Dediup and running02:42
leviwinehi @ all03:18
leviwineis anybody using photoshop cs3 on ubuntu?03:18
jbroomesupport in #ubuntu03:21
Dedihardy-neon packages should work with intrepid too, not?03:27
Hobbseei wouldn't bet on it03:28
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gluerhi, alpha 3 out thursday?05:03
gluercan the intel wireless iwl3954 firmware be included, i think it was missing in alpha 205:06
RAOFI don't think it was?05:06
RAOFOr, at least, my iwl3945 hasn't stopped working at any point in the Intrepid cycle.05:07
glueri did a fresh install with alpha 2 cd05:07
gluerim pretty sure it was missing from alpha 2 coz i installed it about 5 times05:11
gluerthen had to download and copy it into firmware05:12
Hobbseemine's been working fine too05:19
LSD|NinjaDesktop CDs are due to drop in Alpha 3, right?05:59
* LSD|Ninja can't wait05:59
gluerlsdninja : what do u mean?06:01
gluerdo u mean the alpha 3 cd?06:03
scyrmaI've been using Debian/sid for many years at home.. now on Ubuntu at work .. I miss the thrill and occasional brokeness of Sid .. is Intrepid comparable, or will my box explode? :)06:18
RAOFPretty comparable.06:19
LSD|NinjaLots of stuff is broken in Intrepid right now, you'll cream your pants by the sound of it06:20
RAOFWe've past the hugely-less-stable-than-Sid mass-import stage.  Now it should be just the regular ordinary development version brokenness, pretty much.06:20
scyrmahmm.. sounds like fun06:20
LSD|NinjaSpeaking of Sid, I realise that acronym means "Still in Development" but was that chosend because Sid too is a character from Toy Story?06:21
scyrmaI think it's both .. I think the acronym is a "backronym" too06:22
RAOF"Sid will break your toys".06:23
RAOFIs the source, I believe.06:23
LSD|NinjaIt makes sense, I'm just wondering if that's the reason it was chosen06:24
RAOFI think it was, yes.06:31
RAOFGoddamnit, nvidia!  Fix the frikkin full-screen black flashes when changing clockspeed already.06:46
hyperair_weren't you using nouveau?06:47
RAOFToday I'm testing nvidia-glx-177.06:47
hyperair_my card doesn't give black flashes when changing clock speed06:47
hyperair_i see06:47
RAOFWhile running compiz?06:47
hyperair_i use nvclock06:47
hyperair_and coolbits or wahtever it was for changing the clock speed isn't existent on my card06:48
hyperair_either that or my driver06:48
hyperair_so nvclock uses some other backend to do it06:48
RAOFWell, the nvidia drivers will automatically downclock to save power.06:48
RAOFAt least on my laptop carde.06:48
hyperair_i never knew that06:48
hyperair_like cpu freq scaling huh06:48
RAOFI can tell, because everytime they do, the whole screen flashes black!06:48
hyperair_lol isn't there a way to disable it06:49
RAOFThere might be.  On the other hand, I'm a bit of a fan of not burning more battery than strictly necessary.06:49
LSD|NinjaI wonder if they're waiting for Alpha 3 before pushing out the new nvidia 96.43 package...06:50
hyperair_simple solution to that: tune it to the lowest clock speed and force it to stay06:50
RAOFWell, that option isn't exposed in any of the tools I have.06:50
hyperair_LSD|Ninja: doesn't nvidia-glx-96 work?06:50
RAOFHe's almost certainly talking about a version that works with the Xserver 1.5 ABI.06:51
LSD|Ninjahyperair_: last I checked, it was 96.43.05. Latest is 96.43.07. nVidia don't explicitly mention xorg 1.5 (they may be waiting for it to ge releases) but I still want to try iy06:52
hyperair_okay... so that means that i'm not going to get any nvidia support if i switch to intrepid now06:52
hyperair_then i'll just sit around in arch and wait for it to work06:53
murlidhari have install intrepid as a base installation. and have put lxde as the default window manager. i am trying to change the wallpapers but i am not able to since i can't remember  where the settings are .07:30
murlidhari accidently activated a radio button  in the gui and the problem started08:14
murlidharwhy is the channel so quiet?08:14
murlidharor is it me lagging?08:15
murlidharanyone ?08:15
root0hi. anyone know how to enable nvidia propietary driver? i know someone did it...08:24
hyperair__install nvidia-glx-xxx08:26
RAOF"sudo aptitude install nvidia-glx-177 && sudo nvidia-xconfig" (and then probably remove the rgb.txt line from your xorg.conf.08:26
hyperair__what rgb.txt line?08:26
RAOFUnless you've got a geforce 5, in which case you replace 177 with 173.  Or have a geforce 4, in which case you replace 177 with 96.  Or have a geforce 2 or below, in which case your computer combusts.08:27
RAOFhyperair__: Apparently nvidia-xconfig will write a line that's no longer accepted in Xserver 1.5; I don't think I hit it because I actually had an xorg.conf file.08:28
hyperair__i see08:29
hyperair__i never had a rgb.txt line before08:29
root0i have a geforce 6200 card. is this one still suported?08:29
RAOFIt's a geforce 6.  That's still supported by the 177 driver.08:30
hyperair__T_T geforce4 for me08:30
root0thanks. i'l install it now.08:30
RAOFhyperair__: Nvidia hate you :)08:32
hyperair__>=( hate you too nvidia08:33
root0one more thing that i hit today. after a clean install the splash screen seems to be broken. i'm not sure how to isolate and find were is the problem.08:34
RAOFThe bootsplash?  Yeah, that's borken.08:34
RAOFIt's usplash (or possibly vm86, or uvesafb)08:34
root0i'm not using it, but i just wanted to be sure that it is a known problem.08:36
root0it's not working. nvidia-glx-177 is installed but nvidia-xconfig is not. if i try to install nvidia-xconfig synaptic is trying to remove nvidia-glx-177. is kinda odd... and on gnome-app-install it says this: "NVidia binary X.Org driver ('new' driver) cannot be installed on your computer type (i386)."08:49
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ace_Hi all12:53
ace_anyone here using xgl?12:53
hyperair__why would you want to use xgl?12:54
ace_i've always used xgl and i think its better than just xorg12:54
Turskiwhy don't you use aiglx?13:01
hyperair__xgl is the worst thing you could do to get 3d working13:01
hyperair__it's slow, adds an extra layer13:01
ace_ not 3d, just compiz-fusion13:02
s0u][ighthello if you have 2 .deb files (new kernel) and one is an image and the other an header wich do you need to install first?13:03
gnomefreaks0u][ight: doesnt matter much IIRC but you are safe with image13:05
gnomefreakthan headers13:05
hyperair__ace_: sorry, i meant compiz fusion too. aiglx > xgl13:05
gnomefreakhint you dont need headers for normal useage13:05
murlidharhi all13:47
murlidhari have installed intrepid by doing custom installation.13:48
murlidharnow i want to install pulse audio without having alsa drivers13:48
murlidharis it possible ?13:48
murlidharif so what are the packages that are needed ?13:49
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions13:49
murlidhar is alsa required ?13:52
murlidharikonia:  are u busy ?13:53
linkinxphello in my UPdate-Manager i have a  package called Ubuntu-Desktop and i can't select it ! whats wrong??14:03
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hyperair__besides nfs, is there any way to copy files over from one computer to another while preserving uid, gid and permissions?15:40
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sparrwould a package dependency mistake in hardy be fixed in hardy or wait for intrepid?16:38
PiciDepends on how serious it is16:40
sparrfirefox version 3.0 depends on firefox-3.0 when it should depend on firefox-3.0 version 3.016:43
sparrahh, didnt realize #ubuntu-bugs existed16:47
sparrperhaps a better venue for my question16:47
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DanaGOne thing that really bugs me: "Lock Applet" does not work as one would expect.17:52
DanaGIf you change screen resolutions... chances are, your panel layout will be trampled upon.17:53
LSD|NinjaThat's assuming you can change resolutions without hand editing xorg.conf >_<17:55
DanaGMy laptop can.17:59
DanaGI do have to edit xorg.conf to change touchpad settings, though.18:00
LSD|NinjaI can get it to change resolutions without messing with xorg.conf after a fashion but there are times when I feel editing xorg.conf would be faster. It's been 10 years, why is this still so goddamn difficult?18:03
DanaGalt-f2.  xrandr -s 1440x900 -- that's how I do it.  I only use one monitor, though.18:05
DanaG!find qatomicpointer.h18:36
ubottuFile qatomicpointer.h found in qt4-doc-html18:36
DanaGqt4-doc-html?  That's odd.18:37
DanaG!find qatomicpointer18:37
ubottuFile qatomicpointer found in qt4-doc-html18:37
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