cody-somervilleLaibsch, data management00:04
cody-somervilleLaibsch, you'll want to look here for the .desktop file: http://standards.freedesktop.org/menu-spec/latest/apa.html00:05
LaibschI guess data management is indeed the closest00:06
Laibschalthough it does not feel quite right00:06
Laibschfrom a pure user perspective00:07
Laibschcody-somerville: Same problem for the .desktop file00:09
Laibschthat is awfully generic and there are already a ton of programs in there00:09
Laibschbut I guess closest match00:10
* NCommander works on setting up his wiki page00:15
norsettogood night all00:16
NCommandercody-somerville, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MichaelCasadevall, any coments?00:19
MajostSo it seem that update  the update-maintainer doesn't actually generate the lines in the changes file for "Original-Maintainer" -- it does however change the Maintainer information in the control files.00:22
MajostWhat I am looking for is the script which dumps the line into the .changes file based on the Original-Maintainer line in the control files00:23
RAOFMajost: Which takes the source package and generates the .diff, .dsc, and .changes files?00:24
RAOFdpkg-genchanges is likely to be your winner.00:25
Majostyeah, I was just about to say that I couldn't find anything related to the "Original-Maintainer" in there00:25
RAOFThat'd probably be because O-M isn't an official control variable; the XSBC means eXperimental, appears in Source package, Binary package, and Changes file.00:26
NCommanderRAOF, I'm suprised there ain't an ubuntu specific patch for killing that warning00:26
RAOFYeah, perhaps.  I think we're just innured to the warning by now.  Also, unnecesary dpkg divergence seems a Bad Thing(tm).00:28
MajostThe problem I am running into is there is a null space being inserted in between the last file checksum and the tags at the end of the changes file when a "Original-Maintainer" flag is set00:28
Majostwhich should be easy to fix -- I just need to find what creates the thing. heh00:28
RAOFAnd that space is breaking the changes file?00:29
RAOFThat sounds like a bug in dpkg-genchanges, if the source package has been correctly built.00:30
MajostWell... its breaking my repo manager00:31
MajostI will poke at dpkg-genchanges some more then.00:31
warsocket k question, lets say ive made a program that would do nice in the ubuntu repository, what should i doe or who should i contact to get it there?00:45
=== pmf__ is now known as ember
warsocket k question, lets say ive made a program that would do nice in the ubuntu repository, what should i doe or who should i contact to get it there00:52
jmarsdenwarsocket: Don't repeat yourself :-)  Have you read the Packaging Guide https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete ?00:53
jmarsdenI think https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing#head-f4c6048b1531f4e4fe48f096350ea435d40ed9f5 would also be very useful to you as a starting point?00:55
vorianwarsocket: you can file a [needs-packaging] bug on launchpad if you don't want to package it00:59
cody-somervillejmarsden, whats the bug number again?01:01
jmarsdenLP: #9123701:03
jmarsdenHmm, yesterday when I typed bug numbers in the channel ubottu responded with a one line summary of the bug, but today he is silent?01:05
cody-somervillebug #9123701:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 91237 in meta-kde "java library not found" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9123701:06
jmarsdenHmm, it went to undecided and invalid?  It was High and Confirmed yesterday, I think.01:07
jmarsdenOh, it is Triaged / High against Ubuntu, but undecided/invalid against meta-kde?  What is the meta-kde part realy telling me?01:09
cody-somervillejmarsden, its tell you someone screwed up01:10
jmarsdenAs long as someone != jmarsden, that's fine :-)01:11
jmarsdenWhat is the "right" way to deal with old config.guess and config.sub files in the orig.tar.gz ?  Just nuke them with symlinks to the ones in /usr/share/misc in the rules file ??01:25
NCommanderjmarsden, just replace them in a build rule, and remove them in a clean rule; dpkg-source will not note a file has been removed01:42
jmarsdenNCommander: OK, thanks.01:43
NCommanderanyone got a PPA full of intrepid packages? I need to test something01:47
NCommandernice netsplit01:48
RAOFNCommander: I've got some Intrepid pakcages in the nouveau ppa?01:50
NCommanderRAOF, thanks, I'm stress testing the parsing code to see how big a PPA it can handle before things begin to crawl01:50
RAOFAh.  My PPA isn't very big; just libdrm & xserver-xorg-video-nouveua01:51
NCommanderRAOF, I don't see and dist intrepid packages in the nouveau PPA01:51
NCommanderthere is no nouveau ppa01:52
RAOFSorry, I'm talking about this https://edge.launchpad.net/~raof/+archive01:52
NCommanderRAOF, ah ;-)01:54
* NCommander thinks is really cool that he can now parse debian source files :-)01:54
rootvzlahi n.n02:14
cody-somervillejmarsden, so, is that a regression in Hardy?02:20
jmarsdencody-somerville: I'm not sure, I've not run iriverter in anything else myself.02:21
cody-somervillejmarsden, because it is now fixed in Intrepid and I'm wondering if you should do an SRU for it.02:21
jmarsdencody-somerville: Interesting question... do you have an older Ubuntu box around to try it on??02:23
cody-somervilleNo but that isn't inherently required02:23
jmarsdencody-somerville: OK, how else can we test to make sure?02:23
cody-somervillejmarsden, Maybe you misunderstand. What make sure of what?02:24
jmarsdencody-somerville: Make sure iriverter worked in an earlier version of Ubuntu but fails in Hardy02:24
jmarsdenIsn't that the definition of a regression?02:25
cody-somervillejmarsden, yup02:31
cody-somervillejmarsden, but it isn't necessary for it to be a regression to get an SRU02:31
cody-somervillejmarsden, it would just motivate me if it were02:31
jmarsdenAh, OK.  What does it take to get an SRU designation?02:31
cody-somervillejmarsden, I'd approve it on the basis that it is a simple patch/fix and it the application doesn't launch at all right now.02:32
jmarsdencody-somerville: Well, it does until you install Sun Java :-)02:32
NCommanderThat sounds SRU worthy02:33
* NCommander kicks phpPGAdmin02:33
emgenthey cody02:33
cody-somervilleheya emgent02:33
rootvzlahey cody-somerville02:34
rootvzlahey jmarsden02:35
jmarsdenrootvzla: Greetings02:35
dldcsome suggest to make merges by hand?02:44
dldci have debian orig.tar.gz .dsc and .diff.gz and i have too .dsc and diff.gz02:45
dldchow to merge it ?02:45
rootvzlagreetings jmarsden , cody-somerville a question 1)¿there is some person that explain me or can explain me on as one it is able comensar to do motu or that is needed to be able to be motu? 2)and if there is some person that can help me to be motu or some person it can help me en empaquetamiento or it helps of algun motu especially?02:45
dldci dont like grab_merge.sh script02:45
nxvlusing grab-merge script and MoM02:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gettingstarted02:46
dldcnxvl no, i'd like learn to merge by hends02:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about getstarted02:46
ubottumotu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU02:46
jmarsdenrootvzla: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing02:46
nxvldldc: then check at MoM's code02:46
dldcthanks cody-somerville02:46
nxvldldc: and then use it02:46
dldcnxvl no doc?02:47
cody-somerville!gettingstarted is <reply> A great place to start your MOTU adventure is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted02:47
nxvlwhy would we write a doc if we already wrote a tool that makes it02:47
nxvlit makes no sense02:47
dldci like learn how to merge by hands02:48
nxvlthen read the code02:48
cody-somervilledldc, to merge by hand, you simple take the latest debian version and make all the applicable changes that are made to the current ubuntu version02:48
cody-somervilledldc, so that there are no regressions02:48
dldccody-somerville but WHY dpkg-source -x *.dsc dont work ?02:49
cody-somervilledldc, it does work.02:50
cody-somervilledldc, It will extra the source02:50
cody-somervilledldc, but if you do it one after another and the upstream version is the same, it'll overwrite02:50
dldcohhhhhh good!02:50
rootvzlathx cody-somerville03:00
cody-somervillerootvzla, np03:01
NCommanderScottK, ping03:01
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copprowhat's the fastest way to download a package from revu?04:38
jscinozdget the dsc?04:39
jscinoz`dget DSC-url`04:39
copproI accidentally nuked my entire package tree with an incorrect usage of sed04:39
copproI always do sed <file >file, and forget that the output truncates the file before sed gets to it04:39
=== asac_ is now known as asac
copprohow do I generate the source tree from those (I'm am new at this)?04:43
jdongcoppro: btw, see sponge in moreutils regarding redirection truncation04:52
jdongcoppro: you want to use dpkg-source -x on the .dsc04:52
copprothanks, sponge is _exactly_ what I need04:53
copprobtw, are you a MOTU by any chance?04:53
coppro:( I lost a lot of work... most of it was problem-solving, fortunately04:55
NCommanderIt could be worse coppro05:02
NCommanderI've done that working on Bazaar brances05:02
copproI need to re-write the code for generating the docs & python packages though :(05:02
NCommandercoppro, try rewriting a 1,000 line file retriever in raw C :-P05:03
copprobash should totally give an error if you <file >file05:04
NCommandercoppro, set noclobber05:04
copprodoes that stop that only, or all > clobbers?05:05
copprowow, I'm on an absolute roll today, I just ran rm * in my home directory ><05:05
StevenKYay for backups05:05
copprounfortunately, due to a number of unfortunate circumstances, I have no backups right now!05:06
copprofortunately, I don't keep anything of value in ~, but in subdirectories05:06
RAOFGrrr, stupid maple truncating it's files before saving, then freezing part-way though.05:07
RAOFWrite to a frikkin temporary file, then assume atomic renames, damnit!05:08
NCommandercoppro, it's been awhile since I used it05:11
NCommanderCheck bash's manpage05:11
copprothanks for the advice though05:11
copprois a MOTU around?05:18
StevenKMany are. They didn't put their hands up, so just ask your question.05:19
copproI need a REVU upload nuked05:20
copprobecause I realized the source package is named completely inappropriately05:20
copproso I plan on reuploading under a different name05:20
StevenKThen that isn't an MOTU you're after. You're after a REVU admin05:22
copproI wasn't aware there was a difference, seeing as MOTUs seem to hold ultimate power05:23
copproI guess I'll just post a comment on the upload then05:23
StevenKThey only seem to, since they advocate or veto uploads and then throw them to the archive.05:24
Hobbseemotu's should be able to archive them.05:25
copprothey also update the keyring05:26
StevenKMOTUs don't update the keyring. :-)05:26
RAOFNope, not me.  REVU admin only :)05:26
Hobbseewhich p ackage?05:26
NCommanderRAOF, your a REVU admin?05:34
NCommanderCool ;-)05:34
* NCommander continues to hack away on REVU05:36
NCommanderAnyone know how I can get the current time in Python in a string?05:38
RAOFThere's allways os.command :)05:39
RAOFAlternatively, the datetime module is likely to be your friend :)05:39
NCommanderRAOF, have you seen my current REVU work?05:39
jmarsdenNCommander: I think you want to use asctime ?05:39
RAOFNo, I haven't.  (Nor am I a revu admin)05:40
NCommanderI just want to be able to do print timestamp, or something equivalent05:40
NCommanderThat'll do05:40
StevenKThat might actually be month05:40
jmarsdenctime(None) should also work :-)05:40
StevenKIt is. %M05:40
NCommanderCheck it out05:41
RAOFNCommander: Funky!05:44
RAOFDoes that also copy across buildlogs?05:44
NCommanderRAOF, that all works, its at the point where its now (somewhat) downloading packages via dget05:44
NCommanderRAOF, I plan to implement it05:44
NCommanderif possible05:44
NCommanderLP seems to have a random number in the build path so it may not be fessible05:45
NCommander(then again, the FTBFS package manages to make it work so I dunno)05:45
RAOFI suppose the ideal plan would be bi-directional PPA integration - build all revu uploads in a PPA & run lintian against the binaries, too.05:45
NCommanderThat was the original game plan actually05:46
NCommanderBut the space limitations would make it difficult to implement05:46
NCommanderyou'd be amazed how fast one gigabyte of PPA space can just disappear05:46
jmarsdenNCommander: If there are real benefits, you can ask for more PPA space05:47
NCommanderjmarsden, there also is no way I can automate cleaning out the PPAs and such05:47
NCommandernot unless Soyuez has a SOAP or something based API I overlooked05:47
NCommanderStevenK, what do you recommend as a good timestamp for a log (I used that to implement timestampings in the import_ppa_pkgs_daemon)05:48
jmarsdenNCommander: Maybe %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S05:50
jmarsdenNCommander: Or if you like ISO 8601,  %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S05:51
NCommander2008-07-21 00:51:38: Importing codeblocks from PPA group sonicmctails05:51
NCommanderNah, that's good :-)05:51
NCommanderjmarsden, I won't mind being able to create a buildd off the REVU packages once a contributor OKs it for build05:52
NCommander(I don't want the buildds running a hidden rm -r /)05:52
jmarsdenNCommander: Run them in a chroot as protection?  Can that be done?05:53
NCommanderjmarsden, that's how buildds work05:53
NCommanderBut its an annoyance to rebuild the chroot05:53
NCommandersbuild is really stupid05:53
NCommanderAmazingly stupid05:53
NCommanderand my python doesn't seem to have a chdir() in os05:53
StevenKEr, what?05:54
NCommanderNameError: global name 'chdir' is not defined05:54
NCommanderI have imported os05:54
jmarsdenUmmmm try os.chdir(whatever)05:56
RAOF"from os import *" or "import os"?  If the latter, it'll be os.chdir05:56
* NCommander is still somewhat of a python newbie05:56
StevenKThat's just namespacing :-)05:56
NCommanderWell, this is coming along very nicely05:57
NCommanderPackages now get downloaded, and pop the row right out the DB05:57
RAOFBut other languages handle things differently (looks at C#)05:57
NCommanderNow I just need to make it import it into the database, and we have a feature complete (if not bug free) PPA importer05:57
NCommanderRAOF, if you'd be interested in helping implement build server support, it would be rather awesome05:58
NCommander(I need someone who can host an i386/amd64 buildd; REVU is on a sparc machine, and I don't want a buildd server on the same place as the webserveR)05:59
RAOFI'd want to play with virtualisation to host that, and I may need a little more HDD (I'd want a full mirror, certainly).06:05
RAOFI'm probably not your first choice for the buildd hosting.06:06
NCommanderRAOF, well, I'm still not that far, I'd like to get this ppa_import_daemon written first06:06
NCommanderBut I hear importing from PPA is a highly requested feature ...06:07
NCommanderAND SCORE!06:40
warp10Hi all!06:47
NCommanderRAOF, Packages can now be imported right from launchpad06:54
NCommanderIt all works!06:54
RAOFI reackon a lot of people will like that.06:54
NCommanderIt still needs quite a bit of TLC06:56
NCommanderBut now we're at "working prototype"06:56
NCommanderIt's also a HELL of a lot faster then the dput method since its *download time*+*lintian time*+30 secs06:56
\shsiretart: didn't we had the discussion about debescan long time ago?07:40
elmargolI search a tutorial for a pristine git repository08:17
Iuliancody-somerville: ping08:30
cody-somervilleIulian, pong08:30
Iuliancody-somerville: Could you please have a look at salasaga? If I add the upstream's clean rule it won't even build.08:32
cody-somervilleIulian, pastebin your build log please showing me the failure08:33
IulianOne sec08:33
Iuliancody-somerville: http://paste.ubuntu.com/28928/plain/08:35
cody-somervilleIulian, instead of testing for existance of Makefile, look for Makefile.config08:42
Iuliancody-somerville: Done and uploaded08:44
IulianOups, forgot the add clean.08:52
* Iulian is asleep.08:52
Iuliancody-somerville: Now it should be ok.08:53
huatsmorning everyone09:05
huatsSyntux: hey Syntux09:05
rohanthe version of eclipse in ubuntu is very very old. is there any specific reason for this? is eclipse difficult to package?09:36
jpdsrohan: Appears to be little activity in Debian: http://tinyurl.com/6lfwma09:46
rohanhehe, now the upstream version is 3.409:46
rohanjpds: but why should that prevent ubuntu from going up to a newer version?09:47
directhexit shouldn't, but it means ubuntu doesn't get anh update "for free"09:47
rohanah, yes09:47
=== wolfger_ is now known as wolfger
directhexthe best route in theory is to make an updated debian package  submit it to the debian project - then pull that down into ubuntu09:49
directhexin practice, the last step is often blocked by general lack of sponsors09:49
rohanbut ubuntu frequently has packages newer than debian - gnome, for example09:49
Syntuxhuats, hey09:52
geserDebian is freeze next week, so don't expect to see new upstream versions there soon09:52
huatsSyntux: I will have a look at your patch this morning...09:54
=== rohan_ is now known as rohan
directhexi've had a few new debian packages added very recently, but a stony silence on syncing to intrepid09:56
geserdirecthex: are sync requests filed?09:56
Syntuxhuats, Maybe next time we should discuss the expected result instead of sending patch for review.10:00
huatsSyntux: we can10:00
directhexhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xsp/+bug/243723 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mod-mono/+bug/24893010:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 243723 in mono "Please update mono & xsp to version =>1.9 to allow ASP.NET AJAX" [Undecided,Fix released]10:00
rohanany hope for eclipse to be updated in intrepid, then/10:00
huatsSyntux:did you get my email ? (I mean the one I sent you yesterday)10:00
Syntuxhuats, no10:00
directhexignore the fix released, the original bug was misfiled10:00
huatsSyntux: hum...10:01
directhexrohan, if you hurry, perhaps10:01
didrockshi everyone, does somebody has already tried to use pbuilder behind a proxy with authentification?10:01
rohandirecthex: if someone can teach me how to package eclipse, then i'm game! :)10:01
didrocksI tried a lot of stuff (first, with wget) and my conclusion is the only way to make it working is to put http_export='http://proxy:port' and wget --proxy_login '...' --proxy_passwd '...'10:02
Syntuxhuats, oh that kind of relationship affects the development cycle of Ubuntu and thus should be avoided10:02
Syntuxhuats,  :p10:02
NCommandermorning directhex10:02
huatsSyntux: :)10:03
didrocksusing http_proxy='http://login:pass@proxy:port' seems to not work with wget, so, with pbuilder...10:03
directhexhello NCommander10:03
stgraberdirecthex: pbuilderrc has an option for http proxy10:04
stgraberargh, didrocks ^10:04
directhexreally? neat!10:04
NCommanderdirecthex, my mono fix is still stuck on launchpad10:04
didrocksstgraber: yes, but as I have to use authentification, I tried --http_proxy='http://login:pass@proxy:port' and it does not work10:04
didrocksstgraber: the only way to make it work (regarding my tests with wget) is to user seperate option for login like --http_login10:05
directhexNCommander, bleh.10:06
directhexNCommander, too many cooks, not enough waiters!10:06
stgraberthe only proxy option I see in pbuilder's man is --http-proxy ...10:06
NCommanderdirecthex, On the plus side, I have coded up a rather cool feature for REVU ;-)10:06
StevenKNCommander: Mono fix?10:06
directhexNCommander, detect apps related to mono and report them as evil freedom-hating terrorism?10:07
didrocksstgraber: exactly, that's why I ask if somebody has already experienced that :)10:07
NCommanderStevenK, to solve the f-spot.app segfault, quite a few mcs seg faults, and solve an FTBFS10:07
* StevenK smirks10:07
StevenKNCommander: On intrepid, or hardy?10:07
NCommanderintrepid, but hardy is also effected10:07
NCommanderHold on, let me grab the bug report10:08
StevenKNCommander: Okay, so, the first step is to fix intrepid. Then prepare an SRU for hardy?10:08
NCommanderTHe debdiff been on Launchpad for a wiki10:08
NCommanderAnd main sponsors are subscribed, no life10:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247782 in mono "Ubuntu mono patch dont_check_proc_self_exe causes random segfaults in mono" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:08
NCommanderI created the debdiff for intrepid, but I wasn't sure if it was SRU worthy10:09
NCommanderStevenK, it was an absolute nightmare to run down that bug10:10
* NCommander wishs LP allowed normal users to set importances just like Debian ...10:10
directhexsimple backporty SRUs aren't permitted under the "no framework updates damnit" policy. hardy would need its own updated version of 1.2.antiquewhatever10:10
NCommanderdirecthex, its the same patch that has to be replaced10:10
NCommanderBecause whoever coded the first one should be taken out back and shot10:10
NCommanderYou don't solve a bug by commenting out an entire function10:11
NCommanderMore information on what the original patch tried to fix, and how my replacement one is less braindead is there10:12
* directhex looks sheepish, hides remove_arg_max_check_r101444.dpatch10:12
directhexto be fair, THAT one's from upstream10:12
geserNCommander: my experience with main sponsors is that you should hunt down a sponsor yourself, unless dholbach "assigns" a core-dev to it (and dholbach is currently on holidays)10:12
NCommandergeser, I tried, and most ran in fear of mono10:13
directhexgeser, good point, how about my xsp/mod-mono updates? them's in yooniverse!10:13
StevenKI'm willing to upload it10:13
geserNCommander: yes, for some packages it hard to find a sponsor10:13
NCommanderwhich is understandable but unfortunate10:13
directhexNCommander, well, of course. mono eats babies.10:13
NCommanderStevenK, its been tested on the liveCD, which was ABSOLUTE fun10:13
* NCommander had to eventually setup an NFS server just to have enough room to build mono10:13
NCommanderer, replace10:14
StevenKI just have an issue with the patch10:14
NCommanderwhich is?10:14
StevenKconst char* prefixes[] = {"/cow/", "/persistmnt/", "/rofs/", "/rwfs/", "/squashmnt/", NULL};10:14
directhexit's pretty much the same patch as applied to ubuntu's java packages to make them work on the livecd10:14
NCommanderIt is the same patch10:15
StevenKOh, ew10:15
NCommanderWell, this bug is caused by unionfs10:15
directhexyes, ew10:15
directhexblame unionfs10:15
NCommanderIt prevents the symlink from coming out right10:15
StevenKRight, it's essentially a unionfs bug10:15
StevenKI thought intrepid was using aufs?10:15
NCommanderTHere is a patch for the unionfs bug10:15
NCommanderBut kernel upstream will not include it10:15
directhexwhich is broken by design, but less likely to get fixed than patching every single app in ubuntu to avoid the problem10:15
NCommanderand ubuntu-kernel bounced it10:15
StevenKunionfs is in LUM10:15
directhexgo figure10:16
NCommanderNo, they did it with good reason10:16
NCommanderTo "fix" the issue, they gave the kernel a root canel10:16
NCommanderIT was UGLY10:16
geserdirecthex: I see only a sync request for mod-mono (bug 248930). Is there also one already for xsp?10:16
NCommanderIt wasn't a trival patch10:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248930 in mod-mono "SYNC: mod-mono 1.9-1 from Debian Unstable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24893010:16
NCommanderit was a few hundred or thousands lines changing unionfs and the core modules10:16
directhexgeser, LP:24372310:17
StevenKNCommander: Still, isn't Intrepid using aufs?10:17
NCommanderStevenK, the liveCD I tried was unionfs AFAIK10:17
NCommanderbut the intrepid CD I had might have been out of date10:18
StevenKI heard murmurs of aufs10:18
NCommanderso did I10:18
NCommanderBut it looks like aufs has issues10:18
StevenKSo does unionfs :-)10:18
NCommanderWell, the patch still needs to be backported to hardy10:19
NCommanderUnless you want five years of random mono failures10:19
directhexhonestly, nobody who seriously uses mono uses the antique ubuntu packages10:19
StevenKI note that bug is closed10:19
directhexno Enterprise dist has the same rigidity for updating frameworks10:19
* NCommander blinks10:20
geserdirecthex: need just mod-mono and xsp get updated? no other packages needing also an update?10:20
NCommanderStevenK, which bug10:20
directhexgeser, none on my to-do list. unless you can sponsor main packages, and make NCommander happy ;)10:20
StevenKNCommander: The URL you pasted, Bug 24816410:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248164 in linux "[intrepid] aufs(?) hangs on live cd" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24816410:20
NCommanderLooking at Launchpad10:21
NCommanderthe LiveCD now has support for aufs, but the desktop/server teams haven't made the switch yet10:21
geserdirecthex: no, I can't sponsor main. I need to find sponsors for 2 packages myself.10:22
NCommanderaufs is based off unionfs's10:23
NCommanderI REALLY won't be suprised if it is effected by the same bug10:23
NCommanderStevenK, regardless, the patch does require backporting to hardy, and until unionfs is dead and buried, it probably should be intrepid10:25
=== rraphink is now known as raphink
NCommanderWe could remove the patch cold-turkey, and then the liveCD team going to get bitchy if mono breaks on them10:25
StevenKNCommander: Sure, but what about different path prefixes?10:25
NCommanderStevenK, It seems that unionfs can return one of a few different path locations ;-)10:26
StevenKWhich are there already.10:26
directhexmy long-term goal is to end merging in favour of syncing10:26
StevenKI so need to learn to read.10:26
NCommanderIts a direct port of the patch the OpeJDK guys applied after fighting through this10:26
directhexbut it won't happen in the 1.9.1 timeframe, and can't happen as long as there's this unionfs silliness10:27
directhexalso need some libdga gubbins to sort itself out, but that's another story10:27
StevenKNCommander: You suck, mono is a 24MB source package.10:28
NCommanderYou now know why every other sane MOTU ran10:28
NCommanderer, core-dev10:28
NCommanderStevenK, please don't tell me your on dial up ...10:28
directhexit's smaller than openjdk!10:29
NCommanderdirecthex, at least openjdk is useful10:29
directhexdon't start, i just read the 18 page "no mono by default" forum page10:30
NCommanderdirecthex, BTW, I assume you haven't seen REVU's newest feature?10:30
NCommanderdirecthex, a "fun" read10:30
directhexNCommander, nay. i've not used revu, since everything i do is updates or happens in debian first10:30
NCommanderI think StevenK's seen it10:30
directhexso my "detect mono and call you scum" idea isn't it? damn10:32
StevenKNCommander: Worse. Australia10:34
NCommanderStevenK, having fun with Big Pond ;-)10:34
NCommanderIt's a pity f-spot is such an easy photo manager, or else I'd vote to kick it out of main and use a different photo manager10:34
StevenKNope, I don't use BigPond10:34
StevenKNCommander: Tomboy also uses mono10:35
NCommanderPackaged evil10:35
NCommanderStevenK, BTW, did you see the new REVU feature screenshots?10:35
directhexdon't forget terrorism and hate10:36
StevenKNCommander: I saw one of them10:36
NCommanderIt works now10:36
StevenKBut I don't use REVU much :-P10:36
NCommanderPackages get sucked from the PPA and right into REVU in about 20 seconds10:36
geserdirecthex: sync requests for mod-mono and xsp ACKed.10:36
NCommanderStevenK, nah, I understand, but I like using my bragging rights10:36
* NCommander points to the badges on LP10:36
StevenKNCommander: "your already" -> "you're already"10:37
directhexgeser, huzzah!10:37
NCommanderwhen did I say your already?10:37
StevenKIn the text in http://img247.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot3ay3.png10:37
NCommanderOh ...10:37
NCommanderWell, its a beta ;-)10:37
StevenKirc.freenode.net, too10:38
* NCommander adds a bug to launchpad10:39
NCommander"I make mistakes while tired" [Confirmed, Critical]10:39
directhexhm, i wonder what'll happoen if mod-mono tries to build before xsp.10:39
NCommanderStevenK, I didn't know you worked at canonical10:39
wgrantdirecthex: It doesn't, because you have build-dependencies set properly. I hope.10:44
directhexwgrant, well, that's where it gets interesting really. there's no build-dep, there's a substitution in the binary depends in the control file. i wonder where it gets those from. hmmm...10:47
StevenKNCommander: Hm?10:47
wgrantdirecthex: There is a build-dep.10:47
wgrantOr it won't build.10:47
StevenKNCommander: And? :-)10:47
NCommanderIt's got to be awesome to be able to work at canonical on Ubuntu10:47
wgrantStevenK: You are now an Evil One, see.10:47
directhexBuild-Depends: debhelper (>= 4.1.16), apache2-threaded-dev (>= 2.2), libmono-dev, po-debconf10:48
* NCommander doesn't find StevenK evil10:48
directhexanyway, looks like the substitution is based on debian/changelog, which is safe enough10:48
wgrantdirecthex: If it doesn't build-depend on it, it won't matter what order they're built in.10:48
directhexso no worries10:48
NCommanderIf nothing else, he's a saint for actually downloading mono's tarball over an AU internet connection10:48
directhexperhaps i've grown numb to it, after 2 years of unofficial backports10:50
StevenKOoh, mono builds10:50
directhexthat & a university internet connection, and all the compute power money can buy10:50
directhexStevenK, ish? i need to know about ishes. ishes cause me and debian-mono stress.10:51
NCommanderStevenK, ish?10:51
wgrantMono causes everybody stress.10:52
StevenKIsh == it's gotten into binary, but hasn't finished yet10:52
NCommanderStevenK, I think you might need a new PC10:52
directhexwgrant, it causes boycott-novell.com stress. the rest of us it's only mild anxiety10:52
StevenKNCommander: Feel free to provide one.10:52
directhexthis sounds like a job for MOAR MHZ!10:53
NCommanderStevenK, you cold always just upload to your PPA10:53
* NCommander reads boycott novell10:54
directhexit's like bullshit and chips, but with a bit more bile10:55
StevenKNCommander: Meh.10:55
directhexit works hard on the internet principle that if you say it, and even link directly to something that shows you're wrong, it's still true10:55
directhexhm, i need to update my backport. i wonder what i changed in ~dhx210:57
* NCommander looks at StevenK's computer10:59
StevenKStill building11:00
directhexfor future reference, it seems PPAs take 10 minutes for the arch-dependent and 16 minutes for the arch-independant parts of mono11:25
directhexgive or take11:26
lagathat's fast11:26
NCommanderI can get it built in ~20 minutes here total11:26
fokaVery fast build daemons?  :-)11:26
NCommanderfoka, just a fast laptop11:27
fokaNCommander, Very cool!  :-)11:27
NCommanderMy old laptop was a 2.16GHz dual core with 2GB of RAM11:28
NCommanderI got that one in '0511:28
directhexit's about 20 minutes for me too11:28
NCommanderMy current one is a 2.30Ghz dual core with 2GB of RAM11:28
NCommanderThis one cost a third of the old one11:28
directhexyay for technology!11:28
NCommanderThe old one probably could to become a build server for WMbuntu11:29
directhex   amd64 build of mono 1.9.1+dfsg-2ubuntu2~dhx1 in ubuntu hardy RELEASE11:29
NCommanders/could to/is going to11:29
NCommanderI must be more tired then I realize11:29
NCommanderthe wiki running really poor today11:30
directhexprobably novell's fault11:31
NCommanderStevenK, would you agree this bug is SRU worthy?11:32
StevenKNCommander: I'm not certain, to be honest.11:32
StevenKUgh. 44 minutes to build mono.11:32
StevenKAnd 650MB of disk space11:33
directhexStevenK, someone needs MOAR MHZ11:33
NCommanderStevenK, well, the issue exists in Hardy11:33
directhexBuild started 11 minutes ago  on promethium (xen-amd64)  and finished 1 minute ago  taking 11 minutes ? see the log11:33
StevenKdirecthex: The hard disk in my workstation sucks11:34
StevenKNCommander: Uploaded11:34
directhexyay! cake for StevenK!11:34
directhexNCommander, oh, and thanks for your work on this. i'm always grateful when people are willing to sell their souls to help with mono-related tasks11:34
NCommanderStevenK, can you give-back packages, or do I need to file a bug?11:34
HobbseeNCommander: what do you need given back?11:35
NCommanderevolution-sharp was FTBFS because of the mono bug11:35
* Hobbsee pokes it11:35
NCommanderNow that the formal finally got fixed, the later can be built once mono's updated binaries are available11:35
Hobbseemmm, only amd64 and ppc failed.11:35
NCommandergeser will be happy, he asked me to fix that bug.11:35
NCommanderHobbsee, it's an intermittent failure; it doesn't always happen11:36
NCommanderSomething like 75% of the time it will fail11:36
NCommanderand the other 25% it won't11:36
NCommanderThat's why testing this package involved running dpkg-buildpackage in a loop ten times building the same package :-)11:36
NCommanderHobbsee, incidently, this appears to also be responsible for those random F-Spot segfaults, since those stopped for me once I applied the mono patch11:37
Hobbseeah, nice.11:38
NCommanderHobbsee, if you look at the orignal patch, its absolutely braindead11:38
NCommanderHobbsee, are you a buildd admin by any chance?11:39
NCommanderMaybe you can help me nail a bug then11:39
NCommanderlogwatch FTBFS on all archs aside from i38611:39
NCommanderI've built it in pbuilder, sbuild, even setup a intrepid buildd, and it built11:39
NCommanderBut its FTBFSing on the launchpad buildds11:39
Hobbseeare you running an i386 arch?11:40
NCommanderamd64; testing in an i386 chroot11:40
NCommander(it builds fine on both)11:40
NCommanderhttp://launchpadlibrarian.net/16002155/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-amd64.logwatch_7.3.6.cvs20080702-1ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz The log file is somewhat confusing on why its FTBFSing11:40
geserNCommander: have you also tried pbuilder build --binary-arch?11:43
NCommanderNo, but I did run pbuilder on an amd64 and an i386, both successful11:43
geserNCommander: i386 builds both the arch-dependent and arch-independent parts, while the other just build the arch-dependent parts11:46
geserand some errors appear only in the arch-dep parts11:46
NCommanderThat might explain it11:47
geserNCommander: in the case of logwatch, it's because Ubuntu changed the package for some reason from arch:all to arch:any11:47
gesersee http://patches.ubuntu.com/l/logwatch/logwatch_7.3.6.cvs20080702-1ubuntu1.patch11:47
NCommandero_O;, if its perl ... WHY THE HELL IS IT ARCH: ANY?11:48
* NCommander hits his head on the wall a few dozen times11:48
slytherinNCommander: Careful or the wall will break. :-P11:48
NCommanderI dunno, I'm up to my armpits in stupidity this week.11:49
NCommanderif the wall hasn't given yet11:49
slytheringeser: Should I ask in #ununtu-devel for clearing batik from NEW?11:49
NCommanderI don't think its going to11:49
Hobbseeslytherin: is it urgent?11:49
Hobbseei think it's an archive admin day tomorrow11:49
NCommanderHobbsee, speaking of the archive11:49
slytherinHobbsee: if 3-4 packages have depwait on batik then do you call it urgent?11:50
NCommanderI need to ask a quesiton of an archive admin;11:50
wgrantslytherin: Just wait for them to get to it, I suggest.11:50
wgrantIt has FTBFS for approximately ever, so I'm sure 24 hours won't hurt.11:50
HobbseeNCommander: ask in #ubuntu-devel, probably11:50
geserHobbsee: isn't every day (except the weekend) an archive day?11:50
slytherinwgrant: Are you sure it will be done in 24 hours?11:51
geserslytherin: today is slangasek's archive day, I guess he's not awake already11:51
wgrantslytherin: Maybe not.11:51
Hobbseegeser: i thought there were only 3 archive days with dedicated people, but i may be wrong11:51
geserHobbsee: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArchiveAdministration lists 4 days11:51
slytherinHobbsee: There are four11:52
Hobbseeslytherin: universe based?  no, not really11:52
Hobbseeah, i thought riddell wasn't doing his shift anymore.11:52
\shNCommander: depends what perl module..you can have perl modules with compile stuff which is arch dependant...so Arch: any and not Arch: all11:53
NCommander\sh, no, that I know11:53
slytherinI will ask on #ubuntu-devel anyway. If it is done, I can get to the dependent packages. Otherwise I will have to wait.11:53
wgrantslytherin: Why are you blocked on it? Upload them, and they should depwait!11:53
\shNCommander: so in debian/control: you have Architecture: all? and moved all building stuff into binary-indep?11:54
NCommander\sh, my guess is that it was an Arch: all package that required building on i386, but the end result was portable11:55
NCommanderI've seen one or two modules like that11:55
slytherinwgrant: There are few packages with DEPWAIT due to batik. Adn since batik had FTBFS forever we don't know if these packages build at all. I am specifically interested in fop.11:55
\shNCommander: well, arch: all means calling sbuild with -A (which can be done on any arch sbuild runs), which actually is running on the i386 sbuild in ubuntus case11:58
NCommanderI'm going to probably have to rip logwatcher's guts open and see why its failing11:58
geserNCommander: it has nothing to do in binary-arch12:02
geserNCommander: just changing logwatch back from arch:any to arch:all should fix it12:04
geserbut you need a main sponsor to get it uploaded12:05
NCommanderStevenK, up for another one?12:06
kaminix_Boohoo, no answers to my mail to the list today :(12:12
k0pI want include a directory in debian named patches/12:14
k0pbut it does appear in diff file12:14
k0pwhat should I do?12:15
NCommanderk0p, you need to have some patches in the directory ;-)12:15
* k0p die12:15
k0pforget copy it :\12:16
NCommanderjust saying that having an empty directory is kinda pointless12:16
k0pNCommander, it does apply patches.. hmm12:39
k0pi'm following this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems12:40
bdrunggeser: thanks for your xmms-related remove acknowledgements13:25
\shbah bandwidth...if this is really a problem nowadays...14:08
directhexbandwidth is easy. i could always use MOAR MHZ though14:10
\shdirecthex: I was more talking about the debescan issue on ubuntu-motu ml14:11
directhexi tend to avoid mailing lists. i keep trying to unsubscribe from gridengine-users but sun won't let me14:11
\shwho needs a grid when we have a matrix ;)14:14
directhexor a 256 core altix 470014:15
huatsSyntux_: are you around ?14:34
aboganiSomeone could review my package rt-test (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=rt-tests) on REVU, please? I think to be very near to an "acceptable" version... Thanks in advance.14:38
bddebianHeya gang15:37
geserHi bddebian15:40
bddebianHeya geser15:43
IulianHey bddebian15:51
bddebianHi Iulian15:52
huatsnorsetto !15:56
huats(got you)15:56
norsettohuats: argh!15:56
norsettohuats !15:56
norsettohuats: looks like there is some stuff pending approval in the m.l.?15:58
huatsnorsetto: ?15:59
huatsreally ?15:59
norsettohuats: I think so15:59
aboganiSomeone could review my package rt-test (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=rt-tests) on REVU, please? I think to be very near to an "acceptable" version... Thanks in advance.16:03
=== x-spec-t is now known as Spec
cody-somerville\sh, ugh oh! You're in trouble! :P16:19
\shcody-somerville: I'm always in trouble...I'm a sysadmin..16:20
\shcody-somerville: what context? :)16:20
cody-somerville\sh, MagicFab is "invoking" the CoC on ya.16:21
\shcody-somerville: so? he doesn't have the guts to remove my feed from the planet ,-)16:22
\shby himself16:22
cody-somerville\sh, I'd do it myself in spite of that comment but I'd rather see your blog stay on the planet,haha.16:22
cody-somervilleI have no idea what his problem is with that iPod blog post though :/16:23
\shwhich ipod blog post?16:23
\shthat's long timea ago...16:23
\shcody-somerville: btw...any reference to that?16:23
cody-somerville\sh,any reference to what where? : P16:24
\shcody-somerville: I thought he wrote something to the CC about me...16:24
cody-somerville\sh, yea, he posted on the wiki16:25
\shI find it rather nice...someone puts something on a wiki page without pinging the someone who is being blamed for this something...16:27
cody-somerville\sh, well, clearly magicfab misunderstand something because we don't "invoke" the CoC on people.16:29
cody-somerville\sh, I wouldn't worry about it IMHO16:33
\shcody-somerville: about what?16:36
\shcody-somerville: where is this second blog post he talks about on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda/talk ? I just see one?16:38
cody-somerville\sh, Yea, he removed the second one. He "cleared up his dispute".16:38
cody-somervilleThe blog post was this one: http://koke.amedias.org/articles/2008/07/20/ibuy/16:38
\shhe framed koke16:39
cody-somervilleframed? :/16:39
\shcody-somerville: he pinned someone...16:41
cody-somerville\sh, yes I understand what framed means but I'm not sure I see how.16:42
\shFabian Rodriguez Jul 21 2008 / 3pm16:44
\shJorge, I don’t appreciate your “STFU” responses on a blog post syndicated on Ubuntu Planet. How is that within our Ubuntu code of conduct in any way ?16:44
\shQuite frankly I am really disappointed at your attitude, as indeed this has nothing to do with Ubuntu, but now you’ve elevated it to going against our code of conduct.16:44
\shhe put words in kokes mouth...16:44
\shI really think he needs a beer and a life16:45
cody-somerville: (16:45
\shcody-somerville: the fun part...he talks about comments, and that's why he filed somewhat? argl../me needs to fix leonov...16:47
huats\sh: i have always like your tone ... keep it up :)16:47
\shwhen is the next CC meeting?16:48
\shno...next month...16:50
devfilasac: I'm looking at xulrunner, the version on the repo is but at http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/XULRunner/Old_Releases I can see only so what I should do?16:54
asacdevfil: you have to get the latest release from cvs16:56
asacthey dont release tarballs regularly upstream16:56
devfilasac, ah ok,  and how I should call it?16:57
asacdevfil: instructions on cvs are http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Mozilla_Source_Code_Via_CVS16:58
asacdevfil: the tag is MOZILLA_1_8_1_15 release (or 16? ... whatever latest firefox minor version is)16:58
asacand the MOZ_CO_PROJECT=xulrunner16:59
asacwhen you have the source tree run remove.nonfree script that is in debian/ dir of xulrunner package17:00
ryanakcaAnybody mind reviewing my kde-style-qtcurve merge (REVU) before I upload the debdiff to LP? http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=kde-style-qtcurve17:08
norsettoryanakca: just upload your debdiff to LP, whats the point of using REVU for this17:14
devfilasac: if I use cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs-mirror.mozilla.org:/cvsroot co -r MOZILLA_1_8_1_16 mozilla/client.mk the outoput of the terminal is cvs [checkout aborted]: no such tag MOZILLA_1_8_1_1617:19
asacdevfil: ok, then be tricky and use the firefox _16 tag17:20
asace.g. FIREFOX_2_0_0_16_RELEASE17:20
asacnot nice, but i think upstream stopped tagging the generic MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH at some point17:21
devfilinstead of RELEASE what I should put?17:21
asacdevfil: the tag would be MOZILLA_1_8_1_16_RELEASE17:21
asacdevfil: nothing. thats how the tag reads17:21
asacdevfil: there is a tags page linked from the instructions page i gave you17:22
asacbut those are not complete so give  the mozilla tag a proper try before going for the FIREFOX thing17:22
=== norsetto is now known as norsetto_limbo
devfilasac, with cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs-mirror.mozilla.org:/cvsroot co -r MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH mozilla/client.mk works17:24
asacdevfil: yes. the branch exists17:24
asacdevfil: in times before they made MOZILLA_ tags for thatgeneric branch17:25
asacdevfil: if MOZILLA_1_8_1_16_RELEASE doesnt exist you have to use the FIREFOX relase tag17:25
asacwhich should be more or less the same17:25
ryanakcanorsetto_limbo: because I don't know if I merged it properly... or will it just get reviewed on debdiff?17:32
devfilasac, nothing to do, I'm unable to find the correct tag17:38
asacdevfil: i gave you the firefox one above?17:45
asac18:20 < asac> e.g. FIREFOX_2_0_0_16_RELEASE17:45
HewWhat's the best way to contribute a small patch to language-support-writing-en (to fix bug #58308)? I'm not an experienced contributor, and looking at the naming scheme of the version, appending ubuntu1 doesn't seem appropriate.17:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 58308 in language-support-en "No spell check in en-au locale" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5830817:46
devfilasac, oh I've not read, thanks17:46
=== norsetto_limbo is now known as norsetto
norsettoryanakca: yes, it will get reviewed on LP, just subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors (if the package is in universe) or ubuntu-main-sponsors (if the package is in main)18:02
ryanakcanorsetto: already uploaded to main :)18:02
norsettoryanakca: good!18:02
ryanakcathanks ;)18:02
k0pI have a doubt about python new policys18:03
k0pMy application is develpment in python. and we have two modules: umitCore, and umitGUI ( Interface )18:04
k0pfollowing this policys we need to create a package named python-umitcore and python-umitgui?18:04
RainCTk0p: no, that's only for modules, as in modules that are designed to be used by other programs (what in C would be a "library")18:13
k0pRainCT, yeap. sure. but what I should do with my package?18:13
k0pwhere I put the umitCore and umitGUI?18:13
norsettoemgent: ping18:20
RainCTk0p: (sorry, i was busy)18:20
RainCTk0p: do you have a link to the souirce?18:20
k0pRainCT, do you want source or link to revu?18:21
=== RainCT is now known as RainCT_
k0pno problem18:21
k0pRainCT, do you want source or link to revu?18:22
RainCTrevu is ok :)18:22
k0phttp://trac.umitproject.org/browser/trunk if you wish ..18:22
emgentnorsetto: ponghe18:23
RainCTk0p: is umitcore intented to be used by other applications?18:25
RainCTk0p: if yes, then it might make sense to put that directory into a separate binary package (python-umitcore). else leave everything together in package 'umit'18:26
k0pRainCT, umitcore is used by other application18:27
norsettoRainCT: pyumit? Or is there other stuff there beside python?18:28
k0pbut suppose that not used by other application where I can put the files?18:28
k0pand umitGUI?18:29
RainCTnorsetto: sorry?18:30
norsettoRainCT: The source package, what would be the convention, to call it pyumit if its just python stuff, or something else?18:31
RainCTnorsetto: usually it's just the applications name18:31
k0pRainCT, but with umit, i'm putting the files on /usr/lib/pythonX-X/site-packages. should I do it?18:33
k0pi'm trying respect the python policys but I don't understand yet what it failing18:34
RainCTnorsetto: there are many py<something> packages but I guess that's in most cases like that because that's how upstream called the application; perhaps there may be or there has been some convention which said to prepend py to the source package name, but if there is I'm not aware of it18:34
RainCTk0p: I'm not sure. For the python applications that I packaged the source is in /usr/share/<packagename>18:36
norsettoRainCT: ah ok, makes sense18:36
k0pRainCT, sure. ok18:36
RainCTk0p: I'd say /usr/lib/python.. is only for shared modules, but the best would be to ask in #debian-python (irc.oftc.net) to be sure18:37
k0psure RainCT thanks18:37
RainCTk0p: you're welcome. btw, I'd add python-psyco as a Suggests18:38
k0pi'll do apt-get source python-psyoc18:38
RainCTk0p: no need to get the source for it. I mean adding a "Suggests: python-psyco" line to debian/control to indicate that the application supports psyco18:40
RainCT(psyco is an optimizer which can make Python applications faster -but using more memory-)18:40
k0pI understand18:41
k0pI forgot. Thanks RainCT :)18:41
k0pyou're great18:41
k0pwell. truth .. I don't know about suggests18:42
k0pRainCT, i'll awser in debian-python :)18:44
RainCTk0p: Well, you already know Depends, but beside those there are Recommends and Suggests. the first one is for packages that are necessary for the application to work, and the other two are for packages that can improve it, or which are necessary for only a certain feature of it.18:46
RainCTk0p: the difference between Recommends and Suggests is that Suggests are weaker than Recommends. eg, recommends are automatically installed by aptitude (and since intrepid, by apt-get, too) but suggests always have to be installed manually by the user, if he wants them18:47
k0psure :D18:47
k0psince intrepid?18:47
k0pso later suggests and recommends?18:47
k0phave no differences?18:47
RainCTk0p: the difference is basically that, as I said, recommends are installed by default by some package managers, but suggests never are18:48
k0phm sure18:49
k0pI understand18:49
k0pRainCT, you're a very nice guy. ever I learn with you :)18:50
RainCTthanks :)18:51
kirklandi'm looking at opencryptoki...  according to http://packages.qa.debian.org/o/opencryptoki.html, 2.2.6+dfsg-1 has been in unstable for a few days, but http://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html doesn't show the outstanding merge19:23
geserkirkland: why should it appear on merges.u.c? opencryptoki in intrepid has no Ubuntu changes19:26
kirklandgeser: ah that would explain it, thanks.19:26
Laneykirkland: http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/multidistrotools/universe.html#outdatedinB19:27
slytheringeser: What all should we put in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JavaTeam/TeamReport for this month?19:28
kirklandLaney: thanks for the link ;-)19:28
geserslytherin: good question. perhaps the new batik version in intrepid?19:30
slytheringeser: I am actually classifying whatever I have done in 2 sections. syncs/merges, updates. Whoever else has done any work in these two area can add comments.19:31
slytherinand of course openjdk in main is one important point.19:32
slytheringeser: By the way, LucidFox built batik with openjdk, so it should move to universe.19:36
geserslytherin: will you file a bug for it?19:38
slytheringeser: Or should we wait till package is updated in Debian? I also want to do a bit more experimenting and see if it builds with GCJ with a patch to replace sun specific apis.19:39
geserslytherin: like you want, you know more about java packages than me19:40
SyntuxHey, what to do with keys that starts with _ in .desktop file?19:40
slytherinOk. I will be donw with it by weekend.19:41
slytheringeser: Can you please help fixing this FTBFS - http://launchpadlibrarian.net/15969377/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-i386.libmatthew-java_0.7.1-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz19:59
geserslytherin: would unsetting LDFLAGS fix it?20:00
slytheringeser: no idea. Don't know much about gcc and ld. :-)20:00
geserslytherin: will try it later out, I'm in a meeting right now20:01
slytheringeser: FYI ... team report updated, see if you can add more content.20:04
geserslytherin: statcvs didn't move to universe yet, but a bug for it is open (bug #249894)20:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 249894 in statcvs "Please move statcvs from multiverse to universe" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24989420:07
slytheringeser: Corrected it. I am sleepy now. Good night. See you later.20:10
geserslytherin: good night20:10
directhexslytherin, -Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions should be passed to gcc, not ld20:13
directhexoh, arse20:13
geserdirecthex: it is set through LDFLAGS20:13
geserand other packages don't have a problem with it20:14
directhexgeser, ld throws an error, gcc silently succeeds, with that flag. make of it what you will.20:15
k0pcody-somerville, are you there?20:28
cody-somervillek0p, maybe20:30
k0pcody-somerville, about your comment about debian policys http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=umit I'm think create python-umitcore and umit package20:31
k0pwhat do you think about that?20:31
cody-somervillek0p, why?20:32
k0pumitCore it's used by other applications20:33
k0pand restants I'll put it on /usr/share/umit20:33
k0pI think it's follow the python policys.20:33
k0pI already fix the patches, and desktop files20:34
k0ponly lacks the python policys20:34
k0pcody-somerville, what do you think about ?20:35
cody-somervillek0p, I think your package needs work. :]20:39
k0pcody-somerville, I'm working20:39
k0pwell may be I'll make a dput on some issues already fixed20:40
k0pbut about python policys it's what I would like to know about it20:40
MajostIs there an easy way to get all the public keys for the package maintainers/submitters?20:41
norsettoemgent: news about my email?20:44
emgentnot now, DktrKranz seems away..20:44
=== chuck_ is now known as zul
norsettoseems so far away20:51
devfilhi norsetto :(20:51
norsettoNow it seems as though they're here to stay20:51
norsettodevfil: s/\(/\)/ :-)20:52
devfilnorsetto: I'm not the ideal for special char on regex :P20:52
devfilnorsetto: what's up?20:53
norsettodevfil: the sky ?20:53
norsettodevfil: the moon ?20:53
devfilnorsetto: lol how are you?20:54
norsettodevfil: horribly well, and you?20:54
NCommandermorning norsetto20:54
devfilnorsetto: fine thanks ;)20:54
norsettoNCommander: hello NCommander20:54
NCommandernorsetto, how are things for you?20:55
norsettoNCommander: difficult, I still have problems with fractions20:55
NCommandernorsetto, it could be worse; atlest you can still package ;-)20:55
norsettoNCommander: can I!? Please don't spread the voice ;-)20:56
devfilNCommander: in Italy is evening :P20:56
=== macd_ is now known as macd
JazzvaCan someone say that they claim no rights over program, and that the program is published under GPLv3?21:44
RainCTJazzva: uh.. if I understood that right, it's contradictory -.-21:45
JazzvaRainCT, sounds to me that way too... but I just wanted to check that if maybe I'm wrong.21:46
JazzvaRainCT, thanks21:46
mathiazkirkland: I've sponsored your lsb merge21:46
kirklandmathiaz: cool, thanks!21:46
mathiazkirkland: next time, could you generate a .changes file that includes the changes in debian ?21:46
kirklandmathiaz: oh, sure21:47
mathiazkirkland: http://people.ubuntu.com/~kirkland/lsb/merge-genchanges21:47
mathiazkirkland: uses -v3.2-12ubuntu321:47
kirklandmathiaz: hmm, i thought debuild -S did that, no?21:47
mathiazkirkland: nope - by default debuild will only include the last changelog netry21:47
Drk_GuyHi guys!21:47
=== slayton is now known as neuromit
Drk_GuyWhere can i take a look at the different setcions?21:47
mathiazkirkland: you have to specify -v3.2-12ubuntu321:47
Drk_GuyI'm trying to package gambas221:47
neuromitis is possible to configure  dpkg-buildpackage such that it creates 2 .deb files?21:48
kirklandmathiaz: gotcha, okay, no problem21:48
neuromitone package with a set a binaries and the other .deb with a different set of binaries?21:48
Drk_Guyneuromit, different archs?21:48
neuromitno same archs21:48
mathiazkirkland: so that the .changes includes all the changelog entries - the merge-* scripts handle that automatically21:48
Drk_Guyneuromit, usually, sh_make takes care of that21:48
mathiazkirkland: other than that, it was all good :)21:49
neuromitDrk_Guy, dh_make?  doesn't that just create the debian dir?21:49
Drk_Guyneuromit, For example, when i ran dh_make in the gambas2 src's dir, it created a control for gambas2 and gambas-doc ;)21:50
Drk_Guywhere can i take a look at the DEB sections?21:50
neuromitahhh ok... sorry my bad,21:50
neuromitthe answer was right in front of me21:51
Drk_Guyneuromit, do you know where can i take a look at the debian sections?21:51
neuromitwhat do you mean by debian sections?21:52
Drk_Guynet, devel, otherosfs (wine is here)21:52
neuromit    Drk_Guy: when you select Multiple Binaries, how can you specify which files get placed with which debian package?21:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sections21:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about section21:53
Drk_Guyneuromit, you killed me with that one, maybe snooping around with debian contents?21:53
neuromitwhen you say DEB sections are you talking about the categories programs are placed in in the applicatio nmenu21:53
Drk_Guyneuromit, Not really21:53
Drk_Guyneuromit, http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy21:53
Drk_GuyBut i don't know if those are right21:53
neuromithave you tried in #debian? they can pretty much answer most of my questions there...21:54
neuromitbut they have a little disdain for ubuntu people21:54
slangasek#debian is not a very good place to ask packaging questions anyway21:55
Drk_Guypeeps in debian call us noobuntu'ers21:55
mathiazCould someone set my account as a reviewer on REVU ? Trying to login says that that mathiaz doesn't exist in REVU21:55
Drk_GuyI am pretty likely to ignore it21:55
norsettoSyntux: when are you usually around on IRC (in UTC)?21:57
jmarsdennorsetto: Syntux quit 10secs after you asked your question to him... it might be good to re-ask it :-)21:59
neuromitAnybody here have experience packing multiple .debs from a single source?22:00
NCommanderneuromit, yes22:00
neuromitNCommander, I'm looking to learn how to do it... do you have some time to chat about it or can you recommend some good docs on the subject?22:01
neuromitThe ubuntu packaging guide doesn't really cover it22:01
NCommanderneuromit, sure, but this isn't a great time, I'm getting ready to go for work; once I'm at work, I can chat22:02
=== Syntux_ is now known as Syntux
neuromitok...  I probably won't be around much longer... maybe tomorrow then?22:02
neuromitI'm headed home from work in 45minutes22:02
Syntuxneuromit, I don't have much experience with it myself but if you check software-properties source it should give you a glimpse22:03
neuromitSyntux, THANKS!22:03
Syntuxneuromit, not at all :-)22:04
* norsetto wonders what software-properties has to do with packaging multiple binaries22:05
norsettoSyntux: when are you usually around on IRC (in UTC)?22:05
Syntuxnorsetto, one sec22:06
Syntuxnorsetto, software-properties source generates multiple package, a gtk and kde http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/python-software-properties22:07
norsettoSyntux: ah, you meant it as an example22:08
Syntuxnorsetto, sure.22:08
=== totopalma is now known as totopalm1
Syntuxnorsetto,  around 15 to 21 UTC.22:10
neuromitwhen building the multiple debs, do I simply more or less create a section in the control file for each one, then specify in each packages .install file what files are to be included in that debian package?22:10
norsettoSyntux: ok, thx22:10
Syntuxnorsetto, np.22:10
=== totopalm1 is now known as totopalma
=== totopalma is now known as totopalm1
* Syntux getting emotional with 'Grace is Gone'22:16
* norsetto hands over an handkerchief to Syntux22:17
* Syntux thank you norsetto , I needed it, meff meff 22:17
slangasekneuromit: that gets you much of the way there, yes22:18
devfilasac: do you know where I can find the bugs fixed by xulrunner
emgentevening ScottK-laptop22:21
ScottK-laptopGood evening.22:21
asacdevfil: search bugzilla.mozilla.org for fixed1.8.1.15 OR fixed1.8.1.16 OR verified1.8.0.15 OR verified1.8.1.1622:23
asac(in keywords those are)22:24
devfilasac: thanks, not difficult to do xulrunner, I've finished22:25
asacdevfil: test rdepends for regressions then ;)22:26
asacwhich is an important task for hardy-security22:26
devfilasac: how I can test them?22:26
neuromitif I want to include extra files in a deb package, (like Icons for example) how do I get them included into the deb package? Do I have to specify them in the files  or docs file?22:27
* norsetto wondes why in LP the list of 2 zillion useless subscribers has been kept and the usefull source info is gone22:27
ScottK-laptopnorsetto: Because the new u/i is better.  Didn't you read mpt's blog.22:27
norsettoScottK-laptop: ah, silly me, I didn't noticed that22:28
Drk_Guyneuromit, i think the makefile governs that :=22:28
norsettotake or leave a d22:28
neuromitcan I get other files included in the deb by specifying them in the files file?22:28
norsettoneuromit: use debian/ for that22:29
neuromitnorsetto, so i've tried placing files in debian/ before only to find they aren't included in the final deb22:30
jmarsdenneuromit: dh_install them to where they need to go?22:30
norsettoneuromit: well, you have to install them somehow :-)22:30
neuromitso I would call dh_install where, in postinst?22:30
norsettoneuromit: debian/rules seems a likely place to do that22:31
neuromitok... thanks22:31
emgentember: ping.22:34
emgentember: can you fix bug #237348 ?22:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 237348 in wordpress "Please merge wordpress 2.5.1-4ubuntu1 (universe) from Debian unstable" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23734822:34
cody-somervilleIs anyone here good at reading boot charts?22:37
=== RainCT_ is now known as RainCT
taconeapt-get source pygtksourceview works, apt-get install pygtksourceview doesn't find any package. anyone knows why ?22:46
ScottK-laptopProbably because the binary package name is different.22:47
asacdevfil: 1st. look at the list of rdepends (apt-cache rdepends libxul0d or something)22:47
jmarsdentacone: Most likely the name of the source package is different from the name of the binary package(s) it creates?22:47
asaca bunch of them should be obvious to test22:47
asacbrowsers need some thorough testing like password management, certificate (ssl), javascript (ajax sites)22:48
emgenttacone: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/python-gtksourceview222:48
asacfor non-browsers the common use-cases should be easier to guess and probably doesnt require the same amount of testing22:49
taconeemgent: nice, sorry.22:49
emgenttacone: np, you re welcome22:49
devfilasac: ok, this require time, I will do it tomorrow when I'm not sleeping :)22:50
asacdevfil: sure. better safe than sorry22:50
asacsleep well!22:50
emgentblueyed: heya22:58
blueyedDo uploads to REVU get not processed currently?22:58
blueyedHi emgent22:59
blueyed..it was a binary upload. (just for the record)23:08

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