrl + D but it doesn't do anything. I was told that earlier.20:03
BubalooshiI've been able to load and logon to Ubuntu the first time, I got this error many times, was once again able to log on, and then am getting this shell again.20:05
dromernothing wrong with the shell ;)20:05
BubalooshiI know, I didn't mean to say error :p20:06
BubalooshiI just don't know how to get rid of this so I can logon through the Ubuntu GUI and not this.20:06
zoredacheif you are in the initramfs shell it is a bit of an error....20:06
zoredachent in that it is a shell, but instead because seeing it usually means some part of the boot process failed20:07
dromerzoredache: I can't get mpd added to group plugdev :/20:07
BubalooshiWhat I CAN tell you is whenever it DOES boot up I ahve to wait a while because it stays at the some swap swap20:07
ablomendromer, sudo adduser mdp plugdev doenst work?20:08
BubalooshiThat normally takes at least a minute or a little longer, maybe that has something to do with it?20:08
dromerablomen: hmm, I did $ sudo useradd -G plugdev mpd20:08
dromerablomen: well thnx on that :P20:09
ablomenhehe np :)20:09
dromerwewt, now it sees the symlink and the db is updated \o/20:10
BubalooshiIs there anything I can do to fix this :( ?20:10
* dromer anjoying mpd20:11
* vinnl too20:11
* ablomen isnt, mplayer \o/ :)20:11
dromernow to get this raid1/smb setup fixed :#20:11
vinnlchoice \0/20:12
ablomenyep :)20:12
* dromer reboot to attach other disks20:12
ablomenwhat was that tui again? i forgot the name20:14
ablomen(tui as in text user interface)20:14
ablomenits on the tip of my toung..20:15
vinnlA tui for what?20:15
ablomenthe tui itself, not for an app20:16
vinnlSorry, no idea what you're talking about :P20:16
ablomenah ncurses20:17
ablomengot it :)20:17
charlie-tcaBubalooshi: How much memory does that system have?20:20
vinnlcharlie-tca,  * Bubalooshi has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) :)20:21
charlie-tcaYes, I missed that. Thanks20:21
dromerhmmm, wth, mpd can't see the disk anymore :/20:24
dromerit's still a member of plugdev, and the disk has the same location (symlink still works ..(20:25
ablomenstupid question.. mpd is still running?20:26
dromerand not still, I had to shutdown and boot up again ..20:31
ablomenhmm, did you run mpd with sudo before you rebooted? i saw that tio comming trough20:32
dromeryes, I ran it as sudo /etc/init.d/mpd start20:33
ablomenoh ok20:33
=== thinkmassive_ is now known as thinkmassive
ablomenyou can play the files in a different player?20:35
ablomenhmm, and the files are chmodded/owned and the disk is mounted in a way that other users then your user can read them?20:37
dromerwel it worked right before I rebooted :P20:39
ablomenheh myeah maybe you changed something in fstab or something ;)20:39
ablomenok have no idea then20:40
dromerit's a usb-disk that gets automounted on boot20:40
dromersame location (symlink still works ..)20:40
ablomenjust a thought, but maybe mpd gets started before the drive is mounted?20:40
ablomenso the db is empty20:40
dromercould be, but updating the db doesn't work20:41
dromerrestarting mpd doesn't work20:41
ablomenuse rhythmbox/mplayer/xmms/whatever :P20:41
dromerno F-ing way :/20:42
ablomenor just try cp-ing the files from the usb disk to a local folder and use that as the music dir20:43
ablomenchown it to mpd etc20:43
dromerheh, no way, it's ~60gb of files :P20:43
dromerthe disk in this machine is like 9gb :P (6.5gb left :P )20:44
ablomenthe usb disk is formated as fat btw?20:44
dromerand besides, it is supposed to work20:44
dromeryes, that doesn't matter20:44
dromerlook, it worked up until I rebooted .. something went wrong :/20:44
ablomenwell there was a problem in here some time ago. other users then the user that mounted the disk had problems reading/writing the file20:45
ablomenthat might be it20:45
ablomenlook, im just trying to help here ;)20:45
ablomenanyway, since fat doesnt support permissions, it might be worth it to try and mount the disk as the mpd user/your own user20:48
carbuntucan someone please remind me how to set four desktops up instead of two?  or where to look for info?  appreciate.21:02
vinnlcarbuntu, do you have Compiz installed?21:02
ablomencarbuntu, if you arnt, settings manager -> workspaces and margins21:02
carbuntui *think* compiz is installed default with hardy int it?21:03
vinnlcarbuntu, nope21:03
ablomenin gnome it is21:03
vinnl(Not with Xubuntu, at least)21:03
ablomenbut then your in the wrong chanel :P21:04
ablomen(gnome as in ubuntu without the x in fron t21:05
ablomenof it that is) ;)21:05
vinnlHey AJPowell21:08
AJPowelldoes anyone here have time to help me with a wireless conenction, im new to xubuntu21:08
vinnlAJPowell, if it's not too difficult, sure21:09
AJPowellwell i have an o2 wireless box21:13
AJPowelland a belkin wireless g card21:13
AJPowelli have managed to set up the connection after 4 days21:13
AJPowellbut keep getting random disconnects21:13
AJPowelland when disconnected if i do "iwconfig" i get wlan0 essid:off/any" but it should say WirelessNetwork21:13
AJPowellam i back?21:13
ablomenAJPowell, yep21:13
AJPowellsorry bout that21:13
AJPowelldid u get anything21:14
ablomen<AJPowell> and when disconnected if i do "iwconfig" i get wlan0 essid:off/any" but it should say WirelessNetwork << was the last line21:14
AJPowellok cool21:14
AJPowelland when i try to reconnect i get trouble getting dhcp21:14
vinnlNot sure how to troubleshoot that, but have you tried using the Windows driver?21:14
AJPowelli am21:15
AJPowellthere isnt any other one21:15
AJPowelli have to use ndiswrapper21:15
AJPowelldo you want to see any iw/if config output?21:15
AJPowellor similar21:15
vinnlI wouldn't know what to do with it, but perhaps other people would21:16
AJPowellpost in here or not?21:16
vinnlIf it's long, use http://paste.ubuntu.com/21:16
vinnl(Or another pastebin of course :)21:17
AJPowellis that how it works?21:18
AJPowellthe network manager in xubuntu is not very helpful at all21:19
AJPowellthe only way  ican get a connection is to do it in terminal21:19
vinnlAJPowell, have you tried using the manual configuration?21:19
AJPowellyeah it works for a while, then the essid resets21:19
AJPowelli cant work out why21:19
vinnlAJPowell, you could try installing another application to manage your wireless network, people have reported success with wicd when network-admin and networkmanager didn't work21:21
AJPowellwhere can i get those and would i have to remove network manager21:22
charlie-tcaAnother suggestion: associate the Access Point. When I ran wireless at home, I had to allow the router to broadcast21:22
charlie-tcaOtherwise, it kept disconnecting.21:22
AJPowellcharlie: would you be able to advise how?21:22
AJPowellsounds useful21:22
charlie-tcaIt should be a setting in the router configuration to broadcast.21:23
AJPowelloh, yeah the router is broadcasting its ssid21:24
vinnlAJPowell, I'd first try charlie-tca's suggestion, you can install wicd using the instructions on the website, you don't need to remove networkmanager21:24
AJPowelli meant the associate access point part?21:24
charlie-tcalooking it up21:25
=== joakim is now known as joakim12
charlie-tcaAJPowell: broadcasting the SSID, also on my LinkSys, set the MTU to1492, it wouldn't work at 1500...21:30
AJPowellwell the o2wireless box is set to broadcast its ssid21:31
AJPowellbut how will i set my mtu?21:31
charlie-tcaIs there an interface through the web browser?21:32
AJPowellyes or i can telnet21:32
AJPowellthis router isnt a standard thing thugh most stuff is locked down21:32
AJPowellits supplied by isp21:32
AJPowellits called an o2wireless box21:33
AJPowellrebranded thompson something or other21:33
charlie-tcaOh, then it probably can't be done in it.21:33
AJPowellis that the only way to set mtu?21:34
AJPowellin the router21:34
AJPowellits not a local setting21:34
charlie-tcaYou can set it for the wireless card using ..21:34
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!21:34
AJPowellyeah sorry bout that21:35
AJPowellhey i just download wicd but in the package installer it says error - conflicts with network manager?21:36
AJPowellshall i remove network manager?21:36
vinnlOh bummer21:36
vinnlAJPowell, I suppose you can remove it and reinstall it if wicd doesn't work either21:37
AJPowellok ill just reboot brb21:37
vinnlOh btw21:38
vinnlYou probably want to download the network-manager and network-manager-gnome packages first so you can reinstall them if you end up without an internet connection21:38
vinnl(Btw, why do you need to reboot? :)21:38
AJPowelli can still connect via ethernet21:39
vinnlOh ok21:39
vinnlGo ahead then :)21:39
AJPowelli assumed i need to because ive uninstalled network manager and still getting conflict message21:39
vinnlConflict message?21:39
AJPowellin package installer "Status - Error: Conflicts with the installed package network manager"21:40
AJPowellwhen i click wicd.deb21:40
vinnlAJPowell, and you're sure you've uninstalled network-manager?21:40
vinnl(A reboot shouldn't be necessary)21:40
AJPowelli will check again21:41
vinnl(Be sure to click Apply after you've marked the changes in Synaptic ^.^)21:41
AJPowelli didnt do it in synaptic21:42
vinnlBy the way, why did you take the .deb package? http://wicd.sourceforge.net/download.php mentions how to add a repository21:42
AJPowelli did it in Applications>System>Add/emove21:42
AJPowelloh ok ill have a look21:42
vinnlAJPowell, how did you get wicd.deb?21:43
vinnlAJPowell, ah, well, I'd recommend following the instructions on http://wicd.sourceforge.net/download.php as that'll provide you with automatic updates and automatic removal of network-manager21:44
AJPowellok but it has only instructions for ubuntu not xubuntu21:44
vinnlAJPowell, ah, well, the installation instructions are the same, with the only difference that Synaptic is located in Applications->System->Synaptic Package Manager21:45
AJPowelli see!21:46
AJPowellso i just use synaptic form now on21:46
AJPowellnever used it befor21:46
vinnlWell, Add/Remove... is slightly easier but not all packages are listed there, so for certain tasks you need to use Synaptic21:46
vinnlThey do the same behind the scenes though21:46
AJPowellhow do i aply changes the button is greyed out21:47
vinnlOh, by the way, you're using Xubuntu 8.04 right?21:47
AJPowellhardy heron lol21:47
vinnlDid you use "    deb http://apt.wicd.net hardy extras" or  "deb http://apt.wicd.net gutsy extras"?21:47
vinnlHey Kardoso21:47
AJPowellhavent done that yet. still trying to remove network manager21:48
AJPowelli have marked the change and its gone red but i cant click apply?21:48
vinnlAJPowell, ah, you don't have to do that manually now21:48
vinnlHmm, that's odd though21:48
AJPowelloh ok. lol im a n00b21:48
vinnlNo problem :)21:48
KardosoCan I install Xubuntu to this computer: 1 GB RAM, Intel Celeron but the harddisk is so small there, I only can give 2 GB space maximum. Can I install Xubuntu there?21:49
vinnlKardoso, that's going to be difficult21:49
vinnlKardoso, at http://www.xubuntu.org/get#requirements you can read "To install Xubuntu, you need 1.5 GB of free space on your hard disk."21:50
KardosoHmm. thanks21:50
vinnlKardoso, however, you'll have very little room left for documents and applications21:50
KardosoI will try to make more free space21:50
AJPowellsorry vinnl, when i go to settings>repositories it is greyed out21:50
zoredachethe answer is yes, but you can't get everything...  the livecd fits onto a CD21:50
vinnlAJPowell, are you running with adminstration (root) rights?21:51
AJPowellim not sure21:51
AJPowellthis is the only account i have set up21:51
AJPowelli dont think it asked me if i wanted it to have admin privilidges21:52
KardosoVinnl, if I replace the documents to an mobile HDD, I'll get more +1 GB free space. Can I install Xubuntu if I can give maximum 3 GB space?21:52
vinnlAJPowell, to be sure, can you press Alt+F2 and run "gksudo synaptic"?21:52
vinnlKardoso, well, that means you have 1,5GB left to store your documents and install some stuff on - it's not very much21:52
KardosoVinnl I dont want store any documents21:53
vinnlzoredache, btw, is that 1,5GB correct?21:53
KardosoI store my documents on a big mobile HDD21:53
Kardoso(500 GB)21:53
KardosoHow can I backup my Xubuntu?21:54
vinnlRight... Well, it would work out but it wouldn't be a comfortable experience :P21:54
vinnlKardoso, you have several backup applications21:54
zoredachevinnl: I don't know...21:54
vinnlI've tried sbackup and that worked well :)21:54
vinnlzoredache, too bad :)21:54
KardosoPlease should me one21:54
zoredacheKardoso: what filesystem is your big hd?21:54
zoredacheah, and that is where you where planning on making backups?21:55
KardosoCan Acronis (from boot CD) backup the Linux file system?21:56
zoredacheI really like using dirvish for backups, but the backup device must something like ext2/3.21:56
zoredacheKardoso: Any linux livecd should be able to backup a linux system21:56
Kardososo if I make an ext2/3 partition then I can backup there?21:56
zoredacheall the livecd has to do is have support for both your drive, and external drive21:56
KardosoZoredeache: thanks21:57
zoredachethen you mount the source and destination and do something like tar -czf /soource/backup.tar.gz /mainfs21:57
vinnlKardoso, do you want periodical backups or just a one-time backup?21:57
KardosoJust one-time backu21:58
zoredacheif you want an image style backup similar to ghost, then something like partimage should work too21:58
charlie-tcaAJPowell: Been a long time, set MTU in you /etc/network/interfaces file using mtu 149221:58
vinnlKardoso, then zoredache's suggestion should work fine :)21:58
KardosoZoredache: yes, I want that but I am not sure Ghost or Acronis can backup ext2/3 file system. Can they?21:59
paolignohi. i want to buy this notebook: SONY SZ71E/B T7250 2GB 160GB DL 13.3" VHP      . how can i know if it's fully compatible with ubuntu?21:59
paolignowith Xubuntu21:59
zoredacheKardoso: I think ghost can backup ext3 with versions later then v 821:59
ubottuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org21:59
zoredachewhich I think means any version after 200021:59
KardosoI have Ghost 921:59
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KardosoOk, thanks all help. I logoff, bye all have a nice day22:00
=== mantequilla is now known as leche
steven_i have got a question22:09
steven_every time i plug in my external drive22:09
steven_t mounts fine22:09
steven_but when i right click and press unmount it works fine22:09
steven_then auto mounts again immediately22:09
steven_i would like to permanently unmount it until i choose to remount drive22:10
steven_cody-somerville any ideas?22:12
cody-somervillesteven_, how do you know it is remounting?22:14
steven_no idea cody22:14
steven_in /media22:14
steven_there is two mount points i think22:15
steven_one is WD passport22:15
steven_the name of the drive22:15
steven_the second is WD Passport_22:15
steven_when drive is connected WD Passport_ has eveything in it22:15
steven_WD Passport exists whether or not the external is connected22:15
steven_any ideas?22:16
steven_i quickly checked forums and launchpad22:16
steven_should i delete first point?22:16
steven_i know it remounts cuz as soon as i right click and hit unmount, it pops up in thunar again and displays its contents22:17
steven_then i can hit unmount again22:17
steven_but it goes in circles22:17
steven_i am lost22:18
steven_i don't wanna lose data22:18
AlexJamesPowellwinnl u still here?22:19
AlexJamesPowellcan anyone help, when i do iwconfig i see an interface which i didnt set up22:19
AlexJamesPowellit says wlan0:avahi22:19
steven_you use wireshark?22:20
steven_or ethereal?22:21
AlexJamesPowellif there is anyone here who can help with wireless networking can you let me know?22:24
steven_did you try to use ethereal or wireshark22:25
steven_did you do anything under root?22:25
AlexJamesPowellno i dont know how to get in root22:25
AlexJamesPowelli used wifi-radar22:25
AlexJamesPowellcurrently using wicd22:26
AlexJamesPowelland ive read that thing about 20 times22:26
AlexJamesPowellits useless22:26
AlexJamesPowellin this situation22:26
AlexJamesPowelli am having trouble setting my essid on wlan0 atm22:26
=== ablomen_ is now known as ablomen
AlexJamesPowelli am typing this in terminal: sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid WirelessNetwork22:27
steven_you don't sudo anything?22:27
charlie-tcaAlexJamesPowell: the avahi interface is set up by the operating system.22:27
AlexJamesPowellbut when i do iwconfig, it still says wlan0 essid off/any22:27
steven_avahi messed me up once22:27
AlexJamesPowellthanks charlie22:27
steven_lemme think about it real fast22:27
AlexJamesPowellwasnt there until today though22:27
AlexJamesPowelllol sorry meant to type that in terminal22:34
AlexJamesPowellam i still connected?22:35
=== AlexJamesPowell is now known as AJPowell
=== AJPowell is now known as AlexJamesPowell
AlexJamesPowellanyone know how to see if my device is on or off with the lshw -C network command?22:37
AlexJamesPowelli cant see where it says on or off?22:38
charlie-tcaTry iwlist wlan0 scan22:41
charlie-tcaAlexJamesPowell: you should be able to set the essid using iwconfig wlan0 essid "ssid" putting your ssid in without quotes22:43
AlexJamesPowellyes i have done that but it isnt storing the essid22:43
AlexJamesPowellif i type iwconfig wlan0 after doing that it still says essid off/any22:43
AlexJamesPowellcharlie: i done the iwlist and can see my network there22:44
charlie-tcaThat means it has to be turned on, and it will take me longer to find.22:44
AlexJamesPowellwhat will take you longer to find?22:45
charlie-tcahow to turn it on22:45
AlexJamesPowellwhat needs to be turned on then?22:45
AlexJamesPowellsorry if im being stupid22:46
charlie-tcaNot stupid, they seem like very good questions. The ssid has to be turned on in the wireless card22:46
AlexJamesPowelloh i see22:46
AlexJamesPowellit has been set before22:46
AlexJamesPowellbut it loses it or turns it off again or something22:47
charlie-tcaIt's just been over 2 years now since I took my cards out of the computers.22:47
AlexJamesPowelltook your wifi cards out?22:48
charlie-tcaYes, I quit using wireless with Dapper 6.0622:48
AlexJamesPowelllol why too much hassle?22:49
charlie-tcaYou can set most things in interfaces, if you know the right wording. I think most of it is in man interfaces.22:49
AlexJamesPowellok ill have a look22:50
charlie-tcain order to set the ssid permanently, you need to experiment a little. sometimes it is essid "aaaa", sometimes it is ssid="aaaa"22:51
charlie-tcaMakes it a lot more difficult.22:51
AlexJamesPowelli will try ssid22:51
AlexJamesPowellunknown command "ssid"22:52
AlexJamesPowellwhere do i find interfaces?22:53
AlexJamesPowellin /dev?22:53
AlexJamesPowellsee anything wrong?22:55
vinnlYeah, you just posted your WEP key :P22:55
AlexJamesPowelllol yeah i just noticed that22:56
AlexJamesPowellgood job its low range22:56
AlexJamesPowellaccording to that the essid is set isnt it?22:57
charlie-tcaYes, if that matches the essid in the router.22:58
AlexJamesPowellyeah itr does23:01
AlexJamesPowelldo you know what the auto wlan0 bit means?23:02
charlie-tcaSupposed to make it auto run on boot23:02
charlie-tcaBut, I'm not sure about the address in there if you are using dhcp23:03
AlexJamesPowellyeah thats what i was thinking23:05
AlexJamesPowellwhat should i do, delete it?23:05
charlie-tcaIsn't that a static address?23:05
charlie-tcaDid you add it?23:06
AlexJamesPowellmaybe when i was trying to use wifi-radar23:06
AlexJamesPowellbut the ip of my router is actually diff. to that one23:06
AlexJamesPowellwhere it says address: thats my ip23:06
AlexJamesPowellgateway is my router23:06
AlexJamesPowelland i donno the other 123:06
AlexJamesPowellwhat should i do, delete the numbers or the whole line?23:07
charlie-tcayes, that is correct. That should then be not there, I think. Use # at the beginning of the line to comment it out23:08
charlie-tcathen use /etc/init.d/networking restart to restart networking.23:08
AlexJamesPowellwhen i click save i get writing error23:09
AlexJamesPowellermm, is it because im using abiword?23:09
vinnlAlexJamesPowell, try running "sudo mousepad /etc/network/interfaces" :)23:09
charlie-tcaI have to leave soon. The write error is because root owns the file. Open terminal, use sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces to edit23:10
charlie-tcaEither one, I forget mousepad for some reason. Probably old age?23:10
charlie-tcaThe same with the restart, use sudo in front, please23:10
charlie-tcaWhat's that?23:13
AlexJamesPowellits what happened when i did the restart23:14
AlexJamesPowellany ideas?23:15
charlie-tcaYep, try Applications -> System -> Network; click that connection, then Properties. What is configuration?23:15
AlexJamesPowellessid is right, wep is on, key is ther, dhcp is on23:17
charlie-tcaWhat is Configuration there? Does it say static or ?23:18
charlie-tcaThat should be Connections - click on wlan0 - properties23:19
charlie-tcaIf it is DHCP, close properties and look under General. What is in Domain name?23:20
MXIIASorry to interrupt, but does Xubuntu allow you to delete23:23
MXIIAWindows upon installation?23:23
vinnlMXIIA, yep23:23
dromerjust delete it's partition from the partition-table23:23
MXIIAok, thanks vinnl and dromer23:24
charlie-tcaAlexJamesPowell: Did I lose you?\23:24
vinnlAJP1234567 = AlexJamesPowell?23:24
charlie-tcaAm I behind again? I show both names.23:25
vinnlI can see both too23:25
MXIIAso can I23:25
charlie-tcaWell anyway, gotta go to my grandson's soccer games now. If he comes back, try to get him to connect without the WEP.23:26
vinnlcharlie-tca, that worked before23:27
vinnlAnyway, good luck to your grandson charlie-tca :)23:27
charlie-tcaThen the key is wrong in the router, I think. They have to match including case.23:28
vinnlAJP1234567, he just left23:29
vinnlAJP1234567, he said that if you can connect without WEP, the WEP key is probably wrong in the router23:30
vinnlAJP1234567, <charlie-tca> Then the key is wrong in the router, I think. They have to match including case.23:30

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