* popey hugs Myrtti 00:16
* Myrtti hugs popey back00:21
ubottuIn #ubuntu, KDB9000 said: ubottu: what is the problem?00:33
Myrttienough of leachin popeys 3G... greets from wolves. keep the house standin up until tuesday00:51
popey:) even00:52
MyrttiLuv ya all. die to poåular request, u-ops *didn't* have a group hug,00:53
SNuxollsomeone mind banning James|Lappy in -ot, he just left......00:55
qobblyquno one around, then?01:17
nickrudwhat's up qobblyqu01:17
qobblyquhttp://scrutator.lo2k.net/Master/sortChannel/channel=%23ubuntu-offtopic seems to be logging parts of the ubuntu-offtopic conversations01:18
qobblyquare we aware of this?01:18
nickrudqobblyqu no, I wasn't. Not sure if anyone is, I'll bring it up with the right people01:19
nickrudqobblyqu no, thank you01:20
gnomefreaki wonder if its that dmsg guy01:30
ubottugnomefreak: The operation succeeded.01:30
nickrudseems older than that ...01:30
gnomefreaklets find out who is logging it ;) i have 15 minutes or so01:32
gnomefreakhmmmmm thats alot of channels01:33
gnomefreak#ubuntu is included in it01:33
gnomefreakwell lets wait and see what he says01:38
* gnomefreak cant view .so in terminal what encoding is it?01:41
gnomefreakUTF8 i thought01:41
sajesThere's a guy named "James|lappy" that keeps coming in #ubuntu-offtopic periodically and spamming for people to join his server and abusing ubottu.01:43
sajesHe's gone at the moment, but he'll most likely be back.01:43
gnomefreaksajes: its better to let us know before he leaves ;) ill be around a bit i will scroll01:44
* gnomefreak would like to warn him before i ban him01:44
sajesgnomefreak: I was watching TV when he was actively doing it this time.01:45
gnomefreaksajes: i know i dont expect you to always be watching but ive seen this 2 times in this channel and both times he was gone but i will keep eye open while im online01:46
gnomefreakmaybe 5 minutes if im lucky but today has been a crap of a day01:46
sajesgnomefreak: Thanks. I'm going to go back to watching TV :)01:46
ubottuIn #ubuntu-motu, cody-somerville said: !gettingstarted is <reply> A great place to start your MOTU adventure is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted02:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gettingstarted03:00
nickrud!gettingstarted is <reply> A great place to start your MOTU adventure is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted03:01
ubottuI'll remember that, nickrud03:01
nickrud!gettingstarted > cody-somerville03:01
ubottucody-somerville, please see my private message03:01
ubottuIn ubottu, cody-somerville said: !kudos is <reply> Thanks!03:06
ubottuIn ubottu, cody-somerville said: xubuntu-compiz is <reply> You can find an excellent tutorial on how to configure Xubuntu with compiz at http://xubuntublog.wordpress.com/2007/12/09/xubuntu-compiz-pretty-pretty-xubuntu/03:15
SNuxollI need to remember to /part here when I'm done.....03:19
danc3is anyone here aware that the two Floodbots are battling each other (again) over the +J/-J command in the main #ubuntu channel...?03:24
Hobbseecome on ops, you're supposed to be around.03:31
Pici`Yes, we know03:31
danc3ok, is anyone doing anything about it?03:32
Hobbseedanc3: *raises eyebrow*03:32
Hobbseei thought you were watching the channel.03:32
danc3I see Hobbsee is trying03:32
danc3but it just keeps happening03:32
Pici`I just got here03:32
Hobbseei'ts not happening now.03:33
Hobbseethat i've seen, anyway03:33
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
danc3well, yes, after you turned off Floodbot 103:33
PiciThey're automatic03:33
Hobbseefloodbot 3 appears to be the one that wants control, so it can have it.03:34
danc3well, one is apparently set up to turn mode +J on, and the other is set up to turn it off.  That doesn't seem correct to me.03:34
Hobbseeit's not.03:34
Hobbseeas in, it's not set to do that.03:34
Hobbseethey usually work, but sometimes screw up03:35
danc3well, it must be, because if they're both activated, that's what happens03:35
Hobbseeafaik, only one is supposed to be op'd at once.03:35
HobbseeLjL: poke03:35
danc3the real question becomes whether you want mode +J on or not...03:35
Hobbseewe tend to, yes.03:36
Hobbseeand have it automatically changing, based on the people numbers.03:36
PiciAnd other factors03:36
danc3understood...  just don't see why you'd need two Floodbots at once, I guess03:36
danc3anyway, thanks for fixing it, toodle-ooo03:37
ubottuIn ubottu, cody-somerville said: xfce-panels is <reply> Did your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panels  | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/03:54
Hobbsee!xfce-panels is <reply> Did your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panels  | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/04:00
ubottuI'll remember that, Hobbsee04:00
* jussi01 yawns09:32
* jussi01 pokes and prods Hobbsee09:36
* Hobbsee attacks jussi01 with the Long Pointy Stick of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!™09:37
jussi01Hobbsee: Ive something cute for you to see... want to see?09:37
Hobbseeyes :)09:39
jussi01Hobbsee: http://jussi01.com/upload/uploads/20080721-114021-20072008320.jpg09:40
Hobbseevery cute :)09:43
jussi01its so funny when he is uncurling like that09:43
Hobbseeyup :)09:44
Flannelhmmm.  Who do I talk to regarding "You've joined too many channel" errors?10:27
jussi01Flannel: a freenode staffer - nalioth could do it, or PriceChild I assume10:29
gnomefreakpricechild is staff?11:14
gnomefreakoh god help us ;) j/k pricey11:15
jussi01gnomefreak: rofl11:28
jussi01lolcatz :P:P http://mine.icanhascheezburger.com/view.aspx?ciid=158958811:28
gnomefreakbty has james|lappy come back in -ot yet today?11:31
jussi01havent seen him, but havent been looking either11:35
jussi01gnomefreak: who is he?11:35
gnomefreakjussi01: someone that kept coming in and spamming about his server and talking crap about ours or our channels or whatever it was11:36
gnomefreakeverytime i was told he had left i was gonna warn him before banning him11:37
jussi01gnomefreak: ahh...ok - I notice that james_bomb is using the real name "New Now Know How" why do I remember that as a nick?11:38
gnomefreakit was banned but it blocked out all chatzilla clients11:40
gnomefreakcant remember nick that made us ban it11:41
jussi01gnomefreak: Im circulating this virally, so just so you know - there is an @mark function in ubottu - please use it!!11:41
gnomefreakwhy do i keep getting 06:40 <      gnomefreak > !info firefox-2 edgy11:41
gnomefreak06:40 <          ubottu > 'edgy' is not a valid distribution11:41
gnomefreakits not only edgy11:42
jussi01is edgy supported stiil?11:42
gnomefreakcan you explain11:42
jussi01gnomefreak: example:11:42
gnomefreakgood question11:42
jussi01@mark gnomefreak because he deserves a mark (test)11:43
ubottujussi01: The operation succeeded.11:43
gnomefreakyeah until 9.0411:43
jussi01gnomefreak: now go look at the bt11:43
jussi01stdin: ping?11:43
gnomefreakcan i have link11:43
jussi01gnomefreak: for?11:43
gnomefreaki never got it when bots changed11:43
jussi01gnomefreak: do @btlogin11:43
jussi01gnomefreak: did you get the pm?11:44
gnomefreakwasnt sure if you migrated that as well11:44
gnomefreakjussi01: and the point of mark is?11:44
jussi01gnomefreak: for adding comments - when you ban or after.11:45
gnomefreakok i think ill try it next ban11:45
gnomefreakis 7.10 edgy or fiesty?11:45
jussi01gnomefreak: if i understand correctly, edgy was supported for 18 months - that meant till april this year...11:45
* gnomefreak CRS11:46
jussi01edgy was 6.1011:46
jussi01gnomefreak: which client you use?11:46
jussi01with autobleh?11:47
gnomefreakthe newest i think11:47
gnomefreaki got it from damn i cant remember shit today11:47
gnomefreaki got it from ikonia11:47
gnomefreakhad to look at nick list11:47
jussi01gnomefreak: autobleh also allows you to add a reason at the time of ban ie. /abrn nick reason here11:48
gnomefreakabr allowed me to do it to  but i think if i left it out it would use default11:48
ubottuDid your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panels  | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/11:48
Hobbseegnomefreak: no, edgy is not supported.11:48
gnomefreakHobbsee: i know11:48
gnomefreaki was mixed up on version 6.10 and 7.1011:49
ubottugnomefreak: gnomefreak11:49
gnomefreakyay it works11:49
jussi01Hobbsee: please note the above conversation about @mark :)11:49
Hobbseemmm kay11:49
Hobbseeanyone know the answer to mdz in -meeting?11:50
joejaxxcould someone that has a blog on planet remove my blog from the list? :P12:39
stdinjussi01: pong?13:10
ubottuIn #ubuntu, phracker said: ubottu: what is the most secure ftp server13:27
Picitaken care of... I hope.13:28
bazhanglanguage chan for ukraine?13:30
PiciIt would be #ubuntu-ua, I dont know if that exists though13:30
bazhangit exists but only one user13:31
bazhangactually none now that I parted13:31
jpdsphracker: http://wooledge.org/mywiki/FtpMustDie13:31
Piciugh, I HATE ASC vs BIN13:32
Picihate hate hate13:32
TheSheepnow, now13:33
TheSheephate leads to suffering13:33
PiciIf FTP is going to be the one suffering, I'm all for it13:34
* jpds thinks we need a !ftp-must-die, like the Debian bot has.13:34
TheSheepPici: if you ever had to work with EBDIC, you'd like ASC more13:35
PiciTheSheep: I've only had to deal with it once.13:35
PiciWe have an AS/400 here.13:36
PiciI'm just tired of transferring a 150mb text file, only to find that its either: a) mangled my line endings b) removed my line endings (Nearly all text editors/viewers freak out when you have 1 line of 150mb of text) c) timed out after 10 seconds of non-activity so you need to connect and login again to transfer the file.13:38
ubottuSNuxoll called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (fay_elf)13:48
bazhangheh PM from Sinister14:34
bazhanglukas_ has been directions to make the cube many times.16:14
bazhangerr given16:14
PiciPerhaps he should be directed to a Polish channel?16:14
bazhanghe was; said no one would answer his questions.16:14
bazhangwonder if he is banned there.16:14
* Mez waves to -ops17:53
Mezwhere was the meeting the other day?17:53
Jack_SparrowYes and all we did was talk about you17:54
MezWhere was it - So I can read logs17:54
MezI didn't actually know about it till popey pointed it out17:54
Jack_Sparrow:) just teasing you.. I have no idea...17:55
popey-meeting Mez17:56
Mezpopey, ah thanks ;) (any idea the time (ish))?17:57
Mezpopey, did you send me a copy of your irssi config?17:57
popeynot yet :)17:57
Mezpopey, ah. No wonder I dont have it17:57
* Mez has a lot of email to catch up on17:58
* nalioth pokes Flannel 18:08
Seeker`was the council meeting last weekend?18:14
MezSeeker`, couple of days ago apparently?18:14
stdinJul 19 22:00 UTC18:17
Mezstdin -meeting?:18:18
naliothSeeker`: you snooze, you lose18:19
stdinMez: yeah18:20
Flannelnalioth: ack18:26
ikonia#join #ubuntu-meeting18:35
* ompaul looks for popey 18:37
naliothah, good day, ompaul18:37
ompaulnalioth, good evening18:37
Jack_SparrowHey now.. good MORNING18:38
ompaulJack_Sparrow, I beg to be in a different timezone :)18:38
Jack_SparrowI beg to be in warm climate18:38
Jack_SparrowI saw your picture from the meeting, not at all what I imagined.. Not that I was imagining anything mind you18:39
naliothJack_Sparrow: trade places witcha18:39
Jack_Sparrowno thanks18:39
naliothompaul: which cyborg body did you send to this meeting?  :P18:39
naliothJack_Sparrow: you wanted a "warm climate' ( it's plenty warm here - with extra 'warm' )18:40
ompaulthe one in the debian teeshirt18:40
ompaulOF FAIL18:40
ompaulit was a bucket of fail from the start and it got worse ;-)18:40
ompaulactually it was great and I was glad I was there18:40
Jack_Sparrownalioth I am in sunny warm southern calif usa18:40
Mezompaul, :D18:40
Mezompaul, back home safe then?18:41
* ompaul looks at mez18:41
* ompaul nods at mez18:41
Mezgood to hear (so am I)18:41
Jack_SparrowMY wife said she wants us to go to the next one.. I think she just wants another european vacation18:41
ompaulgood stuff18:41
MezI didnt actually see you on sunday ...18:41
ompaulMez, you did not see much on Sunday18:41
Mezompaul, surely my singing wasnt that bad you had to hide from me all day?:@18:41
ompaulMez, it was my singing what was rubbish18:42
Mezompaul, I saw a lot...18:42
Mezompaul, I didnt hear you :(18:42
ompaulgames without frontiers18:42
MezI went after my "song"18:42
ompaulwell we had some serious fun then including every scotch guy including one irish guy (not me) doing 500 miles18:43
ompaulit went down a storm18:43
Mezompaul, I was f**king tired (still am - am tempted to go jump in bed right now!)18:43
ompaulpity the debian guys didn't18:43
ompaulMez, on sunday you looked like someone had eaten enough of your brain not to kill you but to stop you from understanding there was sunday :)18:43
Mezompaul, did you enjoy yourself though18:43
ompaulit was brilliant18:44
Mezompaul, during the day ? LMAO!... what a great description18:44
MezI wasnt actually feeling THAT bad on sunday18:44
ompaulMez, you walked by me n richard having a water/something and you looked .... well that would be O4O18:45
Mezompaul, what time was that ?18:45
ompaulwhen the doors were open around 10:30 or 1118:46
Mezompaul, yeah, I was a leedl bit tired still then (I ignored my alarm and slept till 8:0518:47
Mezthen did the coffee run18:47
ompaulI went in to see the mass debate and I have to give 1.000,000 points to Jeremy Allison for saying "it is not RHEL it is Red hat enterprise GNU/Linux"18:47
ompaulbtw if you ever see my door open like that feel free to wake me by phone call or whatever and I can close the damn thing18:48
* ompaul was not robbed18:48
* Mez was busy during the masturbate18:48
Dave2That was Matthew Garrett wasn't it?18:48
Mezompaul, I dont have your number...18:48
ompaulMez, room number = phone number18:48
ompaulDave2, no18:48
Mezompaul, oh, yeah18:48
* Mez facepalms18:48
ompaulDave2, he said NOT RHEL18:48
ompaulhe said "Red had enterprise linux"18:49
ompauland after this happened twice allison got pissed with them all and said that18:49
ompaulhe did not look happy at all18:49
Dave2ahh, yes18:49
ompaulthere was one point I was going to make on the desktop and I will do it in #u-o after my dinner18:50
ompaulhowever when I went to make it they had gotten into this rubbish crack they were smokin that the point would have been lost18:50
ompaulI mentioned it with feilim and he thought I was on the button18:50
ompaulunafilliate, how can we assist you at this time18:51
unafilliatei just want to know about #ubuntu-pk channel18:51
ompaulthe other phrase is worn out and will be back from the repair shop soon with a new coat of paint18:51
ompaulunafilliate, you should be asking in #ubuntu-irc18:51
unafilliatei want to run the channel and help my country men18:51
ompaulwhen it is a locale issue18:51
unafilliatethank you ompaul18:52
ompaulunafilliate, is there anytyhing else?18:52
ompaulunafilliate, is there anything else?18:52
unafilliateso nice of you18:53
naliothwht was that about?18:53
* ompaul sends Dave2 off on a minu hunt18:53
ompaulnalioth, you too18:53
ompaulexact that was what you see it as18:53
* Mez googles "lugradio live grease"18:54
ompaulcheers dinner18:54
Jack_SparrowRecurring ban evader    n=sj@host82.190-139-49.telecom.net.ar18:57
MezFor those of you who didn't attend LRL... http://linkpot.net/shortfall/18:59
Jack_SparrowMez I could have gone all year without that link19:01
MezJack_Sparrow, mrben ftw :D19:01
smallfoot-plz unban me from #ubuntu-offtopic19:12
smallfoot-i banned many time long month!!!19:12
smallfoot-it is Hobbsee fault, he was the one responsible, he banned me!19:12
Flannelsmallfoot-: It's your own fault, not Hobbsee's.19:14
smallfoot-well, he banned me, if he didnt ban me, i wouldnt be banned, so its his fault19:14
Flannelsmallfoot-: Hobbsee will be the one to unban you when the time comes, in the mean time, you should read: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ and  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines19:15
PiciActually, Hobbsee said that we are free to deal with it.19:15
smallfoot-i waited long time month, im still not unban19:15
smallfoot-he forgot me19:15
PiciI spoke to her about it.19:15
smallfoot-listen to pici, hes smart guy, you are free to deal with it, you are clever, unban me19:16
PiciI dont have time at the moment, just passing through, Flannel you can do the honors.19:16
PiciFlannel: you have acces to the bantracker, right?19:16
Flannelsmallfoot-: You still need to read and understand those pages19:16
FlannelPici: yeah19:16
smallfoot-Flannel, you have the honour19:16
Piciokay, sorry to leave you hanging here, just busy on my end.19:16
naliothsmallfoot-: please don't blame your behaviour on others19:16
naliothsmallfoot-: you act, and consequences follow your actions.19:16
smallfoot-yeah, but i forgot what i did19:17
smallfoot-if you don't remember it, it dont count, thats the rules19:17
naliothsee you later, smallfoot-19:17
smallfoot-err, i meant "if you dont remember it, it never happend"19:17
smallfoot-im still not unbanned19:17
naliothhave a nice day, your request will be acted up on by those involved19:18
smallfoot-but Hobbsee said you are free to deal with it19:18
smallfoot-and listen to pici hes a smart man, unban me19:18
Flannelsmallfoot-: please keep op related issues out of the non-op channels19:18
smallfoot-i do, just someone talked to me about osmething, so i ahd to explain19:19
Jack_SparrowIt had nothing to do with your ban19:19
smallfoot-Flannel, you have the honour to unban me, -- Pici> I dont have time at the moment, just passing through, Flannel you can do the honors.19:19
ompaulsmallfoot-, now here we go ...19:19
smallfoot-listen to pici hes the boss, he told to unban me19:19
ompaulsmallfoot-, tell me have you read the pages19:19
ompaulthere is no boss called Pici there is an op19:19
PiciI meant that he can deal with it, whether that results in an unban or not is up to him.19:19
smallfoot-pici please unban me, you are cute19:20
* Pici rolls eyes, goes back to work19:20
ompaulsmallfoot-, have you read these?  http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ and  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines  there is no point in talking to us until you tell us you have19:20
ompauland there is no point in saying you have19:20
ompaulif you don't know what it was that you did that caused you to get banned19:20
smallfoot-and it say i must not use bad language, but i think i did sometimes by accident when i get angry19:20
smallfoot-well, it say i must be nice, and not use bad words, and must be friendly19:21
smallfoot-but i got angry and said something bad19:21
ompaulsmallfoot-, just a moment19:22
ompaulsmallfoot-, you ehhhhh you are not acting in an angry fashion19:25
smallfoot-i forgot what i did19:25
ompaulI have read the logs of your activity19:25
ompaulyou can't do those outbursts so here is the simple rule19:25
ompaultoday is monday in most parts of the world19:25
smallfoot-i just know someone told me many times not to use bad language, then i did it again by accident19:25
ompaulrubbish there is no by accident19:26
smallfoot-well, its not like i try to cuss, its just sometime it happens19:26
ompaulso you can come back tomorrow and use full words,19:26
ompaulcuss ... curse, and swear lord kildare ... it is a song19:26
ompaulactually cussin' as you refer to it is just generally insulting to those around you19:26
ompaulso what you do is this19:26
ompaulcome back tomorrow in 24 hours19:27
ompauland then we will see that you come in politely19:27
ompaulnot demanding but with a more reflective attitude19:27
ompaulsmallfoot-, them's the breaks as they say19:27
smallfoot-but i didnt mean to insult anyone particular, i didnt go like "HEY YOU!! YOU MDFRKR!!" lol19:28
ompaulyou will be welcome to come back in about 24 hors19:28
smallfoot-i was just generally upset19:28
smallfoot-oh, ok19:28
ompaulsmallfoot-, and we don't need caps lock on19:28
ompauland we don't want badly spelt cussin19:29
smallfoot-yeah, but i used it to demonstrate the way i talk when im uspet19:29
ompaulcos it just rubs us up the wrong way19:29
ompaulwe will work with you19:29
ompaulyou got to work it out, if you insult one person you insult all the channel19:29
smallfoot-it sucks when im banned, because i cant talk about ubuntu, and if talk about stuff in #ubuntu they get upset at me, because im only allowed to talk about support19:29
ompaulso you are outside the social norms for IRC and therefore you will find yourself19:30
ompauloutside the social grouping that exists19:30
ompaulsupport only in #ubuntu19:30
ompaulrespectful chatter in #ubuntu-offtopic19:30
ompaulbring your common sense along and we will all get along famously19:31
smallfoot-yeah, but i get so angry, someone made a patch to gtk to make it have alpha transparency and look pretty, but then nobody put it in gtk, so now my desktop cant look pretty19:31
smallfoot-and im stuck with 2.6.24, because they dont make new kernel, so i cant use webcam, because only 2.6.26 have UVC support19:32
Jack_Sparrowsmallfoot- Sure you can, buy a supported webcam19:33
smallfoot-and then i download this game from the repository, and i cant play it, because it wont connect to server because its old version, and they wont put the new version, so i cant play it19:33
ompaulsmallfoot-, this is not going to happen in a package based disto19:33
smallfoot-Jack_Sparrow, well the webcam is supported in 2.6.26 since it uses the UVC standard19:34
ompaulsmallfoot-, so here we go is there anything else19:34
smallfoot-oh no, hmm now i must leave, so i dont get banned, because then i cant come back and ask to get unbanned19:34
Jack_Sparrowsmallfoot- this is not per the topic of this channel either.. do you have any furter questions relating to your ban19:35
ompaulsometimes enter is such a cruel key :)19:37
PriceChildompaul: good trip home?19:38
ompaulPriceChild, it was ok19:39
ompaullaura had a bit of an adventure19:40
MezPriceChild, you enjoy your walk to the other side of wolves?19:40
Mezompaul, which Laura?19:40
PriceChildMez: bus :P19:40
MezPriceChild, lazy f**k19:40
Mezompaul, an adventure eh? (and apparently you pointed me out to her for some reason!)19:40
ompaulI will be back in a few minuyte19:40
ompaulMez, rock window bus shaken driver motorway stop of the unofficial sort19:41
Mezompaul, the adventure?19:41
ompaulI have to do some work here back in a bit19:45
jussi01nini all!20:20
tonyyarussoThough shalt not err while sued.21:56
PiciIf thou errs, thou might be sued.21:57
elkbuntuMez, obfuscated swearing is still swearing. we dont accept it of our users, we certainly dont expect it of our ops.22:01
Mezelkbuntu, apologies.22:01
ompaulI had to go again23:10
ompauland I went23:10
ompaulthen I came back23:10
ompaulwow is me23:11
naliothwell-travelled is you23:11
ompaulI was out doing some advocacy23:12
Myrttihello folks23:22
Myrttiback in Finland23:22
* Pici waves23:23
* Dave2 wavse also23:28
* Dave2 then heads up to bed.23:28
elkbuntuhow was it hon?23:34
* elkbuntu tickles Myrtti23:34
Myrttiloverly ♥23:36
Myrttijust Loverly <323:36
Myrttianything interesting happened?23:47
PiciWe had an IRC Council meeting23:48
Pici2 open council spots were announced23:49
PiciPeople interested should email the council list address which I cannot remember at this time23:50

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