stalanehi there04:52
stalanecan someone help me with an install model?04:53
stalaneive downloaded the server, desktop and add on04:53
stalanei have 10 machines in a school04:53
stalanei want the kids to be able to log in from any machine04:53
stalanedo i have to have server/thin client or can i do this with the desktop install???04:54
WixsonHello, anyone here? :)07:18
ab2hello - would just like to know if anyone has used a terminal called ebox with success?11:24
ab2anyone from south africa here?11:25
bony_can any one help me out on setting up a school lab?12:01
bony_i installed ubuntu first and then added the add on cd to it12:01
bony_all the systems are getting the ip from a central dhcp server12:02
bony_i want to access these system by there name12:02
bony_can some one give me an idea on domain's and DNS name server etc?12:02
ab2hello has anyone used a terminal called an ebox on LTSP5?22:17

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