duncan-nzis anyone able to confirm a bug report I have? Open Yelp and search for 'workspace', then select the link to documentation for 'clock'. Tell me what happens please.12:45
mptduncan-nz, none of the search results I get mention "clock"13:18
duncan-nzmpt, are you running Hardy with Yelp 2.22.113:19
mptduncan-nz, yes13:19
mptPossibly I don't have the relevant package installed, though13:21
duncan-nzmpt, the panel clock is standard to the gnome desktop. Running gnome?13:24
mptI get results from, in order: GNOME 2.14 Desktop System Administration Guide, Klotski, Assistive Tools, Tali, Introduction to the Desktop, Sticky Notes, "Problem showing document", Sound Juicer, and Passwords and Encryption Keys13:25
duncan-nzDo you have Tracker enabled?13:31
duncan-nzmpt, ?13:37
mptduncan-nz, no, I don't know how to do that13:40
duncan-nzmpt, ok. What do you get if you search for 'clock manual'?13:42
mpt"clock manual" is result #313:42
mpt(which is a bug in itself -- it should be result #1)13:43
mptI click it, and I get the "Clock Manual" page, which is empty except for two copies of the same table of contents, which is daft13:43
mptplus links to the previous and next sections13:44
mptSo the page contains *three* links to something called "Introduction", but doesn't actually contain any help!13:44
duncan-nzYes it's odd that the first page isn't the introduction. But for some larger manuals it makes sense.13:45
duncan-nzWhen you say two copies do you mean one in the middle and one to the right?13:45
duncan-nzok, so that's not so stupid, because the right hand links stay there as you navigate. But feel free to report it as a bug.13:49
duncan-nzCould you do me the favour of enabling Tracker?13:49
mptSure, if you let me know how to do that I'd be very grateful, because then Deskbar would be more useful :-)13:49
duncan-nzI'd really like to isolate this silly little bug.13:50
duncan-nzmpt, 'System > Preferences > Search and Indexing'13:51
duncan-nzmpt, let me know when/if you have question or have it running.13:52
mptEvery checkbox is checked except "Generate thumbnails" and "Perform fast index merges"13:53
duncan-nzOh, then have a look at 'Applications > Accessories > Tracker Search Tool' and search for a word it should be able to find, but which isn't all over the place.13:54
mptI have a file on my desktop called "Decluttering". Searching in Tracker Search Tool for "decluttering" returns no results.13:55
duncan-nzOK, so it's not working. Does it tell you that it has not finished indexing?13:57
duncan-nzor any other error?13:57
mptAll it says is "Your search returned no results."13:57
duncan-nzIn 'System > Administration > Session Preferences > Startup Programs' is the entry 'Tracker' enabled?13:59
mptI have no "Session Preferences" item in my Administration menu14:00
mptI assume you mean System > Preferences > Sessions?14:01
mptIn "Startup Programs" there, Tracker is present and checked14:01
mptAnd in "Current Session", "trackerd" is present and has a lifebuoy icon14:03
mpt(and so does "tracker-applet")14:03
duncan-nzmpt, I'm looking around for an answer now...14:06
mptIf it's a common problem, maybe it deserves a help page of its own :-)14:06
duncan-nzOdd, that it doesn't just work for you.14:08
duncan-nzAnd you say that under the 'Files' tab ' the home directory is selected to be indexed?14:08
mpt"Index and watch my home directory"14:09
duncan-nzDo you feel like doing some work on the wiki?14:09
mptActually I'm at work at the moment, but when I get home, sure14:09
duncan-nzOh, ok. I'll find the link for you.14:10
duncan-nzOk, took a fair bit of work to get things sorted out over at the wiki, but here is the section that needs work: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AccessoriesApplications#Tracker%20Search%20Tool15:05
Mhzsera a tutti ragazzi20:38
Mhzscusatemi ho un grosso problema con lo spazio allocato sulla mia partizione linux,ho terminato lo spazio disponibile20:39
Mhzqualcuno ha esperienza con gparted?20:40
Mhzvolevo sapere se era possibile aumentare lo spazio allocandolo correttamente sulla partizione linux20:40
Mhznessuno vè..20:41
mptduncan-nz, I don't understand why that page exists21:10
duncan-nzwhich page?21:48
duncan-nzoh, the one for applications... ?21:48
duncan-nzbecause otherwise there is no way to get an overview of the ubuntu applications and what they do.21:50
duncan-nzall the documentation either assumes you know what you want to do, or you know which application you need. What about just looking around to see what's possible?21:51
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