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newz2000Can someone remind me how to become operator in my channel?17:08
jpdsnewz2000: See: /msg ChanServ help op17:09
newz2000thanks jpds17:09
newz2000Does anyone mind if I add instructions on becoming op and deop to the OperatorGuidelines page?17:12
jpdsnewz2000: I was just thinking of doing likewise.17:15
* newz2000 doing it now17:15
newz2000done: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/OperatorGuidelines17:17
jpdsnewz2000: If you use xchat you may find http://www.kaarsemaker.net/software/chanserv/ to be useful in operating channels.17:24
unafilliateHello friends18:52
unafilliateanyone can help me regarding ubuntu channels ownership ?18:53
ompaulit is owned by the irc council18:54
unafilliateompaul : then is there any way to be a part of irc council , cause i want to help my country fellows , cause the website is down , and the only source available is irc , unfortuantely that is also so running18:55
unafilliate*so = no18:56
unafilliatei believe i can do help , as i have regular free time and i have done lot of help on websites , also i m offering first free LAMP based ubuntu powered shells , for project proof https://launchpad.net/~paracha and my portal http://shellweb.net ,18:59
unafilliateompaul : Can you tell where should i go and ask for #ubuntu-pk , cause i m really intrested to run it18:59
unafilliatehii Ekushey19:09
Ekusheyhi unafilliate  :)19:14
unafilliatehow are you19:15
ompaulunafilliate, I am not in a position to affect what you are talking about19:21
unafilliateno problem19:22
unafilliatethats always been happening since long with 3rd world countries19:22
unafilliatei am use to of it19:22
Ekusheyi'm doing fine, thanks for asking, unafilliate :)19:32
Ekusheyhow are you?19:32
unafilliateI am fine too , thanks for your reply19:35
Ekusheyno problem unafilliate :)19:52
unafilliateEkushey : I need to know , how i can get operator status for ubuntu loco irc channel (ubuntu-pk) to start help my country men ,19:53
Ekusheyunafilliate, you don't actually need to get op access to help19:57
jussi01what does pk stand for??19:57
Ekusheyin most channels on this networks you'll see channels with not ops... look at this channel :)19:57
Ekusheyjussi01, pakistan19:58
jussi01unafilliate: Ekushey is right - you dont need op status to help19:58

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