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kevinOhello does anyone know hot to calibrate touchscreens? I have an elo touchscreen that pretty much works out of the box, it just needs to be calibrated.14:35
CeltiorekevinO 14:50
CeltiorekevinO  : http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/evtouch14:51
Celtiorei have elotocuh 1515l usb and it works14:51
tonyespyBlythe: the canonical wiki has two addresses for the montreal office?16:27
tonyespyone is 1250 Renee Leveque and the other is listed as the Support Office is listed at 1425 RL? 16:29
tonyespysorry wrong channel.  ;(16:29
jhaasHello... I'm attempting to install Ubuntu MID on my Samsung Q1U. I put it on a USB drive and booted, was prompted to press ENTER, the standard Linux boot stuff rolled by, then it said "will mount from /dev/sdb", and has sat there for like 15 minutes. The activity light on the USB drive is flashing. Should I just let it sit there, and how long should it take?20:59
GrueMasterjhaas:  You may need to reimage your flash drive.  What command did you use?21:11
jhaasHmm, I don't remember, GrueMaster. I imaged the drive a few weeks ago but only now got around to installing.21:11
jhaasIs there a good way of putting the .img file on a USB drive in Windows? I'm at work at the moment and Windows is the operating system convenient to me right now.21:12
GrueMasterIf you still have the img file lying around, use "dd bs=1024 if=<imagefile.img> of=/dev/sdb"21:12
GrueMasterOr whatever your usb drive is on your host pc.21:13
GrueMasterBut you need the "bs=1024".  Otherwise, the drive won't always work.21:13
jhaasI do still have the .img... will give it a try.21:13
jhaasI'm still a bit of a Linux newbie... what command can I use to verify that /dev/sdb is in fact my USB drive so I don't accidentally clobber a different one?21:16
GrueMasterafter inserting the drive, type "dmesg" to see which one it was detected as.21:16
GrueMasterAlso, make sure to unmount it before using dd, as the filesystem can become corrupted otherwise.21:17
jhaasTaking forever to copy the .img file from the Windows box I downloaded it to to my home directory.21:21
jhaasSeems to have done the trick, GrueMaster, thanks.21:44
GrueMasterNo problem.  Have fun with your new image.21:44
jhaasWill try.21:45
jhaasI'm hoping to find some use for this Q1U, which was all but unusable with Vista on it :)21:45
GrueMasterYou may need to install the mad wifi drivers to get wireless working.  Other than that, ours work fine.21:46
GrueMasterOf course, don't try to run Doom3 or Quake4.  21:47
jhaasAnd, there goes the battery. Knew I shoulda brought the charger.21:48
jhaasOh well, will play with it when I get home.21:49
jhaasThanks again, I'm off.21:50
mkrufky...anybody else notice that mobilepartners.canonical.com is down?>21:57
daviscAre the deps for virtual-mobile-builder broken? Saying "Depends: ubuntu-vm-builder (>= 0.4-0ubuntu0.3) but 0.4-0ubuntu0.3~804um1 is to be installed"22:30
davisc(or the version of ubuntu-vm-builder)22:30

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