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meoblast001ive descovered something02:33
meoblast001it is IMPOSSIBLE to get anyone to switch to Ubuntu02:33
cody-somervillemeoblast001, oh02:33
cody-somervilleI've switched a number of people02:33
meoblast001well when i ask ppl to try it out02:34
meoblast001they always say no02:34
meoblast001i tell them of the features, they think its going to be too hard of a switch02:34
meoblast001or they dont want to do itbecause they're too lazy to put in a cd rom02:34
meoblast001i have a friend who is suffering from a major virus in Windows that wont let him open his web browser02:34
meoblast001he wont even try Ubuntu out02:35
meoblast001i have him my live cd02:35
meoblast001every time i have a problem in ubuntu they tell me to switch to windows02:35
meoblast001when i had a major system crash every 1 month in windows compared to every 6 months in ubuntu02:35
cody-somervillemeoblast001, I'm not sure what to tell you but there are some great resources on the wiki to help you02:35
meoblast001i'm also quite angry because usplash crapped on me and no one knows how to help me02:36
meoblast001its hard to show off ubuntu when usplash fails on shutdown and my "friend" has to stare at a terminal shutting the system down02:36
meoblast001they'd be like "thats too complicated i dont want it"02:36
meoblast001and even if i explain "only my computer does that" they wont believe me02:37
cody-somervilleI'm pretty sure usplash on shutdown kinda disappeared for everyone due to xorg changes.02:37
meoblast001cody_somerville: didnt do it to me02:37
johnc4510-laptopif i set someone down at my laptop, and they start using it, they usually say: "Oh this is great"02:38
meoblast001cody-somerville: when i did Ctrl+Alt+F1 for maintance it stoppped working and hasnt worked since02:38
meoblast001johnc4510-laptop: well no one really wants to come in my house or hang out with me.... Aspergers Syndrom..... not many friends02:39
johnc4510-laptopah, don't sell yourself short02:39
meoblast001when my comptuer broke last night, i was thinking about just giving up on using my comptuer02:40
meoblast001but then from 8 - 10 i'd just eat stuff and get fat and i dont want to be fat02:40
meoblast001i need a new comptuer02:41
meoblast001i cant even use CD-ROMS on this thing02:42
meoblast001but im too poor to buy a new computer02:42
cody-somerville: (02:47
cody-somervilleomg. :(02:47
meoblast001you see what i get "(10:13:26 PM) Jason White: its cuz of ur OS"... ppl always blame every problem i have on Ubunt03:14

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