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CarlFKhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/250340  "Add a comment/attachment" ... how?00:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250340 in ubuntu "alt install:  Cannot find /lib/modules/2.6.26-4-generic" [Undecided,New]00:20
thumperCarlFK: are you asking how to add a comment or an attachment or both?00:21
thumperCarlFK: click on the link, and a form should appear00:21
thumperCarlFK: needs JS00:21
thumperCarlFK: or if JS is disabled, it *should* take you to another page00:21
CarlFKi reloaded the page, now it is a link00:31
wgrantthumper: You are of course assuming that production is serving CSS and JS. That isn't a valid assumption at this point.01:02
hansengelHi, I messed up here.. I accidentally created a milestone named '1.1' inside the 'trunk' release series, which I don't use. I just realized this after already filing bugs under this milestone. How can I move the milestone to the '1.0' series, and delete the 'trunk' series?01:26
hansengelmy project is at https://launchpad.net/twitkit01:26
hansengelhi, are there any launchpad admins in here? I need this release series to be deleted https://launchpad.net/twitkit/trunk02:37
Rinchenhansengel, please file an answer ticket (see irc top) and someone should get around to it tomorrow during the week02:40
hansengelRinchen: okay, thanks02:43
Woflhey, who do i talk to if i need a project to be renamed?04:26
mwhudsonWofl: answers.launchpad.net/launchpad04:26
Woflnot possible to find someone on irc really fast?04:28
HobbseeWofl: probably not at this time.04:29
Woflok, thanks04:29
HobbseeWofl: and i'm not sure that "really fast" is a priority for launchpad.04:29
Hobbsee(in general, anyway)04:29
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Woflits ok, i just submitted it there04:43
Wofllets see how long that tkaes04:43
spmWofl: name changed. Sorry for delay. Was recovering a downed server. :-)05:00
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pooliehey that was actually pretty fast :-)05:17
Woflthanks a lot05:42
Wofldid you see my question regarding a redirect?05:43
thumperyeah, LP isn't set up to handle redirects right now05:54
thumperwe have raised it before WRT renaming projects05:54
thumpercool URLs don't die and all that05:54
Woflthumper: just toss a php file in there for now? or that too much extra?06:09
thumperthe entire system is "virtual"06:10
thumpera zope based web servcie06:10
Wofli see...06:16
Woflshould i register a ndiswrapprer project and have a like to the real page?06:47
lut4rpI have a branch in my project, which has one subscriber. I cant delete that branch, and I cant figure out how to remove that subscriber. Can someone help me?07:10
jmllut4rp: you have to contact the subscriber and ask them to unsubscribe.07:12
lut4rpjml, even if I am the admin of the project?07:13
jmllut4rp: yep.07:13
lut4rpjml, thanks07:13
kblinmorning folks08:17
kblinwhat's the best way to make the bug tracker changes go to a mailing list? sorry if that's sort of a common question, but I'm still waiting for answers.lp.n to come up for me, I'm on a really lousy connection08:20
BjornTkblin: you can create a team, setting the mailing list address as the 'contact address'. you can then subscribe that team to the project's bugs.08:34
kblinI can make a team a member of another team, right?08:37
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BjornTkblin: yes08:42
kblinBjornT: ok, that'll do then. Thanks :)08:44
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gnomefreakany LP admins awake yet?09:57
lut4rpI am using bazaar and lp for the first time. sorry if this is dumb, but i am unable to figure out how to push to trunk. I have an ssh key. can someone help me?09:58
spivlut4rp: what command are you trying?10:03
spivlut4rp: and what error are you getting?10:03
gnomefreakspiv: i dont think he has by the sound of it hes not sure of the commands10:04
lut4rpspiv, i am trying "bzr push lp:poonji" as it says on my project page.10:04
gnomefreaki was gonna look they all up10:04
lut4rpstrangely, i have got no response or error for the past 15 mins.10:04
gnomefreaklut4rp: did you commit first?10:04
lut4rpgnomefreak, sorry, what do you mean by that?10:05
gnomefreaklut4rp: you have to commit the files that you are trying to push.10:05
gnomefreaklut4rp: hold on i have all the commmands you need10:05
lut4rpgnomefreak, okay.10:06
lut4rphmm, its saying on LP, Branch format 610:07
gnomefreakdamn i dont have them but first you have to make your local files a branch10:07
lut4rpRepository format: Packs containing knits without subtree support10:07
lut4rpgnomefreak, and how do I do that?10:07
spivlut4rp: you mean the 'bzr push lp:poonji' command has given no response for 15 minutes?10:08
gnomefreaklut4rp: theres bzr docs online. iirc its "init" than "commit" than push but you would have to read docs. once i get a sec ill find them10:08
lut4rpspiv, you're right. I am on ubuntu hardy, if that's needed.10:09
lut4rpokay, i did do "init"10:10
* lut4rp looks up "commit"10:10
gnomefreaklut4rp: it commits the files to get them ready to be pushed10:10
lut4rphmm, it should be more verbose :)10:11
spivlut4rp: you should have gotten a response from the command like "No revisions to push."10:11
lut4rpspiv, but I didn't. I cancelled it anyway now.10:12
spivlut4rp: yeah, that sounds like a bug.  If you could pastebin your ~/.bzr.log I'd be interested to see where it got stuck.10:13
spivlut4rp: Anyway, http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/en/mini-tutorial/index.html is worth looking over if you haven't already.10:13
lut4rpoh thanks!10:13
gnomefreakspiv: are you LP admin by chance?10:14
spivgnomefreak: nope10:15
spivJust a bzr developer (and ex-launchpad developer).10:15
gnomefreakit seems teams only have a month when you renew the membership this has just happened ice had team for over a year now i have to renew every month10:16
spivgnomefreak: that doesn't sound good, but unfortunately I don't know anything about that.10:17
alecw1Why isn't Launchpad open-source?10:17
gnomefreakalecw1: parts of it is10:17
gnomefreakjust not the part we use ;)10:17
alecw1which parts?10:17
spivalecw1: https://help.launchpad.net/FAQ#Is%20Launchpad%20Free%20Software/open%20source?%20If%20not,%20why%20not?10:17
wgrantgnomefreak: The team admin sets the renewal period...10:19
alecw1So, it's closed because (1) you don't want "multiple launchpads", and (2) it helps funding?10:19
gnomefreakwgrant: i set it to not expire when i made it over a year ago10:19
gnomefreakor longer10:19
wgrantgnomefreak: That sounds unlikely and bad.10:19
gnomefreakCreated on:  2006-12-2710:20
wgrantAnd none of my teams work like that.10:20
wgrantWhat are the settings?10:20
alecw1Will Launchpad ever release it's source?10:20
gnomefreakaafter hitting renew i got Membership renewed until 2008-08-26.10:20
gnomefreaka month?10:20
wgrantalecw1: 'Unlike those other services, we have committed to making Launchpad Free Software.'10:20
wgrantgnomefreak: How is the team configured, what do you expect to happen, and what happens?10:21
alecw1Okay, but I'm wondering why it's not open-source, not "free".10:21
gnomefreakSubscription period: 010:21
wgrantOpen source is almost sysnonymous with Free.10:21
gnomefreakwgrant: i expect it to work the same way since the date i showed you above10:22
wgrantgnomefreak: Huh? What does the date have to do with anything?10:22
gnomefreakwgrant: https://edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam10:22
alecw1wgrant: no, that's not true at all. Things that are free as in "free beer" are not the same as "you can look at the ingredients, and the recipe here, for free."10:22
wgrantalecw1: 'Free Software' has a specific meaning.10:22
gnomefreakwgrant: the sate i created it. this is the first time i had to renew it and now it seems like its monthly10:22
wgrantMeaning free as in speech, not as in beer.10:22
wgrantgnomefreak: You probably have an expiry date set...10:23
alecw1What does it mean that it is free "as in speech"?10:23
stgraberalecw1: in this sentence "Free Software" is meant as in "free speech", LP is already free so there would be no point in saying "we have commited to making" otherwise10:23
wgrantalecw1: Same as it means for any other piece of Free Software.10:24
kblinalecw1: if you want to fix the free as in beer vs. free as in speech thing, find out where to file a bug about the English language10:24
gnomefreakwgrant: no i just showed you. please look at https://edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam10:24
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gnomefreakand give me a hint on wtf is wrong10:24
wgrantgnomefreak: Subscript period != your expiry date10:24
wgrant*subscription period, damnit.10:24
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gnomefreakis 010:25
alecw1wgrant: I'm not sure what "free as in in free-speech" metaphor means. Can you explain?10:25
kblinalecw1: for all practical purposes, "free as in free speech" for software means open source10:25
wgrantgnomefreak: Have you altered your expiration date since you were last asked to renew? And are you sure it's on that team?10:25
wgrantalecw1: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Software is good.10:26
gnomefreakwgrant: no this is the first time i had to renew10:26
alecw1you mean, "I have the right to browse the code source."10:26
gnomefreaki havent touched any settings10:26
alecw1because "open source" literally means... "open source".10:26
kblinalecw1: there's some philosophical connotations to both "Open Source" and "Free Software"10:26
wgrantalecw1: But Free Software implies something extra.10:27
alecw1Not just that it is "free" as in beer?10:27
wgrantThere are many Open Source licenses which are unfortunately not Free Software.10:27
alecw1So, how does the community benefit from a project being "free software" without releasing its source?10:28
kblinalecw1: yeah, but what about a license where you're allowed to see the source, but not to modify it? :)10:28
wgrantThat's not possible.10:28
wgrantFree Software implies Open Source.10:28
wgrantBut not vice-versa.10:28
gnomefreakfound the issue and fixed it10:28
alecw1Then Launchpad should be open source, right?10:28
wgrantgnomefreak: What was the issue?10:28
alecw1If you claim to be "free software".10:28
wgrantalecw1: They do not claim to be free software.10:28
wgrantThey claim they will be.10:28
alecw1"we have committed to making Launchpad Free Software. "10:29
stgraberalecw1: please read the page you were pointed to before ... "we have committed to making Launchpad Free Software."10:29
gnomefreakwgrant: i missunderstood since mozillateam is owner of mozillasquad it was mozillasquad page that was causing it10:29
alecw1So, you are NOT "Free Software" right now.10:29
wgrantgnomefreak: Aha. So I was right: "And are you sure it's on that team?"10:29
gnomefreakit was saying mozillateam as owner the relationship between 2 team would expire10:29
alecw1Therefore, you have committed to release the source code, eventually, correct?10:29
wgrantalecw1: Note that there are no official Launchpad people involved in this conversation right now.10:29
alecw1wgrant: noted. =)10:30
alecw1Has Launchpad made any progress to just "eventually"?10:30
gnomefreakYou must specify a default renewal period greater than 0.10:30
gnomefreaksince when10:30
alecw1I mean, it would be great to have a timeframe, or some sort of specification for when they will release the backend.10:30
wgrantgnomefreak: Leave it blank, I suspect.10:31
gnomefreakwgrant: same thing10:31
kblinalecw1: the way I read the FAQ, it seems so10:31
* kblin shrugs10:31
kblinI have to admit I don't care. :)10:31
wgrantgnomefreak: Ensure you have the first option selected.10:31
gnomefreakits optional so i shouldnt have to put anything there and im assuming nothing == 010:31
wgrantAS one can't automatically renew for 0 days.10:31
alecw1I mean, they have "dedicated" to "becoming" free software, but I would like some sort of real commitment that it WILL happen.10:31
wgrantalecw1: As would we all.10:31
wgrantalecw1: Parts have been released.10:32
gnomefreaksubscription policy == openteam10:32
wgrantgnomefreak: No, the renewal policy.10:32
alecw1wgrant: which parts? significant ones?10:32
gnomefreaksubscription period == 3010:32
wgrantalecw1: Storm is pretty significant, I suspect.10:32
wgrantgnomefreak: Period != policy.10:32
gnomefreaknext invite them to renew their own memebership10:32
alecw1Oh, there is a paragraph showing what they have released.10:32
gnomefreakrenewal period == problem10:33
wgrantgnomefreak: Right, that's the problem.10:33
wgrantgnomefreak: Set it to not allow them to renew their own?10:33
kblinalecw1: you're preaching to the choir here. I doubt any foss developer would mind more open source software10:33
mwhudsonyeah, releasing cscvs really enabled community contributions!10:33
wgrantgnomefreak: You can't allow them to renew their own but then say you can only renew for 0 time.10:33
wgrantmwhudson: But cscvs is useless as we have bzr-svn.10:33
wgrantAnd it seems to work.10:33
wgrantWhereas other parts of LP do not.10:33
alecw1kblin: I'm certainly not trying to preach, I'm just trying to understand, and get some sort of feel for the current status with launchpad's status as free software.10:33
mwhudsonwgrant: it's still the best choice for importing cvs when you don't have the ,v files, afaik10:34
* gnomefreak confused only thing that matches that is renew their membersip auto.. also notifie admins10:34
wgrantmwhudson: Probably so.10:34
wgrantgnomefreak: EPARSE10:34
wgrant'invite them to apply for renewal'10:34
mwhudson(i would actually be extremely interested if i'm wrong about this)10:34
gnomefreakWhen someone's membership is about to expire, notify them and:10:34
gnomefreak05:33 <          wgrant > gnomefreak: You can't allow them to renew their own  but then say you can only renew for 0 time.10:35
alecw1I can't think of a reason they wouldn't release the source code, either. They are currently well established in the open-source community, thus, they probably don't have to worry about being one-upped by someone with their own source.10:35
wgrantgnomefreak: Yes?10:35
gnomefreakyou are conflicting comments10:35
wgrantgnomefreak: Where is this conflict?10:35
gnomefreakyou said dont let them renew10:35
wgrantI don't see where I've said otherwise.10:36
gnomefreakwgrant: oh i see it i had to scroll :(10:36
wgrantThat form needs rewording, but it's quite intelligible.10:36
kblinalecw1: hm, sorry, that's a figure of speech. I mean you're telling this to people who will agree with you10:36
gnomefreakwgrant: it sounded conflicking sinc ei couldnt see whole page10:36
wgrantgnomefreak: Ah.10:36
wgrantIt is strange that it's labelled as optional when it is in fact required most of the time.10:36
wgrantAnd I shall now run off and file a bug.10:36
gnomefreakok so everything will stay good than?10:36
wgrantgnomefreak: If you have the first radio button selected, it should let you pass.10:37
alecw1kblin: well, I guess it ended up like that, yes. But originally I was just curious about Launchpad's code.10:37
gnomefreakwgrant: it did10:37
alecw1Thanks a lot, everyone.10:37
wgrantgnomefreak: Great.10:37
gnomefreakwgrant: thanks10:38
wgrantgnomefreak: Bug #17301910:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 173019 in launchpad ""Renewal period" is marked as "(Optional)" when it isn't" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17301910:39
wgrant(thankyou Hobbsee)10:39
gnomefreakah not just me10:39
gnomefreakHobbsee: opened that bug?10:39
wgrantShe did.10:40
gnomefreakshe seems to open bugs just beofre i see the issue10:40
wgrantThis was 80000 bugs ago.10:40
wgrantHm, that's a few bugs.10:40
gnomefreakmaybe she should stand in door way to this channel and tell people problems when she finds them ;) save us alot of worrk10:40
* wgrant shakes a fist at mpt. You broke my automated process for looking at each Launchpad bug by making the milestone easy to see.10:42
mptGooooooooooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!11:00
mptwgrant, what automated process?11:06
wgrantmpt: The one where I automatically expand the task (sorry) to see if it's going to be fixed in the next 12 months.11:07
mptI didn't break that, the milestone's still there11:07
mptI just made it unnecessary ;-)11:07
wgrantSome pleasant retraining will be required.11:07
wgrantThis is true.11:07
geserwhere did the box with the package versions on the bug page go? I was quite handy while doing sponsoring for checking the last version and component11:09
wgrantgeser: To mpt's context independent land11:09
wgrantOne decision I see the rationale for, but cannot agree with.11:09
mptgeser, hover over the package name11:10
wgrantmpt: Where is this documented?11:10
wgrantAnd woah that date is ugly.11:11
wgrantAnd there are no links :(11:11
gesermpt: thanks for the hint. It contains all the info I need11:11
mptwgrant, do you have any suggestions for where we could document its new position that would be easier to find than its new position?11:11
wgrantmpt: It could be inside the task.11:12
geserwgrant: LP just want to be precise about the upload date :)11:12
wgrantOr somewhere less completely undiscoverable.11:12
wgrantIt should be in the tooltip as well.11:12
wgrantBut it should be mentioned in the non-existent page help.11:12
wgrantAs I don't want to have to hover over every element on the page or grep through the source to work out what has a .title.11:13
mptwgrant, eventually we want to get rid of the expandable section, so that wouldn't be a long-term design11:14
wgrantmpt: Where do all of the widgets go!?11:14
mpta long-term solution, rather11:14
mptwgrant, into the table when you click on a cell.11:15
mpte.g. click "New" and it turns into an option menu.11:15
mptClick the package name and it turns into a text field.11:15
wgrantmpt: Oh, I thought that that must have been dismissed as an option, as it's rather obvious.11:15
wgrantI was thinking that the package name could act somewhat like an <abbr>11:16
mptIt already does, in the sense that <abbr> usually has title=, and the package name has title= giving its details11:16
wgrant? cursor, dotted underline, which everyone knows to mean it has a tooltippy thing.11:16
mptIn what sense do you mean it?11:16
wgrantI spent all too much time cleaning a webapp UI up today. So I might be annoyed and wrong.11:19
Hobbseegnomefreak: no, i opened the bug ages ago when creating a team, after the auto-expiry stuff.11:30
Hobbseethat's months old11:30
* gnomefreak very behind ;)11:31
Hobbseedear launchpad, if you can't cope with Big Numbers, why do you let me enter them in your fields?11:42
Hobbseewhy not restrict me to numbers the size that you can actually handle.  no love, me.11:43
wgrantHobbsee: What's this?11:44
Hobbseewgrant: manually reprio'ing a build.11:44
Hobbseewgrant: LP will let you put in a Very Big Number, then will oops, presumably because the number is too big.11:44
wgrantHobbsee: Nice. How big were you making it?11:45
Hobbseeoh, i held down '9' for a couple of seconds, so pretty long.11:45
Hobbseesurely, if you've only got a limited number of possible inputs, you can limit the number of digits that can be entered, so your software *won't* fall over.11:45
wgrantI think you need a 'build this now really kthxbye' button.11:45
wgrantOr at least fail gracefully.11:46
Hobbseewgrant: buildd.py tends to do that, yes.11:46
Hobbseei was just already there, and only wanted to hit one arch.11:46
mptHobbsee, please report that, (I assume) I don't have permission so I can't give an example URL12:21
mpt(I mean I don't have permission to reprioritize a build, not that I don't have permission to report a bug)12:22
Hobbseempt: i've already reported it for the length of time for members of a team to be invited to renew, and afaik, that hasn't been fixed yet.12:23
Hobbseehttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/logwatch/7.3.6.cvs20080702-1ubuntu1/+build/662729/+rescore is a sample url12:23
Hobbseewell, is the one i used before12:23
mptHobbsee, that's a separate bug that'll need a separate fix12:23
mptHobbsee, do you have the oops code handy? (or generate a new one?)12:24
Hobbseeyou'll have to find something that hasn't built yet, and look up the build, and add +rescore to it for another one.12:24
Hobbseei do not.12:24
Hobbseempt:  (Error ID: OOPS-933EA36)12:25
Hobbseefrom https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/softgun/0.16-2.1/+build/666832/+rescore12:25
mptHobbsee, do you happen to know what the maximum value is?12:26
mptUrsinha, welcome!12:27
Ursinhampt, hi! :)12:27
Ursinhathanks :)12:27
mptEverybody, Ursinha is our new QA person12:28
* Ursinha waves12:28
andrea-bshi Ursinha! I hope you'll like my bugs :D12:29
Ursinhahahahahaha :)12:29
Ursinhaandrea-bs, sure i will :)12:30
mptandrea-bs is one of our most prolific bug reporters12:30
andrea-bsUrsinha: mpt is too generous ;)12:31
* wgrant apologises to Ursinha in advance.12:33
Ursinhahahaha why so?12:33
wgrantI file too many bugs.12:33
Hobbseempt: 2147483647 is the highest number you can put in.12:34
Ursinhayou should be proud of it ;)12:34
Hobbseewithout LP oopsing.12:34
Hobbseeheya Ursinha12:34
wgrantOh no! Implementation details! Run!12:34
mptHobbsee, reported bug 25049012:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250490 in soyuz "Entering large rescore value causes an oops" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25049012:35
UrsinhaHobbsee, hi :)12:35
* Hobbsee is another troublesome filer.12:36
Ursinhaso you are the bug gang :P12:36
Hobbseeand we're the "whine when LP goes down, or otherwise breaks" gang.12:36
wgrantHobbsee: Whining that one of the production appservers is borked doesn't help on a weekend, unfortunately.12:37
Hobbseewgrant: don't you have numbers of doom to call?12:37
Hobbseeactually, i couldn't reproduce the errors.12:37
Hobbseewhich is why i didn't call.12:37
wgrantHobbsee: Of course not.12:37
geserwgrant: just abolish weekends for LP admins and LP devs :)12:37
Hobbseeoh, i see, that's what the subscriber panel is supposed to look like.12:38
wgrantIt was only production, so most would have missed it.12:38
wgrantAnd what's this? A LOSA in a sane timezone! Yay!12:38
Hobbseeeven when switching to production12:38
mptHobbsee, as opposed to...?12:38
Hobbseempt: the bloody mess it is in anything ubuntu-related.12:38
wgrantAt least the actions are up the top now.12:39
wgrantThat is a definite improvement.12:39
Hobbseeyeah, but what shocks me more is you can actually easily see what the next box is underneath it12:39
Hobbseeyou dont' have to do the scrolling dance first.12:39
Hobbseeto the point where the boxes underneath are vaguely useful12:39
wgrantIt is much more pleasant navigating LP bugs.12:39
Hobbseealthough, why we have a search on the lower right, and another one at the bottom, i'm not so sure.12:40
mrevellNew Launchpod episode online at: http://news.launchpad.net/podcast/launchpod-episode-8-developer-interview-with-curtis-hovey-and-chat-about-landscape12:41
wgrantHuh? Landscape in Launchpod?12:41
* Hobbsee wonders offhand, if planet ubuntu is supposed to be an advertising ground.12:42
mptHobbsee, does that mean you won't scream if I get rid of the search from the lower right?12:42
Hobbseempt: i'd say so - i've never used it.12:42
wgrantI find the LP posts on Planet Ubuntu to be somewhat appropriate. It is a big part of Ubuntu.12:42
mptI'm fairly sure I've seen posts about bugzilla.gnome.org on Planet Gnome12:43
gnomefreakwhere is the page to turn off edge.launchpad.net? i thought it would be at launchpad.net but its not there12:59
gnomefreaknevermind it wasnt there under edge but is without the edge13:00
geseris there a reason why the edit icon/link for the bug title is after the title while every other icon is before the text?13:03
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mptgeser, the edit icons for bug supervisors and translation groups are also after the text13:19
mptThe one for bug privacy is before the text, but that'll change soon13:19
mptPutting the one for the bug title before the text would indent the title oddly13:20
mptbut putting it after makes the title harder to copy13:20
mptsoren, not sure what to do there :-)13:20
mptarg, *so* I'm not sure what to do there13:20
mpt(that's the second time I've done that in the past week)13:21
geserit looks a little bit inconsistent right now, but if some other links will change soon, perhaps it doesn't look inconsistent afterwards anymore13:27
sorenmpt: You're not the only one... :/13:34
mptsoren, at least you don't have a kernel driver named after you13:35
sorenNo, I do not.13:35
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jmunrodoes anyone know why my ppa package builds on most architectures, but not amd64? the build deps are correct as far as i can tell13:56
jmunro"dpkg-shlibdeps: failure: couldn't find library libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0 needed by debian/sugar-develop-activity/usr/share/sugar/activities/Develop.activity/lib/libgtksourceview-2.0.so (its RPATH is '')."13:57
jmunroi have the required dependancies and this builds fine on i38613:58
mptbigjools, ^14:04
mptbigjools, can you help jmunro?14:19
bigjoolsI'll have a look14:20
bigjoolsjmunro: what is your PPA name please14:20
=== EdwinGrub is now known as EdwinGrubbs
jmunroim sure its just me making a novice error, but help is appreciated14:22
Hobbseejmunro: which arches is it building on?14:27
jmunroi386, lpia14:28
Hobbseeer, which package?14:29
geserHobbsee: I'd guess the package is sugar-develop-activity14:30
Hobbseeoh, the one that's deleted, and the other two that are superceeded?14:31
Hobbseeyeah, no wonder i didn't find that one14:31
Hobbseejmunro: didn't you fix it, with ~ppa3?14:32
jmunronope i made human errors on all of them lol14:33
jmunroexcluding the one i deleted, that failed to build14:33
Hobbseeno it didn't14:33
Hobbseethe one you deleted *did* build.14:33
Hobbsee    * sugar-develop-activity_33-0ubuntu1~ppa3.diff.gz (1.2 KiB)14:33
Hobbsee    * sugar-develop-activity_33-0ubuntu1~ppa3.dsc (693 bytes)14:33
bigjoolsonly on i38614:33
Hobbsee    * sugar-develop-activity_33-0ubuntu1~ppa3_all.deb (210.8 KiB)14:33
Hobbsee    * sugar-develop-activity_33.orig.tar.gz (209.7 KiB)14:33
jmunroppa3 has human error14:33
Hobbseebigjools: yes, that's deliberate.14:33
Hobbseebut that will work on all arches14:34
jmunroHobbsee: i changed arch to 'all' but this is incorrect14:34
Hobbseejmunro: why?14:34
jmunroit has .so's, surely these are arch dependent?14:34
jmunro(apologies for taking your time, im inexperienced at creating packages)14:35
Hobbseeoh, hmmm.14:37
Hobbseelibgtk2.0-0 is definetly *built* on all the arches, separately.  i don't know :)14:37
jmunroim a bit confused to the nature of the problem, at home i have amd64, i could try building there to see if it stumbles on the same problem14:38
bigjoolsthere might be a problem with the libgtk2.0-0 package on amd64, I dunno14:40
jmunrois it still possible that there is an error on my behalf?14:40
MagicFabWhere should I log a bug about news.launchpad.net ?14:40
beunoMagicFab, https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-documentation/14:41
MagicFabgracias :)_14:42
beunode nada14:42
bigjoolsjmunro: I see the package being installed in the build chroot, then dpkg-shlibdeps can't find one of its files.  I can't see anything else wrong, sorry I can't help more :(14:44
jmunrothats ok, perhaps there is somewhere else i can find help bigjools?14:45
bigjoolsjmunro: I like your idea of building it on your home machine14:46
jmunroill try this tonight14:47
bigjoolslet me know how it goes14:47
jmunrothanks for your help!14:47
bigjoolsnp, sorry I can't help more14:47
mptI'm looking for a prettier way to present the "This site is running pre-release code" message on edge.launchpad.net. Anyone have any suggestions? :-)15:10
intellectronicampt: ah i see what you mean. on my screen, it would fit nicely on the same line as the menu and the username/logout button15:12
intellectronicathere may not be enough space on smaller windows, though15:12
mptintellectronica, which menu? You mean the Launchpad > ... hierarchy?15:12
intellectronicampt: yes15:13
mptYes, whether there was room there would depend highly on the name of any project/package/person and the width of the window15:15
andrea-bsmpt: how about a small "beta" label near the "launchpad" logo on the location bar?15:15
mptI was thinking maybe a diagonal ribbon in the corner15:15
mptor something in the footer15:15
andrea-bsin the footer there's "beta site" near the version number15:16
mptandrea-bs, that would work, but it wouldn't be obvious how to report bugs15:16
andrea-bsmpt: that's right15:16
kletteA nice large gif animation of some road workers and a big fat "under construction" sign.. Back to the 90s ;-)15:17
kletteA ribbon or something non-intrusive like that is a good idea though. Doesnt need to be a big fat warning, as lp is mainly for developers anyway, and all developers know that beta-software means :-)15:19
beunompt, hey there. Is it just me, or under the last item of the hierarchy, there is blank 1-2px blank space?15:22
* andrea-bs notices this too15:23
beunompt, also, maybe for pre-release code, you can add an overlapped round icon that says "beta" on the top left of the hierarchy. Like we did with the messages/warnings/errors15:24
mptbeuno, the 1px gap is dependent on your font size and zoom level. I'm expecting it to go away when I redo the hierarchy with floats.15:25
beunompt, I have default font size and zoom level set. The only way I can get it to go away is by zooming out.15:26
mptWell you implemented that, you tell me ;-)15:27
beunoheh, fair enough. I'll take a stab at it, and see if I can find what's causing this15:29
=== kiko is now known as kiko-afk
beunompt, I also have a fix for the warning image to send you, which doesn't have a transparent background now15:31
mptbeuno, ah great, I was going to regenerate it from the SVG but hadn't had time yet15:32
beunompt, I have somewhere around here an improved SVG, so I'll send you the whole lot15:33
mptok, thanks15:33
mptbeuno, since it's going to be rewritten anyway, it's probably not worthwhile to spend time on the 1px gap16:04
mptMore interesting to investigate why the tabs aren't centered and "Answers" wraps occasionally :-)16:04
=== _Paracha is now known as Paracha
beunompt, centered by a few pixels?  I know why that is already. Answers, on the other hand, hmmm...  any way to reproduce that?16:27
mptbeuno, sure, resize the window. Happens at many widths in IE, moderately often in Konqueror, occasionally in Firefox.16:28
beunoah, I see...16:29
beunomin-width is probably off16:30
* beuno pulls16:30
mrevellHey, beuno, could you check a line of Spanish text for me please?16:50
beunohey mrevell, sure16:54
mrevellthanks beuno. "Por favor, seleccione la página de inicio que desea usar"16:55
beunoI don't quite understand in what context that would work, but there's nothing wrong with it16:55
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=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-lunch
beunompt, I don't see the 1px separation in trunk  :/17:58
mptbeuno, try zooming in18:00
Dexhu13 does anayone know anything about -  enabled community maintained software (universe)18:06
Dexhu13 hello18:07
=== mrevell is now known as mrevell-bbl
Dexhuany upgard people here??18:08
Dexhuany upgrade people here??18:09
mptDexhu, what are "upgrade people"?18:10
mptDexhu, this channel is about Launchpad. If you're looking for help with Ubuntu, try #ubuntu.18:10
DexhuI'm upgrading to 8.04 and I want to knw what - enabled community maintained software (universe) IS??18:10
Dexhushould I go to Ubuntu to find this anaswer??18:11
LaserJockDexhu: #ubuntu would be the right place18:11
DexhuOK..THX laser jock18:12
beunompt, right, if I zoom in enough, I see it. But I have to fiddle with it.  Right now, I see if by default18:12
beunoany unlanded changes to the CSS?18:12
mptbeuno, yes, the hierarchy rewrite that I mentioned before :-)18:12
beunompt, ignore me, for some reason, I can see the same issue now18:13
* beuno grumbles and gets back to CSS18:13
LaserJockis there somebody about I can bug about bug #81002 ?18:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 81002 in malone "Changing sort order after advanced results forgets any assignee value" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8100218:14
LaserJockit's rather annoying to not be able to sort search results18:14
=== matsubara-lunch is now known as matsubara
LaserJockis there a reason why sorting was removed?18:15
smarterHow many times does it take for a .pot/.po to be approved?18:41
smarter*how long18:44
bdmurraybug spam is dealt with via answers is that right?19:18
matsubarabdmurray: yes, that's the best way to get lp admins attention.19:20
LaserJockis there a particular reason why I wouldn't be getting bugmail for comments I've made?19:36
LaserJockit's been a number of minutes and I haven't gotten anything19:37
andrea-bsLaserJock: It may be a temporary slowdown. How long have you been waiting?19:39
LaserJockhmm, probably 20min19:39
kikoLaserJock, for what?19:40
LaserJocknot all that long, but usually they are quite quick19:40
LaserJockkiko: I've been changing some tags and making comments on some bugs19:40
LaserJockbut I haven't gotten any bugmail19:40
kikoLaserJock, hmmm, that's odd19:40
=== mrevell-bbl is now known as mrevell
LaserJockkiko: do you know of any reason why I wouldn't be getting my own bugmail? I've been getting bugmail in general19:56
kikoLaserJock, no, I asked BjornT but he didn't answer, but I've been receiving some at least19:56
andrea-bsI've filed a bug 8 minutes ago and I've received the mail just now20:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 8 in rosetta "Translator forums/means of communication" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/820:07
LaserJockhmm, I've still got nothing20:12
BjornTLaserJock: you're not using gmail, are you?20:46
BjornTLaserJock: if you are, that's probably the problem. gmail doesn't display mail from yourself by default.20:51
beunoBjornT, really?  I constantly get emails "from myself" that LP sends20:52
beunoto the point where it's annoying  :)20:52
beunoreporting bugs, for example20:53
BjornTbeuno: i think there is a setting for this. maybe you have changed it (or google changed the default)20:53
* beuno looks20:55
beunoI can't find such a setting20:56
LaserJockBjornT: what? really?20:57
LaserJockI am indeed using gmail20:57
BjornTLaserJock: you could try sending a mail to yourself; see if you get it.21:02
LaserJockok, I did21:04
LaserJockBjornT: yeah, I do get it when I just send a test email to myself21:05
LaserJockBjornT: I got bugmail from myself on July 10th21:06
BjornTLaserJock, beuno: hmm. i know there used to be such a setting. and from reading the help, it seems like gmail still does it for mails you send to mailing list. maybe there is some auto-detection going on there.21:09
BjornTLaserJock: can you give an example of a bug you changed, but didn't get a notification for?21:10
beunoBjornT, ah, yes, I don't get emails from mailing lists I send, although I always thought that was something the mailing list did for me21:10
LaserJockbeuno: many mailing lists are set up that way21:11
BjornTLaserJock: also, are the mail sent directly to you, or through a mailing list?21:11
LaserJockBjornT: which mails?21:11
beunomrevell, this weeks Launchpod was really good, congrats  :)21:13
BjornTLaserJock: sorry, i was referring to the bug notifications. i.e., are you subscribed directly, or through a team that has a mailing list.21:14
LaserJockBjornT: it wasn't through subscriptions21:14
LaserJockbug #109544 is an example21:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 109544 in ubuntu "Automated system update of x64 Kubuntu 6.10 to 7.04 has messed up my display settings." [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10954421:14
LaserJockBjornT: do I have to be subscribed to a bug to get my own bugmail?21:15
BjornTLaserJock: yes21:15
LaserJockwhy? :(21:15
LaserJockI don't remember needing to in the past21:16
kikoLaserJock, you are auto-subscribed if you reported the bug. I don't know what you are talking about.21:17
BjornTLaserJock: it has always been like that. doesn't make sense to get only your changes, but not anyone else's, does it?21:17
kikothis has never changed21:17
LaserJockare you sure?21:18
LaserJockI swear that I used to get all bugmail21:18
LaserJockBjornT: yes, it very much does make sense21:18
LaserJockI use the bugmail to record what I've done21:18
kikoLaserJock, yes, we're absolutely sure. you /are/ confused, trust me.21:20
kikoLaserJock, if you're not subscribed to a bug, you don't get email about it. end of story. always been that way. you can be however an implicit subscriber.21:20
LaserJockhmm, I'm not sure how I could have been getting that bugmail previously then21:21
mario_limonciellcprov, ping21:21
cprovmario_limonciell: pong21:21
LaserJockI guess it must have been through implicit subscription, but I'm not sure how21:21
mario_limonciellcprov, i got a reject email on my first try to upload dkms to main21:21
kikoanyway, I have a session now, will be back later21:21
mario_limoncielltelling me that "Signer is not permitted to upload to the component 'main' of file 'dkms_2.0.20.2-0ubuntu1.dsc'."21:21
cprovmario_limonciell: irght, let me check21:22
LaserJockBjornT: so how do I get a record of what I've done then? if the bugmail is incomplete and the activity logs are incomplete I'm not sure where else I can get information21:23
kikoLaserJock, ubuntu-bugs.21:23
cprovmatsubara: opa21:23
matsubaracprov: de volta pra terrinha?21:23
cprovmatsubara: yup, I'm back home.21:25
matsubaracool. welcome back!21:25
cprovmatsubara: thanks21:33
mrevellthanks beuno!21:34
cprovmario_limonciell: there is indeed a problem in the code, mainly caused because you already have perms to 'universe'. I will have to debug it a little more.21:37
mario_limonciellcprov, ah, that's unfortunate then21:37
cprovmario_limonciell: is the upload urgent ?21:37
mario_limonciellcprov, it's not urgent.  it's a minor bug fix release21:37
cprovmario_limonciell: ok, give some hours, I will email you soon.21:38
mario_limonciellcprov, okay thank you21:38
TuniX12how to upload packages into PPA ??21:43
beunoTuniX12, take a look at: https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart21:43
mouzI'd like to use wikiname Mouz. I can not because it is in use by another account. As far as I can see the account has never been used (de-can; created 2005-08-29). I sent a mail about 6 days ago to the mail address on ~de-can, but I got no reply. Can I have the Mouz wikiname somehow? Currently I'm using MouzMouz and redirecting it to 'his' page.21:44
jpdsmouz: I'd file a question in Launchpad requesting that the inactive user be deleted.21:46
mouzjpds: ok i'll do that. thanks21:47
TuniX12hello how to make sha keys?21:49
beunoTuniX12, https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/CreatingAnSSHKeyPair21:50
TuniX12beuno: thanks21:50
beunoTuniX12, https://help.launchpad.net/  contains all kinds of wisdom, I'd recommend you check it out21:51
TuniX12ok thank you21:51
mario_limonciellso it appears that with the libtool in intrepid, ltmain.sh got moved from /usr/share/libtool/ltmain.sh to /usr/share/libtool/config/litmain.sh.  Should we be writing patches to configure scripts to handle this, or what's the appropriate policy for it?22:31
mwhudsonmario_limonciell: this is definitely not the right place for that question22:33
mario_limoncielloops sorry mwhudson i thought i was in #ubuntu-devel :)22:33
mario_limonciellmy bad22:33
LaibschIs it correct that to download translations from launchpad you need to be logged in, IOW you need to have an account?22:54
wgrantIt needs to know your email address, doesn't it?22:56
emgentwgrant: heya.22:56
wgrantHi emgent. I'm about to leave.22:57
emgentwhy launchpad dont send an email to last uploader if someone open bug on package?22:58
wgrantemgent: Because we don't have the concept of maintainers, and TIL is weak at best.22:59
wgrantYou should subscribe to the package's bugs if you want to get them.22:59
wgrantdoko doesn't want to get mail for 600 packages because he uploaded a transition22:59
emgentyeah but i can subscribe in a bug, not in package.22:59
wgrantemgent: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/somepackage should have the action.23:00
wgrantYou can subscribe to all bugs for a package easily.23:00
wgrantAh, scrap the 'bugs.'23:00
doko_wgrant: ?23:01
wgrantdoko_: Argh, I thought it wouldn't ping you because you had a tail. Sorry.23:01
emgentoh nice, i saw now.23:01
Laibschwgrant: that is rather suboptimal23:07
wgrantLaibsch: Why?23:07
wgrantLaibsch: It needs to know when to email you.23:07
Laibschnot if the stuff was available for download23:07
wgrantAnd it probably needs to stop people from requesting enormous numbers of exports or the world will collapse.23:07
LaibschI am trying to push LP for translation23:07
Laibschand this could be the killer for it23:07
wgrantIs it that hard to create an account? The Launchpad account creation process is particularly painless.23:08
wgrantBut I must run.23:08
Laibschwell, *I* have an account and I don't see a problem23:10
Q-FUNKhowdy! is there any way to relaunch a build that stopped because of a missing build-dep on a ppa?23:42
cprovQ-FUNK: access the build page and click 'retry'.23:43
Q-FUNKah, ok.  let's see...23:43
Q-FUNKI see build logs, but not build actions23:44
Q-FUNKot an obvious place23:45

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