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AnAnt_Hello, I noticed that there are new linux-image-2.6.24-20* & linux-restricted-modules-common  packages for Hardy, yet linux-image-generic is still at version, is that correct ? 09:06
ivokszul: hi there12:49
zulhey ivoks12:49
AnAnt_Hello, I noticed that there are new linux-image-2.6.24-20* & linux-restricted-modules-common  packages for Hardy, yet linux-image-generic is still at version, is that correct ? 13:23
ivoksit is13:27
AnAnt_so I can upgrade the linux-restricted-modules-common without expecting any problems ?13:28
ivokswait for the meta package13:29
AnAnt_the linux-restricted-modules-common new version is 2.6.24-2013:29
AnAnt_ok, thanks13:29
Kanohi BenC , do you want to keep 686 setting? k6-2/3 are only 586 and usually fast enough too15:14
Kanolike the hardy kernel, intrepid is 68615:14
BenCKano: 586 will probably work still15:15
KanoBenC: current kernel definitely does not boot on k6-215:19
Kanodue to: CONFIG_M686=y15:19
Kanobefore it was CONFIG_M586=y15:22
mkrufkyis cogito available in hardy?  i dont see it in apt :-/15:35
bboschmanI'm compiling my own kernel using make-kpkg - just extracted linux-source.tar.bz2; copied /boot/config-*server .config and run make-kpkg kernel-image15:53
bboschmanthis results in a 180MB linux-image*.deb15:53
bboschmanwhy is this so large?15:53
aboganibboschman: Please don't you use the Debian way to build Ubuntu kernel: it is completely unsupported. The Ubuntu way ("fakeroot debian/rules binary-server") should be works great.15:58
bboschmanabogani, but I'm not sure how to make config changes the ubuntu way15:59
_rubenanyone know why im seeing only 4gb of ram on a system which has 6gb? .. this is what i get in dmesg:16:06
_ruben[   40.008864] Memory: 3993236k/6291456k available (2295k kernel code, 135080k reserved, 1238k data, 308k init)16:06
_rubenits a dual 1st gen opteron running 64bits gutsy gibbon16:06
Kanomaybe wrong bios settings?16:10
_rubenpost shows 6gigs16:11
_rubenand it does detect it, but cant use it somehow16:11
stgraber_ruben: what kernel are you using ?16:12
_rubenLinux vn-vm03 2.6.22-15-server #1 SMP Fri Jul 11 19:20:50 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:13
bboschmancan I just overwrite debian/config/i386/config.server with a Full .config file?16:13
maks_mkrufky: cogito is gone, use plain git16:14
maks_pblumbing disappears and porcelaine of git itslef gets good!16:14
smb_tp_bboschman, configs are combined config and config.server (in your case) you might want to empty one and place everything else into the other16:14
Blinnybboschman: FYI, "the Ubuntu way" is described here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile16:15
_rubenmost 4gb related stuff i see on google is 32bits related .. not much 64bits stuff there16:16
bboschmanBlinny, I know that it is described there, but not how the config files are defined (or even a own branch is set)16:16
bboschmanI'd like to build something like linux-image-*-preempt16:17
mkrufkythanks, maks_16:18
_rubeni'll try with hardy tomorrow, perhaps the hw is just too old (HP DL145 G1) to handle 4+ GB properly .. gotta go now16:19
bboschmandoes config.server override options from config?16:20
smb_tp_bboschman, AFAIK it is cat'ed together so normally it would by name sorting...16:23
bboschmanlet's see ... :)16:51
rtgzul: did you see the note on the kernel team mailing list regarding Xen: "Lates XEN Kernel do not come up"17:48
zulrtg: yeah its something to do with his raid 17:48
zulwe didnt make any changes to the xen bits 17:49
rtgzul: perhaps you could respond to him.17:49
zulrtg: sure17:49
_rubenlets see if upgrading to hardy fixes the 4g/6g prob18:56
_rubenwill see in the morning afterall .. box doesnt come up after reboot ;)19:24
BenC_ruben: what 4g/6g issue do you mean?19:43
RAdamsI need to compile 2.6.24-19 AND 2.6.26-4.10 with acpi debugging AND tracing to track a known issue on Dell Latitude d800 and so laptops. This issue occurs in both kernels, I am certain. I am familiar with how to do this with a vanilla kernel, but I want to confirm what the most useful/correct way to do this for this Ubuntu-specific build. I would love to help finally nail down this problem and thus contribute to the improvement of Ubuntu, 19:55
smb_tp_RAdams, have you already looked at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile?19:57
BenCRAdams: if it occurs on vanilla kernel too, best bet is to start there20:10
RAdamssmb_tp_: yes. Would using the steps under "Alternate Build Method: The Old-Fashioned Debian Way" yield a good enough kernel/debugging to help trace this issue? The only way I know how to enable acpi debugging and tracing is with make menuconfig, which I apparently don't get the opportunity to do using the first method20:11
RAdamsbenc: that would be more helpful? I can do that. But won't I have to obtain/rebuild drivers for hardware? what other changes can I expect I'll need to make to get a workable system for testing? It doesn't have to have every feature, just enough to replicate the problem20:12
RAdamsbenc: I am not certain that the problem exists in vanilla, so the first thing I would have to do is verify that it does :o20:12
BenCRAdams: cp /boot/config-`uname -r` .config20:13
RAdamsAlso, passing acpi=off stops the problem from happening, so it's something with /proc/acpi as it's implemented into the ubuntu kernels20:13
BenCRAdams: in a vanilla kernel, and start from there20:13
RAdamsbenc: will do20:13
smb_tp_RAdams, Otherwise, if you want to use the git source, you can do. For test purposes you could put you could put your config file to debian /config/<yourarch>/config and empty the config.generic there.20:16
RAdamswhich vanilla kernel should I use? http://kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/patch-2.6.26.bz2? any need to build http://kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/patch-2.6.24.bz2 as well, or is the current sufficient, so the problem gets fixed upstream (if that's where the problem is)20:17
RAdamsI have 0 git experience, btw, so if it's best to go that route, I'll have to read up on git I suppose o.O20:18
smb_tp_RAdams, You would need t know only one command "git-clone http://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-hardy.git <yourdirname>"20:21
RAdamssmb_tp_: that will get me the current devel version of the kernel?20:21
smb_tp_RAdams, Just don't ask for "mrproper" He is too clean20:21
smb_tp_RAdams, Replace hardy with intrepid and you get the current intrepid tree. If you mean Linus tree with devel version, that would be a different url20:23
RAdamsso the hardy one will get me the current hardy kernel in use?20:23
smb_tp_RAdams, Current Hardy: yes. 24-19 no. 24-20 is somewhere rolling20:24
RAdamsok ty20:24
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netzwurmI am trying to patch the server kernel. I am confused, however. If I get linux-source-2.6.24 and copy the config from /boot/config-2.6.24-19-server to the source, the source doesn't build because arch/xen/Makefile doesn't exist. that same file is also neither in the linux-headers packages for 2.6.24-19 or 2.6.24-19-server. Is that a bug?22:26
netzwurmObviously the server-kernel is patched with xen, but how do I build that kernel? where does the patch come from?22:27
smbnetzwurm, You should not need that. I am not sure what you did. I just tried a "fakeroot debian/rules binary-server" and a similar out-of-tree build. both seem to run happily23:02
netzwurmsmb: oh. that's in the debian source package? What I am asking about is whether there is a way to build the server-kernel from within the linux-source-2.6.24/ dir.23:04
netzwurmsmb: you took the apt-get source linux-image-2.6.24-19-server i take it?23:05
smbnetzwurm, yes23:05
netzwurmsmb: hm. how do i add my custom patches to that then?23:05
netzwurmoh. i just patch the source.23:05
smbnetzwurm, I would guess so. :) np23:06
netzwurmsmb: although that's still complicated with modifying the config.23:07
netzwurmi mean, i am trying to find the patchset for the server-kernel now.23:07
smbnetzwurm, Practically you could replace the debian/config/<arch>/config{,.server} file(s)23:08
netzwurmsmb: right.23:09
smbsmb, Will you need to distribute a patchset later or would just getting a kernel package compiled be enough23:10
smbnetzwurm, Anyways, I am not sure this gets repeated too often but https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile should be of help...23:14
netzwurmsmb: what i'd really like would be a configured kernel-source with all patches. I don't really want to build the kernel, but i need the build-source.23:25
netzwurmsmb: because the headers aren't enough.23:25
smbnetzwurm, the linux-headers-server package is not enough? maybe the missing headers from lum... but sorry I have to go. bbiab23:30

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