cjwatsonZelut: yes?08:57
CIA-12oem-config: cjwatson * r486 oem-config/ (5 files in 3 dirs): merge from train08:58
CIA-12ubiquity: cjwatson * r2720 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog doc/README): merge from train09:00
cjwatsonevand: bug 241420 is fix-released in intrepid now, isn't it?10:31
CIA-12ubiquity: cjwatson * r2721 ubiquity/debian/ (changelog control): Depend on kdesudo | kdesudo-kde4 (the latter is transitional now).13:43
CIA-12oem-config: cjwatson * r487 oem-config/ (debian/changelog debian/control oem-config-prepare): Use kdesudo for the KDE frontend where available.13:46
evandindeed, marking it as such now13:59
Zelutcjwatson: does there happen to be a definition of each "prepackaged software selection" as presented in the netboot installer?17:29
cjwatsonZelut: only in that they correspond to the package lists in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.hardy17:30
cjwatsonerr, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.hardy/files I suppose17:31
cjwatsonthere are extended descriptions there; I can't remember offhand whether tasksel displays those17:31
mario_limonciellcjwatson, how is the language list available during oem-config and ubiquity populated?20:25
evandmario_limonciell: localechooser generates it from languagelist.data.gz20:29
mario_limonciellevand, where is languagelist.data.gz kept then?20:29
evandmario_limonciell: /usr/lib/ubiquity/localechooser/languagelist.data.gz20:30
evand(this is in Intrepid, Hardy will be different)20:31
mario_limonciellevand, ah okay20:31
mario_limonciellwell there was a language reported missing from an extended team20:31
mario_limonciellbut that was present in the locale choosing app post install20:31
mario_limonciellso i was trying to narrow down exactly where the actual issue fell20:32
evandah, AIUI, we can only support the languages in ubiquity that d-i supports, but which language was it?  Perhaps cjwatson can elaborate on why it is not supported, assuming that is the case.20:33
evandmario_limonciell: works for me in both Hardy and Intrepid.  Is there a bug filed about this with debug logs?20:45
mario_limonciellevand, hum interesting.  yeah there should be a bug filed about it.  it was from extended teams though, so how useful it is, we'll see20:46
mario_limoncielllet me find it20:46
evandheh, ok20:47
mario_limonciellwell they field it as bug 249795, but its not very useful at all20:48
mario_limonciellwell actually i just ran oem-config on my current hardy up to date box. i  don't see thai in there either20:51
mario_limonciellunless it's using characters that i don't recognize to spell out Thai20:51
evandhrm, I didn't actually try oem-config, but rather ubiquity.  It should appear right before Tagalog using a very non-latin character set.20:52
mario_limonciellevand, yeah i dont see it right before tagalog20:53
evandhrmm, checking20:53
Miltoncan somebody help me20:53
mario_limoncielli do see something in hardy ubiquity there that is a non latin character set20:53
evandMilton: please ask questions rather than asking if you can ask them.20:54
Miltonok I have a webcam genius 310NB it doest work what can i do20:55
evandMilton: This channel is for development of the Ubuntu installer.  Your question would be better served in #ubuntu.20:57
evandYou're welcome and good luck20:58
evandmario_limonciell: it appears to be a genuine bug as Thai is indeed not present in oem-config but is in ubiquity.  I've assigned it to myself and will take a look at it.21:08
evandI need to update oem-config for the new localechooser anyway.21:08
mario_limonciellevand, ah okay great thanks.21:10
mario_limonciellhum, i still don't see find as an available command for busybox in the initramfs in the latest daily image.  does something need to be manually tweaked at to make sure that a new initramfs is made in the daily?21:56
mario_limoncielland not just the one from another day ends up being used21:57
mario_limoncieller oh this probably is why; the cd images haven't changed in the last few days22:00
mario_limoncielljust keeps using the same livefs because rarian-compat isn't installable22:00
cjwatsonevand: 249795> the mistake is that we don't set OVERRIDE_SHOW_ALL_LANGUAGES=1 when running localechooser from oem-config23:29
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: yeah, I promoted rarian-compat to main earlier today, which should fix that23:29
mario_limonciellcjwatson, ah okay cool23:30

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