ftai saw a cairo + fontconfig change reverting part of my patches from last year00:00
asaci probably didnt do that revert00:01
ftamy last debdiff for cairo has been ignored by seb for weeks then someone else did it.. and broke it00:01
asacask the merger who did it ;)00:01
ftai don't have time, and i'm also sick of this00:01
asaci get hit hard by the "everyone can do everything" as well00:03
asacfor instance they reintroduced libflashssupport in flashplugin-nonfree00:04
asacas a depends00:04
asacdid you post a merge bug? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cairo/00:08
asacthat probably would hav eprevented it. cjwatson did the merge ... not sure why, but apparently it failed to build against latest fontconfig00:09
asacif he touches that package there is a good reason almost certainly as he usually has no time at all00:09
asacand isnt really into cairo ;)00:10
asacfontconfig was quite a huge merge i guess00:13
asacthings probably sank there00:14
gnomefreakasac: you asked if i had done the bugs yet and no i havent but will this week. i had problems to handle witha  good friend this weekend00:48
gnomefreakVolans: have they added out meeting to fridge yet?00:48
Volansgnomefreak: yeah! under the google calendar they use now and upon asac request also in the online fridge calendar00:49
Volans http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/159500:49
Volansperhaps we can add the link to the agenda... that is still empty00:49
gnomefreaki wilol do that when updates are done00:50
VolansI have added the date and time to this channel's topic and to the wiki pages (/Meetings and /Header)00:50
gnomefreakVolans: thanks00:50
gnomefreakjust one meeting?00:51
Volansyou spoke about the wiki or the fridge?00:51
gnomefreakwe cant add agenda to fridge00:52
Jazzvaok, i'm off. head hurts for some reason... See you tomorrow.00:52
gnomefreaknothing to do on wiki (from what i can tell00:52
asacgnomefreak: ok fine00:52
gnomefreaknight Jazzva feel better00:52
asacJazzva: cu00:52
Jazzvathanks :). night all.00:52
Volansgnomefreak: like this one http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/155000:53
Volansbye Jazzva00:53
gnomefreakwe need agenda items for meeting or we can skip this one00:53
asacgnomefreak: we are on fridge00:53
gnomefreakVolans: fridge editors have to do that00:53
Volanssure :) and we can also put on the wiki the next meetings if you want00:53
gnomefreakasac: im looking at it atm00:53
asacgnomefreak: i pinged cody00:54
gnomefreaki was looking into joining fridge editors but never got anything good00:54
gnomefreakasac: i pinged cody all week00:54
asache said they switched to google calendar which wasnt integrated in website yet00:54
gnomefreakhe kept putting it off for updates to fridge00:54
asaci asked him to add us to the old calendar too now ;)00:54
Volansasac: we can only ask cody to add the link to the agenda, like this one http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/1550 ;)00:54
gnomefreakwhy did they change to use google calendar?00:54
Volansand put something in the agenda00:54
gnomefreakVolans: i have 1 item on agenda00:55
asacgnomefreak: he didnt suggest to do that until i explicitly damanded it ;)00:55
gnomefreakthats the only one there00:55
asacgnomefreak: not sure why google. most likely its more comfortable00:55
asacgnomefreak: http://www.google.com/calendar/event?eid=amNzaXFybXAyaHIxZ25qcDg5bWY2NmR2cDQgajVxODVtbWk2dWp2anRpaTVzMW4zbGk1aW9AZw&ctz=Etc/GMT00:55
gnomefreakasac: yeah he hasnt changed. he was run off the ops for main channels and other things for being well him00:55
asacbut its currently not linked from website at all ;)00:56
gnomefreakwell since your good at it demand him to add it ;)00:56
asache is somewhat engaged in xubuntu quite a bit00:56
gnomefreakasac: that is recent00:56
asacgnomefreak: the wiki link?00:56
asacyeah. but not today00:56
gnomefreaklike 2 months ago00:56
asaci am bailing out. eyes keep closing00:57
gnomefreakasac: yeah the agenda wiki link00:57
asactiredness finally beats me ;)00:57
gnomefreakasac: thats fine have a good night00:57
asac'night all00:57
gnomefreakim here cleaning up before 800:57
asac8 EDT?00:57
* asac off00:58
gnomefreakcan you use ical with google calendar?01:01
gnomefreakawway is going up but ill be here some of the time01:03
Volansnever tried01:03
Volansnow I go... bye bye01:13
gnomefreakanyone still up?01:41
* Kamping_Kaiser fwiw01:46
gnomefreakcant open .so file :(01:49
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asacdarn. that happens if you dont get NEW mails anymore. xul and ffox was stuck in binary new because of xulrunner-dev package09:42
asacgnomefreak: hurry ;)09:52
* gnomefreak is the only person that tries to view a binary file :(09:52
asacwe have 900 bugs open against ffox 3 :(09:52
gnomefreakasac: morning09:52
asacwe must not reach 1k ;)09:52
gnomefreakthats not bad09:52
asacthat would mean defeat :-D09:52
asacand surrender :(09:52
gnomefreaki have a few things to work on today bugs is one of them09:52
gnomefreakill push ruby aside09:53
gnomefreak900 bugs in total09:53
gnomefreakthats odd09:55
gnomefreakasac: why would someone need to renew memebership to a team that membership doesnt expire?09:55
gnomefreakok wtf09:55
gnomefreakmozillateam (the whole team) is about to expire too :(09:56
gnomefreakok first thing after email is that09:56
asacgnomefreak: he?09:57
gnomefreakoh im gonna hurt someone09:57
asacwhere is mozillateam expiring?09:57
gnomefreakOn 2008-07-27, six days from now, the membership09:57
gnomefreakof Mozilla Team (mozillateam) (which you are09:57
gnomefreakthe owner of) in the Ubuntu-MozillaSquad (ubuntu-mozillasquad) Launchpad team09:57
gnomefreakis due to expire.09:57
asacgnomefreak: ah09:57
asacwell ... maybe we set that membership auto expires in that team?09:58
asacgnomefreak: isnt mozillateam the owner of squad?09:58
gnomefreaktalking to LP about it. i atelast asked if awake09:58
asacthen i think we dont need to bother ;)09:58
gnomefreaka month?09:58
gnomefreakMembership renewed until 2008-08-26.09:58
asacyeah .... strange09:58
asacgnomefreak: err. all expire in a month09:59
asacthats bad ;)09:59
asacgnomefreak: can you fix that squad doesnt have that a tight expiry window?09:59
gnomefreakyeah i need to speak to Lp since that is the first time09:59
gnomefreakim working on it09:59
asacbut in the end its an open team, so people can always renew on their own10:00
asacstill wierd10:00
gnomefreakdo you have link to squad?10:00
gnomefreakwe lose the team if it expires10:01
gnomefreakthan jump through hoops to get it back10:01
gnomefreakasac: can i use reply when getting a upstream mozilla bug?10:03
gnomefreakor do i need to open the page and comment10:03
asacgnomefreak: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Bugs/TriagersHandbook10:06
asacgnomefreak: no mozilla bugs can only be edited in webpage10:06
asacgnomefreak: i dont think we loose the team as mozillateam itself is owner10:06
asacjust let it go10:07
gnomefreakasac: we wont now that i already renewed10:07
asacgnomefreak: and what about all the members?10:08
gnomefreakasac: i have to talk to lp admin to make sure of anything atm10:09
gnomefreakgot someone that is trying to push bzr brznch but he never commited im sure he wissed all steps inbetweem too10:10
asacgnomefreak: who?10:10
gnomefreakok why all those links?10:11
asacgnomefreak: those links are the revised bug procedure for New, incomplete and confirmed states10:11
asacso if you process bugs maybe try to apply that and tell me if there are things missing10:11
asacgnomefreak: the idea is to bring bugs in the "normalized form" so we can forward them10:11
gnomefreakyou didnt happen to work on the responses page ;)10:12
gnomefreakasac: ok honestly there has to be a setting in about:preferences to make browser open images in another app10:14
gnomefreakis there?10:14
asacgnomefreak: hmm10:14
asacgnomefreak: about:config you mean ;)10:14
asacgnomefreak: well. i think you might be able to do that in the preferences -> applications dialog10:14
gnomefreakyeah that10:14
gnomefreakasac: i didnt see anything but i had looks 2 hours before i even saw this bug10:15
asacgnomefreak: can you set the "meeting schedule thing" on roadmap to "DONE" ?10:15
gnomefreakyeah ill clean that up10:17
asacisnt "Document redirection procedure to mozillateam-community on mozillateam membership page" done too?10:17
gnomefreakno setting in system > pref > prefered applications10:18
asacgnomefreak: hmm10:19
gnomefreakwe used squad for the team not community10:19
asacyou can probably set it to firefox again. just curious ow that might have been emptied10:19
asaci think community was just a "word" for it as we didnt have any final name yet10:19
asacgnomefreak: EDT what timezone is that?10:22
asac@time America/Boston10:22
ubottuasac: Error: Unknown timezone: America/Boston - Full list: http://tinyurl.com/4vyvp810:22
asac@time America/Chicago10:22
ubottuasac: Current time in America/Chicago: July 21 2008, 04:22:54 - Next meeting: Asia and Oceania Ubuntu Membership Approval Board in 1 day10:22
asacis that EDT?10:22
gnomefreakcould be i think chitown is an hour ahead of me10:23
gnomefreakbut not sure10:23
gnomefreak@now chicago10:23
ubottugnomefreak: Current time in America/Chicago: July 21 2008, 04:23:55 - Next meeting: Asia and Oceania Ubuntu Membership Approval Board in 1 day10:23
gnomefreakhour behind me10:24
asacEDT is UTC - 410:27
asacfrom what i found on the net10:28
Jazzva@now newyork10:34
ubottuJazzva: Error: Unknown timezone: newyork - Full list: http://tinyurl.com/4vyvp810:34
Jazzva@now new_york10:34
ubottuJazzva: Current time in America/New_York: July 21 2008, 05:34:17 - Next meeting: Asia and Oceania Ubuntu Membership Approval Board in 1 day10:34
Jazzvaasac ^10:34
asacyeah probably thats it10:34
Jazzvathat is eastern time, I think10:34
asacin the end I dont understand why people ask me for appointments in UTC :/10:35
asacerr, in EDT :-D10:35
asacmost likely americans think the world has agreed on EDT;)10:36
Jazzvapeople should learn the offset of their time zone :)10:36
asacJazzva: yeah ;) ... i guess they know, but assumed I'd know too10:36
Jazzvahehe :)10:36
gnomefreakgod i hate LP10:37
gnomefreakhow many teams do we have and what are thier links please :(10:37
asacextension team10:37
JazzvaRegarding extensions licensing... Sage-Too (which is developed from Sage by another team) is missing license information in the xpi file. I e-mailed the developer and he sent me in a mail that we can apply GPL as the license... Is that ok?10:37
asacthe mozillateam10:37
gnomefreakextension team and bugs team10:37
gnomefreakthose 2 i need to look at10:37
asacJazzva: will he add that license to the .xpi?10:38
Jazzvagnomefreak, extensions is ~mozilla-extensions-dev10:38
asacJazzva: did he say which version ?10:38
gnomefreaki just need the mozilla bugs link10:38
asacsuggest to him GPLv3 or later ;)10:38
Jazzvaasac, I was thinking of asking him that... to just place it in COPYING10:38
gnomefreakthat was done correctly10:38
gnomefreakasac: in about:config is there a setting for the way browser opens images?10:39
asacJazzva: well. tell him that it would work that way, but in the end he should publish a licensed .xpi ... or at least a source ball10:39
Jazzvaasac, here is the quote "you are welcome to apply the GPL as per http://www.fsf.org/licensing/licenses/gpl.txt "10:39
asacto avoid confusion10:39
Jazzvathat points to gpl 3 ;)10:39
asacok. and (or any later version) ?10:40
Jazzvaasac, that's mentioned in the license. "either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version."10:41
asacJazzva: where? afaict its just in the section that describes the options you have for licensing with gpl 310:41
asacJazzva: he has at least to put one sentence somewhere: "licensed under GPL v3 or any later version"10:42
asacJazzva: is there a source tarball available out there?10:42
asacor svn with a license?10:42
Jazzvano. that's the trouble.10:42
Jazzvait just has xpi10:42
Jazzvaso... COPYING is used for the text of the license... and what is used for licensing info?10:43
Jazzvaor, he can place that notice in COPYING, before the text of the license?10:44
asacJazzva: he could place that info on top of the file yes.10:45
JazzvaGood... thanks10:45
asacJazzva: he should just post the example header on top of that file:10:46
asacJazzva: http://paste.ubuntu.com/28947/10:46
gnomefreak[reed]: when you awaken can you ping me i would like to know how long it takes before i can go up a level in mozilla bug tracker (mark dupes) is the main thing im thinking10:53
gnomefreakasac: in about:config what would i search for to findout if there is a setting to open images in gnome viewer app i guess its not eye of gnome10:54
Jazzvagnomefreak, I'm not sure if it's in about:config, but can't you set that in Edit->Preferences->Programs?10:57
gnomefreakJazzva: no10:57
gnomefreakjust accesiblity10:58
gnomefreakorka and such10:58
Jazzvagnomefreak, that's funny. I can select what program to use to open jpegs...10:58
gnomefreakin system >preferences > perferd apps?10:59
gnomefreakprefered apps10:59
Jazzvano... in Firefox->Edit menu-> ...10:59
gnomefreaki didnt get chance for menu11:00
asacgnomefreak: in the firefox application you can configure that in the preferences -> APPLICATIONS  dialog ;)11:00
gnomefreakyeah that is what i told him11:00
Jazzvaheh... my system is localised... that's why I translated as "programs" :)11:01
gnomefreakasac: anyway to set gnome viewer in our builds or does this have to be done upstream?11:01
asacgnomefreak: there is no sense in doing that by default11:01
asacffox can display images on its own11:01
gnomefreakasac: you said there was11:01
gnomefreakasac: its not11:01
gnomefreakhold on11:01
asacif ffox couldnt display images we would have more bugs most likely11:02
Jazzvagnomefreak, did you set the expiration period for mozillasquad members to 1 month? Can we extend that to unlimited time :)?11:02
gnomefreakdamn i dont see the bug report for LP in email11:02
gnomefreakJazzva: its fixed11:02
gnomefreakand yes11:02
Jazzvaah, sorry. Maybe it doesn't apply automatically to the old members...11:03
gnomefreakbug 25022811:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250228 in firefox "ubuntu is useless to me I DO NOT WANT IT!" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25022811:03
gnomefreakthats not it11:04
gnomefreakbug 19510511:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 195105 in firefox-3.0 "Choosing from Firefox context menu to view a selected image should open the default GNOME image viewer" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19510511:04
gnomefreakasac: thats the bug11:04
Jazzvaok, i'll go through the memberships in mozillasquad and set them to don't expire...11:05
asacgnomefreak: wontfix ... send him to brainstorm ;)11:06
gnomefreakhe filed it upstream11:06
gnomefreaki cant close upstream11:06
gnomefreakanother option i would like to have11:06
asacif he already filed i upstream, then set it to triaged11:07
* asac does that now11:07
gnomefreakcouldnt tell me that 10 seconds ago?11:08
gnomefreakalthough look at upstream bug11:09
gnomefreakasac: you didnt change it?11:12
gnomefreakasac: what format is used on mozillas bug tracker for links like to add link to upstream bug to LP bug11:14
gnomefreakok ill be back dog came in and wanted to speand time with me since my fathers g/f left and she left "HER" dog11:16
asacgnomefreak: the idea is that our summary/description matches upstream format11:20
asacthats why i did that "Normalized" format .... to forward easily/comparable11:20
gnomefreakasac: doesnt matter i cant change upstreams and the same person filed it. if you want our bug opened you can do that?11:26
gnomefreakSteps to reproduce crash (optional):  that should NOT be optional11:27
gnomefreaksince not all back traces/crash reports have the info we need11:27
gnomefreakThe summary must read "<APPLICATION> crash in @topmost_function_in_backtrace", e.g. "firefox crash in @nsDocLoader::ReadAll"   << users dont have a clue what they are doing here11:28
gnomefreakotherwise looks good. we should really talk about tags on these pages if we are going to keep using them11:30
gnomefreakif you look at the tags post from me to mailing list it should give you some idea on where i stand11:30
gnomefreakasac: xulrunner update but no firefox update?11:32
asacgnomefreak: ffox had to wait for xul11:32
gnomefreakoh i thought you could push same time11:33
asacgnomefreak: well.. i pushed same time, but the build needed the xul binary for the jemalloc thing11:33
gnomefreaksweet i only have a list of 72 bugs11:33
asacso it was in state WAITDEPEND11:33
asacand probalby needs one publisher cycle more to reach you11:33
gnomefreakyeah hour or 211:34
gnomefreakiirc publlishes every hour11:34
* gnomefreak will start on "new" bugs than work on another status11:34
gnomefreakwhat package are we using for ff2 in bugs? firefox or firefox-2?11:36
asac(e.g. the source package is used in lp)11:37
gnomefreakah we should really migrate ff3 to use ff when ff2 reaches EOS11:37
gnomefreakasac: what version is edgys ff-2?11:40
gnomefreak!info firefox-2 edgy11:40
ubottu'edgy' is not a valid distribution11:40
gnomefreakyes it is11:40
asacgnomefreak: edgy is EOL11:44
asacwe support dapper, feisty, gutsy, ...11:44
asacusers should upgrade to at least feisty11:44
gnomefreakasac: 18  months11:44
gnomefreakthat would bring it to 9.0411:44
gnomefreak7.10 is edgy right?11:45
asacgnomefreak: no11:46
asac7.19 is gutsy11:46
asacerr 7.1011:46
gnomefreak6.10 is edgy11:46
asac7.04 is feisty11:46
gnomefreakgutsy is 7.1011:46
gnomefreaki had a brain fart11:46
asac6.10 is edgy11:46
asacits EOL since april or so11:47
gnomefreakummmmmmmm uh hmmmmmmmmm if you create another user for gnome does it carry over the video card drivers?11:55
asacdrivers yare system wide12:02
asacnot per-user12:02
gnomefreakthisis strange12:04
asacgnomefreak: why?12:08
gnomefreakhis new usrer he made ff doesnt use default resolution and opens way too big for screen12:10
gnomefreakasac https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/20949912:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 209499 in firefox "Default window size too large - slips under bottom panel" [Undecided,Incomplete]12:11
asacbring to normalized form (should be easy) and search for upstream bug12:14
asacits firefox-3.0 most likely?12:15
asacreassign ;)12:15
gnomefreakhe said 212:19
gnomefreaki think12:19
* gnomefreak not likely to look upstream today i want us cleared out some first12:21
gnomefreakThe bug supervisor for firefox-3.0 (Ubuntu) has been subscribed to this bug.  lol i guess this is us12:22
gnomefreakasac: what setting do i change in about:config to make ff stop taking focus all the damn time12:22
gnomefreakasac: please change firefox-3.0.1 addons dialog back to the way it was in 3.012:28
gnomefreakits mising install option12:29
gnomefreakwhat is the tinylink extension called?12:31
asaci dont think there is a setting to prevent focus12:32
asacbut not sure12:32
asacinstall option?12:32
asacyou can install extensions in the "Get Add-Ons" tab12:33
gnomefreakwell yeah but only ours12:34
gnomefreakasac: there is a setting tog et ff to not open on top of all other windows but i cant remember the name of it12:35
gnomefreakto get12:35
gnomefreakoh wtf i know its out there i fucking had it installed12:40
gnomefreakim guessing we didnt package tinyurl12:46
asacwow ... my ssh session survived half an hour NM bustage ;)13:28
asacok lunch time i say13:28
[reed]gnomefreak: you want access to mark a bug as a dupe?16:13
gnomefreak[reed]: ill have to get back to you later, im having issues at home16:14
sparroriginally asked in #ubuntu, #ubuntu+1, and #ubuntu-bugs, sent here as a last resort before filing a bug.  firefox version 3.0 depends on firefox-3.0 when it should (i think) depend on firefox-3.0 version 3.0, should i report that as a bug?16:50
asacsparr: whats wrong with the current state?16:57
sparrwhen i upgraded from firefox 3.0b5 to firefox 3.0, it did nothing, my firefox-3.0 (the real package) remained at version 3.0b516:58
sparri can imagine that being rather confusing for someone not savvy to the details of the packaging system17:03
asacsparr: is that a problem? just apt-get upgrade should usually upgrade you to latest17:03
sparryes, it would, but that's not the scenario i am in17:03
sparri have many older packages.  i upgraded firefox by itself17:04
asacsparr: someone not savvy to the packaging system would probably just upgrade to latest17:04
asacsaivann: depends should only take care that nothing breaks when you indivually upgrade packages17:04
asacsince firefox is just a meta package i dont see that we need to tighten depends there17:05
asacbut i will think about it17:05
fretchenhello, I am not sure if i am right here for this question. I want to build sunbird 0.8/trunk from source on a hardy heron. I installed all existing dependencies for the 0.7 source-package.  I always get an error "undefined reference to XRenderFindStandardFormat". I turned on the --enable-system-cairo , otherwise I get an error about an undefined cairo font.17:05
asacjust dont see the big point right now ;)17:05
sparri doubt im the only person in this situation17:05
sparrjust that it only rarely matters17:05
asacfretchen: use our packaging17:06
asacfretchen: feel free to help get a sunbird-0.x.dev branch started that gets regular updated to track latest development17:06
fretchenasac : for the 0.8 on hardy heron ?17:07
asacfretchen: the vision is to have a branch one can use to get a recent 0.x snapshot yes17:07
asacfretchen: if you dont want to contribute, look in the debian/patches directory. we probably have a patch in there to build this17:08
asacon modern gcc17:08
asacerr cairo ;)17:08
fretchenasac : I am interested in this one, the only question . What do you mean with branch etc ?17:08
asacfretchen: we maintain our packaging in bzr branches (like svn)17:09
asacmozillateam branches are http://code.launchpad.net/~mozillateam17:09
asacfretchen:  the idea is to create a branch ubuntu-0.x.head which you start based on the https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/sunbird/ubuntu-0.x branch17:10
fretchenasac : so I pull this branch, I try to merge it with the actual 0.x branch from mozilla and try to push it as 0.x.head ?17:13
fretchen( sry for all those questions, but I am totally new to the hole packaging process )17:14
asacfretchen: our branches are not full sources for various reasons. we only have the debian/ directory in there17:16
asacfretchen: so what you do is:17:17
asac1. branch the current ubuntu-0.x branch17:17
asac2. bump changelog to the version you want to package:17:17
asac  .e.g dch -v0.8~cvs20080507t1256-0ubuntu1 -DUNRELEASED17:17
asacleave that changelog quite empty and commit17:18
asacas :17:18
asac"* open tree for 0.8 snapshot DATE here"17:18
asac3. next to the branch directory you make a "tarballs" directory and put the snapshot that corresponds to the date you gave in changelog above17:19
asac(the orig.tar.gz)17:19
asac4. you build the branch by bzr builddeb --merge --dont-purge17:19
asac(you need bzr and bzr-builddeb package installed)17:19
asacif that succeeds you push the branch to bzr17:19
asacin launchpad17:19
asacif not you fix and push then ;)17:19
asac5. done ;)17:20
fretchenand I push it where ?17:20
fretchenmy own ppa ?17:21
asacfretchen: for now you just push the branch to your private account (not the package)17:22
asaci will review and push it to the ~mozillateam space17:22
asacfretchen: e.g. bzr push lp:~fretchen/sunbird/ubuntu-0.x.head17:23
asac(i assume that your launchpad id is fretchen)17:23
asacfretchen: once you did a few updates we go ahead and add you to mozillateam so you can push directly17:23
fretchenasac : at first i'll try number 1-5 after this we will see :D17:24
asacfretchen: yeah ;)17:24
asacyou rock!17:24
asacsunbird is much neglected as i usually do it whenever i have time left ;)17:24
fretchenit's the only product of mozilla i started to develop on, and it sucks to develop, but to be unabled to build17:25
asacfretchen: yes. our patches should help there17:26
fretchenthx, I'll ask when I got forwards17:26
fretchenasac : what do I want to say with this line ? dch -v0.8~cvs20080507t1256-0ubuntu1 -DUNRELEASED  I didn't find anything like this in the changlog17:54
asacfretchen: you should run that on the command line17:55
asacthat will create a new changelog entry with the given version and the UNRELEASED distribution as target17:55
asacand with you and your email properly set and time etc.17:55
fretchenasac : I loaded the cvs for the calendar and packed the mozilla directory (not the cvslog) into tarballs/lightning... . But now I get the error:  A Debian packaging error occured: Could not find upstream tarball at ... (the file exists)18:47
fretchenor does I have to add this directory at first ?18:48
asacfretchen: you need to choosed the right name18:51
asacit has to end with .orig.tar.gz18:51
asacfretchen: look at how the current lightning-sunbird tarball is layouted18:51
asacand copy that18:51
asacyou need to put that tarball in a directory called "tarballs" next to the branch18:51
fretchenasac : thx this was the problem. Do I install all the dependences from hand or is there a fancy tool, that checks for me if the package is build with the defined dependencies ?19:07
asacfretchen: to install build-deps for packages that are in the archive you run:19:08
asacsudo apt-get build-dep packagename19:08
asacthose might not be enough for latest trunk ... but thats why we want to build snapshots to figure that out _before_ release ;)19:09
asacusually they are a good start19:09
fretchenyeah, sounds logical19:11
Jazzvaasac, Readme.txt can contain license too?19:38
fretchenasac : What can I do here ? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/2905819:44
asacJazzva: yes20:10
asacJazzva: not perfect but any document that clearly states that all thef iles are licensed like this or that would be good20:10
asacfretchen: i think your orig.tar.gz layout is not right20:11
asacfretchen: look what the tarball in current archive has20:11
asacmaybe its an embedded tarball layout (e.g. a bz2 in a orig.tar.gz)20:11
Jazzvaasac, ok. Then sage-too's license is sorted out :)20:13
Jazzvathe developer updated to 1.0.1 with license inside :)20:13
asacJazzva: rock20:26
fretchenasac : if a patch seems to obsolete I delete it and note it somewhere ?20:40
fretchenasac : sry, my connection is extremly instable21:22
fretchenasac it would be really really great if you could answer my last question, how to process with obsolete patches in a mail, otherwise i will have big probs to get your answer.21:24
Jazzvawow, this is bad: Unless otherwise stated within any of the files included in the Sage-Too distribution, the authors retain no copyright and reserve no rights.21:34
Jazzvaand then comes the part that says the program is published under gpl 321:35
JazzvaIs this right? Can someone say that they claim no rights over program, and that the program is published under gpl3?21:36
Jazzvaasac, med-xpi-pack should ignore if XPI file already exists. It breaks the build if med-xpi-pack checks for xpi file.22:19
asacJazzva: yeah22:22
Jazzvawow... from xpi file to packaged extension in ~25 minutes. mozilla-devscripts rock :)22:22
asaccan yo ufix that?22:22
Jazzvayep... I'll just remove that part and push it22:22
asacJazzva: in case there are things in the intrepid sponsoring queue i failed to spot feel free to prod me so i upload ;)22:49
Jazzvaasac, for extensions?22:50
asacyou have anything else that needs to be uploaded?22:50
Jazzvanot atm... I think.22:50
JazzvaI'm waiting for sage-too developer to reply me regarding putting them as copyright holders22:50
Jazzvabut there will be... I'm planning to see which of my extensions has updates and to update them22:51
JazzvaI just noticed livehttpheaders, foxyproxy, and ctxextensions are still waiting22:52
JazzvaBut I would like to add med-xpi-pack to their debian/ dirs, so I can cleanup the rules file and to be ready when we start using med-xpi-unpack/pack22:53
asacJazzva: are those finished?22:55
Jazzvanot quite sure. I think they were, but then I found out we're not merging extensions from Debian. I would like to recheck them.22:56
asaci am a bit confused. i dont see bugs about them in firefox-extensions project22:57
asachow should we know?22:57
asacdid they ask for merging to the .ubuntu ubuntu-dev branch?22:57
asacok flashblock backport is missing22:58
asacrequest for merging22:58
asacis pending22:58
Jazzvabugs for extensions I updated? Well, they're filed against their projects...22:58
JazzvaMaybe we should add to the Packaging page that all extensions' sponsor bugs should be filed agains firefox-extensions?22:59
asacthere is no merge request22:59
asaconly a fix released bu22:59
Jazzvahmm... maybe i still haven't linked that one. I probably wasn't sure if i need to clean it up...23:00
Jazzvayep... I still haven't linked it. bug 24166923:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 241669 in foxyproxy "Please merge foxyproxy 2.7.5~dfsg.1-1 from debian unstable to intrepid" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24166923:00
Jazzvaasac, let me clean it up tonight, and I'll ping you :)23:01
asacok for https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/firefox-extensions/mozilla-ctxextensions.ubuntu there is a merge request23:01
JazzvaYeah, I remember that. Just give me a second23:02
asacsomehow we lack a search facility to find branches that have a merge request pending23:02
asaci mean in launchpad23:02
JazzvaI would like to clean it up and use med-xpi-pack :)23:02
asacJazzva: if you see any ubuntu-dev branch that is not mature let me know23:11
asaci would love to see just release branches when looking at that long list ;)23:12
Jazzvaubuntu-dev branch for extensions? or att all?23:12
asacubuntu-dev branch is the release branch from where auto uploads happen ;)23:12
asaci see that you have a mature branch as well ;)23:13
Jazzvaright... but there are ubuntu-dev branches that are not for extensions, right :)?23:13
Jazzvait's being worked on now :)23:13
asacJazzva: definitly ... thats why i need to be able to filter for "mature" in the firefox-extensions project23:13
asacwe dont have anything better to get a good list23:13
Jazzvaah... so I need to set it either to Development or Merged?23:14
Jazzvaand Mature only when it's ready for merging?23:15
asacJazzva: if its merged, "merged" would be the right thing i guess23:15
asacif its still proposed just use development23:15
asacJazzva: hmm. not sure. maybe not a bad idea to set it to mature when its ready for merging23:16
asachowever, i dont want to rely on contributors to remember to set it to merged in order to make it disappear23:16
asacnot sure23:16
asacthe launchpad page could be improved i guess ;)23:16
Jazzvaauto-set to Merged when a commit is pushed with description "RELEASE something to dist"?23:17
asacwe cannot easily set the branch state to "merged" unless we ask contributors to use the ~mozilla-extensions-dev team code area23:18
asacmaybe that makes sense in the end23:18
asace.g. put your proposed branches to the med team  ;)23:18
Jazzvahmm... i thought if that can be implemented in LP... but maybe it's not worth it, as this might be an isolated case23:19
Jazzvaasac, that's also good. And we can receive e-mail notices, so we can see when new branches are ready23:19
asacwell. i think launchpad should get a indicator that a branch has "proposed merges"23:19
asacthen i dont care what state the other hsa23:19
asacif i can also constrained a project list by "owner team" then i would be totally happy ;)23:20
Jazzva"a project lit by owner team"?23:20
asachttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/firefox-extensions/ - thats the projet list ;)23:22
asaci cannot filter "just ubuntu-dev" there23:22
asacif i go to https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev23:23
asaci cannot filter by firefox-extensions ;)23:23
asacso i cannot filter by owner team AND project ;)23:23
asacat least the latter page can be sorted by project ;)23:23
asacha ... i can filter the firefox-extensions page by "registrants"23:24
asacthats ok23:24
Jazzvaaha, I see...23:25
asacstill having the ability to set most contribution branches to "hidden" aka "merged" would be fine23:25
asacso encouraging the ~mozilla-extensions-dev team as registrant for such branches makes sense ;)23:25
JazzvaHm. Ok, but we can keep 1 extensions needed rule :)...23:26
Jazzvajust not to give access to med to everyone. It has some risk...23:26
asaci think we shouldnt try to workaround launchpad problems too much. so lets keep it as it is23:27

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