__mikemactually after looking at the screenshot for SharpChocolate, its starting to grow on me00:01
__mikemwell how am I supposed to get this theme installed without him?00:03
xanax`interesting top of window decoration..00:04
__mikemthat ones actually not bad00:04
* xanax` agrees00:04
* __mikem wishes compiz worked in vmware00:07
* xanax` uses virtualbox, not vmware.00:35
__mikemvmware fusion actually performs much better than virtualbox00:37
xanax`you have a mac ?00:38
xanax`enabling full 3D support to OS emulators is going to be a long task00:41
__mikemI have a feeling its doable with current technology00:41
* xanax` is longing to test gdm-face-browser once it gets released00:46
__mikemzerwas: why did you leave me hanging? :(00:46
zerwas__mikem, sorry00:47
__mikemits alright00:47
zerwas__mikem, did you got it working? :)00:47
__mikemI only got as far as adding those two lines to the source00:48
__mikemyou never told me how to get the theme00:48
zerwasnice! almost done now. open system -> administration -> synaptic now.00:50
zerwasnow the upper left button "reload" (or something like that)00:50
__mikemreload was correct sir00:51
__mikemokay, now what00:51
darkmatterxanax`: the new gdm should go a long way to improving the efficiency of user switching among others. I really like the direction the devs are moving in00:51
zerwas__mikem, good. now (according to this page https://launchpad.net/~kwwii/+archive) press "Search", enter "human" and click on "human-theme" to install it. do these steps for "gtk2-engines-murrine" and "ubuntu-artwork" too. Click on "Apply" now. You are done.00:53
xanax`the new gdm ? you mean.. gdm 2 or .. ?00:53
darkmatterthe current recode. it was originally scheduled for 2.22 but was unfinished, and was thus deferred00:54
* xanax` is searching for new features of the latest version of gdm00:55
darkmatterxanax`: it's the version that foresight and fedora use.. I'll grab a link00:55
darkmatterxanax`: here ya go, complete with screenies http://www.ogmaciel.com/?p=47800:57
__mikemzerwas: well I notice that there is some difference, but I still think you could do more00:57
zerwas__mikem, me?00:57
zerwas__mikem, do you have it activated?00:58
__mikemyes, I am using the newhuman theme right now00:58
zerwas__mikem, me needed to use it for a couple of days to begin to like it ...00:59
__mikemzerwas: it still doesn't live up to the standards of OSX and vista01:00
__mikemits good but just not good enough in my oppinion01:00
zerwas__mikem, agree.01:00
zerwas__mikem, help cimi, he could really need a helping hand :>01:00
__mikemzerwas: I did make some changes to the gelitan theme01:01
__mikembut graphic design is not my strong suit01:01
xanax`i think i'll have to test this version of gdm first before having a clear opinion.. these screenshots and comments aren't enough for a teaser.. imo01:01
zerwas__mikem, i don't think working on gtk theme engines has soo much to do with graphic design. especially when it is known what it could/should look like01:02
__mikemit'd be an interesting challange01:02
darkmatterxanax`: if you want to test it you could always run a vm of sulfur (fedora 9) or install it on an extra partition. fedora already uses that version01:05
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pwnguinwhere does kwii live?03:49
zerwasdo you want to hug him?03:52
zerwaskwii? http://www.kwiisblog.com/d/03:53
zerwasoops looks like he is also german03:53
J-_Someone might know the answer to my question(s). In gnome-appearance-settings, I go into customize a theme, but GTK themes have a question mark over the theme picture(or preview) and some themes change, and some don't. How can I fix this?21:24
zerwasJ-_, install the engine?22:21
kwwiizerwas: good answer :-)22:48
kwwiizerwas: btw, I am not german ;-)22:48
zerwaskwwii, :) oh so i was on the wrong blog22:48
pwnguinkwwii: nuts22:48
pwnguini was hoping i could send someone over to the one dudes house and help him set up an LP project for his theme22:49
kwwiiI do speak german though22:49
kwwiipwnguin: I am sure that I can help set up an LP project22:50
pwnguinkwwii: the kim guy seems anxious about it22:50
zerwaskwwii, oh okay, so you moved to germany?22:50
kwwiiyes, almost 13 years ago22:51
pwnguini suggested on the ML that he set one up so that people like mike can share changes but he seemed to prefer his blog to host it22:51
kwwiiI guess that makes me germarican22:51
kwwiipwnguin: I just caught up on emails today, I'll send Kim an email offering help22:52
kwwiiI spent most of the day working on a good idea for a generic web browser icon22:53
pwnguinuh oh22:53
kwwiiit is for our mobile solutions group22:54
pwnguinso not firefox22:54
kwwiican't really say more than that, contracts and all22:55
kwwiibut no worries, ubuntu will still have firefox22:55
kwwiino iceweasel for us (thank god)22:55
pwnguinthe other day i came across them threatening branding over whos libnss we linked to22:56
pwnguinwe now link firefox to their own libnss and friends22:57
pwnguinwhen people say they're a memory hog you can now agree via that point ;)22:57
kwwiifirefox(mozilla) seems to have very strict rules because of contracts that they have signed22:59
kwwiimakes things really nasty22:59
kwwiiapparently if you change *anything* in firefox without having them review it you are not allowed to call it firefox23:00
pwnguinthat part i know about23:00
pwnguinbut not the part where calling your changes firefox puts THEM in violation of contracts23:00
pwnguini dont even know how that works23:00
kwwiiand they apparently have contracts with companies which prevent them from even allowing small/intelligent changes in some cases23:01
pwnguiniceweasel begins to sound appealing23:01
kwwiiI guess it is more the worry of law suits than the actual thing, but when you get as big as them that kind of stuff comes up23:01
kwwiithe idea of iceweasel is not bad but the name is simply stupid23:01
kwwiiit is like a 10 year old child thought of it23:02
pwnguinworse than "hardy heron"?23:02
kwwiiI cannot comment on that or it will put my job at risk23:02
zerwashey it will get even better with intrepid ibex23:02
pwnguinyou could just refer to it as 8.04 in all communications23:02
kwwiibut then nobody would know what I am talking about :p23:04
kwwiimaybe I should though23:04
kwwiiI am not a big fan of the names23:04
kwwiialthough it does offer a good incentive for art direction23:05
pwnguinits supposed to be a development code name anyways23:05
kwwiiI am somewhat worried about always having to use an animal pic23:05
pwnguinwhich we've done once23:05
pwnguinin the entire history of code names23:05
kwwiisure, but if we do it twice it is almost like saying we are always going to do it23:06
pwnguinof course, its also the most wildly successfull background we have ;)23:07
kwwiiand the ibex pics all remind me of heavy metal / satanism23:07
kwwiiin the end we will probably use something like that again23:07
pwnguinmore proof we dont need a satanic edition23:07
zerwasha ha... but there is already a satanic ubutu edition23:07
kwwiibut I would really hesitate to do it three time23:07
pwnguinanything that isnt christian is satanic, right? ;)23:08
kwwiilol, right23:08
pwnguinwell, you could always use that concern as motivation this cycle or next to make something else23:08
kwwiimy biggest problem this cycle is that I go on vacation on Aug2-23 and I have all kinds of stuff to work on first23:11
kwwiiI've been working on a time zone map for the installer which is not based on funky arrows pointing to cities23:11
kwwiibut the file is so big that my 10" thinkpad core duo 1.8Ghz with 1GB of RAM simply makes it impossible to work on23:12
kwwiiI plug into my 23" monitor so I an at least see parts of it closer but I simply need a faster machine23:13
kwwii*click* (wait a minute), *click* (wait a minute), repeat23:13
psyke83kwwii, using gimp? I feel dirty to say this, but Photoshop would work a lot better with large images due to the caching23:14
psyke83AFAIK, the CS2 tryout should work with WINE, you may want to try it23:14
kwwiipsyke83: nope, with inkscape23:15
psyke83ah, k23:15
kwwiipsyke83: yeah, from what I have heard CS2 works in wine...been a while since I used adobe stuff though23:15
kwwiiit would probably handle the file better though23:15
kwwiiit refreshes the screen in a much more efficient method than inkscape (I had a long discussion about that)23:16
kwwiiit is nice to work at a company with two of the inkscape maintainers :-)23:16
kwwiiI've been running Ted's private branch and it has a couple of nifty extras23:17
kwwiirgba support for all the dialogue windows23:17
kwwiiand such23:17
psyke83kwwii, are you keeping rgba enabled in the themes for release, by the way?23:18
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kwwiipsyke83: no, i am going to turn it off again23:21
kwwiialthough until now we have not had any complaints23:21
kwwiiat least none that I am aware of23:21
kwwiiI am still somewhat worried about being responsible for the packaging23:21
kwwiioh well, time for sleep23:23
kwwiinight all23:23
zerwasye, good night23:25
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG

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