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pooliespiv, igc, i'm having some skype issues...00:05
poolieare you here?00:05
rick_h__lifeless: ping00:11
MatthewWilkesRight 4 hours is enough. I may try again tomorrow00:35
gdoubleuIs there anything special you need to do when pushing a loomified branch?  I pushed a loomified branch to launchpad from my laptop and then branched that onto another machine, but it didn't seem to have the threads.02:17
gdoubleuI have the bzr-loom plugin on both machines02:17
Odd_Blokegdoubleu: Did you 'bzr record' first?02:20
gdoubleui did not02:20
Odd_BlokeI think you need to.02:20
Odd_BlokeThough I don't really use looms, so am not sure.02:20
gdoubleuI'll try that and attempt to push again02:21
mwhudsonhow do i make a branch7 branch?03:24
mwhudsonpoolie, spiv?03:26
mwhudsonoh, done03:27
igchi all03:40
igcfyi, I'll be working on porting/testing fastimport to use the new Repository API today03:41
igcbut I'll be offline for a few hours first - lunch & my daily hospital visit first03:41
mwhudsonhey, can bzrlib.repofmt.pack_repo.RepositoryFormatPackDevelopment1 get a new name in bzr.dev really fast?04:31
Odd_Blokemwhudson: Why?04:35
mwhudsonwell, because it's a terrible name04:35
Odd_BlokeWhat would you suggest instead?04:36
mwhudsonnot sure what the conventions are04:36
Odd_BlokeIt'll be renamed to SuperDuperFormat or somesuch once it's actually that.04:36
Odd_BlokeBut, ATM, it's a development format.04:37
spivSomething without "Development" would be nice, once it's no longer in Development.04:37
mwhudsonwell, i'm kinda hoping 1.6 is actually going to get released soon04:38
Odd_Blokemwhudson: I think this format will be in development during the 1.6 cycle.04:38
Odd_BlokeSo will be renamed before 1.7 is released.04:38
Odd_BlokeSo before then, users will only see it if they've opted-in to the use of a development format.04:40
mwhudsonspeaking as a launchpad developer, i really hope not :)04:45
mwhudsonthere's a difference between a development format and a non-default format, surely04:45
Odd_BlokeIn what sense?04:48
mwhudsonwell, in the 'option name' sense04:49
spivrich-root-pack is a non-default format that isn't a development format, for example.04:49
Odd_BlokeWell, it'll be hidden, I think.04:49
Odd_BlokeIt certainly should be hidden...04:49
spivi.e. the option for it is relatively non-scary, it isn't hidden, etc.  Whereas I think the --stacked option on a branch isn't going to be hidden?04:50
spivISTR some discussion about it on the list.04:50
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pooliemwhudson: i have a patch that makes it a stable format05:06
mwhudsonpoolie: excellent05:07
mwhudsonhow can i see things that are note()d or mutter()ed when prodding bzrlib interactively?05:11
* mwhudson has vague memories of trace.enable_default_loggin()...05:11
poolielike from a python interpreter05:11
poolieyes that should do it05:11
gdoubleuOdd_Bloke: about the pushing looms, it looks like it's not possible yet: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-loom/+bug/20161307:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 201613 in bzr-loom "pushing looms does not work properly" [Critical,Triaged]07:04
mwhudsoni think that bug is actually mostly fixed07:09
mwhudsonapart from the 'when do i need to record' confusion07:09
* mwhudson wanders off07:10
stubHow do I turn off the bzr prompt thing that seems to have installed itself into /etc/bash_completion.d ?09:03
taconeboys, my bzr got locked, what to do ? --> Unable to obtain lock lp-147252812:///~rapache-devel/rapache/rapache-stage0/.bzr/branch/lock09:08
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taconebreak-lock doesn't seem to work09:08
taconebzr: ERROR: Unsupported protocol for url "lp-147252812:///~rapache-devel/rapache/rapache-stage0/.bzr/branch/lock"09:09
stubIs it a bug that bzr has installed /etc/bash_completion.d/bzrbashprompt.sh (breaking my prompt), or is there some way I need to turn it off?09:09
AfCtacone: is that long number supposed to be there in the protocol?09:10
AfC/msg tacone Oh, just FYI, there are women here, too.09:10
bob2stub: just have to rm it for now09:10
taconegirls, my bzr got locked :(. http://pastebin.com/m4a069b45 what to do ?09:11
spivstub: there is a bug report about that09:12
AfCtacone: maybe try `bzr break-lock bzr+ssh://tacone@bazaar.launchpad.net/~rapache-devel/rapache/rapache-stage0/`09:12
* tacone is about to switch in scared-newbie-mode-on09:12
spivtacone: "bzr break-lock bzr+ssh://tacone@bazaar.launchpad.net/~rapache-devel/rapache/rapache-stage0/"09:12
spivAfC: beat me :)09:12
AfCspiv: Hooray!09:12
stubAnd then file a bug about the message that tells you to do different09:13
spivstub: I'm just doing exactly that09:13
taconeI'll file a bug for that, thanks.09:14
spivtacone: I just filed one09:16
spivtacone: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-bazaar/+bug/25045109:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250451 in launchpad-bazaar "bzr suggests wrong URL for break-lock with a LP hosted bra" [Undecided,New]09:17
kiorkywhy does bzr-svn not want to store my creds :S09:18
taconespiv: oh god. I was about to click submit :-)09:20
taconeok, trashed :-D09:21
taconethanks you all. goodbye09:22
jelmerkiorky, it's not bzr-svn that doesn't store them09:43
jelmerkiorky, it's bzr itself09:44
jelmerkiorky, any chance you can file a bug about this?09:44
lifelessJc2k: is the conduit guy around at the moment ?09:45
Jc2klifeless: he is09:46
lifelessJc2k: I have a few minutes before leaving for the train09:46
lifelessrick_h__: hi09:46
Jc2klifeless: *tries to lure him on to gnome-bzr*09:46
jelmer'morning lifeless09:47
lifelessohi jelmer09:49
kiorkyjelmer: yep, but i am at work, but sue i can when i l have time09:59
kiorkyjelmer: maybe around 12:30, so 11:30 for u10:00
kiorkyjelmer: describe me what u want as backtrace or tests and etc10:00
jelmerkiorky, just the fact that passwords aren't saved should be sufficient10:02
blauddenHi, I'm running the "merge3-per-file" version of bzr and it just pops into "pdb" all the time. Can't see that it has any breakpoint set ot anything. Typing "cont" will run for a while and then stop at the same line again. Any advice?10:06
jelmerblaudden, Is that John Meinel's branch?10:07
jelmerYou'd probably want to talk to him - he's around here as "jam" but it's probably too early for him right now10:08
blauddenyes, it looks like that from "bzr log"10:08
blauddenok, i'll hang around. Thanks!10:08
spivblaudden: presumably there's a "pdb.set_trace()" either in your branch of bzr, or perhaps in a plugin10:14
spivblaudden: I'd try grepping for pdb in your branch of bzr and also in ~/.bazaar/plugins10:14
spivIf you do "bt" at the (pdb) prompt it should give an indication of where the pdb.set_trace() line is10:14
blauddenspiv: i'll try that.10:15
blaudden850              import pdb; pdb.set_trace();10:18
spivblaudden: ta-da :)10:20
jelmerspiv,poolie: Hallo!10:26
rick_h__lifeless: still around?10:50
lifelessrick_h__: yes, going v soon though to start travelling home10:53
rick_h__lifeless: cool, have a good trip then10:54
rick_h__just wanted to try to get this repo/branch thing right in my head10:54
rick_h__check that "commiting to the repo" "add files to the repo" were good10:54
rick_h__and that creating a branch, and serving out the branch were right10:54
rick_h__the docs with the shared repository for multiple branches seemed to make some sense10:55
rick_h__I've just never set it up that way so repo == branch for appearance10:56
lifelessbranch is the user abstraction people work with10:56
lifelessthere is always a repository for  abranch, its implicitly created if no explicit one was made by the user10:57
rick_h__so should I also commit your changes to the branch then?10:57
rick_h__and the only time really refer to the repository is if setting up a shared one?10:57
spivjelmer: hey10:58
rick_h__ok, sounds like a plan then10:58
lifelessthe tip of a branch is the latest revision10:58
lifelessa branch has a tip, tags, and configuration details10:58
rick_h__yea, that comment in that article threw me a bit, but I found some of the docs that seemed to clear it up more10:58
spivjelmer: how soon will bzr-svn be faster (the "find_tags is slow" bug)? :)10:58
rick_h__well have a nice trip lifeless and hopefully this article will be life in Oct and then I can bug you on some more advanced stuff :)10:59
lifelesssure thing11:00
jelmerspiv: couple of days hopefully11:25
Peng_With one slow and large svn repository, bzr-svn spends a massive amount of time crawling the whole thing for tags even when I do a no-op "pull", and even though the branch I actually have checked out is quite tiny.11:44
jelmerPeng, there's an open bug about this11:44
Peng_Okay. Well, if you want an example branch, http://software.inl.fr/svn/mirror/tools/ipy/trunk (but I didn't try to reproduce it; I don't feel good about abusing random svn servers to test things).11:46
jelmerPeng_, Thanks for reporting this. It'll hopefully be fixed in a couple of days11:46
jelmer(see also spivs comments a couple of lines back)11:47
Peng_Yeah, since the subject had been brought up, I just wanted to mention it.11:47
kiorkyjelmer: uhm i have another problem, i have a bzr+qsvn branch, then i rebranch locally, but it trys to acces the foreign repo. Why ?13:05
kiorkyjelmer: the work connection is pretty bad, soi like to work offline :)13:06
jelmerkiorky, hi13:49
jelmerkiorky, I suspect you don't have an actual local branch but just a local working tree13:50
jelmerkiorky: E.g. "svn co" will not create a local branch13:50
kiorkyjelmer: i used bzr branch svn+http://svncred:pass@foo14:07
kiorkyjelmer: then bzr branch ../path14:07
jelmerkiorky: Where ../path was created with "bzr branch" ?14:08
kiorkythe first yes : "bzr branch svn+http://svncred:pass@foo"14:08
jelmernot "bzr co" ?14:08
jelmerif that created "foo" then "bzr branch foo bla" should not access the network14:09
kiorkyi can redo it to double check14:09
kiorkylet me a minute14:09
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kiorkyjelmer: ~>bzr branch foo bar14:11
kiorky<https://subversion.makina-corpus.net:443> Login LDAP Makina Corpus mpa password:14:11
kiorkyjelmer: :)14:11
kiorkywhich a fresh bzr branch svn+...14:12
kiorky(in foo)14:12
nevansbug in bzr-svn relating to checkouts: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/24828915:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248289 in bzr-svn "concurrent access problems" [Undecided,New]15:50
nevansIt seems that bzr will try to lock the checked-out branch during a bound branch's commit...15:50
nevansbut it can't lock an svn "branch", so it winds up rewinding history on the svn repo.  :-(15:51
nevansI didn't even notice this had happened until recently... apparently I've done it four times in the last six months...15:53
nevanss/done it/triggered this bug/15:53
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pickscrapeIs there something in bzrlib that I can use to list files in a remote directory? I'm specifically talking about a non-branch directory (e.g. a directory that might contain branches)16:28
* pickscrape looks at bzrlib.transport16:30
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james_wpickscrape: there is listdir(), but it doesn't work over http16:34
pickscrapejames_w: I've got transport's list_dir working very nicely over bzr+ssh, thanks!16:36
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bpetersonBazaar can use a variety of different libraries for http, correct?16:46
lukswhere 'variety' == two16:47
bpetersonurllib and pycurl?16:47
luksbut I think plain urllib2 is now the prefered one16:47
bpetersonis one faster than the other?16:48
luksfaster in what way?16:48
lukseven if one is faster than the other, it won't be noticable16:48
luksnetwork will be limiting them, not CPU16:49
bpetersonit's just that bzr over http seems quite slow to me16:49
luksbzr is slow over http16:49
luksor generally, bzr is slow :)16:49
bpetersonespecially with networking16:49
james_wbpeterson: slower than what?16:49
bpetersonI still use Bazaar because st, diffing, and committing are pretty snappy, but not networking...16:50
lukswhat format are you using?16:50
luks(bzr info)16:50
luksah, not much you can do, I'm afraid16:51
bpetersonis rich-root-pack a comprise for space over something else?16:52
radixbpeterson: I think what he means is that the pack-based formats are the most efficient formats right now, so there's nothing better for you to upgrade to for better performance over HTTP16:53
james_wbpeterson: static-http for hg?16:53
nevanshow does sftp compare to http for performance?16:55
nevansstill the same bottleneck?16:55
bpetersonactually I'm more concerned with performance over bzr+ssh16:56
fullermdNo, I think sftp has all different bottlenecks   :)16:56
fullermdI'm pretty sure sftp eats more round trips, so it's probably a bit more latency sensitive.16:57
bpetersonit's over ssh, so shouldn't have state?16:57
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fullermdWell, bzr+ssh is a totally different beast from either, so...16:57
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nevansI think it must depend a lot on various factors (e.g. size of your repo).  I just did some tests on a very small branch of mine... and bzr+ssh actually went slower than http.16:59
nevansprobably because it has additional overhead of ssh connection and starting up bzr on the remote end17:00
bpetersonI'm working with the Python core bzr repo; ~200 MB17:00
LeoNerd'bzr st' still claims a pending merge, even though I've shelved it away for now... How might I clear that?17:34
LeoNerdIn actual fact I probably want to just revert it, but I'm keeping it shelved for now17:35
bpetersonLeoNerd: bzr resolve17:35
luksbzr revert --forget-merges17:35
LeoNerdAh yes; the latter did it17:35
LeoNerdbpeterson: isn't that for conflicts?17:35
bpetersonyes, never mind17:35
bialixluks: hi17:40
bialixgood evening17:40
bialixluks, Garyvdm was very helpful in fixing regressions17:41
bialixI think we are ready to release 0.9.217:41
luksI haven't followed the latest fixes17:41
bialixI'm planing to prepare some screenshots with new features17:41
luksbut the current state is usable for me17:41
bialixme and Gary have fixed all known (for me) regressions so far17:42
pickscrapeDoes anyone know what happened to the bzr gentoo overlay?17:43
bialixluks: so I'm about to starting release process tonight or tomorrow17:43
lukscool, thanks a lot17:43
luksI've uploaded translations to launchpad, still waiting for review :(17:44
bialixI saw.17:44
bialixI'm confused because I could cange status of some translations17:44
bialixI'm confused because I could change status of some translations17:44
bialixI won't wait for translations and don't want to delay release17:45
bialixbut if you wanna to update sk.po I'll wait17:45
bialixpickscrape: what's up with Gentoo?17:45
pickscrapeWell, I added the overlay a while back to layman, which set it up as a bzr branch that it would pull17:47
pickscrapeBut lately it seems that the branch it pointed at has gone away.17:47
pickscrapeWondering if it has died or just been moved somewhere else.17:47
bialixluks, I can't create deb for linux. But it will be nice to have it for 0.9.2. This release will be a bomb17:47
luksbialix: umm, I might do it17:48
luksbut I actually wanted to get rid of the PPA17:48
luksit's easy to install it on linux17:48
bialixwell, I'm fine either way17:48
bialixif you will close PPA, then I'll just need to update our wiki page properly17:49
luksI did :)17:49
luksor do you mean more than removing it from there?17:49
pickscrapeIs bzr-gtk no longer going to be in the bzr PPA then?17:49
luksthis is about qbzr17:50
bialixpickscrape: I'm actually using Windows, but I saw this: https://launchpad.net/bzr-gentoo-overlay May be it helps you17:50
pickscrapebialix: thanks, I just found that myself. I think they might have moved it, so I'm setting it up again to find out...17:51
bialixluks: I mean this: https://launchpad.net/~luks/+archive17:51
bialixI don't know PPA well, so maybe presence of 0.9.0 confused me a bit17:51
lukslet me see if I can remove 0.9.0 from there17:52
bialixok. I'm just wanted to check this with you17:52
luksI'll probably build 0.9.2 after the release17:53
luksbut in a ~qbzr-dev PPA17:53
bialixah, ok. make sense17:53
chadmillerHi.  I work in a project that makes a lot of tags.  |wc -l  says "320".  This brings into relief that tagging in bzr is kind of weird.17:56
LeoNerdA tag is just a human-readable "friendly" name for a revision... same as a hostname is just a friendly name for an IP address17:57
jamchadmiller: How are you using tags, and how is it a bit weird in bzr?18:00
jam(eg, care to elaborate?)18:00
jamYou might be using branches for tags, which is an older way that is certainly clumsier18:00
chadmillerConsider this morning:  Tim noticed that some tag was on the wrong revision.  He used "bzr tag --delete", "bzr tag", "bzr push" to change it.  Paul comes along and, on pull, gets "Conflicting tags:\n\tblah-blah".  This concerns Paul.  He's questions whether his tree is valid, completed "pull" correctly, et c.18:01
jamchadmiller: well, tim could have used "bzr tag --force" but sure18:02
chadmillerHe can't tell very much with "missing" or "log".18:02
jamThe problem is that tags aren't versioned18:03
jamso when they disagree18:03
jamwe don't know which one is "more correct"18:03
jamwe've had some long discussions about it18:03
jamit is hard to do better without introducing a whole lot of "meta" overhead18:03
jamchadmiller: is there some ui polish we could apply to make it a bit more understandable?18:04
chadmillerI think my biggest problem with it is informational.  Maybe the "Conflicting tags" message should also have "Don't Panic" in warm, friendly letters.18:06
jamConflicting tags: <3 <318:08
jamSomething like that?18:08
Jc2know it sounds like bzr is enjoying your suffering18:08
bpetersonperhaps provide a bzr tag --rename command?18:09
bpetersonor document that you should use bzr tag --force if you want to rename18:09
bpetersonhere, I'll send you a bundle18:10
jambpeterson: "bzr help tag"18:11
jam--force               Replace existing tags.18:11
jamBut if it is missing in other documentation, feel free :)18:11
jamalso, '--rename' sounds like it would change the name of the tag (but point to the same revision)18:12
jamwhich isn't the same as pointing the same name to a different revision18:12
chadmiller:)  "Your $(verb)s completed, but upstream disagrees about which revisions these tags should appear on.  Your tags were not updated.  Conflicts:\n"18:12
bpetersonisnt' that what chadmiller wanted?18:12
chadmiller"%", not "$", grr.18:12
jamchadmiller: well, probably 'not all tags were updated"18:12
jambut I understand18:12
chadmillerSomething in the "tag{,s} --help" about resolving those would be good too.18:13
chadmillerAnd "bzr pull --clobber-local-tags" ?18:15
bpetersonso if you want to rename a tag (change the name, but keep it on the same revision), you should bzr tag --delete name and bzr tag --force name18:15
pickscrapeWe actually encountered exactly this this mornin g18:15
jambpeterson: I would do "bzr tag new-name -r tag:oldname"18:15
jamand then "bzr tag --delete oldname" if you prefer18:15
pickscrapeA colleague changed a tag, and when I tried to pull I got the 'conflicting' message18:15
jambut deleting tags doesn't propagate at the moment..18:15
pickscrapeThe solution was for me to redefine the tag at my end, after that pull worked.18:16
pickscrapeThe problem is, I didn't know (other than talking to him myself) what revision he had changed it to18:17
jampickscrape: I *think* you can also "pull --overwrite" but I'm not 100% sure.18:17
jampickscrape: bzr log -r tag:NAME path/to/his/branch18:17
pickscrapejam: I was worried about --overwrite clobbering my local changes18:18
jamor 'bzr tags -d /path/to/his/branch"18:18
pickscrapeIt would have been good if the message had told me which revision the tag was defined as upstream18:18
bpetersonuhh. that new launchpad ui sure gets me18:24
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trepcais there anyway to save my password for HTTP auth18:52
trepcait's a pain typing it every time18:52
trepcaeven worse ... it asks me several time18:52
chadmillerUhm, is the ppa "bzr-beta-ppa" a likely candidate for the real release?19:04
chadmillerThere's some serious evil in there.19:05
jamCare to list specific evil?19:05
jamI know poolie plans a couple changes before an rc119:05
chadmilleretc/bash_completion.d/bzrbashprompt.sh .   1) clobbering $PS1.  2a) running a python interpreter twice for every shell prompt.  2b) running /bzr/ twice for every shell prompt.19:06
jamchadmiller: ah, that is planned to be fixed19:07
jamwe weren't meant to install that file19:07
jamit is a packaging issue19:07
chadmillerWhew!  Okay, good.19:07
jamin the short term you can just rm that one19:07
radixthat reminds me of when I installed git-core and it installed a bash completion file which ran git twice19:08
radixunfortunately, there's another program I have installed in ~/bin called "git", which is an interactive fiction interpreter for Glulx games19:08
radixso every time I started a new terminal two GUI windows would pop up and give an error message19:09
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jamradix: at least it wasn't on every \t :)19:11
radixheh, yeah19:11
pickscrapeI'm writing a plugin for internal use that provides a main command with subcommands (shelf-style)19:34
pickscrapeit's been going well, but I'm now having a problem adding options to the subcommands19:35
pickscrapeIt seems that bzrlib is trying to parse them as part of the main command, and complaining that it doesn't have the option19:35
pickscrapeI suppose this is because subcommands are a bit of a hack, bit I'm wondering if anyone knows of a workaround19:36
LarstiQpickscrape: ah, you're overloading short options that already exist in bzr?19:37
LarstiQpickscrape: oh no, I see now.19:37
LarstiQpickscrape: well, as a hacky workaround, combine the main command's options from the subcommand options?19:38
pickscrapeLarstiQ: I was just going to try that. It might work, the only problem being the options would show up againt the main command in the help output. I will give it a try though19:38
LarstiQpickscrape: yeah19:43
james_wpickscrape: you may be able to write a subclass of Command that works better with subcommands19:46
pickscrapejames_w: I thought I'd find that when I originally looked at the shelf code, but didn't. Now that I've hit this obstacle I think I might revisit that idea again :)19:47
james_wit would be a useful thing to have in the core for other plugins to make use of, e.g. shelve19:47
pickscrapeYes, I was thinking that too. If I get one working I'll see about making it available to bzr. Thing is, nothing in bzrlib would actually need it right now.19:48
LarstiQpickscrape: but because it isn't there, no one feels invited to use it :)19:49
pickscrapechicken/egg :)19:49
pickscrapeMy concern is more related to testing/bitrot: if it gets added but not used etc...19:49
LarstiQpickscrape: right, I see.19:49
pickscrapeI suppose shelf could keep it happy though if it was migrated to use it.19:50
LarstiQpickscrape: if there are two plugins using it though, I think the use part is reasonably covered. For it to be accepted into core it needs to be fully covered with tests anyhow.19:50
* LarstiQ nods19:50
pickscrapeHmm, on that idea, perhaps it would be better added to bzrtools initially, and then to core once stable etc?19:51
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Gilgad13if i want to move an entire directory that is versioned, how would i do so?  i've tried "bzr mv oldDir path\to\newDir" but i get an error that newDir is not versioned.  Do I have to create and add newDir first?  Is it possible to move whole directories?20:04
Gilgad13i'm using windows, if it matters20:04
pickscrapeIs newdir inside the same branch as the directory you're moving?20:05
Gilgad13yes, its executed exactly like that, ie. both paths are relative20:06
LarstiQGilgad13: is path\to\ versioned?20:06
pickscrapeDoes path\to already exist and versioned?20:06
Gilgad13no, should it be?20:06
pickscrapeGilgad13: yes20:06
LarstiQGilgad13: I'd think so.20:06
Gilgad13hang on...20:07
james_wis there a typo in oldDir20:07
james_wI think if that is the case it complains about the wrong thing20:07
Gilgad13no, versioning path\to worked20:07
Gilgad13and an obvious next question.  can I undo a specific move, without reverting to last commit?20:09
Gilgad13no handy undo-last?20:18
pickscrapebzr uncommit will undo your last commit, but it will cause problems if the commit has been published elsewhere20:19
Gilgad13i'm talking about operations between commits, like complex reorg's with multiple moves.  Right now i either bzr revert or move the moved file20:20
pickscrapeOh. I think revert should do what you need it to20:20
Gilgad13but it would be nice to have the safety net20:20
Gilgad13well, if i'm like 4 move's in, it would suck to redo them because of a typo20:21
LarstiQGilgad13: if it's really complex there is no silver bullet.20:21
pickscraperevert won't undo only the last move I don't think20:21
Gilgad13damn, i like silver bullets20:21
pickscrapeAFAIK it just looks at the WC picture as a whole.20:21
Gilgad13pickscrape: exactly20:21
Gilgad13so i'd have to start over20:21
LarstiQstarting over doesn't seem like the way to go?20:22
pickscrapeCould you just bzr mv the file back again?20:22
LarstiQGilgad13: but I don't have a clear enough picture of your situation to really give advice.20:22
Gilgad13pickscrape: its what i've been doing20:22
james_wyou can "bzr mv" back, and "revert path" would probably do it, but obviously would do the wrong thing if the files were modified as well20:22
Gilgad13LarstiQ: its mostly hypethetical, so no worries20:22
LarstiQGilgad13: are you looking for a revert that only undoes treeshape changes, not content changes?20:23
Gilgad13LarstiQ: yes, and if possible lets me select specific changes20:23
LarstiQproblem with that being creating a tree state that never existed in history, but yes.20:23
LarstiQGilgad13: what do you mean exactly? 'bzr revert -r a..b path/' wouldn't be enough?20:24
Gilgad13having experimented more, i think its a mental problem with how i thought bzr recorded moves20:26
Gilgad13as in, i thought the recorded a log of actions, but i now see that only the beginning (ie, last commit) and end(now) state matter, not how many moves were applied inbetween20:26
Gilgad13s/the/bzr in first line20:27
LarstiQGilgad13: ah, indeed.20:27
pickscrapeLarstiQ: I may be jumping the gun a bit here, but it looks like the only change needed to get subcommands working properly is to call parser.disable_interspersed_args() in _parse_args after retrieving it20:42
pickscrapeSorry, parse_args20:43
pickscrape(I moved it into a local subclass and called it _parse_args.)20:43
pickscrapeSo if that was moved into the Command class itself, a simple switch could potentially allow subcommands with options to function.20:43
pickscrapeHopefully I didn't make any other changes that I forgot to take into account here...20:44
pickscrapeIn fact, simply adding that right into bzrlib appears to make everything work, and doesn't appear to break anything else.21:06
* pickscrape goes off to run the bzr unit tests for the first time ever :)21:06
pickscrapeYeah, it does break some things. :) This is what tests are for.,..21:15
lifelessGilgad13: you can 'bzr revert FILENAME'21:36
Gilgad13aye, but what would that do with regards to moves?  unmove them?21:36
Gilgad13revert content changes?21:37
meatballhatare transparent checkouts from svn supposed to 'just work'?21:38
lifelessGilgad13: it would put the path back and revert content changes; I think there i sroom for a --path-only flag or something21:48
lifelessmeatballhat: yes, though you can't pull or merge into a an actual svn tree21:48
lifelessmeatballhat: ((ecause svn can't add revisions without doing a commit to a branch)21:49
meatballhatlifeless: so there is nothing akin to the 'git-svn' interface, or do I misunderstand? :)21:56
lifelessmeatballhat: you misunderstand21:57
lifelessmeatballhat: 'svn co svn://... foo && cd foo && bzr merge bzr://...' -> FAIL (the .svn directory is not capable of representing a pending merge)21:57
lifelessmeatballhat: 'bzr branch svn://... foo && cd foo && bzr merge bzr://... && bzr commit && bzr push svn://...' -> WIN21:58
meatballhatlifeless: so I use bzr <command> with 'svn://' urls? or are you only explaining the workflow?21:59
meatballhatrather, is the use case documented for "I'm at work and my company uses Subversion, but I'd like to interface with it using Bzr" ?  :)22:00
lifelessmeatballhat: I think its documented on the FAQ22:03
lifelessmeatballhat: and yes, you use svn urls with bzr22:03
meatballhatlifeless: thanks much!22:04
wingo--tpwhat's robert collins' nick? any idea why he hasn't definitively commented on https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/239499 ?22:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 239499 in bzr "corrupt knit index on an old arch-imported bzr repo" [Medium,Confirmed]22:17
lifelesswingo--tp: that would be me22:19
wingo--tpah hello good sir!22:19
lifelesswingo--tp: I've been travelling for the last two weeks; kind of fragments things22:19
wingo--tpah ok22:19
wingo--tpi'll wait then :)22:19
* wingo--tp just got back to a normal rhythm, post-guadec22:19
lifelessyah, I had a distro sprint post guadec, then LRL22:20
lifelesscurrently in an airport22:20
thumperlifeless: what is LRL?22:23
lifelessthumper: lug radio live22:23
jamlifeless: I thought it might be something like "Living Real Life", but I was pretty sure you don't do that :)22:42
* lifeless gestures22:42
lifelessjam: what do you think of the marks rfc?22:45
jamlifeless: I think it could be really neat, as long as it doesn't get too complex for the user23:01
jamthe hunk-level support is interesting23:01
jamI'm not sure how we would layer it in for stuff like 'commit', though I'm sure it is possible23:02
jamI guess it could just be a MarksTree(WorkingTree)23:02
jamlifeless: I was just looking over your testresources code, aren't you being naughty and iterating over a dictionary you are mutating?23:03
jamOr is that strictly allowed with your priorityDictionary23:03
pooliejam, hello23:04
jamhi poolie, ready for a call?23:04
poolieyes, does skype suit you23:05
lifelessjam: I don't recall; its nearly entirely paged out23:05
jamlifeless: no problem, looking closer it seems to be the way it is designed23:05
jampoolie: skype is fine23:05
jamlifeless: sorry to hear about your flight being delayed, are you on your way back to AU?23:06
lifelessjam: I think marks should be core23:06
lifelesspoolie has said hes concerned by that :)23:06
lifelessI just think its likely to need to be pretty fundamental to work well and consistently23:07
jamlifeless: I think marks is hooking into a lot of places, so it would end up decorating a lot of commands23:07
jamstatus/diff at a minimum23:07
lifelessjam: yah23:07
pooliei was imagining a decorator type object too23:07
jamI'm not sure about update23:07
lifelessso I'm thinking a WT5 tree; with methods to get a flavour view23:07
jampoolie: yeah, even if it was "WT.get_view('xxx') which returned ViewTree(self)23:08
pooliei don't really necessarily mind it being in the core as long23:08
lifelessor even just change the view on the main object23:08
pooliesomething about that mail worried me on first reading23:08
pooliei would hope that we can work out a way to eg make a ViewTree rather than patching things all over the place23:08
lifelesslets not use the term view here23:09
lifelessviews are Ian's partial-files-on-disk project23:09
lifelesswhich has some overlap but is different23:09
jamlifeless: well, MarksTree is a bit clumsy, but something like that23:09
lifeless(I realise I used the term view above; naughty robert :))23:09
poolieit would also be nice to support23:10
pooliecommit --interactive23:10
pooliewhich would ask which files or hunks to commit23:10
lifelessjam: one way is to decorate a WT; another is to alter the behaviour of the WT itself23:10
lifelesspoolie: yes, bzr-interactive does this already23:10
poolieand this might want to create a transient in-memory view just for that one command23:10
poolieoh, nice23:10
lifelesspoolie: and I think I proposed a way to do that in the thread using marks23:10
jamlifeless: sure, though I think doing it with a decorator is a bit better separation of concern23:10
jambut as long as it is tasteful, either way is fine23:10
lifelessmerge needs to preserve marks for instance23:11
lifelessindeed tree transform needs to know23:11
lifelessthough perhaps a lookaside structure will work23:14
bud3030_Hi Bzr I have a 2nd pc with hardy on it I wen to change passwd under preference  now the new and old want auth.23:14
bud3030_If there is not a fix that mean a clean install23:16
lifelesswhat protocol are you using with bzr?23:17
jamlifeless: do we have any way of creating branching/merging history without creating a real tree on disk?23:18
jamBranchBuilder and MemoryTree don't really seem to offer that functionality23:18
lifelessjam: they both do, but at quite a low level, not by calling merge()23:20
jamlifeless: how do you create the second branch?23:20
jamBranchBuilder only has 'build_commit'23:21
jamand never exposes its tree23:21
lifelessoh hmm; remember tired :) I'm sure MemoryTree supports set_parent_ids23:21
lifelessBranchBBuilder though I dunno23:21
jamah, I guess23:21
jamI guess I could do the 1 MemoryTree and use uncommit, etc to move it around23:22
jamI'll try it23:22
jamThough I guess I also need to create files in the tree23:22
jamwhich is difficult with MemoryTree ... :(23:22
jamoh, I guess you have put_file_bytes...23:22
lifelessits why it exists :P23:23
jambut it requires a file_id23:23
jamwhich is a bit odd for creating a new file23:23
lifelessyes, which add gives you23:23
lifelessadd([foo], [fooid], [file])23:23
jamso you just "add(['foo']" even though foo doesn't actual exist?23:23
lifelessput_file_bytes(fooid, content)23:23
jam_add you mean?23:23
lifelesspublic add23:23
jamah, and by passing the kinds it shortcuts '_gather_kinds'23:24
lifelesscould you eyeball https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/250514 please23:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250514 in bzr-email "bzr-email fails to send via a gmail tls smtp connection (needs ehlo cmd)" [Undecided,New]23:25
jamlifeless: I thought we already had a proper patch for that a while ago23:29
jammaybe it just didn't make it into trunk?23:29
jamjamesh: ^^ Didn't you work up a proper "resend ehlo after starting tls" ?23:30
jamlifeless: ah, it is the one in bzrlib which is fixed23:31
jamAnd for some reason the 'email' plugin doesn't use the one in bzrlib23:31
lifelessI thought it had been patched to do so :(23:31
jamlifeless: well, it is parameterized23:32
jamso it looks easy to do so23:32
jambut for some reason, I don't see a "from bzrlib import XXX"23:32
jamlifeless: I uploaded a simple patch on it23:34
lifelessjam: thanks23:38

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