bitsbam_hey  there all00:07
Kludge^WalesUKhi bitsbam_, what you need? :)00:19
bitsbam_i was needing some tips on mysql performance, i have indexes, etc.. but i am not using much RAM like i would like00:21
bitsbam_i have 16 GB RAM and i am only using a bit less thank a gig00:22
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uvirtbotNew bug: #250354 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "MySQL doesn't accept non-real dates on stored procedure calls" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25035401:28
dbboltoni am having trouble getting X to start03:38
dbboltonhere is the output of startx http://pastebin.us/?show=d4464addf03:38
Kamping_Kaisertry #ubuntu :)03:38
dbbolton<Kamping_Kaiser> they told me to try here03:38
dbbolton<Kamping_Kaiser> i'm running ubuntu server 8.0403:39
Kamping_Kaiserdbbolton, doesnt sound like a server problem to me.03:39
dbboltonso this channel is for problems relating to server stuff, not just problems that arise on ubuntu server?03:40
Kamping_KaiserXorg isnt a server thing. its a desktop thing. IMNSHO of coure.03:43
* azteech1 agrees with kamping_Kiser03:43
dbboltoni think the people in #ubuntu just sent me here because they have no idea why it isn't working03:45
dbboltonx has failed on arch, debian lenny, and now ubuntu server. oddly enough it worked fine on debian etch though.03:46
azteech1dbbolton: there could be any number of things which could cause Xorg to not function right - best place to start is on the Ubuntuforums.org web site .... do a search for Xorg there and go from there03:47
azteech1also, you can post your problem there, and be patient. Someone shall respond with either questions, or additional input03:49
dbboltonazteech1 well i really don't want to ask in this channel if the question isn't relevant03:50
dbboltonthanks anyway03:51
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DMsG_hi guys09:37
DMsG_ist der any possibility to run jdk1.6 at a V100 with 8.04?09:37
DMsG_(8.04 still run at the v100, but theres no jdk avaiable)09:38
_rubenDMsG_: its in the multiverse repo09:40
DMsG__ruben, i become the message "Package openjdk-6-jdk is not available, but is referred to by another package.09:45
DMsG_This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or09:45
DMsG_is only available from another source09:45
DMsG_and mulitverse is enabled09:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #250459 in net-snmp (main) "Example in snmpcmd man page shows wrong parameter" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25045909:55
_rubenDMsG_: i was looking at the sun one09:56
DMsG_fuck - it seems that there ist no jdk for sparc available. Now i habe a big problem ;)09:58
_rubendownload from sun.com?09:59
DMsG_It issent available at sun.com10:00
DMsG_it doesnt't exsit i think10:00
Deepslol wut10:02
Deepssun not supporting java on sparc? lol10:02
DMsG_Deeps, jdk @ linux @ sparc10:03
Deepsoh, linux sparc10:03
Deepsi see10:03
Deepsstill thats pretty piss poor10:03
Deepsalthough most sparc users will be using solaris i guess10:03
DMsG_yes sure10:04
DMsG_but we have the 2 old v100 for a testing enviroment. So i decided to use linux. Its no productive thing10:04
Deepsfair enough10:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #250465 in openldap2.3 (main) "CVE-2008-2952: BER Decoding Remote DoS Vulnerability" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25046510:32
nanderssonIdea: Hook up the huge Ubuntu bzr-repository (when all those 16 000 projects are imported) to the EU-sponsored project SQO-OSS (Software Quality Observatory for Open Source Software) http://www.sqo-oss.org/xwiki/bin/view/About/Screenshots11:42
RockHoundhi everyone ... I am looking to find an little bit more up to date version of dovecot. according to bug report #189616, there was version 1.0.13 copied to hardy-updates ... I can not seem to find it though. Did I overlook something?11:54
ivoksi don't belive it's in updates11:54
ivoksmaybe in -backports11:54
ivoksbut... there's nowhere to backport from :D11:55
ivoksbug 18961611:55
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 189616 in dovecot "[SRU] connection problems under load with hardy dovecot" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18961611:55
RockHoundivoks: have backports enabled aswell11:55
ivoks1.0.13 was uploaded to intrepid11:57
RockHoundand according to Martin Pitts post to hardy-updates11:59
ivoksno, not 1.0.1312:02
ivoksbut a patch for 1.0.1012:02
RockHoundahh ... see that is what I missed ;-)12:02
ivoksactually, this isn't a bug in 1.0.1012:02
ivoksit's just a note in syslog that user has reached it's limit and should adopt configuration12:03
RockHoundwould security fixes as those addressed by 1.0.13 get put in backports by any chance? as 1.0.10 seems really old fo me ...12:03
RockHoundsince it is universe, I guess not12:04
ivoksuniverse? dovecot?12:04
RockHoundno? where do I have my head today12:04
ivokswe backport security fixes from newer versions12:04
ivokszul: i attached a diff that fixes a 'postgres' problem in bacula, in -proposed12:51
ivoksi also have two pathces, one for apache and one for dovecot, if you would like to review them (part of sslv2 migration)12:51
zulivoks: cool Ill take a look today12:51
BlinnyI'm having a problem with different services repeatedly crashing on my updated Hardy Heron server - services including ssh, imap and samba. The processes are then defunct, which stinks because I can't remotely reboot the server (processes will never die on shutdown -r).  I filed a bug against the kernel a few weeks ago, but I think this isn't correct, as I have received _no_ response. Any ideas? (the bug report is here: https://bugs.launchp13:13
ivoksyou got cut off13:15
BlinnyI filed a bug against the kernel a few weeks ago, but I think this isn't correct, as I have received _no_ response. Any ideas? (the bug report is here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/242804)13:16
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 242804 in linux "Ubuntu Server x64 Kernel Oops - Random services tainted" [Undecided,New]13:16
ivoksyou didn't report the bug against the kernel13:17
ivoksthat's why it didn't got attention13:17
BlinnyShould I file against Ubuntu kernel or upstream?13:19
ivoksi've changed it13:20
ivoksoh, sorry, you reported it correctly13:20
ivokshow much RAM do you have?13:23
BlinnyThe bummer is it's been almost a full month since original reporting. I can only assume that this is something specific to my setup, otherwise I think I would have seen others' contributions to the bug.13:23
ivoksthere's one constant thing in your attachments13:24
ivoksand that's zlib13:24
Blinny*Nod* I noticed that too.13:25
ivokswild gues13:25
BlinnyThere is a low-level hook that uses zlib: ipsec13:25
ivoksapt-get --reinstall install zlib1g13:25
sommerhappy monday all13:27
BlinnyI could take compression out of the ipsec configuration and see if that helps.13:27
ivokssommer: hi13:27
ivoksBlinny: try that13:27
Blinnyivoks: I did the reinstall of zlib.13:28
ivoksBlinny: you should reboot after reinstallation of zlib13:33
Blinnyivoks: Will it hurt to wait until tomorrow? I have users already online - this is an LTSP server.13:34
ivokswell, almost all of services depend on zlib13:35
ivoksif you change it, it might produce problems to services13:35
ivoksit won't kill you if you wait for tomorrow :)13:35
BlinnyThanks ivoks13:35
BlinnyGoogling around I also found this:  http://www.ussg.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/0802.2/2935.html   --  related to zlib deflate & ipsec w/ kernel Oopses13:36
Blinnyivoks: Ok. Tough to the users. I will reboot anyway.13:37
ivoksit might not solve your problem13:37
ivokswell, almost 3PM; time to move to the beach...13:39
BlinnyWhy would one of my ethernet cards not come back on a reboot?14:07
Blinnyeth0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device14:07
sorenlamont: You probably know this... I want to autogenerate parts of a dhcp3-server's configuration. I can't seem to find neither a conf.d sort of thing, nor an "include" directive. Is there a way to do this already, or should I be writing a patch to support one of those things?14:08
sorenBlinny: Hardware failure?14:08
Blinnysoren: but was just fine before reboot14:08
sorenPhysical or virtual hardware?14:09
BlinnyBRB. Going to server room.14:09
sorenDunno then. Do you mysteriously have a new eth<some number> that you didn't before?14:09
sorenlamont: Err.. The *real* problem seems to be my lack of ability to read. Forget that I asked. Please.14:11
lamontsoren: heh14:11
lamontand yeah, "include" :-)14:12
sorenCome on, I said "please" and everything! :)14:12
uvirtbotNew bug: #231199 in openvpn (universe) "revoke-full fails" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23119914:21
Blinnyeth0 came back on a reboot. W-e-r-d weird.14:27
fwestis the apache2-ssl-certificate bug going to be fixed?14:36
sorenWhich bug is that?14:37
fwestthe one where its missing14:37
sorenfwest: This can go two ways: You either be more specific and tell me what the problem is (preferably referring to a bug on launchpad) so that I might actually help you or you don't and I won't.14:41
Deepsi pick the latter14:42
lukehasnonamefwest: Don't mess with the soren14:42
sorenIt really is hard to be helpful when approached with that kind of attitude.14:45
sorenfwest: Look, Apache and SSL works great for loads of people. I can't (and won't try to) guess what your problem is, if you're not going to be helpful yourself.14:46
Deepslol, having a bad day?14:46
sorenI wasn't until about 10 minutes ago.14:47
lukehasnonameI need help with the bug that is messing up my desktop, what's the problem?14:47
sorenYou're using a desktop.14:47
fwesti can generate a cert, but i just found it easier to use the tool14:47
sorenOh, "the tool".14:48
zulmathiaz: ping ill merge the samba-3.2 this afternoon14:48
mathiazzul: great14:48
Deepslukehasnoname: chances are you're not using xp on your desktop, which is your first problem ;)14:48
mathiazfwest: The issue has been fixed in intrepid14:48
mathiazfwest: apache2 in intrepid should come with a default ssl configuration14:49
fwesti guess not going to be updated into hardy?14:49
mathiazfwest: at least the problem was fixed in debian - we just have to merge it14:49
mathiazfwest: no14:49
fwestso much for LTS i guess14:50
sorenfwest: Dude..14:50
sorenfwest: What do you think "LTS" means?14:50
fwestwell, not that same thing it means here14:51
Deepsto be fair, he might have a point14:51
Deepsbut then it does largely depend on what the definition of "support" is14:52
sorenhe might. With the verbosity he's exhibiting, it's hard to tell.14:52
jmazaredodo server edition of ubuntu has physical volume for RAID option?14:54
sorenfwest: I can tell you this much: One thing LTS does *not* mean is that we'll break people's working setups to make unhelpful irc users life easier.14:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #226185 in openvpn (universe) "update-resolv-conf script does not restore old values" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22618515:03
fwestso the missing tool will break people's setup?15:03
sorenfwest: I wouldn't know. You *still* haven't told me what "the tool" is.15:05
* Deeps gives soren a hug15:05
fwest[14:36] <fwest> is the apache2-ssl-certificate bug going to be fixed?15:05
soren13:37:12 < soren> Which bug is that?15:06
fwestits missing15:06
soren13:41:34 < soren> fwest: This can go two ways: You either be more specific and tell me what the problem is (preferably referring to  a bug on launchpad) so that I might actually help you or you don't and I won't.15:06
Deepsfwest: i think you need to explain what the package is and what the bug is15:06
soren13:46:26 < soren> fwest: Look, Apache and SSL works great for loads of people. I can't (and won't try to) guess what your problem  is, if you're not going to be helpful yourself.15:06
fwest[14:37] <fwest> the one where its missing15:06
Deepsand not just expect soren to know what it is15:06
Deepsdue to the hundreds of thousands of packages and bugs, not everyones an expert in every single field15:06
Deeps!info apache2-ssl-certificate15:07
fwestok let me rephrase, apache2-ssl-certificate is missing15:07
ubottuPackage apache2-ssl-certificate does not exist in hardy15:07
fwestits no a package15:07
Deepswhat is it, what does it do, why should anyone care?15:07
Deepsand link to the launchpad bug would be very useful15:07
fwestgenerates ssl certs15:07
sorenAnd what do you think ssl-cert does?15:07
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 77675 in apache2 "[regression] apache2-ssl-certificate has gone missing since feisty" [Wishlist,Fix released]15:08
sorenfwest: Have you read the comments on that bug?15:08
sorenOr just the title?15:08
fwestand i wondered if it would be in hardy15:08
fwestbut i guess not15:08
sorenFine. Forget it.15:10
Deepshaha, i see you're in that bug15:10
Deepsi was gonna ask what the rationale is to keep ssl-cert out, and then i just saw "* Disable ssl-cert until it sucks less. related to 230791"15:13
Deepsbut then if the issue regarding all of this has been fixed for intrepid, why not backport the relevant changes to hardy too?15:14
sorenFrom what I can see, what has changed in Intrepid is the addition of an SSL VirtualHost by default.15:18
sorenMaking such changes in a stable release is very, *very* hard to do in a way that will not interfere with existing setups.15:19
Deepsfair enough15:20
sorenNote that "existing setups" is not just existing installations of Hardy, but also automated scripts that install a fresh Hardy system and then runs some stuff to set the system up according to the site's policies.15:20
sorenIf 000-default suddenly defines a *:443 virtualhost, the SSL virtualhost that people used to have in 001-local.conf (or whatever) will suddenly no longer work.15:21
sorenSo please spare me the "so much for LTS" crap.15:22
lukehasnonameso much for LTS15:22
lukehasnonameI'm not spearing Deeps15:22
sorenThis is what LTS is all about: If I have something that works, it will *keep* *working*.15:22
fwestyou are entirely right, i found the web site definition of LTS15:31
fwestjust security updates15:31
* soren wonders where it says that15:32
fwestits in bold15:32
CrummyGummyHi all, one of our Ubuntu servers stopped reponding to networking for a while this morning. One of the guys touched the keyboard and it started to respond. Something like a screen-saver effect although there is no such thing installed (not even a GUI). Any one else seen this?15:32
lukehasnonameCrummyGummy: Was the computer asleep?15:33
* soren sighs15:33
sorenfwest: Where exactly does it say "just"?15:33
fwestit doesn't say anything else15:34
sorenfwest: Or "only" or any other synomyn thereof.15:34
CrummyGummylukehasnoname:  seemed to be.... Not by planning though.15:34
CrummyGummyIs should always be up.15:34
sorenCrummyGummy: I've seen it happen in a virtual machine, but not on real hardware.15:34
sorenAnything of interest in dmesg?15:34
sorenfwest: You'll have to forgive our evident inability to convey *every* *single* characteristic of Ubuntu in 7 short paragraphs.15:36
veNom_bzCrummyGummy, what hardware are you on? the system at the hardware level may have switched off your nic...15:36
fwestsoren: well I am just trying to understand what to expect15:36
sorenfwest: I recommend looking stuff up (and reading what it says) and then asking, if stuff is still unclear.15:37
fwestso where is the complete definition of what LTS means15:38
_rubenstrange . fresh install of ubuntu server 7.10 x86_64 .. machine has 6GB ram, yet `free` only shows me 4 ..15:38
gctaylorHi, is JeOS recommended if I -don't- want to distribute virtual appliances?  Just run my own VMs.  Like win and/or Linux flavors on vmware server.15:38
CrummyGummySome sort of generic AMD server. I think its a MSI board.15:38
lukehasnonamefwest: Not just security updates, but focused on that15:38
lukehasnonamebug updates, as well15:38
CrummyGummyI haven't seen this sort of thing before upgrading to Hardy.15:38
sorenfwest: No such definition exists, as far as I know.15:39
CrummyGummyThats why I was wondering if there might be something new ther.15:39
sorenfwest: Other than:15:39
lukehasnonamefwest: but major revisions and new features are not arbitrarily added15:39
sorenIt will be supported for 3 years on the desktop and 5 years on the server.15:39
fwestlukehasnoname: what about missing one, tools that were there15:39
fwestits not clear what supported means,15:40
veNom_bzCrummyGummy, i've never encoutered such a thing and i've been using hardy server since release (in a situation where it would sit for days) look at your hardware if this problem presists15:40
sorenfwest: No. And it can't be.15:40
CrummyGummy *there*15:40
sorenCrummyGummy: Anything of interest in dmesg?15:40
sorenfwest: I'll tell you this much:15:40
sorenChanges in hardy are *not* going to happen if the people with problems refuse to explain what their problem is.15:41
fwestsoren: well as it didn't take long to establish a tool was missing15:41
sorenAnd no, your problem is *not* that some random utility is missing. Your problem *might* be that you now don't know how to do something, because tools have changed.15:42
sorenBut I don't know. Because you don't tell me.15:42
sorenSee how it works?15:42
fwesti think i did, as a conversation directly related to the missing tool15:43
sorenThem I'm clearly the stupid one.15:43
sorenI also happen to be one of the people who could fix it.15:44
fwestwell to answer my question, the answer is probably not15:44
soren..but seeing as I'm stupid and don't understand your problem and you refuse to help, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for things to change.15:44
BlinnyI've read about a particular bug in the linux kernel mailing list. It was reported and spoke of being pushed to 2.6.24-stable in March. I'm still seeing the result of this bug, even though I'm on an updated 8.04 linux-image-generic   --  How can I check to be sure that the actual March kernel bug fix is in Ubuntu's current linux-image-generic short of downloading the source?15:45
sorenBlinny: The kernel's changelog lists the upstream changes that were imported.15:47
sorenLook for "Upstream changes"15:48
Blinnysoren: Bully. Thank you.15:48
sorenBlinny: Whoops, wrong link.15:48
sorenBlinny: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/l/linux/linux_2.6.24-19.36/changelog15:49
sorenThere, that one.15:49
sorenAny time :)15:50
_ruben[   40.008864] Memory: 3993236k/6291456k available (2295k kernel code, 135080k reserved, 1238k data, 308k init)15:50
* _ruben starts looking for boot options to enable that other 2gig15:51
sorenfwest: If it wasn't obvious, my last remark to you was an implicit suggestion that you'd restate your question in terms that I might understand.15:51
soren_ruben: Which kernel and architecture?15:52
soreni386 and generic, perhaps?15:52
_rubenx86_64 and -server15:52
_rubendual 1st gen opteron15:53
fwestsoren: i thought we established that the missing tool from apache2 was not going to make it into hardy15:53
sorenWe did.15:55
soren14:42:03 < soren> And no, your problem is *not* that some random utility is missing. Your problem *might* be that you now don't know  how to do something, because tools have changed.15:55
sorenTry stating your *problem* rather than repeating the (wrong) solution to said problem.15:56
fwesti no longer have a problem15:57
fwestmy expectation has been set15:57
sorenCool. Glad I could help.15:57
fwestthank you15:57
_rubentime to go home .. the hunt for the missing 2gb will continue tomorow :)16:02
_rubenbios shows 6GB when booting16:02
CrummyGummymemory hole is set?16:02
soren_ruben: Hardy?16:02
_rubensoren: gutsy16:03
_rubendont think there's a vmware-server package for hardy yet16:03
_rubenuntill i roll my own, i'll just gutsy16:03
_rubenmight give hardy a shot to see if it does see the 6gg16:03
Blinny_ruben: 3993236k/6291456k available looks like 6 gigs to me16:04
_rubenBlinny: the 2nd number does, yet the 1st number is what's actually being available16:04
_rubenhence `free` shows 4gigs of ram16:04
soren_ruben: I'd ask in #ubuntu-kernel.16:04
_rubensoren: i'll probably do so, tomorrow .. thanks anyways :)16:05
soren_ruben: Note that the kernel team is mostly US based, so this is probably a good time to catch their attention.16:05
* _ruben takes a quick peek16:05
soren_ruben: Tomorrow morning (European time) not so much..16:05
uvirtbotNew bug: #250549 in net-snmp (main) "Wrong interface speed from snmpd running as snmp user" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25054916:41
godsynJust a heads up. I was in here a couple of days ago complaining about my fast system clock.. Turns out I was auto-over clocking via my bios.. I know, I know, I'm a tard.. at any rate, all better. Turned it off.17:17
godsynall is well.17:17
bizHello, is someone aware of http://www.policyd.org/v2/ packages?17:19
bizpostfix-policyd* stuff is the 1.* branch17:19
* delcoyote hi17:33
zulmathiaz: samba-3.2 uploaded18:10
duiuCan I ask a CUPS question on this channel? Because the ##cups channel is somewhat worthless.18:50
_rubenduiu: dont ask to ask, such 'questions' are often ignored .. whether or not the actual question is appropriate here depends on the actual question anyways19:02
duiuOK, I"m trying to remotely configure CUPS via the web admin from another computer on the local network. Everything works until I get to the screen where I have to authenticate, upon which I enter in the password for a user that's a member of lpadmin group, and then I get an error (Though the site seems valid, the browser was unable to establish a connection.) in my browser and then I have to...19:05
duiu...reload the default config file, restart cups, change the file to the modified for my network version, restart cups, and try again19:05
duiuIs there something I have to do to get CUPS authentication to work?19:05
duiuScrew it, I just disable authentication and it worked19:15
zulhey ivoks19:31
ivoksdoes anyone think we should disable sslv2 even on upgrades?19:31
ivoks(i do)19:32
ivoksotherwise i'll quite and move to redhat :D19:32
ivoksquit even :D19:32
ivoksi know you would like that :)19:34
sommerheck no... wouldn't wish redhat on anyone, hah19:35
ivoksno, seriously... it's very hard to package that change19:35
ivokswith apache it's easy, with dovecot, it's easy19:35
ivoksbut with vsftpd... not19:35
ivoksi can't just change conffile from postinst19:35
ivoksnext upgrade would pop the question for a user19:36
sommerI don't have strong feelings either way, but seem like sslv3 is the way to go19:36
sommerso for vsftpd if v2 isn't there will it automagically use v3 >?19:37
ivoksthat's default for all sane applications19:38
sommerthat's what I was thinking19:38
ivoksfirefox doesn't even try with v219:38
ivokssame goes for IE and opera19:39
ivoksif server provides sslv3 and tls, client will connect over it19:39
ivoksthere might be some old clients (pre-2000.) which don't support sslv3 or tls19:39
ivoksbut.. even netscape4 supports tls and sslv319:40
sommerheh, that's pretty far back19:40
sommerdoes redhat disable sslv2?19:41
sommerjust out of curiosity19:41
ivoksi don't know, but it doesn't have debian packaging guidelines :D19:41
mindframe-ivoks, you can force certain ciphers w/ vsftpd19:41
ivoksmindframe-: the issue is packaging19:42
ivoksif we agree to disable sslv2 on upgrade, then everything is fine19:42
emgentzul: new intrepid server will be use /var/www or /srv/www ?19:43
ivoksbut, if we decide to keep sslv2 on upgrade and disable it only on new installations, then we have a packaging problem19:43
zulemgent: hmm?19:43
emgentzul: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EasyGuiApacheSetup19:44
ivoksemgent: this is a workstation/desktop tool, right?19:44
zulemgent: you might want to bring that up in the server meeting tomorrow19:44
emgentok nice.19:45
emgentzul: i'm not available for server meeting, but Tacone (other rapache devel) can join.19:47
zulemgent: sure please add it to the agenda in the wiki19:47
emgentivoks: yeah now.19:55
emgentivoks: http://en.emanuele-gentili.com/index.php/2008/07/17/rapache-05-is-out-go-to-test-it/19:55
ivoksi noticed it, but i'm a cli guy :)19:56
ivoksa2ensite is top of the automatization for me :D19:58
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mathiaznijaba: check this out - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ImproveSSLCert20:52
mathiaznijaba: that's what I tought about during lunch20:52
phaidrosmathiaz: just for curiosity .. is it possible yet to use different ssl certs on a webserver on the same IP ?21:02
phaidrosso to say multiple vhosts with each its own ssl cert .. didn't know thats possible yet21:03
mathiazphaidros: well - not really - support for SNI is not enabled in apache2 as of now21:03
phaidrosmathiaz: do you have hint what SNI is?21:03
phaidros(just didn't follow this issue quite a while)21:04
mathiazphaidros: that's support for multiple ssl cert over one IP21:04
phaidrosmathiaz: kewl, just reading about it .. sounds good :)21:04
emgenthi mathiaz21:05
phaidroslets see if its avail for lighty !21:05
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phaidrosmathiaz: so it seems SNI is already available in lighty, so your ImproveSSLCert draft might consider handling lighttpd as well :)21:46
kirklandmathiaz: ping23:27
emgentheya kirkland23:28
kirklandemgent: howdy dude23:28
mathiazkirkland: ahhhh - you scared me23:29
kirklandmathiaz: ?  how so?23:29
mathiazkirkland: you're ping... is scary ;)23:30
mathiazkirkland: *your*23:30
mathiazkirkland: anyway - what's up ?23:30
kirklandmathiaz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/InitScriptStatusActions23:30
kirklandmathiaz: I added to the bottom of that page a list of init scripts23:30
kirklandmathiaz: those come from installing the Intrepid Ubuntu Server, Desktop, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu, and grepping through /etc/init.d for scripts that lack "status)"23:31
kirklandmathiaz: it needs a bit of vetting, but that gives us a decent list of the most commonly seen init scripts23:31
mathiazkirkland: right - this list has to be reviewed and trimmed down23:31
kirklandmathiaz: absolutely23:32
mathiazkirkland: I can see udev in there, and it should be be23:32
kirklandmathiaz: right23:32
mathiazkirkland: *shouldn't*23:32
kirklandmathiaz: I thought you might help me trim it?23:32
kirklandmathiaz: there are a few I will be adding (squid comes to mind, as i found it dead on my server at home sometime last week)23:32
mathiazkirkland: I'd first filter the list by daemons23:33
mathiazkirkland: if there's a daemon, put it on the list23:33
kirklandmathiaz: okay, i'll try to clean it up some before tomorrow's meeting23:33
mathiazkirkland: if there isn't a daemon running, your status_of_proc doesn't really help23:34
kirklandmathiaz: "supposed to be running" ;-)23:34
mathiazkirkland: getting a status may require some package specific code23:34
mathiazkirkland: seems great - so that we can review it during the meeting tomorrow23:34
kirklandmathiaz: okay, cool23:35
kirklandmathiaz: thanks, back to your less-frightening work ;-)23:35
mathiazkirkland: I'm reviewing a new package: libapache-mod-passenger (modrails) - it's not that scary23:36
pschulz01What is the best (quickest) ftp server to install.23:41
pschulz01I just need an anonymous ftp server on my network.23:42
mathiazpschulz01: vsftpd23:48
pschulz01Ta.. I tried ftpd, but it didn;t 'just work'.23:52
pschulz01mathiaz: Excellent.. that's just want i like to see :-).. and apt-get install..  It's alive :-)23:54

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