pleo__1hi guys: someone have solved the bugs about alt gr in java application under ubuntu?19:58
pleo__1i've unistalled scim and configure gnome for use altgr and type {}, but under java applications (i need especially netbeans) it doesn't work19:58
slytherinpleo__1: is there a bug already for that?20:01
pleo__1well..i haven't found strong documentation: someone say that ia a java problem (it happens in all java application), someone a scim problem.20:02
pleo__1but no, i don't know if is a bug with and id20:02
pleo__1with an id20:02
pleo__1i just want to type {} in netbeans,,20:02
slytherinpleo__1: If there isn't one already, file one. No promise that it will be looked immediately, but it will be at some point of time.20:03

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