sayaleprosohelp !! =/00:12
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SaYaLePRoSoalguien que me pueda ayudar ?00:13
SebNaitsabesso I just re installed Flashplugin non free from the repo into this womans Kubuntu and it's still doing it.  Flash stuff is not loading in Firefox. any ideas?00:15
MrKennieSebNaitsabes: in firefox does anything show in about:plugins ?00:17
SebNaitsabesi'll have to try stuff like that next time00:18
SebNaitsabesI was vncing her00:18
SebNaitsabesand she had to go00:18
MrKennieah ok00:18
SebNaitsabes,but I just remove the plugin and put it back on again00:18
SebNaitsabesand looked for some plugins folder in .mozilla that I could not find00:18
MrKennieshould be in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins00:19
MrKennieer, firefox/plugins00:19
SebNaitsabesyeah I went looking for00:20
MrKenniewhich is a link to /etc/alternatives/firefox-flashplugin00:20
SebNaitsabesa folder that I knew should be there00:20
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Guest30866moin moin00:20
mikedomosome people have problems with wireless cards in ubuntu00:20
SebNaitsabeswhilst I am at it,   I am prety sure there is a way to get Shockwave working in Linux Firefox with Wine or Codeweavers, but not entirely sure since I have not done that myself before00:21
MrKennieit is possible, I've done it myself but it's very unstable.00:21
MrKennieso I just gave up on that idea :)00:21
SebNaitsabeswell some stupid game on Facebook that she  wants to run maybe needs it00:21
mikedomoi posted one solution for that00:21
jonathan_flash sometimes wont load on firefox 300:22
MrKennieI'm still using FF200:22
jonathan_refreshing wont fix it00:22
jonathan_same glitch with firefox 2 as well00:23
mikedomoi never have this problem in firefox00:23
SebNaitsabeshummmmmmm and on mine I get problems like slowness and freezes with Firefox 3 in Ubuntu00:23
jonathan_maybe its a 64 bit thing00:23
SebNaitsabesshe is using 32bit00:23
mikedomois big trouble inst linux 64 bits version00:23
MrKenniedoesn't the latest flash work under x64?00:23
jonathan_im trying to buy some tracks on beat port but its just fnarked up00:23
jonathan_well flash does work fine00:24
SebNaitsabesmaybe it's worth trying to get Flash plugin working in konqueror as well00:24
jonathan_when it wants to00:24
jonathan_well oddly enough00:24
MrKenniefor me, video performance sucks in flash but other than that it's good.00:24
jonathan_same glitch in konqueror00:24
MrKennieah yea, I've had the same in konq00:24
SebNaitsabeswhat would really suck is having to use the WIndows Firefox under Wine or something like that00:25
SebNaitsabeswell she woudn't care00:25
* icarus test00:25
SebNaitsabes,but I sure as hell would00:25
jonathan_it could work for hours all day00:25
jonathan_then suddenly00:25
jonathan_its broke00:25
jonathan_like a magic gblin sneezed onit or something00:25
lesergihi all00:25
jonathan_its makes no sense00:26
SebNaitsabesor it does make sense since it's propritary closed source software00:26
init6I have a Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-1633S drive. Can't burn to my TDK DVD-r but can burn to Maxell DVD-r. Tried to flash the drive but they are all .exe apps. wine will let it detect the drive fine but can't flash it. any suggestions on how to upgrade the firmware to allow other media types?00:26
SebNaitsabeswhich does make me think of gnash again00:26
jonathan_is gnash any good then?00:26
SebNaitsabes,but the open source flash palyer lacks certain features and I have not tryed it00:26
MrKennieI don't think gnash can do videos yet (or probably never will)00:27
jonathan_i dont think id try buying music on beatport with gnash00:27
mikedomonot the adobeś non free plugin still better than gnash00:27
SebNaitsabesis there a way to choose which plugin for a flash video?00:27
SebNaitsabesI mean00:27
SebNaitsabesany flash00:27
jonathan_you get flash or gnash00:27
jonathan_thats the choice00:27
lesergido I can get 8.6 version of ati driver from any repo or I must install with ATI installer??00:27
SebNaitsabesI meant have both installed00:27
SebNaitsabesand say I want this plugin  no I want that plugin00:28
SebNaitsabeschoose between the plugin00:28
jonathan_i guess you could00:28
jonathan_try it... if something breaks.... say a swear00:28
mikedomouse envy to inatall this graphic card00:28
lesergi8.6 version?00:28
init6whats the best way to flash a DVD drives firmware with the applications don't work on linux to flash the drive?00:28
MrKenniepersonally I would like to see flash die a horrible death an d make the internet liveable again.00:29
lesergimikedomo: I checked it, it's right00:29
SebNaitsabescould put the Windows versin of Firefox on and yeah in Wine, but then I would want the user agent changed :)  and always have my changed one.  so it says Linux not Windows, even though technically it's Wine,  but Wine is running in Linux anyway so00:29
init6lol@Mrkennie I right there with you on the flashing hoping to die00:29
mikedomook :) iesergi00:29
lesergimikedomo: it seems be not-compiled version...00:30
MrKennieand that;s for silverlight, keep it. Why bother porting it mono guys, MS 0wn novell too!00:30
jonathan_action script 3 is good00:30
MrKenniesorry about the rant00:30
jonathan_mainly made of ass00:30
MrKennieI've had to do some actionscript in my time.00:30
MrKennieas2.0 that is00:31
jonathan_i once used visual art software made in actionscript 300:31
jonathan_fairly stable00:31
lesergioh mikedomo, it is compiling now itself ^^00:31
jonathan_but i was using a mac though00:31
jonathan_mind you id rather set fire to my mac than use it00:31
lesergimikedomo: thanks you very much, let's restart X server00:32
MrKenniealthough one pro for flash is that it has got rid of that nasty realplayer for *nix and everyone can watch videos again!00:32
mikedomosee ya00:32
jonathan_real player was made by hitler and satan00:32
jonathan_in one weekend00:32
jonathan_and they werent even really trying00:32
MrKennieat least the linux version was00:32
jonathan_oh yes00:33
jonathan_omg Real Player staff actually knew what linux was?00:33
MrKennieit was hard to even find the download on their site I recall00:33
MrKenniehad to google it00:33
jonathan_then they created Real Arcade00:33
mikedomoi dont like real player i love kaffeine00:34
MrKenniekaffeine is great, so is caffeine!00:34
mikedomosimple fast00:34
mikedomoawesome :)00:34
MrKenniegive me that and amarok and my computerised life is complete00:35
jonathan_armarok scares me its playlist system confuses me00:36
mikedomoamarok with mysql as a database manager is amazig00:36
MrKennieit can take a while tog et used to but it's worth it00:36
mikedomoof music compilations00:36
MrKennieI tried that but got terribly slow00:36
zhobbsis it hard to switch to esd instead of arts?00:36
jonathan_ill give it another go but right now super happy idiot proof xmms keeps me happy00:37
GithzeraiHm, I prefere SMplayer, Amarok is...well..Amarok, but don't forget K3b and Konqueror ;)00:37
jonathan_what about  Foobar?00:37
MrKenniezhobbs: why would you want to use esd?00:37
jonathan_oh wait00:37
mikedomok3b a great cd burner00:37
MrKennieoh, k3b!00:38
zhobbsMrKennie: I don't really, but there is an application that I have to use that seems to really want to use esd and won't work otherwise00:38
jonathan_i bought ut3 ages ago....... got it home.... then realised there is no linux client00:38
MrKenniezhobbs: oh, hmm. What application is that?00:38
mikedomoesd a daemon sound sounds very good when use xmms00:38
jonathan_ive been staring at the box of it all day00:38
MrKenniejonathan_: I thought there was00:38
MrKenniejonathan_: I remember playing the demo00:38
jonathan_i cant find the linux client anywhere00:39
jonathan_i have been everywhere00:39
MrKennieI used to paly wit ha buddy who used to hang out on here (freenode)00:39
MrKenniethen he got the full version and I didn't :P00:39
jonathan_maybe there was a linux demo but there still is no linux full version00:40
jonathan_ah poo00:40
zhobbsMrKennie: closed source bete software00:40
lesergifucking ATI card :'(00:40
jonathan_now what have we learned from this lesergi?00:40
jonathan_dont buy ATI ever00:40
MrKenniejonathan_: that sucks, I just googled and it seems to be something in the works00:40
lesergiwhy when I use 3D in my card computer halts!!!00:41
lesergijonathan_: xD00:41
jonathan_yes in the works....... its being programmed by the Epic Games mascott ..... pan pan the fat hamster00:41
MrKenniezhobbs: that's strange, usually closed software goes for at least OSS00:41
mikedomoi use nvidia because the sopport for linux driver is better00:41
zhobbsyeah, it has oss mode, but doesn't work (even with artsdsp)00:41
MrKennienever known anything to depend on sound daemons but I live a simple life I guess.00:41
lesergiI'll change my ati card for girlsfriend nvidia card ^^00:42
MrKenniezhobbs: can you tell me what the program is?00:42
jonathan_i use nvidia because i like to be controled by a corperation whos logo looks like the All Seeing Eye00:42
gurkentraegerif you buy an nvidia they will tell you to buy an ati00:42
jonathan_all hail the golden eye of zorgron king of the potato kingdom00:43
* MrKennie bows00:43
lesergiso, really nvidia better in linux?00:43
mikedomowell in my case yes00:43
jonathan_nvidia is the true road...... do not listen to the others....... they are false profits00:43
MrKennieI've always stuck with nvidia where possible but I have an older ati card which using opensource drivers works very well.00:43
lesergiin my laptop I have an ATI card with no-problems...00:44
DragnslcrIf you're going for Linux support, you'd probably want Intel00:45
mikedomoyeah because the open ati drivers are released this year and for that reason ati drivers will very soon more stable tha nvidia`s drivers00:45
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jonathan_is it just me or is the only way to make computer music with VST plugins and samplers?00:45
MrKennieDragnslcr: I agree, kde4.1 with all the compiz stuff works brilliantly on my laptop which has Intel gfx00:45
lesergi7 days left to 4.1 right?00:46
MrKennieor 8?00:46
Githzerailesergi: 29. july00:46
DragnslcrI'd guess that within a year or two, Intel's graphics chipsets will be powerful enough to do anything for normal desktop use00:46
MrKennietagged 4.1 on tuesday and the following week it's realised00:46
lesergiso, 8 days xD00:46
mikedomokde 4.1!00:46
MrKennierc1 still needs lots of work though00:47
lesergikubuntu integration too00:47
mikedomoyeah i prefer use it in october00:47
gurkentraegeror maybe Mark Shuttleworth has a contract with nvidia... he just looks like  sth. gnaws at his conscience00:47
MrKennie4.1 at rc1 is still way better than 4.0.x IMO00:47
mikedomoi hope so that00:48
lesergiso, can I do something to avoid computers reboot when I use 3D?????00:48
Syderoit's better, but very buggy00:48
MrKennielesergi: agp or pciex?00:48
lesergiI don't know what to do00:49
MrKenniesoemtiems fast write can cause problems00:49
MrKennieif it's enabled int he bios00:49
Syderoah good old fast write00:49
lesergifast write, I must disable it, right?00:49
Syderobut now you can pay $60 for a DX10 card00:49
MrKennieif it's enabled yea, if not then it can't be that00:49
MrKennieusually it's disabled by default but who knows00:50
lesergiMrKennie: if it is disable, what can I do? :(00:50
lesergiI did not see  information about error in logs00:51
MrKennielesergi: check agp aperture size, I've had problems with it set to high00:51
Syderoit doesn't need to be really anything if you have a lot of gfx memory00:51
MrKennietoo high*00:51
Phoenix92xI'm running 8.04 and I'd like some help fixing my sound system. I have 5.1 speakers from a soundblaster audigy platinum ex and before was getting only 2 channels of sound. I forgot to backup a file I was editing I think it was pulse.conf in /etc for the pulseaudio system, and now I dont have sound. I want to be able to run speaker-test -c 6 and get sound out of all channels. Right now I'm getting *** PULSEAUDIO: Unable to connect: Connection refused00:52
Phoenix92xPlayback open error: -111,Connection refused00:52
Phoenix92x 00:52
lesergiaperture size? in bios too?00:52
jonathan_can anyone direct me to a linux music channel?00:52
lesergiMrKennie: thanks a lot, I'm goint to reboot and I turn back ::P00:53
intelikeywhy are all fruit cakes are baked on "yum echad hashabuwa" the first day of the week ?00:53
intelikeyjonathan_ linux music ?00:53
MrKenniethere used to be a radio show on here00:53
Phoenix92xum, basically, can anyone help me fix my pulseaudio system?00:54
MrKennienot anymore though, been a few years too. =(00:54
* intelikey just wonders what linux music is ?00:54
jonathan_a irc for people making music on linux00:54
Phoenix92xwhy its the music of the kernel of course00:54
MrKennieoh, lol00:54
intelikeyjonathan_ i'm still not sure i follow you,   but check !freeformats00:55
jonathan_hmm...... take the linux kernal...... pack it into a file.... change the file extention to .ogg and run it.00:55
homiehi how can i change login manager ?00:55
intelikeyheh jonathan_ cat /boot/vmlinuz* > /dev/dsp00:56
jonathan_as in a chatroom for poor people who wanna make music using linux stuff like Ardour and Rosegarden?00:56
MrKenniejonathan_: maybe there's an #ardour which should have more info?00:56
intelikeyhomie just install another one.00:56
jonathan_thanks at least its a start00:56
SyderoAre there any security apps we should install on linux i.e. a firewall configuring tool00:57
MrKennieI was playing around with Hydrogen yesterday. Very cool stuff.00:57
homiei have kdm and gdm i want to use kdm00:57
lesergihi again00:58
MrKenniehomie: dpkg-reconfigure kdm/gdm, doesn't matter which00:58
MrKennielesergi: hi00:58
lesergiagp fast write was enabled, I disabled it00:58
MrKennielesergi: OK, any luck?00:58
lesergiaperture from 64->3200:58
lesergiI did glxgears and no errors...00:59
lesergiI'll play urban terror...00:59
MrKenniegood luck :)00:59
lesergiI'll tell you00:59
lesergithanks !!! :D00:59
jonathan_is urban terror any good?01:00
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MrKennieI can't even remember what it is. I've not played games for well over a year now.01:00
MrKennieis it an addon for ET?01:00
jonathan_free counterstrike01:00
MrKennieah, I remember, yea it's a very good mod01:01
jonathan_i thought i t was a stand alone game01:01
MrKennieprobably is by now01:01
MrKennieI remember playing it when it was a mod01:01
MrKenniea huge mod at that.01:02
jonathan_biggest free game on linux is free space 2....01:02
jonathan_oh my god its unbelivable01:02
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jonathan_if you install it it basically installs every community made thing in one go for freespace 201:03
_2jonathan_ there isn't any money in writing free games.01:03
jonathan_you will never finish it theres so much content01:03
anom01yhi, I have 2 cameras, both are kodak easyshare cameras, but one is a c330, the other a c43001:04
anom01yone works in digikam, but the other does not01:04
_2set to disk mode anom01y ?01:04
anom01y_2: both set to auto01:04
_2set to disk mode anom01y01:04
init6So I am thinking the best way to flash my DVD drives firmware is to download ophcrack-xp-livecd and run the flash software from that. unless anyone has another idea on how to flash a DVD drives firmware in linux01:05
MrKennienot I01:05
Dr_willismove drive to another machine.01:05
init6they are all linux01:06
Dr_willisusing a 'not quite legal' live cd.. is proberly against channel rules.. heh.. good luck01:06
histoinit6: put the drive in a linux box01:06
init6It is,01:06
init6but all the software to flash the drive are .exe and wine wont let me flash it01:07
MrKennieprobably not a good idea to try via wine anyway01:07
Dr_willisflashing from wine. would be a scary idea also.01:07
init6the software detects the drive and when I am about to do it. It doesn't get the correct info from the drive becauses it's going tthrough wine01:07
anom01y_2: ok will try that first01:07
MrKennieinit6: I would guess check related forums/newsgroups. Not really the right place to discuss here.01:08
init6thats cool, I googled the crap out of this issue. This is normaly my last stop. Thanks thou.01:09
NyleI am using kubuntu hurdy 8.0401:09
Nyleits nice01:09
Nyleits more friendly than debian01:10
Nyleand new01:10
Nyleand it  works01:10
Nylebut sometimes my pc freeze up and nothing works01:10
NyleI ran full memtest and it seem to bo ok01:10
histoman is kde have some wierd issues.01:11
Nylebut sometimes I can move the mouse but everything elseis locked and sysrq don't work either01:11
histoIs there a way to hide windows from the taskbar that are on other desktops?01:11
Nylehisto, yes01:11
MrKennieNyle: how's your CPU temp?01:11
Nyleshow windows from workspace option somewhere in kcontrol01:11
NyleMrKennie, hang on01:11
MrKennieNyle: and which graphics card you got01:11
NyleCore 0:      +48.0°C  (crit = +85.0°C)01:11
NyleCore 1:      +48.0°C  (crit = +85.0°C)01:11
* Githzerai wonders where are all those Debian lovers now? They missed that and it works part... :D01:12
MrKennielooks sweet01:12
Nylemodel name      : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU          6300  @ 1.86GHz01:12
MrKennieok, CPU is no problem. Graphics card?01:12
Nylewhich sensors read it?01:12
Nylei don't know how to configure to find temp of gfx01:12
Nylewhat program to use01:13
MrKennieoh, no I mean which one you got?01:13
MrKenniesorry, I should have been more specific :)01:13
NyleX1900 XTX w/ fglrx (from kubuntu)01:13
Nyler580 chipset01:13
lesergiMrKennie: I love you :P01:13
Nyleamd64 kubuntu01:13
lesergiIt works fine01:14
MrKennielesergi: I'm pleased it works :)01:14
Nylei use ubuntu/kubuntu every single time on every single release01:14
Nyleand every time it makes me angry because it dont' works01:14
Nyleand i have to go back into the debian01:14
MrKennieNyle: I will hand this over to the ATI exports, I don't have much experience with ATI.01:14
Nylebut this one new is good01:14
Nylethis new kubuntu is work nice01:14
Nylebut sometimes i got lockups01:14
admin_hey guys, if anyone if good with kernel updating and grub, please see if you can answer my question, thanks. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86554501:15
Nylesometime pc work fine for days and sometime I have it crash 10 times in a day01:15
MrKennieNyle: Although it may not be the ATI driver, ATI are not known for great drivers unfortunatley :(01:15
MrKennieor AMD/ATI as it is now01:15
Nylethere is no 3d support in radeonhd yet01:15
Nyleand the one from git doesn't build these days01:15
kaiwenhey, does anyone know how to get shortcuts working under kde 4.1?01:16
Nylethey may have fixed it but it is still a little sketchy01:16
kaiwenthe gui to create shortcuts is useless01:16
Nyleask #kde also01:16
kaiweni did01:16
MrKennieNyle: hang around for someone experienced with ATI, I can't really be of much help, sorry.01:16
Nylethank you01:16
kaiwenwhat's yoru problem01:16
Nyleits not a gfx card issue01:17
kaiweni just got here01:17
Nyleit happen also sometime in radeon driver01:17
Nyleor driver issue01:17
Nylethere is no logs nothing01:17
Nylejust system lockup randomly, no input works, sysrq + stuff doesn't work01:17
Nylesysrq + b doesn't reboot01:17
kaiwenwhat is your cpu usage when it locks up01:17
Nylei have to hard reset01:17
Nylehow could I know01:18
kaiwenrun system manager01:18
kaiwenor whatever shows cpu usage01:18
Nyledo you understand what I'm saying?01:18
kaiwenyes i do01:18
kaiwenyoru system locks up b/c of the radeon driver01:18
histowtf anytime I minimize or close limewire to the taskbar by the clock I can't get focus back for the mouse01:18
Nyleits not a driver issue01:18
kaiwenthen it's a cpu issue01:18
kaiwenwhat's ur cpu01:19
Nylemodel name      : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU          6300  @ 1.86GHz01:19
kaiwensome people have problems with high cpu usage when idle01:19
kaiwenit causes random freezes at random times01:19
Nylenot frequently01:19
Nylebut when it does happen, it happens many times in a row01:20
Nylebut then its fine again01:20
Nyleits not a heat issue either01:20
NyleI can't narrow down it01:20
kaiwenwhat type of memory do u have01:20
Nylei tested psu with psu tester01:20
NyleI made memtest for many complete full passes01:20
kaiwenso it just randomly freezes? nothing responds?01:20
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kaiwenhave you tried restarting X while it is frozen?01:21
kaiwenctr alt backspace01:21
Nyleinput doesn't work01:21
Nyleif sysrq+b doesn't work, nothing will01:21
kaiwenwell idk about that problem..01:21
Nyleits not aproblem01:21
kaiwenif it is a video driver prob. i can help01:21
kaiwenif not, idk01:21
Nyleall kernels these days are compiled with magic sysrq support01:22
Nyleas does debian and in turn ubuntu/kubuntu01:22
MrKenniekaiwen: type dmesg in konsole and seee if you get and seek/request errors01:22
MrKennieer, not kawain sorry, Nyle01:22
Nylekaiwen, http://www.linuxhowtos.org/Tips%20and%20Tricks/sysrq.htm01:23
Nylehere are no ata errors in syslog01:23
kaiwenidk man01:23
kaiwencan't help u there01:23
Nylenothing in dmesg output01:24
MrKennieNyle: you have tested the card in Windows?01:24
Nylekaiwen, look at that link, you may find it useful01:24
Dr_willisseems most lockups i have are either drives dieing.. or video drivers crashing..01:24
NyleMrKennie, it all works fine in windows and debian01:24
kaiwenNyle: what for.01:24
Nyleif you dont' look, you will never know :)01:25
kaiweni'm looking at it now01:25
Dr_willisif on a lan, you could ssh in, and keep an eye on things and hope to catch some info.  You could also try the  non-acelerated drivers for your video card if you can.01:25
MrKennieNyle: I had a similar issue with a machine of mine which turned out to be the SATA cable but I was having intermittent boot problems too.01:25
kaiweni don't need it though ;)01:25
NyleMrKennie, I see01:25
NyleMrKennie, I also went through that once01:26
NyleMrKennie, I changed the cable and my disks were no longer being recognized as BzBzBzBzBzBz but by the correct drive name/serial#01:26
Nylekaiwen, you saying you could never use that info I told you about?01:27
MrKennieNyle: what is your kernel version? uname -a in konsole01:27
Dr_willisI had an ide cable once. with one wire on the edge..just barely cut  by a sharp edge on the case. :) took me forever to discover that.01:27
Nyleok buddy... your choice.  It is VERY useful when you need it... then again if you don't care.. go ahead and reboot01:27
kaiwenNyle: well i don't need it right now ;)01:28
kaiwenNyle: my problem is about shortcuts in kde 4.101:28
NyleI am aware of that01:29
kaiwenthe gui configuration is broken01:29
kaiweni'll book mark it to make u happy01:29
Nyleyou don't honestly believe I'd tell you about the magis sysrq key in reponse to your original query, do you?01:29
MrKennieNyle: type uname -r in konsole, and tell us your result.01:29
NyleLinux desktop 2.6.24-19-generic #1 SMP Fri Jul 11 21:01:46 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:29
MrKennieok, all upto date.01:29
Nyledaily updates01:29
NyleI love the adept update manager01:29
Nylekubuntu has come a long way01:30
MrKenniehow recent? I think there was a restricted modules update today01:30
NyleI update everyday01:30
Nylewhenever I see a notice to update01:30
Nylenah no updates in console either01:30
Nyleno package lists were diff'd01:31
MrKennieNyle: not really sure, it could be many things.01:31
Nyleyeh buddy01:31
NyleI'm also scratching my head01:31
MrKennieNyle: most common cause for that is graphics and hdd like others have mentioned here.01:31
Nyleit maybe be a hardware issue01:31
Nylethis system is 2 years old01:31
Nylemaybe the motherboard is giving out?01:31
MrKenniemaybe your PSU is faulty, that can cause it.01:32
Nyle2 of 4 ram slots are dead01:32
Dr_willisWhen in doubt.. open it up. give it a good cleaning.. check all cables/reseat the ram, and so forth.01:32
MrKenniemotherboard could have a fault.01:32
NyleDr_willis, done it01:32
Dr_willis2 of 4? icky. :) thats not a good sign.01:32
Nylei know01:32
NyleI mean to upgrade soon, just a funding issue atm01:32
MrKenniewell you never mentioend that :)01:32
Nyleit may verywell be the mobo01:32
NyleI just remembered01:32
NyleI apologize01:32
MrKennieI could well put money on your mobo then01:33
MrKenniebeing the fault01:33
Dr_willisthere were a lot of bad capaciaters being used a few years back.01:33
NyleI thought you were going to buy me a new mobo01:33
Dr_willisseeing a lot of death of MB's  lately at work. :)01:33
Nyleput _your_ money on _my_ motherboard01:33
Nylehw manufacturers have gotten cheap01:33
MrKennieyea, when I was in teh trade a couple fo years ago, bursting/leaking caps were common01:34
anom01yhi, I have 2 cameras, both are kodak easyshare cameras, but one is a c330, the other a c43001:34
anom01yone works in digikam, but the other does not01:34
NyleI've seen very much leakage on video card caps too01:34
Nyleand modems01:34
Nylemade recently for dialup01:34
MrKennieNyle: welp, I would start saving for a new mobo, other than that I can't offer any more suggestions01:35
=== nick__ is now known as mudge
miraclemaximwhy did u guys decide it's a faulty mobo instead of a faulty graphics card01:37
miraclemaximnevermind i read up01:37
MrKennienobody has decided from where I'm sitting01:37
MrKennieit's a case of why waste time on soemthing already faulty I guess01:38
miraclemaximif it works fine in debian and windows why would it be the mobo01:38
histoAlright how do I remove kubuntu-desktop now?01:38
histoTried KDE for a while not a big fan.01:38
histoMaybe try it again when 4 comes out mainstream.01:39
MrKenniemiraclemaxim: if you have any suggestions that can help Nyle then fine. I'm out of ideas.01:39
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here << http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome >>01:39
miraclemaximwell no suggestion is better than a bad suggestion01:39
MrKennieit's bad to suggest replacing a faulty mothergboard?01:40
miraclemaximfrom what i can tell his mobo sounds fine01:40
MrKennieyou missed the part where he mentions 2 ram slots are dead?01:40
jonathan_i found the mother load of VSt plugins01:42
MrKennieI have a problem where switching to another user sometimes kills my session. Any ideas? :)01:50
NyleI think so too MrKennie01:51
Nylewhat is a good chipset to go with, something for core2 or better, with pref. 4gb ram max don't need 8, and onboard intel gfx01:52
Nylesomething good enough to do 3d gaming under ubuntu for ubutugames.org site01:52
Nylelike nexiuz, open arena etc. etc.01:52
MrKennieNyle: well, I hope you find a solution soon so you can enjoy kubuntu :)01:52
Nylecurrently I have ich8(r)01:53
MrKennieNyle: I'm using nforce4 with an AMD NB which is pretty old now.01:53
Nyleoh, and I may also require PATA support01:53
Nylepref. chipset based and not a 3rd party controller01:54
Nylebut I heard intel dropped support for pata lately01:54
MrKennieNyle: I'm a bit out of touch with the latest and greatest01:55
Nyleare you very old?01:55
Nylelike a grampa?01:55
MrKenniehaha no01:55
Nylejust wondering01:55
kaiweni am01:55
kaiweni'm like01:56
histoGod for some reason can't get rid of kio-umountwrapper01:56
MrKennieI wonder if I'm the oldest here01:56
histoGetting errors removing it.01:56
NyleMrKennie, how old are you?01:56
Nylehisto, please pastebin your output01:56
Nyle<--- 2701:56
MrKennieI feel old now01:57
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:57
Nyleyou shouldn't feel old01:57
MrKenniegrampa #kubuntu01:57
NyleGrumpubuntu! Ubuntu for the Grumpy Grampa Human Beings01:57
MrKennieI should grow a beard like RMS and become an OSS evangelist01:58
histoNyle: http://paste.ubuntu.com/28871/01:59
MrKenniealthough like it or not, RMS is alot more intelligent than me02:00
histoThats the last kde package I have left to remove.02:00
NyleI think he is very intelligent, though a comparison is futile02:01
MrKenniehisto: are any kio services still running?02:01
histowell I tried ps aux | grep kio and see nothing02:02
Nyleits not that02:02
Nyleits to do with diversions02:02
histoAny way to fix it?02:02
Nylesomething I can't recall but it has to do with a package perhaps ovewriting some files02:02
Nylefrom another package02:02
Nyleor the opposite of that or I dunno its something along those lines02:02
MrKennieyou could try dpkg -r --force-all but I only do that in extreme cases.02:03
Nyle       dpkg-divert - override a package’s version of a file02:03
Nyledon't force02:03
Nyledpkg-divert: error checking `/usr/share/apps/d3lphin/servicemenus/media_safelyremove.desktop': No such file or directory02:03
Nyletry this02:03
Nylesudo touch /usr/share/apps/d3lphin/servicemenus/media_safelyremove.desktop02:04
Nyleand then try to remove the package again02:04
Nylewhat is d3lphin anyway? never heard of it02:04
MrKennienever seen it spelt like that02:04
NyleI know about dolphin though02:05
MrKenniewhich is the file manager.02:05
Nylemaybe it has something to do with delphi?02:05
Nylenot sure02:05
histodon't know something with kio aparently02:05
Nylewell, as sudo try to touch the file02:05
Nylethough i doubt it will work02:05
Nylemaybe you could cp a this .desktop file from the diff location to this one, and perhaps dpkg-divert won't give you an error02:05
histoIt can't touch it because it doens't exist02:06
histoI tried creating it too that didn't work02:06
Nylehisto, man touch02:06
histoYou can't use touch on a file that isn't there.02:06
Nylehisto, try "touch ~/histo_sucks"02:06
Nyleyou will get a blank file02:07
Nylewith that filename02:07
MrKenniethe path doesn't exist02:07
Nylewhat is d3lphin man02:07
Phoenix92xI completely screwed my sound up and have none, could someone please help me get alsa working? I've been trying to get it working with 5.1 sound now for a few hours, sound card is Audigy02:07
histoYes but you can't touch wihtin a path that isn't there.02:07
Nylehisto, oh yes02:07
Nyleyou're right about that02:08
histoA file manager for kde02:08
MrKennielooks like a force would be safe02:10
MrKennieI can't see what can be affected by it02:10
histoYeah especially since I don't need kde anymore02:10
histoForce didn't even get rid of it.02:11
histoIt appears its partially removed its showing a status of rH in dpkg02:12
MrKennieI wonder if it's because konq and dolphin are sim,ialr in functionality and dpkg-divert enables you to use one or the other.02:12
histoMan this sucks02:13
histoahh its a bug trying a fix02:15
histosudo mkdir -p /usr/share/apps/d3lphin/servicemenus/02:16
histosry wrong window02:17
Nylein this case02:17
histoJust created that directory and made a file in there and it remove kio its a bug02:17
Nyleyou can just even force it and i think it will be fine02:17
histobug 18672902:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 186729 in kio-umountwrapper "Cannot uninstall kio-umountwrapper" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18672902:18
histoForcing it didn't work.02:18
Nyleyou found it02:18
Nylecool good job02:18
Nyleyou are the man02:18
histoty all for your help02:19
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FastPuttyGell guys need a quick help with Wine02:20
FastPuttyi cannot start my games.. is there a way to figure out the problem?02:20
MrKenniehave you configure wine?02:20
FastPuttyi just install it and run it02:20
MrKennierun winecfg02:20
MrKennienot much needs to be changed really, jsut go through each tab, expecially sound.02:21
FastPuttyhmm ok02:21
FastPuttyseem not having porblem anywhere..02:21
MrKenniesound tab you should have at least alsa selected.02:22
MrKennieyou probably want oss too. Some games are touch and go with alsa.02:22
FastPuttyhmm sound could stop the game to work?02:22
MrKennienot always02:22
MrKennieif you are happy with everything click apply or ok or whatever02:23
FastPuttytat not fixing my problem xD02:23
MrKenniethen the easiest way to see what's happening is to go in konsole and type wine path/to/exe02:24
FastPuttyi did02:24
FastPuttynothing appear02:24
FastPuttylook like it runing02:24
FastPuttybut i dont see anythinjg appear02:24
FastPuttytop show me wineserver running and the Exe file too02:24
FastPuttyso no one has an idea?02:25
MrKenniewhat are you trying to run?02:25
FastPuttyragnarok online02:25
MrKennieis it in http://appdb.winehq.org/ ?02:26
Jucato#winehq too02:26
Jucatobut if your version of Ragnarok Online uses GameGuard, no it won't run in Wine02:27
FastPuttyim playing ina  private server o_o02:28
FastPuttyerr:seh:setup_exception_record stack overflow 1324 bytes in thread 0009 eip 7b844bca esp 00230e04 stack 0x230000-0x231000-0x33000002:28
MrKenniecheck the appdb, there maybe comments there that might help you, or what Jucato suggested02:28
flajannhttp://www.linuxbloke.com/ -- KDE Konsole Backgrounds and ssh sessions02:31
shaffydoes anyone know how to make a script run in a terminal window (i.e. so you can see what is being output from the script)?02:53
Dontrelleshaffy:   ./myscript.sh  for bash scripts02:54
shaffyDontrelle:  i'm not sure if i'm following.  maybe i should be a bit more explicit.  i made a simple wget script, and i run it from my "alt-f2" console.  however, i don't get to see the process take place (i believe it runs in the background).02:56
Dontrelleshaffy: does the script output lines using "echo"?02:57
shaffyDontrelle: http://pastebin.com/d1375735a02:59
Dontrelleshaffy: I see what you mean now. I'm not sure why it doesn't show the output03:01
Walzmynamarok is saying it does not have mp3 support, when i click to install nothing happens.03:02
shaffyDontrelle: if i was to use "echo", do i just put it in front of the wget command?03:02
Dontrelleshaffy: If running the command via a terminal window outputs the progress, then it should do the same thing in the script that you wrote.03:05
=== JonathanS is now known as JonathanD
Dr_willisi would just make a script that called the other script with 'xterm -e scriptname' :)03:24
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ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!03:54
shaffycan anyone please help me with this aptitude error?  http://pastebin.com/d288cdd7004:04
geniishaffy: Have you enabled the multiverse repository?04:07
mot_is the kde 4.1 RC1 in the repos yet?04:07
geniimot_: #kubuntu-kde4 please04:08
shaffy genii:  yes, it is enabled.  so puzzling.04:08
geniishaffy: Could you pastebin result of: apt-cache policy sun-java6-bin04:09
mot_what does it mean when i try to apt-get upgrade and packages have been 'kept back'?04:10
shaffygenii here is another error message when i go about trying to uninstall firefox-2.   http://pastebin.com/d4bb2623f04:10
shaffyand yes, i will paste that next for you04:10
shaffygenii: here you go http://pastebin.com/d4201614a04:11
geniishaffy: Looks like the two errors are related04:11
shaffyany ideas genii?04:12
shaffyhow do i do this: "This might mean you need to manually fix this package. (due to missing arch)"04:12
geniishaffy: No immediate ones, the version it complains about not being able to install is same version apt says is available to install04:13
geniishaffy: Are you on 64bit ?04:13
shaffygenii: no04:15
genii!es | felix04:15
ubottufelix: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:15
shaffygenii: i'm trying apt-get install sun-java6-bin04:15
geniishaffy: Conceivably corrupted file in /var/cache/apt/archives of sun-java6 deb files04:16
Kernelhello all. im using fluxbox and im wondering what the app is called that alerts you of updates?...04:18
Kernelid like to start it when i log into fluxbox04:18
shaffygenii: it appears sudo apt-get install sun-java6-bin worked.  i no longer receive errors and sudo aptitude upgrade now works (it was not in the beginning).  i think apt-get forced the install of the package?04:20
geniishaffy: Maybe it could not install that as a dependency automatically since I believe it needs a user input of agreement to continue installing it04:21
shaffythat's interesting genii, as when i tried to do the upgrade via adept, it did prompt me to agree, however, an error kept arising, that would thus render me with the error i initially came to you with.  it appears aptitude was not able to solve the problem?04:22
shaffythat is, if adept manager is a gui of aptitude (and not apt-get)04:23
geniiKernel: The KDE one is adept-notifier. But you may want to use another if using flux and not KDE. The gnome one is just update-notifier04:24
geniishaffy: It seems so. I generally use apt-get instead of aptitude so not overly familiar with it04:24
Kernelgenii: ah ok. awesome. thanks :-)04:25
shaffythanks for you input genii.  much appreciated.  have a great night/day. :)04:25
geniiKernel: np04:25
geniishaffy: You too :)04:25
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gabe1002hello, I am getting a grub error 15 message when I turn my PC on. What can I do to get my data stored in my hardrive??? will I lose it?04:45
gabe1002hello, I am getting a grub error 15 message when I turn my PC on. What can I do to get my data stored in my hardrive??? will I lose it?04:47
geniigabe1002: Did you add/remove/switch around drives lately?04:47
gabe1002no at all04:47
gabe1002no at all04:48
geniiThis would include having an external USB,firewire disk plugged in at boot, or a usb storage stick04:48
gabe1002are you talking to me genii?04:48
geniigabe1002: Yes04:48
gabe1002sorry I'm not sure what you meant by that04:49
geniigabe1002: Do you have any external hard drives or usb storage?04:49
gabe1002oh no, it's my internal hard drive04:49
gabe1002I had the OS installed and suddenly it won't boot. I get this grub 15 error message instead04:50
geniigabe1002: Did it boot at all into linux, or the error was right after install?04:51
gabe1002it did boot for a couple of days04:51
gabe1002that was 3 days ago04:51
geniigabe1002: Did you shut it down while it was trying to run updates?04:52
gabe1002no, everything was find and like I said, today it just decided not to boot04:52
geniigabe1002: OK. Are you on the livecd right now or another computer?04:53
gabe1002I'm using my lap top my my desktop is the one with this problem04:53
gabe1002but I can boot a live cd if that's needed04:54
geniigabe1002: It's useful to boot to livecd on affected box so disk can be examined and so on04:54
gabe1002ok it's loading right now04:54
=== root is now known as Guest20894
geniigabe1002: I may not be here much longer for prolonged assistance but hopefully someone else can also help04:55
gabe1002ok I got it ready04:55
gabe1002please just tell me what command to run in terminal to rebuild the grub04:55
SyderoIs there a way to reset the desktop (wallpaper with icons)?04:56
Syderoin kde04:56
geniigabe1002: It's not that simple, since the affected disk is not the disk we are booted into from livecd. It will want to rebuild the gub of the livecd04:58
genii!pastebin | gabe1002 Please use pastebin to post results of command: sudo fdisk -l05:00
ubottugabe1002 Please use pastebin to post results of command: sudo fdisk -l: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)05:00
geniijust sudo fdisk -l    without the : which bot added05:00
Syderobrb I'm about to try something very stupid05:00
gabe1002Disk /dev/sda: 200.0 GB 200049647616 bytes05:03
gabe1002255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 24321 cylinders05:03
=== Guest36396 is now known as cdstudios
geniigabe1002: PASTEBIN please and not into the channel here05:03
gabe1002Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes05:03
gabe1002Disk identifier: 0x1549f23205:04
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)05:04
gabe1002sorry, I can't paste I'm using my lap top and my desk top has the commands05:04
geniigabe1002: If you have the machine booted to livecd then it should be able to use the network, so to come here from the desktop with konversation or so05:05
Syderoyaaah I survived05:06
gabe1002ok I'll be back05:06
* genii sips his coffee and looks at his watch05:14
* elo wonders if anybody will come alive anytime soon05:16
SyderoI am05:17
Syderomessing around with my kde 4.105:17
Nylehow is it working out so far?05:17
NyleIstill have not given it a try05:17
Syderojust deleted .kde & .kde405:18
Syderowhich helped05:18
Nylei'm waiting for a official stable 4.1 release05:18
Sydero4.0 is still buggy05:18
Syderowith 4.105:20
SyderoI can't link the windows key to the k-menu05:20
Syderothe 3rd level window key setting trick doesn't work05:20
Syderowhich is stupid05:20
Syderoand viewing a video file crashes dolphin05:21
Syderowell the icon itself05:21
eloSydero do u know why it resets my panels to blank everytime i restart?05:23
elothe panel is blank yet it shows the widgets as being present05:23
Syderono :S05:24
Syderomaybe deleting .kde4 will fix it :P05:24
elowhat did deleting .kde and .kde4 do?05:24
Syderoreset the settings05:24
Gustinremoves your kde settings05:24
Syderoi.e. chosen fonts05:25
Gustinbasically puts it back to the defaults next time you login05:25
eloi think i should do that too05:25
elo4.1 is acting like such a baby05:25
Syderoit fixed a hell of a lot with 4.105:25
eloSydero: http://paste.ubuntu.com/28900/ <--- any idea how to fix that05:26
Syderosorry no idea, I'm still a newbie05:27
ubottuKDE 4.0.5 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.5.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde405:28
SyderoI mainly only use adept since it handles dependencies as well05:29
elomr---t-,  i know it can be found in the kde4 channel, but there isn't really anybody alive in there and since Sydero  brought it up I thought I might as well ask, thanks for your amazing insight and widsom05:30
Syderowhy not try ./configure & make ;)05:30
Syderothen make install05:30
Syderoor something05:30
Syderoinstead of cmake...05:31
elocmake should have done any configuring05:31
Syderoall I see is a bunch of not found things05:32
eloplus it seems ./configure doesnt even work in setting up plasmoids05:32
mr---t-elo: just trying to be helpful this is a help channel05:34
elolike i said, i thank you... again05:34
ahmoshi, i want a good pro. for editing sound tracks05:36
elou want a prostitute for sound editing?05:36
Syderopro. usually stands for professional ;)05:38
elonothing like a little fun05:38
Syderodownload all of the programs from the repositories ;)05:39
Syderoand try them out :P05:40
eloi guess u could start out with audacity05:40
elobut God help u with getting ur sound device figured out satisfactorily05:40
ahmosplz god help me05:41
ahmosand what a bout kwave i just found it in the repo05:41
SyderoI wouldn't trust k apps05:41
Syderoin general05:41
Syderoto do the job05:41
ahmosbecause of crashes or why?05:42
eloprobably because most K programs are not made for specific stuff05:43
elorather they ar emostly made just to have a K program to try and do the job05:43
elono offense anybody, just my opinion05:43
ahmosah.... so thank u all for help ;)05:44
Syderothey don't usually focus on what the thing is about05:44
Syderorather they create something that gets the job done05:44
Syderowell that's my impression anyways05:45
ahmosi see now ..thank's alot :)05:45
CostaRicanQuakerhelp i'm having trouble, opening up html files that i've saved on folders, as soon as i get the mouse pointer on top of the file i get the following error from dolphin :/usr/share/apps/d3lphin/servicemenus/amarok_addaspodcast.desktop05:56
grendal_primethis is probably going to sound stupid..but hey..im alittle stupid when it comes to this varriant of debian.05:58
grendal_primeim very used to using the /etc/network/interfaces file to conf all my networking needs...thing is...kubuntu has the network manager app and the wireless radio locator...but it seems like they never work right for me.  do i need to do smething different with the interfaces file to get the netmanager to work right?05:59
gkffjcswhere dose kde store the .desktop files used in kmenu?07:03
bdizzleI'm looking for a quick program to measure the heat in my laptop, does anyone have any suggestions?07:04
ubottuYou might find something useful at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto07:05
anom01yhow come a certain digital camera works on Sidux but not kubuntu ?07:07
bdizzlejussi01, I'm running sensors-detect right now, and it came up saying "Load 'i2c-i801' (say NO if built into your kernel)? (YES/no):07:08
bdizzleis it?07:08
jussi01ive no idea to be honest07:08
anom01ydoes anyone know if 512mb ram (-64mb for video card) is ok for kubuntu to run on (installed to hd) ??07:12
jussi01anom01y: yes, that should be fine07:19
jussi01anom01y: I have run on that before no probs07:19
anom01yjussi01: well it seems kinda slow07:19
jussi01anom01y: you may want to try one of the lighter desktops like fluxbox or xfce though07:20
ubottufluxbuntu is a LPAE-standard compliant, Ubuntu-based derivative that maintains the goal of running on a wide range of mobile devices and computers (low-end & high-end). It is lightweight, swift and efficient. | Support Channel: #fluxbuntu on freenode | Homepage: http://fluxbuntu.org/07:20
anom01yIm not sure if the reason why its slow is because of the lack of memory or if I dont have the video drivers properly installed07:20
jussi01anom01y: which video card?07:20
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_2yeah howdy07:47
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr07:47
desk_yup how ya doing07:47
desk_na just messing about07:47
desk_where ya from ?07:48
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:48
ubottuThe official Kubuntu support channel is #kubuntu. Also see http://www.kubuntu.com/support.php07:48
anom01yjussi01: ati 330m/340m/350m07:57
anom01ynot sure if thats the problem or not07:57
jussi01anom01y: got the restricted drivers installed?07:57
jussi01!ati | anom01y07:58
ubottuanom01y: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:58
posingaspopulartip: you can look at previous text you've sent using irssi via the up arrow key or scrolling up on the mouse. im very proud of myself for learning this.08:17
Jucatoposingaspopular: blog about it too! :)08:17
Jucato(glad to see your old nick again btw :P)08:17
posingaspopularJucato: another string of useless blogs by me... lol ;p08:17
Jucato<offtopic />08:18
posingaspopularit's been disappointing, when i come in here there is nothing to fix08:18
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
_2posingaspopular fix my atheros wifi   :)08:19
posingaspopular_2: whats the issue?08:20
Jucatoit's an atheros. that's what :)08:20
posingaspopulari bought a system76 computer specifically to run ubuntu and avoid hardware issues, but i'll try08:20
_2well   1. it's atheros.    2. running dapper lts.   3. never messed with wifi before...    need i say more ?08:21
Jucatoyep... but I won't say it :)08:21
posingaspopularto scan for networks using the command line (konsole) use iwlist config08:22
posingaspopulariwlist scan08:22
_2claydoh:   and the system is totally intelikeized08:22
Jucatowhere's claydoh? O.o08:22
_2^ that was for Jucato :)08:22
_2iwlist scan says   lo   and  eth008:23
posingaspopulareth0 is your wireless interface im assuming?08:23
posingaspopularhmm so youre not seeing any wireless networks?08:24
_2i'm not seeing any wireless cards08:24
_2i'll pastebin lspci  with and without -vv for you.08:25
posingaspopularim not gonna lie08:26
posingaspopularit's probably going to be a driver issue08:26
posingaspopularwhich i know nothing about08:26
_2oh crap.   i mean i'll pastebin it as soon as i remember to plug the stupid cable in....08:27
_2Jucato remind me to disarm the nick completion char.08:29
Jucato_2: disamr the nick completion char08:29
posingaspopularit has a weapon08:30
jussi01_2: i would have said this is the wireless card there: #08:30
jussi010000:02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications, Inc.: Unknown device 001c (rev 01)08:30
_2yeah it shoots claydoh every time i say oh;08:30
posingaspopularnickserv is on a rampage, netslplit to commence in 5...4....3...2..08:31
posingaspopularhmm if teh device is unknown08:31
_2jussi01 yes and line 164 for full output08:31
keymone1hi guys08:31
keymone1did anybody tryed to setup double-screen on kubuntu?08:32
keymone1it looks completely bugged for me08:32
keymone1it killed my previous setup so i can't even get back to normal options..08:32
jussi01_2: Id say ask in the madwifi channel imho - they will have more of an idea08:33
tictrickeymone1: if your xorg.conf is broken and you can't restore it you can just remove it in 8.0408:34
keymone1when i try to set screen resolution 1400x900 it actually sets 1280x720 and shows cropped screen - does anybody know how to fix it?08:34
tictricwhat driver08:34
keymone1i have a laptop08:34
tictricI knew it :)08:34
keymone1dell vostro 150008:34
jussi01!dualhead | keymone108:34
ubottukeymone1: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama08:34
keymone1ok, i'll try to remove xorg.conf08:35
_2jussi01 seems awful quiet in there...08:36
keymone1laptop screen is now black :)08:37
CostaRicanQuaker help i'm having trouble, opening up html files that i've saved on folders, as soon as i get the mouse pointer on top of the file i get the following error from dolphin :/usr/share/apps/d3lphin/servicemenus/amarok_addaspodcast.desktop08:37
keymone1what is better driver nv or nvidia?08:38
_2for my card nv   for yours  nvidia08:39
pagCostaRicanQuaker, " sudo mv /usr/share/apps/d3lphin/servicemenus/amarok_addaspodcast.desktop . " will fix it (though it will remove the Add as Podcast servicemenu)08:39
posingaspopularkeymone1: reset X using ctrl+alt+del08:39
keymone1i did08:39
CostaRicanQuakerpag:thankyou, also, how do i check my system specs?08:39
posingaspopularor ctrl+alt+f2, login, and then sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart08:39
posingaspopularCostaRicanQuaker: lshw08:39
_2CostaRicanQuaker kinda depends on the info you want08:40
keymone1posingaspopular: xorg.conf should be created after that by ubuntu?08:40
posingaspopularyou deleted xorg.conf?08:40
keymone1because i don't have one after restaring x server08:40
_2sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg   # will generate an xorg.conf08:41
keymone1instead i have xorg.conf.x, x=1..708:41
posingaspopularhi neko08:43
nekoWhat i can join to ubuntu irc08:44
keymone1md5sum: /etc/X11/xorg.conf: No such file or directory08:44
=== jaime is now known as jaime__
posingaspopularneko: you already are...08:45
nekoim on kubuntu08:45
nekoi wanna ubuntu08:45
posingaspopular /j #ubuntu08:45
_2jussi01    it looks like the only thing i'll get from #madwifi   is a bot thinking that because i set my ircname to root, that i am irc'ing as root...    "silly bot anyway :)"      anything else i might try ?08:46
jussi01_2:  I suppose you have been through the docs on the wiki?08:47
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:47
nekoSomeone know good game for linux ?08:48
_2jussi01  all links point to that page...   i have "tried" to find something pertenant on it.  yes.08:48
_2neko   kolf   ?08:48
_2neko    gnuchess  ?08:48
neko2d or 3d08:49
_2neko    wesnoth  ?08:49
nekoi check it ;p08:49
jussi01_2: so this didnt help? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManagerMadWifi08:49
nekowesnoth see nice08:50
_2jussi01   well i'll have to dl the kernel source to build a new driver   and i'm on dialup ....  ;/08:51
_2if that's the only way...      it will take a while.08:52
jussi01_2: thats about where its at it seems :/08:52
_2neko    asc   might like you.08:52
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php08:53
_2jussi01   is that only for "wpa"  ?     or am i missing something ?08:54
jussi01_2: hehe, try this : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Madwifi08:56
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)08:57
nekowhy i always have problem after instalation ubuntu. I had max 800x600 resolution and i can change it08:57
nekoi repaired it but it's sucks08:59
nekoBye all :] and Thanks for helping me09:01
keymone1why does it have to be that hard09:05
keymone1when i switch to nvidia driver my desktop goes mad09:05
keymone1it either sets resolution to 640x48009:05
keymone1either starts producing lots of random color pixels on black screen...09:06
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_2well i have the "dope" on this chip set.   seems the madwifi driver for it exists.  was writen yesterday  O.o09:12
_2have to compile it if i use it...09:12
posingaspopularlol lucky you _209:12
jussi01_2: that sucks09:12
jussi01_2: at least there is a driver09:12
_2<otaku42> _2: ubuntu provides a madwifi package, but that has no ar5007 support. hence you need to install a different madwifi version manually <<< so i'm told.09:13
_2<otaku42> _2: yes, unless ubuntu did add support for ar5007 in the past day (which i doubt). <<<09:14
=== cpk1_ is now known as cpk1
CostaRicanQuakerI have 248 mb memory, for this reason, eventhough i installed kubuntu, i downloaded gnome and xfce and use xubuntu the most as it's the fastest followed by kde09:15
CostaRicanQuakeris there a way of keeping kde's programs09:15
CostaRicanQuakerand gnome's programs09:15
CostaRicanQuakerbut getting rid of the desktop environments? gnome is too eye candy and that slows everything down09:15
CostaRicanQuakerand kde is my favorite but it's not as fast as xfce09:16
cpk1CostaRicanQuaker: yes, but remember that you will still need to load all the libraries required for those programs09:29
CostaRicanQuakercpk1: so better just log into xfce everytime from  the login menu'09:31
=== sonofthe1layr is now known as sonoftheclayr
keymone2i give up09:36
=== jens is now known as Guest97497
dharmendrai need help wit a web cam in ubuntu09:54
dharmendraany sucessful sotires out therE?09:54
Qwerty__Hello peeps09:57
Qwerty__I have some serious problems on my Kubuntu09:57
Qwerty__Anyone can help?09:57
jussi01!ask | Qwerty__09:57
ubottuQwerty__: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)09:57
Qwerty__It locks down after suspend, and I don't want it to do that09:58
Schorfiyour "u" key behaves strange? :D *scnr*09:58
Schorfisorry ;)09:59
Qwerty__!ask How to prevent user session lock down after suspend?09:59
ubottuQwerty__: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:59
Qwerty__!ask | How to prevent user session lock down after suspend?10:00
ubottuHow to prevent user session lock down after suspend?: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)10:00
Qwerty__Ok, no idea how that !help thing works but anyway, anyone can help?10:01
oaidnfaQwerty__ just ask your questions here in the channel and wait10:01
oaidnfaQwerty__ and in the meantime browse yourself google to try to find if someone had a similar problem10:01
Qwerty__I have done that, no real help10:01
Qwerty__I have already started a forum topic about it10:02
oaidnfaQwerty__ I am not sure I understand what your problem is. Can you formulate it in a more precise and clear way?10:02
Qwerty__Ok, step by step then:10:02
pagQwerty__, it might be some kind of bug in acpi.. not sure though10:02
oaidnfaQwerty is the problem that the computer does not turn itself off but halts itself when you want it to close down?10:03
Qwerty__You put your pc to suspend mode. When you wake it up it asks the admin password, but since pc is in public use, you can't use thta10:03
oaidnfaso you want to remove the password?10:04
Qwerty__No it do goes off, it just won't come back to Kubuntu unless you give the password and automatic login is in use10:04
oaidnfayou currently use kubuntu?10:04
oaidnfaok one moment10:04
Qwerty__I have tested this and it didn't work for me -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=2416854&postcount=710:06
mazingai have problem a condivision file in kubuntu, i look net other pc, but for transfer required pass... in gnome no required pass....10:07
mazingasorry for my bad english10:07
snegelgood morning10:08
jussi01!it | mazinga10:08
ubottumazinga: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!10:08
pagQwerty__, try changing the value to 'false' instead of commenting out10:09
Qwerty__I have done that, no help. Do every user have their own acpi-support file?10:09
_2Qwerty__ no. that's system wide.10:10
oaidnfaQwerty__ have you tried to dissable lock screen in screen saving settings?10:10
_2Qwerty__ did you try just setting the screensaver to not  require a password ?10:10
Qwerty__I have no screensaver at all.10:11
_2oaidnfa you typomatic attic10:11
_2set it and see what it changes.10:11
oaidnfaQwerty__ You need to go into your screen saving settings and go over the settings there...10:11
oaidnfatime, lock screent, etc10:11
Qwerty__Ok, I go test that, brb10:12
oaidnfa_2 sorry10:12
_2nothing just that you beet me to it10:13
oaidnfa_2 ok hehe we can say that you helped him if it works np10:13
_2oaidnfa lol   it's not that.10:13
oaidnfa_2 I am not even on ubuntu/kubuntu whatever...10:14
_2just hate to post something and see someone else said the same thing just above me...10:14
_2oaidnfa me either10:14
oaidnfa_2 are you on windows vista?10:14
_2i don't do windows10:14
oaidnfadebian ?10:15
_2no.  it's ubuntu based.  but you wouldn't really recognize it.10:15
oaidnfa_2 lol10:15
_2i mean i compile my own /bin/bash "fully posix compliant"  write my own sysV style startup   don't use partitions   don't have swap  don't use a gui but on occasion...10:17
Qwerty__No, password asking wasn't on.10:17
oaidnfaok _2 ill let you help this guy out. because i need to go take care of other things but it is power settings acpi or screen saver. i think it is possible to fix it. bye..10:19
_2plasmast   sure run off....10:20
Qwerty__So what do I need to change from power settings acpi and how do I get there?10:21
_2Qwerty__ you don't have gdm installed do you ?     ubuntu-desktop ?10:23
_2Qwerty__ is it pure kde    is what i'm asking ?10:24
Qwerty__I have kde installed10:26
_2but do you have gnome ?10:27
Qwerty__Should I have that?10:27
_2check this     in a konsole type:  ls -l /etc/acpi/resume/*screen*10:28
_2Qwerty__ what does it say ?10:28
Qwerty__Wait, need to go find out, its on second floor.10:29
Qwerty__So brb10:29
_2short answer to the "<Qwerty__> Should I have that?"  is NO    not unless you want it.   i'm just trying to understand all that your system is doing.10:29
* _2 wonders why we are messing with suspend when he doesn't even have the two boxen nat'd yet ???10:31
Qwerty__I said that no such file found10:35
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.10:35
_2Qwerty__ lets look one more time:  find /etc/acpi<tab> -iname '*screen*' # <tab> means hit the tab key.   and see if that finds a file10:37
_2Qwerty__ if it does   move it to  your home.   you'll have to use root to move it.10:38
_2sudo mv /etc/blah/blah/blah ~/10:38
Qwerty__Ok, I go try that10:40
Qwerty__I check if I can get myself to irc on that pc, would be a lot faster. ^^10:43
_2why would anyone want a spam bot in their channel ?11:01
minhaajcan someone help me back up my home ?11:06
minhaajits been two months i am trying, nothing works. simple backup, keep, mondo11:06
minhaajdoesnt work11:07
_2why not ?11:07
minhaajsays you don't have permission, and in properties it says i have permission11:07
_2where you backing to ?11:08
_2what fs ?11:08
minhaajdoesnt matter, becausei  have copied other things to it too11:08
_2if you use tar it matters11:08
minhaajprolly fat3211:09
pagminhaaj, how large is your /home ?11:09
_2nope that wont work   file size limitation11:09
minhaaj700 mb11:09
pagminhaaj, hmm.. try tarring to a local directory and then try copying to usb11:10
minhaajwhat local dir ? i can't do it in home11:10
_2well if that's all....      open a konsole and type in this.      sudo tar -C ~/.. -czf backup001.tgz ~11:11
pagminhaaj, create yourself one with permissions11:11
_2minhaaj    ^11:11
minhaajwhat do you mean ?11:12
minhaajwhat does that do _2 ?11:12
_2it should mak a "backup001.tgz" file in /home     (assuming you live in /home/$USER)11:12
minhaajyes i do11:12
minhaajhmm ok hang on11:12
minhaajon its way11:13
minhaajcan i copy that tar into usb then ?11:13
_2yep.   mount the disk    sudo cp ../backup001.tgz /mount/point/11:14
minhaaji also want to clear up the meanings of this term mount11:14
minhaajwhat does this mean ?11:14
_2mount command will be something like     sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt11:14
minhaajin my case it would be /media/disk-1/backup11:14
_2you can use      sudo fdisk -l    to find the exact device node11:15
_2if you don't know it.11:15
minhaajdevice node ?11:15
minhaajcan you explain11:15
_2run the command  ^11:15
_2it will list the partitions it finds      they will look like     "/dev/sdb1   *   1   261   2096451   6   FAT16"     or something.      the "device node" is  /dev/sdb1 in that example.11:17
minhaajyea b is for storage devices11:17
minhaajand a for hard drives11:17
minhaajread that in book11:18
_2a is first recognized scsi device  b is second c is third....11:18
_2they could all be hdd's they could be all external  they could be any combonation thereof11:18
minhaajyea but second device is called a211:18
minhaajnot b11:18
_2second partition on device is called 211:19
minhaajwhats the difference ?11:19
_2you need a new book11:19
minhaajthats what i said.11:19
=== ichigo_ is now known as ichigo__
minhaaja b c partitions will be referred to as sda1 sda2 sda 311:19
=== ichigo__ is now known as ichigo_
_2minhaaj those are partitions not disks. tho11:20
minhaajoh ok, sorry for the wrong terminology then11:20
_2the disk is a   the partitions are all on a11:20
_2the second disk "aka device" is b11:20
minhaajbtw meanwhile home tars, can you tell me why my usb partition is showing on 435 mb free space whereas when i went in selected all and went to properties, it showed 3.5 GB free space ?11:21
minhaajok good11:21
minhaajthen my usb is sdb111:21
_2your usb device is sdb in this case and the first partition on that device is sdb1   :)))       get it right!11:22
_2minhaaj as per your Q.   linux file systems reserver a default percentage of space that only root can access   'default is 5%'   that being an vfat fs it "may" reserve a persentage on it when it mounts...  i'm not sure what they do with defaults on a vfat or ntfs11:24
_2there is no permissions bit on vfat or ntfs  so a psyudo permission is set fs-wide for them when mounted in linux   they may set some reserve there too   i have never tried to find out about that.11:26
minhaajoh got it. so partitions are numeric and devices are alpha11:27
minhaajdevice one a partition one 111:27
_2you got it11:27
minhaajok problems already11:27
minhaajtar: Removing leading `/' from member names11:28
minhaajtar: /home/minhaaj/.transmission/gtk/socket: socket ignored11:28
minhaajtar: /home/minhaaj/.local/share/Trash/files/.gdesklets/sockets/%3A0.0: socket ignored11:28
minhaajtar: /home/minhaaj/.gvfs: Cannot stat: Permission denied11:28
minhaajtar: /home/minhaaj/.mozilla-thunderbird/u29ifao3.default/Mail/pop.gmail.com/Inbox: file changed as we read it11:28
minhaajgdesklets is useless i deleted it, so its prolly ok. whats that gvfs permission prob ?11:28
minhaaji prolly don't need transmission too11:28
_2only problem i see is that you were down loading mail and backing up at the same time      errr and don't know about pastebin.11:28
minhaajlol i do11:29
minhaajsorry i was a bit impatient11:29
minhaajgotta do it again or ?11:29
_2well unless you wanted to backup your "inbox" along with that.  all should be fine.11:30
minhaajshut down everything11:30
minhaajyou mean my emails ?11:30
_2yes your new email11:30
minhaajnah don't care11:30
_2then it should be fine11:30
minhaajbut i am using xchat at the moment11:30
minhaajhow about this ?11:30
_2it should be fine11:30
minhaajlet me quit pidgin and skype too11:30
minhaajwhy should it be ? whats the logic ? if its bad for thunderbird why is it good for xchat ?11:31
_2minhaaj you can use something like file-roller   or what's that other gui thingy ???   and look in the tar ball to see what you put in there.11:31
_2ark  that the other11:31
minhaajwhat do you mean ?11:32
_2just open it.    look at the content listing11:32
minhaajmy question was that why is it bad for thunderbird to back up while running and same is not true for xchat11:32
_2minhaaj only thing that *chat might be writing to is a log file   in such case you may not want to save the irc-log   anyway11:33
gurkentraegerplease tell me where do i find the file where the screen resolution for x-sessions is saved. Xorg.conf doesnt contain no more information about resolution or about syncing frequencies11:34
minhaajheyyyyyyyy its backing up back0001.tar.gz too11:34
_2even konqueror  can be generating new data while in use  "think thumbnails"  but a precise backup of that is futile anyway11:34
minhaajisn't it an endless loop? backing up the back up ?11:34
_2minhaaj did you use the exact command i gave ?11:35
minhaaji told you, you never place back up in home11:35
minhaajok its done11:35
minhaajhow do i check the integrity of the back up ?11:35
minhaajhello ?11:37
gurkentraegerwhere is the configuration file for the screen resolution ?????????? nothing there in xorg.conf11:38
_2minhaaj i didn't place backup in home.11:38
_2sudo tar -C ~/.. -czf backup001.tgz ~   <<< that is the "exact" command i gave you.   it put's it in the parent dir of your home.11:39
minhaaji copy pasted it11:39
minhaajyea its in minhaaj11:39
minhaajwasn't it where it was supposed to be ?11:39
_2then you didn't do something right.11:39
_2no.  the -C ~/..     will change dir to parrent of your home.11:40
minhaajwell i checked the back up size its 4.8 gb11:40
minhaajnot bad11:40
minhaajnow how do i check if its exactly like my home and i am not missing files and it would run ok if i restore it ?11:41
_2ummm too big for vfat11:41
minhaajvfat ?11:41
minhaaji can delete songs from it, np11:41
_2your storage media11:41
minhaajits 8 gb11:41
=== frenk is now known as frenk_
_2but it's vfat you said11:41
=== frenk_ is now known as frenk
minhaaji am not sure.11:41
minhaajhow do you check that ?11:41
_2you mounted it ?11:42
minhaajcommand ?11:42
minhaajsudo mount /media/disk-111:42
_2mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt   # or /media/disk-1 if you prefer11:42
_2anyway   issue the mount command without arguments11:43
minhaajwould that format my data ?11:43
_2it will list what's mounted11:43
_2format ?   no.11:43
minhaajmount: according to mtab, /dev/sdb1 is already mounted on /media/disk-211:43
_2minhaaj so issue    mount     and see what fs it is11:44
minhaajhow do i do that ?11:45
minhaajjust tell me commands :)11:45
minhaajdidnt i just do it?11:45
minhaaji did11:45
minhaajsudo mount /dev/sdb111:45
_2that is not the same as this11:45
_2sudo mount /dev/sdb111:45
_2see the differance11:46
_2one is one word the other is three11:46
minhaajlemme pastebin11:46
_2mount | grep dev/sdb1   # that would give the pertenant information11:47
_2grep the filter of champions11:48
minhaajyea right. command not found11:48
_2copy and paste it11:48
minhaaji did11:48
_2obviously not all of it.   or you got my nick with it.11:49
minhaajforget it11:49
_2yep vfat.11:50
_2and there is no way in hell that "grep" or "mount" is NOT on your system... so the "command not found is pebcak"11:50
minhaajso what do we do now :)11:51
_2let me look into tar and see if there is a known issue with -C and ..   togather.  in the mean time.    try this.    delete the backup you made.  and drop this command in the konsole.  "cd ~/.. ;sudo tar -czf backup001.tgz $HOME "11:53
_2that should get the size down to something you can store on a vfat system11:53
_2and it will be in /home/  not in your home11:54
minhaajdelete the tar ?11:54
_2the backup*.tgz in your home11:55
minhaajok its on it11:55
andy_Hello everyone11:56
andy_newbie to linux here11:56
minhaajgood now its backing up in /11:56
minhaajwelcome andy_11:56
_2minhaaj ?11:56
_2no.  in /home11:56
minhaajno its its in /11:57
minhaajwhere ever directory is, /var /etc /usr /home11:57
_2ok i'm finished.    if you can't get "cd ~/.."  to put you in /home  and you do live in /home/something/   i'm through.    sorry man.  i can't go any farther down that road.11:58
_2only way that should have dumped you in / is if you were root when you did it.11:59
_2makes no sense.  and i'm gone.11:59
gurkentraegerARRGH! NOOO!12:08
gurkentraegerwhat happened to the X-server?12:09
gurkentraegerhello, ...? where are my configurations for screen resolution and for hsync and vsync??12:09
gurkentraegerusing ati driver.. is that the problem?12:10
Schorfi /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:13
gurkentraegerno... no resolution no frequencies in there12:13
gurkentraegerthere has to be another config file...12:14
martijn81gurkentraeger: is actually is /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:30
martijn81backup it and try this12:30
martijn81sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg12:31
mooperhi yall, Firefox 3 is very badly integrated into kde12:32
mooperis there a package to fix this?12:33
mooperfile types are not associated etc12:33
martijn81mooper: use konqueror12:33
martijn81most sites work with it12:33
moopermartijn81: deVries?12:34
moopermartijn81: firefox2 intergration was good in 7.1012:35
martijn81nope van Vliet12:36
martijn81sorry i wouldn't know, i gave up firefox when i started using kde12:37
neko_Hiho all12:39
HUNTER_byt2I want that my script be executed after the KDE startup automatically. How to do this?12:42
pagHUNTER_byt2, link or move it to ~/.kde/Autostart/12:43
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BerkutÏîäñêàæèòå äèñòðèáóòèâ Kubuntu 8.04 íà CD âêëþ÷àåò â ñåáÿ òîëüêî àíãëèéñêèé ÿçûê?12:59
Pici!ru | Berkut13:00
ubottuBerkut: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke13:00
bibekwhere did ksynaptics go?13:26
bibekapt-cache show ksynaptics13:26
bibekshows empty13:26
testiI choose another wallpaper and click on apply, but it does not change13:46
KomiaPoikai have a kubunut vmware machine with encrypted disk, yesterday it worked, but now, when i boot and click the window to enter the passphrase, the tube stops to move and the system freezes when im typing the phrase. why?13:50
lesergigood afternoon14:09
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Yiyei'm trying to reinstall my scanner14:13
Yiyeany1 help?14:13
legycsapoHI ALL !14:51
legycsapohow can i change my subtitle size in Kaffeine?14:51
=== root is now known as Guest77294
legycsapohow can i change my subtitle size in Kaffeine?14:55
legycsaposomebody plz !14:55
trolligin xine parameters I believe14:56
legycsapoand wth is that? :D14:57
sigma_12do you think users would appreciate me making a video tutorial of kde4 for the beginners? with audio narration14:59
legycsapograt idea ! :)14:59
sigma_12yeah just thought thats one thing thats missing. if i had it when i started it would have helped alot15:00
sigma_12i should probably wait for intrepid though15:02
falckonhi, i'm trying to set up kubuntu on my usb hard drive so that I can take my OS and run it anywhere I go, it works great using default video card drivers but I want to be able to use the accelerated NVidia or ATI drivers on computers that have those cards15:08
falckonso i thought I could just install them and make a startup script reconfigure X using lspci to detect which card (if any) was in the computer15:08
aomegax4how can I utilize ark to extract .rar?15:09
falckonbut after the nvidia binary driver is installed opengl support stops working in the i91515:09
aomegax4what must I install?15:09
falckonaomegax4, i know you can use unrar15:10
aomegax4no I referr to graphical mode15:10
falckon'apt-get install unrar' and then 'unrar x archivename.rar'15:10
falckonoh ok15:10
aomegax4ah ok15:10
falckonark seems like it should support rar no problem15:11
aomegax4boh in kde4 doesn't go...15:12
aomegax4I have a .rar so I click with right mouse button but I haven't extract here but only open with ark -.-15:13
aomegax4perhaps I haven't any packaage...bah! I don't know it15:15
slobad23i have changed to kde after installing it from ubuntu... as a result am i missing anything i should download asap?15:17
falckonslobad23, how did you switch to kde? the best way to switch to kubuntu is to install kubuntu-desktop and this will install the standard kubuntu desktop installation15:18
slobad23that is exactly what i did15:18
falckonok, then you should be fine15:18
slobad23thanks :-)15:18
geniislobad23: You may want to add codecs etc15:18
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:18
=== martijn81-2 is now known as martijn81
aomegax4how can i solve ark problem15:31
geniiIf you describe better the problem....15:31
geniiaomegax4: A more detailed report of the exact problem with ark that you are having may be useful in assisting15:33
aomegax4i don't succed to extract file with ark15:35
aomegax4what must I do?15:36
falckonif you right click on the rar file, and go to actions -> "extract here"15:39
falckonthis works for me15:39
falckonotherwise you could open the rar file in ark probably by clicking on it, and then select the actions menu and extract, or you can drag the files from ark to where you want to put them and say to copy them there15:40
geniiDepending also on file extension you may need to install the compressor/decompressor for it. For example .rar or .zip extensions need this.15:45
aomegax4yes but these don't succed with me...15:45
aomegax4I have installed all...15:45
aomegax4rar, unrar zip tar gz15:46
aomegax4I trust it is a kde4 problem15:47
aomegax4because I have read in internet other people with the same problem...15:47
Daisuke_Laptopi don't know if the free implementation is up to the most current release, so that could explain it15:48
aomegax4i have installed unrar free15:51
aomegax4and unrar...15:51
aomegax4what is command to extract rar ?15:56
pagaomegax4, unrar x file.rar15:57
oscarhi  guys I have a strange problem with home permissions16:08
oscarcould anybody help me?16:08
geniioscar: sudo chmod -R $(whoami):$(whoami) `ls -a ~/`16:16
geniiBah he didn't hang around16:16
kunimhello, i have a problem - since my last reboot my ntfs drive is only mounted with "700" (mounted via ntfs-3g) owned by my user (although i mount it as root)  - i want it to be 777 again, but it seems umask=0 has no effect..  any tips what i can do?16:20
geniikunim: What does your fstab entry look like?16:26
kaldorHas anyone tried KDE 4.1 RC1 yet? If so, is it worth getting?16:27
kunimgenii: it's manually mounted16:27
kunimtype fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,noatime,allow_other,default_permissions,blksize=4096) <- those are the flags16:28
geniikunim: Then whats the line you are using to mount it16:28
macitelagoog morning16:33
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!16:33
kunimgenii: no options at all, just mount -t ntfs-3g dev mntpnt16:34
geniikunim: Maybe try: sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o users,umask=0 dev mntpnt16:36
genii!it | nuccio16:40
ubottunuccio: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!16:40
geniiPici: Hehe16:40
BooVeMan_workhi - a question - how do I get rid of the "system policy prevents mounting internal media" message wen plugin a flash memory - this jasyt started recently..16:49
BooVeMan_workif i understand this correctly this is related to hal policies - but i can't find the related config -file16:51
geniibug 223554816:51
geniibug 22354816:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 223548 in policykit-gnome "PolicyKit authentication locks up solid if cancel then retry" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22354816:52
BooVeMan_workthts not the one - y don't get a frozen system - just wont to get rid of the message16:52
geniiBooVeMan_work: It's also mentioned here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=784179 but no satisfactory solution is given16:55
BooVeMan_workwhat seems strange is that I only affect some fue?16:55
i3ooi3oohow do i mount a  removeable dvdrom?16:55
BooVeMan_worki3oo3oo: should mount itself automatically16:57
BooVeMan_workno one?17:03
i3ooi3ooI thought so but It only mounts a DVD in the drive was install before boot17:10
i3ooi3ooif the drive is installed while the system is up i can't find it17:10
=== bibstha is now known as MaMauntaMa
BooVeMan_workso thats an external case whci you plug in via ubs - right?17:11
=== MaMauntaMa is now known as bibstha
Dragonathhey, how do I stop kubuntu from using the swap partition on my old HD as swap now?17:34
Dragonathargh stupid me, the disable button was down there17:34
amikropHow can I change my Desktop Environment from GNOME to KDE?17:42
Algyzamikrop:  install kubuntu-desktop17:42
amikropAlgyz: And how can I set it as a default DE?17:43
amikrop* the default17:43
Algyzamikrop: if you want kde4, then kubuntu-kde4-desktop17:43
BooVeMan_worken el logeo escojes17:43
Algyzyou'll see, you'll have to select kdm either gdm17:43
BooVeMan_workchoose it in the login screen17:43
amikropI don't want to select each time. I want to permanently start X with KDE.17:44
Algyzyou can17:44
Algyzamikrop:  with gdm just look into sessions17:45
amikropAlgyz: OK, thanks a lot :-)17:45
Algyzamikrop:  gdm will offer for you to select kde session as default, agree, that's it17:45
amikropk, thx17:45
Algyzyou're welcome ;)17:45
amikropAlgyz: And if I want to remove GNOME? How could I do that?17:46
Algyzsudo aptitude remove gnome-base17:47
AlgyzI'm not sure, but hope this will help17:47
BooVeMan_workif not: try sudo update-alternatives --config x-session-manager17:48
amikropok guys. thanks.17:48
Algyztry to remove gnome packages one after another, using adept17:48
BooVeMan_worki think that would be apt-get remove gnome-desktop...17:49
AlgyzBooVeMan_work:  I'm afraid this wil not work17:49
BooVeMan_workas it is a meta-package?17:50
alaricohi guys17:50
BooVeMan_workwell it wokred for me removine kde417:50
BooVeMan_workobviously you will need to be running kde to do that17:52
=== robert__ is now known as Guest17143
luishi everybody17:57
alarico_hi guys17:57
JucatoI guess he was just waiting for someone to say hi to him :)18:00
geniiPErhaps :)18:01
BooVeMan_workif he'd had a question he would have asked18:01
* genii occasionally does !hi | person then watches them try to talk the bot up18:01
=== stephen_ is now known as tekteen
* genii wonders if when !countrycode is used if the person goes to the new channel and then speaks of the legendary helper "ubottu"18:10
trappistyeah he speaks like a hundred languages!18:10
geniihehe yeah18:11
=== ubuntu is now known as The_Crow
=== The_Crow is now known as TheTsar
bobohello ppl hows all of you guys day going18:12
TheTsarIt is fine18:13
geniibobo: So long as the coffee keeps flowing, great :)18:13
TheTsarI don't like cofee, but girls18:13
bobogood deal i dont do coffee but if thats your thing ok18:13
boboi have a great job you guys know that18:13
TheTsarWhat is youre job bobo18:14
boboat the strip club im a dj18:14
boboim at work now18:15
TheTsarNice bobo18:15
boboand i have internet here now to its awesome18:15
TheTsarbobo: Do you have live cam....he he he18:18
bobono they wont let me use it i brought it but they didnt like that idea to much18:19
TheTsarbobo: Where is this club?18:19
bobowarner robins, ga.18:19
TheTsarIt is far away from me18:20
bobowhere you at18:20
TheTsarIn Norway18:22
bobooh ok i see know18:22
yakuzigergia is USA :p18:22
TheTsarI know18:23
TheTsarI have been there18:23
boboyup im a usa idiot18:23
BooVeMan_workI', al least in the same time zone (i hink) - but still far off - Ecuador18:23
TheTsarLived in the US for 5 years18:23
boboid rather be in amsterdam18:23
BooVeMan_worksip weed is legal18:24
boboi could care less about weed the djs there make damn good money18:24
BooVeMan_workand damn good music - like in Berlin18:25
BooVeMan_workbut I recon this should be moved to #kubuntu-offtopic18:25
minimaxhas anyone successfully run Vista Home Premium in VirtualBox?18:38
falckondoes anyone have a good idea for auto-detecting ati/nvidia graphics cards and switching on and off at boot (probably with a script which detects it using lspci) so that X starts with full opengl support?18:39
aorkwaminimax: I have Vista HP running in VirtualBox, but it's a violation of Vista's EULA IIRC.18:40
geniiaorkwa: So long as you don't have it installed on more than one machine, shouldn't violate18:41
extorHP being hewlett packards OEM licensed vista?18:41
geniiHP= Home Premium18:42
minimaxextor: no, the edition Home Premium, though I am personally using an Hewlett Packard18:42
aorkwagenii: I think Microsoft's EULA explicitly forbids running Home Premium in a virtual machine, even if you don't have it installed anywhere else.18:42
extorI was talking to aorkwa, sorry for the confusion minimax18:42
minimaxaorkwa: yeah.. though there's no way of telling you are, and not much they can do18:43
minimaxexcept make code that breaks in a virtual machine, which is what I'm afraid of18:44
extorIf I wanted to make the kubuntu desktop similar to the gnome-ubuntu desktop in terms of having two taskbars, bottom and top, which behave exactly as in gnome with the top being a launchpad and the bottom being a taskbar...is that easy to do? Anyone done it and are there any web pages that show how to do it?18:44
minimaxaorkwa: btw, have you tested the seamless mode?18:45
minimaxextor: running a second kicker?18:46
extorwhat is a kicker? and how do I run one?18:46
geniikicker is the kde taskbar name18:47
minimaxextor: I'm not using kde3 anymore, though18:47
extorwhere can I adjust the kicker settings from, specifically the one which launches two kickers?18:48
aorkwaminimax: Yes I have. It works OK, although it probably doesn't work with Aero. I can't check that because I don't have enough RAM to use Aero.18:48
i3ooi3ooBooVeMan_work: no it' a removalbe dvd drive in a laptop that exchanges with a removable HDD18:48
minimaxaorkwa: heh, how much ram do you have alloced?18:48
minimaxaorkwa: I'm trying with the recommended 512MB, because I've only got 4GB18:49
aorkwaminimax: I have the recommended 512MB allocated.18:49
minimaxbtw, I've only got 32-bit edition, but can Vbox run 64-bit guests?18:50
Nyleextor, gu18:52
Nyleextor, kicker is the panel you see18:52
aorkwaminimax: Not at the moment, I don't think, but if I remember correctly they're working on it.18:52
Nyleyou can right click the panel in kde, and go to Add New Panel18:52
Nylethen you can coinfugre this panel and put it on top and add kicker applets to them18:53
Nyleyou can adjust your panels anywhich way you want18:53
Nyleextor, help:/kicker/index.html18:53
Nylestart reading18:53
extorNyle, that add new panel option was so "in my face" that I never realized it was there18:54
Nyleit happens18:54
Deincan anyone please analyze this and tell me how to fix? http://paste.ubuntu.com/29044/18:56
Nyle trying to overwrite `/usr/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus/media_safelyremove.desktop', which is also in package kio-umountwrapper18:57
Nylei remember this from yesterday18:57
Nylesomeone else had a problem with this package as well while they were trying to remove kio stuff18:57
Deinis it fixable?18:57
Nyleso this is the package that overwrites that file, and when you try to remove kio-umountrwapper it gives error18:58
Nylei think18:58
Nylebut he was using dolphin i dunno18:58
Nyleyeh it should be18:58
Deinany ideas?18:59
zabbadappaorkwa: eula's are not legally binding everywhere afaik ... so big company can't expect you to obey "you must not use our product as drink coasters or whatever" in those places18:59
Nylei dunno exctly18:59
Nylebut try this18:59
testiI have a video file from my digicam in digikam, but the player of digikam hangs when i click on it. How is that possible?18:59
Nylesudo mv /usr/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus/media_safelyremove.desktop /usr/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus/media_safelyremove.desktop.backup18:59
Nyleand then apt-get -f install18:59
TimSIs it possible to list all packages by their size?18:59
geniibug 19288918:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 192889 in kdebase "package konqueror None failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus/media_safelyremove.desktop', which is also in package kio-umountwrapper" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19288919:00
Nylegenii, i thought as much but I didn't know which bug number, thanks19:00
BooVeMan_worki3ooi3oo: you see something in your /var /log/messages when inserting the dvd in the bay - I recon thats a problem with hdd and dvd beeing fixed devices and as such aren't set up for automount19:00
DeinNyle: that is all i do or is there anything else?19:01
Nyletry to understand why the error happens19:01
Nyleand think what is being done in order to resolve it19:01
Nyletake a look at the link genii got from bot19:01
Deindoesn't work19:01
Nylei would think if you rename the file being overwritten it should continue and dpkg-deb shouldn't error out19:02
geniiDein:  What says command:     ls /var/cache/apt/archives/konqueror*19:02
aorkwazabbadap: I hardly ever use Vista anymore anyway (it broke; I switched to Kubuntu) so it doesn't really matter that much. I just keep it there because I paid for it.19:02
Deinwell, it's two lines so i'll paste here /var/cache/apt/archives/konqueror_4%3a3.5.9-0ubuntu7.2_i386.deb19:02
extorWould kubuntu run halfway decent on a PII-233 lappy with about 64MB of RAM? Or am I better off installing another distro?19:04
geniiDein: Try then: sudo dpkg -i --force-all /var/cache/apt/archives/konqueror_4%3a3.5.9-0ubuntu7.2_i386.deb19:04
Deingenii: yes, tried that right now19:04
Deingenii: it's still working19:05
Deingenii: it seems that this helped... although i must confess i don't really know what i did :S19:06
geniiDein: The fix that was on the bug page, just with correct deb name. Forces it to overwite dirs if neccesary19:06
falckonextor: I'd recommend trying xubuntu, its still ubuntu so you'll be familiar with it but its much lighter19:06
extorahh ok xubuntu it is then19:07
extorI presume it just takes a lot of the fluff out of the desktop19:07
TheTsarWhat is better xubuntu or kubuntu?19:07
falckonyep basically, i'm running it on a 233 laptop myself19:07
geniiTheTsar: Remember you're asing this in #kubuntu :)19:07
extorfalckon, how much ram?19:08
TheTsargenii: Will the people there not be a little one sided?19:08
falckoni think its 192, but xubuntu is still your best bet cause kubuntu will be slow on that system, i had to use the alternative installer too because it couldn't run the live environment19:09
geniiTheTsar: "what is better" is basically a subjective question to begin with. And since we are kubuntu based in this channel the answer from most here will almost always side that way. Best just to try both and decide for yourself what "what is better" for your tastes19:09
TheTsarYou have a point genii19:10
Deingenii: thank you for your assistance :)19:13
BooVeMan_workextop - check out DSL (Danm, Small Linux) or puppylinux19:13
geniiDein: Glad to help19:13
Deingenii: are there any more things i should watch out for because i installed kde on my ubuntu, to try it out? will there be more issues like this?19:14
kyle0016just went from a hp deskjet 5700 to a laserjet 1320n on kubuntu 8.0419:15
kyle0016I open up filemaker pro 5 and now it willnot print19:15
geniiDein: Probably not. If so return here for assistance :)19:15
kyle0016had no issues with the deskjet19:15
Deingenii: sure ^^19:15
kyle0016any solutions??19:15
geniikyle0016: I'm pretty sure the 1100 and 1300 series are whats called host-based sort of like a winmodem printer.19:16
BooVeMan_workgenii - no it is not as ists the n which comes with an networkl interface19:16
BooVeMan_workthe question is how is it connected19:17
kyle0016it works great with all my linux apps19:17
BooVeMan_workright than applies what genii just said19:17
kyle0016is their a workaround19:18
BooVeMan_workyou are runing filemaker pro natively or using wine19:18
kyle0016or do i have to run it networked19:18
kyle0016i am using wine19:18
BooVeMan_workthats than a wine issue19:18
kyle0016its odd because all my wine apps recognize it, the print window comes up and then i click print and nothing happens19:19
BooVeMan_workgo over to #winehq - i guess theres more help19:20
NyadHi. I forgot my pwd for the kdewallet, I have my root pwd though, how do I get my kdewallet pwd?19:20
extorAlternate install CD  <--- Why is this recommended for low ram systems? What reason?19:20
falckonextor: it doesn't run a live-cd version of the operating system for the install19:21
BooVeMan_workextor: uses less ram19:21
extoruses less ram for the installation? Or even after the install? I don't get it.19:21
BooVeMan_workfor the intsllation19:22
BooVeMan_workextor: the ammount of ram zou use depends on other factors19:22
extorright but you can just choose a text install..what was the point?19:22
BooVeMan_workas ar as i know there is no text-intaller on the live disk anymore19:23
l1f7s0s9somebody in there?19:24
geniikyle0016: Might want to ask them in #winehq    I suspect it needs proper setup in wine.conf file19:25
=== Tizz__ is now known as Tizz
geniiHmm. You might want to use a name which begins with a letter on everyone's keyboards there so we can direct messages to you19:27
PiciYou dont have an L on your keyboard?19:27
geniiPici: It's not a lowercase l or a pipe or an uppercae I19:27
Picigenii: irssi seems to think its a lowercase l, and nicknames can't be any extended ascii characters.19:28
falckongenii: it's tab-completing as a lowercase l for me19:29
geniiPici: Ah have it now. !tab wasn't working though for some reason19:29
=== mike is now known as pulaski
slobad23i am trying to look for where i change the screen resoluton but cant seem to find it anywhere - am i being thick or is it just really well hidden?19:39
TheTsarI found it right away19:40
BooVeMan_worksystem settings -> display19:40
TheTsaradministration mode19:41
jussi01senethril: enough now19:45
trummertrotzdem danke19:45
chubaccamy control panel in windows is gone19:46
chubaccaand i dont have permission to use ctl alt delete anymore :(19:47
senethril_knock knock19:47
chubaccaand this virus blocker wants me to pay19:47
BooVeMan_workchubacca: this is a kubuntu/linux channel don't expect mor e help than "intsall kubuntu for a start"19:48
jussi01chubacca:this is for kubuntu support - for windows, please try ##windows19:48
chubaccai use kubuntu19:49
chubaccai dual boot19:49
ilkinpeople please help...sssssssssooooooooooooossssssssss,,,,Kubuntu still cant open phone card reader19:50
ilkinMMC card plugged in usb device19:50
chubaccadoes anyone understand how to use the audio service for bluez19:51
BooVeMan_workchubacca: but that virus blocker sure isn't in ubuntu - right?19:51
=== trummer is now known as helloween82
chubaccayeah but i figuerd i could delete a virus on the other partition while im on here19:52
chubaccai got avg for linux today19:53
chubaccai was flabbergasted to say the least19:53
falckonchubacca: i've used bluetooth audio using a2dpd, there's a few guides floating around the net19:54
BooVeMan_workctrl-alt-f1 : apt-get remove avg19:54
chubaccai been using btsco19:54
chubaccais a2dpd better19:55
falckonchubacca: yes, its the high quality version of the bluetooth audio system19:55
chubaccanormally when im using skype there is a bit of delay when someone calls i get a beep and say hello a couple times to make sure the other person dont hang up19:56
=== wesley is now known as Police
chubaccais a2dpd for stereo bluetooth devices19:57
falckonwell its for high fidelity devices, stereo or not, i'm using it for my stereo bluetooth headphones to play music19:58
=== Police is now known as wesley
falckonseems there's a nice easy script for installing it19:59
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genii!hi | markus_20:04
ubottumarkus_: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!20:04
=== JulCes_ is now known as JulCes
falckonubottu's a pretty enthusiastic guy, obedient too20:05
ubottufalckon: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:05
ubottucoffee is a caffeinated beverage made by filtering water through ground up roasted beans of the coffee plant. Flavouring to taste such as milk or cream, sugar or sweetener are often added afterwards. Not to be confused with !java20:13
* genii decides to have one20:13
sea_Why did you teach that to ubottu?20:14
geniisea_: So he can stay awake.20:14
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots20:15
falckonuh oh, he's self-aware20:15
geniihehe Almost, it seems sometimes20:15
SyderoIs there a way to set KDE/Ubuntu that when I close my laptop screen, it enters standby mode?20:24
=== Tizz is now known as Tizz__
=== sandra_ is now known as sandra__
geniiSydero: Click on battery meter. Choose at bottom: When Laptop Lid Closed                what option you want for that action20:30
scriptedcan i ask a question?20:45
=== Deviance is now known as TimS
BooVeMan_workscripted: you already did so20:47
scriptedi guess so20:47
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)20:48
scriptedi have some lines to mount several partitions in ntfs. how do i add them to fstab20:48
scriptedi guess i was just checkin if anyone was around.20:48
scriptedcan i manually just add the changes opening the fstab file in kate?20:49
scriptedand do i have to be carefull about the ordering of the command20:49
scripted# mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda5 /mnt20:50
geniiscripted: The fstab syntax is like: /dev/to-mount <tab> /mountpoint <tab> filesystem type(s) <tab> filesystem options <tab> dump number <tab> pass number20:50
minimaxgtk-theme-switch2 does not seem to work properly... apply does nothing. does this need a restart of X or something?20:50
=== daedalus__ is now known as zhog
geniiscripted: And to edit it, you can do: alt-f2 kdesu kate /etc/fstab20:51
scriptedthank you.20:51
geniiscripted: You're welcome20:51
scriptedill give it a go.20:51
BooVeMan_workman fstab ,,,20:51
=== adam is now known as Guest43925
minimaxor is there something special you have to do in Kubuntu to enable gtk2 themes, besides installing them20:52
scriptedi tried ntfs configuration tool.  but its pants on a stick.20:52
minimaxoh, this also fails with gtk-theme-switch, for gtk 1 themes20:52
geniiminimax: Normally it is done the other way, enforcing QT themes onto GTK apps, which package gtk-qt-engine  or gtk-qt-engine-kde4 is normally used20:57
minimaxgenii: oh, gtk-qt-engine-kde4.. forgot, since I am using kde4 I should apt-get that20:57
geniiminimax: But you wanted to use GTK themes in ubuntu?20:58
geniiIn kubuntu, rather20:58
minimaxgenii: I wanted to be able to set it, because it was the default unthemed look20:59
geniiminimax: OK, so then if you want firefox and allt hat to use the KDE theming, thats the one to use21:00
scriptedif i have manually added them as root would it have already put the line in fstab for me?21:01
geniiscripted: ?21:01
minimaxgenii: I just symlinked the rc files, and it works21:01
geniiminimax: Good :)21:01
scriptedthere are entries in the fstab file that already pertain to the command line i want to enter.21:01
minimaxgenii: but Qt4, no matter what theme I have set for KDE4, looks like the default KDE4 theme21:02
minimaxgenii: not that it matters, I just didn't want the old blocky one21:02
nadosomebody gotta help me21:02
nadoi got like 150 processes of python running and i don't know why21:02
geniiscripted: Ah. So long as it has the correct options and so on which allow you to do what you want in the ntfs system, should be ok (and if the /dev names are right)21:03
nadowhen i kill em, x seems to crash21:03
scriptedim not going to killmu pc if i get it wrong.21:03
scripted*kill my21:03
geniiscripted: You should make a backup of the file first for insurance21:03
scriptedhelp nado first lol. his problem sounds much more urgent lol21:04
nadoscripted: lol thanks. i got a ram usage of 1gb during idle21:04
geniinado: Did you try to make some custom python script to run at boot?21:04
KDavewhat is the best free virtual machine software for linus?21:04
nadogenii: nope, nothing21:04
genii(sounds like infinitely recursing problem)21:05
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !kvm is the preferred approach in Ubuntu.  See also !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications21:05
genii^ KDave See above21:05
nadoif it were a script, there should be some entry under command in the process table or not? mine just says python21:06
geniinado: Just "python" is running or some aspecific app name>21:06
nadogenii just python21:06
KDavegenii: thanks I am reading it21:06
KDaveI already have virtual box but it is not alowing my usb to be detected21:07
KDavewhich of them is the easiest to use?21:07
KDaveand set up?21:08
geniiKDave: I don't use any but hear best things about VMWare21:08
KDaveyeah I heard a little about that too21:09
nadocrap i'd like to know since when i got that problem...21:09
KDaveI'll look into it21:09
geniinado: Interesting. Is there something in /etc/init.d   that looks like it has python as part of the name?21:09
nadomy init.d is empty?21:10
nadooh no wait21:10
BooVeMan_workKDave: vmware has no kernel package vor current ubuntu21:10
geniinado: Definitely shouldn't be. Thats where the startup scripts are21:10
BooVeMan_worki'm on virtualbox and works just fine21:10
nadogenii: right, i just tried to open it as a file, didn't know it's a folder. it's not empty, but no sign of anything related to python....21:11
Syderogenii: there isn't an option when I click the battery icon in the tray21:12
geniinado: OK. How about anything in folder ~/.kde/Autostart like that?21:13
geniinado: ~/.kde4/Autostart if on kde421:13
geniinado:Anything in file /etc/rc.local       ?21:14
asktobyDoes anyone in here have Kopete working with their webcam over MSN Messenger?21:14
geniiSydero: When you right-click on it, should have Restore   as an option to select. It should open the config screen21:15
Syderonope, just battery monitor options21:16
Syderoand unlock widets21:16
geniiSydero: Ask in #kubuntu-kde4 then please21:16
Syderoit's always inactive there21:16
geniiSydero: You're using kde4, the battery applet doesn't have rightclick. They need to tell you a way specific to your kde version21:17
nadocrap, hit the wrong process again.... genii: nothing in rc.local either21:17
geniinado: Hmm. Can you pastebin then the contents of files: ~/.xsession   and ~/.xinitrc21:18
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)21:18
nadogenii: no such files in my home folder...21:19
nadogenii: just this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/29094/ in .xsession-errors21:21
SyderoIs apm useful anymore if a notebook computer has acpi?21:24
KDaveBooVeMan_work: I have virtual box on my machine but I have difficulty getting it to accept usb connections21:27
nadodamn, i'm gonna get nuts21:28
SyderoDid you make sure that it's enabled in the vbox options?21:30
Syderounder settings21:30
sparrthere is a mouse tooltip permanently open on my screen.  i dont know which program created it, and i cant xkill it.  other than restarting X, how might i get rid of it?21:30
Syderorestart your entire computer :D21:30
Syderothis might help for the usb thing http://buranen.info/?p=18721:32
SyderoSince changing /etc/fstab like many people and user's manual suggest to do don't solve the problem, I tried this way:21:32
Sydero1 - create a new group called "usb";21:32
Sydero2 - locate file usbfs: in my case is /sys/bus/usb/drivers (I suggest to find the file with a usb device inserted;21:32
Sydero3 - modify file /etc/fstab inserting a line containing the right path and the number corresponding the "usb" group :21:32
Syderonone /sys/bus/usb/drivers usbfs devgid=503,devmode=664 0 021:32
Sydero4 - command mount -a;21:32
Sydero5 - start VB and try...;21:32
Syderoignore that21:33
KDaveSydero: you are talking to me right?21:34
KDaveok thanks I will read what you wrote21:36
Syderojust follow the last link21:37
nadogenii: if in the processtable i list all processes in a tree, that python crap is all listed under kdeinit...21:42
BooVeMan_workdid you istall something recently - like a desktop spide?21:43
nadoBooVeMan_work: me? no21:43
geniiSorry for lag guys, work is needing me.21:44
* BooVeMan_work goes back thinking21:44
geniinado: It looks like some "copyover" script for amarok might be at least causing some problem, not sure if the one of python. For that I'd suggest maybe delete the ~/.kde/share/config/amarokrc file21:45
lpalomaresHi there!21:46
ubottugnome is a project that provides two things: The GNOME desktop environment, an intuitive and attractive desktop for end-users, users, and the GNOME development platform, an extensive framework for building applications that integrate into the rest of the desktop.21:46
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde421:46
ubottuKDE 4.0.5 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.5.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde421:46
TimSWhat package will install gnome? ubuntu-desktop21:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about blackbox21:47
nadogenii: i stopped the script, that didn't seem to help21:47
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages21:47
TimSI thought I had that :(21:47
TimS!botabuse | Sydero21:47
ubottuSydero: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.21:47
lpalomareslooking for a link howto put kubuntu on my pendrive21:47
geniinado: OK. I have to leave work but back online in about 1 hour21:47
Sydero!botabuse | TimS21:47
ubottuTimS: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.21:47
nadogenii: great, thanks a lot21:47
SyderoCan starcraft run on linux?21:56
posingaspopularusing wine21:59
SyderoQuestion: To prelink or not to prelink?22:04
TimSHow can I switch from KDM to GDM as my login?22:04
PiciTimS: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm22:04
TimSNow, do I want GDM as my login manager :p22:04
lau123i was trying to setup VNC with KDM with little success.  I got the vnc started through xinetd.  However, kdm greeter crashed leaving only the kdm blue background.  I am using xinetd, tightvnc22:05
lau123i followed http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25944822:07
bbeckDoes anyone know how to set certain programs to begin or not to begin when I start KDE?22:09
Syderouse the autostart file22:09
bbeckWhere is that?22:10
Syderowhich version of kde do you have?22:10
bbeckSydero: KDE422:10
Syderogoto system settings then advanced22:10
Syderothen autostart22:10
Syderothen choose add program22:10
bbeckSydero: I see a .kde4/Autostart/ directory, but there's nothing in it.22:11
bbeckOk ok22:11
bbecker... Oh, ok.22:11
Syderothere's that too22:11
lau123i was trying to setup VNC with KDM and got stuck.  I got the vnc started through xinetd.  However, kdm greeter crashed leaving only the kdm blue background.  I am using xinetd, tightvnc.  Anyone has any experience?22:14
BluesKajI guess my scripting skills leaves something to be desired , but I misinterpreted a bin/bash that' really a bin/sh. I'm looking for the cmnd that enables the the script to run in init.d22:14
KDaveSydero: I have ubuntu 8.04 and virtual box 1.622:30
KDavewill that step still apply for that?22:30
deibishoal como estas22:37
josephQUESTION how do i find freshly installed packages... cant find them through K22:37
=== deibis is now known as dabiel
josephalso getting this warning from "Warning - KDE Panel" -- "A program called 'python' is slowing down the others on your machine. It may have a bug that is causing this, or it may just be busy."22:39
josephthen stop or keep running22:39
=== joseph is now known as josePH
josePHwell shit... everone is sleep22:42
BooVeMan_worknope I'm around22:44
BooVeMan_workgenii mentioned something liek python as an amaraok script going havoc22:44
BooVeMan_workthis refers to joseph22:44
BooVeMan_workhit ctrl+esc22:45
BooVeMan_workans see if there a 100s of phythons running22:45
josePHjust one22:46
josePHbut im getting this error message for damn near everything!22:46
josePHjust been clicking keep running22:46
josePHi may need to just reinstall22:46
josePHits fresh on this machine22:47
BooVeMan_workdont think so - better find out whats this phython script is doing22:47
BooVeMan_workps aux|grep python gives something?22:47
engineerjosePH what message?22:47
josePHA program called 'python' is slowing down the others on your machine. It may have a bug that is causing this, or it may just be busy.22:48
engineerjosePH http://www.google.com/search?q=A+program+called+%27python%27+is+slowing+down+the+others+on+your+machine.+It+may+have+a+bug+that+is+causing+this%2C+or+it+may+just+be+busy.&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a22:48
PhilRodjosePH: if you don't notice any actual slowdown on your system, just remove the "runaway process catcher" from your panel22:49
PhilRodor if you're seeing some slowdown, take a look in ksysguard or top to see what process is using up your resources22:49
josePHohh shit i think thats when it all started22:50
josePHhow do i get it off?22:50
josePHnvm got it22:50
josePHthanks :) stoner moment22:50
josePHnow back to the first question... installed packages i can t find???22:51
josePHthat one slips me at this moment also22:51
PhilRodwhat do you want to "find" about them? their names?22:52
josePHwhere the hell they are so i can .... click the icon heh22:52
PhilRodmost user-visible apps will install themselves in your k menu22:53
PhilRodjust look in the appropriate category22:53
josePHi have .... all of the were p2p clients22:53
josePHwouldnt they be in the same place? installed 5 found one22:54
PhilRodthey'd all be under "internet" I imagine22:54
josePHjust Murmur22:54
josePHand i cant figure out how to use it22:55
PhilRodwhat else did you install?22:55
josePH... i really fried22:55
josePHcant remember22:55
josePHjust done it 5 mins ago22:55
PhilRodthat might be a more fundamental problem22:57
PhilRodwhich you'd want to sort out first22:57
BooVeMan_workother chance : open apedt again and do the same seach again - like seraching p2p22:58
BooVeMan_workthere the install ones wil be marked22:58
josePHusing synaptic22:59
BooVeMan_worksame thing - different gui23:03
josePHi got ya...23:04
sven_hi all23:04
sven_i have a problem with my firefox installation...im running kubuntu 4.1 and uninstalled firefox 3.0 some weeks ago...now, each time i want to reinstall it, it installs the version 2....anybody an idea?23:05
sven_kde 4.1...i meant23:06
griniasthere is #kubuntu-kde4 for kde 4 related questions23:08
BooVeMan_worksven_: when serching apt-cache are there more than one firefox? - like a firefox3?23:08
sven_BooVeMan_work: could you please give me the full console command, then i will try it23:10
BooVeMan_worksven_: apt-cache search firefox23:11
sven_BooVeMan_work: there are a lot entries for version 2 and 323:12
histo!test > histo23:14
ubottuhisto, please see my private message23:14
BooVeMan_worki figured - but there are ususally only two which call tehmself fiefox - in my case (kubuntu 8.04) firefox (a meta package whcih points to:), firefox-3.0 and firefox-2 - in which case23:14
BooVeMan_workapt-get install firefox will isntal firefox 323:15
BooVeMan_workbut you may install as well apt-get install firefox-223:16
sven_okay, one second, i try it23:16
nikhilIs this the Help Channel?23:17
ForzaPalermohey guys, can anyone rdp into a windows machine using krdc? ive had no luck!23:17
BooVeMan_workno prop - do that all the tim23:18
BooVeMan_workare you trying to connect to aworkstation or a server?23:19
sven_BooVeMan_work: if looks like firefox 3 would be installed...but i have no icon in the menu and when i search in the kde menu search, the will be only show the firefox 223:19
ForzaPalermowell both23:20
BooVeMan_worktry firefox-3.0 in the console23:20
ForzaPalermoit just craps out right away23:20
BooVeMan_workfor workstations you'll need to enable the remote access23:20
ForzaPalermoserver is ienabled23:20
ForzaPalermofrom any computer (dumb i know)23:20
BooVeMan_workif you can't get anywhere - is theree a firewall involved?23:21
sven_BooVeMan_work: that worked...firefox version 3 would started23:21
BooVeMan_worklike ufw on your machine23:21
ForzaPalermohold on im installing rdesktop23:21
BooVeMan_worksven_: welcome23:21
BooVeMan_workTAHT would help a lot23:21
ForzaPalermothat was it23:21
ForzaPalermowell why wouldnt it be installed by default23:21
ForzaPalermoto rdp in23:22
BooVeMan_workbecause krdc connects by default to vnc23:22
BooVeMan_workand rdesktop y M$ crap23:22
ForzaPalermoits slowo as balls this krdc23:23
sven_BooVeMan_work: thank you for your help...i think i will find a way on the docs to replace the old shortcut23:24
BooVeMan_worknot that bad on GBit ether...23:25
ForzaPalermois there anything thats better than krdc in terms of usability?23:26
florian__Hi! How can i setup fonts for firefox and thunderbird under kubuntu? 8.0423:31
* genii sips his coffee23:32
BooVeMan_workflorian__: like aon any platform - in the preferences23:34
geniiDid nado get his situation of hundreds instances of python running on the box sorted out?23:35
florian__BooVeMan_work: in which preferences? Firefox or kde? I changed fonts in kde (system-settings) but they doesn't have effects to thunderbird. And in thunderbird i didn't found preferences to change the front23:36
BooVeMan_workflorian__: that would be in ff ant tb directly in my tb 2.0 there is a tab display to choose the font - but as well you can change the css oth your installed theme23:37
florian__I installed a package named "gtk-qt-engine-kde4". Have to restart my kde and then all gtk-programs should use the kde style. I'll try and report in a second....23:40
Syderosounds interesting23:41
florianIt works :-)23:41
SyderoWhat did it change?23:41
griniasflorian__: i have tested it and it works just fine23:41
florianI read it on this site: http://noronha.id.au/?p=3623:42
SyderoDoes it change how firefox looks?23:42
Taggnostrhow can I use the kubuntu live cd to kill vista on the harddisk?23:42
Syderoor xchat23:42
florianWorks like a charme23:42
Syderoyou would delete the partition during setup tagg23:43
Syderoflorian, do you use firefox?23:43
Syderodoes it look different now?23:43
Syderowith the update23:43
Syderocan you post a screenshot :D ?23:43
florianI use tahoma 8pt without antialiasing :-)23:43
Taggnostris there an installation howto?23:43
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate23:44
SyderoTagg during the install, it'll prompt you23:44
Taggnostrthanks ubottu and Sydero, I'm going to try it23:44
Syderobut that would be the ubuntu install cd23:44
griniasSydero: here is the amasing result http://www.foo-gr.blogspot.com/23:45
Syderoomg omg omg23:45
Syderothat's what I've been looking for23:45
Syderoit's going to install all this gnome stuff too23:46
florianSyndero: http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/2695/firefoxab5.png23:47
Syderok brb23:48
Taggnostrhow should I set up the partitions during the installation?23:51
Taggnostr/root /home and /swap?23:51
florianSydero: and thunderbird: http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/2038/thunderbirdba2.png23:52
XJmanIs there a way to install ndiswrapper from a disc? I'm trying to install it on a pc that can't get internet at all23:52
SyderoI installed it and nothing has changed...23:52
=== grzes_ is now known as grzes^
Syderofirefox still looks aweful23:53
florianSydero: you mean the design-thing?23:53
florianSydero: do you use kde4?23:53
Syderowell 4.1RC23:53
BooVeMan_workTaggnostr: I usually do / /boot /home swap23:54
Syderobut I didn't change any settins23:54
Syderoso I'm going to do that first23:54
florianThen open the system-settings -> appearance (here it is "erscheinungsbild" :-) -> GTK-Styles and fonts -> "Use my KDE style in GTK applications"23:54
Syderojust did that23:55
BooVeMan_workTaggnostr: yep - boot partition - there will go my linux images23:56
TaggnostrI'm not sure if I need that23:57
BooVeMan_workTaggnostr: and as benifit I can boot into gparted-live-cd and shift my partitions arround (well not the boot one...)23:57
griniasSydero: Since edgy I had to do a "dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config" to really get the result shown in the snapshots i sent you before23:57
Taggnostrand I don't think I'll need to shift the partitions around :P23:58
XJmanDoes the latest Kubuntu come with ndiswrapper on the install?23:59

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